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tv   America Live  FOX News  February 19, 2010 1:00pm-3:00pm EST

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jamie: thanks so much for joining us, i'm jamie colby in for jane. jon: america live with megyn kelly starts right now. melissa: thanks, guys. president obama is getting ready to talk about the economy at a town hall event out in green valley high school, henderson, nevada, is the location. discussing a new $1.5 billion initiative unveiled today aimed at helping homeowners and states hit especially hard by sharp drops in home values. part of a multistop tour as the president helps cam pay for several democratic senators, senator harry reid introducing the president moments ago. let's take a quick listen to what the president is saying. >> you know, let's face it, you know -- [laughter] but i can personally attest that harry reid is one of the toughest people i know. he does not give up, he knows
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what he cares about, he knows what he believes in, and he's willing to fight for it. and sometimes he takes his licks. but he gets back up. harry reid has never stopped fighting. he hasn't stopped fighting for henderson, he hasn't stopped fighting for nevada, he has not stopped fighting for the united states of america and middle class families all across this country that need a fair shake. [cheers and applause] megyn: and there you can hear the president clearly campaigning for harry reid, in the midst of an embattled election campaign. we're going to listen to this as the president makes news on subjects that matter to you including the economy. we're going to bring you those headlines and this entire thing is streaming live at you can watch the whole thing on our web site at this moment. another fox news alert, we are just getting word that we will soon get some sort of statement from the family of the man who
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crashed his plane into an austin, texas, office building yesterday. you watched it unfold here live on fox news this time yesterday. this is the man, joe stack, leaving a lengthy and angry note blaming the irs for his financial troubles. this man said to have gotten up yesterday, reportedly lit his house on fire and then jumped into his cessna airplane and flew it directly into the irs offices in austin, texas. again, expecting a statement from joe stack's family, and as soon as we have that statement, we will bring that to you live right here. also just a bit later in this program you will meet on camera the hero of austin, the man who ran into that burning building while others ran out. his name is robin dehaven, you heard him in an incredible, incredible story that he told us here via phone yesterday. today you will meet him live by popular demand, yours, and he will tell us what the past 24 hours have been like for him.
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we're all looking forward to that. meantime, another fox news alert, it is a busy news afternoon. new reaction coming in at this moment to the tiger woods statement. one of tiger's alleged mistresses holding a tear-stained news conference an hour ago with her attorney, gloria allred. here you see the women watching tiger make his remarks. joslyn james, who you see there on the left, is one of the women claiming she had an affair with tiger woods, sobbing today that she is still in love with the golf superstar. that is where we begin this afternoon, with those three stories here on america live, i'm meg begin kelly. joslyn james is her stage name. you will hear from her in her own words in 30 seconds. first, if you missed it, here's a little of what tiger woods had to say to the world this morning. >> i want to say to each of you simply and directly, i am deeply sorry for my irresponsible and
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selfish behavior i engaged in. megyn: while tiger was speaking, one of his alleged mistresses on the left in this picture looked on with her attorney, gloria allred. joslyn james said she dropped her career as a porn star at tiger woods' request and says the golf star owes her a separate apology. >> i would be open to a telephone apology from tiger, but i really feel that i deserve to look at him in person face to face in his eyes because i didn't deserve this. i've had to deal with a lot and too much from him and because of him. it never had to come to this. he knows that i was very straight and honest with him, but for a long time he lied to me. i never wanted to cause elin, sam, or charlie any pain, but i'm not the sole cause.
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tiger pursued me, and over time i fell in love with him, and he told me he loved me too. i'm so sorry for my part in any of their pain, sam, elin and charlie, but i can't help that i fell in love with him. you can't help who you love. i just wish i was told the truth and that i would have made other choices. tiger, however, hid many things from many people. megyn: well, joslyn james' attorney, gloria allred, joins me now to react to this. thanks so much for being here. what is it that your client wants? >> she wants and i believe she deserves, megyn, an apology. they had a three-year romantic, intimate relationship. he sent her about a thousand texts, and we have more than 100 of them. he saw her many times each month
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for three years. she was in love with him, he told her that he was in love with her and that she was the only one other than his wife. he lied to her, he betrayed her, and now it's time for her to apologize to her. megyn: why is that not a private matter between the two of them? >> well, he can meet with her privately and apologize, and that will be fine with me. and i think that would be appropriate. megyn: you know, gloria, i listened to your client's statement earlier this afternoon, and, you know, the reaction that a lot of of the folks in the newsroom had was how is she the victim here? >> well with, she's a victim, of course, his wife is a victim. fans are victims. there are other victims. in the public, for example, and he named some of them, but he didn't name veronica, and i -- megyn: that's her actual, her stage name is joslyn james, but her actual name is veronica.
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>> yes. and she's a human being beyond being a former porn star, she's a human being who fell in love, a young woman who fell in love with the rich, famous, charismatic and in his way a loving person to her. and she believed him, and he told her that she was the only one with. and she believed what he said. she didn't expect that he would be lying to her, and that's why he needs to apologize to her, because he hurt her. he devastated her. he's inflicted pain on her, and he's named everybody else this morning, megyn that he's apologizing to like fans and his business partners and his wife, of course he should apologize to her, it's time to apologize to the other woman in his life, veronica, whom he has hurt. megyn: you know, gloria, she knew that he was a married man, that he had children, yet she willingly went into this affair, so why is she owed an apology at all? >> yes. she knew that he was married, he
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knew that he was married, and in addition, though, she didn't know whether his wife and he had an open relationship, whether his wife knew -- megyn: oh, come on. >> she didn't know any of that. but i'm saying, she said this morning and i know you heard her, megyn, that, you know, she feels that there's a great deal of pain here, and she feels sorry for the fact that the wife has suffered some pain. so i think that she never intended to marry him. there are many women this this country who have relationships with men who are married. i'm not passing a moral judgment whether that's right, whether that's wrong, but the people with whom they are in these romantic relationships need to have honest communication with them and tell them so that these women know what's going on, and he told her that he was, that she was the only one other than his wife. and she believed him. she relied on that -- megyn: well, now we know that's not true. >> when a man lies to a woman,
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megyn, i'm sorry, but he needs to apologize to the women or women he has lied to. megyn: i know there's potential for legal action, i know you've got more than one client who claims to have had an affair. i need to stand you by, because we've been monitoring the president's remarks, he's getting to the economy and the things that matter to our viewers, let's go to the president. >> of your neighbors. jobs for construction workers and jobs for cops and firemen, jobs for almost 2,000 education professionals right here in nevada. i haven't talked to the principal, but i guarantee you we would have seen some very difficult decisions having to be made about maintaining teachers right here. at green valley if the it hadn't been for the help that harry reid provided last year. [applause] you would have seen some very tough choices. all of this from the tax cuts to
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the unemployment insurance to the jobs, that was only possible because of harry's leadership. and as a result our economy is growing again. almost two million americans who'd otherwise be employed are working right now because of what harry reid did. [applause] we're no longer staring into an economic abyss because of what harry reid helped to do. now, he and i both know that's little comfort to the seven million americans who lost their job in this version. it's -- in this recession. it's little comfort to homeowners who are facing foreclosure or to students who are having to delay their college plans because they can't afford it or older folks who are postponing retirement. that's why i'm not going to rest, why we're not done, why harry reid isn't going to rest until the dream of homeownership is secure once again, and until our economy is benefiting not just wall street, but benefiting
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hard working nevada families, benefiting the middle class, benefiting americans all across this great country of ours. [applause] that's what we are aiming to do. now, i've said before that the way i measure our economy's strength, the way you measure it is by whether jobs and wages and incomes are growing. but the other way we measure is by whether families have a roof over their heads and whether folks are living out that american dream of owning a home. that dream's been jeopardized in this recession for a lot of people. especially right here in nevada. now, part of it was -- i've got to be blunt here, i've got to be honest -- part of it was because too many lenders were focused on making a quick buck instead of
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acting responsibly. [applause] and, if we're honest, too many borrowers acted irresponsibly at certain points taking on mortgages that they knew they couldn't afford. [applause] and what happened was the regulators in washington and legislators too often turned a blind eye to the excesses and the failures on wall street that fed a housing bubble. [applause] and now that that bubble's burst, it's left devastation that we're still grappling with today. now, government has a responsibility to help deal with this problem. government can't solve this problem alone, we've got to be honest about that. government alone can't solve this problem. and it shouldn't. but government can make a difference. it can't stop every foreclosure and tax dollars shouldn't be used to reward the very
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irresponsible lenders and borrowers who helped bring about the housing crisis, but what we can do is help families who have done everything right stay in their homes whenever possible, stabilize the housing market so that home values can continue rising again, and that's why we're buying up vacant homes and creating -- megyn: the president live in nevada in what is, in part, a campaign speech for his ally in the senate, harry reid, who is in a very tight race to keep his seat out in nevada. now, we dip back into that as he got into the economy, it was a bit part campaign speech, part economy. we want you to know that this is streaming live on, so if you would like to hear the remarks in full, please go to, take a listen, and we are monitoring ourself for news that affects you when it comes to the economy. in the meantime, we want to get this to you on a major piece of news in austin, texas. we are just getting in a
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statement there the family of the man who crashed his plane into an austin, texas, office building yesterday. joe stack is the name of that man who left a lengthy, angry note blaming the irs for his troubles. he is said to have woke up yesterday morning, finished a man manifesto online, lit his house on fire and then got in his plane and flown it into a building that houses the irs offices in austin. here is what a family spokesperson said just moments ago. >> first time i walked in there today was the first time -- >> she's doing okay? >> as far as i know. >> can you, your name again? >> my name? rayford walker. correct spelling, there you are. >> could you describe her demeanor? >> no. >> and you said you were contacted by a friend of the family's, is that right? >> that's correct. >> after dps, where did you work? >> i retired from the texas
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department of banking. >> what did you do for the action department of banking? >> i was directer of internal affairs. >> can you just explain how you came to become a spokesman besides a friend calling? >> that was -- >> [inaudible] >> what made you decide that you did want to respond to this, that you wanted to be -- >> the tragedy for, that happened for the family. >> so did you just meet them today? >> that's correct. >> and meeting them today, what were your -- >> i wouldn't give responses about my evaluations of them. >> tears in the house? >> i'm not -- >> how long were you with the texas department of banking? >> about 15-20 years. >> when did you retire from there? >> back in the '90s. >> been retired since then? >> had my own consulting company for a number of years. >> what's your consulting company? >> walker consulting. >> and what does that specialize -- did you have a specialty with walker
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consulting? and problem solving. >> so did you coach people in media matters? >> no. >> what type of problem solving -- >> that's beyond the scope of our -- >> you don't know the family, so why did you decide to do this today for all of us out here? >> just like you, i'm trying to help a family through their grief. >> did they hire you? >> no, no. megyn: all right, there you hear a man who claims to be a representative of the family weighing in, and it is possible we will hear directly from the family later this this afternoon. we're monitoring that situation as well. of course, our viewers remember what happened yesterday with that man, that pilot, joe stack, flying his plane into that building housing the irs killing one person inside as well as himself. and while that is a tragedy for that one gentleman and his family, it is a miracle that more people were not hurt or killed and the hero of the events in austin, texas, robin
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dehaven, who went into a burning building and rescued five people yesterday will join us live on camera right here in about 45 minutes. you don't want to miss that. >> for many people in this room, and there are many people at home who believed in me. today i want to ask for your help. i ask you to find room in your heart to one day believe in me again. thank you. megyn: a golf clubhouse in florida becomes the center of the universe, at least for 13 minutes today. this is tiger woods now hugging his mother here on tape after making the apology heard round the world. woods seeking forgiveness for cheating on his wife and triggering a scandal that
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damaged his personal relationships but also those he held with his charity and business parties as well. going to bring back gloria allred, she is the attorney representing joslyn james who claims had an affair with woods, among other mistrezs of tiger's orb at least proclaimed mistresses. gloria, you know, people watching you, i'm sure our viewers are e-mailing me saying why should we feel any sympathy for mistresses of tiger woods? they are just as guilty as he was. >> okay. well, first of all, i don't call her a mistress. veronica, she was his girlfriend, she was his lover, she was important woman in his life, and he was not supporting her, and so i don't call her a mistress. but having said that, you know, she was in love with him, he was in love with her, at least that's what he said, his actions appeared to show that, and that is why she is hurt. he says he's going back into sex
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rehab, megyn. i say he needs betrayal rehab, he needs lying rehab, he needs a course on how to have honest communication because that is very, very important. i'm actually not asking anyone to feel sympathy for my client, but i do. megyn: is there any room for forgiveness, gloria? >> yes. megyn: he said, i'm deeply sorry, i've let you down, i need help, i have a long way to go. i'm in therapy. for all that i've done i'm so sorry and so on and so on and so on. i mean, is that not good enough? >> i'm a great believer in forgiveness and also a believer in justice, and people doing the right thing. but you can't ask somebody to forgive them if you've wronged them, and you haven't acknowledged the wrong and then asked their forgiveness. he has not acknowledged his wrong with veronica, his lying -- megyn: i still don't get what he did to her exactly. i don't understand what he did
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to her. i see what he did to his wife, but what did he do that was so bad to veronica and the others? tell me where i'm going wrong. >> okay, let me tell you. megyn: they had an affair with a married man, these are the consequences of doing that. >> i'm just here to speak about veronica, not anyone else, and when tiger woods texted her just as recently as september 9, 2009, megyn saying, quote, great thing is we have a lifetime of this, and when he texted her as late as october 1, 2009, baby, i'm not going anywhere or doing anything, you please me like no other has or ever will, i'm not losing that, end quote, okay, he was indicating to her this the text and he indicated to her in person that he expected to be with her the rest of his life. megyn: well, that's what happens in relationships. >> that's not going to happen right now. maine meg even when the man's not cheating and the wife's not cheating, you know, people make promises that don't always come
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true in love and affairs. you know, i guess i'm going for this, is there an angle here? does your client want money? >> she'd like an apology. that's what we want. we don't, we're not anticipating filing any lawsuit against mr. woods. just a nice face-to-face, private apology to her, an explanation. i mean, here's a young woman who when the press, when the scandal broke, she went into hiding. she was trying to protect tiger. she wasn't out there, you know, telling her story. she was in hiding for months at a time. he never contacted her, he never tried to help her, he never called and said, i'm sorry about all this. megyn: i have to go, but with i want the ask you quickly, has she -- >> pardon me? megyn: has she apologized to elin? >> she said this morning and you just played it that i never wanted to cause elin, sam or charlie any pain, but i'm not the sole cause. tiger pursued me, and over time
1:22 pm
i fell in love with him, and he told me he loved me. i'm sorry for -- megyn: gloria, i don't want to cut you off. thank you for being here, we're going to be right back. thanks so much, gloria allred. there are
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megyn: well, a lot of talk here already about that gloria allred interview. e-mail me at kelly at does that woman deserve an apology, or did tiger woods take care of everything he needs to take care of? tell us. meantime, we are learning more about a united airlines plane forced to make an emergency landing in salt lake city after a threatening note was found onboard. now we are learning that the pilot actually told h 168 passengers that there was a,
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quote, credible threat while they were still up in the air. can you imagine? a united spokesman says early reports that the note contained a bomb threat were incorrect. after the plane landed, it was searched for ec employeestives and -- explosives and eventually cleared. the fbi interviewed all passengers before releasing them to continue their trip from denver to san francisco. radioactive carcinogens may be with leaking into a new new england river. nuclear waste on the grounds of vermont yankee nuclear plant. this is just the latest of dozens of leaks at u.s. plants, and molly line has got the latest live from vernon, vermont. is that how you pronounce it? what is this stuff and how dangerous is it? >> reporter: yeah, it's called tritium. it's a by-product of the nuclear process, and essentially if it's ingested in a large enough quantity, it could feasibly cause cancer somewhere down the road. they've done a tremendous amount
1:27 pm
of testing, they found this just is on the grounds of the plant and hasn't been found anywhere else out this the community. the vermont health department is doing some testing as well, here's the commissioner. >> people are taking fish for samples, sediment from the surrounding area, soil, plant vegetation, even milk from cows who are in the surrounding area just to assure ha there's no -- that there's no con contaminati. >> reporter: so right now the health department and plant officials believe the public is in no immediate risk, but they're concerned essentially this leak has not been found which means it could continue to leak tritium into the environment for some time, so they want to stop that before it does reach some of these outside sources, particularly wells in the area or gets into the river. the health department believes it's a possibility it could already be getting into the river, it's just such a diluted area that they're not getting that in their test samples. vermont is the only state in the country that allows legislators to be part of the relicensing
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process which is what this plant is involved in right now, they want to get relianced by 2012, and things are not looking positive at the statehouse. megyn: molly, what about other plants across the country? is this just a vermont thing? >> reporter: the nuclear regulatory commission says they've seen similar leaks at at least 27 other plants around the country, there are 104 nuclear reactors, and the nuclear industry has told me in all those cases no one has been harmed, and for the most part the tritium has been found on plant grounds. there was one case back in illinois in the 't 0s which in tritium was leaked off site. communities surrounding nuclear plants are certainly aware of it as well. megyn: molly line, thank you so much. you saw the news break here yesterday, but minutes after that texas plane attack, some angry bloggers went on an internet frenzy of their own calling the tragedy in austin a, quote, tea party terror attack.
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bernie goldberg makes a special appearance to weigh in on that in three minutes. bernie, fired up. plus, the u.s. missionaries released from hairty are back home but not answering questions for reporters. we'll show you who they are talking to in one moment. so, now you can get a great deal on any volkswagen. green one! ow. like our award-winning cc. ite one! [ chuckles ] or the fuel-efficient jetta. ooh! red one! [ sighs ] or the tiguan. black one! oh. two for flinching. plus, every volkswagen includes no-charge, scheduled, care-free maintenance. silver one! ohh! on any volkswagen? yeah. [ male announcer ] with great deals on all 13 models.. white one!'s a whole new volkswagen. and a whole new game. ♪ ♪
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we know why we're here. to design the future of flight, inside and out. to build tomorrow's technology in amazing ways. and reshape the science of aerospace... forever. around the globe, the people of boeing... are working together -- for the dreams of generations to come. that's why we're here. megyn: gregg jarrett is here with a look at some of the top
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stories we are watching for you. >> the pentagon downplaying reports that the food supply in fort jackson poisoned by some of thenar presenters. they say no one was arrested. only detained, then released. the woman who falsely accused duke lacrosse players of rape is charged with attempted murder, arson after getting into a fight with her boyfriend, the 31-year-old in bail on $1 million bond. tiger woods acknowledging he cheat on his wife and he's in the process of seeking therapy. earlier today one woman claiming she had an affair with woods says he owes her an apology personally. but she also says she can't get over the golfer.
1:34 pm
joslyn james who was a porn star, you talked to her attorney, gloria allred. did you notice in the news conference gloria allred was using pal money language as if to threaten a lawsuit. megyn: the reports are her client claims she got pregnant by tiger woods once or twice, though she didn't want to get into that. >> she kept using the language, joslyn james gave up her career, her job, her income for tiger and that's the palimony language. breach of contract in a relationship. megyn: viewers think that's where this is going. who hires an attorney to get an apology from somebody. nobody hires an attorney unless they want some dough.
1:35 pm
wait until you hear what she said about her contact with tiger and their relationship. in any event. back to austin. as investigators piece together the clues in that deadly plane crash new questions are being raised over current u.s. air traffic procedures. are they capable of protecting americans from these kinds of attacks? he didn't file a flight plan and he didn't have to. brian wilson is live from washington. what are the officials saying? is there any way of preventing this kind of attack. >> in the case of 9/11 there was a missed opportunity for the military to intervene. but the aviation system changes post 9/11 did not work when northwest flight 988 went out of radio contact and the plane overshot minneapolis. again yesterday the discussion begins. how do you defend against a
1:36 pm
private pilot who is determined to kill himself and others. much was made of the fact that he didn't file a flight plan. if he could have filed a flight plan that showed he was going to fly over that building and it wouldn't have raised any eyebrows. the distance between the georgetown municipal airport and the echelon building is exactly 17 miles as the crow flies. that plane flies at 120 miles an hour. that means it would cover the distance in about eight minutes. how do you possibly identify a problem and intercept the problem in eight minutes? megyn: brian wilson with some disturbing details out of washington. thanks so much. meantime it only took bloggers a few hours to spin the austin attack and some mainstream media outlets jumped on the bandwagon accusing tea party members of
1:37 pm
orchestrating the crash. one post after months of threats the antigovernment force known as the tea baggers are struck with their first 9/11-inspired terrorist attack. bernie goldberg is a fox news media analyst. it's not just the bloggers who went on this far left like "daily kos" *. an editorial writer for the post put up something -- editorial writer for "the washington post" * put up something similar. >> yogi got it right. this is deja vu. when timothy mcveigh blew up the federal building in oklahoma city. it look the lame stream media 4 seconds to link conservative talk radio with timothy mcveigh.
1:38 pm
it was too hot, too passionate. too antigovernment. dan rather said it was too racist. so talk radio created timothy mcveigh in the minds of these liberals. this time the kamikaze pilot in texas, who are we blaming? the tea party people. even though there is not a shred of evidence he went to a tea party, had anything to do with the tea party movement. megyn: his friend have come out and said he was apolitical. he didn't align himself with any group. >> that's why i come to this conclusion. this is just an attempt on some members of the left -- not all of them -- but some members of the left to equate violence and conservatives as if this pilot is a conservative. he's probably just a lunatic. just last week this harvard
1:39 pm
educated professor kills three professors at the university of alabama, perhaps because she didn't get tenure. turns out she is a passionate supporter of barack obama. would anybody in their right mind link supporters -- even passionate supporters of barack obama to murder? of course not. but they are very quick to connect the dots when it suits their purposes. megyn: to read that on the daily koas sadly is not d the "daily kos" * is not a surprise. but to read it from "the washington post." his alienation is similar to that we are hearing from the extreme elements of the tea party movement. then "new york" magazine jumps on the band wagon saying stack's rhetoric could have been taken directly from a handwritten sign
1:40 pm
at a tea party rally. that is a bit surprising. am i wrong? >> i wish i could say i was surprised. it's more unfair and actually more vial because any lunatic can say anything on the web. these are respectable newspapers and magazines. but it isn't surprising to knee because the people who linked timothy mcveigh with talk radio were absolutely mainstream journalists also. it was dan rather, it was davidy g -- it was david groder. a lot of mainstream -- there was no web back then really, none to speak of. the people who linked mcveigh with talk radio were mainstream and it's happening again. megyn: let me pose this to you. there are in the tea party element as with many elements out there some fringe elements.
1:41 pm
and we see some of these at some of the rallies. there are a few, we have seen that. is it a fair comment that could compare this extreme man to an extremist element of a much bigger group, the tea party movement. >> that's a fair question. and your premise unfortunately is absolutely correct. there are some screw balls out there so you take the screw ball element of the tea party movement and you a link it with the screw ball in texas, and all of a sudden even though they say the more extreme members of the tea party movement. what are they really doing? they are linking the tea party movement with this killer. and that's the unfair part. megyn: if you did a poll of the american public and asked how many of you are happy with the taxes you pay other irs you would probably have very few people saying i'm perfectly
1:42 pm
satisfied. the vast majority of people don't commit violence. we appreciate you coming in on this. bernie goldberg. thank you so much. breaking news late yesterday on iran. a u.n. watchdog agency saying that country may be further along with a nuclear warhead than anyone knew. the white house reacting to this announcement. in the worst imaginable circumstances the best in some people shine through. in three minutes, the man who risked his own life, a father who went into a burning building to save five strangers joins us live on camera. >> i was standing a half mile away and it came right over the top of us, probably the only reason we noticed it because it was flying so low.
1:43 pm
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megyn: he is the hero of austin. for many of our viewers at home he is an inspiration to the entire country. the brave glass worker who ran into this burning building. smoke billowing out of it while others ran out. if you were watching our broadcast yesterday you heard robin dehaven recount this story. he happens to work for a glass company, happens to be on the scene of chaos and climbs up his ladder to rescue five people out of a burning building. robin joins me now. what a pleasure to layize on you. i can't tell you the number of wonderful emails we have gotten from our viewers but. you are an american hero. >> i heard a lot, and i have been getting -- running the
1:47 pm
media gauntlet. a lot of emails have been pouring in. and i have just been talking a lot. megyn: that's your glass company -- megyn: for those of our viewers who missed our interview yesterday. i want to recap briefly what you did. then i want to talk to you about the past 24 hours. you work for the glass company. you saw the plane go down. you go over to the burning building. you take your ladder and you decide to place it up because you see people in distress. you go up the ladder and what do you see inside this burning building? >> i see the windows broken out and all the people are standing in the window. it was dark in there, but enough daylight i could see -- i think all the electricity was out and the room was starting to fill with smoke. i could see just enough to
1:48 pm
affect your breathing. you kind of stayed toward the windows. and just those five people there. megyn: are these people panicked? >> they were a little calm -- they weren't such a panic to rush to get out. they were calm and able to slowly go down safely. megyn: you jumped off of your ladder into this of the building that was on fire. you yourself suffers some smoke inhalation problems. but nonetheless you managed to get these five people out. standing on the ledge of the building helping them down the ladder. we posted the interview on so our viewer can hear it. i want to ask you, now looking back at these pictures of this burning building and thinking about what you did, do you believe that you did this? that you had no hesitation? >> that's exactly -- you nailed
1:49 pm
it on the head. i look back at that and i saw the interview with you. we were on the phone and i couldn't see the tv. i didn't see the interview until late last night after i got off fox news with greta. i went and saw it. and that's what i have been going through, looking at these and hearing myself talk. and hearing people talk about it saying, wow, house this guy? i did that? you don't think about that necessityt when it's happening. megyn: this is a sampling of the emails. he should never have to pay tax again. someone needs to hug him tight. he held the american spirit within him. we run into the fire, not away from it. an inspiration to us all from beth. he is a true hero and deserves our deepest thanks. renews your faith in human beings. that from jean.
1:50 pm
robin, thank you for coming back. weep had to see you on camera so we could introduce up properly to our viewers and they are fans. >> thank you. megyn: that is a member of our u.s. military. he was in the army for several years. a father who saved the lives of five people yesterday. we are live to the white house in three minutes for new details on what the administration is saying today about the nuclear threat from iran. also one of tiger woods alleged mistresses watched as he told the world his story. we heard from her, when heard from her attorney, and just ahead jeraldo weighs in. >> today was not an apology. it was a staged public relations stunt. it was a disgrace. host: did the waltons take way too long to say goodnight?
1:51 pm
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1:54 pm
megyn: a scary report from the u.n.'s nuclear watchdog warning that iran is trying to build a nuclear warhead. major, i love this picture we showed of ahmadinejad with the glasses on as he looks at his nuclear centrifuges. what now is the u.n. nuclear watchdog saying? >> the agency, the international atomic energy agency said three things. what you outlined in the introduction. it is currently -- in the past it said i had concerns about things historically. but it says it's currently concerned about what iran is hiding about its pursuit of technology to put it in a weaponnized form in a warhead,
1:55 pm
to put it on a missile. the agency also says in the last year and a half or more iran has beenless cooperative and -- has been less cooperative and more secretive about wait has been up to. technologically iran is falling behind because it can't get its hand on the necessary equipment or expertise to run it as far as centrifuges. those are the three main components. megyn: with respect to russia what was that. >> they are favorably inclined to supporting a package of sanctions. the new news we have today, texas news has learned that this is an incremental step. a draft, if you will, ideas for sanctions against iran are being circulated by the united states among a small group of nations, great britain, france, germany and russia. they don't think the chinese are
1:56 pm
willing to negotiate on the sanctions. but the sanctions are being debate and that's a step forward to bringing the u. snvment security council into this -- the u.n. security council into this in the future. megyn: russia and china has been a holdoff. >> if the chinese abstain they will go through. that's what the united states is working on. megyn: his apology went out to the whole world. but when tiger was done, one woman said it is not enough. new reaction from an alleged mistress at the top of our hour. >> what do you hope he would say to you? >> just an apology. that it meant something. i didn't hear none of that. let's hear it for saving on the healthy stuff.
1:57 pm
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1:59 pm
megyn: welcome back.
2:00 pm
2:00 in the east. a woman who says she was scorned today hitting back on the tiger woods apology. brand-new hour of "america live." i'm megyn kelly. tiger woods delivering a long-awaited apology. saying he's sorry to his wife, business associates, fans, and so on, but no mention of his mistresses. one woman who claims she had an affair with tiger woods for three years is not satisfied. >> over time i fell in love with him and he told me he loved me, too. i'm so sorry for my part in any of the pain -- but i can't help that i fell in love with him. you can't help how love. i just wish i was told the truth and that it would have made other choices. tiger, however, said many things
2:01 pm
to many people. megyn: what is it this woman wants? greg jarret has some answers. >> very good question. i don't know if joslyn james is a decent actress in the but. but d in the buff but today she proved with her clothes on she is no oscar contender. she shed big crocodile tears portraying herself as a victim of tiger's lies as if she expected a cheating married man would be honest. she was stunned that tiger's apology was all about him. >> he's so selfish. it's not about anybody but him. it didn't feel like it was real for elin or his children. >> she cried on cue only when the cameras were rolling and
2:02 pm
whined about being deceived even though she knew he was married with young children. home wrecker? not at all. he said he loved her and she was the only woman in his live beside his wife. she is the first mysteries that has been lied to. she is the victim and demands an apology. >> i would be open to a telephone apology from tiger but i feel i deserve to look at him face to face, look in his eyes because i didn't deserve this. i have had to deal with a lot and too much from him and because of him. and never had to come to this. he knows that i was very straight and honest with him. but for a long time he lied to me. >> can you imagine lying to her? she had her attorney gloria allred read a salacious text
2:03 pm
messages. perhaps more to come. maybe a check with a bunch of zeros on it. megyn: what is she talking about? we asked our viewers for emails. this one, that woman is an idiot. she is the one who should be apologizing for the role she played. this one from randy. tiger's mysteries deserves no sympathy. he didn't force her to have sex with him. her stepmother said she is a compulsive liar. her sister says i don't believe a word she says. i don't know if people doubts she had an affair with tiger woods. but how is this about tiger woods apologizing to her. >> maybe it's about gloria allred who seems to find her way to media events at every turn. megyn: gloria also does a lot of good for victims' rights. whether she always picks the
2:04 pm
right victims, that remains to be seen. >> this isn't her only alleged victim of tiger woods alleged mistresses. remember the other one that was going to expose all and just before the news conference with gloria cancelled or postponed. was money involved? megyn: the reports are there was a 7-figure check that was cut to said other mistress. in any event. for the end of the store why it whole world was watch -- for the end of the story, networks interrupted their regularly scheduled programming. when a somber tiger woods finally spoke he apologized over and over and over again. >> parents used to point to me as a role model for their kids. i owe all those families a special apology. i want to say to them that i am
2:05 pm
truly sorry. megyn: james reasons is live in washington. there was d james rosen is live in washington. >> one doubts even if brad pitt and jennifer aniston were to some on cam d were to summon cameras are, that they were getting back together. it wouldn't be like this. there was pool coverage. you had a carefully picked audience of supporters and network anchors breaking into normal programming. just as trained politicians do, tiger seemed to know precisely when to look his larger audience, the millions watching at home and around the world, squarely in the eye. >> i know i have bitterly
2:06 pm
disappointed all of you. i have made you question who i am and how i have done the things that i did. i'm embarrassed that i have put you in this position. for all that i have done, i'm so sorry. >> we saw him pause right before it. by counted 0 expressions of d i counted 20 expressions of remorse. it reflected the kind of the language you hear in 12-step therapy programs. at one final point, i would like an opportunity to explain something i said earlier on air before the event and for which i'm taking flack online. megyn: what did you do? >> i said before the speech that our viewers should be paying careful attention to whether or not tiger woods says have much at all and he didn't about the
2:07 pm
november 27 car crash. remember it wasn't until that car crash that we started to learn anything at all about tiger woods' sex life. that is because a car crash is a fairly dramatic physical event, it drew in the cops and i likened it to the watergate * breakin it was a violent event, someone jimmied in the door and it drew the cops. it was the trigger for assorted things coming out into the open. i hope to my friend online it now makes sense. megyn: he did mention that car crash saying people speculated elin hurt me. she never hurt me. stay away from her. don't report on her. he of all people trying to defend his wife. james rosen, thank you, sir. >> thank you, megan.
2:08 pm
. megyn: back to the campaign trial in nevada. president obama talking a bit about the economy and to boost the image of senate majority leader harry reid. >> harry reid is one of the toughest people i know. he does not give up. he knows what he cares about. he knows we believes in. and he's willing to feet up for it. megyn: harry reid is in the reelection fight of his life. record unemployment and high foreclosures in nevada causing a wave of voter anger. anita you spoke with senator reid yesterday with what did he say about his latest poll numbers? >> i did have a chance to sit down with senator reid and we did chat about those poll numbers. at this point he seems unfazed. he knows he has polls showing
2:09 pm
unfavorable ratings of above 50%. but he insists those polls are coming from one local newspaper that doesn't like him have much. he suggests he has his own internal polls that say something else. >> we are look at a poll from a group that has never been supportive of me. i'm going to continue to be who i am. the people know me. those that don't i will do my best to make sure they understand my background. >> and that poll is actually in the local newspaper here is a mason dixon poll. it's an independent poll that newspapers around the country use. let's talk about the candidates running against him on the gop side. there are three relatively unknown candidates that are all leading him in the polls. we have danny tartanian. he's a local businessman. also sue lowden, a former news
2:10 pm
anchor, and sharon angle, a former gop assembly woman. all these people have low name i.d. throughout the state especially comparing with harry reid who has been in politics here for so long. he has a lot of money and a campaign organization that's been in place for quite some time. megyn: that will be interesting to watch come november. the obama administration grappling with big decisions on where to try ksm, not to mention the fort hood massacre. former attorney general john ashcroft whose policies have been so attacked by the obama administration is here to tell us what he thinks of how the president is handling the war on terror. and geraldo rivera is here to talk about tiger's emotional mea
2:11 pm
culpa. and attorney gloria allred's parting shots. >> it was a disgrace. my doctor said most calcium supplements... aren't absorbed properly unless taken with food. he recommended citracal. it's different -- it's calcium citrate, so it can be absorbed with or without food. also available in small, easy-to-swallow petites. citracal.
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2:14 pm
>> one of the people who suffered major injuries from her relationship with tiger because of the lies he told her about feeling for her. that's why she wants to meet with him. >> that's attorney gloria allred who represents one of the women who claims she had an affair with tiger woods. her stage name is joslyn james. she is a porn star. she pulled no punches after tiger spoke out. she says it wasn't an apology. she says it was a staged public relations stunts. you can judge for yourself.
2:15 pm
>> i know i have bitterly disappointed all of you. i have made you question who i am and how i have done the things i did. i'm embarrassed that i have put you in this position. for all that i have done, i'm so sorry. megyn: geraldo rivera is with me now. did he get the job done? >> i'm so sorry for anything i have ever done. i'm so sorry. right now i feel a little choked up by it. the only reason i did choke up is to see gloria allred stutter when you asked her if she was serious about the porn star demanding an apology from tiger woods. i thought absurdity of it had gone beyond. gloria i have known for decades. megyn: she has done good work
2:16 pm
for genuine victims. >> i agree. but this was ridiculous. megyn: i'll take the other side just for kicks. this woman was lied to by tiger woods. he apparently made some promises. might he actually owe her an apology for the alleged lies he told joslyn james. >> if you add up all the alleged mistresses and the amount of time she claims they were together. when did he factor in? did she get a half day every other thursday? i think it is bizarre and all tiger has to do is without some of joslyn's art to show exactly -- megyn: she did look different during the press conference today. she doesn't normally have that covered up blouse and the nice hair. this is not the normal looking
2:17 pm
joslyn james. >> i thought apologies aspect of tiger's statement was the least interesting. i thought it was almost mandatory. i thought it was crafted and artfully. i think he did a sincere job of delivering. but i don't think that was his motive. i think there were three things he wanted to accomplish. he wanted to tell golfers who don't care about adultery -- i think that golfers are as prone to adultery as anybody else in this country and that was the least of his worries vis-a-vis that audience. but they do care about performance-enhancing drugs. he detoured and got that out, an absolute denial about steroids. much more interesting was his affirmation of his buddhist faith. why did he go there? he has never spoken of buddhism before. remember brit hume said if tiger were to embrace christianity.
2:18 pm
when he said -- when brit said that, that was such a big wrinkle in his mother's life. here she is a devout buddhist. tiger wanted to say mom, i'm with you, i'm a buddhist to which i say with karma, what goes around, comes around, but that's another story. megyn: i'll have to meditate on it. what was point three? >> probably the most interesting in the sense that tiger had to have much in essence put this thing to rest. he had to put it in perspective that elin was not an addresser. she did not ad was not an aggressor. she did not break in the window. she did not commit a crime. megyn: to me that was the most disingenuous part. i don't think anyone held elin
2:19 pm
up as the villian. he wants to look like he's protecting his wife. he is the one who hurt his wife more than anybody in the media ever could. >> you have to put this in the perspective of what is happening between elin wood and tiger woods. she told him, you bet the get out there -- if you want to get a deal on this renegotiated prenup. if you want me to keep my mouth shut. if you want any hope of reconciling this torn relationship, you had better tell everybody that i'm absolutely innocent. those re-creations that were done by all of the hollywood-type programs. megyn: they were holding her responsible for going after him with a golf club. i don't think anyone was blaming her. >> i think it was purely a response to a demand made about it other party in what will be a
2:20 pm
multi million dollar divorce settlement. she demand he clear her name. when you think of it logically. i have had a checkered past, but i have been clean and sober in the adultery area for 10 years. it's a natural response by a woman scorned and it's lj cal that's what happened. d it's logical. she gets his 7-iron. she chases him out the driveway. he tries to get away. he hits the fire hydrant. megyn: geraldo rivera and his checkered past. thanks. a big hollywood player all riled up and throwing his weight around. director kevin smith taking on southwest airlines. or hadn't you heard, after they told him he was quote too fat to fly. now "kelly's court" weighs in. >> the united states of america more people are fact [bleep].
2:21 pm
be realistic [bleep].
2:22 pm
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2:24 pm
megyn: the crowds went nuts when former vice president dick cheney made a surprise appearance at the conservative political action conference in washington, d.c. the crowd really went crazy when the former v.p. went after the current president. >> i think two 10 will be -- i think 2010 will be a phenomenal
2:25 pm
year for the conservative cause. [applause] >> and i think barack obama is a one-term president. [applause] megyn: they call that preaching to the converted. dick cheney making month bones about how he feels about president obama. bret baier is watching this story as well. people who don't like dick cheney call him darth vader. but people who love him couldn't love him any more. >> it was a surprise visit. liz cheney was the scheduled speaker. she says i have to arm candy with me. she invited him up to the stage. he is well loved in this crew down at cpac because he's the most outspoken -- only outspoken bush administration official talking about and criticizing
2:26 pm
the obama administration's decision on national security, on a variety of issues. also he's well loved in the conservative groups anyway. cpac has become much more energized more than any other year i can remember because of the situation republicans and primarily conservatives are in heading into the november elections. megyn: you heard the huge applause when he said i think barack obama is a one-term president. there have been some polls lately that may be quite troubling for barack obama. >> we talked about them the other day. polls show he is trailing or right neck and neck with an unnamed republican oh pennant and some of these states that were realigned for the democrats have gone back to the republicans. so the electoral map is looking
2:27 pm
differently. dick cheney got up there and said a an applause like that wod make me want to run again, but i'm not going to. there is a group, draft dick cheney 2012 that is trying to get a write-in campaign in the straw poll at cpac today. megyn: do you think dick cheney has ever been referred toos arm candy before? >> i highly do it. i don't think so. bret will have more on cpac tonight on "special report." thank you so much. the white house may no longer use the phrase war on terror, with you boy, do they have their hands full. the failed christmas day bomber, the fire store of the 9/11 bomb. former attorney general john ashcroft who has been the subject of much criticism by this administration joins us live. and the feds clearly want to
2:28 pm
promote the census. but messages in for tune comeys seem d in fortune cookies seem silly. ♪ this one thing i'll eat, any time of day ♪ pancakes! ♪ from dawn 'til sunset, i'll never walaway ♪ ♪ blueberry pancakes are so go ♪ [ male announcer ] bisquick. pancake lovers unite. heck it out, gas prices ♪ - ditched my used subcompact for a two-wheeled ride ♪ ♪ - now i'm rolling eco-friendy but i still look bad ♪ ♪ when the bike store saw my credit ♪
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2:31 pm
megyn: time now to check in with gregg jarrett for a look at the
2:32 pm
top stories we are watching. >> leaders in beijing demanding the u.s. take steps in up proving relations with china. the husband of a woman accused of killing three of her coworkers say she was in an intense battle with co-workers for tenure. the government is getting involved in the census and putting it inside 2 million fortune cookies. got to love that. put down your chop sticks. get involved in the census is one of them. megyn: i'm look forward to that. where to hold the 9/11 trials. what to do with the detention camps down in guantanamo bay and the controversy over how the administration handled the attempted christmas day bombing. these are some of the challenges
2:33 pm
president obama has faced in his first year as commander-in-chief. but have the criticisms gone too far. former attorney general john ashcroft is our guest on some of the hard lessons being learned by the new team in the white house. thanks so much for being here with us. >> i'm delighted. megyn: let's start with the ksm trial. trielts of the 9/11 terrorists. that's one of the things the administration has been criticized about, saying these should be held in military commission and not in federal court. what is your view on it? >> very clearly there are some risks to holding trials in the normal criminal justice system. release of information. for example, when the first attempt at bombing the twin towers back in the 90s went to trial, it was demand that 200 surveillance targets or other people of interest to the cia,
2:34 pm
that they were -- those names had to be released. those names immediately went into the terrorist community and when the terrorist community knows what you know and who you have been surveilling, they change their conduct, change their behavior, and it i am pairs your ability to monitor things. so there are risks associated with certain kind of trials, risks that flow to the question of national security. megyn: let me pose this to you. two former bush administration lawyers who -- womb of whom worked underd one of whom worked under you. and jack goldsmith who was an assistant attorney general came out with an interesting piece defending eric holder and president obama on this decision. they spoke to the point up just raised saying in terrorist trials over the past 15 years federal prosecutors and judges are gained extensive experience
2:35 pm
in protecting source and methods and limiting the defendant's ability to exploit intel. it was certainly not as extreme as some on the right have painted it. how do you come down on that? >> well, i think that both trial capacities are options for the president and for the justice department. you try different things in a criminal court than you try in a military commission. the military commission you try alleged violations of the law of war. in criminal court you try an adjudicate the innocence or guilt of parties charged with violations of the federal code. each of them has advantages and disadvances. i personally believe that some of the risk attendant to a criminal trial need careful consideration because of the information they provide to terrorist organizations. and in that respect, can
2:36 pm
undermine our ability to prevent further terrorist threats. megyn: how do you think our current attorney general is doing? >> well, you know, i would expect the attorney general of the united states under president obama to have a different perspective than the attorney general of the united states under george w. bush. president obama has a very strong social agenda. he has an approach to government which is bigger government and substantially more aggressive government. and path bush had a different approach. so the fact that there are significant differences is to be expected. and
2:37 pm
megyn: do you think we are less safe now than we were during the bush administration. >> i think we need to maximize our safety so we can exercise freely or liberty. i don't believe in trading off liberty for safety. i think the purpose of safety is to secure liberty. the question is could we be safer if we were to adopt different policies and if we were to adopt different policies would it make our liberty an enhanced liberty and give us a better opportunity to reach the objectives we have? i believe we should be on the lookout for ways to improve the safety and security of american liberty. that's what the responsibility of government all about. megyn: do you feel that's been compromised under the current administration?
2:38 pm
>> sometimes i think the vocabulary of the current administration to seeking to avoid the rhetoric of war and refusing to call our effort a war on terror has limited the range of opportunities that the administration would pursue in defense of our liberty. so if you don't think we are at war, it's hard to treat someone who is apprehended, for example, as a war criminal. or if you say we are at two wars because you want to exaggerate what the displacement has been in the culture for purposes of excusing financial troubles, and you suggest you are at war in afghanistan and iraq, but you are not at war generally, and international war against terror you may have trouble dealing with terrorists that come from an african nation trained in yemen, then seeks to blow up an airplane in detroit that never visited one of the war zones. i think the vocabulary that
2:39 pm
people engage in is very important because it suggests ways in which those individuals conduct themselves and i wouldn't want them ever to limit the ability of this country to defend its freedom and liberty aggressively. megyn: former attorney general john ashcroft in front of a noisy audience at cpac. all the best to you. >> thank you. megyn: here with me in the studio is fox news star shepard smith. >> who was that robot posing with tiger woods? thes they -- i'm like can i have my tiger woods back? i don't want to see that. go away. just go away. megyn: i felt uncomfortable watching the whole thing. >> i turned it off. but i had to watch it because i have to report on it.
2:40 pm
we have some good guests coming on because they are making me talk about it some more. the jerry mcgwire movie, i love to watch the man play golf. megyn: this won't change your image of him? >> i don't care about his image. i'm kidding. this is opinion time, by the way. then frazier sawtel will talk about the p.r. of it all. you will be surprised what he has to say about how that went. this some rain coming up. some chris wallace. megyn: shep, thanks so much. an online effort is growing to recruit a well-known singer as the next senator from indiana. we are live in the hoosier state with the revelation of who that singer is just a few moments
2:41 pm
away. when movie director kevin smith went to board a recent southwest airlines flight web says he had no trouble getting into his seat. but airline says he was quote too big to fly. both sides in "kelly's court" next.
2:42 pm
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2:44 pm
a hollywood heavyweight quote, too fat to fly is wage a cyber war. he kicked off a southwest
2:45 pm
airlines flight after being told he was too wide for the slender seat in coach. smith snapping this sarcastic picture after boarding another southwest flight with no problems. then he let loose with a raging rants on his wildly popular twitter account saying, quote, i know i'm fat, but i'm just not there yet. now smith is cooking it up a notch in a searing podcast. >> even if i get thin i won't dodge the bullet. weren't you too fat to fly? this is like herpes, it's worst thing that ever happened to me. but i have had a cool life. i got all my limbs. but still it's kind of humiliating. megyn: does kevin smith who is not letting this thing drop have a case against the airlines? let's ask our panel kimberly
2:46 pm
guilfoyle and former prosecutor jonna fill bore. she is going on and on and on. does he actually have a point? he's not going to be able to get millions of dollars for southwest. let's be honest. the seats are pretty cheap and they are not making enough money to make it regular size seats all the other airlines have. but he has a great point. they did discriminate against him. i think a subjective policy where they can have one flight attendant say you are too fat, you don't make the cut. he did offer to buy two seats. but because he was feeling antisocial and didn't want to talk to anyone else. they humiliated him. they should have notified him prior to boarding him instead of kick him off in front of everyone else. that's where they are wrong. >> jonna are you on his side or the airlines side.
2:47 pm
>> i have to side with southwest on this one. kevin smith should quit whining. this is less about his he bear isment and more about his inconvenience. he purchased two seats on a different flight. when he wanted to leave earlier, that's where the problem arose. i agree the timing was wrong. don't pull him off a plane. but other than that, seriously he has no bone to pick. this has been's policy for 25 years. megyn: he said he fit into the seat sea appropriately. the arm rest went down. that he wasn't having any problems. if that's true, why did ofs mess with him. >> it was subjective. they oversold the flight. they went around and looked for the juiciest bird on the plane and said bye-bye, get another flight and we'll give you a $100
2:48 pm
voucher for future travel on our airline. no wonder he's complaining. megyn: listen to this clip. the guy is clearly upset. >> good morning america called. i don't want to talk about this. it's embarrassing. i twittered about it because i was dealing with an emotion at the time. by was dealing with the abject humiliation of being singled out. picked up, they couldn't pick me up, told to get up and get off the plane just as i got in. that's embarrassing for anybody who is a person of size. megyn: is that the relevant issue or is this more about the inconvenience to the people inside? >> i can't argue it was probably embarrassing for him. but this is why the policy was instituted to begin with. he's not the only one on the plane. there are other people who pay the same amount of money to sit next to whoever they are going to sit next to on a flight. they said everybody's comfort is
2:49 pm
paramount to us. let's suppose he stayed on the plane and he is overhang on the arm rest of the person next to him. now whose rights are being violated? it's a tough call. >> i'm kind of feeling canadian right now. i think we should go with the canadian law where they say functional need, disabled, if someone is obese and they should be afforded protection. i don't think it was appropriate for the airlines to do that. some people can't help their sides. some people are skinny. some people are heavier and they do their best to control the weight. i don't know what his personal situation is but it doesn't seem fair they can treat passengers in this arbitrary and discriminatory way. megyn: he says americans are bigger and bigger. he says there was someone on the plane who was bigger than he was. pull them asighted before they
2:50 pm
get on there. ladies, thank you so much. southwest did apologize. but he says it's no good. this policy does make sense if someone is encroaching on his neighbor's seat and he should have some buy two seats. having said that, there is a question about whether kevin smith deserves the boot. he says he didn't even need a seat belt extender and the arm rest was down. he says no one complained and he was still publicly humiliated. policies like this need to be enforced gingerly and respectfully. did john mellencamp make the list -- the push to put the hoosier state singer and activist on the ballot. senator mellencamp?
2:51 pm
2:52 pm
2:53 pm
2:54 pm
megyn: love his music. maybe a little office in the nation's capital? his name is being thrown around for the senate seat vacated by evan bayh. it's his fans, not the singer himself advancing the cause. might he run? has the singer said anything at >> he has not. but because he hasn't come out and said no i'm not doing this that's why it's probably still
2:55 pm
echoing around. there are a lot of fans with some wishful thinking. megyn: who is running then? >> it will be brad ellsworth. that will make a lot of democrats in indiana happy. he was at the top of their wish list for a replacement for evan pro-life and in the reddish state of indiana he would be a good choice. the central committee has to screen candidates. we understand there may be a interview process after may 4th primary in indiana but there will be a selection process because all of the candidates have missed the deadline to get on the ballot so there won't be a democratic primary. brad ellsworth will get a lot of consideration. >> steve brown, we'll be
2:56 pm
watching that. >> the amazing betty white going from lake place sid to late night. why americans want that golden girl to stay up way past her bedtime. that's next. died? >> oh, yes, i killed him. >> you killed him? >> yes. i'm at the doctor getting my shoulder looked at.
2:57 pm
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