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tv   Glenn Beck  FOX News  February 23, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> glenn: welcome to the glenn beck program. scott brown is getting a lot of heat today. his facebook fan page is flooded with cries of rhino and the rest. should he be getting attacked? in case you don't know, he voted for harry reid spending -- jobs bill yesterday. the one harry reid said, you know, vote for, otherwise women are going to get beat up by those nasty, testy, unemployed men. right. one of three things happened with brown. he misrepresented himself and said he was conservative and would cut back on spending. i don't think it's true. it could be a trick. he may be doing what benjamin franklin said and you have to compromise. taking an easy one now to come back later and say no,
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no, no. or the third one, the american people lied to themselves. voters misunderstood who he was. thought maybe he was something that he never claimed to be. we are going to talk about lies today. it's for you to decide! >> glenn: hello, america. the white house can still call at any time. i'm wearing a shirt and tie to throw them off. makings them dizzy -- makes them dizzy. it was 1.9 seconds elapsed before scott brown senate election victory was over and then immediately polls started to pop up: can scott brown be president in 2012? we talked about it. i get it, people were excited. the only thing they knew about the guy nationally was
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he had an old pick-up truck and he won. call me crazy, and they do, but i'd like to know a little bit more before i anoint someone the savior of the universe or make them president of the united states. i have a sneaking suspicion brown 2012 may have lost a little steam after he voted for harry reid stimulus -- i'm sorry, jobs bill. some tea party members woke up this morning and probably threw up a little bit in their mouths when they read the news. they thought ah, wait, wait, wait. what? we took him in and helped him get a victory. now he's done this. he is getting a ton of heat. i have to ask myself. why? too many people assumed he was a small government conservative. i don't complain he claimed to be a tea partier or small government conservative. in reality, we was at best mixed bag from massachusetts. he's a massachusetts conservative. he voted for lower state
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income taxes and against democrats on taxes more than half of the time. the other half i guess he was okay with it. he opposed several efforts by governors to curb state spending. he will not tax but he will spend. sound familiar? there wasn't a ton to go on, but after the analysis of his voting record brown was said to be left of the most left republican in the senate, to olympia snowe. that's not really a member of the tea party. why all the shock and outrage after he votes for a spending bill? it's a relatively small one in comparison. because he's a progressive republican. a progressive republican. people feel like they were lied to. i don't think you were. there are two kind of lies. the lie about us. the lie we tell ourselves.
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many people in america chose to believe that scott brown was a small government conservative. he never claimed to be. we projected that on him. he's a progressive republican like snowe or john mccain. it's the same kind of lie that the people on the other side of state did. a lot of people voted for barack obama. they convinced himself, he's not a marxist. he's not going to do all those things. okay, he was just saying that to joe the plumber, redistribution of wealth. he doesn't mean that. he's a centrist. really? now they're completely shocked. completely shocked that he'd actually continue to try to spend trillions of dollars that we don't have and redistribute the wealth. that's the first kind of lie. it's about us. the second kind of lie is really about them. the boldface lie. the no guilty eye staring at the ground. one staring straight in your face without a shred of
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remorse. it's the kind of lie that is the real, the real danger here. the kind of lie this guy told. america has to know if the president is a crook. huh? can you just look you right in the eye. now there are a couple of recent examples. first, nancy pelosi. this is a news story today. she has a good poker face mainly because it's looking like this all the time. but maybe that's just me. she has never claimed she was wrong on the whole, yeah, i was never bush -- i was never briefed on how the bush administration was using waterboarding. she's never disagreed with this statement. >> the c.i.a. briefed me only once on enhancement interrogation techniques in 2002 in my capacity of ranking member of the intelligence committee. i was informed then that the
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department of justice opinion included enhanced interrogation were legal. the only mention of waterboarding at that briefing was it was not being employed. >> glenn: see, here is the problem with that one. this is not the -- you might have wanted to believe nancy pelosi. that would be a lie about you. you told yourself. see the documents that have just come out? they've been made public by amnesty international. they cast doubt on the story. the ongoing interrogation thing, it's clear if you look at the documents. another one, john edwards. he was only a few votes away from being president of the united states for a while there. then the rumors started to surface he was cheating, not just on his wife, his cancer-stricken wife. and he fathered a love child. he wanted to make it clear looking you right in the eye that that is absolutely
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untrue. >> i think what you're asking about, i responded to c consiste consistently saying i don't respond to those lies. you know. that you cover me. i stand by that. >> glenn: mm-hmm. no hedging there. he's telling you exactly like it is. same as this guy, the dna comes out. did i say no? okay, i am the father. he said, "i'm quinn's father and i'll do everything in my power to provide her the love and support she deserves and it was wrong to deny she was my daughter." you think so? how very, very tender of you, john edwards. then there is this example which has drawn chorus offians from the immedof ia yawns from the media. this is from president obama. one of the most outrageous in
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some time and nowhere seems to care. this is important. while he was on the campaign trail he was asked about his relationship with acorn. i want to show you his response. watch carefully. do you believe him here? his relationship with acorn. campaign trail. watch. >> my relationship to acorn is pretty straightforward. it's probably 13 years ago when i was practicing law i represented acorn and my partner the representation was the u.s. justice department in having illinois implement what was called the motor voter law. >> glenn: okay. that sounds so straightforward. it was 13 years ago and i was involved with the justice department. 13 years ago. nothing to do with him. no big deal, right? i want you to know it was not isolated incident. it wasn't him caught on the grass. this time he repeated this claim at a presidential debate. again, watch him.
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>> it had nothing to do with us. we were not involved. the only involvement i had with acorn is i represented them alongside the u.s. justice department in making illinois implement a moth v motor voter law. >> glenn: he can look you right in the eye. got it? nothing. i got nothing to do with acorn. and people said, see, he's telling the truth. now in the very same election campaign, we now have a video clip that's been uncovered in a house investigation by congressman isa. here is what obama said being interviewed by acorn, about acorn right around the same time. watch. >> and i've definitely welcome acorn's input. you don't have to ask me about that. i'm going to call you, even if you didn't ask me. when i ran project vote, voter registration drive in illinois, you know, acorn was
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smackdab in the middle of it. once i was elected there wasn't a campaign acorn worked on in springfield i wasn't ranked with you. since i've been in the senate. i've been a partner with acorn as well. i've been fighting with acorn alongside acorn on the issues you care about my entire career. >> got it? do we somehow or another misunderstand him? is there another definition of "is" i missed in that statement? in the same campaign season. he said, these two statements, play them back-to-back, please. >> i've definitely welcome acorn's input. you don't have to ask me about that. i'm going to call you, fen you didn't ask me. >> it had nothing to do with us. we were not involved. >> glenn: 13 years. 13 years ago with the justice department. this matters. because i remember making the case that he was involved with acorn. and his campaign came out and
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smeared anyone who said no, that's not true. we were called liars. now the question is, does it matt matter>> now that we know. how do people sleep at night? let me ask you this question. how does the media sleep at night? here is the president of the united states after smearing everybody that said he's been involved with acorn for a long time. he'd come out and say no, it was 13 years ago. claiming he has nothing to do with a scandal-ridden organization. do you remember when he was with george stephanopoulos recently? he said i don't know anything. you don't know anything? and yet, who are you lying to? you're lying to us or lying to acorn when you say you don't even have to call us, i will call you? this is a story not only he's lying but you don't have to go and try to find a way to make this a story. today, acorn is in the news for dissolving nationally. the media has to go out of their way to avoid these stories but, of course, they
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do. why are they silent? how do they sleep at night. now the question is what do we do about it? we have to stop telling lies to ourselves. the harsh lies. they're hard because we have to say we can continue to spend this money. no, we can't. no, we can't. he'll be different. he'll be different when he gets in office. no, that's upside down. you judge someone by their past record, the actions and the people they surround themselves with. you don't just listen to the campaign ad. character does matter. it's upside down. this is tougher to stop. if you look at the crazy things people believe, it's nuts. if you believe -- i mean some people actually believe that george bush had some sort of evil audacity and competence
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combination where he had the ability to blow up the world trade center and the pentagon and then be able to cover their tracks. i thought he was incompetent. how do you get people to believe stuff like that? put george bush in frogman suit because he was planting bombs on the levee in new orleans. people believe this was staged in a studio lot in hollywood, california. or that the government is setting up a concentration camp and buying thousands of coffins outside -- how do you get people to buy this? you get people like this to look you right straight in the eye and say no, what? are you kidding me? how many times has it happened in america in our recent history? >> because people have got to know whether or not their
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president is a crook. well, i'm not a crook. >> read my lips. no new taxes. >> i did not have sexual relations with that woman. >> if you look at the peer-reviewed scientific literature, the debate is over. >> glenn: all the way to global warming, the most powerful people on the planet. looking you right in the eyes and deceiving you. system of those intentional. some of them maybe not. people begin to wonder. if you can look me in the eye, and you can lie to me like that. what else are you capable of? we know they're capable of continuing the cherade on global warming. the scientists itself is saying that. science is bogus. the newspapers overseas print it everywhere. india is pulling out. us, no. we're still having our
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politicians tell us that we won't leave planet for the kids if we don't act now on cap and trade. spain is proving green jobs don't work. you lose two jobs for every one job you create. people like van jones, a guy who does believe in this stuff is here to tell you, oh, yeah, no, no, no it does work. they're willing to bankrupt the entire world for a lie. is there capable of doing that, what else are they capable of? do you see? do you see how dangerous each and every lie becomes? it's not his lie or her lie or his or his? it's about all of them. it makes this easier to believe. that's why we have to restore. the number one job is to restore honor and truth in washington.
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it doesn't start here. these are the tough ones to fix. it's got to start here. we can't expect them to live a different life than we do. if we don't start telling the truth in our own lives, we're never going to get them to tell the truth to us. it seems like a simple thing but it's not. are you ready to see the truth on the economy? are you ready to see the truth on where we're headed? are you ready to see the truth on the people that are in congress in the administration? it's -- i mean it's the hard questions that we're asked every day. c'mon, really. when a woman says does this dress make me look fat? you see what i'm saying? what are you going to say -- i usually say, i don't usually -- i said it once to my wife and i said no, your fat makes you look fat. that doesn't -- the founders made it look easy. george washington, honest abe, youtube would haven't
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scared these guys because they said what they meant and meant what they said. they were men of honor. they had to be. there is no way anybody is going to risk their life, their fortune or their sacred honor to follow a liar. it would have never worked. restoring honor. somewhere along the way, we have, we have lost that. our honor fizzled somewhere or another. the lies began to pile up. the nickname honest doesn't really apply in d.c. anymore. honest nancy. honest barack. you can see it in the polls. 80% think congress is making decisions based on special interest or self-interest. 86% think the government is broken. they have lost the trust. you know when i was a kid, there was one thing my father taught me. he preached this to us all the time. you could get away with just about anything in our house,
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except for lyilying. never want to lie to my father or lie in my house. my dad worked hard at the brakery that i grew up in all the time. do we have a photo? that's my dad. making a birthday cake. in our bakery. he worked from dawn to dusk. i don't think i saw, except for sunday, i don't think i saw my father in the daylight. he was a vampire. he was inside. daylight, shocking. never forget the day when my sister decided to play hooky. she had been playing hookie for a week or so. the school called my dad at the bakery. he wasn't pleased he had to go find my sister. we never saw him in the light of day and i remember it vividly. i don't even remember how old i was, but i was small and we were at home, and my father came in and we said, "dad!" he said, "where is your older sister?" we were surprised and said i don't know. he picked us up and got us in theerca can. we got in car and sat in the
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back of the maroon mercury my dad bought as used car. got in the car and got the speech my dad told us. you have to tell the truth in this family. he made us both sit in the backseat. at this point we knew things were about to go really downhill michi downhill. my sister is seen at the top of the hill. she stops when she sees the mercury coming up, she stops. then she's back casual. my dad stopped the car, opened it up. and she said hey, dad, what's up? he said nothing, how was school? i thought i'd pick you up. she made a choice, he said it was good. he said really? what did you do today? some stuff. did you have a test? yeah. how did you do? pretty good. she lied to my father all the way home. he kept letting her dig the hole deeper. i think i only got three spankings in my life. my sisters never got any. it should change that. my older sister the one who played hookie, she got one. it was the day the belt made
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an appearance. it was that day. my father always said don't ever lie to each other. don't ever lie. because if you lie, we can't fix or solve anything. we can't lose trust. he was right. the first step we have to take is stop lying to ourselves. scott brown is not fiscally conservative. he may be better than the other person, but he's not a fiscal conservative. he's from massachusetts. president obama really did mean he was going to redistribute the wealth when he talked to owe tyo joe the pl. does this dress make me look fat? no, honey. you look beautiful to me all the time. back in a minute. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement
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or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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>> glenn: we were talking about how nothing will get fixed or solved in america until we restore trust and honor in washington. this is an event i'm going to be doing at the lincoln memorial. august 28. learn how to help or volunteer or whatever at americans today i think they don't think this guy exists anymore. i think he does. i think he does.
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i think there are a few of the guys in washington. but evidence to look hard for them and they're alone right now. i know people think this guy doesn't exist and instead he listens to special interest. listens to share more done certain about the members of acorn or seiu. >> i welcome acorn's input. you don't have to ask me about that. i'm going to call that even if you didn't ask me. >> glenn: did he call you? did he call you? they won't even listen to you at, what do you call it a town hall meeting. he puts those concerns ahead of an average american.
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seiu president andy stern visits the white house now more than anyone else. 28 times we have on record. i'm not sure how andy stern is qualified for this but there are reports that the white house is considering this guy who wears a pinkie ring -- never trust a man who wears a pinkie ring. new jersey, apologies. florida, apologies. the thing about adding this guy to the federal deficit panel, let me ask can you, how does that make any sense whatsoever? aren't union pensions one of the reasons that many state governments are facing massive deficits? check out the state of the some of the unions and their pension funds. in april, the seiu national industry pension fund which covers 100,000 rank and file members, seiu. this guy, announced his pension has been put in what the feds call critical status. or the red zone. in july, the country's largest union local, seiu
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united healthcare workers east, had to reopen all of their contracts for 145,000 members two years early. gave up all the raises, reduced the benefit for future hires. so on the union could plug the massive gaping pension hole. wouldn't it be great if they could just get some sort of healthcare that could take care of all of this? in 2007, they only had 74% of the assets needed to pay its benefits. then you have these, the bigger plans operated for the teamsters. altogether they have 59% of the reserves necessary to cover the pensions. 26 funds at the food workers union. 58%. seven locals of the united brotherhood of carpenters, 67%. take a look at funded ratio of 13 seiu local pension funds from 1996 through 2006. i'm guessing it's worse than this now.
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here they are. 120% funding. look at that. now they're all tracking down here. the middle line, the middle line shows the average trend. you see the union benefits are funded out at 90%, here in 1996. but dropped to 60% funded by 2006. why is this alarming? rule of thumb is they consider the fund endangered below 80%. critical status is below 65%. this required them to come up with a plan to get off probation in a decade. what is obama's plan for getting us off of probation for hour out-of-control spending? everything in the country looks worse than this. his plan, hire the guy who helped create this mess!
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how does that make sense to you? it doesn't. unless they're just trying to pay this off. now we have pushback. in san francisco, a legislator there wants pension reform to start with the calculation of benefit system. we talked about this last week. instead of basing it on the last year of pay, they will compromise and say the last three years of pay. city workers would benefit majority of their pension to retirement. majority do. but guess who sdunt? seiu and transit operators. they don't contribute anything at all. can i ask a question? pension, for those who work in the state and the city, do you have a pension? i don't have a pension.
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do off pension? do you have a pension? do you have a pension? she has a pension -- i don't even have an ex. how did you get a pension? most americans don't have a pension. america, you're not going to be able to contribute anything to pension workers soon. we'll have to make our own way soon. crazy, it's what the founders intended. two more people are knocking on the door with the hand-out. wait until i show you the size of their hands. two new people. fannie and freddie. you haven't seen anything yet. next. rnls o opening the books on fannie and freddie. what would you find? next. @=h
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i'm patti ann browne. breaking news on actor charlie sheen. publicist for the star says he entered rehab facility and taking a break from the hit show "2 1/2 men." he was arrested for allegedly holding a knife to his wife's throat and threatening to kill her. homeland security officials say the first of 150 new full body scanners will be installed over the next two weeks. and former vice president dick cheney may have suffered a mild heart attack. an aide says tests seem to indicate that drove him in the hospital with chest pains. glenn beck in a moment, but first, bret baier with
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preview of "special report." >> bret: coming up, what is reconciliation and can it be used to pass healthcare reform. we'll break it down for you. plus house speaker nancy pelosi again addresses what he knew about waterboarding and when. join me in 25 minutes for "special report." now back to glen. >> glenn: i have to lead with my mistakes if i ever make a mistake, i'll tell you and want you to hear it from me. i said for a while barack obama's fiscal policies do not create jobs. let me correct that. his policies do create certain types of jobs. like those at brand new facility near chicago. and these are prime jobs. great benefits. big salary ares. -- salaries. up to $202,000 a year. fabulous government jobs. they're jobs with the fdic. you know the fine folks that cover your losses when a bank
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goes belly up. there is lots of work to be done in the economy. they're opening up an office in chicago that spans seven floors. over 100,000 square feet. and will hold 500 temporary contractors and employees. that is wonderful! i guess the stimulus plan did work afterall, another mistake i need to correct. this is the latest in trilogy. after each of the sites were open toed, they were closed. you know, because they had large increases in the amount of banks in the region that the fdic closed. they finished their job. it's almost like the building places knowing financial
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disaster is on the way. it couldn't be on the way, sfrieth that a couldn't true. the -- it couldn't be true. it's largely behind us, right? >> the second depression largely due to recovery act is no longer a possibility. >> glenn: great. it was a close one. the bank around the corner is the least of our worries right now. how about fannie and freddie. over the next decade they're good for $389 billion in debt. you and i now are on the hook for total of 6.3 trillion dollars with fannie and freddie. fan an and freddie own or guarantee half of all residential mortgages in the
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u.s. this is their liability. yeah. i feel like i'm 12 years old again, and fannie and freddie has more than that number. it's called infinity. theoretically, no limit at all. they snuck it through on christmas eve when everyone was looking for chimneys for the big fat man to jump out at them. at least we were in the giving mood. president obama gave and gave again. office of management and budget handles these things separately so they don't affect the pesky bottom line, the worst in history. scott jarret, new jersey republican congressman and is now putting forward for the itting accounting of fannie mae and freddie mac. from new jersey. somebody trying to do the
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right thing. isn't that amazing? if we're going to own every business and home in america, throw them on the ballot sheet. what do you say? even the head of obama budget criticized the president for not putting the rescues of fannie and freddie in the budget and said it was irry responsible. he said, "the degree of federal control over fannie and freddie is so strong we're incorporating them in the federal budget." except he didn't say it to president obama. he said it to president bush. when he was heading up the congressional budget off. now the fomb working with president obama, not a high priority. but don't worry. according to business week, the government want us to know they, "continue to be on track." to release a statement in the very near future. not, not the near future, but the very near future. that statement that they're continuing to be only track
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for, they're replacing the white tape and ibm selectric. they type it out. look for the tape. it's hard to find. soon they have the statement. the problem with this and i don't know if you heard this, but the housing market isn't strong at the moment. remember those crazy mortgage-backed securities that all the banks got in trouble with? yeah, the fed has been the only one who would buy them. well, the fed just announced they i'll no longer buy the mortgage back securities next month. so, they either can't take any more of them, or they think everything is so stable they're just not needed in the banks can get back in that business. that's good. let's see. 2.9 million households are 90 days late or more on their payments. moody's forecasts 1.9 million homeowners will lose their homes this year. we're also told that the crisis is behind us.
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only problem, that's 200,000 more homes that are lost, you know, people are like gee, i wondered what happened. here is the key. then last year, in other words, it's projected to get worse. if you get away with keeping fannie and freddie off of your books so nobody sees it, wouldn't you if you were a politician? i'm just wondering how much of that infinity we're all going to wind up forking over. i panic if we didn't have the president who was telling us the truth, the straight truth every single day. >> one year later it's largely thanks to recovery act, the second depression is not going to happen. >> glenn: i'm glad to hear. that i feel so much better now. how about you? >> two arizona parks closed today. first round in a series of closures. the plan to privatize them next. p
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>> glenn: american state parks are in trouble like the rest of the country. in arizona alone, 13 state parks are shutting down by june. two closed just lath ni last nin arizona. only nine remain open. the parks department can't afford to operate them anymore. a guy has come to the forefront and said i'll run them for arizona, i'll sell concessions and everything else and make money and pay the state. sounds like a win-win, because the state gets to keep the park.
5:46 pm
just have somebody else run them as a private business. ooh. that's a problem. nobody is biting yet. warren meyer of the recreation resource manager is with us now. okay. warren, what is the catch here? >> hey, glenn. good to be here. >> glenn: good to have you. what is the catch? >> personally, i'm passionate about it and i don't think there is one. there is a lot of things that state fear and i don't know what is going on in arizona because we're early in the process. in other states, they are folks that are philosophical to opposed and capitalism and folks that it's new and risky and fear the loss of control. >> glenn: wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. wait. why is it new and risky? >> excuse me. sorry? >> glenn: you said people think it's new and risky. why is it new and risky? >> it's not. i do it at over 150 parks across the country.
5:47 pm
new for each authority we try. remember, recreation is done by federal agencies, state agency, county, cities. each of them and individually a new thing they have to digest. in my world i have the same frustration as you. this is something i do every day. run sparks in high quality parks all over the country. i'd love to keep the arizona parks open. >> glenn: of the parks you run, how many are running in the red? >> there are a few. one of the things the state agency realize if they have real, real, real dogs they don't want private companies to hydrate them and take only the best and leave them with the dogs. smart contractors say you can have the good ones or the bad ones but i don't have any contract that lose money as entire contract. >> glenn: how do you make money? >> i make money on all of them. >> glenn: how do you make money? >> completely from the user fees that are paid with people coming in. i don't take government subsidiaries and i don't take any help from any other agencies. i'm paid when someone comes to the gate and they pay a
5:48 pm
camping fee, or someone comes to the gate and pay a fee to come in, $6 to park or use picnic area or boat launch. >> glenn: dream come true. >> right. i love the business. a business i love. >> glenn: how much does the state charge when you come to state park? are you jacking up the prices? >> actually just the opposite. the state parks at arizona are raising the prices and some places are doubling them from $10 to $20. we provised keeping the prices and the parks we're proposing to run flat the same as last year. we're proposing lower prices in the state. we have run a number of parks next door -- remember, there are federal authorities that run things in arizona. it run things for the federal authorities in arizona. it run parks next to arizona state parks and do it for a lower user fee with less visitation and i make money and pay the government to boot. >> glenn: i'm trying to figure out what the catch is. what would be stopping people they just think private business is evil. is it possible the loss of jobs? are you going to be hiring
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the same, you know, state workers? or is that the way you save money? >> i use different workers and different kind of workers. here in arizona, we're past that. the parks are being closed and the people are laid off right now. we're past job loss fears. >> glenn: hold on. we have more -- i don't know why this doesn't make sense to more people. back in a second.  
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>> glenn: okay. here is your choice if you are living in the state of arizona. park, that is opening and functioning. or no park, a park that's closed. seems pretty easy to choose if you like parks. warren meyer is hoping to privatize some of arizona state parks because they're closing them down because they can't afford to keep them open anymore. what happens to the condition of a park if it is closed down? i mean, is it like a neighborhood you close down a neighborhood and everything will go into disrepair? >> it's awful, glenn. i had to take care of a couple of parks that have been closed for as short as six months and the amount of money we had to spend to get it in shape. these things degrade really fast. >> glenn: here is the question. you're not going to do anything like build winnie the pooh's house in petrified
5:54 pm
forest. you're not going to commercialize it. >> we can't. my bread is buttered with people who want to come out and see nature. >> glenn: all right. so you're not going out to the cactuses and chopping them down and making hey, this is like abe ra a hamlin con' hamlin -- abraham lincoln's log cabin but it's out of cacti, right? >> we can't build a building or change things without permission of the state. i wouldn't anyway. people come to see the cactus, not a goofy tourist attraction. >> glenn: warren, thank you for your time and thank you for being on the show. i have to tell you, america. i was just at seaworld a couple of weeks ago when bill o'reilly and i went and did our tour. i went down there and took the kids to seaworld. never been there before. i have wanted to go when i was a kid but we couldn't afford it. took the kids down. when i was talking to people at seaworld, they talked about how many seals they
5:55 pm
save. they save 300 to 500 seals a year. they wash up on the beach or starving some place and they take them in and nurse them back to health and release them in the wild. now the state does that, too. state funds. your tax dollars in california. or you can have seaworld do it. and you get an amusement park out of it at the same time. it seems to me that evil capitalism doesn't have to be evil. isn't it better to have seaworld do that? and your state is still in good financial shape? i don't, i don't understand environmentalists and all of these anti-capitalists. i just don't get it. back in a minute.
5:56 pm
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