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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  February 24, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EST

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report," fair, balanced, and unafraid. hottie to they, bill, what do you think? >> bill: o'reilly factor is on. tonight? >> we cut taxes for 95% of working families. ♪ >> bill: a factor investigation you will not believe exactly how your tax bill is going it rise. we will tell you how much more working americans will pay to fund obama care and other entitlements. >> the americans don't really care what position you take. they are not bright enough to really understand the issues. >> bill: the americans are stupid propaganda is taking root in the left-wing media. we'll prove it. ♪ >> bill: is it legal will have the latest on a huge embarrassment for iowa, children being allowed to strip in public theaters. ♪ >> bill: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now.
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♪ >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly, thanks for watching us tonight, ready for higher taxes that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. president obamas is his health care initiative will cost a trillion dollars over the next 10 years. some believe it will be double that because the u.s.a. is nearly bankrupt now. higher taxes are coming. the group, americans for tax reform estimate over the next 10 years the feds will raise nearly 750 billion with a b dollars in new taxes. that, of course, will effect everybody, not just the rich. get ready already some states are taxes car accidents. if you have one, you could pay for the clean-up. also some places want 911 calls taxed. you make one you pay. if police or firefighters respond to your emergency, you could be taxed. government calls it fee for services. president obama wants to tax
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tanning salons and you can expect higher taxes on everything that might not be good for you like frosted flakes, hawgendaas and gummy bears. charging sales tax if you are buying stuff out of state. in people in florida find out i buy a boat down there, they will come after me. in addition, higher tolls on roadways. higher fees for licenses, registrations and inspections. everything else the government can think of. big government expansion, president obama wants will effect every american. we will all pay a lot more money to the government. the question then becomes is health care entitlement or increased aid to the poor more money to the pentagon worth the toll, pardon the pun, it will take on working americans. talking points believes we are taxed to the max right now. look at every single bill you get there is a tax included. those tax rls going up and nobody is going to tell you that obama care is perhaps the biggest entitlement expenditure
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in history it will bring relief to americans who don't have health insurance but it will also punish working americans who are barely getting by right now. so americans need to wise up and figure this out. not all about illness, big part of this is government control, the ability to spread the wealth around. we have put forth common sense solutions to getting health care premiums down, but they are not included in the president's latest bill. things like tort reform and interstate insurance company competition. president obama has never denied that he believes in income redistribution and that's what's underway right now. taking more of your money to fund programs. is that healthy? you make the call. that's the memo now. now the top story barack and a hard place. a fair and balanced look at the president's health care proposal. here now fox news analyst alan colmes and martha crowley. >> it's hard to settle on just one. >> bill: please do. please settle. >> i will try.
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i want to give you a specific example of the massive new spending and even less cost control in this bill, the president's proposal that is the senate bill there was much to do about senator bill nelson's corn husker kickback, special entitlement for the state of nebraska, the funding by 49 other states so subsidize the expansion. 4 other states said we are not getting this deal. a lot of hell broke loose. over the last 4 hours we have seen they said that proposal has been eliminated from the president's proposal. well, that might be true, but, guess what? that entitlement is now extended to all 49 states. so it's not just nebraska that's getting it. so this is a perfect example of the bigger spending. >> bill: i the get to your vesting about the bill in a moment. but, look, it doesn't add up. math doesn't add up. tax americans enough to pay for this enormous bill. expansion in services as monica
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pointed out, medicaid expansion to all 50 states. it's not going to add up. what's going to happen? >> what's going to happen is it is going to cost some money but it's going to be worth it people ought to have this type of insurance. there is millions of dollars of tax cuts and tax credits in this bill as well. you cite americans for tax reform. >> bill: did anything i say -- i gave you specifics on. >> everything i say is either in motion or going to happen. >> some of the things you said are state taxes, local taxes. some things you cited that's because there is not enough money coming from the federal government. >> bill: doesn't matter where you are taxed, it means that the american consumer, worker is going to pay higher taxes. >> these are tax rates. he is doing what he said during the campaign. is he bringing the tax rates what they were during most of the reagan administration. is he doing exactly what he said. >> bill: he is still not going to be able to pay for all of this. even when he scblaks up the income tax it's going to be way,
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way short. >> only going up on people making 250 or more. >> bill: everybody is going to pay more tax. i just gave you evidence. i gave you three minutes of evidence. >> you talked about local taxes. >> bill: that's taxes, colmes. that's money out of your wallet. >> it's not obama's fault that the states can't afford more money coming in. >> we are taxed to the wall in this country. everybody is tapped out. when you go for a job and they say we are going to pay you 50 grand a year. you have got to live on 25 grand because the government is taking half of that money. even if they were to go after top earners, like you, bill, and max out your -- you are already marked out. >> bill: i'm maxed out. >> no way to pay for 2.5 trillion-dollar health care entitlement even if they went after top earn ares and put them under 100% tax rate. >> bill: everybody's taxes are going to go up. whether it's local, state, or feds, everybody is going to be paying more money, so you know. the deficit will also rise because it doesn't cover.
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it doesn't cover. even you admit that you can't cover. >> they are saying the deficit is going down $100 billion over 10 years. that's what the plan is. >> bill: it's not. not it w. all of these medicaid stuff. >> one of the tasks doesn't kick in until 2018. >> bill: by then i will be in the poor house. i won't have any money left. >> i will lend you a few bucks. what do you need? >> bill: you don't have as much as i need. >> that's true. >> bill: what's the best thing, colmes? >> the best thing is that 31 million people who are not insured are going to be insured that is the best thing that happens as a result of this. >> bill: these people shouldn't buy their own insurance for whatever reason? >> these people will do the best they can. they can't all afford it. by having more people insured, the premiums for everybody goes down. this san economic issue as much as it is a health issue. getting more people in the system brings the brices down for everybody. >> bill: that's the liberal point of view that the 31 million americans that will be covered, no doubt they will, that's worth the tax rise for everybody else and the swelling
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deficit. that's the liberal point of view. okay. now, what else do you have on this. >> you have to be delusional to believe you can add 30 million people to the insurance roles and not have everybody's premiums go up and taxes go up. >> bill: i don't want to debate that it's an impossible discussion at this point. >> it's common sense, bill. >> we don't know that's the case. >> bill: colmes and i lack, we have no idea. >> see how much we have in common, o'reilly? >> bill: it's frightening. >> bill: let's just advance the situation. do you think this is going to pass? >> i would say right now it's a 50-50 proposition. >> because, bill, there are a lot of democrats. all of the -- on the democrat side. not just republicans saying. no abortion issue and spending issue blocking this. >> bill: remind me to ask krauthammer because of i'm getting old and i forget.
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>> alan: -- >> bill: i still don't believe after the folks here what i have to say and others have to say support this bill so popular even if it passes will be against it, do you agree. >> yes. 100%. the democrats go down this road and try to pass this with neither bipartisan or popular support, what will happen in november and in 2012 will make last massachusetts election look like a walk in the park. >> they want reform. not necessarily this reform. affordability. >> bill: 76% of americans want health care reform. but the question real fast, popular opinion i don't think is going to sway on. this depends on whether they can sell it to the american people. they have to do a better job selling it than they have done up until now. >> bill: barack and a hard place, everyone. we would like to you vote in brand new bill o'reilly poll. do you favor federal oversight of health insurance pricing? yes or no? next on the rundown, liberal media has a new strategy, if you
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don't see it their way, you are dumb. later, megyn kelly on another muslim controversy for the obama
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>> bill: impact segment tonight, there is no question the far left is losing most of its policy battles these days. public opinions polls show that the fringe left are not good loose losers. they say folks are too dumb to
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understand the brilliant progressive agenda. writing in "newsweek" jacob weisberg says quote:ing >> bill: writing in "time" joe klein says: >> bill: and, of course, there is bill maher. >> what the democrats never understand is that americans really don't care what position you take, just stick with one. just be strong. they are not bright enough to really understand the issues. >> bill: joining us now to react, professor marc lamont hill, a bright man who teaches at columbia university. all right. now, i have a couple of tacts here. first of all are we a nation of dodos. >> i would never say something so elitist. i do think we are a nation not always vested in the conversation. we can be easily swayed not so much by the fundamental ideals.
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>> bill: easily swayed? if we are the most successful nation in the history of mankind, how does that happen if we are a nation of dodos? if we are uninformed cretens how did that happen. >> we are a nation. >> bill: it's the elite. >> not every day people necessarily need to know the details of legislation bill billing not microbut they need to know what's going on. >> i do. many of the mistakes we have made as a nation because people aren't deeply vested in the issue. >> bill: you are almost agreeing with these pinheads. >> i don't think the american people are stupid i don't think they look at the details. >> bill: i think 50% of the americans run informed. 50% are. i believe in the common sense. >> half the country are dodos. >> bill: i didn't say dodos they are uninformed. they don't watch news or read a
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newspaper. they don't know. they are not stupid. they are just in a world that doesn't include public affairs and things like that. but, this con descension that we hear. mar and -- you would agree. now, what does that get the progressive cause? these are all progressive guys, all right? these are all far left guys. does that persuade anybody? that's right, we are all bill maher a nation of dodos so we will go and think like you do. >> it's certainly not good public relations for the progressive cause. it doesn't mean that we shouldn't take the truth value from that and move forward. i will give you a perfect example. last week that major poll that said that all these americans disagreed with health care. they disagreed with health care reform. when you went bit by bit and piece by piece they agreed with the legislation. >> bill: it's those poll questions that you can pick apart. let's get back to the persuasion aspect. you would think that progressives wiseberg and cline
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and mahre. you would think they would want people to go to their side. that's why they are in the business to pro moat the progressive cause. to persuade people they have the best deal. they run around and insult everybody. how does that persuade people. >> insulting people isn't the way they do. >> bill: why do they do it. >> they are frustrated. >> bill: about what. >> american people oppose policies that act in their own best interest. >> bill: maybe your policies don't. >> here is why i went back to the poll. when you went piece by piece of every bit of the legislation, the american people agreed with every bit of the legislation. >> bill: depends on how the question is phrased. >> when you ask them do you support health care reform they said no because there is a public relations campaign against it. >> bill: here is how you go up the rails, all right? did you see the talking points memo. >> of course. >> bill: i laid out all -- i could have been still doing it i could give you a thousand things that are going to go up as far as you paying taxes and me at paying taxes. obama can say i'm not going to raise the income tax and maybe
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he won't. he is going to raise every other state tax. 76% of americans, according to kaiser poll out today want health care reform. i want health care reform. do you. okay? but we don't want to be interrupt getting it. don't you get that? >> every time that the american people oppose a bit of legislation, it's not because they are misguided and not because they are stupid. it's not because they don't get it i agree with you to that extent. >> bill: thank you. >> there are moments when the american people are disagreeing with the policy that ax in their own best interest even by their own admission because of such a strong and organized campaign against these peals from the right. left have never been organized to push back. >> bill: plenty of vicious organizations on the left. george soros. >> not organized. >> bill: if you are not organized that's tough. you have so much money if you are not organized you are a bunch of dodos. >> that's elitist. >> bill: if you can't get it with control of the media and internet and sorrows pumping hundreds of millions of dollars in there, if you can't get
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organized that's your fault. i'm going to go back to one thing. i think the measure people have a -- american people have a good dose of common sense. this country could not be as strong and powerful and successful as it is without the american folk make it that way. >> you couldn't have vulnerable desperate people if large chunks were ignorant to what's going on. that's why some people believe barack obama is a socialist despite -- >> bill: what's the poverty level in this country? 10%? 90% of people are above it that's success. >> you have large chunk of the working poor another 20% to 23%. >> bill: people poor in america live better than most of the middle class everywhere else. >> as an american that's not my standard. >> bill: marc lamont hill, everybody, he is not a dodo. directly ahead megyn kelly on another muslim controversy inside the obama administration. john stossel wants the government out of your medicine cabinet. wow, are they in there? upcoming. /d/d/d/d/d/d/d/d/d/d/da
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>> bill: factor follow up segment when hit them and when they do a good job we praise them. yesterday 25-year-old naji bullah zazi pleaded guilty to
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trying to bomb subway system in terrorist act. he could get life in prison and we hope he does. attorney general eric holder reacted. >> in this case,sas it has been in so many other ones, the criminal justice system has proved to be an invaluable weapon for disrupting plots and incapacitating terrorists. one that works in concert with our intelligence community and in concert with our military. >> bill: mr. holder's comments are obviously directed at the khalid sheikh mohammed controversy still unresolved. with us now attorney and fox news anchor megyn kelly. the fbi was basically, i know in the beginning there was rivalry between nypd new york police and the fbi tracking this guy in the city. and then it went out to denver and this and that. they did a pretty damn good job, right? >> they sure did. they were on to this guy before he left denver when he traveled across country with hopes of bombing the new york city subway system and they got him. not only did they get him. but they got a couple of conspirators. looking at connections between
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imam in queens and on and on. he is talking. >> bill: it was going to happen around last september 11th. which is when he wanted to bomb the new york city subway system. they were successful in bombing the london subway system despite scotland yard, despite the british intelligence. our intelligence was able to neutralize this. now, i don't think this story got the press coverage it should deserve. >> it was big. i think the problem for the obama administration they were coming off the heels of controversial decision to try khalid sheikh mohammed in the civilian justice system and then comes this, the trial of would-be terrorists in the civilian j. justice system and he pleaded guilty. it wasn't a trial. people were weary. they didn't want to give the obama administration credit les it leads to ksm and civilian trial. >> bill: it doesn't have to do with the president and respect to him. i have no beef with trying this guy in the american system. he was caught in america. okay? >> he is a legal resident of the united states. >> bill: is he a legal resident here. not some jihadist overseas. i have got no problem with that
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and the system did work. okay. enough to, you have -- are new a snit over this hassan hussein guy. >> we have been covering this. >> bill: let's said set up it up rashad hussein has been appointed to a position by president obama to meet with muslims overcease. >> he is going to be our envoy to the muslim world. >> bill: as you know, i was the guy. >> you were the guy. >> bill: that got sammy u he was a professor at the university of south florida. sammy came on this program. we had a little back and forth. the rest is history. sammy went to jail because he was helping terrorists. here is what rashad hussain said about ami al aryan.
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>> were you mislead? do you maintain confidence in this man the president wants to be his delegate to the conference? >> we continue to have confidence. >> bill: okay. should they have confidence in this guy? >> here is the problem. i'm not going to get into rashad hussain's background and how he feels about al-arian. now he stands by conviction. >> bill: he has apologized for those comments. what i think needs to be probed further is whether this guy lied. whether he lied to the white house, or whether the white house mislead fox. >> bill: because nobody talked about this, right. >> here is what happened. there was a report that rashad hussain had said it was a politically motivated they said persecution against al-arian,
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that was controversial because al-arian is a bad guy. >> bill: that was the report that came out. that he said it that basically he was a sympathizer with al-arian. >> bill: he was. you could see he was a sympathizer. >> the white house said that's not true. he never said it he denies it he never said the remarks. then the author of the report, who heard him say the comments said "i stand by my reporting. he did too say it. i distinctly recall it." so then he comes out and says, this is all in a couple of days last week. then he comes out and says "i don't recall. counties now it's no longer i deny. it's i don't remember whether i said it then politico, to their credit, tracks down the audiotape and sure enough. >> bill: he said it. >> he said it and so now he comes out and says listen, it's worse. he said i said it did was ill-advised that would be bad enough. but then he said and i confess, i was the one behind having the report that initially repeated my remarks scrubbed because my remarks, i felt, were taken out of context. >> bill: how can he do that? how key scrub it. >> he called the editor and said
5:27 am
please take that out of there. >> bill: of this what? >> washington monthly that had originally reported on hits comments. >> bill: media originally reported on it and he tried to get it scrubbed. >> how can you remember if your remarks were taken out of context if you can't remember your remarks at all? i mean, it's an admission. >> bill: okay. so somebody didn't tell the truth. is that enough to disqualify this guy from the envoy thing? >> i think it's problematic to lie. if he lied to the white house or if the white house mislead fox, i don't know what the truth is we deserve more answers. >> bill: gibbs saying still has confidence in the guy. >> how is that? we can't have somebody in this position in particular who doesn't have adult position with the truth. >> bill: doesn't remember what he said. he can go over to the muslim guys and say anything and come back and say i don't remember. >> suddenly he remembers. >> bill: you have to remember what you say if you are going to be envoy to the muslim world. >> very important. >> bill: if you don't remember say hey you pinhead get mad and say i don't remember calling him a pinhead. >> me? >> bill: i do that all the time. i can't remember who i call a
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pinhead. >> as i get older. this guy is a young guy, only 31 years old. check. >> bill: check out kelly's new program 1 to 3 "america live." >> bill: a lot of air time for you, kelly. she does change outfits. we want everybody to check that out. >> tomorrow we are having on bernie goldberg. one of your favorites. >> bill: plenty more as the factor moves along this evening. john stossel wants the government out of your medicine cabinet. he will be here to explain. then, is it legal will iowa protect the kids? right now it's legal in the hawkeye state for a child to strip naked in a club. we hope you stay tuned to thohoo
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>> bill: the feds and your medicines thursday on the fox business channel. john stossel will ask what is the government doing in your medicine cabinet? here being inquisitive john stossel. what's the beef with the federal drug administration? >> they are protecting us to death. not just the f.d.a. but big government in banning drugs and we're part of the problem because we jump all over them if they approve something that hurts someone in doing that, they protect us from stuff that might keep us alive. >> bill: all right. but isn't it very difficult, look, this whole thing started and you will remember this when you were a little kid because i do with where they came one a drug and they gave it to pregnant women and babies came out with no arms and legs. >> in america because of the
5:32 am
f.d.a. >> bill: when that happened, the government said, whoa, we have to make sure that these things don't -- and then recently we have had a number of drugs come on the market that have caused all kinds of horror to people who took them. so, surely, you can't want that protection to be evaporated. >> yes, i can. >> bill: really? >> other people can do it. i'm glad they protected -- >> bill: other people can do it? who. >> "consumer reports," underwriters laboratory. take away the government's mondayly and private groups will do it better. >> bill: private groups you? would trust the private groups. >> as a free person i ought to be allowed, if i am dieing to take something. experiment. >> bill: you would have to sign a waiver. i see your point. because there are cancer patients and experimental cancer drugs all over the place. can't get them in the united states, people go to mexico can a and europe. >> it's heart breaking. >> bill: i got it i wouldn't be opposed to having if you want to take this and you want to sign the sheet, whatever happens to me i'm responsible for it, okay.
5:33 am
>> good. but that's illegal now. >> bill: you have got a point there. suzanne somers on this program last week wants supplements to be regulated. i took red yeast i told her it's supposed to brick down bad cholesterol. it had terrible impact on my liver. i didn't know that should i have known it, maybe? i think you have got to have labels on this stuff. you have got to know what you are taking. you are assuming government would protect you from all this. this. >> bill: i am assuming that. >> if you weren't such a meek passive person you would have read up before you took the supplement. >> bill: did i read up on it but it didn't say it would hurt bill's liver. it said it would bring my cholesterol down which it did but i'm running around the living room with my liver. here is my liver on a stick. the trade-off wasn't worth it. you know what i'm talking about. it's impossible for the consumer to know what's in these things and whether it's going to adversely effect them. there has got to be some kind of
5:34 am
central authority. >> no. central authority is bad. the bias should be for freedom. and without a central authority, there are lots of little authorities and we learn which ones to trust. >> bill: so you would have all supplements then, nothing banned? you would have ephedrine and all this stuff available. >> for consenting adults, you bet. >> bill: oxycontin? >> oxycontin is wonderful. >> bill: hard drug, addictive. >> it could be. 70 million take it and lots are in horrible pain and only this worked. now what i will talk about on my show thursday, you have people dieing in horrible pain and they can't get pain relief because the d.e.a. is scaring doctors to death. >> bill: doctors can issue morphine and stuff like that. >> they are scared to. they might get prosecuted. >> bill: get another one who has a little kohonas. >> from the association of physicians and surgeons on their web site, their advice to doctors, if you are thinking
5:35 am
about getting into pain management, don't, forget what you learned in med school, drug agents now set the standards. >> bill: all right stossel, i agree with you on some of this buff disagree that it has to be a central authority, i think, on this stuff. john stossel, watch his special on thursday on the fox business channel. when we come right back, is it legal on the torture memo situation. children stripping and school officials spying on students. legal is next.
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly. in the is it legal segment begin with a stunning ruling by the justice department that said two lawyers didn't do anything wrong even though they advised the president that coerced interrogation, waterboarding and such was legal. here now attorneys and fox news analysts kimberly guilfoyle and lis wiehl. okay, wiehl, now, you being a liberal, this ruling had to hurt. >> why does he always go -- >> bill: this had to hurt. two people weeping most were you and attorney general holder. holder's own people betray him and say that the two lawyers, you and bibe were absolutely legally correct in what they said. >> they said legally correct. they did say that they committed
5:39 am
professional misconduct but then it was kind of strange in the same report they said they didn't violate any ethics rules. bill, i taught professional ethics before. i looked through the rules and i don't see that they violated any rules. >> bill: the ruling from the justice department basically said when they told president bush that you could waterboarding khalid sheikh mohammed and some of these other thugs, they were on, what? >> that they used poor judgment in giving that advice but it wasn't illegal. >> bill: it was not illegal? >> it was not illegal. >> bill: all right. so according to the u.s. constitution or the u.s. law standards, waterboarding is okay? >> that's not what it says. >> bill: no, no. but it has to be that. if waterboarding is illegal, come on, use your law school background and i will get to guilfoyle. if waterboarding something illegal as some people have said and other coerced interrogation methods the justice department could not say that you and bybee didn't do anything wrong. >> the issue was whether or not that you were trying to give the
5:40 am
president illegal advice. >> bill: knowingly their advice was illegal. >> no. how could it be illegal advice? if waterboarding isn't okay, right? then they would have said you improperly advised and suggested something that was illegal. >> bill: i think it comes down to, and correct me if i am wrong, because you ladies are smarter than i am, a matter of interpretation of the law that you and bybee interpreted the law this way and another people interpreted another way. then the sincerity of yoo and bybee's interpretation the justice department says was legal in what they said. >> that doesn't mean that they are saying that waterboarding something not torture. >> bill: biden -- obama administration believes it isn't. if dick cheney becomes president then it will swing back to the other side. in pennsylvania there is a middle school. >> middle school. >> bill: spying on students at home. how is that possible?
5:41 am
>> you can believe it? they were using this by saying they were trying to track down lost or stolen computers that there was a device on there and specifically a web cam that would only be activated with the 2300 students that got these apple computers through a federal grant if the computer was taken. we have got to find our stolen property. but this young man. >> bill: let me stop you. okay. so a school gets 2 hundred computers through a grant, which means we pay for it, okay? on each computer there is a device that the administration can turn on. >> right. >> bill: pick it up. >> when they activate that guys at the top of the they can see. >> bill: right. so they can see? if you are taking a shower or in the bathroom they can see you. >> they can see you. think about this, that means the schools are able to spy. you don't know where the students are going to use their computer. bedroom. kitchen table. >> bill: what was the school doing. >> the school said they got the pictures of this 15-year-old guy. they thought he was actually.
5:42 am
>> bill: stealing? >> stealing the computer but they said there was no justification for that where is the report to back it up that they thought that laptop was missing or stolen. >> bill: what did he. >> they saw him eating mike and ike's. little delicious candies. >> bill: mike and ike's i thought they were bugs. they are candy? wait, the school doesn't want the kid eating mike and ike's? >> unless he flosses and brushes his teeth twice a day. >> bill: that's ridiculous. >> they thought it was drugs. narcotics. that's not what it supposed to be intended for. >> bill: they spied on the kid because they thought he was taking drugs. >> he was eating candy. >> bill: what happened. >> a kid and a bunch of other people filed a class action lawsuit against the school saying this is spying is illegal. >> bill: they are right. >> it's little bit more technical than that. where is it illegal? it's not under the federal wiretap statute because that doesn't deal with computer images. >> bill: wasn't illegal federally. did it violate pennsylvania law? >> but the fourth amendment
5:43 am
search and seizure that's where they have a great case. >> bill: still in play right now? >> the school admitted that they did not give sufficient warning to notify families and students that they had this device. >> bill: this capability? >> correct. >> bill: no one knew they had the capability. >> guess what? the aclu is bringing a lawsuit and it's a violation of privacy. >> we're with the aclu on this one. >> bill: go to iowa. we think the iowa kids, some of them, are in danger. this is a stupid law that wiehl and i kicked around that says if you are in a theater, and a shack, a lean to, anything can be a theater, little kids can take off clothes in front of adults with no penalty. they are going to change that law, wiehl? >> they are trying. >> anderson from iowa for two years -- >> bill: what about now? >> there is a bill in front of the iowa legislature right now gotten through the senate committee. the vote has to take place by march 5th or at least get it out of committee by march 5th and
5:44 am
get it to a vote. call write in right now it's a very simple law to change. >> bill: i can't imagine anybody opposing this law. >> anderson told me, the representative is there is a snicker value. >> bill: the candy? >> candy episode today. >> bill: you are going to predict this law is going to be passed within the next two weeks. >> by next friday it should be passed. >> bill: you see the same thing. >> i do see it the same way. what i'm disturbed by it has languished two years. what has happened in the interim it's been exposed on the factor. >> bill: we don't really care about that we want the law to be passed. it better be passed. >> it better be passed. >> bill: i want to gently remind all the iowa legislators, if you vote against the law, we will put your picture on television. >> you will do it. >> bill: is that fair. >> yes. >> bill: i need a pinhead and patriots feature every night. why would i not do it. is it legal. thanks, ladies. hidden stuff inside the health
5:45 am
care and jobs bills. then check out a 3-year-old snowboarder who may be going for the gold some day. whoa, look at this kid. right back 
5:46 am
5:47 am
>> bill: back of the book segment tonight, what you don't know this evening about the new
5:48 am
health care proposal and the jobs bill. joining from us washington fox news analyst charles krauthammer. all right. let's start with the obama deal. new proposal, not really new but, you know, put a bunch of stuff together. what don't we know about this? >> well, the real story here, the hidden story is the cost of it. it's under tons of. i will wield the that set and -- it's jobs bill which supposedly cost 850 billion. that's the limit because obama had said he want he wouldn't approve anything over 900 billion. the problem is, it's a trick. the way the democrats got under the limit is by making 98% of the expenditures, the benefits you and i would get out of the bill occur in the second half of the decade, which means that the real cost over a decade is about twice that much. >> bill: okay. >> and there is a big trick in there which is the doctor fix
5:49 am
200 billion. bill, this is a 2 trillion-dollar bill. >> bill: i agree. that's what we said up top. i think it's even more than that charles, because now they are expanding medicaid payments to all 50 states. they knocked out exception for nebraska. that expenditure is not added into the bill's cost. am i correct? >> that's exactly right. in other words, in order to fix the nebraska kickback, he gives it to all the other states. in order to fix the union kickback. and, remember, there was a union carve out where union members are exempt from the excise tax on the cadillac plan. well, everybody now has it. what the president has done is to fix all the supposed problems and the corruption by giving it away to everybody. >> bill: okay. >> bill: 1 million americans will get health insurance they don't have now. is that a noble thing. >> absolutely. this is about the most inefficient, columnsy, expensive way that you can imagine to do
5:50 am
it. >> bill: jobs bill, $15 billion. what don't we know about that? >> it's really stimulus. the only difference between it and last year's stimulus is that last year's stimulus was 50 times as expensive and the democrats have learned over the last year that the word stimulus is not good public relations. jobs is wonderful. it's exactly the same idea. the only virtue of this one is that it's relatively inexpensive. 15 billion, which, when you and i were young, was real money. but that was a long time ago. it's lunch money now. so i say if you are going to throw the money away on a new stimulus, let it be at this low level. at least the harm is minimized. >> bill: now the estimate is 250,000 new jobs will be created by this bill. and the bill basically gives small business incentives. they don't have to pay social security tax. they get $1,000 tax credit for everybody they hire. so, why shouldn't i vote for this bill? i mean, i don't want to run up
5:51 am
the deficit and debt anymore. i want smaller government but i also want people to work. why shouldn't i vote for this? >> because every time you hear one of these promises it is entirely speculative and it is almost entirely exaggerated. there will be a few hires as a result of this. but you have got to ask yourself at the cost of 15 billion what could you really purchase? if you really want to do something significant, what you do is you give a complete holiday to everyone payroll taxes. and that would be one stimulus of employment. but in a very small directed way you could help a few folks, that is true. but you are going to add a lot of money on the deficit. >> bill: okay. obama care going to pass? we had colmes and crowley at the top say they don't really know 50/50, they don't know. make a prediction? will it pass? >> i would say three to two against it the pro-secretary of state the senate is trying has never been attempted on something of this scale. the republicans have the
5:52 am
opportunity of making amendments and lastly in the house pelosi passed her bill 220 to 215. two members are retired. one has died. one is switching. and a lot are angered over these changes. the likely outcome is that it will not succeed in the house. >> bill: all right. charles krauthammer, everybody. thank you. pinheads and patriots on deck tonight starring snowboarders, young and younger. right back with p and p. ghting ] ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] you wanted to quit smoking so many times, but those days came and went and the cigarettes remained. ♪ today's a new day.
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5:55 am
what is the difference in temperament do you any? >> i imagine that they gotta be sitting there like i wore this outfit and i still didn't even win. [ laughing ] bill: pinhead? up to you. we like it. become a premium member on bill o' and you will be handsomely rewarded sign up for a year and we'll send you this nifty travel mug designed for premium members. if you are already a pm you get the mug when you renew. now the letters.&.!-ñn>[>ñ bill, we feel obama is a social list and he is. your participation in the great mines debate changes the equation. bernie: bill, i get the feeling you are afraid of president obama.
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patrick, bill you are wrong obama is a socialist. i think you will call name in your attempt to be fair. it wouldn't be fair not to be honest the president is an admitted left wing guy. that's as far as i'm going at this point. socialism is defined as distribution of goods. the full definition of socialism says it is a system where the distribution of goods is owned collectively. property comes under the goods heading. does the government collectively own your house? no. i may be splitting hairs, but i think it is important to be precise when the president of united states is concerned. susan: i don't need a dictionary to tell me obama is a socialist, so there. angie: bill, there have been several times when i thought you were too fair and balanced to obama but i believe you are the most
5:57 am
objective commentator on tv. that's my goal when i tell you something you can be sure it is fact-based not ideology bill you downplayed obama's involvement with acorn, why? are you kidding me what program aired the tape? the factor. if i wanted to downplay it i y(t. hey bill, juan williams said nobody believes obama is a socialist he should talk to the people on the street. bill i will not date anyone who doesn't think you're fair this is somewhat limiting. but you're going for quality, not quantity, right sue? right sue? diane: love bold fresh i got a great tote bag from bill o', what a great deal. thanks. by the way the audio version of bold fresh number eight on the publisher's weekly list
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time. the spin stops here. we are definitely looking out for you! ♪ >> good morning, everyone. it's wednesday but it feels like a monday to me. the senate majority leader not leading the way to bipartisanship. one day before the health care summit, he tells republicans to stop crying? >> that's good bipartisanship. way to go, harry. he's a self-avowed communist and one group is honoring him as an american treasure. dan jones, an american treasure? seriously? we'll tell you about it. >> have you heard about the recession, the record national debt? >> yes. >> not stopping us on spending $1 billion for a shiny new embassy. >> that's pretty. >> great idea. slogan comes to us from phil in florida. i work out every morning from 6:00 to 9:00 while the trio on the rv


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