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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  February 24, 2010 3:00pm-4:00pm EST

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this is his first u.s. appearance. he's show about publicity and the line about this being a badge of honor for him was laughable. japanese in general avoid direct answers and respond like i, you, we, they, me and that was not the case. the president of toyota had this to say. >> i myself as well as toyota am not perfect. at times we find defects but in such situations we always stop, try to understand the problem and make changes to improve farther. in the name of the company, it's longstanding tradition and pride, we never run away from a problem or pretend we don't notice them.
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by making continuous improvements we aim to continue offering even better products for society. that is a core value we have kept close to our heart since the founding days of the company. >> but today lawmakers blasted the department of transportation just as much as toyota. as you know, the feds are trying to get to the bottom of the safety issue which forced toyota to recall more than 8 million vehicles. a number of people have died because of the unintended acceleration and today on capitol hill, the chairman of the house economy on over sight and government recall tried to put it in perspective. >> we have 39 deaths attributed to sudden acceleration in toyotas. to give that perspective, there were 27 deaths contributed to the famous pinto exploding gas
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tank of the 1970s. in short, if the camry and prius were airplanes, they would be grounded. >> shepard: the committee took transportation secretary ray lahood to the woodshed. congressmen were saying they acted too slowly. secretary lahood is saying they're doing all they can but the buck stops with him. >> i'm taking responsibility for this. as i said, safety is number one and i'm going to be accountable. we're not going to compromise when it comes to safety. not on my watch. we just aren't. we're going to hold toyota's feet to the fire and get all this information, we're going to make sure what we looked at before was correct and if there's new information, then we'll put it out there. >> shepard: away we go. brian wilson up there in the hall again. brian, did the president of toyota strike the right tone here? >> you know, americans like to hear someone say they're sorry
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and indeed that's what we heard today from akio toyoda. he said he was sorry. he went further saying this was a personal issue for him. take a listen. >> for me, when the cars are damaged, it is as though i am as well. i, more than anyone, wish for toyota's car to be safe and for our customers to feel safe when they use our vehicles. >> what we're hearing in the line of questioning is an attempt to sort of pin toyota down on some things to get promises from the company. if akio toyoda says it on the record, he has pretty much to follow through and so they're trying to pin him down on will you do this? will you do that? will you share information. one thing at a came up is it was revealed the u.s. government cannot look at black box data from toyota cars because there's a proprietary encryption code on
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the box and that will come up, trying to find out how to get the key to the black box. >> secretary lahood got an areaful -- earful. >> that was surprising. he's a former member of congress and a republican. he's on the defensive and he feels his integrity is being questioned but the question is, is the national highway traffic aye association a lap dog? all very tough questions. he insisted that they're doing the thing that is right, which is focusing on safety. >> all right. brian wilson there. sporting the purple today. good of you. thank you. >> i want to listen in again because think about what this is with the japanese culture.
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i mean this is very tough stuff. he said i'm happy to come -- that's -- what else are you going to say? nobody's happy to raise his or her hand and wait for the political show man ship no doubt to follow. no doubt. so let's listen. >> allow some people to die or get severely injured without recovery. i think you're making the best argument in the world i've heard of why we should have the present tort system and i hope you recognize what kind of payment for your -- the injuries and the damages suffered by innocent american citizens who, like myself, have grown up in an atmosphere that we had a great deal of faith in something that was stamped made in japan. that it was the highest reliability and you -- you
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injured that thought process in the american public. and you will be called upon under our system to pay compensation for that. >> i yield to the gentleman from indiana on that note. >> let me preface my remarks by saying we need tort reform. >> we should forgive they say companies and let them kill our people? >> never mind, he just have a difference of opinion. first of all, let me thank you both for being here. i think it's very good that you came and it shows concern on the part of toyota. i want to compliment toyota dealers around the country. i went to a couple of toyota dealers this last week to take a look at what's going on and they're working day and night to correct these mistakes. so to your toyota dealers, i say thank you for working so hard to correct these problems. after having said that, i i hava
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case that took place in 1997. i don't want to go into the details on it but a woman was injured in an automobile accident involving a toyota. she lost both legs. i would like for you to review that and if you wouldn't mind giving me a response. would you do that? >> yes. >> the second thing i want to do -- i don't understand this. i went to the toyota dealer and this -- this is the floor pedal mechanism that is used in japan and in some cars in america. this is -- >> here's what we're going to do, listen to this. our producers, we have dozens and dozens and dozens of producers and they'll get together the best things and if it's newsworthy, we'll bring it to you. otherwise it's live at if it gets interesting we'll take you back. >> a $1 million bond for the
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suspect of yesterday's colorado school shooting. prosecutors say he took a hunt the rifle and walked into a middle school parking lot and shot two students. one in serious condition, the other treated and released. here's how students describe it. >> he was walking up to the school with a gun. we weren't sure what he was doing with the gun. >> after the first shot, most of the people ran and then he fired again. >> and then like the teacher came around and tackled him and they grabbed the gun. >> it was so scary. i had so much adrenaline. >> everybody ran for their lives. >> as i mentioned, it happened at a middle school in littleton, colorado, 10 miles south much denver, less than 3 miles from columbine high school. one witness said the two scenes were unnervingly similar. helicopters overhead, red and blue lights, parents trying to make their way through the
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streets des trait to find their kids. jonathan hunt has the news. students are calling the math teacher a hero. >> and hard to argue with that description. dr. david benke and another teacher tackled the gunman. dr. benke talked to the media about what happened and what was going through his mind and he wishes he could have done more. >> it bothers me that i was a little bit late. it bothers me he got the second shot off. i only heard -- i only heard one and then saw another one and it bothers me he got the second shot off. that was the one that hit matt. >> so maybe not a hero in his own mind, but certainly a hero in the mind of pretty much everyone else in this country today. >> there's a lot to learn about this accused gunman. it sounds like he had a lot of problems. >> he has a long arrest record
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going back to 1996 for menacing, assault, domestic violence. his name, brewko, strong eagle eastwood. we have not been giving a picture by the cops. we're not seeing any pictures of him but a long, troubled history. he also apparently dreamed of being an astronaut and took part in 2005 in a nasa funded study spending ten days in a hospital bed to -- so nasa could study muscle wasting. this appears to have been a troubled 32-year-old man. >> what do you know about the students. >> reagan weber, the girl, was treated and released. she's at home and her father says she has bullet fragments in one arm. the boy, matt, is in children's hospital. we understand from a statement released by his mother he's got a fracturedded rib and lung
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injury but he's doing well and as you mentioned, his situation today upgraded from critical to serious. >> well that's good. jonathan hunt, thank you. >> the mother of one of the students there says she saw the shooter and then the teacher to stopped him in action. her story when she talks live with us in 90 seconds and we'll cover the rest of the toyota hearing too, so hang on.
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dr. denky assessed the situation and without ten concern to his life he tackled the guy. >> a bus driver in littleton, colorado, commenting on the shooting there. for more on what happened and how teachers responded, i'm joined by a parent who was picking up her daughter when she witnessed one of the shootings. sherry is on the line with us. >> hello. >> so as i i understand it you're driving up and hear a shot. >> yeah, i was actually parked, kind of parallel to the buses and at the head of the line. several parents picked up their kids and i heard a loud boom and i thought it was a bus that backfired. that's how loud and i guess -- i don't know the words but it was very loud. then i saw dr. benke, about five, six feet from me. >> that's the matt teacher. >> yes the math teacher. he was between the busses
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helping kids. i saw him turn his head towards the school as i looked to the school as well. he had taken off because i guess saw the gunman and then i heard the second shot and exited the truck and ran to the school. i didn't think i was running into danger, i thought i was looking for people that had been hurt. i saw dr. benke tackle the shooter to the ground a 5'7" man, dark coat on. i saw the rifle and saw him bend over, like hunchback like he was preparing to reload his rifle to take more action. i saw two or three other people tackling him with dr. benke and i looked to the right and saw matt on the ground. there was a parent there who was a nurse as well. she was at mass aid so i ran
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over there and took off my coat and removed some things away from him. he had a skateboard and books and i put my coat on top him. he was laying in the snow. >> shepard: i'm guessing -- it's been a number of years, but after columbine and there you are, it must have been the most surreal thing. >> you just don't think it's going to happen to you and when you see this man with a high-powered rifle shooting at random and kids scattering. most of them got out of harm's way and back into the school. no kids were around when 10, 15 seconds. that's how well the school did. they got the kids out of the harm's way. police arrived. they blocked it off, they locked it down. it was within three or four minutes and everything was under control. >> shepard: that's impressive. as one who is near and dear to
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one ones, you must have been proud. >> yes, i was. when doctor -- when they got him subdued and in the car, i told dr. benke, i said you're a hero and you did a fabulous job and he was still in awe and struck by this amazing thing. but you could tell he was? shock as well. >> shepard: who wouldn't be. sherry stegall, waiting for her daughter outside the school when this happened. thanks for taking with us. >> thank you. more details this afternoon on the violent past of amy bishop. remember her? she's the suspect in that university of alabama huntsville campus shooting. bishop and her husband were suspects in a 1993 case in which a harvard professor found two pipe bombs in the mail. they did not detonate and nobody charged but a government report indicates a witness heard witch
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bishop's husband say he wanted to get back at them. ander stated he wanted to get back at the victim, because the victim, dr. rosenberg, and he wanted to shoot him, bomb him, stab him or strangle rosenberg. amy bishop faces capital murder charges. her husband says it's because of a long difficult path to getting tenure at the university of alabama, huntsville. >> a deadly discovery in pakistan. word the bodies of two believed to be american spyrus found in a taliban stronghold. this raising brand-new issues about a potential intelligence war that's being waged by the united states and pakistani governments. and author and filmmaker who spent a lot of time in the region explains when he joins us live and that's next.
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the orlando sentinel newspaper for central florida reported fire rescue responded an hour and 20 minutes ago to a report of a person not breathing. then a local cable news outlet says the trainer was pulled into the shamu tank in the shamu stadium and killed. if we want to connect the dots here, we could. and say it sounds like shamu killed a trainer but i'm sure shamu didn't mean to. there's an investigation under way right now in orlando -- in central florida. wkmg reports the death was not the result of natural causes but exactly how the female trainer died is left for dot connecting
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and we can't do that. she was pulled into the tank at the shamu stadium and a female trainer is dead at seaworld. updates as we get specifics through the hour. now to the war in afghanistan. the parallel war across the border in pakistan. officials in the united states and pakistan are apparently trying to build a stronger intelligence or stronger intelligence in the region to defeat taliban and al qaeda. meanwhile militants are trying to stop the flow of information with attacks like one reported in a lawless area today. accounts out of northwest waziristan indicate two dead people turned up riddled with bullets, wearing notes that accused them of spying for the united states. on the same day in the same region, intelligence officials say a c.i.a. drone killed at least four militants. the day serves as a microcosm of what is going on in the lawless waziristan region. the united states and pakistan captured or killed militants with the help of people willing
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to supply information and taliban tries to scare those people away. robert young pellton is a author and filmmaker and our noted guest here. thank you, it's nice to talk to you. >> hi. >> what is this? help me understand. >> we have a very robust campaign in pakistan of identifying, targeting and calling in predator strikes. it's a two prong program which requires eyes on a target. in other words local assets that watch for and track wanted people. then they confirm that there are a reduced number of civilians in the building. we havemet ricks for how many can be in the building when the colony strikes. >> this has turned out to be effective but these results where people get killed for turning over information
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happens. >> reporter: well that's -- once again we don't know this afghan and pakistani were american spies, they don't know who is spying but there are odd coincidences. there was a doctor that just left the victim's house with his cousin and they were executed. when mehsud was killed people were wandering around. two years ago we had to provide a dossier on who the top general was in the pakistani army was with no assets so this was a step forward. >> officially let's no war in pakistan and nothing going on, right? >> well, i don't know. depends on how talk to. there are two things going on. one is we have an effort out of the bagram that targets surveillance and c.i.a. is
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working with, quotes, the pakistani intelligence. last week we saw up from the ground, a senior taliban commander who intelligence has been tracking so things are working well. people are dropping like flies and as they capture more leaders, they give up more information. >> how did the transformation happen? the pakistan'sys realized the bad guys might overtake us? z the pakistanis created the taliban in the mid '90s to go into afghanistan and stabilize the country. that islamic fundamentalist approach morphed into a national list movement which turned against the pakistani government because they're pro american. so they've created a enemy and now have to defeat it and the
3:27 pm
only people helping them are americans. they're new best friends on the war on terror and mean it. >> robert, it's good to talk to you. thank you. >> always my pleasure. >> all right. if your boss asks you to monitor -- well that's not what it means. back that up. please. if your boss asked to monitor your every move while you were at work, what would you say? actually around here we say yes. you know. the nation's pilots are faced with that question. coming up a live report from a toyota factory in kentucky. we would like to know what american employees have to say about the recall and hearing in washington. that's coming up.
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>> shepard: it employs nearly 200,000 people, auto workers, dealers, mechanics but with confidence down over safety problems involving the sticky gas pedals we ask what does it mean for toyota's american employees? the largest plant is in kentucky and the lifeblood of town. if folks stop buying toyotas think what that would mean. adam shapiro is live in georgetown. great idea to do the story. what long term effect do toyota please say they're worried about? >> you're seeing one. usually at this time of day they have an hour or so, two hours
3:31 pm
shut down to change shifts but usually they use the time for overtime because demand is so high through the united states and they keep producing but it's quiet as they -- some of the early shifts are moving out. they're concerned what's happening in congress and the constant negative coverage without a solution as to what is going on will have more impact like what you're seeing as they do the shift change without overtime. >> what have employees been saying about the media coverage and treatment of toyota? i've gotten an earful from time to time. >> yeah, and they gave us an earful, friendly today. they were glad we were here because they want people to know their side. they don't thank toyota is getting a fair shake. lisa web said it quite well. >> my coworkers and myself are saddened by the events going on. anything that affects the customer negatively affects us.
3:32 pm
those are friends and family driving those vehicles and we wouldn't want anything to happen to anybody. >> bottom line, lisa web and the others we spoke to today, they're responsible people, they take pride in what they do and thee believe toyota will get to the bottom of the problem and they want customers to know the employees stand behind the product and customers. >> fair enough. adam shapiro in kentucky. thank you. we're still watching the hearing on toyota in the d.c. earlier today there was an amusing exchange between the transportation secretary ray lahood and the indiana republican congressman mark souder. a bit of political theater. >> wouldn't lowering the speed limit to 30 save more lives? >> research doesn't show that. on an interstate we have minimum speed limits. you're not going to -- that's -- look there's not a very good
3:33 pm
illustration, lowering the speed limit on an interstate highway to 30 would be dangerous. >> what is the tradeoff of lives, convenience -- we've seen it in horse back riding and skateboarding. >> our job is not for people who ride horses or skateboard, our job is for people to drive cars. >> thank you so much. >> shepard: continuing coverage, mr. representative. we'll have that tonight on the fox report. now, today word the national transportation safety board wants to monitor pilots in the cockpit. according to u.s.a. today, the feds need to begin listening to voice recorders to make sure they're focusing on their jobs. pilot unions are saying the idea goes too far and vitals privacy. the ntsb saying they're not interested in spying but it comes on the heels much the northwest delta flight in october, which overshot the
3:34 pm
airport by 150 miles because something -- we don't know what and may never, but pilots were distracted. i don't know what by. we're not going to know. that's something you're not going to know. that's something they know. they know why they flew past and were out of touch. they know why. we don't know why. we can't find out why. maybe they'll write a book. until then, we won't know. the department of homeland security announcing it will begin rolling out 150 full body scanners. news from the future. pictures of anatomically correct superstars walking through airports. it's going to be awesome. boston's logan airport will get the first three followed by chicago o'hare. the rest will be up and running by june. they'll have pictures of all of us walking through with body parts. the obama administration spend $25 million on the scanner as part of the stimulus plan. they say the scanners can detect
3:35 pm
objects on a body and parts of the body. the white house says it wants even more to be used by the rollout has been delayed because of, all together now, privacy concerns. the white house healthcare summit is tomorrow. that's a dandy. but before you look forward to seeing a happy bipartisan love fest, wait until you hear what folks in washington are saying they expect. that's next. @=h
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>> shepard: developing out of central florida seaworld. as i mentioned a time ago, apparently the trainer for shamu or whatever they call shamu now got yanked into the tank and killed. and sadly, there was a whole group of people there watching, including women and children. and we have a guest on the line now. gary, whose wife and children were at shamu stadium when this happened. the reason she's not calling in,
3:39 pm
as you might imagine, how upset the kids would be if they just watched a whale kill a woman and that's what happened with your family. i'm so sorry. what has she told? >> fortunately the management at seaworld was pretty expeditious in getting people out of the viewing area and i don't know that they witnessed too much of what happened. so that thankfully wasn't at gruesome as it could have been but they were -- this didn't happen during the show. it was after the show. the one they call shamu. yeah. >> the biggest whale there. she had literally charged one of the trainers who was on the side of the pool training and feeding shamu and apparently was upset, charged, pulled the trainer into the water and was thrashing around with the trainer and
3:40 pm
dragged her underneath the water. and -- >> and i guess wouldn't let her come up? >> correct. >> and the trainer drowned or something? >> we're not really sure as to what the details are on that, obviously the force by which the woman was pulled out of the water t pulled her shoes off. it was terrible. >> do you have any idea how many people were around there? i've been to the shows and usually you got a stadium full of people and a few stay around to watch what happens after. >> that's correct. >> handful? >> i've heard about 50 or 60 might have been in the area. >> shepard: and you know, whales, i don't know a lot about the temperament of whales but the whale was upset about something. i don't guess they were clear about what it was. >> generally they don't allow the -- any of the trainatories swim with talekum because he's large and has a different temperament but -- so they
3:41 pm
never -- this particular trainer didn't jump in the water, but was taken forcibly. generally they down the allow the trainers to swim with this whale. >> i'm curious, i don't know if you know the answer but we're looking at a picture, or r where there were people at the pool side and you see they're sitting with their knees out but the feet aren't in the water main do you know if the trainer was standing at pool side, kneeling, feet in the water or what the situation was in. >> so from what i've heard and we've been there a few times, there's a -- there's two pools. the main pool where they put the show on in front and then the pool in the back where they do the training. the pool in the back has a dining experience as well as an interactive experience with the guests of the park, right? >> shepard: uh-huh. >> so the trainers were helping out. at the time the trainer was on
3:42 pm
the rock area where they hang out when training and feeding the whales. my understanding is she was standing up on the rocks at the time. >> shepard: okay. and shamu just like bounded out of the water? >> literally charged and pulled her off the shore by the waist and into the water and thrashed around with her. >> shepard: young -- a young woman, older woman? glitches trying to get from my wife if she knew one of the trainers because my daughter loves shamu and loves the show and goes every time we're in orlando and i wanted to know if it was someone we knew. we don't know which one it is and i don't -- i don't have the details as to whether or not it's younger or older woman but i imagine the handlers would be
3:43 pm
quite experienced. >> talekum, the report we're getting from wkmg, it was cps when i worked there -- i'm curious -- i don't want to get into your personal business but i wonder how you deal with your kids? what do you say. that's -- how old is your daughter? >> it's been a challenging year on many accounts. my daughter is five years and has been through enough this year already with an accident that they were involved with early this year. but i don't know. i don't know what you say to a child and i don't know exactly at this point how much she witnessed and didn't witness. like i said, the good news is that the people at the park, the management and the operations people, shepherded people out of the area very quickly. and at this point, i can't be certain who saw what or if my daughter or the children saw anything that would have hurt
3:44 pm
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>> shepard: you better get ready for this. start getting excited right now. this time tomorrow, the president, members of his party and republicans as well will be engaged in what has been described as a discussion of healthcare policy or they'll accuse each other of being stubborn and unwilling to compromise. more likely. maybe somewhere in between. the white house and lawmakers on both parties will be using the healthcare summit as a political tool. he said it. they'll use it as a political tool regardless if it results in policy measures to help any of us is unknown but you'll see it all live right here in the most trusted name in news. our chief something or other washington style is live with us.
3:48 pm
i'm stoked! [ laughter ] glad to hear it. it may not be a three ring circus but three-sided with the republicans, democrats and white house around a square table with a hole in the middle. the political jockeying is underway for the healthcare estimate. liberals and lawmakers marched in washington this morning to create momentum for the democratic health plan stymied by differences among democrats in the house and senate. the president stayed on the sidelines until recently but the white house is hoping the summit will rejuvenate efforts to find middle ground between democrats and republicans or just among democrats. >> we're focused on getting it done. and we look forward to what we hope is a robust exchange of ideas on thursday. some republicans fear mr. obama just wants to spread the blame
3:49 pm
for the lack of progress from the disagreements among democrats to republicans as well and republican leaders point to one opinion poll after another arguing the public rejected the democratic plans. >> if the white house wants bipartisanship it needs to drop the proposed posted monday which is no different than anything we've seen before. and start all over. >> i would hope that the president would heed our call. let's scrap the bill. let's begin to work on common sense steps that will make our current system better. >> white house officials keep saying republicans should come up with their own proposal but the president has point today some of the and republicans put 70 of their proposal on a website today. the question now, whether the summit will be more about fixing blame for lack of progress or finding agreements to make it possible. >> shepard: we hope they can look for them and one side willing to compromise but i
3:50 pm
doubt it. just, president obama has been in office little more an a year but word his team is planning for the 2012 campaign. how is that going on with democrats on the ballot? we're live at the white house with some politicking. that's next. ol. bee happy. bee healthy. ♪ transform drinks you want, into cold medicine you need. introducing fast crystal packs. a new way from alka-seltzer plus to... get cold and flu relief in a taste-free, fizz-free powder. alka-seltzer plus.
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>> shepard: another thing fox news, america's election headquarters. the white house is looking ahead to 2012. we should note a few minutes ago the presidential advisory denied the reports. wendell goler with the news life at the white house. >> politico says david plouffe is holding informal talks with others involved in that effort. some, like david axlerod, now
3:54 pm
here at the white house, others like plouffe himself are not. folks say the story's overwritten and valley jared says no significant planning has begun and they're not think being 2012. if president obama follows the lead of the past two administrations, he won't formally announce his reelection bid until sometime next year. by historians say earlier informal planning is the norm. one senior democrat calls the report disconcerting and notes there are a number of democrats up for reelection in 2010 and as he says, 2012 is a hull -- hell of a long way away. the president will get an answer to the call for bipartisanship at blair house. here's what steven his has to say. >> the president has spent a year in sort of a waltz or dance
3:55 pm
other bipartisanship that may end tomorrow and we may see a sharper focus on the part of the obama administration and democratic party of who the enemy is. >> two things to run for office, a record and fairly sharp picture of who the enemy is and he says most may come into clearer focus after the summit. >> wendell, we're looking forward to it. we'll have live coverage all morning long. this is shamu as seaworld in orlando. i guess technically just right outside orlando but apparently shamu killed a trainer about 2:00 eastern time. standard now. the fire rescue showed up and the trainer was dead in the pool. it's our understanding the trainer was on the side of the pool. it wasn't the main pool where the show happens but the secondary pool and the whale was upset and grabbed her in the
3:56 pm
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continuing coverage out of seaworld in central florida where a trainer of a killer whale has been killed. shannon butler, a reporter for wofl, fox fox news in florida is with you guess. >> they expect and update ant
3:59 pm
4:15 and shamu did pull a trainer into the tank. some reports say that the -- the whale may have gotten her by her hair but they're not confirming it. the whale pulled the trainer inside the training. it wasn't during the two shows addai. it's a shamu show called believe. it was not during that show but there was some kind of like lunchtime or dinnertime with shamu. we do know there were dozens and dozens of witnesses. we're just trying to figure out what the whale was doing when the incident happened. >> well, what i was hearing from one of the witnesses whom i'm sure you've seen quote was there was an aftershow at the pool side but we'll have to wait. an update in -- >> there was a 12:30 show with shamu so it's possible that ran over and there could have been something after that. >> we'll check back with you during regular programming after we get the


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