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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  February 25, 2010 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

10:00 pm, barnes& we'll tell you more in the days and weeks to come. see you back here tomorrow night. >> greta: tonight, new information about the seaworld killer whale attack. but first, the inside story on the 2/25 health care summit. >> mr. president do you have a brief comment? >> the president: looking forward to listening. >> this 2700 page bill will bankrupt our country. secondly mr. president, i think this right here is a dangerous experiment. we can all agree to disagree we can all have our politics, but if there's no referee on the feel, we can never agree on how the game should be played. >> i work everyday, very good people, great professionals, they do their jobs well. but their job is to score what is placed in front of them. what has been placed in front of them is a bill that is full of gimmicks and smoke and
10:01 pm
mirrors. >> the president: if we think it is important as a society to not leave people out, then we're gonna have to figure out how to pay for it. >> it is a fundamental disagreement between us. does washington know best about the coverage people should have or should people have that choice themselves? >> there's public funding on abortion in these bills. i don't want our listeners or viewers to get the wrong impression from what you said. >> republicans get 24 minutes the democrats 52 minutes. let's try to have as much balance as we can. >> i'm always reluctant after being here 37 years to tell people what the american people think. i think it requires a little humility. >> the president: let me make this point, john, because we are not campaigning. the election is over. >> i'm reminded of that everyday. >> we are all representatives of the american people. we all do town hall meetings. i've got to tell you the american people are engaged.
10:02 pm
>> the president: i'd like the republicans to do a little soul-searching and find out are there some things that you would be willing to embrace that get to this core problem of 30 million people without health insurance and.uáq dealing seriously with the preexisting condition issue? >> greta: house minority whip eric cantor joins us, good evening. do you think you made any traction today? >> i do think that the american people saw for about seven hours, that there is a clear choice. there are two sides to this health care bill. one of which, obviously i support, which is to put this bill aside and let's start anew in a very different manner. and then it's the president and the democrats' way of trying to plow forward with this trillion dollar bill which is going to frankly, change people's health care in this country to a system that frankly they won't like. >> greta: are you saying both
10:03 pm
sides were heard and the american people had an opportunity to hear both sides but nothing has changed? >> i think that's a fair statement greta. that the people did hear both sides. unfortunately, there was an unwillingness on the part of the president to acknowledge where the american people are. the american people have rejected this health care bill more times than once. they did it in town hall meetsing -- meetings in the elects in new jersey, virginia, massachusetts in the public polling, in the town halls we are all having at home. unfortunately, the president is now just wants to ignore their thoughts. >> greta: what happens next? if nobody is willing to come off the dime, the republicans and democrats still have their views everyone the whole idea this reconciliation. when you left today and the cameras turned off did anyone say anything that we didn't catch? >> there's clear a sentiment
10:04 pm
among those leaving it is inevitable they will try and attempt reconciliation. if they are successful with that, the real losers are the american people this monstrosity of a bill would become law. before we get to that, they will have to get through the house. the senate is relieved, if you will, of having not only to produce 59, but 50 votes plus the vice president under that process. in the house they still need 218 votes. from the way i look at it, as the whip on the republican side, it seems to me they are lacking in votes on the democratic side. >> greta: when the two bills try to merge the house has to agree with the senate's bill because of the way the politics are playing out. you don't think the speaker can get the votes in the house that agrees to the senate bill? >> right. the speaker currently does not have votes to pass the senate bill, correct. >> greta: did they say saying to you? >> rarely. >> greta: do you talk at all? >> niceties.
10:05 pm
i have requested several times a meeting with her. to know avail. just seems she is, again maybe very committed to her ways doesn't want to hear any other opinions. >> greta: the conservative democratic members of congress are they saying anything to you? or don't they talk to you either? >> there are some who really we do engage in conversations with, that i speak with, many of our members have relationships with. they are in a state of disbelief right now >> greta: did you get the sense the president wanted to hear from you or did you get the sense he wanted to stage this and hope that he can lure you to his side? >> i got a sense that the president was very impatient with our insistence that we have another way. i was really taken aback with his response to me. i had the bill by my side -- >> greta: he said something about it.
10:06 pm
>> yes, he accused me of having a prop. when literally, i had prepared -- we all had prepared to go in there and the discussion was about the senate bill. the white house said their proposal for monday was the senate bill with strategic changes. >> greta: i'm curious the exchange he had with senator mccain when he said the election is over. in the room it may appear different than on tv. did you have a sense it was a good joke or it was being arrogant and pushy? >> i think if you coupled that, that exchange that he had with senator mccain with his comments at the end of the session which essentially were that we will proceed if republicans don't come along with our way, we will proceed with reconciliation. and then there will be he he an election and that's what elects are for. those two instances are telling about the president's mentality about this.
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>> greta: it is important that the president try to get everyone to work together. i was curious how it came off in the room. congressman, thank you sir. >> thank you. >> greta: republican senator lamar alexander is crystal clear about reconciliation. >> my request is, before we go further today that the democratic congressional leaders and you mr. president, renounce this idea of going back to the congress and jamming through on a bipartisan -- i mean on a partisan vote through a little used process we call reconciliation? your version of the bill. you can say this process has been used before and that would be right. but it has never been used for anything like this. >> greta: senate majority leader harry reid today. >> no one has said, i read what the president has online, no one has talked about reconciliation but that's what you folks have talked about since it came out. as if it is something that has
10:08 pm
never been done before. we as leaders here the speaker and i have not talked about doing reconciliation as the only way out of this of course it is not the only way out. but remember, since 1981, reconciliation has been used 21 times, most of it has been used by republicans. >> greta: we went to capitol hill and senator lamar alexander went on the record. nice to see you. >> nice to see you greta. >> greta: i appreciate you just rushed from the blair house summit to your office. >> still stretching. >> greta: how did it go? >> i enjoyed it. i'm glad the president had it. somebody told me after i here, he and the democrats did most of the talking. on the other hand, it gave us, the republicans a chance to say we want to cut health care costs and how we wanna do it. bigger megaphone they we usually get. >> greta: is he convinced that some of the thoughts the republicans put forward that
10:09 pm
he's gonna take them and rework -- rework the legislation? >> we'll see. on the ideas for cutting costs going across state lines, letting small businesses pool their resources, those ideas, i think we could sit down in a day or two and write a bipartisan bill that would begin to make a difference in running down costs. what i didn't hear in the whole seven hours was they still think they can afford -- that we can afford to spend 2 1/2 trillion more million dollars on health care, i didn't hear anybody say we are not going to raise premiums. >> greta: one thing interesting was the discussion about reconciliation. you spoke first to get that off the table, that's not off the table from what i heard today. >> no it is not. i said to the president if you want a bipartisan bill, renounce the idea of jamming it through. senator byrd our senior democrat, said it would be an
10:10 pm
outrage to jam the health care bill through like a freight train. i never heard that >> greta: were you surprised that he didn't say, you're right, we are gonna take that often table? we are do this the other way not going to use reconciliation. were you surprised he didn't go with you? >> i'm disappointed. i don't think the president has figured out now work with the senate, to be frank, in a bipartisan way. lyndon johnson call dirkson the republican leader 40 years ago every afternoon at 5:00. i said in my little remarks harry truman living in the blair house where we were today had the senate foreign relations chairman down once a week to meet with general marshal to write the marshal plan. when you want a bipartisan effort you form a private relationship and put it together and the president hasn't figured that out yet with the senate. >> greta: are you saying he's inexperienced? >> i don't know what it is.
10:11 pm
i thought he doesn't want to do it or doesn't know how. i think he's a very able person. he showed today he knows a lot about health care. i don't think he knows how to create a bipartisan piece of legislation in the senate. we do it all the time. ted kennedy did it all the time. >> greta: what about harry reid, even getting testy with you? >> it o'he did seemed like we was a little irritated. get with you! >> because i said what he dent like to hear their bill cuts medicare by half a trillion dollars and spends it on a new tram. their bill raises taxes half trillion dollars and sends to states big costs raising college tuitions and taxes and it does raise premiums. they have to do that in order to expand coverage and spend another 2 1/2 trillion dollars but they don't like for know say it. >> greta: what happens after the cameras go off? we were delighted to have the
10:12 pm
transparency and see the cameras. when you left did any democrats come up to you and say we can work together on this? did you just go our own way? what happened after the cameras went off? >> not much. each side went out and held a press conference. ron widen said he was gonna try to do that he has from the beginning. i even signed on to a bill he had a couple of years ago i didn't agree with all of it, it was trying to be by part and san rely on the private -- bipartisan and rely on the private sector. >> greta: perhaps if you went on through the night instead of held all of new the same room so republicans and democrats did come together. >> that's not the way to write a bill. you sit down and what vanburg and marshal said about each other, marshal said vandenberg one day he was my right hand man the next day i was his. you have to have an equal partnership. we haven't seen any of that >> greta: now what? after today are you feeling
10:13 pm
like all right now we are going to have health care reform or see reconciliation, a war between the roses? >> we could have that what i would like to see -- >> greta: what are you gonna see? >> what today proved we could see was the president would put it aside this big bill and say okay we've identified five, six, seven event, eight things we can do to cut costs that can happen. it depends on the president if he wants a bipartisan bill he can have one. if he doesn't we'll continue to argue. >> greta: senator, thank you. >> thank you. >> greta: democratic congressman rob andrews at the summit today. >> the president asked about whether we can find agreement on pooling the purchasing power of small businesses and individuals so they can get the same deal that big companies and members of congress get. my friend john klein talked about the association health plan proposal. respectfully, john, i think that what you're talking about
10:14 pm
with association health plans we were' talking about exchanges is a semantic difference. pooling purchasing power of small businesses and individuals to get a better deal. >> greta: congressman andrews joins us live. i loved the tran parent today. >> i did too. it was in the open, people had honest differences. treated each other civilly. i thought it was a great thing. >> greta: too bad we didn't do it earlier. >> earlier and often. if the next issue is deficit and debt we should do that education. sunlight really is the great and the septic. >> greta: do you think -- that it improved the situation it is more likely it can resolve itself or are the lines drawn in the sand? >> i did think it improve the situation.
10:15 pm
on substance there are very close views on buying policies across state lines. on letting small businesses and individuals buy through these buying pools. on more movement on tort reform, also probable. these are important and substantive issues. i think the prospects of bipartisan agreement improved today. >> greta: we hear reconciliation/nuclear option as being thrown out there. it hasn't gotten to the point where the house essentially would have to agree to the senate bill to have that, do you agree? >> that is right that would be part of the plan. the next bill would fix the senate bill. the senate bill would be the tax. would you car. a hole out of the middle -- you would carve a hole out of the middle and come up with something new. -- only if it was fixed. if the nebraska deal got cut
10:16 pm
out i think the louisiana thing should get cut out as well. problems with the way the excise tax is done in the senate bill. i don't think there's enough support for working people to help them buy health insurance. the house would only pass the senate bill if accompanying the senate bill were these changes. >> greta: is that likely? >> i think it is quite likely. >> greta: in terms of the issues that the supac amendment having do do -- to do with abortion? >> i think there's nearly universal agreement that no public funds should be used for abortion. i'm a pro choice person but i believe that's the result we should have. there's a significant argument over whether the senate language accomplishes that or not, i believe it does. i think my friend would disagree. >> greta: is there anything that -- [ talking over each other ]
10:17 pm
>> greta: is there anything that happened today that you heard from the republicans where you thought, you know that makes a little sense? >> yes. >> greta: what would be that issue? >> i thought tom coburn's suggestion that we use uncover patients to root out medical fraud was a good idea. >> greta: meaning what? >> you take a person that didn't have a broken leg and send him to a mri, x-ray center for a test for a broken leg and see what they say. if they keep treating him as he a broken leg would be -- i that was a good thing and someone should write it into the bail -- into the bill. >> greta: i think was good. >> i do too. >> greta: thank you. next, if today was a photo-op does the president have a plan b. new information on the deadly seaworld whale attack.
10:18 pm
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. >> greta: should the nation get ready for plan b? fox news confirms the white house has developed a smaller plan b for health care reform. the president today. >> do you have a plan b? >> the president: i've always a plan. >> greta: newt gingrich joins us live, good evening. what did you think of today? >> i thought it was interesting. actually very positive for the president to do it. it gave the republicans an opportunity to communicate with the country they wouldn't have had otherwise. i don't think it got a great
10:22 pm
lamar alexander who had a balanced sense of where we are. the core problem is straight for. the liberal democrats wanna spend a lot more than we have. for good reason from their standpoint they want a much bigger government. the republicans and moderate democrats don't want to do that question now w what does the president do? no breakthrough today, interesting exercise. i suspect for most americans the real puzzle is, since this morning unemployment applications went up, why didn't we have the same level summit on jobs? >> greta: maybe we will. my curiosity is i didn't like it when big drugs met behind closed doors last june we had the ben nelson thing behind closed doors. any way now we had transparency today. plan b, what do you think the president has in mind? >> nice six hours of
10:23 pm
transparency. the end of transparency. here's the challenge to the president, they clearly are willing to try to use reconciliation to pass a bill with 50 votes plus the vice president. >> greta: that sounds more like tough luck, i won the election and you're out of luck. >> here's where there is a plan b, i don't think they can get this done. how do they write a bill which gets 50 votes plus the vice president in the senate and 218 votes in the house? >> greta: the congressman who was just here has problems with the senate bill. >> that's my point this is really complicated. people don't realize how very different it is. >> greta: the two bills? >> the house and the senate and the way in which they deal with reality. and the difference kinds of approaches and the tensions. every member of the house is up for reelection. in the poll you were running just now from fox, 59% of the
10:24 pm
country is proposed to them trying to pass a partisan bill. if you're a swing democrat, and charlie cook says there are now 92 swing democrats because of the size of the scott brown victory in massachusetts, you are going i don't know i want to try to get reelect today this year if i vote for something that 59% of the country is opposed to. so the tension is going to keep growing. >> greta: i know it is profoundly naive on my part. having seen people go through real health crisis it is hard to think these decisions by these men and women in congress is based on the election thing this is different than almost any other topic this is life and death, people are suffering all the time. you would think they wouldn't make the decision necessarily on that but i guess they do. >> we are talking about a bill where the one tax in the propose al, -- proposal becomes in effect in 2018. >> greta: that is one of the
10:25 pm
most deplorable parts. cadillac plan, doesn't go into effect -- even president obama if he gets second administration would be out so the next president has to doo with it that's appalling. >> i've had votes, votes of conscience, war for example, don't think about your district, do what you think is right, period. now they are being approached with a bill which has so many loopholes and complexities and is so confusing it is hard to make it a clear up or down vote. it is hard to go to a member and say this 2,000 pages is decisive for america's future. people start making calculations that are how we designed the contusion. there's supposed to be representatives, they are supposed to have some relationship to the people back home. >> greta: i guess i'm still fixated on that 2018 tax r >> it tells you how phony it is.
10:26 pm
>> greta: i don't want to be had as a citizen. you can see today the deep philosophical difference between the two sides. there is in this bill that the tax doesn't kick in until everybody is long gone that truly is political. >> the country has -- the american people have a deep instinct if you can't write a bill that attracts some people from the other side, maybe there's something inately with it. when we passed welfare reform our biggest reform we split the democrats evenly, 101 yes and 101 no. people back home could say that is a good bill because both sides of the aisle came together. >> greta: you don't have to have bipartisan, they had white house, they had the house and they had filibuster senate and couldn't convince their own if you can't moderate the legislation such
10:27 pm
to get your own group to vote for it that's a bigger sign. >> we just did a poll with public opinion strategies, bill made the point that people in the country to a remarkable degree now the democrats [ unintelligible ] people say this bill is bad enough that even with a 60 vote margin in the senate and a big margin in the house you couldn't pass it? so there's an automatic kind of -- the average person can sense it's too big, to complicated and they distrust politicians. >> greta: to what extent does this blame the house and senate leaders and the president? who dropped the ball for the party? >> i think they collectively tried to do something you can't do. i think it is too hard. >> greta: mr. speaker, thank you. >> good to be with you. >> greta: did you see the protesters at the summit? if you didn't you will. griff jenkins has it all on tape only for you.
10:28 pm
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. >> greta: it was a bipartisan summit with bipartisan protesting. griff jenkins takes to you the heart of the action. >> kill the bill! >> barack obama are you listening? >> reporter: this was the scene out of the health care summit, bipartisan protest as well. you can see very secure out here a lot of secret service, police. those are some pro life protesters there. you her the one gentleman on the mega phone out here. it is calm down here earlier i had my camera out and we caught a lot of the action. >> hands off my health care!
10:32 pm
stop obama! >> i'm very upset with this whole process. on the campaign trail obama talked about single care health care system that's what a lot of us here are supporting. >> [ inaudible ] i think we owe it to the patients to the american people to discuss the different ideas out there right now. >> medicare for all! >> reporter: what is happening, so i understand the people that support the health care are protesting for it, marching through the people that against it. [ inaudible ] >> 30 million people in canada, we have 300 million. [ talking over each other ] >> they do not love it.
10:33 pm
[ talking over each other ] >> are you listening to me. >> reporter: why not have the doctors caucus negotiate more than 20 in the house and senate, democrats as well let them hold the scalpel not 535 members of congress. >> i hope it gets put off until we get to november and change the congress. >> greta: you loved them last night. we brought them back our town hall women, they want answers about health care. did they get them today? find out next. plus, we noticed something strange at today's summit. did everyone forget cameras were on? see what we mean, minutes from now. [ male announcer ] when it comes to reaching your big lestones,
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and all your little mile-pebbles ameriprise financial can help. weave over ten-thousand advisors rey to listen to your dreams and help you plan for them. because the first step towards reaching what you want
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is reaching the person who can help you get there. our advisors. your dreams. more within reach. meet us at >> greta: next our town hall women. but first to our new york newsroom. >> reporter: a storm packing heavy and wet snow making its way up the northeast coast. forcasters expecting the worse
10:37 pm
of the storm to hit tonight and early morning, pennsylvania, new york, new jersey and new england could get up to a foot of snow disrupting air traffic and closing schools, winds cancelling 1/5 of all flights at philadelphia international. the body of andrew koenig found in a vancouver park. koenig had been missing more than a week had a recurring role in the sitcom "growing pains." his father said his son took his own life. the elder is famous for playing chekov in the original star trek series. for more log on to >> greta: our town hall panel from last night is back. four special guests who all to town halls last year. they are back tonight. joining us from san francisco,
10:38 pm
california, catherine greg, hughes, tracy miller, dana lash, and in philadelphia katie a brahm. we start in california -- katy, abram. catherine did you hear anything that caught you off guard but surprised you? >> i didn't. i think -- i didn't see anything that shocked me. i was happy to see the republican leadership. i was happy to hear at least six common sense points that they had. some cost reduction solutions on the table. i saw the standard, i think, political theater that the democrats had. i think overall i walked away with the sense there are many options on the table. but unfortunately, the republicans for the last year have not been given an option to play in this arena. that's what i found most disappointing.
10:39 pm
>> greta: i take it you are a republican, is that a fair assumption on my part? >> yes, it is. all my life. >> greta: is there anything that the democrats said today -- any of the members of congress, that made some sense to you? >> i don't think there was much that really made sense to me, because i've heard what their plan is in bits and pieces throughout the last year. i couldn't really quite make sense of. in essence, as a country we don't have the money for this plan. we don't have the money to start another entitlement program. the people that are saying no to this bill, they have said no, obama care is dead. we don't wanna see another entitlement program put on the backs of future generations of this country. this is the first time in our country's history where information is available. if the same information had been available in '65 somebody may have looked at medicare
10:40 pm
much differently than they do today. this is a profound time in our history where people are plugged in. they see this huge government additional amount of money spent on future generations and we are just saying no to it. >> greta: 20 seconds left. are you opposed to any health care reform or are you just simply opposed to the republican plan? are there some things you would like to see improved or not >> it is definitely in need of improvement. i think on table are cost saving measures, especially tort reform. looking at malpractice lawsuits and defensive medicine has to be practiced. the fact that citizens should have the right to go and buy insurance across state lines. those are still two important issues. >> greta: catherine thank you. now tracy miller in houston, texas. did anything that was said today, surprise you or was unexpected? >> well, i was surprised when
10:41 pm
the president started out talking about we still had a ways to go on creating jobs and breaking the back of the recession. i was surprised to hear that admission coming from him. i was also surprised to hear the president say that the single biggest drag on the economy is the cost of health care. i disagree. i think the single largest drag on our economy is the expansion of government and the big spending coming out of d.c. right now. that's what started the tea party movement and caused so many people to turn out at town hall meetings across america during august. >> greta: who impressed you? anyone you thought person -- impressive in how he or she speaks and the positions? anybody wowed you? >> yes, i can remember the last name, chris -- i can't
10:42 pm
remember the last name of the one that impressed me. he was going back and forth with obama obama said if you want to characterize the plan that way and kind of shirked it off as talking points. i thought he was -- the conservatives were doing a good job on putting forward some ideas that wouldn't cost the country money and left some regulation so the free market could solve some of these problems. at least some people would have more access to health care because the cost would be lower. >> greta: anything that any of the republicans said -- i understand your position, i can tell from listening to you -- anything republicans said you thought well i don't like that? >> yes, i'm not 100% sure on tort reform being a federally
10:43 pm
done deal. i think some issues really belong to the stays. we need to let the states decide that i can't remember if it was the republican side or the democrat side that came up with a federal commission to cap health care costs. i did hear that i don't think we need a federal commission i think that can be done at the state level, would much better understand stan the cost as associated with health care especially border states like texas that has additional costs of illegals and we have to treat them in our hospitals here. >> greta: tracy, thank you very much. dana lash from st. louis from the nationwide tea party coalition. you've had time to think about it. what did surprise you today? it must have been something. >> i don't know, thanks for having me back. there was one continuing that surprised me. that was when the president said they considered every cost-effective measure.
10:44 pm
to scratch my head. i was thinking really, you thought about purchasing insurance across state lines and tort reform? we waste billions a year practicing defensive medicine, doctors ordering tests they don't need for cover their backsides that surprised me. i was impressed with the way that the gop held the line. and i really, really liked what paul ryan said. i think his statement on the different of philosophy hit at the core of all of this. we don't think democrats are evil creatures or anything that hate america or something like that we all know we have the same goals, but we have different means to achieve those ends. i think paul ryan hit on how the democrats don't understand that the ramifications of the means they use could adversely affect americans. >> greta: do you see this as a step forward or disappointment or a staged operation?
10:45 pm
>> staged operation, and i was a step forward. i think the people were actually represented. i don't think they've ever been able to take part because alternatives have never been considered before, especially primetime like that >> greta: dana, thank you as always. now to philadelphia, pennsylvania where katy abram joins us live. what did you think of today company >> there are a couple of things that surprised me. the first was when i think eric ran for -- eric cantor had a huge stack of the bills, 2400 pages. obama said it is very complex and we need to have those bills, very complex issue this is the united states constitution, this runs the whole country. so, i'm sorry we don't need a monstrosity as big as that another thing i thought was interesting, when john mccain and obama had their little exchange. mccain had said the american people don't want this. obama has truly shown that he
10:46 pm
is completely disconnected from the american people when he said, the opposition has a different view on that it makes me wonder if there's a little bit more to this than meets the eye. i know president obama is very tight with sciu and they have issues with their pensions i wonder if this is another bailout to be honest with you. >> greta: i take it you didn't vote for president obama? you didn't vote for him. is there anything that you agree with him on? anything that you think he's done a good job on? >> honestly, i think that the idea of making health insurance more affordable for businesses is a great idea. but i think that his thoughts -- thought pattern is a little off. smartest way to make businesses be able to afford health insurance for people is to lower their taxes it is as simple as that we have a home business if you could lower the tacks that would take such
10:47 pm
a burden off people right now. we would be able to, you know, buy insurance for our employees. >> greta: 20 seconds left. do you think president obama cares about you? >> you know what, i look at it this way, any senator right now who has been doing a dog and pony show with any americans showing them without health insurance, you know who ends up helping them? their community when they find out about them, not the government. >> greta: katy, thank you. next, new information about that deadly killer whale tack at seaworld. what will now happened to that whale? you are going live to florida, that's next. ya know, i'm really glad we finally decided to see where raisin bran crunch is made. yeah, this trip is way overdue. i just can't wait to see all those crunchy flakes in action. i hope i get a chance to put two scoops!™ of raisins in some boxes.
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10:52 pm
>> o' >> reporter: it witnesses we talked to last night said what investigators told us today. she was close to the water's edge and the whale reached up and grabbed her long ponytail and pulled her into the water. there were several accounts out there that it jumped on her, she fell into the pool. that's what officials are telling us today. the official cause of death for dawn brancheau the trainer killed is multiple traumatic injuries and drowning. seaworld says despite protests from some here they will not get rid of this whale they will not euthanize it. it will stay at seaworld. however they've cancelled all orca shows and not allowing vip's to pet the whales as they've done in the past. >> greta: how long was this death scene? was there nothing know one else could do? there were no weapons to stun the whale, nothing at all? did it happen so quickly? >> reporter: i'm told from
10:53 pm
witnesses and what i've been able to piece together from investigators and seaworld officials they ushered the whale immediately into a smaller tank with brancheau in its mouth and pulled it into the other tank and lifted the whale out and pulled her to the side. by that time it was too late. >> greta: was this procedure being followed? they never contemplated anything like this could have happened? it seems you would think there would be something someone could do to retrieve this poor woman from the jays of this fish? >> reporter: they are not getting into too many safety protocols. i talked to a vp of animal training who set up safety protocols when dealing with this whale. he said the rule for everyone and every trainer and dawn brancheau knew this, was not to get close to its mouth. he said what he has seen and heard he believes brancheau made a mistake and got too
10:54 pm
close to the whale. >> greta: tragic story grabbing that pony tail and killing that poor trainer, thank you. breaking news about two politicians, they are both in very hot water. one is a democrat, one is a republican. first democratic congressman charlie rangel. the chairman of the house ways and means committee, moments ago rangel announcing the house ethics committee is public admonishing him for letting a private corporation pay for trips he took to the carbine -- caribbean with the congressional black caucus. now republican. marco rubio in a red hot primary race for u.s. senate in florida his 0 -- , charlie crist. rubio reportedly used a credit card paid for by the gop to buy personal groceries and repairs to his minivan. rubio is saying that he paid the money back. listen to this rubio is trying
10:55 pm
to deflect. he says he's ticked off at governor crist. he says the governor leaked the credit card ing to the press. governor crist denies involvement in the leak. but says to rubio, welcome to the nfl. ouch! of course we are going to be watching all of this. still ahead, we noticed something odd at the summit. did some people forget our cameras were rolling? stay right here. you're the colo! diarrhea, constipation, gas, bloating. that's me! can i tell you what a difference phillips' colon health has made? it's the probiotics. the good bacteria. that gets your colon back in balance. i'm good to go! phillips' colon health. these are actual farmers who raise vegetables in campbell's condensed soup. so if you've ever wondered who grew my soup, well, here they are. ♪ so many, many reasons ♪ it's so m'm! m'm! good! ♪
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>> greta: 11:00 is almost here, flashing studio lights, it's time. last call. now we're all glued to our screen watching that summit. not everyone inside found it sofas nating. -- sofas nating. ♪ [ music ] . >> in fairness they were in there a long time. it's hard to pay attention all the time that. is your last call. thanks for joining us tonight. we'll see you again tomorrow. go to make sure you follow us on slash greta wire. i tweet all the time. go to also.