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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  February 26, 2010 6:00am-9:00am EST

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interrogation tactics are prosecuted. what was that all about? >> we're not done yet with procedures up in washington. finally justice has been served to congressman charlie rangel? >> i'm sharing with you all of the information i know so asking me questions would just embarrass me because i can't give you the answers. >> yeah, he had a rough day yesterday. so why did it take so long for lawmakers to reach a decision and why is his ethics probe now in its 18th month. now, let me tell you our slogan. it comes to us this hour from troy in johnstown, new york. the snow has kept me out of school. i watch "fox & friends" because i am no fool. >> live from studio e in the heart of rockefeller center and in the heart of winter, welcome aboard. it's our friday telecast and it is a winter wonderland
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throughout the northeast today. >> and our crew made it in. good job, guys. i'd hate to have to oil the robots. instead, we got live people and you have live weather, steve. >> we have all sorts of stuff. look at how dark it was out there. >> there it is. still dark with all that white snow everywhere. i don't know -- i think, steve, you stayed overnight in the city, too, didn't you? >> i did indeed. >> because i didn't dare risk trying to get in. look, it's still coming down and steve tell us, i think the storm will continue throughout the day. >> well, you want me to do the weather? ok. >> bottom right box is pennsylvania. i recognize the tree. >> the top two, midtown manhattan, as you can see it's snowing. we have the maps. brandon is up early and he's going to show us. >> who is brandon? >> look at that. that is weather advisory -- flood advisories. we want to look at weather 6 right now. what? i mean, weather 7. let's take a look at weather 7, john. it's coming. it's coming. >> coming up.
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>> you handle the maps now? what are you talking about? take a look. the storm continues to swirl from new england right down through the delmarva peninsula. heavy coastal flooding along so some spots and a lot of rain as well. 40, 45 miles north of new york city got 23 inches. harriman. >> 52 miles got 23 inches. west milford, new jersey, 18 and in central park as of 1:00 this morning, 9.6 inches of snow. >> and what that meant to me when i was in high school, if you missed school and it is snowing, you have an excellent chance to make a lot of snow shovelling revenue. >> i just got the call. my daughter's school canceled. >> do you wake her up to tell her that? >> she's getting the call at the house, too. somebody there just got woke up. i think so.
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>> in our school district, they call the night before so we can make arrangements. usually they don't do that but also, we didn't have electricity last night at our house. >> bummer. >> microwave dinners. >> no, got to do it on the stove. >> all right. let's go ahead and do another fox news alert for you because the taliban claiming responsibility this morning for deadly homicide attacks that left 77 people dead. a spokesman says five homicide bombers carried out the attacks on two buildings in the heart of kabul. it set off a series of gun battles around the city. police believe at least 32 people were wounded. sea world will keep the whale that killed its trainer but all orca shows are suspended for now. the killer whale grabbed dawn brancheau by her ponytail and dragged her into the water. she died from multiple traumatic injuries. friends and family says she always had a passion for animals. >> what are you going to be when you grow up? i want to be a marine biologist and i want to train whales and i want to be at, you know, those
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parks in florida. >> sea world says there were no signs of problems with tilly as they called the whale before the attack. the body of former "growing pains" actor andrew koenig found in a wooded area in vancouver. his father now says he took his own life. > >> are susceptible to this kind of anger, don't ignore it. >> the 41-year-old had a recurring role as richard stavone on the 1980's sitcom, it was "growing pains", wasn't it? i think so. anyway, he was reported missing on february 14th while visiting friends in vancouver. his family says he suffered from life long depression. >> his father was in "star trek." >> yeah. ok. kentucky senator jim bunting is holding up legislation that would extend unemployment benefits. the republican had some choice words on the senate floor.
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he said an extension would only inflate an already out of control federal deficit. federal benefits expire on saturday. they need to have authorization no later than today to keep those benefits going uninterrupted. if the senate leadership can't persuade bunting to back off, there will be a lapse. former president bush drops in on former vice president dick cheney for some coffee. mr. bush went to his vice president's virginia home yesterday. mr. cheney's home, former home, that is. the first time they were together since they left office. cheney had his fifth heart attack last week but told mr. bush he feels good and "it could be a lot worse." and those are some of your headlines. >> all right. let's talk a little bit about this marathon summit they had yesterday in the blair house which was right across the street from the white house. they had it up in the garden room. it was -- there were really two goals of the summit. the first was to counter the argument from the g.o.p. that president obama is not listening to the republicans. well, yesterday, he listened to
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the republicans. also, to counter the argument that hey, mr. president, you promised that it would be on c-span. and yesterday, it was on c-span. c-span 3. >> sometime. >> well, it was -- i thought it was pretty sensational, also makes me think, why aren't they doing this all the time? why do they need a special event? >> i loved watching. >> it would cure my insomnia! >> it's their job to work ings out, whether it's health care, whether it's jobs program but they got to be interacting on a regular basis. why do weeed a major event for them directly talking at each other. it went seven hours. you got 40 house and senate members. republicans got to feel good because they got what they wanted. numberne, they demanded that square, hollow setup. they got it. and in the end, it was vital because you have to have a chance to talk back to the president in a nice, respectful way. i thought the most electric moment, i was trying to do the radio show at the same time. most ectric momt happed early on with senator lamar alexander when he was being called out and he said listen, i'm sitting right here.
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can i tell you my facts are right. president said no, no, no. it reminded me, the president of somebody who hasn't been cross-examined since he sat down with bill o'reilly because hs the predent and not many people go to the president and say excuse me, you're wrong. now you have a senator there, probably got 15 years on him and a lot more experience saying i think you're wrong and i have the facts here to show you're wrong and the president seemed to filibuster a little bit. >> couple of interesting points from your point of view on tt is that the president to me, one note i wrote on my little post-it pads is that he claimed he went long on his opening statement because he said i'm the president. i thought that was not a line -- maybe a line he would want to take back this morning. it kind oflays into that whole elitist perception of him as well. the democrats here want to try and win any remaining support out there with the american public. the republicans just wanted to prove that they're not the party of no. that they actually do have concrete ideas and i think they accomplished that. if you look at as a tie, some
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say the republicans won ts thing, then, they went in a game ahead of the democrats. >> i'm with brian. i thought it was fascinating after watching that. and it was long. keep in mind, i went to a lot of county commission meetings when i was cub reporter. i'm used to long meetings. there were a lot of smart people gathered around that table. there were also some that weren't too smart. the president of the united states was presiding and we'll talk a little bit -- we'll break down who got to talk the most and the numbers will surprise you in a little bit. but i thought what was kind of off putting for me was the president of the united states who was presiding was lecturing and at times, remember, he was running the show and he put john mccain in his place! watch this. >> let me just make this point, john, because we're not campaigning anymore. the election is over. >> i'm reminded of that every day. >> john mccain is going to be on the show a little bit later and what he was saying is john mccain is saying number one, i'm going to point to eight things
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you said eight times at this whole process of health care reform is going to be on c-span and it never was. john mccain ran through everything and that's what caused the current president to say we're not campaigning ymore. but i thought that was a little insulting. almost as if the saints saw the colts in the parking lot and said by the way, we won again. >> who did the president effectively chew out? he chewed out john mccain. he chewed out lamar alexander by saying you're wrong and eric cantor for bringing in the bill they were all talking about. >> some republican aides actually sat there and watched things with a stop watch and here is how it broke down. did the republicans and democrats have the same amount of time? no. theemocrats had 233 minutes in total. and the republicans had 110. now, keep in mind, the president had 119 minutes to himself. so if he's going -- he pledged to listen and as it turned out, he listened to himself a lot.
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>> but folks, answer this question for me this morning, email us or twitter us. what just drives me crazy is i wanted to see more fireworks like you alluded to, brian. >> with lamar alexander. >> i wanted to see more give and take. let's get down to the nitty-gritty here. instead, every other politician that started out gave the same stump speech that they would give at their town hall meeting. they ate up all this time instead of getting to the heart of the matter and going toe to toe. >> the man who was involved in the pledge of allegiance controversy went at it directly. they have complete information to make that conclusions and he -- and the california congressman came back and said are you saying the cbo is lying? that seemed relatively real. meanwhile, it was smmed up by the president of the united states who said it was supposed to be a six-hour thing. it was only one hour over and he summed up where we go from here. listen. >> we cannot have another year long debate about this.
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so the question that i'm going to ask myself and i ask all of you is there enough serious effort that in a month's time or a few weeks time or six weeks time, we could actually resolve something. and if we can't, then i think we've got to go ahead and make someecisions and that's what elections are for. we have honest disagreements about division for the country and we'llo ahead and test those out over the next several months till november. >> what a way to end it. he ended it with a threat where, you know, we don't have a lot of time to get this through so i'm going to ram it through if the reblicans are not going to jump on board. email us, who do you think actually won this? was it the republicans or was it the democrats? or was it a draw? friends at oochlt u-- >> ultimately, you win this
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debate. you go to the polls and determines who wins the elections. >> in the endless effort to take down the c.i.a. by this administration, it was polled but the fact was significant, they would he up to a 15, maybe a lifetime sentence to any c.i.a. person who used, let's say, crossed the line when it came to interrogation tactics. it was language thatinally stopped moderate and conservative democrats from going along with this liberal bill and going with republicans to pull this back. >> exactly. because when it comes to these enhanced interogation techniques, wt is cruel and what is inhuman? thos two words were so vague, republicans said wait a minute, do you realize what this could do? this could hamper people who are out there trying to protect us can be thrown in jail for life. and so a number of moderate and conservative democrats joined with republins and they polled it at the last hour. >> so it was a busy day.
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coressman adam smith is among those moderates and should be congratulated. straight ahead and coming up straight ahead right now, who bett to wait on the health care summit than michael gerskin, a forme debate and speechwriter who wrote a great editorial yesterday. he'll join us live. >> a congressman charlie rangel finally paying the piper? it was a late night news conference. we'll have it for you when we come back. it's mday, some people will stick with their old way of getting vitamins and minerals. others will try incredible total raisin bran. with 100% of the daily value of 11 essential vitamins and minerals, juicy raisins and crunchy whole grain flakes. guess it's all about what kind of crunch you like. how are you getting 100%?
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>> didn't catch the heated exchange at the seven hour white house summit yesterday, here are me of the highlights. >> at this point, john, because we're not campaigning anymore. the election is over. >> i'm reminded o that every day. >> well, that's the 2400 page
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health care bill. is that right? >> wel actually, mr. president, this is the senate bill along with the 11-page prposal that you put up on le that really, i think, is the basis for the discussion here. >> the only thing bipartisan will be the opposition to the bill. >> i say to my friend lamar who i have great respect and admiration for, you're entitled to your opinions but not your own facts. >> all right. so it was supposed to be bipartisanship. was it? we're joined by michael gerskin, former debate coach and speechwrit for george w. bush. good morning to you. >> great to be with you. >> kind of tough to sum up seven hours of dialogue. but how would you -- how would you sum it up? who do you think did better? >> well, i would sum it up by saying tha the democrats needed a game changer. they needed to change the momentum, you know, both the legislative momentum and the momentum of public opion. i'm not sure they got that. you know, they -- the president is always very fluid and
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informed. and did a good job in many ways. but republicans had strong arguments. their tone was good. they showed that they have alternatives and so in a lot of ways, it was a draw that wento the republicans. >> independents have left this administration's side. they had to show the democrats that they're willing to listen. did they accomplish that by having this summit? >> well, i think that the summit itself, you know, kind of give it a b for public education. it's the kind of debate that you should have on the floor of the house and senate and think that's admirable. but the reality is that the political reality is that the president at the end, as you point out, ended with a threat which is, yeah, we want bipartisanship and if you don't do what we want, we'll pass this through recciliation that marginalizes even docratic voices in the senate debate so that is kind of edge of coercion that i think undermined their message of outreach. >> i thought that was absolutely
6:19 am
amazing that he said that statement after seven hours. y the heck did they sit there for seven hours, then? to basically say that this is why we have elections, what does that say to the american people specifically those who are against this health care reform package? >> well, that's the problem. they're not going to use reconciliation just to overcome one or two reluctant senators. they're useing it to try to overcome public opinion. you know,hey've lost the national argument, you know, as americans learn more, they supported this bill less. and i think it's going to look very bad for democrats, arrogant as they approach the midterm elections. it's going to motivate republicans and conservatives. >> i thought it was also over the line to treat john mcain like that. basically the election is over. i won. american might not have voted him as president but america kind of likes john mccain and respects him. did they go over the line? >> i thought that was graceless. you saw it throughout the day. many people like obama's
6:20 am
academic, cool, informed manner and there's other people, i'm more this this category that think he can be prickly and even arrogant in some of tse exchanges. that was one of them. it was not a graceful moment for the president. >> he reminded everyone that he was president. always great to pick your brain on these thoughts. thank you very much. >> great. thank you. >> ok. straight ahead, bullying people out of their own homes. it's happening more and more. whatou need to know next. >> then a handshake turns into a fist fight at a high schoo basketball court. what sparked this violence? that's next. luke: moving my mind and my hands at world record speed. i'm luke myers. if you want to be incdible, eat incredible. announce eggs. incredible energy for body and mind.
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>> well, it is a sign of the times. more and more people are being bullied right out of their houses. thanks to banks taking advantage of the foreclosure crisis.
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but you do have rights even if you are a renter and y don't own the house that has just been foreclosed. >> joining us now is an attorney with rio grande legal aid and has all the answers for us this morning. good morning to you, robert. >> good morning. >> all rit. tell us about this law that many people do not know is on the books called protecting tenants at foreclosure act. what is it? >> it's a new law that was passed may 20th of 2009 and what it says is that if you're a tenant and you've been paying your rent, the landlord gets foreclosed on, the new owner of the property, often the bank has to hnor the lease. if your lease is up, they have to give you at least 90 days notice to vacate and a lot of the lenders, their counsel, their realtors don't know about the law or don't care to know about the law and they kind of push people out. their letters are deceptive. the realtors don't care about what your lease says so folks are being pushed out to the street. >> sure. because robert, if they'll try to sell the house, they don't
6:25 am
want somebody in it. that makes it problematic. ey got to coordinate and all that stuff so they make it seem like, hey, get out of here. it's our house. but that's not true. so the renter gs to stay in that house for how lon >> well, the new owner has to honor the lease agreement and if the lease agreement has already expired, they still get 90 days. tenant has to pay the rent but the owner of the property can't just say oh, you haven't paid me. well, they have to ask for the money. and so what tenants should do is have their leases, have proof they've been paying rent. that they're a real tenant and provide that to the lender or their lawyer or the realtor and say look, i know my rights. it's called the protecting tenants at foreclosure act and it's been on the books since may of 2009. >> so if you have two months -- let's say you have two years left on your lease, you can stay for two years. >> that's correct under the law. it's a one page bill. it's not anything complicated. it's not le health care. it's one page. and it's very simple. so we're hopeful that lenders
6:26 am
including fannie mae controlled by the federal government, they have one of the worst records that i've seen so far on the bill or on the law and we're hoping -- we're hoping they start following it soon. >> thanks for bringing this to our attention because this would affect everyone in every state, right? >> that's correct. it sure does and we're talking a lot of tenants. >> all right. >> no kidding. >> thanks so much, robert and thanks for bringing our attention tohat one page primer for health care. we've been calling for that a long time, too. somehow they haven't come up with that yet. thanks, robert. >> sure. >> if you are a renter and you want more information, you can google protecting tenants at foreclosure act, that's got all the stuff you need to know to protect yourself. >> coming up next on the show, his bad habits finally catching up with him. what happened late last night to congressman charlie rangel. >> he's got a sore wrist today and women's hockey celebrations on the ice. drinking and smoking cigars? what? those are the olympics? >> cupcakes aren't just for
6:27 am
kids. the newest trend, mancakes. call them stud muffins, why don't you? >> happy birthday to mitch rider, the detroit wheels rocker is 65 years old today. happy birthday. my muscles feel like they've be pounded...
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6:31 am
that. >> we agree more than we disagree. >> i think we all agree on that. >> all parties in both chambers should be able to agree. >> i agree with that. >> we agree there has to be some. >> you're shaking your head in agreement and i know we all agree on that. >> i totally agree with this. >> we say we agree on that. >> some republicans and some democrats agree. >> we actually agree on that. >> we agree. >> we all agree. >> we basically agree. >> we agree with the premise you stated. >> we agree philosophically. >> i think we have agreement. >> you're right. we agree with that. >> you agree we should have some insurance regulation. >> i think all of us around this table agree. >> we agree on the idea of expending dependent coverage. >> main point is we basically agree. >> and i'm happy to announce that no agreement was reached. >> that's amazing that they actually said it that many times. if you watched the whole darn thing, you didn't come away with that perception actually. >> mitch mcconnell said, i don't
6:32 am
think he was listening. mitch mcconnell says i don't think we got anything accomplished but they agreed. some may agree to disagree. >> to what's going on with it, we agreed this morning that caroline shively should do our report and she should be in washington and we agreed she should be wearing that pink outfit. good morning to you. >> good morning to you, steve. you know, we didn't expect any deals to come from this summit yesterday and we did not get any. but we did get a preview of what's next. president obama didn't say it flat out but he seemed to lay the groundwork for going ahead with the health care vote with or without any republicans the president says he wants the g.o.p.ers to do soul searching on agreements and he would contemplate their side as well. they're so far apart, that leaves reconciliation as a possibility. the dems would need 51 votes, not 60 in a principle designed mainly for budget measures. here's one idea on that. >> we'll have to renounce jaming it through in a partisan way.
6:33 am
if we don't, then the rest of what we do today will not be relevant. i mean, the only thing bipartisan will be the opposition to the bill. >> no one is talking about reconciliation but that's what you folks have talked about ever since that came out. >> so democrats aren't publicly embracing reconciliation but the idea is definitely out there. even though some dems say that procedure would turn their yes votes into nos. now, the other idea floating around there is this plan b. the white house has come up with the framework that would cover half the number of people and about a quarter of the price of their trillion dollar plan. white house officials say that is not what they're focused on right now. steve, gretchen and brian, back to you. >> all right, caroline shively with that live report from our nation's bureau. thank you very much. >> seems like everybody was praising tom coburn the doctor. he said one idea i have is we can put people undercover to find out if they are committing fraud and try to uncover some of this scams that's going on. >> undercover patients. as he made the point, one out of
6:34 am
every $3 spent on health care is not spent on keeping people healthy. it's all that other stuff and fraud. >> right. ok, let's do a couple of other headlines. there was other things happening besides this health care summit. this guy tried to kill his girlfriend and her kids and now no one knows where he is. police say raymond taylor escaped from the baltimore jail after he was mistakenly released from the maryland correctional center. he was convicted five years ago and got triple life sentences for the attempted murder of his ex-girlfriend and their two daughters. taylor pretended to be a cellmate that was set to be released yesterday afternoon. >> congress is not done with toyota. more lawmakers and executives testify before the senate. the man who has been in the spotlight paid a visit to workers in the kentucky plant. he thanked workers for their support and had a cordial and open meeting with the transportation secretary ray lahood. that happened yesterday and lasted a half-hour. they both testified before a house panel on wednesday about
6:35 am
toyota's safety issues. toyota telling lawmakers the automaker is putting safety first now. >> meanwhile, two high school classmates of admitted terrorist zazi indicted for trying to help him blow up trains in new york city. the men entered not guilty pleas, not surprising, in court yesterday. they are facing charges of conspiracy and providing material support to al-qaida. the men are accused of planning attacks modeled after the 2005 bombings in london on july 7, 2007, that killed 52 people. >> guess what, levi johnston needs to pay up. an alaska judge says johnston will have to pay child support to bristol palin. she is asking for $1700 a month and the child support would be retroactive the day that tripp, the baby was born back in december it was 2008. that means his retroactive payment would be about $19,000. >> meanwhile, let's take a look. it is a rough day weatherwise
6:36 am
throughout the northeast. let's take a look. we've got some live pictures currently, all right. we'll put them into kind of a little quad box. upper, let's see, upper left is allentown, pennsylvania. and upper right is mahwah, new jersey, about five miles where i live. then you got doylestown, pennsylvania, lower left and new york city, sixth avenue and 48th. all right. it's philly in the lower left, i should point out. meanwhile, let's go ahead and take a look at the storm and it continues to pump a lot of moisture into the northeast all the way from the chesapeake through portions of new england. there's a lot of rain associated with this. some coastal flooding and a whole bunch of snow in some spots as well on this friday. look at this. harriman which is 52 miles away from us, according to steve gender on camera 4 who lives 52
6:37 am
miles from where he works, 23 inches. west milford, new jersey, 18 inches. binghamton, new york, 16 inches and new york city central park, 9.6. over the next 48 hours, this is snow going forward. take a look. we'll wind up with an inch or two across much of the northeast and in some spots, looks like you could wind up with 6 to 12 inches. and in portions of northern maine, a foot or more coming over the next 48 hours. so we're not out of the snowy woods yet. >> bummer. all right, brian, bring our hearts back up to a good beat and pace with some sports. >> how about some olympics? first, it's almost done. south korea's skater takes the gold in women's figure skating. silver went to japan and you know that. she grew up there. therefore, they get credit and bronze went to canada's joannie rochette who lost her mom four days before. canadian hockey team who plays
6:38 am
on ice is in hot water not for winning the gold but partying too hard after taking the gold. >> what? >> they had a 2-0 win over the u.s. who brought home the silver again. the ioc is investigating the celebrations after the women reportedly drank beer and champagne on the ice while smoking cigars. >> that's on the ice? >> right. but come on. i mean, if guys did, it would be expected. that's a double standard and i stand up for women everywhere when i say let them smoke and drink. now, here's your up to the minute medal count. u.s. still in the lead with 32 including eight gold. the germans are stuck on 26 followed by norway's 19. canada with 17 and russia has 13. more on the mcgwire family problems. mark mcgwire speaking out against a book on his -- from his estranged brother jay. mcgwire says he's saddened that his bro chronicled their use of performance enhancing drugs together and he's maintaining he only took the drugs to help heal from injuries. mcgwire who broke the home run record for a couple of seasons when he hit 70 is the new
6:39 am
hitting coach for the team and he went on to say he will never speak to his brother again. well, that's pretty permanent. eight high school basketball players are suspended after a game ends in a brawl. look at this. police say teams in south carolina were getting ready to shake hands. and they decided to do something different like fight. south side won the game but the score keeper says refs made some controversial calls during the game creating tension. ok, blame the refs. fans rushed on the court, as you see, and they started fighting and someone taped it and now we're showing it. by the way, coming up on "brian & the judge" from 9:00 until noon, i want you to tune in on sirrius and maybe on line. geraldo rivera, stuart varney and tucker carlson. we have everybody in studio and on contract. >> i was going to say. that's a good line-up. one person that you might also want to try to get immediately is charlie rangel because he has some explaining to do. now, in the dead of the night last night, very late, apparently he will maybe face punishment now for breaking the
6:40 am
house rules regarding those taxes that he should have claimed on some caribbean properties. he's blaming one of his aides, two of his aides actually of one of whom has already been discharged. he said this, the trips were approved, whether it should have been approved is a serious issue. now what information they had that i should have had, that's another matter. huh? >> he goes to the caribbean. >> right. >> and he goes to a three-day summit. it's sponsored by verizon, at&t, and citigroup. so he goes there with four other members of the black congressional caucus. >> congressional black caucus. >> that's one way of saying it. he goes there but he gets in trouble because it's a violation of ethics rules. he said it's up to my staffers to tell me that. he's going to be admonished that. a lot of people are saying this is it. our guest today will be mike pence. >> does nancy pelosi want to knock him out as the chairman of the powerful ways and means committee? no, she doesn't.
6:41 am
nonetheless, here's charlie rangel last night in the 8:00 hour talking about the trouble. >> i don't want to be critical of the committee but common sense dictates that members of congress should not be held responsible for what could be the wrong doing or mistakes or errors of staff unless there's reason to believe that the member knew or should have known. >> ok, so what he's saying there is ok, it was illegal what we did but i just went because my staff members told me that it was legal. so why am i in trouble if they're the ones, those two idiot staff members of mine, are to blame? >> one of which has been released but the question is with the tax problems, with these travel problems, with these myriad of other issues. with the property issues, should he be chairman of the house ways and means committee? should he be head of all tax writing god? >> who is he going to blame
6:42 am
that charlie rangel didn't pay taxes on his villa in the dominican republic. who is he going to blame that he didn't disclose half a million dollars in assets and income and who is he going to blame for using that letterhead from his congressional office to raise money for a school that is named after him? who is he going to blame for that stuff? >> i don't know. we'll continue to follow that story for you. in the meantime, some breaking news. did you know that cupcakes are now for men? >> finally! >> it's about time. >> it's not just a kid thing for a birthday party. no, check out the mancakes or as i like to call them, the stud cakes. now, one of them has beer in them actually. and one of them has bacon in it. >> this is the rum and coke. that has rum in it. this is the old fashioned. this is the b-52. here we've got the beer with chocolate beer cake. the mojito and there's the sidecar. >> we have to thank butch
6:43 am
bakery in new york for taking the bold step and realizing that men are hungry and want cupcakes but we can't eat the pink ones with sprinkles on them. we need bacon, we need rum and -- >> what's that one? >> rum and coke. >> and we need that! >> that's delicious. >> no interviews for you today when you get sloshed on the rum and coke cake. >> while he eats that, we'll tell you what's coming up, the health care summit, did it change your mind? pollster frank lutz went right to the people to find out. we'll show you a clip. >> every single teacher fired. 74 of them. the principal said they were not making the grade. the teachers' side of the story from one of those teachers next. >> this is abc delicious. ♪ this one thing i'll eat, any time of day ♪ pancakes! ♪ from dawn 'til sunset, i'll never walaway ♪ ♪ blueberry pancakes are so go ♪ [ male announcer ] bisquick. pancake lovers unite.
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right from your desk. drop by and get started with a business financial review through a regions cashcor analysis. it's how business gets into the rhythm of saving. regions it's time to expect more. >> 14 minutes before the top of the hour. at deal with the chinese collapsed, g.m. is going to the companies that rejected offers last year in hopes of selling the hummer unit according to
6:47 am
"the wall street journal." g.m. says it will shut down the hummer if it cannot find a buyer. foreign affairs secretary says he's ready to reopen potentially thousands of disability cases from the gulf war. he says the department is taking what he calls a bold, new look at what's generally called gulf war illness. many vets were told their illness is imaginary. guys? >> gretch, an entire staff of teachers were fired, pink slipped because the school district was -- the school in particular was performing badly. yesterday, we spoke to rhode island's state education commissioner about the mass firings. here's what they said. >> this is indeed a very difficult move for everyone involved. but for far too long, we have not done, you know, what we need to do in order to bring about real change to provide better educational experiences for our children. >> well, that change, the result has been a lot of lost jobs. let's hear from one of the teachers who lost their job. a reading specialist joins us
6:48 am
now in just your second year, patty, how did you find out the news and did you sense this was coming? >> for several months, we've been warned this was coming, it's been in the news. i've attended several meetings. we knew the options before us. we had a meeting right before school vacation, where we were asked to agree to something called a transformation model which would have, again, fired all of us and hired back 80%. but because we did not meet the deadline we wanted to have some say in how we would contractually fulfill these obligations, the superintendent decided to change the model and fire all of us and only 50% of us will be called back. >> that's right. so half of the teachers and the school district says, you know, the good teachers, we will bring back. but patty, i'm sure you can understand the frustration on the part of the school district and on the part of parents, look, the school is not getting any better. what can we do to fix it? they decided to fire all the teachers and start from scratch.
6:49 am
if you were running the show, how would you have changed things? >> well, i'm glad that question came up because we have made a lot of improvements just in the last few years that i've been here. actually, last year, test results in the state assessment went up 11% and the year before that, it went up 10%. we have already established academies so there is growth. what i would recommend is a different leadership model where we really tap the resources of the staff. and then that would make us all have a shared vision. we have a lot of expertise within our staff that's not utilized. >> right, the number that just keeps sticking out, patty and people blame it on the run down economic community, one of every three student from year to year, only 40% graduate. patty has 20 years experience and two years at this school and is now looking for a job. thank you for sharing your story. >> thank you very much. >> email us, do you agree with
6:50 am
the school or do you agree with her, that it's a leadership thing and they needed different leadership? and the other thing we got a lot of emails from yesterday, brian, is it's hard to make students who don't want to learn and don't have a lot of parental, you know, involvement in it to get them to learn. >> unemployment is at 14% and a lot of these parents just aren't there. coming up straight ahead, did the health care summit change your mind about reform? pollster frank lutz taking the pulse of america next. >> i get it. where has all the stimulus money gone? we're going to the source, the exa executive director of the program joins us live. stick around. [meow] desperate for nighttime heartburn relief? for many, nexium helps relieve heartburn symptoms caused by acid reflux disease.
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6:53 am
>> here's the most important question of that whole health care summit thing yesterday, what did the voters think about
6:54 am
the seven hour bipartisan summit? fox news analyst and words that work author frank lutz joins us from philadelphia with that answer. >> guys, this is the perfect place to talk to the american people. philadelphia is the home of the very first hospital. my hero, ben franklin opened it up here more than 2200 years ago. so let's hear what philadelphians had to say about the white house summit? first question, let's get a wide shot here. how many of you thought obama did better than what you were expecting him to do. raise your hands. two, four, seven of you. who thought he was worse than what you expected? a few more than that. who thought the republicans were better than what you expected? almost everybody. why do you think they did better? >> they seemed sincere and earnest in attending that meeting to get something done and to have real dialogue. they came prepared with the law. they were citing specific provisions that they -- they were unhappy with. >> you agree with her? >> absolutely not. th
6:55 am
they came prepared with props and propaganda and just arguments and we didn't get to see the process. >> they came with objections. they did not come with constructive criticism, did not come with ideas. still haven't come up with an idea of how to cover 40 million americans. >> i thought they came very well prepared because they had so many doctors in the group who had a really good plan to show. >> republicans definitely came prepared. there's no doubt about it. and i don't think people expected them to be prepared. >> but so many of you and this group is split roughly evenly between mccain and obama voters. so many of you thought they did better and yet, they've been criticized for having no ideas. why did they perform better? >> the republicans performed better basically because they tried to put information on the table about what health care is about and that it's trying to move it along. and it's not happening with the democrats. >> i agree with him. i think the republicans came with their information and they had their stuff together. they were prepared. and every time they brought up
6:56 am
an argument, i feel like the democrats just dismissed it with a snide remark instead of facts and counterpoints. >> you agree with that? >> i agree. it was totally condescending when they were talking to -- when the democrats were talking to the republicans. the republicans came with information they've had for months and no one would listen to. it was better. >> it's frustration on the parts of the democrats. they are not getting answers. they are not getting help. they are just getting objections. the same old objections that they've always had. >> really, they said tort reform. they said pools, they said across state lines, over and over and over again. and the democrats never once said ok, we can look into that. they just said, well, you know, we don't want to talk about what you haven't seen. we want to see where we're going to start from here. >> ok, so still got the same partisan divider. one last question, how many of you thought this was good for democracy to have this on national television, republicans, democrats, look at those hands up.
6:57 am
so this is good for democracy. well, just maybe -- i don't know who won, republicans or democrats, but clearly, based on our philadelphia voters, americans won and let's hope that we continue to have these exchanges between the president and congress. back to you. >> all right, frank you very much, frank. >> maybe frank can do something about limiting the speech time, though, so there's more discussion. >> i enjoyed listening to all of them. >> you liked all those stories? off the top for the first 10 minutes. >> i loved luis lauders story. the democrat from new york who said she had heard from a constituent who was so -- had health bills up -- way up there, she was actually using her deceased sister's dentures to go to her funeral. >> uh-huh. >> i could have avoided that story. anyway, did you know being the vice president of the united states is easy? >> ok. we'll give you more of that
6:58 am
dialogue when we come back. >> that's right. then lots of stimulus money wasted like $54 million for a napa valley wine train tour. why? we're going straight to the source. the executive director of the program will join us on this friday "fox & friends" so stick around, folks. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] all we ask is that you keep doing what you've always done. ♪ the lexus rx. never has a vehicle been designed to feel so natural. ♪ see your lexus dealer.
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owdon: matter where you walmart's $live.-day generic prescriptions... don: plus get free shipping on over 3,000 other prescriptions. don: call 1-800-2-refill for your free home delivery. save money. live better. walmart. >> hope you're having a fantastic friday. it's february 26, 2010. thank you so much for sharing your time with us today. let me tell you what's happening. did they lose track of time at the health care summit? dems had almost twice as much talking time. why? the president has the answer for you. >> all right. how easy is it to be v.p.? let's hear what mr. biden had to say about his job. >> you don't have to do anything. that easy? that's interesting. more of that soundbite heard behind the scenes. >> that's right.
7:02 am
>> some students showing a complete lack of respect for u.s. ambassador shouting him down more than 10 times. that ambassador joins us live. will we shout him down? no. we have some good questions for him. stick around. our slogan comes to us from jim in texas. i've never made manly cupcakes in my kitchen but on "fox & friends", my cupcake is gretchen. >> hi, it's suzanne somers and you're watching "fox & friends." i watch them every morning of my life. >> and she's probably working out, knowing suzanne sommers or writing a book. >> thank you very much for that rhyme. i've never quite been called gritchen but i'll take it. >> it's a sniglet. >> you're looking at a live picture of philly. take a look at the storm moving in right now on the east coast. it started moving in yesterday. today could be another day of the blustery weather. >> it's going to be a bad day. that's down there by the river where they have all the crew
7:03 am
teams. then you got times square as you can see right there. you've got broadway on the left and seventh avenue on the right. it is going to continue to be a lousy day throughout the northeast. take a look. there you get a mix of rain and sleet and snow, heavy at times right now through portions of new england. let's go ahead and move on to the next map and i'll show you what kind of a day we've got in store. as we move in, look at that. snow all the way from the chesapeake right up through portions of the great state of maine. look at these snow depths. north blenheim, new york, 30 inches. west milford, new jersey, 18. binghamton, new york, 16 and in central park, almost 10 inches. that was as of 1:00 in the morning. i would bet by the time it's all done, new york city will have delivered one inch of snow to the new york city children to go sledding on later today if the mayor calls things off. >> absolutely.
7:04 am
and he doesn't like doing that. >> he doesn't. he did call it off. this just in. fox news alert. >> we don't have to go. >> thank goodness. >> let's give a couple of headlines for this friday. new video into the fox newsroom of former president george w. bush leaving his holtz at the j.w. marriott in d.c. he's attending a reunion breakfast, former vice president dick cheney was supposed to be there as well. due to his recent fifth heart attack, he's staying home. the president and vice president met up yesterday for the first time since they left office. wow, for the first time. congressman charlie rangel says the ethics committee will publicly reprimand him after it said he violated house gift rules. staff members knew a private company was paying for trips he and other members of the congressional black caucus made to conferences in the caribbean. >> i don't want to be critical of the committee but common sense dictates that members of congress should not be held responsible for what could be the wrong doing or mistakes and
7:05 am
errors of staff unless there's reason to believe that the member knew or should have known. >> rangel said the staff member who knew about it was let go last year. sea world will keep the whale that killed its trainer but all orca shows are suspended for now. the killer whale grabbed dawn brancheau by her ponytail and dragged her into the water. the autopsy shows that dawn died from multiple traumatic injuries. sea world says there were no signs of problems with tilly, the orca, before the attack. no foreclosure without government permission, the obama administration is considering new rules that would have the treasury department review each foreclosure application to see if the home owner is eligible for mortgage modification first and reshape the loan, if it is. the treasury says it discussed the idea with lenders but isn't ready to propose anything specific yet. why does jerry seinfeld have a police placard in his car?
7:06 am
that's what new york city police want to know. seinfeld's driver is a retired officer and was supposed to have turned in the plate over two years ago but the driver used it this week to park on a busy new york street and escort the actor for the taping of his new show. seinfeld says he takes responsibility for the incident but says he had no idea his driver was using that pass. there's your headlines this morning. >> you used to work for jerry seinfeld's father, i think you need to call jerry and find out what happened. >> i think somehow i'll end up paying the fine. i don't think it's right. it's the massapequa thing, we have to pull the revenue. socialist city. >> hard to park on the streets of new york today because another winter storm is ripping through the east coast. >> did you suspend alternate side of the street park sng>> i did indeed. david lee miller who lives in new york city has ventured out west to morristown, new jersey, with a look at the snow. hello there, david lee. >> good morning. what a horrific commute to work for me this morning. i'm not used to this. it took well over an hour to get from new york city here to morristown, new jersey. let me just say, and you
7:07 am
mentioned this briefly but it's very revealing the fact that new york city public schools today decided that they were going to close, that says a great deal. the mayor had been saying repeatedly, the schools were not going to shut. there's not going to be a vacation for kids. you get a vacation later in life after you do well in school and we were listening to the car radio this morning when suddenly an announcement was made at about 5:15 this morning, school is shut. and that announcement comes, guys, after a very tragic announcement, we've got some video recorded just near new york's central park last night. an individual was killed when a tree limb collapsed under the weight of the snow, one man was killed. also another tree limb collapsed. this one falling on top of a commuter bus. so there are some very serious conditions out here today. the snow has been falling at an average rate, we understand, of between one to two inches here in the state of new jersey which is where we are now, the city of
7:08 am
morristown, there is anywhere between 3 inches of snow in atlantic city, up to 18 inches of snow elsewhere in the state. and, of course, as you can see, the snow continues to come down very quickly. this again is rush hour here in morristown, new jersey, guys. take a look over my shoulder here into central square. you rarely see a car, occasionally if you're lucky, you see a snow plow. back to you. >> david lee, you're going to drive past my house on the way back into new york city. can you dig out my wife because we don't have electricity and we got a foot of snow in the driveway. >> how much are you paying him? >> he's going to do because he's my buddy. >> you have a spare bedroom there? i got four guys here who might not be able to get home tonight. >> uh-oh! >> deal to be brokered. >> if i come home and i find david lee miller upstairs, i'm -- >> staying in the living room. >> this is an interesting story. let's keep this going. >> i can see david lee in the living room, steve doocy has just entered the living room and put his bag down. now back to you, megan kelly,
7:09 am
we'll continue to bring -- i do this. steve doocy will have his whole weekend live right here. >> david lee live in morristown, new jersey, thank you very much, sir. good report. i like the hat. >> how far is it from your house? >> that place, about 15 miles. >> can we see your house? >> on google earth, sure. >> all right. let's talk about the summit of health care that happened yesterday. maybe you all wished you had been snowed in so you could sit there for the seven hours and take it all in. you know, this whole thing could have been a lot shorter if they actually would have eliminated all their political speeches off the top and get to the heart of the matter. there were a couple of interesting nuggets of time and exchanges. one of them was between the two guys who wanted to be presiden ? in 2008, the guy that won and the guy that didn't. >> let me just make this point, john, we're not campaigning anymore. election is over. >> i'm reminded of that every day. >> senator mccain has just
7:10 am
mentioned that, you know, during -- as a candidate, you had promised to have this kind of stuff on c-span and finally, now, fast forward a year into his administration, they're doing that. you know, it's interesting. michael gerson, the former presidential speechwriter was on this program an hour ago and he said the democrats really needed a game changer. they didn't really get it. meanwhile, the republicans were very successful in disproving that monniker the party of no. they weren't the party of no yesterday. they were the party of we've got a plan. it's a six point plan and here it is. >> they were smart to have lamar alexander be the first person to speak. who did the democrats have as their first person to speak? nancy pelosi. by all accounts, she has not polled well with the american people recently. so that was a smart tactical move, i think, by republthe republicans. let's talk about how much air time the republicans got vs. the democrats. >> the dems had 233 and the g.o.p. had 110. you're seeing it on the screen. listen to how barack obama
7:11 am
explained the imbalance. it's logical. >> we're running over because we went long on the opening statements and you're right, there was an imbalance on the opening statements because i'm the president. >> wow. >> and he's not like everybody else. >> i like it when he says i'm the president. doesn't that remind you of the expression, we won, that's why we're doing that thing. >> in the first days. >> the president who was presiding, he is the presiding officer of that particular event yesterday in the garden room at blair house, watch this. he sums things up -- remember, it was supposed to be bipartisan. let's figure this all out. he ended it with a threat to republicans. >> we cannot have another year long debate about this. so the question that i'm going to ask myself and i ask of all of you is -- is there enough serious effort that in a month's time or a few weeks time or six
7:12 am
weeks time, we could actually resolve something? and if we can't, then i think we've got to go ahead and make some decisions. then that's what elections for. we have honest disagreements about the vision for the country and we'll go ahead and test those out over the next several months until november. all right? >> they've already tested it out with the american people. there were elections in virginia, there was an election in new jersey. and there was an election in massachusetts. and many of the pundits out there will tell you that the american voters tested out how that went and they voted for the republican. i thought that was extremely bold move and it was a threat to the american people, not necessarily just the republicans. >> and gretch, you're forgetting the fact that barack obama didn't have the votes on his own side for a year. health care -- he's had the votes, the number of democrats but they couldn't ram it through. >> because you bring up points, not to get reconciliation until they pass the house. meanwhile, the vice president of the united states was quiet for a couple of hours which is almost -- you know, that is a
7:13 am
tremendous -- a tremendous feat in his own right. a little later, you'll find out what he said when he wasn't -- when he didn't think he was on camera. >> you mean about how hard the job is? >> how hard it is to be vice president of the united states. coming up straight ahead, exactly how many jobs did the stimulus create. no one can agree. we'll go straight to the source, the executive director here live. >> how did 1,000 computers disappear from the department of homeland security? 1,000. aren't they in the business of security. what's that about? let me write back. stick around. hi, may i help you?
7:14 am
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7:16 am
>> welcome back to the show, the recovery accountability and transparency board was created by the american recovery and reinvestment act with two goals.
7:17 am
to provide transparency in relation to the use of recovery-related funds and to prevent and detect fraud, waste and mismanagement. that hasn't really happened. why? a lot of people asking where is the $787 billion being used right now? >> and how much is left? with us right now is the executive director of the recovery accountability and transparency board, that's a big business card. glenn walker, thanks for joining us. so let's take a look, first off, so far, tell me about the bill that's 1-year-old. has it worked in your mind? and what has it created? >> well, brian, as you say, it is 1 year old and by the way, gretchen, thank you for not calling us the ratt board. but the -- as you know, it's an experiment really in unprecedented transparency in terms of making available information to the american public. we had our first reports that went up on our web site, that made available to the american public for
7:18 am
really the first time, you know, all of the money that had been spent, the projects that were being spent on and in our first reporting at the end of october, we talked about jobs, how many jobs had been created or saved. >> and? >> in that -- at the end of the october, that number was very -- very famous number because it's been very controversial. 640,000 jobs. in the -- >> supposed to get 3.3 million. >> well, these were direct jobs that recipients had reported had been saved or created, again, as of the end of october. >> but then we get into that whole dicey language of saved or created jobs. all right, so since we have you here, you run this entire board. explain to us, what is a saved job? does it really exist? a lot of people don't believe there is such a thing. >> right. and let me -- let me get to what happened in the second round of
7:19 am
reporting which we just published in -- at the end of january. and the o.m.b., the government has changed its guidance to recipients to, in fact, get away from saved or created using that terminology. and the reason -- the reason for that is really because recipients found it very difficult themselves to determine what a saved or created job was. >> no kidding. >> in other words, are you saying that was made up? >> no. but now, what is being, you know, what is being reported are jobs that have been funded by the recovery funds for that particular quarter. >> all right. and some of the projects, let's take a look at some of the projects. $54 million for the california napa wine. $54 million for a turf field in connecticut. $2.2 million at a san francisco golf course. $1.5 million for fossil research in argentina. that's way overdue. $1 million covered garages for bicycles in oregon.
7:20 am
i believe the answer is yes, they do. and $389,000, study of malt lake liquor and marijuana use. that's a lot of projects and they're relatively unique. glenn? >> i missed the question. >> do you think that is waste? because i know that part of this web site's job is to have people call a hotline to report waste. so we just reported a bunch of waste. do you see it as that? >> well, certainly, you know, one great aspect, i think, of the recovery act is that it provided the transparency so that people could see. any american can actually see what these projects are. >> thanks for joining us. a lot more to talk about. we're out of time. you're the executive director of the accountable and transparency board. thanks. >> thank you. >> straight ahead, the health care summit over. what really was accomplished? our next guest says not much except to prove the president is more or less powerless?
7:21 am
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>> news by the numbers. first 119, that's how many minutes president obama spoke at the health care summit. all the other democrats spoke a total of 114 minutes and the members of the g.o.p., 110. next 10 billion, that's how many songs have been down loaded on itunes. this song by johnny cash was the 10 billionth. the man who did it got $10,000 itunes gift certificate. he's in the 70's and a personal call from steve jobs who is not. one million, that's how many plants vs. zombie apps have been sold on itunes in the first nine days.
7:25 am
here's who guys that did call for down loading. >> thank you very much. i think. tensions were high and patience low at the white house health care summit yesterday when representative eric cantor pulled out a copy of the 2,400 page health care bill, president obama scolded the virginia republican for playing politics. >> let me just guess, that's the 2,400 page health care bill. is that right? these are the kind of political things we do that prevent us from actually having a conversation. >> but was the president really interested in a conversation? or was it all for show? fox news legal analyst peter johnson jr. was on capitol hill yesterday for the blair house summit. what did you think? >> you know, i thought the president really wasn't interested in having a conversation and that really kind of saddened me because we expect and anticipate from our presidents historically that they can bridge the divide. that they can make the chasm
7:26 am
narrower, not wider and i think what we have today is a wider chasm, a greater divide and part and parcel of it was the attitude put forward by the democratic party and unfortunately, by the president, there was a testiness if not an arrogance and i think we saw it with representative cantor. representative cantor frankly, he didn't introduce the fact that the bill was 2400 pages. it happened to be in front of them and it happened to be open to certain pages. and the president kind of attacked him and said, oh, yeah, i know what you have there. and then he talked about political posturing. >> wait a second, peter, you're an attorney. if you're going to be talking for seven hours about something, in this case the senate bill or the house bill, shouldn't you have it there? >> sure, it shows that they're -- you know, that they're prepared. but in some sense, there was a loss of identity for the president and in some sense, it actually tarnishes the office of the president to have the president act as an m.c., to act
7:27 am
as a moderator. we were talking about this and you can go across the country and you can see local and town and county executives on public access moderate a meeting, sometimes better than what we saw yesterday. >> when you moderate, you're supposed to be in the middle but the president, he had the democrats on one side and the republicans on the other side but clearly, he was with the democrats. he wasn't really listening so much as he was presiding over his thoughts. >> you made an interesting point in terms of being in the middle. at one point when there was a republican point, he said i don't think the other side would agree with you, he said to the republican legislator as if he wasn't part of the other side. so in some sense, he was trying to play the american ombudsman speaking on behalf of the american people and moderating these petty partisan disputes. the unfortunate thing about it is as a result of the meeting, i think, things have become more partisan. during the meeting, the president was saying listen, these were all republican ideas
7:28 am
but at the end of the seven hours, he walked away from it. and basically threw down the gauntlet and said, well, this is what our process is about. we'll have a vote on it and see what happens at that point. that's unfortunate. >> one word answer -- did it backfire on him? >> i think it did and that makes me sad because it backfired for our country and i don't like to see that and that's what lamar alexander was saying, the president succeeds, we all succeed. >> peter johnson jr., good job down in the capital. >> thank you very much. >> long train ride back to be with us this morning. >> happy to be here. >> straight ahead, so exactly how much will the president's health care plan cost? well, that depends on who you ask. >> premiums will rise in the individual market as a result of the senate bill. >> no, no, no, no, let me -- and this is an example of where we've got to get our facts straight. >> so who is right and who's wrong? the answer will surprise the president. and the vice president joe biden with another classic gem. he says being vice president is really easy.
7:29 am
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[ children shouting ] come on, kiddo, let's go. [ laughs ] hold on a second... hop up, i want you to come up here closer to me. [ children shouting ] [ birds chirping ] wow. did i ever tell you what it was like growing up with four sisters? that sounds fun. for them! [ male announcer ] chevy traverse. a consumers digest best buy, with 100,000-mile, powertrain warranty. it seats eight comfortably -- not that it always has to. >> hey, welcome back, everyone. 28 minutes before the top of the hour on this snowy friday at least in the northeast. steve will explain later, something to do with the clouds and the precipitation. headlines now, timothy geithner, yes, promises financial reform and reform is coming soon. don't rush. he said that before but this
7:33 am
time geithner telling some bankers the administration is putting its full weight behind it now. the bankers are on record saying they favor reform as long as it's bipartisan and done right. >> that seems fair. >> meanwhile, this is important news. a one year extension of the patriot act is now on president obama's desk. the house moved quickly to follow the senate and pass the bill. part of the law would have expired on sunday. the extension puts off a debate on civil liberty issues which were a concern for both democrats and republicans as well. >> the department of homeland security which is supposed to keep the u.s. safe is missing nearly 1,000 computers? >> oh, good. >> and it's costing taxpayers more than $13 million. the independence institute reports immigration and customs enforcement and border protection lost the equipment in 2008. the president of the institute says he's concerned about a security breach but the feds say none of the lost computers contained sensitive or classified data. i hope this doesn't make it ok.
7:34 am
brian? >> i'm not sure it does. following up on a story that we told you about the woman who wants her estranged husband behind bars for getting their daughter baptized says the issue is about parenting, not religion. rebecca raeyes says joseph has been exploiteding their child for their own personal gain. he got the girl baptized even though she was raised jewish. joe will be back in court next week. he's trying to get all the charges dismissed. >> meanwhile, let's take a look. it is a rough start to the weekend throughout the northeast. we've got live shots from new york city, upper screen left. allentown, pennsylvania, as you can see in the upper right. morristown, new jersey, where david lee miller is reporting live today and from philly as well. real quickly, taking a look at the map, where is the storm? well, it's all the way from virginia, northern virginia right up through the canadian maritime provinces. there's a lot of rain right along the coast and more snow to go as well.
7:35 am
there you can see the swirl and it looks like kind of a nor'easter at least an easter in some spots. north blenheim got 30 inches of snow overnight. harriman got 23. that's out by the mall, right? stuart varney the money guy is nodding yes. west milford, 18 inches and new york city, almost 10 inches as of 1:00. now, take a look over the next two days, this is what's going to happen over the weekend, folks. all the way from michigan through portions of new england and the ohio valley we'll wind up with snow. 3 to 6 inches in many spots and in northern portions of new england, some spots will get 18 inches. so keep that shovel ready. >> there was a time -- >> shovel ready. >> that's true. there was a time, remember when being the vice president was a joke. >> all do you is go to funerals. >> there's nothing for them to do and al gore was there and
7:36 am
then dick cheney came along and nobody thought that position was easy. >> exactly. i always thought of it as a pretty important position. how do we see joe biden in that position? yesterday, when we were telling you about the soap opera that was going to be taking place at the health care summit, he got the role of the goofy uncle. >> according to the new york daily news, yes, we did not give him that title. we stole it. but anyway, yesterday, he himself called himself a different member of the family. >> he said that he was a grandfather where he basically just called the job easy. being the vice president was easy. i took this as a dig, guys, i took this as a frustrated joe biden saying that he really doesn't have much to do. and maybe that he's been quieted a little bit by the president who didn't like him going off
7:37 am
the rails earlier in the administration. >> well, that's one point of view. i looked it as if this is joe biden saying what's on his mind and he's thinking, i don't have much to do here. and, you know, he's -- we should point out that this particular c-span microphone caught that exchange just before the health care summit started yesterday. and so when the guy said so, it's like being a grandpa and not the pa? and he goes yep, that's it exactly. the exact quote is it's easy being vice president, you don't have to do anything. >> i'll tell you, it's not easy being the host of "varney & company." >> you have to know what you're talking about with regard to economics. >> you have to have the last name of varney. >> that's true. >> first, we have to set up stu varney so we know what we're going to talk about with stu varney which is the health care situation yesterday. president obama squared off with tennessee senator lamar alexander over whether or not premium would rise under the democratic health plans. >> for individuals. >> the congressional budget office report says that premiums
7:38 am
whether rise in the individual market as a result of the senate bill. >> no, no, no, no, this is an example of where we've got to get our facts straight. >> that's my point. >> well, exactly. so let me respond to what you just said, lamar, because it's not factually accurate. here's what the congressional budget office says. the costs for families for the same type of coverage that they're currently receiving would go down 14% to 20%. >> hold it, mr. president, that, according to the congressional budget office is not accurate. stuart varney, the host of "varney & company." he doesn't have electricity at his house this morning either. >> that's true. yes. >> stuart, the president said that premiums for individual insurance policies would go down. lamar alexander said they would go up. who's right? >> actually, they're both right. let me explain it. take the big picture for a
7:39 am
second. if you've got privately provided health care from your employer and it's a reasonable plan, those plans are going to be taxed, regulated and fees will be applied which will raise the price to you. if that's the plan you've got, your cost is going to go up. millions of people will be taken out of the private system, transferred to medicaid, and/or to subsidized health care and they will receive a subsidy. the cost will go down. so this group will pay more, it will cost more for them. that group will pay less, it will cost less for them. it's part of the overall big picture, income and wealth transfer. >> i have a headache from this whole thing because this is what's wrong with the whole plan. >> yes. >> everyone in america has a headache. nobody can understand so they're both right. >> right. >> so they both can argue their points. where do we go? >> what the plan does is get to grips with the basic problem
7:40 am
which is the very high cost of treatment of various ailments and illnesses. that's it. may i just give you a personal example? i had a 35 minute doctor's office physical, the lab work for that physical, the bill, $1,805.35. which plan will get that lab bill down to a realistic, affordable level for every american? >> that's a good point. >> no plan does that. >> sure. >> i'm curious because in the washington times today, they cite the lamar alexander point and the president saying no, no, no, you got to get your facts straight. they say that the cbo says that for -- in the individual market, people who buy directly from their insurer, their premiums would be 10% to 13% higher. >> yes. that's individuals who buy it separately, not through an employer, not through the government but separately. to give you the direct quote from the cbo, the price of a given amount of insurance coverage, who understands that?
7:41 am
>> nobody gets -- >> either it's up or down. >> it's very technical stuff. >> was it good to see a lively discussion rather than a speech to speech, they actually interacted. that's what stood out. thanks so much for the research. thanks for setting us straight. >> thank you. >> democrats may use the nuclear option to push through health care reform but former senate majority leader bill frist says that's a bad idea. he's written a very interesting editorial and he's going to join us next. >> then students shout down an israeli ambassador invited to give a speech. talk to the ambassador live. but first -- >> the trivia question of the day on this date back in 1953, this grammy winner who has sung with pavoratti and written with dylan, who is he? this is not pay the hospital insurance.
7:42 am
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>> we were telling you about this two days ago. israeli ambassador to the united states was heckled and interrupted not once or twice but 11 times as he tried to deliver an important speech on u.s.-israeli relations to the students at university of california at irvine. listen. >> a source of frustration, the person who spent much of his life speaking hebrew -- >> whoa! >> you haven't come to this campus to hear one idea, you've come to hear a multiplicity of ideas. >> guilty of 101 murders -- >> whoa! >> you, sir are responsible for genocide.
7:46 am
>> so is tolerance on college campuses disappearing? if you're a parent, you're asking that question this morning. ambassador orrin joins us now from d.c. i can't imagine going through that experience having done some public speaking. i mean, you're already a little nervous as it is and you're trying to get your points across. and then you have that? what were you thinking standing up on stage? >> good morning, gretchen. good morning, steve. i was thinking that i wanted to get my point across. i had come to that campus because i knew it was a problematic campus. i knew there had been a lot of anti-israeli activity on that campus and i wanted to interact with those students particularly. i, as an ambassador, i have a very busy schedule. when i travel beyond washington to california, i have many potential audiences. i wanted to reach that audience. and i felt saddened that i wasn't capable of reaching that audience because they denied me the right to interact with them. >> sure. you know in the last year,
7:47 am
ambassador, we've seen a lot of local meetings with the town halls and the tea parties and stuff like that. and that's spontaneous whereas this, it appears as if and one story goes that members of the muslim student union out there at u.c. irvine, they had coordinated it. they had gone through it. essentially it was rehearsed where, ok, i'm going to get up and i'm going to ask this question and i'm going to be escorted out. then we'll let him talk for a little while and then the next person gets up. is that how you understand what went down? >> that's precisely what occurred there. it occurred not just there. similar protests have been held against israeli speakers at other campuss in the united states following exactly the same format. in fact, we had a pretty good idea of what was going to happen on that campus. i was prepared for it. and i knew how i would react. i knew that i would do my upmost to ensure that the protesters would not succeed in interrupting my talk and i'd be able to finish my speech. in fact, i did finish my remarks and was able to leave the campus
7:48 am
peacefully. >> right, mr. ambassador, what does this say about the culture in which we live right now? specifically on college campuses. are students becoming so unruly -- i mean, is it going to be a situation where people like you are not going to give speeches anymore because of this? >> campuses have always been hotbeds of political tensions. they're an area -- they're a part of our society in which ideas are exchanged and where ideas are exchanged so tensions can rise. but having said that, the campuses are also the strong holds of constitutional principles such as freedom of speech. and university administrations have to do their upmost to ensure that this principle is upheld. i know personally i will continue going to campuses. i will not let these protesters stop me, won't let them shut me up and i will continue to hope to engage with them, however tough that engagement will be. >> indeed. look at that. we just talked for four minutes
7:49 am
and didn't interrupt you once. all right. >> thank you. >> ambassador michael oren, thanks for joining us today from the nation's capital. >> have a good day. >> you as well. >> he has a lot of guts. i don't know if i could do that. >> i don't think i would be that even tempered. >> democrats may use the nuclear option to push through health care reform but former majority leader bill frist says that's a bad idea. he'll join us. >> then it went down late last night, congressman charlie rangel finally paying the piper. geraldo here with his take on what the house is doing to him. >> on this day in history in 1983, michael jackson's "thriller" moved to the top of the album charts. [ nd howling ]
7:50 am
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7:52 am
>> answer to the trivia question, michael bolten. you get a concert by michael bolten and something else special. meanwhile, the president seemed to indicate that democrats would
7:53 am
do whatever they had to do in order to pass health care reform at yesterday's summit. remember that at the end, it took about 10 minutes. one of those options is reconciliation. but our next guest says that will be a dangerous mistake of historic proportions and he knows every bit about this issue. former senate majority leader and surgeon bill frist joins us from washington. senator, doctor, great to see you, as usual. you used reconciliation. why shouldn't democrats? >> no, you know, reconciliation is an arcane senate procedure very rarely used just for incrementalism, adjustment to the budget, could be used for taxes, dollars and cents sort of thing. the whole idea of using this little tiny arcane procedure which does two things. it lowers the threshold from 60 to 50 votes and then it limits debate. both of which the american people are going to reject because it is purely partisan, number one. and number two, it bypasses routine order of the senate. right now, real quickly, the american people are fed up with
7:54 am
the bill. they're not supporting the bill because it costs too much, number one. number two, it's big government, more and more government. they just don't want that in in climate and number three, the process. this whole cornhusker kickback and deals with the hospitals and deals with the pharmaceutical companies. they don't want more processed gimmicks. they do want good policy and that's not what's in the bill. >> some people are saying -- democrats say if the republicans don't want to come along, we'll have to do this. it's for the good of the country and you did it for the bush tax cuts. but you didn't do it when your own party pushed you to do it when it came to prescription drugs and it wasn't used on -- it wasn't used for wealth -- it was used for welfare in 1996 but senator bird told bill clinton don't use it in 1994. correct? >> that's exactly right. senator bird, one of the authors of the bill recognizes that the reconciliation process is used for things like tax policy or adjustment to the budget blueprint. it's not for massive, 1/5 of the economy, transformations of the system that is purely partisan.
7:55 am
it's never been used in that way and if it is used in that way, it takes it off the table to be used as a tool which it should be used for and that is cutting deficits over time, addressing issues like the debt, things that it is intended to be used for. >> what will it do for future bills, future legislation for at least the end of this year if the president goes ahead and decides to green light the 51 votes in the senate if indeed this bill passes the house. tell me what it's going to be like for the next six months after that. >> well, i think two things. you're exactly right. a lot of people don't understand it. the budget chairman kent conrad has said it has to pass the house first. i'm not sure that it can. but the reconciliation can be used. the warning is that if it is used, it's bad for the american people because they don't want this bill. it costs too much, it's going to hurt the states and it's going to take away individual choice. but secondly, it will have huge repercussions. once again, in a partisan way, government is given more power
7:56 am
which takes away individual responsibility and with that in the elections, i think, we're going to see a huge rebellion against the democratic party. >> then you'll have republicans angry and they're looking to spank the democrats and america will be the big losers. senator frist, thanks so much. there's nobody better to talk to from the surgeon and majority leader perspective. i really appreciate it. >> thank you. >> great to be with you. >> straight ahead, coming up, president obama vs. senator mccain. round two. >> let me just make this point, john, because we're not campaigning anymore. the election is over. >> i'm reminded of that every day. >> well, i -- >> senator john mccain here with live reaction and then sorry, charlie. it appears your bad habits are catching up with you. i'm talking about rangel and i'm talking geraldo rivera on charlie rangel, a guy he knows well, next. [ camera shutter clking ]
7:57 am
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8:00 am
>> gretchen: tgif. february 25, 2010. president obama with a reminder for john mccain. >> let me just make this point, john, because we're not campaigning anymore. the election is over. >> i'm reminded of that every day. >> gretchen: wow. senator john mccain is coming up live on our show to react to that comment. >> steve: moon while, snow job for the east coast. the last storm is blamed for thousands of job losses. how much more can we take? we'll tell you how much it snowed all over the place coming up shortly. from snow to ice, brian. >> brian: to icy celebration. women's hockey team in canada wins gold. getter their fill after winning with cigars and liquor. is it right? can i finish, please? our slogan comes from illinois.
8:01 am
"fox & friends", is my favorite morning show. doesn't rhyme, but i like it. >> this is trace atkins, you're watching fox and my friends and brian. >> gretchen: you get a solo name callout. >> brian: i did for the wrong ran. >> steve: you've got kind of a history, but that's a long story. >> brian: he could beat me up. >> steve: geraldo rivera made it through the snow. you did a good job because we have had so much heavy snow. >> gretchen: check out his boots. >> my white boots. >> gretchen: go back to the green room. there are some stud muffins in there for you. >> brian: i thought for sure he got rubbers. [ laughter ] >> steve: that's right. and the five children will be scooping out the snow. here in the new york city area, upper left screen, central park has 16 inches of snow. philadelphia, i understand only
8:02 am
one in-- inbound flights are facing delays and only one runway is open. new jersey where we live, no electricity. pennsylvania is a -- has a rotten start to the weekend. the good thing is, a lot of kids have the day off and they're watching tv news. >> brian: nothing better for parents to have kids locked in the house had they can't go outside and say for eight hours be good. >> gretchen: we'll have a live report on the weather coming up. first, let's get to headlines. a deadly morning in afghanistan. a series of bomb blasts spark gun fire, leaving at least 17 people dead in the heart of kabul. the taliban claiming responsibility, saying five homicide bombers cord out the attack. two residential hotels used by foreigners were the apparent target. authorities say at least 32 other people were wounded. seaworld will keep the whale that killed its trainer, but also orca shows are suspended and visitors will no longer be
8:03 am
able to pet the whale. he grabbed the trainer and dragged her in the water. she died from multiple traumatic injuries. seaworld says there was no problems with the whale before the attack. the body of andrew koenig found in a wooded area in vancouver. his father says he took his own life. >> i fear those that are susceptible to this kind of behavior. don't ignore it. >> the 41-year-old played richard stabone on growing pains. he was reported missing in vancouver. his family says he suffered from life long depression. new video of former president george w. bush leaving his hotel on his way to the marriott. he's going to a reunion breakfast with member of his
8:04 am
administration. former vice president dick cheney was supposed to be there but he's staying home because of his heart attack. they had a meeting the other day. those are your headlines. now geraldo joins us with his girlie boots. >> i'm defending my machismo with these guys. >> gretchen: could i borrow those? >> fight my way through the drifts. >> brian: was this summit a good thing for america? you think anybody benefited from this? >> that's a great question. i hadn't thought of who benefited. i think it's great thing to watch democracy at work, but steve and i were talking about it before the show and what it demonstrates is this ideological gap. it's the right and the left. when obama was elected, we had a center left sensibility and the
8:05 am
country since then we've drifted to the center right. that's what the tea parties are about. people don't want another entitlement, particularly in these tough times. but that's what democrats are. if you're a democrat, you have to be for things like universal health care and universal health insurance. so you have this divide and the question is how you resolve it. i think obama will force the issue because there is no way on god's green earth that he's going to get 60 votes to get a filibuster. >> gretchen: he said he was gog do that at the end. come out and vote for whomever you think is right because that's what it's going to come down to, the elections. we're going to ram this thing through and you can decide at the polls whether or not you agree. >> i think that's a courageous stance in the sense because i think that the democrats will pay a heavy price november 2010. i think there is no doubt but that they can do it. constitutionally, the republicans did during bush's two terms, use sod called reconciliation, the 51 vote
8:06 am
majority. they did it. the democrats will do it and -- >> gretchen: but not for 17% of the economy they didn't pass anything. >> that's true. i think the larger issue is, you know, obama says elections matter. if he's going to be a profile in courage, i think it will also be political suicide, but if he certainly has the constitutional right to do it and i think from a pragmatic political point of view, i think it will be devastating to the democrats and i'm not even saying whether i favor it or not. i have the sensibility that poor people shouldn't have to use emergency rooms to get flu shots. and they should have universal health care, but i also understand that this is the worst time to have a gigantic entitlement when we aren't funding the ones we have and we're in this terrible economic recession. >> steve: i think the republicans would say yesterday was good for them because now people can see they're not the party of no. they actually have a plan. but we'll talk a little about somebody you've known for years and years. charlie rangel -- >> over 40 years. >> steve: 'cause you're 42.
8:07 am
>> i'm older. >> steve: he got in trouble with the house ethics committee last night. what they said was he took some trips, apparently other members did, too, down to the caribbean that was sponsor sored by some corporations. >> at & t, verizon and citi. >> steve: that's interesting considering all the bailouts they got. >> they gave 100 grand for the congressional junket and got how many tens of billions from the taxpayers? >> steve: here is the thing, your friend of 40 years. it's not his fault. it's that stinking staff of mine! listen. >> i don't want to be critical of the committee, but common sense dictates that members of congress should not be held responsible for what could be the wrongdoing or mistakes or errors of staff, unless there is reason to believe that the member knew or should have known
8:08 am
>> brian: should he be forced to give up his chairmanship. >> i think he will have to give up the power chairmanship of the house ways and means. like tim geithner who became the designated treasury secretary, even though he didn't pay income taxes when he was at the world bank, i think charlie is, unlike geithner, charlie will not survive, his congressional seat will if he wants to continue running. here is the problem. how did he accumulate all these thousands of dollars, the brownstone in new york, vacation house in the dominican republic. i love the guy, but it's a fact of american life that if you are with the -- if you're popular like geithner, like rangel, you don't get invite detroited on tax -- indicted on tax fraud. for others, you get indicted and i think it is pathetic how tax code enforcement is done.
8:09 am
i think it is politicized. >> steve: who on the hook for that stuff? >> we will see what happens. i love charlie, but you got to pay your taxes. i don't care if you're republican or democrat. i think that will ultimately be the thing how he's remembers. >> gretchen: how should somebody be serving for 40 years and be able to continue to go and go and go with all these problem as soon as. >> i absolutely agree. first of all, when you're in congress for your entire adult life, it becomes a kind of system of entitlement. you believe you have it coming, even though you're only getting paid 150,000, that's a lot of money to the average american. for a guy with a town house in dc, vacation, and because he's so esteemed and everybody loves him and those corporate guys are kissing his butt, i mean, wouldn't you, chase charlie rangel, of course they're going to buy him a drink. >> steve: you know why those
8:10 am
boots work on you? because you're geraldo. thank you. >> thank you. >> steve: senator john mccain getting a subtle reminder from the president yesterday during the health care summit. maybe not so subtle. >> let me just make this point, john, because we're not campaigning anymore. the election is over. >> i'm reminded of that every day. >> steve: ouch. was the president disrespectful to the senator? the senator is next. >> gretchen: you would think it's a stressful job being the vp of the u.s. but joe biden says it's easy. >> steve: it's snowing. >> brian: there is john adams.
8:11 am
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
>> steve: snowing throughout the northeast once again today. east coast travel is disrupted. in phily, they've got one airport open. steve keely is in allentown, pennsylvania with a look at how bad it is there. steve, it looks like a whiteout. >> steve, we have a fresh foot of snow. but it's not the foot of snow that's causing the problems. you mention add white out, it's wind that causes the whiteout. here is a household trash bag, we're using it as our wind sock. that gives you an idea of the wind gusting up to 60 miles an hour. we had trouble getting here. look at this video we'll show you. we were right behind a tractor-trailer. it wasn't even supposed to be on the pennsylvania turnpike because they had a ban on these big trucks on the turnpike, but many were riding on it and getting blown around and the empty ones would be blown over or blown into the median like this guy was. that caused a mile long back up. so big problems not just from the snow, but from the wind blowing up here right now. so that's going to be a problem all the way until 1:00 o'clock.
8:15 am
i think you have senator mccain coming on. one of the viewers that watches fox regularly said tell senator mccain to bottle up some of that hot air in washington and get it up here north. >> steve: he's in arizona. live in allentown, thank you very much. good way to show how windy it is. >> brian: at the health care summit, john mccain reminded president obama of his repeated promises for change in washington. here the president's response. >> let me just make this point, john, because we're not campaigning anymore. the election is over. >> i'm reminded of that every day. >> brian: senator mccain is with us right now. let me ask you right off, senator, do you feel the president of the united states was being disrespectful to you? >> no. i think the president of the united states was probably trying to in a way not directly
8:16 am
respond to what clearly was a campaign promise. but i wasn't talking about the campaign. what i was talking about is the sleazy deals, the incredibly bribery and purchasing of votes and of special interest that went on in this process. the people in my state are as angry about the process as they are about the product. >> gretchen: senator, i'm with you on this because i think the american public is so frustrated with the deals and there are so few senators and members of congress in total who don't take them. you are one of them and i thought that was fantastic when you brought that up yesterday. but what did you make of the end of the whole seven hour thing when president obama basically had a threat against republicans and the american public about reconciliation? >> it's interesting what was not in the room yesterday was american public opinion, which is obviously want us to start
8:17 am
over, want us not to pursue this massive 2 1/2 trillion dollars debt on future generations of americans. the other thing about it is that the president portrayed it as we either go along with them or they will do the 51 vote reconciliation. our answer is that we want to work with you, we want to. there are areas we can find common ground, but let's do it step by step. the president portrays it sort of as his way or the highway and that's not what we want to do. there are areas we can agree on. it was a valuable informational experience yesterday. all of us learned something from it. but what we still want is what the american people want and that's step by step. let's start with medical malpractice reform. >> steve: senator, if the president didn't really change his mind and it didn't sound like it from those opening -- rather the concludes comments, he said we all -- you said we all learned something. what did you learn and which particular democrat did you hear
8:18 am
speak where you said, yeah, that's a really good point? >> i thought several of the democrats. i thought congressman cooper had some excellent points where he said we could agree with some of the things, like medical malpractice, on the establishment of risk pools for individuals who have so-called preexisting conditions. look, you're always informed by your opponents' point of view even if you don't agree with it. but at the same time, when the unsavory, really deal making that went on, whether it be with the pharmaceutical companies or carving out 800,000 people in florida on medicare advantage, i have 330,000 people in arizona who are on medicare advantage. why should -- because you live in florida, you be exempt from cuts? by the way, i'm against cuts in that program. >> steve: senator, i don't know if you heard steve keely, the correspondent in pennsylvania,
8:19 am
say, can you take some of that washington, d.c. hot air and send it to pennsylvania? could you get a big vat of that and truck it up? >> well, either that, if i can't do that, then i'd like everybody to come out to arizona, spend a few months with us. >> steve: that's what brian said. >> gretchen: i'll be there in march. i'll look you up. thanks for being our guest this morning and for responding to what happened at the health care summit yesterday. good to see you. >> thanks for having me on. >> brian: that's as close as we'll ever get to an invitation to his house. >> gretchen: the issues of spending spending and borrowing has started a war of words between rendell and pence. they're here next. >> a celebration on the ice. the women drank and smoked cigars. is it us being sad because we didn't win the gold?
8:20 am
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
>> gretchen: a war of words brewing between indiana congressman mike pence and pennsylvania governor ed rendell over government spending and borrowing. watch this. >> when it comes to more borrowing, the answer is no. [ applause ] >> when it comes to more spending, the answer is no. >> when they say no borrowing, no spending, no investment, they're writing out a prescription form for this country becoming a second rate power. >> gretchen: they are both with us appearing for the first time since making those comments. good morning to mike pence and ed rendell. >> good morning, gretchen. >> gretchen: all right. so let me start with you, mike, because you were the one at cpac who said the republicans have been labeled as a party of no and actually you're kind of
8:24 am
right, at least on spending. >> yeah. the american people are tired of the borrowing, spending, the bailouts and the takeovers and, you know, what i said at cpac last week and was met with a great approval is i think no is way underrated here in washington, d.c sometimes no is exactly what this city needs to hear. and as we see this administration and congressional democrats plans to do more borrowing, more spending, more deficits, more debt to finance more takeovers, the american people want us to hit the brakes. i think it's why you're seeing the resistance to the tax increases and the takeoverses the administration continues to advance and we're going to continue to be on the side of the american people in that fight. >> gretchen: the differences in the health care summit, the one thing that comes out of it yesterday is this divide between the two parties. if the republicans are labeled as the party of no, it struck me this morning that the perception, governor rendell,
8:25 am
about the democrats sometimes is the party of spending dough. >> well, i don't think that's necessarily true. mike's party and i think mike himself voted against pay as you go legislation, which would require us to every piece of legislation out of the congress, have some way of paying for it, either with increased revenue or other spending cuts. they voted no on that. they voted no on the entitlement commission, which was a bipartisan commission with two very respected senators who were aimed at reducing the cost of our entitlement programs. so they're the party of no on cutting spending and controlling spending as well. but let me go back to the quote that mike made at the cpac convention. i have no problem with no. as mayor and as governor, i've actually been known for saying no to spending, for cutting spending in philadelphia and in harrisburg, i'm being attacked for what i propose because it
8:26 am
continues to cut spending. however, having said that, you can not make a flat declaration that we cannot spend money and we can not borrow money because we need to invest in this country's future. we need to invest in our roads, bridges, our highways. they're crumbling. we need to invest in our levies and dams because they're becoming real public safety nuisances. we need to invest in our ports and airports to be economically competitive. we need to invest in, for example, unemployment benefits, extending unemployment benefits for people who are laid off no fault of their own. i'm sure mike wouldn't want to not spend on that. we need to continue to spend on veterans job training programs so veteran -- >> gretchen: basically you're outlining the democratic point for the stimulus plan. i want to -- >> more than just the stimulus. >> gretchen: i want to give congressman pence a chance to respond to that. you obviously don't agree with the governor on that kind of standing. >> well, look, come on, i think the governor is a decent guy.
8:27 am
we just fundamentally disagree on this. i do like the artful move, it's kind of like the president likes to put up a strawman that conservatives that would like to see us head back toward balanced budgets and fiscal discipline are anti--government. you know, governor, you said that i was against spending. i'm not against spending. i'm against more spending, more deficits, more borrowing, more bailouts. i think the overwhelming majority of the american people are against those things. this administration has sent a budget to the hill with a $1.6 trillion deficit. governor, as you said, in your career you made the hard choices. nobody in washington, d.c. is making the hard choices. the choices that families and small businesses and family farmers are making and i think that being willing to step into the gap and say that it's time for washington, d.c. to begin to practice the fiscal discipline and fiscal responsibility that americans are practicing during these difficult times is imperative.
8:28 am
also, let's remember the democrats love to use the word invest. i'd like to see the american people have more of their tax dollars to invest and not always use the word invest when the government is borrowing money from overseas to invest in the economy today. >> gretchen: i got to wrap it up here. but i'm so glad we could bring the two of you together after -- >> before you wrap it up, i want to say one thing. >> gretchen: what? >> mike, i think you need to tell the american people if we're not going to invest in rebuilding this nation's infrastructure, what's going to happen to our economic competitiveness, to public safety, bridges, our roads, all of those things? we have to invest. >> gretchen: we'll leave that question -- good point. we're going to leave that up to our viewers to decide on where they fall, right or left. guys, i got to wrap it up. thanks for being our guest this morning. >> you bet. >> gretchen: we'll get the latest gdp number in a few minutes. we'll have reaction. then another classic moment for vice president joe biden. he says his job is an easy one.
8:29 am
chris wallace weighs in. the canadian hockey team, chugging beer and smoking cigars on the ice. did they take the gold medal party too far, or would we say anything if it were the guys?
8:30 am
8:31 am
8:32 am
>> steve: just a moment ago, during the commercial timeout, chris wallace, sitting in the studio in washington, d.c., brian actually asked him at that question, but chris reminded all of us that through his contract,
8:33 am
he's not obligate to do answer anything by brian except on television. so now we're on tv. >> gretchen: brian, you have the forum. >> brian: chris, i was wondering -- for seven hours we watched an intense health care summit. i watched your analysis after. upon further review and reading others, do you feel as though we made substantial progress yesterday or when one senator said i don't think he was really listening to us, he meaning the president? >> when you said substantial progress, i wondered if you meant you and me, brian. no. i think actually they made about as much progress as you and i do and the answer is they were talking right past each other. i didn't know going n but it becomes clear and i hoped we were going to have a great legislative moments where they say, you know what, i'll do this, if you do that and make a deal. >> gretchen: me, too. >> but it didn't work that way and it becomes clear that this was really an effort by the president and the democrats to say, we reached across the aisle. we tried one more time. we were transparent, we did if
8:34 am
on television, and now we're going to have to try to ram it down your throat. and on the part of the republicans, they wanted to say, hey, we have ideas. we care about health care reform. we just have a basic deep philosophical difference about whether this is something that could be solved by 2400 page bills devised by washington politician ors whether we want to leave much more to the individual in the marketplace. >> gretchen: i thought the president summed it up on his own, after seven hours when he said, quote, and if we can't, i think we got to go ahead and make some decisions and that's what elections are for. in other words, a threat to the republicans and actually to the american public about what they're going to do when they go vote. >> no, no. i don't think that was a threat. i think he was basically saying we have a difference of opinion here. people voted in the last election. they gave us a big majority. they're going to get to vote again in november -- >> gretchen: no, no, no. your forgetting about the elections in virginia,
8:35 am
massachusetts and virginia. >> well, what he's saying is look, if you want to make this an election issue, we'll make it an election issue and we'll -- but i don't think that's a threat. i think he's just saying that there are honest differences of opinion and we're going to fight it out. >> steve: chris, i know you'll be talking about this this weekend on your show. also an open microphone at the coverage in the garden room of the blair house, picked up joe biden talking about how easy it is being vice president of the united states. let's play a little snippet and get your expert analysis. so there you go. he says, it's easy being vice president and then a person he was talking to said, it's like being the grandpa and not the parent. and he g yeah, that's it. >> let me tell you, i'm a grandpa and not the parent and it's wonderful. whenever they have a dirty
8:36 am
diaper, you can sit there and say, son, it's your baby. so i enjoy that thoroughly. it's a little like the way you feel about dealing with brian. >> steve: he never has a dirty diaper on this show. >> gretchen: and no bottle feeding. but, chris, in all fairness, i sort of took this a different way. i took it that it was a little bit of a stinger from joe biden saying that really he's kind of been taken out of the equation. >> i think you're reading too much into it. >> gretchen: too much deep analysis. >> no, i just think he was sort of, you know, joking about the job and it was joe being joe. i didn't red that much into it. i don't think that's the case. i think he's still an important advisor to the president on especially foreign issues. we're going to be talking -- interestingly, we're going tab tuck to go two senators, because one of the big questions is are they going to go ahead with reconciliation and if they do
8:37 am
and it's not clear, do they have the votes? we'll be talking to john kyle and bob menendez about about that. then we'll talk to the one guy that seemed the president was a little afraid to mess with yesterday and that's ryan, the congressman from wisconsin because he knows that ryan may know as much or even more about all these issues than he does and finally, our power play of the week, and i must say, i never met him, it's dale earnhardt, junior. and we talk about his career. we talk about his dad. >> brian: you get -- we get to talk to chris wallace. >> i get a feeling i'm getting the bum rush here. >> brian: you are. you got an appointment. thanks a lot, chris. fox news alert, new gdp numbers are out. shows the economy grew faster, faster than initially thought in the fourth quarter. it's up 5.9%. this is the fastest the economy has grown in nearly seven years. good news. we'll break down that number with the elaine chuck.
8:38 am
>> gretchen: i say we do a little weather because we're snowed in. >> steve: let's take a look. we've got the so-called quad box that shows where you people are. new york city, upper left. phily, upper right. you've got a reporter for the fox affiliate in new jersey pointing out at route 17 north. i know, i go on it every day. and allentown, pennsylvania, screen right. and how much snow is in my backyard? i showed brian this picture sent in. that's our backyard. there is about two feet of snow in the backyard. we have no electricity and here is the bad thing about no electricity. my wife tells me, no coffee. that poor woman. >> gretchen: you better get some on the way home. >> brian: no heat, too. >> steve: we don't have any heat. we have a gas fireplace. we open the flue. >> brian: you gave her an ax to
8:39 am
get wood. >> steve: if you want your own fox cast for the day, go to our web site. >> gretchen: fox news exclusive. an american man helping with relief efforts shot to death in haiti. he is a 62-year-old grandfather from long island, new york, originally from port-au-prince. he flew back in january to take care of property destroyed by the earthquake. police don't know why he was shot. but say he was wrapping caution tape around the rubble of his former home when he was shot in the back multiple times. family members have been working with the u.s. embassy trying to bring his body back home. brian. >> brian: could be devastating to the plans if other people wanted to help there. new video of the old forge pond dam in freetown, massachusetts. water now rushing into the streets. there is a state emergency. residents being evacuated. officials have been worried the 300-year-old dam would collapse. it has.
8:40 am
>> steve: brian, it's time for the olympics. >> brian: kim young na takes the gold in skating. bronze went to canada, who lost her mom four days ago. and the canadians women's hockey team is in hot water from their country for partying too hard after take gold. they had a 2-0 victory over the u.s. to win gold again. the u.s. brought him the silver. the iov is investigate the celebration after they drank beer and champagne on the ice while smoking cigars. >> steve: were they all old enough? >> brian: i think there is no age on cigars. >> steve: can't they celebrate? >> brian: leave them alone. if it was guy, it would be no problem. the u.s. still in the lead with 32. canada has 17. russia with 13. all those other countries wish
8:41 am
he were celebrating with cigars and beer and wine on the ice haveship what about the gdp increase? what does it mean to those of us out of work? former labor secretary elaine chow here next. >> steve: the stimulus plan was supposed to help get americans back to work. s that been beneficiary or just a big boondoggle? we have got the human calculator with us this morning to crunch the numbers and they're an eye opener and they will be with you in the next couple of minutes, so stay with us. what's coming up this weekend, aly is wearing fuzzy boots. >> i was trying to hide them! >> look at all the snow. look what she's wearing. >> i trekked across the tundra to get into work this morning. but i did walk. >> coming up on the show this weekend, more of allison wearing pajamas and boots. we're talking about the health care summit on the heels of that big summit yesterday. we'll hear from a doctor who
8:42 am
says the proposed reforms, way too expensive. he'll tell us what needs to be done. >> an update on the story of the little boy who was abducted from his new york city kindergarten class. new breaking details about liam mccarty. we'll have the latest. >> get this, he signed a deal to play college football and he hasn't graduated middle school yet. we'll talk to 13-year-old david sills, that's this weekend on "fox & friends." >> see you tomorrow of the 7 a.m.
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8:45 am
>> steve: snowing, another winter storm rip through the east coast. now more from norristown, new jersey. 40 miles west of manhattan. that's a man with a hot on. how bad is it out there? >> it's not asd about as it was earlier. it appears for now some of the snow seems to be lightening up.
8:46 am
but it is as you can see, continuing to fall, at least one foot of snow on the ground here. take a look over my shoulder. you can see that for the most part, at least the town square here in morris town resemble has new england postcard. despite the fact it may be nice to look at, there have been serious consequences to this storm. in hampton, new hampshire, in fact, probably because of the storm, there was a serious fire resulting in damage to a hotel. a game arcade and a restaurant. there were high winds that made fighting the fire difficult. in new hampshire, during this storm, the winds gusted to over 91 miles an hour. hurricane force winds is 76 miles per hour. in new york city, also severe consequences. yesterday some very heavy snow caused a tree limb to collapse in central park. that tree limb landing on someone in the park, causing a fatality. this is the third major storm for this region this month alone. many here hoping it is going to
8:47 am
be the last before spring. steve. >> steve: all right. david lee miller, live. thank you. a fox news alert. the new gross domestic product numbers, the total output of our economy are just out and they showed that this is the fastest -- this past quarter, the fastest growing quarter in seven years. it's up 5.9%. that's good news. >> brian: we're joined by the former secretary of labor, used to be her job to tell us these numbers. elaine chow. thank you for joining us. first up, these numbers good news. >> it is positive. it's very good news that the numbers are turned in positive. you have to be real careful with that because what has been happening in the last year, because of the tremendous lack of confidence and pessimism surrounding the economy, a lot of manufacturers and employers were drawing very heavily down on their inventory to the point there was practically no inventory left.
8:48 am
so then they began to build up inventory and that's what's contributing to this increasing gdp. but we have to see -- yeah. >> steve: the problem with this and some people are referring to this as a recovery, they say it's a jobless recovery. in fact, yesterday we wound up with a jobless number that was higher than expected. >> yes. in fact, we had the -- basically nearly half a million newly unemployed americans just in the last week filed new, what's called application for unemployment insurance. that is the highest number we've seen in a long time. it was much higher than expected. next friday we're going to see the release of the monthly unemployment numbers for the whole nation. so it will be interesting to see what that is as well. i'm suspecting is that the consumer level is still very, very low. we still have consumer data that
8:49 am
people are not confident about the economy, employers are not confident about the economy. so as the gdp numbers increase, because inventories were so depleted, we are now seeing that perhaps with the lack of consumer confidence, will these new higher levels of inventory be drawn down by consumers? will consumers buy? will they go out and spend? will they drawn down on these newly injected levels of inventory? >> steve: that is a great question. that's what it's all hinging on. thank you for joining us so early out there in los angeles. >> thank you. >> brian: okay. straight ahead, jobs, stimulus, lots of numbers out there for us to keep track of. so we got the guy, a math genius to crunch the numbers to see if the stimulus plan is paying dividends. glenn beck lent us his blackboard. >> steve: from glenn beck to bill hemmer to kick things off in ten minutes and 12 seconds. what's coming up? >> good morning to both of you. we're hearing right now,
8:50 am
breaking news out of seaworld. the killer whale, we expect a news conference on the drowning death on one of his trainers. how did a inmate convicted of a triple murder walk out of a jail near baltimore? one of the key players inside the big blair house health care summit is with us today. two words, guys, what now? see you in ten minutes. xx
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8:53 am
>> brian: the congressional budget office released a new report of the number of jobs created, but some of its numbers are different than the numbers the obama administration released. >> gretchen: we decided to take a look at the numbers with the human calculator. good morning, mr. hume calculator. >> thank you. >> steve: don't you have a cape or something? >> something like that.
8:54 am
when i walk into schools, that's the first thing kids expect. >> steve: this is how we're going to start. the white house says that the stimulus cost $787 billion. and the congressional budget office said $862 billion. those are the numbers you're going to start at. now you're going to tell us about jobs created. >> the estimate, the white house said they were going to get 3.3 million to 4 million jobs. and the cbo said it's only going to do 1.3 to 1.6. ended up around 2 million. >> steve: it did create 2 million jobs? >> in 09 we lost 4 million. so maybe we would have lost 6 million jobs. >> gretchen: it's a saved job number you're talking about? >> it depends how you interpret it. there is a lot of variables there that make it tough. but here is the math. if the white house says $787 billion for 2 million job, that works out to around $393,500 per job to create. >> steve: okay. the job is costing the
8:55 am
government close to $400,000 to create. how long does that job last? >> let's say less than a year because the market and stuff. i'm assuming it wouldn't be as long as we're used to. >> gretchen: using the cbo is more money. >> here is what i noticed last night when i started thinking about this. look at the difference between these two numbers. on a miscalculation or on a difference of opinion, that's about $37,500 difference just on the estimation. that's a job right there. just on the miscalculation. so if all we did was use that number there, we'd generate rate an extra 16,000 jobs from this waste, fraud and abuse number. if all we did was let people create jobs instead of the government that cost 3, $400,000, how many jobs could an average business generate? >> brian: they drive you crazy to know we had to borrow money in order to spend money, in order to give jobs away. >> it doesn't compute. we're paying more interest than
8:56 am
we'll ever be able to start paying on the principle. nothing adds up. it's very frustrating as a human calculator. >> gretchen: you are in charge of world math day which is coming up march 3. you're trying to inspire young kids to get into math. >> we're trying to set a guiness world record. it's hosted by a popular math web site. we're in over 240 countries for this event. we're going to set this world record, inspire kids to have fun with math. >> brian: glenn beck inspired us to use you and a blackboard. you are the human calculator, unrelate to do glenn. >> steve: thank you, scott. >> thank you for the time. >> gretchen: more "fox & friends," two minutesay away.
8:57 am
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8:59 am
>> gretchen: we're back with the human calculator and after the show show, we'll find out how he's teaching kids new math skills for a new generation. >> steve: brian is teaching people to listen to the radio, who are your guests. >> stuart varney, geraldo rivera, and others. brian the judge will feature


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