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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  February 26, 2010 8:00pm-9:00pm EST

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supreme rebel leader, always has been. hottie totottie. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. >> other debate you saw 'eensy weensy spider. teeny tiny. >> itsy bitsy spider went up the spout again. >> bill: does that mean the u.s. taxpayer has to cover the health care of spiders? bizarre reaction to the health care summit. we'll have it for you. >> we will resume performances of our killer whale show tomorrow but our trainers will not enter the water. >> bill: is it ethical for americans to see a whale that has killed three human beings and should would he be allowed to do that? geraldo has been investigating. >> bill: i don't disagree with you. as you said i wrote a whole book on it when you were just a whipper snapper. [ laughter ] >> bill: glenn beck on what is the most dangerous thing in america right now? >> bill: so you are agreeing
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with me, beck. >> never. >> bill: caution. you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. president obama' shoes. let's put ourselves in them. the president took a big gamble yesterday moderating the health care summit. for seven hours republicans and democrats bloviated but not very much was accomplished. talking points liked the exercise, however. the folks should be able to hear both sides. there is no question that liberals and conservatives are not going to agree on obama care. simply put, many americans want small government. they don't trust the feds to run the healthcare system. many democrats say federal power is the only way to get affordable health insurance to poor and working americans. the g.o.p. says it does want reform but on a much smaller scale, and here is now nancy pelosi is dealing with that.
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>> the other debate that you saw let's start over, 'eensy weensy spider, little teeny tiny. you can't do it. there is certain things, unless you do them together, it doesn't have the impact. it doesn't have the synergy. it doesn't hold the insurance companies accountable. >> bill: don't you just love the spider part? talking points is reminded there is an old movie called "the spider woman." it was pretty scarey. just an aside, nothing more, but back to president obama. he has to know that if obama care is not passed, he loses big. if his reform does get through congress, he loses smaller. obvious the folks are skeptical of the deal. obama care is perilous for the president. president obama has something in common with president bush. both have taken daring gamables. mr. bush on iraq surge and mr. obama trying to ram through unpopular health care bill. president obama succeeded in the surge. that didn't help him much in the court of public opinion.
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president obama may succeed in getting his health care vision passed but like president bush, i don't think it's going to help him very much. and that's the memo now for the top story tonight. what's going on behind the scenes at the white house and in congress. joining us now from washington fox news chief d.c. correspondent jim angle and fox news senior white house correspondent major garrett. you know, this is political intrigue, you guys, at its finest. everybody behind the scenes doing this, that, and the other thing. let's begin with you, major. the white house mood today, are they confident that they accomplished anything yesterday? are they going to get this through? >> bill, the white house believes yesterday was a do-over. that they got more transparent. the president looked more agreeable. he was seen for seven hours talking to republicans. all the things that he was criticized for not doing. and all of the health care debate that preceded yesterday. the question on the minds of republicans is, after the do-over, will there be, from their perspective, a runover? will democrats and this
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president steam roll them with health care reform? we learned today that the president will outline for the country next steps on health care reform next week. now, just yesterday he said he would give republicans and democrats and his white house up to six weeks to work on -- for possible compromisees. well, if he is going to point the way forward, neck week clearly decisions have already been made. every sound you get from democrats is we're going to do this alone, republicans will not come our way, full speed ahead. >> bill: all right. you are saying that they know then didn't win any hearts and finds on -- minds on the other side yesterday. is there optimism in there? are they happy about it? are they gloomy? >> there is no optimism, bill, for this reason. yesterday did not change the fundamental dynamic among democrats. democrats do not emerge, nor does this white house, from yesterday saying we have so much more momentum than we had before the summit began. they are basically stuck where they were before. a democratic consultant told me yesterday after watching the whole proceedings, you know, republicans did look like
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obstructionists but on their it doesn't matter. republicans and independents are with republicans and when they say stop, the country, by and large, is with them only the liberal base of the democratic party is pushing hard. that's something this white house has not been able to overcome. yesterday did not change that dynamic. >> bill: there is still axelrod and emanuel and valerie jarrett, they are not bouncing up and down and saying man, that was a big win. that's not what's happening. let me go over to jim angle. do i have to call the or kin guy, the exterminators for the spiders? so, nancy pelosi gets out there and nancy pelosi says there is no way we are going to tamp it down. we're not going little. we're going big. you have to give it to the speaker. she is very consistent. >> absolutely. >> bill: what's behind the scenes? are they going she is crazy? she has no clue or what? >> no. she has a lot of people in the house behind her. and, of course, have you got the
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liberal base in the party, 100 people in the progressive caucus in the house who are behind her. they are a all a little disappointed that the public option is not going to be part of a final bill, which it appears it will not be. their problem, bill, is that they have got to figure out how to get something passed in the house. the house bill has been set aside. now, they are trying to figure out how to get the senate bill through the house. then make changes in it to satisfy house members through a process known as reconciliation. >> bill: again, i asked the same thing of gator. what's the mood there? is the mood like oh, yeah, we are going to do this. now we turned it around? or it's like this is never going to happen? [ laughter ] >> well, it's not that it will never happen. but it's going to be ugly. and everybody knows it's going to be ugly. because there is no way to get this through without doing -- cutting a lot of corners. the problem is, bill, it's gotten harvarder since the house passed its own bill. they is had two people who retired. one person died.
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one republican who voted for the house bill who says he will not vote for it again. you are now even. the bill only passed by five votes to begin with. >> bill: a lot of behind the arm twisting. >> absolutely. they have to stick -- they will ask these people to pass the senate bill, which they don't want to do because they disagree with it then they will ask them to fix it through this process of reconciliation by what they call a side car amendment to fix a bunch of things. one of the things they can't fix, bill, is abortion. and there you have a very strong group of antiabortion democrats who pushed a -- who pushed up restrictions in the house bill. the leader of that group. >> bill: that's their excuse not to vote for it if they want to take it? >> right. they say the senate bill is unacceptable is what they say. >> bill: look, i hope you understand that everybody's heads is going to blow off. six more weeks of this? really, you guys do this for a living. you get paid to do. this i get paid to do this. it's just crazy. go ahead. >> i asked david axelrod yesterday about all the things that jim angle just mentioned.
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all the procedural, the nitty gritty things, he dodged and danced and after the interview, i'm not talking out of school here he said was i evasive enough i said obviously my questions were not good enough. he said we just don't have the answers. there is no bill. >> bill: anything could happen. >> remember that bill, i'm using the bill twice, your name and legislation, there is no bill. >> bill: there is no bill. >> a 11-page proposal on the web site that doesn't constitute legislation. there is no rule on capitol hill. if you don't have the votes, you don't have blank. it rhymes with knit. they don't have a bill. >> bill: i'm worried in addition to the 31 million unamericans uninsured we have to cover all the spiders. there is just a lot of them, you know. >> no arrack that phobia, bill. >> bill: terrible thing. major, jim, thank you. we would like to you vote in our bill o' poll. we are asking do you favor federal oversight on health insurance pricing? yes or no?
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give you the results on monday. next on the run down, it is war between republican senator john mccain and his arizona challenger j.d. hayworth and the birthers are involved. later, glenn beck sees a growing danger in america. he will tell us what that is. we hope you stick around. anncr vo: with the new geico glovebox app... anncr vo: can get help with a flat tire... anncr vo: ...find a nearby tow truck or gas station... anncr vo: emergency services...
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♪ ahh ♪ ahh ♪ ahh ♪ ahh ♪ ahh ♪ ahh ♪ ahh ♪ ahh ♪ ahh ♪ ahh ♪ ahh ♪ ahh ♪ h, ahh ♪ ahh ♪ ahh ♪ ahh ♪ ahh ♪ ahh ♪hh, ahh ♪ ahh ♪ ahh ♪ ahh, ahh, ahh ♪ ahh, ahh, ahh, ahh [ male announcer ] at ge, we've dedicated some of the best minds and the most advanced technology to bring bettehealth to more people. it's an idea we call healthymagination ♪ ahh, ahh, ahh, ahh ♪ ahh that was very nice. thank you. >> bill: impact segment tonight, senator mccain was featured prominently in the health care
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summit, sparring with president obama. but back home in arizona, mr. mccain has a challenge from former republican congressman j.d. hayworth, a republican senatorial primary is in august. but senator mccain is already on the offensive, trying to tie his opponent to the birther movement. >> obama is completely illegitimate as u.s. president for two reasons. not only because did he not provide the place of his birth but also because both parents have to be u.s. citizens. >> obama knows he is not natural born, as he knows where he was born, and he knows he was adopted in indonesia. the sad fact is, questions continue. and until president obama signs his name and, in fact, has the records revealed, the questions will remain. >> the only difference between these people, only one is running for the u.s. senate. >> bill: now that ad appeared on senator mccain's web site.
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joining us now from phoenix is j.d. hayworth. so, are you a birther guy, j.d.? >> bill, no. i'm a broadcaster. and those comments were taken from a radio program where i was a catalyst for conversation. just imagine, bill, if every topic you brought up on the factor bloggers said you were an instant advocate for whomever was on. >> bill: they do already. that's what media matters does. if i mention the word black, i'm anti-black. if i mention the word gay i'm homophobe. you know how it is. i want you to tell the american public how you view the birther movement. is it legitimate? do you believe that he might not be the -- the president might not be american? >> hey, bill, i view this entire debate as esoteric. it's as esoteric as arguing about the eligibility of chester allen art you are well after a century after he served as president. look, barack obama is the 44th president of the united states. his election was certified. i believe he was born in hawaii. i made certain statements on the
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air to provoke conversation. that's what happens in broadcasting. sadly, senator mccain is involved in the politics of distortion and distraction. i can understand why. he doesn't want people talking about his bailout vote that included $150 billion in earmarks. he doesn't want us talking about the fact he voted against the bush tax cuts that i helped write. and he doesn't want us talking about his amnesty that would have cost american taxpayers $2.6 trillion in retirement benefits alone according to the heritage foundation. so this is politics based on distortion and distraction. i think he needs to set the record straight. >> bill: you are obviously running to the right of senator mccain. but, in arizona, 74% of g.o.p. primary voters have a favorable opinion of mccain. i think the favorable on you is 58%. also, in rasmussen, which is a good polling service, as you know, you are down 53% to 31%.
8:15 pm
so you are going to run to the right of mccain. he is going to have plenty of money, he has been around for a long time. he has a lot of rich friends. so how are you going to beat him? >> well, i'm going to beat him by simply appealing to the voters in the arizona republican primary in august. >> bill: do you have enough money to do -- >> -- i apologize for it the warm reception we have gotten across the state. couple of other notes on polling. bill, you may recall that in october of last year, over 60% of arizona republicans said they did not believe john mccain shared their basic conservative values. that was followed the next month with the poll heard around the world, a mass muffin poll that had john and me in a statistical dead heat. >> bill: but you have fallen back. let's talk strategy here for a minute. >> sure, um-huh. >> bill: all right. you are running to the right of mccain. and he is a moderate republican. there is no doubt about it. but, in your state, you get heavily hispanic, you know, it's gone way up, the hispanic
8:16 pm
votership. and there are conservative hispanics in the republican party, as you well know. they are most likely going to go for mccain. not too many african-americans in the senate. so i'm just wondering whether there is a coalition that you can put together to win this primary. >> oh, there is, bill. first of all, your analysis is partially correct. hispanic republicans. but the case is i would just caution everyone, beware the myth of the mono litani. the instant notion that because someone has hispanic surname they are for open borders and amnesty. nothing could be further from the truth. >> bill: i understand. senator mccain has been a friend to the hispanics of arizona. >> i have, too. >> bill: i am not saying you haven't, j.d. but you are will challenger. it's always harder for the challenger. >> sure. well, know, there are a variety of issues, bill, where john is out of step with arizona republicans and arizona
8:17 pm
conservatives. i outlined them earlier. the bailout vote, this week he was trying to do damage control, claiming he was mislead on that vote. now, stop and think about it. with all due respect and we all think the world of john mccain, his service and his sacrifice. but he was saying earlier this week that based on his experience, he could do more for arizona? well, when you go out and say, wait a minute, i was mislead on a very important vote, that doesn't make the case. and no so, with all due respect to john, i challenge arizonaens viewing us tonight, stop and think, over the last decade, what has john mccain specifically done for arizona? he has been running for national office. i think we all respect that. >> bill: okay. we have invited senator mccain on the program any time he wants to reply to j.d. it's going to be a good race, g j.d. that's what democracy is all about. two strong candidates. >> you bet. >> bill: we are going to follow it and we appreciate you coming on the factor. >> thank you. remember o'reilly viewers special reception at the web
8:18 pm
site j.d. for >> bill: special reception. >> nice welcome. >> bill: nice welcome. killer whale controversy. should we pay to see a mammal who has killed three human beings? geraldo has some thoughts. then frank luntz will tell us what the folks think about the family guy attacking sarah palin. whoa. those reports after these messages. [ male announcer ] a bad cold hits your whole body. alka-seltzer plus liquid gels rush relief everywhere you need it. it's the most complete relief you can get in a liquid gel, so you feel better, fast. alka-seltzer plus liquid gels.
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>> shepard: geraldo segment tonight, killer whale drowned a 40-year-old trainer in orlando, florida will remain an attraction at the park despite killing three human beings. >> this is a -- really a, a wonderful animal, and him -- his participation in our shows, his engagement in our interactions and so forth is very important to his overrule health and husband dry. he will remain an active contributing member of the team. >> bill: with us now fox news anchor geraldo rivera. i'm not going to see that. >> that man is on drugs. i can't believe what i just heard. >> bill: this is my problem with the thing. i don't want the orca destroyed. i think they should just let it go and put it out in the ocean. drop it in there. but i'm not going to pay money to see an animal that's killed three human beings. that makes me queazy.
8:22 pm
in 1991, in sea land of the pacific in british victoria this same whale killed assistant trainer it was then a deal to release the animal back into the wild of the waters off iceland. the deal fell apart because sea land closed because of the absolute repulings, revulsion of the animal rights people in canada. so the sea world intervened. they got the whale before it was released. they brought it to their facilities and have had it ever since. so you now have the -- this same whale tilikum involved in the death in 1991. then you have 1999 the homeless person falls into the tank and this very same killer whale is one of two -- three of them in total who kill another man, a second man. now, you have the third person who dies. there is a law -- a theory, a philosophy in law called the first bite. the one bite rule. if you have an animal and you
8:23 pm
have no reason to believe the animal is violent and it bites somebody, you are probably okay. but the second time around, if the animal bites a second person, you are on notice because of the first incident that the animal is not going to be safe. here you have two human deaths. you are in the tank again with this trainer, you know, the victim, the 40-year-old victim in this case. this is the third death of a human by this whale, sea world knew of the other two. they knew specifically. they knew exactly that the whale had this, you know, this predisposition and, yet, they allowed their people. >> bill: not the whale's fault. the whale is a whale. >> a whale is a whale. sea world has civil liability and possibly even criminal liability and people should boycott. >> bill: megyn kelly said no on the civil liability because the woman knew. >> i disagree. >> bill: i know. i disagreed with a little bit. but you know megyn is pretty smart and she will hit you. >> yeah. >> bill: you have got to watch out. i think this is about money. i think it's about money for sea
8:24 pm
world. they know that, you know, now it's even a bigger attraction. now any get more money. why not? just get the whale out of there. let it go. get another whale. >> i think of it as something a little more devious. i think they cannot release the whale now without admitting that they should have had the whale out of that tank previously. >> bill: okay. everybody knows they should have had the whale out of there. >> this is all part of their public posture that nice guy president of sea world, how just ran the clip of, is absolutely smoking crack. this is beyond the pail, a whale that kills two other people, now kills a third, and he is going to remain an attraction in your park for what? >> bill: bill boycott sea world. >> i'm not into the boycott business. i was there last year with my beautiful daughter and wife and loved it and enjoyed it and watched the whole show in orlando was terrific. but now, how could you watch it knowing there is blood on the snout and the really -- the
8:25 pm
people really responsible are the people who run sea world. >> bill: there is a story that has not been widely reported about a 30-year-old model. >> angie -- >> bill: throw it up, okay. who has been arrested in argentina. and now they say she is the -- i get head or part of an international cocaine ring. and they are looking for her. i said she was arrested. she was not arrested. warrant for her arrest. she is on the lamb. you don't know where she is, do you? you haven't seen her. >> i haven't seen her. i have been looking. these photos are the result of my research. she is columbian. she moved to argentina on december 7th of last year. on december 14th. after she had apparently paid an argentine young man to recruit drug mules, other beautiful women to carry drugs, a week after she arrives in argentina, one of her mules carrying cocaine to cancun, mexico connect the dots here was busted at the airport. that person -- angie here.
8:26 pm
so angie's angels who were nipped in the butt. >> bill: one of the biggest fugitives in the world. >> certainly one of the prettiest. the bigger story is that colombia has been totally corrupted by cocaine money. >> bill: sure. >> it infects the coffee business, the flower business. all the legitimate businesses. >> bill: all now because of -- >> she has done a good job and calderon in mexico. the problem is so vast their countries can't cope. they can't -- >> bill: if you see angie, call geraldo. he wants to make the arrest. >> ♪ >> bill: she should turn herself into. >> i should get him before mark sanford. you know how he feels about argentina. >> bill: what a cheap shot. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. we asked dr. frank luntz to wire the folks about the family guy and sarah palin controversy. and then glenn beck on what he sees as america's biggest
8:27 pm
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8:30 pm
okay, the folks are whom? >> philadelphia voters, 13 who voted for john mccain, 11 who voted for barack obama. they watched both sarah palin and the cartoon itself and the reaction we got was shocking. >> bill: let's roll the cartoon. go. >> hi, chris. >> wait a minute, that's the girl? >> yeah. isn't she special? >> that's the way the state of rhode island would put it. there is something up with her, isn't there? >> yeah. she has got down syndrome. >> okay, well, there we go. >> she is so sweet. >> and doesn't she have the most beautiful eyes? >> the spacing seems a tad off but individually yeah they are not awful. >> are you going to be this rude all evening? you haven't asked me anything about myself. >> oh, sorry, um, so what do your parents do. >> that's better. my dad is an account at that particular time and my mom is the former governor of alaska. >> bill: all right, now, after she said former governor of alaska we cut it off but where did the line go. >> the republican line tanked.
8:31 pm
we asked them if you think it's funny you dial it up. if you think it's offensive you dial it down. now i would have assumed that democrats, they have a reputation of being more compassionate and more caring. republicans have a reputation for being tougher, more no non-accepts. and yet the -- no nonsense. the democrats didn't find that offensive and the republicans did. >> bill: it's all about palin and not the material. >> it's all about palin. the family guy people it's an insult. and when you have people who are watching making fun of someone in that way, could you imagine in what would have happened if a conservative had done that. >> bill: there is always a double standard in the media there shouldn't be with the folks. basically the people who voted for barack obama with were not offended by this campaign but the people who voted for mccain were? okay. i'm sorry it breaks down along party lines. now, as you may know sarah palin came on the factor to address the controversy. roll the tape on that. >> so, governor, what do you
8:32 pm
think? it's pretty nasty, is it not? >> this world is full of cruel, cold-hearted people who would do such a thing. look, i look at trying -- trig and i see perfection. already totaling around. you can see a heart of gold. can i see into the future that trig is going to have a pretty tough challenging life in front of him. he is going to face things that special needs children will be facing, much more difficult than we ever will. why make it tougher on the special needs community. that's what i thought when i first heard about this episode that really isn't funny. >> bill: okay. >> i approached this without having any political allegiance. and i'm watching those dials go. and i have to tell you candidly, that i'm thinking to myself what the hell? this is not a former vice presidential candidate or governor. this is a mom talking about a challenge with her children. >> bill: a baby. >> a baby. >> bill: you can't get above 50. >> among obama voters.
8:33 pm
i don't understand that. >> bill: they hate her. >> shouldn't we look at the person first before the politics? >> bill: it isn't so much of that to me. the surprising part is she wasn't talking about anything herself. she was talking about her baby. and you couldn't get above 50% when she was talking about a special needs baby. >> where is the compassion? >> there is -- so they couldn't -- the people that you wired up couldn't separate what happened from her. >> exactly. >> bill: you saw the republicans. they like her. but i think they were probably listening to the conversation because you -- when she hit the baby line, it went -- like that. >> let me tell you if you go back to the convention of 2008 when she talked about her children, at that point, democrats gave her a very high rating. >> bill: hadn't been demonized. >> exactly. that tells you that the demonizing works all the way through. >> bill: works in the democratic precincts for her. i saw you on hannity last night. you were talking about the health care summit. so how did -- generally, the folks perceive that? >> the surprise to me was that
8:34 pm
they felt that republicans did better than they ever expected. >> bill: is it the same people. >> exactly. >> bill: same people. it was almost overwhelmingly. the reason why is they heard republican policies for the first time. they didn't realize they had a policy on medical malpractice, on tort reform. lawsuit abuse reform. >> bill: they didn't realize it? it's been in the wind. >> not being communicated by the mainstream media. if they don't hear it, they assume it doesn't exist. >> bill: so they, by and large, the group, which is fairly evenly divided, thought that the g.o.p. won the summit or came off better at the summit? >> they would reject the phrase won, because to them the american people win every time washington listens. what they think is that washington is still not paying attention to them. >> bill: both parties. >> both parties. by the way, if you want to pay attention to these voters, if you will allow me this one plug, the word if you want to participate in one of these dial sessions. >> bill: word >> come in and sign up. >> bill: how did president obama come off with the folks in the summit, moderating the summit?
8:35 pm
>> they thought he took it too personally, that he was too defensive. they did not find him arrogant but they found his sharpness, when someone would suggest an alternative point of view, they didn't find that to be presidential. they also questioned why he referred to all the senators by their first name even though they were calling him mr. president. they thought it would have been more appropriate to say senator alexander, senator coal burn. >> bill: thanks a lot. glenn beck on the war path. he has isolated the biggest danger to america. beck is next. ♪
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly. in the at your beck and call segment tonight, the glen meister caused turmoil at cpac. this evening is he once again at an undisclosed location. before he left, i caught up with him. all right. so here is beck. there is a lot of cancer talk at the cpac keynote address by you. >> some people uncomfortable. surprisingly not cancer patients. >> bill: your point was that progressivism. >> yes. >> bill: is the cancer that has seeped into the fabric of america. did i get it? >> excuse me. >> bill: you are welcome. >> can we talk for a second? may i approach the bench? bill o'reilly, in his book "culture warrior," fabulous. you will notice two things in this book.
8:39 pm
first of all, bill surprisingly had much more hair when this was taken. [ laughter ] >> bill: surprisingly? >> well, it's a very nice wig. >> bill: when you were my age, you are going to look like a watermelon. [ laughter ] >> you are saying you are implying that i don't now? you write -- this whole thing is about progressivism. >> bill: absolutely. >> yeah. so now you are coming down on me. >> bill: i'm not coming down on you. i'm just asking. >> it's not a cancer? the whole darn book is about. >> bill: i'm not saying it wasn't a cancer. i'm just asking about the cancer. >> yeah. and here is the best part. you and i have come to the same conclusion. i'm doing a deal at the lincoln memorial this summer on 8/28 about restoring honor from culture warrior if i may quote: don't say stuff and then not do it. sloppiness of character. it can become habit-forming. it's very important for the
8:40 pm
t-warrior. >> bill: traditional warrior. >> it bothers me. to be a person of honor, a stand-up guy or gal. what does that mean? by being stand-up you tell the truth and defend your principles in public, even if they are unpopular. >> bill: right. that's what you did at the cpac convention? >> yes. even though it's unpopular. >> bill: it was because both the left mocked you and the right mocked you. >> here's the thing. my point at cpac was there is -- there is a disease. it set up to eat our constitution. that's the whole progressive movement. >> bill: i don't disagree with you. as you said, i wrote a whole book on it when you were just a whipper snapper. >> so how come you don't. >> bill: when you were throwing water balloons on dopey radio shows, i was writing that book. >> so then how come you don't see the evil insidiousness that is going on, especially in the democratic party and the obama administration, this giant
8:41 pm
progressive movement that is -- that is eating the final bits. >> bill: what do you think we do here every night? >> i don't know. i don't watch -- >> bill: i know you don't. that's what your problem is. >> there is no one watching this show. >> bill: this is like a cable access show. >> bill: you have to watch the most successful cable news program in history. we take it apart. we don't generalize in a big tent. let's get to the right for a moment. you get in there, and these are the conservatives, many of them republicans, you are slamming the republican party for big spending. >> right. >> bill: for big government and ignoring the folks. >> i will say this, if you are going to slam me on anything, you can slam me for painting with a broad brush and saying all republicans. that's like saying all democrats are bad. they are not. especially -- i don't want ever to say that all democrats are bad because i don't mean the voters. i mean a lot of the people. >> bill: the structure. >> a lot of people in washington, the party itself what parties call. >> bill: is the two party
8:42 pm
corrupt. >> i think the republican party corruption. >> bill: just as bad bad as the democrats? >> um. >> bill: close? >> yeah. >> bill: we had a lively debate earlier this week, rush limbaugh mocked me for not saying -- not calling, not branding president obama a socialist. now, i know you think he is a socialist and i cited that. but, when i interviewed obama, and you should look at that interview, i said to him,. >> i read his book. >> bill: you have to immerse yourself in the factor culture. he was sitting to me as close as he is now. >> i got a chill. >> bill: you are a big income -- he said teddy roosevelt wanted taxation. that's what his answer was. i'm not soft oon obama. i identify what he does. i'm not going to say -- >> if you want to be technically
8:43 pm
accurate. he is not a marxist. he is not a socialist. he is a progressive. >> bill: that's right. exactly. so you are agreeing with me, beck. >> never. >> bill: techni -- technically accurate. you are agreeing with me. >> the spirit of it. >> bill: i have no beef with that. >> people don't understand what progressive really means. the difference between marxism and progressivism is marxism has a revolution like what van jones would like to do. progressivism says bit by bit we will eat at the constitution. >> bill: let me make it really simple for you so that you can go back on your show and say this to the folks. >> do you have a chalkboard? >> bill: progressivism wants to take your stuff. that's it. that's what it is. it wants to take your stuff. >> doesn't want to kill you? no because then they won't have your stuff if you are dead, you can't earn stuff that they want. right? counter productive. >> right. i will go a step farther. they just don't want to take
8:44 pm
your stuff. they want to control every aspect of your life. >> bill: maybe. that's a totalitarian thing that chavez and these guys get into. i don't think obama cares what you do in your spare time. >> what do you have in your spare time. >> bill: he doesn't care what you do. >> now we are getting to the communist kind of constitutions where you have a right to work. and then a right to rest. >> bill: look. there is no doubt about any of this. you and i agree which is, you know, why we are successful, because i think the folks agree with us, too. >> i don't know why i'm successful. >> bill: i don't either, to tell you the truth. [ laughter ] >> bill: you take it five steps further than i do. >> that was easy. >> bill: if you are going to give it to me, i'm going to take it it's not beneath me. what are you, crazy? there is nothing beneath me. watch the show. >> no, i don't watch the show. >> bill: that's why you don't know that. [ laughter ] >> bill: glenn beck, everybody. in a moment, the dumbest things of the week starring a congresswoman who wants to put some cia people in jail. don't miss this coming next.
8:45 pm
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8:47 pm
>> bill: back of the book segment tonight, the dumbest things of the week. with us on the dumb patrol red eye goot guy greg gutfeld and
8:48 pm
juliet hudy. i have to set this up. 60 minutes investigation this coming sunday good piece. some dope and we use that phrase literally dope. tries to sell defense department secrets to the chinese and it's caught on tape. roll it. ♪ >> are you sure that's okay? >> yeah. >> are you sure? >> i'm very, very, very reticent to let you have it because it's all classified. but i will let you see it. you can take all the notes you want. it's just i cannot ever let anyone know because that will -- that's my job, man. get fired for sure on that. >> not even get fired i will go to [bleep] jail. >> bill: we won't tell anyone. you elizabetherring -- fool.
8:49 pm
>> he used the word reticent so he is not that dumb. >> bill: he is not that dumb because he used the word reticent. a big word. >> this guy goats into a local furniture story in new orleans which is a hot bed of terrorism activity, i guess, i don't know. and he meets this guy. you are sitting there watching him. they are exchanging information and he thinks he is going to get the money. does all these wonderful things. >> bill: the guy stuffed 2,000 bucks -- >> selling america's secrets for 2 grand? i mean i do that for goodness sakes. i'm just kidding. >> bill: got a sofa, too. >> and an end table. matching end table. >> bill: how stupid is this guy. >> the stupidest thing is the judge's decision on this. >> bill: five years? >> he should have gotten a lot more. >> bill: you think so? >> yeah. he easily could have. >> bill: he got five years. it was about taiwan, it was selling pentagon defense department armaments to taiwan. gutfeld, you want to pile on. >> i actually think the guy was so stupid he only deserved five
8:50 pm
years. the guy thought the spy was from taiwan, not from china. >> bill: he didn't know the difference. >> we won't go there. >> bill: i would have tacked on another two years for being geographically challenged. >> bill: 60 minutes is going to run that piece on sunday night. gutfeld has selected for his dumbest thing of the week a cat deal. roll it ♪ one little pot could open a world of -- ♪ sensory, satisfying ♪ feathers, feast and duck ♪ journey to delicious and beyond ♪ >> bill: what are they selling cat lsd? [ laughter ] >> makes me want to eat cat food again. >> bill: if that's what you want to get. >> that is better than avatar.
8:51 pm
forget avatar. >> bill: little frisky. >> trying to magical journey a cat takes when it eats friskies. how do they know? >> bill: i don't know about the magical journey. medicinal marijuana have little friskies in there. >> frank luntz interview cats to see what friskies taste like and are they spiking it with acid? i want to know. >> bill: my dumb thing is pretty serious. a congresswoman named luis slaughter. i'm not going to personally attack her but she is out there. >> why not? >> bill: i will set her up, ms. slaughter, yesterday at the health care summit. go. >> i even have one constituent, you will not believe this, and i know you won't, but it's true. her sister died. the before woman had no dentures. she wore her dead sister's teeth. , which of course, did not fit. do you ever believe that in america that that's where we would be? no we don't believe it.
8:52 pm
okay? there you go. now, this woman tries to get a bill through the house that would send cia people to jail if they use coerced interrogation. and there is no statue of limitations. it would go back to the revolutionary war. >> she is degrading terrorists. >> bill: you believe a dead person's dentures are degrading. send a woman to jail. this is how dumb this is. >> do you want to degrade terrorists? i do. >> the definition is putting a terrorist in stressful position or playing with insects. you can go to jail for that now agents will have to worry about whether they are offends terrorists instead of protecting the world. >> bill: so louise slaughter, the congresswoman from new york dumbest thing of the week. >> she has slaughtered my opinion of her. >> bill: get feld, hudy, thanks very much. pinheads and patriots on deck tonight starring harrison ford and sienna miller as we contemplate the pun. right back with p and p.
8:53 pm
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bill: time for pin hids and patriots. you can't cover every important story. in haiti there are still millions suffering. but attention is diverted elsewhere. but there are famous people doing good work in haiti like actress sienna miller. >> the need for immediate medical care is enormous. if you can help your donation
8:56 pm
will save lives today and help haiti rebuild tomorrow. bill: for her work on behalf of international medical corp which is doing good work down there, miss miller a patriot. on the pinhead front an environmental site is hammering actor harrison ford. they don't like the fact he's a pilot and flies around all over the place. he told a manage soon he likes flying so much he will use his plane to pick up a cheese burger. we think mr. ford was being facetious, but it doesn't matter if you want to fly you should be able to fly. this is america. the group is in pinhead territory. >> if you sign up for a yearly premium membership on bill o' we'll send new nifty travel mug. including p m's who renew their membership so everybody wins. everybody can check out the no spin news exclusively for premium members commentary by me on bill o' that
8:57 pm
we don't do on the factor so i can get more obnoxious on the website, i know people say it is impossible but check out the no-spin news and become a premium member you will like it. the letters. vivian: need a massachusetts bill. done you think president was rude he should apologize to the senator over the campaign remark. it is just politics vivian. julian: mr. o, if health care benefits don't start until 2014 what is the rush to pass the bill? just politics. david: democrats more responsibility at summit, republicans preach fiscal responsibility. we need both. i lean: stuart varney is wrong. i work in health care our executives gobble up major perks who do you think pays? the folks, no question. sherry: stuart is spot-on. let the market decide on health insurance.
8:58 pm
cat reason: i -- catherine: i was disappointed to hear you say the killer whale should be removed. does that mean cars should be removed after people are killed in them? if a car a person and pulls them underwater, i would say yes that vehicle should be recalled, maybe impounded. get the comparison between a whale and a car. philip: o'reilly how is it you are an expert on shakespeare but didn't know that moby dick was a sperm whale not an orca? i think you might be taking the movie dick just a bit too far. just a joke. i don't like peta using. with to make a point. maybe we need an organization called people for the ethical treatment of people. robert: bill, in trying to make fun of -- you called him a nimrod that's a complement it means great hunter that is the
8:59 pm
biblical definition. the english definition of nimrod is a silly person. don't be a nimrod. mr james bristow: there is a news guy, bill o'whose viewers are kept in the know, no spin does he air, debates does he fair keeping the factor a top rated show. excellent mr. james, signed copy of bold fresh on the way to you. fox --'reilly. in case you come in late to the broadcast. also please e-mail us with pithy comments from anywhere in the world o'reilly name a town if you wish to opine. do not be truculent or a nimrod when writing to the factor that's it for us today. factor continues bill o'


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