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tv   Hannity  FOX News  February 26, 2010 9:00pm-10:00pm EST

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suits, skip makes my shirts, always fit perfectly. remember the spin stops here because we are looking out for you! >> sean: it is another day and surprise, surprise, yet another democrat is calling it quits as a result of a major scandal. this time embattled new york governor david patterson. who told reporters a short time ago he will not seek a full four year term as governor. >> there are times in politics when you have to know not to strive for service, but to step back and that moment has come for me. today i am announcing that i'm ending my campaign for governor of the state of new york. >> sean: patterson's departure on the heels of a bombshell "new york times" article detailing his handling of a domestic abuse case involving one of his aide. last year his aide david johnson was accused of brutally tacking a woman. that woman later pursued a restraining order against
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johnson. prior to her court appearance the woman alleges she received a call from none other than governor patterson. he responded to these serious charges and allegations earlier today. >> i am looking forward to a full investigation of actions taken by myself and my administration. but i give you this personal oath, i have never abused my office. not now, not ever. >> sean: as that investigation continues so does the one surrounding new york congressman charlie rangel. rangel chairs the house, ways and means committee violated rules for allowing corporations to fund his trips to the caribbean that is the tip of the iceberg for charlie rangel. calls for his resignation are heating up as more ethics investigations continue. sadly, none of this is surprising. the democratic party has been plagued with scandals recently. everyone knows about patterson's predecessor elliot
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spitzer and his adventures with a high-prizeed >> caller: -- high-priced call girl and chris dodd's sweetheart mortgage deals and the frozen assets of william cold cash jefferson. pay to play scandal by blagojevich. the list can go on and on. joining me with reaction to this is the host of the nationally syndicated radio show, morning in america, bill bennett. good to see you, welcome back. >> good to see you sean, thank you. let's sign books together next month, what do you say on your tour? i'll join your daughter. >> sean: we've got the conservative victory tour and we will be out there on my website, you gave way the surprise. >> i'll hitchhike, sorry what did i do? >> sean: first of all, i want to play a tape of nancy pelosi. nancy pelosi was asked the
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question today, she made a promise when she first became speaker she would have one of the most ethical house leadership ever and here's what she said. >> admonished charlie rangel given you promised to run the most ethical and honest congress in history -- >> and we are. >> do you think he should step down? >> sean: what do you think of that? >> well, it's ugly stuff and discouraging stuff and demoralizing stuff. i wish i could say it is just democrats, it's not. we've had troubles on our side too. they could seem to be running for the hills. stepping down, resigning, not runs. -- not running. this is a discouraged and demoralizing bunch maybe with good reason. in the book i talk about the same they had in the early 90s started ethical challenges to clinton early on.
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then '90 four, i don't know if you want to talk -- '94, i don't know if you want to talk about it. what we have is shaping up to a parallel of '94 the elephant stampede remember the 52 seats newt gingrich and company captured because of the disinfection with washington. it had to do with ethics mainly a sense of fiscal irresponsibility and people being fed up with washington and its arrogance and the arrogance of power. sound familiar. >> sean: sounds very familiar. think of how the mark foley scandal that one scandal had a big impact on one race. cold cash, blagojevich, spitzer, mcgreevy. i'm not saying republicans are immune, we have mark sanford. the senator from nevada. >> sure. >> sean: certainly the corruption scandals, geithner, house, ways and means committee chair. >> there's a difference we take ours seriously.
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when stuff happens in our party we say cunningham's got to go. foley absolutely to go. shape on abrammoff and the people who took that money. we told to that the democrats not so sure. i still think and this book is about that , that the democrats made a deal with the devil in the 80s. sorry, in the 90s with clinton. and i remember sitting there on all the talk shows arguing with democrats about clinton stuff and they said no, no, it is fine, no big deal. the show would be over and they would say you are right, it is horrible, terrible. you can't swallow that stuff whole and expect it not to somehow corrode. do you remember michael kelly the journalist from the "washington post", independent guy, he died in iraq, you remember. he said i can never vote for the democrat party again, given what it swallowed during the clinton era i know clinton is an icon now and has done a
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good job of rehabilitating himself. they looked past these ethical problems. if pelosi does that again it goes deep in the soul of the party. >> sean: she is in a state of denial. the comment was i'm still running the most ethical house in history. william jefferson, charlie rangel is still the chairman of the house ways and means committee. the white house they didn't seem to have a problem putting tax cheats or trying to appoint lot of 'em one of 'em is the head of the irs now. i don't think they think it is a problem. >> one of the questions is, enough of the press become sufficiently disend manhattanned -- disenchanted with barack obama that we are going to look into it with the same vigor -- >> sean: no i o'-- no. >> the work has to be done by other people. anybody that discourages young people particularly, i still think i'm the secretary of education, about politics by
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in kind of trashy behavior, there's a special condemnation. you make people cynical about this, it's gotta matter. yesterday when you saw our guy paul ryan didn't that make you feel better about politics? >> sean: listen paul ryan, cantor, pence there's a real emerging young group of conservatives that i think are gonna be the future of the party. you mentioned 2010 moments ago. i've had rasmussen, john, karl rove, none of them think as of right now republicans take back the house or the . dick morris thinks the opposite. newt gingrich thinks the opposite. i think the opposite. where do you stand? >> well, you're the guy who had me on, what do you want me -- of course, i'm a historian i'm not a pollster. we had the elephant stampede in '94, what are we gonna have now? in is a president is who is
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further to the left than clinton was. the people are much angrier. interesting thing, the parallels. the republican party, conservative base known for social and values issues primarily the thing motivating them is deficits, spending, fiscal irresponsibility like just in '94. that means your base is broader so your revolution may be broader. >> sean: did the republicans yesterday -- i thought it was a slam-dunk in terms of this health care summit with the president, con -- confrontation over the process over the bribery that the bill could not stan on its own merits had they not offered key senators, taxpayer dollars. do you think the republicans, did they make a clear enough distinction, did they go a long way to maybe rehabilitating and bringing back the base -- rehabilitating their image and bringing back the base of people that were
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disinfranchised by them? >> i think they went a long way. anybody watching yesterday could not say there's no difference between the parties. the republicans are just dime store democrats or democrats on the cheap. fundamental differences. as the republicans kept saying philosophical differences. they sounded so intelligent, because they are. a lot of liberals don't think conservatives are very intelligent people. and that -- their analysis was so much better. i liked spine. i like lamar alexander talking back, jon kyl talking back, paul ryan talking back. >> sean: i like it too. no one is going to listen to me. i think they should put their promises on paper, follow the success of the contract. that will hold then to the values and promises they are making in the election. good luck with the vote. now the cat's out of the bag. we'll see you on the book tour. we'll be out there together. there's bill bennett's new look on our screen, "as
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century turns." let not your heart be troubled. a lot more hannity, straight ahead. >> this bill does not control cost. this bill does not reduce deficits. >> sean: after yesterday's disastrous summit is reconciliation the democrats' only option? >> put that on the shelf, start over with a blank piece of paper. >> sean: joe, your mic is on. joe biden caught on tape, the results are not flattering. the white house opens its doors to nonbelievers. lots more hannity, straight ahead. st: could switching to go really save you
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. >> sean: fox news has confirmed the woman at the center of the party crasher scandal plans to step down. according to senior administration official white house social secretary desiree rogers will leave her post next month. rogers came under fire after the salahis went through the white house gate and landed on the guest list of an official state dinner in november. hey, maybe sheriff joe biden can cover the gate at the next party. you never know. and all of these. paid invoices go right here. bang! - that hasn't been paid yet. - what? - huh-uh. - all my business information is just a phone call away-- to my wife... who's not answering. announcer: there's a better way to run your business. intuit quickbooks online organizes your business in one place. it easily creates invoices and helps you stay on top
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if you could help prevent a fracture, wouldn't you? for your free kit call now. >> sean: a new day means a new health care deadline for the democrats. according to a report iowa senator harkin says that deadline is easter recess which falls on march 29th, less than five weeks away by the time esther comes we willful fill ted kennedy's dream that health care is a right not a privilege. will the democrats turn to reconciliation and try and jam this bill down your throat? joining me with answers two people who were present yesterday. marsha blackburn and louisiana congressman welcome back. >> thank you. >> congressman, were you in the room. i wasn't there, i'm watching on tv fascinated by the whole
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proceedings. i found the president talking down a lot. he seemed arrogant. seemed impatient. you know, every time somebody made a good point, those are the talking points. i won. that's not true. these are talking points, again and again. what did you make of that? >> i thought that what he did was spend a lot of energy and a lot of time in consentedding to people and discounting the ideas that we were bringing that is time and energy that could have been spent saying how do we address medical malpractice and tort reform? how do we address interstate purchasing of insurance? i found it to be counter productive. what it did do was make a great point to the american people that look, this is how this is happening. when we bring ideas forward, when we put them on the table, this is the kind of response we get. sean, for the first time they why -- they were in the
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committee room, the cameras were going and they got to see the disrespect and the manner in which republican ideas are treated when they are put on the fable for discussion. and that discussion doesn't -- on the table for discussion and that discussion doesn't happen. >> sean: congressman your thoughts? >> i agree. he belittled the fact that we had the bill on the table in front of us. we are legislators and talking about points in these bills. so, yes, i think he really was somewhat condescending about those things. we wanted to have a real substantive dialogue on these issues and highlight where we stand, where they stand, what those differences are and how can we bridge those, if possible? >> sean: very impressive, including the both of you and paul ryan and eric cantor, i thought that was a good group of republicans. you went in with a strong strategy. we the media says it is a draw,
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you know that is a lost for barack obama. the issues that stood out for me and i think for a lot of other people. most people i know were extraordinarily angry at the process. the fact they had to buy senators' votes to get this passed. the fact that republicans were kept out. the idea that the president refused to take the invitation by lamar alexander to take reconciliation off the table. congresswoman, was that a mistake? did he miss a moment to prove to the american people he's bipartisan? >> i think the@ij president did miss a moment. i also think that leader reid and speaker pelosi missed that moment, as did the vice president. they are the democratic leadership, they control it all. they had the opportunity to say, the american people don't want this bill. we feed to scrap it and start over with a clean sheet of paper. they passed that opportunity. the president should have looked at those leaders and
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said, you know what, the american people don't want it done this way let's go through regular order and produce a product that everybody republican, democrat, all-american are going to be proud of and are going to benefit from. but he gave up that opportunity. i think in doing that, that's why today people are saying, republicans won this or it was a draw or you know they're further away from achieving their goal today than they were yesterday. >> sean: congressman i agree with everything the congresswoman just said your distinguished colleague. i got to get the lingo down you guys have. the president could have been more respectful for peoples' titles that's another issue for another day. i don't want to nitpick here. here's my concern i have, i think they could still force this bill down america's throat. i don't want people to become come play . i've had a lot of --
9:19 pm
complacent. i've had a lot of smart people warning that republicans may not take back the house and senate, this is not a slam-dunk. i don't want people to become complacent there. which is why i wrote a book i'm going to be releasing in a few weeks. i think we can >> you it up. the democrats now have have time to recover, do you agree with my concern that maybe we need to stay on offense here? there's a lot of work yet to do? >> absolutely sean. we are intent on earning the majority back. it starts now and it will continue and we will escalate that effort as we go forward until we get to the next elections. the american people have spoken loudly and i can tell you as a doctor with 20 years experience, talking to a lot of folks in my district and around the country, they want to start over on this health care bill. they want us to get it right. we have a duty to do something about health care, the way --
9:20 pm
but we really have an obligation to get it right. i that means bringing down the cost for families and small business owners. not bankrupting this country. so, we're intent on moving for. putting our ideas out there. holding to our conservative values. we are gonna work hard to earn the majority back. >> sean: this is what -- i think this election is turning into, which i think is good, almost reminds me of reagan vs. mondale, reagan vs. carter. great distinctions between the two parties that is going to give the country a choice in terms of future direction. thank you for being with us. >> thank you so much. >> sean: as the host, i am the host, and i have to go to break. sort of like the president reminding everybody, i'm president. bad attempt at humor. we'll come back, more coming up, including mike huckabee, straight ahead on hannity. >> the president: no, no. this is an example of where we
9:21 pm
got to get our facts straight. >> sean: mr. president i think it is you no needs to get your facts straight. coalition of atheists heads to the white house after the president turns his back on religious groups last year. is this a pattern? plus mike huckabee, much more straight ahead. re they pick it . (lures splilling out) don't do that. this weekend at the bass pro shops spring fishing classic, trade in an old reel and save up to $100 on a new one. honda accord and toyota camry stand behind their powertrain for up to 60,000 miles. chevy malibu stands behind theirs for up to 100,000 miles. which makes it pretty clear whose standing out front.
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>> sean: tonight in hannity's america. joe biden has never been the most ambitious politician. not even i knew how much he loved being lazy. during a break in yesterday's health care summit, he shared his views on the vice presidency. what he didn't know was that his mic was still on broadcasting his every word. take a look. i hope the vice president enjoys the rest of his
9:25 pm
white house vacation. i think i would rather have him doing nothing than putting liberal ideals and ideas he has into practice. biden's hot mic wasn't the only problem the democrats ran into yesterday. facts also seemed to pose difficulty for them. particularly evident in the president's exchange with tennessee senator lamar alexander. >> the president: so, lamar when you mentioned earlier you said premiums go up that's not the case according to the congressional budget office. >> if you going to contradict me i ought to have a chance to -- the congressional budget office report says that premiums will rise in the individual market, as a result of the senate bill. >> the president: no, this is an example of where we got to get our facts straight. >> sean: a look back at that cbo report commissioned by indiana democrat evan bayh shows it is the president who needs to get his facts straight. the report concludes, the
9:26 pm
average premium per person covered would be about 10 to 13% higher in 2016 than the average premium for nongroup coverage in that same year under the current law. wow, what a great bill. no wonder the democrats are obscuring the facts. we told you earlier about the serious legal troubles facing new york congressman rangel. yesterday after i was revealed he had broken several house ethics rules he took to the microphones and attempted to defend himself. he had a clear and simple strategy. throw anyone and everyone under the bus, in order to save himself. take a look at this. >> common sense dictates that members of congress should not be held responsible for what could be the wrongdoing or mistakes and records of staff. so asking these questions would embarrass me because i can give you answers.
9:27 pm
>> sean: if you are not embarrassed yet i don't know what to tell you. speaker pelosi, i know you are watching it appears that swamp in washington has not been drained yet. >> sean: another developing scandal rocking the united nations' climate change panel known as the ipcc. in january the ipcc retracted its ridiculous claim that the himalayan glaciers would disappear by 2035. now we are hearing how the report made it through the review process. there was no review process. according to the blog, a senior member of the ipcc has admitted that he never bothered reading the report. pat fin again revealed this information in a recent debate explaining he did not have time to read it because it was over 1800 pages long.
9:28 pm
sounds like this guy would make a great congressman. maybe he should run that is the news tonight from hand think's america. coming up, a coalition of atheists granted high level meetings at the white house. details and reaction from governor huckabee. plus fall-out from his interview with the first lady michelle obama, straight ahead. i was short of breath, so i couldn't always do what i wanted to do. but five minutes ago, i took symbicort, and symbicort is already helping significantly improve my lung function.
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9:30 pm
illinois governor blagojevich. according to the democrats his speech will give him a chance to tell his side of the story. the group's vice president of programming said there isn't a better person out there to discuss the topic. somehow i find that hard to believe. but i'm sure his lecture will be ethically enlightening. ♪ hey, now, now, we're going down, down ♪ ♪ and we'll ride the bus there ♪ pay the bus fare ♪ or we find a new reason [ female announcer ] something unexpected to the world of multigrain... taste. ♪ hey, now, now ♪ we're going down, down, and we ride the bus there ♪ [ female announcer ] introducing delicious new pringles multigrain. ♪ a new way of living [ female announcer ] new multigrain pops with pringles. investors are demanding more for their money. good. this time, i'm watching fees like a hawk. i hate hidden fees. why should i have to pay for something that i shouldn't have to pay for? td ameritrade's pricing is clear
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9:32 pm
a coalition of atheist groups the individuals in attendance the california man who sued unsuccessfully, to have the words "under god" removed from the pledge of allegiance. religious groups have not received this treatment from the obama white house. last year the president distanced himself from the national day of prayer, cancelling the formal service traditionally held in honor of the day in refusing to attend a catholic prayer breakfast. what is going on? has the administration demonstrated a pattern of hostility toward religion or is this a coincidence? joining me with answers the former governor of the great state of arkansas, host of hannity on the weekends mark levin, what time are you on huckabee tonight, it is an inside joke. welcome back. >> great to be with you. >> sean: hostility to religion. >> i don't hostility there's been a coolness toward the very people he spent an enormous amount of time
9:33 pm
courting during the campaign. you may remember the wonderful forum that was held at saddle back church with rick warren. many attempts, obama brought a number of evangelical leaders together and met with them during the campaign. there were surprising endorsements from many, because they said he's really open us to, he's listening us to. but i've talked personally to some of those very people who are very disappointed and feel like it was a campaign-type of approach, not serious from the white house. >> sean: you took a lot of heat from your interview you had with michelle obama. tell us what some of the reaction was? >> a lot of people said as soon as i saw she was gonna be on, i turned it off that is unfor the we are not benefited as a country when we won't listen to people. i don't agree with most any of the policies of her husband, maybe afghanistan policy. i think he listened to the
9:34 pm
generals. on the economy. i think he's wrong. as it represents to stimulus, i think he's wrong. the way we are gonna create jobs, i think he's wrong. health care way wrong, cap and tax, way wrong. >> sean: national security, way wrong. i can keep going. >> having trials in new york city. but, on the issue of having a civil conver particularly the issue i had with michelle obama, the spouse. it mains people are gonna do to the obamas -- it pains me people are gonna do to the obamas what people did to the bush family. >> sean: i can't get beyond, people say hannity, let go. i can get beyond 20 years in the church. we are talking about religion, the character. you had wonderful things to say about her. you said she is a person, nice, cordial to you. you support her in effort about obesity in children. why can't i get beyond, you are a pastor, counselor.
9:35 pm
help me. >> it is going to take more time than several shows. prayer, fasting, i don't know. >> it is fair to wonder what her reaction was. what his reaction was to some of the comments that were made. however, let's look at the point, over 20 years. it wasn't he was saying that every sunday. >> sean: just about. he said a lot of bad things. he had a lot of outrageous views. black liberation threeology. >> he's a liberation theologian. he does have some of those strong beliefs. and there's no doubt about it. but that wasn't the totallive his ministry and his church did many good social things in the community. and i just have to say that -- >> sean: if he shows up on a cover with louis far can and elijah -- louis farrakhan and elijah muhammad and your pastor goes with >> announcer: in the 80s, >> i'm not defending reverend
9:36 pm
wright. >> sean: you met her and were very complementary. you said you thought i would like her more if i met her? >> i think you would. i think you have defined her largely by the comment she made in the heat of the campaign moment when she said this is the first time i'm proud of my country. >> sean: i would like to ask her more about it. >> i did she was expressive and specifically talked about what made her proud of the country and how the campaign endeared her. >> sean: you thought she was ordinary people? >> i did. does that mean she and i would agree on a lot of other things? probably not. it was at least a conversation that brought two people together of opposite political view points who did not end up yelling and screaming at each other. >> sean: i could see barack obama sitting down with you. if he did have -- i could never see him sitting down with me. >> i would want to be there if that happens. i want the pay-per-view rights. i want pay-per-view -- >> sean: in the republican
9:37 pm
this week -- the republicans this week i said they had ray decided disadvantage going into a meeting with the president. the president ended up speaking more than all the republicans combined. it seeps he's the one guy the great orator the more he speaks the more he goes backwards in terms of garnering support for his position. >> the more people know about the health care bill the less they like it. every poll reflects that since he made the proposal. it is like he has not accepted that there's a the governed are not consenting to this. >> sean: isn't it part of being a good orator convincing people that your position is correct? >> if you are selling dog food, the dogs have to like it. and dogs don't like this. the dogs aren't eating it and it is time to find a new food. >> sean: say that as governor? >> i said stuff that got me in trouble all the time. that's why i'm more sympathetic to the obamas than
9:38 pm
you will be. >> sean: certainly why you had people laughing on the cap pain trail. >> but they were laughing at me, not with me. >> sean: we are not that far away from new orleans. >> i'm going to be up here. i have a job it is called fox news. >> sean: okay. are you considering yourself a run in 2012? >> right now i'm considering honestly the focus on the 2010 elections. i know that sounds like i'm evading. i'm not ruling anything out. but i think we have to get through this election cycle. i believe that my number one priority, and i've been on the campaign trail this week for some people answer i will be over the next week and the next week after that because changing congress and some of the governors is the way that we can help change america. get the attention of congress and the white house and put a back-stop to some of this stuff that is going to hurt the country if we are not cave. >> sean: what is the program
9:39 pm
this weekend? >> we have jeff garland from "curb your enthusiasm." senator from florida, barack obama talks about transparency, florida is doing it. we can do it at the federal level. people should watch they will find that transparency is achievable if we want it to be. i hope the president will watch this weekend. >> sean: governor, thank you. we'll be watching this weekend. when we come back the great, great, great, american panel, straight ahead. ♪ don't forget mrs. collier. i won't. ♪ clear somsnow? spread a little warmth?
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>> sean: he's the former mayor of the city of providence. he currently hosts his own radio program the buddy cianci show the chief political analyst for abc of news vincent cianci is here. former assistant u.s. attorney currently a fellow at the national review institute andy mccarthy. she is a business and political strategist who has held senior positions on several democratic campaigns tara dowdell is with us. welcome aboard. sad story, this trainer this killer whale, you know she's at seaworld and you know apparently original reports were wrong. apparently, the whale pulled her into the -- by her hair.
9:44 pm
the one continuing that impressed me and i feel sorry for her family. i kept reading how she loved to do this. this was a life's dream. you know, it really inspired me. look at that picture. obviously look -- loving what she is doing. some people now want the whale killed. people are saying, if a dog hurt somebody badly, you kill the dog. >> that's not the way it should be here this is a killer whale. look up the word kill dictionary and you will see what it says. it is in captivity apparently it has done this before, i'm sure not intentionally. look at the pictures of her dancing with the whale and making the motions and being so much a part of that whale's life. frankly, i don't know if anybody realizes this, but the fact is that whale is there for environmental purposes it wasn't the whale's fault. >> sean: as you pointed out this happened one time before.
9:45 pm
i'm sure everybody knows this is a dangerous job. they are saying but we've got to close down places like seaworld. some of the best moments i've had taking my kids to seaworld and swimming with dolphins. >> but it is a contained environment. you can't domesticate a killer whale that's the difference teen the dog or whatever other example they want to use. this is us trying to impose on who the animal is. it turns out to be the animal rights people who put us in that situation in the first place. now they want to kill the whale. >> i think this is a knee-jerk reaction. i think it is horrible, tragic i feel badly for this woman and her family. but, i think people know the risks when they get in the situation. like the story about the time the snake bit the person the woman found the snake it was sick nursed the snake back to health and the snake bit her. why did you bite me? because i'm a snake. it is along those lines. >> sean: good answer.
9:46 pm
another democratic corruption scandal, what a shock. >> i don't love that transition. >> sean: there will be a lot of comments on the web about that first of all we got charlie rangel. governor patterson from earlier today this is what he said: >> i am being realistic about politics. it hasn't been the latest distraction it has been accumulation of obstacles that have obfuscateed me from bringing my message to the public. there are there are times in politics when you have to know not to strive for service, but to step back. and that moment has come for me. >> sean: can i ask a question? if a governor on the eve of testimony of a woman, calls the governor because it's his aide is that intimidation? >> of course it is. and he shouldn't have done it. as a result of that call and other things, new york is gonna have more governors than tiger woods has girlfriends.
9:47 pm
this guy is gonna have to leave. he can't stay. he's and effective governor. disfunction al, terrible quandary. the fact of the matter is, he's done a terrible job and the polls show it. he should not have done that that is definitely -- even at appearance of wrongdoing, -- >> sean: you were a prosecutor. you tried the people responsible for the first trade center bombing. >> 17 years ago today. >> sean: is that right? >> today's the anniversary. >> sean: is this intimidation? >> of course it is. it is terrible for government's case. the -- terrible for the governor's case. the worst thing is to have a witness subjected to these extraneous pressures. what you want is somebody who is reasonably teed up to be honest and if you have to start disclosing that the governor is going, someone else is putting pressure [ inaudible ]
9:48 pm
>> i think governor patterson had to step down. a lot of democratic strategists would say he needed to step down before in allegation came for. i hope these allegations are not true. but i think it is better for the party that governor patterson not seek reelection. he had too many distractions. it was death by a thousand cuts. >> sean: we charlie rangel. head of the powerful house, ways and means committee, which writes tax law. he admits to the ethics violations. i think his bigger troubles are on the other side of this, in terms of the income that he had that oops, he forgot to report. we got tax cheat tim geithner. a culture of corruption. i thought nancy pelosi was going to drain the swamp. >> certainly democrats do not have a monopoly on corruption. >> sean: she said she was going to drain the swamp. >> rangel is being censured, he's being admonished. >> there's a difference.
9:49 pm
rangel is so powerful, he's got 15,000 lives. it is nancy pelosi that protects him, the president of the united states who protects him. that's -- as far as i'm concerned he shouldn't even be there. >> i think what turns the tide on people is their personal -- the way they deal with these sorts of situations. i think it was terrible for rangel today to blame his staff. i think that is going to turn people off in a big way. >> sean: i thought the president yesterday ha opportunity, we use the term sister souljah moment, bill clinton. there's honesty there. i thought the president when john mccain rather than mock him and make fun of him and say i won the election and i'm the president. if he would have said john you are right, if the bill is good enough we shouldn't have to bribe senators, you know, to get their votes. similarly, if the democrats would say, charlie rangel sorry, but you broke too many rules here. and you probably are facing
9:50 pm
some type type of legal trouble. wouldn't it go further we are the american people to own up to it? >> it would if everyone was altruistic. they look at rangel -- >> he has a wonderful way with people. all those people know him and like him who deal with him every single day. >> sean: he's a charming, wonderful person. >> he's well respected. >> sean: but it's corruption. >> no question about it. >> i worked in government for a long time. you don't worry about the problem that will happen in november. you worry about the problem that will happen friday. >> sean: last question, does he risk getting indicted? >> sure he does. >> sean: he's got real legal problems. >> he's got lots of problems right now. >> sean: a lot more straight ahead. okay, sweetie, open wide and say "ahh."
9:51 pm
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>> sean: we continue with our great, great american panel. the idea of reconciliation. we've been talking a lot about . the president yesterday had an opportunity to say i'm not gonna use in process, he didn't do that it is interesting, i won't go back and play it. we have joe biden and hillary clinton and we have barack obama, and r all talking about how unconstitutional it is, how arrogant it is. how this is a power grab. 2005, it wasn't that long ago. now all of a sudden, they're gonna do this. so the question is, as they move forward in this process, how much damage do they cause themselves politically, with the public that has already rejected this plan? >> i don't believe reconciliation is a fait accompli. first of all the conversation around reconciliation has been
9:55 pm
around the public option. president obama does not include the public option in his own blueprint for health care reform. >> sean: forget specifics. if the democrats use the very thing they said was a power grab, arrogant and unconstitutional, if they do that -- wait a minute >> not every democrat said that >> it is an arcane way of doing something that will further disconnect them from the american people. the american public doesn't understand the health care bill to begin with. to do this which will further disconnect them is worse. it is like birthing a 50-year-old baby. you maybe can do it but it is uncomfortable and nobody likes it and it is painful. >> sean: there's a 50-year-old at the take. >> i think we are looking at this the wrong way. the goal these people have is to transform america. >> sean: obama said that >> yes. i think they have factored in they are going to lose some seats in the next election
9:56 pm
cycle or two. it's more important to them to get this done in as radical a way as they can do it. >> sean: they will sacrifice house members and senate members for this? so the why to are the house and senate members stupid enough to walk off the plank for them? >> first of all we know health care is a problem in this country whether or not people want to admit how deep this is. >> sean: no one is disputing we want health care reform. >> 60 billion dollars in waste. >> sean: a lot of options they threw out on the table yesterday. nobody is saying we shouldn't have health care reform. the republicans were shut out. >> not true. 161 amendments and ted kennedy's health bill came from republicans. >> sean: here's the problem. american people rejected this big 2,000 plus page monstrosity.
9:57 pm
>> it is 49-42. >> they may lose seats if they try to get this through. i don't think they have the votes in the house to do it. >> that's a good point. >> the american people don't want it. unless they fix it and make it understandable. nobody understands this. >> this is a complex problem. >> have you read the bill? >> yes. >> all 2200 pages? >> yes. >> how long did it take? >> a long time. but it was important to read it. i can layout some of the aspects of the bill if you would like. it is a complex issue. >> how many people in america read that? how many senators do you think read the 2200 pages? [ talking over each other ] >> i'm a lawyer i've read some of the 2700 pages a lot of them say paragraph e-1 is changed to the extent of the
9:58 pm
semicolon, -- >> it is not that bad. >> how you can sit down and read that i don't know. >> sean: there's a lot of constitutional issues. the mandate that every american has insurance. and the idea that is this constitutional that one state gets exemptions and another state doesn't. one senator gets bought off and another senator doesn't. >> it is compromise. >> that part of it i regretably agree does go on that horse trading does go on. >> mandate is a big constitutional problem. another big constitutional problem which hasn't gotten as much play as i think it should is the obligations put on the insurance industry, with the supreme court's jurisprudence on how much government can impose on people's private property. >> the american people are gonna look at this process, this reconciliation, they don't understand it -- >> we used it before. >> they are gonna say, we already don't understand it
9:59 pm
and we further don't understand reconciliation. >> it has been used before. let's not pretend it is >> sean: but the people now doing it condemned it. >> not everyone. >> sean: obama, reid, joe biden and hillary clinton. [ talking over each other ] >> so they will have to accept some fall-pout if there is some. they will have to accept that >> sean: the fall-out will be defeat. >> there's a strong anti-establishment sentiment any way. >> sean: my new book will debut march 30th, conservative victory: defeating obama's radical agenda. we will be on a multi-city book tour. we'll be bringing a lot of live on location hannity shows and you will be able to join us. we have details about the tour on while there you can get a book, it is in paperback. every penny that i