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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  February 26, 2010 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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is going to the freedom alliance fund for the children of slain soldiers to help us. don't count on it you gotta fight for. have a great weekend. >> greta: did you hear what the president said? i was pretty flip. he said if democrats push through health care and you don't like it, then vote the democrats out of office. that's easy for him to say he's not on the ballot this november. what about the others? rick klein joining us. if they don't pass legislation by november, the democrats look weak because they own the house, white house and senate and even filibuster prove. if they -- filibuster proof, if they do pass something, bullies. >> the only people who may want to pass health care more than democrats are republicans because they are looking forward to running against this the reconciliation thing is an dangerous option, but it
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is an option. at this point the president's calculation is getting something is better than getting nothing because they may get blamed for getting nothing. >> greta: is there a political cost? are the democrats worried? everybody in the house is up for reelection in the senate a number of people are. >> some moderate democrats in the senate feel like this is not the right route. they may not be there you only need to get 50. i think there's a minimal cost directly. people -- no one knows reconciliation, filibuster these are procedural things that i think are dwarfed by the impact of legislation. it helps republicans make an argument of democrats out of control with power. you can almost write the campaign ads now and talk about how they undid years of tradition and went through the backdoor because they couldn't get through the front door because the american people rejected it. >> greta: the president and others said they were the party of no they went to the summit yesterday with ideas
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and they joined with the democrats in a jobs bill in week so they look bipartisan that politicalment is taken out of sails of the democrats, now. >> the talking point goes away a bit this summit wasn't about getting republicans onboard this is about getting democrats more comfortable with the route they have to go which is the reconciliation route. >> greta: why did they help them? >> play out the arguments show democrats what they can run on. what they can tell american people about this health care bill. that's what the forum was about. >> greta: they wouldn't be able to sell it to themselves. it almost seems unthinkable. if the democrats didn't need the republicans, all they needed is themselves. if they couldn't sell it among themselves, that doesn't send a strong message. >> we need something to sell, a bill has passed the house and senate. they've been trying to sell this for the better part of a year. the fact they are still trying to say we need traction behind
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these arguments tells you how politically perilous this situation is. you've seen over the past week, a passing merge that says a bill can get done and probably something will get done. i don't think a lot of people believed that before last week. like you say a lot of democrats maybe as scared of that as anyone else. >> greta: dynamics between the speaker, president and senate majority leader? >> there's a little chicken going on. pelosi wants to make sure the senate is good on its word. if the house passes the senate bill the senate makes the fixes that make it okay for the house. there's a lot of tension between the relationship of the big three. >> greta: more liberal or farther left members of the house willing to sign on to the senate bill. a lot of things in the senate bill don't like and things in the house bill -- >> some won't be. >> greta: close to the number -- >> bigger concern is with the moderates.
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most liberals will come onboard sold on the idea of something being better than nothing. harder with moderates some folks who oppose abortion rights brought along kicking and screaming the -- toward the end and needed every negotiation to pass the house bill before to be asked to pass something different is going to be difficult for them. >> greta: a lot of maneuvering. >> and the numbers aren't there now. >> greta: rick thank you. on the record field trip. we went to capitol hill where orrin hatch went on the record. nice to see you senator. >> nice to see you greta. >> greta: after yesterday are we farther towards a bill that is bipartisan or not? >> i think what established yesterday was the president is a very intelligent man he did a good job of questioning and making statements. it also made it clear that republicans raised a lot of issues that republicans think have to be in every health care reform bill and they are
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willing to work with him on it. the third thing is, he basically is gonna go to reconciliation. i think is a photo-op to get them so they can go to reconciliation which would be an abuse of senate rules like i have never seen before. >> greta: photo-op seems like a nice word for a joke. >> it isn't meant to be a joke. >> greta: why it is a photo-op? >> a photo opportunity for the president to demonstrate that he's articulate in this area. and democrats there members of congress. >> greta: the american people thought the whole purpose of this was that both sighs were going to sit in the same room and consider each other's view points. if is just a photo-op, obviously the word joke is mine and that's a crude word do you think people really didn't go into this thinking there might be some common ground? >> it was apparent that the
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republicans there really were saying, look we don't an don't agree with your approach. here's what we would do. we would involve the states. if the president had governors there they would tell us, let us handle it. we have different demographics, different needs. you tell massachusetts, have what is called an exchange. utah is considered the number one managed state in the union right now. one reason is because of some of the health care we have. three -- there are other states that fit in that category in end i think it was set up so that the president could say, well we are so far apart we are going to reconciliation to get in bill >> greta: so a fix was going into this? there was no intention but to put a nice transparency program together but nonetheless neither said gave, the president not thinking going to take what you the
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republicans say and he's going to reconciliation? >> i think the republicans were saying if we can do this, this and this we would be interested in working with you. the president said we are going to keep the same bill we have with my 11 page addendum which adds another 75 billion dollars to the 2 1/2 trillion, i thought it was interesting how some of the republicans pointed out some of the gimmicks budgetary gimmicks they are using in this bill to get it to 950 billion dollars in cost, when we know they start the taxes but they don't start the program in many ways until 20four taoefpblt they even put -- 2014. they even put off the cadillac plan, look after the president will be gone from the office even if he's elected twice. >> greta: let me ask you about that 2018 tax if it is such a good idea what's the reason not to do it now?
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>> to get it out of his term in office so he's not going to be blamed for it. >> greta: so it's political? >> sure it's a gimmick of delaying the imitation of bill until 2014 is a gimmick so they can keep under an trillion dollars. extrapolated over 10 years 2 1/2 trillion dollars if we're lucky. our estimates have always amounted to more in the end that's if we're lucky. look, i think it was -- it will be used as a justification to go to reconciliation because the president clearly does not agree with letting states handle this with federal government help in accordance with their own demographics in doing a lot of things that republicans think we can get together on. and he made it clear he's going to reconciliation. >> greta: do you think he made decision before yesterday? i guess i'm trying if get to the -- >> the answer is yes. >> greta: you say photo-op my
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word is harsher. how about sham? >> i wouldn't call it a sham. i think it was a good exercise. >> greta: in what? >> talking back and forth. >> greta: if both sides made up their minds ahead of time, if he made up his mind ahead of time, what's the exercise? >> it is clear, he was not going to start on a step-by-step basis. start over, work with republicans on good ideas that the republicans have that we think democrats would accept. and that he was gonna keep the very bill that basically went through the senate, basically that bill, add 75 billion dollars more to it and play a lot of budgetary game s in the end go to reconciliation any way. -- >> greta: the american people keep hearing this word reconciliation. why the republicans fighting reconciliation? >> difference between the house and senate, the house is
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a fast action body if they get a rule and they can get 51% of the votes on a given day they can pass anything they want. the senate is a more deliberative body it was designed that way that's why we have the filibuster rule so the minority is not trampled upon. it has worked well over the years to stop all kinds of bad legislation that has gone through. because of the filibuster rule and because there have been budgetary difficulties in the past, the reconciliation rule was designed by senator byrd basically -- >> greta: a democrat. >> a democrat, with the help of republicans, designed to on budget matters concern with the deficit to get the deficit taken care of by increasing or decreasing taxes and cutting, you could go to a vet within 20 hours of debate that's a very limited time of debate and could you do it by a 51
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vote margin. we're talking about 1/6 of the american economy. we're not talking about just budget deficits. we're not just talking about the budget. we're talking about really wrecking the country if we don't do it right. >> greta: there's so much more of our interview with senator hatch. check out gretawire over the weekend. next, a jam-packed run down. baby steps, why is president obama talking about baby steps? if the size of the government scares you, listen closely, we have a report. paris hilton in the middle of, what else, a controversy, involving sex, twitter and beer. surprised, right? those details coming up, back in two. this is not
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>> greta: president obama says he does not want baby steps. he's pushing for the entire package. so, is that a smart tactical move or politically naive? joining us chief political correspondent for the washington examiner. he doesn't want this in little pieces he wants the whole thing. >> he made that very clear at the summit. the paradox of this whole thing is, when you look at the democratic bills as a whole you see large continuing majority opposition to these bills. ever since late last summer, a larger number of americans have opposed the bills and supported bills the gap is between 10 and 15%. when you ask people do you support not allowing insurance companies to cut you off because of a preexisting condition or you get sick or various other elements of the bills they support it. republicans say people don't support this democrats say if you look at s, they support it. people are scared by the entirety of the bill.
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in 2004 when john kerry was running for president there was a debate inside the camp should the candidate take these big bold positions or more modest positions? stanley greenberg a pollster did some testing and found the public liked these bold positions. then he put it together in a bold carry agenda where the candidate promised sweeping change in education and health care and other issues. and the people pulled back. they didn't want that much change. >> greta: if you look at from it a basic point of view, which is, health care is life or death. it is whether you get chemotherapy when you need it, big huge things and you are already scared, the last thing you want is enormous uncertainty. everyone may like something like let's change this, that sounds like a good idea why don't we try that this idea to turn it upside down scares people. >> this is the part that
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didn't get talked enough about at this summit. 30 million americans who don't health coverage, what about the nearly 280 million americans who do have it? the two plans democrats and republicans are talking past each other. democrats are talking about insuring more people, covering people who are uncovered. the republican plan say their plan would reduce the cost for people who already have health insurance. 85% of the american public has health insurance most are satisfied with it and they are worried about blowing the system up. >> greta: when i was younger, i laugh at this, -- if you think of this being steam rolled with in giant program good or not, the tactic and strategy they've employed is profoundly -- they are not thinking about how the person feels the american feels about
10:17 pm
hearing this. >> democrats are on the defensive now. they are having to explain, when the president said baby steps don't get you where you want to go the republicans sound sensible on this. they say let's try to fix this problem and this problem. let's take steps to make the situation better without changing the whole system. the president is trying to argue you can't do that you have to do it all at one time. >> greta: do you think he's saying that because he believes it or he's booked himself in the position this is the centerpiece of his administration? >> comprehensive health care reform has been a democratic policy goal for generations. there's mounting and enormous anger on the left if you supported the president and you wanted universal health care reform, you are looking at him and saying you had 60 votes in the senate, 256 votes in the house and you couldn't get this done. he's under enormous pressure to try and get something big done. >> greta: out of conscience or
10:18 pm
politically does he really believe this is the way to go or because he promised his base? >> he said before he became president he favored a single payer system. he believes if you can start the health care system from scratch he would favor a single payer system. i think the president does favor a big government involvement in health care f no doubt about that >> greta: the red flag on whether this is political or not, the fact that one of the tax if the cadillac doesn't kick in until 2018 the next president will have to live with it. if he thinks it is such a good idea he should impose it now. that doesn't seem right. >> what the house did on the cad lax plan was one of the -- cadillac plan was one of the biggest shady deals they made. it was to make a big democratic constituency, the
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labor unions happy. >> greta: thank you. are you afraid of the size and power of your government? why do we ask that question? find out next. guess who hillary clinton just took a swipe at? ♪ [ male announcer ] we make them beautiful.
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>> greta: if the size of government freaks you out, i guess you are not alone. towing a poll 56% -- according to a cnn poll 56% say -- joining us tucker carlson. i love we are talking about the cnn poll. >> just like old times. >> greta: like old times is right. 56% of americans feel government is a threat to citizens rights, wild. >> government is there to protect your rights, but here's the basic irony, the larger it gets the more of those are eroded. so we have a government now that literally determines how much water you can have in your toilet tank. determines what kind of shower head you can use. whether you wear seat bets or not, whether you can use your cell phone in your car. a government that can tell you how big your toilet is, can tell you anything.
10:23 pm
>> greta: the poll says people feel it is a threat to citizen's rights. at the same time government is trying to play a bigger role in health care. if i'm sitting there a member of congress in the democratic party i don't want to see that number. >> it is terrifying. it is at the root of the resistance of the health care bill. people want free stuff from government, we know that people are beginning to understand that it is a trade off. government says, i will keep you from having to worry about certain things in exchange you give up certain freedoms. in this bill we are going to guarantee this health care safety net but require you to buy health insurance and monitor what kind of health care you get. people are beginning to realize there's a big downside to that >> greta: what does it mean for the tea party movement. governor schwarzenegger -- this is my word, passing fancy this would go away. does this suggest something more for the tea party movement? >> this is at the core of why
10:24 pm
there is a tea party movement. it is a movement about economics and government spending and the belief that the more government spends the more intrusive it is. we may feel good about having fewer risks but we have fewer choices. it is a direct threat to our freedoms that's why those people are marching. it is not abortion, gay marriage, conventional, conservative social issues it is about freedom, liberty and the erosion of it, due to government expansion. >> greta: is it more symbolic or does it have an impact. come november republicans want -- i assume these people typically would have voted republican. come november they are -- the bush administration was a big spender. >> that's right. >> greta: are they gonna be angry and not vote for republicans -- or are they going to say let by agains be by gones -- by gones be by ?
10:25 pm
>> it is complicated that hostility toward george w. bush from many on the right because they felt he was a big spender, objective he was -- objectively he was. this election is implications for the republican leadership not popular among the tea party rank and file. >> greta: it seems like they put the brakes on the a little bit. >> absolutely. this is what third parties do they are like bees they sting you once then die. they don't exist to electric a presidential candidate that is not going to happen. local races, maybe even statewide possibly. their real long term he -- effect would be to change the nature of the republican party maybe even the leadership of it. in the short term they are absolutely pushing the party toward fiscal conservatism and restraint.
10:26 pm
>> greta: look at ron paul at the cpac. >> he may run for president again probably not going to get elected. the fact that his ideas are out there changing the republican party. for a period, i think it is fair to say many republican leaders lost sight of their small government roots. they passed the medicare expansion. the tea party people liberty-minded people like them are gonna push them back. >> greta: who is going to be the republican nominee in 2012? >> daniels. you didn't read the piece? >> i didn't. iy they was a law classmate of mine. >> mitch daniels is the anti-obama. not terribly charismatic. effective governor. he's a deep level of experience. not super eloquent, but
10:27 pm
american politics about action and reaction. we always sort of elect the opposite of the guy we are rejecting. that's why we obama and that's why i think we can get mitch daniels. >> greta: nice to see you. stop everything you are doing and scream some curse words. why? you have to wait to find out. first uh-oh secretary of state hillary clinton took a swipe at someone. who? find out, next. [ male announcer ] when it comes to reaching your big lestones, and all your little mile-pebbles ameriprise financial can help. weave over ten-thousand advisors rey to listen to your dreams and help you plan for them. because the first step towards reaching what you want is reaching the person who can help you get there.
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>> greta: secretary of state hillary clinton has a national security warning. >> we have to address this deficit. and the debt of the united states as a matter of national security not only as a matter of economics. i do not like to be in a position where the united states is a debtor nation to the extent that we are. >> greta: secretary clinton took a swipe at someone you know very well. joining us is peter barns. who did she take a swipe at? >> alan greenspan who testified before her in 2001 saying he supported tax cuts. so she reminded everybody today how much she now in hindsight didn't like chairman greenspan chairman of the federal reserve at the time didn't like that opinion. >> greta: she seems more hawkish and tougher.
10:31 pm
but she is very concerned about our relationship, our debt relationship to other countries. >> rightly so. what is interesting this is not the secretary of the treasury speaking it is the secretary of state. if you wanna see what kind of trouble and what kind of who can we are getting into -- hock look at our biggest debtor nations the countries that loan us the most money, china is up there with almost 900 billion dollars, oil exporting nations 200 billion. hong kong, part of china, another 150 billion, russia 142 billion 1.4 trillion dollars of our debt, 10% of our total debt owned by people who kind of may be don't like us sometimes. >> greta: it is even more than that people people think that -- there's no question we need china to deal with iran, so that the united nations can have sanctions work so iran doesn't go nuclear to top them
10:32 pm
to become a nuclear power israel sitting on the back end. china is important there. china important with north korea. yet we need their help, they own us. >> listen, for a long time it has been a mutually beneficial relationship, economic relationship. we buy all their stuff, with dollars and they turn around and loan us our own dollars back to help finance our deficits. you are absolutely right about the bigger foreign policy landscape here. there's an old saying, whoever -- about paying the piper calls the tune. whoever pays the piper, calls the tune. right now the chinese are not big enough to, you know, veto what -- they can at the u.n., eventually if they keep buying this debt at these levels, we could be in trouble. >> greta: they even fool around with their currency level to make it more difficult for us to dig
10:33 pm
ourselves out of this debt. >> right. they keep their currency artificially low pegged to the dollar. as a result that helps to increase their exports, which he can as baits the problem of -- which he can as baits the problem of our dollars go there. >> greta: in early of foreign debt, our debt being held by foreign countries what percentage is it of our debt? >> another full screen on that that is getting scary. as you can see from this it has again from 17% about a decade ago to about 30% now. it is nearly doubled over the last decade. that's scary with what is scarier, as you know, president obama's budget, and i brought it here, right. projects even with eliminating the bush tax cuts the end of this year another 8.5 trillion
10:34 pm
deficit spending the next decade. if we don't fix this we are going to have a lot of foreign countries owning more of us. >> greta: he inherited a mess in that regard but he doesn't seem to be turning it down. we are not turning it down, we are turning it up. >> he turn it down until he leaves office at the end of the second term then it guess back up a important lesson is how this kind of debt can hurt globally. look at japan, 20 years ago what were we saying about japan? the economic super power. it was gonna take over the world, going to become the number one economy. >> greta: i remember people didn't like products when i was kid from japan. >> then remember the 80s. what happened to japan? it let its debt spiral out of control. today who talks about japan? nobody does. the japanese are some of the
10:35 pm
biggest savers in the world. so guess what? they just loan this money to themselves. they have huge deficits but they loan it to themselves. not save as well as other countries. as a result we have to look for people to lend us money from overseas. >> greta: interesting to note that the secretary of stat]1@y not the secretary of treasury is warning us on this, thank you peter. >> greta: shake-up at the white house. white house social secretary desiree rogers has resigned. returning to the private sector. rogers came under fire after two infamous party crashers speaked into a white house state dinner. the white house says roger was not fired but decided to leave on her own. before the democrats ran a health care bill through -- ram a health care bill through congress they might want to listen to this. charles krauthammer went on record. a poll yesterday said if president obama can't work out a compromise at summit, what
10:36 pm
should he do? 59% say start over. let me ask you, when we send people to congress, do we ask them to vote their conscience or ours? is there a point in which the numbers are so skewed they need to vote the people's way? >> that's the great question since burke. he thought you should represent your on or conception of what the national need is. i don't think there is an answer. if i think if you are president obama, you came in and promised health care reform. now for political reasons your entire presidency hinges on coming back with something. if he comes back with nothing, i think he's wounded beyond repair. he's allowed to go ahead. is it undemocratic? we don't govern by polls. let's take president bush when he ordered the surge. there was public opinion way against him, all the congress was against him and he was right. and though i think it is a mistake to go ahead this health care.
10:37 pm
i respect the president's right or ability or notion that he needs to act in the national interests as he sees it, even though i think it is a terrible mistake. >> greta: in terms of conscience, do you agree the vote on health care is different, like a vote on war seeking to change, life or death for people this is a vote of conscience more so than a political vote or it should be? >> yes, i think it should be. there's also another aspect to this. there isn't a rule, but there is sort of a sense of a custom in all democracies when you do something really large, even though you can really do it with 50 plus one, you shouldn't. i mean, for example, if you do a treaty you need 2/3 of the senate. there are a lot of things constitutional amendments you have to have 2/3 of the two houses, 3/4 of the states, there's nothing that says health care has to be with a super majority. when you want to reform, revolutionize, 1/6 of the
10:38 pm
united states economy, you shouldn't do it, merely as a matter of i would say constitutional decency to do it with a pure party line vote and by a majority of one, two or three. get i tried think of different proposals whether it is a bill of conscience or whether it is political. there's something that caught my attention. the tax on the cadillac plans under the president's bill doesn't go into effect until 2018 if he gets a second term the next president has to impose it. what would be the justification? fit is a good tax meaning one we must do, why not do it now? why eight years and push it off on to the next president. that political or is there justification? >> that is political to the extreme. one of the reasons there is so much public opposition, you could have argued until mid december the bilk put together in the two houses was largely trying town stan the national
10:39 pm
interest and trying to act on it. in in december when they were scrambling in the senate, harry reid to get every vote he started to horse trade. there's no way you can say in the national interest to have the nebraska deal, the corrupt kickbacking, then had you an shun for louisiana, seniors in -- an exemption for louisiana, seniors in florida. the cadillac exemption started out as a carve out for union members which is scandalous why should a union member be exempt and his next door that neighbor have to pay it this is worse now we are abolishing it until 2018 you and i know no congress going to enact it eight years from now if a congress today is not going to enact it. it is not going to happen it is a way to purchase one, two or three votes in the senate and house and that's corrupt.
10:40 pm
this is longer about reforming in the name of the nation it is about getting a win for the sake of a win. >> greta: that may be unconscionable. >> uncon -- unconscionable but conscience isn't a big item here in washington so i'm not surprised this is going on. >> greta: pleasure. stunning new information about that harvard-trained professor accused of murdering three colleagues at the university of alabama. february 12th, amy bishop allegedly opened fire killing three and wounding three. we learned about bishop's dark past in 1986 bishop shot and kill her brother. at the time the killing was ruled accidental. a district attorney has launched an inquest into the case. investigators found new evidence. a picture of the 1986 shooting scene has a big clue. investigators blew up the picture and noticed a newspaper at the shooting scene.
10:41 pm
the newspaper has an article about a shooting similar to the one bishop claims was an accident. did bishop get the idea to kill her brother from this article? we'll be watching and let you know what happens. here's a look at what is coming up after this show on the o'reilly factor. bill: is president obama happy with what happened at the summit? our white house guy will have the inside story. glenn beck says he knows the greatest danger facing america. beckon the factor tonight. >> greta: o'reilly at the top of the hour. the president in his own words under fire after that -- seaworld's in his own words under fire after that deadly attack. paris hilton in a controversy involving twitter, sex and beer. it will all make sense very soon. water vegetables need. so, to turn those vegetables into campbell's condensed soup, we don't boil it down, our chefs just add less water from the start. ♪ so many, many reasons ♪ it's so m'm! m'm! good! ♪
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was the image on a screen that helped our doctor see my wife's cancer was treatable. [ male announcer ] ge technologies help doctors detect cancer early so they can save more lives. bringing better health to more people. ♪ >> greta: there's much more on the record ahead but first to our headline. >> reporter: accused of
10:45 pm
withholding evidence related to crash injuries. internal documents show the car maker held back key vehicle design and testing evidence in injury lawsuits. house oversight committee chairman says toyota settled many lawsuits to avoid disclosing data. toyota has recalled 8 1/2 million vehicles over safety concerns. gatorade dropping tiger woods endorsement. the sports drink company saying it no longer sees a role for woods in its marketing efforts. the golfer has lost several other endorsements. gillette and accenture also dropped him. a spokesperson says gatorade will continue its relationship with the tiger woods' foundation. now back to on the record. for all your latest headlines log on to >> greta: seaworld says the show will go on. seaworld's president says the killer whale show will start again tomorrow. the seaworld president under
10:46 pm
fire today. >> i'll speak briefly providing details of our preliminary findings of wednesday's incident and the immediate alterations we've made to protocols that tilikum. >> is there anything at this time to indicate that the trainer violated protocol? >> it is far too early to get to that point. we are trying to collect information and understand the nature and scope of the event. so it would be premature. >> [ inaudible ] can you say today's the day it is now safe again? >> that's a judgment call. that judgment is something that we have the responsibility to get through. >> there have been three deaths tied to this whale. >> the whale was at another facility before he joined ours. i'm telling you we've had two incidents -- >> the whale was involved in three deaths. how do you explain the combination of circumstances that leads back to the same
10:47 pm
whale and a judgment call to put people back in the water with this whale? >> the events surrounding the other incidents that tilikum was part of are varied. tapes we have, we have some video image that is associated with this event we've shared with the appropriate authorities. >> when you say share, does that mean you have allowed them on your property to see it or you turned them over -- or you turned it over to them. i'm asking what you have done? >> we have made them available to them in any format or style they want and we are completely cooperating with them in every fashion possible. >> [ inaudible ] there were rules that dawn would know you do not put your hair or pony tail in the water, you know that as a trainer and you didn't put your face or hands [ inaudible ] is that i rule don't put your
10:48 pm
hands, face or hair in the water or has that changed? >> i'm not here today to speculate or share the rules that we have. we are here to talk about the event, to talk about dawn. >> you say you are not here to talk about the rules. you are here to explain how seaworld -- [ inaudible ] to explain what happened. you are telling her you are not here to explain rules. how do you explain to the world watching you live, what she's talking about, those rules? i think those [ inaudible ] for folks watching who want to come here, i understand that it is beautiful, can jump 15, 20 feet out of that water. you have people around that perimeter who is to say that won't happen as well? >> we started this discussion here today is to share what we've learned of this event. to share what we are doing moving forward. we are not here to talk about the rules we have. the complexities associated
10:49 pm
with training killer whales and caring for animals something we are not going to share in a press conference it is something we've learned over 46 years of experience. we are going to move on. >> greta: if you love cursing listen closely. you may have dropped your last "f" bomb. >> paris hilton, sex, beer and twitter involved. we'll have that story. >> a fistfight, wait until you hear who it was. woman down from nasal allergy attack. but we've got the ammunition she needs: omnaris. (troops) omnaris! to the nose. (general) omnaris works differently than many other allergy medications. omnaris fights nasal allergy symptoms that occur from allergic inflammation... relieve those symptoms with omnaris. side effects may include headache, nosebleed and sore throat. her nose is at ease.
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10:53 pm
the confines of this ministry. it's been our life. it's been our home. but, the lord has led us, he's put his hand on my back and it has been clear that he's saying it is time to go. it is time to let go. i have a lump in my throat but god's in control. >> greta: dobson founded focus on the family in 1977. this is a new one. a flight rochester, new york to atlanta, georgia was cancelled yesterday. that's nothing new the reason is unique. not weather, not mechanical problems. give up? two flight attendants got into a fight if you thought it was two male flight attendants, wrong. two women. the spat erupted before takeoff on a delta flight. the flight attendants have now been suspended. we are wondering if the women may sign with the wwe. paris hilton causing a
10:54 pm
controversy in brazil. she stars in a steamy new commercial for a brazilian beer. the beer translates to naughty in english. in the ad hilton wears a tight black dress and rubs a cold can of beer over her body. brazil's office of women's affairs wants the ad pulled. it says the commercial devalues women, specifically blonde women. paris is not buying, she is fighting back. where else, on twitter. tweeting, are they serious? so ridiculous. right now if you live in california, start screaming curse words at the top of your lungs. why? you need get those swear words out of your system. the california state assembly just voted to make the first week of march curse-free week. the resolution wants californians to act like you are at grandma's house everyone the senate still
10:55 pm
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>> greta: 11:00. it's almost here, flash those studio lights. it's time. last call. jimmy kimmel on the record health care summit
10:59 pm
correspondent. >> president obama hosted a bipartisan health care summit in washington, d.c. inviting democrats and republicans together to debate the health care proposal. the whole thing was carried live on boring tv. meeting for six hours, the average wait time at emergency room if you're to go in with something bleeding. obama and several others made it a point congress uses taxpayer money to buy themselves excellent health insurance. it led to a plan to decide to make everyone in america a member of congress. >> and we hadn't thought of that. but that is your last call. lights are blinking and we're closing down shop for the week. thanks for joining us tonight. and we'll see you again, you know when, monday, 10:00 p.m. eastern. in the meantime, check out greta we're going to post the interview with senator oren hatch right there. and also, follow us on twitter,