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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  March 20, 2010 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> "fox news alert," house lawmakers setting the stage for tomorrow's expected vote on health care. the rules committee hammering out the guidelines, for how they'll debate, and, measure on the measure. and, vote on the measure, i should say! i'm kelly wright. >> we'll make us new vocabulary here! good to see you, i'm juliet huddy. welcome to a new hour inside america's news headquarters on the eve of the crucial vote, democratic and republican leaders offered radically
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different takes on the bill. shocking. >> we are on the verge of making great history. for the american people. and, in doing so, we will make great progress for them, as well. >> this health care bill will ruin or country. it is time to stop it. >> many democrats now expressing confidence that they'll have the votes to push the bill through. carl cameron is following the story, live on capitol hill, carl, the president made a rare trip to capitol hill today and he was definitive, i mentioned karl rove and mentioned other republicans. how did it go? >> reporter: well, he was coming up here to try to cinch the last minute votes and make sure the democrats, would put it over the finish line with the necessary goal of 216 votes for passage and the democratic leaders, on the hill, nancy pelosi, james clyburn, the whip, vote-counter and steny hoyer, the majority leader say when the actual tally is made tomorrow afternoon, or early evening, they'll have the votes. but it was still necessary for the president to come up and talk to democrats, and, he was candid about recognizing that
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for many of them this is a troubling vote. and many of them come from so-called red congressional districts, where either john mccain won a year-and-a-half ago, for president, or almost two years ago now, or, where there is a conservative constituency, as democrats often have a difficult time getting elected, and swing districts, really, and, the president acknowledged for many of them it's a political and a policy calculation that leaves that your futures in doubt. listen to some of this. >> president barack obama: i know it is a tough vote. and i am actually confident. i've talked to some of you individually, that it will end up being the smart thing to do, politically. because i believe the god -- that good policy is good policy. i cannot guarantee that this is good policy, you know your districts, and if you think your constituencies honestly wouldn't be helped you shouldn't vote for this. is the bill perfect? of course not.
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will it solve every, single problem in our health care system, right away? no. this piece of historic legislation is built on the private insurance system we have now, and runs straight down the center. >> republicans certainly disagree with that and i handful of democrats who argued it is too expensive and taxes and spends too much and ultimately, it is not the right way to address a lot of the problems. clearly, the democrats believe that it does, and tomorrow they'll cast their ballots, for this, and the president has said, democratic majority has said, that not only will it increase the number of people insured and covered for insurance across the country by 32 million, it will reduce the deficit, $138 billion the first ten years and, they say, a trillion-3 over 20 years, though the congressional budget office is quick to point out they don't vouch for their estimates when they get past ten years and some of this is wishful thinking and hopeful thinking and optimism but there is an increasing sense
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of certitude that the democrats actually have the votes to pass it tomorrow and the senate will have work to do next week and is not a done deal entirely but the senate passed health care reform bill will pass the house tomorrow according to the democratic leaders, and they will not do it with the deem and pass legislation, that creates a great sense of relief for a lot of those democrats who are worried about it, and even republicans, who congratulated the democrats for choosing not to go that route. juliett? >> earlier this week, the whole concept of deem and pass came up, a lot of republicans like to refer to it as self-execution and i got a chuckle out of that and why didn't they decide to go with that. >> reporter: the self-execution joke is a reference to the technical name, the self-executing rule and what would have happened tomorrow under the deem and pass process, would have been, when the congress was voting on the rules of debate, for the actual health care reconciliation package they would have deemed it passed and that vote on the rule would have actually passed the senate bill through the house onto the president for signature and the democrats have opted not do
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that. a number of them, members of the rules committee itself said we think it is a bad idea and wouldn't spirit and it was so politically radioactive even among the democrats they've opted not to do it and, meaning there would be a clean vote now, there is one other step that the republicans had asked this democrats to do tomorrow and that is be actually have a roll call vote, yeas and nays and make all 430-plus members actually say yes or no. and that probably will not happen, but they'll actually be voting on the senate bill, as opposed to using any legislative maneuvers to make it one step removed. >> and there will be coverage all day and night long on fox news channel. kelly. >> president obama and -- in full throttle now, mode, on capitol hill today, looking to reassure the american people that this overhaul is the right way to go. he spoke to a large gathering of fellow democrats on capitol hill, as we have seen, insisting they'll have the votes, when it comes to a tally tomorrow,
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wendell goler live at the white house now and, how did the president address the fact that some lawmakers are only be gluj u-grudgingly voting -- begrudgingly voting for the bill. >> reporter: speaking to the speakers of the house and senate, they talk about the historic nature of tomorrow's vote and the president quote, for calls from health care reform from every president, going back to harry truman, republican an democrat and said the legislation lawmakers will vote on tomorrow is middle of the road legislation and he said it will make things better even if it is not everything that all lawmakers wanted. and here's a bit of what he said. >> president barack obama: there are all kinds of things many of you would like to see that isn't in this legislation and there are some things i'd like to see that is not in this legislation. but, is this the single most important step that we have taken on health care since medicare?
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absolutely. is this the most important piece of domestic legislation in terms of giving a break to hard work and middle class families out there, since medicare? absolutely. >> reporter: the president downplayed the impact the vote -- the media is giving to the impact the vote could have on the number of lawmakers in the house and senate, and his own political fortunes, he said, democrats should vote for the measure tomorrow not for him and not for the democratic party but for the american people. kelly. >> wendell, we spoke moments ago, juliett and carl, they talked about the self-executing rule or the deem and pass rule. how much of a role did the president involve himself in the decision to jetson the deem and pass, parliamentary maneuver, that republicans objected to so strongly? >> reporter: well, by most accounts that was a decision of congresswoman louise slaughter,
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who chairs the house rules committee and made the decision after she was convinced they had enough votes to pass the measure and who said the -- dealing with the process, the legislative process, the rules process has been like being pregnant for 17 months, but, president obama helped her with that, by making the case with lawmakers, both privately and publicly, that no matter what rules congresswoman slaughter came up with, the public would see the vote taken as an up or down voight on health care and there really was no place for lawmakers to hide and republicans said they'll make every congressional race in the fall about the debate over health care, and the president has been telling lawmakers, privately, as his aides have been telling lawmakers they might as well get a health care bill, because they are going to get the -- taken -- will have to deal with the debate itself, being the main issue in congressional campaigns, this fall. kelly? >> wendell goler from the white house, thank you, sir.
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>> the president and democratic leadership are clearly high on the health care bill, the same can't be said for americans, the latest fox n"fox news/opinion dynamics poll" say, 35% favor the bill and 55% oppose it and could it hurt the democrats in the fall elections? joining us now is republican congressman bill cassidy, a medical doctor, and we also had a democrat, congressman, robert andrews of new jersey, booked to join us and about literally one minute before the show started, we got word from the staff that he will not be joining us, and we don't know exactly why and playing the role of robert andrews is our stage manager -- no, i'm kidding! and we'll try to have the -- a gait her debate here and you will be debating yourself? i don't know. and we'll start off with the self-execution rule and the democrats were criticized for using the deem and pass a it is called as well.
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now, it doesn't seem like it will happen. the fact that it was being considered does not sit well with a lot of people and do you think it was playing bad politics. >> incredibly bad politics but the fact is the whole debate, they assume good politics is bad public policy. that somehow the american people cannot comprehend the goodness the president and -- democrats are about to bequeath upon us and it has been almost shocking the way they disregarded public opinion -- go ahead. >> go ahead. >> and here's one kind of nod to the fact that the public are upset about it. but your poll, only 35% of americans believe in the plan, and by the way, if it lowered costs i think they'd believe in it, that is kind of an example of the fact, how they are ignoring the will of the american people. >> it is interesting you bring that up. there is another poll and i want to bring it up, opinion dynamics poll, do you think congress cares what the american people want and tries to follow the will of the people or do you
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think congress does whatever it wants to? here's the answer. this is what the pollers said, excuse me, pollster said, cares about what americans want, congress care? 17%, does whatever it wants, 79% and goes along with this and -- >> let me pretend i'm rob andrews for a second. i'm not him but he'd say we know better and we're smarter than the american people and the... we are so wise in the democratic party, that we can foist upon the american people something they clearly don't want. we abandon the principles of representative government, in order to force something that clearly the american people are rejecting. i as bill cassidy would say, wait we're representatives, not dictators and we are people who are sent here to represent. and to those whose districts tell them to vote against, should listen to their districts. that is our job and what we are here to do. >> you heard the president today say he thinks once the legislation is passed, despite what everybody is saying, it begins to take form and takes
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shape, americans see results, they are going to be okay with it and this democrats will come out smelling like roses and, for the congressional election, might not be such a bad thing for the democrats. your response? >> juliett, my ba bio, i work i hospital, and i still practice and teach and consistently politician overpromise an under fund, consistently and now, this time, no, we will not overpromise and adequately fund, now that is so contrary to the experience that i have had working in the safety net hospital and i would ask president obama and the people voting for him, who have been here 20, 30 years, to come to the hospital where i will be in two weeks and see the difficulty public policy created for us. they don't know of which they speak. >> will the legislation pass? yes or no. >> i don't know. i spoke to one fellow who has been here 30 years and he said the reason we're voting on sunday is this democratic leadership is afraid that their
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members go home, they'll get an earful from the people whom they supposedly represent and they'll come back and vote no. so, in the sense they are being held hostage to the fear of public opinion. >> all right. we wish we had the other congressman from new jersey, he wasn't able to make it. appreciate you joining us today. kelly. >> as the house rules committee hashes out the procedures for tomorrow's vote on health care reform, what about the overall price tag of the proposed reform? the congressional budget office said earlier this week, that the current bill, will cost about $940 billion. and reduce future federal deficits by about $138 billion. over the next decade. but, what will all of this mean, for ordinary american taxpayers? joining me now, is fox business network's tracy burns, good to have joining us, and what about this, will this cause problems for taxpayers, out there? if it is passed? >> look, if you start tallying up the increases in taxes, it is
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unfortunately, will make you sick. first thing we know, the top income tax bracket will most likely go to 39.6%, come next year and in addition you have the bush tax cuts going away and that means capital gains tax will go back up to 20% and dividend tax back up to 20%. then, let's add on now, the proposed 2.9%, medicare extension, i'm not sure what that has anything to do with your dividend investment an annuity income but we are proposing to put a 2.9% tax on that, as well, and now you are looking at capital gains of 22.9%, throw in what your state is doing, because they are broke, too, you are looking at state taxes from 6 to 8% as well. jersey, california, new york, certainly that high. on the top income tax bracket, so, you are looking at well over 50 cents on the dollar, right back out the door, in taxes. >> let me get that straight, 50 cents on the dollar right out of our pockets. >> at least.
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>> and that is a certain tax bracket then. >> this is for your higher income tax -- earners but, keep in mind, this stuff trickles down, right? there is also going to be a tax on the pharmaceutical companies, well, they are sure as heck not going to pay that tax and they'll put it on the price of their drugs, so you are indirectly going to pay that as well and there is limitations on your flexible savings account, anybody that uses that for child care costs, that will have limitation as well and these are all little hidden taxes, that we are all going to face and pay and it's not just the top earners that will feel this. >> wait. you said child care costs as well. >> if you use a flexible savings account to save for things like that, some companies offer that. there is a tax on that as well. >> quickly, then, does it make sense to do, from a financial perspective? what will it cost. >> god, absolutely not. kelly, we are hearing from small businesses all over the e place, from all different levels, from the start-ups to the bigger entrepreneurial companies, that this is a killer for them, cost wise. they are going to incur all of
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the increases in medical costs because of the health care reform, in addition, to all of the taxes that we're going to have to pay, and that they are going to have to pay, sometimes double because self-employed people report their businesses on the personal income tax returns, and they get hit doubly hard and forget job creation with health care reform. >> tracy burns. thank you very much. >> turning to international news now, president obama sending an on-line new year's greeting to the people of iran, the holiday marks the arrival of spring and the beginning of the iranian calendar and tension over tehran's nuclear ambitions the president says the offer of diplomatic dialogue still stands. >> president barack obama: the international community, the u.s. acknowledges your right to peaceful nuclear energy. we in sus only that you adhere to the same responsibilities that apply to other nations. we're familiar with your grievances from the past and we have our own as well. but we are prepared to move
6:17 pm
forward. we know what you are against, now, tell us what you are for. >> three american hikers held in iran, say they were allowed their first phone call home this past week, and the three have been held on charges of spying since july. all three accidentally wandered into iranian territory while hiking in iraq, the u.s. called for their immediate release. >> communities in the midwest, hope floodgates hold against the rising waters of the red river, past peter doocy is live in moorehead, minnesota. >> reporter: they are doing what they can to protect people and property from the red river. more, coming up. save more of them in a snap, with ziploc containers with smartsnap. one press and it's completely sealed. get ziploc. and get more out of it. s.c. johnson. a family company. these are actual farmers who raise vegetables in campbell's condensed soup. so if you've ever wondered who grew my soup,
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>> a quick check on our top stories, a push from bt president obama, the commander-in-chief speaking to a group of democrats looking to reassure the american public that this health care overhaul is the right way to go. right now, estimates show democrats should have the votes to pass it tomorrow. hundreds turning out for an antiwar rally, the nation's capitol, a coalition of activist groups led by ralph nader and cindy sheehan are gathering in washington to protest the president's expansion of the war in afghanistan. and spring, but the southern plains a blizzard dumping heavy
6:22 pm
snow on parts of oklahoma and several neighboring states. winds topping 35 miles an hour, creating massive snow drifts and hazardous driving conditions. >> just 24 hours until the red river is expected to crest, along the north dakota-minnesota border, and city leaders in fargo expressing optimism they can fend off rising floodwaters in the meantime, peter doocy is live in moorehead, minnesota, with more, peter. >> reporter: i am here in moorehead, minnesota, across the red river from fargo. and, the red river is supposed to have the banks, 2 football fields from where i am standing at a normal water level of 18 feet. and right now it is double that and is expected to still rise, will not crest will tomorrow, and you can see, where i am standing there is still snow, and that is good news for the people here, because, the colder the air is the longer it takes the floodwaters to rise up. and, all day the temperatures today have been below freezing
6:23 pm
and unfortunately, though, they will rise tomorrow which means the floodwaters are going to rise faster than they have and in the neighborhood they say this floodwaters from the red river will come up through the people as back yards and through their holes, up to the temporary dirt legislativy, that is built to protect up to 40 feet which is how high the water came last year and the national guard has been hear all day long with the army corps of engineers making sure that it is fortified, and, they have been doing a great job making sure the community is ready and mother nature is not the only problem they have. last night a 22-year-old drunk driver actually plowed into two national guardsmen who were on a patrol trying to maintain order in the area, luckily, no major injuries and everyone is expected to be okay. all up and down the river, minnesota and north dakota people hope, they, too will be okay as the river keeps rising. back to you. >> poor people. all right, peter, best of luck. thank you very much. >> let's get to the latest midwest forecast, going on, domenica davis live in the
6:24 pm
extreme weather center with details, first day of spring, but, look at winter! >> i know, we actually have a front here, one side of it is the spring, that we expect and the other side, the winter, and we'll start with the red river, and the good thing is, last year, we were looking at a crest right at 40 feet and this year looks like 37 and that is better news, but is not without its problems and tomorrow it is expected to caress and slowly it will start to recede. here's what we are dealing with. we do have dry weather in that region, expected to stay dry weather, cold temperatures, temperatures have been in the 20s, and that is certainly -- can create ice jams than cold front we're dealing with, the eastern side, spring weather and the west side, wintry weather and snow is coming down through this southern plains and parts of oklahoma, they are picking up upward of 5 inches, and that will make it the snowiest winter on record. once the snow term gets done and what we're looking at over the next 48 hours from 3 to inches,
6:25 pm
in someplace -- to 6 inches and some places higher amounts before the front pushes east and then it will knock out these really nice temperatures. that we have been having, 68 in memphis now and 68 in new york. but look to the best where the front passed, 36 in dallas. that is the sign of things to come, and, into the northeast, sunday and monday, much cooler temperatures. back to you guys. >> thank you very much. >> president obama has a stern warning to democrats today, find out what he said, coming up. plus, the house is still debating health care at this hour, we'll bring you the latest developments, as they happen. [ female announcer ] it's lobsterfest...
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>> welcome back. bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news and now it is dominated, of course by health care. the house rules committee now hammering out the terms of tomorrow's debate and vote. on health care. >> and president obama meeting
6:30 pm
with the house democratic caucus earlier today. telling members the reform effort is in their hands. and, urging them to get it done. >> and g.o.p. lawmakers intend to keep fighting to get no votes from democrats and house minority leader john boehner says the health care will, quote, ruin our country. >> big question in all of this, about health care, is would defeat on health care deal a major blow to president obama's re-election chances in 2012? that is a long ways off and the president discussed that perception today, however. >> president barack obama: i have a sense of where this coverage has been and, mostly, it is an obsession with what will this mean for the democratic party. what will this mean for the president's polls? how will this play out in november? >> so is the president showing strong leadership by staying the
6:31 pm
course with his health care agenda? or just being stubborn, democrat and republicans answered along party lines in responding to that "fox news/opinion dynamics poll," you are looking at it there but the vote was more even with those who identify themselves as independents and to discuss what it means for 2012 are the former deputy press secretary under president george w. bush, and, martin frost, former democratic congressman from texas and a fox news contributor. gentlemen, welcome. thanks for joining us today. >> good to be here. >> martin, let me begin with you. president obama made it very clear today, where he stood on health care reform. and, challenged the members of his party, to get the job done. even at the expense of, perhaps, their careers. why? >> first of all, you cannot ignore the fact that the major development happened this
6:32 pm
afternoon. that the democratics escaped the deem and pass concept, they will be a straight up-or-down vote on health care and basically the democrats have cut the legs out from under the republicans, because the republicans have been talking about process for the entire week and now the bill is going to come for a straight up-or-down vote, but, look, this is not an easy vote, even when you have a straight up-or-down vote. i believe it will pass, i don't think you have to worry about democratics going on to the election having failed on health care. it will still be controversial in some districts but is this right thing to do, there are 7 months between now and the election, and there are three years between now and the next presidential election, and this is ultimately going to prove to be a very successful thick for the democratic party, to have done and -- thing for the democratic party to have done, though not without controversy. >> martin brings up well there will be controversy, and they'll go ahead and vote for this, but what does the president stand to lose or gain depending on what happens with the health care. >> tomorrow, it certainly will be a big day for him, president obama staked his entire
6:33 pm
presidency on the issue over the course of the past year and we shouldn't forget there are 75 more democrats than republicans in the house of representatives. so for him to fail to get a majority tomorrow, would be a huge blow to him. but, it looks like they may squeak by. with, you know, 216 or a little more, democrats democratic support. but, it -- what is interesting me is not only do republicans, reject this bill, because it is a trillion dollar new entitlement program, that raises a half a trillion dollars, in new taxes, but, 10% of the democratic caucus will likely vote against it as well. so, nancy pelosi may be popping champagne corks tomorrow but democrats will largely be crying in that are beer in november. >> you say that and the president went on to say, excuse me, mark i'm sorry. the president said, look you need to remember what it was like when you first came into policy litics and now is this to
6:34 pm
look people in the eye and do something about this plight of their problem and martin, having said that what was the president stating about his own political career, in terms of putting that on the line, perhaps? >> first of all, let's remember a little history. the president will be successful but you had a president that was not successful, bill clinton in 1993-94 in health care and he was reelected in 1996, i don't think the president, the fate of the presidency rides on the vote and i think it is good for democrats and good for democrats this fall, to be able to go home and point to something they've accomplished to help put 32 million people on the rolls, who don't currently have insurance and will do away with preexisting conditions and lifetime limits on policies and will be something to talk about and talk to the voters and i believe between now and november the bill will gain in popularity and will be a plus for democrats in the fall, but, anything like this is hard, we have had
6:35 pm
republican presidents who bid for this, nixon was for doing something about health care and was not successful. a lot of presidents have failed. it looks like we're finally going to have a president who will be successful. >> scott? your reaction. >> well, 2012 is a long way away but representative frost probably does remember the results in 1994, which was, his party was swept out of power, and i hope that democrats who are sort of on the fence about the bill, when they go home tonight and go to ped, maybe they'll be visited by the ghost of elections past, present and future. in the form of 1994, scott brown's election in massachusetts, and what could happen in november, because i think it will be a big sea change. >> scott -- >> 1994 was a different situation and democrats didn't realize they had a tough election, until right before the votes were cast. everybody knows now, this is going to be tough and people are out working hard. >> all right. and that is martin frost, and scott, we thank you both for
6:36 pm
sharing insights on 2012, we're talking about that already! in light of the health care bill. thanks, gentlemen. >> and a lot of you folks are telling us your thoughts on health care, and let's look at some of the e-mails we have here. one viewer says if i want health care i'll buy it and if i get sick i'll pay for it and people never get out of poverty if they never have to and an opposing viewpoint the bill will insure millions of americans and reduce the deficit at the statemeame t and i commend the country for standing up in what they believe on, regardless of what side you're on, leave your comments at kelly? >> appreciate your comments and president obama and the need for a so-called black agenda, that was the focus of a high profile panel discussion today at chicago state university. hosted by top show personality tavis smiley, along with a who's who of african-american leaders and jim murphy is live in our chicago bureau with more and,
6:37 pm
jim, there was concern this event was going to be a slam against the president. was it? >> well, it was at sim times, a bit of a two-way street, sometimes the black community called out itself to do more to help the blab community. but, yes, the president received a good deal of criticism, but, it was by no means a bash obama fest. as a matter of fact, just about every time the criticism was laid against the president, it was also pointed out that external factors, like corporate america make it difficult for the president to get a lot of things done. one of the harshest critics in that movement, that voice was lose farrakhan -- lewis farrakhan and here's what he said. >> between the money being spent down, and coming to those who need it most and if he does not use his bully pulpit to address that, we can fault him for that. >> jim, you mentioned --
6:38 pm
listened to lewis farrakhan there and you mentioned responsibility within the black community as well and what was said to motivate the black community to action? >> well, there were a number of voices that expressed the concern and one of the strongest, that drew the sharpest response from the crowd came from the youth member of the panel, and that was chicago state university's government body president, who drew a loud reaction from the crowd when she had this to say: >> we as young black americans and as young minorities, period, have to step up, we are not only living in for, we are living in laziness. we do not want to stop up and say anything. >> and interesting to see how the panel reacted and she was strong in that comment, and talking about the black community, bears ownership of some of its problems as well and was there any reason why this was held at the same time the president is trying to get, programs, his most important piece of legislation passed
6:39 pm
which, by the way, if you read the bill includes the education component, which provides millions of dollars for hbcus, historically black colleges and universities. >> the timing question came up in a quick news conference after the forum, and tavis smiley said the forum was decided upon as was the location of chicago long before the announcement came that congress was going to work this weekend and as a matter of fact, he complained that congress took his time. which he was scheduled to have, on c-span, today. and jesse jackson had very good comments tying this two together, saying this is a very appropriate time for this to happen, this black agenda forum to happen today, because, health care and the accessibility to it, is one of the big issues for the black agenda. >> all right, jim, very important piece of work out there, in terms of what is going on with the star anory and the president said so many times before he's a president of all americans, including blacks as well, back to you, juliett. >> wall street nearing the end
6:40 pm
of a love affair with the president, and memories of the massive bank bailouts fading fast as the president calls for new regulation, while slamming the financial sector. >> president barack obama: what we've seen the past two years is without reasonable and clear rules to check abuse and protect families markets don't function freely. and in fact, it was just the opposite. in the absence of such rules, our financial markets spun out of control. credit markets froze and our economy nearly plummeted into a second great depression. >> david nelson is ceo of d.c. nelson asset management and david, right before the weeks and months before the presidential election, what was the budding relationship between wall street and president -- then senator obama? >> well, the relationship was quite strong. many of those on wall street were supporting president obama and what the administration needs to understand, today, is that america votes with their wallet. and if they start to sense that somebody on the other side of
6:41 pm
the aisle is going to be better for business they will abandon ship quickly. >> what do the wall streeters expect to happen under obama's helm? >> well, i am not sure what you mean by that. but, i think what we have to understand, here, is that wall street is basically a sales organization. the job of protecting you, the consumer and any american -- and the american public is government's job and government failed in that job and as a matter of fact, if you look back at history, look back at 2007, the federal reserve regulators and congressional leaders including the administration, the bush administration, failed to understand the rising risks coming in the financial system. and did nothing about it. >> i was going to say, you know, they weren't supporting the president -- they were supporting the president financially during the election campaign, and obviously expected to get some sort of benefit out of that, that was the intention of my question. but you brought up something i wanted to bring up, at one point during a speech the president
6:42 pm
referred to wall street or bankers, really as fat cats and it seemed to be -- some look at that as maybe a turning point in the relationship, or the tobacco dynamic between the president and wall street and can you look to a specific sound bite to say that is what changed the tide. >> i'm not sure i have a sound bite but it brings up a point, telling americans who remember a better time, their lot in life is the result of wall street fat cats ignores the hard truths of the causes of the financial crisis and i'm not sitting here defending wall street or ceos, in some cases the money they made and actions they took bordered on the obscene but it's not the heart of the problem and they are not getting down to it and are passing rules and regulation to swing the pendulum all the way over to the left and that is not where we need to be, we need to be in the center. >> david nelson, ceo of d. c. nelson asset management, appreciate it. >> thank you. >> if it is passed tomorrow, the health care overhaul may not be
6:43 pm
a done deal, how dozens of state governments could throw up their own roadblock and you probably don't have trouble finding a vet to treat pets but there is a shortage of specialists, depending on what kind of animals you own on the farm, we go on the job hunt. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ what a neat achievement would be ♪ ♪ if i could talk to the animals ♪ ♪ learn all their languages ♪ maybe take an animal don't down when you hear a click, you know it's closed and secure.
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6:48 pm
fine among other thing and let's get to the heart of the matter. what would you sue the federal government over? should they pass health care legislation reform? >> i don't know if it would be in the form of suing but we certainly believe nebraska has the right to make our own health care decision and one size fits all approach doesn't work here in nebraska. our health need are simply too diverse. >> you know, we heard from the -- idaho's governor, he's the first to actually sign a bill into law, and the plan was basically he's got a simple philosophy and puts it basically, there is no authority grounded in the constitution for the congress to do what they are trying to do. do you agree with that? >>. >> i certainly do and under the legislation we are proposing in nebraska, individuals still have the option to participate in federal health insurance programs, are -- our legislation would protect a person's right not to participate.
6:49 pm
>> john boehner today the house minority leader compared the bill to being like armageddon, that the health care bill will ruin the country. how would it ruin the cornhusker state, nebraska? >> i mentioned earlier our health needs are very, very diverse and in a state that is 500 miles wide from rural to urban. which have a lot of different needs hear in nebraska and the current legislation, proposed on capitol hill would be disasterous for our state from that aspect alone. >> in what way in. >> well, we have many, man nebraskans that live great distances from health care centers and this proposed legislation with the cuts to medicare would simply be ruinous for our small community hospitals, across our state. >> so a lot to take care of, and in your state -- and your state like other states may not have the money to handle all of this. so, it is indeed, a potential
6:50 pm
burden but we'll see what happens tomorrow, won't we? absolutely, we certainly will. >> all right, sir, thank you very much, that is nebraska state senator beau mccoy joining us on the phone to discuss health care reform. >> and you didn't ask about the cornhuskers. >> i was -- >> still on this phone? >> we have to go and i wanted to see how the nebraska team is doing -- >> all right, eyeing a shortage of specialists, but not talking about doctors, casey steegel live in davis, california to explain. >> reporter: juliett, we are talking about veterinarians, a shortage of a particular type, and you won't believe the impact it could have on the nation's food supply. we'll tell you all about it coming up in a live report, next, here on america's news headquarters. rength tylenol... a day on the days that you have arthritis pain, you could end up taking 4 times the number... of pills compared to aleve. choose aleve and you could start taking fewer pills. just 2 aleve have the strength... to relieve arthritis pain all day. hey, i'm don shula,
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>> fewer an 10% of all vets are trained to work with latin americans animals and we are talking about major, major sized farm animals, less than 9,000 vets, and, half of them are over the age of 50 on the brink of retirement, and casey steegel is live in davis, california, and that is a hotbed of veterinary
6:55 pm
activity, sit in, there. >> reporter: absolutely, and uc davis back here one of the most prestigious vet schools in the country, for humans if we have cancer we go to an oncologist and our child is sick and we take them to a pediatrician and vets are no different and have specialties, too, but the problem is, the vast majority as you said, of new veterinary students are more interested in treating smaller animals like house pets, cats and dogs... as opposed to taking the large animal track which usually requires vets to get out on farms and ranches to work on their patients. and at uc davis, in -- one of the best schools senate country, only 25% of its students here, elect to work with larger animals, which could lead to big problems, down the road. listen: >> we are facing, to i think a crisis, in the next 10 or 15 years inasmuch as 50% of all of the veterinarians, that work on livestock in the u.s. are 50 years of age or older so there will be a big retirement phase
6:56 pm
happening. >> reporter: now, experts say while working with livestock, is it perhaps -- is not the most glamorous it is arguably more important considering the health of these animals can impact the nation's food supply, from the meat you eat, to the dairy you consume. in fact the american veterinary medical association estimating there are 500 counties across the nation with large amounts of animals and no vets to treat them and the fed are getting involved, because it is causing controversy and last week congress passed a bill to forgive a student's loans if they opt to work in a more rural area. >> casey, we have to go, great seeing you guys today. with ziploc containers with smartsnap. one press and it's completely sealed. get ziploc. and get more out of it. s.c. johnson. a family company. our heart?
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