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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  March 21, 2010 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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bbilosi. >> thank you. stay tuned for fox all night long for the health care votes in the house and take a live look at the house floor and the dome behind me, it's continuing, we'll have it fair, balanced and unafraid. >> compromise reached, votes changed. tonight, word from capitol hill the aye's have it for health care insurance reform the as you can see the debate is on and the battle is not over. i'm shepard smith and the news starts right now. >> kill the bill! kill the bill! >> health care now! health care now! >> it's history in the making. >> we're going to make sure we end the horrific insurance company practice of dropping people as soon as they become sick, that's going to happen right away. >> people are going to have a rude awakening all the things
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in the bill. >> and the republicans warn there will be consequences on election day. >> we are going to have a good night in november 2010. >> i think we are going to win the house back, i think the american public saw the republican leadership for 12 years and didn't like that. >> tonight, what happens next? in the health care battle and beyond? but first, from fox, this sunday night, we're well past 216. that's what house democrats are saying right now, referring to the number of votes they need to turn president obama's signatured domestic issue into the law of this land. in fact, it appears they have the votes to spare as fox reports live tonight. and overhaul of the nation' health care insurance system that could affect every single american and this historic day getting off to a symbolic start. >> kill the bill! kill the bill! >> speaker pelosi leading house democrats up the steps of the capital with protesters across the street chanting "kill the bill", the speaker
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carrying the gavel that the house used when it voted to indicate medicare back in 1965 >> republican lawmakers getting a warmer welcome from those same protesters. one congress woman even hold ago sign saying, i vote no! letting the crowd know she's on their side. >> health care now! health care now! >> supporters of the overhaul also making their cases outside the capitol. this group catholics for health care insurance reform. obviously, abortion has been a big factor in this debate and today, president obama reached a crucial agreement to get a key group of lawmakers fastly and steadfastly on board. we have team fox coverage tonight, major garrett at the white house and jim angle, a look at what's actually in the bill. first to carl cameron in capitol hill. the group of anti-abortion, led by bart stupak of
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michigan, how did they get the votes. it left a lot of people surprised and shaking their heads. basically bart stupak had been talking with the white house and the executive order the president agreed to sign according to mr. stupak is sufficient for him and a handful of pro-life democrats who had objections and now they believe they can vote for it because the executive order and their view will eninsure that taxpayer money will not go for abortion related services. this has been his singular issue for weeks and he talked about what he considered a triumph this afternoon. we've always said most of us at least that we were for health care reform, we wanted to see health care reform, but there was a principle that meant more to us than anything, and that was the sanctity of life. >> there was a block of democrats who have fiscal objections, saying that the health care bill is irresponsible. the social democrats, the social issues like bart stupak coming around, at least some
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of them, but the pro-life community is largely unpersuaded and there have been complaints from national right to life and others and pro-life republicans were quick to go to the mic's this afternoon and condemn the entire idea. >> we're disappointed that congressman stupak has exchanged 30 years of pro-life protections in the law for a piece of paper from the most pro-abortion president in american history. >> there will be a colassel debate about this. the reaction is just pouring in from around the country. and on capitol hill while democrats say they're delighted to have a few more votes, the pro-life community is up in arms. >> all right, where do we stand on the debate here and the votes here? >> well, they have just now in the last few minutes begun the formal debate on the senate bill on the house floor. 216 votes is the magic number. we've had one significant vote already today, a measure that passed essentially just establishing the rules for
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this evening's debate and it passed with more than 216 votes obviously, about 220, 222, i think it was, as a consequence, democrats believe they have an adequate cushion. they are looking only for 216, there's the possibility that because they can crest that number, they'll be up, able to let some democrats vote against the measure, particularly those who might come from parts of the country where the measure is unpopular. after the senate bill passes the house floor, it can go right down to the president and be signed into law, but the house's business won't be done they'll still tonight have to pass the reconciliation package of fixes and once that passes the house assuming it does, it must next go to the senate where they'll vote on it and should they make changes, shep shall the bill would have to come back to the house and call it ping-pong and more debate and another vote here. >> carl cameron at the rotunda. president obama has been keeping up the pressure in private rallies and private meetings and phone calls. the turning point came this
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afternoon when the congressman bart stupak announced he had that agreement with the white house and would be voting yes. key fox coverage continues now, major garrett live on the lawn, major, how did all of that go down? >> shepard, conversations about this executive order have been going on for a week, but they hit a crescendo last night. bart stupak was taking to several key players, jim messina and the health care czar and the white house counsel bob bauer. today those conversations continued and shortly after mid afternoon, bob power presented the president of the united states this executive order. the president signed off on it, bart stupak said he was okay with it, there by creating not only just 216 votes, but the pass that my colleague carl cameron talked about, not only will it pass, but some degree of comfort in the next 90 minutes to two hours and the president has been on the phone consistently, white house releasing two photographs of the president working the phones, doing his last bit of
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politicking by telephone with then sitting democrats. those photographs basically part of the history here of the white house on this very historic day. the president, the white house all believe that the vote when called will not only go their way, but go their way with some degree of comfort that was not present before this bart stupak executive order deal was cemented. >> we're getting reaction from some pro choice groups as well. the national organization of women that did not like the senate language. thought it was too restrictive to begin with. here is a part of their statement from terry o'neal the now president. president obama campaigned now said the pro choice president, but his actions today suggest that his commitment to reproductive health care is shaky at best. shep. >> major we're hearing from anti-abortion groups as well. >> that's right. carl cameron referred to the national right to life committee and they've put out an extensive statement on
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that, shepard, i'll read pa partially from that statement. the executive order promised by president obama was issued it says for political effect. it changes nothing, it does not correct any of the serious pro-abortion provisions in the bill. the president cannot amend a bill by issuing an order and the federal courts will enforce what the law says. so, you have pro choice advocates, thinking the president went too far and pro-life thinking the president didn't go far enough and the white house might call that the sweet spot. >> major garrett, live on the north lawn at the white house tonight. thanks. and whether you already have health insurance, the bill lawmakers are voting on tonight affects you. along with the requiring almost everyone to be insured, it makes numerous changes to medicare and medicaid, and puts new restrictions on the insurance companies. team fox tints with jim angle with a look at what's actually in this bill and a look at the price tag. hi, jim. >> hello, shep. well, the house bill made some changes in the senate bill in far because house democrats want to spend more money than
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the senate does. it embraces key elements of the senate bill including guarantees no one can be dropped from insurance when they get sick. no lifetime benefit caps. allowing children to stay on their parent's insurance until age 26 and beginning in 2014. no exclusion to pre-existing conditions for adults, children, even sooner. but the house bill also has changes that make an even more controversial. it raises taxes, 50 billion dollars more than the senate. and cuts medicare spending 66 billion dollars more. house democrats will use that money in part to increase insurance subsidies, going to families making up to $75,000 a year. >> and make sure that coverage is more affordable and that's why our members are now very comfortable voting for the senate bill as amended. >> but republicans argue that raising taxes and cutting medicare to cover more spending may make the numbers look good on paper, but not in reality. >> it's a half a trillion
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dollars in new taxes and money taken from medicare not to expand insolvency, but to raid it to pay for the new government program. >> now, both the congressional budget offers and the chief actuary of medicare have warned that the cuts in the program are double counted, but siphoned off to cover the new subsidies and spending the same dollars twice. democrats say it reduces the deficit by 143 billion over ten years, but republicans argue if you exclude at that double counting of medicare cuts and some other budget maneuvers, the house plan actually deepens the deficit by 660 billion. so, the two sides remain on two different planets, when it comes to the cost and the impact of the health care reforms. jeff. >> jim angle live in the washington news room, thanks, good to see you. we're waiting for the u.s. house of representatives to begin another round of voting on this senate health bill a live look on capitol hill as they press ahead with the legislation and republicans vow to continue fighting it, but after tonight, what option
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will the republicans have? we'll get thoo that, plus, tiger woods has just granted his first one-on-one interview since, well, everything happened. we'll tell you what he is nervous about from the journalists at fox news, this is the sunday edition of the fox report. [ female announcer ] it's lobsterfest... when we turn lobster into irresistible creations. like new wood-grilled lobster and parmesan scampi... our signature lobster lover's dream... and eleven more choices. right now at red lobster.
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>> as democrats in the house of representatives get closer to voting on the president's year long attempt at health insurance reform. republicans are promising the fight will not end tonight. one of the most vocal critics is john boehner, the one who said it would ruin the country and appeared before the microphones at virtually every turn telling why the g.o.p. thinks it's a huge mistake. >> we're about 24 hours from armageddon. this health care bill will ruin our country. it's time to stop it. >> i have never seen anything this bizarre.
7:15 pm
it's true that this new health care bill isn't the same as the old one. it's actually worse. >> 'cause the american people are saying, stop and they're screaming at the top of their hunks. and we're going to continue to work closely together and to do everything that we can do to make sure that this bill never ever, ever passes. >> shepard: but congressman boehner today said if the bill does in fact pass he'll work to repeal it. and joining us is the d.c. bureau chief from our cousins at the wall street journal. >> hi, shep. >> shepard: armageddon is upon us, what will the republicans be able to do to stop armageddon. >> those are pretty big powerful words, a big chunk of this is politics, the reconciliation has to be voted on in the senate and maybe some glitches there, but the democrats feel they have enough votes to pass it. you have a lot of states that are saying we are going to contest this constitutionally, we're going to file suit that you can't have mandates that
7:16 pm
make people buy insurance. so, there's a lot of legal steps that will take place in the next few weeks, but you know, more broadly speaking, the democrats say that this is a big, big move and a plus for democrats going into the election. >> shepard: you know, i guess there's going to be a battle of messages here as well and john boehner lays out this is armageddon message and the republicans will continue in the months ahead. the other side, the democrats and supporters of the bill will try to convince the americans, look how many good things are happening to you because of it and that message one is going to be pretty vocal? >> that's precisely right. the republicans say it's unpopular in the country and it's going to hang over the democrats in the ewilkes, really bad for them and we're going to pound away at the message and this is the wrong bill to pass. the democrats are going to say, look, the country's going to wake up the next day and lights are going to come on as normal and we'll have front
7:17 pm
loaded health care bills, extending it to kids to stay on with their parents until age 26 and had move on to the agenda. other things teed up. repealing or changing no child left behind, which is a popular with a lot of parents. these are all things that the democrats can stack on top of health care and say, going into november, we did a lot for you, not just health care. >> shepard: democrats are pretty willing to admit these days that they lost the message battle on this early on and never caught up. now, if they don't catch up on the message battle they're in trouble. are the people who are watching this message battle giving us an indication of who they think may be able to get the upper hand here? nothing could be really more important now? >> well, it depends on who you talk to. the republicans feel, man, this is a softball across our plate. we're going to be able to knock it out of the park because it is unpopular, at least right now with the electorate. the democrats are saying there is a huge amount of time between now and november to craft the message in a way
7:18 pm
come election day, that's appealing to the public. again, emphasizing the positive parts of the bill that take effect now and a lot won't take effect until a year or two down the road. so, it's going to be very much a battle of messages and the democrats are convinced this is, you know, nothing succeeds like success and they will view this and pitch this as success. >> shepard: one last question about the democratic congressman bart stupak, pro-life democrats who were against this. and there was a compromise that brought the votes over, a crucial vote, nevertheless a quite a message. how did that go down? >> yeah, i think that no matter what, it's going to be scene as crucial. you're right, they may have already had the votes, but this gave them a very, very important discussion about a half dozen votes. it is going to be a hard slog for him with his constituents very much against abortion and he will ab toibl sbe able to sa
7:19 pm
look, i got the president to sign an executive order. while those can be rescinded it will be almost impossible for the president to do that. he'll make the argument he got from the very top assurance that federal dollars will not be used for abortion, that's the message he'll be delivering. >> shepard: john, the d.c. bureau chief for the wall street journal. >> a pleasure. >> shepard: wall street journal owned by the parent company of this network. on capitol hill, lawmakers are preparing to vote on the health care insurance care. and when the vote comes we'll take you there instantly. while we're waiting for that. take a look i-it, do you think the folks here are enjoying the start of the spring? the fox reports on extreme floods and the rest of the day's news that's next. new mousse temptations by jell-o.
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>> the debate on health care reform bill continues on capitol hill. when it happens shortly we'll take you there live. that's a live look at the floor of the u.s. house of representatives and we'll get back there for the big vote coming up. as congress finds itself rap wrapped up in health care insurance reform and another on the president's agenda, immigration reform. a reported thousand packing into washington's national mall. our producer on the scene today reports they filled four square blocks in fact. president obama says he's committed to fix the quote, broken immigration system, unquote and will work with congress this year to put together a comprehensive bill. well, fox news weather alert now, we've been watching the red river for days now. tonight, the national weather service reports, the river crested this afternoon at just less than 37 feet. a random number to all except
7:24 pm
the ones who live there. as you can see, it's out of its banks, but that level is apparently good news for residents all along the banks of river who spent the last week preparing and waiting. still, that's 19 feet above flood levels all we really need to report here, 19 feet above, but four feet less than last year's record highs. the red river marks the border between north dakota and minnesota and separates the cities of fargo, minnesota and moorhead, minnesota and reports of widespread damage. janice dean is in the extreme weather center tonight. when do the flood waters start to recede. do we know? >> yeah, slowly, but surely a decline, this is the red river of fargo. the graph we get from the national weather service, the crest 46.99 feet and as we go by sunday this should be at major flood stage, will be 30 feet. so excellent news across minnesota and also north dakota. >> shepard: yeah, snow in
7:25 pm
north mississippi, it snowed in oxford today, very weird. winter weather in parts of the country this weekend? >> yes, my friend. let's take a look at arkansas. this will be northwest arkansas in the town of rogers, as well as bentonville. snowplows can't keep up with the snow flurry activity. eight inches of snow here. >> shepard: wow. >> accidents along the interstate and shepard in fayetteville, arkansas, 13.5 inches of so, a record for them. >> shepard: okay. so hopefully over the next two days we'll have clear skies and some sunshine to melt some of that snow. >> shepard: man. >> happy spring. >> shepard: right, great baseball weather. janice dean, thanks a lot. good to see you, let's get to the top story, the debate over health care insurance reform has apparently come down to this. as members of the house prepare for what's expected to be a very close vote on the health care insurance reform bill, lawmakers from both parties have shown a lot of passion over this issue, quite a bit of that passion on display today. a look back at this day so far and a look ahead, as bret
7:26 pm
baier joins us live, that's next. >> what will happen to the american people if we do not vote on this bill? >> you know the bill is not as good as advised. gentleman's time has expired. high quality ingredients like wild alaskan salmon in a delicate broth, without by-products or fillers. fancy feast appetizers. celebrate the moment. carl had been diagnosed with alzheimer's... grandma! grandpa! but i waited to see how he did. julie? i'm amy, grandpa. that day i knew... i couldn't wait. our doctor told us prescription aricept... is the only treatment, proven effective for all...
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>> tiger woods sailing saying today i've done some pretty good bat things. and admitting he's worried about the reception he'll get when they returns to golf next month at the masters.
7:30 pm
tiger woods answering questions for the very first time since the sex scandal rocked the tabloids and prompted a four month absence from the game. they sat down with the golfer five minutes today and told there were no restrictions what he asked and answered some, didn't answer others, but remained cordial. details as we get them. i'm shepard smith, this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news and the u.s. house of representatives is expected to begin a second round of votes very shortly on the health care reform bill. the vote is expected to be largely along party lines and the debate leading up to it reflects the emotions the topic stirred on both sides of the aisle. here is how some of it unfolded today. >> we are going to have a vote. 16. >> either way we are going to pass this bill. >> it's clear from listening to steny that they don't have the votes yet. >> this isn't paul ryan saying this, this is the congressional budget office analysis where you look at the actual, the details of this bill and take the smoke and
7:31 pm
mirrors and double counting out. >> congress woman. >> no, what that is is what paul ryan act asking the congressional budget office to put a bunch of stuff in the bill that isn't in the bill. >> once we pass this bill everyone is see right away all the horror stories are not going to come true. >> i pledge of allegiance to the flag. >> today we will act on a uniquely american solution to health care reform. >> my colleagues are celebrating the birth of a great new entitlement program today only they see dependency on the federal government and the death of freedom as a cause for celebration. >> this bill we're about to pass today will save lives and jobs by putting patients first. >> mr. speaker, today is a defining moment in this nation's history. will we choose the path of individual liberty or will we choose the path of government tierney? tierney? >> the chair noted the disturbance in the gallery. >> a direction by the
7:32 pm
committee on rules, i call up house resolution res 1203 and ask for its immediate consideration. >> this bill is the mother of all unfunded mandates. >> those who oppose the process don't want any debate or votes on health care itself. they just want to make reform go away. >> 228, nays 195 the question of consideration is decided and affirmative. >> i'm flabbergasted perhaps the gentle lady from new york could tell me under the rule that the louisiana perfect, the corn husker kickback, the gatorade and bismark bank job will be somehow removed from the legislation after its passage? >> i'm happy to tell you that. we're going to fight through these dell tri tactics today and side with the american people. >> it's special deals for special folks. this bill is unconstitutional. texas state attorney general, plus 40 or 30 other attorney generals will sue the federal government if this bill passes
7:33 pm
because of special deals. >> in the executive order the president just put out it's called ensuring enforcement and implementation of abortion restrictions and patient protection and affordable care act. we're gel past 216 yes. >> an executive order issued by the president is not worth the paper it is printed on. it is not the law of the land. and it can be rescinded in the blink of an eye. >> that was just a sample of the debate that occasionally got heated today ahead of tonight's health care reform vote. house democrats now say the 216 aye's to pass this measure are there, plus some. with us now to explain how the process works from then and till now, bret baier who will be hosting the vote coverage tonight. where are we, what does it mean. >> hey, shep, democrats apparently have the numbers and passed the first rule by a vote of 224-206 and that means that roughly, we could be looking at the same kind of
7:34 pm
vote count for the senate health care bill. right now, you're seeing on the house floor, the debate over that. it's two hours straight, debate over the senate health care bill and the fixed bill, the recognizance reconciliation bill. the big question, when the president will sign it. if it's passed tonight, it does take a while to enroll a bill, so it could be a day, we're going to hear from the president tonight no matter what, but it could be a day, you could see the president sign this on tuesday when the senate starts debating the fixes, the reconciliation bill. >> shepard: there's a lot of talk about legal challenges and i want to get into them on a couple of levels. first the states, some have passed laws and some are planning laws, but is it true that the federal government regulation supersedes any state laws or could there be a legal challenge here? >> there's going to be a big legal challenge no matter what and the lawsuits are already being drawn up. there are a number of different avenues for this. one of them is the mandate in this senate health care bill
7:35 pm
that everyone has to purchase some kind of health insurance. there's going to be a constitutional question about that and then there will be the federal and state issues so we could see, really, months, years of federal lawsuits that could end up in the u.s. supreme court. >> shepard: bret baier live in washington, i guess if things go late, bret baier will be with us if it goes late. and live coverage throughout our weekday anchors in prime time with bret as a bonus and president obama plans to issue an executive order after the vote reaffirming the law which prevents taxpayer dollars to be used to pay for abortions. for the text of that order and any information about the hk reform or health care insurance reform bill. you can log on, and see where the place it was circled in red that's the spot, click the link and you're up-to-date. we're watching capitol hill through the hour as lawmakers in the house move closer to their final two votes on
7:36 pm
health care insurance reform. keep it here for continuing coverage. plus, the history and politics behind the health care vote. what tonight's decision really could mean in the short-term and the long-term and how it compares to other major pieces of legislation. some surprises or at least some things you might not have known, that's next. [ male announcer ] crunch, wheat thins. that's what's gonna happen here. ♪ because you're tasty with toasty whole grain. [ crunch ] wheat thins. toasted. whole grain. crunch. the crunch is calling.
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one: it kills the weeds you have - right down to the root. two: it forms a barrier, that prevents new weeds from growing for up to four months. roundup extended control - kills and prevents. >> politics of the vote now. the health care overhaul would be one of the most sweeping welfare legislation in decades no doubt. unlike social security and medicare, this does not have bipartisan support. in 1935, 284 house democrats and 81 republicans voted in favor of social security. in 1965 those voting in favor of medicare, 248 democrats, along with 65 republicans. tonight, it's looking like the tally for the current health care bill will not get nearly those totals.
7:40 pm
lawmakers and president obama's own party are speaking out against the bill, some of them. liberals wanted the so-called public option or even a single payer plan to run government insurance. republicans are unanimously opposed to the legislation in its current form and are promising to pounce on this issue in november. joining us now is douglas brinkley, award winning author and presidential historian with us today i believe life from capitol hill. good to see you, thank you. actually you're in texas, i apologize. >> i'm in austin. >> shepard: a great spot. i hear there's a great music festival going on, but i want to talk about, it was a lot of fun i'm guessing, instead i want to talk about this vote. we were looking back offense the history of these things and nothing big like this, nothing social, has ever happened with no bipartisan support. >> no, this is very mutual. we're entering the age of gauntlet. there's a line drawn in the sand and a health care fight for democrats in that it's gone on in earnest from fdr's
7:41 pm
day, hair i truman, lyndon johnson signed medicaid and medicare, he had harry truman to give him the signing pen so it's been a big democratic issue, but in the 60's with medicaid and medicare, senators like dirksen behind it and lbj had bipartisan fervor in the 60's. i think you'll see president obama taking a breather from passing major legislation and work with dworns on conservation and big business ceo's and operate in a different way for a while. this has been an exhausting process. >> shepard: is it your sense the opposition would turn its sights as well? because they suggest they will not at all. >> well, i think the republican party here now, this is a victory for barack obama, i suppose tonight or tomorrow, bret talked about nobody is sure, maybe tuesday, the president is going to stein the legislation and
7:42 pm
probably have patrick kennedy, the son, you know, of ted kennedy or vicky kennedy, the widow there. this was ted kennedy's big issue at that ceremony it's going to be seen as a democratic triumph to put wind in president obama's sail. the republicans are going to run on this in mid term election, saying you guys are going to pay for this at the ballot box coming up. >> shepard: douglas, before the first vote today, the house democrats found flyers placed on dozens of seats inside the chaem ber. we're told those flyers showed the names and faces of the 34 democratic incumbents who lost reelection back in 1994 after then president clinton's push for health care reform failed. at the time republicans picked up 54 seats and won control of the house. we'd have the video of that, but douglas there's a history lesson there. >> well, yes, there is. i mean, the republicans say, you can tell by the sound bites today they're going to run on this issue that this is obama care is federal government spending at that
7:43 pm
they believe they have 50 or 55% of the american people opposed to it. they feel it was rammed down their throats and instead of trying to get around this issue of health care you're going to see the republicans and trying to find ways to appeal it, to sue, to make it the political issue this coming november. >> shepard: douglas brinkley live from austin. >> good to see you, thanks. >> shepard: former president's bill clinton ap george w. bush set to make a joint trip to haiti tomorrow more than two months after the devastating earthquake that struck that country. the presidents first teamed up in the days after the quake hit. bush-clinton haiti fund. helping aide workers on the ground and this will be the first trip for president bush since the earthquake and president clinton visited twice as the u.n. special envoy to that country. a volcano blows its top. the first in nearly 200 years
7:44 pm
and scientists are now warning, this could lead to something else. a larger eruption on another mountain. it's our top story as we go around the world in 80 seconds. >> iceland, the volume keane cane-- volcano erupted, and police evacuated people living in rural areas near the sites and canceling flights to and from the country and activity at this volcano leads to eruptions at a more powerful volcano to the east. australia, a tropical cyclone slamming into the coast. the category 3 storm knocking out power to about 60,000 homes and smashing some boats along rocks at the shoreline and they evacuated along the great barrier reef. afghanistan, a police chief giving an interview in a province south and east of
7:45 pm
kabul. when a bomb explodes not far behind it. it went off near a crowd that gathered in spring and traditional new year and the explosion killed two civilians and injured four others. thailand, the so-called red shirt protesters using human blood to paint signs for their cause at a rally in bangkok. they're calling for the country's prime minister to step down. he says he'll send representatives to talk with them, but the demonstrators say they want to speak with him directly. and that's a wrap on this fox trep around the world in 80 seconds. u.s. drone strikes today reportedly killed at least four suspected militants in pakistan. they happened in the northwestern part of the country near the afghan border. officials in pakistan say the drones fired at least three missiles at a house and a car. one of the officials says the missile did hit their intended targets, but we don't yet know details. we're closer to the crucial health care insurance reform
7:46 pm
vote. the culmination of a very long and bitter public battle on capitol hill. we're told lawmakers could hold their next vote very soon and we'll bring it to you live if it happens and plus, hospitals call them frequent flyers, people with virtually no money, no insurance, making several trips to the emergency room each year because they don't have insurance. now, one hospital is working to break the cycle. the details coming up. with 4g from sprint, i can download files up to 10x fasterhan 3g...
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>> just into fox news. a woman has been arrested at the back door of the office of the house majority leader, steny hoyer. the democrat of maryland. shouting very loudly as she was being arrested, doing a quote, hail mary over and over as they escorted her out. worth noting here, she was arrested by the memorial door
7:50 pm
to the capitol right by the sign mashing the deaths of two capitol police officers who died in a shootout in july of '98. again a woman arrested there at the capitol in protest. a live look at the house floors as we'll continue to watch and wait for the vote. in the meantime, the number of people taking trips to the emergency rooms surged in recent years. a study in atlantic back in 2006 indicates nearly 120 million people visited emergency rooms across the nation. that's a 30%, 36% jump in the number of americans visiting the e.r. over the previous decade. hospitals are now cracking down on folks they call frequent flyers, poor or homeless people who investigator the e.r. more than six times a year. the problem, some don't even need medical help and they take resources away from those with real emergencies. casey stegall has more on this, live today from, somewhere. hello, casey. >> hey, shep, live from
7:51 pm
sacramento. a lot of times when you don't have health insurance in this country the only access to you get to medical care if you show up to an emergency room. many are homeless and doctors say sometimes they're just in search of a bed and don't even require medical attention. some show up several times in the same week, clogging the e.r. for those who really need it. >> currently, and especially with the state of the economy, the emergency room is a point of entry for health care. and it's really important that the emergency room be available for people who have true emergencies. >> so, to combat the problem, this emergency room in sacramento partnering with a nonprofit clinic called the effort. to identify those frequent flyers and provide them with case managers, to get to the root of their problem. if they're drug addicts, they get rehab. if they're hopeless, they work on securing them housing. >> one of the people that don't have health insurance
7:52 pm
are the homeless, the homeless people and if we have more programs like this where they're taken off the street and giving them a place to live. that's a big part of it. >> by the way, the t-3 program as it's called is apparently working. according to officials here, the e.r. visits by the frequent flyers have been slashed 65%, inpatient hospital services down 40%, saving the medical center back here, 2.4 million dollars a year. shep. >> shepard: casey stegall live in sacramento, thanks. prices at the pump are going up. the average for a gal of regular unleaded now 2.81 nationwide and that's up on average nearly 9 cents from two weeks ago and 86 cents higher than it was at this exact team last year. analyst are saying don't expect prices to keep rising. abandoned evidence in a closed police department, leading to charges in a four-year-old sexual assault days. our top story on a fox trip
7:53 pm
across america.: illinois, financial problems forced the village of ford heights to layoff most of its police officers two years ago. cook county deputies found a bunch of moldy rape kits in refrigerator there. dna evidence led to charges in the rape of a 13-year-old girl. the man charged was already in prison and just days away from being released. alabama, police seizing thousands of pills and tens of thousands of dollars in a prescription narcotics bust in madison county. the pills included xanax and morphine and the street value estimated at nearly $250,000. new jersey, a brush fire damaging nearly 500 acres of land. nobody hurt here, but the thick smoke forced officials to evacuate dozens of people from their homes and crews say the fires should eventually burn itself out. california, thousands of people taking part in a
7:54 pm
special event in ranno bernardo to remember chelsea king. the three-mile run/walk in the same park where authorities say a sex offender raped and murdered her. the 17-year-old never returned from a run late last month and search teams later found her remains buried near a lake there. many participants wearing blue and orange, chelsea's favorites colors as part of a fox watch across america. we're tipping to keep our eyes on the house floor where lawmakers are working their way toward the final round of health care insurance overhaul votes. lawmakers are now in the middle of a debate that should wrap up, we're told in the next hour and then the second of three critical votes of the day, to pass the senate version of this bill. we'll track their progress as our special edition of fox report continues after the break. [ female announcer ] olay challenged not just one dermatologist but a whole panel in creating an anti-aging breakthrough. introducing olay professional pro-x wrinkle protocol. as effective as the leading prescription wrinkle brand.
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>> continuing coverage. historic vote of the congressional health insurance reform bill. we'll continue to bring you live coverage through the evening here on television and at but as we wait for that vote we're also following another major matter of national importance, oh, it's march madness and all of a sudden, the ncaa men's basketball tournament is wide open. overall number one seed kansas, done, down in the second round of the 9th seed midwest northern ohio and what the shooter upset decimating brackets across the country and then today, the big red from cornell, are you kidding me? its first ever trip to the sweet 16, two wins by double digits and the 12th seed in the east nominated fourth seed wisconsin and in the sweet 16 here comes kentucky. northwest, northern iowa and which is aren't the only
7:59 pm
cinderellas in the dance, joined by 10th seed st. mary's and 11th washington. how unpredictable it's been, of the almost 5 million brackets filled out at the sports network reported last night only 12 had correctly picked the first group of teams into the sweet 16. man alive. and on this day in 1980, president jimmy carter announced the u.s. would boycott the summer olympics in moscow and came in response to the soviet invasion of afghanistan. a few months early the russian army marched to kabul with the intent of installing a soviet puppet government. canada, west germany, japan soon joined in the boycott. regardless many of the athletes did not take the news well. some had spent much of their lives training and still the moscow games went on and soviet occupation would last another decade and the u.s. bowed out of the olympics the first a


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