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tv   Glenn Beck  FOX News  March 24, 2010 2:00am-3:00am EDT

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at work that. is your last call. lights are blinking. we're closing down shop. the o'reilly -- goodnight. again glen welcome to the glenn beck program. tonight will everybody else focuses on health care i want to tell what is coming. i want to focus on two words. these two are words are being used in every bill and idea that a progressives are trying to jam down the throats of america. if we don't know how these things work we are going to lose this battle. they sound warm and fuzzy but they are not. much of america has no idea what they are stepping into with these two words. what are they? >> glenn: hello america!
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everything we see being pushed down the throats of the american people right now, care, now immigration reform, bailouts, cap and trade may really have one thing in common, the pr campaign. if not all, most of them contain these two words, "social justice." you might have heard a few politicians talk about it lately. >> the president: i think there's a strong tradition of social justice in the catholic church that had a profound influence on me i received one of those letters a few days ago. it was from our beloved!>!í frid and colleague ted kennedy. what we face he wrote is above all a morallish you. at stake or not, just the details of policy, but fundamental principles of social justice. >> so the measure is what can we do the major initiatives in
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area of economy. jobs, education, housing, health care, are all designed to advance social justice. >> glenn: i told my radio audience today i was in the elevator with a russian woman the other day. she said why do i know you?rni3 i said i do television. she went -- this is going to be a long ride. it want.x because she was grateful. she said, what is it with americans, why do they not understand they are telling you where they are going? i said because people don't understand the language they don't know that's what i'm trying to clear up tonight. social justice seeps like an innocuous phrase. pains a picture of fairness. many churches use this term as an outreach to the poor. who could be against that? well, if you have read the news litly, apparently, i am -- news lately, apparently i am. i hate the poor and question
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jesus. why does glenn beck hate jesus? i hope my kids don't read that. wow! well, i'm just full of hate and i want to stop justice and i hate the poor too, i'd like to stomp on them. i'm glad to see that "time" suddenly cares about god or am i. the other news from the "new york times" was that i recommended leaving church if those churches were helping the poor. and i would have gotten away with it if it wasn't for those pesky meddling journalists. i hate those guys. i'm not sure why i would expect the media to start searching for the truth now when they never let it get in the way before. the term social justice has been perverted and hijacked by progressives. what a surprise they have a history of perverting words and meanings of. it doesn't simply mean, help the poor, to them. it does to some people.
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and maybe your church. but be very careful when you see those words, because you have to know who you are dealing with. are you dealing with somebody who believes it is just coming from the heart? or are you dealing with a progressive?ojl2 now, just for the no times and everybody else who thinks i hate poor people and question jesus, i know your attention span is 20, 30 seconds, but try to pay attention because i would like to set the record straight. the kind i'm talking about versus the kind they are talking about. america, this is extraordinarily important. here is my definition of social justice. we have it on the wrong side of the board. here's my definition of social justice. it is, forced redistribution, key word, forced, redistribution of wealth, with a hostility towards individual property, under the guise of charity and/or justice. got it? it is forced redistribution of
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wealth. under the guise. on my radio program, about a week ago, i said that if your church is promoting jeremiah wright-style not just jeremiah wright why will nobody talk about barack obama's new spiritual adviser one of them that he replaced wright with, jim wallace. i'll tell you about him in a second. why won't anybody talk about their type of social or economic justice? if you see it you should run or get educated on what the progressives mean by this so you will recognize if somebody perverts it. i know it is crazy to say get out of your church if that's what they are preaching. i would like to show you one man who did take my advice that guy, barack obama. first he was like that's crazy my church isn't preaching that stuff. his church teaches economic parity. claims that god is not pleased
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with&namerica's economic mal distribution. really? progressives are good at changing words. social justice i'm going to teach you what it means. let's look at other words. federal assistance. it replaced the word welfare. welfare. welfare replaced the word hand-out. why? hand-outs are bad, welfare was better then it got a bad name. subsidies have replaced the word self-reliance. bailout has replaced the word corporatefsh accountability. you see that's why the stimulus bill became the jobs bill. you hate the stimulus bill. but jobs bill you would be okay with. the progressives did this over and over again. they do it so you can never keep track of anything. this kind of social justice being preached in reverend
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wright-style churches not only resembles what many of these radical progressives and socialists and communist groups preach, it is what they preach. government forcibly taking wealth and spreading it around as the government deems fit, leveling the playing field so there's no chick inequality. when -- no check inequality. when you are in church sometimes it is easy not to see it but that's why it is there. it is what happened to latin america longtime ago. the marxists infiltrated the churches. look it up, it is there. here's a simple rule of thumb. make sure your church puts god first and politics and government last. god. here's a clear warning sign. social justice, chick justice or eco lodge -- economic justice or ecological justice. remember i told but in guy, father cog lynn everybody on
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the left rails about this thigh. father charles coglin founded the national union for social justice. social justice this is his publishing came out once a week, social justice. coglin, an anti-semitic religious broadcaster in the 30s used this publication to attack capal. admiration for mussolini. so many americans got sucked in they were like he's a good minister, what. i'm coglin? no jim wallace is coglin. jeremiah wright is coglin. it is happening again. some look at social justice as going out on a mission. if that is the way your church looks at it and you are doing good because jesus tells you to do good and are volunteering your time, that's
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good. as long as jesus or your church or your synagogue, whoever, that it is god that you are serving not a government bloated program. for example, if your church is preaching social justice and education and your church is saying let's teach people how to read, great, do it! that is exactly what your church should be doing. do you remember the defend educating rallies that happened recently? i want to show you the website. the defend education rallies. remember i told you about these? who are they? you go to the national day of action to defend education website and you look down and you keep going down and you are going to come up with a list of people and organizations that you can find. you realize you entered a hot zone of activist progressive or socialist or communist groups trying to hijack another movement. you can click over to jeremiah wright's church the united church of christ website.
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well now let's remember who jeremiah wright's church is, also a church in new york that bill moyer from pbs , he's a member, same fellowship. you can get to it from the communist website. looks fine and dandy. click on the drop-down menu. you will be recommended to visit the ella baker center. how the -- the ella baker center, why did i know that? i remember that's van jones. van jones started the ella baker center, communist. you will be introduced to the international league of religious socialists. two clicks in socialist territory, one click we are in communist territory thaeupt is the social justice that these groups are fighting for and the kind of social justice that i think you need toch figt against. you are going to hear a lot of
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crazy things because faith, hope and charity are being rotted to the core. you are going to hearo) things because i'm going to take on social justice knits perverted way, glen -- in its perverted way. every issue this government is bringing up now is being framed as a moral issue, you heard that at the top, barack obama this is a moral issue we are about to go into immigration. it is a more issue. yes, it is. don't let that scare you. we are talking about the extreme left. now the extreme left is talking to me about moral issues. moral issues. didn't the extreme left have a problem with the moral majority? how about the christian coalition, weren't they in churches and they had preachers telling people how to vote? wasn't that the rap on the christian coalition from the left? wow, i thought that was the enemy, number one of the left. why is it that the extreme left is now talking about social justice, moral
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responsibility, et cetera? why? the left understands if there is a wall you can't get around, you need to go into it like smoke through cracks. you need to infect it and destroy it. if you don't destroy it, use it for yourself. so it is interesting now, to me, we are being taught by social justice extreme leftist preachers, about your christian duty to have a big government or big government programs. like health care. and immigration. and all the issues are being framed around morality. may i show you something? it all clicked in my head. we're a religious and moral people. we care, we have big hearts, all of us do. here's the problem, global warming. what do you do?
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you got to sell it to people they are moral you don't want to hurt the planet, do you? how do you fix it ecological justice. what is ecological justice? cap and trade. cap and trade means the united states a country that has a lot of wealth gil to a small country that has no wealth and we'll buy their air. wow, that sounds like socialism. it sounds like forced redistribution of wealth, which is marxism, it? moral, don't you want to help people without health care? well gosh, yes, i don't want to see anybody hurt or i want to help. they can't afford it. wait a minute, hang on that sounds like socialism, which actually is forced redistribution of wealth, taking from it the rich and giving it to the poor. which is marxism. doesn't want to help people
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get an education. some people didn't have an opportunity to get an education. you have so much more opportunities, it is just about social justice and balancing those scales. no, it actually sounds like socialism, which is the forced redistribution of wealth, which is mar xism. lloyd from the sec listen to this >> we are in a possession where you have to say, who is going to step down, so someone else can have power? it is the moral thing to do, your child they a good childhood all the things going for them, they have to go to a college that isn't as good and give that to somebody who didn't. it is social justice. here's what came to me. what makes us a moral people? at the top of this, what makes us a moral people and they are
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counting on this, is god. god teaches us how to be a moral people, because we are a god-fearing people. god teaches us to be moral that makes us care about these things. we're looking at this way, let's say you were a dope smoking hippie in the 60s and you were thinking gosh we can't destroy this country, how do we do it? were you progressives and saw the progressives started doing with it religion in the turn of the century you kind of lost your way on that what happens if you were a marxist and said i really want the forced redistribution of wealth, let's call it socialism, no that doesn't work. how about if we call it social justice? we use a topic like education. and we can sell it to people because they are moral.
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god. marxist, free disbecause force -- free distribution, economic justice and we can point out that it is about health care because they're moral, they'll serve god. how does this not make sense america? how does this not make sense? here's the scary part, god is up here this is godless. this is government9/ their god is government. that's why they can create rights to you andot me we know god creates rights, no, no government creates rights. look at this. this pattern i had been working on for a while. it didn't click into my head until recently. our foundation needs to be restored. that's the problem. our foundation is being rotted. our foundation is falling apart. we need to stack it back up.
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what is our foundation? our foundation is god. which makes us a moral people. which makes us charitable. which makes us care about health care. and the government is the smallest part of that. the government can administer what we can't! you see, what are they doing -- you want to fundamentally transform this nation? do you this. why does the chalk always -- wait a minute. do this. actually reverse these two. government is your biggest thing into social justice. they will use health care and your and god is the littlist part. if they can convince you that
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god to the little est part just play on this to strangen this, they win. they have one thing in common, taking from one person and giving to another. the second half of that equation, giving to another is charity. then someone like barack obama's new spiritual adviser says this: >> we have to be very clear about this. voluntary faith-based initiatives, with no resources, no resources, to make any serious difference in poverty reduction is not adequate. that's a charity that falls far short of biblical justice. >> glenn: voluntary charity doesn't go far enough. give to the poor. take from the rich.
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this half is charity. but the first half of that equation, take from%,'ñ the ric, is theft. you can boil all of these justices down to one thing. it is a fancy name for socialism, which is forced redistribution of wealth, which is a fancy name for marxism. this is why you must be careful. jesus preached many things, but he never preached marxism. if you voluntarily want to live in a commune, i can see jesus saying cool with me. but i never heard him say take from someone and give it to someone else. i'm sure we that tip, not just from jesus but also from the original jewish religious leader, moses. thou shall not steal, thou shall not covet. i want what they have. for those who say that i'm distorting the socialist view of social justice, oh my goodness. thou shall not bear false
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>> glenn: i know it seems like i'm off the rails today because i'm not talking specifically about education, immigration or health care. but this is the kind of show that makes you understand the news and understand what's coming. there is another attack coming now on me. i'm not responding to the attack. i have to tell you the truth. but i want you to know what the fruit is, from me first. -- what the truth is,qwe from me first. i have a close obama adviser, first it was van jones, that started a campaign against me. now it's a new one. reverend jim wallace starting a campaign against me man, what are the odds that barack obama would not have anything to do with them, which i'm sure he doesn't. here is reverand jim wallace. let me introduce to you jim
2:25 am
wallace he's the spiritual adviser to the president of the united states, that's a bad photo of him. he consults on policy however that's wear. would you want your priest writeing policy for the government? would anybody say george bush got his pastor up there writing. not good. isn't that everything the left says they are against. why suddenly for it now? because this guy has little to do with religion and everything to do with power. faith, hope and charity. i believe wholeheartedly inbjú % taking care of the poor, n][ made it a practice in my personal life to devote a percentage of my gross income to doing that jim wallace, yet another spiritual vice president of the united states, a guy who believes a lot of the stuff thatpá$ jeremiah wright does. he's a blatant redistribution of wealth advocate, a marxist. i don't want you to take my
2:26 am
word for it. we have years and years of words of mr. wallace. let's take his words for it. >> are you calling for the redistribution of wealth in society? >> absolutely. without any hesitation, that's what thes go pell is all aboutl. >> glenn: the redistribution of wealth is what the gospel is about. he claims the gospel of jesus christ is about a central government taking money from individuals and distributing it the way they see fit. christians, you know better than that. you know better than that reverend wallace, we know who is distorting the gospel here. we know jesus' message was about choice. if you are going to a church that has social justice, which means i choose, with my church, to go out and +(kt a difference that's a different thing than what you're preaching. you have a responsibility, if you have extra, the lord does say you have a responsibility to choose to help the poor. remember what he said about the rich people? they will have a harder time
2:27 am
getting into heaven than a camel going through the eye of a needle. you see, he is the arbiter of justice. i already told you, the reverand says, "voluntary face initiatives with no resources to make serious difference in poverty reduction is not adequate." there's the distortion again, perversion of the bible. are you going to try to convince americans they should be forced into giving? by the way, if you are forced, is that giving? do you feel charitable on april 15th, because i don't. i feel charitable when i write a check for tithing, for the poor to somebody to school. not on april 15th. when did christ ever preach about taking away our freewill? my understanding here is that's the other side's plan. forcing people to do the right thing that's the devil's way.
2:28 am
that's the marxist, communist, socialist, progressive way that is the kind of social justice they speak of. not me. oh there's more. more on reverand wallace and his perversion of the gospel and what this means to you. what's coming
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>> glenn: this is -- you're amazing audience, you watch this show differently than you watch any other show that i think maybe even in the history of television. last night when 3 1/2 million people watching. there's a lot of people watching 5:00 in the afternoon. and i appreciate that but i ask you to get one more friend into the lifeboat. if you can get them to watch the show, great. i need you to pass this information on to them. if they say something about glenn beck just say this question and you will understand. ask this one question, but what if he's right? he's not right, no. answer the question. if he's right. if he's wrong i'll admit it. what if he's right, does it matter? tonight i'm talkingx#ñ to you about social justice. you will understand in the coming days why this is important. if you missed it at the top of the show, this is why it is
2:34 am
really important. you need to be a person who becomes familiar with this one person you need to be familiar with is reverend jim wallace. the new spiritual vice president. policy adviser too. kind of a spooky pact going on there. when jesus spoke of the widow's might and how blessed she was, jesus noticed -- noted she gave her all. she gave her all. it want taken from her. if it would have been, it would have completely defeated her act. if jesus would have walked up and taken the widow's might what difference does it make to her? that's the point he was making. she gave her all. but here's some more bible news from the good reverend, barack obama's new adviser on the bible, watch this. >> there are 2500 verses in the king jams bible about poor
2:35 am
people. one time in seminary we cut out every reference to support people, took a long time when we were done that bible was in shreds falling apart, literally in holes, a bible full of holes. i would say brothers and sisters this is the american bible! it's full of holes. >> glenn: let me say this, it is not the american bible. it wasn't written, compiled or bound together by americans. second, i'll take his word there are 2500 references to the poor. i haven't counted, i'm surprised there are that few wouldn't surprise me if there were more. his point is, how many references are there to the poor? how many references to the government being responsible to take care of them? zero. none. you see, the reason why jesus was crucified because they thought he was a king. here's your king. no, no.
2:36 am
he was the king of another world. his kingdom is inside of us. that's what he was worried about, not this. how many references to the fact that caesar or anybody else should take the money from the wealthy and distribute the poor in galilee? think of -- you would think if jesus was preaching that he would have been more clear. we should picket. v(upon by throfplt is a perversion of theht -- pilot this is a version to jam night marxism or communistism and us from the inside is not one sample of that system providing a decent lives for their people. me. this is the social justice they speak of. social justice. surely, the president couldn't have yet another marxist for a
2:37 am
spiritual adviser? didn't he just leave one? then he couldn't go to church. he's preaching to us about morals, he doesn't go to church, why? are there no marxist churches in washington? i'm sure you could find one. reverend wallace told the story a couple years ago about the time he met apparently marxists know this person, i never heard of her, the marxist dorothy day. listen to this >> she was leaving, we were living in chicago. i ran 20 blocks in the parlor of the catholic worker in walks the great lady. dorothy wrote a book called "love is the measure." she wasn't ever soft, very tough. >> glenn: so was stalin. >> so you're a radical student like me, a marxist like me, right?
2:38 am
yeah. >> glenn: how does reverand wallace explain all of this to barack obama? i don't think he has to. they are on the exact same spread the wealth page. >> the president: it is not that i want to punish your success, i want to make sure that everyone behind you that they have the chance to too. everybody is so pinched, business is bad for everybody. i think when you spread the wealth around it is good for everybody. >> glenn: spread the wealth around. it could be health care, education. the moral it is good for everybody. let me talk about god and it is good for everybody, health care let me help, economic justice, forced redistribution of wealth which is marxism. i mean, how many spiritual advisers -- how many marxists do you know? maybe this is why he's appointed so many anti-capitalists to serve in his administration. we have played on this program, the evidence.
2:39 am
the manufacturing czar ron bloom. >> we know that the free market is nonsense. we kind of agree with mao this political power comes largely from the barrel of a gun. >> glenn: speaking of mao, the mao fan1z anita dunn. mao tse-tung and mother teresa, not often coupled with each other but the two people whom i turn to most. >> glenn: doesn't this take on a new meaning, now that you -- see it happening in a church? now we have this bill, health care. health care, which is economic justice just helping the poor, that's it. a bill that even al sharpton admitted was very socialist. watch this. the transforming of the country the way the president had promised this is what he ran on. >> people would argue it is socialism.
2:40 am
>> first of all then we have to say that the american public overwhelmingly voted for socialism when they elected president obama. >> glenn: okay. we'd have to say the american people elected socialists. no, we just wanted somebody with economic justice this is what the russian said to me in the elevator, why don't they understand, they are telling you who they are. they just keep changing the words until they find one that connects with you. america, if you didn't realize what were you voting for in november 2008, i mean, did you think these people actually existed? they were freaks! i didn't think these people existed. look how many we found! it is time to wake up. wake your neighbors. because after health care, now that's passed. education, that's done. they control the children's education now. health care, they control that immigration is coming next.
2:41 am
i'm going to layout in the next couple of weeks exactly why they are doing that this is important. these are moral issues. they are using them as a gate to fundamentally look, we are a country based on god. you want a fundamental transformation, we are flipping this upside down. god will be at the bottom. marxism will be at the top. moral will be at the -- why are they not teaching morals? go to your neighbors, ask them this one question, if barack obama isn't a socialist or marxist why are there so many around him? we have two advisers now two spiritual advisers that were marxists. they will give you the same -- this is the question, okay glenn beck, i know he's crazy. that doesn't make any sense, yeah i it. let me ask you this, what if he's right??oú
2:42 am
oh well he's not. i know, he's crazy. but if he's right, does it matter? if glenn beck is right, does it matter?$iñ back in a second.
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. >> glenn: i've been talking the perversion of charity by this administration and its allies with the abuse of the term social justice and what's coming. we are going to be telling you about some of the other things that are coming and the fundamental transformation of america is already on. there's two kind of revolutionaries these are good, decent men, they were fighting for freedom. no matter what your point of view was, that's what they were fighting for.-.l you could have your freedom. these guys are fighting for social justice. we do it with health care.
2:47 am
we are taking your freedom awayhjp i was gonna compare thr words, but i want to talk to you about something else. it is one thing to come out and say i'm against violence, and i am. how long have i been saying this? i've been telling you, there's violence it will endt in french in the french revolution that ended with napoleon at the end. i don't care who the administration is, we are not these people. we can be, but we're not yet. we have tocw understand them, e have to understand their principles. they were godly people. but they were revolutionaries. here are revolutionaries too. this is a revolutionary communist. revolutionary marxist. i don't know what she is. he was in sds in school. these people have been around radical, marxist -- what did
2:48 am
barack obama say in his own book, i surrounded myself intentionally with the most radical marxist i could find! if you are doing that in the 60s or at any time, i mean really he's written about it, you're talking about the destruction of the country. you are thinking about revolution, in the 60s, these people were thinking about revolution! how do we have a revolution? we want a revolution! they wanted to start that that's why william ayers and start an actual physical, violent revolution. what stopped them?zx# i think the fact that they knew the chalkboard i showed you earlier, we are a religious and moral people. so we don't connect -- i don't care what the message was from the mideast bombing things, we're not gonna listen. timothy mcveigh we are not
2:49 am
going to listen to you. may i ask you a question? are you a revolutionary? have you ever thought of an armed insurrection? have you ever played that out in your head? has that ever occurred to you? any time i hear or think about it, i'm going like that's a nightmare. but i would ran tee, i would damn near guarantee all of them have been around people who have talked seriously, william ayers. they all know william ayers, seriously talked about4ñ armed revolution. up immigration right away? after he just punched you in the face with health care? if you are a parent, if you ever spank your kids what is the first thing do you afterwards? come with me hang with me a couple more seconds, we'll be back in a second. answer that question in your
2:50 am
head. what do you do after you spank yoyoyoyoyoyoaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeae
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2:53 am
. >> glenn: okay, i asked you, i was talking to you about violence, why violence is the wrong way to go. remember, we're talking about progressives.
2:54 am
progressives believe in evolution, not revolution, evolution. i asked you, what is the first thing do you after you discipline your child, maybe you spank, maybe you don't. you spank your child, what is the first thing you do? you hug them. you hug them. and you tell them how much you love them. it doesn't have to be spanking, it could be time-out. do you understand what happened? do you understand how much i love you? i don't want to do that, have to do that if you don't hug them afterwards, your child will push away from you. they will be afraid of you and there will be problems between you. because they think you are mean, scary. you hug thembk6. so what happened this week? haven't we just been spanked? doesn't most of the country feel like they've been spanked, over health care? you bet. i do, you do. some are celebrating, a lot of
2:55 am
people don't. if you loved us, what would you do? you would hug us. but they're not. they are going for illegal immigration, which almost tore us apart just a few years ago. why would you do that? why are the tea parties always being labeled as terrorists? extremists, terrorists, hate among they are danger -- hatemongers, they are dangerous. what is it that these evolution want? have you picked up a gun? these people have. possibly maybe the question should be asked, maybe they are tired of evolution and maybe they are waiting for revolution. peace brothere
2:56 am
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