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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  March 24, 2010 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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>> megyn: folks are fired up on the ann coulter segment. we're taking emails and follow me on twitter@megyn kelly. >> the news begins anew on "studio b." box 1. secretary clinton calling it the start of something new. how the u.s. may be changing its relationship with pakistan. a nuclear power and ally in the fight against al qaeda. in box 2, cops called it urban terrorism. someone is targeting our men and women in uniform with booby traps and it's happened again. four city trucks up in flames. we're live in southern california with more on the damage and hunt for suspects. >> plus, chili peppers. no, not the band but these chili peppers as weapons. how one country plans to use one hot pepper who fight terrorism. don't touch that thing. it's all ahead on "studio b."
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first on fox, breaking news in just the last few minutes. president obama following through on his -- on the deal that pushed healthcare reform over the top, signing and executive order reaffirming a ban on federal money for abortions. he agreed to sign the order to get a group of pro-life democrats to vote for the house bill sunday. with the deal the president angered people on both sides of the fight even though the money is truly already on the books. the briefing, robert gibbs didn't seem eager to talk about it. >> we reiterated the status quo and we're comfortable reits rating that status quo. >> the president is keeping the abortion funding rule as it. republicans say the order will not prevent taxpayer money from going abortions. sod john boehner put out a
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statement saying it's a transparent attempt to provide cover for democrats who voted for the tax fair hundred dollarsed abortion. republicans in the senate may try to block the so-called reconciliation bill. first, major garrett is live there. there was no press in the room when the president signed the order, no remarks from the president. arm's length, understandable. >> not only is it a hot potato but the white house says and the president repeated this debate is about healthcare, not abortion, however it is no small secret here in town that to get that law before the president yesterday, the bill that became the law, he had to make this executive order arrangement with bart stupak and five other pro-life house democrats in order to gain the majority to make the bill a law that he
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signed yesterday. so the president didn't want to have public remarks because he wants emphasis on the healthcare legislation, not the abortion deal and lawmakers here accepted that because they got the the deal and he's the president. >> shepard: this executive order was not necessary, was it? >> we brought that up with robert gibbs at the briefing and in no way could he say there was anything about the executive order that does anything but to rereiterate existing laws. you can't say there's direct funding of abortion in the healthcare legislation at all. what they're talking about is the possibility of money -- federal money used for healthcare exchanges or health centers used for abortion incorrectly. the president's executive order in the minds of bart stupak and others clarifies that's not possible but the white house says that was clear before the
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order was struck. >> so you do it for politics? >> you do it because it was necessary. that was the implication robert gibbs left. when asked the legal necessity he couldn't come up with an answer but there's an obvious political necessity. the order has been signed and the white house would prefer to move on. >> shepard: major garrett, live at the white house. while major was giving that report, producers were telling me that steny hoyer, the ma quart leader, has held a news conference and given disturbing information to the media. we just learned members of congress, according to steny hoyer, are getting death threats as a result of their vote on healthcare. not in a joking way, members of congress getting death threats because they voted for the healthcare reform bill. our producer will turn that around and we'll have a live report and bring it to you fair
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and in context in just a moment. developing now, a important meeting at the white house with pakistan as diplomats. high-level talks on a wide range of issues. perhaps the moe important, the effort to combat terrorism. pakistan is an ally in the fight and shares a rugged border with afghanistan in the red. that border region is where many militant leaders are believed to be hold up. just this mornings the secretary of state, hillary clinton met with the foreign minister but pakistan wants more money from the u.s.a. in exchange for cooperation. mike, did we inform them we're out of money or what happened? >> we're expecting a bilateral meeting between the secretary of state, hillary clinton and the pakistani foreign minister. the pakistanis want civilian
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nuclear power and help for education. they've gotten a lot of attention, extremist schools. it would be in the u.s. interest to have more moderate schools in pakistan. >> now that the military relationship -- some big praise from the secretary of defense and chairman of joint chiefs. >> no question about that. they called the efforts the pakistanis may extraordinary. here's more from those leaders. >> they understand this. their civilian government understands this and their troops paid a heavy price, suffering thousands of casualties in recent years in taking on these guys. >> the challenge is to build, the same challenge in any counter insurgency. he has to hold until the government can come in behind him and build the institutions that will sustain the effort and
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meet the people's needs. >> the points are the standingy military paid a heavy price and need government services to come in and essentially keep the bad guys out and provide a normal way of life for the people there. >> mike emmanuel, thank you. good to see you. every day in every way, as long as we live and breathe, fox news is on the job hunt. the house of representatives is set to vote or legislation creating work for americans. here's what is in the bill. if it passes congress, it will set aside more than $13 billion in an attempt to help cities and states get loans for building projects. the government would pay the interest. another part gets rid much taxes on profits on small businesses. lawmakers behind the bill say it would be paid for by cracking down on people and companies
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that avoid paying certain taxes. some republicans, as you imagine, are against this bill saying the tax cuts are too small and spending will not help unemployment. it's an important indicator of how the economy is doing. today, new evidence that the housing market is again weak and in trouble. the sales of new homes in the u.s. fell for the fourth straight month hitting a low never before seen in the history of this nation. here's a look at new home sales for the past two decades. this drop is important because when people buy new homes they buy materials and hire construction workers and decorators. making this an important part of the overall economy. james rosen, the analysts say the snowstorms were a big factor. >> that's right. economists believe the snow left home buyers homebound. in the northeast, new home sales fell 20% from the month before.
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18% in the midwest, only 5% in the south and new home sales rose 21% in the west. all that is little comfort to the white house, which greeted the numbers with a pledge to continue building an economy with a stable foundation. >> there's no doubt that housing and real estate continue to be complicated problems for our economy. >> reporter: no doubt indeed. the commerce at the present deps show housing closed to where 308,000 will be sold this year, i. at the beginning of the recess 15 months ago we dismayed at 625,000 new home sales per year, down from a peak of 1.4 million. now barely 300,000. one positive is the rise in the
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median sales price, which state constant the last two decades. last month it rose to $220,000, a spike of 5% over a year ago. >> shepard: james rosen, live in d.c. thank you. there's word of a massive terror sweep. this one -- we say massive about a lots of things but this one, more than 100 suspected members of al qaeda in custody now. we're not talking iraq or afghanistan at all. wait until you hear the potential target. jonathan hunt has the details when "studio b" is back in 90 seconds. healthy request soup. low in fat and cholesterol, heart healthy levels of sodium, and taste you'll love. guy: mmmm! chef: we're kind of excited about it. announcer: campbell's healthy request. or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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>> shepard: continuing coverage of news out of washington from steny hoyer. he came to the microphone a short time ago to report members of congress received death threats. legitimate death threats over their votes on -- the votes for the new healthcare insurance reform overhaul law. as they voted it into law and now they've received death threats. we'll have a live report. saudi arabia breaking up three al qaeda cells in its borders. in saudi arabia. arrested more than 100 terror suspects inside the country. officials say they planned attacks on saudi oil facilities. saudi arabia of course is between iraq and yemen and yemen is a stronghold for extremists, the birth place of bin laden and home to 15 of the 19 hijacksers
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of 9/11. jonathan hunt has the news. what else do we know about the attacks on the saudi oil facilities? >> they've been planned since last october. the plot was discovered by saudi security officials when they arrest add couple alleged terrorists coming from yemen. they started investigating it and found out there was more than 100 al qaeda operatives involved in planning this series of attacks against pretty much all the saudi arabia's oil facilities. when they moved in to arrest these over the last few months they found guns, computers, documents and they found, according to the saudi security officials, clear evidence linking these operatives in saudi arabia with al qaeda in yemen. >> do we have an idea of the size of al qaeda's presence in saudi arabia? does this make a dent? >> probably not. it clearly is a significant
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action by the saudi authorities. it's a significant victory but if you're talking about 100 operatives, it's thought there are thousands. no, it doesn't make a dent. the 100 may have been rounded up. there are hundreds more ready to take up the call to action. >> shepard: our friends, the saudis. the c.i.a. said al qaeda is on the run, which we've heard for years. >> it seems as though there is evidence to back up the idea that al qaeda is on the run now. you take this action by the saudi authorities, they're clearly trying to keep the pressure on al qaeda. to south asia, pakistan is cracking down on taliban abdominal al qaeda. we have news today that an afghan militant group is talking about the possibility of peace talks with the u.s. something is changing. worth raising the question as to the obama's administration's
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approach to the war is having and effect on our allies. >> jonathan hunt is chatting life about this story at fox we may share your comments later. go to this spot. here's the video window. click on this and click live chat with jonathan hunt. as i mentioned, the house majority leader steny hoyer came to the mike phones to inform us that members of the house on the side that voted for the new health insurance overhaul law received death threats. our producers have cut together the news making sound bites and i want to play them for you now. >> we ought to make it clear this is not a partisan issue. this is not a republican or democratic issue. but when people start talking in
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the rhetoric of putting people on firing lines, if they don't do something, they will have physical harm done to them, that other rhetoric of that type, or they put a target on their faces, which crosshairs, that activity ought to be unacceptable in our democracy. >> do you feel your members are really at risk in terms of their security? >> yes. i think we've had very serious incidences that occurred over the last 48 to 72 hours. the instance of threats, either in person or over telephones or through other communications devices have given great concern to members for the safety of themselves and their families. >> shepard: as you might imagine this is a criminal matter. capitol hill police are all over the death threats.
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serious in nature. some in person, some in writing. imagine in person i'm going to kill you. seriously. over how you voted on something on capitol hill? people need to relax. capitol hill police are going to be up to give us details of the death threats and let's hope they get who it is and lock them up. cathrine herridge covers homeland security as does molly heninburg. mollie, death threats against members of congress for vote on healthcare insurance overhaul law coming up. a unprecedented incident involving an attack by somali pirates. wait until you hear what happened with the somali priorities now, wandering around out there stealing people, capturing the ship and holding people hostage. not that time. the pirate got shot and killed. we'll give you the detailscoreas coming up. ance?
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>> shepard: continuing coverage of breaking news from washington. a report by the majority leader in the house, steny hoyer, there have been death threats against members of congress after votes on the healthcare reform law. capitol hill police are investigating. let's get perspective from carl cameron, live with us from the senate rotunda. this sounds serious. >> there's always over bun dance of caution. we have three dozen various law enforcement between the capital police, d.c., immigration, blah blah blah and it's down right un-american members of any party or cause would be seeing their lives threatened or be in danger
3:22 pm
forecasting ballots. we're supposed to avoid violence and decide the nation's direction with brutal debate and pass fistic voting. >> this is a small slice of a long debate. in the last couple weeks we've had demonstrators, activists going door-to-door. tea partier advocates in great numbers and even the tea party organizers themselves have been denouncing this type of inappropriate behavior. whether or not the actual alleged perpetrators are members of the tea party is not known. much of this is unconfirmed information that the capital police are investigating. the sergeant of arms's office is investigating but they're just allegations. we heard stories of vandalism and the possibility one
3:23 pm
congressman's brother, in a case of mistaken address identity might have had a gas line slash. these things can't be dismissed. they have to be taken seriously. it's not uncommon for death threats to happen periodically. this idea it happens in large numbers is something that's very disturbing to leaders of both parties as well as law enforcement. >> and thinking american on either side of the aisle, we talk about these isolated incidents. i wonder when an isolated incident becomes a string. we have a congressman spat upon, a congressman with racial slurs. homophobic slurs against barney frank and now death threats. you wonder when some on both identifies of the aisle will look in the mirror and go my overinflated rhetoric is causing
3:24 pm
some people who don't think of it as they do, they think it's real, that it's armageddon and they react. i wonder if anybody will settle down and say we ought to slow down and relax. >> the other thing, we have to make sure we don't necessarily associate fringy types, extremes, from political movements with a particular political party. there are kids who put on black masks and smash windows during world trade organization protests and they're associated because they're the far left with the democratic party. the democratic party has no association with them at all. on the right, you have folks who show up on the fringes much political rallies and ultimately become associated with the republican party. they're the extremes associated with the right and left but not necessarily liberalism or
3:25 pm
conservatism or republicanism or democratic partyism. those types of things are one to one corollariys that become dangerous. in this case it's dangerous enough that fringy types or allegations or investigations into death threats against members of congress is happening. to associate them with a party or with a particular organization that might be up here, in this case the tea party movement, is dangerous. that's what the capitol hill police are trying to avoid and members of both parties, even though it's necessary to let the public know it's beginning to happen. last summer when the town hall meetings were happening, hundreds of thousands of people took part in the town hall northbound -- phenomenon. only a few ended up with arrests. we in the media put it on the air over and over, giving the
3:26 pm
impression every town hall was a riot. it wasn't. every demonstration on capitol hill is not one that turns violent. it's an overstatement and the media has to be careful to provide a level of perspective. >> understood. much more coming on. we'll get back to you. when leader on either side of the aisle go with the overinflated rhetoric and tell us it's the end of the world, it's armageddon, the end of world as we know it. when they say things like that, maybe some don't really believe it and fringes believe it and they do stupid things. well, i mean it's all tied together, isn't it? we're going to got to molly heninburg and also a news conference from the capital police as they investigate, according to the majority leader in the house, threats to members of congress following their votes on the healthcare
3:27 pm
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>> shepard: we're going straight to washington in a moment for more on the reports of threats against members of congress following their votes on the healthcare insurance overhaul law, which has been put into effect. molly henneberg is gathering information and we'll get to her. there's another pirate attack in somalia and this time it was different.
3:30 pm
this time there was a private security guard onboard the ship and security guard killed one of the pirates. as far as we know that has never happened before. we're told pirates followed a cargo ship, tried to board it not once but twice, armed with rocket propelled grenades and machine guns. 60 miles off the coast there was a gunfight. the guards opened fire and killed one of the pirates. a spanish navy ship to be a the pirates into custody. sound like a win-win, right? maybe not. some experts say the gun battles would be counter productive and lead to more violence, not less. with us, kim peterson president of the security division of the consulting firm transsystems. good to see you. >> hi, shep. >> shepard: from the beginning word has been if the companies would get private security guards and let the pirates know
3:31 pm
if you attack a ship, you might get killed, it might stop. now it's not a good thing? help me understand. >> i have a divvy under -- difficulty understanding that too. we're looking at a failed policy of u.s. and eu navies patrolling the coast almost two years. if you look at last year, we had almost 867 people seized by pirates as well as almost 50 ships. all the while navy vessels are off the coast. yesterday, the za han dennedded itself and managed to avoid being seized. yesterday two other ships did not have private security guards and were seized and are steaming for the somali coast so there's something wrong. >> clearly, but when all this -- after all, people probably know it's a lawless country with no government and they used to fish
3:32 pm
out there and all the fish got taken away and they're -- what they claim is since we can't finish fish, we're going to high jack you and we have that right. the thinking has been if the companies would spend more money, they'd be able to protect themselves. i guess some of the shipping companies say these ports are dangerous and to have our people armed is -- i don't know how they come up with it but they say it's a bad thing. >> well, the concern by some is that if you put armed personnel onboard some merchant ships, the pirates will use more extreme measures in order to seize ships in the future. there's a bogus argumentative they're going to use the amount of violence necessary to stop the ship. but the argument these are a bunch of fisher man is bogus. we have enterprises running like a harvard business model, with
3:33 pm
shares involved in securing the ships, securing the hostages and right now there's a real estate boom going on in nairobi kenya where the pirates and associates are buying up real estate because they have so much cash, they don't know where to invest it. >> shepard: wow. kim peterson, that's a sobering thought. thank you for being here. >> continuing coverage of the breaking news out of washington. the house democrats who voted in favor of healthcare reform getting death threats, steny hoyer is concerned about the safety of members of his party and their families. molly henneberg is gathering information from law enforcement and congressmen. what is congressman hoyer saying specifically happened? >> hi, shep. congressman hoyer says, quote, more than ten democratic members of the house reported some kind of potential threat either by
3:34 pm
phone or some other a. here's more from congressman hoyer. >> the capital police briefed members, if they are in any way suspicious or fearful or see action occurring, report those immediately and the capital police will respond and try to determine whether crimes have been committed. and to take precautions so they're not subject the themselves or their families. >> the house majority leader, hoyer there, says there have been, quote, very serious incidents over the past 48 to 72 thundershowers, he talked to his g.o.p. counterparts and they were in agreement in speaking out against this. as far as specific incidents, a couple of them we know about. congresswoman slaughter says one of her new york offices was vandalized. a brick was thrown through a window in her office.
3:35 pm
in virginia, police looking into an incident at the home of a governor, a gas line to a propane tank on a grill at his brother's house was apparently cut and his -- the address of the brother's house apparently was mistakenly put on line by activists against healthcare reform bill. they thought it was perryheelo's house but it was his brother's. >> if we hear anything from authorities we'll get back to you. >> a new report about cyberattacks targeting united states companies, including google. sources in our government are pointing to, all together now, china as the culprit. the reporter who broke this important story joins us live with details in 2 1/2 minutes. ?
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3:39 pm
the chinese government is likely behind a series of cyberattacks on google and several other united states companies. that's according to a new report in today's washington times newspaper. the report which cites experts say the attacks from designed to steal sensitive corporate secrets. google announced it would terminate service in china after a disagreement but we're told the worry is whoever did the hacking probably left behind undetectable software that could allow the attackers to keep on stealing. with us, bill girtz, who broke this story. this sounds serious. >> absolutely. i mean clearly what you have here is kind of a combination of both a cyberintelligence operation and also undertones of cyber war fair, the idea of planting trapdoors and secret access points.
3:40 pm
>> shepard: in other words, they're worried they're setting up for something bigger at some point? >> yes, the initial break in was clearly targeted at corporate proprietary information. google is the premiere search engine, cutting edge data minding, valuable to china's search engine but a there's a war component where if they want to shut something down in a crisis, manage they planted an undetectable piece of software allowing them to shut down a search engine in a future crisis. those are the issues. >> shepard: there's a big push in d.c. and from the pentagon to beef up cybersecurity, seeing it as a real potential threat, not just to companies but national security. >> absolutely. you know, there was testimony by
3:41 pm
the u.s. strategic commander, general hilton, last week where he talked about having cyberattacks in future warfare. he said a watershed event was the 2008 attack on the pentagon which got into networks, unclassified, but it set off warning bells. >> lots to deal with. bill gates on capitol hill. good to see you. good to see you. new developments on a story we brought you last week on b. police in one southern california city say they are the targets, the cops are the tarts, in a series of potentially deadly attacks involving booby traps and hand grenades. today the cops say there was another attack and it was violent. the details on this growing
3:42 pm
threat. that's next.
3:43 pm
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per he will low
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police in a town in southern california say they're under attack. literally. we're told whoever or whatever group is targeting cops with potentially booby traps may have just struck again, this time they torched four city vehicles. it's happening in hemet, south and east of down l.a. if the latest incident is related it will have been at least the fourth time the suspects struck. fortunately the officers have not been injured. but it's quite frankly because they've been lucky. the devices include a bomb attacked to an officer's car. it's not as if none of these devices went off. anita vogel, this is getting -- this is getting serious. >> yeah, it's scary, this morning i talked with riverside county officials and they told me they don't believe -- there
3:46 pm
are no coincidences here and that's the way they're looking at it. this incident last night involved torching city code enforcement trucks but the chief of police says because of the nature of the crime, the target and proximity to the police department, he believes they're related and it's causing fear through the department. >> these officers have to look underneath their patrol cars before they go on patrol. you can't go in and sit down and have lunch without having your patrol car in sight. you worry as you whack passed windows. >> just to be clear, the police officers targeted are part of a county wide gang task force from the police department, sheriff's department, department of justice and the d.a. office. >> tell us about the other attacks. >> they're nothing short of mafia style attacks. you mentioned one.
3:47 pm
there have been four since december 31st, including pumping gas into police offices, rigging a firearm to a gate at the police station. the gun did go off but the bullet missed. there was an explosive device attacked to an officer's car a scary incident. as for who may be responsible, well, police say they believe it's gang-related. there was a 911 caller who suggested it could be a very popular, well-known motorcycle gang, the vogos gang, and perhaps they are retaliating over a gang crackdown. police don't have evidence to suggest that gang. they're offering a $200,000 reward. >> anita vogel, thank you very much. >> while she was speaking, we're working on urgent news from washington regarding threats against members of the congress and their votes on the healthcare insurance overhaul law. it's now a law and there are
3:48 pm
threats made and apparently actions have been taken. as molly reported there has been a severed gas line at the home of the brother of representative tomorrow perriello and he says i ask every member of the house and senate to state it's never okay to harm or threaten elected officials and families with anything more than political retribution, as if this statement were necessary. apparently it is suddenly in this country. quoting, my number one priority right now is ensuring the safety of my brother's family and i'm grateful to the law enforcement for their work. while it's too early to say anything definitively it's never too early to condemn violence as the threats to families escalate. i ask every member of the house and senate to state it's never okay to harm or threaten elected
3:49 pm
officials and families with anything more than political retribution, here in america, we settled our political differences at the ballot box. up to ten members of congress threatened as a result of their votes on healthcare insurance reform overhaul. more from capitol hill police as it comes in. they're treating -- investigating now and threats against members of congress's lives. it's a criminal act and they're not going to tolerate it you. >> heard of pepper spray. you sprayed it in the '80s. every woman had it in their purse. think of elevating pepper, pepper spray, into the sort of thing use today fight terror. a pepper who hot is acts like a hand grenade. think of it. we'll get the -- the heat is on and we'll show you how this new pepper weapon could work. that's next.
3:50 pm
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yesterday we told you about india's poe tex new weapon. super hot chili peppers. like the one he's carrying. they're called ghost chilis and the again news book of world records call them the hottest chilis in all the world. the guy look nervous holding the thing by the stem. the indian army will use the chemicals to make hand grenades used like tear gas. the peppers are nothing like this one, like sweet peppers. but these are supposedly so hot you can weaponnize them. that got us thinking, how would a major international power do that or why? our next guest, john alexander, an advocate for nonlethal
3:54 pm
weapons joins us live. >> thank you, glad to be here. >> it seems like a natural progression from pepper spray with a hotness on to a level where -- i mean if the hottest pepper in the world can't make you disabled, what can? >> well, in reality, there's more smoke than fire in this story. actually, this is not a super hot by the standards of oc spray. >> shepard: really? >> yeah. what they measure are something called scoval hot units and the happen peen, for instance, is a half million and this is a million. we have a u.s. company that has between 1 and 5 million. so this is on the low end. companies all over the world already weaponized oc. >> shepard: so there's nothing to be made of this idea that you
3:55 pm
could turn these peppers in some way into something of a hand grenade and use it to stop people in a way that's nonlethal? >> about the only thing that's different is the delivery system. there have been pepper grenade spray and pellets so we're just talking about the delivery. the question i raise is when they talk about incapacity tating terrorists. that's a huge stretch. >> but you do see a use for them, on some level. after all pepper spray in the pocket worked great. >> absolutely. it's good. it's not new or innovative. >> i hear you. all right. i like the picture of the guy holding it up. >> yes. and you can actually eat it if your incleaned.
3:56 pm
>> not me. we were having a hot sauce debate. texas pete and oscar particularly likes louisiana hot sauce. i don't know why i'm boring you with this. hot sauce and fried chicken would be awesome. in the city of tampa, they got a monkey on their back. there it is. a monkey on the loose all over town and it's driving folks bananas. stop it, shep. but there's a mystery monkey and it's wandering around in the streets. call the grandparents and lock up the children. monkey on the loose! that's next. v8. what's your number?
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we're waiting for developments and word from chill police regarding reports of up to ten or so i believe the house majority leader said threats on members of congress following the healthcare insurance overhaul law involvement for from police as we get it and we'll have complete coverage tonight. 7 eastern, 6:00 central on the "fox report." >> right now, i'm not sure in critter's cool. what could be cooler than a monkey on the loose. that's happening in tampa. a mysterious monkey on the lam for nearly a year. no one able to catch said monkey and no one knows where he


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