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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  March 25, 2010 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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>> bret: there could be more to come. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for "special report." fair, balanced, and unafraid. >> trace: the anger over health care sparking new threats against members of congress. >> i have been directly threatened. a bullet was shot through the window of my campaign office. >> those expressions and those acts of vandalism and those threats of -- have no place in the civil debate. >> let me be clear, i do not condone violence. >> trace: tonight, lawmakers and investigators respond. plus, trouble for social security. new word that the system is actually going to pay out more than it takes in much sooner than expected. why it's going to be a problem this year and what it means for benefits. and the voice of terror.
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tonight, osama bin laden with a new threat against americans. and it all has to do with this man. in a matter of days, we have gone from angry words to gunshots. tonight, more evidence of just how serious the threats against lawmakers have gotten in the wake of the health care reform fight. just hours ago the third highest ranking republican in the house, eric cantor announced someone fired a bullet that hit his campaign office in richmond, virginia. however, police say a preliminary investigation reveals the bullet was actually fired up into the air and only struck the office on the way back down with not enough force to strike the window blind. still with all recent threats, everyone is on alert. and the department of homeland security is among those on the case. and in queens, new york, congressman anthony weiner says someone sent a threatening letter and an envelope containing white powder to his
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community office. hazmat responded and teams determined the powder was not dangerous. all together, more than 10 lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have reported receiving some sort of harassment, including voice mails so obscene we won't play them on tv. democrats have blamed republicans of being slow to condemn the threats. but republicans say accusations like that just fans the flames of violence. >> by ratcheting up the rhetoric, some will only inflame these situations to dangerous levels. enough is enough. it has to stop. >> trace: both sides agree about that threats have no place in a public debate. it is also worth noting threatening a member of congress for performing their duties is a crime punishable by up to one year in prison. steve centanni with the news. he is live for us tonight in washington. steve, congressman cantor had already been receiving extra
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security though, right? >> right, trace. as a member of the house leadership, u.s. capital police provide cantor with around the clock security. and because is he a leader, the homeland security department is involved in the investigation of these threats. cantor is one of ten lawmakers who did ask for extra security today after all these threats and acts of vandalism mostly aimed at democrats who voted in favor of the health care bill but now aimed at republicans as well, trace? >> trace: steve, what does the leadership say about all of this? >> well, where for two days in w john boehner appeared in the capital to condemn acts of hostility. he said violence or threats are unacceptable. no place in a political debate and americans need to channel their anger into a positive change. house speaker nancy pelosi also spoke today. here is part of what she had to say. >> i believe that words have power. they weigh a ton. and they are received differently by people, depending on their, shall we say emotional
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state. >> and the speaker said we shouldn't paint peaceful protesters with that same brush, pointing out they have every right to express their opinions, trace? >> trace: apparently lawmakers are not the only ones facing threats on capitol hill. >> right, apparently threats made against the house parliamentarian whose job suddenly became very high profile as this health care bill wound its way through congress. as kent conrad pointed out it's ironic alan frew minute would come under fire from anyone opposed to health care reform since he is the one ruled against democrats sending the whole package back to the house and delaying final vote. >> trace: steve, thank you. we are watching for a key health care vote tonight that could potentially mean the end of the current health care reform debate. we are monitoring events on the house floor. we will let you know as soon as it happens. and now to the latest threats from the world's most wanted terrorist. a new audio recording believed to be from osama bin laden
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contains a warning for americans. it's about khalid sheikh mohammed. the recording says if the united states executes the confessed 9/11 master mind, then al qaeda will respond with violence. killing any americans the group take prisoners. "the fox report's" chief correspondent jonathan hunt is in the newsroom. executing american prisoners wouldn't exactly be a break with al qaeda's protocol, would it. >> it certainly wouldn't. we have seen again and again al qaeda's proclivity to treat with brutality any of the prisoners it seizes. this was a very direct threat, a very specific threat from osama bin laden. i'm going to quote now from a translation by the middle east media research institute. osama bin laden, according to them says your master in the white house continues to follow in the footsteps of his predecessor in many important matters, like his escalation of the war in afghanistan and the oppression of our prisoners you are holding. the white house declared that it
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wanted to execute them. the day the u.s. makes this decision, it will have made the decision to execute those of you who fall prisoner to us. so, a clear threat, trace, that there may be more kidnappings and more executions. >> bret: the truth is we get a lot of these tapes. does the intel community consider them significant in any way? >> they consider them less significant than they used, to purely because they believe osama bin laden is less operationally significant than he used to be. but none the less, they still do studdie them very carefully, according to the terrorism expert we spoke to today. listen. >> analyze the message and you are looking for potential clues to is there anything underlying the message? are there any potential signals being sent out to followers of al qaeda? perhaps triggering an operation or giving approval for something? so there is little things ghiew through every time one of these tapes comes out. >> so it will be studied, trace, but it probably won't change any specific policies. >>
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>> trace: what is the official u.s. reaction to this? >> it's a combination of outrage that osama bin laden would suggest that this would be a new policy of brutality and dismissiveness. a counter official told us today if this is bin laden and he wants to weigh in on legal proceedings involving 9/11 conspirators i challenge him to show up in court to make his case. there is also an irony here, trace, in that osama bin laden is saying effectively don't execute khalid sheikh mohammed whereas the man himself has said he wants to die. he wants to be a martyr to the cause. trace? >> trace: jonathan hunt live in new york tonight. it wasn't expected to happen for another six years, experts now believe social security will start losing money this year. according to the congressional budget office, social security in 2010 will be paying out more in benefits than it receives in taxes. the agency originally predicted that wouldn't happen until 2016.
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the chief washington correspondent jim angle has more on that. jim? >> hello, trace. well, because of the recession, there are fewer people working and paying into social security, which was already facing long-term financial problems. so, fewer revenues coming in and some people in their 60's who couldn't find work no doubt just retired. so the system will pay out more than it takes in for a couple of years. then it goes back into the black for a couple of years, but in 2016, it goes into the red permanently. of course, there is the social security trust fund, but it is still with trillions of dollars of iou's from the federal government. that's because social security has been taking in more than it pays out for decades. and the federal government has been taking the money and spending it then when social security needs the money, this year about 2 billion dollars, it turns to the federal government and says we need cash, pay up. the problem is, the federal government doesn't have any money, so it will have to borrow more money to keep social security whole. now, social security gets a lot worse in 2016 on as the baby
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boomers start retiring and medicare will have even bigger problems. that's why analysts say we are headed for a cliff. we have more than $5 trillion in unfunded liabilities in social security and 38 trillion in medicare, all money that will have to come from taxpayers or else the two systems will not be able to pay the benefits that have been promised. trace? >> trace: chief washington correspondent jim angle live tonight. thank you. a new strategy in the nuclear showdown with iran. as the islamic republic continues to defy the international demands over its nuclear program, there is now talk the u.s. is softening its demands. fox reports live from the pentagon. and they called them flash moms. public gatherings that people organize online. they are supposed to be fun. but in some cases they have turned violent. and now one city is cracking down. that's coming up from the journalists of fox news. you're on "the fox report."
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>> trace: and now to the nuclear standoff with iran. a new report indicates the united states may be weakening proposed sanctions in order to avoid losing them entirely. the "wall street journal," which is owned by the parent company of this network, is reporting the u.s. has dropped two tough punishments aimed at iran's economy. the u.s. treab trying to block iran's access to banking and financial markets outside its borders. and keep the country from using international airspace and shipping lanes. but in order for those sanctions to go into effect, russia and china would have to be on board and so far, those countries have been less than enthusiastic about putting strong restrictions on iran. the journal reports the u.s. decided to back off of the proposals so russia and china will sign on to the sanctions. it may be working. white house press secretary robert gibbs talked about the negotiations today. he said, and i'm quoting here:
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>> trace: but so far we don't know what the results of those talk also be. mike emanuel is live at the pentagon tonight. you asked the secretary of defense about this today what did he say. >> trace, he down played the significance of russian and china weakening the sanctions saying the most important thing is getting than news approval from the u.n. security council. here is secretary gates. >> i would say the security council resolution as sort of the isolation of iran as being and the pointed rebuke of iran by the security council as being the foundation on which further steps could be taken by individual countries. >> individual nations or groups like, for example, the european union, trace. >> trace: mike, this has been ongoing problem with both russia and china. why, exactly?
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>> well, it appears moscow and beijing like to play the role of super power or at times thorn in the side of the super power, the united states. in this case, they are saying that they will only go after iran's nuclear programs so they want targeted sanctions only at iran's nuclear programs. secretary of state clinton this week said that she was not interested in incremental sanctions. she wanted sanctions that truly have bite. now it appears to be a smaller bite, trace? >> mike emanuel live at the pentagon. mike, thank you. an update on breaking news from last night's fox report. defense secretary robert gates officially changing the military's controversial don't ask-don't tell policy. the aim? to make it more difficult for the military to kick out gay service members until congress decides whether to repeal the policy. secretary gates announced the changes this morning saying they go into effect immediately. there are two major shifts here. one, higher ranking officers will be in charge of deciding whether troops should be
7:16 pm
discharged and, two, the standard of evidence required in those cases will be more strict. gates says the new rules will keep procedures already in place that prohibit information gathered during medical care or security reviews from being used against service members. a medical helicopter went down this morning in western tennessee killing all three people on board. it happened in brownsville which is a few miles northeast of memphis. investigators say the chopper was carrying a pilot and two nurses. it had just flown a patient to the hospital and was flying back to its base in a thunderstorm. we're told the witnesses reported seeing a large burst of lightning followed by an orange glow near the crash site. federal regulators have been pushing for increased regulation of emergency helicopters after a number of recent crashes. according to the national transportation safety board, there have been 11 e.m.s. helicopter crashes between last month and end of 2007.
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those accidents have killed at least 41 people. well, a wild police chase hitting 100 mile-per-hour speeds and the driver? the driver was a 12-year-old boy. cops say he wove in and out of traffic at night with no lights. but wait until you hear what he told them when he finally got stopped. that's coming up. [ male announcer ] parents magazine and called it "one of the best family cars of 2009." the insurance institute for highway safety calls it a 2010 top safety pick. we call it peace of mind. the 5-star crash safety rated chevy malibu.
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>> trace: usually they are all in good fun. now they have turned violent. they are flash moms. things like mass pillow flights or impromptu danceoffs, involving dozens, sometimes hundreds of people on streets or sidewalks like this reenactment of michael jackson's beat it in seattle last august.
7:21 pm
[cheers] ♪ >> trace: people organize the mass gatherings using social networking like facebook and twitter to spread the word. participants create a spectacle and disappear. some are highly core choreographed. others less so. like this snow ball fight in washington, d.c. flash mobs typically leave onlookers laughing or confused but lately in some cities they have got folks terrified or nursing injuries and law enforcement now cracking down. laura ingle joins us live in studio with more on this. >> hi there, trace. it is a shame for people who have a good time doing this. but city leaders in philadelphia say they have reached out to the fbi to help monitor message boards. now they are considering holding parents responsible. >> move, move, move. >> the flash mobs show up unannounced. rooming the streets in packs. making sidewalks cramped,
7:22 pm
crowded and hostile. on saturday night police in philly responded to one that formed along the busy and popular south street area. bystanders were roughed up. store owners were concerned. >> they could have liked had a right on n. here like trashed everything, we would have been in big trouble. >> i'm a kid. i know what it's like. i don't think there was definitely a reason. but i just think it's something that needs to be controlled for the safety of other people. >> philadelphia leaders say they have had enough and last night held a town hall meeting putting parents on notice. they will be held legally responsible for their children's actions. they warn flash mobbers to knock it off. >> cut the stupidity, cut it out. we are not messing around. >> take control of your kids it is not government's responsibility to raise your child. >> you are going down. >> they are also considering making free transit passes for students invalid after 4:00 p.m. instead of 7:00 to control teenagers ability to ride downtown. critics say that's not fair to those who have legitimate after school activities or jobs they need to get to.
7:23 pm
>> and we should point out it's not just a philadelphia problem. unruly flash mobs have been reported over the past year in boston, south orange, new jersey. even west chester county new york. >> laura ingle live for us in new york. thank you. the 12-year-old boy leading police on 100 mile-per-hour truck chase at night with the vehicle's headlights turned off at times. here is a look at it. it was caught on police dash cam in texas. authorities say the boy took his dad's pickup without permission. the chase lasted about 20 minutes. cops finally were able to stop the truck when with a spike strip. here is what the kid told officers he was doing. listen. >> what are you doing? >> trying to call my mom. >> trying to call your mom. are you crazy, boy? >> trying to call his mom. cops say they found marijuana and a gun inside the vehicle. a judge ordering the boy to juvenile detention while authorities investigate. well, have you ever played ping-pong? it's pretty much what lawmakers are doing right now except they
7:24 pm
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>> trace: cool critters time. tonight, new concerns from the animal kingdom. all across this nation we are seeing evidence of four-legged beasts threing off their restraints to confront humans on their own turf. here's john hand-jonathan hunt. >> our first example in california where a pack of horses got loose and celebrated their freedom by running through the streets in this city south of san diego. border patrol agents and a helicopter team helped round up the horses. but, even when wrangled, some animals refused to go quietly. fortunately, officials had a secret weapon. their very own horse whisperers. >> you guys probably have photos of me kissing on him and loving on them and talking stupid stuff. it doesn't matter what you say just the tone. being quiet and recognizes what they are telling you. >> if we only knew what the horses told her, perhaps they might have tipped her off about
7:29 pm
other animal uprisings. >> like those in the streets of new york city. coyotes have recently been spotted all across gotham. the latest right by the entrance of the holland tunnel. and with notified that he paid the tunnel toll, police moved in. >> there you go. there is at least one of your coyotes. >> with the cota in custody. manhattan restaurants can once again breathe easy. secure in the knowledge that there is a little less wildlife in the concrete jungle. >> trace: i'm trace gallagher in for shepard smith. this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. the house of representatives has the ball in its court again. the so-called fixes to the health care reform law are up for another vote which we are expecting some time this evening. now, before we get into the details, here's a reminder of why all this is necessary. on sunday, the house passed the senate bill without any changes.
7:30 pm
but it also passed a new bill with those fixes and sent it back to the senate. the senate approved the new bill today, with 56 votes. but only after making a couple of changes to the language. that means the bill goes back to the house, which has to pass it again. carl cameron is live for us on capitol hill tonight. karl, why are we still reporting on this again? >> the truth of it is, trace, they have a name for this. it's called legislative ping-pong. the lawmakers throw it back and forth to one another all year long. it hasn't just been this last week. it's been all year. enough of this. the problem with legislative ping-pong that has started in march of last year is that every single time the house and senate disagreed they have got to go back and do this all over again. the drama and intrigue, the games manship is basically over now, trace. they know it will be done by the end of the evening and they will send it down to the president real soon. >> trace: what's the real problem with this legislation, karl. >> when you have a 23 page bill and adding on another several
7:31 pm
hundred pages of fixes. drafting errors or some descrep sis after all it is the federal government at work here. two things that didn't qualify under the budget reconciliation act. they were related to pell grants and student loans. i want to show you the language of the actual changes now. it's very technical. seems almost insignificant. in effect what they are saying is you are going to take two lines out of the legislation just out. they were extracted by the senate. now that they will be extracted by the house. the house will vote on it without those two provisions, just a couple of grammatic call changes. then it goes on to the president after the house signs it tonight. we don't know when the president is going to sign. this he has a lot on his agenda. bay not be until next week. >> not great at ping-pong but is he our chief political correspondent on capitol hill. >> trace: tell voters the new health care reform law is a good thing. first stop the university of iowa. the president spoke to a mostly
7:32 pm
supportive audience there this afternoon. of course, iowa is the first state in the nation to vote for presidential nominations every four years. it's also where president obama pitched his ideas for universal health coverage in his campaign. he went back to that theme today when a man yelled out a complaint that the law does not include a government-run insurance option. listen. >> this legislation is not perfect. as you have just heard. [ laughter ] >> this young man is dissatisfied with an aspect of it. which is fine. i mean, that's part of what democracy is about. but -- but what this is is an historic step to enshine the principle that everybody gets health care coverage in this country. >> trace: and that is the pitch in a nutshell. expect to hear it more in the months leading up to the midterm elections. polls show americans are sharply divided over the new law. well it, is a leading cause of
7:33 pm
death for american women. but up to 1/3 of breast cancer cases in western nations could be preventible. with a healthier diet and more exercise. that is the word tonight from experts at the european breast cancer conference in bars -- barcelona spain. he is throw general can fuel breast cancer. since estrogen can fuel. overweight women are more likely to develop the disease. some experts say that conclusion should inspire healthier and more active lifestyles. we are hearing concerns that it could lead to blaming the victims. women have a roughly one in eight chance of getting breast cancer. last year in the united states, there were more than 190,000 new cases of breast cancer and 40,000 deaths. well, federal health experts want new warnings on tanning beds. calling for a possible tanning bed ban for anyone under the age of 18. whether from the sun or the tanning booth. study have shown that
7:34 pm
ultraviolet light can cause discontinue afternoon skin cancer, mel la mommy that jumped 75% in people who used tanning beds in their teens and 20's. indoor tans association says current regulation is enough and that uv lamps can be important source of vitamin d. the industry is also facing a new 10% tax which became law in this week's health care overhaul. well, toyota facing dozens of lawsuits over its massive safety recalls from owners who say the cars have lost resale value. today, a panel of federal judges deciding whether to consolidate the nearly 100 lawsuits to be tried before a single judge. experts stay could end up costing toyota billions of dollars. the automaker has recalled some 6 million vehicles nationwide blaming faulty floor mats and sticky gas pedals for unintended acceleration. but now there is a theory about a possible cause. brian wilson has that story. he is live tonight in
7:35 pm
birmingham, alabama. hey, brian. >> hey, trace. we are at a wrecking yard where law firms store cars that have involved in litigation. this particular car was involved in a fatal accident just three years ago. and you follow oklahoma. it's one of those cases you have been hearing about where a toyota suddenly and unexpectedly sped away. >> she didn't deserve to die like that. >> reverend milton allen remembers arriving on the scene moments after 2005 camry veertd off highway 169 high rate of speed. allen comforted the passenger 70-year-old barbara schwartz. >> she talked about how she kept yelling at her friend to slow down. and and try to get it to stop. her friend kept telling her it won't stop. it won't stop. >> schwartz later died of her injuries. her family believes the fatal crash was caused by a flaw in the camry's electronic throttle system. a lawsuit is pending. >> we don't know exactly where that camry started to malfunction.
7:36 pm
the wreck was down that way. the car passed through here. and as they passed under this bridge, they also passed under power lines. >> big power lines can generate powerful fields of energy. >> invisible fields are caused by current flowing through the wire. also the electrical voltage on the wire creates an electric field. both are capable of creating voltages in other devices. >> this map shows the nation's electrical grid. 39 suspected toyota acceleration deaths do appear to be loosely clustered around the heaviest parts of the grid. there is another well-documented case of a lexus loaner car speeding out of control after it passed under niece power lines in southern california. in that case the 61-year-old driver was able to safely stop the car. but days later, the very same loaner car crashed on nearby state road 125. four people in the car died. the driver, off duty california highway patrolman marc saylor. just before the crash. saylor's brother-in-law called 911 from the backseat of the car
7:37 pm
as it screamed down the highway. >> we're going 120 mission gorge. we're in trouble. there is no brakes. we are approaching an intersection. hold on. pray, pray, oh, shoot, oh, oh. [screems. >> hello? >> no one is exactly sure what caused the lexus to malfunction on that day, but some auto safety experts are rapidly coming to the conclusion that toyota has a problem with the electronics in some cars. >> this is a problem that faces all manufacturers. what we don't know is what the different manufacturers have done about for counter measures of it. >> and that's an important point we want to say here. it's not just toyota. other carmakers have struggled with this problem. toyota insists there is no problem with the electronics in its cars. today they called us and they told us they think the problem is floor mats and they have solved that problem. i should point out that the national highway traffic safety administration is looking at the possibility that some of these
7:38 pm
problems may be caused by emi. trace? >> brian wilson is life for us in alabama. thank you, brian. just released surveillance tape of a crash involving a train and fire truck. top story on a fox trip across america. michigan, amtrack train slamming into a fire truck. you can see a police car clear off the tracks right before the impact. one firefighter hurt. ohio, an armored truck packed with bags of cash losing one of them while at an intersection. one witness says it was a free for all. >> i counted about probably between 15 and 20 people picking it up as quick as they could and running like crazy. >> cops say most of the roughly 100 grand that was in the bag still missing. florida. the air force test ago plane that flies using a mixture of biofuel and regular jet fuel. it happened at egg gland air force base in valparaiso,
7:39 pm
florida. the plane burning oil made from a flowering plant that's related to cabbage and broccoli. louisiana. thousands of bees taking up residents on a car in a parking lot. the owner says she came out of the store and found the bees had taken over her vehicle. her son described it this way. >> they were just swarming and when the queen gets tired. they land. and that's where she landed. and they just swarm around her and protect her. >> animal control officials called in to help out. and that's a fox watch across america. >> trace: well, another small life of in the economy today. fewer americans losing their jobs. the report is not as clear cut as you might hope. we will break down the stats and find out what they mean next. but, first
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>> trace: on the road to recovery now. there was a larger than expected drop last week in the number of newly unemployed americans filing for jobless benefits for the first time. sort of. the labor department reports there were 14,000 fewer first time claims than the week before. that is not the final word for this matter: -- to filter out some of the expected changes in employment like the layoffs of temporary store workers after the holiday shopping season, the labor department just updated the way it adjusts those numbers. and without that update, jobless claims last week would not have fallen as far as reported today. as you can probably tell, keeping track of this stuff gets a little tricky. james rosen has been looking into the numbers. he is live for us in d.c. james, give us more information about the trends we are seeing here. >> i specialize in the tricky, trace. this weekly decline in first time jobless claims was bigger
7:44 pm
than the drop that analysts had predicted but we still didn't match the year's best weekly decline which we posted back in early january. let's take a look some 460,000 people. the following week that dropped to 457,000. and for the week that just ended march 20th as you just reported that figure hit 442,000. now let's stack this week against its predecessors in the last two years. during the third week in march, 2008. we saw 367,000 first time jobless claims. by last year at this time, that number had nearly doubled, look at that. 657,000. this morning's figure puts us somewhere in between. so we see, trace, a steady but excruciatingly slow decline. >> bottom line it for us, here, james. are we stuck in a jobless recovery? >> that's not the term the white house embraces by any means: we do see some glimmers of encouragement. one bright spot manufacturing. caterpillar the world's largest
7:45 pm
maker of construction equipment said this week it is hiring 500 workers in south carolina. the head of one trade group told fox news today that among small businesses it's the really small ones, those with fewer than 20 employees that have been doing the hiring over the last six to nine months. >> we're hearing from companies again and again that there are finding opportunities that they can't take advantage of because they are drained of cash. their credit score has taken a bit of a hit and banks need to pull back. >> one other optimistic note the president of the federal reserve bank of st. louis told the "wall street journal" this week he expects unemployment to tick down throughout the spring. trace? >> the king of tricky, james rosen live for us in d.c. james, thank you. it looks like there could be another one-man stalemate in the senate over extending unemployment benefits. oklahoma republican tom coburn says he will refuse to support a short-term extension unless the senate finds a way to pay for it we're told he is prepared to launch a one-man filibuster that
7:46 pm
would basically be a rerun of what kentucky republican senator jim bunning did last month in the end, however, democrats passed the extension despite bunning's objections. well, the weather over an active volcano clearing up another for scientists to get a closeup look at the eruption. it's our top story as we go around the world in 80 seconds. iceland. research crews discovering the volcano's opening is more than 500 yards in length. that's where all the action is taking place. authorities have allowed nearly all the 600 people who live nearby to go back to their homes. but they are still concerned this eruption could trigger another larger volcano nearby to blow. with all the ice in the region that could cause major flooding. peru. heavy rains forcing hundreds of people from their homes in central and eastern parts of the country. many of the families stuck on
7:47 pm
hill s dz right above a swollen river. flooding washing away nearly 20 miles from a highway. contaminating drinking water and ruining crops. norway. more than a dozen railway cars breaking loose from a cargo train and crashing into a port terminal in oz low. the wreck killed three dock workers. one witness says the empty train cars were cruising at more than 60 miles per hour upon impact. thailand, hundreds of demonstrators shaving their heads at a rally in bangkok. these so-called red shirt protesters are the same group that slashed -- splashed human blood on the parliament building last week. they want new elections to take place. that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> trace: for another look at around the world, go to, click on the fox report videos tab. you can find previous editions
7:48 pm
of around the world as well as with a lot of other news, well a new controversy in the case of the school accuse dollars of helping a girl get an abortion without telling her mom. tonight, did officials go too far? or were they well within the law? we'll report so you can decide. plus, going to space with items from the hardware store. how a regular guy took this photo from an altitude of more than 100,000 feet. coming up. ♪
7:49 pm
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>> trace: update on a story we tenth told you last night on "the fox report." a 15-year-old girl who the school arranged to have an abortion.
7:52 pm
mother furious saying she was never notified. it turns out the school did not break any laws. in washington state, women of any age are allowed to get an abortion without parental consent. it's the same in a dozen other states. dan springer is live tonight in ballard high school. dan, abortion isn't the only state teens can get abortions without their parental consent, right, trace? >> that is right, trace. how about mental health care and treatment for drug addiction. according to washington state law anyone 13 years of age or older can come into their school in the morning, go to thirteen health clinic inside their school and then be referred offsight for any number of treatments. now, before that can happen, a parent has to sign a consent form. but nowhere on that form is abortion mentioned. several students told us today that the clinic is invaluable. >> if the students aren't comfortable going to their parents, then they should be able to go get whatever help or
7:53 pm
access they need. >> now, naral abortion rights group echoed that today. legislators cannot mandate good family communication, trace? >> trace: controversy is not dying down in this case, dan. >> absolutely not. pro-life groups and also other conservatives are on around the state have used this as a rallying cry to try to get parental consent law passed at the very least a parental notification law. 35 states already have some parental involvement laws on the book. and five others have had those laws but had them overturned by state courts. the topic, obviously, very hot on talk radio. >> how can any reasonable person say no, they don't have the right to know. they don't even have the right to know if the school helped facilitate it. >> this issue, trace, has hit a nerve. but the clinic in this school and 13 others in seattle remain open. trace?
7:54 pm
>> trace: dan springer live in seattle. thank you. last night we reported that the teen received her abortion at a planned parenthood center it happened at swedish medical center. no, nasa did not take these stunning pictures of the earth. a father of three in england did. all he needed were cheap supplies from the local hardware store and the project prompting a phone call from the space agency. the man says he used a digital camera, duct tape, and a weather balloon. he attached a g.p.s. device to the insulated box to try where the camera landed. the man says nasa called him to find out how he got the pictures from 21 miles above the earth. he says the agency said it would cost millions to get those pictures. the amateur photographer says his ohio state buckeyes cost him -- hobby cost him a whopping $6,000. 64 start the tournament but only sweet 16 remain. cinderella going after that glass slipper and we're talking
7:55 pm
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>> trace: the sweet 16 matchups of the ncaa men's basketball tournament have begun tonight. fifth seed butler heading into halftime with a double digit lead over syracuse while 11th seed washington is in a close match with second seed west virginia. later games pit sixth seed xavier against second seed kansas state. see if cinderella can dance 1st seed cornell faces new favorite in the tournament kentucky. updating the top story the house of representatives expected to cast a final vote on the new health care reform law before it goes back to the president. osama bin laden reported ofly releasing a new audiotape in which he threatens to kill americans should we execute the accused 9/11 master mind khalid sheikh mohammed.
7:59 pm
and attorney general eric holder vowing to appeal a federal judge's ruling to release a guantanamo bay detainee with suspected ties to the attacks of september 11th. and on this day in 1933, the u.s.s. sequoia became the official leash time yacht of the president of the united states. the sequoia actually had a prettycolosal history before president ever stepped on board. catch boot leggers during prohibition. the commissioned it and herbert hoover used the ship to indulge in favorite past time fishing. during world war ii he held top secret meetings on the is he coy a and laid the groundwork for d. day there in all 8 presidents took advantage of the ship for fun as well as for official business. these days, it's a museum in washington. but a president first rocked the boat 77 years ago today. and that's "the fox report" f


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