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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  March 30, 2010 3:00am-4:00am EDT

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lost. we have developed a whole page on this special at for mo welcome to "red eye." it is like "america's most wanted" if by wanted you mean drunk. tv's andy levy is off doing horrible things to his cat. not again, andy. filling in is cia operative mike baker. mike, good to see you. what's coming up on tonight's show? >> i am not doing something horrible to my cats. thanks, greg. in tonight's edition of, it's pass over so get me some brandy. some call it pragmatic, but i refer to it as a buzz kill. chelsea clinton gets a prenup if her soon to be husband cheats on her in the near future. greek scientists report that married people are twice as likely to become fat than their singer counterparts. reasons cited are eating too much, insufficient exercise and not being thin. are kids in their 20s
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members of the so-called ma 11 yell generation? that's bill's crew. looking to stay on the [bleep] for the rest of their lives? we report and you are disgusted. and we mumble, kids in my day president whated independence and a dollar was a dollar. and we could use a man like herbert hoover again. and if you have dreamed of life as a male prostitute, working in a sketchy love shack in nevada, don't live out your dream until you watch this show. greg? >> thanks, mike. thanks for explaining all of the stories in intimate detail so we don't have to do them anymore. >> thanks, good night jie. see you later. see you at half time. they are tender, tough and taudry. enough about the united auto workers. let's welcome our guest. left wing, won't touch the sexy thing. she is so hot her blood pressure is measured in celsius. that makes no sense. our next guest is made of
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white chocolate and rainbows and homemade popers. he has cruiser control and he is so sharp he sleeps on a cutting board. >> i didn't ask. >> i know, but it was a good one. he hangs out on the dock. he likes to eat rocks and he lives in a box. my repulsive sidekick bill shultz. on the weekend he is a sock puppet. and he knows barbs like i eat carbs. it is a great show on siriusxm radio. and he covets awards like our readers are board. good to see you, pinch. >> not to be a procramer, but read andrew cramer. he is a print hall of famer. this couldn't be lamer. i am full of shamer. >> sad little paper you are. so will healthcare reform turn your house into a dorm?
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ma 11 yells, 20 somethings, they suck like something that sucks. at least according to the "washington post" located in washington, yes, in a story on monday, ian shapira notes that healthcare reform is encouraging young people to cling to their parents. and to be a dependent on mom and dad's health plan. it allows insurers to allow kids to remain until their 26th birthday regardless of work or marital status. so thanks to obama care, the start of independent adulthood isn't 18 or 21, but deep into the 20s. when he -- when these aging punks are living in a car or a tree. we asked the millenials to comment. >> ♪ i'm king and they know it >> too busy dancing to
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comment. could the healthcare bill be actually delaying adulthood by giving them something they don't have to work toward. >> i was disgusted when i read this. it is pandering and cod lig. i would be vicious if i didn't live at home until i was 30. >> did you really live until 30? >> you bet i did. >> really? i did a year at age 25. i quit a job -- well, 24 to 25. it was the best thing ever. i actually think -- as much as i -- part of me says it is disgusting that we are raising perennial children. it is not bad living at home, sc. >> i'm sure it isn't. >> it is not. >> but isn't it creating a generation of george castanzas? sickly, wine knee, velvet sweat suit wearing losers that no one wants to date or employ? that was a question. >> i will answer it. it makes you clever though. >> how so? >> at some point you have to bring a girl home. how do you bring a girl home in your parents' house? i had 7 different avenues of
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entrance in that house, and i used every one of them. >> there are 7 parts of that i don't believe at all. >> if you want a real answer on how to bring your girls home, when you are 28 you park the car in the driveway and i would set up the sunrisers in case my mother looked out the window. i didn't want her to see me with a prostitute at 3 in the morning in the drive wai. true story, folks. >> i can tell when it is true by your tone. you can read it perfectly. it is great. >> steven, always a pleasure having you on the show. are we creating a new generation of individuals who are basically going to become addicts to entitlement? >> my mom and i were talking about this while i was breastfeeding the other day, and she isn't that worried about it right now. the night you have two comedians on, i don't know about talking about maturity and lack of independence on parents -- lack of dependence on parents is a good thing. we may be creating an
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entitlement. i can't speak. i'm sorry. i don't think we are. we definitely are and the answer will be the government wants to take over early and they want to make sure they are dependent laid and they can come in and help. >> hirks bill. what's -- hi, bill. what's going on? >> hi. >> do you have somebody behind you? >> i heard everything and i couldn't agree more. i am an excellent lip reader. you are the poster boy and do you care to comment on this? >> log on to poster bill .org and you will love my op-ed. i missed that generation by this much. i actually wept through most of my 20s without having healthcare. i would have loved to have been on this gravy train. i think it is a right of passage though for all people of my age to sort of like be a little extra careful when you drunkenly jaywalk. brush your teeth so you don't get the $300 cavity. all of these things i learned in my 20s. they are just prolonging what
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will be a very, very bad group of 30s. >> that's true. so in the 30s you won't be insured and you will be basically being extra careful, and then in your 40s you will get high cholesterol and croak. >> it is like all they are doing is prolonging telling brats to go out and do something. you and i talked about this. i don't know if it was on air, but a lot of college students who commit suicide, it is like they can't handle adversity or failure or disappointment until 17 or 18. there is no score in little league. there is no adversary when they are young. >> way to bring this whole thing down. >> it is such an up lifting hooker story. >> i have a help line on poster boy oin org. -- poster boy .org. >> you have to get out of the house as soon as possible. >> there is something about families staying together. there is a trade of yo. the kids get their healthcare and the parents get servants. if you are going to live in their house and sponge off them, you better be making the drinks. you better be mowing the lawn and running the errands.
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that's what i did. >> that's what italy does. talk about them becoming more and more like europe, guys stay with their mom until they get married and more and more it is into the 30s. >> a lot of it is their moms are really hot. it is amazing. now to the greg-alogue. it is a chandelier of shame. 3w4r5*7 -- >> i spelled chandelier "s-h" so i wouldn't pronounce it ch-andelier. they say it is up to andrew bright bart to say tea parties didn't yell the n-word he writes --
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>> this would be funny if it wasn't so slime me. first of all, the burden of proof should be on who is making the accusation of racism. and bright bart is offering 100 grand to be donated to the united negro college fund if anyone has evidence. so far it is zilch. that's why the ap dope is so dopey. this debate is basic. it is small government versus big government. how cowardly do folks like blood and frank rich have to be they can't drop the racial crap and defend their love for collectivism. i guess they know a racial charge far outweighs the benefits of winning an argument. the next time someone says it is about racism plea say, is that all got? and then ask them these five questions. 1, how could adding 32 million to the health world save us money? how is hiring thousands of new irs agents to enforce this not an expansion of government? how can you be considered a child when you are 26 years old?
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how is forcing everyone to buy something constitutional. and how could there be no tort reform in all of this? if they respond you are just asking all of that because obama is black, and then respond with, you are just saying that because i'm hot. then take their wallet. say are you spreading the wealth. if you disagree with me, you are probably a homophobic racist who eats bunnies. i bet you can't prove otherwise. >> jim, i thought after obama was elected the ear row racist -- euro racist crap would go away. it seems it is a defense from people who disagree with policies from getting close enough to have a debate. >> yeah, like you said. is this the charge of that worse than winning or losing an argument? it is like the scarlet letter. they say the hypersensitivity getting lumped in.
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it is at a point where i can't get on the microphone at a wal-mart and make an impromptu announcement. >> that was impromptu i must say. the skills at wal-mart were amazing. it is that old strategy that if you deny something, the more they say, well, you are guilty of it because you are in denial. >> well, screaming that someone is a racist is a lot easier than talking about math or economics which is what they are trying to avoid with the whole healthcare debate anyway. the left trick for the last between 10 years is repeat something often enough and the press will make it true sooner or later. that's our post racial america now. >> bill, it is like saying, prove you never shot an adorable kitten. you can't prove you have never done it. >> i can't of -- i can't. and prove john kerry was the opposite of a vietnam war
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hero, you say it long enough and people will believe it. i feel this tactic is used equally by both the left and right. >> i say the right should spend more time -- instead of saying this is all manufactured by the left wing media and get some of the nut bags, racist or otherwise that are yelling things they shouldn't and calling people names they shouldn't, and having ridiculous signs outside and not letting them in. throwing tomatoes at them. i see them doing very little of condemning these people and much more on the attack of the left wing media. >> but in a way, isn't that what bright bart did? he put up the $10,000 and putting up more money and isn't that what he was supposed to do? >> there has to be a lot more of him for it to work. >> i see none of it. >> you can hear them yelling. >> is bill full of crapitycrap? >> you took the words right out of my mouth. i would like to say, subtle race baiting is very useful.
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these guys are particularly making a mockery out of race baiting. it is so loon gnaw particular and -- lunatic and over the top that they are working against this in better ways that we could. just let them go. >> you know what drives me nuts when you say -- somebody says there is a racial element to the tea parties and you say, i think the tea parties is a legitimate thing. they say, you can't deny it. that's not a debate. you can't just say you can't deny it. that's not a debate. >> there is a racial element to almost everything we do in this country. the fact that we deny -- people want to mention race when it is lumped in with a race that is positive. it is phony. it is this phony washing over race we have. it is done by a bunch of guilty white people who really feel superior to everyone else and don't want them to know it. >> if you want to find a racist, look at a liberal. >> before we move on, emmanuel cleaver claims a tea party protestor spit in his face. it happened last sunday as
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lawmakers flocked to washington. if you watch it, see the obnoxious guy shouting at them? a congressman is in front of him and saying something and going back and forth and the guy walks away. i think we'll show it again. here is my thing, the guy you can tell is shouting at him. obviously obnoxious. i don't think he spit, but am i wrong? >> maybe there was spittle that came out. >> i spit on everybody here. >> this happens six days a week. >> because you are racist. >> regardless of color i spit on people. obviously when a guy is like this yelling at you, that is obnoxious. but he was not spiting, was he? >> i don't know, but just the fact he is being such an ass in public, a bodyguard should knock his teeth out. that's the only way to handle people like that. you have to strike them. >> i don't know what he was yelling. maybe he was being obnoxious. again, when the media plays
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this up as him spiting, you can tell it is not spiting. it is just a guy shouting. that makes the argument against racism even more flimsy. steven, can you see this where you are at? >> i can see it. >> what do you think? >> i was wondering if the guy was spiting at him, why did he stop to turn around to the guy spiting at him. i like the way you are accumentical of speting on people of all color. that's a lesson i can take home to the kids. >> i'm a full blown racist against everybody on the planet. >> if you look behind the grassy knoll territory, it looks like a second spiter there. to the right. back and to the left. back and to the left. back and to the left. i think i proved my point. from a party that is tea to a nut that is pre. yes, thanks to an odd pre up in tour agreement chelsea
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cline son stands to make $10 million if her fiancee pulls a bill while they are married. 245* is bill clinton and not bill shultz. according to "the national enquirer" they got a lot right. monica gate left the former first daughter with a few daddy and dating issues. a source tells the paper chelsea's world was shattered when she learned her father was unfaithful to her mom. her father was the person she most admired. the fact he cheated on her mom not once, but many times made her gun shy about trusting the guy she dated. me too, unnamed source. me too. uni'm thated sources always have the best quotes. >> isn't this weird? >> it all begs the question, are koalas ticklish? >> you know, it didn't beg that question. i want to find out where they
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are being begged from. is this a smart idea? would this keep you from cheating in any marriage if there was a $10 million bounty? >> no, it would just remove $10 million from my bank account. i would never sign up for this idiotic deal. i would say 10 million if i have sex. if i do what your dad and monica did, i'll throw you a hundred bucks. >> steve, what does a monetary incentive like this say about the marriage? it basically says that i don't trust you not cheating on me out of love. i trust you more not cheating on me out of money. >> and your .? -- point? that's a very good reason. i think that would be a greater incentive for me. but what they didn't mention is there is another thing in the p re nup that he gets 10 million if either bill or hillary hits on his sister. >> interesting incentive. >> bill or hillary. i like that. >> do you? maybe i think it is a cheap shot and i find it insulting. sc, this guy is super rich, i
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think. >> he is. >> 10 million isn't that much to him. >> probably not. >> he will burn through that in the first five years. >> i don't know and i hope for their sake he doesn't, but this wreaks of -- this is so patriotic to me. well, i'm probably going to get cheated on and it will suck. i might get an eating disorder or two and some therapy, but a big bag of money is at least a little consulation. you can put a price on infidelity. >> what amount would keep you from cheating? a jar of ben gay and a sock? >> $3. >> i would need a food product. it would be from a thift cent machine though. -- 50 cent machine though. >> her priorities are out of whack. his dad is an excongressman that went into money management. he bilked his investors out of, wait for it, the same amount of money, $10 million. this kid is a hedge funder and what they are doing with his money and not what they are doing with the money.
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don't bernie madoff me is what she should say. >> this did come from the national enquirer. i hate to say they can't trust him. they were right on everything. who knows, maybe they will be right on this, but you can never tell. coming up, presents for everyone. of course bill gets nothing. what is going on with america's first legal straight male prostitute? about as much as you think. ps, anyone looking for a good gardener? he's available.
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does wedlock make you weigh a lot? if you mean fatter, yes. if you have an appetite for
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crill, maybe. that's what they say in greece, the birthplace of bobsleding. they claim married people are twice as likely to become overweight than single, single tons who are single. they say couples who tie the knot are more apartment to let themselves go while unmarried stay a lot of time staying fit to attract a partner. thank you science for that science explanation. says one of the co authors of married people, the need to hunt for a partner is reduced and stress and anxiety is reduced. there is less smoking and one's appetite increases. boy is that glossing over the truth. and they start rapping in cute outfits. >> ♪ >> that's the second greatest
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thing i have ever seen. the first greatest thing -- >> ♪ you came to us first and you sure were nervous ♪ ♪ with insurance, benefits and. ♪ and 401k's ♪ we think you are okay ♪ we took your number ♪ your training was done. ♪ ♪ shuffle, bun, shuffle bun bun ♪ >> they were both from the same thing. >> it is really lazy by the way to rhyme 401k with okay. >> you know what i like about southwest airlines, they are pro feathered hair. i would have a place there. >> i want to get back to the married topic. steven, are you the only one married besides me? are you married? >> i am no longer married, and i am actively campaigning against het rowexual marriages. >> that answers my next question. here is the deal. i felt when you get married, that's the time you let
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yourself go. you spend all of your life looking good. then i got pleard and i got my wife and i thought -- >> you -- and somewhere in there was a question. you let yourself go and then 50% of the marriages fail, and then there are a bunch of fat, ugly, nonsmoking single people out there and it poe lutes everything and it messes everything up. it is throwing the whole curve off. if people don't get married in the first place, they are good. >> it is true. a lot of people don't get divorced. then they have to go on a diet. >> that's why i think cheating on your spouse kind of really does keep you healthier. you have to stay slim. so cheating in a way prevents diabetes and heart disease. we'll put it that way. >> that's an amazing theory. you should be a doctor. >> sc, married men are more likely to get fat than married
3:26 am
women. is that unfair? >> no, that is right. this study found married people, quote, exercised less frequently, had less sex, had poor nutrition, spent more time together, sat in front of the tv more and ordered takeout more often. someone explain to me the allure of marriage. this sounds like the plot of "saw7" to me. >> torture. >> as the only person who is married here, it was the best decision i made in my life. >> that's because she's watching. >> that's a lie. >> no, she's not watching. she's not watching. no, it is because you find somebody to share your life with. all those other things are less important. >> wow. >> now i'm making the -- sound. >> do you have a comment on the show? i think she will buy that, bill. >> i think so. wait, we are still on. >> sorry. e-mail us at red eye at fox news .com. to leave a voicemail on my direct line, 462-402-5050. still to come, the half time report not from tv's andy levy, but mike baker.
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>> better. much better. >> tonight's half time report is from my home-ec teacher. never let a sleep class on an empty stomach. thank you my home ec teacher mrs. feather top.
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welcome back. let's find out if we have got anything wrong so far. for that we go to tv's mike baker who is standing in for
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tv's andy levy. how are things going so far? >> find out if we got anything wrong so far? >> yeah. >> what are the odds of that happening? let's start off with the millenial generation story. this was fascinating. jim made some very interesting points. he mentioned that he was disgusted at the pander scpght cod lig -- pandering and the ddling. he says they have to get out and do something. and then jim do you feel like you lost some authority when you advised the viewers that you stayed at home until 30? >> that's why i mentioned it. i wanted to prove i would have had a lot of things to say had i not been an unmotivated lump myself. >> look where it got you now. >> yes, me de yok crit tee. >> sc said she felt we were making a generation of george kastanzas. >> yeah. >> you mentioned in that rant that there were all velour
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track suit wearing. did george kastanza wear a velour track suit that you can remember? >> yes he did. there was an episode about it. he said he would drape himself in velvet if he could. he went out with a girl who thought the same. >> you are thinking velvet and velour are the same thing. >> whatever. >> no, this is an important point. >> i will get back to you. >> dob how many calls from the parson school of design? after that we went to the greg-alogue. once again we are talking about the hyper sensitive where steve mentioned trying to avoid talking about math or economics was the real trick. do you think the whole point is to try to avoid talking about math or economics? that's healthcare? >> from the left that's
3:33 am
definitely the point. once you start doing the math, there are orangutans that can understand the bad math behind the healthcare bill. when they bring any of that up, it is a mess. that's exactly the point. >> you lost me completely on that. >> bill, you said the right should spend more time with the right. how do you think that's going to go over with the viewers? >> did i mention i recently moved to philadelphia? find me there in philadelphia. >> greg finished up by saying, if you want to find a racist look for a liberal. yeah, you want to stick with that statement? >> i will stick with anybody who says that every idea has some kind of racial component. that's because they think racially. not the liberal. >> i actually for the first time get where you are going with that. according to the statistical graph, and i know people love the chart, according to -- you
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know what, i didn't have a sharpie. you can't read that. we talk about the prenup with -- we talk about the prenup with chelsea cline son and -- chelsea clinton. and his dad, bill pointed out, his dad was done in for fraud to the tune of $10 million. six myths about pre nuptial agreements, myth number one, they are only for the wealthy. anyone, anyone, yes or not? the answer is no. they are only useful if your relationship breaks down, yes or not? >> yeah, no. >> what is going on? >> pre nuptial agreements are unromantic? they won't be upheld by the courts yes or not? >> yes. >> what the hell is wrong with you people. it is no. only men want pre up in nuptial -- pre nuptial agreements? >> no. >> right. and they are expensive? >> no. >> 2 for 6.
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>> something tells me you are an advocate of pre nuptial agreement. >> well, we will move right on to the story of fat people. you know what, honest to god i was president paying attention. -- i wasn't paying attention. >> really? i was incredibly thorough. >> i like to cover my bases. and if you mean thorough, happen hases swrerd. >> nobody filled me in on what my rules and duties are. >> we told you to throw a lot of paper. >> hold on. and i'm done. >> we will see you at the back end of the show. don't run away somewhere. >> i am here until the show ends. let me welcome back our guests. he was a troubling man. sc-kupp. she is so hot and smart her iq is measured in kelvin. kelvin lives next door. and comedian jim norton who is
3:36 am
a ray of sunshine in a world of pain and vice -- vice-versa. check out his best selling comedy cd's. elderly gentlemen pulled on his lever until they hit the jackpot. >> well, the prostitute is now destitute. he called it quits after bringing in less than 10 customers in the past three months. >> that's like one per month. you may recall marcus. the 25-year-old exmarine who became a national sensation. how can you become an exmarine? you are always a marine. he became a big thing when he was row filed in january. the board is returning to his roots. his roots being the adult film industry. why not go back into the military? his replacement, a las vegas
3:37 am
man in his mid30s who per rm toed -- who per rm toed under the name "why not." meanwhile, in wrestling village. wow, stuff in wrestling village is getting out of hand. jim, didn't we all see this coming some. >> well, greg, i think so. the ironic part is when he yelled "take this job and shove it." look, he's not a good looking guy. he is creepy looking. he looks like alex rodriguez, and yet looks nothing like alex rodriguez. >> it is alex rough had rod in a -- it is alex rodriguez in a blender. >> it is with his face up against a window. >> it is not an attractive look. >> steven, what is the moral to the story if there is one? >> my favorite part is that i found -- the lady hookers didn't want to work with him. that's their standard now, i think.
3:38 am
i didn't know hookers had standards. you can bring the peanut butter and the pony and the fly swater, but i will not carpool with you. >> as an insider, is this a major setback for the male prostitution industry? >> i am an insider, but i am just getting word from one of the heads of the armed forces. apparently in his case you can be an exmarine. they are disavowing him as we do this segent in. this is breaking fox news here. >> you know, doesn't this prove something we already knew? >> yeah. >> women don't have to pay for it. >> we are not going to pay for it, certainly. and we will certainly not pay to have sex with the sleezy, cheesy guy from the porno in some vegas sex compound. shocking, that's not appealing to most women. >> i like the fact that the important part is the place might be dirty. >> that's how women think. i am thinking this shady lady whatever. that does not sound clean. >> i think exmarine guy and
3:39 am
his replacement, why? you should add a letter k to his name and go after dudes. they favor male prostitutes. >> who would sleep with a woman who has to pay for it? >> i would, greg. >> it is a weird turn on. >> i would be so easy to talk down. 300. >> i will give uh buck. okay. >> i get the last word. sexual trends reported in newspapers are always wrong. when they say this is gonna happen and there will be a big trend of male jig -- gigalows. it has never been a trend. it is always false. i have to move on. steven, always a pleasure and see you soon. coming up, bill gets his heart broken by a duck. but first -- >> are these polar bears in trouble? well, last night they got drunk and didn't use protection. there goes all of their plans after graduation.
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i don't think it would be a bad thing for this ice world to warm up. >> al gore gives the impression that the sea level will rise in the near future. that's a disturbing misstatement of the science. >> 20th century is not the warmest in a thousand years. we also have scientific data to control this. >> that was from the film "not evil, just wrong" which is not a documentary about my pecs. it should be though. it explores the meeting tiff impact of green policy and the questions made by global warming proponents including the king himself, al gore. felum, are you in town to debate a global warming pro pone nebt. any vent posted by sara silverman. are you looking forward to this? >> yes.
3:44 am
with the global warming pro pone nnt like sair -- proponent like sara silverman. >> i'm pretty sure she is a commi pinky. do you think she will be fair to you? >> of course. of course. i have great faith. >> how did this debate come about? >> it is sponsored by lexus who were launching a luxury hybrid car, automobile as you guys say. it is great they are sponsoring the debate. i don't know if i will ever drive a hybrid. but six months ago my fellow journalists were cutting off my mic because i dared to ask al gore an inconvenient question. now lexus has a debate over global warming. >> this is amazing. i think there is progress. a few years ago no one would dare question global warming theology. now it is as though the
3:45 am
actions and the actions of the leaked e-mails have forced these people who have had it cushy now to come up and defend themselves. >> it is not that saddled and it may have been mushed a bit. these car companies, they know what we are going to think in a couple years time. that's their job. they know the science and the politics with global warming is mushy. they are encouraging a debate. >> because you have this debate tomorrow, and it is in new york city, i want bill shultz -- bill shultz is my co-host and not only believes global warming is real, but thinks it should be a right. so i think it is a way to prepare you for the debate. >> i just want to get back to something you are saying earlier. >> it is the lone voice of dissent and vastly outnumbered constantly. i wonder what that's like. getting to my question, now, sara silverman was the moderator.
3:46 am
considering her views on global warming and the fact she is newly single, do you think the fact that you are going against it may hurt your chances? >> i haven't even thought about that, actually. >> do you find she might be feeling the results of global warming more than most due to your hairy arms? >> careful. >> are you supposed to help him. he can't even answer that. >> they are hairy. do not get distracked it. she will use that. when you are making a point it is like, hair, hair, hair. these are all the things you need to be aware of. >> i am wrestling this debate away from you. >> please, please do. >> wrestle all you can, cowboy. >> it is called "the dark side of green"? >> yeah. >> why? >> i don't know. >> why not brown? >> people are saying maybe there are two sides to the argument. it should be pushed about the
3:47 am
price of electricity and drive jobs, but there is a darker side. that's what this film is about. >> you made a point in your film which i have been talking about how environmentalists were able to get ddt banned. they said it was harmful. what that lead to 40 million kids and adults are dead because of the banning of ddt. in a way you are saying -- i'm saying it too. en viern men 258 lists -- environmentalists killed 258 times the muster of hitler. but it is african-american kids. if it was american kids we would be spraying it every day. they are often forgotten. there is a dark side to the green movement. it goes many ways. it is getting rid of jobs, banning roads. and things people need for everyday life. >> what do you expect the other side will say to you?
3:48 am
what will be the debate points? >> we will all die tomorrow or maybe it will be more measured, but there is a deep uh poke caw lip particular movement. >> that's the difference between me and the environmental movement. they are deeply pessimistic about america. i am very optimistic about america. i think humans are great. >> environmentalists are anti-human. they think we are bad for the planet. the perfect world is an empty world. tomorrow at 8:00, debate at 9. where is it? do you know? i'll find out. you don't remember, do you? >> i don't remember. >> and i don't have it written down. that's howie efficient we are. phil, thank you of so. don't go away. when we come back, i read your e-mails will -- your e-mails. $
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it is mail time. the address is red eye at fox news .com. you write and i read and then we place tennis in a court of blood. steve from washington leads things off. aren't the girls revealing enough without your x ray glasses? dave it is not for the girls
3:53 am
on the show. i wear them for you. in fact, right now i can see what you are wearing and let everyone else see the same thing. i have the same outfit, actually. we shop at the same place, t.j.-maxx. they give great deals. that's if you look. mike e-mails us, don't be upset with tiger and his interviews that are 9 minutes more than your sexual encounters. mike, i won't be embarassed if you don't be embarassed when your mom tells you about them. keep the match boxcar. not after what it has been through. mike writes, what does robot andy levy think about the mets' chances this season. excellent question. let's go to robot andy and ask. robot andy, what do you think about the new york mets' chances this season. >> thanks for that question, greg. and thank you, mike, from trenton, new jersey. i have been to trenton many times for cat shows and cat club meetings.
3:54 am
i can't go back, however, not after the incident of 1990 ices is. i think it is going to go down in flames. they have no bench. their pitching stinks and they are all wooses. would you like me to take off my clothes and let my cats play on my chest? it is really not a bother. i quite enjoy it. >> i'm sure you do, robot andy levy. >> before i forget, the debate tomorrow is at skyline west 500 west 36th. that's the javit center. and it is not tomorrow, it is today, later in the evening. it commences at 9:00. anyway, shut up! we will close things out with a post game wrap up with tv's mike baker. and to see clips of recent shows, go to fox news .com slash red eye.
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coming up tomorrow on the next "red eye." fox news correspondent courtney f ry el returns to the program. there she is. hard to look at it, isn't it? time to go back to mike baker for the post game wrap up. >> thank you, greg. sc, i heard you guys interviewed kurt schilling, the famous chicago cubs pitcher. >> no, no, boston red sox obviously. i did for the daily caller, it will be up this week. i interviewed kurt and his wife about the best kind of different. it is really, really interesting and great and funny and touching. check it out. >> where can people see the interview? >> the daily caller. >> it was supposed to be .com come. >> i'm sorry. i didn't get that. where can people see the interview? >> i hate you. >> where can people see you performing this weekend?
3:59 am
>> all of you sitter slickers can see me in rochester. it is a new comedy club on thursday, friday and saturday. my last three shows. i will be hanging myself after the late show on saturday. >> does that cost extra or is that included with the cover sf. >> that comes with the cover price. you can see my sneakers. >> if anybody cares, that is connecticut. >> yes, it is somewhere between manhattan and 1975. >> anything you want to promote, bill? >> well, we mentioned courtney friel is coming tomorrow, right? >> bill, are you with us? come in, bill. anything you want to promote? >> well, courtney fiel is coming on on. eon, i know what i can promote -- >> sorry, we ran out of time. i'm off, but tomorrow night i will be back and i will be robot mike. >> like there's a difference. >> at least robot mike bathes. thank you.


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