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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  March 30, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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just dumb. i don't get it. >> neil: 45 minutes away from seeing france but is it harder to see the difference with france? i'm neil cavuto, in moments president obama and french president nicolas sarkozy will address reporters. sarkozy is urging the u.s. to work together invent new rules for the global economy of tomorrow. president obama appears to be doing that already. just today signing a bill that not only gives the government more control of healthcare, but also takes over student loans. in fact, it seems the two countries aren't far apart on a lot of things. government run healthcare, check. big incentives to unions, check. jobless rates at or near double digits. check. top tax rate near 40%. check.
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government spending as a growing part of gdp, check. deficits, here we actually got france beat. check. not much a surprise to steve forbes who says we're not quite france yet but we're louie xiv. >> i said man, ohman, that's amazing. >> it is mazen and the president and others around him and democratic party has the feeling western in your opinion is the -- europe is the model to go. president obama is meeting with sarkozy with france and yet this is a part of the world that in terms of entrepreneurship and creation has been lagging the united states and asia. u employment rates are higher than western europe. whether it's wealth or job or
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opportunity creation, when we do it our way it goes our way. >> neil: there's a new push in europe for individual country leaders, britain and france come to mind, to think of themselves as leaders of the new world order an they want barack obama in the club where the u.s. is a single country leader as well as a co global player. >> it's one way to tie-downs the united states. and they also think that if they're in charge, things will go better. louie xiv, whatever he did, he did unify the country but steroid it ultimately by a centralized bureaucracy. it's a new take on marks. instead of the workers of the world, it's bureaucrats. >> every day was a good hair day for louie xiv.
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>> going forward, if barack obama signs on to a bigger co-global role where they're all globalists, less american, less french, less british, globalists. what is the harm in that? you hear from administration types, the gardner who calls me back, that's a worthy goal and good for the world. what do you think? >> if they want to get together and have apple strudel or something in germany or a nice meal in france or spaghettiy in italy. >> why did you put my people last, the italians? >> the u.s. is a country with entrepreneurship is without parallel in the world and we're losing advantages by raising taxes, crazy regulations, the government nationalizing the economy. those things don't work so play
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to our strengths instead of trying to do whatever everyone else does. we're individualists. we don't follow the crowd. we create the crowd by doing things right. >> neil: i don't know if they're doing that anymore. steve, great seeing you. >> wereprudential financial says they're taking a hit on the healthcare. 1 1/2 million smackers they'll have to pay because of this. one business group is calling on the president and congress to repeal the portion of the law causing the trouble. instead of hauling executives to capitol hill for raising the issue in the first place. republican congressman phil ginger. >> what do you make the companies that initially balked, they're being hauled to capitol hill to explain. >> it's very suspect. i'm on that committee and i'm on
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that subcommittee and i'll be there if there's a hearing indeed on april 21st to express my outrage. these same companies, along with the business round table, the u.s. chamber of commerce and aflcio wrote a letter over a year ago to president obama and to the leadership of the democratic party, nancy pelosi and henry max man, where the bill originated. hr 3200. they know these concerns were expressed over a year ago. >> neil: very good point. i want to emphasize that. we were trying to indicate that as well, that this wasn't new found political protests. a lot of these companies, at&t chief among them, you mess with subsidies, it might be wise for
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you but we'll have to adjust things. ones with adjusted numbers, henry waxman, bart stupak, saying we want to see how you arrived at that matt. they now how. >> of course they do. this senate bill, 3590, was never intended to be the final product. it was a draft product and they fully intended to go to conference on it with the house version and maybe if they had done that, and not done this reconciliation mishmash, trickery, then they would have caught this or realized there was a significant problem here with 3500 companies, employers, across the country that were providing a prescription drug benefit for retirees so they didn't fall into the medicare program, which was not beneficial to the recipients. >> neil: i have to stop you. you're emersed in this and no it
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inside and out. the gist is companies that provided this subsidy used to be a tax-free benefit, it's taxable next year, hence they have to label this hit. the fact that so few have gone out and said anything in decision, with the exception of prudential financial because of hauling c.e.o.s before the committee, is that intimidation? >> i think it is, neil. let's speak honestly. i think it is. a lot of people that went to the white house over a year ago, a lot of organizations, whether it was american health insurance plans, aarp. american medical association, big pharma, all these people were invited to the original summit and they sat down in a private conference room and let know you better go along with this or else. and i truly believe that's what's going on. >> neil: can they beg off? can they say, stick it, we're
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not coming. this is a kangaroo court. >> they could, but the committee has subpoena power so they would get subpoena and then he could declare the 5th and they would look bad. >> neil: understood. so then this effort that a lot of companies are going to leave well if you repeal this, problem solved. you don't expect progress on that, right? >> no, i do not. i'm telling you, when we replace is -- when we repeal and replace, as we will do when the republicans regain majority in november, we will certainly take care of this along with many other things in this bill that are so bad for the american people. so bad for the economy. so bad for corporate america and for job creation. i don't know, neil, maybe next we're going to see the american council of catholic bishops and national right to life drug
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before the committee on oversight and investigation because they've come out with some opinions contrary to what the powers that be say is in the bill. >> neil: it is weird. congressman, thank you very much. >> it is. connect the dots. >> forget about repealing part of the healthcare law. the judge thinks the whole thing would be struck down by the supreme court. fox news senior judicial analyst andrew napolitano joining me. his new book, lies it is government told you, perfectly timed with the healthcare bill release. he says he didn't perpetrate it that way. very good to have you. >> thank you. >> the supreme court might rule in the favor. >> there's a couple of areas so clearly contrary to the prevailing law and rights that the supreme court has said we had. it's hard to believe the court wouldn't interfere. for example. imposition on states to spend more money on medicare. i was in florida over the weekend giving a speech and
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speaking to folks, one of whom is a florida legislator so told me florida has to come up with a billion dollars more than they have. they can't borrow, they have to raise taxes and spend the billion the way congress told them. he says i thought we were a sovereign entity. i said you're right and the supreme court ruled the congress can't take away the discretion from state legislators, make them raise taxes and spend the money how they want. that's one serious area which is about one-third of the bill. another serious area is the individual mandate. i'm going to quote governor basher. they can't make us buy guns, how can they make us buy health insurance. they can't make us buy shoes. there's no authority in the constitution. >> neil: the administration, leading democrats say individual states can make you buy auto insurance. night and day. >> night and gays you don't have
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to buy a car and you are on a state owned highway. this requires you to buy -- you are going to die and it's hopeless, do you still have to buy insurance? the third offensive area, the supreme court ruled our right to privacy when speaking to our physician is the most protected conversation we have. more than to our spouse, our lawyer, to a priest in confessional. when you tell your doctor after this kicks in what your problems are, they put it into a computer to which the government has access then the bureaucrats tell the doctor what procedures are available. this is a violation of the highest right to privacy. if you knock out bureaucratic interference and -- >> neil: it's dead. >> it's dead. what's left is the president's private army of 6,000 people, doctors, who are trained with the military.
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he can direct where to go. >> neil: to say nothing of the 16,000 i.r.s. agents. >> hopefully the court will rule on that before they hire the i.r.s. agents. >> neil: judge, thank you very much. coming up, the media all over this. do you know who this man is? how would you? news of his arrest buried in today's papers after he threatens to kill republican congressman eric cantor. the man who had his finger bitten off while protesting the healthcare law before it became law is pointing out the hypocrisy. >> a gentleman's finger has been bitten off and i have the finger wrapped in a napkin and i'm trying to find out where the gentleman went to the hospital so we can get his finger sewn back on. good job, keep going !
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people have spit on one of the folks. [ bleep ] and [ bleep ] and [ bleep ] added barney frank. i mean what the hell. >> people are coming out of the closest if you will saying they're dangerous peel and want to make other people dangerous. >> congressman bart stupak helped seal the healthcare deal and received several disturbing voice mails. >> a slide kaleidoscope of hate speech. >> neil: no shortage of it when people supporting the law, not so much when the anger is aimed added those who do not eric cantor took a bullet through his office window and scores of threats. where is the media outrage about that? bill rice, literally got his finger bitten off when he showed to protest outside a rally last year.
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he's still waiting for the media outrage. bill, good to have you back with us. how are you doing? how are you feeling in great, thanks. >> they found your finger but were not able to reattach it. >> no they were not. >> neil: refresh people what happened to you at this rally. >> well, neil, i was -- i wasn't there as a protester. i was driving down the street where i saw a group from and a group from code pink protesting on a corner in my hometown then, which was thousands oak's california. my son had just been commissioned into the marine corps and i was concerned that folks there may have been protesting against him and his bravery. and i stopped to question that. my questions were answered
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satisfactorily and i was in the process of leaving when i was accosted by a man, who came across the street screaming at me that i was an f'ing idiot and he was waving his arms in a violent way. and he came at me as if to attack me. so a scuffle ensued and my fist ended up in his mouth and he bit my finger off. >> neil: so this guy in black shorts and a black shirt, no one has seen or heard from him again. i meanwhile it was a crowded rally, it wasn't that crowded. people must have known who this guy was, or no. what did you hear? the police had a sign in sheet there at the rally. oddly enough, he was not signed in. he disappeared into the crowd
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and has never been seen or heard from again in that small community. he seems to have just disappeared. >> neil: now, bill, i don't want to be impolitic or queazy but do you mind showing us your hand where the finger was bitten off? >> no, sir, i don't mind. >> neil: we covered that when that happened. just as we played last week and through our live weekend coverage, threatening phone calls that came to congressmen but there was scant coverage of your incident. >> other than fox news, there was no coverage whatsoever. the local newspapers had a small story and it was a -- a nonissue. i've seen this as -- as a result
4:20 pm
of this event, i became politically active and joined the tea party movement and was at an event in los angeles at the federal building where some 5,000 of us were there to raise our voices against this healthcare bill. >> neil: we should point out you voted for bill clinton. >> yes. >> neil: the only ax you had to grind was for a government getting to big, right? >> yes, sir, yes, sir. we believe in smaller government that's responsible to the people. it's my opinion that when a government acts against the will of the people, that this is tyranny. and i think that's exactly what happened here. 68% of us said no. and 51% of them said yes. >> neil: that's a good point. doesn't make awe nut or a violent case. quite the opposite.
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the victim of it. bill rice, thank you. >> now toyota's gas pedal troubles. you can't make this up. host: could switching to geico really save you
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i believe this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal before this decade of out of landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to the earth. >> neil: do you remember that speech, what is little known is what jfk said moments later that after returning to earth, nasa would check under foreign auto hoods. i kid you not. nasa's latest challenge. helping the government get to the bottom of the engineering bottom of the toyota mess. the last man to walk on the moon is looming over this. gene cernan is with me on the phone. this is a comedown for nasa from
4:25 pm
the moon to i guess meineke discount muffler. >> as far as i'm concerned this is another subtle -- maybe not subtle, subtle step in dismantling the space program. other leadership and competence and capability to explore the heavens. what's next? climate change, new windmills to produce energy? these are the brightest and best best young engineers, managers, technicians, scientists in the world ready to do something that they dreamed of doing all their life. how many electronic and automotive engineers in the world? today half of them are probably unemployed. >> neil: gene, try to understand the logic, i remember watching you as a kid singing and washingtonwalking -- walking
4:26 pm
on the moon and your fellow nasa brethren are opening auto shops at the behest of the government to investigate toyota cars. something is not right with this picture. >> there's more going on and we may learn more. >> neil: why would nasa accept it? i don't know the mechanics of nasa, but why does it expect the government look you're not doing anything now, we canceled the rocket program so you have free time and look under the toyota hoods? >> i just saw something in, i guess it was the "washington post." nasa hires -- or national highway safety hires unemployed, underemployed nasa engineers because they got nothing else to do. give me a break. these people are going full speed ahead. the budget has not been approved and there's going to be changes to it. let's -- there's a lot of us, not just the apollo days and now the shuttle days but there's a lot of people in this nation who
4:27 pm
are just not satisfied with satisfi satisfied with dismantling the space program. maybe i exaggerate this, but i don't want my kids to grow up in a second or third rate nation. >> neil: gene, i was trying to understand the logic of the move. maybe nasa is going along to do it, because they feared if because they fear if they do not go along. there would be future cuts. there was heavy pressure to play along, even though they're taking a side with toyota that might be best for others and not our nation's brightest. >> well, i can -- i can tell you that there's some in nasa who are problem will he as adamant with their, with their job of high-risk desperation and space and high-risk technology to do things that haven't ever been done
4:28 pm
before. >> neil: why don't they just tell the administration go to hell? we go to the moon and we don't check oil. >> i'm not a politician. never have been and i don't know how the system works. but there's some heavy hands been yielded in the hands yielded in the administration. i'm sure you got differences of opinion at very high levels at nasa at this point in time. i'm sure there's some people who -- i know there's a couple of people who strongly support anything mr. obama wants to do. obviously -- >> neil: how would the brightest engineer, someone, normally who are tops in their class, guys like you, how would they sign on to an meineke discount muffle her job? >> they wouldn't do that. i got to believe the political pressure is so
4:29 pm
great right now -- you know this better than i do. you know what goes on over there. >> neil: man oh man. >> it scares me to death because, as i say, there are people within nasa at fairly high levels to probably want to go this route and there are others who realize the significant of what nasa has meant to this country, both technologically, educationally, leadership, morally, technological leadership in the world and they're beat to death. but we're not done yet. we're not done fighting. >> gene cernan, a pleasure an honor. >> i'll see you in a week or two. >> neil: the last man to walk on the surface of the moon. french kiss and kiss-off. off. something is about to happen in ten minutes for one guy that didn't happen for the other and
4:30 pm
why is larry eagleburger angry about it. i don't like the way you say all men are bastards. brain drain time. why are we losing good customers to scottrade?
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>> neil: well, we're minutes away now from a big pow-wow news conference featuring president obama and nicolas sarkozy. the french leader getting star treatment at the white house. a very different scene last week for israeli leader benjamin netanyahu. remember that? no joint press conference there or photo opportunity then. no finger sandwiches then. we don't know about the finger sandwiches but no elaborate dinner at the white house. eagleberger says this is no
4:34 pm
way to treat our only real friend. good to have you. >> thank you. >> neil: whatever israel might have done with the camp settlements, just as joe biden was coming to visit, the tit-for-tat seems overdone. >> it is overdone. first, we have had this problem with the israelis for many, many years. namely, the issue of going ahead with settlements, when we tell them no, no, naughty, naughty, you shouldn't do it. but you know, i have never seen anyone as immaturish in the conduct with foreign relations as this president. he may not be happy with what the israelis are doing or netanyahu is doing but you don't advertise your unhappiness with one of the best allies if it encourages the worst enemy to think we could take a crack at the israelis because americans won't do anything.
4:35 pm
it's dumb. it's what he does time and time again. they don't seem to learn. >> neil: the next thing is start blasting a news network. that would be -- oh. [ laughter ] let me get a sense of the different treatment france gets. this was a country not long ago hasn't been a loyal or consistent power. >> they haven't. >> neil: i think consistency is in order and if you are going to treat nicolas sarkozy you should provide the same for the only democracy leader in the middle east. but they don't. why wasn't it a big deal? i was in washington when it was going on. i tell you, it was benjamin netanyahu like where is waldo. no one knew where he was. i mean he was hanging out in the white house. so flum mexed he leave -- fl
4:36 pm
flummoxed he leaves for all i know in winnebawinnebago. >> netanyahu is a tough guy. it will make him angry the way he's being treated but it won't upset him too much. the fact of the matter we are showing our amateurishness every time we do this. this president can't get through his head the actions have consequences. >> neil: he must have thought those through and figured i know how it will reverberate here and i know how it will reverberate in israel. that is the lesson i want out there. what do you make of that? >> maybe but it reverberates in iran and other places that don't like the iranians. one day they will say those americans who were supportive aren't supportive anymore.
4:37 pm
maybe we can do something and he is playing with dynamite and doesn't understand it. you'd think after almost two years in office he'd understand it. but he doesn't. i listened to you talking about what is going on with nasa. the country won't be the same. >> neil: john kennedy rolling in his grave to find out that nasa is working on cars. >> yes. >> neil: it was a pleasure. >> we are tearing things down. terrible time building up and imagine what we have done to build the relationship with israel. >> neil: amazing. the feed right now at the white house. more after this. call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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it's time to give all americans a complete and competitive education from the cradle up through a career. >> whatever happens, i won't have to worry about putting
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gas in my car or worry about what happens. >> why are you here? >> to get money. >> what kind of money? >> neil: they're celebrating, and the nanny state is here. france would be proud. will they reflect that comments a short time from now and the new healthcare law, smaller slice of the social pie is picking up the tab. that is wearing dave ramsey who joins me simulcast from the radio show. you can catch him on the fox business network. the whole health thing took it to a new level. didn't it? s>> socialism is here. it noticed your report on israel. it just got back from there. a wonderful country and group of folks. i had a great time. on the sad side, the guy driving us around said they have 17% sales tax and they
4:42 pm
have healthcare, but he gripes about that, too. it's prophetic prophetic if yon what we are facing. if you think he will stop taxing the rich to pay for, this you don't have a sense of history. it's never ended with the rich. slippery slope. always on $250,000 and more and $100,000 more and we redefine rich and bringing it down. socialism is when those who are working pays for stuff that those who aren't. >> neil: the idea of the drifter of drift and that it increases when the government takes over or becomes the fallback for host of industries and the rescue and bail-out, but now for the everyday events in the housing industry. credit to back you up. cash for clunkers. cash to buy things at home depot and lowe's and on and on with healthcare. there is an inherent sense of entitlement that builds. >> what is broken here is
4:43 pm
that we forgot that the government doesn't have any money. the government is a pair srasip. a tick on the butt of america. it's sucking the blood out of us. the government gets money from those of us that work. it doesn't have any money. it's a parasite. what is happening is when you hear the people that are, you know, you pulled up clips there of the more ridiculous human beings out there walking around. but there are people more intelligent than them making similar statements. what happens is they had an emotional disconnect and they think that the government gets money from somewhere magical to give to them. or to give to the programs. it comes out of our back pocket. somebody has to pay the bills. >> neil: the argument for most getting this, it comes out of their pocket. when i can be to dinner and you treat, which rarely happens because you're tight with your money. nevertheless, you don't pay attention to the bill and what you're ordering if someone else is paying. i think we as a people won't pay attention if we assume we're not paying, though ultimately we are, right?
4:44 pm
>> we never have paid much attention. we had $700 billion bail-out in the fall. we have yet to get accounting of where it went. you don't pay attention if it's somebody else's money. congress is good at that for several decades. interesting thing and we said it before on the show, socialism and healthcare reform, bail-out and overspending in congress, an anger is rising, my brother. a new group of folks that will come to washington as soon as the elections allow the rollover. people have had it and they're sick of it. >> neil: always good to see you even with the austere warnings. dave ramsey. the next guest says the healthcare law doesn't just have wealthy paying more. the retiring are getting hit. eric bolling from another view on this from the fox business network joining me now. you say get ready. >> the law of intended consequences is what you touched on. wealthier will pick up tab
4:45 pm
for the 30 or 31 million more people insured. the law of unintended consequences arrived the day after they signed the healthcare deal, reform package. reform bill. the companies said it will cost a lot of money. >> neil: you don't think it's a political charade? >> not at all. they went to the shareholders and say bring it forward and let us know what it will cost you. shareholders deserve to know. they're doing it and showing us. at&t, cat, john deere. verizon. company after company saying it will cost $100 million up to $1 billion to close a tax benefit we're getting. if you close that, the retirees down the road, no way around this. the retirees down the road will have the benefits cut or will be pushed off the healthcare roll. >> neil: we have those people
4:46 pm
from years from now, 2018, or whatever it is, 40% tax on the so-called cadillac plans kick in. i can't imagine that companies absorb it, without passing it on or cut benefits. >> cutting the benefit and employees. not hiring new employees. how about in the healthcare plan if your employ is making $25,000 a year, the small business tax credit you are getting, it starts to shrink. at $50,000 a year, it's gone completely. the employers make less. they may not hire new employees. they may say i don't know i can hire another employ and provide benefits i promised the tens and hundreds of thousands of retirees of the benefit i was going to give them. some people worked their whole lives for their company, and they retire expecting the benefit. they stayed with the company because they expect benefits. then the rug is pulled out from underneath them. remember if you like your health plan, you can keep it. you may not like it anymore
4:47 pm
when you see the way they slice and dice it up. >> neil: or company might not keep what you like. barack obama and nicolas sarkozy are expected to have a joint news conference, and we argued are we becoming like france? in terms of the state takes over a lot of stuff? or plays a bigger role. >> how about the 50 coopts. obama said, in the bill, we warn you, insurance companies if the premiums get too high we may come in and offer another at terntive. you are saying at some point down the road it will be a single payer. the government will be the only option. you have to go to the government for the health insurance. that is what happens -- >> neil: this is probable what they meant when the democrats who want single payer you will get it anyway. >> the worst thing, if you get -- dave ramsey in israel, talked about the tax.
4:48 pm
we talk about this. once you throw around that tax around, tax on everything. it it may be a double or triple tax. it would look a heck of a lot like europe. >> neil: this is something they never got it. this is a picture with the big guy. nicolas sarkozy meeting earlier with the president of the day. that is the only picture provided. they'll be meeting reportedly very, very soon. they are supposed to have an okay relationship. now they are going to list it up a notch with a global co-leader role and one that barack obama may be endorsing. what do you think of that? >> sarkozy said hey, mr. obama would you do us a favor and raise standards on financial regulation across the whole globe? he is looking for derivative regulation. >> neil: germany is balking at that. >> everyone should balk at that. there are different standards here and different standards in europe. if we're the administrator of
4:49 pm
the regulation, a lot of companies will go overseas and say i don't need to do business here. i can do what i have to do in singapore where they may not be on board with the same france, u.s. exgermany, european union regulation. regulation could be another animal here. >> neil: all right. eric bolling, great stuff. you have tosky daddal --sky can daddal. democratic strategist here with his take on this. you might have heard earlier the guests saying they are fearful that we're joined at the hip with the big government thing. that these two are more than pen pals. what do you make of this? >> the problem i have with people talking about government takeover of healthcare, the private healthcare industry is in a
4:50 pm
stronger position that many argue. this is not a single payer or a government takeover. >> neil: you don't think it will get to that point, chris? >> ideologically and politically, this country is as far away from supporting single payer as you can get. >> neil: that is not the point. if we move for employer balking at the higher rate or the 40% cadillac tax he might say i'll drop my plan and go to the government. the government wins after all. i'll pay the penalty. i still come out cheaper. >> i don't think that will happen. the reality, the reality here is we're about as far away from a single payer system as you imagine. look for example at canada or the european models. not something that most policy makers are willing. there are advantages to it but it's not where the country is politically or policy wise. >> neil: i wonder where the country is on this president and his policies.
4:51 pm
since the passage of healthcare bill to law, a knee jerk move on support but now the need is back where we were. with most americans not supporting what is going on here. what does the president do? s>> anyone who thinks that healthcare reform will sell itself, you are mistaken. there are advantages with healthcare reform, cutting the deficit, expanding healthcare to 30 million. closing the doughnut hole and addressing the preexisting conditions. that's just some of the immediate things. you have to make this a concerted campaign with the white house and democrats on the hill to sell the healthcare to the american people because there are clearly opponents on the other side who don't like the reform and are not going to take a break with their criticism of the healthcare. this is not a battle one in a single day but a message war fought to the election. >> neil: all right. so you are in the camp that says everything that is
4:52 pm
capitalistic about america is destroyed in the white house so evil nefarious forces can take over. you're not in that camp? >> that is correct. >> neil: clear on that. chris, can you stick around? >> of course. >> neil: this is at the white house. this is the scene. the president is going to be meeting with his counterpart from france. nicolas sarkozy. they will take reporters' questions, the two of of them leading the effort to asemiable global policy on financial reform with global teeth if you will. the question is how far does the u.s. bend here and do we pay for most of it here and do we compromise sovereignty here? that is the roaring debate. that is the ongoing rage. we're on it after this.
4:53 pm
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4:55 pm
>> neil: the white house, leaders of the united states and france moments away from talking to reporters. major garrett is there. any major news expected? >> not breaking news in the sense that there will be a deliverable. that is a phrase they use at the white house to talk about an agreement or a bit of new information that the two countries agreed upon they didn't before walking in.
4:56 pm
this is about a couple of things. we'll find out. they're announcing them now. >> neil: yes, you are. president obama and nicolas sarkozy, the leader of france. they've become fast chums since the inauguration. >> everybody have a seat. good afternooafternoon. i am delighted to welcome my dear friend president sarkozy to the white house. i want to welcome to the united states the first lady of france. michelle and i are looking forward to hosting our guests at dinner this evening. i have to point out that the french are properly famous for their cuisine, so the fact that sarkozy went to ben's chili bowl for lunch, i think show shows his
4:57 pm
discriminating palette. he was sampling the local wares and we appreciate thatter very much. this is to return the hospitality that the president and the french people have shown to me in my visit to france, including the family's wonderful visit to paris last summer. michelle and i will never forget introducing our daughters to the city of lights. i don't think sasha will forget celebrating her eighth birthday with the president of france. that's a fancy way for an 8-year-old to spend a birthday. today we committed the enduring ties between the countries. france is our oldest ally and one of our closest. we're two great republics bound by common ideals that stood together for more than two centuries from york town to normandy to afghanistan.
4:58 pm
under his leadership france secured its rightful place as a leader and around the world. addressing the global challenges requiring global partnership. france took the historic step to return to nato military command. we are working to revitalize our bonds, including a strong capable, european union, which the united states firmly supports because a close transatlantic partnership is critical to progress, combining the strengths to confront violent extremism in africa or reconstruction in haiti or advancing peace from caucus to the middle east. mr. president, on behalf of the american people, thank you for your personal effort to strengthen the partnership between our countries. we first met four years ago. i was senator then. he was still running for president at the time.
4:59 pm
i came to admire your legendary energy and enthusiasm for what the countries can achieve together. that was the speech that moved many americans. we have worked closely on numerous occasions and we respect and understand one another and we share belief that through bold yet pragmatic action, our generation can bend the arc of history toward justice and progress. the shared commitment to solving problem allowed us to advance the common interest today. we agreed to continue working aggressively to sustain the global economic recovery and create jobs for the people. we agreed to replacing the old cycle of bubble and bust with growth that is balanced and sustained. this requires effective coordination by all nation. i updad


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