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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  July 7, 2010 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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governor jan brewer cancelled the conference after six governors said they'd boycott the event. do you support the decision or not? go and vote. we'll see you tomorrow night at 10:00 a.m. eastern. have to look it up. here's o'reilly. >> "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight -->> i hate white people! all of them! every last iota of a cracker, i hate them. >> this is the guy attorney general eric holder will not prosecute for election violations. king shabaz. can you believe it? dick morris will analyze. >> about half of all of the violent crimes is committed by illegal immigrants. >> is that true? is what congressman franks saying a reality? the factor investigated, what we found may surprise you. >> amphetamine addicts with a
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dreidle don't spin that hard. >> dennis miller updates the oil spill, lindsay lohan. you are about to enter the no spine zone. the factor begins right now. >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thank you for watching us tonight. telling the truth in the illegal immigration controversy. that is a subject of this yeeng's talking points memo. last week, congressman trent franks from arizona made a stunning remark to fox news anchor. >> the reality is we still arrest almost 1,000 people coming across the border illegally every day in arizona. about half of all of the violent crimes is committed by illegal immigrants and we're having a pretty serious challenge every day. >> it is the phoenix area and if indeed half of the violent felonies there are committed by illegals, that is a catastrophe.
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"the factor" looked into the situation. here's what we found out. right now, they are holding about 1100 illegal aliens charged with committing violent crimes, murder, manslaughter, rape, those kinds of things. suspected felons are being held until ice can pick them up. another 300 being held there on lesser charges. it's not close. if the violent illegal aliens comprise about 15% of the total prison population in the county, they couldn't possibly commit 50% of the violent crimes. talking points does not mean to diminish the problem in arizona. obviously, 1100 illegal aliens accused of committing violent felonies is a huge number and no county in the united states should put up with it. it's disgraceful. the federal government should be embarrassed. federal government is not embarrassed. it's suing arizona for trying to protect itself in an incredibly absurd situation. overall point here is the truth must be told in the illegal immigration debate and the congressman had it wrong. overall, crime has dropped in many border counties because the
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recession has inhibited some illegal immigration. fewer jobs, fewer crossings. narcotics shop is booming. there's plenty of bad guys crossing the border doing terrible things to american citizens were once again, the federal government does not seem to be overly concerned with that. president obama has made a political calculation the first five months of this year. his support among hispanic americans dropped 12 points according to gallup. but since he announced the lawsuit against arizona his popularity has risen three points among hispanics so you can see where the lawsuit might be coming from. it is becoming increasingly apparent the president is putting his political future in the hands of a minority coalition he thinks he can mobilize. according to the polls, the majority of white voters feel the president is not doing a good job. but more than 90% of african-americans continue to support him along with a majority of hispanic voters. this is not a healthy situation. the president of the united states should not be a victim or a beneficiary of racial
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politics. or am i wrong? that's the memo. now for the top story tonight, reaction with us, jorge ramos, news anchor for univision and the author of the new book "a country for all, an immigrant manifesto." all right, say you were the governor of arizona. you have 1100 guys and gals convicted of violent felonies in one county in the phoenix capital city area, what do you do? what do you tell your people? >> the problem is we keep repeating misinformation. people are going to believe it. >> i just gave you actually the latest factual information. >> i can give you three facts. first, crime is down in all the country. according to -- according to the -- i'll get to where i found it. according to the department of justice. >> that's what i said. >> despite the fact that immigrant population has more than doubling of the country.
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second, foundation found in the states including arizona with the largest immigrant population, crime has declined more. according to the f.b.i., crime has gone down in arizona. so are you going to argue with the f.b.i.? >> i'm going to tell you this. i gave the talking points memo the most accurate information, we got 1100 people sitting in the jail charged with violent felonies. that's a catastrophe. >> and i'm giving you also the information. >> you're not dealing with that fact. these are illegal immigrants crossing into arizona, committed violent crimes. appointing you governor of the state. >> what's really important is that most immigrants. you're ignoring the question. >> that's what i want to talk about. that's -- that's where the law was passed. to deal with these 1100 people today. >> they are here because many americans, thousands of american
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companies are hiring them and millions of americans including you and me. >> yeah. >> benefit from their work. >> the governor and the state. >> the governor of the state, you have 1100 people in one county charged with violent crimes hurting people. what do you do about it? >> this is a federal issue. >> you're the governor. you say to people, i'm not going to do anything. it's a federal issue, let them do it. they haven't done anything in 30 years. >> you simply cannot misrepresent reality. what we are seeing, it's just a minority. >> jorge, there's 1100 people. that's reality. they've hurt americans. you deeon't know what to do, be honest. >> we have to deal with 1100 immigrants living in this country. they have no rights. the declaration of independence says all men are created equal. right now in arizona and in
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parts of the united states, many men and women are not treated as equals. you know, bill, that is completely totally unamerican. >> what you're saying isn't wrong. i don't mean to be overly harsh to you. you're not saying anything wrong. you don't know. therefore, you lose your authority to criticize the state of arizona who is trying to protect its citizenry. you don't know, jorge! >> you're misrepresenting reality because you want people to believe that that tiny minority -- >> it's 1100 people in one county. tiny. >> the vast majority of immigrants contribute much more to the economy and to this country. >> we let these people violate that. you let them run wild. >> no. >> what do do you? >> most immigrants are not criminal. most criminals are not -- >> let me try it the other way. you don't like the arizona law,
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ok. you don't want it there. arizona law is there to make it easier for the state police in that state, all right, to know who is there legally and who is there illegally. you don't want them to know that. you say it's the federal government's job. but you know as well as i do the federal government hasn't done its job. here in new york if you're a latino or african-american, you're more likely to be detained by police. according to "the new york times." >> and the majority of crime is committed in those neighborhoods. >> let me finish. just imagine what's going to happen in arizona with a law that promotes racial profiling. if i were right now in phoenix or tucson, arizona, i could be detained by the police. >> that's simply because of my accent. that's not true. i just came back from south
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africa. it's amazing what they have done in 16 years. >> all right. >> against racism. >> jorge, it's like i'm invisible here. >> no, no. >> if you go to arizona, they can't stop you unless you're involved in another police matter. >> i'm not saying that people in arizona want to create an atmosphere of this, i'm saying the talk in arizona right now shamefully resembles what we saw in africa and south africa. >> i disagree 1,000%. >> of course. >> the book, though, is very provocative. i want people to check out jorge's book "a country for all". appreciate you coming in. is president obama really skewing policy towards minority voters in order to be reelected? dennis miller has new thoughts
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>> racial politics becoming important to the president of the united states. joining us from virginia, runs the center for politics at the university of virginia. look, i know you're not, you know, with all due respect to jorge ramos, he's a nice guy. i don't think he answered any of my questions. you heard the interview. did he answer one of them? >> well, he answered them in his own way, bill. >> but he didn't answer the -- he didn't answer the ones i posed. >> he didn't answer your questions but the intensity of his feeling tells you why president obama has done what he's done. >> jorge is a good man, you know, and he wants to do right
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by himself and his people and all. i have no -- but when you answer question after question and you just give this theoretical nuttiness that doesn't deal with the problem at hand. now, the reason i'm asking you this is because today, robert gibbs, presidential secretary was asked a very, very fascinating question. i was going to do this to jorge. i didn't have enough time. my head was spinning around. government necessa government's main contention is the federal law supersedes state law so the arizona cannot pass any law at all to protect themselves. the sanctuary cities throughout the u.s., l.a., san francisco, chicago, houston, places like that, they basically have sup superseded federal law say they're not going to hand over to you anybody. even though federal law says you must. that question was put to robert gibbs today. roll tape. >> right now, there are dozens
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of so-called sanctuary cities that have their own policies that might potentially conflict with federal law and if arizona is in violation of federal law, then so are these localities. my question is why did the president only ask d.o.j. to look at arizona and not everywhere? >> i don't know the answer to that. i will try to seek some answer on -- some answer on that. >> all right. look, gibbs doesn't know the answer because there is no answer, all right. it's a selective prosecution, selective lawsuit. the obama people don't like the arizona law. they know they're getting hurt in the hispanic-american precincts. they're doing this. i think for political reasons but i could be wrong on this. maybe the president is very sincere. how do you see it? >> well, look, he could easily believe this and be doing it for political reasons, too. but bill, they're very good political reasons for doing it. the hispanic vote increased by 1/3 just between the 2004 presidential election and the 2008 presidential election and
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president obama got 67% of the hispanic votes. that was a tremendous increase over what john kerry had gotten in 2004. hey, if he's going to be re-elected in 2012, he has to maintain a large majority among hispanics and latinos and you just saw it. you just heard what they think about the arizona bill. >> i don't want to generalize about hispanic americans. when you have 70% of arizonians supporting the law, you know thau there's a hefty amount of hispanic voters in arizona that support the law. they don't want their children brutalized by people running across the border, period. the news for president obama is bad in almost every other precinct except for the african-american precinct. he's down among hispanics. in independents, new fox news opinion dynamics poll just came out today, independents, 61% are disappointed or angry about the obama administration. all right?
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39% are happy or satisfied. that's among independents. i think, doctor, that's enough to get him out of office in 2012 if it holds no matter what the hispanic and blacks do. am i wrong? >> yeah. no. that's absolutely correct but the key phrase you used is if it holds. >> if at all. >> he split independents with mccain in 2008. he hopes to get back to that split if the economy improves and remember, immigration is an important issue but it pales by comparison to the pocketbook issue. the economy is 80% of what's gonna happen in 2012. that is absolutely true. but i'm gonna submit to you that oil spill, economic chaos, afghan chaos, border chaos, it's cumulative thing. i don't think it's immigration that's losing president obama and public opinion. it doesn't help them. it's not losing it. it's just the perception that
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everything, everything is a mess. right? >> yeah, yeah. look, if you're asking me whether things are going well for president obama, you don't need a political analyst to answer that. but it's a long time before 2012. and we'll have to see where these issues go. his coalition could still recoalesce. it's very possible. >> all right. doctor, thanks as always. we appreciate it. directly ahead, the most controversial story of the evening. federal government fails to prosecute this guy. >> i hate white people, all of them! every last iota of a cracker, i hate him. what the hell is wrong with you, black man? you had a white girl on your damn arm! >> they analyze the panther
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>> accused of intimidating voters in philadelphia. one of the men is featured in a national geographic program. >> i hate white people. everyone of them. every iota of a white person i hate them. too much serious business going on to be out here sliding through south street with white, dirty going on and we call
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ourselves black men or african gargoyles. what the hell is wrong with you, black man? you had a white girl on your damn arm. you'll are to kill some crackers. you're gonna have to kill some of their babies! >> again, mr. shabaz one of the black panthers who attorney general eric holder would not prosecute. in addition, the amazingly dishonest web site media matters put up this headline after our broadcast last night. o'reilly factor ludicrously blames obama for not pressing criminal charges in the new black panther case. total lie. total lie. here's what i said last night. >> the evidence clearly shows the men break the law so why give them a pass? talking points cannot answer that question. and mr. holder will not answer it either. very disturbing and president obama should order his attorney general to clarify the matter. clarify the matter. i'm sure media matters will correct their dishonest answer. yeah.
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dick morris, this story is building. you know it's not on its face that important, free idiot black panther standing outside a polling place but the fact that the attorney general with the acknowledgment and, i think, support of president obama although i can't be sure about that, he hasn't said anything about it, refuses to prosecute these guys who obviously did something wrong and then we see this guy, how hateful he is, shabazz, this has got to hurt them. does it not? >> of course, you have a whistle blower in the justice who goes out and says we were ordered not to prosecute. >> because of color. because of color. >> i had a conversation with the former assistant attorney general to civil rights in the 1970's and he said that we all the time declined to prosecute cases like this because we couldn't prove that the voters were being intimidated. we didn't have an affidavit from a white voter and that kind of
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thing. but he said that where the justice department drops the ball here is they are not explaining why they're not prosecuting. >> correct. >> what they should be saying is this is a crime. this would be horrible if we could prove it, we would prosecute. but we're not because we don't have these affidavits and so on. instead, when you take this as a piece and this is me speaking, not him. when you take this as a piece with the democratic effort to go after karl rove for firing allegedly u.s. attorneys for failing to prosecute voter fraud, it really amounts to a democratic party endorsement or at least not opposition to a voter intimidate tactics. >> do you believe that the far left is falling apart? let's take this media matters thing. they blatantly lie every day, all right? people on msnbc lie every day. have americans caught on now? those people, are they just talking to a very small sliver because they did have some
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momentum with -- when obama was running for president. but i think it's all gone now. >> they had a vast momentum then. >> i don't know if it was vast. msnbc's ratings were never, ever good. ever. >> obama's were, fair enough to sweep congress and the white house. i think what's happening now is because of the ongoing economic crisis, because of the erosion of obama's credibility on the left with afghanistan, guantanamo and the oil spill, because of the negatives about health care, the left wing is being increasingly marginalized for smaller and smaller constituents falling apart is a little far. >> ok. marginalized, not falling apart. still able to deliver a body blow on occasion. now, when americans see a guy like this shabazz guy who, again, doesn't mean anything, ladies and gentlemen, he has no power. he's a thug. he's a thug. all right? but when they see him, and then he's connected to the attorney general of the united states,
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which he is. he's connected right to holder. as you said, holder doesn't come out and explain anything, all right? there's got to be now a worry, a concern that is growing among nonideological americans. we see that conservatives and republicans don't like obama and never going to like him, ok? but most americans are nonideological. they want the best for their country. they see this guy and the guy with the club and then they hear no explanation. that's gotta hurt him. >> it's got to hurt him and i have an article on my web site that goes into this. when you lose the right and you lose the center and stuck with the left like bill clinton was in 1993 and 1994, you have to move further and further to the left and be more and more vocal about it with greater and greater intensity. in order to motivate the left, get their enthusiastic, raise the turnout, and use them to offset the rest of the country. that in turn locks you into a
11:26 pm
vicious circle where the more you do that, the more you turn off independents and white voters, the more you polarize yourself to get the liberal and minority vote. the more you turn them off, the more you have to polarize yourself and you end up with a shrinking base of increased contention. that was really the trap that bill clinton was in in 1994 when i helped him move to the middle. and that is the trap that obama is getting into now. >> let me ask you this, the rhetoric going up and the base shrinking. >> ok. but, you know, there are those who believe that president obama, he's with the far left. his beliefs are their beliefs and vice versa. he's not moving anywhere. he's there. let me ask you this. >> but his outreach is always to the middle. >> not always but just in the campaign. not always. >> yeah. when it counts. >> now, is it possible, we have a minute to go that he can, president obama can put a coalition of minority voters together. black americans are going to go
11:27 pm
90% for him no matter what he does. hispanics are coming back because of the arizona lawsuit. is that enough and he gets the liberal vote to put him back? >> put him back in office in 2010, who knows? win congress in 2010, no. he's not going to get 90% of the vote. he's going to get 30% because 70% aren't going to vote in an off-year election. >> i'm interested in 12 and obama, is that enough? >> we're dealing with an entirely different situation. you cannot win a presidential election from the left or the right. you can only win a consensus. >> if he does put together a coalition, he can win. >> he's trying to raise the intensity level on the left so they vote by november. >> this is not a 12 strategy when he's got to get the center. >> dick morris, everybody. plenty more ahead. if you think tv ads in america are bad, we'll show you an airline commercial from russia has a viewer warning attached to
11:28 pm
it. and dennis miller flying high today. he has some new thoughts on the oil spill and the world cup.
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>> our segment tonight, three interesting situations beginning with president obama's senior advisor david anning he will rod mixing it up with our pal jon stewart. >> the fear is that they're not agile enough to deal with a
11:31 pm
catastrophic oil spill. >> there's no doubt in retrospect, we would have liked to have moved faster on the mms situation but understand that we're -- we were also dealing with the economic crisis and the washes and a whole range of issues and that was a defect that we're correcting and moving aggressively to correct. >> author of the big book "the yes factor." now, axelrod's speech is halting but i think that's him. >> what, with the stuttering? >> he is a deliberate guy. almost like president bush, doesn't always speak as directly as some people might. but i picked up the fact that he was unsure of himself there. >> because of the speech pattern? >> no, just the whole presentation. >> he does pull away. he tries to use some movement that will assure he comes across
11:32 pm
with conviction. the interesting thing is when jon stewart says something about agility, there's a smile that comes across his face which is a fake smile and here is where he tries to make up for it with -- see how his fingers are kind of together and that's a grip of conviction. but the expressions aren't matching the conviction and that's what i think you're seeing, that lack of conviction. >> so he doesn't really have a reason why they didn't move quick enough on the oil spill. making some excuses. he's got the thumb out -- why is his thumb out. >> now he's counting, this is a way of showing -- >> is he going to shoot? i know what he's doing with that. >> we see this part where he's going downward and pounding against the table, that comes really from the primate portion of the brain. what he's trying to do is demonstrate his conviction. it doesn't come across that strongly. >> that would have been lost on stewart. elena kagan, we haven't spent
11:33 pm
much time on her. we think she'll say whatever she wants to say. roll the tape. >> you expect that the you can expect the umpire not to have the team on the game, not to have them rooting for one team or another. if the umpire comes on and says i want every call to go to the phillies that's a bad umpire. >> i have no idea what she was talking about. i was interested in the hands like this. >> this is displacement, trying to get rid of the anxiety. displacement activities. the mind can't focus on more than one thing at a time. >> mine can. >> it actually goes back and forth. she's trying to get her focus together. >> with her hands on her wrists. > >> the tactile communication helps her take the stress off the mental aspects. she's trying to displace the stress. see how she closes. what winds up happening with
11:34 pm
everyone is the strength will weeken her case. especially she's doing this with a closed off body language. she comes off weaker than what she might be. >> because she has, she's gripping her hands by the way, come up and no idea what she's saying. >> it takes the stress off her so she can focus on what she's saying and displace her awkwardness. >> elizabeth edwards, her husband is john edwards. do i say anything more? >> what do you do about affection? >> i get, you know, it shows that's a really good question, i think, and something that i thought about and makes -- and that does make me sad to think that i may live out the rest of my days and the likelihood is to live out the rest of my days without someone who i've got -- >> holding me. >> holding me in a passionate
11:35 pm
way. >> that was one of the most genuine things i've seen in a body language sequences we've had with you over the months. i thought it was very genuine answer from her. >> sure. start looking right from beginning, she's doing the same thing as kagan does except she's lit arely stroking her arm if you can see it on here. she starts to stroke herself. in addition to that, you hear the pitch on her voice rises and the blink rate goes up. she's trying to cover up her sadness and you can see that -- >> i don't think the smile masks anything. i don't think anybody listening to that would think. >> of course not. but the whole point of what she's trying to too is say i'm still strong. you see it in the chin how it kwifrz. >> i think she's absolutely 100% genuine, wouldn't you say that? >> absolutely. >> thank you very much. when we come back, it will be miller time. lindsay lohan going to jail for drinking. what does miller think about that? he'll tell u
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>> thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly. in the miller time segment, the oil spill continues to befuddle everybody. the only solution is a relief well that may be done soon but we don't know if that stops oil from gushing into the gulf. joining us from los angeles, dennis miller. with all our power, going to space. can't stop the stupid oil thing. just unbelievable.
11:39 pm
>> billy, we can't send traffic after dodger games. come on. i know we fancy ourselves as the best and brightest this planet has to offer. true. that doesn't mean we can harness the cosmic. stuff like this happens. we better get our head around the fact that if we think we're going to manipulate the temperature of this planet, like gore says we're not. we're living the dream. we can't even shut this well off. tomorrow is day 80. 80. i'm talking about around the planet in 80 days. and we have the most strident, environmental president in the history of the country slamming head on to the biggest environmental disaster ever in the country and it is now moving below the fold in our daily newspapers. is that the obama administration's plan to let it trail off because that's genius if that happens. >> well, i'm sure they want that. because there is no -- what can
11:40 pm
anybody say about it? it's there. its a relief well. we don't hear much about that anymore. >> when the pelicans get together at the bar, trust me, they say i don't think ted mac was in charge of this many amateurs. can you imagine that he would be hoisted and this guy doesn't even look like he's fretting? this is moving on to the back burner. it is the most environmental deadly grandfather clock in the history of the planet and i'm saying this, tomorrow is 80 days. when i first heard about that alternative well, the backup well, they said it would take three months. 90 to 100 days to get up to speed. that puts us 10 days out from that. do you really sense that's gonna happen? no. listen, he didn't cause it. but he has hanchoed this really
11:41 pm
badly. not a great performance. >> all right. now, spain defeats germany. another high scoring match. there's the goal! here we are with the highlight. that's it? ok. now, against holland. what say you? >> you know what makes me laugh about the world cup, bill, i'm not saying i gave it a chance but 3 1/2 weeks in, i'm not that impressed. these reps are more inept than the people trying to catch the spill. that's a bad referee thing and they try to paint it all sexy in soccer in the ads but i don't know how sexy is it when a guy comes out and say i just participated in a 0-0 tie. it's just not that sexy. i can miss an entire game and see all the scoring that the guy who watches the whole game sees. i mean, what's going on here sf>> i know that. >> there was the highlight.
11:42 pm
we saw the highlight on the factor and nobody else is doing anything. that's all it was. but you're missing the artistry of kicking the ball up and down, it's -- it's a highly skilled game. i'm not mocking the game. they want razzmatazz, that's what we want. that's not it. > >> you gonna watch a spain-holland final? >> yes, i'll become to watch it. when berlin was surrounded by the gate, they seem to have a game where they can't throw anyway and they throw this offsides rule in there. >> what about england, they scored and the ball was in the goal and they said no goal? i mean, no instant replays. >> it's like, the one time haley bopp is in the solar system. take it away, come on.
11:43 pm
>> all right. >> get in the game. >> enough with those horns. enough with the horns. i get it. send it back to pep boys. >> when lindsay lohan was sent to prison, you didn't know this but everybody in south africa blew the horn. >> good one, officer, good joke. >> thank you. i feel sorry for this one because i think she's on the marilyn monroe track and she's only 26 instead of 36. that's when miss monroe died and now she's crying because she has to go to jail. what the heck did you think was going to happen, lady, when you keep thumbing your nose at the judge. the judge will get a little fed up with that. >> yeah, she hasn't seen a mean girl until she runs into swoozy in d block. i'm in mixed feelings on this. around 2:30 in the morning, the screws open the door, throw her into cell with me. i'm aghast. she immediately starts talking
11:44 pm
break out to me and calls a sport cup that she just boosted and started digging behind the justin bieber poster trying to break out. i'm telling you, keep an eye on her. she's crazy. she has island fever! >> do you think, though, people who have alcohol problems even if they defy the system should go into the system costing taxpayers money. is that a fitting punishment for somebody who can't give up the booze or the drugs? >> yeah, when she's driving around, yeah. because as much as i'd like to see this little girl pull her life together, if she opts one like tbarring them in an intersection when she's loaded, that's a crime right there. that's a sin right there. let measuher go away for 23 dayt the living hell scared out of her and come out here and try to fight the good fight. is it a waste of taxpayer money? probably. is it as big a waste of the capricious lawsuit they filed
11:45 pm
against arizona today? no way, that will be a real waste of money. i hope she pulls it together. there are bigger fish to fry in the word right now. lindsay, it's on you, baby. save your life or not but that's the decision any of us have to make. >> all right. >> dennis miller, every one, thank you. in a moment, viewer warning. we'll show you a russian commercial for an airline that may offend both flyers and nonflyers alike. did you see that? up next. [
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>> did you see that? we have a viewer warning because we're going to show you a commercial promoting a russian airline that is, well, dubious. roll the tape. >> ♪ it is such a good time it is such a good time to skooby doo scooby doo to love ♪ >> fox news correspondent juliet huddy, many things i don't understand about this
11:49 pm
commercial. first of all, they're a russian commercial singing an english song. i don't get that. >> i don't get anything about that. it was a commercial for a russian airline. it just flies within the border of russia. >> which is a big, big area by the way. >> yeah. brand new, it's an upstart so it's fairly new. they charge basically 250 roubles each way. cheap airline. >> they don't have mechanics, i guess they -- >> they parapparently take care anything. >> if you're only charging the passengers 10 bucks, you can't have uniforms for flight attendan attendants. we understand that. >> they did disembark or whatever you do when they get off the plane with the flight attendant uniforms on. they shed the uniforms so they can watch -- >> you wouldn't want to get your uniform all wrinkled. >> i wouldn't be washing the plane. >> i know you wouldn't be. these are russian ladies who may not have the opportunity. >> why don't you talk to the -- >> i'm not talking to anybody. >> the flight attendant unions are thrilled about this.
11:50 pm
>> the russian people, they see this commercial and if it's only 10 bucks to fly wherever you want to fly, and the problem is and i say this with all due respect, there's nowhere you want to go in russia. >> moscow is a lovely place this time of year. >> no, it's not. i've been to russia many times outside of st. petersburg and maybe a little moscow but forget it. anyway -- >> but we digress ooch. >> remember the airline hooters air. >> they got wings on that. >> wings. >> look, i think this whole commercial is just designed as we do this in the united states, the whole commercial is just designed to get attention to the airline. >> it got a lot of attention. >> it's on "the factor." >> we don't know if the tickets have been selling. >> there's a dallas cowboy football player named martelus
11:51 pm
bennett that does some kind of satirical thing on the net. roll tape. >> osama bin laden. looking for me? you looking for me? you looking for me? i'm here making bombs. i'm making bombs! i'm making bombs! osama bin laden. you looking for me? you looking for me, america? i'm here! i'm everywhere. >> i don't know. what is that all about? >> people are fairly upset with him. some people are upset because they file like military families feel that he is suggesting the military haven't done their job. osama bin laden is still out there and it's a big joke. this guy is 23 years old and he's posted videos several times on the web, on you tube better than questionable, they're stupid. i mean, he actually did one that was -- it was a rap song. he had his cowboys, dallas cowboys helmet on, fined $22,000 for doing that. it was a rap song filled with
11:52 pm
profanity and posted another one where he did something with his brother and basically -- it was a black olympics. the black olympics and he -- they were eating watermelon and chicken. he found that's hysterical. others didn't find that funny. >> he is -- he's a guy like a lot of people who uses the internet. he fancies himself as a satirist or comedian, whatever. >> we don't. he does. >> i didn't see any malice in what he was doing. it was just stupid. dallas cowboys have any comment? >> they have no comment. we reached out to them. >> we reached out? how did we do that? >> via the telephone. you didn't fly me down, i would have done that. by the way, that whole thing was taped in a tattoo shop. >> in a tattoo shop. we're not sure why. >> i see. there might have been a little libations going on. i'm glad we did reach out to the dallas cowboys. >> are you making fun of me? au >> huddy? no, not me. pinheads and patriots. on deck tonight, featuring an amazing rainbow and a guy who can't get over it. wait until you see this.
11:53 pm
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bill: pinheads and patriots in a moment. first if you with like to see glenn beck and myself on the bold fresh tour we have video but only for premium members. it only costs pennies a day and it is and and is not glenn beck worth that? our friends have informed us there are just 100 tickets left for the show on july 31st, last show this summer. now the mail. chris: do i have this right? the obama administration suing arizona over their immigration law because they fear some might have their civil rights violated, yet they drop the
11:56 pm
case against the black panthers who did violate voting and civil rights? i think you have it right. alan. if justice department believes it is unconstitutional for the state to preempt federal law why not sue sanctuary cities? excellent question alan. i bet attorney general holder couldn't answer it just like mr. gibbs could not. james: bill, like john stossel i subscribe to the theory that attacking terrorists provides more terrorists. america's policies brought osama bin laden to power. hitler rose to power independent of the u.s.. the declaration of war on germany did. whenever you attack a country or movement feel sympathetic to those being attacked are going to rally. u.s.a. must protect itself that means confronting those who harm us.
11:57 pm
>> the question was great stossel while smarter than you looked bumfuzzled. >> bill i applaud your restraint you correctly identified his administration before they were in play. your book culture warrior is a must read to understand the president. i appreciate that i'm getting a lot of mail about culture warrior available on right now our big sale underway many items are discounted, check it out. mary: bernie goldberg is inaccurate when he says people want the news to be entertaining, i want the news to be engaging and fox does that >> why give clinton a pass on his excuse-making for senator pwaerd when you didn't give trent lott a pass for the strom thurmond incident. >> that is is not true i said he meant no disrespect to
11:58 pm
black americans in that case. i tend to give folks the benefit of the doubt in situations like those. i think that is fair. warren buffet is donating almost two billion dollars this year, most going to the bill and melinda gates foundation which helps people fight disease all over the world. two billion, a big number, so mr. buffet is a patriot. on the pinhead front nature is amazing, you get out, you don't know what are going to see or how you will react to what you see. >> oh my god, wow! oh my god! oh my god! it is so bright, oh my god so bright and vivid. it is so beautiful. bill: i knew guys like that in
11:59 pm
the 60s they were far out. something in that forest growing. is he a pinhead or patriot? you make the call. we don't make it up. we don't make it up, it just comes to us and we have to show it to you. airliner in russia, we don't make it up, it's there. that is it for us check out the fox news factor website different from you can access talking points memo each evening. we would like you to spout off about the factor,, name a town if you wish to opine from anywhere in the world. when writing the factor do not be a puzzlewit. confuse your children when they misbehave tell them gently, do not be a puzzlewit. i am bill o'reilly please remember


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