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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  July 27, 2010 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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away. the guy thought he was under attack and tackled the kid. he was charged with all sorts of things. charges dropped. justice has been done. we're out of here. see you tomorrow. >> shepard: the news begins anew on "studio b." today in box number 1, bp! yea, bp. a new c.e.o. but tony hayward is laughing all the way to the bank. as folks along the gulf south suffer in the wake of the oil spill, we have new details on hayward's golden parachute. box number 2, iran. potential role or possible role in afghanistan. we have new details from those leaked documents on how tehran's leaders helped al qaeda. the powerful new york congressman charlie rangel can't wait to face charges but reports
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he may be trying to settle, come to a deal. why the change in heart, congressman rangel? that's all ahead unless breaking news changes everything. first at 3:00, an enormous day on planet blago. the defense wrapped up closing arguments claiming prosecutors failed to prove anything. up next, the case heads to the jury where a decision will be reached. today in court an attorney for the former illinois governor blagojevich tried to explain why our blago never took the stand. sam adam, jr. called his silence the elephant in the room. the reason, according to the attorney, there was no need to testify because the feds never had a case. prosecutors would disagree and point to hundreds of f.b.i. wiretaps as proof of corruption. remember these? >> i've got this thing and it's a [ bleep ] golden.
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and i'm just not giving it up for [ bleep ] nothing. i [ bleep ] busted my [ bleep ] and gave your grandmother a [ bleep ] ride on a bus. what do i get? only 13% of y'all think i'm doing a good job. [ bleep ] you. now is the time for me to put my [ bleep ] children and wife first. >> all the 13%, please stand up, please stand up. the feds say the evidence is clear, thank you. but the defense today even compared our blago to joan rivers. claiming the defendant likes to talk a lot. mike tobin live on planet blago, what's next in this case? >> the government gets a rebuttal. then jury instructions and 12 men and women will decide the fate of the former governor. all this following bomb bask closing arguments. he shouted, waved his hands, spit a little bit, sweat,
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whispered for dramatic event. he invoked a met for about a donkey. trying to tell the jury he's a innocent man, at one time he said he's not the sharpest knife in the are drawer and is a horrible judge of people. because of that, they, the government, want you, the jury, to find him guilty. the last comment was stricken from the record. >> what about the threat blago's attorney could get thrown in jail? >> like so much in this case, a bunch of drama that never materialized. the judge told him he could not blame the government for witnesses they failed to produce in the course of the trial, though some were mentioned often during testimony. sam amd, jr. said he was going to defy the order but in the end, despite the fact there were so many objections, about 20 an hour from the government, no contempt of court.
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>> mike emanuel. -- how often do i do that. >> every time. >> mike tobin. he's on planet blagojevich. >> word the new york democratic congressman charlie rangel is working on a deal to settle his ethics case. the house ethics committee is expected to announce charges. he's no doubt one of the most powerful lawmakers on capitol hill. the former chair of the house ways and means committee, dealing with bills regarding taxes. the charges that congressman rangel will face, he used his power or the power of his office to raise money for the new york city school in his name. two, that rangel had four rent stablized apartments he used as campaign offices and failed to report income related to a
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rental in the dominican republic. democrats want this over and are worried a public trial could damage the party's hopes in the november elections. shannon bream is in d.c. with this. how much internal pressure is charlie rangel getting? >> two campus, one side top democratic leaders, steny hoyer and chris van holland saying it's up to him whether to resign or cut a deal. we're not getting involved. on the other hand, a couple of folks, two democrats from the house, publicly speaking out. walt minute i can and bette sutton saying based on what we know we're ready for him to resign. folks are giving back campaign cash saying they don't want a connection to rangel. >> shepard: we're hearing about a deal. do we know how close we are and what it looks like? >> all along there's been talk of negotiations between rangels
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attorneys and attorneys from the ethics committee. that's no secret whato. what i have been told is they're no closer to a deal. this is washington and capitol hill and things change in a minute. for now they're not working a deal but if there was, it would volume rangel admitting publicly he's guilty of something. he says he wants to fight. >> shepard: i'm confident republicans won't miss an opportunity to point fingers across the aisle. what politician wouldn't. >> exactly. they have to be careful because they say rangel is in enough trouble. they don't want to look too political but john boehner pointed to nancy pelosi, saying this is your opportunity to show us how to do it, let's see it get done. >> shepard: shannon bream in our d.c. newsroom. thank you. the coast guard is on the scene of yet another oil spill or leak in this case in the gulf of mexico. this one is not related to the bp oil disaster which, by the
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way, is the 99th day. this gusher, see this? they is shot it near barataria bay and officials say there appears to be a tugboat that hit the wellhead and sheered part of it off so the oil and gas streaming like 20 feet into the air. it was a five inch pipe now spewing a combination of gas and light crude. originally they said 20 feet into the air, now we're hearing 100 feet. it's up there. it's not short. crews, working to shut the well, which sits 50 miles south of new orleans, but near a very important estuary and this is in the bays, inland. jonathan serrie is in la feat. >> as we speak, it's spewing out of the well in the air as a fine
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mist. and this well is locate very close to land. there's marsh that's close to where this wellhead is located. it's spewing into the air at least 100 feet and the wind is carrying some of the oil. you're going to have marshland impact. >> reporter: right now the coast guard estimates the size of the spill at 50 yards by 1 mile long. >> shepard: how is this affecting the vessels of opportunity as they dubbed them, staging out there out of lafete. >> these vessels aren't able to get to the good gulf of mexico. the coast guard set up a two mile exclusion zone, worried about potentially dangerous fumes and also the potential for an explosion. >> shepard: jonathan serrie on a new oil spill, inland louisiana.
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keep us updated. >> bp has named a replacement for its gaffe prone c.e.o. the new chief is ready for the new role. hayward called bp a model corporate citizen saying he's the falsify and insisting he can't worry about it because, quote, life's not fair. so what does he think of his million dollar exit bonus? the "fox report"'s jonathan hunt is all over that. our resident britain himself. jonathan chatting away on our website. crash the website. click the on the hunt icon. "studio b" will be back. in 90 seconds.
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>> shepard: eleven minutes past the hour. bp's c.e.o., tony hayward, won't get his life back when he steps down in october, he'll also get a year's salary. $1.6 million. plus his reportedly $17 million pension. not to mention a job at bp's post in russia. tony hayward making more stunning statements in the wake of the disaster in the gulf saying bp is a model of corporate social responsibility and hayward claims he's been, quote, demonized and vilified. bp announcing it will replace
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the gaffe prone hayward with the first nonbritain c.e.o., an american from mississippi, robert dudley. hayward infur rated people when he called the spill tiny and went sailing in the area stages of the clean up. this morning, his replacement worked to mend fences and call this a wakeup call. >> i spent the last three months every day on the gulf coast and i'm focused on what we're doing, our relationships with the gulf coast and washington. tony and i will work through a transition between now and october. >> dudley says his priority is to seal off the leaking well for good and clean up the mess in the gulf. highjonathan hunt is with us. hayward spoke today. that must have been awesome. >> it was interesting he chose not to speak in front of the cameras as bob dudley did and kyle hinrich, the chairman.
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hayward was reluctant but talked in the phone conference call to shareholders and said deciding to leave -- and he claimed it was his decision -- was a difficult one indeed. >> today's a very sad day for me. as many of you know i spent my entire professional year are career at bp. i love the company and everything it stands for. i thought long and hard about the right course of action. it's clear that tragedy will leave bp a changed company. to move forward, particularly in the united states, it should do so under new leadership. >> reporter: he walks away with millions of dollars in compensation and it's fairly safe to say that's millions more than one individual fisherman in the gulf is likely to get. >> shepard: that's for sure. hayward wasn't the only one to make unfortunate comment. >> no, but he's the scapegoat. karl heinrichs vanburg, the chairman of bp, standing outside
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the white house after meeting with president obama telling us that bp cares about the, quote, small people. mr. sanburg says he has no intention of going anywhere. >> i serve the board and repeatedly and explicitly they asked me to stay there. tony hayward the only head of bp rolling because of this oil spill. >> earnings came out for bp, didn't they? i guess it wouldn't be earnings. >> big, big, losses. they lost a record $17 billion in the second quarter of this year. that is their worst result ever. they've also set aside another $32.2 billion to cover the spill costs. so it is hitting bp very hard in the wallet and that's one of the reasons tony hayward ultimately had to go. >> shepard: john, you chatting? >> we're chatting.
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>> shepard: you were speaking. >> you were speaking. >> shepard: that's true. that's more important. >> way more important. i'm chatting. >> shepard: he's down there chatting it up on the website. see my goofy mug, listen to what ever stupid thing i said yesterday and go where the arrow shows you. there's jonathan hunt and his freaky sunglasses and weird hair. talk to john hunt a britt. >> new concerns from just leaked military intelligence documents about afghanistan. and at issue today, iran's apparent connection with al qaeda and other extremist groups. the pulitzer prize winning judith miller explains what's in the document next. and we canook out more with friends. my card lets me work out more. ♪ and ours lets us eat out more. aarp helps us do our favorite thing.
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>> shepard: a cargo plane catches fire and crashes in saudi arabia and splits in half. that's all that's left of the jet and an official says the plane was close to the runway. the engines stopped working and it slammed to the ground. he says it took emergency crews three hours to get the fire under control. the pilots, german nationals, survived. reports indicate the plane was headed from frankfurt to hong kong with a stop in saudi arabia. the pilot reported fire in the cargo hold before the crash. reports indicate investigators from germany are headed to the site. >> the department of defense in the united states confirms military officials recovered the body of one of two missing american sailors in afghanistan. the sailors vanished in a eastern province near kabul. a taliban spokesman claimed the
3:20 pm
group killed one sailor, was holding the other hostage. the military has not released the sailor's identity but a colorado state representative says it was his nephew or the man was. officials at the pentagon haven't said how many taliban captured the sailors. nato officials are distributing missing persons it flyers. >> knew and explosives developments concerning the deadly role iran appears to be playing in war in afghanistan. you heard about the leaked u.s. military documents released by wikileaks but as we pour over the 92,000 documents, we're finding new details on suspected contact between iranian officials and senior leaders of the taliban and al qaeda. there's also information iran may have offered bounties for the killing of afghan troops and the country may have helped
3:21 pm
enemy bomb makers. iran and afghanistan share a long border and according to the leaked information it appears the u.s. military has been concerned about iran funneling weapons to the insurgents. with us, fox news contributor judith miller. >> just back from iraq. >> these papers, you know, i guess it depends on how you feel about the war. some are going damn them for releasing it and others saying finally. you say they may be harmful. >> they could be. we don't know. the military, before it understood what was in the documents, was quick to condemn them as was the white house. as we go through the papers and day after day we get revelations just like the ones we've heard now, you have to ask yourself the critical question, how did we obtain, we, the united
3:22 pm
states, obtain this information now spilled out over the internet. and were the people we're spying on the iranians, aware of the fact for example that we knew we were aware of their brokering of an arms deal between the taliban and north korea. were we aware of some of the information being reported? were they aware we're onto them? that's the key thing. are we endangering the sources of this information. it's impossible to know until we know the information that has been disclosed and how it was obtained and who might be in danger because of that. it's a treacherous area. >> shepard: the newspapers said they went to extensive lengths to try to make sure that the names of those who could be harmed or might have information would be changed. you're talking about specific
3:23 pm
information that iran or other parties might get. >> right. i mean look, some of this, you can change a name or place but one item in the "new york times" about an official, afghan official, who traveled three hours by taxi from a province and said help me, the taliban have blown up my century tower and my son lost his legs. how many obscure officials who have been working with the americans had a son in that town near the pakistani border whose legs were blown off? will this help the taliban identify that individual? does it put him in more danger? look, i know the "new york times" is responsible. the "wall street journal" is responsible, they're going to try to protect sources an methods of information. but oftentimes you just don't know. as careful as you are, you're going to endanger sources. but should the information have
3:24 pm
come out? it tells us a lot about how badly this war is going on. it makes concrete the very, very tough road ahead for general petraeus and the 30,000 troops we've sent and raises questions about the strategy. >> shepard: doesn't it raise questions as those who are for this endeavor and those who are against alike suggest there's an appearance that no matter what we do our goal may not be worth attaining. >> what is our goal? what's the definition of victory. >> shepard: we're supposed to give that back to a government that can take care of itself but this government is so corrupt, the head of the government's brother is involved in the drug trade. >> then we see extraordinary items, orphanages opened for
3:25 pm
nonorphans, the construction team goes back and finds the orphans weren't orphans because the afghan define an orphan as someone whose father is gone. they have a mother but we spend in some cases million dollars of dollars on projects only to find out the money is wasted, stolen, misused. i saw that again and again in iraq and it raises so many questions about what we've been doing with our hard-earned taxpayer money in places like iraq and afghanistan. >> shepard: you wonder what it is to make us think people who can't read and write and don't know anyone who can read and write and don't know anything about poppy farming and their own tribal customs and don't knee anything about what goes on 20 miles away, what makes us think we can go help them establish a national government that will be able to sustain itself and keep troubles down? it seems ridiculous.
3:26 pm
you wonder if history won't say what a bunch of about a buffoon -- buffoon. >> exactly. especially with a time deadline. david petraeus tried to move it out saying we're not going to withdraw in a year, we're going to begin a phased withdrawal. >> it will be 2050. our grandkids will be yeah, a war in afghanistan. we're getting from. >> it's astonishing the extent to so many voices on the extreme left and far right have joined in raising questions about our strategy in afghanistan. even people who sported the war in iraq or opposed it in the beginning but said now we must make a success of it are raising questions about whether or not we want to get into the same quagmire in afghanistan, a bigger country with far less as stake. the only thing at stake is
3:27 pm
president obama's campaign pledge this was the essential war and we were going to not walk away. i think at this point congress has genuinely got to ask some tough questions about whether or not this investment is worth it. >> he can get a do-over on that statement if you ask nicely. >> maybe if you ask him. >> i don't get to talk to him. better that way. jude judith, great to see you. >> nice to be back. >> finally, sanity returns as we take ourselves to planet blago. details continue to pour in. the governor's lawyer says our blago has a big mouth. is that why our blagojevich didn't take the stand? lynn sweet, reporter from the "chicago sun-times" be a all over this and joins us live next. plus, yeah, poor bear. a well-known television host and
3:28 pm
zookeeper, jack hannah, fights off a group of grizzlies, his story on bear alert nation inside "studio b." hey, smart, we could stay here for the conference.
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no matter where you accumulate 10 nights, you get a free one. huh. smarter. [ male announcer ] accumulate 10 nights and get a night free. welcomerewards from smart. so smart. it is 30:00 in the east, 2:30 in the second city. blago's attorney said today the former governor is an insecure man to talks a lot but he's no criminal. the former illinois governor
3:31 pm
faces 24 counts of corruption, including accusations he tried to sell president obama's former senate seat. the feds said he tried to shake down several people. blago denies everything. hear him today? not a peep out of this video. soon a jury will decide. with us, the washington bureau chief for the "chicago sun-times," lynn sweet. great to see you. >> good afternoon. >> shepard: no testimony from blago. what's the sense for how this played out and is his defense right that they didn't prove anything. >> that's the main point. i don't know if they're right because the jury's going to get the case within a matter of hours. interesting is the strategy the lawyers, sam adams, adams, jr.,o the jury, why he couldn't deliver blagojevich. he says i told him not to testify. if you get mad, blame me, not
3:32 pm
him, but the impact could be devastating. if convicted and jurors say they didn't hear from him, the gamble distant pay off. it's a gamble, including theatrical closing arguments. >> shepard: i heard it was quite a spectacle. >> it is. the attorney, sam adams. >> shepard: junior or, jr. >> junior defended r. kelly, who got out and remember, there's -- that was a tough case too. sometimes when you have a case like this where you have no defense, they didn't put anyone on the stand to defend them, they have a gamble in so many ways. not only did blagojevich not
3:33 pm
testify, they didn't put on a defense. they say the federal government did not prove their case. >> shepard: did they say in opening statements to the jury, you will hear from former governor blagojevich? so many jury surveys indicated the one thing a jury hates is a promise in openings that never comes true. >> well, in that case, it doesn't bode well. it was promised. one of the bites in how many pieces of tape through the year and a half of blag flag blag saying he was going to testify? i was in court and he said lynn, come back to hear me testify. that's why the strategy, the lawyers trying to transfer the blame saying it's me, i'm the lawyer, i muzzled him. do you think someone will believe it? maybe, maybe not. >> shepard: when do you think we
3:34 pm
might get something? will the jury be charged today? >> maybe. as we speak now, the last, day 28 in a trial that lasted weeks less than anyone thought. either tonight or tomorrow. so soon. soon we'll know. >> shepard: very soon. lynn sweet from the sun times. >> the case symbolic of the breakdown in law and order after hurricane katrina finally moving forward in federal court. five years later. what's this case about? set to happen today. we'll get to it. plus the barefoot bandit survived on gatorade and candy bars. i do that everything weekend. new details what he did in the days before his arrest. that's next. ifs are e
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>> shepard: hello, barefooted one. new details on the barefoot bandit's last days of freedom.
3:38 pm
the cops arrested him a couple weeks ago in the bahamas after he stole a plane in indiana to apply to the caribbean. a shop owner says the bandit -- he reorderers the bandit and seeing the plane circle but thought was a tourist taking pictures until someone broke into his shop. someone else on a boat reported seeing the bandit a few days later and when he called out, he claims the fugitive yelled call the cops, i want to get chased, i'm bored. the chase he got. cops slapped cuffs on colton harris-moore after his speedboat got stuck. the teen is in seattle facing charges. >> in the days following the earthquake in haiti, tens of thousands of children were living in orphanages, jonathan hunt followed two children from
3:39 pm
haiti to their home in new york. the united states took emergency action to bring the children into the country. that same action may be slowing transition to becoming american citizens. laurie angle visited the family. >> international adoption is a lengthy process to potential adoptive parents knew they had a long road but now there's a bipartisan effort to help the kids and parents move on with their lives. 3-year-old johnny and 4-year-old marie are settling in to life in america. we met johnny and marie in january on "studio b" b. >> johnny and mary franklin. >> days after the earthquake damaged their home. they were close to being finalized adoptions when they were thrown in legal choose. 1100 children were allowed to
3:40 pm
come to the u.s. on special visas. >> this is their only identity. >> johnny and marie are legal refugees and must live in the country two years before applying for u.s. citizenship. >> it was a unprecedented situation and tragedy so that law that was used and mechanisms used were not intended for adoptions. >> new york senator kirstin gillibrand introduced the help haiti act of 2010. >> within a year the children will be 100% citizenship and have paperwork and passports and they can travel and all the things they need as any citizen will be eligible for. >> a vote could be in the next few weeks. for now, the kids have no legal immigration status which means if something happened to the parents before the citizenship was complete, the kids could go to foster care or be deported. >> shepard: how are they.
3:41 pm
>> doing really well. they like pizza and all the new foods they're finding out about. >> shepard: who doesn't. thank you. the outrage is growing in one city over a scandal involving several top officials and huge paychecks. now the residents are angry, as you might manage, demanding somebody step in and clean up city hall. have you heard how much money these people were making? details next. you need to go to jail. >> you were a crook yesterday, >> you were a crook yesterday, you're a crook today and you'll be a crook tomorrow. progressive has lots of discounts on car insurance. can i get in on that? are you a safe driver? yes. discount! do you own a home? yes. scount! are you going to buy online? yes! discount! isn't gettg discounts great? yes! there's no discount for agreeing with me yeah, i got carrd away. happens to me all the time. helping you save money -- now, that's progressive.
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>> shepard: three men who either are or were new orleans police officers are set to make their first appearances in federal court. nearly five years after prosecutors say and evidence suggests cops opened fire on an unarmed family as they crossed a bridge. two people culled, including a teenager. four others hurt in the
3:45 pm
aftermath of hurricane katrina. at the time the city was under water. crime was in some areas out of control. cops got a call involving a shooting and some were under the impression an officer was down. today former police officer robert fall cone faces federal charges. czech healthcare prosecutors say he shot a mentally disabled man in the back as the man tried to run away. two other officers charged with trying to cover up the sordid affair after five other officers pleaded guilty to helping cover it up. three more pleaded not guilty. prosecutors say the cops made up witness testimony. falsified reports, planned to plant a gun to make it look at if the shootings were justified. these latest charges come after a federal investigation. the state charged seven officers in 2006 but a judge threw out the charges a couple years later. we ask that you leave and give
3:46 pm
us our city back. that from one of the many outraged citizens of the small town of bell, california. citizens who were speaking out over the city's salary scandal as they call it. three top city officials in this suburb of los angeles, including the city manager and police chief, quit last week after a newspaper report revealed they were making a combined $1.6 million a year. hundreds booed the mayor and city council during a meeting last night on the matter. the five member city council agreed to slash their salaries by 90% but some voters say that's not good enough. i hope to hear from the voters. trace gallagher is in l.a. proper. what are the people of bell saying they want? >> well, the very least they want these people out. at the most, they want them in jail. the city of bell is looking to clean house, talking about a recall petition in the works,
3:47 pm
looking for signatures on that. even after the city council agreed to the 90% pay cut. public comment lasted an additional five hours. listen to this. >> if you're a pillar of this community, i hope you crash and burn. >> you remember me? i was a city of bell teacher. i was underpaid. and right now i'm angry to let you know you all need to go to jail so we don't have to pay you back one penny. >> reporter: we talked about the city manager, robert rizzo, making $787,000. he also had 12% increases, contractually. the contract wasn't up for three years, the end of his contract, shep, he would have made $1.2 million a year. >> shepard: i understand that they're upset about this. but is the blame going to the right people? if the city manager gets offered that kind of money, heck yeah,
3:48 pm
sign me up. >> reporter: you know, the mayor of bell, oscar hernandez, said he was defending the salaries saying other cities this size have similar salaries except that's not are true. the police chief in bell, randy adams, getting $457,000 a year, right? he oversaw 25 police officers. so we looked around the country to see the other major city police chiefs. in the city of chicago, the chief gets $30,000. in los angeles, $307,000. in new york, the police commissioner's salary, $205,000. and in the city of miami, it's $119,000 so when the mayor says it's in line with other cities, it's not. >> shepard: there's new information about a investigation into the high salaries. an investigation of some sort. >> a couple.
3:49 pm
john chung, the state controller, the money manager of the state, is in bell. he's, quote, conducting a review of the salaries looking at various documents. he says the review will take about six weeks and then he will refer his findings to a couple people, the county attorney in l.a. and state attorney general, jerry brown, running for governor and conducting his own study. he subpoenaed hundreds of documents. he's now looking to find out exactly who approved the salaries. criminal charges could be coming down the pike. >> shepard: trace gallagher, thank you. you know you love it. a "studio b" bear alert. face-to-face with three grizzlies. details about the zookeeper and tv personality jack hannah's close incurrenter and why it's made him a believer in pepper spray when he talks with us
3:50 pm
live, next.
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3:53 pm
tell me me about it, bear. if anyone can handle it, jack hannah, the host and zookeeper used his advice to fight off a 125-pound bear in montana's glacier national park. he was hiking when they ran across a mother bear and her kids. one of the cubs charged them and now jack hannah recorded a message for the national park service telling hikers use pepper spray against aggressive bears and that's what he did. the cub took off when he got a faceful. >> that mousse must have been
3:54 pm
scary. >> we came across the bears on a -- one side was a 1,000 to 500-foot cliff and the path was 8-foot wide but a young lady from minnesota came across it and she said there's a bear with cubs. she said i'm going to step aside. i said no, we have to back up slowly. i put them behind me and we backed up to the first opening so the bear could have its own territory. >> shepard: you want the bear to feel like it has its own territory. >> when you have a wild animal, you can't have -- this is a pathway so you have to move back. you can't run because they run 100 yards in 6 seconds. you back up, make noise and i knew if i gave her space to go around she would get get away. an opening came but one cub went
3:55 pm
the other way, a yearling. his hairs bristled and i knew, unhoe. they started coming towards us and i unloaded one blast and the second one, 10, 15 feet and finally i got him in the face with the third blast. i wasn't worried about the bear with five people, i was worried that the mother would -- the bear would scream and the mother would come up there. >> judith miller was just here and she said when you go camping and there are a bears, you ought to have bells because they can't stand noises. is that true? >> bells help but pepper spray is the way to go. they're used to it. i've been out here 25 years, my favorite place to hike and see animals and i don't want people to think -- i just did a psa for the parks two weeks ago.
3:56 pm
imagine that, here -- i never had it out of my holster in 20 years. i can tell you it works. >> shepard: jack hannah, you the man. you rece next, the jerseyiv shore rings 0 bell. call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today. you struggle to control your blood sugar.
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3:59 pm
well, lucky stockbrokers treated to a visit by the cast of mtv's jersey shore. they were there but the new season starts this week. what better way to start the day than with a fist pump. that's it. guess we're out of time. we have another minute, don't we. ad lib good-bye. anyways having you in today. we'll keep you updated on the news, we've been watching the markets on wall street. it's been up and down, see the chart there? there? it was up more than 100 and then i don't know what we did but something happened in the last hour. it went kaput. down it went. we've been noticing this video feed from the new york stock exchange. it used to be the big board, now a digital looking thing that's a just a monitor. usually at 45 seconds, so 15 seconds before 4:00, a bell rings. listen. but they turned the noise


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