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tv   Glenn Beck  FOX News  September 14, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> hello america, tonight, america is being-- is being asked to choose. we're being presented with a choice. here is the first choice, the free market system, bad. the economy is sinking, people are homer simpson. this is what one choice is, if the free market is bad and the american people, they're just stupid like homer simpson and the government is the answer. is this the choice you choose? a lot of americans do. here is your first choice, here is choice number two, the free market change, the free market changed the world. people can be stupid, there are greedy people, there are bad people. but generally, people are good
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and the people will figure it out and clean up the mess. the government is the problem. which one? which one, america? which one do you choose? because i have to tell you, it can only be one or the other. one side wants a baby sitter and take away the possibility of bad choices and the other side is maximum freedom. if you don't believe me, one side wants to take away your choices to make bad choices, well, then you've got to stick around. do you want somebody to make the decisions for you? or do you want to be held accountable for your own actions, accepting the responsibility and having the right to pursue happiness the way you see it? the nation is being redefined. knowing why and knowing what's going on is more critical than ever before. the news will only give you a little bit. and let me give you perspective that they won't. tonight, you choose. let's go.
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hello america, lady love, the glo globe. glenn beck's sex tape and the mystery woman behind it. there's nothing like walking in the grocery store and going, there's a sex tape out of me? i'll get to this later. and of course has baby, too, on page 12. going to be a wild ride tonight because we end up here, but that's not the weird part. believe it or not, i, tonight, am going to take you from french fries to riot and i'll show you how we go from french fries to global unrest.
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it's-- i like to call them friots. how in the world do we, do we get to global mayhem from a tasty side? well, we have to start, maybe it's the mystery woman, with michelle obama, who is talking now about how to fight childhood obesity. >> what i am announcing that you consider-- pragmatic in incremental ways to create healthier versions of the foods that we all love. to me serving 1% skem milk or make healthy sides like apple slices or carrots, a choice and try something.... >> glenn: that is such a good idea. now, my first thought when she's talking to the n.r.a. was she was speaking to the n.r.a. and i realized the
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national restaurant association. wow, makes a little more sense. when i heard this, i thought, get your damn hands off my fries, lady. if i want to be a fat, fat, fatty and shovel french fries all day long, that's my choice, but no, not so fast anymore. because now we have the new fact, whether you like it or not, we have government health care now. well, what does that have to do with french fries? did you miss the show about a year and a half ago? because the nation's health care costs are directly tied to the government and obesity is one of, if not the most costly conditions costing you and me now, at least 150 billion dollars a year, you know, the fat people that sit on their couch and i mean really fat, not like me, i mean the people who like their skin grows into the couch and then, you know, they call the fire department and they cut them out of the wall and then they, after bringing the truck and take them to the hospital? i say let them die. i say, punish the person who's been bringing them the milk shakes that allowed them to eat and not get up off the
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couch. maybe, am i too harsh? you can make the argument now that government has a vested interest in intervening and keeping the costs low. has to for the good of all of us. but they know coming out and banning things like french fries not really going to go over well. have progressives ever done that before? >> oh, yes, thank you for asking. yes, they have it's a good thing we have our little time chart because if you know history. you're going to be able to remember let's see 1920, it's the 18th amendment. what is that? that's prohibition, a lot of alcoholics, you know, a lot of alcoholics, it's best for society if we say just say no to booze.
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well, that worked out well. by the way, one of my favorite movies, untouchables, great. oh, that had something to do with this. that's right, from 1920 to 1933, we had prohibition, no booze. >> yeah, didn't work out well, remember sean connery, you got to choose. what are you prepared to? remember that, yeah, didn't work out well. we can't just ban things, we've learned from history, we have a new approach. now, we don't ban, no, no, we nudge. we can just nudge people. what is a nudge? oh, look at this book, it's nudge. see what nudge is, instead of banning it, you'll have to special order french fries or
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hide them keep them off the menu and have to request, do we have french fries. yes, we do. you don't want the yummy carrots? no, fries. so the default option would be carrots or yummy apples. well, it will make it harder more inconvenient to order. where did she get the idea? man, where would she get the idea? 2008 book. cause it called? "nudge" improving decisions about health, wealth and happiness. oh, my gosh, written by cass sunstein, isn't he the regulatory czar. yes, pure choices, technically you're free to choose, you can do it, yeah. you know what's weird on the very first page of this book of "nudge" do you know what the example is? love this. it is such a great example
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here, it's an example of the cafeteria and a worker who said, maybe we should put carrots at eye level for the kids and french fries kind of out of the way so nobody sees them. oh, i'm sure it's a coincidence michelle used the same example of the book and this is not cass sunstein, a hatched plan from our regulatory czar. no, surely just another coincidence there's an ad campaign, oh, you're going to love this. an ad campaign now being launched in washington d.c. this week and it's sad, kids look out, it's against mcdonald's. ♪
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high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart attack. make it vegetarian. >> glenn: that's not an ad for mcdonald's in case you missed that. a hamburger in a dead man's hand. yes, hamburgers kill. i just thought the ham burglar stole stuff. he steals your life. now, for those people who don't laugh at that ad. you know, they're going to be nudged and say i want the carrots, but for all normal people, remember we're homer simpson, the nudge isn't going to work. as tempting as carrots are over fries, people will choose the fry and putting the cheese over, velveeta or the cheese almost that's plastic, charge me double. and then what? well you're going to have to tax make it more and more
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difficult. when those options don't work, how do you get people to eat french fries. carrots. what's left? now you have to think about the punishment, maybe a fine, maybe even jail. but it always starts with the nudge. and i say this man's the most dangerous man in america because how can you really argue about giving kids healthier foods and more carrots? what kind of fat human being are you? it sounds good enough on the outside so nobody pushes back because who is against healthy kids? it's happening right now though in another field, oh, are we getting a step closer to our friot? yes, french fries to riot. next stop, boop, boop, kids medicine. kids meds, yes. now, we all know tylenol can kill kids. yes. and so can benadryl. especially if you're using it as a nighttime medicine.
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so, kids go... and kill, but you can't ban that stuff. no, no, you can't do that because people would say your children's tylenol, i have to have a prescription? yes, yes, a prescription now. don't ban it, just make it more difficult for stupid people like homer simpson to get. but, if the media would bother to investigate and shine the light on the person i call the most dangerous man in america, then perhaps the american public will feel a little differently. because these two stories, the fries and the children's tylenol, been running all day today. but nobody's talked about cass sunstein and where this all leads. well, the is a news site i started because of people like cass sunstein, the media ignores this guy and he has more power than perhaps even the president of the united states because he is going to make all the regulations on the new 2500 page laws. i've hired journalists, i've
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hired journalists that were objective and they go out and cover the story the mainstream media drops the ball on. today there was a three part series on the about cass sunstein, first he treats americans like lab rats, he doesn't believe we're capable of making choices on our own. you're too stupid, people are homer simpson, too stupid or incompetent. listen how cass sunstein describes the average american citizen. >> we think that, as my co-author and i, there's a little homer simpson in all of us. sometimes we have self-control problems, sometimes we're impulsive and that in these circumstances both private and public institutions, without coercing, can make our lives a lot better. >> once we know that people are human and have some homer simpson in them, then there's a lot that can be done to
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manipulate them. >> glenn: that's great. oh, did you catch that last line. once we know that people are like homer simpson there's a lot we can do to manipulate them. oh, i feel so warm and fuzzy inside. gang, this is the way the progressives view you. they have since the turn of the century. since teddy roosevelt started the progressive party. he stark and the other progressives, remember that guy, yes, little person, you worry about the constitution. remember that guy, the co congressman from california, he had that i'm better than you attitudement and almost everybody in congress has that. that's the progressive attitude, they believe you're stupid like homer simpson and the government needs to hold your hand from cradle to grave. free market is bad because it allows us to make decisions and you are stupid and that's why the government is it the
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answer. you got it? all progressives from margaret sangers, wanted to reduce the number of indesirables, meaning minority. walter littman who thought we could breed a smarter voter through u genics, and teddy roosevelt talked about this, african-americans, quote, were a perfectly stupid race that never rise to a very high plane. you take those guys at the againing of the century and go all the way to today. al gore, what are you if you don't believe in global warming, i mean, besides right, you're a holocaust denier, unless you agree with them and their solutions you'll be destroyed and with global warming, what did they do, if they can't nudge you into it, if they can't propaganda you into it, scare you into it, they take your choices away. you probably know that we are not going to have incandescent light bulbs in the united states in 2012, i hate
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fluorescent lights almost as much as woodrow wilson. by 2012 you're not going to be able to buy them. now, did you agree to that? did the free market agree to that? no, no, the free market likes incandescent light bulbs, but the government is the answer, you're too stupid, you'd keep buying them so they took they'll way. yeah, by the way, that wasn't barack obama that did that, that's the progressive side of george w. bush that did it over a christmas holiday. so, i said at the beginning of the program that we would go from fries to riot. friot. okay? kids meds. well, cass sunstein wrote the book "nudge" and it is behavioral psychology and the ideas in it and are heavily used by the president and first lady. i mean, he's the regulatory czar. but cass didn't write this
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book alone. here it is. in fact, the first name on the book is richard sailor. he's just met with british prime minister david cameron. and it was more than just a meeting, really, cameron thinks so highly of the ideas in this book "nudge" he's made the book required reading for all shadow cabinet members who call themselves the nudge team. among their tasks, encourage people to quit smoking and eat more healthily without having to make rules, convince them to do it. this isn't the first dabbling in behavioral psychology for cameron. he basically lifted all of the campaign slogans from obama's 2008 campaign. are you ready for change? yes. change. a year for change. but different kind of change i think than what we have over here or is it? i know the people in england who may be watching me now. they learned to change a lot.
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i think the people in england are kind of like us, they just want to survive. they want to make massive cuts. nobody wants to change, but they're willing to if it means their country is going to survive. but how do they cut? because the government spent too much. how do they do that? they have too many entitlements, how do they do that? businesses are too heavily regulated and government, it's collapsing and patients are drinking water from plants, too much spending, too much regulation, government health care, too many entitlements, wait a minute are any of these things sounding familiar? those are the things that barack obama is pushing us into while the rest of the world is trying to get out of it. isn't that weird? do you remember donald ber wick, new chief, he said he was in love with britain's
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health care and also said this. >> knows that most of the politicians and colleagues say a single health care system is nonstarter in the u.s. they argue that americans with health insurance won't go for limits on where or when they can get care. a study says the best quality care is in areas with minimal numbers. >> wake up and give up this belief that more is better, we would have a rational supply of care exactly where we need it and not be wasting on oversupply. these are answers, they're just not answers we're willing to swallow quite yet as a country. >> glenn: can i tell you something, he's so right. i was out in wyoming and idaho and alaska and i thought man, do i have a problem, i hope i can go to the hospital here, maybe in montana. we're running into the fire that the people in england are trying to escape out of. it's becoming more and more clear that massive government doesn't work. why are we running towards us. for us to get from french
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fries to riots you have to understand that it always begins with a nudge. but that's not where it ends. you see, we have seen them nudge before. we've seen-- here is acorn, nudging the banks to give more loans. we see ficu on the lawn trapping a son inside. and when the nudge doesn't work, then you'll see it from fciu, a nudge becomes a shove. the first lady started the nudge on hamburgers and french fries. there's an ad that's also nudging, but what happens when that nudge doesn't take it far enough to where the, you know, the non-homer simpsons, smarter than you and me, kwim bye and the special interest mr. burns decides the nudge hasn't taken homer simpson and his family far enough. that's when homer starts to feel not a nudge, but a shove. and that's where we start to go to the friot.
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you're beginning to see this now in europe. and most recently in the u.k. i'll show that to you next. @=
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>> there are two seemingly nonstory stories in the news today. children's cold medicine may now need a prescription, we were talking about the tylenol. and michelle obama would like to make carrots and apple slices the default option on menus. you'll have to ask for fries, it won't come with fries. she wants to make fish and chips into fish and carrots or fish and apples. now, all the media is doing today repeating the stories without saying what they mean. and here is what they mean. we are on extraordinarily dangerous path because of cass sunstein. i told you for a long time, and you know, i get calls now from senators in washington who are like, you know, i think you might be right about this. really? thank you for calling, senator.
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cass sunstein, i told you, is the most dangerous man in america. why? because he's our regulatory czar. when they passed a 2500 page bill and nobody knows what's in it, it needs somebody to write the regulation. this guy. and this guy believes, and you can read about it in his book, nudge, instead of giving people maximum freedom and real choices for themselves. he believes there's too much information, it leaves people confused, unable to make good decisions. why? because using his words, people are like homer simpson. well, are you like homer simpson. people like him are going to be exceptionally dangerous when what happens in europe or what is happening in europe starts to come to our shores. on the business insider, there was a story on what's going on in europe. there's a chart that breaks down where the overwhelming majority of riots and attacks
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are originating from, because i don't know if you saw this, there are attacks. islamists attacks and separatists 268 attacks, left wing, i've seep the violence, 39 attacks, right wing one. okay. we get this, these are people that just want to separate from the country. and these are communists. okay. the reason, well, for the left wing, i can give you the reason. people have become dependent on welfare and entitlement programs and massive cuts have to be made in order to save the country and it caused a shock to the system. people felt lied to. most people, they're not in with the left wing, they're not communist, but the communists have been saying, on coward and pliven, they say
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hey, hey, did you notice bill maher who called the president, i can't say a bad word, why did he say that? because he's not left enough. that's what this is. the left coming out and saying, our government isn't left enough. they feel lied to. they were promised they could spend and spend and spend, and they did so without any consequences, some of them knew what they were doing. well, the unions are part of it and the unions don't want to let go of their bloated pensions. the state's now running out of cash, cloward and piven, and they stopped getting the handouts and there were riots in greece, they were angry at the austerity measures, which have the most violence? the ones in the worst shape, spain and greece, but there's more to come because now it's
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coming to-- what was the country that just had cass sunstein's co-author of "nudge"? oh, yeah, england, england, the unions in england are starting to call for it, get out in the streets. it depends how bad the government has screwed up and when people figure out how bad things are, it starts to come to the surface. in america we know that a lot of it is bad, but a lot of people in america still don't believe that unrest could come to our shores, that america will ever change. you just wait till the federal government starts doing what california did last year and hand out iou's instead of tax refunds. naturally, that will never happen. there's good news and bad news on this one. the good news is the federal government will never give you an iou ever, ever. the bad news is is why. because they have a printing press and they'll just print more money. i mean, why would you give somebody a worthless piece of paper that says iou on it when
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they could give you a worthless people of paper that says "in god we trust" on it, america you're going to be presented with a choice, tt cass sunstein crowd will tell you that the free market has failed. that we need administrators and regulators to make sure this never, ever happens again. regulators because people are greedy and people are like homer simpson and the government is the answer. they want to hold your hand and redistribute the wealth and do it around the globe because remember now this is a global community. we're interconnected and workers of the world unite. that's not just a slogan, where did i hear that, where did i hear that. >> bret:. >> workers of the world unite, it's not just a slogan anymore, it's the way we are going to have to do our work. >> that's right and you'll be nudged into it and here is something spooky it's not just afl-cio u it's richard trumka speaking to the party in
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canada. >> how are we going to keep an economic order. once we put the needs of workers front and center. your energy must be coordinated by strengthening the capital of global union, which can help us ensure ongoing strategic planning and concentrated coordination, particularly with the global union federation. by strengthening our global trade union movement we can recover from the crisis, rebalance inequities in our financial system so that eworkers can go about rebuilding our lives. >> how can they do that when somebody in china is making 50 cents a day. how can a union, a global union do that? especially if you're the country on the decline? why wouldn't you just throw in with the other countries? there's nothing, but growth. the media is it not going to give you the truth on this nudge towards bigger government and eventually global government.
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but, i will. we've taken it now from french fries to global government. french fries to medicine to global government, but where do you go from here? how do you get to riots? how do you get there? well, you get there from collapsing the system, which will nudge you into a global government and if that's not enough, or maybe to help the system collapse, you have riots. we'll show you that pie next.
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we send an alert and help fix it for you. the biggest difference is stopping it before it starts. don't wait another minute. call now and immediately start enjoying the confidence, security, and peace of mind only lifelock can offer. call the number on your screen and mention shredder ... to receive this special offer. real people, real protection, real peace of mind. don't wait until it's too late. get your lifelock protection started immediately. call now. >> i'm patti ann browne, voters are casting their ballots today in the last big round of primaries before the mid term elections. several states and washington d.c. are voting today and the g.o.p. trying to win back control of the u.s. house. a suspicious situation tonight at the eiffel tower in paris. the landmark has been
5:36 pm
evacuated after a bomb scare. french police say an anonymous caller phoned in a threat and president obama today voicing displeasure in the release of one of three u.s. hikers detained in iran more than a year. sarah shourd thanked ahmadnejad for her freedom. first, bret with the report. >> bret: a preview of the big primary night ahead and the battle ahead over extending the bush tax cuts and the health care law lawsuit heads to court. announces of how it plays in 49 days. join me at the top of the hour, now, back to glenn. >> yeah, homer simpson, all he wants is a donut. yeah. and got to be smarter than that. two years ago if i would have said cloward and piven would
5:37 pm
you have known who i was talking about? do you know? no one, no one two years ago wanted to believe there was a philosophy to intentionally collapse our system. well, the people who wanted to do it are right here. cloward piven, richard cloward francis fox piven they were columbia university protests. remember the tree of revolution before. you've got the progressives at the beginning and they wanted to change everything. nothing was happening so in the '60s, fdf started in, students for a democrat elk society, and this had the radicals down here, these guys, all of these guys down here. well, it wasn't working in the '60s, the radicals wanted to overthrow capitalism and have a revolution in the 1960's. one side was violent, they
5:38 pm
finally just went nuts and underground. one side didn't because they listened to their professors cloward and piven, they decided to go nonviolent, that was a better answer, said it could bring around revolutionary he think cha through collapsing america's economic system. how could that ever be achieved? well, by getting everybody on welfare, as many people out of work and on the government dole. it's a philosophy that we're now seeing with the unsustainable debt and overspending. you notice on the free of revolution that there is no bridge. there's no bridge here. there's nothing that separates the violent from the nonviolent. the same trunk leads to both. do you have it? these guys are just waiting. this doesn't work, do they kick in? now, listen to the latest audio discovered by-- discovered of francis fox
5:39 pm
piven and her views on violence. remember, violence isn't the answer. here she is. >> it's a violent country. >> glenn: stop. >> it's a violent government, it's killing people and they're going to call us violent if they break a window, but they will do that. so, probably, unless you have good reason for breaking the window, probably you shouldn't do that. unless it's, you know, a big part of your strategy. >> glenn: unless it's a big part. so unless you're cracking skulls, i mean, if you're cracking skull for a skull cracking sake, no, no, she says earlier in the clip, find it at the earlier in the clip she satisfisays she doesn't have a problem with nonviolence, it's unbelievable. if it's a bigger part of your strategy, if you're cracking skulls because you're a numb skull, that's a problem.
5:40 pm
if you're cracking skulls as part of a bigger strategy, well then, apparently-- okay, thank you, francis. america you're being nudged and we've just been shown another example this week of nudging with michelle obama. it starts with carrots and french fries, over apples and then it moves into butter and soon it becomes a shove. because if you won't do the right thing when you're being gently prodded, they of course will, well, they'll have to become a little forceful. it's for your own good. there's more, we're not to the friots yet. ñ÷
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>> now the nudge i've been telling you about is fundamental transformation, this is the whole encha lada.
5:45 pm
>> i hope they don't take that away. >> he'll never let you go back to life as issue. >> for her part, piven claims that nothing could be further from her mind. she and her husband, now deceased, simply thought when they wrote the way to a strategy, that the new york city welfare department were turning too many eligible people away and they believed there was a good chance if there was a welfare crisis, the cities would barometer the democratic administration to just intervene and give the things they've promised and federalize the program until they're really the fiscals pressure and improving it just to satisfy the minority poor. that sounds harmless, but unfortunately, we have their own words in their own article cloward and piven wrote, quote, the ultimate objective is this strategy, to wipe out poverty by establishing a
5:46 pm
guaranteed annual income. communism. they write it will be questioned by some because the ideal of individual, social and economic mobility, individuals economic mobility, in other words, what is it, oh, yeah, your right to pursue happiness, has deep roots, even activists seem reluctant to call for national programs to eliminate poverty by the outright redistribution of income. many of today's poor cannot secure a redistribution of income organizationing within the institution of private enterprise, a federal program of income redistribution has become necessary to elevate the poor en masse from poverty. in order to generate a crisis, the poor must obtain benefits which they have forfeited. so, i apologize, they're just innocently trying to generate a crisis to create a system whereby they could secure redistribution of income.
5:47 pm
and i-- i just-- i misunderstood. the radicals in and around our government are serious about transforming america. but they don't appreciate being exposed for it. oh, they're not going to appreciate the next couple of minutes. we'll shine that little disinfecting sunlight on them next. w
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>> all right. tonight our goal has been to go from french fries to riot. you didn't think i could get there. we're running out of time. french fries to riot. we've been talking about being nudged. nudged, you're now being nudged in your restaurants, nudged in your health care. and the real nudge is towards global governance. i have shown you that violence is a part of the overall strategy, which is what francis fox piven said she didn't have a problem with, violence as long as it was part of an overall strategy. the problems we're facing right now are global in nature. it is happening in europe, and it is happening in here. we have shown you the pictures of greece on fire. the unions over in greece, the communists over in greece and anarchists are taking it to the street and uniting at one. now, the unions in the u.k. have also posted to get out in the streets. here in america, you've seen
5:52 pm
sciu in over 200 progressive organizations planning a march on october 2nd, 2010. i believe that will be peaceful. but what happens to this coalition a year from now when the cuts take place? the democratic party you see today and may even belong to is not the democratic party of your parent's generation. the democrats allowed themselves to be infected with the tree of revolution. these people. acorn, sds. bell ayers, piven, these people are danger to the republic. they are radicals seeking to split from the views and ideas of our founding father and our constitution. in an interview with tbs about the socialist scholars conference, francis fox piven was asked, what does socialism mean to you, what is its future. here is her answer, quote, socialism is a broad tradition and has many, many meanings. so if you were asked to ask me what are the core values in
5:53 pm
this tradition, the values of fraternity, equality and democracy and that tradition has a future it's the only future that is possible. america, you again have a choice. i asked you at the beginning, i told you you're going to have to make a choice. here it is, do you believe that socialism is the only future that is it possible? and by the way, you may not think that you-- that anybody has ever heard of francis piven and her husband, you've never heard of them, right? they've been around for a very long time and got an awful lot of power. here she is, here she is with her husband and president bill clinton. clinton invited them for the signing of the 1993 voter motor bill and weird, because that's acorn and acu and they love that. i want you to know i have nothing against francis fox piven, i'm sure she's a
5:54 pm
wonderful lady. i bring you this news to help you make sense of the encome henceable things our government is doing. they don't make sense without all of this information. i happen to believe that you are-- you're seeing the fundamental transformation of america and people are seeking it. americans should know what that means. you have to understand the consequences. i also believe that those who seek that transform mace should do so out in the open with the full view of the american people. what are you afraid of? lefties, are you everything i say you are? let the american people have the debate. let the people decide what future is possible for america. or is it that only you can decide? the government is the answer because the people of homer simpson and you just know they'll make the wrong answer, one doesn't agree with you. final thoughts in a second. 
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>> imagine my surprise when i got my subscription delivered, come in the mail and i look at the cover and i'm like dolly in love with this woman? a cheating bombshell, america's got talent, is her voice fake?
5:59 pm
glenn beck's sex tape scandal and the mystery woman behind it. i had to read it. prepare yourself, it's me in green lighting. glenn beck's sex tape shocker. michelle obama behind the savage attempt to ruin the president's number one enemy. yes, somewhere in here, too, a man had an alien baby. but you can believe this story, sure, sure, sure. the sources are saying that michelle obama feels that beck will stop at nothing to counter her husband's policies and there is a belief that she has to fight fire with fire. so, michelle, i don't believe that. and the globe, i mean, if you were trying to get people to buy-- i don't know what it would be. would it be-- i mean, this is,


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