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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 14, 2010 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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the factor. remember the spin stops here because we are looking out for you. . >> the president: if the election is a referendum on are people satisfied about the economy we are not going to do well. >> all these things are coming together in a very dangerous -- for the democrats. >> very positive that i will be returning. >> when i get elected for congress i will be doing rangel a favor. >> he seems to be a nice young man. i think god has blessed him with his good lucks. >> will put an end to republicans being able to use congressman rangel as a punching bag. >> there's a tidal wave coming to delaware. >> this campaign has become a test. >> we are riding it. my opponent is drowning in it.
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>> she is for more taxes. she is for more spending. >> you see my opponent fighting for the billionaires, for the millionaires. she is also for big government. >> government spending. i can't elaborate right now, i'm too angry. >> sean: it is primary night in america. today voters in seven state took to the polls. the big race we are watching tonight is in delaware, longtime congressman mike castle is being challenged in the republican senate primary by tea party favorite christine o'donnell. polls closed over 60 minutes ago. as you can see the race remains too close to call. as of right now o'donnell is leading castle 55% to 45% with 47% of the precincts reporting. other than joe biden, mike castle is perhaps the most recognizable political name in
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all of delaware. he has been the state's governor served in congress since 1993, now his political future is in jeopardy thanks to o'donnell looking to pull off a major upset. she has the support of sarah palin, talk radio mark levin. and her victory in delaware would be another example that the tea party movement is on the rise. we'll continue to bring updates on that race and more as the night continues. we have frank luntz, karl rove and young guns of the republican party are here with analysis. but first let me bring in the host of varney & company stuart varney and former white house press secretary dana perino. look at that lead, 47% of the vote in. a week ago, i don't think any of us would have said it would be that big a lead. >> possibly not. i think there have been surprises across the country as each primary has closed. the last two weeks ago when we had the surprise in alaska
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when joe miller won. it is happening across the country and it probably will into november. >> sean: rand paul, joe miller, sharron angle, maybe christine o'donnell tonight there. is a battle within the establishment republicans they supported specter, crist. and rank and file conservatives are saying, sorry they are not conservative enough for us. >> let's not take "the new york times" live. "the new york times" says these upstarts the tea party people they can't win. only establishment republican candidates can win, come the election in november. let's not buy that line. that's a distraction and wrong. today in the senate we passed another 30 billion dollar stimulus program with the support of two republicans. we need a change of direction. we need new blood so this kind of thing does not happen again. >> sean: i got resentful in this race and involved. the treatment of republicans towards a conservative like
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christine o'donnell was atrocious in this race going after her personally on issues i wouldn't expect nancy pelosi to be that harsh if she were running the campaign. we have mike castle, voted for tarp, cap and facts, f rating by the nra, not pro-life in the campaign he said he wouldn't repeal health care. >> why do we buy the line that mike castle could win in november and o'donnell cannot? why do we buy that line? >> sean: this is a dana question. >> i don't think -- one of the reasons think are called establishment candidates because they are established. i'm for whoever the best candidate is that can win. i don't know christine o'donnell, i have known mike castle for many years. there's 10 conservative democrats who don't want cap and tax. a lot of policies we don't want won't move forward any way i don't think there is anything wrong with him
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representing republicans in his state. >> sean: wait a minute. one of eight republicans to vote for cap and tax. we will probably know this hour what happened in this race this could be -- what do you say after rand paul and sharron angle and joe miller and the establishment supporting arlen specter? why would you not support marco rubio? why would you support charlie crist over marco rubio? it is angering conservatives in the republican party. >> today in florida you saw marco rubio was up 16 points over charlie crist. i do think there is something happening in the country that is a generational shift when it comes to politics. i'm not against every establishment republican because they are established. >> this group, these upstarts who a fire in the bell little. these are the people who -- in the belly. these are the people who inspired the electorate.
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why do you assume they won't win? >> i don't. i've been around the block a few times. i look at some of the -- >> sorry, you are right. >> sean: you really -- i'm not going there. >> that is the key question. >> i don't assume they won't. think some of these races will be tougher than people think. and if republicans are serious about trying to unseat harry reid or at lost take over in the senate they have to be smart about the candidates they choose. >> sean: are you saying we to compromise our values? >> no. >> sean: this is what the debate is about. >> republicans in delaware, who do they want? they might choose her. that could be the way it is. then we'll see if she can win. >> everybody said ronald reagan could not win. >> she said that about herself. you should not compare yourself to ronald reagan. >> me?
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>> no christine o'donnell said. you can't compare yourself to ronald reagan. >> opposition will always say you are too far right. >> i know. democrats will be gleeful tomorrow morning if she wins. >> sean: rand paul is running away with it in kentucky. >> may i make the point that i think conservatives have won, regardless of the outcome of the election in november. there will be no cap and trade. there will be no -- [ talking over each other ] >> when president obama goes after republicans for blocking that, it is really democrats. >> sean: when john boehner suggested on "face the nation" this weekend he might be open to limited extension of the bush tax cuts. >> that is not what he said. he said he would not block any tax cut that gets through. but his prefered preference is to get all the taxes -- >> sean: i got it. i thought he was beaten up on a little too harsh with that
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said, there was immediate and almost stride dent response by conservatives. hang on a second we want principles. baner to his -- to his credit rescinded those remarks. senator mcconnell said back to 2008 levels. boehner said the same thing. >> you've got to give the establishment some republicans some due. he's the one who drew the line in the sand and said -- [ talking over each other ] >> sean: every republican in the house that didn't vote for the stimulus, every republican that didn't street for health care, they have stood their ground which i think has put them in the position where we think 49 days from now there's going to be a big victory. >> we need the fire in the belly from these newcomers. >> you think you have it from some in the establishment who don't want to be in the minority they would like to be driving policy and to lower taxes -- >> sean: you are now
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officially an establishment guest. you have been established. >> am i going to get banned? >> sean: no. thanks guys. coming up the latest on all the primary races, including that delaware race. frank luntz, karl rove and more. plus paul ryan, eric cantor, kevin mccarthy are saying the republican party needs to be the conservative party. what is their strategy for taking back the thousand november? that and more coming up, straight ahead.
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>> sean: this is a fox news alert. results are coming in from tonight's primary night. for that we go to bret baier. >> bret: a big call, the associated press is now calling the delaware senate primary christine o'donnell has defeated veteran congressman mike castle, the gop establishment favorite. you were just talking about it. o'donnell backed by the tea party express they spent a quarter million dollars in that race. she lost some support from members over personal financial issues. o'donnell will face democrat in november for the seat held by vice president biden this is a huge development tonight. she was backed by sarah palin,
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by south carolina senator jim demint. this is a big win for christine o'donnell and sets up an interesting race in delaware in november. more updates throughout the night. >> sean: thanks bret. new polling data from fox news shows the gop on the rise. republican candidates are leading their democratic challengers in states from pennsylvania to california. these new numbers suggest that we may be looking at a gop landslide come november in the pennsylvania senate race. pat toomey has pulled ahead of joe sestak by six points. sestak may be regretting he didn't take that white house job offer now. gop dominating in ohio, kasich five points ahead of strickland in the gubernatorial race in ohio in their senate race republican portman is seven points ahead of fisher. out in california in the golden state meg whitman leads
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jerry brown by six points in the race for governor. fiorina's quest to unseat boxer is going strong still within the margin of error. analyze all these numbers we bring in the one and only mr. frank luntz. good to see you. >> you noticed in those numbers that the undecideds are down 4%, 6%. we are still 49 days from the election and yet everybody has made up their minds and there's not that much room. to me knows numbers are harder than people realize and it is going to be hard for the democrats to come back. >> sean: dick morris contends any break will move in the republican column. democrats have owned washington, one-party rule white house, both houses of congress. so any break, any undecides will go republican. >> traditionally the break is 2-1 for the challenger over the incumbents. not just republicans benefit because they are not democrats, they are out of power that
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gives them another opportunity. the second thing thisg is÷.+q an older electorate. not going to have the 18-year-olds participating as they did in 2008. and third, we focus on jobs, so much on the economy, the people who are most likely to vote aren't the unemployed. 91% of americans are employed. it is the people who are afraid of losing their jobs. when they see their taxes may go up. the health care is going to kick in and cost more money, that will crown butte to the republican success -- that will contribute to the republican success. >> sean: it is not just that the younger voters aren't voting. 2/3 of voters in the country believe the country is on the wrong track. 70% of independents. those numbers are interesting. republicans have a huge ballot advantage among independents. we saw it in massachusetts, new jersey, virginia. we are seeing it in delaware tonight. once again, like in kentucky,
9:17 pm
nevada, alaska, we are seeing the establishment being beaten by the tea party movement and by the conservatives that are saying you know what we've had it with rhino republicans. if you are not going to vote against cap and tax we are not putting new office. big message sent. >> i believe in 1994 worked on the contract with america, i watched this swing as it happened. it is happening earlier here. it is happening deeper. the numbers are more strongly pro republican. the challenge now for the gop, you mention today this race in delaware and nevada those are the two i'm watching close live. will the public vote for someone who doesn't have the same experience as traditional politician? >> sean: yes. i'm answering you're as you go. you asked and i'm answering. >> i guess you never her of the word "rhetorical." doesn't have the knowledge of issues. i'm going to be watching. i think we'll be dialing for your show that nevada debate. i hope we go into delaware as
9:18 pm
well. the public is going to have to say i'm so angry with washington i want a novice in rather than someone who has experience. >> sean: something else has happened. when the tea party movement went into alaska, delaware, when talk radio including myself and mark and rush and others, when they got involved in the delaware primary, and people's awareness went up, i think you will see an influx of money in these close races. you don't think sharron angle is going to raise as much as she wants to counter the negative ads harry reid has been running? >> and she is going to need every dime. the challenge for her october 14th, mark your calendars. the voters still want to know that the person they are put -- they are putting into office is capable. i'm not saying they can't do it. it is not easy as having an "r" after their name they have to prove something.
9:19 pm if you want to participate in the focus groups. >> sean: you yell, you are mean to them. >> sean hannity, i'm speechless. >> sean: one at a time, raise your hand. i've watched new action. i was intimidated. >> you are never intimidated. >> sean: that's true. they call themselves the young guns. they say they have the ideas that will propel the gop to victory in november. they say the antidote for the republican party is conservatism. when we compact, kong mention cantor, ryan, mccarthy are here and the architect karl rove all coming up. [ manager ] you know...
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sean republicans are on track to gain a number of seats in the house and senate. three conservative congressmen believe the republican party has lost some founding ideals
9:24 pm
and want to put the party back on track before the new session. joining me are the authors of the new book, all the money going charity, "young gunses, a new generation of conservative leaders." congressman paul ryan, eric cantor and kevin mccarthy. guys good to see you. young guns. what a good looking crew. all the money is for charity for the book, right? >> yes. >> sean: titled my last book and i'm not comparing them, conservative victory. i didn't say republican victory, i said conservative. you titled this a new generation of conservative leaders. what is the difference? you are all members of the republican party what is the difference? >> we get back to the core values that built this . we believe in the principles that built america, liberty, freedom, free enterprise, self-determination. we have lost those. as republicans, we've drifted from those before. what we are trying to say here we not only have to own up to
9:25 pm
the fact that the party when it was the majority the last time did not properly defend those principles. if we get the honor again we are going to protect those principles, defend those principles and move forward with a fiscally economic liberty conservative agenda. >> sean: the house is not as big a problem. they seem to adhere more to the conservative principles than the senate. you got some rhino republican senators that have been difficult to deal with. your position is that the republican party needs to go back to -- would it be appropriate to say its reagan conservative roots? >> absolutely. we began young guns. frankly fred barnes coined the term young guns because we were out looking for new leaders who wanted to come to washington for the right reasons. what we have seen now is a movement inside and outside the congress which is determined to try and put in place, the common sense
9:26 pm
conservative principles that have been the founding bedrock of this country and put them to work to figure out how to create jobs, how to cut spending and rein in the federal government. that's what young guns is about. >> we admit the republicans lost their way and fired. and finding our way back. candidates across the country are in a young gun program. >> sean: i agree i think they lost the trust. they abandoned some of their conservative views and there was a heavy political price to pay. not just a political price. think the country has now paid a price. think people recognize how radical barack obama would be. tried warn everybody. i think a lot of people are beginning to see i might have been right. i had some republicans call me at the time you are going overboard hannity. more than a few said i think you were kind of right. but, with that said, there's something magical about putting commitments on a piece of paper. you have been working on the
9:27 pm
idea of national -- nationalizing the elections and putting on paper the principles you will stand for if the republican people give you that second chance you are asking for. >> we've been communicating, having a dialogue and it is a government document. it is what we are going to go out and solve the problems now. number one jobs, focusing on small business. spending out of control. freeze the spending. go back to the other levels. >> sean: stop back to -- boehner said 2008. >> 2008 is 100 billion. >> sean: 100 billion dollars less than what we are spending now? >> a trillion over -- [ talking over each other ] >> you just cut discretionary spending gone up 84%. >> domestic. >> what small business has gone up 84% in discretionary spending? >> sean: none. >> we should run government differently, more efficient.
9:28 pm
>> sean: am i wrong on thinking -- understanding it is complicated to get things done in washington. most people recognize that on the other hand, i think the american people, they are agenda simple. they want to keep the country safe. they recognize the war on terror not an overseas contingency operation. the american people, they are not taking vacations, they are not going to expensive restaurants, they are not buying new cars, tightening their belt tough economic times. they want fiscal responsibility. defense is one issue, economic, you know some type of belt tightening in washington, controlling the borders, energy independence is it that simple? >> it that simple. it is reapplying these principles that got us to become the most successful country on the face of the earth. we need to rededicate our principles. we are recruiting people to come help us with this cause. those ideas and principles
9:29 pm
have been violated. we are not applying them today. we want to make sure if we get back in the majority we don't mess it up and we reapply these principles to fix these problems in our country. all those things you just mentioned we've got to get back to those core american ideas, those values that built us. >> sean: this is an answer to the question of republicans are the party of "no" which is -- >> you can get a lot of ideas here. >> we've been putting ideas out. we put together a estimate laws focused on the private sector. they went out with cuyamaca views. today more believe -- with keynesian views, today mover beef believe elvis is alive. >> sean: look it is exciting because i believe conservatism is on the ascendancy. to say this is about the rise of conservatism, as a conservative i'm glad to hear it. we'll be watching in the next
9:30 pm
49 days, guys thanks. >> thanks. >> sean: i appreciate it. coming up we are keeping an the big primary races across the country. karl rove reacts to the latest election results that and more coming up, next.
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. >> sean: chomp ski disappointed in obama he aired his complaints telling the paper the president is involved in war crimes right now. for example, targeted assassinations are war crimes
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>> sean: this is a fox news alert. for more primary results we check with our good friend bret baier in washington, d.c.. interesting night. >> bret: oh man sean it is. let's start with the republican primary in delaware. christine o'donnell has defeated congressman mike castle the gop establishment favorite. o'donnell backed by the tea party express will face the democrat in november as republicans try to pick up the seat held for years by vice president biden. over to the new hampshire republican senate primary now tea party favorite 0 individual lamontagne has the lead over -- 0 individual lamontagne has the lead the governor's race in maryland
9:35 pm
will be a remuch. 2006 in november. bob ehrlich easily defeated newcomer murphy. that sets up another battle with democrat o'malley who defeated ehrlich in 2006. in the wisconsin race, two men who have never run for political office before ron johnson who started his own plastics company is taking on small business owner dave westlake the winner gets russ feingold in november. to new york, embattled rangel the son of the man he defeated 40 years ago to get that seat, adam clayton powell iv in harlem that is still early. in the race in the empire state buffalo reap estate developer palladino has an early lead on lazio. more results at >> sean: we'll be watching throughout the night. joining me now former adviser to president george w. bush
9:36 pm
fox news contribute for -- contribute for, karl rove, welcome back. >> thanks for having me. >> sean: first we had alaska, murkowski loses. rand paul beat the establishment candidate, sharron angle, now delaware. your reaction? rest are explainable. in murkowski, in the alaska race you had a long time feud between two factions in the party in kentucky had you a god candidate versus a candidate who had no message. in nevada had you a candidate who self-emulated herself. this is the inhe can application able one. -- in is the inexplicable one. there's a huge turn out in delaware. the total was estimated to be 30,000 people going into the primary and has come out 56,000. she has dealt a defeat to one of the state's longest, best
9:37 pm
known, thought to be most beloved political figures. former governor and nine term republican congressman in mike castle this is the one that's unusual. because this is not a campaign that has been going on for a year where you had one candidate consistently doing better as a candidate than the other in the case of rand paul there were not deep family and tribal distributes as we had in alaska between miller and murkowski. we didn't have a candidate who sort of committed suicide political suicide by saying things that got him in trouble with voters. instead we have a true upset of somebody with little money, little track record and i think this says that this is more about mike castle's voting record than the appeal of christine o'donnell. >> sean: i'm not sure if i agree. i think there's a battle going on what we define as the establishment. talking about dana and stuart. and those that are taking strong conservative views. i mean mike castle is one of the seven or eight republicans
9:38 pm
in the house that voted for cap and tax. he's not pro-life. you have the establishment over the years, look who they backed, arlen specter, charlie crist, murkowski. they didn't support rand paul. sharron angle. there seems to be a schism here. there seems to be a divide. >> yeah, look i'm not certain of this. there were conservatives on both sides of this race in delaware. one thing that o'donnell is now going to have to answer in the general election that she didn't in the primary is her own checkered background. you made my case. you made out a list of the things that mike castle had done wrong. you didn't make out a list of the things that o'donnell had done right. i've met her. i wasn't frankly impressed as her abilities as a candidate. again, the serious questions how does she make her living? why did she mislead voters about her college education? how come it took nearly two
9:39 pm
decades to pay her college bills so she could get her college degree? how did she make a living? >> sean: this is probably one of the few times they are going to i found her quite impressive. more importantly, she is a solid conservative. i think what people are saying in this primary, in this case and -- in race and across the country in the other races that we are mentioning is that you know what, if you vote for cap and tax and have an opponent that says they wouldn't they have an choice, an option. i think it was substantive, very based on issues. based on the voting record of one and promised voting record of another. >> again, you are making my case this was about mike castle's bad votes. it does conservatives little good to support candidates who at the end of the day while they may be conservative in their public statements to not event rectitude, truthfulness and sincerity and character the voters are looking for.
9:40 pm
we'll see if she can answer these questions. she sure as heck didn't answer them thus far in the campaign. and not in the general election. >> sean: i interviewed her and i felt her explanations were more plausible -- >> did you ask about the people following her home to her headquarters and how she has checked each night in the bushes? there were a lot of nutty things she has been saying that don't add up to -- >> sean: sounds like you don't support her. >> i'm for the republican. but we were looking at eight to nine seats in the senate. we are now looking at seven to eight in my opinion. >> sean: you may be right in the end, i don't know. we can look into our crystal ball and say things. i would argue back to you gently that i don't think we can make progress in stopping the obama agenda with rhino republicans that, you know are not going to be there when the solid votes are needed. >> i agree. but we also can't make progress if we have candidates who got serious character
9:41 pm
problems, who cause voters to not vote for our candidates out of concern of what they said. >> sean: we send people to washington and forgot why and they got fat and lazy and out of control. >> and in 2006 we had people who had really violated the people's trust by engaging in acts of corruption. which is why the democrat culture of corruption theme was so powerful. >> sean: i don't hear one allegation that compares to rangel or jefferson or anything like that. >> that's not a good defense. >> sean: seemed to be trumped up charges from my standpoint that the republican establishment was against her. what happened to -- >> i agree, she atack him by saying he had a homosexual relationship with a young aide with not a bit of evidence to prove it. [ talking over each other ] >> sean: she said in that interview she was not making that accusation. [ talking over each other ] >> that was the second interview.
9:42 pm
she had already previously spread the rumor. come on! look, she's got a chance now. let's you and i have a private side bet on this one. i think at the end of the day she has to answer these questions in a way that people of delaware find convincing or we are going to find ourselves with somebody who says conservative things but doesn't have the character that the people of delaware want to have. >> sean: karl rove, last word. time check in with greta. >> greta: was great, exciting. we are standing by with more excitement. we are going to get the race results. we have state attorney generals who are suing the federal government over health care they are going on the record. bristol palin is here. she's a new job. and much more that was a fascinating interview with karl, sean. >> sean: it is always fascinating with karl and always fascinating with what you have coming up. let not your heart be troubled our great, great american panel, next.
9:43 pm
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>> sean: tonight on our great, great american panel. he served to terps as mayor of san francisco our friend willie brown is back. he was a speechwriter for president ronald reagan editor of peter robinson is with us. she was miss america 2008, kirsten haglund is back with us. a big statement in delaware tonight. delaware, kentucky, alaska, it is nevada. what is going on? >> i think it is exciting person flail. i tend to agree the more establishment people we can get out and the more new blood in the better. it is about principle, i think that's what's been shown that the tea party has power and people want their elected officials to stick to conservative principles rather than just picking a person --
9:48 pm
>> sean: you are less happy? >> a little less happy. it seems that republicans need to choose whether they want to win in the northeast or not? there's a good argument in the northeast you have to choose moderate candidates. we now have an experiment. can a tea party candidate win in delaware? you know what? i hope so. i hope so. i doubt it, but i'm happy to have christine o'donnell. >> sean: i don't think we can make progress in the country with rhino republicans. i don't think you are going to stop obama's radical agenda without people that are really committed to cutting taxes. to stopping spending. really strong principles. how could this guy be one of several republicans to vote for a -killing bill like cap and tax and expect conservatives in a primary to vote for him? i'm sorry, he brought this on himself. the fact that talk radio and levin and myself and some others, they attacked her viciously in this campaign, unfairly in many ways. i think they paid a very heavy
9:49 pm
price. >> you are going to be with her in the general election? >> sean: i absolutely many. >> i'm open to the argument. new york state where the gop is a zero. why? they've been moderate for decades not since the election of jim buckley. there's an argument. you have an argument. >> sean: this is not a republican phenomenon. liberals -- liberals don't want to be seen with the president, nancy pelosi, harry reid they don't want to acknowledge their votes would they run from the things they should take such pride in? think every candidate this time around whether democrats or republicans are maintaining they have not previously held public office. [ laughing ] >> what are you talking about. why would you want to take the heat when everybody has says throw out the establishment, all the the bums and what have you. why would you want to be one of the bums? they are moving away from being a part of what is considered to be those who are the architect of the problem.
9:50 pm
>> sean: i think politicians earned this. they've earned the disdain of the american people. the american people have contempt for their lack of discipline. they have contempt for the corruption, buying of votes, cornhusker kickbacks, louisiana purchase. you got to have contempt for the process right now. >> well, no. let me tell you, i don't have contempt for the process. i lived with the process for more than 40 years. my adult life was spent being a part of the decision-making process. i thought early on, if you are going to be a part of it, you better make sure at the end of each day you can be held accountable for having produced something. so my goal in life was always to produce. and i would do it with democrats, with republicans, with rib brawls, conservatives, farmers, wherever i had to go i would go and produce, try to produce results. keep in mind, i always made sure that people did not interpret my conduct as
9:51 pm
benefiting me. the results were for the benefit of the public that's what is missing in all of these systems. >> sean: this is shaping up to be one heck of a political year. >> nothing like it in our lifetime. >> it is an unbelievable political year. because for the first time you are getting people who are diametrically opposed to each one of the -- >> sean: i like it that means the american people have a choice. >> that is correct. that is the way it should be. >> sean: we'll come back. you just got back from a trip? >> yes rwanda and kenya. >> sean: straight ahead. millios with frequent heartburn. did you know, with prilosec otc, you can stop frequent heartburn before it starts? heartburn happens when stomach acid refluxes, or backs up into the esophagus. this causes the burning sensation in your chest, known as heartburn. with just one pill a day, prilosec otc treats frequent heartburn for 24 hours, providing all-day and all-night protection.
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9:55 pm
>> sean: as we continue with our great american panel. michelle obama is suggesting what you should feed your
9:56 pm
children. >> what i am asking is that you consider reformulating your menu. to create healthier versions of the foods that we all love. that can be substituting pasta or taking out -- taking an existing dish and cutting the amount of butter and cream. not enough to change flavor we all love flavor just enough to make a meaningful difference in the amount of calories and fat. >> sean: we have video of her husband the smoker, let's see he's eating hot dogs. remember the cheeseburgers with joe biden. and all the other junk food. more junk food. look at that. how about we start at home instead of lecturing us? >> a couple of things here that bother me. i have a foundation that raises money for eating disorders. i talk with women everyday who are not slaves like she has
9:57 pm
said to our cravings for fatty, sugary foods. we can overcome that. we have a right to make our own choices about the food we eat. it is not the restaurant or government's job to mandate menu change. i would love to see michelle obama more proactive to educate parents and children about healthy nutrition so they can go into restaurants armed look for healthy choices and order those. we have always been successful or made -- [ unintelligible ] based on individual choices that we make. >> michelle obama vacations in spain and martha's vineyard and tells the rest of us to eat apple slices. i don't doubt her good intentions. what you have is a white house operation that has lost its way. the first lady's office should be integrated into the white house staff. they have a completely tin ear. >> sean: they took their chef to martha's vineyard.
9:58 pm
>> they lost any sense. she feeding into the narrative talking earlier about the tea party, the anger in the country. she has done something else that makes it sound she and her husband are looking down their noses at the rest of us and telling us how to live. it is a white house that has lost control. >> sean: why wouldn't they they have taken over banks, insurance companies a pay czar. soon we'll have, you know the government fining us if we use salt that's right that in new york. >> you guys are ignoring one thing that is this country does have a problem with obesity. michelle obama, no matter what you may think of how she doing it -- >> sean: look at her husband a smoker. i don't need to be lectured by the obamas on what to eat! >> i don't think she lecturing to you. i think she is lecturing to america on what she believes the best way on which --
9:59 pm
[ talking over each other ] >> she is not mandated. there is no regulation that you've got to eat what she says. she saying what she believes ought to be the -- >> sean: maybe she needs to lecture barack first. >> that's a perfect example. obesity, physical appearance is not indicative of internal health. president obama smokes -- [ talking over each other ] >> you are not fat. >> sean: you want me to be delusional. i know i've a little tubby stomach. >> that is fine. that is not necessarily fat. fat is some of the things -- >> sean: i've seen myself naked, i'm telling you. >> i haven't had that horror experience. but i to tell you, riding on a plane coming to this show and you a