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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 14, 2010 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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thanks for being with us tonight. don't forget to watch fox business network, fastest growing business channel in cable and gives you the power to prosper. good night from florida. hepard . and here's the -- >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> we are looking through what will be a solution, god willing, that will resolve this crisis. >> bill: imam rauf signals is he willing to compromise on the ground zero mosque. this after information tieing him to rad radical 9/11 truther. we have an update with crowley, krauthammer, colmes. >> no one gets to write your destiny but you. your future is in your hands. >> bill: the president is a patriot for but pinhead on continuing wild spending spree. what is he on balance? a pinhead or a patriot? we'll take a look at my new book. >> i want to challenge every restaurant to offer healthy menu
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options. >> bill: first lady is offering restaurants to change their unhealthy menus. >> that's a good tasting cooking. >> john stossel is not amiewfsed and he is hungry to talk about it? >> what should we do? >> bill: calls, you where to enter the n ps. the factor begins right now. >> bill: i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching you tonight. say goodbye to the ground zero mosque. the cleric behind the mosque controversy signaled a possible compromise. >> we are exploring all options as we speak right now. and we are working through what will be a solution, god willing that will resolve this crisis, diffuse it. >> bill: that would be wise
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because things keep getting worse for imam rauf. as we reported last night a close associate of his dr. faiz khan denies that al qaeda attacked america on 9/11. he spoken at the site of the proposed mosque. when we asked the imam to explain his association with khan, he refused in a very foolish move. millions of americans are suspicious of rauf's intentions and this just adds fuel to that fire. in addition, rauf at this points to say dubious stuff. >> first of all, it is absolutely disingenuous that many have said that that block is hallowed ground. as -- have educated and taught and tried to teach the public both muslim and non-muslim. a strip joint around the corner and betting parlors it doesn't add. let's clarify that misperception. >> bill: what is disingenuous is the imam pretending not to understand the proximity issue
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here. radical muslims killed more than 2,000 people at ground zero. unless the muslim community center is dedicated to condemning that mass murder, which it is not, then there is no reason for it to be so close to the kill zone. but talking points is now ready to predict that a compromise will be reached and the community center mosque project will be moved. there is simply too much scrutiny and imam rauf will not hold up under it. as always, i could be wrong. what i am direct about is that the entire controversy has danged muslim-american relations and nothing good comes from that most muslim americans are good people and citizens and they should not be lumped in with zealots or misguided men like imam rauf. time to put an end to the mosque business unless you want to explain your motives to someone who is not in the tank for you. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight, reaction, with us our barack and hard place duo monica crowley and alan colmes. >> you are correct as always
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when you said i could be wrong. no it's not over. >> bill: i'm going to make you a bet. i want to bet and what will we do with this. let's put it to doctors without borders. that's a good charity, correct? >> sure. >> bill: $1,000. >> i don't have that kind of big o'reilly money. >> bill: $500? wait. put the hand down and you write this down. >> okay. >> $500? $100? >> i'm not saying it's not going to be moved but i do think your characterization of the imam as some kind of radical or some kind of a guy that doesn't want peace. >> bill: i didn't say he doesn't want peace. i says he hangs around with a 9/11 truther. >> this is guilt by association. we play this game with obama. >> bill: what is rauf guilty of. >> you say hangs around with because he has an association with somebody who has got a crazy idea he has cuckoo for cocoa puffs. truther stuff, i agree. that doesn't make rauf a signatory to that. >> bill: all right. well, you define the issue. what does it make imam rauf if he starts a foundation, a muslim
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siding with the man -- poor judge of character? >> you can have associations with all kinds of people with different points of view and stuff than you do. >> bill: i would never be in business with a 9/11 truther. >> you should not be smeared with the belief of everybody who has a crazy idea with whom you may do business. >> take imam at his own word and not talk about the association. he refuses to condemn hamas as a terrorist organization. >> did he condemn it. >> accessory to 9/11. he talks about the united states having so much innocent muslim blood on its hands, more so than any muslim country. he refuses to cite the united states as a liberator of millions of muslims whether we are talking kuwait or somalia or bosnia or iraq or afghanistan. he refuses to do any of that, even when he has been pushed. frankly, last week, when he spoke about that veiled threat that if we're forced to move the mosque and, bill, you might be right about that i don't know, and primarily because he probably won't be able to raise
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the money for it, not because he thinks it would be too insensitive to put it there but when he did this veiled threat last week saying if we are forced to move the mosque, the united states just -- well, there is no telling what you might face in that what he should be doing, if he is an honest to god or honest to allah peace-building, bridge building moderate as he claims to be, is instead of warning us about what might happen to us if the mosque is moved, he should be warning the radical islamists not to attack. >> he has done that. >> that's a very simple question. >> this has to be responded to. one of the things said about this mosque -- by the way, there is larr mosque in that building and a mosque put in the pentagon a year after 9/11 nobody objected to. help counter radical ideology it is for that purpose. >> how do you know, colmes? how do you know that? how do you know that? >> bill: whoa, how do you explain this guy khan speaking at this site if it's to help counter radical islamist? >> freedom of speech.
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>> you you don't have to agree with everybody who says. >> he is talking at the burlington coat factory. >> imam has said he would not be a part of this endeavor. >> bill: of course, he has to say that now. >> he has made that statement. he has condemned hamas on interview on other cable network he did condemn hamas. you are wrong about this guy. >> bill: you know, look, now president obama and mayor bloomberg of new york city find themselves in a position where it's getting stronger and stronger against the mosque, new quinnipiac poll shows that and they are becoming on the wrong side of the issue once again. so, i talked about this with brit hume last night. first human didn't think this would carry over until the november election. now he is not so sure because people remember stuff like this. >> exactly. and you know what? this has a cumulative effect on the president. you see the president of the united states on the wrong side of the vast majority of the american people. >> bill: well from your ideology though. >> no. i'm talking about 60% to 70% of the american people. >> bill: wrong side according to the polls? >> yes. on the mosque.
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on the stimulus, on obama care, on the illegal aim congratulation law on the border. on cap and trade. on whole range of issues. >> on the side of what is right. >> independent moderates and now a lot of democrats. look at the tax cut debate. a growing number of democrats resisting the president. what is going on here? i don't think it's a mystery, bill, this is a pure progressive idealogue. >> bill: you think that the president -- and he is he is standing on principle. is he saying i don't care what public opinion is. >> correct. >> bill: that's a ticket to pa luke can aville, isn't it? >> maybe he doesn't care if he is there or in the white house. maybe he wants to do what is right and not plotting and planning. >> bill: you accede that may not be the best strategy to retain power. >> maybe it's not about retaining power for him. maybe it's a good character trait. >> i agree with that point. >> by the way, when dick cheney said you better vote for republicans here, we're not going to be safe. we night get attacked again. was that a threat? >> can i get colmes saying -- i
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think he is such a pure idealogue that his ideology his progressive ideology trumps everything includes polls, colleges and each re-election. his fundamental duty, according to himself and his ideology was to fundamentally remake america in a socialist model and he has got one turn to do it. >> bill: isn't that something that should be admired. >> if you are a progressive idealogue like colmes. >> bill: if you are a right winger like you. >> bill that would be okay except he is on the wrong side of 70% of the american people and the constitution. >> bill: if the american people are getting hurt if by his policies. >> and they. >> dick cheney threaten the united states. >> what are you talking about, colmes? >> the threat? hey, you better vote for republicans or we will get attacked again. >> did he not say that nut case. >> bill: if the former vice president -- would you please send colmes an autographed picture. thank you. next on the run down an american muslim spokesman replies and later charles krauthammer will
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weigh in as well. also, up ahead. 20 states challenging obama care is it legal handicap the court case which begins today i'm bret baier in washington with an update. the republican gubernatorial primary in new york taking on democrat andrew kw off omo in november and o'donnell will need tea party support in november. fox news learned national republican senator yil committee says it will not support the campaign. ron johnson won the wisconsin g.o.p. senate nomination taking on russ feingold in the fall n new hampshire tea party favorite in the senate race there, there is a lead over the g.o.p. senate nod arks kting
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is slow. and congressman charlie wrangle leads democratic pry mary. more results on fox the o'reilly factor returns in just a moment. ♪ for he's a jolly good fellow ♪ the meeting's tomorro in dals ♪ ♪ we need to finish tho projections ♪ ♪ then output the final presentations ♪ ♪ sally, i'm gonna need 40 copies, obviously collated ♪ wht's going on? when we're crunched for time, brad combines office celebrations with official business.
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stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. this is the age of taking action. viagra. talk to your doctor. see if america's most prescribed ed treatme is right for you. >> bill: impact segment tonight, as i said in the previous segment this whole mosque ground zero controversy has hurt muslim americans in my opinion. joining us now from washington to respond senior fellow with the american task force on
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palestine. you know, would you don't want to bring any ill will into any neighborhood in the united states. i mean, absolutely don't want to. but this has -- am i wrong? >> no, i think you are right. no, no. i think it's been a very damaging controversy. i think first of all, you know, if the backers of the project were going to do this, they had to understand the political context, the cultural context and they obviously didn't. they didn't present it in a way that would be understood or sympathized with by most americans. they allowed bloggers to define it as a ground zero mosque controversy. once purr seed as ground zero mosque the issue was sunk. then they would have had to come up quickly with some imagine unanimous high ground compromise. they're only coming around to that now. >> bill: what do you think now hussein was the intent in the beginning by imam rauf? >> right. >> bill: what did he want to do? >> all right. i mean, i have been watching this guy for a while. and i'm pretty convinced, unlike his critics, that he doesn't
11:15 pm
have a political agenda. but i think he can be very self-serving. he describes himself as visionary. one of these inner faith guys. most of what he does is for the greater glory of imam feisal rauf. kind of familiar cleric who is sort of igoe tis particular call. i think what he wanted was a another platform to pursue interfaith stuff and promote himself. he lives in a bubble. i think he lives in a little bubble. >> bill: look, i don't know whether he -- -- whether he is underiened stand the american people or not. >> if so, why did he do this? it makes no sense. >> bill: all rauf would have to do to get his mosque community center built would have to say, look, we're going to dedicate this to peace and we're going to condemn the jihad right here and right now. >> well, i think he tried to say it in a ham handed way. >> bill: that's an easy fix. >> they didn't know how to say it i look at this and i say here
11:16 pm
are people that just don't know how to communicate to middle america. they live in a rarefied world they don't have a clue. >> bill: all he has to say is -- it's not going to get bill of indictment now. >> i actually agree with you. first, he doesn't have the money and secondly too much political pressure and they mishandled it i agree. >> bill: all he would have to do is a say to the american people i'm a man of peace this mosque community center is dedicated to peace. and condemn all the people. >> he has been pretty clear about being anti-9/11. no nobody knows what that thing is for there for. nobody know what is it is there for. >> i don't think it's mysterious what it's there for. it's a building by a cleric who likes to self-promote. i think that's what it was. >> bill: he can move his museum some place else. >> i think it is going to be moved, as a matter of fact. >> bill: you know this guy khan. >> no. >> the truther who founded the muslim organization with rauf? do you know him? >> no. all i know about him what i
11:17 pm
gather he is another like rauf. they, along with a whole bunch of other people in around 2001, 2002 or something like that, co-founded a very large umbrella organization for other mystical muslims. >> bill: what do you mean mystical? wind chime guy. >> no. sort of. they are not literalists. they are interested in sort of spiritual, sort of -- >> bill: how can a guy interested in the spiritual world say al qaeda didn't attack on 9/11. >> dumb idea. >> we were attacked. this is a dumb idea conspiracy theory unfortunately like something like 15% of americans believe. in you find people who go for this nonsense in all walks of life. famous joke on south park where they said this is idiotic and say 15% of americans believe it are you calling 15% of americans
11:18 pm
idiotic and the kid said at least 15%. which is pretty funny. doesn't tell us anything about rauf and what he thinks. doesn't tell us anything at all about the project and whether it's a good idea or not. it piles on the suspicion. there is no doubt. piles on. >> bill: it does. >> i agree. no one should believe this stuff and if you know someone believes it, you shouldn't swosht them in any direct way. i doubt rauf knew that. >> bill: i think he knew it i don't think he cared. >> i don't know. >> bill: we appreciate you coming on. i have got to run. >> all right. >> bill: my new book pinheads and patriots where you stand on in the age of obama. is the president a patriot or pinhead? we'll take a look at that question next. absolutely, this policy is customized just for you.
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>> bill: personal story segment tonight, my latest peculiar pinheads and patriots where you stand in the age of obama out today and the book will cause some controversy. some of you will love it but some might have a few problems reading the pages. that's because this is a fact-driven book with opinions based on those facts. it's the not i'd okay call journey. i annualized the first 18 months of the obama administration methodically. you can read my interview with barack obama before he was elected absorbing what he said then as opposed to what he has done in office. i found that fascinating myself. we also annoyed the "new york times" today by placing this full-page ad in the a section trumpeting what we believe to be tough but fair coverage of the president in the book, something the "times" might consider doing. the truth is that people can be both pinheads and patriots at different times. i, your humble correspondent, has been a pinhead. i see you nodding out there. and don't you think i don't know how are. but i do try to be a patriot. president obama obviously the
11:23 pm
centerpiece of the book because his ten you so far has affected just about everybody. he is the most liberal president in history and how he is governing will have repercussions for years. you need to knows know what those repercussions are. i am fair to the president i believe that will anow some of his foes people like rush limbaugh. how mr. limbaugh is analyzing me. you will definitely have an opinion on that. as far as mr. obama is concerned, is he a complicated guy. today, for example, he was a patriot when he said this to the nation's school children. >> i had a white mother and a black father and my father wasn't around. he had left when i was 2. and so there are all kinds of issues that i was dealing with. some of you may be working through your own questions right now and coming to terms with what makes you different. and i know that figuring out all of that can be even more difficult when you have got bullies in the class who try to use those differences to pick on you or poke fun at you or to
11:24 pm
make you feel bad about yourself. we shouldn't be embarrassed by the things that make us different. we should be proud of them. >> bill: that is a great message. but, some other messages the president has sent are not so great. as i pointed out today on good morning america when the dopey tax breaks for the rich deal came up. >> the whole thing is class warfare, would you agree with that? >> not necessarily. >> bill: but really though, what the president is selling, is say, look, the upper tier, they are going to have to be responsible for the tax rev knew of primarily and the other people will get a tax cut. is he saying look, i don't really care about these people who earn their -- a lot of money but, you know, i want to help you. i think that's class warfare. >> saying $700 billion in costs there we can't afford. >> bill: yeah, who imposed those costs. >> who did? >> bill: he did. right, he did. as i demonstrate in the book mr. obama is spending the country in into near bankruptcy and is he a pinhead for doing that pinheads and patriots is
11:25 pm
not however all about president obama. i offer new information about many other presidents and examine icons like marilyn monroe general patton john and robert kennedy, babe ruth, scores of others all with an eye on pinhead or patriot status. the book begins with a look at the late tony snow and congressman barney frank. for a sampling of the pages you can go to bill o' we have posted there. here is what makes this project different. we're going to debate what's in the book daily on bill o' we want to know where you disagree and with are you agree on my selections for pinheads and patriots. we'll post the letters criticisms and compliments ever every day and i will read some of them in the segment on the factor. dialogue fun and enlightening. by the way, i actually want to hear what you think about my selections and the facts that i present to you. if your analysis is good enough i will include some of it in the paperback edition of pinheads and patriots. the project is unlike anything else i have ever done.
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hopefully lead to a national town meeting on the obama administration and the status of other powerful and famous people. but, in the end, pinheads and patriots where you stand in the age of obama is really about you and your life. so i hope you check it out. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. michelle obama wants restaurants to get healthier. john stossel may have a problem with that. also, the justice department itself under investigation for the black panther voting controversy in philadelphia. is it legal all over that. and we hope you stay tuned to those reports.pwpwpspwpspw@s@a
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eat healthier now she wants restaurants to get with the program. >> that's why want challenge every students are offer healthy menu options put them up front so parents don't have to look around. doesn't contain high levels of fat, salt, and sugar. joining us now to react fox news
11:30 pm
business anchor john stossel. so you don't like this little campaign, huh? >> it's fine if she wants to jawbone about this and try to talk people into eating well. spend their own time and money. but i think she wants to spend our time and our money. >> bill: well, we're paying for her to go arend a. she is the first lady of the united states, so, you know, the taxpayer picks up the tab when she goes and out speaks to organizations like. this this is part of her let's move campaign. she goes on to say we want to help grocery stores locate in underserved areas. we want to help kids become more active not just in school but at home. this starts to sound like government programs. here is the bill that goes along with it 280 pages, a lot of detail. here is. >> bill: what is that called. >> this is called the healthy hunger free kids act of 2000 -- >> bill: healthy hunger free kids act. this is introduced. >> it's already passed the senate and being passed in the
11:31 pm
house. bill will how much is this going to cost us. >> billions. depends on which version passes. >> bill: main part of this passes. >> about school nutrition who gets it. if you serve, this you get a little more money. >> bill: i get it it's bribing the trips to take the chips out and put carrots. >> in hamburgers should go with apples and not french fries. >> bill: the government did a good job i believe in the cigarette and tobacco area where it basically made it very difficult for the tobacco companies to market to children. they prohibited advertising on television and radio. they drove down the stigma -- actually drove up the stigma of smoking. and they saved a lot of lives. and, also, when you smoke and when you eat badly, then you get sick. and then you have got to go on the doll and you i are paying for people who can't afford the treatments and, this that, and the other thing. the government does have a vested interest in keeping people healthy. >> we are not their children. government is often wrong.
11:32 pm
government said don't eat eggs. then it turned out eggs are healthy and not so bad for you. government said too much meat, eat more carbohydrates. we dutifully obeyed. and obesity went up. carbohydrates digest more quickly and you feel hungry more often. >> bill: i like what the first lady is doing. i think she is smart and she presents it well. >> she does. >> bill: i want children to eat better. particularly children. >> do you think it's going to make a difference? >> bill: i'm not sure. did nancy reagan make a difference just say no in the drug thing. >> no. >> bill: did she? >> she might have. she might have made some difference in some lives. i think michelle obama will, too. i want the first lady to do. this i think particularly for children, they have got to get the message you just can't be eating this garbage all the time because that's what kids want to eat because it tastes good. adults, i agree with you. the government can't be telling us if we want to eat big macs all day long, yes, that's our
11:33 pm
freedom. yes, it does hurt our contemporaries because a lot ofs have you to pay for those health care bills. >> but adults ought to make their own choices. >> bill: even when it intrudes on the public health sector? >> yeah, her own husband doesn't do what she says. >> bill: you can believe the "l.a. times" did this? wrote the article on michelle obama and put pictures of president obama eating junk food throughout the whole article. that's snarky of the "l.a. times." >> that's the best thing i read. >> i don't know why they didn't slip a picture of dick cheney in there eating a taco or something. usually that's the way they do it? >> lynne cheney wasn't pushing good eating habits. >> he smokes, too. >> bill: i think there are two sides to this story. i don't want a big bill. >> as long as she doesn't spend my money, let her talk all she wants. >> bill: all right. persuasion is free, correct? >> that's right. >> bill: there you go. when we come right back, 20 states challenging obama characterization of the court case starts today is it legal will analyze.
11:34 pm
charles krauthammer wants to weigh in on the troubling mosque muslim obama situation. so we will let him. those reports after these start in new hampshire. it's not called. tea party favorite leads for the g.o.p. senate nod. congressman charlie rangel has won for the harlem congressional seat he's held 40 years. and a big upset in delaware tonight. christie o'donnell wins for the republican senate nomination. fox news learned the nation ral republican senator yil committee says ill witness not support o'donnell's campaign. ron johns wron is the republican nominee for senate in wisconsin taking on russ fine gold in the fall. former maryland governor
11:35 pm
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us. bill o'reilly. is it legal segment tonight, 20 state challenging obama care see them there on the screen attorneys general in those states saying the federal government does not have the right, the power, to force american citizens to buy health insurance. pretty much as simple as that some very surprising states, colorado, that's surprising. washington state real liberal there. pennsylvania? wow. all right. with us attorneys and fox news analysts kimbler live guilfoyle and lis wiehl. all right, wiehl, so, the attorneys general saying the government has overstepped its power? >> absolutely, right. >> bill: that's the crux of their argument. are they pointing to the forcing of the buying. >> that's the crux of the matter. you can't force. if you don't buy this insurance,
11:39 pm
then you are going to be penalized whether you call it a tax or a penalty. >> bill: forcing you to do it? >> forcing you to do it. >> bill: government comes back and says it's a tax. >> we can do that. it's a tax. they call it a penalty. whatever. we all know it's a tax. the irs is levying this tax. the irs you are paying the penalty to. >> bill: if you don't pay they penalize you in a monetary form and the government has a right to levy taxes. >> that's right. >> bill: who wiehl and remember wiehl went to harvard law school. >> this is a good thing. this is a good thing. >> bill: which side has the stronger argument in your opinion. >> the federal government is going to win this round. now, it's going to all go to the supreme court but the government will win this round because under the general welfare clause in the constitution, what the government has to say and what they are saying is, look, for the general welfare, whether we agree with that or not, of this country, we have to levy this tax, penalty, whatever you want to call it. >> bill: they have a right? >> they have a right to do that. >> bill: the case guilfoyle is being heard in pensacola, florida, being held by reagan appointee judge. >> judge vin september.
11:40 pm
>> bill: old guy. >> smart man, learned man. scholar, 70 years of age. so he knows a thing or two about the law. >> bill: but that might favor the states though, right? conservative man? >> potentially. so this is a very good shot for them to get someone who will listen to all of the arguments and also is a man known for making his own legal research, doing all of his background information on it. ultimately, i feel regardless of whether judge vincent agrees to uphold this, this will go to the u.s. supreme court and i highly doubt that the roberts court is going to allow this expansion of government power and say that you can go ahead. >> bill: whoa, guilfoyle. >> penalize. >> 5-4. >> you have got to agree that there is such a huge burden for the states to come over here. >> bill: are you disagreeing. >> i'm disagreeing. >> bill: you say the supreme court would rule on the side of the government. >> yes. >> and you say no? >> 5-4. >> before you get to this point
11:41 pm
has anyone been hurt by this yet? >> i have been. i have suffered mental anguish about obama care because my insurance went up 2100 bucks. >> the insurance company says that has nothing to do with anything. >> bill: ask you the question who has suffered and i ladies and gentlemen. >> i know it's all about you. >> bill: i am putting myself forth and i'm sure some of the audience members have suffered. >> i have suffered, too. >> bill: this black panther case never ever goes away. just to review. a couple of dopey blank panthers stood outside a poll place in philadelphia and they were rude and obnoxious. some people called for an investigation. and then the attorney general eric holder said no, we are not going to investigate these guys. you know, we already sanctioned them civilly and that's enough. now, holder himself and his justice department is under investigation by, whom? >> by the inspector general glenn fine is actually conducting anover view. not just of this case that happened in november of 2008 where they declared there is a
11:42 pm
violation of the voting rights at that polling place with intimidation but an expansive overview of how voting rights cases are being handled. >> bill: by holder. >> holder justice department. >> bill: who is the inspector general? who does he work directly for? wait, wait, wait. go ahead. >> he is in the justice department. he has oversight. >> bill: is holder his boss though. >> holder is not his boss. he is has a separate entity and can review decisions. >> bill: is he review holder. is he like um bedz buds man. >> office of professional responsibility. >> bill: holder walked him around. >> you never want to be -- >> bill: answers to somebody. who does he answer to. >> to the president eventually. >> bill: to the president? >> ultimately. >> bill: but the president is holder's best pal. >> my head starts hurting when you go to that point. >> they go trick or treating with each other. >> the guys and gals wearing the hats. >> what's opr.
11:43 pm
>> office of professional responsibility. ethics oversight. >> ultimately whatever this guy fine finds out about holder's justice department investigating elections. >> it's a big deal. >> goes to obama. >> yes. >> it doesn't go to holder? it goes to obama. >> obama is at the end of the day carrying the bag and deciding whether or not the investigation is correct. >> bill: walk into the oval office and says this is what i find out about your pal holder he is a pinhead. >> i don't know those words. >> the president would be hard-pressed to ignore the findings of the inspector general. >> oh, p.r. >> to have the oversight. >> bill: how long is this going to take? like eight years? that's how they usually do it. >> after the next presidential election. see what i'm saying? >> isn't that true? >> take as long as they want. what they have done now is apiece the people who said look, you didn't bring these charges. >> bill: they didn't appease me. >> they are trying to appease. they are not going to appease quickly. >> bill: the final thing we have to ask ladies real quick in florida a disturbing thing a manual that was floating around
11:44 pm
on the internet teaching people how to molest children. okay? >> outrageous. and the florida authorities looked at it and what conclusion did they come to. >> authorities said look, this is legal. possession of this and dissemination of this it's not child pornography a manual. remember the case in boston some years ago where this boston couple lost their son tragically they tried to sue for the manual that they had put out. and the case went away. it didn't go anywhere. >> they are going to find this person that circulated the manual and is he going to get it because no doubt you will find other paraphernalia, material, probably connecting him to child pornography. >> they have got to -- >> one of the things on this manual is how to victimize a child and get them to not tell their parents about it. >> bill: vial disgusting thing. a lot of this stuff comes from overseas too. it flips in here from places like thailand. >> once they trace it back. assume there will be some feds. >> bill: if you guys in florida trace it back, give it to me. i will put the guy's face right up here on the screen.
11:45 pm
>> somebody knows who it. >> that will be better than trying to go through prosecution. >> bill: charles krauthammer on the obama fact nor a moment. steve doocy made a shocking mistake. shocking this morning on "fox & friends." you won't believe it. moments away. ♪ [ man ] if it was simply about money, every bank loan would be a guarantee of success. at ge capital, loaning money is the start of the relationship, not the end. work with polaris every day. at ge capital, we succeed only when they do. whoo! awesome! yes! we've got to get you out of the office more often. ♪ my turn to drive. ♪ and then there's most complete. like what you get from centrum ultra men's. the most completeultivitamin for men.
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight, president obama continues to be asked questions about the mosque ground zero controversy. >> why do you think it is that we are now seeing such an increase in suspicions and outright resentment of islam? >> i think that, um, at a time when the country is anxious generally, and going through a tough time, then -- you know,
11:49 pm
fears can surface, suspicions, divisions can surface in a society. and so i think that plays a role in it. >> bill: fox news analyst charles krauthammer has some thoughts about the president's answer and here is he from washington, d.c. so, anxiety? that's what driving this mosque deal? >> well, i it's the classic condescension of the prophecy obama looking down at the people. same thing two years ago when he thought he was speaking in private and said that economic anxiety had caused the small people of the small towns of the midwest to cling to god, to guns, and this is the part that people don't remember and to antipathy though people who are not like them. that's exactly the same answers. the kind of academic marxist idea that people who have
11:50 pm
economic troubles have a false consciousness and instead of blaming the capitalists they will attack people who are other. that's not why there is this resentment or opposition to the mosque and, also, the idea that there is some kind of wave of anti-islamic feeling in the country is ridiculous there are eight times as many as anti-jewish incidents in america as there are anti-muslim. i don't think anybody imagines there is a wave of anti-semitism sweeping america. what you have is two thirds of americans who think correctly that putting a mosque right near ground zero is desis he creation of holy ground, hallowed ground. and that is a perfectly reasonable view. >> bill: many of those people are very suspicious of the imam rauf as we documented. they are very suspicious of his motives and now that we have khan involved, the guy is a truther and says al qaeda didn't
11:51 pm
attack us. linked up to rauf. that suspicion has been confirmed for millions of americans. it's just going to get worse for the president as he the point the folks are making. >> i think the case against the mosque is just as strong if there are no associations with radical islam associated with imam rauf. now, if there are associations, i think it makes -- i mean, even those who are in support of the mosque, would i think, oppose it now, was there a real association? he obviously knew this guy, rauf knew this lunatic. and he. >> bill: he knew him well. >> there was a statement issued this afternoon by the people who are behind the mosque who said they were not aware of these views, which i'll take at face value in the absence of contradictory evidence. but then they said in describing the views of this truther who
11:52 pm
believes that 9/11 was n. an inside american job, they describe it as insensitive and misguided. >> bill: let me stop you, charles. charles, let me stop you. >> it's not misguided it's lunatic. >> bill: that release this afternoon was in response to our reporting last night. that's why it came out. and if you're gonna buy that you buy president obama didn't know what reverend wright was saying all those years he was in the pews. it's the same thing. >> no, it's not the same thing. you cannot sit in the pew of a church of a preacher for 22 years and not know his idea,s. you cannot have a man who married you, who baptized your children who is your spiritual advisor and not know what he thinks. you can work with someone on an organization and not know. >> bill: for 13 years, charles. >> has a lunatic and conspiracy theory about 9/11. >> bill: for 13 years and he invites him to speak where the proposed mosque is? he knew him 13 years. >> look, in the absence of evidence, you don't have any
11:53 pm
evidence yet that the imam knew. it's an inference. >> bill: why is he running and hiding then? >> you have got to ask him that. >> bill: i can't. we can't find him. we're looking for him though. chak chak even in close association or knowledge of the views, the fact that today the people who are behind the mosque would call that view insensitive it's not. it's malicious. it's like saying that the holocaust is insensitive. it's an act of hostility. it's malice, it's a desis he creation. >> bill: that makes it it worse. >> that is absolving the guilty. >> bill: pinheads and patriots in a moment. shocking display by steve doocy on "fox & friends" this morning.
11:54 pm
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>> bill: pinheads and patriots in a moment. tonight starring oprah and steve doocy, quite a pair. see my interview with monica crowley. margaret hoover great ground daughter of herbert hoover. check out premium membership so you can see the inviews. buy a copy of pinheads and patriots and we'll send you a tote bag free. all the proceeds i get are donated to charity. now the mail. bill, linking imam rauf to faiz khopb weak. do they talk any more? -- don't know khan won't say.
11:57 pm
bill congratulations you finally figured out that rauf is a con man. very good texas a&m. you were too harsh on khan one of my core beliefs was that 9/11 was an inside job. read the report on the attack. it would be worth your while to do that just looking out four. loretta: mr. o'reilly are you gone giving the benefit of the doubt to rauf? yes but i try to be fair until the facts roll in. bill you always say you don't use personal attacks i heard you say john boehner was in a tanning salon. obvious jest fran not a personal attack. that tan is something, is it not? . disgrace saying mcdonald's kill more people than
11:58 pm
terrorists. we know eating fast food is unhealthy the victims of 9/11 had no choice. my husband and i love the factor i'm a patriot and he's a pinheads and patriots that's the way it works marcy. i'm sending you a signed copy of the book so you can work it out. finally pinheads and patriots oprah opened her last season on network tv yesterday by giving everyone in her audience a trip australia. >> maybe i should take all of you, with me, to the other side of the world! we're going to australia! [ cheering ] >> bill: i'm sneaking on that plane that will dampen that trip.
11:59 pm
for her continuing generosity miss win free is a patriot. on the pinhead front shocking display morning. >> that you mr. o'reilly we'll be watching at 9:00 eastern. >> eight. >> i'll be watching at 9:00. >> you are a pinhead that's why. only 13 years i've been on at 8:00. you want to know what a pinhead is. can i get doocy on the cover? doocy it gets worse he's actually on the program thursday, this program on the news quiz. please e-mail steve doocy tell him to stop being a pinhead. that's it for us tonight please check out the fox news website different from please spout off from anywhere in the world o' name a town if you wish to opine. the word of the day do not be a


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