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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  September 15, 2010 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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others will join us. >> gretchen: log on for our after the show show. it's been a busy day here. continue to watch us throughout the day. >> brian: i'm gog take this. >> ladies and gentlemen, the people of delaware have spoken! [applause] no more politics as usual! bill: just about seven weeks ago now, the stage is finally set for november, we saw a big win for the woman you just heard from, christine o'donnell, a virtual unknown until she won the backing from the tea party and then she kwrobgd off long time congressman mike castle who has never lost a race in his home state of delaware. there are numerous story lines this morning.
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we love these mornings here, hime bill hemmer, welcome to "america's newsroom". how you doing, martha? martha: doing well, bill. it was a big night, almost double the turnout, also a factor here, o'donnell on the gop ticket, she will run for joe biden's seat in delaware. listen to this: >> a lot of people have already said that we can't win the general election. it is the same -- yes we can! >> yes, we can! >> it is the same so-called experts who said we had no chance of winning the primary. [applause] >> it will be hard work. but we can win. and if those same people who fought against me were just -- worked just as hard for me, we will win! >> [applause] martha: but the national
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committee that helps republican senate candidates says they will not give any money to o'donnell. no financial support for her. and that is part of the -- big part of the story. bill: sure is. and moments ago, martha, republican leader mitch mccom said he will support o'donnell. dana perino is former white house press secretary, fox news contributor with me in new york. good morning to you, always good to have you in person. last night tells you what? >> that turnout is more important than ever, and certainly, on the tea party -- from the tea party standpoint, they burned out a -- turned out a lot of people, but it wasn't just tea party republicans. and i think that we'll need to do analysis to see where that all came down, but interesting to me that she didn't just win by the hair of her chiny chin chin. she ran away with it. bill: also from a guy who's been a stalwart in politics in the state of tkelsz. >> he's never lost a race and she's never won a race. bill: that's true, she's now, what, one for three and he swept the bullet throughout his careers.
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democrats are saying this, tim kaine was on fox & friends earlier today, there's a deep civil war in the republican party. >> i'm sure they love this story line. bill: if there's a civil war, and if there is, how deep is it? >> it's not a civil war but there is grown pains and this happens when you lose a white house, when any party lose as white house, there's a period of time before a single leader emerges for the presidential election, the next presidential election, and there isn't somebody now that we're all looking for and saying okay, well, we have this person who wants to -- we want to be our next president and then you have -- you have the tea party movement, and they're all moving forward as well, and what you have at this point is not so much a civil war but a struggle for what does the big tent mean and the hearts and minds. one of the questions is will republicans now just support her. some might, but support is something that you earn, and so she was on morning shows this morning, she is going to have to start reaching
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out. but if i were her campaign, i would focus solely on delaware, because she's going to have to win in that state. bill: that's what she said, she says it's all about the economy, she says my opponent supports his republican ideas and it's all about federal spending. that's not just a delaware idea. we've seen that in elections across the country. >> and i think that mike castle represented his state very ably for a long time. and he represented his constituents very well. i hope that that kind of back and forth, the acrimony can be relieved. he says he won't endorse her. but it's different than what happened in kentucky, for example, when the tea party candidate won and there was a unity moment. bill: there's a major headline with sean hannity last night and karl rove, i don't know if you agree with kafb -- with karl, he said the senate lost, republicans can't win because of what happened in delaware. do you agree? >> this is what i know, karl is a brilliant political strategist, he is following
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this very, very closely, and i think he could be right. i always thought that the republicans taking back the senate was a long shot, but that said, she won handily last night, turnout could be a big deal in november, the democrats don't have a big person that -- they don't have a big national candidate they're pulling for, so if she works hard, she could potentially rule it out. i don't rule out her possibly winning but i think it will be harder. bill: one more point she made earlier today, was that there were as many independents registered to vote for november as there are republicans in the state of delaware. dana, thank you for coming in. >> okay. bill: dana perino here. martha has more. martha: here's a little backtkpwropbd on crist ano'donnell, she worked for the rny in the early 1990s, records did show that in 2005 she failed to pay $12,000 in federal taxes. she was on record as saying that matter has cleared up so that's one that will be continued to looked into. in '08 she ran as a republican against joe biden in the senate race, losing in the general election. there's just some sort of
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bullet points for you and we will learn more about christine o'donnell in the days and weeks to come. how about this, the magic number is ten. that is the number that republicans would need to pick up ten seats, obviously ten seats, to take control of the senate. here are the numbers as they stand now. democrats hold 57 seats, republicans, 41, independents have two seats in the united states senate. both independents caucus with the democrats, as of right now. we want to hear from you, want to hear what you think about all this. lots to chew over. log on to the show page,"america's newsroom". take our poll today, this is the question: should the gop give christine o'donnell a chance? answer, yes or no. we're going to have results from that poll, we'll see how many yesterday. we had thousands of people in our polls. bill 26,000 votes yesterday! martha: let's try to bet that number -- beat that number today. it's a hot topic within the go p-fpt. we want to hear what you think. bill: yesterday we were asking about health care and with regard to the overhaul,
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a big issue in november, wisconsin, johnson is running for senate, he swept the big board, promising the fight to repeal the law, the same goes for massachusetts candidate for congress, republican jeff perry. here's what he had to say. both of them from late last night: >> now the health care bill shows you exactly how out of touch senator feingold has become. we told him to vote no on the health care bill, but he voted yes. he put his liberal agenda and partisan washington politics ahead of the express wishes of the voters of wisconsin. now, we are stuck with a bill that i believe is the greatest single salt on our freedom in -- assault on our freedom in washington. >> if you send a vote to washington you'll be send ago vote to repeal obamacare. bill: that was johnson of wisconsin first and then after that, massachusetts, and in a moment we'll take a close look at a fight to repeal the health care overhaw. there's another twist on this story today, the texas
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a.g., attorney general greg abbott, here live today, his state is part of that big lawsuit in florida against the feds trying to get the law thrown out. he will tell us why coming up here in a matter of moments. martha: it was an important night for charlie rangel of new york, the embattled house veteran won the democratic primary last night. i think most people expected he would, despite allegations of ethics violations that he's been battling now for quite some time. the 80 year-old is now running for a history making 21st term in his seat. that's a long time. >> i want you to know, no matter what they say, i go back to washington stronger than i've ever been. and it has nothing to do with my personality, it has everything to do with you. martha: rangel defeated five primary rivals, he faces republican michael faulkner in november in a highland based district in which he
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is heavily favored. bill: we mentioned this a couple of days ago, said if you want to be in the know, our shortcut to american politics, all the latest political developments right now, download the new america's election headquarters iphone app when you're online on the our website or shopping at the apps store, grab it. be in the know on the go. martha: and amid primary news, harry reid is moving forward with what some are calling yet another bailout for the banks. have you heard about this? this one is a $30 billion fund for community banks, buried in a bill that just cleared an important hurdle in the senate. so this is one to watch, folks. democrats say that the fund will provide lending to small businesses and get them hiring again but republicans question whether that will work. stuart varney of the fox business network, host of varnny kwr* company is here live. another 30b, stuart, what do you stph-pbg. >> it was buried, wasn't it? it was completely covered over by the political headlines from the primaries yesterday but what we just embarked on is another stimulus plan.
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you're right, martha, it is $30 billion. how many people know exactly what it's going to do? i'll tell you. it's going to be used to buy preferred stock in small community banks. some of those banks are troubled community banks. this looks a lot like the original bank bailout program. nonetheless, it's being called a small business aid package and job creator. the president has gone out and said this is going to help make loans available to millions of small business owners and senator harry reid says it will create 500, maybe 700,000 new jobs. martha: 700,000 jaw -- new jobs? what's the calculation? >> i don't know. i do not know where that number came from. but he said it. he said it. that's the claim he is making. so you've got some very grand claims that this new, rather small stimulus package which many call a bank bailout. martha: let me ask two quick things, stuart. one, i beat this drum every
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day but why not take that 30 billion if it is so necessary to create jobs out of the stimulus money from the first huge stimulus package, hundreds of billions of which have not been spent out? -- yet? >> i believe that's where the money is coming from. either from the stimulus package or it's coming from the original t.a.r.p. package, one of the two. but the democrats say this will not add to the decifit. but you've got a very good question there. martha: all right. the other thing that we'll chew over in the days to come is whether or not this money will actually stimulate these small banks to lend money, because a lot of people think they have the money to lend, they're not lending it for a variety of reasons. so we'll talk about that as well. >> yes, it's another good question, martha, and i don't have the answer for you. martha: we'll talk about it and come up with answers, stuart. you always have the answers and we'll see you on varnny & company on the business channel. bill: sen kwrart -- senate majority leader harry reid getting attention about controversial comments about immigration. he what -- what he is proposing for illegal
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immigrants and what might be slipped in. martha: and a fallen soldier's family demanding he get a proper burial, the scandal around misplaced tom stones at arlington national cemetary. bill: amazing that story is still going on. there is total chaos in a california neighborhood and california's lieutenant governor is live in a moment to talk about the efforts to help the victims of the tragedy and you will hear the first responders, how they reacted on scene. roll it. >> we need them to listen to us. >> copy that, engine 38. >> we think we got a broken water main down here, so they need to weigh in from the corner of san bruno avenue.
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bill: now on immigration, senate majority lead harry reid raising eyebrows with his latest efforts on immigration reform, he is a
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nevada democrat, pushing an amnesty proposal and defense funding bill, the dreamac -- deal act that would help people illegally here become citizens if they attend college or join the military. what about that idea? republican congressman brian bribrant is chairman of the immigration reform caucus and welcome back to "america's newsroom". what's wrong with that idea? >> bill, it's absolutely absurd. you know, i count on harry reid as a family friend but i can't believe that he's even considering tagging an amnesty bill on to a military funding bill, while our men and women are fighting and dying in afghanistan, and after what just happened, where 72 illegals were slaughtered in mexico, and he would tie this in and inties people to come here illegally after all we've seen in the last months. bill: but the essence of his idea, these aren't dead beats, they would be contributing to american
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society, be it through the military or through education. >> what he's doing is trying to find a way to sneak in another amnesty proposal. if this is such a great idea, why doesn't he offer it up to anybody who's willing to come here and go to college? he's not willing to do that. he's willing to create an enticement for people to break the law, come here illegally and get special consideration, and that's the kind of enticement that brings people across the border illegally and they end up getting caught in situations like we saw in mexico, where 72 of them were slaughtered. and harry is contributing to -- contributing to the problem by creating a track of nuisance by talking about it and then to tag it on to a spending bill for our men and women in harm's way in afghanistan is absolutely absurd. bill: understand your point on that, and the violence in mexico, it's awful, and we've been reporting on that here. but these are people who have to enter the country, younger than the age of 16, that have to be here for a minimum of five years, it's not like they would come across the border now. but harry says he has given
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up an comprehensive immigration reform. have you? >> i think that we can do a true e verification, something that works, that democrats and republicans know works. we ought to take care of that and go to the source of the problem, and that is stop hiring people to come here illegally and let's stop giving them benefits. that's why harry's proposal is send ago message for more people to come because america, according to harry reid, is now going to give special consideration to those illegally here, when he's not willing to make the same considerations for those who have been waiting patiently and playing by the rules. that's what's essential. he needs to go to latin america and around the world, talk to the people considering coming here one way or the other and ask them does the fact that the leader of the senate is announcing that he's going to now reward those who bring their children here illegally or should we say no, there's one way to come here and that is legally, if you come here legally, we'll embrace you, if you come here illegally, we're not going to reward you.
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bill: have i ten seconds, i apologize for the time crunch. a lot to talk about from last night. it's called the dream act, given the current composition of congress, could this act? >> i think the dream act is a nightmare and i think it won't pass. i think that moderate democrats will join on to the caucus with me and say that the last bring the -- thing the therpb people want to do now, especially with what happened with the killings in mexico, we got to stop sending the mixed signals and harry is sending a mixed signal. bill: brian bilbray from california, on the hill today, thank you, sir. >> thank you very much, bill. martha: let's go back to the mosque issue for a moment. the developer of that proposed mosque near ground zero is in the hot seat once again today. remember this recent encounter where he tried to avoid a local fox reporter who was asking questions about the project. >> can you tell us where you got the money to raise the money to raise the money to put down that money on the mosque or did you raise the money? where does all the money come from? >> sharif el gamal. >> why are you running?
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martha: he's in the hot seat, and we've got more on the latest controversy. wait until you hear. bill: remember the angry scenes in california? now there is payback for the folks who said we're not going to take it anymore.
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bill: high stakes diplomacy overseas, hillary clinton working to keep the peace talks going today. a bit earlier she met with the palestinian prime minister in jerusalem, trying to smooth over tension threatening the negotiations. the palestinians saying they will disthe talks about israel resumes settlement construction in the west bank, a slowdown in construction is supposed to expire at the end of this month. a bit early they are week, israel's prime minister said at least some construction will resume. so those talks continue today in the middle east. martha: this was getting very heated, a georgia
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wildlife refuge, the center of a land battle that really goes all the way back to world war ii, the government took this land away to develop air strips but the residents say that at the time, they were promised that that land would come back to them. it never happened. and now, they are fighting to get it back. jonathan serrie is live in georgia, jonathan, people are never happy when the government takes their land, of course. what makes this situation different? >> the harrisnet community was formed by communities that were freed slaves after the war. in the ensuing years they developed a thriving economy, hash vesting shell fish from the coast of georgia. former residents say there was plenty of empty land around their community and they felt the government chose to build this army air strip in the harris neck community because of race. listen: >> they wouldn't treat their own like that. they wouldn't treat their own like that. so what else would it be?
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they didn't treat us like human beings. >> reporter: the government officials point out that seizures for the war effort were common in the 1940s, they occurred all over the country and what happened in harris neck was no different. they also point out that residents were compensated in the government's opinion, that they received fair compensation in exchange for their land, and they say that the positioning of harris neck gave a strategic advantage for building this army air strip over other sites in this part of georgia, martha. martha: very interesting. where does it go from here? >> well, residents are trying to get permission from congress to get their land back. the problem is that now it's a national wildlife refuge, and home to more than 200 bird species, including some endangered species, and managers of this wildlife habitat say that if even moderate residential development were allowed to
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return to this area, it would disrupt their ability to maintain the habitat. listen to this: >> not only would we lose our endangered colony, we would lose probably all the owe nesting rain birds, shore birds, it would just be a detrimental impact. of course, once you destroy habitat, it's gone, usually, forever. >> reporter: but former residents are trying to convince congress that their human culture and human history are equally deserving of protection, along with the wildlife, martha. martha: yeah, all right, interesting. jonathan, thank you very much. you can go to, check out more reporting from jonathan serrie. fox news is tracking your stories about government seizing private property. this is happening at a fairly alarming rate around this country, folks, and it is worth checking out. we want to hear from you there. let us know what you think, bill: yesterday we asked you to give us an answer about health care. martha: boy did they! >> bill: oh, my.
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one state attorney general trying to get that law ruled unconstitutional and we'll make that case live. martha: he certainly will. and a republican challenged wisconsin senator russ feingold in november, this one is getting interesting in wisconsin, folks, ron johnson laid out his strategy to win this things in seven weeks. >> it's a lot of work but i know we're up to the challenge. so i'm asking all of you, go talk to your family. your friends. your neighbors. go and talk to total strangers. because folks, this is a fight for our economic future. for our fundamental freedom. and it is a fight that we absolutely must win. >> [applause]
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bill: so in a courtroom today in the state of new jersey we could see the religious leader behind the proposed mosque of ground zero or his lawyers before a judge after a town slapped a lawsuit against imam feisal ab dul rauf, accusing him of being a slum lord, the complaints detailing the poor living conditions in the properties he owns, and david lee miller is more from new jersey. what do city leaders accuse him of? >> you know, bill, you used the s word, slum lord, and city officials here saysy not only a slum lord, they say he is one of the worst slum lords in union city,
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new jersey. and for that reason, they are now taking him to court. there are a litany of problems, ranging from lack of fire alarms, ranging from no hot water to infestations of bed bugs, that's the short list, and what the city would like to do today is ask a judge to appoint a receiver to essentially take over responsibility for the buildings so that these repairs could get underway. now, yesterday, the mayor here, brian stack, held a news conference, and he said that what's happening in jersey city is in no way connected with the imam's efforts to build a mosque and community center in lower manhattan, but he did have this word of caution for any community where the imam might be planning any type of real estate development: >> i would just say any town where he buys property, be alert and be careful when he comes into our community because he's not a good landlord. >> reporter: and the mayor went on to describe the
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imam, quoting him now, bill, as unscrupulous. there has so far been no comment whatsoever from the imam or his wife, bill. bill: david lee, thanks. david lee is on that story today, all day. we'll let you know what happens inside that courtroom, jersey city, new jersey. martha. martha: well, the developer of that mosque near ground zero apparently getting bounced from his office digs, the new york daily news saying sharif el gamal's real estate firm has been socked with eviction proceedings after having $31,000 in back rent. this is not the first time his company has fell behind. his landlord sued him for $89,000 last year for back rent. that dispute when settled was settled for $56,000. interesting background on all of those folks today. bill: a lot of reaction this morning. after all the headlines last night, seven different primaries, all across the country and in washington, d.c. where the city mayor was upset there. now, the candidates for governor, and there are many, hammering hard on an
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issue that is number one for so many americans, that's the economy and jobs, and that has been issue number one in this country for the better part of two years. whether it was wisconsin last night or the state of rhode island, first from the republican last night, then a democrat: >> people are very, you know, very upset now and they're working out their own budget and their own pile of bills and saying how can i get through this week and this month and i get that, and i'm going to work hard to cut out the wasteful spending, and that's why i want to get up there and make big changes. >> let me tell you seriously, though, people are scared. they're scared. they're scared about the economy. they're scared about their own jobs, or their spouse's job or their kid's job. let me tell you clearly put tonight, come november 2nd, you you don't have to be afraid anymore, because help is on the way. bill: we're going to take a closer look at what's happening from last night, what impact this might have, and in just about 50 days or
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so, and also, the key issues that came out of this race in delaware. it's a big story today. we're back on that in a matter of moments here. thirty-four minutes past the hour now. martha: all right. well, this is a very big story today, it's the first step in the fight to overturn president obama's health care law. twenty states are squaring off against the justice department this week, and it is now actually in court as of yesterday. the feds are trying to get this entire case dismissed, yesterday, that is unlike throw happen, meanwhile, the latest polls show that 53 percent of americans favor repealing health care reform in this country. greg abbott is one of those attorneys general in this case, he is also running for reelection in texas. mr. abbott, welcome, good to have you here today. >> good morning, martha. martha: the judge said a few things yesterday and they were soth of on both sides of the fence. based on what he has said so far, what are you gleaning about his interpretation of all of thi
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. martha: you know, we showed that poll, 53 percent of americans say that they're against it, would like to see a repeal of health care law. it's interesting to note that at three of the attorneys general who have run on this in elections were defeated, among them, mccollum, who was in front of this issue. what does that tell us about the peoples' passion on all of this? >> i know in the state of texas the peoples' passion is firmly against obamacare, firmly against the federal government intruding into their lives, telling people what they must purchase, and i think the people in the state of texas are ready to
9:39 am
have this power reigned in by the federal courts and forcing the constitution, limiting congressional authority and abuses. martha: all right. very interesting. what i'm hearing from you is that it's clear from the judge he takes this issue very seriously, also, doj is now standing up and taking notice and no longer saying it's ridiculous to challenge the constitutionality of health care reform and that you think it's going to make it through this hurdle, is that right, sir? >> well, the judge indicated that it looked like the judge was going to deny the federal government's motion to dismiss on at least one ground, maybe more than one ground. that gets us past this first hurdle, and we go on to the second hurdle which would be the motion for summary judgment which is essentially a trial on the merits, we would go there from the court of appeals to the supreme court. we believe we would be completed with the trial court process by the end of this year and make it up to the united states supreme court within about a two-year time period, which is incredibly fast in the litigation process. martha: it certainly is. and how fascinate thank battle would be. greg abbott, attorney
9:40 am
general in texas, thank you sir, good to have you with us today. >> thank you martha. bill: he is the first living recipient of the medal of honor in 40 years. in a moment, you will hear this soldier tell his remarkable and his uplifting story on "america's newsroom". martha: plus the investigation into a deadly gas pipeline explosion, the first of the 911 calls, this is actually coming from the rescue operations, the emergency responders on the scene, from the middle of this fiery nightmare. >> we're going to disconnect hose lines and backup and save our position until we get water. >> that's affirmative. phil, back all those people up, every -- back them up to your same position.
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bill: we are waiting for an explanation this morning after a neighborhood blowup in california. you know this story out of
9:44 am
san bruno. here is what it looked like in amateur videotape. that was the scene that day, literally blowing up more than 50 homes in san bruno and for the first time, here is how first responders reacted when they arrived on the fiery scene: >>
9:45 am
bill: and that is just part of what we're learning. we had -- they had to pump water from 2 miles away. out of san francisco, the lieutenant governor of california is abel maldonado. thank you for your time. we need answers to all of this but before we get to that, what are you doing, what's the state doing, what's pg & e doing to make sure there's not another pipeline buried beneath some neighborhood that's about to blow up again? >> first of all i just heard it on the video and the clip and i must tell you, that's exactly what happened, i must tell you, i was there, and once the pipe burst, it blew up all the water mains, we had no water, we called a state of emergency immediately, i signed an executive order immediately to bring mutualoid. mutual aid isn't just first respond, it's red cross and everyone else. and the people moving back into the neighborhood, what's most important, bill,
9:46 am
you're right, what caused this, how did this pipe blow up, how did it burst and who's responsible. bill: and how are you making sure that it doesn't happen again today? >> well, that's where i'm at right now. we had a press conference on friday, ntsb is on site, investigating. at the beginning of the process, they said it was going take 14-18 months. i immediately said that was unacceptable. now they're saying they're going to start reporting maybe a little earlier. we need to find out what it was so it doesn't happen. we have 6000 miles of high pressure, 30-inch main lines throughout the state, so the biggest issue is how do we prevent this from happening. we need to find out what happened there. bill: was this neglect? was this an old pipeline that should have been replaced and wasn't? >> you know, bill, kwhro*pb the -- i don't know the answer to that. what i do know, they do have a testing, that the pipe was around 60 years old, infrastructure is getting old, and just we need to know what happened. i hope it wasn't an old pipe but we don't know what it is, and that's what's most important right now and i'm committed to the people of san bruno, we're going to
9:47 am
find out sooner rather than later. bill: will that be today, a matter of days or longer than that? >> i hope it's a matter of days because this notion of 14-1 months, bill, totally unacceptable. we need to know now. like i said earlier, there's a lot of pipes and people are calling and saying hey, can this happen to me, is there a 30-inch pipeline under my neighborhood? those are the questions that need to be answered. and and i must tell you i'm working hard every day to find out. i want to know now, not tomorrow, i want to know now what happened. bill: you get a paranoid population out there every time they get a whiff of gas and make sure it doesn't happen in their neighborhood. vigilance, the key from california. there's another topic happening in your state that centers on bell, california that i want to shift topics to now. this has gotten outrage, not just in bell, california but across the country, when the city officials voted them raises and cost that town millions of dollars. the decision has been reached, $2.9 million in taxpayer -- taxpayer dollars will go back to the people who live in bell, california. it's been considered a,
9:48 am
quote, illegal tax, but now there's a question as to whether or not there were more, quote unquote, illegal taxes. we're about to find that out, too, in bell, california? >> i think so. i think we're going to hear a lot more. i can tell you on monday, i signed ab900 it gave $3 million back to the people. here you have a city council, bill, that raised the right arm to take the oath, to swear to protect their constituents and they embezeled, they stole money from them, it's incredible, illegally. it's incredible. they think they're above the law. bill: when i asked you that question, you said i think so. are you saying that we're about to find out that these people were bilked in other areas? >> i think so. and it just -- the story gets bigger and bigger, and you have five city council members and a city manager making $1.5 million a year. the money has to come from the taxpayers, and they stole it from them, illegally, via property taxes. it's amazing.
9:49 am
bill: well, the attorney general says he's going to make a major announcement this afternoon. we'll see if he follows up on that comment about more illegal taxes. lieutenant governor, thank you. abel maldonado from san francisco. we've taken a lot of questions on this. something you want to know? hemmer, also, on twitter, at bill hemmer. also access our website,"america's newsroom", and file your question right there. that's intriguing. i think so? two point nine million already going back to folks in this small town and more to come, maybe? that was a clear indication that he was -- >> martha: that's a domino effect when that starts to happen, they started something in bell, california. we'll see where it goes. well, this guy is probably not a member of florida's tourist board, i wouldn't say. >> take that and shove it up your -- >> i have it on video. >> you pennsylvania woodchuck, i don't give a -- about the job -- >> martha: what a welcome! to out of towners.
9:50 am
parked in the wrong spot, apparently. this goes on! the rather *t wrath of a meterman on a verbal rampage. >> you pennsylvania woodchuck. i don't give a -- about your job, a guy like you should figure it out. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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9:53 am
bill: quick check of the markets. they're off 13 points on the big board. some concerns, obviously, here at home and obviously over in europe, too. we'll watch that for you, down 12 points, 10514, at 9:53. martha: new developments in the scandal rocking arlington national cemetary, people all over america are outraged over scenes like this. remember this? un believable, tom stones, dumped in a nearby creek, that came after disturbing revelations that hundreds of american heroes were buried in unmarked graves when
9:54 am
their identity was known. or they were in mislabeled plots. this morning, a cemetary is set to exhume the remains of a marine killed in iraq, this after his family raised concerns he might be buried in the wrong place. steve centanni, live in washington, with more. steve, tell us a little about this latest incident. >> reporter: well, the
9:55 am
>> another one last night, but will the party leadership rally around them we had a great panel coming up on that. also take our online poll, fox news/"america's newsroom". martha: what about this? nancy pelosi, confident about keeping her job today, the house speaker saying
9:56 am
that democrats will hold on to their majority in the house. allan coombs will weigh in on her comments. we'll ask him about that. one of the primary winners from last night thinks that she's in for a bit of a surprise: >> if you sent her to washington i will be part of a wave, sweeping across this country that will result in 39 or more republicans elected who will remove nancy pelosi from the speaker's chair! we're facing some tough opposition today. i'm gonna need my biggest player. a change in the lineup? that little squirt? [ cheers and applause ] [ female announcer ] one bottle of ultra dawn has the grease-cleaning power of two of the leading non-concentrated brand, giving you double the cleaning ingredients in every drop. [ sponge ] way to go, kid. you really knocked the grease out of them. [ female announcer ] dawn does more... [ sponge ] so it's not a chore.
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10:00 am
after an ugly slugfest of the primary campaign and the win has democrats salivating over a slew of political fire at her and it will be interesting and is just the beginning, that is how we start a brand new hour of "america's newsroom," i'm glad to have you with us, i'm martha maccallum. bill: i'm bill hemmer, 7 weeks to go and chris coons is a county executive and is glad to face the political outsider instead of congressman castle, he says that, rather, she doesn't and with tempered support from the leadership of the republican party it could be a tough battle, here she is on "fox & friends," addressing that and other things, a bit earlier today. >> the same so-called political experts are the ones that said, i had no shot of taking down a 40-year political veteran, in this primary. and, we did that, with just a tenth of what my republican opponent raised, and we didn't only win, we won big.
10:01 am
martha: carl cameron live in the state capitol, dover, delaware. wow, this was an interesting night, talk to me a little bit about how things look on the ground, because the g.o.p. in delaware says they will not back her and they said, you have sarah palin, you don't need us. >> reporter: right, well, listen, the national republican senatorial committee last night said they were not going to give her a dime and it was going to be up to sarah palin and the tea party express to fund christine o'donnell and they said, today, look if she gets momentum we'll see what happens and the republican national committee said we congratulate her and have two victory offices in delaware that will help all the republicans a candidates and she can benefit from that but they will not come up with more money for them and they don't have that cash to spend in the r.n.c. anyway and to say delaware republicans were stunned by this might be a g.o.p. establishment spin and the truth of the matter is, it has been a dead-even tie here in the polls, and, we have been reporting for the better part of a week, that either
10:02 am
candidate could win because of how few votes will be cast in the total universe and it may be a shock to the republican establishment in washington. and, to some extent here in dover and in delaware, amongst those who have been in the business for some time but you ask the folks in the tea party moment and those watching christine o'donnell, and they say, it is not a shock to us and we knew it would be a nail-biter and that is what she said yesterday and lo and behold, she won. martha: they turned out for her, big time and it made all the difference, as you reported last night, carl talk to me about new hampshire, you have ayotte and lamontagne duking it out there? >> reporter: yes. a fascinating race, the republican primary for judd gregg's soon to be empty seat, and, ayotte is very very, popular, a dynamic, charismatic, fairly new person on the republican stage, and, an articulate woman, considered early on to be the establishment favorite, and at just about
10:03 am
every republican in the g.o.p. thought he was unbeatable and, then the candidate who supported the tea party the most aggressively is lamontagne and should not be considered an outsider or some sort of an anti-establishment republican, he's very active in new hampshire politics for some time but overtly went after the tea party movement in new jersey, and -- so to speak, new hampshire republicans and independents and libertarians have a flimsy fiscal conservatism that predates the tea party's popularity the last couple of years and lamontagne tapped into that and it looks like it is unclear, 85% of the vote, and essentially ayotte is up 46,000 to 45,000 votes, and less than a thousand votes, really, separating them, and, so, in new hampshire, where they are careful about counting, that was up for grabs, and, the republican nominee will face a democratic congressman who is imminently beatable and the republicans don't know which candidate it will be but think
10:04 am
they can take them down. martha: carl, fascinating stuff and we'll watch you through the fascinating journey we're on, in dover, delaware, good to see you, as always and you can get the latest political developments in the palm of your hand, download the america's election headquarters iphone app on-line at our web site and go to an app store and grab it as well, it is cool stuff and is fascinating. you want to be up to every detail. bill: and, stephen hayes and marion marsh are coming up to debate the topic you are talking about. stay tuned for that great panel and a big issue here, in the meantime, voters waiting to see what congress does about the expiring tax cuts, both parties divided over whether or not to extend them, to all americans, and, democratic leaders have yet to make a move on the issue and that change -- will that change today, we wonder, molly henneberg, camped out on the hill, what this is democrats' strategy at play. >> reporter: that is what everybody is waiting to see, how the democrats will proceed with this and the nation's most high-profile democrat, president
10:05 am
obama, will speak about the bush tax cuts later today. that is what we are given to expect. and, the tax cuts that are -- apply to virtually every taxpayer that are set to expire at the end of the year unless congress acts and the president said he wants to extend the tax cuts for households that make $250,000 or less and, democrats led my harry reid, are trying to figure out how to do that but as yet no bill is introduced. and reid said senate democrats are, quoted, united in wanting to extend the tax cuts, and he has not given a sense on what a bill might look like. at least two democrats, nebraska senator ben nelson and independent senator who caucuses with the democrats, joe lieberman, had said they may be receptive to republican opposition to this, and republicans want to extend the tax cuts, for all the taxpayers, and they say in the midst of the reserves it doesn't make sense to -- recession it doesn't make sense to raise taxes even on the weather. bill: and the lines are drawn here. the democrats are getting together now. how are republicans approaching
10:06 am
this, molly? >> reporter: the house minority leader, john boehner calls this a job-killing tax hike and, the senate minority leader, mitch mcconnell said there is, quote, bipartisan opposition to the tax increase. mcconnell introduced a package of tax cuts in the senate, that include, you know, repealing the estate tax and extending the tax cuts and today, bill the white house press secretary robert gibbs, he sent out a tweet, linking to a "washington post" article that says, hey, if mcconnell does this and the package gets through it will cost $4 trillion. so, this is a battle between both sides, and republicans really cannot do anything, they don't that he have numbers to do anything, without some democrats' support and as you say the battle lines are being drawn. bill: thank you, molly henneberg on the hill, watching it very closely as is the rest of the nation, martha. martha: about, another story we are watching closely, an american woman freed now after more than a year in a very tough iranian prison. she's now speaking out. sarah shourd landed in amman, into the arms of her mother,
10:07 am
very emotional scene yesterday and iran released her on $500,000 bail, which people thought was a strange request on their part and, chose to keep her companions behind bars and one of whom is her fiancee and the iranian army captured showered, shane bauer and josh fattal hiking along the border with iraq last july and she says she's grateful to be free, she cannot truly enjoy it without her friends. >> every innocent person in prison deserves the same support i have received, and i am very humbled, the more i learn about what people have done for me and what governments have done for me, the more i feel how many bell -- humbled. today the work of my days begin and all of my efforts starting today will go into helping procure the same freedoms for my fiancee, shane bauer and for my friend, josh fattal, because, i can't enjoy my freedom without them. martha: no doubt. coming up, in moments we'll talk
10:08 am
to the brother of josh fattal, and state department spokesman p. j. crowley, who has been very connected to the story will join us and talk about what will happen with the two men who remain in iran. that is coming up. bill: and in the meantime, lots of anti-washington sentiment running through every state in the country, right now, but, nancy pelosi says she's not worried about the house and democrats, come november. did you hear this? >> i feel pretty confident about the caliber of our candidates. our members, they are battle tested... bill: so very confident, the democratic candidates, is she overconfident? we wonder. alan colmes weighs in on that, live after the break and we'll check in with ac. martha: and a score for the anti-establishment candidate but bad news for the party senate the dark horse who kicked off a former congressman in the race for governor and why some say he may not stand a chance. bill: and, he stared death in the face and showed courage under fire, the first living medal of honor winner since the
10:09 am
vietnam war tells his story, to us. today. >> everyone was at risk. there are bullets all over the place and rpg's blowing up all over the place and you could see the muzzle flashes. from bullets leaving the enemy's guns that were not too far away. everyone was at risk. yellowbook has always been good for business.
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visit and go beyond yellow. martha: some are calling this a wave election, and political pundits saying the republicans could take both houses of congress in november. but, the speaker of the house, nancy pelosi, says she's not worried. she's fully confident that democrats will hold on to their majority, in her chamber, listen to this: >> i feel pretty confident about the caliber of our candidates, and our members are battle-tested and have won these districts before and can win them again. i'm not yielding one grain of sand. i wants the big, strong majority
10:13 am
we have and i feel certain that we will. martha: a lot of confidence there, let's bring in alan colmes, the host of the alan colmes radio show, what else would she say, she's the head of her party and she has to be optimistic. >> i wouldn't be overconfident and democrats realize they have a real battle on their hands and, the in-office party an out of office party, will gain seats and it is likely republicans take over the house at least, and, maybe she has to signal to the troops, to motivate them. martha: no doubt. and no doubt in my mind that is why she did that. >> or say, we're in trouble and have to work hard to retain what we have. martha: don't they know that, if not they're in big trouble. >> i would like to see her be more humble about the possibility, the democrats, it's not a sure thing. martha: you are saying, you think she'll lose her job. >> i didn't say i didn't -- >> you think she will. >> there's a good possibility they will and i wouldn't signal overconfidence. by statements like that.
10:14 am
martha: yes. >> unless she feels she has to do it for the job. martha: that is probably the case. we'll see. and, what she is doing behind the scenes to help her candidates. i want your thoughts on what happened last night. as i'm sure, you are -- tell me why the thumbs up. what are you happy about. >> christine -- so-called tea party candidates are so far out of the mainstream in terms of their views, and they want to -- want to overhaul social security and medicare and o'donnell cannot depend on her own finances, and, defaulted on her mortgage and is a boon for democrats to have the far right wing candidates, incomprehensible in some cases, be victorious, lasts night. i mean, i think -- also, in new york state, you have the guy, paladino, who circulated the racist and sexually graphic e-mails a few months ago, and andrew cuomo was basically elected governor of new york, yesterday. martha: all right, and, the allegations aside, you know, christine o'donnell talked about her taxes and so forth this
10:15 am
morning. and said those situations have been remedied. >> okay. martha: no doubt in my mind it will come out in the wash in the coming months and let's leave this as it is, but what i'm fascinated by is the fact when you go down the list of moderate republicans who were pushed out, specter, bill bennett, lisa murkowski, mike castle, it is a growing list, and, it does indicate, and tim kaine was on this morning, on "fox & friends" and said, look, you know, the more they push moderates out the more chance we have to pull them in. >> i think conservatives showed yesterday, they hate republicans more than liberals. there's a real division among the right, between mainstream republicans and the tea party conservative candidates who wants to take over and dick armey said he wants a posse eta of the republican party. martha: he would not come out in support of christine o'donnell. >> but he'd rather have her than
10:16 am
democrats, i talked to him last night and people like richard nixon and reagan and george h. w. bush would not be nominated in the republican party, the icons of republicans -- richard nixon was -- >> i wonder if we are seeing a sea change on both sides, people are less and less in favor of aligning themselves with a democrat or republican and they talk about what matters to them and a lot of democrats were taken in by what you called the so-called tea party candidates, who believe they tanked enough already and there are democrats who are pulled over to that way of thinking and republicans who are shying away from night i haven't seen a lot of data on democrats being pulled over to vote for tea party candidates, i'm not sure how many democrats, are supporting tea party, martha, i haven't seen that. martha: we'll see. >> i'd like to see the data on that. martha: this big indication from last night is if you have been around and held office, you are in trouble. >> there is an anti-incumbency fever, no question about that but it is more on the republican
10:17 am
side, because of the far right tea party candidates. martha: i don't know how you can say that, because of what is likely to happen to democrats. >> the in office party will always lose seats but there is more divisiveness, there is an intra-party fight along the republicans and tea party candidates are trying to do a hostile takeover of the party. i don't think it is good for republicans but who am i to tell republicans what to do. i'll get the popcorn out and can't wait to sit down and watch. martha: neither can we, alan, thank you. bill: you talked from chaos comes clarity. indeed. thank you, alan. martha: thanks. bill: 1 minutes past, one home, two to go, sha sarah shourd, fr from an iranian prison and two companions are still be locked up and, the brother of one of them will join us next and someone is having a bad day. >> shove it up your [bleeped]. >> i have it on video.
10:18 am
>> i could give a damn list, you pennsylvania super woodchuck. martha: what is a super wood chuck? what got the man all riled up, in case headed for court and we have a legal panel on this and we'll show you the rest of the tape. woo-hoo! [meow] desperate for nighttime heartburn relief? for many, nexium helps relieve heartburn symptoms caused by acid reflux disease. and for the majority of patients with prescription coverage for nexium,
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10:21 am
bill: wants to alert you to what is happening on the hill now, in the room we expect the republican house leadership to' merge and here they are. that is john boehner, and eric cantor, and mike pence, from indiana. mike pence is now the -- at the microphone there, and we expect questions on the turnout from last night. the results from last night. and, also what happens with christine o'donnell, who late last night, on the senate side of the republican party, said they would not back her in her
10:22 am
bid to take down chris coons and earlier today, mitch mcconnell on the republican senate side said he would and we're waiting for questions that are relevant to that issue an end when they happen we'll bring it to you live on "america's newsroom." stand by, breaking news in a moment here. martha: all right, we will be getting back to that in the hill and in the meantime, the families of three american hikers held in iran for more than a year are now reacting to the release of sarah shourd. the 32-year-old was freed yesterday, in neighboring amman and her mother, of course was grateful to have her daughter back, you can see them embracing, very emotional moment for them, of course and the families of the remaining two men, her fiancee, shane bauer and josh fattal are demanding that iran free them as well. joining me now is alex, josh's brother and we have spoken throughout the course of this while thing and you spoke to sarah. what did she say. >> sar race more resolved than anybody to make sure josh and
10:23 am
shane are home and home immediately and they enabled sarah to pull through the long and difficult detention and of course she was in solitary confinement for a long period of time and all three of them rely on each other, and all in this bind together and should have all come out together. and we are grateful that she is released and grateful that iran's finally took the step to make a humanitarian act, and released her. and we are grateful to the imam and the world leaders around the world and this is really a global issue and has been stuck in an american-iranian thing and just yesterday, ban ki-moon, secretary-general of the united nations spoke out, and said -- >> a tremendous out pouring and so much attention and i wonder what was said, all the -- you have not heard from your brother, no letters, no nothing. >> no. martha: what did she tell you about their condition, and had
10:24 am
she seen them recently. >> she managed to say good-bye and that is wonderful, they at least got the opportunity to say good-bye and josh and shane are extremely happy that sarah is out and we're hoping that it is not going to be long, we are calling on president mahmoud ahmadinejad to bring shane and josh with him when he comes to the u.n. general assembly meeting next week and asked it last year and said right before he came he'd ask the judiciary to treat the case with maximum leniency and expeditiously and here we are a year later and the case has not progressed. >> it must be painful for you and must have been hard for sarah to walk out of that place, as happy as she was to get out and to go out alone must have been difficult for her and as you said she made it clear it would be her number one mission to get them out. but, p. j. crowley from the state department also called upon mahmoud ahmadinejad, and saying, look you are coming to the u.n., next week, please bring these two young men with you. and, any gauge of, you know, how, whether or not that is a
10:25 am
possibility? >> we are keeping everything crossed. we believe that he can take a humanitarian action, and i think the world will really appreciate that. i mean, i think it would really help so many things. martha: you are so right. and everybody is hoping and praying that your brother, and shane bauer, who is now sarah's fiancee, they both make it back, and thank you very much for being with us and our support to you and your family and others, i know it is very, very difficult for all of you. thank you, alex. good to have you. all right. bill: fingers crossed, right? prayers are out there now, 25 minutes past the hour now. victory for the tea party and -- in delaware and defeat for a long serving republican, we'll debate that fair and balanced on what an outsider's victory means for the republican party, heading into midterms. and we're on deck with that.
10:26 am
martha: and for something, maybe different, lady gaga trading tweets with the most powerful democrat in the senate, calling him out an answering him on a push to reform the u.s. military. ♪ ring ring. progresso. everyday i eat your soups, i save a lot of money. that's great. so, your rich and hearty soups have made me, rich and hearty. that's funny. i'm hearty because of your juicy steak, your potatoes... you're really, rich and happy. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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bill: as promised here's the house minority leader john boehner talking about taxes. during the break, he reiterated what his view is on that. all americans should have a tax cut, in place, even after the first of january. let's listen to the question and answer on the hill now. with the house republican leadership. bill: that's a long question, we'll be patient. >> i talked to my members, a year-and-a-half ago. about the fact that they need to work with their constituents, they need to listen to their constituents. they need to engage with people. and, by and large, as you look at house republican incumbent members they've done a good job of reaching out and working with all of their constituents.
10:31 am
bill: asked about his comment on the tax cuts, and that was his lead answer. during the commercial break. and also, mike pence and eric cantor prior to that with aspects of the house republican leadership talking about the tax cuts and it will be a major issue of the next 7 weeks of the midterms and john boehner is taking that on, today. we apologize, you can't hear the questions. >> well i think it is all a bit premature. we have a lot of work to do. in order to earn the majority back. but, if we're able to earn the majority back, we want to do so, to renew our efforts, for a smaller less costly and more accountable government here in washington, d.c. bill: john boehner, house minority leader, more headlines when we get them, happening now on capitol hill and also, reaction to what we saw last night in the -- in a matter of moments here, a tea party victory in delaware, the headline this morning, at least according to some of the
10:32 am
republicans' most prolific minds, it may not have been a victory, christine o'donnell with a major victory and, first you heard from karl rove on hannity and christine o'donnell reacting on "fox & friends" and listen carefully and we'll debate night it does conservatives little good to support candidates who at the end of the day while they may be conservative in their preliminary statements do not evince the characteristics of recollectude and truthfulness and sincerity and character the voters are looking for... >> he's seeing he's one of the so-called experts whose credibility was hurt last night because he was here in delaware meeting with a lot of the tea party folks asking them not to get behind me and their response was, you are asking us to put party power over principles, you obviously don't understand what is going on in the country, this year. bill: all right, so what about all of this? and where does it stand today? mary ann marsh, former advisor
10:33 am
to john kerry in boston, good morning to you, mary ann and... >> hey there, bill. bill: and stephen hayes, senior writer for "the weekly standard" and a fox news contributor. it started in washington, what do you make of karl rove suggesting now that the republicans have no shot at taking back the senate because of what happened in delaware? >> well, i think he's right. i mean, i think the concern going in was that christine o'donnell was less likely to be elected than mike castle and i think it was a practical consideration. the problem with christine o'donnell, i think is that, you know, there are lots of conservatives who agree with her on issue after issue after issue. but there's a clear record of distortions and answers she has given with problematic financial issues she has had in her past that will be fodder for democrats in the final 7 weeks of the campaign. which virtually would assure the democrat will be elected. bill: she has been asked about the question and listening to several interviews already this
10:34 am
morning she said the issue about a foreclosed house and an issue with the irs was cleared up within a day. she said it was a misunderstanding. and, that was dismissed. with regard to her student loans, she says she doesn't come from a trust fund family. and, it is -- took 12 years to pay off the loans for college. what is wrong with that? i mean, it may make her an "every woman". >> nothing at all and is a good argue tumement to make and ther question whether he attended princeton, in the a lawsuit she filed or was and in matriculated undergraduate and there are a lot of things with the lawsuit she filed in delaware she has not revolved and has not revolved them largely because he cannot resolve them and the problem i think she faces is the things that people are using against her, and the questions people are raising about her, come largely from interviews that she has given or the lawsuit that she filed and these are her words. and i think that will continue
10:35 am
to create problems for her, going forward. bill: let me get mary ann marsh in on here. i think, there is a bigger picture we are overlooking, frankly. and that is the fact that a woman who never once in state office in delaware and beat a guy in congress for years and beat him badly, by 6-7 points. what are the voters in delaware saying about the current condition, whether in the state of delaware or in the country today? >> i think, i think what you are seeing, bill, everywhere is you have tea party members who are mad at republicans. you have democrat liberals who are mad at democrats, and, as a result, when tea party candidates win, in races that democrats have all but written off, now, they have a chance to be at least competitive and probably win some of them. and that ills a good place for democrats to be. the bigger picture from there, however is this election now for the next 48 days, is no longer about democrats or republicans. it's about independent voters. over the past year you looked at poll and you have seen the pr
10:36 am
precipitous drop, they've had in pois the polls, including president obama, has come from independent voters, and now with a lot of the tea party candidates, you don't have to get all of them, only some of them and if the president's popularity goes up even a few points, the close races that like like they'll go to republicans could go to the democrats and we'll have a different atmosphere... bill: that is a story line we followed closely in 2008. and here we are, 24 months later, and looks like it is flipped on its head any and the point o'donnell makes in delaware is that she says there are as many registered independents in that state, as there are republicans, and, upon that, is where she makes the case she can win in november, 7 weeks from now. >> i disagree with mary ann, the tea party has been almost entirely a positive for small government conservatives and people who favor limited government and look at poll after poll after poll on issues, issues-specific polling you will
10:37 am
find independents line up with conservatives, and republicans running for office, far more than they do with democrats, right now. i think that christine o'donnell is likely to be the almost in that question, if tea party conservatives have been a positive in almost every situation she's likely to be the almost. but look where we where the enthusiasm and the energy is and in wisconsin last night, the gubernatorial race, scott walker won and he'll be facing tom barrett, a democrat in wisconsin governor's race, and the loser of the republican primary, mark newman won 237,000 votes. which was 27,000 more votes than the winner of the democratic primary was, and it wasn't a competitive primary but gives you an indication, as to where the enthusiasm is, in a state like wisconsin which is purple and has been trending blue. bill: we've seen that in state after state. a point to make there, stephen, thank you, and mary ann marsh, thanks as well, a lot to talk about, and we have been asking our viewers to weigh in all morning, should the republican party give christine o'donnell a
10:38 am
chance, 8500 people voted and overwhelming support for her and saying she should get the support of the republican party and mitch mcconnell says she has his support and take part in our survey, nonscientific, we say,"america's newsroom," on-line right now. martha: a heated battle and a struggle within the party, within both parties, really and a big cycle for political outsiders and underdogs in the races, not just talking about christine o'donnell. look: incoumbent candidates lost primary bids in at least 8 seats, four were republicans, four democrats. sitting senators, sitting congressmen, upset, by relatively unknown candidates. that is the story here, folks. much of that due in part to the political movement that has swept the nation, known that's tea party. they claim senate primary victories in 8 states, so far. from delaware in the east to the final frontier, in alaska. with the murkowski race, a lot to be written on all of this, to come in the weeks, and the
10:39 am
house, tea party won big in five states, and the latest last night in maryland. so, it is getting interesting, bill. bill: yeah, it is. martha: indeed. bill: why we do this job. martha: why it is so much fun! bill: i'm telling you. someone is having a case of the blue mondays. the bad, bad... >> parking attendant is giving me a ticket and i'm like, hey, buddy, wait a second. bill: yeah. the meter man, and the road rage. and the fine words he has for the folks in pennsylvania, apparently. martha: we have an update. bill: and the right to sue over a sooearing rant. >> you don't even know what that means, shove it up your... [bleeped] i could give a damn less, you [bleeped].
10:40 am
10:41 am
10:42 am
>> i'm jon scott, along with jenna lee. >> who am i again? >> jenna lee, in 19 minutes, a packed hour of tv, and the biggest names behind the upset victory of christine o'donnell in delaware. >> spill is one of them and jim
10:43 am
demint is also going to join us and karl rove, who said o'donnell's election was bad news for the g.o.p. and he's going to tell jon why. >> coming up, along with breaking news and denzel washington. happening now. ♪ martha: a story of the day, folks, a parking attendant in a bad temper, you might say facing a legal battle. >> i could give a damn less... martha: after -- i'll play it for you, he lost his cool while writing a ticket, all of it caught on tape and the florida man says, the volunteer worker -- volunteer worker was harassing them, and, harassing his wife after she questioned the violation. and her husband caught up with neert m meter man a few hours later and this is the operative phrase and here's what happened after he threatened his job. >> shove that up your [bleeped]. >> i have this on video. >> i do give a damn left you pennsylvania scooper woodchuck.
10:44 am
i don't give a [bleeped] about the job, a guy like you, [bleeped], and see what that says, volunteer! you don't even know what [bleeped] that means! take that and shove it up your [bleeped]. >> i have this on video... martha: whoa! okay, the wife says he kept yelling at her even after he took the ticket away and said don't worry, you don't have to pay the ticket -- probably not in those words! but he took it away and kept yelling, kimberly guilfoyle, and, tamara is a fox news contributor and, he's not a happy camper, a volunteer as he said, a volunteer meter guy and does not have -- will not lose the job and kimberly, what do you make of this. >> what happened to being courteous to one another, it is a shame and he has serious anger management issues an should be like a volunteer in like the usc or wwf, instead! because, he's really getting
10:45 am
crazy there. but, he is not going to necessarily be someone that the city will have to pay money damages for, and the penalty and i don't think they will be able to proceed in a lawsuit, and actually get damages. he already resigned from the post and that is what are supposed to do, if you are discourteous, according to the employee's manual and he's a volunteer but i think, the city should be put on notice, that you really shouldn't have volunteers like this, if you are going to do law enforcement, and, giving out violation and parking tickets. and, unless you are properly trained. martha: i wonder about the circumstances of the couple as well, a few hours passed and he didn't write her a ticket and did forgo the ticket, and said things that bothered her and a few hours liter her husband searched for the guy and has a video camera in his hand and is shooting the whole thing. >> women have a way of getting husbands riled up and that is probably what happened here and
10:46 am
she probably went to her husband and said look at the mean meter maid guy and he came after he and he was going to give me a ticket. go after him and i don't understand why there is a delay, and owe that's thithe other thi with kimberly, how isser than the couple will hire get money out of this? there were no damages. martha: good question. >> no damages, no fight, no ticket. so, there was not an arrest. what do we have here? we just have an angry meter maid, angry person supposed to get a ticket and didn't, and, this is a moot point at this point. martha: yes, kimberly the husband goes back and talks to the guy, and they get into an argument, as you pointed out, bad manners on both sides and no criminal act here, right. >> right. and by the way, we need an interpreter. what is a wood -- >> i know! i wonder the same thing. >> i'm glad you asked that question, one of our favorite teachers in pennsylvania, kathy e-mailed he, he has not saying
10:47 am
pennsylvania scooper, the word isn't scooper, it is the name of the river in east pennsylvania, that runs through pennsylvania schukyill. >> how does a wood chuck end up in florida from pennsylvania, does it float down the river or what? martha: i don't know! if you need something in your back pocket, you want to be mean and call somebody that, use that, and i'm sure people are proud to be from there and don't consider that an ninsult at all thank you very much, ladies. no case. bill: tamara did a good job, i saw her at the eminem concert last night at yankee stadium, good to see you are thinking straight, we heard that language last night, didn't we! f-bombs everywhere! martha: good that you run into her at the eminem concert. bill: she said, i'll see you
10:48 am
tomorrow, i said i'm going home to bed. martha: she's sharp, she can do that, eminem concert and back the next morning, no problemo. bill: in a moment he's the first living medal of honor recipient since the vietnam war speaking to fox news, staff sergeant salvatore guinta, on what pushed him above and beyond the call to duty. >> i think about it every day. it was a very significant event, in my life, and... it was a hard event. i think about it, every day.
10:49 am
10:50 am
10:51 am
bill: a story we promised now, touching, the first living recipient of the medal of honor since the vietnam war, now telling his story to fox news. and the fight in the mountains of afghanistan. that earned him the army's highest award for valor.
10:52 am
our pentagon correspondent, jennifer griffin has more. >> reporter: soldiers called it the most dangerous place in the world, the war documentary, restrepo illustrated how dangerous it was in the valley. a lot of men became heros out there. just one was chosen for the medal of choohonor, the first recipient of the nation's highest medal of valor, salvatore guinta assigned to the 173rd air borne brigade told us about what he remembered of october 25, 2007 when he rescued two soldiers while taking heavy enemy fire. >> we walked into an l-shaped ambush and you could see the muzzle flashes, from bullets leaving the enemy's guns that weren't too far away. everyone was at risk. sometimes they whistled and sometimes they cracked and there
10:53 am
is a close you got hit but not hurt close and the close where it snaps by your head but you are not hit and the whiz, that is a little bit further away than the crack. >> reporter: he saw sergeant josh brennan being hauled away by the taliban. >> we may never have gotten my son's body back and he saw they were carrying him into the woods, and, they were -- he was captured by the taliban and when he got to josh, josh was severely wounded, and, held his hand and talked to him and comforted him, and tried to hell him everything was going to be okay. >> reporter: brennan died of his wounds but didn't fall into enemy hands, the commander at the time, the major nominated him for the medal. >> i've never seen or heard of anything that heroic before, and he was shot twice in the abdomen on his -- this base plate for his body armor and shot again a
10:54 am
third time in the at-4 locket launcher strapped to his back and he couldn't move, they did'nt have any cover or any concealment to hide behind or protect themselves. >> reporter: the sergeant doesn't have nightmares, he says. >> no, that is not something i dream about, that is something i think about in the day time. i think about it every day. >> reporter: the sergeant did not grow up wanting to be a soldier. >> i was working at subway at the time, and, i was mopping the floors and it was like 10:00 at night, and, you know, the radio is on, and, they started saying, the army recruiters are giving out free t-shirts and, i'm a sucker for a free t-shirt, i guess. >> reporter: he married his wife, jennifer, last november, and is in no hurry to return to comb combat. >> combat is not a good thing. >> reporter: he says he doesn't feel like a hero. >> no monther than every, single service member in the united states military today. bill: first since the vietnam war, to receive such an honor. martha: and he, like -- you
10:55 am
know, like other heros, he says i didn't do anything anybody else would have done and the sergeant said it was absolutely extraordinary and the family whose son's body was able to be brought home because of the heroic moves of that man, thoughts, prayers go out to all of them and congratulations to them. bill: we honor both of them, today. thank you, jennifer. martha: coming up on "happening now", sarah palin will weigh in on the two -- excuse me -- on the two huge tea party victories, that happened last night and she will be with us in minutes, on fox news channel, coming up on "happening now." bill: oh, yeah. martha: when worlds collide, you might say, what do harry reid and lady gaga have in common? what do you think they have in common? ♪
10:56 am
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martha: senate majority leader harry reid is listening to lady gaga. maybe not on his ipod but he's definitely following her on twitter, at least the folks in his office are. he took supposedly tkpwa*eu military vets. they said call harry reid to schedule a senate sro*et. now senator reid's camp is twittering back saying we see you loud and clear lag lady gaga. bill: her costume at the music awards was like 14 feet wide. thanks to everybody who voted online. we've had well over 10,000 votes already. should the republican party get incendorsed and behind christine o'donnell. karl rove weighs in. sarah palin is weighing in. stay tuned for all of that coming up here. martha: we will see


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