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tv   Glenn Beck  FOX News  September 15, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> america, tonight here is the choice: you get to choose, what is what america is about. are you for big and possibly global government? special interests? and too big to fail? or close two: limited government run by "we the people," and moms and dads are the special interest, the entrepreneur is the special interest. and personal responsibility. that is your choice. and i don't mean the choice of giving the republicans elected in november. no, no, no, democrats. no, this is beyond the donkey and elephant. america is at a fork in the road. and you have to choose.
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but i think you are already choosing. we will go into that in a second. come on, and now some work. hello, america. just about a year and a half ago i went on the air with a goal in mind. i can't believe that how much things have changed. remember i was in this studio, i looked different back then, and i wanted to remind people: wake up; wake up.
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we have to work with the out-of-control government and the politics from both sides of the aisle, surrounded. the people who actually pay their taxes and do not spend more than they earned. which was it in the people that believed he said there should be a tea party. he said a mouthful. because that is where it started. he and the rest of america probably never envisioned a day like yesterday happening quite so quickly. remember i told you that
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you -- this was the -- what was it? june maybe, or july. i told you there is a cycle and you think that you are defeated because they keep moving forward, but you've won! you've won. the tea party candidates racked up more victories last night. this time in delaware, and the new york primaries. everybody in the media is talking about delaware and new york. that's great. but they missed the complete story. it's not solely about the candidates who won in new york and delaware. they may be great, they may stink on ice. i don't know. i leave that up to other people to take care of on the other shows. i'm not voting in either new york or delaware. these guys are just the latest. it's happened over and over and over again. and yet, the tea party keeps being dismissed. in alaska, joe miller beat senator lisa murkowski. but he did more than that. he ended a three-decade family dynasty. lisa murkowski's dad was a senator from 1981 until 2002.
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then he was in utah, mike lee emerged and incumbent bob bennett was ousted. he was seeking his fourth term though he originally promised he would serve two terms and then he quit. he served 18 years. kentucky rand paul defeated republican establishment favorite trey grayson. paul won with about 59% of the vote. the tea party is a force. when has something like this happened in politics before? can you remember a time? i can't. it is amazing. no matter how much money, no matter how much the media throws over and over and over again, the tea partys grow bigger and bigger in the media and the politicians in washington don't see it. i don't know why i'm surprised. "time" didn't even run picture of tea party in year in pictures last year. remember that? i don't know how you can miss it now. look what you have done.
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you have, you've done the impossible. you've gone in 18 months from feeling helpless to a powerhouse that my favorite line in the drudge report was this morning and it said, "establishment freaked." great! you've done all of this against all of the special interest forces of the establishment. many times running candid dates -- you want to talk about don't have a traditional political pedigree. i mean, a lot of these people are just simply awful on the campaign trail. but you would rather have somebody who is not a good politician but has common sense. these are regular moms and dads, plumbers, bakers, shop owners. you did it. when i said, "you did it," i don't mean you won this election. last night, you won the election. but this isn't mission accomplished. there's a mighty battle going on. i just wanted to take a
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moment and say look at this. again, can you show the drudge report? i love this. i saw this, this morning when i got up and i celebrated right here. establishment freaks! that's fantastic! remember what the hippies said in the '30s? "don't trust the establishment, man." you guys have sold out so far, haven't you? yes. maybe it's all the dope you smoked. anyway, the establishment g.o.p. and they're just the beginning really. not just the g.o.p. the democrats are freaking as well. the media is freaking out. they've got to figure out a way to stop the tea party goers, because you're winning and they have all the power, so they thought. the establishment g.o.p. being the elitist they've become, estimating their power against the tea party. this is great news. so do the democrats.
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the g.o.p., the g.o.p. is like ivan grego in "rocky iv." yes, i'm going to the "rocky" well. everybody thought he couldn't lose. until they landed a punch that changed everything. the g.o.p. didn't believe it was possible to beat the machine they have built. now they realize it and now they're freaking out. they don't know what to do. i don't know anything about christine o'donnell, because i don't vote in delaware and the political analysts on this network are far superior than i am. i look at the big picture. faith, hope and charity is what i work on and 8-28. i find it interesting that the establishment is yelling at her, calling her nuts saying that she, she hasn't paid a bill! really? i wonder if anybody in the media will look at her opponent in the general election. chris coons. does the word "progressive" come to mind? dare i say it.
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marxist. someone should look into him. they are saying she will cost the republicans a seat because they think she will lose the general election. i got to tell you something. first of all, the guy we just got rid of was, that was a republican? really? it's not about republicans or democrats. i could care less -- i couldn't care less about the democrats or the republicans. it is about values and principles. if the g.o.p. was so concerned about the seat, why until today were they refusing to support her in the general election? i'll tell you why. because they only care about their own power. and these people are a threat to the power, the little system that both parties have set up that george washington warned us about. well, there is good news. there was so many complaints that were pouring in to washington and the g.o.p., they were not stupid. they started looking at it going wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. the g.o.p. back tracked and now they're going to back
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her. yet another victory for the tea party. you have done it. you have done it right way. you haven't globed on to some labor union. you haven't tied yourself to big money or special interest groups. your moms and dads, despite what nancy pelosi says, this is a legitimate grass roots movement that didn't try to trick the american people in to a general jingoistic name for their group. like america, the successful and happy america to hide behind. you have done it, really, the way that the name suggests center for american progress or center for the american way, those names suggest really this. honesty. decency. just people coming together. it is the equivalent of david and goliath. you're up against everyone in this country with power and you won!
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because you are upfront about what you believe. see, i have this crazy little notion if you just tell the american people the truth, they will sense it. if you are lying to them, it will eventually come undone and then you are toast. if you made your case to the american people and the people are responding, wouldn't it be great if everybody in both parties did the same? the progressives who think the constitution is outdated. hey, why don't you honestly say that. instead of dancing around fancy words, you know why you don't? because you can't. you know the american people won't go down that road. so you just smoke your pipe and come up with fancy ways of saying it that people don't understand or so you think. but thomas jefferson was right. the american people may make mistakes, but they will figure it out. and then they will correct it. and you're seeing the beginning of the correction. let's just have the debate, will you? don't hide behind groups like center for american progress. just say what you mean and mean what you say. so, last night was a big
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victory. but what would glenn beck be if it wasn't for glenn beck being the buzz-kill? let me say what i've been saying all along. this movement is bigger than any one election cycle. you cannot turn this ship, which the size of 1400 aircraft carriers around overnight. you can't do it in a week. you can't do it in a month. maybe not a year. you're certainly not going to do it with one election. it took progressives 100 years to get where they are today and there is much, much more to do. i also think remember the adage i've been saying to you, "the truth shall set you free, but first it will make you miserable." you may have real losses coming this next election season. you might. because the press is not going to do their job. it's going to be incumbent to you and incumbent on you to get people out to vote. i don't care who you vote for, republican, democrat or independent. but our founders knew that they were the stop gap when all three branchs of
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government would fail, you would step to the plate. you've got to get out in record numbers. you have to make this a historic, a historic turn-out. so, here is what i think is the most important thing to do to be able to get people, because who is against this? really, honestly. limited government, run by we the people, moms and dads and entrepreneurs and personal responsibility. who in america could possibly be against that? who's for big and global government run by special interest and keep unveiling people out that are too big to fail? what? you're not talking to the republicans. you are -- all of these things. these things, they go limited, smart government helps the people who really are in need. these things, democrats want, too. not progressives. certainly not revolutionaries. but democrats do.
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here is the thing you have to do. this is very important that tea party movement gets this. i'm speaking as an outsider here. kind of extreme makeover tea party edition. better yet, have you heard about the show -- i heard about it. i have not watched it. the show on tlc "what not to wear"? that is what needs to happen. i want to tread carefully here because i know the tea party movement, the 9.12 movement, 8-28, everything, based on principles. i want to make sure that you understand clearly if you change who you are, if you change or compromise your principles, you will lose. so i'm not talking about any of that. i'm saying that maybe it's time to lose, oh, i don't know, the statue of liberty costume. maybe no more dressing up like abe lin come or putting the finger on your head or obama is a socialist t-shirt. you might want to put it back in the drawer.
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let me explain why. what was missing in all the coverage of 8-28? besides any fact. what was missing? do you remember the build-up? all the hate that will be on display, all the racists, dishonoring mlk. they didn't seem to be any hatred there. the coverage was amazingly not about the crowd. why? a couple of reasons. one, that's not who you are. you're not haters. two, the media, i don't know who suggested that maybe you leave the signs at home. the media wasn't given the opportunity to take anything out of context. there were no signs. sure, the huffington post tried to do the obligatory crazy people at the event. he's crazy because he is wearing red white and blue shirt. these guys are crazy and out of touch. don't they look like your neighbors? crazy! the founding fathers? this is crazy.
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the constitution. these are actually from the huffington post. this is what they were left wi with, a shirt that red "restoring honor." who thinks that crazy besides charlie rangel? it's very important that you understand the image. the image. do what you want to do, but when you dust off the statue of liberty costume and wears it to a rally, guess who gets plastered on the front page of the news? you. i was in seattle a year ago and there were 10,000 people there. i was leaving and saw someone wearing the statue of liberty outfit. i thought to myself that will be the one person they pick -- just to make you look like you're crazy. guess what was in the "seattle p.i." the next morning? that one person. here is the media's goal. here is the establishment's goal. i have news for you. g.o.p. was the establishment that headline was talking
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about. that is not the only establishment freaking out. the media is freaking out as well. anyone who has power. whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. we liked you being little serfs. you're not being obedient. here is the latest from a new website launched for the sole purpose making you in to the crazy costume person. the racist or the conspiracy theorist. they are going to try to make you into anything that you are not. see, look at what they're doing. what are they doing? by the way, who is behind this group? that is think progress. a left wing radical website. that is -- i'm pretty sure funded by soros. the naacp. the new left media and media matters. can you count the number of times soros was mentioned without saying his name? they're trying to get the average person to look at the images on tv and say okay, well, i'm not like that.
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i would never wear the pig nose. that's the deal. they want you to walk away from these people saying that is not me, because the average person. look. these are average people. they have never done this before. they've never done this before. you cannot discredit the movement now. you've made it! you've made it. dress normally. take the signs down. because what we're talking about now are leaders of the free world. you have the character to do that. but they are judging you not only the content of -- not on the content of your character but on your signs and clothing. as much as my daughter says dad, i don't care what people say about my clothing, well, other people do. other people do. don't give the media even a chance to typecast you. don't bring your signs. bring your children. don't know you know the power
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of your children? bring your family. you're in a position of power now and you're witnessing the end of the establishment. you can win. don't let the g.o.p. or media or democrats saying that a woman in delaware can't win. they said she couldn't win the primary. remember that? keep standing for the constitution. stand for your family and personal responsibility. living your life with honor. common sense. not the party. and if you take off the statue of liberty dress, and you put the signs down, that will be the only thing the media will be able to focus on. the content of your character. people will come. because the democrats see it now as well. can't look like a bunch of disgruntled republicans or
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disgruntled independents. because it's going to be disgruntle republicans, independents and democrats. that if we drop all the label, the real label should be it's a group of people that are americans that are tired of being pushed in to places that make no sense. it's not going to be, it's not going to be long lasting if you allow yourself to be labelled the crazy t-shirt people. be who you are. because who you are is amazing. who you are is the people with power now. we the people. be who you are. because trust me, the day i can get out of the media business, i'm going to take a long hot shower and try to get clean. it will be like a lifetime
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movie for a while. "i can't get clean!" the day i can get out of the media, i'm going to get out of the media. be who you are. because i have seen a lot in the media. and a lot of people in the media that work overtime just to make you look like something you are not. 
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>> glenn: all right. for many who have just gotten active in the last year or so, it's hard to imagine how far the establishment will go to protect the power that they have built up. i think personally it's a little like a chess game. we've, somewhere around here, we have three-dimensional chess game. but to make it a little simpler, it really is. you have to think several moves ahead. have you noticed this? the stakes are huge. it's all or nothing. i notice that the dnc chairman tim kaine came out and said that the g.o.p. is in a civil war right now. when i heard that, i thought
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civil war? man! that's where brother fought brother. that tore families apart. that's not what is happening. we're not family tearing each other apart. we're not fighting about it. some of us are misguided. a lot of people think i'm misguided. but it's not a civil war. it's a class war. and on one side we have the elite. the other side we have the regular people. it is the same on the democr democrats' side as well. what this is for the democrats is a fight for the soul of their party. the only difference is that republicans, at least a lot of the tea party people have admitted it. you know, they're not still playing the old establishment game. trying to use regular people as pawns. it's a game of chess. i want to show you here. here is how it works.
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if you have a game of chess, you have the king and queen, right? then you have the bishops. you know why the, on the chess board -- there is a bishop. on the chess board, you always have the king and queen. sitting next to the bishop, the king and the queen is the bishop. you know why? the bishop was the advisor. then you have rooks which are the knights and then the rooks. the protection of the castle and the knights. who are these people? who are these people? then there is one more. this. these are pawns. pawns. the way to win at chess is to know these are meaningless. remember, you're the king and queen. you are going to listen to the church, the advisors, you're going to send your knights out and protection of the castle.
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these are pawns. these are serfs. they don't mean anything. they never meant anything to the king and queen. you got it? who are the king and queen and advisors and the knights, the protection of the castle? well, if i may, i think you've got soros. i think you have -- i don't even know. valley jarret. you have cass sunstein advising. you have van jones, a knight that will go out and fight hard. then you have the labor unions. andy stern, trumpca. and the labor unions are the ones that are really like yeah, yeah, really. go out, go out and just fight for us. stand with us. really? well, who do we have on the other side? by the way, does anybody notice that barack and
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michelle obama are not in this. hmm. i think they're pawns. who is on the other side? who are the king and queens of the other side? i can't figure it out. neither can the media. i mean they'll say it's me and sarah palin. that is ridiculous. if that's true, that's how much trouble we're really in. i will tell you who we answer to. remember, this is a power structure. power structure. >> glenn: here is a great idea. merit.
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>> glenn: family. that's who these people are? who are the pawns? really, it's pretty much the same. you have the labor unions. remember these pawns? right now, you have the power structure that doesn't care about the people. you have the nurses. and the firefighters. and the police that have screwed these people. remember, it's politician, special interest and labor unions. they're the ones who pretend to argue with each other and yet, they're both calling on you to help. so if you have the firemen and the police and then you have the nurses, and then you have the everyday person.
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okay? right now they're over on this side. what are you fighting for? are you fighting for those guys? or should you be answering to god and responsibility and free market and common sense and low spending and merit? all of those. you should be over here. i think that's what is about to happen. because once people realize that people in washington and in the unions and everything else are playing a game and if all of these people that will get rich and have their stuff and everything else, and all they're doing is pitting us against each other, well then you say what the -- i mean i can't, i'd rather follow god. god is unchanging. it'd rather follow honor and responsibility or common sense, because that's unchanging. i don't even know these people. do you know who cass sunstein really? does anybody really -- has
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anybody asked you? have you ever been in any kind of conversation with him? gee, i wonder who cass sunstein would do? no! you're not asking to listen to him. he's about to control your life. what do you say we stop playing the games, stick to the principles? share that with republicans, democrats and independents. and then get your butt out and spread the word and make this the biggest turn-out in american history for a mid-term election. because your very republic depends on returning somebody that can slow this catastrophic failure down. return to these principles. it ain't going to happen in just this one election. but maybe it will slow this down. back in a minute.
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i'm patti ann browne. president obama spoke in the white house rose garden a short while ago. he says they're finally on the verge of passing a small business jobs bill to cut taxes and provide loans for millions. he is urging action. new fighting flaring up between palestinian and israeli forces today as the peace talks press on in the middle east. secretary of state hillary clinton sat down with leaders of both sides overseas earlier. in an effort to forge a peace deal. the busted well in the gulf could be sealed for good within days. government says it could be permanently sealed by sunday. for more on these stories, visit glenn beck returns in a moment. but first, chris wallace previews "special report." hi, chris. >> the tea party is crushing the establishment. we preview the results. "special report" starts at 6:00 p.m. eastern. now back to glenn beck in new york.
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♪ ♪ >> glenn: i want to show you something. i have great and powerful hope that things are going to change. whether they're going to change in the next election or two years or five years, i have no idea. but things are going to change. we have to be the force for good. faith, hope, charity. when you think of iconic pictures, when you think of moment moments the wright brothers you think of this. iconic moment. when you think of the great depression or dust bowl, you'll likely think of this. the end of world war i i. this is the iconic image. the moon.
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8-28, the restoring honor rally is tied for the fifth largest event on the mall with ronald reagan inauguration. the largest event ever assembled by a private individual. ever. what is the iconic image? for me, it's this. i think i told you this after 8-28. this is addison and tom jones. addison is 9 years old. i want to tell you the story because it's actually the frame after this one that for me will always be the moment i remember of 8-28. this is truly to me what it was about. addison and tom. let me tell you the story of what happened that day. ed adison goes down with his
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dad and his dad asks him to come to washington because he heard me on the program say in that crowd, there is going to be an 8-year-old kid. that 8-year-old kid could be the next great monument. he heard me say it on radio and television and decided he had to bring his 9-year-old son addison down. when they got there friday, or thursday night they hoped they could sleep. they couldn't find a hotel and they were going to sleep outside kennedy center to hope to get tickets to divine destiny program. by the time they got there thursday night, the tickets were all gone and the kennedy center didn't want anybody sleeping outdoors overnight so everybody was gone. tom called his wife rochelle at home and i'm sure if she is like my wife she said i told you -- well, tom said addison and i are going to the lincoln memorial and go there for a minute and figure out what we're going to do. they got there thursday night late.
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there was a crowd for the saturday event. people were staying up because you can't sleep on the mall. people were staying up and sharing hotel rooms and taking shifts so they could sleep and stand watch there. friday morning early they decided to stay there with the friends. friday morning early, i happened to go to the lincoln memorial. here is a picture of what happened. you can't see addison and tom in this picture, but they are there in the crowd. there is only about 30 of them i think were there in the morning. about 6:00. i went to shake everyone's happened and said do you mind if we say a prayer together? tom called his wife and said it was the most amazing thing ever. i remember tom and addison. i have remembered adison's faith. reminded me a lot of me when i decided what i wanted to do in life. move forward.
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friday morning. in the green room of the kennedy center and i said this is going to be an amazing evening. we were getting ready for divi divine destiny. guys came in and said we have a few tickets left. the gospel choir was rehearsing and i said i want to take them to lincoln memorial because i saw people there this morning i'd like to give them to. by the time i worked my way to the crowd, here is the crowd when i first got there. i love her face here. look at her. when i got to the place where i said the prayer in the morning i only had three tickets left. i looked. c'mere. i look and i tried to find addison. i didn't see them. look at the people. they were all give me a
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ticket. i had three left. finally my photographer george lang he found addison. at the end of the line. raising his hand. me, me, pick me. my photographer pointed them out and i gave them the tickets. this is why i say this is the iconic moment. give me the other picture. here is the series. watch tom's face. look at addison. tom gets the tickets anded adison knows what just happened. he trust and he knew it would be important. all of a sudden it just happened. give me this. this is the next shot in the series. gave him the tickets. he looks down and hugs his son and this to me is what i will always, always remember
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about 8-28. look at his face. look at that dad's face. can you pull in on that? dad knows. he knows what is in store and what is happening. anded adison is still full hope and joy. i am going to ask me to do you a favor. we have to take a break. when we come back, i'll ask you to do one thing for me. it's something that i wrote, i wrote addison this weekend. i want to ask you to be involved in this if you will. we'll do that next. to see if we can make what i said on the stage of 8-28 a reality. lp
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somewhere in this crowd, i know it, i have been looking for the next george washington. i can't find him. i know he is in this crowd. he may be eight years old. but this is the moment! this is the moment that he dedicates his life, that he sees giants around him. [ applause ] and 25 years from now, he will come not to this stair, but to those stairs. and he can proclaim, "i have a new dream." that must be our goal. >> glenn: it may be addison. it may not be.
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it may be somebody in that crowd. it may be somebody who has just been influenced by something you have done or shared. i want you to do me a favor, will you? whether you went to 8-28 or didn't go to 8-28, you have been -- your family is trying to work on merit. i want you to e-mail your story at share your experiences. but i want you to do something else. this is what i did to thom and rochelle anded adison from pennsylvania. i told them that i wanted to have their story on record. keep it in my own book of merit like washington had. in ten or 15 years, when i'm old and seemingly i mean -- i don't know if i can get more gray. i am going to called adison and do a follow-up. it's a long, long time away. but i want to find out.
5:50 pm
i'm just going to ask so what did you do? what did you do? send those to me. share these with your family. make a commitment of 40 day and 40 night plan. have that conversation, because we have to grow the next great monument. e-mail me. at back in a minute. @=h
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>> glenn: i have been talking about the three concepts -- faith, hope, charity -- for a long time now. about a year. a lot of people still can't figure it out. why do i keep coming back to these? cause there are storm clouds on the horizon. that's why charity is so important. there is pain coming at the end of all of this. whether it's because you choose number two, limited government, or because big global government is in charge and just goes broke. one way or another pain is coming for a lot of people. let me give you the latest from the i.m.f. the international monetary fund. they're trying to redistribute the wealth and
5:55 pm
power to the member nations. i.m.f. released a joint report and did it with, oh, look, that's right! the labor unions! yeah! power structure. they are warning that america and europe could face the worst job crisis since the 1930s and "risk an explosion of social unrest." gee, knew about that two years ago if you watch this fram. program -- program. i want to show a chart. this is not the fear-mongering glenn beck saying this. these are figures from the u.s. bureau of labor statistics. now, we've already had a glimpse of what happens when you've got unemployment and you have people saying no. you can't have pensions that you were promised because you were plagued by these guys. what happens? you have the riot in greece. there may come a time in this
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country where you cannot rely on the federal government for help. i hope it doesn't happen because of a crisis. i hope it happens because we believe in limited government. i don't think most of us have any idea how tied to the federal government we really are. that is why charity is critical. charity. tomorrow john stossel will join me and we talk about how tied you are to the federal government and you don't even know it. don't miss it. tomorrow.
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