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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  September 16, 2010 3:00am-4:00am EDT

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>> bret: this weekend, i'm going to be at -- >> glenn: this weekend i'm going to be clemson university, indiana and chicago. hope to see you there. from new york. from new york. good night, america. captioned by closed captioning services, inc welcome to "red eye." it is like a fistful of dollars if by dollars you mean back hair. let's go to andy levy for a pre game report. hey, andy, what's coming up on tonight's show? >> coming up on the big show, tuesday was a big night for a little state as christine o'donnell combat mike castle to become the republican nominee for senate. our allstar panel will explain why, or make jokes. plus, a man who burned a quran was fired from his job. the shocking story that is protected by the first heament. and katy perry went back to high school and hear what she had to say to an old classmate. >> thank you, andy. >> so full a voice from so empty a heart. >> my heart is empty, and my pants are full. >> i apologize for nothing.
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>> why should you? let's welcome our guest. so sick of that. i am here with celebrity bloger, jill done son. -- jill dobson. what a clever name. and joe devito, he is back with that interesting patch of hair. if hilarity was a scrap yard, i would toss my junk at him. and fun fact, he was named "people" funniest man alive. and she is a columnist and commentator. she knows conservative thoughts like i love high strung tots. and each of his sections need massive corrections. good to see you, pinch. >> check out our hum dinger of a hybrid section. we have everything from zebra horses, ligers, a killer whale-dolphin combo. but no shark-tapusses.
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>> i can imagine that. >> they are hard to find. it is a pudding cup of pleasure in a dairy case of doom. so kristine o'donnell won the delaware republican primary. now, this worries people because o'donnell is a candidate endorsed by tea partiers and she has problems. her senate campaign was way in debt. she used campaign cash to pay half her rebt when her home doubled as her office, and she may have lied about attending princeton. she may be broke and she is a young politician who screws up like every other am ambitious poll. can it be wore than what we see every day? charlie wrangle who won again? chris dodd, pelosi boxer? she can't be that bad. 234* with the hot christian and out with the nine-term
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poster. apparently kristine has another problem and you will hear about it a lot. nancy cortez portrayed o'donnell as odd because she crusaded for abstinence and porn in the 90s. she felt when a spouse uses porn it compromises his purity. terrible. it is easy to laugh at. how can you believe in abstinence? how can you fight something as ubiquitous as porn? it is everywhere. is it really that weird to say porn screws up relationships? everyone over 30 knows that. you don't need religion to reach that conclusion, just a right hand. if you believe porn is harmless, you have clearly only dabbled in it. when open browsers meet open trousers we turn into a nation of masterbaters. we are hooked up to con constant gratification churned out bily jenz of moms, sisters and daughters, and we laugh at o'donnell? but then again in the 90s i owned a fan thong. and it -- a fan -- flannel
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thong and it itched. jill, it is hard for me to my greg-alogue when you are shaking your head. >> and i am apologizing. it is not like this every time. >> sure it is. she is right over there just shaking her head. >> some people are left handed. that was it. i had a problem with it. >> i was bigoted against the left handed masterbater, i apologize. >> and the plural of shark-tapus is shark-tapai. >> welcome to the show. a lot of people in the media are saying the senate has lost because the tea parties they put principals before pragmatism. do they have a point? >> no. what are we feeting for -- fighting for at the end of the day? >> a lot of the candidates that will be hitting home runs are your principal conservatives.
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and this is like sarah palin revisited. these attacks coming out of the woodwork were incredible toward her. and i think it is interesting when you have a strong conservative, all of this stuff they dig up on you. when we have the bill clinton fun house instead of the white house, you interest didn't see that. >> interesting point. in the 90s when she was talking abstinence, clinton was talking something else, if you catch my drift because i don't. he was young. i do really stupid -- i did stupid things in the 90s, things i can't remember. and thank god there were no video phones. yeah, they are called video phones, right? move on. >> people forget 96 was a bad year foremaster because. macarena was number one and hard to concentrate with that in the background. it throws off the timing. >> jill, have i to ask you, she might be a little kookie or overly religious perhaps, but compare that to some of the people we have out there
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right now, she might mature. she probably already has. >> the interesting thing to me is i cover celebrities. here we are making fun of someone for promoting abstinence in the past, but kim kardashian and paris hilton make a sex tape and become a superstar. >> that's true. and i am not making fun of the abstinence. i was actually saying she is actually telling the truth about pornography. she may not have understood it at that time though. before i go to you, bill, let's roll the tape on mtv. >> my name is kristine o'donnell. i am the president and founder of "the salt." it stands for the save yes, sirs alliance for lifting the truth. we choose sexual purity in our lives. we have god given sexual desires, and we need to understand them and preserve them to be used in god's appropriate context. we need to address sexuality with young people and master
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because is part of sexuality, but it is important to discuss it from a moral point of view. >> master because is a selfish act and a lotful one. we want -- lustful one. >> the bible is clear in the fact that it says any sexual act outside of the realm of marriage is wrong. >> the bible says that lust in your heart is committing adultery. so you can't masterbate without lust. >> oh yes you can. yes, you can. bill, the big take home message is that's where you got your hair style. >> absolutely. neither she nor i have discovered conditioner. >> that was like traveling back in time. i was for her anti-wanging -- anti--wanking message. in her case i don't think she has. my only question is how does
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she plan on enforcing this? >> i think this was -- look, i think -- >> oven mittens duct taped to the hand? >> she is not enforcing it. she is talking about her religious ideals, and that it is easy to become a target when you do that. >> she is also a target because she refuses to call people with aids victims. >> again, i would go back to the fact that at that time she was probably a little loopy and young. she has probably moved on. if she hasn't, she was a bad candidate. i want to go to a segment mere -- segment here. it was from 1996 and they were talking about the concept of honesty. >> it is not respecting reality. >> what if they come to you and say do you have jewish people in your house, and you do, would you lie? >> good question, eddie. >> can you say that again?
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>> you know, what i believe if i were in that situation -- >> answer the question. >> i am. if i were in that situation, god would provide a way to do the right thig. i believe that. >> god is not there. hitler is there and you are there. >> here is the thing. maybe she looks silly because she is dodging the question, but she is surrounded by four guys twice her age. one -- eddie who looks like a transgendered hooker that had been rolled for three miles, and i think she kind of held herself well for a young girl who was i would say is pretty naive. they come off looking like jerk. >> these are clip frtz 90s. we don't know how she feelsabout these things. and she is allowed to a personal opinion. if she starts enacting and proposing laws in the senate that makes things illegal like master because, then let's talk. we had harry reid saying things worse than this
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yesterday. >> good point. the take home message here is that you want somebody that has both 3reu7bs -- principals and is a candidate. the problem is i don't think the republican party took that seriously. so you were stuck with a bad candidate and then this unknown candidate. they learned a lesson that you have to find a real candidate with principals or are you going to get these question marks? >> i don't know about the principal stuff though. i'm serious. do we want a candidate that wants to force feed us their principals? >> no, i want a party that distinguishes itself from the other party. that's what i want. >> rubio was not considered pragmatic. look at jill miller in alaska. these politicians were written off by the establishment. and they will probably win. in fact, they will probably win. >> the most liberal candidate since carter was obama and he won because he stood for progressive values. i think that's what you will see with the conservatives. only if they find viable
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candidates and not girls with bill shultz's hair. from burning rhinos to burning religion. he started a fire that got him fired. he are to ofed the holy muslim book on 9/11 and booted from his job as a new jersey transit worker. fenton burned the book outside park 51, the islamic center slated to be built by ground zero. a statement didn't specifically why fenton had to go, but said, "mr. fenton's public actions violated new jersey's transit code of ethics." >> i didn't know they had a code of ethics. new jersey transit concluded he violated his tru as a state employee and therefore he was dismissed. but a spokesperson for the new york civil liberties union, they are always there, tells the new york daily news that by firing him, the city may have violated fenton's first amendment right saying, quote, the supreme court has recognized the constitutional right to burn the flag. as reprehensible as it may be,
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burning the quran may be protected as well. also protected by the first amendment, this. >> bunny body -- >> he can clearly do more weight than that. come on. come on that's only like 10 pounds. you have to be kidding me. >> you know what i don't like about that guy? he doesn't act the way he is supposed to. he doesn't hop. >> i understand the first amendment thing, in a way doesn't the employer have an obligation to protect his reputation and the other employees? if you are working in a company and you have somebody doing this stuff, it makes your company look bad. shouldn't you have a right to say, you know what, even on your off time? >> yeah, i would like to see this guy's contract. contracts often have a moral tee clause or as a tv host, i think if i cut my hair i could be fired. so different contracts say you
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can't do anything that would reflect negatively on your employer and this is bringing a lot of negative attention. i understand why they are earn cked, but i am a fan of freedom of speech. >> andy said it, you can't walk into your boss' office and say, f-you. that's freedom of speech. you would get fired. so there are clearly limits to freedom of speech. >> but that's why you are at work. i am not familiar with the new jersey transit code of ethics or even the personal code of ethics. >> i have it right here. i will read it to you now. >> he's off the clock and not wearing his uniform, he's expressing himself. the first amendment is there to express obnoxious speech. we don't need speech everyone agrees with and everyone likes. think of the places people worked where someone might have gone to a demonstration and burned a flag or something like that, and if they were to get fired from that, the outrage. >> is it the same thing? do you think he would have been fired if he burned a
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flag? >> no. it depends on where you are working. but if he had been, people would have been rallying to his cause. >> really? >> absolutely. >> what do you make of this? he was off duty so he can do whatever he wants? >> people do stupid things. that's a reality. who is to say that was too stupid. we live in a country where we can burn the american flag. we have bill ayers who stomped on the american flag. >> and he has an earring and over 50. >> exactly. >> and he also went to my high school. >> in a case like that, you really have to say, people do stupid things. should we be stifling everything they do? >> i guess i look at it as somebody who had been an employer, i want to be able to fire somebody for embarassing me. that would embarass me. bill, you often set the dance floor on fire down at the manhole in chelsea. should you be fired for that? not for being an awesome
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dancer. i found there are ways of expressing yourself that are illegal, greg. they do not follow under the first amendment. i did not have the right to do the things i did. >> i am glad you learned a lesson. >> i d but the manhole is very dimly lit. >> my last word on this, if it impacts -- you are a selfish jerk, can't you be fired for being a selfish jerk? doing that, you impact your family. >> if it is on the job, that's different. >> aren't you always on the job? >> well, no. thankfully, no. >> i am not always working, but i am always working it. >> you didn't fall into my trap. from burning to yearning, is there anything more mournful than a pop star who is scornful. they say success is the best revenge, but singer katy perry could not let sleeping dogs lie. lashing out at an old crush during a surprise performance at her old high school.
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the mind behind the summer smash "california girlz" spotted him in the crowd at the high school in santa barbara. she showed the most popular kid in his class what he was missing. let's look at the clip. >> you were the most popular kid in my class you didn't want to date me
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>> if he is gay, that's why he didn't date you, katy. isn't the whole purpose of getting famous -- this is my favorite story of the year. the sole point of her getting fame famous was to go back to high school and yell at shane? >> show shane how it is. it is a good strategy, and i think i should work harder to be the host of a show and be famous like you, greg gutfeld. >> you have the opportunity right now. who back in high school, and you have to name a name? >> clay cook. clay cook. he chose the cute cheerleader over the dork. and even when the dork tried out for cheerleading and became the cheerleader just for you, clay, still no interest. still no date. still no love. >> a name like clay cook, that screams quarterback. clay cook. >> you know shane -- do you still have the cheerleading outfit? i want it for myself, actually.
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i do exercises in it. doesn't this mean she thought about him more than he ever thought about her, the fact she is coming back to her high school and that's the first thing she says? >> first i was thinking she spots him in the audience. is he still in high school? how did she know it was him? i was confused about that. does he look identical to how he looked? you can make bucket loads of money and be famous and still thinking about the guy or gal that didn't ask you out, it is amazing, no matter who you are. >> it is sad to returning a a conquering diva, an alumni to crap on someone from your past. >> yeah, especially since she graduated high school like six years ago. you have to let that stuff fester and build up. we were talking about how she does the pro active commercials. ib maybe she could have been a pizza face. but her head could have been on fire and i would have been let's go. >> are you a hopeless romantic, joe. bill, do you go to high school reunions to show your fellow
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alumni you are still alive. >> fortunately i was home schooled. the only person i am rubbing this success in with is mom. how you like me now, mom? >> you were mad she didn't take you to the prom. >> absolutely not. i spiked the punch anyway and got drunk by myself. >> i think we have a picture of shane from high school. wouldn't you be heart broken too? >> i could live in his neck. >> you know what he would like to do? hang with his bros. >> when he is not broin out he is chilling. >> he has a couple brews and goes up to the moon tower. >> just dudes out to the moon tower. >> darn i wanted to show the picture of his girlfriend. what is it like to set fire to an animal shelter? jill dobson fills us in. and
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out he flew. the russian official has been fired for forcing a group of teens to kiss his boot during a phys ed class. on a school visit, this cat seen there, yeah there he is, ordered the basketball team to do push ups and pucker up while he barked out military-style commands like harder and kis totally join that military. he had them kiss his hand. he said he was only repeating a lesson he learned in the red army saying the youth are not disciplined. the recent president saw it and fired him calling it an insult to children.
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he said it was indig -- indignant to the bottom of my soul. one youtubeer commented that he did nothing wrong and note theatd basketball court was recently renovated. can't argue with that. this is what they ordered the swim team do later. >> wow. >> look at his abs. >> that's why you need discipline in school. >> i'm a little unnerved by jacked wall russ. i like them chunky. >> he learned it in the military, so doesn't it make it right? >> if he learned it as a disciplined technique in the red army, i am okay. if he just likes boys kissing
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his feet, i'm also okay with it. >> glad you differentiated between the two opinions. >> i don't think i did. >> i don't think you did either, bill. was it so bad? it didn't make the exercise harder, did it? >> no, i think he says it was a motivational technique from the red army, and i think it worked after practice those kids invaded poland. they really put their minds to it. >> i didn't know about that part of the story. these new russians are not as scary as the old ones. they are suspending and firing officials like this. before they would have been awarded shreds of was a boys' basketball game. and i have to say as a germaphobe it horrified me. i just can't condone it. >> you can't condone it? you are taking a risk there. >> jill, aren't kids being coddled too much? they do need more discipline. they need to kiss feet. >> and if you are going to slack, it is on the push up.
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you need one thing to force you to go all the way. >> my god, you are an evil person wrapped under an adorable orleer what i say. it is awesome. >> the real point here, and the commenter nailed it r -- the >> me or bill ayers never worked out in a gym like that. >> it looked like a racquetball court. did you see how small it was? >> they are just getting back on their feet so you can't be too hard on them. i think we should be having that discipline in our schools. >> that's right. >> or at least in my apartment. >> definitely more discipline. i taught, i know. it. >> you were a teacher?
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>> i was. middle school, high school, college, taught it all. >> oftentimes humiliation mixed with this. >> i need discipline fro former teachers. >> absolutely. maybe during commercial breaks. >> i think we are goingo take a break. do you have a comment on the show? keep it to yourself. no, e-mail us. i'm kidding. it is red eye at fox news .com. why would i do that? to leave a voicemail, the direct line is simple, 212-462-5050. still to come, the half time report from tv's andy levy. >> tonight's half time report is sponsored by dj donkey fresh. with the ability to drop hot beats and carry a ton of stuff, experts say he is the first of his kind. thanks dj donkey fresh.
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welcome back. let's find out if we have anything wrong. for that we go to andy levy. what do you have besides a hankering for some of my world's famous sausage. >> don't flatter yourself, greg. >> it is good. it is not that good. i put a lot of time and effort into that. >> that's what made it all the sadder. >> and it makes it hurt that much more. >> i know. greg-alogue, kristine owe dom, joe, thank you for standing up -- jill, thank you for standing up for left handers. >> anything i can do. >> appreciate it. >> good night for me here. >> unlike some of the people on the panel, i am not making
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cheap master because jokes. >> excellent fnlt. >> but i admire the fact that o'donnell's campaign slogan is. >> you are bait and switch. >> those weren't really jokes. >> exactly. >> you said the medias up things on o'donnell because she is a conservative. what do you think of the over-under on the number of videos that surfaced between now and november on "politically incorrect." >> what do i think? >> yeah, none. >> you don't think there will be any? there are already two. >> i am not worried about it. >> i am not worried either. i just think there will be a lot of them. >> you think so for real? >> i am agreeing with you. that's what people do. >> you are agreeing. >> i am agreeing all of the videos will be dug up and she was not politically correct alive and we will see them until november. >> i disagree.
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she will be just fine. >> she can't be fine. even with the videos. >> i am not saying they will hurt her or not hurt her, they will be there. >> this is the strangest i have ever seen. >> you can't ignore the sexual tension. >> it is either sexual tension or my bronchitis. greg, you think o'donnell held her own in that clip? can i ask a question? how freakin hard is it to say, yes, if hitly came to my door i would lie about jews. >> she came in there with an ideology. she felt like she was surrounded by a bunch of highy gnaws. >> and it makes it okay to turn the jews over to hitler? >> no i would let god figure it out. >> you know what, greg, god is going to figure it out. it was a naive girl and they were putting her on the show for that primary reason.
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>> i agree. but it is easy to say, well, i would make an exception for hitler. that's just me. jill, are there any videos of you that might come back to haunt you? >> videos of me 1234*. >> ya. >> i was in a public sf uh announcement saying drunk driving is not cool. so in twenty years i will be mocked left and right. >> i have a surprise 4. can we roll the tape? just kidding. >> that would be great. we need to find that. >> i hate to bring this up because i will agree with you again, but as long as o'donnell's libertarian about things she doesn't like, i am tote -- totally fine. there are conservatives that don't like something and then think there should be a law. you don't think that? >> no. >> i will take your word for that. >> you have to take hered
3:35 am
with. -- take her word. >> maybe you should take his number. >> by the way, she says, quote, adultery is lost in the heart, but what if you are masterbating while lusting after your wife? is that okay. >> an interesting point. >> it is still gross hearing you say it though. >> a discussion that will repeat at 3:00 a.m. what am i talking about, "the view" were talking about lieu bra lubricants. >> the thing is they didn't ask hasselbeck anything. it was whoopi all the time. >> joe, you said you are not familiar with the new jersey transit code of ethics. >> no, i am not. >> you knew we were doing the story. everyone else read the code of ed thicks. >> but i don't think it is a nuance question. >> it isn't.
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well, what do you mean by this? >> we are holding on to anne frank's mail for awhile. >> that's dishonest. >> by the way, you were mentioning something like said, you can't go in your boss' office and say f-you. but it should be noted. this guy was doing this on his own time, and he is employed by the government which has different standard. private businesses can have first amendment right. >> i would like to see the proof on that. >> what? >> what you just said. >> get it to me by 9:00 a.m. tomorrow. >> i will graph it and pamphlet it. >> there is extra work after the show. > and katy perry, if i am russell brand i wouldn't be happy that she is obsessing over somebody in high school. >> and we have shane with his
3:37 am
high school wheat heart. it is now his fiancee. >> i like the polka hahn toss. >> he told tmz he is happy with how things turned out. >> he is the real winner in all this. >> i am done. >> are you? didn't we have another story? >> i was told it wasn't good. it was gu creepy because you were talking about x teachers kissing their feet. >> the creepy part was? >> go away. has leo dicaprio had it with humans? the actor and dater of bodacios babes bought a $400 tortoise. his new bud has cold blood. leo is on the left. and it can live to be 80 years old. the pet can grow to weigh 200
3:38 am
pounds at the breeder conference. not to be outdone leo's pal toby mcgwire tweeted a video of his new girlfriend. >> are you ready to get out? the water is getting cold. ready to get out? >> he knows what position to get in. >> adorable. joe, has he gone off girls after sleeping with 500 supermodels? all that makes him happy is a giant turtle. >> they make -- they take slow walks. so you need enough time. i had a girl friend into tortoises. then they said you have to make a provision in your will because the tortoise will live for 80 years which was 78 years longer than our relationship lasted. wonder how he is doing.
3:39 am
>> you should have gotten back by getting close to the turtle and stopping by. >> decades of visitation, and then run off to cuba. no one likes the pain or death of a pet. you eliminate that by buying a pet that will die after you. i have to admit i always wanted a tortoise. i lost a pet and my grandma says get a tortoise. they leach 80, 90 years. i live in a 600 square foot apartment and i can't fit anything 200 pounds in there. >> and they bite and stink. it is in the bottom line. he is board with women and drugs. when you buy a pour toss, it means you can't do coke anymore. >> he is at the top of his game. >> spoken like a true celebrity reporter. >> i would love an exclusive. remember, i had your back.
3:40 am
>> maybe he bought the tortoise because he discovered blow. remember howf on you so many it would be to do blow off the shell of 5* giant for us it. we can have some to spare. >> he would be a slow doper. you wouldn't get your stuff in a week. >> terrible, terrible. >> you would have totally come down. so is giving the right to vote to women a fatal mistake? jill dobson says why it ruined our qi. first, what's going on in this video? it is something interesting enough to merit discussions.
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he wanted to be buried at sea, but it was not meant to be.
3:44 am
the family of a 48-year-old man honored his last wish by burying at sea off the coast of fort lauderdale. the problem is his body came back the next morning. it is time to welcome back our new york city chief medical examiner. always a pleasure. before we get to that story. i want to talk to you about this other story you mentioned in the strategy room today. american pilot pulled from the cockpit of his delta jet prior to his flight from amsterdam to newark. they thought he was drug and tested his blood alcohol and it was . 023. and they arrested him for being drunk. >> he wasn't drunk. he had a level of alcohol, one or two beers would have caused it which is higher than the dutch aviation industry permits, a little higher. and that's why they took him off and made him pay $900 and made 200 people go to other airlines. i think that was a little
3:45 am
severe, but .023 is something like we get when you have one or two drinks. >> couldn't they have him sit down for an hour. >> if he took off in the plane, by the time he got to newark he would havingthing in his blood. >> i want to move to the next one about the burial at sea. why did they happen? and i didn't know they did this. >> yes, and in looking it up, the only state that does president -- does n -- does be permit burials at sea is california. usually people like the water. if you don't bring the body out far enough and deep enough, it can be washed uh ashore. we had the famous case in forensic literature, as it happened in australia some years ago where a guy was killed and put in a steamer truck and put in australia, but his left arm hung out because it didn't fit in the steamer trunk.
3:46 am
two days later they catch a white shark to bring to the australian aquarium and he vomits up an arm, an arm with a tatoo and put it in the nape and identified the body. >> and the at thataid "i love sharks." how ironic. how much weight -- how do you weigh the body to keep it at the bought m to of the ocean? >> they try to allow that during prohibition. >> they put on 50, to 250 pounds. the gas will get up to 250 pounds. so a decomposing body will not beheld down by weights. >> bill weighs 140, and i would need -- it dubtz matter. what i have to do is case them in saw meant. -- in cement. >> or leave me. i am just hanging out.
3:47 am
we don't have to do that. >> no, i think dismembering is a good thing. i have no plans this week. it is remembering bill. here are questions from viewers, this is from chris. he makes what is the most common mistake people make trying to get away with murder? >> talking too much. >> really? >> so that means if you just keep your mouth shut you get away with murder. >> half of the people in prison for murder would not be there if they didn't talk. >> this guy had a heart attack and it seems like a cool way to die. do you have any good heart attack stories. >> in light of your earlier sentiment we had a guy with a bad heart felt -- with a bad heart and found his see men and that's a nice way to go. >> let me get this straight, he was cleaning up a mess on
3:48 am
the floor, right? >> we won't think about what actually happened. jason writes, do you ever take your work home, and if so does your wife get upset when you do? >> i don't do it with my second wife. i learned how much weight did that require. i kid her. i don't even know where she is. under conditions such as a basement in new york, how long would it take for a body to disee compose. when hamlet says to the grave diggers, how long does it take the flesh to leave the body? he says eight year, my load. normally if you put an unembalmed body in the ground, about 8 years the flesh will be off, but in tanner's people with tough scwip like shake peer's -- shakespear's body. a burned body will stay as it is for decades.
3:49 am
>> how soon do you smell a dead body? >> depends on where you are and depends on how good your sense of smell is. >> mine is fantastic. >> de decomposition is dependent on temperatures. the higher the temperature you could have a severe odor within 24 hours. >> interesting. >> if you put it in the freezer it will never snow. >> moving on, we have to take a break and when we return, more crud. yeah, that's what i called it, crud.
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>> sad to see a brunch end like that. all right, that's it. that's all i'm gonna say. we will close things out with the post game wrap up from tv's andy levy. and to see clips of recent shows go to
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come bag tomorrow for another edition of "red eye." our guests will be the great comedian nick dipallo and juliette hudy and writer john devore.
3:58 am
creepy picture. time to go back to tv's andy levy for the post game wrap up. >> thank you, greg. jill, how come you are not at "us weekly" fashion party. >> it hurts. i didn't make the list, but i will keep on trying. i will make it next year. >> you live in new york, right? >> i live in new york. i have been wearing the tory birch and the bill shultz, and it is not working. >> there might have been a problem in what you just said. that could be the reason. >> do you know who was on the list who beat you? >> i don't, but bill hemner was on it. >> i would have given you my ticket. >> it hurts. >> what's up next for you? >> i am heading over to varney later this week and shaking up events on friday.
3:59 am
stay tuned. >> excellent. joe, would you support a pro master because candidate? >> absolutely. and i want them to know i am pulling for them. >> don't follow. >> so you are willing to lend a hand? >> i am holding my own and so forth. et cetera. >> bill, very important question, any hoda updates? >> no, i have not been hitting on her in the last 48 hours. i have gotten a couple responses from her. all have been oh bill. so if you go to hash tag bill should date hoda and you can help me make this woman not single anymore. join this cause. >> i will. call me hoda. i like the fact you rhyme with yoda. >> when will this creep into creepy stalking? when will i have to fire him. this is what i'm talking about. >> i bump into her quite a lot on my way to walk in. >> y


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