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tv   Glenn Beck  FOX News  September 16, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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my cash is on "crazy." i am going long on crazy. you? more on this an hour from now. tonight, time to make a close and it is easy, because it involves dessert. yes, food on the program is back. choice number one. involving pot. do you want to wait for somebody to tell you how much of a piece of pie, a day old pie you can have? you are a divider. or do you want to get off your butt and learn how to beaft the best -- to bake the best pie you have taken? do you want to take it? or bake it? tonight, give me an hour. we have pie. let me know your decision. come on, let's go.
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we will talk about pie. not because i'm a fatso and i also can get people to run out and get pie for me and i can after the show stuff my fat face with it. no. this is science, man. i want to demonstrate a fundamental disagreement that americans have with many of the leaders in washington and the globalists like speaky me. remember, i'm a baker not a divider. like a lover not a fighter but a yummy ending. infer mind. the administration and the progressives and the marxists see the world's wealth contained
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in this, you have one pie, the entire world only has one pie. and so they want to make sure that absolutely everybody, the small businessman, he runs the bar downtown and the mayor, he is with the government and he is the mayor. and we have mr. burns, he runs the nuclear power plant. okay? he gets a slice of pie. and then you have homer which i heard from cass sunstein represents you, the average american person -- dope i and barney the drunk does nothing but drink all daily gets a slice of pie. where is quinnby who should have a bigger piece of pie. he should have more. this is mo, the small business person. i will give it to mr. burns.
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bebut showed take it from mr. burns because he is the richest but he is in with quinnby. got it? looking good so far, right? a lot of people in our government, now, are teaching our children this is the way our system should be. the rest of us know the free market system says we are all bakers. we are all bakers. we don't have to keep dividing the pie because when you get a new person in they are like, well, i hate this guy. and this guy has to have his pie here and the next selection and this guy, this guy should have his pie over here and some of this guy's pie should go to him and this piece? this piece goes over here and this piece goes over here but i take this piece and i put this piece back here. yummy. isn't it?
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instead, i will diet but i have to lick it off my fingers. instead, let the, what the free market system says, why not bake more pies? there is no such thing as one pie. all you have to do is learn how to bake pies. that's it. you are a baker. not a divider. someone has to stand up and say that. americans are bakers. not dividers. but we have taught everyone the pies don't exist, it is only this pie. and some of this is science. tonight do it at home.
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the problem is in our country now. there's crappy whipped cream that doesn't have fat in it it's better for you, puff. and so our children and a lot of our population, this is all they're looking at, they've for got ten that there is a pie to be made that they can make and the transition from divider to baker is rough. so let's face it, a lot of people have gotten comfortable just waiting around for the government piece of pie that they now feel they're entitled to. at what point did we ever think it was self-evident that all men are created equal and they all come with a pie? at what point did god say, you have a slice of pie. no, you have an opportunity to bake a pie.
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we had to teach these people who have just done this with the pie that there's more pie out there. there's as much pie for everybody, you just have to make it, but that's going to be tough because you need, strangely, unlabeled flour and eggs and utensils, you need all of this stuff and you need a recipe and you need to be taught baking is not easy. well, in that time when you're trying to make pie, some people won't make very good pie and they're not used to fending for themselves. and there will be serious pain. you're going through cooking school. you won't have very much pie or it will really stink. you've got to get a cookbook, you've got to get it yourself. that's where this comes in. charity. i'm a small government by, a libertarian guy, charity, charity, help each other. you say, somebody else is working hard in the kitchen
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and they're like, my pie is not working and you go in and help them by choice. and when it still stinks, like you're a really bad baker, but have a slice of my pie. that's your joist. look, trouble is coming, i was reading-- i've read two books, this is for fun, believe it or not. i read two books, i think two years ago i read this one, world made by hand. and this one, one second after. both of them are novels, this one is really kind of morale gore. the world is falling apart and we're all-- and this one is more conservative, we're all going to die because of terrorism. so, same message though, world goes to hell in a hand basket and you don't have any of the stuff that we have. in this one, this one is really, really good. so is this one. and in completely different ways, this one made me think, no, read them both. they're really good, but this one had a little extra something in it. in this one, there was a major
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catastrophe, an emp goes off and society collapses and we lose everything. computers, electricity, cars, everything, everything that has a chip in it. well, i mean, 'cause i read this one and i thought, wow, life stinks without technology, okay? but this one had something else in it that this one didn't. something that i hadn't considered. it went a little deeper into refrigeration, no refrigeration. you can't keep pie. you can't keep anything that's perishable, which meant, no liquid medicines can be kept. now, i don't take insulin, so i didn't even think of that. have you ever thought to consider how many of us are on some sort of life saving or prolonging medication? in the book, "one second after" it's about 30 days into a catastrophe and the doctor explains that we're running out of medicine now because most people have about 30 day's supply of medication in their house that they need.
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so, first anybody who has anything that has to be kept in the refrigeration, for instance, anybody who's taking insulin dies. anybody in the hospital dies, but then the people who are taking any kind-- i mean, how many of us have high blood pressure. how many of us have cholesterol problems? not me. a lot of us shouldn't be alive today. a month later, after the first tragic event and a whole bunch of people die, a month later there's another round of massive dieing from meds running out. there's no insulin. no antipsychotic drugs, no cholesterol lowering pills, there's stroke, heart attacks, suicide, disturbed people on the loose. it would be chaos, we don't even think about that. we don't think of how many of us are alive today and walking around today that shouldn't be and wouldn't be if it wasn't for modern medicine.
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well, it's the same thing, i think, with handouts and that's what i wanted to talk to you about tonight. just as many of us are slaves, slaves to medication, we are dependent on medication, if we don't have it, we'll die. many of us now are slaves from government handouts and many of us don't even know that we are enslaved. i want to show you a chart. this is a chart of population that is taking a government bailout, okay? here it is, 1983. about 20, 25% of americans. it's 44% and this number has got to-- that's 2008. 44%, nearly half of all americans live in a household which someone receives government benefits. that's far more than any other time in history. well, let me ask you, this is why, again, i say small
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government answer is sharing, you've got to give and help each other out, but let me ask you, if it's not because the tea party gets their small government, it's just because we dry up. well, what happens? one of the many reasons we get off this merry-go-round or need to, is the government, try to say this with a straight face, may not always be able to provide for all of our needs. so, then what? it's just like-- you know, it's not like they're just trying to provide for our needs, but because of their view that this is right, that these pies don't exist, it's only these pies, there's only one single piece of pie, they keep slicing it into pieces. they believe that they need to provide for not only, not only the people here, but also, we
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need to slice up, this is where their real guilt comes from, this is where the global marxism comes. here is america's plate, we have half the pie, but remember, we first baked the pie. then you have africa, a little tiny slice and then you have the middle east with a little tiny slice and then you have europe. well, this makes people feel really, really guilty. well, it doesn't make me feel guilty. it makes me feel bad for africa and the middle east. but a lot of times, people are killing each other over there, what are you going to do about it? they've been killing each other for 5,000 years. don't take my pie. hey, what do you say, we can help them learn to make pie. and if they choose to make pie they'll be okay and we'll be there to help them. that's charity. what is it, teach a man to fish, let's teach a man to make pie. i can fish, but pie is better,
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it's healthy it's got fruit in it though. here is the thing, right now, we're saying that we are going to try to save africa. we just want to help the people in africa. what we're doing is with our stimulus package we took more than $800,000 and we spent it over in africa for a genital hygiene program. so, in other words, let's just be honest, we took right here, we took some of our pie, send it over to africa. now, why would you do that? i mean, it doesn't matter how ridiculous or how great the program may be, we're not making any more pie ourselves, we're going to run out. we do things like this because there are people that think we have too much pie. and africa doesn't have nearly enough. now, how do i know that those in and around congress and this administration believe in this pie theory and not this pie theory? well, let me go to michelle
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obama. she was campaigning for her husband in april, 2008 and she said, this is an amazing quote, that americans don't really want that much. watch. they don't want the whole pie. most americans feel blessed just by being able to thrive a little bit, but that's becoming even more out of reach. the truth is, in order to get things like universal health care and revamped education system that someone is going to have to give up a piece of their pie so someone else can have some more. that's not the way the system works. that's not what changed the world. the poor will always be among us. but that's just one example from the obama administration. there are tons of them. the mindset is that wealth is finite. let me tell you something, wealth is like the ocean and you're coming out with a bucket of water and somebody
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else says don't spill any of that, you've got to give me a cup of it. no, take a dump truck and back it up to the ocean, there's plenty of water and it's constantly raining. wealth is not finite. and who's going to decide how much pie one person needs? who is going to decide who the pie glutton is? joe, who was it that said fat man and skinny man and the elites look at the skinny man and think that the fat man made him that way, stole his food? to my knowledge, michelle obama has never questioned, or has never been questioned about that comment. or let me ask you this, since when do most americans feel blessed to thrive just a little bit, but that's out of their reach? what? why is thriving just a little bit out of reach for any
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american? there are problems, not everyone will make it. not everyone can make pie. some people need help, that's where charity comes in. but the vast majority of it, get off your ass and bake some pie. you know, and it leads you to something else. it leads you to self-esteem. your first pie might stink and you may never really be good at it, but you know what? this one? let me show you a picture of my father. do you have the picture of my dad. okay. here is my dad. here is my dad in the bakery where i was growing up. he was really good. he taught me to love what you do. it doesn't matter about money. just love what you do. and i do. not every day, but he didn't
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either. my dad was poor. my dad was poor. he didn't make a lot of money. we had a hard time keeping the doors of the bakery hope, but he was really good at what he did. and he loved it. he never asked anybody for their piece of the pie. he would have never accepted it. how many times did my father or my grandfather teach me, no, no, no, work for it. i'm guessing your parents were the same. and if you're an able-bodied american there's no reason to sit around and expect others to bail you out by handing you, no, no, no, by you having someone else take their piece of pie. now, there are a lot of people that if you have pie, there are a lot of people that are suffering. it is equally important that you understand that you have to take a piece of your pie and give it to somebody to help them. look at that as an investment in people. you invest in people.
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that's what charity is. an investment in the future in people. it is important that if you don't do it, then the government must. but let's all remember, this is america, the land of opportunity. the land where being blessed to thrive happens every day. to those with the attitude who understand what the pre market system is, that life isn't fair all the time. we just watched the count of monty chrisso, i was at a great drive-in theater and it was called the spud theater. we watched the count of monty christo and the line was god gives justice. god, not government. this is how america became the greatest, most productive, most prosperous nation in
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history. i'm not ashamed of it. we're the ones that changed the world. do you know how many people are alive today on the planet because of what america did and what america has done and the technology and the ideas? you could hate the rich all you want, but do you know how much the world has changed because of people like bill gates or a good friend of mine, john huntsman senior. here is a guy who grew up in a house with cardboard walls, he had one shirt. he went to start a chemical company because he could do it. he could dream it. he did it. do you know what he created? the egg carton. i didn't know that. when i heard that, doesn't it seem like it's self-evident, like it's always around? he created it. he created styrofoam cups and plastic forks and spoons and parts on your car, a big mac container, all of these things. if you are living today, most likely you have something in your home, paint is from john
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huntsman. now, he employed tens of thousands of people around the world and he's made billions. is he evil? or do you want to carry them around in a bowl? now, what can he do with his money? it's up to him, it's his money. he's the one who came up with it. he decided to give it all to charity. he's decided to give it to charity. why? because he chooses to. because he knows that's the right thing. he wants to die broke the way he came in. you can't take it with you. well, that's what the wealthy in our country do that get it. they work hard for their families. they employ people. they're not slaughtering baby seals and polar bears and manufacturing orks in the basement, and pillaging the poor uninspecting villagers.
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do you hear anyone say that. anyone in the white house praise the wealthy for the contributions to charity. it was this guy that built the first private hospital, first public place where people could go. him. back in a minute.
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>> we're covering a lot of cloud and pie tonight. so set your dvr. this is information and recipes you don't want to miss. all right, i explained a few minutes ago many in our government believe that wealth is like a single pie. there's only one pie and the united states has too big of a piece of that pie and they feel guilty. our gluttonous peace of pie and they're voluntarily willing willing to reduce it. right now imf, monetary fund, america is getting set up to fail globally. i told you a year ago and here we are, they want to reduce our piece of the pie. as i told you before on the show we contribute by far the most of any other nation to the imf. do we have it up on a chart or do you-- here it is. the united states gives 17%. china, for perspective, gives, whoa, 3.7? great britain, 5. germany's quota, 6%.
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well, hang on just a second. well, why are we-- why are we doing that? well, here is the good news, because we contribute so much, our vote is weighted, you know, to kind of balance off what we-- we pay 17% of the bill so we should get 17% of the vote. that gives the united states veto power over measures that are not in our best interest. well, that's not fair. there's a proposal being considered now to redistribute power at the imf as they take 17% and redistribute our wealth as well. they want to take that power away from the industrial countries, like ours, to the emerging nations which would not be good because it will mean that we lose our voting power or at least our veto ability. now, can you imagine, global financial decisions being made, which will be locked into by the rest of the
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nations on earth and we have no power to stop them. has there ever been a time in the history of the planet where europe, china, russia, anybody has acted in our best interest? no. we're all supposed to act with each, our own interests and then also say well, is this right for them as well? and do you think the rest of the world is going to be benevolent to the united states? you know what it is? it's like going out with a group of people for dinner and you're going to pay the most, you're going to pay for most of the dinner, but there's one guy who hates you and he's not really contributing to the dinner bill. all of a sudden everybody says, you know what, bob over here who hates you, you're paying most of the bill, he gets to say where we're going tore dinner. i don't think so. and then when you get to the restaurant, he gets to tell you what you're ordering as well. i've got news for you, rest of the world. if we're paying most of the bill, we should have the biggest share of say.
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you know, if somebody else is paying the bill, or if they're sharing it equally, well, then, okay, then it's an equal vote. and if you don't like it, sucks to be you. i mean, me, personally, i stop going to the restaurant. but somehow or another, i don't know why that's unreasonable. if the goal is to reduce our piece of the pie, this will accomplish it and then at the same time, the imf has issued a frightening report with the international labor union organization. well, they're not socialists at all. that says that america and europe face the worse job crisis since the 1930's and risk an explosion of social unrest unless they tread carefully. now, that's not the fear mongering glenn beck saying that, that's the imf. although for years, i've been telling you the perfect storm has been gathering on the horizon and what happens if that storm hits. especially if you added two elements, hunger and fear.
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well, greece has given us a glimpse of what may be on the horizon here. it's coming, gang. what is it that the imf is so wear worried about? according to the imf, dominique kahn. the recession left behind a wasteland of unemployment and says that a double dip recession remains unlikely, but the world has not escaped deeper social crisis and called it a grave error to say that the west, ie, us, was safe, we're not safe, he said. in a totally unrelated note. strauss-kahn is a french socialist. i'm glad that we have the socialists at the imf getting together with the labor unions to try to tell us what to do.
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his organization added, the most advanced economies should not tighten their fiscal policies before 2011 because tightening sooner could undermine the recovery. oh, thanks, dominique, well, thank you. good suggestion. we'll just keep spending until we spend our way out of this economic crisis. i know that works at my house all the time. good job, no, good job, and good job creation method, oh, it is, uh-uh. we can see how well it worked so far, right here in the u.s., unemployment now hovering near 10%. global unemployment has reached 210 million people and we don't know how many people are unemployed in places like china. the imf report states, the great recession has left gaping wounds, high and long lasting unemployment represents a risk to the ability of existing democracy, so now i guess we're not a democracy, but we're lumped in there with the warning. so, given the fact that more and more economists have
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warned about the fragility of our situation, some you sounding more apocalyptic than me, isn't it time to wake people up in america and say got to start baking pies? you've got to take it on yourself and start creating new jobs. you've got to forget about the government, we've got to get government out of the kitchen. wake up america, 'cause it's coming. . >> could you survive one day without government assistance? next.   
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>> i'm patti ann browne. baltimore police say a gunman who shot a doctor at johns hopkins shot and killed himself and his mother. it happened as he was being briefed by the surgeon on her condition. the doctor is expected to survive. a 30 billion dollar bill supported by president obama to open up credit to small
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businesses passed today in the senate. it now moves to the house which is expected to approve it. a guilty plea from the man accused of threatening house speaker nancy pelosi over health care legislation. gregory lee juicy admits he made more than 30 harassing calls to the lawmaker. for more on the stories visit glenn beck returns in a moment, but first bret baier previews special report. >> bret: will the house speaker allow an up or down vote on the obama-bush tax cuts and warns about secular religion in society. join me in about 20 minutes for special report. now, back to glenn. >> what, i'm eating whipped cream out of the can. all right.
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here is the thing. we've been talking tonight about the slices of pie, the progressive pie, basically the idea to progressives and marxists, there's only one pie and it represents all the wealth and the government's intent is to own or control as much of that pie as they can, so they can slice it up, and they choose how to redistribute the pie. and that's it. that's it. that's where we're headed. now, remember, before 1929 entitlements or handouts from the federal government unheard of. it didn't happen. this is a new idea. your grandparents or great grandparents knew, if there was a need in the community, they did charity. the people did it shall the people's responsibility was to take care of each other. boy, have times have changed. it started at the end of herbert hoover's and kicked in by fdr's great deal and handing out dough faster and faster along the way and the
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obama administration may be the king of all of them. take a look how dependent we have become on the federal government. how much control they now exert in each of our lives. how much of the pie have they now taken control of? are you ready for this? 60% of americans now get more in public services than they pay in taxes. the federal government spends $10,000 per american. and total government spending now eats 40% of the economy. take a look at the cost of federal government programs in 2010. here they are. education department 107 billion. medicaid 275 billion. social security, 768 billion. food programs, 98 billion. housing programs, 45, amtrak 2.5. defense, 532 billion. that doesn't include the funding for wars, justice department, 30 billion. i mean, we have become so dependent on government it would nearly be impossible to go one day without a
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government subsidy and i mean regular people. because the government has become america's sugar daddy and we are relying on the government for help and we don't even know it. so, what about the hard working people that want to cut the cord? well, i said, i don't even know, i don't even know if you could. what are the ramifications of that? i called up john stossel, a friend of mine, the host of stossel on the fox business network. because he's the guy, this is, i mean, he's been a libbertainer forever and in the media. i don't know how he survived, i don't. how are you, sir. barely, okay. john, so the question was, that i had for you, how much subsidy do i get every single day, do you get, everybody? >> it's impossible to calculate because it goes in, it goes out. you had a graph at the start of the show, showing that the subsidies have gone up to 44% from the earlier, but that's
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just the cash. if you look at the total subsidy, you can't calculate it. >> glenn: okay. >> all of us collect it. >> glenn: everybody does. >> i mean, the lights in the studio, you think that's just light that fox paid for. >> glenn: yes. >> no, taxpayer paid for that. this is the energy department subsidies for all kinds of producers of energy. >> glenn: could we have energy without out of this crap? >> of course. presumably would be cheaper more efficient and wouldn't have to be laundered through the government and all of these programs many of which waste money. >> glenn: wouldn't we just be choking in smoke? >> well, some pollution rules, okay. >> glenn: yeah. >> but that's a rule for government. >> glenn: okay, all right. >> i don't want to choke on smoke. >> glenn: i don't want to be pittsburgh, 1955. >> that's right. >> glenn: let's be honest. so, what else, we have government. >> you get up in the morning, you have your wheaties and your milk. wheat gets all kinds of
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subsidies. the milk gets all the subsidies and we get milk without this, but the farmers were politically connected aen they manipulated the system so taxpayers fund all of this stuff. and-- >> do we have any idea how much milk would cost without all of this. >> no, because some of it's more expensive because of it. some of it's price support and some taxpayer would say. >> glenn: we have a problem, for instance, like sugar. we have a problem, because don't we ban sugar from being grown or we have to buy-- what is the sugar thing, do you know what i'm talking about? >> we do. we support a few families, cuban families in florida. so lobbied politicians that the price of sugar has to cost a certain amount so they stay in business. this makes everything made with sugar cost more. >> glenn: okay. >> and the corn makers, say, corn syrup, we can't compete and a price subsidy. >> glenn: would that effect
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every time i buy a coca-cola, i get a subsidy from the united states government. >> that's right. are you wearing clothing that might be made of cotton. >> glenn: yes, i am, actually. >> here we go again, the cotton farmers learned to manipulate the system. and of course, it's always more. and i have another-- >> wait a minute, wait a minute, john, how can we -- this will be the argument. they can't compete with the rest of the world. now, i find this amazing because we are now, we have to take a break, we're running really late, but let me ask you a question and you can come back and answer the question. you can't compete against the rest of the world. the rest of the world can't compete. we're no longer the bread basket of the world. what are we number one or number two. >> we're still number one, not the food. >> glenn: not the food, not the food. so, how do we-- >> support a lot of food. we're doing well in the food business. >> glenn: we are now not what we used to be. the question is, how can you compete without the government balancing things? that's what everybody says.
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we'll do that next. you know what i mean? >> if we didn't have-- ñ@y
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>> we're back with john stossel. by the way catch his show, stossel tonight at 9 p.m. and again at 12 a.m. eastern. tonight, you have who? >> we have education, you can at that about subsidies and government spending, we have a school that went from the worst in california to the best, with less money and the principal fired teachers on the first day sometimes. who doesn't think that won't work. >> glenn: i don't understand it. >> the principal freedom to make, to go run his own-- >> exactly right. i asked you before we went out. people said we can't make it. you know, we have to have all of these government subsidies or we won't be able to compete, won't be able to make it. >> that's why i love this chart. look when america grew the fastest, when we became the
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most remarkable country in the world. this is a graph of the size of government over the history of the republic for most of the life of the country, government was less than 5% of gdp. it's only since lyndon johnson and the great society. fdr. >> glenn: come over here, i want to show you quick. i want to go over to the timeline and show you, now, you have the graph starting here and it flatlined. it flatlined. really, all the way, it starts here. here is social security. >> when we grew the fastest, the tiny government. >> glenn: this is when the-- we were candlelight here. >> we were nothing. here, we were already the leader. >> glenn: okay, now, here we go, and it comes up. now, this is government spending. now, here we are, 1944, the g.i. bill of rights, the national school lunch act, 1946, she that it comes up, this is the growth of government. we have medicaid and medicare begins 1965. here is your great society.
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but i find this interesting. 1974, that's nixon-ford, is it not? here comes, it's not a democratic problem. it is an american progressive problem. food stamps programs, right? goes up, comes down a little bit, 1981, starts, goes up a little bit and then comes back down. this is the low home energy assistance program. sky rockets up, 1997, this s-chip. but you'll see here again, at the end of clinton, it kind of comes down and that's when clinton-- >> gridlock, a republican congress that says no, but look how little it went down. >> well, the trend is up. we thought that was so-- it's going now up, we can't graph it in the studio. >> glenn: is it reasonable, you and i are both small government libertarian, we disagree on things sure, but
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we both want small government. do you believe this can ever even get, could ever get here? >> it has to get there if we're going to survive and pay for the people who really do need help. i worry, i mean, i go-- i listen to the tea party people, they want smaller government, but the polls show, well, what about social security? oh, don't touch that. what about medicare, don't touch that. we have to chop into some of the programs, it's unsustainable. >> glenn: it's not going to happen, you won't get it eventually and soon, when i say soon. i mean, you know what's so frustrating, this i think this has been going on like this, we've known it since it started. fdr said, you can't pass this bill on to the people in 1980. and yet, we just keep growing and growing and growing. >> well, part of the problem is we rudely keep living longer. and fdr had no idea. >> glenn: going to take care
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of that-- back in just a second.  
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>> i told you many times to watch the other hand because everybody right now is focusing on the republican party. nobody is looking at the other hand. they're purposely trying to
5:55 pm
keep you from looking at the truth about the election in delaware. why don't we just take a quick second on focus on the democratic pick, his name is chris coons, a guy that harry reid calls his pet. so who is he? well, while a student at amherst college he spent time in kenya and came back a changed man and wrote about his reaction his friends had when he returned to college, quote, africa to them seems a catalytic converter that takes in clean shaven americans and sends back bearded marxists. his suspicions were confirmed in africa. i realize that kenya and america are different, but experiences like this warned me that my own favorite beliefs in the miracle of the free enterprise system and boundless opportunities to be had here in america were largely untrue. america, watch the other hand. watch the other hand. you can say that this o'donnell lady is unelectable,
5:56 pm
uh-huh, whatever. do we need another guy who believes in taking it and not baking it in washington? back in a second.
5:57 pm
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5:59 pm
>> moses jesus, gandhi mlk. they're not going to be guests, but if you haven't gotten your fill of me


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