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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 17, 2010 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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remember the spin stops here because we are definitely because we are definitely looking out for you. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. it is real tough for the republican party. no moderates need apply. >> to tell you the truth i don't have time to pay attention to what they are saying about me. up the ante if you wish we are going to be victorious come election day >> the tea party represents a cross-section of the american people. >> people are tired of the establishment on both sides who have lost their way and abandoned the constitutional principles on which our nation was founded. >> i hope the tea party people realize that the republicans most of the time is better than the democrats instead. >> they told me marco rubio couldn't win. he is blowing it away in
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florida. >> mr. blumenthal who wants to be an outsider to washington. yet, he is thoroughly embracing the president coming in. >> tell the progressives out there, get in gear man. there's a great deal at stake. >> sean: we are counting down the days to election day 2010. in a moment i will be joined live by newt gingrich. i'll ask him to weigh in on the left's claims that a civil war has erupted within the republican party. the rise of candidates like christine o'donnell, sharron angle, rand paul, marco rubio and others have led some to argue that the future of the gop is in peril. as usual the mainstream media and chief propagandist, robert gibbs. >> the republican leadership is just stunned by what happened last night in delaware. now they are scrambling to get control of a movement that seems to be taking overtheir party.
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>> last night showed there is a very vociferous debate going on inside the republican party. >> republican officials in this state and nationally are trying to figure out how to win with a candidate they did not want. >> tea party upsets like hers have triggered a republican party civil war. >> i want to get straight. o'donnell is another sarah palin endorsed candidate. karl rove is doing battle now with sarah palin. >> palin vs. rove, get your tickets. >> sean: it is a civil war or are conservatives washing away the wishy-washy republicans in favor of more conservative candidates? fox news contributor, host of the)ñr new documentary with his wife, america at risk the war with no name, newt gingrich is with us. welcome back. >> good to be with you.
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>> sean: nobody wants to be seen with barack obama. nobody wants to be seen with nancy pelosi. more democrats are running ads against health care than for health care this is about a republican civil war, if you listen to the media. >> the news media will do everything it can for the next 47 days to try to talk about anything except 9.6% . -- unemployment. trillions in debt. disaster of the democratic party's health bill. the failure of the democratic either in the gulf of mexico with the bp oil disaster. the elite media will try turn every return right, if republicans are still standing on election day whether it is christine o'donnell or it is angle in nevada or it is rand paul in kentucky or you name it, they are gonna win. and they are gonna win for a simple reason. the obama democrats have been
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grinding the economy into the dust. leaving americans unemployed. we just had the highest number in poverty released today. i think in years. we have the highest number of -- >> sean: one in seven americans in poverty now. >> that's right. we have 50 million people without health insurance. we have the highest number of americans ever to get food stamps. here's a president whose redistribution policies turned out not to be a paycheck not to be a hand-up but to be a food stamp. in the republicans will be the paycheck party and take on the food stamp party they will make it clear. in delaware, where all these people are ringing their hands, i think christine o'donnell has to make a simple case. her opponent raised taxes, increased spending. is the perfect local model. his county has lost most ratings for bonedness. he's been a perfect obama democrat. over the next five, six weeks
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as that case is made clear she will beat him. she was tied with him a month ago before the attack commercials came in. i suspect a month from now she will be tied with him again. >> sean: there was a 17 point swing in a short period of time there. was a little bit of a battle. there has been a battle teen the more conservative wing of the republican party and the establishment. that is in kentucky, "national enquirer", alaska, delaware and other instances -- nevada, alaska and delaware and other instance . you could put in rumor to bed. you may have played a role in early of bridging the gap with? any truth to -- to that? >> when i checked with senator cornyn he said that was wrong. he acted promptly within minutes they corrected that report. senator cornyn was committed to helping christine o'donnell win as he's committed with angle, paul and everybody. he and mitch mcconnell have
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been great troopers. they've jumped in to book won the primary. here you have a republican party for the first time since 1930 has out-voted the democrats in the primaries. this has not happened in 80 years and we are supposed to be worried? republican party in which grass roots candidates think of nikki haley in south carolina indian-american woman wins the republican nomination in south carolina and we are supposed to feel bad? you have a candidate for nevada sandoval, a great latino. of course what is the left gonna do? what if latinos win the governorship as republicans in mexico and nevada? latino win the senate race in florida, how can that be if they are republicans? you are going to have an african-american conservative, scott from charleston in the u.s. house. how is the elite media going to deal with the fact that the
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rising energetic new ideas, grass roots party in america is republican, not democrat? >> sean: it is interesting. it seems that the only ideas that we are hearing are coming from conservatives. they are talking about returning to constitutional principles, lowering tax. i like boehner and mcconnell's idea. roll back spending to 2008 levels, that's a good start. let's not have new spending, repealing health care, war on terror, onboarders. there seem to be answers. the left seems to be at this moment in time, they don't have ideas. except they are on the attack. >> look, the left has a lot of ideas that are all bad. >> sean: they tried them all now. >> they can't say any of them. they can't be honest with any of them. a competitive network i won't name had a poll come out today -- >> sean: there is no such thing. >> there's a random smaller network which came out today with a poll that shows by
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almost 2-1 the american people are opposed to president obama on immigration. and 68% of the american people want to see stronger controls and stronger enforcement. the opposite of the obama position. item after item like this and realize that whether it is the ground zero mosque or whether it is the issue of not raising taxes. i think there are going to be votes in the house on not raising taxes. i believe there's a very high likelihood that you are going to see nancy pelosi lose control of the house in a rules vote over this issue i think even many democrats have begun to realize that raising taxes in the middle of a deep recession is suicidal economically. >> sean: i have a lot more questions, including the final tactics and strategies that candidates ought to be using. we'll have more with newt gingrich right after the break. plus, a candidate has challenged senator vitter to a steel cage match. no, the challenge didn't come
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from connecticut's linda mcmahon. mcmahon. we'll tell you who that is. ♪ one, two, three, four ♪ ♪ you say ♪ flip it over and replay ♪ we'll make everything okay ♪ walk together the right way ♪ do, do, do, do
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>> sean: longshot candidate mike spears isn't sure he could beat gop senator have it this november. instead he's hoping he can beat him somewhere else in a mixed marshal arts cage fight. spears has challenged vitter to the fight which he says will symbolize the epic battle between the american people and out of the control tehran cal federal government.
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barack obama and joe biden. why in the age of joe sestak and these other cases that came out in colorado, romanoff, why do i suspect there might be a you don't endorse her we might have a job waiting for you at the end of the rainbow? why wouldn't he call her and rally around her like he promised in may? >> first of all, i don't think mike castle needs or is gone ha take a job. he has had a very long, very successful career. he's been governor of the state. he's been a member of house for a long time. i know him personally. he's a man of great integrity. you can appreciate this sean. i suspect his feelings are hurt. at the beginning of the year he was the most popular politician in delaware. thought he was going to win easily. focused on the general election. >> sean: i gotta be honest. my son place competitive sports. at the end of a sporting match that he lost, didn't shake the other person's hand he would hear it from his dad.
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this guy has been in politics 40 years. and he doesn't have the graciousness, the grace, the dignity to, you know go out there, like he promised to do in may and support the candidate and say congratulations? come on! >> you didn't ask me if i thought it was the right thing to do. you asked me why he did it. i think frankly, senator murkowski should endorse mill alaska. i think mike castle ought continue divorce christine o'donnell in delaware. if you sign -- endorse christine o'donnell in delaware. if you sign up you have an obligation to support the person this is not about personality. it is not ko versus mike castle. by the -- it is not christine o'donnell versus mike castle. largest turn-out big a presidential turn-out four times the size -- >> sean: not only that. today his campaign sent out an article that just slandered and smeared and attacked not
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only christine o'donnell but the voters. that doesn't sound like -- >> i think that's a mistake and i hope mike calms down and thinks about it and decides he's bigger than thatch the party has been very good to him for a very longtime. i think he owes it to the party in that sense. >> sean: sounds like a big crybaby. like a poor sport big crybaby. and i'm sorry he lost. but he earned his lost with his liberal voting record as far as i'm concerned. he's blaming me, lashing out at me and rush. >> more importantly than what you or i think, talk radio versus republican incumbents. fact is, people of delaware have the right to pick the nominee they want. the largest turn-out in modern times they picked christine o'donnell. folks, including the republican national establish. -- establishment ought to respect the people's right to choose their nominee. >> sean: we had eric cantor, paul ryan and kevin mccarthy
12:16 am
on the program. there's a document, it is not going to be contract with america. some commitment, some promises. they wouldn't tell me what it is. what should be in that document. obviously, they are trying to replicate what you accomplished in 1994. >> this is a different year. it is a much worse chick year. the unemployment is a much bigger crisis. the spend something a much): bigger crisis. national debt is a bigger crisis. my hope is the heart of the document is drawing a clear contrast between job killing by the democrats and job creating by republicans. is going to focus on cutting taxes, creating jobs, controlling spending, getting back towards a balanced budget. i know congressman boehner has proposed that we go back to the discretionary spending of 2008 under george w. bush. nobody in 2008 thought we spent too little. i think that we ought to be in a position that we could live with that kind of a cap for the next decade. i think you will see them come
12:17 am
out with a clear fiscally conservative position, moving us back towards job creation. towards helping small business a clear principle. no tax increase on any american, when we are in this kind of severe recession. >> sean: any other items would you like to see in there? >> i would like to see them focus heavily on jobs and the economy. there are many things i believe in. if we were writing a party platform i would want many more things. i would like to focus the national news media from now to election day on the straightforward question if you think killing jobs and having 9.6 unemployment and then raising taxes and risk a second deeper investigation is a good an -- good idea, you ought to vote democrat. if you want to keep taxes and spending down you ought to vote republican. if we can have that clear referendum we'll do just fine. >> sean: we'll see you at the value voters summit weekend.
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>> sean: the gop's nomination of christine o'donnell in delaware sent the mainstream media into a frenzy. the question is whether she can pull off a midterm victory against the democrats? latest poll shows o'donnell trailing chris coons by 11 points. when voters start to learn more about coons that lead may evaporate. during his undergrad with it days he wrote about development of his ideology in his college newspaper. called chris coons the making of a bearded marksist.
12:23 am
now some unpop -- marxist now some unpopular democrats are coming out woodwork. harry reid told the newspaper, i'm going to be honest, chris coons everybody knows him in the democratic caucus he's my pet, my favorite candidate. hard time to believe people in delaware will elect harry reid's pet. will it impact how candidates are nominated? will it show republicans don't need to shy away from nominating the conservative candidate on the ballot. joining me the host of his own show right here on this network, huckabee. what is the name of the show? >> real original. hey sean. >> sean: thanks for being with us. huckabee, hannity. first of all, it was very interesting to watch coons' spokesman come out today, chris is not anyone's pet. >> the worst thing that can happen this year is to be
12:24 am
associated with harry reid. only thing worst is to be officered as harry reid's pet. harry reid has a long -- harry reid has a long history of saying ridiculous things and getting an way with them. if you are on the receiving end of you a big wet kiss from harry reid it has to be the worst moment you can in this political year. >> sean: this is u.s.a. today tea party wins, fuel a civil war within the gop and they got christine o'donnell face on the cover this is today's edition of the paper. if there is any civil war going on we were touching on the surface. democrats don't want to be seen with harry reid or barack obama. he comes to town they . sorry. that's the only day i can't make it. they are running away all these ads we were showing last night. >> beam in the democratic party scheduling visits to combat zones so they don't have to be present when obama
12:25 am
show up. i think they would be -- would rather to be photographed with hugo chavez than obama. the attempt to portray all of the people in the tea party as extremists. people remember obamacare, auto bailout, stimulus, bank bailout and the financial regulation. on four of those, the polls overwhelmingly show that the people are angry at everything but the financial regulation. now, that's where the tea party candidates stand. it is interesting that the -- to the mainstream media if you are in step with the "new york times" editorial board you are explain stream. even though "the new york times" editorial board is out of step with 70% of the american population. >> sean: we were discussing this earlier. mike castle didn't talk to christine o'donnell. didn't congratulate her. he promised back in may at the state convention he would support winner. not only did he not talk to christine o'donnell, michelle
12:26 am
malkin is reporting he called barack obama and talked to barack obama and joe biden. >> there's an age old in politics when you lose an election you call and concealed to the victor. to not do that is one of the classless things. did he get a wrong number, not have the number? i don't know mike castle so i can't speak to that. if he can talk to barack obama, but not offer a concession to the victor, who won the election, the same happened to joe miller in alaska with lisa murkowski, not a phone call, nothing to follow up. it has happened in several cases where the anger and bitterness is so intense that the loser doesn't show the sportsmanship of saying i'm sorry. >> sean: his campaign was vicious to her this is a blood sport, tough arena >> i've been through a lot of elections primaries in general, you rarely want to have dinner with the guy that just beat. i understand that you are
12:27 am
rarely pals, at lost for a while with the guy with whom -- >> sean: but you make the phone call. >> absolutely. it is not the most wonderful experience in the world but that is part of the election process. to fail to do that to me says you shouldn't be on the ballot any way. if you get elected you are going to win some and lose some. >> sean: they sent out this vicious, mike castle, u.s. senate, o'donnell is undeserving of the victory delaware voters be snowed on her. they trash her in the article. they sent -- they sent out this article win by somebody else. mike in case you don't know, you lost -- you loss. >> the national senator committee has egg on their face, they supported charlie crist at the beginning. i was angry with them. i knew marco rubio. i kept telling people this is the guy. >> sean: he could be president one day. >> he could.
12:28 am
i would support him in the heartbeat. he's not the -- he's got the most magnificent american story and they supported. crist. how did that work out for you? >> sean: how did it work out when they supported arlen specter? >> brilliant choice there. >> sean: they were wrong in alaska, sharron angle, rand paul, delaware. they have a lot of egg on their face. >> i can understand supporting an incumbent senator. but where you have challenger races and this was a challenger race castle was not the incumbent, crist was not the incumbent senator that is different and they messed up. >> sean: governor, appreciate you being with us. you have a big show this weekend. gop voters around the country are fired up. some are still saying they are not going to head to the polls in november. this this weekend's edition of huckabee the governor will color why. if you are one of those people you can the governor an e-mail
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>> sean: more economic problems for the white house. 31 congressmen signed a letter to speaker pelosi calling for an extension of all bush taxes including those for the rich rich stating it could negatively impact economic growth. taking a page from the gop's playbook sounds like these democrats may have gotten the memo that the only people winning the november elections are batting from the right side. straigh it doesn't take much; an everyday moment can turn romantic at a moment's notice. and when it does, men with erectile dysfunction can be more confident... in their ability to be ready with cialis. with two clinically proven dosing options, you can choose the moment that's rig for you... ... and yourartner. 36-hour cialis and cialis for daily use. cialis for daily use is a low-dose tablet... you take every day, so you can be ready anytime the moment's right. day or night. tell your doctorbout your medical condition... ... and all medications and ask if you're healthy enough for sexual activity. don't take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. don't drink alcohol in excess with cialis.
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12:34 am
called her an ultra right wing extremist. >> we saw the republican party chairman in john karl's piece he went on to say that you are not a viable candidate. you cannot be elected dogcatcher in delaware. he went on to say you are either a liar or mentally unhinged. >> the larger problem she has is different this year for candidate is good. people are looking for different this year. crazy, is not good. >> sean: reaction? >> sean, it is what you and i have been telling your audience for months to expect. the mudslinging is in high gear. the left can't debate the right any more. they've got only one message left. only one weapon. it is character assassination. i'll say it over and over again. what was the story last night? the story was not just that christine o'donnell won. the story was the 60,000 voters. this tsunami that the tea party has, has gone from alaska, florida nevada, kentucky to delaware, it is
12:35 am
all over the country. with no signs of abating. it is an extraordinary story. what did they report on every network? mudslinging. i hate to say it but i'm going to say it here. karl rove has a lot of explaining to do to the republican party. and has apology to christine o'donnell. >> sean: mike castle has a big area apology. he still won't apologize. the piece they sent out earlier today -- one other thing. christine o'donnell is a strong christian, with strong christian values. now they released a tape she did years ago when she was younger about sexuality and her stance on sexuality and being pure and waiting for marriage and living up to her christian principles. where did that come from the day after the election? doesn't that sound like a campaign might have been having it in their arsenal? they didn't release it now out of bitterness they released
12:36 am
it? that's my . >> isn't it something that the media -- that's my suspicion. >> isn't it something that the media loves to pounce on mean spirited republicans. that should have been another story these personal attacks on her. that should have been a media story today. except they participated. >> sean: harry smith at cbs always has the gop's best interests at heart. you know that, i know that and our audience knows that. >> you got delaware, kentucky, alaska, utah, one after another, after another. are all of these tea party victories good for the republican party? karl rove said this is not going to help us get the seat in a long run. i'm wondering if you are making a miscalculation at your own peril at this perceived enthusiasm gap. these people are changing the face of a party. >> sean: the same democrats that don't want to show up near barack obama?
12:37 am
seems the one thing the media won't focus in on, the tea party has ideas, values and principles. democrats the only thing they are left with are attacks. reaction. >> if i were a republican consultant, consulting with the republican party i would say i want you everyday to sit down and turn on cbs and listen closely to what harry smith says. then do the exact opposite. this is a joke. listen to his words. are all these tea party victories good for the republican party? is this landslide good for them? i wonder if you are making a miscalculation at your own peril? where is the miscalculation. republican candidates are winning all over the place. one month ago, the democrats had a massive superior numbers in the house and senate. suddenly, people are talking about republicans taking both houses -- both house and senate in november.
12:38 am
there's harry smith saying it is a miscalculation. >> sean: here's christiane amanpour talking the ground zero mosque. we report we let you decide if you think is fair. >> plans to build an islamic center close to ground zero has chip whipped up anti-muslim sentiment. five% of americans say they have an unfavorable view of islam now. not since 9/11 has the country seen such anti-muslim fervor latest poll only 37% of those asked expressed a positive feeling about islam. do you think that muslims, people such as yourself, others here can actually have a place to practice their religion freely to live freely as americans? >> sean: sharia more ply , america accessory to 9/11.
12:39 am
why didn't she ask those questions. any way, go ahead. there comes a point where the american people should say to christiane amanpour, please, shut up. i am sick and tired of this. [ laughing ] >> just like in arizona if you raise a policy question you are a bigot. we did a study on sound bites last month, 93% talk about islam phobia in the news media. when they talk about a handful of people that pastor had caused international incident? no. he did not cause that incident they caused the incident with the nonstop coverage. >> sean: meredith viera the bush tax cuts didn't succeed. fair and balanced. what is good about them. >> one of the key issues heading into the midterm elections this expiration of the tax cuts, bush's tax cuts. over the weekend your leader, your boss john boehner said he would support tax cuts for
12:40 am
just middle income earners if that bass his only action. yesterday he took that back, why? these bush tax cuts have been in existence for a while. if they were designed to stimulate the economy and create jobs, they didn't succeed see what is so good about them? >> sean: they were a great success meredith. >> memo to meredith. you can have a debate what future tax cuts might or might not result in. but a record is a record. under george bush, eight million jobs were created with his tax cuts. with ronald reagan's tax cuts there were 20 million jobs created. we've done nothing but lose jobs with barack obama with the stimulus package. truth is truth. facts are facts. don't go on television saying it didn't work, it did work! >> sean: brent bozell, always fun and always a pleasure thanks. time to check in with
12:41 am
greta van susteren for a sneak peek on what is coming up. >> greta: it is senator night. senator demint, mccain, judd gregg and former senator rick santorum. plus, there's a scandal involving "on the record" we have to talk about it tonight. >> sean: are you in trouble again? senator van susteren takes over in 19 minutes from now. thanks for being with us. our great, great american panel is next. hi. you know, if we had let fedex office pri our presentation, they could have shipped it too. saved ourselves the hassle. i'm not too sure about this. look at this. [ security agent ] right. you never kick off with sales figures. kicking off with sales figures! i'm yawning. i'm yawning some more. aaaaaaaand... [ snores ]
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>> sean: tonight on our panel author of the "new york times" best seller greatest moments in sports history len berman is here. you have a new book out? >> yes the 25 greatest baseball players of all time. >> sean: who is number one?
12:46 am
>> babe ruth. right fielder. >> sean: who is number two? >> everyone else is tied for second. babe is number one. >> sean: glad to have you back. friend of fox news peter johnson so back. writer for daily caller tamara holder is with us. we spent a lot of time talking about christine o'donnell and mike castle. mike castle can't pick up the phone after 40 years in politics and congratulate o'donnell and even today sending out hit pieces on christine o'donnell? >> he's a sore loser. maybe he needs time to heal and just deal with this blow. i don't think he was expecting such a major blow. they signaled -- >> sean: i'm so sorry the voters fired him. this was not his inherited right to stay in that office. >> but it is shocking. maybe it is taking time for him to --
12:47 am
>> he's a big boy i marched in the st. patrick's day parade with him. but, he's a big boy. and he's got to move on. he wouldn't debate in this election. when it is a surprise victory, how is it a surprise when the guy was virtually incumbent the favorite won't debate? >> your producer said they are blaming you? >> sean: i have a tape of it. you want to see it? they are blaming me, rush limbaugh and mark leff this is the tape. >> i think the misrepresentations of the lies of sean hannity and rush limbaugh on the air, another significant part of all of this i think some of the misrepresentations in mayo known's race were part of it. how they came up with the theory i voted to impeach george bush i would never know. that was the news around
12:48 am
election time but i think mr. limbaugh. but, those are the kinds of things that make politics very difficult. >> sean: everything is my fault. >> i have to tell you i'm shocked. people actually watch the show. i'm dumbfounded. >> sean: i a copy of your book in my trash can. >> something else going on here. i don't know if miss o'donnell is going to be electable. it is scary to me, as a democrat to be this, you know, tea party movement -- >> sean: stop, stop. i cannot stand this argument. >> she is a disaster. she is anti-gay, anti-masturbation. >> sean: what! >> can we become up the tape! >> sean: any other rope you need? >> i don't know about the last part. but you know, senator
12:49 am
harry reid -- >> sean: struggling here. >> harry reid said chris coons is his pet! what does that mean? i'm kind of sick of these crocodile tears from other democrats. this is not electable. [ talking over each other ] >> sean: she is against cap and tax, against the stimulus, against health care. >> she is against everything. she is an ideologue. >> sean: she going to win this race. she was 11 points behind it was a 17 point swing. let me use a sport as . if my son at the end of a sporting event didn't shake somebody's hand he would get a serious rebuke. >> this is the last hurrah. it says something about him.
12:50 am
>> why wouldn't he that's absurd. this personal hygiene business is fascinating to me. >> she a christian on tape on m tv saying she believes that you shouldn't have lust in your heart, it set . -- et cetera. this is open season on christians in the country that have a value system that contradicts popular culture. try that with islam today in this hypersensitive environment. >> mr. are political christians who have engaged in illicit sex acts, toe-tapping and affairs and all these things -- >> sean: why would you care if a person has high standards and christian values and she is standing by them and speaking out on them? what business is it of yours? >> this woman is crazy.
12:51 am
>> she said that she was not proud of her conduct in her life. she had a transformative experience. and she has become an evangelical. i agree with you, she should not have scorn heaped upon her because of her religious beliefs. that does not make her unelectable. clearly she is electable. clearly she touched a nerve in delaware and toppled a fellow was a nine term incumbent. >> sean: this is how contemptable democrats are of conservatives with values. mock, ridicule, make fun of it. i can't believe it. would you prefer she would say i had 100 sex partners before she got married. >> if she did, why can't she be honest. >> sean: what if she doesn't believe the same way do you why can't you respect that? >> because she has no plan for the future. all this anger. >> is she electable?
12:52 am
>> sean: she is electage. i think she is gonna win. we'll continue. host: could swio really save you 15% or more on car insurance? is a bird in the hand worth 2 in the bush? appraiser: well you rarely see them in this good of shape. appraiser: for example the fingers are perfect. appraiser: the bird is in mint condition. appraiser: and i would say if this were to go to auction today, appraiser: conservatively it would be worth 2 in the bush. woman: really? appraiser: it's just beautiful, thank you so much for bringing it in. woman: unbelievable anncr: geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more.
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>> sean: we continue with our great american panel. we got one in seven according to census americans now living in poverty. this democrat liberal on the panel bragging about it earlier this is what democratic policies have brought us. more people on welfare than ever before. more people addicted to government hand-outs than ever before. you don't get poverty with key thesian economics and redistribution of wealth. wealth is created when businesses create jobs for other people. >> do you like anything that any democrat has ever done? >> sean: sure.
12:57 am
>> when obama comes out with a speech for policy do you say let me figure out what i'm going to agree with? >> sean: this is the worst economy this country has faced in a long time we are not careful we are going to hit a depression. one other thing we've robbed our children and grandchildren of their future. you don't take a hammer to their piggy banks to pay for reckless spending. >> i'm not saying obama's policies are working. however this did not start with obama i work in the inner city in chicago. 50% in the public schools are staffing, homeless. this didn't just start ii years ago. >> sean: what is the answer another government program? another stimulus? are we going to tack people 90% of their income? when do you say enough enough? >> i don't know the answer. >> one of the reasons there are mass defections in the democratic party is people
12:58 am
feel disinfranchisesed, disinherited disavowed in a lot of ways by deficits taxes. they don't know what the next step is. stimulus didn't work. the unemployment rolls increased. poverty increases. people don't have insurance as a result of what they've done in the last two years. and so, they say, well, this is not a stimulus, but it is. it would have been a lot worse. is that the -- >> sean: they promised unemployment len wouldn't go above 8%, they promised that. this is now three trillion dollars in 20 months of obama's debt. he won't recognize we have a war on terror. wrong side on the ground zero mosque. won't control our borders. barely recognizes there's a war on terror. you are asking me what i like about him? i think giving the troops in afghanistan 70% of what they
12:59 am
asked for okay i support that overall, i think this president has been a massive failure for the country. what do you think he's done that is so great? >> i'm saying it is possible things could have been a lot worse. you dismissed that immediately. >> sean: i did. >> empirically, len is one of the greatest broadcasters in the united states. it is all wrong. there is no proof in the pudding. nothing has happened. there's been no accomplishment. >> maybe it could have been worse. [ talking over each other ] >> >> sean: reagan created 20 million jobs. bush created nearly 10 million jobs. obama has lost four million and he's not been president two years. >> bush allowed wall street to fall apart. >> sean: stop. >> we can't go back to the ways of bush, we can't. >> sean: lower taxes and less regulation. we can. get ready because it is going