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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  September 18, 2010 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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you suc, remy great, terry, always a pleasure. i'm greg gutfeld and i'm going down here. ica. [applaus [applause]. >> bret: sarah palin has inspired a list of conservative female candidates, but is she going to run for president? delaware's christine o'donnell appears before a summit in washington and nevada's sharon angle courts g.o.p. leaders. elizabeth warren on the new administration post that did not require confirmation. this is special report. good evening, i'm bret baier. sarah palin heads a fundraiser in the state that launched and shot down many presidential hopes and dreams. chief political correspondent carl cameron is in des moines, iowa with palin's answer to the million dollar question, will she run? >> even before arriving sarah palin's first trip without a
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book tour to iowa made news in the home of 2012 caucuses. >> freedom is a god given right. >> after quitting as governor alaska she's the tea party's most recognizable face. since the presidential bid she's refused to rule out a 2012 white house run and says it will depend on we, the people. >> if the american people were to be ready for someone who is willing to shake it up and willing to get back to time tested truths and help lead our country towards to more prosperous and safe future and if they happen to think that i was the one, if it were best for my family and for our country of course i would give it a shot, but i'm not saying that it's me, i know that i can certainly make a difference without having the title. and i'm having a good time doing exactly that right now. >> palin shook her head no, but back in the early 90's, ross perot said did the same kind of things, and had him running in short order.
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palin's star power can dominate talk radio, but has done little for the republican ground game, to those railroad stumping in the key states. >> we've seen you a fair amount of times and former speaker gingrich and mitt romney, mike huckabee was here a couple of times during the primary. some have joined 2012 jockeying for position, joined by three sitting governors, a senator, former senator and member of the house leadership. social conservatives have loved palin from the moment she hit the national stage. tea party emphasis on fiscal conservativism broadens g.o.p. appeal. >> she can coalesce those two things and meet those people and get them as part of a team. a great step forward. >> and iowans for tax relief. iowans need to know there is real substance there and i think she needs to prove that. >> reporter: palin has proved she can motivate and rally tea
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party conservatives. but presidential politics are very, very different and already, there are nine hard charging very ambitious republicans betting that palin won't run or that they can beat her. bret e campaign carl, live in des moines. christine o'donnell who rode an endorsement from palin to an upset win in tuesday's primary today made her first big pitch to nationwide conservatives. james rosen shows us how she was received ♪ don't stop believing republican christine jo'donnell was the bell of the ball where they soaked up the anti-establishment fervor that vaulted her to the national stage. >> they're trying to say we're trying to take over this party or that campaign. they don't get it. we're not trying to take back our country. we are our country.
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>> some of our establishment friends are not real happy with me or you, so, i think we're in a-- we're in good company today. >> senator jim demint who's riled party leaders by promoting tea party candidates over some g.o.p. stallworths has one of politicians on hand. they come to hawk books, rally the faithful and do testing of both the political waters and latest punchlines. >> yes, we have serious enemies and growing threats around the world, unfortunately, we have an administration whose idea of a rogue state is arizona. rahm emanuel should have sent a dead fish to secretary salazar that might have prevented a whole bunch of dead fish in the gulf coast. >> they have when hair i met sharon playing in nevada. >> would you like to alter your congress? would you like to alter the
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presidency? presidency? >> and exhibit hall here is similar to what you might see at a trade show. the 2000 people in attendance paid for differently priced packages to gain admissioadmiss. >> organizers say the receipts are enough to break even and money is never the proomry factor at a summit that brings together values voters. >> they're coming here with like-minded people. satisfying we've got to go et this right, life, marriage and family and spending and national defense, all of those things have to be in the proper alignment for the country to work. >> he sees the tea party as a quote, national ally even if the members don't march in lock step with his. the tea party is evidence of a civil awakening he hopes will spark one. >> christine o'donnell will be guess on fox news sunday. check local listings for times
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in your area. this is a fox news alert, alaska republican senator lisa mer cowski will launch a write in bid to try to keep her job. sources tell fox and other news organizations that muhr cowski will make the announcement later today. she was upset in the primary by tea party favorite joe miller. the three candidates for the florida senate seat went after each other this afternoon, face-to-face. and correspondent phil keating reports one of them took the brunt of the abuse. . >> reporter: the first three-way debate for the florida senate race airs on a spanish language network and taped today in front of an audience. from the outset there was one common target independent governor charlie chris, siphoning votes from congressman meek and marco rubio. >> you only changed parties
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and independent they think when you couldn't win the republican party. everybody sees it for what it is and gets it. >> and call it a-- that's exactly what he's doing on the message of immigration and i'm for this and that and picking the raisins out of the bread. >> a new awudit release, showing he spent on himself and his family, including $13,000 at disney world. >> i could have i didn't. they can trust in my integrity because i'm an honest guy and i think it's important that in this race there is somebody who had a credit card with the republican party of florida and that's my opponent. >> rubio with 40%, 10 points ahead of crist and ahead of meeks. >> and this is mel martinez's old seat a cuban-american whose retirement left just one hispanic in the u.s. senate. as of now there will be only one more debate involving all
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three candidates, october 24th, entirely this english. in durell, florida, phil keating, fox news. >> bret: at the other end of the country in wisconsin republican ron johnson opened a seven point lead on incouple bent senator russ finegold. that was in the republican primary tuesday. the president obama's approval rating continues to drop. it's now at 42%, disapproval mark is at 52. both of those figures are four points worse for the president than they were two weeks ago in the fox news dynamics poll. something doesn't smell right in the grapevine. we'll air things out later and many in washington on both sides of the aisle are turning up their noses at the president's latest spending requesñ@y
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>> the obama administration already under fire for what critics call excessive spending is pushing for
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billions more. white house correspondent mike emanuel looks at the specifics. >> the obama administration has sent a 20, plus billion dollar wish list to congress to ascertain a stop gap bill to keep the government running. includes 5.7 billion dollars to avoid shortfalls in the pell grant program next year. 5.5 billion dollars to help keep the postal service afloat. 4.6 billion dollars to help set a longstanding lawsuits against the government including black farmers against the usda and 1.9 billion dollars in grants for better performing schools. and house republicans say this is stuffing pet projects into a must-have bill. >> we are as conservatives are resisting the administration's attempt to load up this bare bones bottom line spending bill with unnecessary items. >> meanwhile, the administration is trying to show the american public the spending in last year's roughly 800 billion dollar stimulus package as making a difference. a new report, 100 recovery act
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projects are changing america and designed to spotlight putting people back to work and moving the country forward. repursue bishing ellis island in new york harbor. 32 million for electric vehicles made in kansas city where the president visited back in july. and 13.7 million dollars used to upgrade grand canyon park, but in los angeles, an audit by the city controller 111 million dollars in stimulus spending has only created about 55 jobs so far. the audit reveals the city's department of public works has received 70.65 million dollars and created or retained 45 1/2 jobs. the city's department of transportation has been awarded 40.8 million dollars and created or retained nine jobs, with unemployment in l.a. at 12%, the controller says the city must do a better job of cutting red tape. >> the major problem was the delay in getting the dollars out, that the jobs that we
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want to see created weren't created as quickly as we would like and additionally, the other major problem was ensuring that the money was separated, we were using it properly under the federal guidelines. >> still, the president believes that that stimulus money had not been sent to cities like los angeles and states with severe budget problems, the economy could have gone into freefall. bret. >> bret: mike emanuel live on the north lawn. thank you. stocks ended the week on a positive note. the dow added about 13. s&p 500 gained about a point and the nasdaq was up 12 1/3. a piece of legislation called the dream act may be turning into a nightmare for democrat sponsors and republican critics. chief correspondent jim angle tells us what it is and why it's so divisive. >> reporter: an emotional and pointed doo ebate where harry reid inserted into a key defense fell, making it difficult for illegal aliens
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to get citizenship and senator john mccain is angry about it. >> this is a transparent attempt to win an election. that's what this is all about. >> with our forces fighting two wars, he says this is no time to throw partisan unrelated matters on to a must-pass defense bill. he says it's nothing more than currying favor with the hispanic voters. >> in desperation, they see november election is coming up is palpable. >> reid owes opponent agrees. >> he's politicized this and looking for votes in the places where he thinks he can find them and to attach them to the defense bill is an outrageous act of political maneuvering. >> i don't think we should talk about how beneficial the dream act is for democrats. >> senator reid wants to talk about how it helps the young illegal immigrants. >> the dream act is very simple it says a few billion in the country for five years
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before you're age 16 you should be able to go to state school. >> not just attend college, but qualify for in-state tuition, and some senators sharply criticize. >>, but it will provide a powerful incentive for more illegal immigration by allowing states to grant in-state tuition to to illegals. >> volunteering for military service, after two years of service or attending college immigrants could get a green card the last step before citizenship. another democratic leader says it's only fair for children brought herele legally by parents. >> now the children have garrown up in america and finished high school and believe they're americans. >> those who qualify could become americans after six years can apply for full citizenship. why opponents call this the first step down the road to
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amnesty. in washington, jim angle, fox news. >> bret: just ahead, the woman who is trying to get senator reidñ÷
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>> federal government officials say two homer employees at the los alamos national laboratory were trying to help venezuela construct a nuclear weapon. catherine herridge with details. >> thank you, bret, i according to the indictment, a man and his wife thought they
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were dealing with a government official from venezuela, but in reality an undercover fbi agent and national security was never in jeopardy. at one point the couple gave the fbi agent a 132-page document of restricted data how to design, manufacture or use atommic weapons and in return they allegedly asked for nearly $800,000. speaking to a fox reporter in new mexico last year, after the fbi searched his home. he claimed to have broken no laws, because all of the information could apparently be found in the public domain. >> they have to prove that these are secret, real secrets that i was selling the united states than security by giving this information to venezuela, that's what they have to prove. >> and again, you say it was not secret. >> nothing was secret. >> as to motive, there are two scenarios, there had been tension between the doctor and the management at lost alamos and goes back to the late '80s when he criticized the way that federal money was allocated to proms and
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according to the department of justice. the doctor allegedly told his wife he was doing all of this for money and no longer considered himself an american, bret. >> bret: katherine, thank you. >> you're welcome. >> bret: president obama named elizabeth warren to set up a new consumer protection agency. she has a reputation of being highly critical of wall street. the move side steps what could have been a contentious senate confirmation process, had she been named the head of the bureau. this afternoon, warren told me her job title and description don't matter. >> if we go the nomnation route, i don't get to talk and i don't get to work and i want to get to work. i want to get to work right now. i'm coming to washington to try to help get this agency started, to do the things we need to do for american families and to get these markets up and functioning. and if i can be helpful, i don't care if you call me the
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dog catcher. >> that interview in its entirety will be available shortly on the special report home page. and now, some fresh pickings from the political grapevine. illinois democrat senate candidate, who fought allegations of mob connections throughout his campaign, attended a hollywood fundraisers in which one of the hosts has been tied to organized crime. a paramount pictures executive hoo was identified by federal investigators back in 2007 as the girlfriend of a married new jersey mopster nabbed for leaving a multi-billion dollar gambling ring. his aides defend her, saying she was never investigated or arrested and is no longer romantically linked with the man. new york's race for governor is getting trashy. a mailer sent out last week
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ply public candidate paladino, actually smells like garbage. it features democrats who have been investigated or resigned in scandal and the campaign says it went with a landfill odor and warned once you open the mailer, it takes a long time to get the smell off your fingers. updating a few stories in our friday follow-up segment, the writer of an unauthorized book about french first lady carla bruney is standing by the account that am i they will obama portedly complained of life in the white house as hell the and the author is quoted in media that conceding that mrs. obama was probably joking. an egyptian newspaper is defending its decision to publish had a doctored photo showing mubarak in front of a procession of leaders at the white house instead of behind as the original. the doctored picture was meant to show mubarak's key role in negotiations. a suspected plot against the
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pope led to the arrest of a half dozen people today in great britain. correspondent greg burke has the latest from london. >> reporter: pope benedict got a look at power and pomp on friday in a visit to westminster during the four day trip to the united kingdom. scotland yard swooped in on a half dozen suspects on a proper plot against the pontiff. street sweepers were at the heart of the investigation, none of them british. sky news reported some of them to be algerian. the pope's schedule remained unchanged and the vatican said it had full faith in patricia security arrangements. we are confident in the work of the police of scotland yard and there's no need to change anything about the program involved. >> security was already tight for the four day papal visit and anti-terror detectives prepared new sweeps after the arrests. >> in westminster hall. the pope spoke to diplomates
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and political leaders including four prime ministers. benedict insisted that religious belief made a life for the nation and made a case for what he called the legitimate call for religion in the square. while the pope was the subject of attacks. protests have been isolated so far and generally well-received. >> there was a lot of concern in the weeks leading up to the trips, protests and i thinker toward the pope. coverage has been very friendly and so far, it's a pleasant surprise, i think, for the vatican. >> the pope could face large are protests on saturday at public events. pope benedict said at the start of the trip he wasn't worried about any of the controversy surrounding it and from the vatican's point of view, as long as none of the protests are massive, it can basically be considered a success, in london, greg burke, fox news. >> we'll talk about mama grizzly and her cubs. sarah palin and her political
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>> some have accused of being just an aging crowd of reagan staffers and home schoolers. [laughter] >> they're trying to harg nalize us and put us in a box. they're trying to say we're trying to take over this party or that campaign, they don't get it. we're not trying to take back our country, we are our country. [applause] >> we have always been in charge. this is america. >> christine o'donnell at the values, voters summit here in washington today. she is one of the candidates who was backed originally and supported by sarah palin. on the self-proclaimed mama grizzly. here are the others, sharen angle, carly fee rina, haley, ayotte in new hampshire.
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the question, sarah palin will she run for president? >> if the american people were to be ready for someone who is willing to shake it up and willing to get back to time tested truths and help lead our country towards a more prosperous and safe future and if they happen to think that i was the one, if it were best for my family and for our country, of course i would give it a shot. >> bret: a powerful conservative female candidates, let's bring in our panel about this topic, steve hayes, senior writer for the weekly standard. kt mcfarland, analyst, and mort kondracky, early call. kt, you look at the list and you see the impact that sarah palin has had in supporting and contributing really to these candidates. >> i think it's terrific. you know, and what, inside the washington beltway bubble, i mean, i'm from new york, okay, and i realize that washington just can't get it. and whether you're republican or democrat, the attitude in
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the country is low all the bums out. they've screwed up the economy, they've screwed up the country, let somebody else have a turn and i think that's what she represents and i think that's what the mama grizzlies have tapped into and the fact that they're song, conservative women, even better. >> bret: mort? >> look, the public is furious with obama and the democrats for not solving the unemployment problem and spending gazillions of dollars and building up the national debt and the republicans are going to do very well. let's remember, sarah palin's favorability rating in the country among all people is 31%. tea party is 30%. barack obama's favorable rating whether people like him is 47%, so the country is not, you know, permanently on this wicket. some-- palin has a lot of pizzaz and a lot of smarts and a lot of potential and some of her grizzly ladies are you know,
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are common senconservatives lik carly fee rina and some are not. i have a litmus test, they're whackos and extremists. my litmus test is you want to get rid of the department of education. this country, see the movie "waiting for superman" this country ranks 26th in math and science. that's what local control of the schools have done for it and george bush and barack obama are trying to change that. >> bret: obviously she's tapped into a lot of things because the real clear politics poll in the reid-angle race, has the race essentially tied so there are people in nevada who don't dpree with you. >> and let me say, who elected you god, okay? >> nobody elected me god. >> and i have an opinion, i have an opinion, i've been watching politics for a very long time. the republican party is headed as far to the right as the democratic party is now perceived to the left and maybe further. >> you can sit here in a democracy where the guy who
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wins the most votes is the guy who gets the nomination, the guy who wins and for some people in washington who feel that they know better than absolutely everybody else in the country to say, that's a whacko, that's somebody who doesn't deserve to be elected to office, i think you ought to get outside of the beltway, not you personally, but washington beltway bubble. but the country is angry. >> i know that-- e you could could-- >> look, the relevant question would be if we ranked 26 now with the department of education, what do we rank before the department of education was established. when you're talking about a government that's going broke and big picture issues that are aenmating this movement, it's not out of bounds to go to first principals and ask yourself. is it proper for the government to have education over dominion nationally. are we doing better than with the federal government in
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charge than before the federal government in charge. i thought that sharron angle handled the questions well. we should be looking to decentralize not only one of the things that the framers would have envisioned for the country. i think it's something we would need to do for-- in terms scaling back the government to the size we can handle in washington. >> and the reality every municipality and state is broke except for a few and you're going to be forced to ut about those in at the level levels. >> bret: mort, you have to concede, don't you, that there's a wave that's not working in washington, either party, republican or democrat, and that there is had a sense, as kt mentioned, perhaps, of throw the bums out. >> there's no question, but what there's a wave and it's been a break and it's going to be big. i'm worried about the long-term consequences. the democrats are going to go because they're going to lose their moderates further to the left and the republicans,
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you're going to have jim demint in command and jim demints basically says, you know, close down the government. i don't care. so, how are we going to solve the immigration problem, the debt problem. the energy problem? how are we going to solve it in the two parties are at logger heads alt time on everything? >> the fact that the two parties that have gotten us in, and the people in washington who have gotten us into the mess and i don't think we count on them to get us out of the mess. >> lisa mer cowski is going to run as a candidate in alaska despite she was beaten by joe miller and supported by the tea party, alaskans republicans elected joe miller in the primary and lisa mercowski is going to conduct a write in campaign. >> i think it bespeaks a level of arrogance, people in washington who think they're entitled to remain in washington. when somebody leak a joe miller, well spoken, arct
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articula articulate. i'd like to see mike castle run as an independent. >> bret: i bet you would. kt. >> the people are speaking around the country and the people who are most sort of shocked every time it happens, whether it's in new jersey, whether it's in nevada, whether it's in delaware. whether it's in new york state. whether it's anywhere in the country, and everybody watches so shocked this is happening. well, get out and smell the roses. >> bret: do you think the tea party backed candidates are helping the republican establishment or the republican establishment is now helping the tea party candidates? log on to our home page, and online poll.
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>> every week on, special report home page. viewers vote on what top we
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should discuss first during this the friday lightning round. this week, charles krauthammer's wild card pick won by a landslide, but we made a little mistake, he's off for the jewish holiday. calling in saying he's at synagogue atoning for his sins, regarding to the wild card pick, quote, if you supported mike castle over christine o'donnell you are as three fourths of my e-mail suggests, an enemy of humanity, charles, answer, no. atoning for his sins in synagogue. back to the panel. the first topic the dream act and senator reid's efforts to attach it to the defense authorization bill. >> the dream act is very simple. it says if you've been in this country for five years, you came before you were age 16 you should be able to go to a state school. this is turning legislation related to our national defense and military preparedness in a vehicle to force a partisan agenda
4:52 am
through the senate. >> bret: what about the dream act? we're back to panel. >> there are three problems with it. the first it's attached to the defense authorization bill which you shouldn't do. the second, it doesn't mention anywhere enforcement. it has nothing to do with enforcing the currently laws. the third it's all politics and this is harry reid and wants to turn out the vote and press to do so. >> bret: kt. >> another example of the sort of extreme arrogance, of somebody who is no desperate. if he cared so much about the dream act, where was he two years ago with the dream act. why is he all of a sudden pulling it out of a hat. >> bret: mort. >> it does have something to do with the military. allow the kids if they want to serve in the military to get a green card and serve their country and so, it is relevant. shame on john mccain, he used to be pro immigration reform and he's now skittered away from it. so, you know, this is a waste of human potential and these kids are, you know, have lived
4:53 am
here for years, they want to serve in the country and go to college, they want a good life. the democrats are playing politics, no question about it, but so are the republicans, lock step against it, you know, all they're doing is trying to pander to the anti-amnesty crowd. >> bret: and hamid karzai urging people to come out despite the taliban warnings that doing so will result in death. what about that, mort? >> you have to praise the people of afghanistan who are willing to risk death and destruction and dismemberment to come out and vote. they are real heroes and they're doing it in spite of the fact that corruption is rife. they don't know that they're going to elect their-- the right people. and then you've got the taliban shipping in apparently millions of phony vote cards so i don't know what the consequence is going to be. i hope it's, i hope it's good.
4:54 am
>> bret: kt. >> yeah, i was in afghanistan a year ago and the conclusion i reached was that this is a corrupt and incompetent government and a country of people who didn't really feel that they were going to die to fight to keep that government in place, and that the u.s. policy was all over the place, there was no clear strategy and no clear matching of resources to achieve whatever strategy there might be. afghan elections, they'll go, i don't think violence, but i don't know they're significant one way or the other. the significant time is when petraeus has to report whether there's been progress. whenever you have candidates, that's a good sign. i agree i don't think they are going to be significant in outcome and still won't matter because of the deadline. the one area in which u.s. policy is clear and it's clear in a negative way. >> bret: quickly, republican gubernatorial candidate of new york, carl paladino put out a
4:55 am
mailer and essentially stinking up the joint. and the mailer shows democrats resigned because of corruption or allegations and the thing actually smells like garbage. [laughter] >> what about that, as a tactic, steve. >> i certainly wouldn't have wanted to have gotten it and other candidates advise them to do it. on the other hand he's trying to make a big point ands' getting lots of attention and what he wants to say is all albany stinks and i'm the guy to fix it. not a bad way to do it. >> i'm a new yorker, he's taken on the new york republican establishment and turned it on its head so if he's got 10 million dollars to spend, we're talking about his campaign commercial right now, he got something like 93% voter approval in western new york, which is where all the republicans are, i think he's doing a terrific job and i wouldn't underestimate him. >> he sends out pornographic e-mails and says that the-- in which the president is portrayed as a pimp and the first lady as a prostitute. i don't think he's qualified
4:56 am
on character grounds to be governor, buts' right, you know, albany does stink and andrew cuomo better step up and make the corruption issue, issue number unwith, it's on his website, but i'm not exactly clear he's crusading. >> so you're endorsing the smelly mailer tactic. >> yes. >> bret: that's it for the panel. stay tuned for a warm welcome between two church leaders.
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by the queen of england. >> this morning the pope was greeted by the queen who is the head of the church of england and fellow member of the fellow hat club. had a big ceremony. had a big ceremony. to see the pope in a regular car. he was driving in the car and he and the queen had a very casual, very friendly


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