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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  September 18, 2010 12:00pm-2:00pm EDT

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crazy to the all-time high and i own it in the fund. >> wayne has been all over ford. that's it for "cost of freedom," everybody. thank you for joining us. thank you for joining us. have a great weekend! captioned by closed captioning services, inc 2012 hopefuls testing the waters in washington, as christian conservatives fight to make sure social issues are heard. family research council president tony perkins will announce the values voters straw poll winners this afternoon and he joins us live this hour. alaska senator lisa murkowski has re-entered that state senate race, but the republican establishment isn't too happy. we'll tell you why they are hanging out with the tea party this time around. afghans head to the polls today but will a string of taliban attacks keep the electorate away? is this a referendum on how the war is going? hello. i'm uma pemmaraju. america's news headquarters live starts right now. a couple over hours, the g.o.p. will get an early
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indicator as to who a group of influential conservatives support for a 2012 white house run. results of a highly anticipated straw poll of 2,000 social conservatives attending a value voters summit will be announced this afternoon. caroline shively is at the summit at this hour in washington and she joins us now with the latest on what is going on. hi, what is the latest? >> they are wrapping up the morning session. that's david limbaugh, an author whipping up the crowd of social conservatives here this morning. you mentioned the straw poll. the polling closes an hour from now. we find out results this afternoon. it hasn't been a good predictor of who wins the office, but it's very important. if you are a conservative and you are pondering a run in 2012 you want to be here to find out how much support you get. grassroots support and money, not to mention vote. newt gingrich is one of the dozen-and-a-half names on the straw poll voting list and he
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has the crowd whipped up this morning. >> on the one front, we have a secular socialist machine led by obama, pelosi and reid and the other front we have radical islamists who would change the country in a system none of us in the room would recognize. >> the crowd is also looking at the mid-term elections. they are just 25 days away. gingrich pointed to the recent time where number of conservatives -- [ inaudible ] against the more established candidate. scored seven establishment. [ inaudible ] virginia governmeor is also pushing for action. >> we have to get people who believe in the conservative, pro-family limited government, federalism ideas out in november. >> now islam has been a big topic this morning. generating controversy. they have been talking about the proposed mosque near
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ground zero site. also 9/11. bill bennett host of "morning in america" had this to say, talk about the terrorist act in the name of islam and he said, "we're not islamaphobes but we're angry at islam." back to you. >> thank you for the update. voters in hawaii head to the poll to decide which democrat will try to take back republican seat from republican hands after eight years. two long-time political rivals will square off. former congressman neil abercrombie and the honolulu mayor went head-to-head in a primary 24 years ago. the race is full of mud slinging over race, religion and gay rights. alaska senator lisa murkowski is back in the race this time as a write-in after losing in the primary to tea party backed joe miller. she decided to try again but the republican establishment
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reiterated the support for her opponent. casey stegall is standing by with the details. hi, casey. what prompted her to go forward with this. >> hi, uma. good to see you. >> you too. what prompted her to go forward? >> a couple of things. lisa murkowski taking a page from strom thurmond's book because he's the only or person to be elected to the senate as write-in candidate. but a lot has changed. that was 1954. murkowski as many people know is the incumbent here and she is seeking her second full term as senator. she was appointed in the seat in '022 to succeed her father who became the governor of alaska. she was elected in 2004 and lost the primary to the alaska attorney and the fellow republican joe miller. it was a narrow defeat by 1600 votes total. which is a reason for her decision to keep plugging along in the race.
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it was as write-in candidate. the voters will have to write her name on paper in november for her to keep her seat. >> lisa, please, please give us that choice. because they told me, we cannot accept the extremist views of joe miller. [ applause [ applause ] >> that was the announcement last night in action. the national republican senatorial committee, by the way, has released a statement. a lot of people in the republican party are not on board with the decision. show you the statement released by the organization in response of this. a spokesperson saying if senator murkowski is committed to doing what is right for the state, we hope she will step forward and fully endorse joe miller's
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candidacy. many assert that miller's success in the race comes from the tea party movement. the tea party express con fribted $600,000 to his campaign according to public records. we should mention that former alaska governor sarah palin also chimed in on this, calling murkowski's decision a futile effort. >> thank you, casey stegall, for the update. we are just 45 days away from the commercial mid-terms and most of the primaries are over. this week the g.o.p. in delaware rocked the political world with a victory for tea party candidate christine o'donnell. a few weeks ago she was a longshot against mike castle. when push comes to shove, what impact will the tea party have in november? will the party prove to be a powerful force and deliver victories? or will it be remembered as a footnote in history?
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john mcintyre cofounder of real clear politics. nice to have you here. >> great to be here. how are you? >> fine, thank you. the tea party had impact on the primary. do you think the message needs to go beyond we're mad as hell to have real staying power? >> sure! after the election, that is correct. no question that the establishment and chances of cap canturing the senate been better served had castle held on to win the seat and primary in delaware, 51-49, opposed to losing to christine o'donnell. i think the republicans are better served to -- that she won, she ended up winning the race. >> how much do you credit to sarah palin at this point? >> it was pivotal to
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o'donnell's race. >> is tea party a threat or challenge to republican party at this time? >> the energy is critical, because the energy that allowed o'donnell to win is what republicans will need to be able to capture state s stat like california, wisconsin, washington state. >> some believe it could help the democrats energizing the base by getting out the vote. do you agree with that? >> no question that a state like nevada where sharron angle upset the win. harry reid was likely to lose the race. had the republicans nominated somebody else. but it's still a dead heat and angle has a real shot of pulling that out and winning that race. >> so as you assess the impact of the tea party so far, isn't it safe to say the independent voters will be a key factor determining the strength of the tea party
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muscle? >> absolutely going forward. some of the tea party candidates are doing well. marco rubio pulled away in florida. paul is doing well in kentucky. toomey in the pennsylvania senate rate holds a solid lead. races where the tea party is putting the republican chances of winning seats in jeopardy, colorado, with kim buck and nevada as we mentioned with angle. then christine o'donnell is unlikely to win the seat in delaware. but it's the energy that was evident in her win that republicans will need to pull off the upset in california, wisconsin, washington state. that is -- if they are going to take over the senate, that sweep is what they need to have happen. the republican candidate in washington, wisconsin, they
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will need the energy to upset boxer and patty murray. >> 45 days to go. thank you for your insight. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> kentucky republican senate candidate rand paul finally won the support of a rural sheriff that his campaign had mistakenly said it already had. carl johnson told the "associated press" that the campaign statements claiming he had already endorsed paul were wrong. and rand paul reached out to the sheriff because his democratic opponent jack conway had been portraying paul as soft on drugs and crime. now, the sheriff says he is a paul supporter. he promised not to cut spending for drug task forces. overseas now. after last year's troubleal elections the afghan government and foreign supporters are under pressure to hold a vote for parliament today. but taliban is promising to block effort with attacks to
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keep voters away from the poll. conor powell joins us live from kabul. what can you tell us about the election so far? how are they going? >> there were dozens of scattered attacks across afghanistan. only one major attack but 12 people were kill and 40 wounded across the country. for the most part, the afghan security forces did decent job across the country. despite threat of violence many afghans turned out to vote. this is only the second time that the afghans actually voted for parliament in recent years so there is no baseline. the expectations for turn-out are unknown. there are big concerns going forward. last year's presidential election, marred by the fraud, a lot happened in the
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election. but they were supposed to prevent the afghans have voting multiple times. there are rumors and reports of insurgents threatening voters. and power brokers. afghan power brokers threatening voters at the polls. this creates a situation where people are concerned about fraud, in comparison to past elections. all in all, outside watchers say it was a fairly calm and well organized election. bet election than the last marred election. considering the circumstances, people are fairly positive what about has happened. nobody is yet claiming it was a huge success because it's just the beginning of the process. the election was an event in the long process.
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several weeks to go. >> thank you, connor powell, on the front line in afghanistan. on to his way to the united nations in new york, iranian president ahmadinejad is saying that he and the syrian president will talk about the middle east and the west agenda in the region. he's also saying that he is hopeful that the u.s. will freeze iranian prisoners following the release of an american hiker accused of spying. pope benedict is apologizing for his unspeakable sexual abuse of children bypieces in a mass in westminster cathedral. he confronted the scandal saying he is deeply sorry and hopes that the church's humiliation will help victims heal. he's on schedule with no changes to the trip to england following concerns
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about the security. f.b.i. sting operation netted a scientist and his wife who both work at science lab. >> the lab has long history of espionage to the 1940s. this case centers on a physicist who worked on the nuclear weapons design until 1988. he had access to classified information and his wife marjorie was a technical writer and editor. according to a 20-count indictment, they thought they were dealing with a government official from venezuela, not f.b.i. agent when they handed over 132 page document of restricted information on how to design, manufacturer, and use atomic weapons. the charges say he wrote the document and the wife did the editing. in return, they asked for
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$800,000. speaking to a fox reporter in new mexico last year, after the f.b.i. searched his home, mascaroin claimed to have broken no laws and said all the information he released could be found in the public domain. >> they have to prove that these are secret, real secrets. in the united states, the national security by giving the information to venezuela. that's what they have to prove. >> you say it was not secret? >> nothing was secret. >> according to the indictment, he told the undercover agent part of the sting he could develop a bomb for venezuela in ten years. he and his wife appeared in federal court in albuquerque on friday and have been charged handing over secret weapons information. the u.s. has not accused the government of seeking weapons secret. if convicted, the new mexico couple could face life in
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prison. dr. mascaroni long criticized the policy as misguided. >> thank you. well, after five months, b.p. says it hopes it will be able to declare the well that led to the oil spill permanently dead. crews need to finish a pressure test on a cement plug before that can happen. the test is expected to happen tonight. they will make sure it's all secure. new poll shows economy is the number one issue for voters. would have important are the social issues like gay marriage? how will conservatives make sure they're addressed? we will ask the man hosting the summit, tony perkins. sarah palin takes on rumors she will run in 2012 head on. we get campaign carl cameron's thoughts on all of this. >> the headline is going to be "vanity fair," they are
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>> uma: welcome back, everybody. american hiker sarah shourd who was released this week from iranian custody after being accused of spying made her first public comment on
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the way back to the united states. she thanked them for hosting her after her release and spent 13 months in custody after being detained in july 2009 along the border with her fiance and their friend who are both in custody. hurricane carl dumping eight inches of rain in veracruz after 90 minutes of making landfall. the eye passed the port city but not before killing two people in a landslide. the flooding poses a major problem there. meanwhile, in the atlantic, hurricane igor top winds have now weakened to 105 miles per hour. it could hit bermuda in the 24 hours. rick leventhal has more on the storm. how are folks faring there today? >> a lot of preparation going on here.
12:22 pm
taking this seriously, hurricane warning in effect and they are showing that igor which strengthened back to 110 miles per hour winds on a direct collision course with a tiny island. we expect up to 40 hours of gale-force winds and beyond. starting tonight into sunday when hurricane force winds will kick in for 10 to 12 hours before the hurricane force winds die off sometime during the day on monday. the airport here is closing today. the british airway has the last flight in and coming in three hours before it hits. nobody else can leave the iland once the last plane leaves this afternoon. everyone will be stuck here. prime minister of bermuda says everyone should prepare for what might be the worst storm to ever hit the island. we saw preparations at the local marina where they are pulling in hundred of vessels
12:23 pm
from the water. a marina -- hundreds more are being left out in the water because the owners have nowhere to put the craft. we went to a grocery store where folks pick themselves clean of the dry foods and parishable as well. not everyone was filling the cart. we heard an alternative viewpoint from a young man. listen. [ inaudible [ inaudible ] >> so definitely a serious threat here, uma and we know that the soldiers are put on duty at a local base. police added extra officers. a lot of the emergency services will be locked down until after the storm passes with the electric company which is standing by and
12:24 pm
waiting for the storm to pass before they come out to assess damages. we could have widespread power outages and a storm surge with waves of 30 to 40 feet. the worst of the weather is expected to start here tonight. >> uma: wow! powerful storm indeed. stay safe, rick, you and the crew. thank you. are current laws keeping the border patrol agents doing their job? utah congressman says yes and adds it's just one of the border problems that congress needs to target. he's calling for a hearing and he is not the only one demanding action. congressman is joining us from salt lake city. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me on. >> uma: in your view what is the challenge of giving border agent of a green light and doing their job with the issuing of the federal land along the border? >> despite the fact that people are dying and we have swath of land to the dug
12:25 pm
cartel, the drug cartel is prohibited going in federal land by the federal policy. they don't have the restriction on private property. only the fall land. that is causing a problem. we need jurisdiction. >> i know you are not alone. you have 19 other colleagues on board with this. what impact do you think that the hear willing have? >> the entire republican membership signed this particular letter. but the issue is the border patrol is doing a good job, especially on private profit whereby law they can go anywhere they want to. only the public land we restricted what the border patrol can do. that is an idiotic approach for us. we need to realize what we're doing on the federal land to stop the federal government controlling the border and it's causing the problems. that's where we need to have
12:26 pm
the discussion to change the laws, change the policy and let the border patrol do their work. >> uma: do you think you and your colleagues will persuade the homeland security chief janet napolitano and ken salazar to being more open to allowing the agents access to the land? >> we have to. too many people are hurt and dying. the policy of telling america not to go in the land because it's dangerous, not a viable policy. sometimes you have to get people to sit down and say rational human beings can see this is not working we have to change. we can change. not that difficult of a process. start the process. that's what we're trying to do. >> thank you for your effort. >> appreciate the help. >> uma: sarah palin visits a state for known for boosting or busting the presidential ambitions. family research council president tony per kins is joining us from the summit
12:27 pm
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>> uma: welcome back, everybody. despite being defeated in the g.o.p. primary, alaska senator lisa murkowski isn't giving up yet. julie kirtz has more on this story and the other top stories making news at this hour. hi, julie. >> hi, uma. following the defeat in the g.o.p. primary, alaska senator lisa murkowski says she will enter the race as write-in candidate and she will once again be pitted against the tea party supported joe miller who is backed by the republican party establishment as well. iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad stops in syria today ahead of his visit to u.n. to new york.
12:32 pm
he said he and syrian president will talk about the middle east and the west agenda in the region. voting was marred when two people were killed by strikes. and b.p. hopes to have the well dead. they will perform a pressure test tonight and if the cement holds, the well will be permanently sealed. those are some of the top stories right now. back to you, uma. >> uma: all right, julie. thank you very much. well, sarah palin heading to republican dinner last night in a state known for political clout, further fuelling speculation that the former alaska governor and vice presidential candidate may be flirting with the idea of a presidential run in 2012. campaign carl cameron joins us live from des moines with the latest on all the goings on there.
12:33 pm
how are you doing? >> reporter: hi, uma. probably more than flirting with a presidential run for sarah palin. she is actively and seriously considering it everywhere she goes because she is constantly peppered with questions whether or not she will run. earlier to me she thought if folks thought she was the one, she'd of course "give it a shot," meaning, run for president. last night in iowa, a crowd of 1,000 people for the reagan dinner and her first visit to the first of the nation caucus state. when she hasn't had a book deal or another reason to beal b here. speculation is at height. she used the opportunity to cast herself as the recognizable face but in many ways the head of the tea party movement. sort of brushing back the establishment, including the likes of karl rove saying that some of them need a woodshed moment. this is what she says about the tea party role in american politics as she sees it. >> we are do for a little
12:34 pm
rediscovery. it's time for renewal. restoration of honor. it may take renegade to get us there. it may take folks shaking it up to get there. [ applause ] >> last night she joked when she got to des moines she considered going for a job and recognized the media, and she mentioned vanity fair would show a picture of her and say in iowa, palin decides to run. she got a warm reception from the crowd, but there are questions about her. we talked to an iowa caucus girl and said if he dropped out as governor of alaska, it led to questions and people wonder if she runs for president will she stick with it. >> i want to know that she is in it to stay in it. i was disappointed when she stepped down from governor of alaska. if there is a fight, there
12:35 pm
take it on. >> alaska governor sarah palin departed iowa and has stops all over the country. we will see her in iowa and new hampshire eventually. when she steps foot in the state, until she gives user ismanesque denial she is not running she will be considered a likely contender if 2012. >> uma: no doubt about it. thank you. >> it appears that the issue of trustworthiness is the number one issue for voters. this shows while the economy is top issue to 57% of voters, the trustworthiness of a candidate comes in a close second. with 53% saying it will be extremely important when it comes time to vote. these result open up questions for those putting on the value voter summit. how will the conservative christians make sure the social issues are addressed? if many voters say the economy is the issue in the
12:36 pm
election right now, how can this group back candidates like christine o'donnell? a candidate perceived as having questionable record for telling the truth. joining us now, tony perkins, chairman of the family research council. nice to have you here today. >> good afternoon. how are you? >> fine, thank you. get to the issue of christine o'donnell. our poll shows that trustworthiness is a big factor in this. how do you think christian conservatives can reconcile concept if o'donnell is being honest about her financial problems and college background? you said that character matters. how can they back a candidate that may not reflect values at the core of their beliefs? >> first, it's appropriate to acknowledge that the values, character that matters. you cannot put that issue aside. the voters look at christine o'donnell in delaware and
12:37 pm
most attack came from the political opponent. karl rove, the establishment republican pundit attacked her on fox. after that election. that is not selling in this cycle. the voters will look at this and see if they can vote for her. they are looking for candidate to stick to constitution, defend it and stand up for principles that made the country great. that's why the tea party has taken off. >> uma: our poll shows the economy is the most important issue in the election. what does it mean for the social conservative issues like gay marriage and right to life initiatives? are you concerned there is no room to keep it as a front burner issue this time around? >> i'm not concerned about it not being front burner issue.
12:38 pm
in this environment with 10% unemployment and administration that is spending money of your future generations. it emanates from a world view. social conservatives have the ability despite what some establishment republicans think of factoring in multiple issue set and concerns. they are concerned about the economy but they want to know candidate will defend the right to life. nothing is more defining of character than someone defending the innocent among us. those are important issues. it's important that the republicans and conservatives, whoever looking for votes will be willing to stand up and defend those along with a solid economic platform. >> is it your belief there is a correlation to the economy and the breakdown of the american family right now?
12:39 pm
>> without question! that has been part of the message. my record issol, i'm a fiscal conservative, but we can't dial back the size of government until we strengthen the american family. that's a primary unit. because of the fractured family, because of the policies that have really hurt the family, we've seen expansion of government to pick up and make up and mitigate the consequences of the family breakdown. the two are not in contrast. they actually have to be addressed simultaneously if we are going to shrink the reach and size of government. >> uma: well, a very interesting summit taking place right now in washington. we appreciate you coming on board to give us your insight. thank you. >> thank you. good to be with you. >> after the break. the parent of the woman who admitted she threw acid in
12:40 pm
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>> uma: we are back with the news about the pope. pope benedict today meeting with british prime minister david cameron as part of his historic trip to england. this is despite concerns following six men in terror attempt against the pontiff. what can you tell us so far? >> this has been a busy visit. but thing off the schedule, we knew was expected but the pope meeting again with the victims of clerical sexual abuse, something he's done on the other trips and this inlie what is he says this morning in the westminster cathedral and said the scandal brought shame on the church and immense suffering on the children. children he said were victim
12:45 pm
of unspeakable crimes. police say 6,000 people showed up, radical feminist and some people that want religious removed completely from the world. it was peaceful but there were nasty banners. despite the controversy leading up to the trip, much of the coverage has been quite positive. that has been a surprise. the vatican is happy about that. despite the terror threat that we heard about, the trip does go on as planned. the pope has a prayer vigil and then off to early mass. a long four days for an 83-year-old man who we thought when he was first elected not going to travel very much. >> thank you for the update from london. >> the parent of the
12:46 pm
28-year-old woman who admits to dousing herself with acid are apologizing and say they don't know why the daughter lied about the incident. they say the daughter is, "extremely" sorry for the pain she caused when she claimed a black woman threw acid in her face after saying, "hey, pretty girl, want something to drink?" >> if i could find words to express myself, other than text or off a sheet of paper, i would. we are deeply sorry. we're going through very tough time. >> there were no signs. we don't know why at this point. our hope that we can find the answer. >> facebook pages and website raised money for her and they say all the money will be returned. she may be charged with
12:47 pm
filing a false police report. n.f.l. finished the investigation in the incident surrounding the tv azteca reporter and they're ruling about a story with a lot of media attention at the hour. >> there is the outfid you are wearing. >> yes. >> right? >> jeans and a blouse? >> yes. >> could they get any tighter, those jeans? >> well, those are my size. it's not my fault. you look at that and say the jeans fit perfectly. everything. i don't think it's bad. t the final presentations ♪ ♪ sally, i'm gonna need 40 copies, obviously collated ♪ wht's going on? when we're crunched for time, brad combines office celebrations with official business. it's about efficiency. [ courier ] we can help. wh you ship with fedex, you can work rht up until the lastinute. it gives you re time to get stuff done. that's a great idea. ♪ i need tspeak with you privately ♪ ♪ i found your resume on the printer ♪ everyone! ♪ i found your resume on the printer ♪ [ male announcer ] we understand.® you need a partner who gives you more time. fedex.
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>> uma: welcome back. n.f.l. commissioner roger goodell makes a ruling regarding one of the most talked about story of the week, the ines sainz new york jets harassment case. they found they were active unprofessionally but ruled they did not harass the mexican television reporter. 17 people have been interviewed and there is no evidence she was touched inappropriately. as a result, goodell is implementing a training program for all teams on conduct in the workplace. the program will be underwritten by the jets owner woody johnson. all this media attention, of course, is bringing up the age-old debate of whether the women belong in the locker room. joining us now with her thoughts on all of this, author journalist, and fox
12:52 pm
news contributor liz trotta. hi, liz. there are many people right now raising the question about whether women sports reporter face bigger challenges than the men when they cover the sports stories. if there will ever be an an etch playing field out there. what do you think? >> let me make sure i get this right, now. a woman dressed like a hooker walks in a locker room and the next thing we hear is the team is getting sensitivity training and the league will get sensitivity training. there is something wrong with this logic. something very wrong. the whole case whether they should have access to the locker room was settled in a federal ruling in 1978 where complete and equal access to the locker room was granted to women, same access that
12:53 pm
male reporters would have. several flare-ups and some teams determine it differently. coming back like a song every couple of years. the original case involved the yankee where a young woman from "sports illustrated" wanted to go no the locker room and they issued a blanket denial. that started the whole lawsuit business. we have a woman by all accounts, female and male, was -- i don't want to say inappropriately but seductively dressed. she goes into a locker room. all thatp whatted were cat calls. guys whistle at you. some remarks how hot she is. she, by the way, miss ines sainz has said she was the hottest sports reporter in mexico. that's what she says about herself. her website, my goodness. look at the outfits. we're showing the modest ones
12:54 pm
because we're a family network. let me read something that one of the reason this might be happening that few people want to get into. the writer from the new york daily news, bob raceman says this about it -- networks "x," "y," "z," are now hiring women who are more entertainers than journalist. it's looks that kill are the priority, these suits, tv executives, are expanding the job description from notebook toting reporter to model with a microphone. putting the women in deep. far be it for to us take cheap shots but it looks like the suits are hiring women who wouldn't date them in high school. take that to heart those running the n.f.l. and more particularly the tv executives. women who act professionally and in the locker room and they won the right to be
12:55 pm
there. when you go in and want to call attention and dress like a freak, this is what is going to happen. >> uma: you never know. next thing we know she could have her own television show these days. >> probably will and book contract. >> uma: everything else. absolutely. great to see you, liz. always great to hear your insight. thank you. lindsay lohan failed drug-order screening test and now faces possible jail violation and jail time. she twitted about it saying, "i did fail my recent drug test and substance abuse is a disease, which unfortunately doesn't go away overnight." she was recently released after having spent two weeks in jail followed by inpatient rehab. she isn't the only star with drug and legal problems. coming up, latest on a deal that paris hilton is cutting to get out of spending up to a year in jail following a drug arrest last month. activia's great new taste?
12:56 pm
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12:59 pm
>> well, paris hilton is cutting a deal following her drug arrest in las vegas last month. expected to plead guilty to drug possession and obstructing an officer to avoid two consecutive six month sentences in a vegas detention center. police found a small bag of cocaine after it fell out of her purse, and claimed it did not belong to her. the drama continues.
1:00 pm
america's news headquarters rolls on, kelly wright and jamie colby are standing by in new york to take it over from here. thank you so much for watching the fox news channel. we report, you decide. have a great day everybody. >> and hello to you, i'm kelly wright. >> jamie: i'm jamie colby. topping the hour, sarah palin sending a message to her fellow republicans, plus, what she's saying now about her future political plans. >> kelly: plus, court controversy, why a mother is using the high profile murder trial of a connecticut family to teach a lesson to her kids. >> jamie: and teenagers filming themselves playing a potentially dead game of chicken by lying on railway tracks, the shocking video. you've got to see this now on america's news headquarters.
1:01 pm
>> all right. welcome to big names and bigger anticipation at the fifth annual values voter summit going on right now in washington d.c. more than 2000 social conservatives are gathered to hear from some of the biggest stars of the republican party. including former house speaker, newt gingrich and in just a couple of hours they'll also be giving an early vacation of just who they support for a 2012 white house run in a straw poll. our caroline shively is at the summit in d.c. caroline, how important is the straw poll for the presidential hopefuls. >> reporter: incredibly important in some ways, where it indicates the social conservatives will give their time, money, grass roots organizing not to mention the votes. just two minutes ago the straw poll voting close, a dozen and a half names on there
1:02 pm
including newt beggingrich. early he got the crowd on its feet talking about the anti-incumbent fervor across the country. >> we are at a great american crossroads in american history and that's part of why i think the insurgency is so helpful and the new energy of the tea party is so helpful to change washington by the new candidates, so useful. >> reporter: now, the crowd is looking a the mid term elections and think about it, kelly, only 45 days out. by gingrich's count he says the anti-incumbents are getting a lot of power and by his count, he says it's grass roots 7, establishment zero when it comes to the primary votes. kelly. >> kelly: i understand there's been some tough talk on islamic extremism by some of the speakers, what are they saying. >> reporter: yes, plenty of talk of islam from the 9/11 attack to the proposed mosque near the world trade center site. ben bennett he talked about terrorist acts made in the
1:03 pm
name of islam and islamic leaders who haven't repudiated those acts. >> we're angry at what the religion has done to itself and to us. this is a righteous anger, we're angry at what leaders of this religion failed to say. >> reporter: they are on a break right now, you can tell by the empty room behind me, they will be back in one hour and a little over two and a half hours from now, kelly, we are going to get the results of that straw poll, back to you. >> kelly: caroline shively from d.c., thank you. >> jamie: one big republican star missing from the lineup in washington is sarah palin. the former governor of alaska headlined another big republican event last night, the ronald reagan dinner. she talked about unity and republican strategy. >> if the goal really is to take away the gavel from pelosi and reid and to stop the obama agenda, and make government respect the will of the people and the wisdom of the people, then it is time to
1:04 pm
unite. if i were in hierarchy of leadership in the g.o.p. to rally the troops, you know what i'd say, i'd say, okay, we've got 46 days ago, i'd say demint you're awesome we need you down south. mitt go west, gw, raise funds, kristol, go east. rush, go anywhere, everywhere, people are listening. >> jamie: one thing everyone else seemed to be talking about is whether sarah palin is making a run for the white house. and let's ask the chief political correspondent carl cameron, he was there and joins us live from des moines. carl, is she in or out? >> she hasn't made up her mind yet and doesn't have a timetable to do so, what she said last night as she was getting ready to leave the event. in iowa, it brings a huge crowd of iowa inflew tension people and first of thetation caucus and that's why because this state hosts the first presidential timber sarah
1:05 pm
palin's appearance made a big deal. she joked how she got into the hotel room and thought a jog and decided not to because she was atrade what she referred to as the lame street media might distort its meaning, listen to this. >> the headline is going to be "vanity fair," they're going to say, palin in iowa decides to run. [laughte [laughter] >> earlier this week, palin said if the folks decided that she was the one, then she would quote, give it a shot, meaning jump into the race, but there's a lot of questions, ever since she resigned as governor of alaska, a lot of folks wondered whether she's got the stickiness to take on the campaign and the fire in the belly. there's no doubt last night that republicans in iowa believe she's a fantastic cheerleader for the tea party movement and conservatives. there are questions, here is a sampling of it. >> i want to know she's in it to stay in it. i was disappointed when she
1:06 pm
stepped down from being governor of alaska, if there's a fight there i want to see you take it on. what is the reason you're getting out and if it's tough, i want to see you battle it out, you know, i want to know that she's in it for the long haul. >> she comes across as one of the people, one of us and we can all relate to her and she makes sense. she's just a well-rounded wonderful person and he think that's what we all like here in the midwest. >> last night, the fox news contributor, former governor and vice-presidential nominee the 2008 republican ticket said maybe it's time for renegades to go more rogue and sort of continue to tea party movement's attempts to purge moderates from the republican establishment and to get away from sort of g.o.p. insider politics. she didn't say she's going to run, but now every time she comes to iowa, new hampshire or first of the nation states she's going to be considered a
1:07 pm
candidate until such time she says something definitively to the contrary and there was none of that on this trip. >> jamie: that makes so much sense and we know what her endorsement can do, the impact it can have. what about the impact of this speech particularly, carl. >> reporter: well, again, it raises the attention that she can command. her ability to sort of drive headlines on cable tv many and talk radio is unrivaled. at the tea party, the votes and conservative primaries is obviously unmatched. in iowa, where the first caucus takes place, it's a very small pool of republican voters, perhaps 150 to 200,000 if they're lucky and that's not unlike the types of contests that she's been able to flex her political muscles in in the mid term. the alaska primary, the delaware primary and small republican turnout and there the tea party had a profound impact and you can have the same here in a couple for the
1:08 pm
iowa caucus. >> jamie: carl, great to see you. >> you bet. >> kelly: after losing a tea party-backed candidate with palin's-- losing to a tea party-backed i should say, lisa murkowski isn't going away. the senator lost to joe miller in the primary and now murkowski says she's planning to run anyway and asking voters to write her in. and casey stegall joins us live. why go ahead despite the loss in the primary. >> because it was a close race. in fact, her opponent, joe miller, an attorney in alaska won by about 1600 votes total and despite her loss murkowski has a lot of name recognition in the state of alaska, served as a state congress woman, her father was a u.s. senator and later the governor of alaska and in fact, i an intappointed senate seat in 2002 and
1:09 pm
reappointed in '04. she says she's hearing a lot from constituents who say they are not pleased with the primary results. listen. >> when those votes came in on the 24th of august, when they were counted, there was nobody that was more disappointed than i was. but since then, things have happened, events have transpired and there has been an outpouring of support from alaskans, all over the state. >> now, this is going to be an uphill battle. the only other person to get a u.s. senate seat as a write-in candidate was strom thurmon, that was back in 1954 and kelly, we know that was way before the tea party movement. >> kelly: yeah, indeed it was, like you said, it's going to be an uphill battle. many in her own republican party seem to be upset over this, am i right? >> yeah, it's ruffled a lot of feathers within the g.o.p. her colleagues, the senate.
1:10 pm
as in the republican party are calling for her to accept her defeat. former alaska governor sarah palin calling this, quote, a futile effort and even the national republicans senat senatorial committee released a statement and what they said about this decision, quote, if senator murkowski is truly commitmented to doing with a what is right for her state we hope she'll step forward and fully endorse joe miller's candidacy. again, a lot of talk about the impact with joe miller's win. in fact, the tea party express gave about $600,000 to joe miller's campaign, no doubt, very interesting to see how this plays out in the coming weeks before the general election, kelly. >> kelly: i think you're right about that one of the casey stegall, thank you, sir. >> jamie: in washington without question, pressure is mounting on lawmakers with tax cuts set to expire the end of this year. the president and democrats want to extend the cuts for just the middle class. republicans want extensions
1:11 pm
across all income groups. the debate is becoming the beg issue of the mid term election season because if lawmakers don't reach an agreement on some extension on existing tax cuts, nearly all of their constituents back home, literally, will pay for it. a spokesman for former governor jeb bush, and a strategist. great to have you both here today. >> a pleasure, thank you. >> dustin, you say this is no time to raise taxes for anybody across the board, because of excessive government spending, how would you propose then to pay some of that he think inspect back? >> well, look, the government is on a spending binge the last several years and we've racked up incredible amounts of federal debt. with the economies struggling, with unemployment creeping back up to 10%, the best thing to do to reduce the federal deficit is to get america working again. the way to get america working again is not to raise taxes on anybody. whether you're rich, whether you're poor, whether you're
1:12 pm
white, whether you're black, whether you're young or old. this is not the time to raise taxes, it's going to kill the economic struggle to survive. >> jamie: how can we pay it back. how critical for democrats to show before the mid term elections that they take the deficit seriously enough, to come up with some programs to pay back what this administration has decided to spend? >> the way they stress that seriousness in the american people is to not extend it for the 1%, 2%, of the-- higher income brackets, but instead, focus on the middle class, who have been shrinking as we all know, the poverty rate has gone up. we have more people from the middle class moving into poverty and we've got to arrest that. and we need to do it with extending the middle class tax cut, so that those working americans have a chance to recover from the economic situation that we inherited back in 2008.
1:13 pm
>> but dustin, when we talk about the middle class now, it always, it's mind-boggling for me in a way because we talk about people who make, 250, 225. in the $200,000 range. to me, is that middle class right now? >> well, it depends on whether you're in that group or not. i think a lot of people feel like they're in the middle class of america, but that's the whole problem with this debate. president obama is refusing to extend the tax cuts to everybody, but why would he want to pit one group against another. that's divisive politics and 0 i don't understand why he's doing it, 31 democratic members of congress send a letter to speaker pelosi this week, say they wanted to extend the bush tax cuts for everybody, regardless of income level, and i hope that president obama listens to his democrats, listens to the tea partiers, brings everybody together and shows leadership by doing that and coming up with a compromise and have a tax cut for everybody. >> great point, david, even if
1:14 pm
you don't want to listen to the republicans or to the tea party members, you have to listen to the other democrats who are saying that nancy pelosi and the president, please, don't do this. >> who you would you respond if you were advising the president? how do you ignore that? that's a lot of democrats. >> it's a lot of democrats, it's also a lot of american working middle class people who need to have the support economically, to confront the challenges that we face and i would, you know-- >> aren't you proposing taking that away from them? >> we are not proposing taking that away from the middle class, and extending the tax cuts and giving them more liquid income for them to get through these challenging teams and i might add it was minority leader boehner who said he was for the middle class tax cuts, even though not giving it to the 1 or 2% of higher income brackets and ceo and nobel prize winning economists, that giving that
1:15 pm
tax cut or extension to the 1 or 2% would do nothing more in adding to the stimulus, of moving this economy and would only, again, by 700 billion dollars increase our deficit. >> jamie: all right, congressman boehner clarifying that position you will agree, preferring everybody to get some tax break across the board. gentlemen, i have to leave it there. no doubt about it, this is a very important issue. bottom line, for people is they're worried about their own bottom line. thank you so much. >> thank you for having us. >> kelly: well said, it's all about the bottom line. people in afghanistan casting their ballots today despite deadly violence going on there. it's the first nationwide vote since last year's fraud-plagued presidential election. this election is considered to be a key test on afghanistan, not just a democracy, but voters had to brave taliban rockets and bombs and militants launched attacks throughout the country and at least three civilians were killed and the governor of
1:16 pm
kandahar survived, next. >> jamie: an american couple under arrest, did they try to help venezuela build a nuclear bomb? we have a live report on that and unbelievable video you cannot miss. take a look at the dangerous game of chicken some kids are playing, yeah, that's a train. it involves kids taking a huge risk. details next. ring ring. progresso. everyday i eat your soups, i save a lot of money. that's great. so, your rich and hearty soups have made me, rich and hearty. that's funny. i'm hearty because of your juicy steak, your potatoes... you're really, rich and happy. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance?really was abe lincoln honest? mary: does this dress make my backside look big? abe: perhaps... save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance?really
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1:20 pm
>> the family of a woman who admitted she faked an attack. she splashed acid in his own face and made up the story about being attacked by a stranger. the parents apologized and don't know why their daughter lied about the attack. >> there were no signs and you know, we really don't know why at this point, but it's our hope that the medical community can find the answers and she's obviously dealing with some deep internal emotional and psychological problems that we had no knowledge of and we hope she'll get the help that she needs. we're going to be there for her. >> she's got a long road ahead of her, but she's on the road and we are going to walk it with her. >> and the vancouver city
1:21 pm
attorney's office hasn't said whether she'll file charges against storro. >> kelly: a look now at today's headlines. in afghanistan, the polls are now officially closed. despite taliban rocket attacks and bombings, at least five people were killed. and today, bp could declare the blownout oil well in the gulf of mexico dead. crews are pumping cement into the well to permanently seal it off for good. >> in our extreme weather center, hurricane igor headed straight for bermuda. a category 2 on track to strike by tomorrow, but the island will start feeling tropical storm conditions within just the next few hours and forecasters are already warning, igor is a very dangerous storm. rick leventhal is bracing himself. live in bermuda and looks okay now, but what do you expect,
1:22 pm
rick? >> well, jamie, the waves are definitely kicking up. the surf has actually been dangerous for days now. the beach at the reefs where we're standing is mostly gone and the general manager sent out a warning that residents would be moved to this more secure end of the facility. starting tomorrow morning. a lot of people bracing for the worst here. the airport about to shut down. the last flights flying in in a couple of hours and the british airways flight is going to turn around and take right off again, and then there will be no other way off of this island until after igor passes, which, by the way, this island only 21 miles long and a mile wide, still has more than 65-- more than 64,000 residents and one of the most densely populated places on earth and the public safety minister is saying now that this is probably the worst storm that we've ever seen. because of that, residents are filling the aisles at hardware stores and saw them yesterday and again this morning, buying pretty much the flashlight and rope and batteries and
1:23 pm
essentials that they need and we spoke with the manager or owner of that store, here is what he told us. >> we ran out of generators yesterday, we'll run out of flashlights today some time, and duct tape, but really, this is probably the best prepared we've ever been in recent history for a hurricane, so, what we know we're going to make it through today with goods and we'll see what happens for saturday. >> bermuda has actually been pretty lucky, dodging major storms and the last big one was fabbion in 2003. 30 foot waves and 300 million dollars in damages and left four people dead. because of the 'causeway being knocked out between the mainland and the airport, someone drove into the water and some officers tried to save them. four people died. they're going to close the causeway when winds top 50 or 60 miles per hour to prevent
1:24 pm
another accident of that sort. again, a lot of concern here and everyone buckling down, jamie and bracing for what could be the worst storm the island has seen in a very, very long time. >> jamie: rick, i know that won't stop you from reporting all the details. thank you very much. be safe. >> kelly: all right. we need to show you this and need you to stick close to your tv set. hooker is some video of a very dangerous teenage game that's going on. you're looking at teens in colombia, south america, caught on camera lying down on train tracks and look is that, the trains pass above them. it's a trend there, calling it the train game. so far no reports of any deaths, my goodness, one boy lost fingers and authorities are considering starting a campaign to encourage teenagers to stop taking part in this risky behavior. >> jamie: let's say this is our campaign, do not ever try this and parents, talk to your kids, that's ridiculous.
1:25 pm
>> kelly: don't even think about it. just too dangerous. >> jamie: an amazing video. a grisly murder trial is unfolding in connecticut. have you followed this. a mother is using a courtroom as a classroom for two little kids. is she teaching them a lesson and saying they're home schooled, she feels it's part of the curriculum. shocking video there's a toddler that wandered off. see him on the roadway, what happens next after the break. for strong bones, i take calcium. but my doctor told me that most calcium supplements... aren't absorbed properly unless taken with food.
1:26 pm
he recommended citracal. it's different -- it's calcium citrate, so it can be absorbed with or without food. citracal.
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>> welcome back, 29 past the hour, it's the bottom of the hour, time for a look at the top of the news. the american hiker freed by iran is headed back to the united states. asking her supporters today to quote, extend your prayers to
1:30 pm
her fiance shane bower and their friend josh. both are still detained in iran. >> jamie: north of dallas, 18 people are injured. one seriously. the bus had just left dallas heading for oklahoma city and slammed into a highway barrier, the driver telling police a car swerved in front of him. well, we heard from pope benedict and he says he's ashamed of unspeakable actions from priests against children. a suspected terrorist plot linked to his visit. greg burke streaming live from canadagate london. greg, any new details on the threat. >> reporter: they're taking it very seriously, but the police at the same time won't give out many details. they'll just say that the
1:31 pm
pope's trip continues as scheduled. when pressed what is it that made you arrest the six guys, they say there was suspicious reasons to do soment that could mean anything, they had a hunch and some idea. somebody had given them a tip, in any case, things go ahead and even in the face of protests there were as well and heading to something that will have be a lot more friendly, the prayer vigil. >> look at the crowds and i have to let people absorb this video. there's nothing more exciting that you've ever been there to see the pope in the pope mobile. again, folks, this is live as he takes his way, the pontiff, to the mass he will hold and certainly many people have shown up, greg. tell us a little about what his schedule is and describe the excitement on the ground. >> reporter: yeah, well, jamie, this is what's interestingment in the lead up to this trip there was all sorts of hostility. argument in the newspapers.
1:32 pm
in the last couple of days the access has been good. as you're seeing with the crowds, i think this is a pleasant surprise certainly from the church's point of view because from the buildup it looked like this trip was just going to be a disaster and as you say, in the end, people do come out. there may be a lot of-- this isn't a country where the catholic majority although there are a lot of immigrants now coming into the country, many of whom are catholic and it will be though, some tourists as well. essentially in the last couple of days he has gotten a pretty good reception and that comes really as a surprise to many, considering what the leadup was to this visit. jamie. >> jamie: energize them, greg, thank you for taking us there live. kelly. >> kelly: thanks, jamie. are we-- all right. thanks very much, jamie, are we starting to pull out of the great recession? don't ask people who are getting kicked out of their homes. foreclosure hit an all-time high since the crisis began.
1:33 pm
last month the banks repossessed more than 95,000 properties, that's up from 3% from july. and 25% from a year ago. should the government keep pumping money into the system or the market sort things out? we're joined by a consultant the book, power of pain. speaking of pain. many americans are feeling it because of foreclosures, rich. >> kelly, you have no idea. i tell you it's not going to get better anytime soon. just this year alone you could expect about a million foreclosures to happen for 2010. it's not going to get any better and unfortunately, there's a program put out there called ham, go through the initials, but what it actually means, it's a 75 billion dollar program sponsored by the obama administration to quote try to limit or reduce foreclosures and it's absolutely not working. >> kelly: what do we do to make it work. >> here is what's happening. people have to look ourselves in the mirror and understand that we can't have a sense of entitlement when it comes to
1:34 pm
home ownership. frankly it's a privilege not a right and if you need-- renters should rent and buyers who can afford homes should buy and that's the first problem and through the years we allowed that to happen through bad mortgages and so on. >> kelly: you go back to the previous administrations pushing for more home ownership as well to show the american dream. >> right. >> kelly: what happens to happen now. what do americans have to do to get out of the malaise we're undergoing financially? >> 0 being, if you look at the malaise, people have to understand looking at incomes and people need jobs, so i understand the real problem is unemployment. people have jobs, and the 3 1/2 million jobs that people claim did occur, actually really did happen, you and i would be talking about something very different today. that's the truth. and the fact is it didn't happen. what do we do? people have to look at themselves and understand, the engineer who is not employed is a statistic. >> that's a statistic. >> he needs to get employed. maybe he's not an engineer.
1:35 pm
he needs to maintain his ownership and if he can't he needs to move on. >> ego is a very dangerous thing in our lives, isn't it? i am a professional, i wear a tie to work, it's okay not to wear one. let's go back to the roots of who we are. >> kelly: i like that, the roots of who we are. hard working american people. >> life, liberty and the pursuant of happiness. >> kelly: thank you. >> you got it. >> kelly: thanks. >> you're welcome. ♪ >> let's talk about movie star denzel washington, best moan for award winning performances in big blockbuster films. for nearly two decades now one of his biggest roles has been with boys and girls club of america and that role and a new mission took him all the way to the white house this week. >> my father was around the first 14, 14 years of my life, but in those days, he had so many jobs, i didn't see him that much anyway. he had three jobs. >> nor 18 years, oscar and tony award winning actor
1:36 pm
denzel washington has been serving as the national spokesperson for the boys and girls club of america. he uses his celebrity status to bring attention to a program that provides a pathway to success for millions of children throughout america. he says it helps them live life beyond the dream. >> he food about 5 foot 9 inches tall, but he was a giant. billy thomas. he ran the boys and girls club where i grew up. >> in this public service ad. denzel recalls his mentor, who helped him become the man he is today. as a child he was fortunate to have billy thomas and other mentors involved in his life. >> the men that i met at the boys and girls club, you know, they were the role models. they talk about role models today. i'm a role model, whatever, basket players are a role model, but day-to-day you emulate those that are in your world that you touch and that you ask questions to and i was
1:37 pm
very fortunate to have some great role models at the boys club. >> denzel is concerned about what happens to children who do not have mentors in their life. he knows all too well what can happen to a child who has no safe place like the boys and girls club to turn to during the critical after school hours between three to eight p.m. it can make the difference between success or failure. >> i have friends that didn't come to the club like i did, who fell in the cracks who spent many years in the penal system and all of those stories. this is a safe place we could go to and in those days it was recognized as that and we were sort of left alone by the street your chins. >> denzel along with the boys and girls club is on a very important mission now, attacking america's high school drop-out crisis. earlier this week he took the message to the white house, to speak to the president to get every american involved in the
1:38 pm
fight to be sure that every children graduates. >> the joy from the smile on their faces and progress they make, there's nothing that golfs me more joy than giving. >> if we just gave an hour a day, 200 million people. an hour a week, imagine the impact that we could have. >> what motivates you to give back? >> i have no choice. you know, that's-- with those to which much is given. >> reporter: much is required. >> much is required. i believe that and i tithe, and everybody has some to give. some have money, some have patience, some have time, some have knowledge, whatever you have to give, give from the heart. >> reporter: denzel is living life beyond the dream, but has the capacity to give back and wants everyone to follow the same example. >> jamie: he said an hour a day. i love you did that package because that organization does help so many young boys and girls, a reminder to get involved. >> kelly: i was in the club when i was a kid. >> jamie: are you card carrying. >> kelly: no longer. >> jamie: we'll check later.
1:39 pm
that was wonderful, thank you. meanwhile, have to tell you about the story and ask you what you think. gruesome details in perhaps one of the most brutal murder trials going on, but three members of a connecticut family were slaughtered. why would a mother take her two small children under ten years old to sit through graphic testimony? was it the right thing to do. dr. keith ablow, fair and balanced next. often, the best part of a meal is the dessert. but sometimes after a busy day and a heavy greasy dinner... my system needs some tlc. now there's something new. introducing activia dessert. rich, silky, smooth yogurt with desserty flavors like strawberry cheesecake, blueberry cheesecake, and peach cobbler. and because it's activia, it helps regulate my digestive system. mmm, works for me. new activia dessert. ♪ activia look at all this stuff foffee. oh there's tons. french presses, expresso tampers, filters. it can get really complicated. not nearly as complicated as shipping it, tho. i mean shipping is a hassle.
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>> it has been such an emotional first week in the trial of suspect steven hayes accused of breaking into the pettitte home in connecticut in 2007. prosecutors say hayes and another suspect beat the father with a baseball bat, raped and tortured the mother and two daughters and set the house on fire. the father, dr. william pettitte is the sole survivor
1:44 pm
of the vicious attack. his wife and two girls were tortured and died in the fire. on thursday, the judge adjourned court when it became too difficult for even several jurors to listen to. they cried when they saw the pictures of the victims and it will resume on monday. they'll face the death penalty in convicted. that's not what we're going to talk about. the crime is awful and grisly details are difficult for a jurors to hear, not a connecticut mom. jennifer took her two young children who are home schooled to court. they're six and seven years old, to listen to parts of that murder trial. now, she says that it's teaching them about the legal system, but critics are arguing she's exposing the children to potential psychological trauma. is she? let's bring in dr. keith ablow, a psychiatrist and member of the fox news a-team
1:45 pm
and somebody i respect very much particularly when it comes to issues like this. doc, she home schools them, and a part of that is taking them on different field trips to teach them different things. here is what she says about it, first of all, she told fox news when we contacted her, that she didn't see the most gory details, those pictures of the victims that the jury saw where some adult jurors cried. they were exposed to socks, boots, aerial maps, 9/11 call printouts and damaged vehicles and interactive courtroom dynamic amongst the judge, lawyers and the jury and at that was the point of her lesson. did she make a mistake? >> jamie, you might not need a forensic psychiatrist like me to comment on this. but i'm happy to. of course she made a mistake, more than a mistake and this should be cause for social services to look at this family.
1:46 pm
i haven't evaluated them, but somebody should. why? because kids are vulnerable, these are six and seven year olds. it's not just the crime scene photos, it's the whole of this crime. girls were, well, a girl and a woman, her mom were raped here. a family was tortured, three people were killed. this is not the kind of thing that six and seven year olds can necessarily integrate without being traumatized psychologically and the fact that the mother doesn't know that about them suggests that she may not be able to parent at all. >> jamie: you know, we invited her to be interviewed and she considered the opportunity and decided to issue that statement, but she stands behind what she did, keith, and there are people that support her in the home schooling community and elsewhere, saying that as long as she monitored what they heard, it wasn't a bad lesson to learn. others say they could have gone to traffic court. >> yeah, they could have gone to hear the trial, stolen a
1:47 pm
car, run a red light or a dui, driving under the influence conviction. bottom line is those who would support this woman are wrong. they're misinformed. they're not thinking psychologically in an astute way and listen, i'm not somebody who likes to interfere with parental rights, but when kids can be harmed by their parents and we know it, and we see it, aren't we all parents? shouldn't we intervene. >> jamie: and these are some of the pictures. this is the charred one of the young girls killed, was they believe tied up because they found restraints on the bed which was able to be viewed and here is one of the restraints on the carpet and chances are these kids may have seen some of this or heard a description of it. what potentially is the impact or affect on them psychologically, you're concerned obviously, but is there documented proof that something may have happened to them as a result? >> absolutely. listen, you risk kids being affected with post traumatic stress disorder, with other
1:48 pm
anxiety conditions. not only that, but listen, they're going to be affected by the fact that their mother showed incredibly poor judgment. why is my mother exposing me to violent sexual images. guess what there's an answer to that why question. it relates to this mothers's psychological realities. what's happening inside of her. i haven't evaluated her, but i bet there's an answer to that question that is an answer to the whole thing. >> others say it prepares them for the violence in their life. and present both sides. >> that's ridiculous. >> jamie: but i appreciate that our viewers contacted me as i put the question out today. thanks dr. keith ablow. always great to talk with you. >> all right, jamie, you're welcome. >> kelly: do you know where your children are? a young child crawling into the middle of a busy road. where this happened and what happened to the baby next. what do you say we get the look we want, the softness we need, and an unbeatable lifetime stain warranty for whatever life throws at it. then let's save big on the installation.
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>> it's called the dream act. critics say what it should be called, amethysty for the children of illegal immigrants. frank cherry is the founder and bob dayne communications for fair federation or fair immigration reform. let's get to it. the majority leader harry reid from the senate floor discusses the dream act and says that he wants to extend this opportunity to children coming into this country at the age of 16 in order for
1:53 pm
them to try to get a good education and have the possibility of living here. what's wrong with that? >> well, i don't know which is worse, the magnitude of this massive illegal alien amnesty bill that crops up every couple of years or the tactics by harry reid to tack it on the defense authorization bill so he can appease his hispanic voting base back in nevada. >> you think it's a political ploy then? >> it's absolutely a political ploy and the bill is being used as a football to get harry reid reelected. in essence the bill ought to be designed and purely for providing manpower resources and money to the men and women in the u.s. armed forces. >> kelly: what do you say about this? >> the dream act is germane to the department of defense bill. this is about kids who want to go to college or join our military and the dream act will help with the all volu
1:54 pm
volunteer force. this is mom and apple pie, kids rotc members, val valedictorians and come here in diapers and want to live the american dream. if we want to get political about it, why is the republican party saying no to kids who grew up in america and want to make a contribution to the country they love. >> kelly: i have to interject. i interviewed one of the top neuro surgeons in the country who came here as one of these children and one of the top doctors at johns hopkins now able to provide help for americans and even teaches there at the university, and also, having served in the military i've met men and women who have come from overseas and seem to turn out all right asmen citizens. and go back to the question why is this a political ploy? >> have we reached the point where defending american freedom is jobs americans won't do. truth in labeling is in order right now. what frank will fail to tell you is that the dream act,
1:55 pm
notice with great fascination, this is not just about little boys and girls looking to have a college degree, you could be up to the age of 35 and take advantage and get a green card. so this is all about, this is an amnesty disguised as educational initiative. frank, if you get the dream act passed you might as well hang up your hat and go home. you're three quarters of the way to giving amnesty to all. >> kelly: frank. >> the question is right now, we have 800,000 kids grew up as americans, who want to join the military and go to college. if you're going to oppose that, bob, and suggest they be deported to countries they don't even remember, then i think that's an america i don't recognize. >> kelly: frank and bob, obviously, we'll dethis for a long time come. again you're making an assertion that harry reid is using this as a political ploy
1:56 pm
and thank you. >> thank you. >> jamie: check out this video, you can't believe this baby is in urick too, it's a baby boy crawl on the curb, and then out into the roadway, into the speeding cars and trucks and apparently the mother thought he was asleep and didn't know he had woken up. and there he is sitting there and luckily found him in time and the boy is fine today. we have to let you know. >> kelly: can you imagine how frightening that is. >> jamie: wrong, wrong. >> kelly: wrong on all accounts. that will do for us. the baby is fine. >> jamie: i'm jamie colby hope to join me tomorrow talking to rand paul tomorrow morning at 10 a.m. don't miss it, hope you'll join us as well. journal editorial report is next, keep it on fox. >> kelly: good day to you. 7 i was a bookkeeper for 34 years.
1:57 pm
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