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tv   Glenn Beck  FOX News  September 20, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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media establishment. tea party candidate. who won at the primary. is joining me tonight on fox business, and only fox business. the guy who shocked alaska the guy who shocked alaska tonight. captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> glenn: welcome to the "glenn beck program." last week, i asked you to make a choice and it was all about pie. did you miss it? that's why you have to set your dvr, but that's a different story. tonight, i ask you, how do you define a radical? what is an extremist? how do progressives define radicals and extremists? two different definitions and two very different paths. this november, you, america, need to make a choice. tonight, i'm going to ask you to make that choice. c'mon, let's go! ♪ ♪ >> glenn: well, hello, america. the "new york times" is
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reporting apparently, i don't read it, that the president is now looking at his economic advisors and they are "looking for ways to help democrats alter the course of the mid-term elections." that sounds presidential. quite honestly, that's the job you don't really want to have. i mean, every single gigantic spending measure obama and the democrats have thrown in the economy have failed spectacularly and it's now their job to give a reason why you should give them another crack at it. when your best and really only talking point for the last couple of years is it's george w. bush's fault, you've got some problems. but, here is the good news. if you can just make it to the election, it's great! because you are going to transition, mark my words, they will transition from it's george bush's fault to it's the republicans' fault, this do-nothing congress. here it comes. all they have to do is make
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it to november and their slogan is already written for them. anyway, the "times" says the other option that obama is considering is an attack on the tea parties that would attempt to payment them as radical and tie the tea parties to the g.o.p. the implication is, of course, you can't vote for the g.o.p. they're in bed with crazy people. again, with the crazy tea partiers. what is it that the tea partiers believe in, exactly? let's be very clear. smaller government. lower taxes. less spending. more individual choice. stop spending america in oblivion. be honorable human beings. that's what i hear. now i'm going to play the tape from these crazy nut jobs. watch. >> i definitely want people to be filled with real hope and conviction that anything
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is possible in america. that we just know who we are. and believe in each other. you know, the people and really it's not the government. it's what has made us exceptional. just remembering what brought us here. >> glenn: full of hate. i miss the crazy hate angry part in that. but there is only one clip. i'm sure he went off the deep end after that. look, here is just a note, fyi to washington. it doesn't work. i mean if you call the tea party extreme all you want. the pictures tell a different story. america knows. we have had an incredible response from people sending in their photos. we have asked you last week, we put together 8-28 photo book. send us more photos. details at
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all the details are there. here are the pictures. does this look crazy to you? i mean if that looks crazy to you, well, then there is a good chance that the marxist candidate running against christine o'donnell in delaware is looking good. i don't know, the marxist is looking pretty good. the white house responded to say the story 100% true. so why am i reporting it? well, because i'm between a rock and a hard place. do i believe the obama administration or the "new york times"? can i get a life line on this one? please. >> this initiative was funded by the high end, we call it astroturf. >> those of you who are watching certain news channels of which i'm not very popular and you see folks waving tea bags around. >> the last time i had to confront something like this is when i voted for the civil rights bill and my opponent voted against it. at that time, we had a lot of
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ku klux klan folks and white supremacists. folks in white sheets and other things running around causing trouble. >> they were happy to have the crazies getting out the there, but the public don't have good arguments. when people make ridiculous arguments against something, it's because it's all they've got. >> that is a poster from a democratic rally this weekend. so barney, i think you're probably right. i think we're going with the times. obama blgs has been clear on how they view the tea parties. now it's whether or not it will help them. radical fringe element. very, very dangerous, that's what obama believes the tea parties are. let's start here. start with the definition of "radical." we're not tredging old ground. i know it seems this way but it is actually going some
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place. marked by considerable departure from the usual or tradition traditional, extreme. to make extreme changes in existing views. habits, conditions or institutions. hmm. knew which one is the radical group? i mean the one that says let's go with the constitution, or the one saying you know, really, i don't have to go through the senate. which one? you saw the clip of the 8-268 party. what about these people? what do these people believe? isn't it interesting that we are talking about radicals in the tea party but not talking about these actual 1960s radicals. the tree of revolution. this is actual revolution air
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let's change america through revolution guy. here is what they've done now that they're legitimate and the power in washington. they have done all kind of gate things here. they passed 800 plus billion bill, 2,000 pages that nobody who voted on it read it. written by leftest radicals from the apollo alliance. did you elect john podesta? did you elect wade raskey? i didn't. jeff jones, did you elect him? do you know who he is? he's weather underground guy. did you elect him? part of the apollo alliance. they had no problem using deem and pass to pass healthcare bill. another 2500-page bill that nobody read. obama said he wasn't concerned with the procedural
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rule. this is a debarture from unusual or traditional. radical. nancy pelosi told us we have to vote for the bill to find out what's inside? is that usual or radical? you decide. we had multiple people praise mao zedong. i've never seen that before. he was a mass murder in china. many said they were anti-free market. that's not usual. obama travelled to other countries for the purpose of slamming america, calls us arrogant, highlighting our mistake and going on an apology tour. never seen that happen before. the e.p.a. just took the first step and said yes, it's dangerous but we'll go ahead and regulate it. then the administration was set to use national endowment for the arts to promote art
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propaganda. the president's healthcare plan and other items, all set to do that. they ban deepwater drilling. although, although, a judge overturned the ban. then they reimposed the ban. though it's killing jobs in the gulf. while it's killing jobs in the gulf, we're giving tons of money to mexico and brazil. in mexico's case to drill in the place we said no more drilling. does that make sense? the president is also now the president of a u.s. car company. when congress stalled obama he said i'll use executive orders to get the job done. i could go on and on and on. let me leave you with? one. the n.e.a. the national association of education. saul alinsky rules for radical is recommended reading. the national education association, that's for teachers. who is the radical here?
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hint, "radical" is in the title. you know who it's dedicated to? i love this. right here. the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom. lucifer. recommending rules for radicals for our teachers and our students and it's dedicated to lucifer. america, ask yourself. c'mon. which one are the radicals? you might agree with these guys. i don't, but you might. but here are the choices. the choices are simple. are these the radicals? or are these the radicals? which are they? one choice is arguing for individual, individual liberty. i know better. i know better than the government. they don't know me or my neighborhood. i'm going to make the choice and i'll take ramifications.
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that's it. i'll learn from my mistakes and i'll be better for it. my community will be better for it. if i want to eat bacon butter all day, i'll accept i'm fat and pay higher insurance rates. i have a bigger chance of dropping dead of a heart attack. we'll be better off for it. we'll better ourselves as individuals. the other thing is they're making a claim that the people are closer to homer simpson. i don't want to say it. let administration member say it. >> we think the coauthor and i that there is a little homer simpson in all of us. sometimes we have self-control problems. sometimes we're impulsive. in these circumstances, both private and public institutions without coercing can make our lives better. >> once we know people are
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human and have homer simpson in them, there is a lot to be done to manipulate them. >> glenn: note those words. "then there is a lot that can be done to manipulate them." i'm sorry, america. do you want your government manipulating you? make a choice. the america people are stupid and capable of making decision that will ultimately be better for society. therefore we have to manipulate them into it. the government they need to hold hands cradle to grave. those who holds the view in the administration, saying you are just like homer simpson is elizabeth warren. elizabeth warren seems like a very nice lady. i met her. it was at the time 100. she is -- there she is at the "time 100." 100 most influential people on planet earth. i met her there because i was
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strangely on the list as well. she gave a great speech and again, she seems like a nice, decent lady. very moving. she talked about, you know, she grew up as a janitor's daughter. her grand parents fought to survive the dust bowl and the great depression. i mean, she has seen it. now she is going to be working in the brand new consumer financial protection bureau. another bureau. great. once again, however, congress is irrelevant. since obama doesn't care about what procedure he uses, again, radical departure, he is appointed warren to an interim position so she didn't have to go through the confirmation process. so you don't know anything about her. i don't care if she is in office accounting. if she is the one there and she is at the top of the food chain, she is making the decisions. she is the boss. don't worry. it's not like she is going to have wide ranging powers, like writing and enforcing
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rules for banks and other firms or conducting examination of banks and seeking information from other firms about consumer-related business. or tracking business complaints. basically everything you pay for, she will be tracking. policing power over mortgages, credit card, debit card. private student loans. power to gather, research and issue delinquency trends, default rate and other issues impacting consumer spending and debt. here is the troubling part if you are not troubled yet. this agency is not dependent on having congress appropriate an annual budget for the operating expenses. no, no, no. it's outside the system. the operating expenses are coming out of the federal reserve system. let me say that again. can we do something with the lights? i didn't really get that.
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this agency has all the funding coming from the federal reserve system. [ ominous music ] get it? congress can defund obama care, but will not have power over the protection bureau. oh, they're here to protect us! elizabeth warren, seemingly a nice lady is going to design the scope, range and emphasis of the new bureau. obama has gone so far to call her the architect of the bureau and she has quite the fan club. show me your friends and i'll show you your future. adrianna huffington calling her a hero. michael moore is not only huge but a huge fan. al franken hired her. andy stern from seiu. and trumpka from afl-cio.
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they all love warren. she has spoken at events. spoken at events, with where is van jones? he's around here some place. i love van jones. show me van jones. there he is! there she is with adrianna huffington. and van jones. here she is again with of george soros. spooky guy. the progressive change campaign committee says there will be, "hell to pay" if her position does not have real power. why? why is this position so important? why is she so loved? what are her beliefs? here is how she feels about credit card companies. >> credit card companies market their product the same way drug dealers do. try it out. then once you're heard,
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credit card companies have a special word for customers who pay in full every month. deadbeats. the credit card companies are undermining the economic security of middle class america. they will hang on to them and bleed them for as long as they possibly can. >> glenn: true. have you cut up your credit cards yet? please do. i remember my folks did it in the 1960s. i must have been very young. but i remember them cutting them up. cut your credit card company. cut the credit cards up. why did my parents do that? it's not the credit card company fault. it's clear, when you borrow money, you pay it back. do we really need an entire government bureau for this? or do we need to send everybody a pair of scissors? this isn't the problem. much more than what she said.
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watch this. >> we need rules. the rules are of men, of people. we pick what the rules are. the rules have not been written for ordinary families and people who do the work. we have to rewrite the rules. >> glenn: okay. what you missed on this, this is from michael moore's movie, what he said in the first part. she didn't disagree. capitalism doesn't work. he says yes, we wrote the rules so we have to rewrite them. rewriting the rules of capitalism. translation, ending capitalism. if you think it's outrageous claim, don't! don't! i'm going to do two things for you. go to and see the top 20, all these radicals. i will play some of it for you tonight but it runs four-and-a-half minutes. it's these radicals and then some and what they say about
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the free market system. they don't believe in it. they don't believe in capitalism. when we come back i'll show another outrageous claim from somebody else. the words of another czar. that is next.
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>> glenn: show me your friends and i'll show you your future is what my parents used to say to me. john holdren is another in the obama administration who holds what most, except those in the white house would consider a radical world view. he was asked by cns news if he still believed in what he wrote about in his book agent dedeveloping the united states. watch this. >> let me just ask you. you wrote a massive campaign must be launched to restore high quality environment in north america and to dedevelop the united states in your book. could you explain what you meant by "dedevelopment"? >> you guys, what we meant by that what stopping the activities that are destroying the environment and replace them with activities to promote environment and economic equality.
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>> how do you plan on implementing that? >> through the free market economy. >> okay. >> glenn: sounds harmless, right? unless you understand what he's talking about. even holdren realizes his view is the radical one, because he only blurts out through the free market economy in an attempt to get the reporter off his back. i'm sorry. but you're not going to get the average american to dedevelop on their own anytime soon. what does that mean? you have less stuff. you won't have tvs that you have and you won't have the modern appliances in your house. if you think this is crazy, keep listening. you won't have all the things you already have. you'll lose some of those things. this is nothing more than a massive attempt at redistribution of wealth. since people will never magically give up on the modern conveniences they love, how can dedevelopment be accomplished? through the free market system as long as you grab
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control. first put up the economic roadblocks. put regulations on things like growing food. you think i'm crazy? a story from georgia. a man was cite and fined $5,000 for the oh, so horrible crime of growing too many vegetables on his property. he would grow veg jis and sell them and also give vegetables away. the government says you can't have people giving food away for free. excuse me? in florida, a reporter with some shovels, plastic shovels in happened went to the beach in florida for a story. when a representative from the u.s. fish and wildlife servi service recently put a stop to it saying it was now illegal to dig in the sound, even to make sandcastles on the beach. did you know you can't do it on the beach in florida anymore? this guy was stopped twice.
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this guy is saying you can't dig. i need to see your papers. papers? to go to the beach? last week, department of energy said they had to mandate and issue regulations to determine what household appliances are available to americans in the future? let me say that again. to mandate which household appliances will be available. this is why i said cass sunstein is the most dangerous. i have told you these things would start to happen. we're at the beginning gang. this is what they did with the lightbulb. the lightbulb industry. government is now weaning americans off inckacan descent bulbs but 2012. we used to make the regular lightbulb. there is a green lightbulb job boom coming. unfortunately that boom will happen in china and elsewhere
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overseas. we take the jobs and shift them overseas, and makes us poorer, which is the idea. make us poorer and the poor countries richer. why else would we shut down perfectly good lightbulbs? germany says it's more dangerous to have the cfl in landfills. why would we do this? we need to shut them down and virtually all cfls are made overseas. i'm sure we'll have no trouble competing in the global market with china. now we have the new credit card czar we told you about a few minutes ago. he is going to watch your every purchase. investigate and punish companies treating the clients unfairly. it wonder if they'd ever abuse that. take an a-plus rated company and do congressional investigations. can't imagine that! if d-development --
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dedevelopment sounds crazy, wake up. it is happening before your very eyes. there is good news. you are awake. but many more eyes need to be opened on what is going on. this is not, this is no longer me saying this is going to happen. here are three stories that have happened. it is happening, america! so you have been told, your friends have been told not to listen to the demagogue on fox at 5:00 p.m. why do they need to discredit me? they need to discredit me so nobody would go wait a minute, wait a minute, he did say that a year-and-a-half ago. now it's happening. what is the solution in the immediate thing you can do is vote. you are the last line of defense. our founders knew that in the end our branches of government would fail and the last line of defense would be you.
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here is the problem. the turn-out is pathetic. i don't even know the candidates. sean covers the candidate. i don't. it's up to you to find the one that has anything that you agree with. you're not going to agree with a lot of stuff. you have can't trust these people. but you've got to find somebody that will put their foot in the door. i had this made up by paul nun. he is an artist for my company. our turn of out is awful. in baghdad, turnout was 95%. 95%. they were threatened with their lives. our highest turn-out ever is in 1960. it's 67%. our highest is 1960. if the dedevelopment of the united states of america in a third world country can't get this -- this is the latest --
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38%. if we can't get that over at least 40%, if the idea of making the united states in to a third world country cannot motivate enough americans to get in to the voting booth, when these people will do it at death, then you know what? we don't stand a chance. but the good news is, it is. americans know. all you have to do is reach out to the people with facts and reason. reach out to the people. it met them over the weekend. met them in chicago and clemson university and up in indiana. people said i voted for barack obama. i didn't listen to you, i believed all the crap. but then i watched. it saw what was happening. they're out there. they're out there. i don't care if you vote for a democrat or independent or republican. you've got to vote and you've
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got to get your friends to vote. back in a second. ñ÷@=h 
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the white house says president obama will use the visit to the united nations later this week to let iran know that the door is open for international engagement, if the country demonstrates peaceful intent of the nuke program. warrant out for actress lindsay lohan. beverly hills judge revoking probation and having her appear in court after she failed a drug test. the dow gained and s&p closed at a four-month high. for more stories, fock -- is where to go. bret baier has a preview of "special report". >> bret: coming up, they call the tea party movement misguided. brit hume has analysis about the strategy to counter the
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tea party enthusiasm. join me in 25 minutes for "special report." but now, back to glenn beck. ♪ ♪ >> glenn: the president said skepticism is healthy. let's take him at his word on that. the president yesterday went back to church. i think that is fantastic. maybe he is, maybe he's going back to church, because there he is. maybe he was motivated by the 8-28 rally. why this is news is something. this is the first time that our president who is a christian has been to church since easter. i am not his judge. i have no idea what is in his
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heart. i know he has stable of spiritual advisors like jim wallis and no doubt he's fed by them on many, many sundays. why physically and visibly go to church now? skepticism is healthy, he says. again, i don't know what is in his heart. maybe he's going because he wanted to go. someone more cynical might say because his poll numbers are falling apart with evangelicals. lest you think i'm being critical, let me remind you what "newsweek" howard feinman said in 8-28 a few weeks ago. here is what he said. >> he should have joined a church here. i'm not excusing the hatred or dirty language we're talking about, but some things in politics you have to do at least for the simple. >> glenn: isn't that the problem?
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the problem with america, people do things. you can't have a president in our own lives, maybe the president was a politically symbolic gesture. he visited the church of the president. yesterday it was st. john's episcopal church. if this is where the president -- since james madison have gone in the last 200 years. they go to be seen going to church. now if this sounds too cynical, here is what politico just wrote about the president's support among pastors. several moderate to evangelical pastors support the president, polls show that significant percentage of conservative are skeptical. why are they skeptical? not because they think he's a muslim or they hate him because of the race or anything else. they are skeptical, for the
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same exact reason many americans are skeptical of other people that go to church. go or symbolic reasons or because it's what we've always done. you can go to church on sunday and talk a great game. monday comes and not so much. church is church is church. that is the problem with america. i'm not talking about the president. with all of us. did he do this? you have to go to his past, but only back to last wednesday. listen to what the president said last wednesday. >> we hold these truths to be self-evident. that all men are created equal. endowed with certain inalienable rights, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. >> glenn: okay, mr. president, endowed by whom exactly?
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if we are going to quote the declaration of independence, important part is endowed by their creator. once you put that line in, it limits government. endowed by their creator. some suggest that he just forgot the words of the declaration of independence. i don't think so. have you seen the teleprompters? you can go to church on sunday or not go to church on sunday. but god is every day. i know we're not supposed to question anything this president does. anytime anybody does question him on an important issue to the nation, we're just viciously attacking him. when you have the editor of "newsweek" making these comments about the president of the united states -- watch this -- >> in a way. obama is standing above the country. above the world. sort of god. he is going to bring all different sides together. >> glenn: he's, basically he's god? it is obviously hard for them to understand how anyone in the media could possibly
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question a deity. it's tough to figure out. the rest of us her talls are trying to make sense of a man who is fundamental transforming america. i told you this for over a year. it's not barack obama. it's not about whether or not he goes to church. i don't care what he does. this is about the progressive movement that has been going on for 100 years. they have tried to destroy our churches, our history and our constitution. it is our job to destroy that. they destroy our churches. we must renew our faith. they try to destroy our history. we'll get our hope when we know the truth of who we are. and charity? where does charity come from? a key is -- this is a book that i think everybody should have. this is on -- well, now it's a number one national best seller. congratulations, peter. george washington's "sacred fire." everyone should have this. a book i strongly recommended
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and so many people have already -- now it's a national best seller. along with others, you have to read and know your history. this explains why faith is so important to the nation. we are founded on the principles of faith. that drives progressives out of their mind because progressives are the big government people. they cannot see faith as anything outside of the government. for progressives, everything is dependent on the government. that's why we have faith. to not be dependent on the government, but dependent on god. they don't get it. when it comes to religion for this nation, i have heard the president ask this question. whose religion? >> whose christian would we teach in school? james doddson or al sharpton? which passages of scripture should guide public policy?
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liviticous that suggests slavery is okay? or go with deuteronomy which suggests stoning your child if he strays from the faith. >> glenn: okay, this is ridiculous. but it shows the lack of understanding the president has for who we are and what the history is. no disrespect, mr. president. none intended at all. you need to read ben franklin and you need to read our own history. ben franklin was asked that questi question. whose religion? whose christianity? he gave a great answer. i think this answer is the key that he is missing and unlocks the door to understanding america. i'll give that to you next.
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>> glenn: in three minutes, mr. president, let me help you out. progressive said they needed to destroy our churches,
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history and constitution. and they've done it. i translated this in to if they destroy it, we have to restore our faith, our hope. history, you know the truth of who we are and where we came from. you'll have hope. the constitution is charity. how did i get there? well, ben franklin was asked the same question the president asked: whose christianity, whose church will we go to? ben franklin was asked by yale. tell me, what is the american religion? this is how he described it. very simple. one, god lives. two, we will see him when we die. three, read the old testament, he gets a little pissy. he'll judge us when we see him. four, that's why we should serve him. five, the best way to serve him is to serve our fellow man. now why is that important to understand that this is the american religion? it doesn't matter. it doesn't matter what church or synagogue or mosque you go
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to. does it teach you these things, god lives, you'll see him afterwards and the best way to serve him is to help people? why did he do that? how did it lead here? under the constitution, you have freedom. you have freedom to worship. you have freedom to speak and you have freedom to create. when you can create, if this is your religion, you will live. under the constitution, franklin had the freedom to invent. he invented the franklip stove. people were freezing to death. he knew the best way to serve god is serve his fellow man. he didn't have anybody take it from him. he gave it. he gave it. with his accomplishments he became so successful, he shared the fruits of his success with others. he took the franklin stove and didn't patent it and said
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everyone can make it. it's my gift. have we become so evil today that this doesn't happen anymore without government? i don't think so. nor do you. bill gates has given billions of his money to charity by source. my dear friend john hudson seener your has given larger of his billions to charity. he is giving it all away by the time he dies. is it because he has to? no. it's because he's chosen to. we must reject the progressive principles of faith in government programs, false hope in corrupt institutions and force redistribution of wealth. restore these things and we'll restore our country. 
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>> glenn: all right. tonight, we have been talking about radicals and a choice that you will have to make. this november, it is huge. and if you are still, your friends aren't convinced that there are radicals in this administration. i want you to listen to a very short edit of something i want you to see. >> excellent healthcare is by definition redistributional. >> i think when it gets out of whack as it did in the '20s and it has now, you need to do redistribution.
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this is a form of redistribution. >> are you calling for the redistribution of wealth in society? >> absolutely. without any hesitation. >> it's going to have to be a degree of redistribution. >> we know that the free market is nonsense. >> free -- [ inaudible ] >> what is it that a socialist considers himself or herself committed to? what you mean by economic quality is floors for everybody and ceilings for everybody, well, floors, absolutely. you have a consumption tax. >> we're guided by a republican administration. we believe in a simplistic notion that people who have wealth are entitled to keep it. >> you stated up front it's "no marxism nonsense" but you have dispelled the negative
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images programmed to conjure up with the mention of socialism or marxism. >> i think at a certain point you made enough money. >> glenn: america, this goes on for four-and-a-half minutes. i need you to see the top 20 examples of obama socialist ties. go to the and see it there.
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>> glenn: finally america, if you are in delaware. here is your choice: chris coons or christine o'donnell. we found out, a


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