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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  September 21, 2010 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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tomorrow. >> the news begins anew on box number one: the president of iran using a summit to end poverty to slam the west. why this man blames capitalism for the world's suffering. plus, hear the stories of two women who say they suffered plenty while in iran's instead. in box number two, a story break, today. this young man's ex-girlfriend has just testified that this guy strangled to death his own ten-year-old brother because he wanted to be like a fictional serial killer on a series. the new details on a horribly disturbing case. and in box number three, the c.e.o. of a struggling bank is now missing. the sheriff leading the investigation will be live with us. what happened to this man? why was his office ransacked?
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was the fact his bang was in trouble, did that have anything 20 do with it? car in the parking lot. man missing. a mystery. we are on it. unless breaking news changes everything. developments in the unbelievable salary scandal in bell, california. the los angeles county sheriff deputy reports it arrested eight current and former city employees who have raked in a fortune while nearly 20 percent of the suburb reportedly lived in poverty. in fact, the former city manager, former police chief, and the former assistant city manager took combined salary of $1.6 million a year in a town with just 36,000 people. folks took to the streets to show their anger and the protesters have their wish: criminal charges much and now trace is live with details. trace, what exactly are the charges? reporter report the exact charges are misappropriation of public funds. we're talking about millions of
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taxpayer money and voter fraud charges because the d.a. alleges that some of the officials tried to rig the elections to remain in office. the d.a. pulled very few punches today and called this case "corruption on steroids," and he promised substantial prison time for the worst offenders. you can see the eight right there. we're talking about the city manager, robert rizzo, making close to $800,000 a year. the assist absent city manager who was making $376,000 a year. and the current mayor hernandez. his story is when they went to arrest him this morning, he would not come willingly, so they had to use a ram to knock down his door and bring him out of the house, along with them, there were five city council members would were arrested. we're talking about three current council members and two former council members. the d.a. want on to say "the reason this happens is because the voters were not paying
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attention." we should also add, on top of the criminal charges filed today, the attorney general of california, jerry brown, is also suing several former and current members of the city of bell, trying to get a lot of the money returned to the city of bell. >>shepard: but the police chief in that town was not arrested. >>reporter: we looked at the mug shots of eight people and randy adams, the police chief, was not on there. he was making $457,000 a year which is $150,000 more than the police chief of the city of los angeles although randy adams only handles a few officers. the reason he was not arrested, the d.a. says, they did not have any evidence against him. it is not a crime to get a high salary. it is a crime to obtain your high salary through illegal means. he was asked at the press conference is it because you
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know randy adams. he said, yes, i know him, but if i had the evidence i with arrest my own mother. >>shepard: trace, thank you from los angeles. there is breaking news now on fox news: the effort in the u.s. senate to repeal the controversial "don't ask don't temperature," in the military has just failed. you are looking live on the senate floor, senator durbin is speaking on this matter. and our senate correspondent is live on the hill. this morning, there was a threatened fillibuster by the main senator collins and slow was going to be the one who would make or break there and the democrats needed a 60th vote, one republican to cross over. i assume they did not get one. >>reporter: we are looking to get the exact break dutch of the vote. it was 56-43. the measure will fail. the defense authorization bill funds our military. their equipment. their salaries. but the version that senate
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majority leader reid was trying to get to the floor included repeal of "don't ask, don't tell." and that would be okay if they could debate it but he controlled that tightly. so, that republican senator collins from maine said although she sides with him on the issue of getting rid of it she could not go along with the procedure he was using, take this to the floor and not allow republicans to have other amendments that would go against the policy or the repeal. so she said she was between a rock and a hard place, but it appears he lost other votes. it was 56-43 so this version goes away. it will have to come back because we have to fund the military but this version with the repeal has failed on the senate floor. >>shepard: and a quote from accept collins "i cannot vote to proceed to this bill under a situation that is going to should down the debate and
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preclude republican amendments. that, too, is not fair." she said "now is not the time to play politics because an election is looping in just few weeks." i guess democrats wanted to be able to get open the record saying they think "don't ask don't tell" is discriminatory and nothing more. >>reporter: there was a lost talk this was election year politics, because it is ahead of the midterm and trying to mobilize key constituencies. senator john mccain said we should wait for the pentagon review. we have asked them to complete that if we go ahead this flies in the face of asking for their opinion. he several times on the floor out and out looked the democrats and said, you are playing politics. the president and democrats have made a number of promises to the gay and lesbian community and he thought they were trying to buy the votes getting this measure
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passed before the midterms and made that accusation many times, loudly, and a number of democrats said they were offended and this was not midterm election politics. >>shepard: what does this mean, big picture, for "tonight ask don't tell." >>reporter: it could still be an amendment. it means it is dead for new but there are so many other measures including the dream act, which is something that provides legal citizenship to minors who are here in the country that would the military oh go to college. there are a number of issues that are attached. it does in the mean sit over for good but for today. >>shepard: how fiery was the rhetoric? >>reporter: senator durbin is angry saying this is a disservice to the military families. their funding is in limbo. the senators have to come together and get the bill passed
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because the military needs the must be and equipment but the mill -- military says the families and funding is being hurt but the rains say they will not cave on two or three critical points to pass this version. but, yes, the democrats are not happy. >>shepard: we will listen to senator durbin. >> he was turned down because his son is undocumentd but the dream did not die. now he is a third year student at the city university of new york law school. he speaks four language. he said he is studied a 5th language. he is an exceptionally gifted young man. and his ambition? once again, to join the marine corps, to be in the judge advocate to serve america. a country which he dearly loves.
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because of this republican decision, procedural decision, to say we could not consider the dream act, we will not have a chance to vote on this bill at this time. on this important measure, which gives this man and thousands like him, a chance to volunteer to serve america. i would say to my friends and colleagues of both sides of the aisle, where is the justice in this decision? at least have the courage to let us bring this matter to the floor and stand up and vote "no." but to hide behind a inanimous consent request is unfair, totally, and in consistent with the spirit and history of this chamber where we debate and vote. but they ran and they hid. behind this procedural decision. >> would the senator yield for a brief moment? >> let's get back to the hill. this is the dream act about which you were speaking, and it's near and dear to a lot of
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folks' heart up there and senator durbin blaming the vote and blaming the republicans. context, please. >>reporter: he is. that is one of the other controversial aspects that the democrats want to fold into the bill. it allows minors brought here through no fault of their own, but illegal citizens, illegal immigrants brought by their parents, there are certain things they would like to outline. if they join the military or go to college they can work toward u.s. citizenship. a lost people on the other side say it is nothing but amnesty. amnesty for younger people who are here illegally. there has been a lot of debate on that. dream act was another big procedural issue going to come to the forefront with this vote. that will not be voted on, either. you heard senator durbin saying, there are many people would like there and want to serve our country, the same language we heard senator lieberman a short time ago iewgz on the floor talking of gays and lesbians saying there are thousands in the country who are able bodied and willing to serve our country, but because of the
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criteria we are saying "no." so we will hear the personal stories as they fight to get the provisions back into the bill. >>shepard: thank you from the hill. thank you for the context. at for news com there is live coverage of two events, the white house press conference and, indeed, on this. the breaking news is laid out for you with context at with a lot coming up. president ahmadinejad of iran, made some fiery statements at the united nations coming today, and we want to put it out there for you to hear. and this very disturbing case of an 18-year-old boy who murdered, according to prosecutors. his ten-year-old brother. ♪ [ upbeat instrumental ]
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rail against the west. listen. demanding liberal capitalism and corporations have caused the suffering of countless men, women and children in many countries. >>shepard: one open mission in the speech: not a single mention of the stand off over his country's nuclear program. if you can imagine. we have coverage with more on the two american hikers still in prison in iran. first, our senior correspondent outside the united nations this afternoon. we are now hearing president ahmadinejad had a new warning in the united states. >>reporter: yes, a threat from ahmadinejad against the united states at a meeting of select journalists here in new york city. the iranian president said if the u.s. attacks their nuclear facilities there will be a war that "will no no boundaries and we would be unprepared," saying that before he addressed the united nations summit on global poverty where in a departure
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from the norm the u.s. delegation did not walk out. usually when he speaks the u.s. diplomats and low level note taker, that is a snub but they listened as these said capitalism will face defeat. the undemocratic and unjust government structures of the decisionmaking bodies in international economic and political fields are the reasons behind most of the plights of today's humanity. >>reporter: iran continues four security council resolutions on the nuclear program, and germany will meet today to coordinate iran policy. >>shepard: what was reaction like there? >>reporter: it was little attended but outside down the treaty from where we are there was a demonstration, christians and rabbis, joining together, to
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speak out and protest against ahmadinejad. some rabbis blocked traffic for a brief time. and that included the board of rabbis of new york who say ahmadinejad should not be here to be onned. >> someone said the reason for the holocaust was they could get away and the reason he can pursue the nuclear ambitions is he is getting away and he is not being stopped and we are here today as others have been in the demonstrations to say "stop the madman." what does it take to convince people that his agenda is the eradication of the west? >>reporter: ahmadinejad will address the u.n. on thursday. tomorrow, president obama will be here. >>shepard: thank you from the u.n. in new york city. the iranian president's visit comes as the united states pressures that country to release the two other american hikers being accused of spying. iran has already released the woman on right on $500,000 bail
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but her fiance shane bauer is locked up and joshua fattal are still locked up. for context on what they could be going through, jennifer interviewed two other women detained in iran. live from the pentagon. the american hiker was released september 14th but she cannot tell us what it was like. she has two friends in there. >>reporter: that is why i interviewed an american journalist who was held for 100 days and she describes the psychological torture of being held by the iranian regime. >> i was taken there at the spraps to one of the buildings where i was told to get out of the car and i had to put on a white blind foamed, kind of dirty blindfold and follow one of the intelligence agents down
3:18 pm
a hall and up some steps and i was confused and did not know where i was going because i was blindfolded. reporter she said her cell was as wide as her two arms across. >>shepard: and she was not the only american held and released? >>reporter: we talked to an american academic who was held in solitary con finement for 105 days and wrote a book about her time. here is what she said. i, my worse day in solitary confinement, there was in the a worse day every single day of the 105 days was terrible, was all, because i was cut off from the rest of the world. i was in solitary confinement. >>reporter: there are still two hikers, and a former f.b.i. agent missing in tehran held, we think, in the same prison, and all of them pawns in the larger
3:19 pm
game being played by president ahmadinejad. >>shepard: thank you, jennifer, from the pentagon. thank you for the context. a teenager in indiana charged with murder because cops say he wanted to be just like the tv character dexter. they are now in sentencing phase because he pleaded guilty. he confessed to killing his brother and says he does not know why. his mother has made interesting statements and today his girlfriend, on the last day of the sentencing hearing, testified he wanted to be like dexter on show time. what does this do to a judge as he makes decisions about how long the young man will spend in prison?
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>>shepard: a disturbing and very sad case of a clearly disturbed 18-year-old boy in indiana, or maine, coming to a conclusion today. he pleaded guilty to killing his ten-year-old brother. strangling the boy. and now the testimony this morning in court that it was an effort to be like the show time character "dexter." the 18-year-old today police in a taped confession that he did strangle the ten-year-old and dumped the remains in the wood. on the last day of sentencing, this morning, his former girlfriend said he wanted to be like the tv serial killer dexter. today the 18-year-old murder suspect read a statement in court saying he was sorry that he killed his brother and that he did not know why he did it. a judge is expected to rule on the sentencing when weeks and he could get up to 45 years if
3:24 pm
prison. and now our legal panel, the criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor who were invited to talk about another matter but i read about this and there is a lot going on here. good to see you. the boy was diagnosed with two different things. one, disassociation, meaning he had a hard time figuring out where he fit which sounded sort of hocus pocus and the doctor said when he strangled him it was like i was floating in the corner of the room and the doctor said this is evidence of disassociation. if you are defending this boy and you are in the sentencing phase, what does this say? >> this case was scheduled for
3:25 pm
trial and at the last minute the defense and prosecution reached an agreement where he would plead guilty and go right to sentencing which the prosecutor seeking life without the possibility of parole and what the defense is doing is saying, he is 18, and he is mentally ill. judge, he has to be able to get out at some point because of the mental illness so they bring in the two psychiatrists who both say he is severely mentally ill. as far as the dexter part, that is consistent with the mumbo jumbo and his father testified that night when he woke up, andrew was standing over him looked creepy. everyone is testifying he is creepy, mentally disturbed behavior and this helps if you can say "help" in terms of mitigation with the judge saying i will sentence him to a long time but i will give him the chance to get out one day if we can get beyond the severe mental illness. >>shepard: a psychologist, a
3:26 pm
dr. george parker, testified the boy told him he attempted suicide not once, but four times. once by hanging. once by overdosing on drugs and once by plutting a plastic bag on the head and once by putting a space heater in the bath but the prosecution said this cannot be proved. what is your thinking as a prosecutor? >> he needs to be disassociated from society. he is a man. he pleaded guilty. he admitted to killing his ten-year-old brother. he needs to be removed from society. if he was so mentally stubbed, he -- disturbed he could have said i could not appreciate what i did and he had an insanity defense but he accepted responsibility, admitted what he did and the only thing to do is to put him away for good. i wonder what he would do if he watched "silence of the lambs."
3:27 pm
>>shepard: one more thing, randy, there is an accusation and they cannot prove this either, the family claims that the 18-year-old was sexually molested by his first stepfather years ago and that is when the mental problems began to creep up. i wonder, with the diagnosis from the doctors, with the accusations about sexual molesting, is there a way that a prosecutor could go to a judge and say "he needs to be evaluated but there needs to be an end game if this is help." >> the problem is the "in case," because if i am going to err i want to guess wrong keeping him locked up. there was an opportunity to do all of this either in terms of resolving the case with a different kind of sentence, but now those days are over. this is it. it is punishment.
3:28 pm
>> you can't decide that on the front end. you can't make a decision and a judge would be negative egypt to make -- negligent that he could be sentenced to 45, 55, or more, so he will not get life without parole, the judge will recognize his mental illness because it is not disputed. and he will give him a chance at some point in the future to get out. that is a guarantee. >>shepard: his grandmother took to the stand in the sentencing hearing and testified he is a good little boy all and and he was my best grandchild and if on cross-examination prosecutors posed a question that he had difficulty answering, the grandmother, saying after he murdered the ten-year-old brother, do you still think she a good kid and the grandmother replied she didn't hate him and still loved him and said i don't know how to answer that, i'm sorry. a very sad story.
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3:32 pm
offensive, a former guantanamo detainee was recently picked up in the south and accused of being a member of al qaeda there. and now we report the on this in september, september 7th, when another was picked up. today, a u.s. official had no information to confirm the report that the first american on the c.i.a. capture or kill list was cornered. so there was some indication that he may have been cornered but senior u.s. officials have no information on that, at least now. here is what we know, an offensive is on right now in south, in the south of yemen. who is this man? he is the top of the list for the united states government, capture or kill list. he has been tied to the ft. hood shooting, the shooter in the ft. hood shooting, tied to the underwear bomber, he has been tied to every big thing that has happened around here.
3:33 pm
and now, our guest has been to afghanistan many times and lived down the street from osama bin laden and the author of "the world's most dangerous places," so help us understood how big a deal this man is. >>guest: the reason he stands out he is a u.s. citizen. as you know, he was part of the lethal finding that was controversial weapon it was decided he could be taken out by what other means necessary. there are 72 special forces advisors in yemen with a robust covert program for five years. instead of doing it in a covert fashion, they have decided to engage the yemen military, of course, special forces jobs to be part of this so it looks like they are taking care of their problem. what is interesting to me of the story is we have shifted it out
3:34 pm
of our lethal assassination program into supporting the yemen get rid of their problems. >>shepard: he is at the top of the capture/kill list. how does that happen as an american citizen? >> you have to be linked to lethalness, meaning his connection with the ft. hood shooter is correct, and he is someone that actively tries to convert people to gin -- join violent jihad like a palestinianture osama bin laden but he can be more perfect because he speaks perfect english and he can motivate people to be violent so because of the underwear bomber, his throats are taken very seriously and it is very encouraging to see the yemen government reacting this way opposed to using our covert assets.
3:35 pm
>>shepard: does it make sense because of the fact he is so well plugged in and knows so many people would were involved insomuch, that the goal would probably be to capture him and get information opposed to killing him if you had a choice. >>reporter: he is not a secretive person. they have known where he is and they have tracked him. he is a public person. the decision was, really, when you get rid of this person, obviously someone else will replace him, so we have to take down the entire network at once. so i think we will see more than one person go down if successful if capturing him. but the main thing is we are very well focused in yemen on ground information and finding out who is who. i think the network will go down. >>shepard: yemen said they will not turn him over to the united states because he is a yemen citizen and he has to be prosecuted there. >>guest: that is why you do not see american faces on the ground in the fighting because
3:36 pm
yemen is a poor country and a, i enjoy yemen and i like to go there. when you put an miles per hour face on taking down a yepen citizen, particularly one who is considered to be a holy person, you will inflame a secondary problem so this is the right way to do it, have the yemen people try him and take care of the problems opposed to us getting involved. >>shepard: thank you for the topic switch. thank you. and now this is confirmmation that there is an ongoing offensive in the south of yemen where a terrorist is located. he is at top of the united states "capture or kill list," but the yemen government is at the lead of the operation and this could be big news. we will follow it. the north korean leader, kim
3:37 pm
chong-il, may now be ready to name a successor. [ male announcer ] we live in a new world.
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and we believe you have the right to live life without having to think twice every time you fill out a form, make a purchase, or throw out your mail. every day we strive to stay one step ahead of the criminals, continuously creating new tools to help keep our members' information safer and more secure. so you can have one less thing to worry about. relentlessly protecting your identity. it's all we do. call today and see how lifelock can help protect you. >>shepard: north korea will hold the biggest meeting in three decades and on that day the leader, kim chong-il, could be naming his successor. the intelligence appear lists say that kill chemical has been struggling with unknown medical condition, possibly a recent stroke but we cannot confirm that. he is 68. and he looks to many frail.
3:41 pm
but now kim chong-il is believed to be preparing his youngest son to one day take over power. there are no recent pictures of the son so we did not know what he looks like. next week the meeting will be similar to the gathering in 1980 in which the first leader announced kim chong-il would be the successor. it is the year 2010 and we did not know what is going on inside that country and the next leader of the country, nobody has a picture of, we do not know what he looks like. north korea, living its own way. that is how they roll. president obama giving the highest military award, the medal of honor to an air american who died half a century ago. he was killed in 1968, in laos, neighboring vietnam. we were not supposed to be if laos at the time and it was a secret we were this laos, so they could not say we were there so they could not give him the
3:42 pm
honor that he deserved for being there because we were not admitting we were there. the military has held off, and says he held off enemies while evacuated his wounded friends. >> he threw out grenade after grenade, hour after hour so the men could grab them, but the grenades kept coming. >> this case was classified. so his own three sons only recently learned how their father died. and although the chief master sergeant's wife knew, she died before today's ceremony. and now jonathan hunt. toll us more about what led up to this honor. >>reporter: extraordinary story. the chief and his colleagues were on a 5,600' hightower
3:43 pm
deemed impregnable but on march 10, 1968, north vietnam soldiers launched an assault open the base you can see right there, and they killed immediately in the official assault, 11 of the 19 americans living there, and the chief and some of his colleagues took refuge on the cliff side ledge, and pain of his colleagues were wounded and threw the entire night chief etchburger kept the north vietnamese at bay with an m-16 and a radio to call in airstrikes. at dawn, a helicopter arrived to rescue them, and he single happeneddedly again took each of the wounded colleagues one by one over to the helicopter, while taking enemy fire, put them in the sling and had them hoisted up and he was hoifed up himself, the last man out, got on board the helicopter, and as it flew off, north vietnamese fired, bullets pierced the helicopter and they struck him and he died on the floor of the
3:44 pm
chopper. the men, the wounded men that he evacuated actually made him home and survived. >>shepard: and this was a big secret and had to stay a secret is why it took so long? >>reporter: we were not allowed to be in laos so johnson, president johnson, could not admit this operation was taking place. that is why it took so long, 20 years before they admitted this site existed. so, appear extraordinary combination, culmination to an amazing story. >>shepard: thank you. now the c.e.o. who vanished. he went to work on sunday, right? and on monday, an employee came in, saw the car in the parking lot, went to the office, and this man's office was ransacked, and the bank was in trouble. so what happened to him? so what happened to him? where is he?
3:45 pm
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>>shepard: and a case in michigan. investigators are searching for the c.e.o. of a struggling bank, with his office ransacked and the car in the magazining lot disappearing after going to work on sunday, the president of c.e.o. of community central bank in michigan, 20 miles north of downtown detroit. like many banks in that state, it is struggling. local media reports community central lost $13 million in the first half of this year. it has a zero star rating. with us now is the sheriff holding up the investigation who calls him a "friend," and the sheriff. is there an idea, something from which to work? do you have a clue?
3:49 pm
>>guest: what we are doing is making speculation. we do know based on video he was in the building on sunday evening preparing for some kind of a presentation on tuesday. what he then did, throughout the day or while he was in the bank we do not know but we know he left around 8:30 the back side of the bank which is very unusual and when he did he does not go near the car but walked off into the streets. and we do not know if he was meeting someone, distraught over something with the bank or personal issues but we know he was missing since that sunday night and we have not heard from him with no transactions on the credit cart and his wife has not heard from him, no family members or associates and we are prepared to do many things to eliminate possibilities. we are around the area where the bank is located trying to do searching of the woods and the neighborhoods. we did another search and came up with nothing and now we will do a secondary search in the woods to see if maybe that one theory or possibility that he
3:50 pm
did harm to himself exists and maybe he did it in a short frame after he left the bank. we do not know. >>shepard: does the video evidence let you know if anyone else came into or out of the bank that day or on saturday? >>guest: we have some footage that indicate whose came into the bank and who left and we have been tug to the people and do not believe they had anything to do with him or harming him because all the people were out of the bank at the time he left the bank. he was the only one to leave at that time. and walked off. >>shepard: do they think the san racking would have been at his own hand? >>guest: i don't want to get too dedescriptive. things were disturbed in the office, disturbed could mean a confrontation, possibly, or he was frustrated or upset. it was unusual not as if they were unkept area because that is not like him. it was the result of somebody knocking things down.
3:51 pm
>>shepard: good luck with this. we will keep on it. gecko: good news sir, i just got an email from the office and word is people really love our claims service. gecko: 'specially the auto repair xpress. repairs are fast and they're guaranteed for as long as you own your car. boss: hey, that's great! is this your phone? gecko: yeah, 'course. boss: but...where do you put...i mean how do you...carry... waitress: here you go. boss: thanks! gecko: no, no i got it, sir.
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>>shepard: we have reported a father in florida who climbed on to his daughter's school bus and yelled at the kids claiming they were bullies. his daughter had cerebral palsy and they were picking on her badly. in fact, according to one report, they tried to put a condom on her head. now, he says he is sorry he was acting like a bully. surveillance video caught the whole thing. look. (inaudible) >>shepard: that is the father, james jones, and two 7th grade kids were harassing his daughter and one of the friends, as well, and in a news conference today, the man said he meant to speak
3:55 pm
to the bus driver but he saw the other kids and his daughter's fear, he lost it. >> when the bus come late and everyone is hanging out on the bus and my daughter is standing back like she ... i see my daughter breakdown, as a dad, i apologize, again, i apologize for that. >>shepard: his daughter was through a lot according to him and witnesses. he faces two misdemeanor charges. tomorrow, he will be our guest here live on studio b, wednesday afternoon, right here. the woman who told police she lied about somebody dousing her with acid, is now facing criminal charges. if you heard about it you remember this woman, bethany, who claimed that a stranger threw acid in her face outside a starbucks. she held a news conference describing the attack.
3:56 pm
>> i have my ups and downs. i think about what happened and i am frustrated of course, the typical questions, why did this happen to me. and then i am okay. i'm sorry. >>shepard: that was quite a thing. she admitted that it was a hoax. according to the police report, she smeared drain cleaner on her face in an attempt to kill herself and when she did not die police say she tried to use the incident to get a new face. now prosecutors say they are charging her. here is what she loops like best incident. three theft charges after she collected $28,000 in donations. money prosecutors claim she spent open dinner for her parents and clothes and early pill for a laser face peel.
3:57 pm
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[music playing] when you take away all the canned chicken broth that adds msg, one stands alone. the secret is swanson 100% natural chicken broth. >>shepard: and then this: parking tickets. you are out shopping. the return to the car late. there is a ticket, mocking you. now, a town is trying a new approach. in massachusetts, many of the tickets come with yoga instructions. supposed to help reduce your anger. but what happens when you lie down next to your car to stretch? probably loitering ticket. yoga instructions, give me a break. on the dow,ay


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