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tv   Glenn Beck  FOX News  September 21, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> glenn: welcome to the "glenn beck program." when i was a kid, i remember hearing the crazy far-fetched ideas of the future. digital tracking chips, global government. money that has been digitized. all numbers. et cetera, et cetera. i have thought man, no way that is going to happen in my lifetime. most people thought that. except for some in the soviet union who wanted to take a big step toward that. they wanted a global government. well, the people over in the soviet union wanted to fight for that ideology to the last breath. and the people here wanted to fight for freedom and liberty. the idea of communism was a hated idea. socialism, marxism, it was evil! fast forward a few decades later to today and we have an election in delaware where a marxist is running against
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another candidate and nobody is even batting an eye on that. it's hard to imagine, but in just a few short decades, we have forgotten. well, it's time to remember. and now make a choice. c'mon! ♪ ♪ >> glenn: hello, america. last night i got an e-mail from somebody who said, "i don't know what obama is doing." none of it make sense to me, but glenn, what you said on the program tonight is that the department of energy now wants to stop me from having a cuisinart and for the life of me, it doesn't make any sense to me at all. no big deal if i can't have an cuisinart and how does that help the country? what would barack obama's motivation be?" i thought of that and i
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realized, i apologize to you. i have maybe gotten ahead of myself. i want to answer that question. first of all, obama is not coming after your cuisinart but the department of energy is coming up with new mandates now that will decide what appliances will be available to americans in the future. so in a way, it may be your cuisinart. why would he do that? it doesn't make any sense whatsoever. but we must stop projecting our views on other people. why doesn't profiling work? it doesn't work because you think you know what people look like or how they'll behave or how they speak, et cetera, et cetera. it doesn't take long before the good terrorists know if
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they don't look or act that way, the way you expect them to, they could get past you. someone could be wearing a bomb vest and look swedish and speak with an american accent. bloom, you never saw it coming. well, that is because we project our views on other people. it's wrong to do in all cases. it makes you vulnerable. to understand this administration, we must not project on to this president or on to this administration or people in congress the views that we have. because it won't make sense. that's why so many people are frustrated. they're like none of this makes sense. you must not think and act the same way that traditional small government, free market americans, who may be republican or democrat have always thought. let's start here. let's start with, because
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there are two choices tonight. let's start with, let's call it the tea party. you know what? i think it's really the traditional democrat like my grandfather and the traditional republican. not progressives. but just a regular person that grew up in america loving the constitution and everything else. do you not think that your neighbors, democratic and republican neighbors and independent neighbors, can we all agree that the things, the way we're living our life right now is unsustainable? we can't continue to spend money. we can't continue to buy the gigantic homes and everything else, it's unsustainable. we made mistakes so it will fall apart. i think you agree with that, but do the president and people in washington agree with that? find out. >> alternative is status quo that's unsustainable. >> unsustainable.
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>> set to remain on unsustainable path. >> utterly unsustainable course. >> the system is unsustainable. >> this is the unsustainable path we're on. >> glenn: so yes, the system is unsustainable. we agree with all the people in washington. how to fix it? the president says he's not an idealogue, but he is. he's a pragmatist, too. the founders were pragmatic. they just believed in a small government. they believed in free market solutions. so i think the average democrat and republican, look, we're all the same. they're just democrats. there is even progressives that happen to be small business owners. when you are a small business owner you know it's the free market system. you cannot question that 70-80% of all jobs created in
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a recession or depression are created by the small businessman. the entrepreneur. so we believe in the free market solution. not corruption, not these big banks that are out of control. not people being dirt bags to each other. but decent, free market people, doing the right thing every day. we believe in the small businessman. the question is does the president believe in the free market system? watch. >> we have been guided by a republican administration who believes in a simplistic notion that people who have wealth, are entitled to keep it. >> must. must redistribute wealth. >> are you then calling for the redistribution of wealth in society? >> absolutely. >> we know that the free market is nonsense. >> i think it's the basis for a new generation, instead of capitalism or socialism is we're going to have both. >> make everything equal at
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everybody's house. >> they are going to have to be a degree of redistribution. >> dispel the negative images we have been programmed to conjure up with the mention of the word "socialism" or marxism. >> you need to do redistribution. this is a form of redistribution. >> if you spread the wealth around, it's good for you. >> glenn: i believe he believes that. to believe in redistribution of wealth or marxism does not make you evil. i think it makes you wrong. i think it makes you naive. the president doesn't want to destroy people. but perhaps people who believe in it should read into history and how previous attempts at big government ended in disaster, not once, not twice but every time. this is what they believe, okay? they do not believe in the free market solution. they agree things are
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unsustainable. so something has to be changed but they do not believe in the free market solution. the third one is, this is you, i assume. you believe in small government of the people and by the people. you look to the founders and original intent. you look to the documents that have always guided us to get here. are we looking government of the people, the original intent? is that what they are looking for in washington now? >> how are we going to achieve global economic order? >> as citizens, workers as global citizens. >> new senate rules for whole world. >> we created global trade and global finance. we created global companies. we forgot to create global government. >> one of the ways that we'll drive the change is through global governance. >> a better world order. >> global citizenship, continue to bind us together. >> glenn: that's why the
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folks in germany, because he believes in global world order. everybody in his administration does. now what is frustrating here is whenever we play clips of them expressing the view, tonight i'll be the one called crazy or conspiracy theorist or whatever for playing their words. stop playing that game, america. stop caring what they say. because the republic is at stake. do i sound hateful? i don't want to be hateful. i'm just trying to point out the differences between us. i thought diversity was a good thing. here it is. choice one, things are unsustainable. we both agree on that. two, free market solutions. they say no. redistribution of wealth. you don't have this crazy notion of keeping the wealth you make. and small government of the people, by the people, look to the founder's original intent. no. a global governance or global
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government run by elites. that is fundamental transformation. this is restoration. i want to make it very clear if you are watching this program, and you disagree with me, because i'm a hate monger, i'm not talking about restoring what we had under bush. that was broken by republican progressives. i agreed with you that we needed change. but what are we transforming into? you have to look at their actions. this is where, this is where you have them. this is where your neighbors can come to this. if you understand, do not look at this administration with these eyes. look at everything they do with these eyes. does this make sense in if you read the news, nothing makes sense if you look at it with this. use this framework. things don't make sense. one quick one. the b.p. oil spill.
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obama was quick to put moratorium on drilling for oil in the gulf. at the time we explain even if you temporarily banned oil in the gulf, it would be devastating for jobs. judge ruled against the ban. obama just went around it. well, the ban resulted in at least 23,000 jobs being lost in the region as a result. so it was horrible for the economy. if you look at it through this eye, that doesn't make any sense. but he took it a step forward. the next thing he did was say we have to cap and seal 3,500 u.s. wells in the gulf. what this means is you permanently plug those wells. anything unused in the last five years has to be shut down and permanently sealed. well, anybody who know anything about the oil companies know they routinely seal the well and go back to get more oil. experts estimate the obama order will cost the oil companies $1.4 to $3.5
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billion just to cap the wells. smaller producers will give up 6-18 billion in lost revenue for future production. we have closed the door on our own companies. this doesn't make sense. unsustainable. we need capital. we need money. we need cheap energy. we also opened the door somewhere else and issued preliminary commitment last year to loan $2 billion to brazil for oil exploration that is deeper than what we were doing here, a danger to the planet. remember, that's why we're doing this. it's bad for the planet. oil is bad and drilling is bad for the planet. we'll lose $18 billion here. and loan $2 billion to brazil to do a drilling that is twice as deep of what we were
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doing in the gulf. the obama loaned $1 billion last year and then loaned another $1 billion to mexico to drill. where? in the gulf of mexico. right where we said it's a danger to the planet and we're closing 3,500 u.s. wells in the gulf. look at it through these eyes. does that make sense? oh does this help the economy? we lose job. how does it get us out of foreign dependence? it doesn't. we lose the resources. does it help the environment in no. it gives them money to drill where we say we can't! so how does the policy help the united states? poor countries around the globe. it helps the poor countries around the globe. it redistributes the wealth
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globally. remember, remember. think of it this way. things are unsustainable. redistribution of wealth is the key. we have to create a new global government. got it? i want to show you the world's wealth. where is the world's wealth? i want to compare some countries, the national average income in brazil. is $8,310. india $1,000. china, $3,000. you compare that with the united states, we are greedy guttons. if you're trying to balance the globe, are you going to push these guys up or push this one down? you have to do both. for all the people in america who lashed out at the wealthiest 1% and blame them for all america's problems, guess what the rest of the world, compared to the average citizen in mexico or mozambique, you are the
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wealthiest 1%. you could be the lowest on the ladder and you're wealthier than india. you have cars, cell phone, designer clothes. billion people around the globe live on $1 per day. get ready to practice what you preach. except you are the one that is going to pony up this time. your wealth will be redistributed around the globe to lift up other countries. red herring to talk about the rich in america. the money is not going to the poor here in america. tons of money is going overseas. since we have the most to lose, standard of living is going to go down. played you a clip from the science czar yesterday and how he wants to dedevelop united states. watch this again. >> a massive campaign must be
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launched to restore quality in north america and redevelop the united states in the book "human ecology." what did you mean by "dedevelopment"? >> what we meant by that is stopping the activities destroying the environment and replacing them with activities to produce both prosperity and environmental quality. thanks a lot. >> how do you plan on implementing that? >> through the free market economy. >> glenn: danger to the planet. environmental equality is what he said. remember, we're hurting the rain forest. to send the money to brazil where the rain forest is to promote environmental equality. you notice that? he mentioned the free market. but remember holdren's goal is global wealth redistribution. >> it's important we have a global agreement on how we are going to limit emission of carbon -- carbon dioxide
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and other greenhouse gases going forward and will include ways to transfer some of the revenue from carbon taxes or carbon emission permits in the north to pay for reduced deforestization in the south. >> glenn: how do you do that in the free market? the free market works on supply and demand. the government attempts to create demand by regulating, oh, i don't know, oil. regulate oil. force america to buy it overseas at poorer companies. they're doing it with the auto industry. let's say you are starting to make electric cars. we must make electric cars. they're expensive to make. can you make them cheaper in america or china? we create the demand, they supply it. we send the money and they send the car. global redistribution of wealth. how about solar panels? we hear about solar panels and green jobs. who can make them cheaper? us or china? china is way ahead in this. we create the demand, they supply it.
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another way, again, with the oil. is with the oil. i showed the oil situation. government ties our hands and makes it difficult or impossible to drill for oil through regulation and bans so we have to buy it from venezuela, brazil or mexico. we can't make things cheap like they can. we can't drill the oil because of our government. so we send our money to them. why do you think the saudis are so rich? they were people in the sand on camels. oil! how did they get rich? we sent them our money. it's redistribution of wealth. that is the motivating factor behind cap and trade. not saving the planet. what did he say? ecological equity. big rich companies will be polluting just the same but paying poor countries to do it. shifting the wealth overseas. this is a staggering map. this is what carbon credits
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will cost each state. the darker the green here, the more money each state has to send. not to the federal government in washington, but overseas. in texas, it's over $1.5 billion. money going overseas. there is no job creation. we no longer will have the capital to create and lift ourselves out of trouble. nobody in washington is attempting to get us out of the problems with free market solutions. they're not doing that. they're trying to de-develop us. and put us on par with the rest of the world. why? because we're moving toward global governance. look, this is not a conspiracy theory. it's not even, if that is what you believe, this is my problem with the administration. say what you mean and mean what you say! but they don't. i guarantee you if media matters and george soros isn't on it yet, they will be in the next ten minutes saying what a conspiracy
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theorist i am. that's what they do. but if their own words this is what they believe. it's just two ways of approaching things. that's it. the question is do you believe in freedom anymore? do you believe in the free market system and entrepreneurs? do you believe in the founding documents? we got problems. we've made mistakes. can we take the best of what we have, and jettison the worst and try again? yes! they don't believe that. you have to tell your friends, the democrats who are there. explain it to them. who think it cannot happen in america. they have to stop thinking like the typical american who understands the unleashing of the free market is the answer. washington doesn't believe that. they're taking steps toward global society. it's imperative that you pass the information on and then you get like-minded people. i don't care who you vote for, to go out and vote.
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i warned you about a structure put in place. you are starting to see the witch and the machine turned on. the next two years will be the dangerous, most dangerous in history of the republic. i'll explain why next.  
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>> glenn: my best friend is
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pat gray and he's on the radio with me every day. he said to me on the radio, i can't believe i live in america where marxism is seriously being debated. i can't either. but i have to tell you i believe the next two years are the most dangerous in the history of our republic. be very careful. be very careful. i think we'll be saying this sentence, at least the beginning of this sentence a lot. i want to show you, we're going to be filling in this blank. i can't believe i live in an america where -- blank. it will be different each time. for example, the last couple of weeks, i have said this. i can't believe i live in a country where private homeowner gets fined $5,000 for unauthorized agricultural activities. i don't even know what that is. harvesting organs? no. the citation was for growing too many vegetables in his backyard and giving them
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away. that's what my grand parents did. it can't believe i -- i can't believe i live in america where they can't do that anymore. in case you don't believe me, it did happen in georgia! >> cabbage, cauliflower, and i was told i could have horse, chickens or pigeons but i couldn't have vegetables. >> glenn: okay. i can't believe i live in america where you can't build a sandcastle on the beach in florida. i've been to florida. it dug in the sand in florida before. this is new. you don't believe me? watch. >> you can't dig. >> i can't dig? >> no, you can't. >> okay. why is that? >> because you can't dig in a national park. >> glenn: okay. he wasn't in a national park originally. he was told by someone in fish and wildlife he couldn't dig on the beach. he had to go to the national
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park to do it. there they asked him for papers. papers? i can't believe i live in america where an entire federal agency was created to make sure people don't put too much money on a credit card and can monitor their credit card transactions. i can't believe i live in a country where the agency and practically every other agency is being run by someone, in this case, it's elizabeth warren who hates the free market system, wants to destroy it and in some cases, want a marxism or socialist utopia. i can't believe i live in a country that allowed congress to become irrelevant. elizabeth warren's new agency has wide-ranging powers. over mortgages, credit card, debit card. congress can't do anything about it. no matter what happens, this election or the next election, or 100 elections from now, nothing can be done to defund this agency.
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why? because congress allowed themselves to write a bill that now she is going to be writing all the laws for. the money will be coming from the federal reserve system. i can't believe i live in america where an outside corporation called the federal reserve that nobody trusts was just given police powers. and you can't do anything about it. i know people in the audience will say, because i got letter last night. jeez, you can't build a sandcastle on the beach. really? for owl of those who e-mailed -- for all of those who e-mailed me last night and said who cares, so he can't grow vegetables. i mean this sincerely. is your freedom that cheap? do you take it for granted that much? you don't make sandcastles, so whatever.
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okay. i could see that, maybe in another time. even ten years ago. okay. maybe. but really? what else are you willing to slip? how about are you willing to let slip the tracking of our recycling garbage now? because now in some cities you have to have an rfid chip. how about letting slip veggies you can grow in the backyards? or in boston they now want to ban sugary soda. butter. salt in new york. burgers. suvs. they're banning lightbulbs. this is the beginning of the cycle. this is not the end of the cycle. this is the beginning! i want to leave you with something that howard dean said. he was talking about the infrastructure of the democratic party. watch him carefully. >> there are institutions which do research, the best one is the center for
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american progress. they're not related to the democratic party, of course, a lot of people go back and forth. so, there is huffington post. there is the daily coast. but that's all part of infrastructure that it takes to run something. campaigns are never about the last three months. usually the last three years. if you want to win a campaign you have to organize for three years, not just three months. the stuff around the democratic party, not in it. >> glenn: i want you to notice that the press, huffington post is talking about the democratic infrastructure to help them govern. they're not worried about this election. why would they do this if they care about this election? they're not worried about the election. do you remember when the stimulus bill came out? i think i told you the story. i was standing in the kitchen of my office.
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everybody in the break room said who wrote the stimulus bill? how did they get that all together quickly? this is very complex. they didn't do it themselves. everyone said it's david axlerod. no, it's not. we found it's progressive radicals at apollo alliance that have been working on it for years. they were passing bills under george w. bush that made no sense at the time. i found them and i've seen them. yes, s.e.c., i am looking. they're planning way ahead. tomorrow we will show you all the freedoms that you've already lost. ask if the freedoms are that cheap. they're using regulation to seize control. it's why i said cass sunstein is the most dangerous because you will never see him coming. the infrastructure is in place. god help us all if they turn the key and turn the machine on.
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back in a minute.
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i'm patti ann browne. today, republicans in the senate and a couple of democrats voted to block debate on a defense bill that would have repealed the military don't ask, don't tell policy. the federal reserve says it's ready to provide additional support for the troubled economy but after a meeting no new steps were announced. white house is sending another obama on the campaign trail ahead of the mid-term elections. first lady michelle obama will make at least nine political appearances in the last month. just in. top white house economic advisor larry summers will be stepping down from his post at the end of the year and will return to his position as professor at harvard. glenn beck returns in a moment but first bret baier looks ahead to "special report." >> bret: helicopter crash makes this the deadliest year in war so far. brit hume has analysis of the politics of the economy and
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stimulus. plus, white house shake-ups including that summers announcement. join me at the top of the hour. now back to glenn. ♪ ♪ >> glenn: we found out yesterday not everyone is in love with this president's policies on the democratic side. in a one-hour town hall yesterday, the president faced tough questions from his supporters. >> quite frankly, i'm exhausted. exhausted of defending you, defending your administration, defending the mantle of change that i voted for and deeply disappointed with where we are right now. i have been told that i voted for a man who said he was going to change things in a meaningful way for the middle class. i'm one of those people and i'm waiting sir. i'm waiting. i don't feel it yet. >> glenn: okay. the initial reaction to this clip for me was it's about
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time. this is an interesting moment that goes deeper than the president. this woman is very insere. and she wasn't the only one that stood up. she wants to believe but she can't ask, she can't help but ask is this it? is this the best you can do? unfortunately if she believes in what we showed earlier, the, you know, the first choice of a free market system, yes. this is going to be as good as it gets. if you believe in the redistribution of wealth and global government run by elites, if you are in america, the answer is yes. this is as good as it will get. this is the fun part. this is when all the cash he dumped in the system is still flowing through the economic bloodstream. what happens when all the cash goes away or if we have another stimulus package and all we're left with is the debt?
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the president tries to make himself pragmatist. he's not. he's an idealogue. pragmatic idealogue but an idealogue nonetheless. he has to deal with his supporters abandoning him. if that is the case, he has to make sure the time isn't wasted. the redistribution of wealth is just starting. the american standard of life is changing. fuelled by global unions closely tied to this administration and this idea that america is unfair to the rest of the world. to raise up the rest of the world we have no choice but to face hardship ourselves. they haven't told you this, but all the action and the words around it tell you this. you will have hardship unless you are in the union leadership. if you are a union member, you are a pawn to these people.
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i get calls on the radio show from the union members who are mad at me. they say stop bashing the union. why are you targeting me or acting like i'm lazy or hurting the economy? i apologize if i come off that way. i tell them every time, this is not about the union members. vast majority of the union members want the best for themselves, fair pay and they want what is best for their family or co-workers or what is right for the country. union leadership is another story. former head of seiu and member of the president national commission on fiscal responsibility and reform. this is a guy who is constantly talking about the global worker. not talking about you the union member. the global worker. workers of the world, as he says. >> workers of the world unite. not just a slogan but the way we have to do our work. >> we took names and we
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watched how they voted, we know where they live. >> trying to use the power of persuasion. if that doesn't work, we'll use the persuasion of power. >> createded global trade and global finance. we forgot to create global government. >> there are opportunities to share better in the wealth. rebalance the power and unions and government are part of the solution. >> glenn: okay. i'm sorry. i thought unions were supposed to be about the american worker. when did that stop? let me ask you this question, if you are in a union. is this what you stand for? worker of the world unite. is that it? how about are you for the redistribution of wealth globally? are you for a global governance or government? you don't care when the idealogues are doing at this level. you just care about what is happening in your factory. that's fine. it understand that -- i understand that. but i want you to think about this. what is your union supposed
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to do in theory? it's supposed to do is negotiates as a group so that the workers are protected. right? then the strongest employees and the weakest employees get the same guaranteed raises and benefits. that's the way it's supposed to work in theory. it smoothes out a whole group of people. trading the huge upside and downside of job security. got it? you might like that protection. you might even like the fact that some of your weaker coworkers get a bit more security. maybe you do and there is nothing wrong with that. but what happens when your coworkers aren't who they think -- you think they are? what happens if your coworkers are not in your factory or not in your country? what happens if the union boss is trying to smooth out the difference between someone like you, making $65,000 a year in the u.s. and someone in china,
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which they are now merging with in china. $65,000 here and someone in china making $1.50 a day. how do you smooth that one out? how does that work for you? more on that next. ñ÷
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hi hi ♪(whistling tune) ♪("don't worry be happy")
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>> glenn: how does someone supposedly fighting for your rights as an american worker go all around the world and say workers of the world unite? how are you helped when the union is telling you that they are fighting outsourcing but they are meeting with the chinese at the same time? this is what was happening with andy stern. as an average union worker if you happen to be, not someone in the power structure, but someone working every day to feed their family and keep their head above water, is that what you stand for? is it?
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are people like andy stern or trumpca standing up for your values, workers of the world unite? are you looking to smooth out the wage differences between the u.s. and china or mexico? i have news for you. if you smooth the curve out, it doesn't end well on your side. i want you to know i'm not in a union, i don't run a union shop. i have nothing to gain or lose from unions myself, maybe my life. i don't understand why the businesses should pay the idiot who works down the hall the same as you when you do their job and they're not. i don't get that. i rather pay you more money and fire him. i don't know why the companies shouldn't be able to fire people, be more efficient. if they are a bad worker, fire them. it doesn't make sense. it lowers morale. i'd rather work with people who are good at their job. couldn't you? this is not a debate whether unions are a good idea or
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not. we'll talk about that later. i got side-tracked. i want to talk about the values of the union bosses. please explain to yourself and to me how they match with yours. back in a minute. >> some of this is science. don't do this at home. >> pause that. rewind. i have to see it again. did he just -- yep, he is squirting whipped cream into his mouth talking about redistribution of wealth. only on glenn's show. dvr it. you just can't make this stuff up.
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♪ ♪ >> glenn: that is going to be unbelievable photo book. check it out at or slash-books. we started the program and we told you there were two choices. regular democrat and republican independent tea party movement and this is what is happening in washington. redistribution of wealth and global governance. we're talking about the values of union bosses here, because i don't think they match up with your values. i'm talking to union members. we can have the debate about
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unions once again. if they become about the rights and responsibilities of the american worker, when it's not about global idea of moving wealth around from your pocket to the pocket of workers in third world nations, who are already undercutting you in price, wages and working conditions. this isn't whether or not you should be in a union or not. it's pointing out that unions have changed. not run with people, by people who have the same values. the union used to protect the worker and they were protectionist. but now they swung over to global union. how did that happen? when did it happen? union workers in most cases are great people who work their butt off. increasingly the leadership is focussed on ideas that i think the membership would be shocked to hear. it's important that you are aware of where your union stands. if they sound like andy stern or trumcca at afl-cio, you
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either agree with it or you don't. don't just stand there. support them or take control or leave. upion bosses are like any other people. cats away and the mice will may and memberships are the cats. they work for you. demand they represent your values. or maybe you need a union to represent you against the union. lev them by the curb. back in a minute. @=h 
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♪ ♪ mr. president, if restoring honor to america, defending our constitution, and turning to god has become a radical idea, well, i guess we're in more trouble than we thought. on november 2, vote democrat, republican, or independent, but most importantly, vote for america. ♪ ♪ >> glenn: america, we have to get out and vote. we can do better than the way we've been voting. and i also ask you take our 40 day and 40 night challenge. you can find it on the website at foxnews.c


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