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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  September 22, 2010 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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>> we have to go. great job. that does it for me.captiod by i'm greg gutfeld and i will see you next time. >> bret: the worst helicopter accident in four years in afghanistan kills nine american troops. challenge to the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy is killed in the senate for now. breaking news. changes in president obama's economic team. live from the studio in washington, this is "special report." good evening. i'm bret baier. supporters of the u.s. military policy against openly gay personnel scores a major victory today. but half a world away, american service members mourn the loss of several u.s. troops in a tragic accident. as a nato helicopter went down in southern afghanistan, making this the deadliest year in almost nine-year war. reporter conor powell has details from from kabul. >> reporter: helicopter crashes are fairly common in
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afghanistan, most due to mechanical failure and sometimes weather. in the past, taliban hit and brought down u.s. and international helicopters. in this case, the military says there are no reports of enemy fire in the area when the helicopter went down. they're discounting taliban claims they shot down the helicopter. the helicopter went down in an area that was a violent and nasty part of afghanistan where the taliban do roam free and are very, very strong. in addition to the nine u.s. troops killed, three other people including a u.s. civilian were also injured. today's deaths bring the total number of foreign troops killed to 529, a single-year record. the grim milestone was reached in less than ten months, though. with nearly 150,000 international troops, the u.s. commanders knew it would be a violent and deadly year. that number is likely set to increase with the u.s. and afghan forces set to launch a large operation in kandahar,
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over the next few weeks. bret? >> bret: in washington, senate republicans and two democrats for now ended the legislative challenge to the military's policy on openly gay members. correspondent shannon bream shows us what happened. >> i find myself on the horn of a dilemma. >> reporter: with that, the hopes faded away. they hoped that susan collins would join coalition of democrat and independents to reach 60 votes. number he needed to get a version of the defense authorization bill that included repeal of "don't ask, don't tell" to vote. but he mustered only 56 votes and he set specific rules that wouldn't allow republican amendments to the bill to be debated at all, the reason collins wouldn't go along. >> i cannot vote to proceed
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to the bill under a situation it will shut down the debate and preclude republican amendments. >> reporter: collins supports doing away with "don't ask, don't tell" unlike most other republicans including senator mccain who accuse democrats of playing game with the measure which would provide funding for u.s. troops and the equipment they need as they fight two wars. >> this is a play talent political ploy in order to try to galvanize the political base of the other side which is facing a losing election. >> reporter: others fought back against the accusation, saying the issue is much deeper than a single election cycle. >> we have thousands of americans who are patriotic and want to serve who happen to be gay or lesbian and we're telling them you can't. >> reporter: also on capitol hill, general jim amos nominated to be head of the marine corps says he opposes repeal of "don't ask, don't tell" and worries it would precept disruption of
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cohesion. and he added that he will enforce a change to policy if it happens. and the white house made clear today the administration believes it's only a matter of time. >> the president believes the policy is unfair and should and will be changed. >> reporter: gay right activists aren't as confident saying it will be tougher to get the policy repeal. they split the balance of power on capitol hill with the mid-term election. today, president clinton advisor on gay rights said this situation is a political train wreck. >> bret: shannon bream live on the hill. thank you. president obama today awarded medal of honor 'hue mousely to -- posthumously to airman killed in laos. he single handedly held off enemy force evacuating wounded combat. he put three soldiers in rescue slings before enemy fire came through the helicopter floor and mortally wounded him. the story was kept under wraps for decades because it
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was part of a secret mission in laos. his sons attended today's ceremony. a president elected on campaign of change is about to experience some on his economic team. some more, actually. white house correspondent mike emanuel joins us live with that story. good evening, mike. >> good evening, bret. after being very careful with the choice of words about possible personnel shuffle, administration officials confirmed to fox, president obama chief economic advisor larry summers is leaving by the end of the year to return to harvard. a statement released short time ago, president said about summers, "i will always be grateful a time of great peril in the country, man of larry's brilliance and experience and judgment was willing to answer the call and lead the team." he goes on to say "we're on a better path thanks to no small measure to larry's wise counsel." senior aides understand that obama understands the dismay
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americans are feeling about the economy. >> i don't doubt that people are frustrated that the pace of the economic recovery has not been faster under the president's watch. >> reporter: monday, cnbc town hall the president heard directly from people who identified themselves as supporters, but are now sounded exhausted and dejected. >> i have been told that i voted if for a man who said he was going to change things in a meaningful way for the middle class. i'm one of those people and i'm waiting, sir. i don't feel it yet. >> i was inspired by you and your campaign and the message you brought. and that inspiration is dying away. it feels like the american dream is not attainable to a lot of us. >> reporter: republicans quickly pounce saying etch the president supporters are realize the change they believe in, isn't happening. meanwhile, today, there was a glimmer of hope coming from the sputtering economy, new home and apartment construction rose 10.5% last month. although, much of that was driven by apartment and condo
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construction. and not single family homes. there is also great concern about the potential impact if banks choose to unload homes. owners could no longer afford, flooding the market and driving down property values. but those will be problems for the next top economic advisor to mr. obama. it should be noted with summers announcing his intention to leave by the end of the year, this is now the third key member of the obama team, economic team to announce departure following peter orszag, the budget director and christina romer who chaired counsel of economic advisors. >> bret: mike emanuel live on the north lawn. thank you. let's get more on the president's economic team and the politics of the economy. from senior political analyst brit hume. good evening, brit. >> hi, bret. president obama suggesting that that town hall meeting monday, the top members of the economic team might be leaving was followed by comments from the press secretary today that did nothing to dispel the impression and then came the summers announcement. it makes sense. his original chief economic
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advisor as mentioned, christina romer left after a rocky tenure, among other things she claimed that passing the stimulus spinfest would host jobless rate at 8%. the economic research, official judge of such matters now says the recession has been over since june of last year. if that's true, it means the recession ended before the stimulus could even take effect. political terms, though, the recession is not over. and will not be until the unemployment rate starts coming down and rapidly. which means the stimulus has failed twice. it didn't end the recession. it didn't bring the jobless rate down either. yet, it remains the centerpiece of the obama economic program, which brings us back to the rest of the top economic advisors, treasury secretary geithner and departing national economic council head larry summers. the president says they've done "outstanding job." sub boardnance is a well -- sub boa --
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[ inaudible ] >> bret: how big do you think the shake-up could be? >> three or four economic players will be replaced. how different the views of the incoming people will be will tell us a lot. even more the thing to watch is when and if rahm emanuel leaves to run for mayor of chicago. i can't believe he won't do it. the appointment of the chief of staff will tell us if the president intends to change direction after the election or replace people who think just like the ones who left. >> bret: thank you. >> you bet. >> bret: stocks were mixed today. dow gained seven. s&p lost three and nasdaq fell 6-1/2. speaking of money, you will not be pleased when you're who went to las vegas on your dime. that's later in the grapevine. it was a profitable day for the tea party movement. we'll tell you why. when we return. host
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>> bret: in american election headquarters tonight, another major boost for tea party movement. national correspondent steve centanni tells us how one individual is putting his money where his mouth isn't. >> assuring reporters there is still a grassroots movement, the tea party patriot announce they're accepting a $1 million donation from an anonymous businessman. >> what he was looking to do perfectly in line with our to philosophy, making sure resources get in the hands of people on the ground that deserve it. >> even so, some say a big chunk of change from unnamed donor could turn the tea party independent image. >> plus and minus. they'd rath ver the money than not, but it does change their image for some people. >> keeping the donor's name secret is legal but some observers including former president bill clinton wonder who is bankrolling the tea party. >> major financial backers to the tea party are basically wealthy people who are very far to right and they hope making at it crusade against
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government, they can make it for their american life. >> president obama acknowledging the tea party rises from a "noble tradition" raises questions about the priority. >> the challenge i think for the tea party movement is to identify specifically -- [ inaudible ] >> the suggestion that you would want for president obama. >> meantime the polls show solid support in key states if for tea party in both ohio and pennsylvania 45% either strongly support or somewhat support the tea party. but the democratic governor see tea party supporters as extremists who could steer voters away from republicans and in a memo they say the rapid insistence of --
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>> in washington, steve centanni, fox news. >> bret: harry reid today -- [ inaudible ] fundraiser in new york. gillibrand. highest ranking member of congress in the poll. >> one of the tea party's highest profile candidates is of course delaware's christine o'donnell. tonight, a look at her democratic opponent. chief political correspondent carl cameron sheds some light on chris coons. >> there are more of us than there are of them.
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>> reporter: while republican christine o'donnell has become nationally known, few heard anything about her democratic opponent for the delaware senate seat once held by joe biden. 47-year-old chris coons is the county executive of newcastle county, the most populous area. he bounced the budget but did so by laying off workers and raising taxes. first 5, then 17-1/2 and 25% for the three years. that makes it politically very vulnerable. he has a strong liberal voting record. backed most of the obama agenda and opposes any restriction on abortion. >> it would be particularly difficult for me to support any legal prohibition on a woman's full access to an abortion. >> reporter: amid controversy surrounding o'donnell, coons promised not to run a negative campaign and indicated if he throws a punch, it will be only in self-defense. >> she doesn't represent the source of values, policy agenda and initiatives i think are in delaware's best interest, but i look forward to positive campaign, one focussing on agenda to get
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america on track. >> reporter: he described himself in younger years as a reagan fan. he studied briefly at university of nairobi in kenya and said south africa's struggle over apartheid touched him. he quit the g.o.p. and became democrat and explained it in an article saying, "chris coons, making of a bearded marxist." he never claimed to be a marxist but wrote, "it's only too easy to return from africa, glad to be an american and smugly thank of for our wealth and freedom. they taught me to question so instead i questioned amherst and america." he is a presbyterian. he and his wife are raising three kids in the roman catholic church. earlier in the year he said as matter of public policy he said --
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>> the latest fox news poll shows coons leading o'donnell by 15%. in washington, carl cameron, fox news. >> bret: here is how some of the other big races are shaping up in the new fox polls. republican pat toomey has opened up an eight-point lead on congressman joe sestak in the pennsylvania senate contest. democrat jerry brown has pulled even with meg whitman in the california gubernatorial race. the ohio senate race seems to be breaking for republican rob portman with 49-36% over lee fisher. the nevada senate contest between majority leader harry reid and republican sharron angle is virtually even. in west virginia it's also close. latest public policy poll has raise with a lead over governor joe manchin. despite manchin's 59% approval rating, this is the seat held for more than a half century by democrat robert byrd who died earlier in year. there is breaking news from yemen on the hunt for
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al-qaeda. that is coming up shortly. straight ahead, another warning to the u.s. from iran's fiery president.
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get it free while supplies last. call the number on your screen to get your free video, brochure and your free hoveround collapsible grabber. call the number on your screen. >> bret: iran's president today addressed a united nations meeting on reducing poverty, hunger and disease. he told delegates that something else is in endangered now. capitalism. mahmoud ahmadinejad had amnous words for the u.s. -- ominous words for the u.s. senior correspondent eric shawn shows us what he said. >> a threat from iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad. a meeting with select journalists in new york city. he warned if iran's nuclear facilities are attacked, the u.s. would face a war that, "would know no boundaries." and be unprepared for the consequences.
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the comments came before he addressed the united nations summit on poverty, where he blamed capitalism for the world's problems. >> translator: the undemocratic and unjust government structure of decision-making bodies in international economic and political fields are the reasons behind most of the plight today that confront humanity. demanding liberal capitalism and transnational corporations have caused the suffering of countless women, men and children in countries. >> as he spoke, american diplomats did not walk out, a noted departure from ahmadinejad's previous speeches but a few blocks away, demonstrators said he should not have been here in the first place. jewish and christian leaders blocked traffic and denounced the u.n. for giving ahmadinejad global platform. >> the reason he is able to pursue his nuclear ambitions is because he gets away it with and he's not stopped. >> iran continues to defy
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four security council resolutions over the nuclear program. recently banned two u.n. nuclear inspectors. on wednesday, security council will meet again to try to coordinate policy. >> whatever opportunity there was a few years ago to stop them from getting weapons is finished and the outcome now is iran gets nuclear weapons sooner rather than later. >> defense minister about ahmadinejad's statement calling him a colorful dictator and said what is important is not what he says every day but he sits on top of a country with nuclear and capability. he expects iran to go nuclear but stresses there is still time for sanctions. what comes later is still on the table. it asked if that means israel has will to attack iranian nuclear facilities, he said it's not something he would
4:25 am
discuss on television, that israel is responsible for its future. bret? >> bret: eric shawn, live outside u.n. headquarters in new york. thank you. as ahmadinejad makes the rounds with american media it's important to note that two of the three american hikers captured in iran are still being held in prison. here is a story of what recently released hiker sarah shourd might say about her confinement if she could. national security correspondent jennifer griffin interviewed two american women formerly imprisoned in tehran. >> sarah shourd can't tell you what it was really like inside an iranian prison, but american journalist roxana siberi can. >> i was told to sleep on the floor. given a few blankets. no pillow, no bed sheets or mattress. floor was made of cement and had a thin brown carpet on top of it. >> she was held in the tehran evan prison on the same ward, ward 209 as shourd and american academic asandiari.
4:26 am
>> i was frightened. drew through the iron gates. >> wrote a book about the 105 days after being held in s solitairy confinement. >> on the floor, there was one folded gray blanket and copy of the quran. >> if i read my hands to the side i could almost touch both wall of the cell. maybe 7-by-9 feet. >> my worst day in solitary confinement was not the worst day. every single day of the 105 days was terrible, awful. >> same ward from shane bauer and josh fattal remain. at the pentagon, jennifer
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>> bret: some fresh pickings from the political grapevine. jimmy carter walked back a comment he made about his
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post-presidential life being more productive than those of his contemporaries. he told nbc news, "i feel that my role as a former president is probably superior to that of other presidents." he cited his foundation work in international and domestic affairs. his office soon issued a clarification, saying the former president meant to say the carter center has given him superior opportunities to do good. the former president also said during that interview the current polarized political climate is comparable to civil war days. last year, president obama criticized corporate meeting in las vegas, telling an audience, "you can't get corporate jets, can't take a trip to vegas or go to the super bowl on taxpayers' dime." but that's exactly what census department did. they sent 140 administrators from colorado and nine other western states to vegas for
4:32 am
several days to discuss lessons learned from this year's census. they stayed at a hotel and casino on the strip for total cost of $100,000. census spokesman maintains the department used teleconferencing in the past but sometimes, "you just need to sit down and hash things out face-to-face." finally, president obama's up at recently granted asylum after it was discovered she had been living in the country illegally is blaming the u.s. for the immigration problems. onyango told a boston tv station, "if i come as an immigrant, you have the obligation to make me a citizen." she also said she was assigned public housing despite her illegal status, saying, "i didn't take any advantage of the system. the system took advantage of me." this is a fox news alert. yemeni forces launched major assault against al-qaeda. it's occurring in an area where an american-born terror
4:33 am
suspect is thought to be hiding. national correspondent catherine herridge has the breaking details. good evening. >> thank you, bret. memny official was -- yemeni official said was not part of a hunt and capture campaign targeting the cleric anwar al-awlaki, ratheren effort to cut off supply line for extremenist the southern part of yemen, including members of the al-qaeda in the arabian peninsula in, aqap. the yemeni source tells fox a dozen members of aqap were in village of hota the size of ten city blocks. there is no confirmation tonight that al-awlaki was among the group. however, the american cleric is believed to be hiding where strong family and tribal ties are protecting him. seen in a booking photo in prostitution charges in san diego is a high priority target for the u.s. and yemeni government. al-awlaki is the first american on the c.i.a. kill or capture list, connected to
4:34 am
halftime -- failed bombing. the white house said the brennan's visit on monday was not connected to the raid. >> i've seen reports of the actions in yemen. i'm told they're not tied to anything that john did or said. or was present there. >> as for al-qaeda in yemen which has gone global in operation, the u.s. embassy in yesmen would only say that they discussed "cooperation" against continuing threat. bret? >> we'll follow it. thank you. >> you're welcome. >> bret: we have new polls out tonight covering the mid-term races. we have talk about them and politics of the economy with the fox all-stars after the break. ;7
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i know people are frustrated and angry and anxious about the future. i also know in a political campaign, the easiest thing for the other side to do is not to put forward any specifics, not to put forward any plans but just try to wide the anger and fear to election day. that's what is happening right now. >> bret: president obama in pennsylvania campaigning for congressman joe sestak. the democrat in that race. we have new polls out tonight in a number of races, first in that pennsylvania race, this you see sestak trailing republican pat toomey by eight points now in the fox poll. in nevada, senate race there, trailing by one. in ohio, the democrat trailing, lee fisher trailing rob portman, opening up there a number of points between the republican and democrat this poll. california, barbara boxer,
4:39 am
the incumbent up by one, within the margin of error over carly fiorina. in delaware, democratic nominee chris coons over christine o'donnell, 54-39% in latest polls. what about the polls? the races and the bigger picture about the economy and politics? bring in the pam. juan williams, news analyst for national public radio. julie mason, white house correspondent for the washington examiner. and syndicated columnist, charles krauthammer. okay, charles, which race? delaware? >> delaware is the race of the moment. it's rather remarkable. you would expect someone who win wins the primary election to get a bump. christine o'donnell, republican nominee was down 11. now in this poll she is down 15. what is ironic about this is they ran a poll against the republican whom o'donnell defeated by castle. he would have been up 15. that is a wing of 30%.
4:40 am
which tells you how much of a longshot she is. and even more remarkable i think is the fact that if you ask people about how sure they are and how they will end up voting, castle is way ahead, 91% of his supporters want to say -- >> sorry. >> coons, the democrat had nine out of ten saying they will support him. it looks like they are very small number of undecided. it's hard to see where she gets the numbers she needs. o'donnell. in order to pull an upset. >> her supporters would say perhaps there is not a lot of focus on chris coons. some of the things he said in his early life, including "making of a bearded marxist" and other things and perhaps over time, those negatives would go up. >> it might. if you ask people who is the one who has resume to be a senator, he gets about 60%. she has only 30%. again, 30% swing in a state
4:41 am
that like delaware where i think ideologically is such a blue state that mike castle the liberal republican is as right wing as you can possibly get. >> bret: pennsylvania. this race is tight but seems like toomey opened up a little lead. >> solid lead. it's interesting when you look at 2008, obama won pennsylvania. that was a big win for him. now he has 37% approval rating. in pennsylvania, we really see the dynamic playing out where the leader of the democratic party is proving to be a political drag on the statewide senate candidate. it's hard to see how sestak is going to close that gap and even open a lead before november. >> bret: juan, we talk about polls a lot. nevada, as tight as it can be.
4:42 am
what you see here seems to me to be evidence that some of the tea party stuff has balash attached to it. if you look at sharron angle, she is emblematic of this. i don't think there is any way that any of us who follow politics intensely in room would say that harry reid is going to win his re-election in nevada given his negatives. it took angle to keep him afloat. if you look at the money he has on hand, there will be onslaught on advertising. i would watch nevada to see what is happening. in fact, today, when you look at what harry reid doing for the dream act for immigrants he is trying now to energize the hispanic base that angle
4:43 am
has no chance with the base. >> bret: early in this when she won the primary, everyone wrote her off and said she's toast, much like christine o'donnell. in early polls that reid was up big against angle and now she is up by one. >> but my retort is this. if you consider the enemy of the political season, come from the tea party folks and those who say throw the bums out. i can't think of bigger bum in republican eyes than harry reid, unless you say nancy pelosi. but the idea he's tied, is different from what we predicted a few months ago and going forward we have advantage. >> fly in the ointment of our argument, two other candidates that sharron angle ran against, had leads early on and the leads have shrunk
4:44 am
and dried away. by election day, she is probably in a position where the other other republican would have been. not just her but reid has had something of a comeback. if you look across the board, these are two races if you are republican are problematic. rubio in florida, milner alaska. across the board at others, they're very strong candidates, written off early on. i think as a net plus, it will be shown that the energy injected was something that really helped republicans. >> bret: i want to go back to yesterday, the town hall meeting. stark questions, one questioner that people are calling an iconic moment for president obama in the campaign season. listen. >> i'm one of your middle class americans. quite frankly, i'm exhausted. i'm exhausted of defending you, defending your administration, defending the mantle of change that i voted for. and deeply disappointed with
4:45 am
where we are right now. my husband and i have joked for year we were well beyond the hot dog and bean era of our lives. but it's starting to knock on our door and ring true we might be headed there again. i need you to answer this honestly. is this my new reality? >> bret: here is how the white house, the white house secretary robert gibbs responded to a lot of questions in the briefing today about that. >> the notion that people that supported us would be immune to that frustration when the president himself is frustrated i don't think is something that the president believed. >> bret: what about this? >> i think it's tough for the white house, because they can't come out and say the economy is getting much better, because until people feel like the economy is getting better, that message doesn't work for them. you see them fall back on the default message of empathy saying yeah, it's really bad. obama never answered her question at the town hall yesterday.
4:46 am
she said afterwards that she was disappointed with the answer. i don't want to say he was glib, that is too much. >> bret: now we learn that larry summers, chair of the economic council is leaving. at the end of the year. we expected that would happen. but word came out today. >> i was surprised to tell you the truth. if he is such a good inside fighter. fighter from the old school. ethought he would stay for a long time. one last quick point on that iconic image that you eshowed. the fact she was a black woman speaking to president obama and his rating among african-americans still at 90% really was a cutting difficult moment. to see black america confront first african-american president in such a way as to say you know what? we're out here fighting for you buddy, but you are not carrying your weight. i think it has tremendous impact. not only black america, but white people may not have known the sentiment existed in black america. >> i think it's iconic in a separate way as well.
4:47 am
she said i was a believer in you. i believed in hope and change and how you would alter the course of our country. in a minute-and-a-half, deflation of the entire candidacy of barack obama. a reality check, a word she used. i think it was extremely important. it was an iconic moment. because it came from somebody who believed this him. >> bret: up next with the panel, the senate slams the door on "don't ask, don't tell" changes. at least for now.
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4:50 am
the president believes the policy is unfair and should and will be changed. >> it's unfair, unjust. not consistent with america's most fundamental value of
4:51 am
equal opportunity. >> it's our hope that we will take up the defense authorization bill in a normal way and in a formal process. >> this is -- normal process. >> this is a play tant political ploy in order to galvanize the political base of the other side facing a losing election. >> the motion is not agreed to. >> there you see the vote, 56-43. democrats failed to get to the 60 votes needed to move defense authorization bill forward. it included two amendments, dream act dealing with illegal immigrants and also changes, repeal to "don't ask, don't tell." the military policy about openly gay members. all the remembers voted against that. as did two democrats. senators lincoln and prior. what about all of this? here is what a former clinton administration official said about this whole deal with "don't ask, don't tell" changes. "the whole thing is a
4:52 am
political train wreck. if it was a priority for the democratic leadership, they would get a clean vote on this. there are a lot of gay activists who are very upset today." back with the panel. julie? >> obama campaigned on this issue on repealing "don't ask, don't tell." he brought it up in the "state of the union" and since then the marshaling of the issue is muted. hasn't gone out there and disappointed the gay constituency on the issue. it's disappointment for him and them. it could have ga va newsed the base but -- galvanized the base but tough for election year. >> the president felt he had to be careful about it. of course, the opinion in america has shifted with regard to gay rights. he wanted to go slow and didn't want to make it
4:53 am
cultural fight, wedge issue and take his time. but as julie indicated the gay community believed in him and supported him aggressively and they wanted the payoff. everybody does in politics and they're not getting it. white house today says party of no and republicans blocked it. >> bret: and two democrats. >> good point. and the party of know continually obstructing. they shut down the activity so nothing happens before the election. will the white house make republicans pay for this in the way that bill clinton made newt gingrich and the republican majority in congress pay for it in '95. in that time, republicans were in majority. this time democrats are in majority. >> bret: there may be a shift in the poll about gay rights and "don't ask, don't tell." at the pentagon, and with the military leadership, there is still real concern. general jim amos testified at a hearing and he said my
4:54 am
primary concern with the appeal is the potential disruption to cohesion that may be caused by dig can't change in period of extended combat operations. despite that defense secretary gates and others, admiral mullen said to study this, get a study in december, we were for it. there is still a lot of pushback at pentagon. >> a lot of splits on this. what is important about the vote here is it was not a vote on substance. not as if the administration calculated incorrectly. it didn't want a bill. it wanted an issue. that is why the three items authorizing defense, the gay rights issue and the dream act. on immigration. the reason that they oppose it not because they oppose all the elements but they want a vote on each separately. susan collins opposed it.
4:55 am
and liger, a co-sponsor of the dream act which would legalize two million illegal immigrants who arrive as children he voted against the bill today because he wanted it separated and said that 15 other objections on the other issues. what the administration wanted on this was an election issue so it could accuse luger and others like him being against immigration, and against the gay rights. it was purely framing of a political issue. deeply cynical, legitimate and legal but done in a way where all they wanted was a political issue out of this. >> julie, with democrats in control of the house, senate and the house, and likely going to diminish in numbers after this election, how frustrating is this for democratic activists, and people who were looking for>> incredibly frustrating. as we talked about before, it's not just obama gay constituents. environmentalists and other groups who feel he has done very little for them. you see why they're --
4:56 am
>> it's bubbling up. >> for sure. >> bret: julie, panel. thank you. stay tuned for a story we haven't covered much on "special report." he's getting under our skin now.
4:57 am
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4:59 am
>> finally tonight. you probably heard news reports about bed bugs showing up everywhere not just new york city but all across america. it's pretty gross. now apparently there are several new infestations. >> you knew they were in hotels, homes, subways, but now these blood sucking creatures have spread to offices. the blood suckers have spread far beyond beds, calling into some ritzy addresses in new york city. abercrombie and fits store had to get rid of them so does cnn offices. >> cr b is no surprise. if have you ever taken a close look at wolf wolf blitzer's bea. >> bret: no offense, walt. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report." fair, balanced, bug-free and af


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