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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  September 22, 2010 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> she also adds a dose of truth to those attacks. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> howdy, folks. welcome to studio e and america's number one cable morning news show. good morning, gretch. good morning, brian. why do they talk to woodward? why does the president do that? we'll talk in a couple of minutes about a blockbuster book out there that's going to have tongues wagging throughout washington for the next couple of weeks. >> the answer is simple. the president that didn't speak to woodward has his administration literally blow up, richard nixon. the 16th book or the nixon administration does in a couple of books, they said we might as well talk to them rather than go to unname sources to give their point of view on their point of view. >> is it juicy. we'll have some of that come up very, very shortly. >> ok. in the meantime, there's a big job opening in the obama administration and word is the president is looking for a woman
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to fill it. politicosp saying the president wants a c.e.o. to replace larry summers. summers is the third member of the president's economic team to resign in recent weeks following peter orzag and kristina romer. a u.s. army major accused of murdering 13 people at fort hood, connecticut man accused of trying to blow up times square. the secretary of homeland security will detail how home grown terror is harder to detect and more likely to succeed. janet napolitano will testify how the internet may be helping to increase radicalization here in the u.s. president obama arrives at the united nations today. traffic alert. tomorrow, he addresses the general assembly pushing for tough new sanctions against iran and north korea. much of that speech is apparently going to be a response to yesterday's comments by that guy, iranian president
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mahmoud ahmadinejad. he promised a war without end for countries that interfere with iran's goal. >> that's good. >> the site of the proposed mosque near ground zero now hosting weekly prayer services. hundreds of worshippers have been visiting the building despite safety hazards. "the new york post" reports that city inspectors have cited holes in the floor of the 152-year-old structure and there's no automatic sprinkler system in case a fire. the city gave owners temporary permits to open it for those religious services. interesting. those are your headlines. >> uh-huh. meanwhile, yeah, we're talking a lot about what's going to be up and about, the inside story, what's happening in the administration while we do our own jobs. i don't know who is doing the s theirs. julie kirtz joins us with more. what's heading our way, julie? >> hey, brian, yeah, you know, the midterms are weeks away. voters are skeptical about obama's historic health care law but today, the white house will
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use the sixth month anniversary of the law to resell or reexplain it to americans while the white house officials are telling us they're down playing the significance of the health bill as a campaign issue, a new a.p. poll finds just 30% of americans are in favor of the health care overhaul the president signed in july and march. this morning, obama holds a backyard chat in falls church, virginia, about health care reform so the president this morning is putting the spotlight on new benefits that kick in, as you said, tomorrow called the patient's bill of rights. the provisions include free immunizations for kids, no more lifetime health insurance coverage limits. no denial of coverage to kids with pre-existing conditions and young adults will be able to stay on their parents' plans until they turn 26. now, these are significant. but a reminder, most of the big pricey changes like requiring everyone to have insurance don't kick in until 2014. so some changes tomorrow but the rest down the road. >> all right. julie live for us in d.c.
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thanks very much for that update. >> poll showing most americans don't know what's in the health care bill. that's part of the problem. >> that's right. it will dribble out over the next couple of years. all right, we're starting to learn what is in bob woodward's brand new and as brian mentioned 16 books. 15 have been best sellers. that's it right there called "obama's war." essentially what it says, most of the book is talking about infighting between people in the white house and people in the pentagon as well. for instance, it does talk about how aides at the white house are at odds with, for instance, you've got admiral mike mullin, the joint chiefs chair and general petraeus, the head of cent com and heading up things in afghanistan. national security advisor referred to the aides as the water bugs, and petraeus refers to axelrod as a complete spin
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doctor. >> president obama apparently came up with his own afghanistan plan and what it was was to get out as soon as possible. apparently, he kept trusting his military commanders to give him an exit strategy and unfortunately, they all came back and said we actually have to increase troop levels. we heard a lot about this infighting as he was trying to make this decision. we knew that hillary clinton did not agree with him and we knew that joe biden was on the over side thinking we should probably get out right away. one of the quotes from obama about the afghan war. i have two years with the public on this. i want an exit strategy. i can't lose the whole democratic party. was he making decisions for political reasons or for troops reasons? and for safety of the country reasons. that's a very interesting statement. >> you mean the necessary war? remember the necessary war he ran on. it's unbelievable that this would come out in the way it did. he sit down with the experts, all the generals across to bob
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woodward and i know he has conversations with people like william casy years ago when he was in a coma and a lot of people don't believe him. a lot of quotes and sources might think that it's not true, he sits down with all his generals and he said there's no way we're going to have success this way. he said i need an exit strategy. the only exit strategy you have is to essentially win the war. he draws up this 48-year-old professor -- lawyer, two year senator, draws up his own battle plan. six pages and hands it out to the generals at which time he says do you have any objections? at which time the generals go yeah. so they start bringing up objections and he gets exacerbated and says why do we have meetings? we have the meetings because of the war that we don't win. >> some of them want 40,000 troops and joe biden and others say they'd like seven guys, you know, they'd like to keep it as
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minimal as possible. 20,000 so the president essentially negotiates his own six-page deal. >> gives it 30. >> something else that's in the book is -- talks a little bit about how the white house has been barraged at least he felt, the president did, with warnings about the threat of terror attacks and he told this to mr. woodward directly during their one-hour interview. he said "we can absorb a terrorist attack. we'll do everything we can to prevent it but even a september 11th, even the biggest attack ever, we absorbed it and we are stronger." >> so he can't -- >> that's also an interesting quote because i'm not sure that any american would want to absorb one little tiny terrorist attack in any community across this country because obviously that would mean people would die. i don't think anyone would want to have that opinion about absorbing a terrorist attack. maybe it's taken out of context. i don't know. >> he's expanded 14 intelligence
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orders that george bush had on the books and he did allowed the c.i.a. to put together a 3,000 man high level pursuit team and another good thing that the president has done he saw cancer taking place in pakistan and afghanistan and agrees with officials that says we have to take out those areas and he's been more aggressive there. all he keeps saying is we're getting out by july citing political reasons. there's not one political expert here from all sides of the aisle, i imagine, that says we'll be making substantial progress by july. >> that's why politics should never be part of war. that one statement is the most important statement probably in the whole book that he will lose the entire democratic party if he doesn't get out of afghanistan. which way are you fighting this war? for the political purposes or for the safety of the united states? and until politics get out of war. that's a problem. >> speaking of politics, we'll tell you a little later on about the comments on hillary clinton. does he trust her? does the white house trust her?
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the answer will surprise you. meanwhile, last night, sean hannity on his show, christine o'donnell and he introduced her as the woman the dems love to hate. here she is responding to the many and sudden attacks against her. >> watch how this campaign unfolds. they started their ads this week and they're attacking me personally. they're not attacking where i stand on stimulus. they're not attacking where i stand on extending if not making permanent the bush tax cuts. they're not attacking me because i want to permanently eliminate the death tax or propose a two-year temporary tax holiday on the capital gains tax in order to get the economy back on track. they're not attacking me on my positions. they're trying to attack me. >> that's right. that's true. >> and i said this on your radio show yesterday, brian, one of the most important statements i thought i heard about this is dick morris said look, people should vote for her based on how she's going to vote. not about her personal issues.
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if you agree with how she's going to vote which is no to stimulus and no to health care reform and no to financial reform, then she's your candidate. >> whole story today about how a lot of these candidates are in financial trouble because it doesn't pay a let to run for office and you don't pay a lot once you get that office. even marco rubio is in a situation where they're in trouble, financially he's really stretched out in order to win his race. she is one of those people. and she's had problems in the past and chris coons says back off because a lot of people who are going to be voting are having the same financial distress and will be able to relate to her. here she explains about the problems she had or maybe didn't have with her home mortgage. >> i fell behind in my mortgage. i had a pro bono client that, to me, was very important. i worked 18 hours a day. it was truly a life or death case. i worked several months for free and fell behind in my mortgage and then i had this opportunity to become the nominee in 2008 to run against joe biden. i had to make a very difficult decision. either take on another client and get caught up in my bills
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but instead, because i thought it was very important that someone oppose joe biden and what he wanted to do in the u.s. senate, i sold my house to make all my bills right. i paid off all of my debt. got caught up and made it through a difficult time. >> that's what people want to hear. they want to hear what happened. when you just hear she defaulted on her home mortgage. when you hear what happened in the back story, ok, that kind of makes sense. >> she's gone down, though, to chris coons since the election despite all this publicity, she was down 1 1. now she's down 15 points if you believe these polls. she could have her hands full in trying to beat chris coons. they gave the same poll and said what if mike castle got the nomination, he'd be up 15 points. that's a bizarre poll, by the way. >> she said she's not doing anymore national media. she agrees with sarah palin's tweet that the media out to destroy her. you won't be seeing her on big shows. she will be working for the people of delaware.
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>> coming up on our show, what happened to the democrats who refused to break rank with the president and nancy pelosi? making for interesting races in states like virginia. >> we'll talk to one g.o.p. household poll for the state's fifth district in virginia, robert hurt. he'll be here next and looks like that. >> meanwhile, this dad looks like this. he got national attention when he boarded a school bus and started screaming at his daughter's bullies. some call him a hero. why is he suddenly backing down? that story is straight ahead right here on "fox & friends." [ male announcer ] you can dream of delivering leading edge i.t. solutions
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>> all right, glad you're up at 15 minutes after the top of the hour. please put something on. the battle for virginia's fifth congressional district is drawing attention. it could help the g.o.p. regain control of the house of representatives and also could be a barometer for voter sentiment around the country. votes why we're focusing on it. william hurt taking on the democratic incumbent who has supported all of president clinton's signature legislation. robert hurt joins us from washington, d.c. robert, how is highlighting the accomplishments of the obama administration helping you against congressman purello. >> you know, the congressman was elected two years ago on the platform he was going to be an independent conservative voice for the people of the fifth district. since that time, he has voted with nancy pelosi 90% of the time and has voted with her on all of her signature items, cap and trade, health care, and a trillion dollar stimulus package that hasn't produced any of the jobs as promised.
6:17 am
i don't think that that it is helping him at all and in fact, it's hurting him. and i think it's -- in our message, of course, that i will be a voice and an independent voice for the people of the fifth district and will promote job promotion policies as opposed to job killing policies. >> and in particular, you knew the country was in crisis. you knew that people thought if we don't have tarp, we hit the side of a mountain economically. if we don't have a stimulus package, unemployment goes, we've heard to maybe 20% but still, you wouldn't have done any of these things? >> i would not have. you know, as i travel across the fifth district and talk to business owners and talk to individuals, people understand that the government is spending too much. the federal government is out of control in this fiscal recklessness is going to not only -- not only jeopardizes our -- our current economy but obviously, leaves a legacy for our children and grandchildren that's unacceptable. i believe we must promote
6:18 am
policies that reduce taxes, reduce regulations and make it easier for businesses to succeed. and i think also, we must have a climate that instills confidence for business and until we do, we're not going to see the job growth that people of the fifth district desperately need. >> you want to see the job growth and yet, you want to cut back. what programs would you like to see go forward? >> well, i think we have to first of all stop digging. when you find yourself in the hole, first thing you have to -- and you want to get out, first thing you do is you stop digging. we've got to stop spending this money. it's money that we don't have. and, of course, the debt, $13 trillion in debt is -- is money that is going to have to be paid for -- for the -- for all of our generations. >> we have congressman perrerilo on "fox & friends" tomorrow at 8:15 aeeastern time. if you had one question for him,
6:19 am
what would it be? >> my question to him would be how is it that you've been able to support nancy pelosi 90% of the time on all her signature issues, health care, cap and trade and the trillion dollar stimulus package, how can you say that's helped the people of the fifth district when we have unemployment as high as 20% in some places. >> let him answer that tomorrow. thank you very much. i know you'll be watching, robert hurt. thank you so much for your time. >> thank you. >> by the way, congressional ratings last thing i saw 18% approval rating. that's not going to work for him. coming up straight ahead, more teachers are breaking ranks with the union. up next, a group that's growing in both membership and power. then you know those workers in bell, california, paying themselves ridiculously high salaries. time for them to pay the piper. ring ring. progresso.
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>> good morning, everyone. fox news alert coming your way. seven people are dead. 20 others hurt in iran. iran's state reports a bomb exploded during a military parade. kurdish separatists are believed to be behind the attack and then an outraged mob kills two suspected kidnappers over in mexico. dozens of angry people in the town of assension attacked the men until police intervened. there were suspected in the disappearance of a 17-year-old girl. steve, gretch? >> thanks, brian. the economy forcing almost every city to slash its education budgets. here in new york city, they fired nearly 4,000 teachers this year alone. but thanks to the teachers union, the worst teachers don't lose their jobs. instead, the newest hired were the first fired. regardless of performance.
6:24 am
>> sydney morris is a teacher who disagrees with that policy and started a group that will fight back against her own teachers union. you got guts, girl. welcome to the couch. >> thank you. >> you're a young woman who and hats off to you for deciding to go into the teaching profession. as a young person, you are now not working as a teacher full time but had you, would you have been one of the teachers fired? >> most likely. last year, we faced potential layoffs where every teacher in their first, second, third year could have risked losing their job so, you know, we were saved at the last minute. because mayor bloomberg, you know, instituted , you know, this freeze on salary raises. but i think we're going to see the problem again. >> ok. well, you know, one of the things that a lot of people have a problem with and in regards to seniority and first, last hired, first fired and that's tenure. and why should it be automatic. and you say that tenure should be much harder to get. why? >> i mean, the way the tenure
6:25 am
system exists right now, it encourages complacency. you receive tenure on the first day of your fourth year and that's it. >> you're set for life. >> you're set for life and i mean, teachers need to be protected against unwarranted dismissals but at the same time, we cannot protect teachers who are continually failing their students. >> so you started educators for excellence. you already have 700 teachers in the new york area who have signed up to you. what if the union said to you and those 700 teachers? >> you know, we have invited the president to come and speak to our members and do an event with them. i'm certainly hopeful he will take us up on that. we would love to have him. >> you say you're not anti-union but your positions are clearly anti-union. >> well, to be very clear, we are not an anti-union organization nor are we an organization that's providing services, you know, not an alternative union. >> right. when it comes to tenure and seniority and stuff like that, do you think the unions are protecting bad teachers? >> i would think that it's safe
6:26 am
to say that the priorities of the union are a little bit different than the priority of many of our members. >> let's take a look at your response to the seniority argument. here it is. if the issue were as open and shut as this group maintains one would expect the city's principles to support this change. in reality, the principles union in new york city opposes changing the seniority system. isn't it true they can't change it? even if they -- even if for some reason they woke up on the other side of the bed, the union can't change their opinion, can they? isn't it sealed right now? >> i mean, contract negotiations have been stalled at this point and i think that the reason we're at a stand still is teachers' voices are only being heard from a one sided point of view right now. until we're hearing the voices of all teachers which is what educators in excellence are trying to do, we're not able to get down to solving the nitty-gritty of what's happening in the administration. >> teachers union have the
6:27 am
biggest megaphone out there. thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you so much for having me. >> good luck to you. >> thank you. >> a dad's tearful apology now. remember this incident? he was on the bus. he's saying sorry for confronting his daughter's bullies. would you have done the same thing? >> what if we told you what you know about the sinking of the titanic is all wrong? that story straight ahead. >> first, happy birthday to the italian singer who is 52 today.
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buy a samsung fascinate and any other phone is free. only at verizon. >> and the president of iran, mahmoud i'm a nut job, you know that guy with his little members only jacket. you see what he said at the u.n.? he said the future belongs to iran. that's what he said, the future belongs to iran. he would have elaborated but he had a stoning he had to get to. >> yeah, thankfully the papers really haven't covered his speech. it was so ridiculous yesterday. last time he was here, huge headlines. made him a rock star. >> right, we'll talk about a half-hour from right now with our political panel about how the united states should react to his speech today but right now, some headlines for you on
6:32 am
this wednesday. security officials in yemen now denying reports that they're trying to kill an american-born radical cleric. this after they destroyed five homes near the suspected hideout of anwar. the area is known as a terror hot spot and may have been a hideout for the terror suspect but the government claims it had several other suspects in mind when they blew up the place and were planning the attacks. earlier this summer, the c.i.a. was ordered to assassinate him. if he's captured alive, the white house will pursue criminal charges. he has ties to the 9/11 hijackers and the shooting at fort hood as well as the failed christmas day bomber. the united states really wants this guy. >> military revealing a large number of military troops were among nine service members killed in that helicopter crash in afghanistan. a washington state man says his son, 26-year-old army chief warrant officer jonah mcclellan was among the victims. the chopper's mission and the cause of the crash are still unclear. there are conflicting reports
6:33 am
whether technical problems or the taliban brought the helicopter down. >> the $726 billion defense bill on hold after failing in the senate yesterday. that means service members will not get a pay raise and the measure to repeal don't ask, don't tell and the dream act that would have given some young illegal immigrants a green card may now be revisited only in a lame duck session. they're planning a vote on the campaign transparency bill. they put too much stuff in it so they couldn't get consensus. >> shocking secret now that could rewrite history. the sinking of the titanic caused by a wrong turn. that's the claim in a new book by the granddaughter of the most senior officer to survive the 1912 disaster. louise patent says a crew member used the wrong steering system and turned right instead of left hitting the iceberg. to make things worse, the ship could have been saved if it would stay still instead of continuing ahead.
6:34 am
they claim it stayed secret to protect jobs. that's quite a secret. let's talk about what's going on in sports. >> i've never seen more versions about the titanic sinking. >> the very latest is they steered into it. >> hit an iceberg and sunk. everyone's dead. meanwhile, in baseball, major league baseball has the first division one of the season. congratulations to gretchen carlson and her minnesota twins. they're the 2010 a.l. central champions after the tiebreaking single highlighted a four run eighth and helped the twins beat the indians 6-4 and the white sox went ahead and lost. they won six of the last eight times in that division. congratulations. let's talk football now. michael vick has been very good and get the start for the eagles on sunday one day after coach andy reed said he would go back to the team's opening day starter kevin kolb. he missed the last six quarters because of a concussion and vick
6:35 am
has been spectacular in his absence. the eagles will play jacksonville on sunday. he should have some fun there as well. the man who ran on to the field of a monday braves-phillies game in philadelphia dressed in that singlet now facing a slew of charges from the city's d.a. he was able to avoid security before getting tripped up by the braves' matt diaz. i read the quote. we have idiots that are overzealous fans. they'll be arrested and prosecuted for their idiocy. if you're going to wear red tights, wear them in other places. that's what the guy did. charges include criminal trespass and other charges. he's an idiot and got knocked down. good job. >> who is coming up on the radio show? >> we took lisa that was here yesterday on kilmeade & friends, she'll be joining us and ralph reed will be joining us in the three hour extravaganza but i think the big story is a little different today than it was
6:36 am
yesterday. that's bob woodward's book. >> absolutely. you'll have plenty to talk about. let's talk about this. if your child came home from school and said mom, dad, some of the kids on the bus are bullying me and they've done all sorts of things. they actually did this. boys placed open condoms on a girl's head, smacked her on the back of the head, twisted her ear, teased her, spit on her, pulled her, poked her and pushed her. if your child told you that the bullies on the bus did that, what would you do? >> well, james willie jones is the father and he decided to go on the bus himself. you remember when he did that? he went on and he basically threatened the kids and i think at one point he said he would kill one of them for what they did. and now, he has come out and given a tearful apology. maybe it's because he was charged last week with disorderly conduct and he later posted a $2,000 bail and he was ordered to stay away from bus. now, he's having to apologize. a lot of people supported what he had done on the bus.
6:37 am
here's his apology. >> at that time i was a bully and i apologize again for that. you see the tape, i just thought -- i thought i was backed up against the wall as a parent and i just didn't know where else to go. >> it's not about me. it's not about me. it's about kids that are getting bullied going to school, walking to school. actually was very much out of character for me. >> a lot of people understand more than he understands. said it broke his heart by sitting there watching his daughter crying and he took action. it became a national story when they posted this video on facebook. he's got 1300 followers, not him but whoever is closer to this on facebook. how he has 1300 followers and most of them have notes on the wall saying how they support and understand what it's like. you feel helpless. but evidently, there were reports that he was using proper channels but he says in that statement that he wasn't using
6:38 am
proper channels to help his daughter. >> i don't know what the three of us would do in a situation like that. i'm interested in knowing from our viewers what we would do. e-mail us, let us know what you would do. i love the fact that this father was so impassioned about what was happening to his child that he did that. i mean, we have so many parents out there that don't stick up for their kids or pay enough attention to them. the fact that he did that said a lot to me. i don't know. i defended him in the first go around. >> sometimes these kids end up shooting up the school when they get bullied a lot. don't we hear these stories where they end up going berserk. this dad is doing something about it. maybe, you know what? they're finding out who -- evidently said when he got on the bus to his daughter, show me who the kids are that are bullying you and threaten those kids. >> sure. as a father, i would do anything to protect my kids but the guy broke the law and that is -- that's the rub right there. but at the same time, as a parent, when you watch this stuff and you -- and you see it happening and you think that the
6:39 am
teachers are standing by and they're not doing anything or you see the bus driver and they're not doing anything, i completely empathize with the guy. e-mail us right now. what would you do? would you do the same thing that james willie jones did in lake mary, florida? >> speaking of breaking the law, some folks in bell, california may finally pay for stealing a bunch of cash from their constituents. remember this story, this tiny little community, 40,000 people, apparently all the people that live there were overtaxed for a long time. this group of, i guess we can call them alleged hoodlums, the city manager, for example. >> city council. >> they were making $800,000 to run a town of 40,000 people. well, now they've been charged. >> there's the aerobics instructor. >> the city manager alone is facing 53 counts right now. eight people charged. they misappropriated at least 5.5 million bucks. and you have to ask yourself this question this morning -- how many other bell, californias are there in this united states of america that we do not know
6:40 am
about where people are wasting our money, stealing our money and all these states are cash strapped. wouldn't it be worthy to have like a czar to look into that? i'd be for that czar. >> that's the lead story in the l.a. times, and a lot of these guys and women were taking the money out and in some cases paying it back but didn't tell anybody about it. that's a classic case of wire fraud. >> besides and i think stuart varney was on this show a couple of weeks ago talking about, you know, with his local municipal i ities, how do you check up on the people running your town? it's one thing if the state puts a budget up on line. a lot of the local towns do just that. apparently the supervisors of l.a. county are going to -- they're talking about getting the court order so they can take over control of the town because if everybody is in jail, who is going to run the town? >> all right, coming up straight ahead, take a look at this video. suspect trying to outrun police goes off a bridge.
6:41 am
>> uh-oh! >> what happened next coming your way. >> and three of the president's top economic advisors have called it quits. all in a short period of time. is this confirmation the white house economic policy is not working out so hot. stu varney weighs in next. >> first, the quote of the day -- who said it? funny thing about vegetables... they fill you up without filling you out.
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6:45 am
more incredible he he survived the whole thing. oh, my goodness. he was apparently wanted on an amber alert and now he's under arrest. a little update on paris hilton now, banned from tokyo? she's heading back to the united states. officials there were about to decide whether to admit her to the country because of her drug conviction in las vegas. under japanese law, immigration authorities can deny entry, imagine that, to people convicted of drug-related offenses. ok. happening somewhere. guys? >> that's right. hey, first it was christina romer and then it was peter orzag and now president obama's top economic advisor larry summers says he's leaving the white house at the end of the year. >> why is president obama's economic team jumping ship? stuart varney from the fox business network joins us live. good morning. >> it's an admission of economic policy failure and they want to get them out of the way before the election and maybe get somebody new in who is going to present the new face of economic policy going forward. that's why. >> insiders say the guy leaving,
6:46 am
larry summers who was the guy making all the poll, he had the hour and that's why romer left and orzag left. what's going on? what's going to happen now? >> that's a good question. who replaces larry summer? word is the administration would love to have a corporate executive because they have nobody from business in the cabinet. they want somebody there to put a stamp of approval on president obama's economic policy going forward. it's going to be very, very difficult to find somebody from business willing and able to take that job because the president has trashed business. who is going to stand there for him pro business? who is going to do it? >> behind the scenes, i understand you have a little recon. that is larry summers, you know, behind closed doors, he is telling the president, has told the president, mr. president, the tax cuts extend them for everybody. and don't forget the tough 1% or 2%, they should continue as well. apparently the president doesn't like that message. >> you're absolutely right. that's the word. that larry summers wanted to
6:47 am
extend tax cuts for everybody starting january 1st. the president does not want that. he wants to tax the rich. that 1% or 2% of top income earners. he's standing fast on that, tax the rich. that was a direct clash with larry summers as the word is that's one of the reasons why larry summers is leaving, going back to harvard. >> it's amazing because the democrats don't want the upper class to have a -- those who make over $250,000 to have a break just like the -- the democrats on the extreme left don't want this war to continue in afghanistan. is the president going to do what's best for the country or best for his party? >> well, look, the question is will president obama if the republicans do well in november, will president obama imitate president clinton back in 1994? in other words, will he move to the center? will he do that? >> if he thought there was a shot of that, do you think larry summers would be leaving? why are reports are they want a woman to replace him. what difference what gender it is?
6:48 am
>> i think that's very important to the administration. >> why? get the best person. >> you're asking the wrong guy. i won't be the apologyist for the administration. they would love to have an executive from private enterprise and a woman in that position. but how many c.e.o.'s, women, are available? >> well -- >> meg whitman, california, they're running for office there. they're not available. and they almost certainly would not be willing to take that job even if they were available for it. >> uh-huh. do you think the obama inner, inner circle, the tightest bunch of advisors are saying, ok, we want somebody from corporate america because these academics don't work? you know, surrounded himself with people from the -- from the academic community. and it's all theoretical with them because they have not any experience. >> wait a second, who's next? you've had three go from the economic team, rahm emanuel may well be leaving whether he goes to chicago is another story entirely.
6:49 am
what about janet napolitano in homeland security? under enormous pressure and lots of criticism there. what about steven from the energy department. not a great performance. ken salazar, interior department, not a great performance after the oil spill. are you seeing a mass exodus not just from the economic policy arena but from all other policy areas, too? that would be a real pivot point for the president. >> right. and that cliffhanger is why you were lead writer on "murder she wrote" you even did the cliffhanger. come back again for the next session. >> actually he'll continue the conversation at 9:20 eastern time on the fox business network. tune in over there to find out how it all works out. >> yes, sir. >> all right. meanwhile, coming up straight ahead, a university employee say that chanting u.s.a. is unamerican. it makes muslims feel bad. >> that story is crazy and then double agents on the border. increased number of officers are collecting big drug money. the investigation straight ahead on this wednesday "fox & friends." vo: what is the good egg project?
6:50 am
vo: it's america's egg farmers who feed millions in need... vo:'s families who are active in their communities... ...and it's kids who learn the value of nritious foods. clint hickman: go to to learn more.
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6:53 am
>> welcome back on this wednesday morning. who said that? well, the answer is actress claire dane. the winner, elvira chapman from springfield, virginia. congratulations. gretch? >> most agents at the border are doing the right thing but a startling number are not. some of them are living double lives and actually aiding and abetting illegal aliens and drug cartels. arkansas democratic senator mark pryor introduced legislation that requires polygraphs be given to border law enforcement agent applicants in hopes of preventing rogue agents from being hired. he joins me now. good morning to you. >> thank you. thanks for having me. >> tell me about the anti-corruption act that you have introduced. >> well, basically, what we're
6:54 am
telling the border patrol folks to do is just follow their own policy. they currently have a policy that really has two parts. one is before someone is hired, they're supposed to go through a polygraph and second, after they're hired, within five years, they need to go through a pretty thorough background check and they are way behind on this. they're about 10,000 behind on the -- on the existing employees and they're really only polygraphing right now about 15% of their new hires so this is a problem and there's been some stories in "the washington post" and other places about a big corruption trial and conviction down there and this is a real problem for our border. >> it's interesting because we do debate the border issue so much but not this particular aspect of it. so -- >> yeah, i think actually that's a good point because i think really what's happened here is the american people have been very loud and clear they want more border security and the congress and the previous administration and this administration have both
6:55 am
responded and said ok, we want to beef up the border security but the problem is neither administration, neither bush nor obama administration has really been able to keep up with the, you know, the logistics of having these new hires. >> there's been 129 arrests of corrupt border officers since 2003 and 576 allegations of corruption in 2009 alone. obviously, the enticement to the border agent here who goes rogue is cash? >> it's cash. and there's a lot of cash. this is a $25 billion industry. illegal drugs in this country. $25 billion industry. about 90% of the -- all the cocaine in this country comes through mexico. about 50% of all the marijuana and methamphetamine comes through mexico. huge amounts of cash involved here. very concerning. the other thing that we need to keep in mind is right now, there are 230 u.s. cities that have a
6:56 am
mexican drug cartel presence in the city. 230 u.s. cities. so this is not limited to the border. what they're doing is they're bringing in drugs. of course, they're bringing in weapons and cash but also, illegal immigration. and there's always the potential for terrorism. so this is a very disturbing development. we're trying to clamp down on the border but we need to make sure that those polygraphs and those background checks are done to make sure that our border and security people are not corrupt. >> senator mark pryor, arkansas democrat, thank you so much for bringing this issue to our attention. you have presented the legislation. thanks so much. >> thank you. >> all right. thank you, gretchen, great interview. meanwhile, straight ahead, have you been waiting for the economy to turn around as promised? well, don't hold your breath! wait until you hear what the white house is saying this morning. >> meanwhile, the secretary of state's new foreign policy push. >> hey! >> we'll talk about third world countries. >> yeah. >> ovens, give them ovens! >> let's clean them.
6:57 am
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♪ >> good morning, everyone. wednesday, september 22, 2010. thank you so much for sharing your time with us today. the veil apparently lifted. the truth about the war in afghanistan and the infighting between the president and his top military advisors revealed in a new book plus why president obama says we can take another terror attack. we can just absorb it. well, more details from the bombshell book straight ahead. >> all right. he's responsible for using your tax dollars to bail out the auto industry. president obama's top financial advisor larry summers now headed for the door. but the president wants a woman to take his place. >> all right. and you better watch your mouth next time you have a patriotic urge to chant -- u.s.a.! u.s.a.! if you do that tat a sporting
7:01 am
event you could be offending muslims. hour two for a wednesday, "fox & friends" starting right now. u.s.a.! u.s.a.! >> you're watching "fox & friends", the number one morning cable news show in america. >> you know -- >> speaking of u.s.a.s, that's the general. >> colonel hunt. he should have been a general if i had a say. >> absolutely. >> on par with general electric. >> which is true. i still salute and pay extra for. did you hear what stuart varney said as he left the couch? in england, you can't wave the union jack because it offends muslims. that's unbelievable. you can't wave your own flag in your own country. now we're following suit. >> why do you think we sailed off that rock? >> a lot of those floating this way in 2010. let us know what you think about that. we have to tell you about what we're talking about. big guy out in the obama administration and the word is the president specifically wants a woman to fill the slot.
7:02 am
and a businessperson. c.e.o. of a company. reports the president is looking for a female c.e.o. to replace larry summers, the re of the economic advisors are all men with virtually no experience running a big business. summers is the third member of the president's economic team to resign. he follows peter orzach and kristina romer who all resigned in the last couple of weeks. homeland security secretary janet napolitano expected to tell congress today that a rise in home grown radicalism is making potential terrorist threats harder to protect and deal with. that's in her prepared testimony for the senate homeland security committee. in the advanced copy obtained by "the l.a. times" napolitano reports to the failed times square bombing and the fort hood shootings as examples and she says the internet makes it very easy for american terrorists to communicate with foreign ones. secretary napolitano being asked to explain memos that seven republican senators say called
7:03 am
for back door amnesty for illegal immigrants. in the letter, those senators question whether the department of homeland security is trying to prevent entire groups of illegals from being deported writing "it is increasingly clear that this administration is following the spirit of these proposals by dramatically narrowing its efforts to remove whole classes of illegal immigrants." a spokesperson says the department is not engaged in back door amnesty. the site of the proposed mosque near ground zero hosting weekly prayer services. hundreds of worshippers have been visiting the building despite safety hazards. "new york post" reports that city inspectors have cited holes in the floors of the 152-year-old structure and apparently no automatic sprinkler system that you need in case of a fire. the city gave owners temporary permits to open it for those services though. those are your headlines. >> how does the city give you a temporary permit if there was a problem with the building? >> i talked to one of the reporters that went into the area where they're praying at that ad hoc mosque right now and
7:04 am
apparently there are a number of fire extinguishers sitting on the floor at every exit so that if fire breaks out, they have it at the ready. >> if you want to read bob woodward over the year and a half, probably go to the white house. certainly the most famous currently in america, wrote his 16th book called "the obama wars" and the president of the united states cannot be pleased. >> absolutely not. this is a picture of a white house at war with not only people inside the white house but with the pentagon as well and apparently, according to woodward, in this, his 16th book, the president of the united states last year was going around -- get me out of afghanistan! who's got an exit plan? because the military leaders came up with plans that he didn't like, he extraordinarily came up with his own list, went into a room full of the military leaders and the political leaders and said, ok, this is what we're going to do, guys. if you have any objections, let me know now. >> actually, i credit the
7:05 am
president for spending that amount of time thinking about the war strategy and coming up with his own plan. the only problem is none of the military experts agreed with it so in that kay, you have to defer to the military expert. >> it's a war. listen to the military guys. >> exactly. now we know. remember when there was that long amount of time before the president made the decision about going to afghanistan. now we know why. nobody was agreeing about anything. >> the thing is -- it's wrong. the generals were agreeing. he was not agreeing with the generals so it's like having fireman ed design a game plan for the jets to beat the dolphins. are you kidding me? use your experts. he didn't want to fight this war that he told us was the necessary war. >> and apparently, according to the book, because he did not want the entire democrat base to leave the party. here's another quote from this book. "i have two years with the public on this meaning the afghanistan war. i want an exit strategy. i can't lose." what i was just saying "the whole democratic party and that's going to cause a firestorm, folks. i'm not naive enough to think we
7:06 am
don't fight wars for politics but when you have a president of the united states add mmitting that, we have a big problem. >> vice president biden called richard holbrooke the most egotistical bastard i've ever met. general petraeus does not like david axelrod, calls him a complete spin doctor. robert gates, what could be a complete disaster if promoted to national security advisor from his current position. they were at each other and don't trust each other and the war is paying the price! >> sure and then, you know, when president bush was president of the united states, famously he had said he would do anything he could to protect the people of the united states. well, apparently, according to the woodward book, that the white house was barraged with so many warnings about terror threats here and abroad, the president in his sit down interview with bob woodward said this -- he said we can absorb a
7:07 am
terrorist attack. we'll do everything we can to prevent it. even 9/11, even the biggest attack ever, we absorbed it and we are stronger. and it almost sounds like he's saying, you know, we're doing everything we can but if another one happens, don't worry about it, folks. we got hit in the solar plexus once before, we can do it again. that's when 3,000 americans died. >> i wonder how ray kelly, the chief of police in new york city that single handedly have been at the top of the list to thwart dozens of attacks rolling around in this city, how does he feel about that comment? how do you feel about it? let us know. do you think america, the city you live in can absorb another terrorist attack and it would be no big deal. maybe the president meant it a different way. maybe he meant i'm going to stand tough against these enemies and if they attack us, we'll survive. >> general petraeus feels that he's in an elevated position and they felt like they were messing with him at the white house.
7:08 am
they said they don't know who they're blanking with. that bothers me when our most acclaimed general doesn't feel as though the white house is on the same page and this speech seems to be, according to an interchange with lindsay graham, regardless of what's happening in afghanistan, regardless of what the military says, july, the pullout begins. >> also, we should point out that bob woodward has focused this particular book on the white house. on the wars. you know, we've got all the members of the economic team for the most part jumping out the windows. so we're not hearing about the turmoil regarding how to turn around the economy. but there is one tidbit about hillary clinton in this and woodward writes that suspicious had lingered after the 2008 presidential campaign. and in fact, obama floated the idea of naming hillary to a high profile post and david axelrod asked him "how could you trust hillary. how can you trust hillary?
7:09 am
"that's pretty extraordinary considering that she's got one of the top jobs right now in the administration. >> i don't think that's extraordinary. i bet there were many more people other than david axelrod saying that. the president of the american public were stunned when he picked hillary rodham clinton for any office. >> publicly he's trusted her. maybe behind the scenes, not so much. >> the white house says the president comes across in the review and -- in the review and throughout the decision making process as a commander in chief who is analytical, strategic and decisive with a broad view of security and his role. >> that's response to the book. i ask the question why would you blend any of your interview time to this book? i don't get it if you're president of the united states. >> they aul do. they all do. au >> let's talk about the economy. that's what you're thinking about every single day. robert gibbs, spokesman for the president says we should suspect that we should not be out of
7:10 am
this mess so quickly. remember when velma hart asked the question the other day, she was a person who voted for president obama and felt she was exhausted in trying to support his policies and she was wondering, when am i going to feel the hope and the change? here's robert gibbs responding to that. >> the president gets letters from people all across the country all the time. the notion that somehow anybody is surprised that we're not where we want to be economically, i can't imagine -- we certainly weren't surprised. i mean, i think the notion that people are frustrated at, again, as i've said before, it took us a long time to get here. i don't think anybody believed it was going to turn around in a year, or year and a half or 20 months. >> i bet juan williams was right on money last night on bret baier's "special report" show. he said it was astounding to see an african-american woman saying
7:11 am
i'm a supporter of yours but i'm exhausted of defending you and trying not to lose faith in you. it was really impactful to see that army reservist get up and say i support you but i'm running out of steam. >> let's talk about what's going on at the university of illinois. apparently there's a football game and you know how fans are. do you think it's a little bit of control when you go u.s.a.? u.s.a.? you have that patriotism within you, you want to fight for your homeland? apparently, a professor at the university of illinois has a problem with that and has written an editorial saying how dare you chant u.s.a. when you're actually in america. you might oefrffend mulslims. he says block i students chanteded u.s.a., ua, this was neither potassium in any political sense but
7:12 am
politization, propaganda. the overwhelmingly white privileged students should be ashamed of their chicken hawk chant. >> this guy should leave the country. >> he says the university should stop allowing this to happen. keep in mind, this is a guy who is working at a state university. > >> meanwhile, we should send him copies of "miracle" on ice and see how he deals with that. >> this is why we should pay attention to the people teaching our children. oftentimes we send them off to school and say ok, we'll see them at 3:30. these are some of the thought getting into their heads. it's a little disturbing. >> right. i'm just disturbed hearing about it. 12 minutes after the hour. >> remember the teacher fired for poisoning himself and flaming it on the kids. he has a new job and he's a teacher once again. >> fantastic. the president of iran prom iing war if the u.s. attacks iran's nuclear if silts. can we plain the same tough talk
7:13 am
tomorrow. our political panel weighs in next. there they are. >> come on over, you're next. come on! come on! ♪ one, two, three, four ♪ ♪ you say ♪ flip it over and replay ♪ we'll make everything okay ♪ walk together the right way ♪ do, do, do, do
7:14 am
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>> a direct threat from iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad to the united states on american soil. he's in town for the u.n. general assembly and said this yesterday. that if iran's nuclear facilities are attacked, the united states would face a "war that knows no boundaries." how should president obama who is coming to new york today to the united nations react to this threat? joining us this morning, we got a great panel. former ambassador of the united nations, you know that guy, john bolten, good morning. ralph reed, author of a brand new book called "the confirmation" and former
7:17 am
director of the christian coalition. good morning, ralph. and carmen, attorney and deputy regional president for the hispanic national bar association. good morning to you as well, carmen. >> good morning. >> ambassador, yesterday, mr. ahmadinejad said as well, war is not just about bombs. making it sound like, ok, if they mess with us, we're talking terrorism in the streets of the united states. what should this president do? >> what he should do is get serious about stopping iran from nuclear weapons and failure to stop iran is a huge failure for the organization. i can virtually assure you. that's not what he's going to do. he's foreshadowed again and saying he wants to sit down and negotiate for iran and it's a prescription for iran to get nuclear weapons. it's that simple. >> i agree with him. i think iran already has them. i think -- but i also think he needs to be honest whether or not they want him to move forward. there was an article that came out in the newspaper a couple of days ago in israel that talked
7:18 am
about the fact that israel is getting contracts for foreign companies that have contracts in iran. here we are pushing for sanctions trying to get, you know, international companies from denmark and germany out of iran and israel is not cooperating. >> ralph? >> look, this is a regime that is the leading state sponsor of terrorism in the word today. they're funding hezbollah, they're funding hamas, they've shot protesters in cold blood in their streets. this is the bloodiest and most dangerous regime in the world today. >> we're welcoming them here in new york with open arms. >> if this regime obtains a nuclear weapon, steve, this is one of the most dangerous moments not only in the post cold-war period but in modern history and what obama should do is two things. number one, working with our allies, he should actually strictly enforce the sanctions that were passed by congress including prohibiting subsidiaries of u.s. corporations from doing any business with iran. number two, he needs to make it abundantly clear that he will take decisive action including
7:19 am
military action if necessary to disarm iran. >> ambassador, aren't we past the point of military action? i heard you on the radio talking to sean hannity about, you know, if we're going to do anything, we have to do before they've powered this thing up. >> iran has a belts and suspe suspenders approach to their program. it can produce weapons through the plutonium route and it can produce weapons through the enriched uranium which is the continuing program. we're already behind the curve. i don't think it's in president obama's nature to think about military force and ahmadinejad recognizes that. that was the voice of a man who is calm, he thinks he's on track. he doesn't see any major obstacle to achieving that long sought objective of getting nuclear weapons. >> there's another option. >> quickly. >> that is israel. but they're being restrained by this administration. >> there you go. guys, stick around here on the curvy couch. we're going to continue the conversation to talk about that bombshell new book from bob woodward detailing the infighting between the president
7:20 am
and his military advisors. then the secretary of state's new foreign policy push, ovens for third world countries. at sharp, our goal is to reprodce every color in the world on tv. introducing quattron quadpixel technology,
7:21 am
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7:23 am
>> time to do a little math. news by the numbers. first, one million bucks. that's how much tea party patriots just received from a secret donor. he is identified only as a businessman and entrepreneur. next, $50 million. that's the amount that u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton says the u.s. is spending on global initiative to find more environmentally friendly ovens and stoves to people around the world. the age of the world's oldest man in montana celebrated his birthday. we'll spare you the math because i'll tell you he was born in
7:24 am
1896. wow. congratulations. >> that is going to be a big cake. because there are a lot of candles on it. welcome back. this morning, we've been talking about bob woodward's brand new book called "obama's wars" it comes back on monday. we're going some details from "the washington post" and "the new york times" as well. let's take a look as we continue with the panel, we got john bolton, former ambassador to the united nations, ralph reed got a new book called "the confirmation" and carmen as well. let's take a look at one of the quotes that "the washington post" has called from it. they say this is obama speaking directly to woodward. we can absorb a terrorist attack. we'll do everything we can to prevent it but even in 9/11, even the biggest attack ever, we absorbed it and we are stronger. ambassador bolton, we can absorb it? >> that may be the most outrageous thing that's been reported about this book. how can an american president say that as if he's a detached observer and doesn't care about americans dying? i think people have been worried
7:25 am
about his qualifications to be commander in chief for a long time and that ought to prove it. >> ralph, apparently the president brought all the advisors in and he had been asking, get me an exit strategy. get me an exit -- i got to get out of afghanistan and in fact, he said, i have two years on this -- with the public on this, i want an exit strategy. i can't lose the whole democratic party and then he handed out to his advisors, the military advisors, ok, this is my plan. it's either my way or the highway, guys, and it was a hybrid of what they suggested and what the administration wanted. >> it's a reminder of one of the great truisms in american history. we always forget it. it's always the case. presidential candidates run primarily on domestic policy. that's what obama did but their presidencies are always defined about how they handle military and foreign policy crises fortunately kenne fortunate. kenny, vietnam and cuban missile crisis. johnson, vietnam. reagan, the cold war. you can go on and on.
7:26 am
we have a president here that was totally unprepared. i opened "the confirmation" with a president of the united states on his first day in the oval office being told by the c.i.a. that iran has a nuclear weapon and there's fighting of how to deal with it. what you have here, steve, in a nonfictional world is an administration in disarray, the vice president is not on the team. he doesn't even want the surge. >> that's right. >> and all they're looking for is how to get out so what we have told the terrorists who -- some of whom were connected to the people that attacked this country on september 11th is we're leaving, date certain, july 2011, all you have to do is wait it out. it's frankly scary. >> carmen? >> look, bob woodward, i'm sorry, is documenting history. at the end of the day. i mean, his first book about the bush administration was about how we rushed into war unprepared. this book is about how we don't know how to get out and i think that it continues to prove the point, it proves the point that afghanistan continues to be the
7:27 am
graveyard of empires since timing memorial. >> it sounds like there's so much infighting inside the white house. it will be interesting to see when the book comes out on monday. a brand new book called "the confirmation" and carmen, thank you all. >> thank you. >> a teacher fired for poisoning himself and blaming the kids. he has a brand new job teaching. not kidding. key pieces of the health care bill kick in tomorrow. which ones? wv a list for you. do you give your kids an allowance. dave ramsey says that could spell financial disaster for them and maybe you. >> you're fired! interesting grooming. thanks. i got the idearom general mills big g cereals. they put a white check on the top of every box to let people know that their cereals have healthy whole grain, and they're the right choice... (announcer) general mills make getting whole grain an easy choice. just look for the white check.
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longest-lasting full-size picku on the road. now get 0% apr for 72 months on 2010 silverado half-ton models with an average finance savings ar $5,600. >> hear the story yesterday of president obama's aide had to step in and pay more money after obama only gave a fruit vendor a dollar for four apples. the aide said it was awkward having to pay obama's bill and china was like ah, you get used to it. >> very nice. i did not hear that story. >> really? >> about the apples? >> yeah. aeye went to the -- >> have to stay up really late to see that one. >> i went to the yankees game last night, jimmy fallon was in the audience with lorne michaels watching the game. >> sounds like me. doocy family had some good seats.
7:32 am
they don't usually sit in the bleachers. >> we saw them on television. we weren't near them. every seat was a good one. >> i'd love to be at the yankee game where they put steinbrenner in monument park. i thought that was pretty cool. >> my husband was there. i was home sleeping because i got to get up early to bring you the news like this. new health care overhaul takes effect tomorrow. despite the fact many americans remain skeptical about its benefits. president obama hitting the road to talk about the specifics and our julie kirtz joins us from washington with details on what you might want to know about everything. julie, please, fill us in. >> hi, gretchen. key consumer friendly provisions of the massive law the president signed in march, six months ago, kick in tomorrow as americans are skeptical and a little confused, frankly about the impact of the trillion dollar legislation so starting tomorrow, the patients bill of rights will ban insurance company discrimination against kids with pre-existing health conditions. it will ban insurance companies from dropping coverage and it will cover preventative care
7:33 am
like mammograms, cholesterol screening and new baby care at no cost if you join a new insurance plan and that's key. a new insurance plan starting on thursday. to highlight all this, the president will meet with the small group of patients today in virginia who will benefit from the changes including a woman from new hampshire who will be there who was previously uninsured but we also hear this morning reports that some insurance companies will say they will -- are saying they're going to stop selling new child only policies as early as tomorrow because the insurance industry says the new patients bill of rights will create huge and unexpected new costs for insuring kids. we'll have to look into that. back to you guys. >> all right. julie, thanks stretch. >> little by little, we'll find out what's in that health care plan. >> we have to pass it to find out what's in it, nancy. >> thank you very much. >> health insurance companies still don't know. when you call them, they don't know either. nobody knows. >> everybody, you'll soon know about this fox news alert.
7:34 am
new video from the fox newsroom from a blast near iran. tv reports at least 10 people dead and 57 hurt when a bomb exploded during a military parade. kurdish separatists are believed behind the attack. >> meanwhile, security officials in yemen now denying reports that they're trying to kill an american-born radical cleric. this after they destroyed five homes near the suspected hideout. the area is known as a hot spot and may have been a hideout for the terror suspect but the government claims it had a couple of other suspects in mind when planning those attacks. earlier this summer, the c.i.a. was ordered to assassinate him. if he's captured alive, the white house will pursue criminal charges and he has ties to the 9/11 hijackers, the shooting at fort hood as well as the failed christmas day bombing. >> violence near the u.s.-mexico border where an outraged mob kills two suspected kidnappers. officials say dozens of angry people in the mexican town of assension reportedly fed up with kidnapping attacked the men
7:35 am
until police intervened. they were suspects in the abduction of a 17-year-old girl. mexico has been plagued recently by drug-related violence and kidnapping. >> the $726 billion defense bill is on hold after failing in the senate. that means service members will not get their raises and the measure to repeal don't ask don't tell and the dream act which would have given some illegals green cards may now be revisited in the lame duck session. that's what harry reid says is going to happen. next up, senator reid says there are plenty of votes on the bill. >> chad is working as a teaching assistant at a nearby vocational high school. how could that happen? last april, he admitted to pouring cleaning fluid into his cup of iced coffee. but didn't drink it. shortly after, he told cops he had done it to gain sympathy from a former girlfriend. principal at his new school says
7:36 am
he's not a threat. that's kind of risky, isn't it? not so sure. >> yeah. by the way, the whole poison thing doesn't work according to john, the floor manager. again, all teachers don't do that. >> it's a relationship healer? >> yeah, let's me talk about what's happening in the world of sports. not good to be an athlete in new york these days. you have the mets closer expected to turn himself into authorities at a new york court today. prosecutors say rodriguez is going to be arraigned on charges he violated a protection order by sending text messages to his girlfriend. he's already facing assault charges for beating up his girl friend's dad who is now living in his house because he was thrown out of his house and can't see his kids. football, the jets' braylon edwards flagged for excessive celebration. he was charged with drunk driving on new york's west side highway. that isn't stopping the team from playing him on sunday. the jets confirming edwards will not be suspended but they won't start him. talk about scared straight.
7:37 am
we don't have wide receivers to replace him yet. they also -- also in the cards, the offensive lineman with the jets and defensive end sometimes linebacker, those players were not charged. he blew a .16. finally, the dodgers joe torre says he's sorry for saying he was curious about possible managing job -- managing job with the new york mets. the current mets manager says excuse me, i have that job. accepted the apology after taking offense earlier in the day. he's managed the dodgers for the last three years but says i'm quitting at the age of 70 years old despite having one of the big payrolls in baseball, mets are currently in fourth place and personally very tough to watch. steve is never tough to watch. i enjoy every second of it. you're outside. >> i am outside. i have good news for you. >> what? >> your breakfast is here. every morning, a lot of people don't realize but the parisi bakery from 198 mott street and those guys shows up with brian's breakfast order.
7:38 am
you got the bear claw for him? good. all right. come in during the commercial. brian, breakfast is served coming up shortly. meanwhile, let's take a look at what we've got ahead today weatherwise and some widely scattered thunderstorms moving through portions of the mid missouri and mississippi valley, it is a wet one right now in missouri and portions of iowa as well. and as you can see, that cold front extends through portions of new england. widely scattered showers currently along the rio grande valley and in some spots throughout much of texas. currently, it is the chilliest spot on this map is missoula, montana. 64 in the big town, and a quick look at the next map shows you how warm today is going to be and it's -- summer is going out with a bang. it's going to be almost 100 in portions of the central mississippi valley. memphis, tennessee, today 98. it will be 89 in dallas and 72 in caribou, maine. all right, brian. i'll get your honey bun.
7:39 am
>> thank you. appreciate it. >> good thing i gave up donuts a long time ago. wasn't good for the hips. >> except the icing, the glazed stuff is good. >> and the dough. >> so even -- speaking of dough, even with the recession technically behind us. many parents struggle with budgets especially now at the start of the school season. how do you instill positive money values in your kids when you may be struggling yourself? luckily, we have dave ramsey to answer that question. he says it's easy, really, just lead by example and then put them to work! all right, dave, what do you mean? >> well, i mean, we can all teach our kids to do chores and this idea we ought to give them money because they breathe air, that sets them up for being on government assistance. no thank you, so when you clean your room, you get paid. when you take the dishes to the dishwasher, you get paid. when you don't, you don't get paid. it's great to begin to attach emotionally when they're 4 to 14 years old the idea that money is created by work. i mean, 54-year-olds haven't made that emotional attachment.
7:40 am
>> i know. it's so good to start them early, isn't it? you have written children's books and here's some of the tips from that book. don't give kids allowance, put them on commission. don't willie nilly hand out the cash. make them do something for it. kids need to learn connection between work and money. teach them to spend, save and give and kids cost what you want them to cost. i know that third one, spend, save and give. you actually have envelopes in your program, don't you, you have one envelope for each category. >> we do. we've got little financial peace junior. breaks some of the money that they earn on commission and put it in the give envelope so they're giving money they earned. then you get the spiritual lesson of giving. and they're spending money that they earn. and guess what that does, that makes them spend the money a little differently especially when they're teenagers. they're spending the money they earn, you can start saving to something really big. start saving towards the car and stuff like that. >> all right. let's look at e-mails from some of the folks out there. ruthy from north carolina, i thought about giving my 12 and
7:41 am
15-year-old daughters a set amount for their clothes and toiletries and letting them decide how much to spend each month. they would earn money for chores around the house. can you explain how this idea worked in your house? what do you think? >> 12 is probably a little early but if you've been teaching them along like we've talked about, they work to get money and give, save and spend so that's been a progression, then by the time they're 15, we turned our children's clothing allowance or clothing budget over to them. in other words, we didn't buy their clothes anymore. we said this is how much we're going to spend on you anyway. boom, here it is in a checkbook. now you got to live within that. if you need a prom dress this spring, you need to be thinking about that and, you know, they started shopping at different places when they had a finite, a limited amount of money. now they still had to wear things we approved of. we were still parents and we coached them through the process of purchasing these things but they were in control so that when they went off to college, they actually had what's known as a clue. >> i got that one.
7:42 am
hey, from new york said this, with school starting give us your thoughts on paying kids for grades. oh, we have always looked at school as their job during the day. all right. that's a tough one, dave, what do you think? >> well, i mean, there's a great argument about that. i don't really have a strong opinion one way or the other. we chose not to pay them for grades. we paid them for work activities. grades were something you do and it's expected of you like some of the chores around the house are expected of you regardless of pay because you're going to help your mom. that's how it works. you have to balance this and if you're going to pay for grades, though, you got to really think about what that message you're sending is. >> i know. good thoughts. dave ramsey, always great to see you. have a great week. >> thanks. you, too. republicans are about to release their contract for america. so what's inside it? frank luntz says there are five magic words the g.o.p. needs to win in november. and you know him by his signature stutter. country music legend mel tillis is here to talk about his new
7:43 am
career in comedy. hey, mel. first, the trivia question of the day -- oof! i hope he has that insurance. how come? well if you're hurt and can't work it pays you cash... so...what's it called? uhhhhh aflaaac!!!! we've got you under our wing. a-a-a-aflaaac!
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supplies the nutrients of a balanced breakfast. so kids get the protein and calcium they need to help build strong muscles and healthy bones. carnation instant breakfast essentials. good nutrition from the start. >> all right. it's like deja vu, recent ratings for both parties look similar to the ratings in 1994, the year that republicans took control of congress for the first time in nearly 50 years fortunately one thi. one thing that contributed to the power shakeup is the contract with america. tomorrow, they are releasing a new contract with america. fox news political analyst frank luntz has advice on what that contract should include. frank, let's begin with some words. you love words. accountability is one you want to see. >> it's not what i want to see. it's what the american people want to see and accountability
7:47 am
is the number one attribute that the american people think is missing in washington d.c. it's why americans are so angry with congress, with the white house, with what's going on. that is the key attribute. >> now, you talk about -- >> second is wasteful spending, correct? >> exactly. it is what frustrates the american people more than anything else. they don't understand why they have to work longer and harder and washington continues to waste their money. that's the key issue in any document that the republicans would put out. third, is to restore common sense. this is something that they think is missing in d.c. they don't understand why the politicians continue to regulate and tax and spend and they just don't seem to understand what the american people really want. fourth is respect. and this is something that's missing both from washington and perceive from wall street. they want to know that these elected officials will listen, actually hear what the voters are saying and really take it seriously.
7:48 am
they feel like there's some sort of disconnect and when all those democratic politicians refuse to hold town hall meetings, that's what -- that was the perfect illustration of the lack of respect and one of the reasons why the tea party has been so successful and fifth, a commitment. they don't want to promise, they don't want to pledge. that's what politicians do. that's what used car salesmen do. they want a personal commitment from each republican running for office that they're dedicated to make serious, significant changes to the way washington works. if this document which i have not seen. if this document has those five attributes in it, i will promise you, brian, it will be successful in the fall. >> and i guess everyone has to be on the same page, the tea party as well as the traditional g.o.p.ers. here's an example of what was listed in 1994 and this was called the fiscal responsibility act. a balanced budget tax limitation amendment and a legislation line item veto to restore fiscal responsibility to out of control congress and that was to give it to a democratic president. those are some of the specifics
7:49 am
that other experts have said you kind of should avoid. >> well, i believe that the american people want specifics. i believe they want to know exactly what these group of individuals are going to do. they want to repeal and replace health care. they want to toughen the immigration laws and strengthen the border. they want to reform congress so it doesn't operate the way that it has. they want to shine a bright light into the system. and ensure there is accountability and quite frankly, that spending issue is the number one issue. if the republicans on the side of cutting wasteful spending, that's how they'll be successful. >> frank, when they rehelease i on thursday, we have to have you back. when you talk, people listen including us. unfortunately, we have to stop talking. thanks for your time. coming up straight ahead, why this dad is saying sorry for confronting his daughter's bullies who did some unspeakable things to his kid. she has cerebral palsy. would you have done the same thing? and you know him by the signature stutter, country music legend mel tillis is here to talk about his new career in
7:50 am
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7:53 am
>> the answer to the question of the day, of course, tommy lasorda. the winner is noleen from murfreesboro, tennessee. >> meanwhile, country music legend mel tillis has become known for more than just his hit song. he's also famous for his on-stage story telling and self-effacing comedy like this. >> she asked me, she said how come you stutter and you can sing and you stutter. i said honey, i don't -- i don't -- i don't have the time to explain all that to you. >> well, mel has just released
7:54 am
his first comedy album called "you ain't gonna believe this" and you ain't gonna believe it, he's on the curvy couch today. >> nice to be with you guys and gals. >> lord have mercy. >> it's been 22 years since you've been in new york city. >> last time i was here, i was on the letterman show. i had done a movie with roy clark and i was up here promoting the movie. and it didn't help none, we didn't make any money after the movie. >> first, david letterman and johnny carson, you were on johnny carson many times. what was the question he asked you once? >> well, we were in the make-up, you know, and he had his little old cubicle and i was out and he leaned back and he said, hey, tillis, he said if you really stutter, how come you -- how come you stutter and don't want to stutter on the punch lines? >> he was a disbeliever because you were so funny which brings us on this c.d. >> well, you know, all my life when i started the school, i was 6 years old in florida.
7:55 am
i didn't know i stuttered because around the house, you know, they never did make an issue of it. >> yeah. >> i started to school and i found out that i stuttered and i came home and asked -- i asked my mother, i said mama, i said do i stutter? and she said yes, you do, son. i said, well, they laughed at me. you know, i stuttered and she said well, if they're gonna, if they're gonna laugh at you, give them something to laugh about. >> right. >> and i've done that ever since. i'm 78 years old and -- >> stuttering and laughing all the way to the bank. >> make a hell of a living out of it. >> more than 60 albums. >> oh. >> 35 top 10 singles. >> 36. >> country music association's coveted entertainer of the year, member of the grand ole opry. i mean, what a wonderful career you have made from that inspirational line from your mom. >> isn't that something?
7:56 am
and i was the spokesperson for the national stuttering foundation which john stossel is, too. he was too but we had our pictures in the magazines on the planes. >> very cool. that's great. >> yeah, but, you know, it's -- life has been good. >> it has been good. and it's great to finally meet you. we've seen you in the movies and television and heard you now and folks can buy your new c.d. once again called "you ain't gonna believe this." mel tillis, the legend, we thank you very much for joining us live. >> you're awfully kind. i appreciate you guys. >> thank you. >> make your life better, buy that c.d., ok? fantastic. >> yeah. on i tunes and amazon. >> we'll download you. >> and mel tillis. >> dot-com? >> that's right. >> thank you. >> assets for the rich, you might not care now. wait until you see what the side effect of this law will have. >> this dad took on his daughter's bullies. now he's backing down.
7:57 am
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>> good morning, everyone. hope you're having a great week. it's wednesday, september 22, 2010. the veil is now lifted at least a little bit. the bombshell book revealing the insight between the president and his military advisors over the war in afghanistan. we'll share what we know so far. >> meanwhile, tea party poster child, poster woman christine o'donnell says she wants to address the issues but her opponent has a different plan. >> watch how this campaign unfolds. they started their ads this week and they're attacking me personally. they're not attacking where i stand on stimulus. >> and she's going to address both of those things coming up shortly. >> the dad who took on his daughter's bullies now saying he's sorry. we ask you what you would do. your e-mails are next. this is "fox & friends", 41 days
8:01 am
until the election. >> whoa! >> hey, this is tommy lasorda, you are watching "fox & friends." wow, what a show! >> what a show. you just dusted off the -- the big e from studio e. >> actually, it sounded rusty, i have to say. >> it did sound a little rusty. that was a c minus. >> i apologize. >> you need to step up. we're getting close to the midterm. >> i think there was actually 43 days, right? is it 43. >> no 43 a couple of days ago. >> 41 days. we're about to tell you about an explosive bob woodward book. it says about what's happening in the white house, they have not walked back because everybody is on the record having talked to bob woodward. >> it's juicy stuff. we talk about that in a moment. right now, start with some head lanes. >> president obama is losing yet another economic advisor. did you hear about this? and word is he wants to fill the position with a woman. reports that the
8:02 am
president specifically wants a female c.e.o. to replace larry summers on his economic team. the rest of the president's economic advisors, as you know, they are all men with virtually no experience running a big business. summers says he's leaving the white house at the end of the year, he's going to return to harvard. he's the third member of the president's economic team to resign in the last couple of weeks following peter orzag and kristina romer. a u.s. army major accused of murdering 13 people at fort hood and a connecticut man accused of trying to blow up times square, this morning, the secretary of homeland security says home grown terror is a threat, harder to detect and more likely to succeed. janet napolitano will testify how the internet may be helping to increase radicalization in the united states. new video into the fox newsroom from a deadly blast in iran. iran's state tv reports at least 10 people killed and 57 others hurt when a bomb exploded during a military parade. kurdish separatists are believed
8:03 am
to be behind this attack. and those are your headlines this morning. >> man, things are messed up at the white house. the number one thing on people's minds right now, jobs. what's happened? the entire economic team for the most part out, now larry summers is leaving and he's joining orzag and romer. summers is going back to harvard to teach theory that doesn't work. as we're learning. a brand new book that hits newsstands on monday, we find out there's all sorts of infighting between the president and his aides and the pentagon. the president has wanted an exit strategy over afghanistan and he just seemed so panicked that he would, you know, the meter is running. we have to do this fast. >> so apparently he was looking for a way out of the war in afghanistan. that's the headline of this book. and that will come as a shock to many because when he campaigned as candidate obama, remember, he was the one who was saying that it was the afghanistan war that was so much more important than the iraq war. so to now find out that actually
8:04 am
he didn't really want it to be his war is fascinating. he was so frustrated that military commanders kept coming back to him saying we need to have a troop surge, that he came up with his own plan, a six page plan of an exit strategy of which the military advisors apparently said no go. >> yeah. and here's why. he said this, i'll get this quote out of the way. he said i have two years with this public on the war. i want an exit strategy. i can't lose the whole democratic party, what you had said, gretchen. what he did is according to bob woodward's book, he sits everyone down for a series of meetings. we know about these meetings. we don't know what happened inside of them. with admiral mullin and all his key political advisors and he kept saying let's talk about going forward in afghanistan and one way we can hand it off and all the military guys said we can't hand it off. what i'd like to do is a surge with 40,000 minimum troops. he got so upset, he writes his own six page plan and hands it out to them and they look at him and says if you have any problems with my plan, let me
8:05 am
know. he starts letting them know. he said forget about this. why do we have these meeting? we have the meetings because the generals want to have their own plan forward. >> we're missing the point of why that was so important for him to have his own plan and it was the end of that quote that you read which was the democratic party will not have this. so it brings back the age old debate about what's more important, the safety of america or politics? and keeping true to your political party. that line, i think, is going to get the most attention in this book. maybe this one, though, there's a couple of them. >> yeah. he also -- bob woodward did actually visit the president on the record in the oval office. >> for about an hour, right? >> he did. one of the things that president obama said is "we can absorb a terrorist attack and he made these comments, you know, the white house inundated with warnings about threat of terrorist attack, we'll do everything we can to prevent it but even 9/11, the biggest attack ever, we absorbed it and we are stronger much that's an extraordinary thing for a commander in chief to say.
8:06 am
john bolton who was on the couch just about an hour ago, former ambassador of the united nations thought this of that quote. >> how can an american president say that as if he's a detached observer and doesn't care about americans dying? i think people have been worried about his qualifications to be commander in chief for a long time. and that ought to prove it. >> how can we absorb another 3,000 dead americans? >> i mean -- >> is that what that means? >> if you're going to give him a little bit of a benefit of the doubt, i'm sorry, not good with cliches, maybe he's staving off the rest of the world, people who don't like us by saying hey, go ahead, try to get us -- we're tough but most people are going to interpret it probably the way the ambassador did. >> meanwhile, hillary clinton not surprising. people within the obama administration probably weren't taking on their ex-opponent, one of the quotes from the book is david axelrod when it talked about giving hillary clinton a high ranking position. he said basically how can you trust her?
8:07 am
axelrod gets skewed by general petraeus that calls him a complete spin doctor and does not like talking to him. you have to wonder if the president of the united states has made it clear in this book is quoted to saying to lindsay graham, the war ends in july. i'm pulling people out regardless of situation on the ground. general petraeus has indicated in many interviews we'll look at the situation on the ground before we go ahead but the plan is july. there's going to be a major clash. look, this whole book is full of military clash vs. the white house. >> sure. there's one other name, bold faced name that takes some heat and that is richard holbrooke who is the president's guy on afghanistan and pakistan and joe biden, the current vice president of the united states called holbrooke "the most egotistical" and then he uses a word that starts with b and inappropriate for breakfast time. "blank i've ever met. "considering joe biden has been in washington for decades that really says something, doesn't it? >> let's talk about something else that's been top of mind for
8:08 am
this week. christine o'donnell running pfo senate in delaware. last night she apparently did her last national interview before the election because she says she's going to focus on the folks in delaware after this. she did respond, though, to all of the personal attacks against her and gives a reason why. >> watch how this campaign unfolds. they started their ads this week and they're attacking me personally. they're not attacking where i stand on stimulus. they're not attacking where i stand on extending if not making permanent the bush tax cuts. they're not attacking me because i want to permanently eliminate the death tax or propose a two-year temporary tax holiday on the capital gains tax in order to get the economy back on track. they're not attacking me on my positions. they're trying to attack me. >> and that's true. a lot of people including her ex-opponent mike castle rolling a the lot of the stuff out. when you put castle against coons if castle was to get the
8:09 am
nomination, castle is up by 15. when you put o'donnell against coons, she's trailing by 15. the one way it seems that o'donnell could actually pull out this election, if mike castle goes back and says christine o'donnell, upon further review, i'd like to support you. but until then, it's going to be tough. >> i don't know why he wouldn't. he was supposedly a republican and she's a republican. maybe he's going to run as an inpei independent, i don't know. she explained all the criticisms about the fact that she's had financial difficulties like many other americans. here's what she had to say. >> i fell behind in my mortgage. i had a pro bono client that to me was very important. i worked 18 hours a day. it was truly a life or death case. i worked several months for free and fell behind in my mortgage and i had the opportunity to become the nominee in 2008 to run against joe biden. i had to make a very difficult decision. either take on another client and get caught up in my bills. but instead, because i thought it was very important that
8:10 am
someone oppose joe biden and what he want to do in the u.s. senate, i sold my house to make all my bills right. i paid off all of my debt. got caught up and made it through a difficult time. >> uh-huh. and with some republican strategists have said to her because so many things have been put out about her is just tell the truth. tell us the story. she went out at that picnic in delaware and told the story about the witchcraft comment. and then yesterday, she answered the comments that came up during the campaign against castle about, you know, have you heard about this? she defaulted on her mortgage. so will that put it to bed? like gretch said, that's the last national interview she said she's going to do before the midterms. >> president obama arriving in new york city to address the u.n. he'll be at the general assembly and ty hernandez from our wnyw affiliate in new york is there. good morning. >> good morning. the centerpiece speech is set for thursday but today in many ways is the big day because this is the day when he arrives. he comes to our airport at about 3:55. he's going to hop into marine
8:11 am
one, chopper down to the wall street area and then drive up here in time for his 4:45 speech at the general assembly hall. now, this is something of a rare international opportunity for the president. he's only had a handful of trips abroad this year. mainly focusing on the national issues, the economy here. he's going to speak during that poverty summit that's been going on. someone else who has made waves during the poverty summit, mahmoud ahmadinejad, the iranian leader. he said yesterday that capitalism is to blame for the one billion people who live on about $1.25 a day. that will continue today in terms of the summit and also the protests against ahmadinejad. they are expected to protest at noon right at the hotel. so all of the drama, all of the key speeches yet to come here before this wraps up on friday. the president, again giving his highlights speech on thursday. back to you. >> that's when we can expect big obama lock like gridlock on the east side of manhattan.
8:12 am
thank you very much for that. >> we're in 140 diplomat lock right now. meanwhile straight ahead,>> tax hikes for the rich. you might say tax them. what if we told you doing that could crush your retirement? >> bad. >> then a university employee starts chanting u.s.a., u.s.a. at a sporting event. that's unamerican. vo: what is the good egg project? vo: it's america's egg farmers who feed millions in need... vo:'s families who are active in their communities... ...and it's kids who learn the value of nritious foods. clint hickman: go to to learn more.
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when pain keeps you , nothing is proven to help you fall asleep faster than advil pm liqui-gels. rushing real liquid relief to ease you to sleep fast. for nighttime pain, make advil pm your #1 choic >> president obama says tax hikes on the rich would benefit middle class america by providing tax relief. >> i am urging the leaders of the other party to stop holding middle class tax cuts hostage and extend this relief to
8:16 am
families immediately. >> hostage, right? but could the middle class actually end up paying more than the rich? joining us right now, the host of the tom sullivan show, tom sullivan on the fox business network. what do you mean? what do you mean this could be the case? >> let me just -- i don't mean to correct the president. but before we get started, there is nobody proposing tax cuts. what's this holding tax cuts hostage? there are no tax cuts proposed. all they're talking about is keeping the same rates that you and i have paid for the last nine years. there isn't any tax cut and for people that are sitting around thinking i'm going to get a tax cut, the president says so, there isn't one even on the books. >> but the president who wants to balance his books says if we got those who make over $250,000. if we let those tax cuts that were in place by the bush administration sunset like they're going to, that will help balance the budget. >> right. >> what does your math say? >> the math is simple and it's not just mine, it's from all over the -- from the left, from the right, from everybody, that will raise and it's not a nice,
8:17 am
even line. it takes -- they always use the next decade so they say 700 billion more would come in from those wealthy people if they raise the taxes on that 250 crowd and up. the -- if you really want to raise taxes, and by the way, that doesn't take into account the fact that people will change their behavior and probably won't pay $700 billion more. but the rest of the crowd, below $250,000 if you want to bring in money, that's $3.2 trillion over the next 10 years much this is a political gain. >> this could affect 401k's? >> absolutely. everybody talks about the tax brackets. what's not being talked about is the fact that capital gains taxes will go up from 15% to 20%. they will go -- the dividend income that a lot of retired people live on dividend income will go from 15% up to a maximum of 39.6%.
8:18 am
that's more than double on dividend income, the tax. so here are these people making less than $250,000, seniors, retirees that will see their taxes jump. they're going to -- i think you'll start -- if this doesn't get changed, they'll start selling their stocks and getting out of stocks by december 31st. i think this will start in november, december at the latest. that is another way it drive down -- you know how you're afraid to open your envelope and look at your 401k. wait until the fourth quarter, yeah. >> that's where it could actually get worse. tom, we'll find out. we know this. that congress is going to go home without making a final decision it seems. so the uncertainty is not going to play into anybody's best interests. >> but the uncertainty -- we still don't know, do we? we don't know if they're going to do a last minute, ram something through and try to change it fortunate. i'm with you you don't know what you're going to pay in taxes in a few months. >> we know this, though, sunset
8:19 am
without anybody stopping it. tom sullivan is anchor of the tom sullivan show and make sure to watch you saturday and sunday 7:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. tom, thanks. >> thanks, brian. >> coming up straight ahead, the faith of sarah palin. the first in-depth examination of how faith shaped her values. that will be next. and then you know those workers in bell, california, who were paying themselves ridiculously high salaries? today, they pay the price. [ female announcer ] it starts with you falling in love
8:20 am
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8:22 am
>> welcome back. how would you like some headlines? good, we've got them for you. violence erupting near the u.s.-mexican border as an outraged mob kills two suspected kidnappers. they were suspects in the disappearance of a 17-year-old mexican girl. meanwhile, paris hilton banned from tokyo. well, she's now heading back to
8:23 am
the united states after japanese immigration officials questioned her for six hours and placed her at an airport rest house. then ultimately refused to let her into the country. she had just pleaded guilty to cocaine possession and japanese law says they can deny people entry if they have been convicted of drug related offenses. and she had. gretch, over to you. >> thank you, steve. she burst on the scene relatively unknown as john mccain's running mate but sarah palin's rise to fame and notoriety has been fast and furious, charismatic and fierce, a new book examines how faith shaped her career. steven mansfield is the author of "the faith and values of sarah palin, what she believes and what it means for america." he's our guest this morning. good morning. >> nice to see you. what's the most incredible thing you learned about her faith? >> the sense of destiny that came out of her faith. she had a youth pastor when she
8:24 am
was a teenager. he's one of the heroes of the sarah palin story and he used to say all you young people have a destiny and some of you have a calling to public policy. some of you have a calling to politics. that resonated in sarah's heart and just quickly i can tell the story. when she made the famous speech at the convention in minneapolis, just before that speech, her mother called this youth pastor who was her youth pastor for years, whatever they say about her, we know what's happening today came from your ministry in your life and you telling her she had a destiny. her faith gives her a sense of destiny. this is on every page of her book and most of the important themes of her faith. >> you say since she became so famous that she dumbed down her talk about religion. what do you mean by that? >> knowing she took a real hammering during the campaign. the you tube clips that were, you know, unwisely released during the campaign by her church. and so on and so by the time she came around to writing "going rogue" i think the description of her conversion experience in there could have been written by barack obama very general, you
8:25 am
know, i saw the mountains and the trees and i knew the hands that guided me. she's a pentecostal. she's an evangelical. she can talk more specifically about her journey to christ. >> you felt that was disappointing to her base? >> i think so. i think a lot of her base are people of faith. they're looking for something authentic, looking for something real. they have a lot of general god talk from our politicians. i think with her in particular, you know, coming from the straight talk express, they'd like for her to be more specific and she's capable of it. she's a well read christian. she's read c. s. lewis recollects she's studied in the scriptures and she could do more. >> i was surpriseded to find out you really don't want her to run for president in 2012. why? >> i think that she is a powerful cultural force. i think she's having a tremendous impact on the -- on the general culture of our society. i don't think she's ready to be president. i'd like to see her not run this time. get some seasoning. get some deepening. travel internationally.
8:26 am
meet with world leaders and i think she'd be a real force in the next presidential election. this time, though, i think she would step off the high platform she has as cultural spokesperson. >> you're the best selling author of the faith of george bush and the faith of barack obama. how was writing this book different? >> it was different in the sense that i would go to one place, basically wasilla, lalasa and i could meet with her entire family and her friends and those with her in the campaign. with bush aobama, it was scattered and people had passed away. i enjoyed it very much. >> steven mansfield has written "the faith and values of sarah palin." thank you very much. >> thank you very much. good to be with you. >> students should stop chanting u.s.a., u.s.a. at sporting events because it's unamerican? obnoxious and rude to muslims. you have to stay tuned for that one.
8:27 am
then a dad's tearful apology. what would you have done? this one, you just got a parking ticket and you're ticked off. you want to feel better? you turn the ticket over for a lesson in yoga? huh? we'll tell you about that. ♪
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>> here's your shot of the morning in granite city, illinois, crowd gathering right now waiting for about 120 u.s. troops to return home from iraq. the soldiers belong to the 739th battalion and due to arrive in just about 30 minutes. the magic marker is barely dry on the tag and they can hardly wait. a lot of them haven't seen them for a very long time. we have a live camera out there and we'll try to share it with you a little later. >> good news is they probably are not going back. >> yeah, exactly. >> more of them coming home now. a couple of quick headlines. >> speaking of now, the new health care overhaul takes effect tomorrow. and the president is now taking steps to make sure that you know what changes are coming your way. julie kirtz joins us from washington with the details. that's one of the problems, a lot of people don't know what this stuff is and when it's going to kick in. >> that's right. it is complicated and, you know, many americans remain skeptical about the health care law. today, the president is trying to use the six month anniversary
8:32 am
of the bill to resell it essentially to voters, just weeks before the crucial midterm election, a package of consumer friendly provisions in the bill, not the entire bill kick in tomorrow. starting on thursday, the patients bill of rights will ban insurance company discrimination against kids with pre-existing health conditions. ban insurance companies from dropping coverage and it will cover preventative care like mammograms, cholesterol screening and new baby care. at no cost if you join a new insurance plan starting on thursday. to highlight this today, the president stopped by a suburban backyard in northern virginia where he'll meet with a small group of patients who will benefit, of course, from the changes and he drops by a meeting of state health commissioners, both groups trying to figure out like all of us how the massive bill impacts them going forward. >> all right, julie, with some answers, thank you very much for
8:33 am
the live report. >> and now your other headlines, fox news alert. fox news confirming that authorities in amsterdam released a suspected terrorist caught last week. the man with ties to somalia and islamic terrorists were thought to be working on an upcoming attack. police didn't have any evidence to keep him locked up. this airport is the same place that the suspected underwear bomber hatched his plot to blow up a plane on christmas day. >> security officials in yemen denying reports they're trying to kill an american born radical cleric after they destroyed five homes, just coincidence near his suspected hideout. earlier this summer, the c.i.a. was ordered to kill him, assassinate him if you will if he's captured alive while the white house will pursue criminal charges. he has ties to the 9/11 hijackers. the shooter at fort hood as well as the failed christmas day bombing. i think we want him. >> no kidding. the man accused of murdering a north carolina's police chief
8:34 am
daughter is talking. suspect michael neil harvey a registered sex offender says he didn't do it. he claims 23-year-old valerie hamilton overdosed in her sleep. police say harvey met hamilton in a bar in charlotte, north carolina and them murdered her and dumped her body in a self-storage unit. valerie's father is the police chief in concord, north carolina. >> corruption on steroids. eight officials from bell, california, taking home bloated taxpayer salaries. today they'll be arraigned on corruption charges. a former city manager and the mayor hauled away in cuffs. cops took a battering ram to the mayor's house. the eight are accuseded of looting thousands of dollars and paid a year. how many other cities are having the same thing happen. >> they hope the yoga instructions printed on town parking tickets will make you
8:35 am
feel a little bit better about getting it. the city wants you to know a ticket is not a hostile action. it's something that makes the community function better. there's no indication that people getting parking tickets are any happier or more flexible. we'll continue to follow that story. >> that would make me more upset because i'd realize i can't do any of those moves. >> right. >> can you get your leg behind your head? who can do that here? i've seen that done. >> you can do what? >> i can do some of those things. i've taken those classes. >> really? >> yeah. >> i have 10 days free hot yoga but the thing is once i start, i have to go 10 straight days. >> hot yoga, the room is over 100 degrees. >> is that bickrum yoga. >> that's one brand of it. >> ok, mr. yoga expert. fill me in on all the brands in the after the show show today. steve will be doing that yoga and i'll be nowhere in sight.
8:36 am
it will be so hot. >> i love jane fonda's aerobics from 1972. >> let's get physical. >> in keds. speaking of hot, it's going to be hot today because the last full day of -- almost full day of summer. you can see some widely scattered thunderstorms in portions of northern plains and in the mid plains from the missouri, mid missouri and mississippi valley right through portions of the great lakes state. it is dry for the most part along the gulf. that's good news. current temperatures already 73 in memphis and dallas and san antonio. 80 in new orleans. down in florida, temperatures for the most part in the 70's. later on today, this is what i'm talking about, hot, hot, hot. brian, it's going to be 98 in memphis. add 10 to that at least for your hot yoga. >> really? if i choose to do it. but am i going to choose 10 straight days? do i have a leotard? do i have to wear it? >> was this -- was this some sort of promotion where they said brian kilmeade, we want you. you got --
8:37 am
>> my friend bruce thought it would be a good birthday present. >> bruce gave you hot yoga. >> maybe i'm not flexible enough when a guy gives you yoga. brian, i'd wish you'd get more supple. >> flexible. >> yeah. let's move on to this story coming out of the university of illinois which is apparently an op ed of sorts written by a professor there by the name of david green. apparently he has a problem with the students and the rest of the folks who live in and around that area at football games when they might chant something that might come top of mind to you at a game like u.s.a., u.s.a. u.s.a. well, now he wants to block students from doing that because he actually claims that doing that is unamerican because it offends certain groups of people. this is what he said in his letter to the editor. block one students chanted u.s.a., u.s.a., this was neither patriotism nor rememberance in any justifiable sense but politicalization, the overwhelmingly privileged white students should be ashamed of their obnoxious chicken hawk
8:38 am
chant. >> let's hear from leslie, what she says. chanting u.s.a. is nothing less than expressing pride in their nation. those who feel there's sinister motive in this chant need to seek some medical help. >> take that, david green. meanwhile, another one. mary from urbana, illinois says david green is a frequent contributor to the letters of the editor to the local newspaper. what's offensive is he and his comrades are allowed to continue to teach at a school supported by my tax dollars. we don't know for sure if he's a teacher. he describes him as a university of illinois educator. we don't know if he's a teacher or professor, rather, he could be an advisor. might work at the admissions department. might work at the bookstore. >> from oklahoma says if you don't like the u.s.a., then get out! go back to wherever your country is because apparently this isn't it. americans are becoming more and
8:39 am
more patriotic and it's about time. very interesting, though, there's more and more fights to keep the flags under wraps and that kind of chanting of being patriotic. if you believe in it, stand up and say it. you might not be able to down the road. >> let me show this video to you. it's james willie jones, his daughter was being made fun of. he has had it. he got on the bus and confronted the two guys his daughter says is doing offensive things to her and confronts them as bullies. he got arrested. he was told to stay two blocks -- a certain distance away from buses in the future and he went ahead and said, you know, i really feel bad about what i did in defending my daughter. here's his apology yesterday. >> that time was a bully and i apologize again for that. you see the tape. i thought my back was up against the wall as a parent. i don't know where else to go.
8:40 am
>> it's not about me. it's not about me. it's about kids getting bullied going to school. walking to school. that was very much out of character for me. >> his daughter is 13 years old. has cerebral palsy and apparently some boys placed a condom on her head. smacked her on the back of the head, twisted her ear, shouted rude comment, teased her, spit on her. pulled her, poked her and pushed her. how many of us wouldn't do just exactly the same thing? he did break the law. he was charged. obviously we draw the line there. lindsay says i applaud the father for taking a stand against bullying in defending his daughter. i'm curious what would happen if this was a mother who yelled at kids. any charges against her? he should be praised, not vilified. >> mary says this. this man needed to go through the proper channels to maintain results. at one time, people would never have taken up this for tyrant.
8:41 am
you don't hijack a bus, curse and make threats to children. you act civilized. >> i think if he had to do it all over again, he would have done that. i think a lot of people understood the emotional reaction that he had. >> see your daughter crying and know she's been through a lot already. brandon says i would have been irate also if my child was bullied but he should have gone through the proper channels. no need to bring more trouble to the family. again facebook did it. 1300 people said wow, i can't believe this. it became a national story. >> sure, we're talking about it. what do you think? e-mail us now. should a woman be banned from voting for wearing a t-shirt supporting the constitution? peter johnson jr. will discuss this baffling case coming up next. >> she won "american idol" and jordan sparks says that's a warmup of what she's planning next. i like that spirit. she's live here on "fox & friends" this morning. hey, smart, we could stay here for the conference.
8:42 am
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>> couple of quick headlines for you. a movie is in the works about the life story of john junior gotti after the 46-year-old former mobster sold the rights to his life story. sylvester stallone reportedly interested in directing and starring in that movie. and check out this incredible video. a suspect on the run from cops in tulsa falls -- watch this. oopsy daisy, falls from a railroad bridge and survives. the man who was wanted on an amber alert for allegedly abducting his daughter now under arrest. see? >> thanks, gretch. does wearing a tea party t-shirt to the polling booth count as political electioneering. the question is being taken to the courts in arizona where a woman was told she couldn't vote unless she covered up her t-shirt. is this a violation of first amendment rights? here with us is fox news legal analyst peter johnson jr. >> good morning. >> so diane witberg had a t-shirt and it said simply flagstaff tea party reclaiming
8:46 am
our constitution now. >> to quote my new best friend mel tillis who you had on earlier, you ain't gonna believe it! i mean, they're saying that this woman who is part of the flagstaff tea party can't wear a t-shirt into the polling place proclaiming the values of the american constitution. and that somehow, it constitutes passive electioneering meaning somehow she's going to intimidate or influence another voter by what she wears. so now, when we start with a dress code, are we now going to have a voting code? are we going to decide, well, you can't wear that. what if someone wants to wear another t-shirt. what if someone wants to wear a yes, we can t-shirt. do you believe that they're going to be put out of the polls as well? she's not saying i'm for this candidate. i'm for the republican partied. i'm for the democratic party. i'm for the socialist workers
8:47 am
party. she says i'm for the constitution. >> oh, man. here's what she says. here's a quote. i'm a jeans and t-shirt person and i didn't even give any serious thought to what i was wearing. it's ridiculous to have a dress code for the polling place and now, the arizona statute reads, regarding electioneering a person shall not be allowed to remain inside the 75 foot limit when the polls are open except for the purpose of voting and no political or electioneering material may be displayed. >> is a tea party message so insidious and poisonous, steve, that we need to force people to cover up that they're somehow acting in some inappropriate or i did czar or disturbing way? is that the message here? is the message that the establishment is so concerned that they say,ly, you can't do that. she was stopped twice, you know, last year and then earlier saying well, what are you doing here? they forced her to cover up once and the second time, they said
8:48 am
you can do it because there's no one else here and no one gonna see it. we'll allow you to vote. there are certain states, maine, vermont, new york, kansas and some states it's a misdemeanor to walk into a polling place with electioneering, with a big button that says vote for steve doocy. vote for gretchen. vote for brian. that may be a violation in some states but to put on a t-shirt and say that you're espousing the values of the constitution, that is incredible. and if we allow that, we're going down a slippery slope to hell in this country. that's wrong. >> how do you really feel about it? >> that's wrong. >> i'd like to hear what people think about it. it's incredible. >> he wants to hear what you think about it. we do as well. e-mail us right now friends at is simply a t-shirt that says flagstaff tea party reclaiming our constitution. >> we can't allow this. >> is that electioneering. >> can't allow it. you know something we can't allow? jordan sparks says that "american idol" was just a warmup for her. now she's making a big splash on broadway. hey, jordan. she's here live to talk about
8:49 am
what she's up to. right now, let's check in with bill hemmer for a peek-a-boo of what's happening in 11 minutes. >> good morning to you. bright and early as we go, huh? i guess what the senate is going to focus on next, one hint, it's not jobs. what? health care reforms kick in this week. is that good or bad for your family? check in on that. we are waiting on a platoon of government officials to go before a judge. their town is celebrating, we'll show you why it is breaking news at the top of the hour. martha and i join you then in 10 minutes. steve? rica's egg farmers who feed millions in need... vo:'s families who are active in their communities... ...and it's kids who learn the value of nritious foods. clint hickman: go to to learn more. ♪ one, two, three, four ♪ ♪ you say ♪ flip it over and replay ♪ we'll make everything okay
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♪ walk together the right way ♪ do, do, do, do
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8:52 am
>> ♪ wide awake climb to the highest place on every fire escape ♪ >> she can't watch but we can. she won "american idol" and conquered the music charts and
8:53 am
now she's broadway's newest star making her stage debut in the musical in the tony award winning musical, i should say, "in the heights." >> we welcome singer and actress jordan sparks. why are you covering your eyes? >> i have actually never seen that video that i saw myself on stage but haven't seen any video from the show yet. >> take a look. there you are. no, no. look right ahead. what's it like being on stage doing that? what's the difference between broadway and "american idol"? >> you know, well, with "american idol", there was a lot of stuff. it's a lot more than people think and i think that's how it's similar to broadway is there's just a lot of work and each day is all in preparation to do the show at night. that's something very different. it's different from doing a solo career and being on my own tour because on my own tour, i can talk to the audience and do whatever i want. and then with this, this show, i'm a part of a bigger story. i'm a part of a bigger picture and the audience is supposed to be in their world and i'm supposed to be in mine. i have to look anywhere but the audience so it's definitely
8:54 am
difficult. >> and your phone is ringing. has the phone rung yet? >> there have been a few phones ringing and a few text messages and people who take out their cameras which is illegal so i'm trying to look at them to tell them to turn it off. >> you're in character. >> yes. >> what i love about this, you were so young, the youngest to win "american idol." 17. you're only 20 years old and you're on to your second career of sorts already. you're using "american idol" as a springboard to even better things. >> you'll be retired by the time you're 30. >> well, longevity is what i'm working towards. so i definitely want to be doing entertainment and singing and performing in general for a long time but "american idol" definitely was that big step to get me to where i am. >> how many shows do you do a week? >> eight. >> why not do one and tape it and just keep airing it? why keep doing it over and over again? >> you know what? i'm not sure, i guess. that's how broadway works. >> i know. brian -- now, brian has to come to your show because maybe you
8:55 am
can convince him. >> i will have to see. >> you you have to come see it. >> do of a coupon 10% off? >> you know, i think there's actually some sort of discount going on. >> at tkts on wednesdays you can go over there, today, brian. >> thank you very much, steve. >> tada! >> let's go back to "idol" i want to get your thoughts on the new judges coming out and the loss of simon as a judge. >> yeah. it's very difficult to say because i feel like i had a great experience on "idol." i had randy, paula, simon and ryan and it was before they did all the big changes. the seventh season was when they got the new stage. they added kara. they added instruments. they, you know, kind of changed up a lot of stuff. >> today, randy stays. steven tyler gets the job and j. lo gets the job, your reaction? >> whoa. ok. i didn't know. i didn't know who was staying or who was coming. >> that's the speculation. >> well, i love steven tyler. i think he's great. i mean, he's definitely legendary and he is a superstar
8:56 am
in his own right. jennifer lopez as well. she was a mentor on my season and she was really sweet. >> she was good. >> she gave great advice and i really, really like her so i hope she does well. randy, of course, you know, he's an original judge so it will be awesome to see him back again. >> here's what i want to find out from you. so many young girls look up to you. when we come back in two minutes, i would love to you to tell me what your advice is to them. don't say it just yet. >> sure. >> jordan sparks' advice to young kids. getting enough vegetables? yeah, maybe not. v8 v-fusion juice gives them a full serving of vegetables plus a full serving of fruit. but it just tastes like fruit. v8. what's your number? but women have made olay #1. not surgical results,
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8:59 am
>> jordan sparks' advice to kids. >> i guess i would say if they wanted to do something, whether it's being, you know, a newscaster or being a firefighter, police officer or entertainment, i think kids just want to be able to find a mentor for what they want to do. somebody who is going to be just like them. be able to encourage them and to do different things and i just feel like they just need to work hard. that's all it takes. >> you've got some after school specials we want to talk to you about in the afterhe


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