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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 23, 2010 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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after 9/11 was an inside job and all the rest of the stuff, i mean, i don't know. we'll find out tomorrow. maybe o'reilly knows. >> "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight -- >> i'll clean out albany with a base bat. >> tough guy carl paladino, a tea party favorite is six points behind andrew cuomo in the new york gubernatorial race. that is shocking. we'll tell you why it is happening. do you, jon stewart have obama remorse? there was a sense that oh, jesus will walk on water but now you're looking at me like oh, look at that, he's just treading water. >> laura ingraham watched the stewart-o'reilly shootout very closely last night and had some critiques. uh-oh! also tonight, police taze some men who led them on a high speed chase in florida. >> one person running. >> and now the cops may be in trouble. megan kelly has been investigating. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone.
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"the factor" begins right now! >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. a shocking political poll in new york state. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. conservative carl paladino backed by the tea party is running for governor against new york attorney general andrew cuomo whose father used to be the governor of the state. paladino is running on a mad as hell ticket saying he will dismantle what he calls the corrupt legislature in albany. >> by now, i think you're seeing the difference between me and my competitors. one wants to clean up albany with a whisk broom. the other, he might even use a mop. me, i'll clean out albany with a baseball bat. >> whoa! now, a few months ago, carl paladino was considered a fringe guy, a man who had virtually no chance to be governor of new york. listen to this, brand new poll
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among likely voters shows paladino just six points behind mr. cuomo. 49-43. that's beyond shocking. and he's shaking up the empire state big time. there's no question that after california, new york state is the most chaotic government in the country. new york may go into bankruptcy. the state yet is estimated at more than $60 billion. that's impossible to pay off. in addition, after new jersey, new york state is the highest tax state in the union. yet it continues to run up massive debt. i live in new york and here's what i'm looking at. roads falling apart. bad public schools in many areas. corrupt politicians all over the place. sky-high property taxes. terrorizing elderly people. state is a disaster and the legislature corrupt. andrew cuomo who was the housing and urban development secretary under president clinton is a traditional politician who is not mad as hell. >> i don't want to be part of a campaign that degrades state government. when you degrade government, you
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degrade the people of this state. >> so according to the poll, paladino could win. he's now in striking distance in a heavily democratic state. if mr. paladino pulls off the upset, the democratic party will be dealt a crushing blow nationwide. that's how intense the race is. and that's a memo. now for the top story tonight, a change in the tea party attacks. as you may know, the tea party was racist for about six months as the far left tried to demonize the movement. now things have changed. tea party is simply crazy. >> wouldn't it be smarter to say that the tea party people were somewhat deranged? au harry reid's opponent sounds like a mental patient. >> some of the tea party candidates are so extreme. >> donald's comments are raising eyebrows and some concerns from the g.o.p. establishment. >> the queen -- >> the crock pot of the first order. >> shows you how crazy the girl is, doesn't it? >> why? >> how many people do we have to have in office?
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>> all right. joining us now to react and also to critique my interview last night with jon stewart, fox news analyst laura ingraham, author of the big bestseller "the obama diaries." ok, so i guess they're not racist anymore, the tea party folks, they're now crazy. or maybe they're crazy racists. what do you think? >> bill, they also don't like baby seals, ok? >> oh, baby seals. >> baby seals are really bad, ok? bad situation. here's what i say to all the liberals and other cable channels that nobody watches. what's crazier? stating that you think the government is too big and needs to be dismantled, maybe a little too enthusiastically with a baseball bat. is that crazy or is it crazy to say that the stimulus actually created the millions of jobs that we were promised it was going to create or is it crazy to say that, hmm, cap and trade is going to help our economy or that obama care is going to bring down our insurance rates,
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you see, because, bill, for most people, what the establishment mostly on the left have promised, that stuff seems crazy to most people who are more in line with a lot of the tea party views than, frankly, you know, they're in line with the establishment left wingers. so it is -- the critique doesn't work. >> after a year of the tea party being prominent in the political discussion, it's there. it's there. it's not going to go away. >> right. >> it's established itself as a force in the upcoming election so what good does it do for all of these politicians and pundits to go on national television and insult all of these people? first, they're racist. now, they're crazy. what good does that do? i'm not getting it. >> i think, you know, spinning the plate on the -- on the stick. it's like look at this. look at this and that way, you don't really have to defend your own record. you don't really have to get engaminged in the substantive argument about whether cap and trade will actually cripple
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american business globally or is it going to be some engine of economic growth in our country. so these guys are crazy. you can't follow the crazy people. you've got to follow us, you know, we're pulling ourselves out of the ditch slowly but surely. i don't think it's going to work but as you and i have talked about before, bill, what else are they going to run on? the economy? >> they have in message and look, if you take ideology out of it and just be practical, i'll tell you that i know small business and this came out today, there's a report today, small business says we're not going to hire anybody want we can't pay the insurance rates for the next four years. we can't pay the premiums so we're not going to hire anybody. you're sitting around and going this isn't ideological. >> and bill, what i see -- >> it's basically business. it's business, not personal, sonny. you know? >> i agree 100%. bill, when you see barack obama hopping over backyard fences and basically inserting himself into backyard barbecues and i mean, this is -- come on. this is>> hopping over backyard
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-- >> build the fence higher. it looks ridiculous. you're still arguing for obama care. excuse me, what do you have on the hibachi today? the whole thing is looking ridiculous. i'm sorry. >> i don't mind the president going to the backyard barbecues. i wish he'd come to mine. >> exactly. >> right? i have lots of good food in the fridge. >> i'm sure he doesn't like the pinheads and patriots photo, bill. doesn't like that. >> very flattering photo. >> looks very gray in that photo. not a positive portrait. >> all right. now, me -- talk about positive portraits. >> oh! >> stewart and o'reilly last night. did you get anything out of that ber view? >> i did. you know what i felt after that? i was a bit saddened because jon stewart looked like the sad clown last night. you know, in the circus there's a happy clown and a clown with a straight face and there's the sad clown. he kind of seemed sad. he said, you know, barack obama governed as a visionary and he's like and now he's just a
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functionary and he didn't even seem like he -- he didn't even get in the shots at you that i thought he'd get. he seemed demoralized and deflated and o'reilly, you have to hold up that book that weighs 40 pounds of him that 12 people wrote, you went to hold that up and you just gratuitously flipped through that thing. >> it's not the kind of book that you read. you flip through it. >> you brought up the planet of the apes thing. you're hitting him when he's down and i just felt -- >> i'm not -- >> sad clown. >> i thought he gave as good as he got. i mean -- >> that was good. >> look, look, you made the clown analogy. we're not calling stewart a clown. i think stewart -- >> no. i mean, he's a comedian. he's sad. >> this is basic truth. i think stewart is the smartest guy in the entertainment, current affairs business. he's smarter than all the others and he's an honest guy. you're right. he's a liberal guy and
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disappointed with his vote. >> no, i just meant he's a comedian but he seems sad. he was disappointed. >> i would be sad, too. look, you were sad -- i remember interviewing you on this program when iraq went south. you were sad because bush was getting pounded. you were over in iraq yourself. >> yep. >> you knew things were rough for the guys and gals over there. you were sad. same thing for you. >> bill, i'm not a comedian. here's what i think that you really did bring out last night that was great is stewart is a smart guy and he knows when somebody lights up an audience, right? when somebody can light it up, he knows it. that's why he came on your show. that's why he has this derivative of reality, derivative to glenn beck but he knows that barack obama is in an auditorium now and the oxygen has been totally sucked out of it. that's what he knows. he knows entertainment. he knows show business. and he knows audience energy. and he feels it, that barack obama has lost it. i think that came through last night. i thought you brought that out. >> thanks as always, we appreciate it. we'd like you to vote in the
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bill o'reilly poll. which politician among the three is most conservative? sarah palin, newt gingrich, mit romney, you select one and tomorrow we'll give you the results of the poll. does barack obama have a handle on iran and radical islam? ahmadinejad spoke at the u.n. today. we will not tell you too much about what that nut said but a little. and later, megan kelly investigating police tasing some men. that story and others are coming. [ male announcer ] we went to germany's nurburgring to challenge ourselves on the most demanding track in the world. with us, in spirit, wasvery great car that we'd ever competed with. the bmw m5. and the mercedes-benz e63. for it was their amazing abilities that pushed us to refine, improve and, ultimately, develop the worls fastest production sedan.
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[ male announcer ] don't pay miles upcharges. don't play games. get the flight you want with the venture card at [ lovinit ] help! what's in your llet? >> in impact statement tonight, the president of iran mahmoud ahmadinejad spoke at the u.n. today with the usual nonsense, spouting off different theories about who was behind 9/11. >> some segments within the u.s. government orchestrated the attack to reverse the failing economy in order to save the zionist regime. the majority of the american people as well as most nations and politicians around the world agree with this view. >> unbelievable. it's just -- it's just unbelievable. we orchestrated the attack on ourselves to stimulate the economy. of course, the economy went into a recession after the attack.
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all right. does president obama have a handle on the dangerous iranian situation and on muslim fundamentalism in general? joining us from toronto, the author of the book "their jihad, not my jihad." all right, look, you know, i have to run this ahmadinejad up. i hate to do it. he's at the u.n. across the town today here in manhattan. but look, i don't -- i don't have any confidence and i'm not saying this in a negative way because i don't think president bush knew how to deal with iran either. that obama knows how to deal with these nuts over there, do you? >> well, first of all, let me say that it seems that in the history of the world there will always be short, funny looking men who threaten world peace and the jewish people. and president ahmadinejad certainly seems to be one of them. i don't think that the president really has a grip on this. you know, president obama is a leader of the free world. he is the president of the most powerful country in the world.
8:15 pm
when he shows weakness, it just gives people like hamas and hezbollah who are supported by iran a chance to flex their muscle. and to destablize the peace process. so certainly, there needs to be a little more backbone shown by the president of the united states. >> can you get more specific, though? here's what worries me and other people. ahmadinejad is crazy and the mullas behind him are, too. i think they'd go down in flames to ignite a world war on this planet so how do you deal with crazy people? >> i don't -- well, i don't think he's as crazy as everyone seems to think he is. he's a very clever man. he uses theatrics and the theater he's playing to is not americans. he's not playing to the american audience. he is playing directly to the middle east and to the -- yes, and to the iranian audience. this is where he gets his votes and this is where he gets his orders from as well. from some of the ayatollahs who
8:16 pm
think they are divinely guided. but he's a very clever man. he answers all his questions by asking questions back in return. >> beyond that, though, if we -- say we bomb the iranian nuclear facilities or allowed israel to do so, they'd start a world war. iran wants that. they'd start all kinds of trouble, every place in the world because they -- they want this kind of conflict so faced with that, it's a very difficult proposition for any american president. >> it is. but still, at the same time, this is not something that comes as a total surprise. the fact that he speaks -- denies 9/11, the fact that he denies the holocaust, it's not the first time he would use the terminology. >> when you say barack obama has to show more backbone, what does that mean? >> what it means is he should give him timeline, he should give him deadlines. he should call him out on his human rights abuses.
8:17 pm
>> if they don't meet it, what do you do? >> they have to take the action. but i believe that ahmadinejad is just trying to hook the president, trying to hook americans because he's constantly bashing americans and the zionists' calls it. this is the same terminology he uses time and again. come back from the united states. yes? >> would you advise the president, you know the world, you know the players, to take military action against iran if they basically say we're not going to stop the nuke program. would you say ok, we got to go. >> yes, he may have to do that, yes, he got to go. he has to first give him timelines and deadlines and ask him to come through. give him an opportunity to speak about the fact that, you know, they have nuclear arsenal and then after those deadlines and time lines are not met, the american president has to take action and do whatever he needs to do. >> all right. >> this is what he has to do with the fundamentalists and the radicals as well. >> i don't think you're going to see it from barack obama.
8:18 pm
>> showing this -- >> i could be wrong. thank you very much for appearing this evening. directly ahead, john stossel gives a union guy a very hard time. >> people say you union thugs are sucking the life out of america. >> you know what i say to that? i say that the movement is the greatest anti-poverty program that was ever developed. >> all right. stossel is next. [ male announcer ] what is performance? 0 to 60? or0 to 0? [ tires screech ] the quarter-mile, or a quarter-century? is performance about the joy of driving? or the importance... of surviving? to us, performance is not about doing one thing well. it is about doing everything well. because in the end... everything matters. the best or nothing. that is what drives us. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers on the c-class.
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>> stossel segment tone. john has a big special coming up. in that program, the mean guy stossel confronts a number of people including this union boss. >> people say you union thugs are sucking the life out of america. >> you know what i say to that? i'd say the movement is the
8:22 pm
greatest anti-poverty program ever developed. >> jobs are the best anti-poverty program. there's more job growth when you guys are not involved. >> that's absolutely false. the trade union movement and civil service in this country has been the gateway into the middle class. that's what this is about. >> all right. new, joining us is stossel. here he is. so your point is that unions are bad? >> that's one of the points, that the union benefits have become bad. they weren't bad in the beginning any more than the soviet union. >> the pensions, the disabilities, the time off, all of that stuff. >> the work rules. i mean, his workers, 51 bus drivers were spit on. they took on average 64 days off. >> just to clean the clothes? >> they claimed it was like an assault. but spit happens, you know. in the private sector, if something happens to you, you don't take 64 days off. >> if i took -- nobody spits on me because i have guys in front of me. >> yeah. >> every time my feelings were
8:23 pm
hurt and i took off, i'd never be on the air. you're saying in america, the unions, generally speaking, have become so powerful that they're running the country into bankruptcy? who are they hurting? >> the public sector unions are sucking the taxes out of every big city. >> all the pensions and all of those things, new york state, as we said at the top of the program is all in this debt. california, a lot of this stuff is going to the municipal workers who the state has to pay forever. >> and it's a money pump, the unions give money to the politicians. >> the politicians get elected and give it back to the unions. >> when the pension bill comes due, they're long gone. >> right. you also get into the tax structure where president obama wants to tax the rich. and you talk to donald trump, right? >> i do. show you a clip of that. let's roll the tape. >> they will leave the united states. i know these people. they're international people. whether they live here or live in a place like switzerland doesn't really matter to them. >> you haven't left. >> i haven't left yet.
8:24 pm
>> you going to leave? >> big story if i leave much the rich people are going to leave and other people are going to leave. you'll end up with lots of people that don't produce. and then that's the spiral. that's the end. >> trump is not going to leave the u.s.a., come on. no, he's not going to go. >> maryland passed a millionaire's tax that was supposed to bring in $100 million. they lost $200 million. >> is that true? >> the laughter curve is correct. >> let me stop you there much the state of maryland passes a millionaire's tax, ok, they think they're going to get a windfall of money coming in. when did they do that? >> recently? >> i don't know. about 10 years ago, i think. it was supposed to bring in $106 million. instead, revenue went down by $257 million. rich people are mobile. >> yeah, they can leave maryland and go to delaware or some place like that where the climate is better. new york state, that's happened here. >> that's right. governor paterson admits that. we bring in all this money, we didn't. >> where did they go, florida, texas?
8:25 pm
lebron james, best example. he signed with the miami heat and said i don't have to pay state tax in florida. he could have come to new york and played for the knicks but his tax bill would have been estimated like something like $15 to $20 million more than it is in florida. >> saving a ton of money. >> why, then, if the stats are in stone and you're going to give them, i assume, to the audience on saturday night at 9:00, why does president obama, then, who says he wants to raise tax money for his social justice programs go down a road that's going to make it more difficult to pay for this stuff? >> because they don't believe it will. >> how can you not believe if you have the stats in front of you? >> it's harder to leave the united states than it is to leave maryland or new york. not that many people will leave. instead, you devote all this energy to dodging taxes instead of creating wealth. >> my question is, if president obama sees you're special and sees these stats and knows by raising taxes on the rich, he's going to get less income, less
8:26 pm
revenue, why bother? >> i can't read the man's mind. he's wrong. >> you don't have a theory on it? >> i just think it's deep inside him, that it's just to take from the rich and give to the poor. that's what his fans want him to do. and he'll push that. >> even if he knows it's not going to lead to more revenue? >> i think he convinces himself it will lead to more revenue. >> that means he doesn't believe what you're telling him. >> that's right. >> how could that be possible? >> i don't know. why don't all of you believe what i'm telling you? >> i believe you, stossel. >> sometimes. >> watch his show, stossel's show on saturday at 9:00 and sunday at 8:00. plenty more ahead as the factor moves ahead this evening. three more teachers accused of having sex with young students. is this an epidemic in america? megan kelly investigating police tasing some guys that led them to a high speed chase in florida. now the cops might be in trouble. host: could switching to geico really save you 15% or more on car insurance?
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>> controversial story out of dade county, florida. three men in a car chased by police through two counties putting pedestrians at great risk, of course. finally, their stolen car crashed. there it is. bang! and police apprehended the men using taser guns. >> we've got the police officers taking this guy down here. we're going to stay with this just for a second here. we don't want to lose -- ok, they have guns drawn. he's on the ground. that is the subject in custody there. we're going to swing back over. stay on this for a second here. hang on. he's complying with police officers to stay still as they cuff him now. more officers showing up here on the scene. another officer running over. ok, we've got the suspects in the vehicle being dragged out here. we have one guy being dragged by his heel. he's complying with the police officers, too. he's over want we got more guys trying to force the driver here out of the vehicle. a lot happening here, folks. we're trying to show you everything that we can. obviously the driver and the passengers did not want to stop and finally ended up in a crash here when the police officer
8:31 pm
tipped the back of the vehicle. got it to spin out. collided with two parked vehicles here in hilea. >> now, incredibly some people want the police investigated. here with us, attorney and fox news anchor megan kelly. i'm watching your program yesterday "america live" as opposed to america deceased and you have some pinhead lawyer saying the cops did the wrong thing. >> there are questions being raised about whether the police handled this correctly and the police department has opened an investigation. >> have to do that. >> which they say is standard procedure, right? they have to look into whether the police did the right thing, number one, in pursuing the suspects to begin with and number two, in the beatdowns that we saw that happened afterwards. >> wait. i didn't see any beatdowns. i saw a guy dragging him out, tasing him -- >> here's the one thing. >> i'd tase him, too, wouldn't you? >> then the other guy, i call him shirtless wonder, you'll see this if a bit. he gets pulled out. >> you'd tase this guy,
8:32 pm
wouldn't you? the guys run away. you tase him. he's down. >> shirtless wonder, here he goes. moving. moving. moving. >> and he dropped something. >> not moving anymore. not moving. and the allegation is because there was overuse of the taser and now these guys, there's a little punching going on. >> he's not getting out of the car. >> i'm not condemning the police. i'm saying this is what -- i predict -- >> you're anchoring this program, "america live" and this lawyer comes on and says these guys did what? why were the police wrong? >> the lawyers actually were not condemning the police on my program. >> i heard they were criticizing. >> no. >> homicide detective and kimberly gailfoil. >> i was playing the part of their lawyers saying -- i can tell you, listen, i practiced law for nine years much this is what's going to happen. they'll get their defense attorneys appointed to them and at this moment, the plaintiffs attorneys are calling them saying i'll help, too, because there's a deep pocket down there and that was police brutality and it was caught on camera.
8:33 pm
i can make a case. >> but it wasn't. >> i'm telling you, there will be plaintiffs lawyers. >> we know there are sleazy lawyers all over the place that will lie. >> there are some jurors who love to condemn police behavior. >> we saw that in o.j. simpson, didn't we? >> we did. let me tell you what happened here. these guys -- it's not a sympathetic case. these guys were apparently planning to go crime spree. they wanted to rip off someone's garden and lawn equipment. lawn and outdoor equipment and a police officer spotted a suspicious incident, they gave chase and they ran one, two, three, they were in a stolen car and rammed three police cars in the course of this chase not to mention up on the sidewalk and going 100 miles an hour in residential areas so finally the police did the pit maneuver ask they don't know what they're going to find. >> are these ex-cons? >> yes, they are. they have a long rap sheet, all three of them. felony convictions, some happened at different points in their life. >> let me ask you something. say you're right and the sleazy lawyers come in and they file, ok? can a judge just basically look at the video, look at who these
8:34 pm
guys are and just throw it out like that and sanction a lawyer? >> no, because that would be a finding of fact. any case that comes down to a finding of fact has to go to a jury or a judge. >> so anybody can file any kind of frivolous thing, any kind of absurd thing, accuse anybody of anything and it has to go through the system. >> the only way to get out without having to go that route is it's an issue of law and a judge can look at the law and say that doesn't apply. that's the minority of cases, unfortunately. >> these guys will be convicted of the crime far beyond -- >> oh, yeah. now the list of crimes is, you know, way bigger than -- >> so they're going to prison. but while they're in prison, the other lawyers will be trying to get them money. >> i guarantee you, any criminal defense attorney will call up his friend, the plaintiff's lawyer and say the best defense is a good offense. >> let's do a factor american live joint thing on this. we'll get the lawyers who do this and put their faces on the screen and everything and let everybody know who they are.
8:35 pm
>> they'll love that because the lawyers who will do this, who will file the lawsuit in this, they're already on the screen saying call me at 1-800-i'd sue. >> i don't know how much they'll love it when they're not advertising we're going to tell everybody who they are. i think we'll have to do that. kind of like the judge who gives lenient sentences to the child molesters, i think we have to do the same campaign on those lawyers. >> sometimes you're wrong about the judges. you've made a nice difference in the members of the judicial system accountable. >> so nice of you to say that. >> we'll hold kelly over because she just said that. is there an epidemic of female teachers molesting young students? "sesame street" boots katy perry. sears bonus days are here!
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>> thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly. is there an epidemic of female
8:39 pm
teachers molesting teenage boys in america. three women under scrutiny in a plea deal in upstate new york. this woman, i can't say her last name, marla haskins somebody. what's her punishment? >> she's accused of using a cell phone to entice a young boy into sex and then -- auto ahow old is the boy? >> 16 years old and having oral sex with a 17-year-old boy. >> in a classroom, correct? >> in a classroom during school hours. >> shfs a high school teacher, correct? she admitted it, right? >> she admits it and apparently, this only equates to endangering the welfare of a minor. and she pleaded guilty to that as well as official misconduct. it's not rape and child molestation because the one she had sex with was 17. that's over the age of consent. now she's offering a guilty plea and she's been -- the guilty plea has been accepted or about to be. she'll serve 30 days in jail and have three years in probation. >> 30 days. >> that's it. >> if it was reversed and it was
8:40 pm
a man teach aer and a female student. >> i don't know. i agree it's a double standard. >> the double standard may be explainable because of the strength of the man. that's why -- that's what i always see here. >> what? >> that men are strong and can force themselves on people whereas women -- i think that's the mentality. >> no, nine times out of 10, these situations are not forcible rape. it's a manipulation. >> i understand. that's the mentality. >> that's why we have statutory rape in this country. >> you would have given this person what? 30 days and three years probation. >> i would have liked to serve serious jail time. year in jail. fine for me for doing what she did. >> i agree with that. we go to south carolina and we have two teachers down there, right or -- >> two teachers, elementary school teachers who are having sort of sex parties off campus but nonetheless with students going and supplying them with booze. the one on the right, sarah lindsay is charged with having sexual contact with a minor
8:41 pm
between the ages of 11 and 14. 11 and 14 and both are accused of giving pot and booze to young kids who showed up there and now they're both behind jail. the one on the left was $25,000 bond and got out. the one on the right is $5,000 to get out. >> $25,000 and $50,000. >> they had to post that much. >> i'm right. as usual, kelly. those are easy postings. they're in spartanburg, south carolina, which is, you know, rural place. regular folks. they do this horrible stuff. how do they think they're going to get away with it when their kids -- kids are going to talk about this. how could you not think of it? you have an 11-year-old you're giving pot and booze. >> how do you have sex with a student in your classroom? there's something reckless about it and there's something you can't rationally explain the irrational. >> that means they're either crazy, i mean, mentally ill which i think they probably are. or there's this permissive
8:42 pm
epidemic going on around because we're seeing more and more of thee cases. >> i think -- my own personal theory and i'm not some psychiatrist. there's a neediness. a need to feel admired and attractive and it is rooted in little girls that plague them to adulthood. if you get the attention from 14-year-old boys instead of acting like an adult and saying he's a kid. let's nip that in the bud. it feeds some need of them and they feel the need to exploit it. that's disgusting and no less accepting than they're women and these guys are boys. >> they know their whole life is going to blow up. they do it anyway. >> maybe that's the -- maybe they feed off the danger, too, you don't have sex in your classroom unless there's something, you know, some jones to the danger. >> all right. now we have another police -- i don't know, excessive police action. >> alleged brutality. >> all right. this one is oklahoma. roll the tape on this one. 50-year-old woman doesn't like what happened in some kind of case. >> on the left here.
8:43 pm
she's being man handled here and upset about how she handled the investigation of the death of another worcester investigation. really? really? is that really necessary? he claims she was wearing -- she was using profanity so i had to place her under arrest. i told her not to use profanity and calm down. she wouldn't. did she look like a huge threat? look at her. i'm willing to give the cops a break if the situation calls for it. i think this guy just overreacted. don't be a punk yourself. calm down. tell her to get out. escort her out. don't arrest her and claim she's resisting arrest and take her legs out from under her. >> what was the woman charged with? >> resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, i guess. no, he decided not to charge her with disorderly conduct because she was complaining about possible injury. >> this is a judge. >> no, this is the police. >> so would the police have taken it to a prosecutor.
8:44 pm
>> they arrested her. resisting arrest was the main -- >> you think unlike the other case where if the lawsuit comes it's ridiculous and frivolous, this is legit? >> listen, i think he has a case, all right? i don't think the cop doesn't have a leg to stand on. he can make an argument for himself but i really think this is an example of how not to act. most police officers are bigger men than this. right? the lady comes in and she's being disrespectful. bad on her. but be a man. know how to understand a volatile situation without doing a leg swipe on, you know, a woman that is with the gray hair and the overweight and obviously, is not posing that big of a threat. >> all right. megyn kelly, everyone. we appreciate it. coming right back with the oldest man in the world. he lives in montana. wait until you hear this. and then "sesame street" gives katy perry, the pop singer the boot. she's edited out of that program. kermit broken hearted. we'll tell you why. tylenol 8 hour lasts 8 hours.
8:45 pm
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>> back in the book segment tonight, great american news quiz. here they are. quiz kids in person. fox news anchor martha playing for don kirk from pennsylvania and steve doocy representing tamara lawson from rodeo, new mexico. >> yahoo! >> if you'd like in on the action, sign on for the quiz and win great prizes. no chatter tonight. i know everybody wants to play the game. one of prep's pettish use has been fighting global warming. >> this issue of global warming is something that obviously young people are very, very concerned about. and rightfully so because this is real. i know that george bush thought it was a hoax for about seven
8:49 pm
years. he doesn't believe in science generally. >> whoa! that's a little harsh. now, president obama's science czar wants to replace the term global warming with what phrase? a, earthly heating. b, catastrophic change. c, chaotic weather patterns. d, global climate disruption. what is the new global warming? cards up, please. the answer is correct. global climate disruption. very good. all right. roll it. it's a tie. question number 2, jimmy carter making the roun this week promoting a new book. he claims health care reform would have been enacted decades ago had it not been for which politician, a, ted kennedy,cards up, please. doocy, get the wrist up. the answer is roll the tape. >> the fact is that we would have had comprehensive health care now had it not been for ted kennedy's deliberately blocking the legislation that was proposed in 1978 or 1979.
8:50 pm
>> you blame teddy for the failure? >> exactly. >> miss cleo was in touch with the departed ted kennedy that says bull. i don't have a lot of faith in miss cleo. that's what she does for a living. >> four bucks a minute. >> here's number 3. president clinton was lampooned his appetite. >> i'm manager of the store and i just want to thank you for stopping by again. >> well, thank you, kevin. you got a real american family place here. is it too late for an egg mcmuffin? >> normally we stop serving breakfast at 11:00 but for you. should i scare up some of the greasy sausage patties you like? >> read my mind! >> now, after a couple of heart attacks or i should say scares in recent years, mr. clinton has dialed it back. what did bill clinton credit for his recent good health? a, weight lifting. b, not eating meat or dairy.
8:51 pm
c, swimming. b, the cabbage soup diet which is delicious. which is it that bill clinton is attributing his current state of health? cards up, please. and the answer is b, mccallum lurches into the lead. he does not eat meat or dairy. i'm not believing that by the way. i think late at night. >> cheeseburger. >> he's getting the dominoes with all the sausage on it. >> absolutely. >> question number 4. fox has announced that jennifer lopez and aerosmith's steven tyler will replace simon cowell as judges on "american idol." >> ♪ for the very first time >> i think you're possibly the worst singer in the world. i've never, ever heard anything like that in my life. >> there's a boogie-woogie bugel boy in company b. >> thank you, that was horrible. >> there you go. now, what is the name of cowell's new music competition program? a, simon says. b, the x factor. c, america's got cowell. d, sing for your supper. what is the name of the new
8:52 pm
program? cards up, please. and the answer is b, the x factor. mccallum has gotten them all right. this is stunning. you know the odds in vegas of you winning are like 20-1 now but she's scorching tonight. here's the last question. walter bruning marked his 114th birthday tuesday in great falls, montana. >> you can't remember me only with tears, then don't remember me at all. and to get the most out of life, enjoy what we have accomplished. >> at first i thought that was larry king but it isn't. >> whoa! >> come on, it's just a jest! he was born in 1896, the same year that which american state was admitted as the 45th in the union. a, wisconsin, b, indiana, c, idaho, d, utah. when was walter born, which state in with walter? cards up, please. this is it, let's go. on the table. the answer is d.
8:53 pm
utah. >> yes! >> last minute. a last minute. all right. i'm going to get both don kirk and tamara wins the prizes. easy, doocy. i know that's the highlight of your life. >> they were actually good questions tonight. >> ahh! >> real questions. >> ok, martha. pinheads and patriots on deck. tonight, katy perry gets edited out of "sesame street." say it ain't so! right back with p&p. introducing the samsung fascinate powered by verizon.
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>> bill: pinheads and patriots in a moment. president obama heckled again. first i want to thank you again for making pinheads and patriots the best selling nonfiction book in america this week. appreciate you guys supporting my book after all these year. if you buy a copy on we'll send you this excellent tote bag free of charge. now to the mail. fernando: mr. o', you were rude and condescending to jon stewart. mike: you made me laugh out loud you should go on the road. carl: thought the discussion with stewart was dull, to say the least. jeremy: the factor was hilarious. since the news is depressing we can all use the humor. robert: bill, nice softball interview with stewart.
8:57 pm
why didn't you press him when he said he didn't buy the messiah stuff? might be because he is jewish robert didn't think he need add explanation. perhaps i was wrong. jon stewart made you look silly this evening. as you know dell, that is not hard to do. mary: astounding you rendered stewart speechless. why to go bill! melanie: stewart is a stand-up guy for putting up with your sarcasm o'reilly. i hope he roasts you monday. the entire interview uncut is posted on a portion will be featured tomorrow on the factor in the dumbest things of the week segment. aaron: pinheads and patriots is a great read. thank you for helping me see the pinhead in myself as well as the patriot. you're welcome. thank you for reading my book. lynn:
8:58 pm
great book now i'm as not as scare for my country your interview with bomb ma and comments on it are terrific. finally pinheads and patriots the tv deal. as we reported katy perry caused a bit of a stir on sesame street. ♪ ♪ you're up and you're down your fast and you're slow. ♪ ♪ >> bill: now the sesame street people say they are editing miss perry out of the program. apparently too much for kermit. are they patriots for doing that? you make the call many on the pinhead front. gay activists continue to heckle the president. >> the president: some of those signs should be going up at the other folks.
8:59 pm
because, because the choice in november could not be clearer. we heard your point. as i said before we increased funding. the people that potentially will take over if we don't focus on this election, i promise you will cut aids funding. >> bill: during his presidency george w. bush spent more than 30 billion to combat aids. is mr. obama being a pinhead on the subject? quite possibly. that is it for us. check out the fox news factor website talking points memo different from we would like you to spout off from anywhere around the world. name a town if you wish to opine when writing to the factor do not be feckless. thanks for watching, i am bill o'reilly remember the spin stopgh


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