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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  September 24, 2010 3:00am-4:00am EDT

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better. wake people up. get them out to the >> thank you, andy. >> hang yourself you muddy conger. >> you thread upon my patience. >> out of my sight. thoud so t infect my eyes. let's welcome our guests. i am here tonight with, yes, it is carrie keegan, first time onset.
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lead anchor and writer for no good tv and the host of rock and roll fantasy camp that starts on vh1 classic. she is so hot that fire wears carrie keegan proof pajamas. >> complicated, but true. >> it is the legendary dark night of the democrats. the fox news contributor. he knows votes like i know goats. there is bill shultz. he smells of cat food and imminent death. and next to me is joe delorosa. and his crappy pages only line cages. >> look at minola's review in the art section. apparently it is about a book with a face on it that the younger generation loves, greg. speaking of love, carrie keegan is onset today. i would give her a paper cut. all right, well, the
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republicans have unveiled their pledge to america. it can only be described as pledgee. their so-called promises include ending all job-killing tax hikes and immediate reduction in federal spending, repealing healthcare reform and replacing it with a giant bunny. demanding that terrorism suspects be kept off u.s. soil and deporting -- the best of all, deporting justin bieber to another country, preferably hawaii. con congressional republican #r*z pushing jobs overseas and blow a $700 billion hole in the deficit to give tax cuts to millionaires and billionaires and turn social security from a guaranteed benefit into a guaranteed gamble. they also added that if the pledge were to succeed, the flesh of orphans would be used as coasters in the private hovercraft. meanwhile, here is the most depressing ad in western
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civilization. >> there is mourning in america. today, 15 million men and women won't have the opportunity to go to work. business has shuddered. 2900 families will have their homes foreclosed by night fall. this afternoon 6,000 men and women will be married, each of their children to be born with a $30,000 share of the run away national debt. our government is now taking over the choices we once made in life. there is mourning in america. under the leadership of president obama, our country is fading and weaker and worse off. his policies were a grand experiment, policies that failed. this november, let's choose a smaller, more caring government, one that remembers us.
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>> i want to kill myself. i want to slit my neck and then my wrists. this raises the question, the mo important -- the most important question of all, can you eat spaghetti in a burka? >> the answer is yes you can eat spaghetti in a burka. the show is over. everybody go home. >> wow. >> joe, i go to you first. let's talk about the ad. i know you, joe. that ad made you feel good. >> i loved it. i loved it.
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i don't agree that it is obama's fault for the state we are in, but i love the ad. i always subscribed to a harsh pessimistic outlook. it keeps me grounded. this ad is saying we are screwed. we know we are screwed. we are rubbing our nose in the fact we are screwed. don't do anything. we are screwed. >> pat, you have been doing this for years. what is your take on the pledge? is there anything that perked your interest? >> no. can i talk about the ad for a second? >> yeah. >> for those of you all too young to remember, this ad was made by supporters of ronald reagan and to mock -- not to mock, but to emulate the morning in america 26 years ago in the 24 campaign. and fred davis who made this, this is one of the most devastating -- >> it really is. >> do you know why? fred is a genius, have i to tell you.
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>> and he is a great dancer. >> and let me tell you something, he is a wild drinker. >> that explains everything. >> when you have republicans who drink wildly, and i know them. they are interesting. but he managed to -- it is so slow. it is not one of the beat you over the head that is the idiot commercial. >> it is a slow drip, drip, drip of death. >> there is nothing more devastating than a sad wasp. did you see that guy in the khakis? >> i want to talk 20* carrie. carrie, what was missing 1234 what do you think was missing? >> michael vey, and a few victoria secret models and a few demon sheep. if you get all three of those things together, the kids willisen, gregment they will pay attention. >> do you think the republicans will get a bounce from an ad like that? >> we all get bouncy. >> they will be bouncing up
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and down a lot more from that than they did from their pledge. i just want to point out the brilliance of the republicans at work. they chose the day that the president goes to the u.n to make a major speech. and we have our wonderful friend from iran giving a speech. by the way, screwing up traffic. i almost said the bad word. really doing the traffic thing in new york. they pick this day to unveil their big plan. >> which was smart. >> no one will pay attention. it was a strategy. to get attention it was done. >> bill, what is the big problem? >> here is the problem -- they are pledging to america. according to that ad, america is dead. >> the actual pledge to america, not the commercial. >> the actual pledge to america, well, it is long on rhetoric and short on specifics. it was a lot of the stuff i heard before, but in bullet form fashion. >> it is 2 one-pages. 2one-pages is too long for me. >> it doesn't deal with the
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good stuff. let's talk about our corruption, our leaders. notice it says no more earmarks and we are not paying ourselves anymore? >> i didn't appreciate the fonts. >> not from anybody in the political class. common sense in political ads does not work. >> the problem with pledges, you break -- they should have called it something else like stuff we're thinking about. that way if they don't do it, it is okay. or they go in the opposite direction and they call it a blood covenant. >> if they had done that -- if they wanted anybody to believe them, they needed to cut their wrists together and do the whole bit and say we are there. >> for the record, i don't believe in anything either party tells me. i think they are poisoning the well so they can steel our money. >> the voice of the american people ready for judgment. >> last word to you. >> there is something missing from this whole thing, and that is the happy ending nosh tiff.
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-- initiative. and also the page protection program. it is very important stuff. >> carrie, explain to me as slowly as possible what the happy initiative is? >> it is when all of the hookers and blow is free for everyone! >> it is like christmas for grown, married men! >> is this on a ballot in california? >> we have to move on from the gop to the pbs. katy perry recently visited "sesame street." she brought her boss so manies. she was supposed to tape a reworked version of "hot and cold" but her visit had parents up in arms over her lack in fabric. the cowards at qs sesame street" releaseded a statement. in light of the feedback we received on the katy perry music video released on youtube, we decided not to released this on tv which is
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aimed at preschoolers. let's look at the offending video. >> oi boy, that tickles. that is outrageous, but it is the wrong tape. >> ♪ you were gonna change ♪ you are up and you are down ♪ ♪ you're fast and you're cold ♪ ♪ you're yes and you're no ♪ he's too quick for me >> keep playing it. >> we had to end it because it
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ends with a three-way with kermit. >> that is terrible. >> that's why they are outraged. carrie you are the expert on clear veg. by the way, she does not hold a candle to you. >> you could hold a candle in those. >> i have. i burned my chin though. >> did she choose the wrong outfit? >> i think someone chose the wrong outfit. it is "sesame street." but it is nothing compared to next week's episode where me and bill actually teach them the lessons of the four-letter words. right, elmo? >> you mean me as a puppet. if you are looking for the hole it is lower. >> i need to wash. >> it is the puppet show! what? >> what is your take on katy perry? >> my take is, a, i am annoyed that's what passes for cleavage on television. and b, i think the reason elmo was running away is he was embarassed of being aroused. it was only a matter of time before viewers said, what is
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that furry worm puppet popping up at the bottom of the screen. >> he popped a fluffy. >> my grandkids watch things -- lady gaga -- this poor girl first of all she is attractive. i didn't think it was overdone. i thought the legs were also fantastic. >> he's a leg man. >> i thought the whole thing -- and i have never seen her do this before. i thought, this is amazing. what are they objecting to? they could have had the wonderful mexican reporter ms. inez could have been on. >> i think in a weird way you are proving their point. i think what they are objecting to is that he likes it so much. >> they have this unintentional male audience watching "sesame street." >> dad says, no i will watch with him. >> my grand grandkids would never know what is wrong with them. this was innocent. they would think it was nice. >> until the show is sponsored by the letters o, m, f, g and
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the number 60 nib -- 69. >> wow, we are getting letters. >> when i was watching tv, "the dukes of hazard" was a kid show. and daisy duke, you could have taken a donkey ride down her clear veg. it was a good nice lesson. >> don't forget daisy. uncle jesse's rack was amazing and half the time it was buttoned down to here. >> bill, let's face it. globally, look at this. "sesame street" the most overrated tv show in the history of the world. there was nothing good about "sesame street." it was in a ghetto. people lived in trashcans. >> the only way you would enjoy it is if you were high. what kind of message is that to the kids? >> i didn't have a problem with this. kids have books in their -- boobs in their face all the time. it is called breastfeeding.
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katy perry has some majorly crazy eyes. i have never seen her look not nuts. i feel bad for russell brand because she will murder someone, greg. that is going to happen. >> she does have wild eyes. >> she has crazy eyes. >> but that means she is good had in bed, right? >> yeah, he is enjoying himself right now. >> we have to move on. from hiding jugs to silencing thugs. do you know what time it is? besides my back rub, it is time for another awesome outburst from kris kristy. this time he was at a town hall meeting with meg whitman, that rich woman running for california governor. some dude shouted to wit man, quote, you look like arnold sharts shart in a dress. that's when -- you look like arnold schwarzenegger in a dress. that's when kristi came to the rescue. >> you know what, it is people who raise their voices and yell and scream like you that are dividing this country. we are here to bring this country together and not to divide it.
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>> well there is one thing you learned today, don't mess with a fat guy that can move. you were turned on, carrie. >> i was a little bit. >> your heart was beating. >> there was something about a jersey guy that can take care of the situation. he is taking care of business, and then he is off to the gym and then tanning and laundry. >> i don't know about the gym. >> joe, he is a big, fat guy without a tele prompter. this is the anti-obama. this is our next president or republican nominee. that's how i look at it. >> really? >> yeah, but i'm stupid. >> i think the guy is a hump. >> that's a good word. >> they are both humps. they are getting in each other's face. one hump is pointing his finger and the other hump is getting in his face. they are not doing anything. real men do things with their fists. >> they talk really loud so you know they are arguing and you know he won because he kept getting loud. >> he came to the defense of
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that poor, helpless woman, meg whitman, the billionaire, and all her money. he went up to the guy and put his finger in his face, and you knew he was from jersey that the next step would have been he punched him. that guy is a former councilman in west hollywood. in california as we know, has become a total mismatch of words. a contridiction in terms. but he goes all the way to california and does the same act he does in jersey which was fantastic. he is gonna get carried to the white house if he keeps this up. >> this guy is a populous figure. i don't agree with some of the things, but -- like we talked about the republican pledge. they have the pledge, but they don't have the person. this could be the personment. >> because he is delivering. and by the way, what he has done with the union, i don't know if you did that exchange that he had with the union,
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the teacher, and then he said about him being killed, it was like, go ahead and try, make my day. >> bill, you love bears. you are going to be happy with this. >> i don't know how hairy he is. he has to have an open collar for me to compare his fairness. andy levy brought up a good point. the one person who was not happy was meg whitman. he is defending her and she is there with her oversized fan getting the vapors. she does not look strong or confident. >> exactly. that's what irritated me about it. i'm a comedian, greg. i don't know if you knew that. i would like a big, strong man to defend me every time i get heckled. i don't get that special treatment because i'm not a girl. you know what i mean? >> that ain't equal. >> it made her look weak, i agree with you. >> but the question is, we didn't see what happened before. >> she handled herself well.
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he just finally had had it with the guy. if you had seen the context, she handled it well, but he got ticked off like a man wood. -- man would. he went down there and stood up for the lady. i hope she gives him money when she runs. >> before that she started a four-car pile up because she couldn't parallel park. >> they never can. and then she was mad because you left the toilet seat up. what is it like to create a hideous mall formed goat baby in your basement lab? carrie keegan explains her new hobby. first, what is going on here? stick around and you will find out. f@@
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they but the booze in the pt cruise -- er. but they were not sly about getting high. while taxpayers are keeping the auto industry afloat, an undercover investigation showed employees smoking pot and drinking beer on their lunch break. less than two months after president obama praised the workers in a speech, they let a selected fox reporter explain. >> less than two months ago president barack obama himself stood on the floor of the jefferson north plant and spoke to a cheering crowd of workers. who wouldn't applaud the man who signed off on more than $6 billion of government money to save their job? >> i want all of you to know that i will stand by the american worker any day of the week? >> we got a tip some chrysler workers were using their lunch break to catch a buzz. we started following them five days after president obama's
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visit. we caught them day after day hitting up the party store and then hitting the public park to found beers. oh, and did i mention a little smokin? the party break is up at 11:22. and by 11:25, everybody is backt the factory on time. >> wow. the point is they are punctual. top executives called the behavior totally cool. no, they said it was unacceptable. while we don't know if smoking pot influenced the cars coming off the production line we decided to look at chrysler's 2011 pod del to see if they did. can we see the first one? anymore 1234* got another one? look at this one. that was a good trip. that was a bad trip. >> he had a little more than something. >> someone has to answer to that one stoned person.
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munchies again. >> those are the hybrids. >> and here is andy's favorite. >> it is a [bleep] mobile. >> the last one is possibly the worst. >> my mom used to drive a pt cruiser. >> we don't have much time. heavy machinery, shouldn't be doing drugs. >> this is what the bailout did, taking over gm and chrysler, and it is your money at work right there producing the best cars in the world. you saw that spot. it is ove. that's the american way. >> how is this different from a three martini lunch? >> absolutely not at all. they live in detroit. what else are they going to do? >> they could hurt somebody. >> this is like "mash." this is the spirit of "mash." this is what makes america a great country.
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>> if they want to chug on their lunch break, so be it. >> what kills me about it is it is the uh belying tore -- obligatory song and dance. this is what blue collar guys do and what they always have done. the executives come back from lunch after drinking martinis and say how terrible it is. >> white collar workers do it every day, but they don't operate machinery. these guys operate machinery. >> well, here is the thing -- >> well, they bankrupt the country. >> my hope is they don't work on the heavy machinery part. my hope is there is something better like a test driver. >> this should really piss you off. we just bailed these suckers out. now in a sense you are paying for their drugs. you are paying for their drugs. that has to upset you. >> yeah, but just from the look at the joint that was schwag weed.
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>> their defense should be, why were you drinking on-the-job? because i lost my thumb putting that gear shift in last week. >> okay. >> by the way, poor obama, when it rains it pours. it is his plant he went to. >> it is not a good thing to do when operating machinery. i am doing this so we don't get in trouble. >> bad, very bad. >> don't do it. it is like having surgery. >> get a profession and side kic cee ery. >> and is demi lava toe the new salina gomez? and are office romances a thing of the past? so why does my desk try to hump the coffee machine?
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is he a philanthropist or a phony? facebook founder mark zuckerberg is donating $1 million to the new york, new jersey school system. didn't know they had one. what for? well, newark was one of the worst school systems. only half of the students graduate. and of those, only a fifth go on to four-year colleges. the rest sadly become werewolves. but critics question the timing of the donation. they say the billionaire is simply polishing his image due to the released of the film "the social network" that talks about facebook and
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zuckerberg's rise to riches and fame. it paints him as a socially awkward, jerky jerk face, jerk. they say the donation is expected on friday on something called "the oprah winfrey show" whatever that is. it can't be more exciting than a dancing baby el -- elephant playing harmonica. >> good luck competing with that oprah show. is this timing a coincidence with the movie coming out? >> i think, yeah. he had no idea that the timing of this would be so spot on. >> i was screaming and talking. >> who is down there? who is down there? >> how long have you worked here? >> apparently chelsea invaded our crew room. that will not happen normally. >> speaking of mammary glands. >> thanks for the memories
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guys. >> the movie portrays the serving of certain drugs by women who have exposed them. >> you have seen my staring role. >> i would say the kids of newark would appreciate that donation a lot more than the money. >> if he wanted to get them educated that would have been better. >> this is a good point. $100 million and they are spending 22 grand on each student. so it is not money that matters. right? >> look, i think whether -- whatever the motive is, money donated to supposedly struggling students and i would do the same thing. every time i put a dollar into a stripper's g-string, i am just doing it to get through school. >> you are like a mini mark zuckerberg. is the money going nowhere? >> first of all, that's not
3:33 am
the problem with education. they need to be inspired. i had a better idea. inspire them the way they were ment to be inspired. cocaine on breasts work. >> i am willing to be the substitute teacher. >> you know, you could revolutionize education overnight if you went to newark. >> can you cue the van halen music. >> it comes with money and other things. >> go ahead. >> i was just going to ask you, what makes you think -- i know they are spending $22,000, but what makes you think the extra hundred million will not make a difference? >> they throw money at a problem and it never, would. >> feel free to throw money. >> they can make it rain. >> that hundred million would help out starting with us. >> we spend more money in the district of columbia per student than anywhere in the country by far. the schools get worse.
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by the time that money manages and gets through the new jersey, newark political machine, how much you see in the classroom, better to do what i suggested. it would be better for the kids. they would actually get something. >> bill, if you had the money -- say you had his wealth and you had the hundred million to give away, what would you do with 100 million to give away? >> i would donate to charities in columbia. there is a lot of struggling workers down there, greg. they could use my pocket change. i would say this is insulting. this is how zuckerberg views us peons as too stupid to see the big picture. it never occurred to him that we would be bright enough to see the parallel of the movie portraying him badly and the fact he is now giving them $100 million. if he was really a stand up guy, he would have waited sixes -- six months or a year. >> this is insulting. he thinks he is pulling one
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over. from facebook to vucking face -- sucking face? the practice of jealous cubicle dwellers claiming off sexual relationships hurt department morale. oh my goodness. the equal opportunity -- too bad our cameras are not on this. >> speak slowly, greg. >> the cameras are not on you right now. >> speak slowly, greg. >> it grew by 23% in 2008. it is roughly twice the rate of all other harassment suits. 170 investigators across the country are addressing the problem. experts say it comes down to a crappy economy along with jerks being jerks. employees who fear for their jobs are making sexual favoritism complaint as a means of ensuring job security. let's go to see an infraction as it is happening.
3:36 am
>> the worst part is that shoe is saw bored net and the turtle is the ceo. >> it is about power and not sex. >> i had no idea the turtle could make an "o" mouth like that. i am impressed. >> isn't this is a party pooper? >> how are you supposed to sleep your way to middle management? >> it is a party pooper. >> and do they have to police everything? can't a man just make mistakes anymore? can't he be left alone saying i shouldn't have banged deb from accounting. it was a bad move. >> that's why they are making
3:37 am
"mad men." >> you have run a lot of campaigns. >> there is nothing greater than happens at a campaign. it is co of ed. -- co-ed. >> they have tour buses. >> hollywood wouldn't work if this didn't function. by the way, when i read the prep material, by the way we do study for, this i was impressed to know that people are worried about the fact that they are going down. these relationships are declining in the office because they think it gives people motivation to go to work. >> he said going down. >> you see, this is always the way it is. it was all to him. we were left out. >> i want to make an important point. studies show that women in the workplace, it creates productivity precisely for the reason. bill, you had a lot of office romances, but often with the janitors. >> well, i would glare at myself.
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>> yeah, you would press against the window. >> people want to work together. they produce. >> just say it. >> and you go to the bar and you drink and talk about work and then go home with them. last word. >> i love they keep calling it an "office romance." there is nothing romantic about it. it is two people so miserable at their jobs that spending the day sounds appealing. >> getting a pencil stuck in your ass is not romantic. >> that was a mistake. i am so sorry. one time it happened. >> over here, people. do you have aent which on the show? e-mail us at fox news .com. and to leave a voicemail, call 212-462-5050. still to come, a report from andy levy. >> tonight's half time report is brought to you by laziness. the inclination of performing a certain task without the ability to do so. thanks, lazy they.
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-- laziness.
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welcome back. let's see if we have anything wrong so far. for that we go to andy levy. the clone knees -- clonies came to play. >> yes, es -- especially the midstryker. >> he had his game hoop on. >> yeah, he did. and a sprained tail too. >> incredible. >> the pledge to america. greg, you said part of the pledge was a vow to deport justin bieber to another country, preferably hawaii. >> yes. >> not in the pledge. >> wishful pledging, if you will. >> and you mentioned nancy pelosi's spokesman ditched the pledge. and one of the things you said was if the pledge were to succeed, it would be used in the private hover hovercraft. i thought you were i can making it up, but it is on page 33. >> it is one of the few honest things they have done in a
3:43 am
longtime. orphans are overrated and coasters are under rated. >> some republicans are not high on the pledge either. eric erickson calls it, quote, perhaps the most ridiculous thing to come out since george mccleland. >> i don't even know who george is. >> a civil war general that abe lincoln had to boot. >> that's a longtime. >> it has been a longtime, yeah. >> you know what that is? that's a guy trying to impress us with the fact that he knows who george mccleland is. >> eric erickson inexplik clear respected. by the way, the pledge is 45 pages and not 21. >> okay. i have read that it is 21, and then the one i looked at was 2 one-pages. they probably triple spaced it to make it 45. >> you looked at the draft copy i believe. >> really? >> yeah. >> the e-mail you sent was 2 one-pages. >> that was the draft copy. >> you set me up for a fall.
3:44 am
>> absolutely. that's part of my job. >> it is. >> actually, pat, the fact that it is 45 pages brings me to a question. other than one sentence about honoring family and traditional marriage in the private and faith-based organizations that form the core values, there is no mention of social issues. is social conservatism dead? >> i would say we covered it on this show. i think otherwise it is gone. >> it is still boring. >> we livened it up because we dealt with the important parts. >> we took "sesame street" on. we are on the moral god squad here. >> that's frightening. >> it should be. >> joe, you don't believe in anything either party says and they are poisoning the well while they steel our money and freedom? >> yes. >> please run for office. >> i am right now. >> but he can't. >> joe, that wasn't a metaphor. >> no. it wasn't a metaphor.
3:45 am
what does metaphor mean? >> i don't know. >> simili? >> there are eight photos in the pledge to america. wait, let me rephrase that. there are eight pages of photos of white people. >> that's amazing. >> horrible optics. >> these people are crazy. >> wait a second, you left out the most important part. nobody is wearing a tie. >> did you see that? >> yeah, they are all like, you know what, we are just like you. aside from the 30 million dollar business. >> you know what they are doing, greg rolling up their sleeves and getting work. >> they are white, but not lily white. >> i say a plan with pictures. >> it is a start. they have a plan and now they need the person. and then they got it. i'm telling you,. >> the plan, the pictures and the person. >> panama.
3:46 am
>> there we are. >> carrie? >> yo. >> first of all, hi. >> hi. >> can you please produce a happy ending for america video? >> how is that? is that okay? is that good enough? >> democrats can run that right be hiewnd the morning in america. >> morning glory in america. >> i love being a lead in. >> joe, you said you loved the morning in america, and you said you always subscribed to a harsh pessimistic outlook. >> yes. >> i never would have guessed that. >> you have been to the house. >> unexpected. >> if you have ever been to joe's apartment, he keeps hi trash in a bag hung over a doorknob. >> yes, i do. and that's for us, not the viewers. >> i question what's wrong with that actually of the. >> "sesame street" won't air katy perry. you said that is what passes
3:47 am
for cleavage these days. dude, it is "sesame street." >> and it is not cleavage. that's my point. i am sitting next to carrie which is the first time i have done this show with a [bleep] by the way. >> first of all, you lie. >> by the way, before we have to edit this, he brought a picture of woody harrelson and he stairs at it. >> the last time it was woody hayes. you know, he owns a station wagon with wooden panels they call a woody. >> and woody from "toy story" is my favorite. >> chris christie defends meg whitman. he is never in his life been in a gym. >> look though. he is do doing laundry and tanning slightly of the. >> he is full on tl. >> this is jersey. this is guido to the max. >> i don't think he is tan. he is red from anger.
3:48 am
>> i love him. he is red-faced. >> the way chris matthews is to obama. i am that to chris christie. i have a tingle doing -- going down both legs. i am also incot nent. -- incontinent. >> why don't we go to a break and you can deal with that incontinence. we are going to a break. plenty more crap when we return. >> oh my god! 
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we're back doing more of the half timeish report with andy levy. take it away. >> are you okay, greg? >> i'm fine. it was a tingle after all. >> the people at home don't know this is a half hour later. >> exactly. >> just lastly on the chris christie defending meg whitman thing. i was going to give my take on this, but bill gave it. >> i gave you credit. i didn't have anything to say myself. i have no independent thoughts. >> pat, i'm with you. this is what makes america a great country. they were able to eat, get drunk and get stoned. other countries, they get an hour lunch break and they need a siesta to get that in. >> and they need a vacation.
3:53 am
they need 30 days or 40 days. our people cap do it in a week. >> it is america know how. >> it is marijuana in america know how. >> tais book founder mark zuckerberg donate dts1 -- donates $100 million to the school system. and the owner of farmville forced to declare bankruptcy. >> if only i knew more of that. >> joe, i'm with you. he is doing it because the movie is coming out, but who cares? >> i agree. $100 million is $100 million. i know all of the dirty stuff you have done. if you gave me $100 million -- >> i did enjoy this, quote, the timing of the announcement was driven by chris christie over the objection of facebook executive according to a person familiar with the discussions. >> right. >> i think it means mark zuckerberg's assistant. pat, you said -- you mentioned you spend more money per student in dc than anywhere
3:54 am
will. and then the teacher's union votes out fendi. what's up with that? >> he decided that because they are spending so much money and nobody is getting anything, charter schools would help, reform would help. they need to take him out because of this. so therefore that -- arm in arm with, i hate to say it, with the president who is for education. so the unions are happy and the kids are screwed, and there will be more money spent. >> screwing kids? i'm against that! >> are you really? you better, never mind. don't answer that question. >> when are we bringing katy back. >> last lastly, workplace romance on the decrease. i think it is romance, but not randomly hooking up. >> why? >> i am saying, you will be okay. >> okay, good, thank you. i was hoping not to get stuck in that. baby needs the money, baby,
3:55 am
come on. i >>- q. i hear you, baby. back to you, greg. >> you know what we will do next? we will see more of andy. it is sick. we will close things out with a post game wrap up from him. to see clips of recent shows go to fox newscom/redeye.
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time to go back to andy levy for the post game wrap up. >> did you miss me? >> i did. >> carrie, how is no good tv going? >> amazing. >> did you hear about my new show? >> rock and roll fantasy premieres october 16th. >> excellent. >> you like that? are you going to watch it? >> i am so sorry. >> i am not scared. >> pat, politico pointed out before healthcare reform passed you wrote an op ad
3:59 am
making them thing they wanted the bill and they ran the risk of unmitigated disaster. how could you have been so wrong? >> i was drinking obviously. >> by the way, i want to tell you being right gets you nothing in this business. >> better to be wrong and hot. >> better to be wrong and rich. >> quickly, andy. >> joe, you are headlining got them show? >> yes, friday to saturday, five shows. i will buy you mcnuggets if you do. >> do we all get them? >> all the sauces, joe? >> all three. >> by the way, mcnuggets are what they call hookers. >> you don't want to know what the sauces are. back to you, greg. >> i assumed they were male hookers. >> how much time do we have? 15? okay. bye, andy. please come back, bill shultz, you suck. joe


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