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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  September 27, 2010 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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we're going to do a song with another band . i've been trying to think of a song we can do together. waylen jennings was one of my favorite singers of all time. you know the theme song "the good old boys. >> reporter: that's us, excellent idea. he will finish that up. bill: good morning everybody on a monday, a fox news alert, terrorists going dark, feds say they are losing their ability to track the chatter terror online because those looking to attack the country are moving to the internet. the white house drafting sweeping regulation has would give the government unprecedented access to some of the most popular web sites. they want broader internet authority to keep up with the tech savvy terrorists. this is developing at the moment here on america's newsroom. the pentagon saying the contents
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of an afghan's veteran's book may be a threat to national security. the government used taxpayer money to buy thousands of copies of that book and burn it. 9500 copies. good morning, everybody, i'm bill hemmer, welcome to america's newsroom on monday. hope you had a great weekend. martha: good morning, everybody at home i'm martha maccallum. sources are telling fox this morning that the defense department spent 45 grand on these books to get them out of circulation and then they burned them. so what is it that is in that book that they do not want you to know? bill: that is the question. that memoir record of one man's undercover mission in afghanistan. steve centanni is live in washington on that. exactly why did they burn the book, steve? >> reporter: well they say operation dark heart poses a threat to national security. they didn't explain exactly why, but part of the book does deal within tell generals information that who he hammed atta was
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identified as a threat to the u.s. before the 9/11 attacks occurred. he was the ringleader of the attacks and piloted one plane that hit the world trade center. operation dark heart written by lieutenant kernel tony shaffer is in the army reserves now, he claims he told about the early identification of atta but it didn't appear in their final report. he says burning the book strikes him as retaliation, he wonders why all the fuss. >> everything we found was in the public domain in some form. >> reporter: so a second version heavily redacted, that is a lot of things blocked out will soon be published, bill. bill: did the pentagon have a look at this before it was printed. >> reporter: they did and gave it the go ahead initially, at least the army did, but the defense intelligence agency had a different concern. when they heard about the book they decided it could not be
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published the way it was. some of the changes would appear to be unnecessary. they refer to intelligence bases here in the u.s. that are common knowledge. another example the word sigen. it stands for signals intelligence. apparently they think you shouldn't know about that. bill: i'm confused. what happens next? >> reporter: yeah, well they re-- the redacted version comes out next week and some say it draws nothing -- does nothing but draw attention to what they wanted to cover up. some of the original books are already out there. they are going to compare the two and find out what appears to be a big dark secret. bill: thank you, steve, live in washington. martha. martha: the u.s. crackdown in pakistan is heating up, killing 50 pakistan militants in southern kandahar today. nato helicopters took off from afghanistan to launch these air strikes. there is the area where all this happened. it was a push to drive taliban fighters out of that border
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area. the attacks came days after million -- militants attacked a security outpost along that very difficult border area. cyber sleuths getting a clear picture of this computer superbug that was unleashed on iran. security experts say that the substitute next worm was designed to stab taj factories. they say the virus targeted not just any factory but two iranian nuclear facilities and also hit the personal computers of top officials in the iranian nuclear program, if you can believe this. who is responsible for this virus and what does it mean, what might we find out from it. greg palkot is in london looking into this situation. how serious is this. >> reporter: first of all this is serious stuff. it's being described to me as a breakthrough in cyberwar fair. this is how it was explained to me by a leading computer expert in bond done. the substitute next worm is a computer virus which can
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facilitate physical damage. it can instruct a facility or factory to behave in ways its owner doesn't want it to. it's very specific, it knows what it wants, it is hard to find and fight. specifically with iran it is known to have been a target of this worm for the last several months. 30,000 computers have been hit in iran. but the first time yesterday we have heard that iran admitting that the nuclear program there has been a target. they say the personal computers of officials linked to the nuclear plant has been targeted. they claim the actual operating system has not been targeted, but this worm bureaus its way in raep louisiana indicates itself by itself, and the program could be next. martha: anybody know who is behind this, greg. >> reporter: that is the big question. i asked the expert could it be a geek in a second floor bedroom coming up with this stuff? he said no, it is too sophisticated for that. other experts have gone much farther.
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they say the resources of a state would be required to pull this off. there had been a widespread speculation that israel is the number one suspect. it has the it man power and the technology and money, and most importantly, martha, it has the motive. it's very concerned about the nuclear plant reeving up. it is a key element in what is believed to be an elicit program by iran to come up with a bomb and is supposed to go online next month. we'll be watching this closely. martha: thank you very much. greg palkot reporting from london. bill: 36 days to midterms and tough news for the white house. the average of latest polling showing that president obama's approval rating is slipping. 44% approve, about 51% disapprove. at the white house this morning, meanwhile president obama expected to sign a $42 billion bill aimed at helping small businesses here in are -- here are the highlights.
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the white house says the small business jobs bill will offer about $12 billion in tax breaks, eight new tax cuts will go into effect today. the bill extends lending by the small business administration giving many small companies the credit they need right now. and it's expected to create about 500 jobs. check that, 500,000 jobs. that is for signing later today in the east room of the white house. 7 minutes past the hour now. martha: if you open your statement on our 401k and notice there are some pretty nice gains in there in the recent month you might ask yourself, why would that be? one big reason according to stewart varney, anchor of varn varney & company on the fox news network. when there is more money in there i don't have zoom questions. i'm just glad it's there. what do you think is driving this. >> reporter: politics, political shift. the possibility of a change in economic direction, policy direction if the republicans sweep in november. all the way through the month of september virtually all the
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polls have pointed towards a big win for the republicans in the elections that are coming up. if the polls are right and investors believe they are right, then you will see the possibility of a big new spending plan, that is gone. big new taxes, gone. a rollback in some of the regulations, probably going to happen. investors like all of that, so in september your 401k, martha has looked a whole lot better than it did because of the possibility of political shift. martha: you know what is so interesting to me in that story, is that what we've been hearing from companies all across the country is that uncertainty is guiding their decisions and the market tends to anticipate things before they happen, so the market is saying, look you need to be that uncertain we are going to see a lot of policy changes coming down the pipeline in the next few months. >> reporter: there is still uncertainty over taxes, what tax rate are any of us going to be paying on january the 1st. we flat out don't know. martha: we don't. >> reporter: but a republican sweep implies that most of us if not all of us will keep the tax rate we've got now.
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that would end that uncertainty. but you're right, the stock market anticipates what is likely to happen in the future. and the market is saying this is going to be a rally for the economy and the stock market because of a republican sweep. martha: then you know what happens when that thing actually happens the market pulls back. >> reporter: wall street can never work it out but right now it's a republican rally. martha: very interesting. thank you so much. bill: nine minutes past the hour. a father in california accused of going way too far when trying to teach his stepdaughter's boyfriend a lesson in young love. >> this does not bode well for you. do you know what that means? yeah, not a good thing that the person you have sex with is a cop's daughter. bill: what the police officer did and the boy's attorney tells us why he thinks it all went too far. he rents the parents of that boy. martha: the fear of god in that
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kid. things are getting nasty on capitol hill. the big issue here is the bush-era tax cuts. this is what is making those arrows sling across capitol hill. a leading house hrep is -- republican is telling democrats to vote or get out of the way and resign. then there is this, folks. >> get down, heads down. stay down. heads down. stay down. bill: the flight you don't want to be on. martha: i know. bill: right? what happened that caused this emergency landing, and the videotape on board. >> heads down. >> we should proceed over to j. f. k. and execute an emergency landing over there. if it's not completely obvious i just want to confirm we are declaring an emergency. >> get down, stay down. get down, stay down. head down. boss: and now i'll turn it over to the gecko.
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martha: we have a brand-new
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cellphone video of a california police officer who is pretending to arrest his daughter's 15-year-old boyfriend. take a look. >> don't have any more contact with my daughter, all right. martha: you get the gist of that conversation. the san diego officer is now in trouble over this, he could lose his badge apparently. all of this went down after the officer found out that his 14-year-old daughter was having sex with her 15-year-old boyfriend, the young man whose face is blotted out in the white t-shirt. he's pretending to arrest the boy for sexual assault. the officer says he was simply trying to scare the teenager, teach him a little bit of a lesson. >> this does not bode well for you. do you know what that means? yeah, not a good thing when a person has sex with a cop's daughter. martha: oh, boy, all right, so now the officer says that the
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boy's parents were on board with this whole plan, they supported this. the boy's parents who took the video which is a little bit odd says the officer went too far. there is an investigation. the attorney for the boy and his parents joins us next hour. martha: we leave here in work without preventing these tax increases on the american people, it will be the most irresponsible thing that i have seen since i've been in washington d.c., and i've been here a while. >> they want to cut taxes on the wealthiest in america. we want to make sure that middle income america, working americans don't have a tax increase. bill: a house divided onyx tending the bush tax cuts which go away early next year. only congress can stop it from having. a leading republican calling it an embarrassment. darrell issa saying the democrats are more concerned
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about winning the midterms than getting things done. congressman kevin brady, a texas ranking member of the joint committee. remember, sir. >> hello. bill: welcome to america's newsroom. you heard me mention elections. how do you think it plays out now that congress is going to take a flier on this at least until november. >> i don't think it's smart either for the economy or for democrats. one, obviously consumer confidence way down, businesses holding $2 trillion of cash. the prospect of a 4 trillion-dollar tax bomb going off january 1st isn't good for jobs. also politically, you know at a time when voters want to hold their lawmakers accountable here democrats have said we don't want to take any tough votes. i think the quote was we want the flexibility to be able to taylor our message back home. that means they want to tell the voters whatever it takes to get reelected at a time when people, when voters want their lawmakers
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to take a stand, democrats punting on this is a bad move. bill: you heard david abg elrod from the white house, he blames republicans. he says republicans on the senate side, knowing you're on the house side. republicans on the senate side are holding this thing up. is he right? or are there enough democrats on the fence to say, hang on a moment. >> bill, if they've got time to have a hearing with stephen colbert they can take a vote on pending tax relief. i believe all the tax cuts would be extending but they just don't want to hold that vote. bill: on the screen you can see for a family of four making $50,000 a year, if the tax cuts are not extended they will pay $2,900 more in taxes during a time when as you no and you've stated and we talked to stu varney that the economy is still struggling. family of four making a hundred
9:18 am
grand a year pay $4,500 more in taxes. how do you think thinks this is going to happen. >> hopefully it will not. if the hreps -- republicans are in the house and senate you won't see any increase in taxes. this adds to uncertainty, we hear our small businesses talking about itment there is a growing i think incompetent in governing in washington. this is damaging i think for the democrats across the board. bill: one more question. john boehner said in his responsible, the most irresponsible thing he has ever known congress to do. is that hyperbole or do you agree with that. >> yeah. bill: you do agree with that. >> i do. john boehner is live leaving town without doing some of the most basic responsibilities of congress, whether it's passing the budget, passing the appropriations bills, or letting
9:19 am
this tax bomb continue to tick, it's hard to believe. bill: if you were to be abetting man today, and i have five seconds left on this. in january do they all stay in place? or just the middle class tax cuts? >> if republicans are given control all of them stay in place. bill: kevin brady we'll see whether or not that is the case. thank you for your time today, appreciate you coming on. 19 minutes past, ph-rt that. martha: imagine if, you're on a hike in the woods, and you suddenly see this. >> oh, my gosh. martha: two navy helicopters hitting the water in lake tahoe. this is making the rounds on the internet and the military not happy that these pictures are out there, folks. look at this. >> oh, my god. bill: if you did not know comedian stephen colbert you do now. why leading democrats like steny
9:20 am
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bill: military officials now investigating two u.s. navy choppers dipping into waters off lake tahoe. here is the video. it's gone viral online. >> oh, my gosh! bill: the navy confirmed the
9:24 am
videotape. they said it did happen. the two helicopters were attempting a hover maneuver but lost power descending into the water. eventually both choppers were able to right themselves and land at a nearby airport. they are okay, they are cool. it almost looked as though it was intentional. martha: it's incredible that you can liftoff the water and land safely after that. it's unbelievable. bill: and they picked like the nicest place in the country to do it, lake tahoe, second week in september. martha: that is scary looking. bill: all right. martha: well proof for you this morning that belt-tightening actually does work for states. the state of rhode island turned a $62 million deficit into a $17 million surplus, it can be done. how did they do it? rick leventhal joins us live in our new york city newsroom. maybe this is something that all states should pay attention to. what is going on in rhode island.
9:25 am
>> reporter: the governor says two words, fiscal responsibili. rhode island was in big trouble a year ago. a huge deficit, 12% unemployment and a shaky financial future. today the governor is smiling because rhode island is in the black. success he says earned through sacrifice. >> the lesson here is you're only going to do the same thing every household has to do that is out of work, they have to adjust their spending, that is the reality. >> reporter: there were layoffs, positions unfilled, the workforce row duesed by 14%, pensions and benefits were cut. the government even shut down for 12 days to save money and there was less aid to cities and towns which were also forced to make sacrifices. aging police cars weren't replaced. fewer cops and firefighters were on the job. a public pool never opened for the summer and local officials aren't necessarily supportive of all the bell tightening. >> while they are touting that they didn't raise taxes they forced the local municipalities
9:26 am
to be the bad guys in this situation. >> reporter: in fact almost every state in the union is facing budget troubles. california has a $21 billion gap. illinois a $17 billion deficit. new york nearly 15 billion in the red. texas and connecticut also mega billionaireles. the governor says they should cut waste and make contracts with unions that lead to a leaner and more efficient government and in rhode island's case a rainy day fund of $112 million, martha. martha: always good to save for a rainy day. >> reporter: like today. martha: exactly. go to, you can check out more reporting from rick leventhal who is folk you using on the rhode island state government. you can click on the road to recovery link on the home page, find out what they did right to get into the black. bill: it is being called a mockery of congress. >> my great grandfather did not
9:27 am
travel across 4,00 4,000 miles e atlantic ocean to see this country overrun by immigrants. he did it because he killed a man back in ireland. that's the rumor, i don't know if that's true. i'd like to have that stricken from the record. bill: that is part of stephen colbert's comedic act. was that the smartest move by congress. martha: probably not. we'll talk about that. thinks video you don't want to see or hear on a plane. strapped in your seater tpaoeug moments for passengers. you can hear the flight attendant say, stay down, stay down, stay down. bill: the united nation is "pointing a point person. martha: when they get here it won't be confusing.
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bill: stephen colbert's testimony for that house committee on immigration was inappropriate people are saying. here was the comedian in his own words. >> we are far too dependent on immigrant labor to pick our fruits and vegetables. the obvious answer is for all of us to stop eating fruits and vegetables. if you look at the recent obesity statistics you'll see that many americans have already started. this is america, i don't want a tomato picked by a mexican. i want it picked by an american then sliced by a guatemala malkwhrapb and -- guatemalan and served by a venezuela in a spa. bill: many say he was out of line.
9:32 am
he would not say whether inviting him to testify was a mistake. he controls the committee and the invitations. here is fox news sunday. >> i think his testimony was not appropriate. i think it was an embarrassment for mr. colbert, more than the house. he was called a. >> reporter: he was called by the democratic chair of the subcommittee. martha: you asked me whether the testimony was appropriate i think it was not appropriate. bill: the controversy continues with martha now. martha: well, meanwhile the house minority leader congressman john boehner says the democrats have more time for comedy apparently than for facing the bush tax cut issue head on. that was set up perfectly for them to say that. bob a political analyst and a fox news contributor. you have to kind of shake your head in amazement. of course bob beckell it made a mockery of the hearing. that was the whole intention. >> everybody has to lighten up here. look, if there is anything this
9:33 am
is a few laughs. i think colbert gave not only a few laughs but he raised an issue. how many of us have talked about migrant workers in the last five or ten years. virtually nobody. now everybody is talking about it. martha: they are talking about stephen colbert and how silly congress was not migrant workers. bill: he raise -- >> he raised the issue of migrant workers and i have need heard migrant worker discussions in years and years. i don't understand what the problem is here. the guy makes a few jokes, is it really a problem for everybody? if you don't like it don't watch it. martha: is that a problem andrea. >> reporter: i had a hard time believing that bob was sitting around migrant workers all weekend. martha: i didn't hear him balking about the would hes of migrant workers. >> reporter: i think democrats should be epl bar rased. the real issue here is that the chairman who invited stephen
9:34 am
colbert to testify not only does she not have time for bush tax cuts she is the chair, martha of the ethics committee. this is the committee that is in charge of setting the hearing schedules for charlene rangel and maxine waters and no one has connected the dots yet, that this woman invites colbert but does not have time to schedule these hearings before the election. we are all waiting. martha: that certainly doesn't make the chairman look good. >> who has to schedule those hearings before the election? it doesn't make any political sense. we are not going to have those hearings until after november we don't have to. is this a big shock to you? i don't remember any of you guys thinking it was such a bad idea when republicans controlled up there and you had star after star after star with one of their issues. i mean who cares. martha: no, no, no let's be honest here, though, there are some celebrities who bring a lot of good attention to different issues. billissues. >> like who. martha: angelina jolie, she is
9:35 am
humanitarian around the world. >> angelina jolie is talked about that's correct. martha: stephen colbert went there to some have fun and get material for his show an did a great job for himself and there is no doubt about that. you're going to sit there bob and tell me that nobody is going to do anything until after the election, why don't they all just get up out of their chairs and just go on home. >> i think that's a very good idea. the fact of the matter is republicans are not going to go along with a number of issues the democrats want, the democrats are not going to go along with what the republicans want. why don't they just say enough let's go back to a lame-duck session and go home and campaign campaign. martha: if both sides are totally unwilling to take anything on. i do want to ask you this about nancy pelosi. she has 37 of her own folks on the democratic side that want to put through the bash tax cuts, to have everybody continue to
9:36 am
pay what they are paying right now. gene taylor is talking if we do even keep the majority, andrea we shouldn't keep her. >> pelosi is in big trouble. she sacrificed her members on the healthcare. the members are fighting for their political lives. she's given them nothing to run on. the only reason that some of them are trying to stay alive is they are pretending to be republicans. all morning we've been talking about the bush tax cuts, the reason the democrats won't vote on it is because they don't have the votes. pelosi will not bring a bill to the floor that she knows she will loose. >> the reason they don't vote on it is they are being tkepl a going -- demagogged by republicans. i've been up against it for 30 years. i've never heard them be honest once in that 30-year period of
9:37 am
time. they always use object advice indication and distortion to hurt the democrats. martha: it will be very interesting to see what happens 36 days from now. people are so fed up with this on both sides of the fence. >> i agree. martha: this is what is going to be on people's minds i think as they walk into the voting booths. andrea thank you very much for weighing in. bob always good to see you. bill: 36 days until midterm elections. and the state of washington there's a race that is becoming a race to talk. patti murray locked in a very tight race against dina rossi. why would that be the case? carl cameron went out to seattle washington. good morning out there. what is happening that has made it so close in this state. >> reporter: what has happened is that the republicans across the country have found themselves short of the ten seats that they want to pick up from democrats in order to win the majority, this one in washington. right now they can see about 7 or 8 pick ups perhaps. one of the ones they are looking
9:38 am
for is here in washington state where the three-term incumbent patti myrrh see is in a tough race with dino rossi. myrrh -- murphy is a low key senator, she is number 4 in the democratic leadership, which means she is one of the real front line people pushing the obama and democrat's agenda. that makes her vulnerable when the republicans are making such hay by beating up on the democrats on the agenda and an opportunity for dino rossi. he's run for governor twice before, lost the closes race ever for governor and he's been polling very, very strong. washington has sort of a quirky situation. their primary was back in august. it's a nonpartisan ballot, republicans got 49.9% of the primary vote. democrats got 48.5% which is
9:39 am
expected to stay about where it is on election day, which would be a big rossi win. this is an early voting mail in state. on october 13th the actual balloting will begin. it's a very big ground game in which both candidates are working hard on the phones to identify voters and get them to mail in their votes. bill: oregon real i will started that trend several years ago. and now it's drifting into the state of washington. how did they change from a -- to a mail in election to a -- from a traditional one. >> reporter: we went to a rally where they were working with folks very aggressively. the campaign has put a ton of money into the mail in ballot. you spend a lot of time reminding folks about patti murphy's record. three terms she has been in office but not flamboyant or
9:40 am
controversial. rossi is trying to point out to folks she is a big time washington incumbent. >> they don't know she's been there 18 years. they don't know that she is number four in leadership which is why you see every picture with harry reid and nancy pelosi, there is a pair to draw to. >> reporter: the flip side to her incumbency is that she has a awful lot of inch tphraourpbs over the corporations and the businesses that make up the washington economy. in a matter of moments we'll head out where she is engaged in a senatorial official event, boeing aircraft. that's the kind of stuff where she can flex her muscles and impress voters in washington. this is a year where a lot of people are turned off by incumbents. bill: thank you very much. martha: 36 days as we said and the democrats are bringing out the big guns for the midterms, and we are not necessarily talking about president obama. this man hitting the campaign
9:41 am
trail very hard. so who makes a bigger impact out there, 42, or is it 44? bill: also the united nations leaving no stone unturned when it comes to a visit from outer space and the aliens. planet earth's first alien ambassador has been appointed. martha: oh, good. i'm relieved. bill: so the directions will follow once they land. martha: once they arrive. bill: who it is a monday, and that means one thing, it's a michio monday. what does he think about this, goff fee -- goofy or not? i'm iris cross. we'll keep restoring the jobs, tourist beaches, and businesses impacted by the spill. we've paid over $400 million in claims and set up a $20 billion independently-run claims fund. i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here.
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i'm gonna be here until we make this right.
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martha: some moms join the pta or the hsa as we call it where i live but other allegedly rob banks on the way to pick you up from school, a weird story, police in oregon say 37-year-old erika anderson robbed the bank on her way to pick up her kids at school. officers say she handed the tell your a note demanding cash and
9:45 am
asked the tell your not to quality police for 15 minutes so she'd have time to pick up her kids at school which she did and they arrested her in her driveway and her kids were eating ice cream and were doing fine and anderson, and an accomplice are facing robbery charges. bill: no smart criminals out there. have you seen the movie? >> a restricted area, i cannot let you pass without clearance. >> okay. . >> want to see my clearance? ... >> maybe i'll leave this here with you. >> let him pass... let him pass. bill: independence day, a movie about aliens invading earth and the united nations is getting ready for a contact with aliens from outer space, this is a scientist out of malaysia and will be planet earth's interstellar diplomat, and michio is host of "sci-fi,
9:46 am
science of the impossible", which is great, by the way, nice to see you, might schio, a goof idea, what is the u.n. doing involved in this. >> don't expect flying saucers to land on the white house lawn any time soon announcing take me to your leader. it sounds like a goof ball idea but here's the rationale, sometime later this year, maybe early next year, they'll announce we have discovered earth-like twins in outer space, and we'll be gazing at the night sky and someone may be gazing back at us but it will not be a two homebuild two-way conversation, like et phone home, it will be a one way signal. bill: if we sentence a signal, how would we communicates. >> if you have a message in the the bottle in the ocean you cannot communicate back to people sending the message in the bottle. bill: which makes it seem strange and good and i understand if you came up with the idea. i can understand if nasa came up with the idea.
9:47 am
but what about the united nations? >> i think they want to stake a claim, because now there are no protocols and there is no ways alien ambassadors, no way to set up how trade would be, communications and information would be exchanged and want to put a stake in the ground and say we claim this. in the name of the you u.n. bill: i know people believe they exist in outer space and may have touched down already and the keppler and the other satellites, they are deep in space and might be able to find signs of life, but the signs of life would be like, microbes, right. >> probably. bill: no michios walking around up there. >> 500 giants planets are in outer space but none of them are first life where the keppler u.s. satellite and a french satellite are the wild cards, sometime later this year or next
9:48 am
year we expect astronomers to announce we found the homey greatly, an earth-like twin in outer space but that doesn't mean they have fox news, that doesn't mean they have tv, radio. bill: or the science channel, right? do you know the woman out of malaysia. >> no, never heard of her, the united nations office of outer space affairs, an obscure agency of the u.n. bill: very obscure and we tried it, was it 1977 and sent a message to outer space, and... pioneers... >> i think it is premature for us to announce our presence in outer space, until we know their intentions, right? they may view us as lunch, in which case, maybe it is a good idea to keep ourselves a little bit obscure. bill: as someone said if they are looking for intelligent life they don't want to start at the united nations... that is what they said, anyway. >> ba-da-bump! maybe they'll give us an interview, when the alien
9:49 am
touches down and watches your program, by gosh, you can give them the signal! thank you, michio. well done. martha: now we know. bill: martha. martha: all right, thank you, well, a levy is on the brink today, folks are running from their homes as torrential rain crosses the wisconsin river to spill over its banks, we're live on the scene, coming up. >> stay down! stay down! martha: imagine you were on the plane and the flight attendant is screaming, stay down, stay down! and an emergency landing is heading the plane's way at jfk airport, and what went wrong, and what they did. >> frightening to hear the woman, flight attendant, heads down, heads down! that kind of gets me a little shaky, the whole plane was, you know, doing their prayers, and everyone is just getting nervous, what will happen, what will happen. >> heads down! heads down! stay down! heads down!
9:50 am
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martha: you're on a plane and you hear the landing gear isn't quite working right. so, everybody had to prepare for an emergency landing and it happened on a delta flight, over the weekend in new york and we have been playing this video for you this morning where you can hear the flight attendant, screaming, "heads down! heads down, heads down", in report from wymu. >> reporter: sparks and flames are what passengers saw when aboard the delta airlines flight operated by atlantic southeast airlines and the plane's wing scraping the runway as the flight attendant gave urgent instructions. >> heads down! stay down! >> it is frightening to hear the woman, flight attendant, heads down! heads done! that kind of gets you -- gets me
9:54 am
a little shaky. >> reporter: allessandro took the video, one of 60 passengers flying from atlanta's to westchester county airport when the landing gear suddenly malfunctioned, fox 5 obtained the audio transmission between the pilot and the control tower. >> proceed over to j.f.k. and, ask for the emergency landing over there and, it's completely obvious, want to confirm we are declaring an emergency. >> i understand, you have a -- your right gear is stuck down. >> the right gear is stuck up and the other two are down. >> the whole plane was, you know, doing their prayers and both flight attendants, the male flight attendant was reading off the protocol of the security measures, and, everyone is just getting nervous, what do we do, what will happen. >> the pilot began to descend and allessandro pulled out the cell phone and started taping and the cabin was silent.
9:55 am
well, almost... here's the reaction on board once the plane touched down. [applause]. martha: all right. our thanks to antoine lewis, reporter for wnyu and i would be clapping after i'm off the plane, off the plane. bill: and they land and they are like, come on, put your seat up, come on. what you see -- that guy, right? the seatbelt buckle, always keep your seatbelt buckled, whether taking off, landing, in the air, that is the reason why, and the flight attendants, are diving, diving out of the plane, no, this woman is doing her job, heads down! heads down! what is the commercial for the head on -- >> for the headache stuff. bill: what was the line. martha: i don't know, we'll have it by the time we get back. bill: thank you. apply directly to the forehead, apply directly to the forehead. job well done, to the flight attendant on board the flight.
9:56 am
martha: and the pilots were cool as cucumbers, you know? if it's not perfectly clear, we are having an emergency. nicely done. bill: terrorists adapting and changing their style. feds say they are losing them on-line a sweeping legislation worked onto track those that wish to do this country harm, we'll tell you what that is about. martha: have you heard of this story, a police officer faked an arrest of a 15-year-old boy the step-daughter's boyfriend. he wanted to change the little boy's mind about how he was thinking of a few things and now, this guy may be in legal trouble. we'll be right back. ready to try something new? campbell's has made changes. adding lower sodium sea salt to more soups. plus five dollars in coupons to get you started. campbell's condensed soup. pass it on. campbell's.® it's amazing what soup can do.™
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9:59 am
call this toll-free number on your screen now... for this free information kit, including this... medicare guide and customized rate quote. martha: how hot is the wiretap continues various this morning, the obama administration reportedly wants our intelligence agencies to be able to get in if they need to, to facebook, or skype or blackberries, if it as an issue of national security, here we go again, this time a democratic administration that is raising privacy question, how we start this brand new hour of "america's newsroom" from monday morning, i'm mar matha maccallu bill: i'm bill hemmer, seems like we were down the road before and the technology is changing and the feds argue the terrorists are increasingly communicating on line and need the ability to go on-line to tap into the messages in order to protect a possible attacks here at home. martha: sure, that's right but already critics who are crying foul on this and kelly wright is
10:00 am
looking into it this morning and joins us live in washington, hey, kelly. >> reporter: how are you, martha, and bill, home you both are doing well, we have been looking into this and contacted the justice department and we are still awaiting word from them, to firm up exactly what they are attempting to do but, i'm holding a blackberry in my hand, and innocently enough i can text you or bill at any given moment and talk to you guys via this and the problem is while we have instant communication, there is also a more sinister group out there, that could use this for sinister plots and the fbi operation and technology is aware of that and trying to do something about it which is why they would like to boast in their ability to check these kinds of devices, to see who is actually on-line, or on their blackberry, communicating with each other, because it could pose a threat to our national security and having said that, an article in today's "new york times" reports the obama administration plans to propose new legislation for congress to require communications from blackberry,
10:01 am
social networking sites, like facebook or peer-to-peer messaging sites like skype to be subject to wiretaps, and the so-called going dark program is apparently a plan designed to add another significant tool to bolster the electronic surveillance operations of the fbi and other federal law enforcement agencies. the law will interseptember communicatio -- in september communications, and, the failed attempt to detonate a bomb in times square is an example they cite, after arresting the suspect, he was able to conduct communication with servers that lacked any interception capabilities and so the new proposal would call for counter measures required communications services that encrypt messages and have a way to unscramble them and foreign base providers doing business in the u.s. would be subjectcepts
10:02 am
peer-to-peer messaging like skype must redesign their service to allow intersent and the providers of the -- intercepts and, it will be -- they'll be allowed to ease wiretaps on the internet and you can imagine there are a lot of people who disagree with that, and people who say, wait i don't want the fbi looking into my communicating with my wife or best friend and the bottom line is they want to tailor-make it to get into these kinds of devices, and kind out what a potential terrorist or a criminal, drug dealer might be saying or doing or plotting. it is another tool they can put into the arsenal to be sure they can stop any threat to our national security and, obviously it is controversial and there will be a debate to follow, but, according to the article the obama administration is planning to introduce the legislation, sometime next year. back to you. >> all right, we'll head to that, thank you very much, kelly wright in washington.
10:03 am
bill: a critical moment in the middle east, could have an effect on the chance for peace there, a construction freeze is in its last day and bulldozers and heavy equipment are ready to rev up and what is happening now with construction there, leland? leland vitter is reporting from the west bank. >> reporter: construction has began, this is the picture the international community was trying to avoid which is jewish settlers beginning work on the west bank, beyond the backhoe you can see a housing unit and that is what they are building here, to set is the scene, we're on the west bank and, this is what the palestinians want for their future state and are not happy with what is going on with the jewish settlers and the concrete pads we are standing on here, tells the story, they were poured 10 months ago, before the freeze. palestinians said if the freeze is not extended we are walking away from the negotiating table. now, the freeze has not been
10:04 am
extended, and palestinians have not walked away and they said, right now, they are going to try to call a meeting of the arab league to discuss and as for the israelis, the prime minister called on the settlers to show e restraint and i asked the settlers, does it really show restraint and helps the peace process and he says we feel it does show restraint and we wanted to build 3,000 units and we are only building 26, that is our contribution. bill: leland, thanks. four minutes past the hour. martha: former president bill clinton hitting the campaign trail over the weekend, crisscrossing the northeast, really, stumping for democrats in three states. look at this: >> of course a got the wrestling federation lady in connecticut and the witchcraft lady in delaware and... [cheers and applause]. >>... i'll tell you, so far, they've gathered up about everybody from the tea party but
10:05 am
the mad hatter. martha: he has a wave of turning the phrase there, drawing major crowds in each location and one person was conspicuously missing in the, president barack obama, in fact many democrats are declaring their independence as they are on the campaign trail, for the current president and who is this better campaigner and who can give more support to these candidates now, former president clinton or current president obama and molly line is live with us in boston. how is it shaping up and who are people responding to. >> reporter: hey, martha, president clinton pointed out on his cell phone, something for barney frank, i'm a former president and i can say what i want and we listened to one of those bites there, where he tossed a dig in the direction of christine o'donnell and linda mcmahaon, running for senate and he can make the funny comments or needling digs perhaps president obama who wants to remain of course presidential and kind of above making those
10:06 am
snarkier comments on the campaign trail, martha. >> president obama's policies and approval ratings at this point are at and all-time low and as president clinton, the former president well points out it is easier for him out there, not easy for the president right now. >> reporter: and that is one of the key issues, because he's currently in the administration, working to solve these problems, particularly economic problems, some of the candidates might want to distance themselves from his policies and maintain their independence, for instance, he campaigned for richard blumehthal in connecticut, and, about ten or 11 days ago and mr. blumehthal said, i know, mr. president, we are going to agree and i expect on some occasions we may disagree. so, a warm welcome but nonetheless saying, you know, i'm still my own man here, democratic strategist says what makes clinton effective is he has done it and is come from an era where many democrats remember the peace and prosperity, a little bit different from the struggles they are facing today. here's mary ann marsh.
10:07 am
>> i think, no doubt there is a great love for bill clinton and he brings out the crowds and democrats still love him and he has the most credible voice the democrats have now and barack obama still can do many things to help democrats, raise money and make speeches and can change the cycles but at the end of the day it is up to the individual democrats to make the argument and force voters to make a choice between the democrat and what they were doing to try to put america and the country back on track and what the republicans say they'll do, which is nothing. >> reporter: the real challenge either president faces, former or current is rallying the base and getting democrats to the polls in november, in the year when republicans really have a lot of momentum now. martha. martha: boy, that is for sure, molly line reporting from boston this morning. bill: fox news weather alert now, severe weather, flooding in the midwest, heavy rains leaving hundreds of homes under water in the southern part of minnesota, facing flood warnings for most of the week. our affiliate out of
10:08 am
minneapolis-st. paul, how are things there today, good morning there? >> reporter: good morning, bill. things are very wet here and, it has been sunny since saturday afternoon and this is u.s. 169. the water is still rising here, we have five days after it started range, u.s. 169, heading up north towards the twin cities, 60 miles south and west of minute naneapolis, a major r used by a lot of people heading back and forth between mancado and minneapolis and it a lot busier and at least a foot of water and continuing to rise and the governor is at the statement capitol meeting with lawmakers to decide whether or not he needs to call a special session to take care of the flooding here and this is really visual pictures and dramatic pictures what really made the damage that has been done east of here, in a town called gumbr falls, 60 of
10:09 am
the 90 homes destroyed, in the town and that happened last week and they received 12 inches of rain in two-and-a-half days and minneapolis, seeing 3 inches of rain and now their deciding and working with fema and emergency management coordinators to see what they need to do and what kinds of things they can do to help the people in the short- and long-term, again, 12 inches of rain in two-and-a-half days, way too much and this road will be closed for quite some time and the water is rising and after it recedes and finally goes down they have to keep it shut down to make sure no parts will be washed out and be damaged, there's a lot of work to do here south of the twin cities. bill: story is not over, tom, thank you, with our affiliate kmsp in southern minnesota. thank you, tom for that and good luck to everybody out there. martha. martha: president obama is speaking out this morning, what he believes is the key to the democrats having success in the upcoming mid terms and his response to former president clinton who is speaking out, basically telling democrats, stop being wimps out there!
10:10 am
bill: also the unusual arrest from a cell phone camera. >> so you are better off, not hanging out with who you are hanging out with. going to school and getting good grades, and being respectful. bill: thing in is, it was a real arrest. what the officer had in mind, the lesson he was trying to teach, we'll tell you why and talk to the boy's lawyer, this morning. martha: "america's newsroom" gone wild, folks. we introduce you to a magnificent furry friend, a rare gray wolf, look how beautiful that is, beautiful. coming here to the studio, bill. bill: making a come back, right. martha: we'll be right back. robin ] my name is robin.
10:11 am
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martha: coming into us here, in new video, a terrible accident. two car crash in paramount, california. this is near los angeles, it happened on the 105 freeway. believe it or not we're hearing there are no reports of injuries in this situation yet. we'll continue to keep an eye on it and let you know what we find out. but that is a horrific scene in the very early morning commute, pair mounted, california. bill: miracle no one was injured, shocking poll numbers concerning the state of the country's education system, brand new wall street journal polling, 60% of americans say the education system is in need of major changes. or a complete overhaul, meanwhile, only 5% of those surveyed found the school system in the u.s. is working well, most americans say, not enough is being done to close the achievement gap, "wall street journal," polling this morning. martha? martha: the issue of education, of course has been front and center, for the president as
10:15 am
well and he's giving a lnltsy talk about this. -- lengthy talk about this this morning and also is weighing in on how he thinks democrats can win come november, here's what he said this morning. >> the question for voters over the next five weeks is, who is putting forward policies to have a chance to move our country forward so our schools have improved, so that we have the world class infrastructure, so that we are serious about helping small business, and, we are serious about getting a handle on our spending, and who is engaging in rhetoric and i think if that debate is taking place over the next five weeks, we are going do just fine. martha: all right, we just talked about bill clinton's star power and michelle obama, high powered on the campaign trail, and what about president obama and his contribution to the campaign trail, and joining me now, fox news contributor, byron york, good morning, byron, good to have you here today. martha: the president is making his case, this morning on the
10:16 am
morning tv shows, he basically said, look around and see who is doings more to cut spending, and see who is doing more for education and more to build infrastructure and he is saying a little bit of what bill clinton was putting out there. give us a channels, we are getting these things in motion. >> what you heard from president clinton is the desire to hear more fire and more passion from president obama and, you know, the president went to milwaukee a couple of weeks ago and delivered a real stem-winder and people said, where has this guy been and we'd like him on the campaign trail and the problem is the president cannot go everywhere and help every democrat candidate, because he's not popular in a lot of places and his policies are not popular and his lowest approval ratings come on the handling of the economy, the public's number one issue and he has to pick and choose his spots to campaign. martha: you know, it is interesting, bill clinton was basically saying, look, democrats, you need to stop hiding from the issues here, and need to get out there, talk about your record, talk about
10:17 am
the things that you passed and, also said, you now, directly to president obama, tell people, give us two more years, and i'll be up for re-election, then, too. and if you don't like what is going on in two years, vote us out but give us two years. >> the democrats' entire platform is about the economy, and things would have been worse if we hadn't done what we have done and the problem for them, though is the public would actually like things to get actually better. and, they can't really point to that now, there have been some job growth, but, the unemployment rate, just is stuck where it has been for quite a long time, 9.6% and they are having a hard time making the economic argument. martha: a lot of people were talking about velma hart and what she said, the woman who spoke to him at the town hall and said that she was exhaust and tired of defending him and he got another chance at responding to her today, and let's listen to what he said and get your thoughts on it, byron. >> president barack obama: velma, i think subsequently was interviewed and she just talked
10:18 am
about the fact that, look, she thought the president's really trying and he's working hard, a lot of things he's doing, i think are right, but, it is just not happening fast enough. well, everybody feels that frustration, right now. i feel it. acutely. martha: how did he do there, byron, in your opinion. >> it is just is not a winning message when a politician says, i know you think i'm not doing well enough and i don't think i'm doing well enough, either, it's not a winning issue, the criticism from his town hall last week has been resonant, because the woman seemed to be such a sincere supporter of president obama, and dismayed with his performance in office, so far and with the performance of the economy. that is just -- has been an enormous, enormous headwind for the democrats this year. martha: a quick thought on michelle obama, first ladies tend to be more popular than their husbands in most cases and laura bush was very supported out there on the campaign trail when she was asked to be.
10:19 am
how effective can michelle obama be for the candidates. >> they are being careful in where they send her, she will go campaign in wisconsin, and colorado, and california. in places where democrats are in the senate race that's are tighter than they thought they would be and thought they would have easy re-election and campaigns and are actually having trouble and the white house thinks that she can be effective in places where voters are open to democrats, but have their doubts about this candidates. martha: all right, byron york, it will be a busy 36 days and counting, thanks very muchinsig bill: we found a tea party gathering in philadelphia, pennsylvania in the -- not in washington or philadelphia, pennsylvania but in the heart of beverly hills, california. and there is more, apparently. the tea partiers say they want out of the election and their plan for getting it. martha: everyone is foggy this morning... bill: the southern california weather. martha: police need the public's
10:20 am
help in finding a man who opened fire at a college party. what police are saying sparked this deadly attack, and the latest on the ongoing search right now for this gunman, when we come back in "america's newsroo newsroom". mmmm. you don't love me anymore do you billy? what? i didn't buy this cereal to sweet talk your taste buds it's for my heart health. so i can't have any? if you can deprive me of what can help lower my cholesterol... and live with yourself. right. mmm, i worry about your mother.
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martha: we're learning about a deadly shooting near seton hall, university in new jersey, one witness says the shooter had no target. actually stood on her back while he shot and killed her friend, jessica moore and four others were hit during the rampage at a house party near the school on saturday. the shooter is still on the loose out there and police are offering a $10,000 reward for any help in tracking down the suspect. bill: back to politics with the tea party goes to hollywood, hundreds including some
10:24 am
celebrities gathering near the i iconic beverly hills sign to rally the country, and rally against excess excessive taxation. >> we are tired of the lies, this is not about democrats and republicans, it is about the political system. >> they'll conservatives in hollywood should come out of the closet. >> president obama and the administration is taking our country in a direction that a lot of us are very unhappy with. bill: william lajeunesse is there and now is live in l.a. and what makes the tea party rally stand out from all the others we have seen over the past year. >> it wasn't what was said, but where, given the celebrity culture of hollywood an los angeles, which is democratic, you would not expect to see a tea party in tinseltown, but, remember, for every celebrity out there who is supportive of a liberal cause, gun control, abortion rights, animal rights, basically supporting repressive
10:25 am
regimes in cuba or venezuela there is an army of people behind them, the electricians and the editors, working class people who don't necessarily share the views of the stars they work with. >> what i do for a living, okay? but i have never felt that because somebody has a lot of money that somehow they stole it from somebody else. they earned it. and i personally never worked for anybody who made $30,000. >> reporter: that is one thing we heard, people are upset about big government at the tea party, but, also, the idea that someone is redistributing what they earned. bill. bill: william, the midterm elections, 36 days away. how do the politics play into the event, that we just watched there in california? >> reporter: well, you know, obviously, they took their shot at the obama administration. but, they were equally critical of congress and the tax and spend habits of republicans when they were in power, in washington.
10:26 am
one other thing we heard from leaders, they found it ironic when bush was in office, the dissent and protest were considered patriotic and now that a democrat is in office, democratic leaders be little and marginalize the tea party dissent. singer pat boone was the emcee, and blogger andrew bitebart, who is part of the grassroots nature and, david horowitz talked about excessive government and comedian victoria jackson was critical of the mainstream media coverage of the tea party bill and the thing we have heard around the country, we heard it here as well and the bottom line i think is, you have the tea party in red states but in some blue states as well. bill: william lajeunesse, live in l.a. and following up the story from california, thank you, william. 26 minutes past, what is coming up, martha. martha: i'll tell you, bill. after coming to the u.s. and implying to the united nations, 9/11 was an inside job, mahmoud ahmadinejad how has a little bit
10:27 am
more to say on the matter. back at home, wait until you hear this: bill: and the protective stepfather is also a police officer and why he confronted a 15-year-old boy and put him into hand cuffs in front of his parents. we'll talk to the attorney for the boy's parents about how this one went. >> you are better off... this is the aarp...
10:28 am
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10:31 am
starts the investigation on how the obama administration reacted to the disaster, on the use of chemicals to break up theil slick and the ban on drilling in deep water. those are your headlines, back to bill. >> if i see you anywhere near... anywhere near my daughter... i'll arrest you. do you believe me this time? i'm going to write an informational report that can go to the sexual assaulted investigator. i will be up to them whether or not to file charges... bill: what you are watching, a police officer staging what turned out to be the fake arrest of a 15-year-old boy and the video was taken by the boy's parents on the cell phone in their living room, why sniis th officer doing this, because his
10:32 am
14-year-old step-daughter told him she had sex with the boy, and prosecutors are deciding whether or not to charge him inspectors, and tony boscovich recommends the 15-year-old boy's parents and is my guest out of california. good morning to you. you have been on record as calling this an abuse of power and tragedy and what is your charge? >> well, bill, the officer came up to the with no warning, no notice, told them that he was going to arrest their son, and they didn't now anything. they didn't know about the condu conduct. he came in and started to say he was going too, rest the boy and when he saw the boy, he was furious and called him names, essentially, a piece of you know what. handcuffed the boy, the boy passes out, he tells the boy he
10:33 am
is going to be raped in prison, he has his hand on his gun the entire time and the parents watch it, and they don't really -- they think their son is being arrested. and, the abuse of power quite frankly is this: bill, the way i was raised, if i had a problem with another parent's son i would go to the parents and talk to them. i wouldn't go... bill: i have not heard to interject, and thank for laying out the case, it is clear and i understand it but the parents don't object, i don't hear them saying, don't do this. >> oh, yes, you do. bill: what do you hear. >> you hear the father's voice. the officer is sitting there, telling the boy, asking the boy, who do you blame for this? and, the boy starts saying, you know, are you blaming her, are you going to do this? are you going to be a man and the boy says, i guess i do and you hear his father, interject and what his father says, is listen to his words.
10:34 am
think about his words. the father was thinking this boy was being arrested and he was giving a statement. he thoughts the boy was being arrested and the parents were objecting. but, the other thing i think -- >> let me stop you right there. the next point, so it is clear. the father is heard on the tape, saying use your head, talking to his son, think about what he is talking to you about and a reference to the police officer and it gets a little muddy right now. because, the -- some are thinking the parents are in on this, and, they are hold -- their intention was to scare their son straight and teach him a lesson. is that the case or not? >> it's not. and i'll tell you, there are a couple of ways that you can prove that. ask the officer to show you his cell phone records. and to see if those parents actually talked. the parents of the boy had never met the officer before that day. there were other people who were
10:35 am
there, who saw what happened. those parents never talked to that officer before. bill: they -- you are denying that they were in on this to teach their son a lesson, that's the point you are making. >> unequivocally, that is a false statement. they did not... bill: you are representing the parents and we'll break it down with our legal panel in a moment here, before we get to that, what do the parents want out of this, if they hired legal representation. >> frankly the reason they hired legal representation is because they were being barraged by the media. they never went to internal affairs and the point was made by somebody else and the meade. >> and police went to them and they got the cause and didn't know what to do and came to me and they didn't come to me initially for anything other than, than, because they were confused. what do the parents want now? i believe that after they have undergone and been lied to by
10:36 am
the san jose police which they were and were told their son needed to come down and talk to a sexual assaults investigator, they said, do we need an attorney? oh, no, the officer says, you don't need an attorney, we're going to clear some things up and they interviewed the boy and the next thing the boy hears is, you have the trite remain silent and they charge the boy. these parents are being crucified. by saying they are bad parents. bill: it wasn't a fake arrest in the end then, was it? >> was it a fake arrest in the end? sure, as far as the officer was concerned, he took his badge off before he walked in. it was fake. bill: okay. the attorney for the parents there, is live in palo alto, california, intriguing case in part because it is on video cell phone and happened inside the parents' home and for more on that, here's martha, sir, thank you for your time. bill: it. martha: it is intriguing, that
10:37 am
is the question, is there a question, josh and tamara join me now. and i want to start, let's hear from the father, who was on morning tv, and i want your reaction to all of this, let's listen in, first: >> when he came over and -- in t-shirt and jeans in his own vehicle, personal vehicle, not police vehicle parked in front of the house, fully in uniform, you know, handcuffs. gun holstered, and game to me as a parent, i would have dealt with him as a parent. martha: he said he wanted to deal with him as a apparent. tamara, this is really a bizarre situation in my opinion. you know, what about -- does the man have a legal case against the policeman here? >> well, there are two types of cases, a civil and criminal case and the state's attorney's decision will determine whether or not they will charge the police officer with possibly assault or battery or something of that nature. the civil part of it is the
10:38 am
other interesting part, why this attorney for the family is coming on t.v. what do they want? the attorney did not answer bill's question. they are not going to get really any damages from the police department. he was acting outside of the scope of his duty of power, and, you know, he's a concerned parent. was he stupid and was he acting a little bit out of the ordinary? yes. but, you know, charge the dad criminally, send him to jail, is stupid. martha: josh, he's wearing his unit formal and put handcuffs on the boy. there are two situations, the situation between the 15 year-old and 14-year-old the parents need to step into and start discussing with these children, that is really what they are at this age and there is the bizarreness of this man walking in and slapping handcuffs on the boy and we thought when we first heard the story that it was -- they were all in on it. according to the attorney apparently not. >> i think that whether they are
10:39 am
or aren't you have to separate it and look at what the police officer did and i think no matter what we look at, we are looking at incredibly poor judgment, and poor parents are going, let's get together and do this the cop has to be held to the higher level and say, you know, this is something we don't do. i'm before juries every day that say, i don't trust cops or do this or that, you are talking about a 15, 14-year-old kid, the cop has to step in, i guess and do the right thing and think smarter and here he didn't and i believe he did cross the line. martha: what should happen to the policeman, josh and tamara. >> administratively, shouldn't be a police officer anymore, i think it clearly shows his judgment and he carries a gun, and now we'll say someone who cannot decide the simple issue, give him -- >> this is a blurring of the lines and that is confusing to the kid, you cannot blur the lines, either there is a law officer that needs to be taken seriously or not, tamara, quick thought on that and we have to go. >> i think the officer should be sanctioned and i agree with josh on that, but for him to lose his
10:40 am
job, yes, he maybe crossed the line but is not a criminal police officer, the kids were charged criminally and he was not. you know, i think everybody here has learned a lesson. martha: all right, let's hope so, thank you very much, josh hancock, always good to see you guys. bill: 20 minutes before the hour now, what is next? lawmakers battling over tax cuts, folks in one state may have their own solution which does not involve the building, right there, as pretty as it might be. we'll explain, and you remember this man, the iranian president making new waves, what he is saying now about the 9/11 attacks. on america. if you suffer from heartburn two or more days a week,
10:41 am
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for 24 hours, providing all-day and all-night protection. here's how it works -- prilosec otc's unique delayed-release system protects the medicine as it passes through the stomach's tough acid. the medicine then gets absorbed into the body, turning off many acid-producing pumps at the source, so less acid is produced. with just one pill a day, you get 24-hour heartburn protection all day and all night, satisfaction guaranteed. trust the number-one doctor-, gastroenterologist-, and pharmacist-recommended brand to treat your frequent heartburn. to request a free sample, visit prilosec otc. heartburn gone. power on. martha: see that beautiful creature right there. it's a rare gray wolf that you want to see running through big snow difficulties. bill: somewhere in yellow stone. martha: exactly, isn't that george just. that's wolfer. i'm going to talk to him.
10:44 am
i've been told he has two people who are trainer, trained to be with wolfer and he's going to be a sweetheart. bill: in the meantime lawmakers in washington d.c. fighting over raising taxes on the wealthy. in washington state that issue is left for the voters. they are about to decide if high easterners -- earners should pay a state income tax. dan springer is hraoeufr in seattle. >> reporter: this would be a tax on the wealthiest 2 1/2%. we can see the dividing lines. there are some very wealthy people for and against this initiative in the state of washington that would raise income taxes if you make over $500,000 as a couple or $250,000 as a person. the founder and ceo of
10:45 am and steve baumer the ceo of microsoft. let's go to the other side who is for the tax increase. the wealthiest out there, bill gates says he's for the income tax, and his dad bill gates sr. is also a spokesman for the campaign. this really comes down to the unions versus a wider donor base on the no side. over $2 million has come from two unions. seiu and the teachers union. bill. bill: dan springer inee at he will, thank you, dan. martha: iran's president was here in new york last week. now he's back home. he's still going at it folks. mahmoud ahmadinejad once again calling for a new investigation he wants to see take place into september 11th and the causes of it. this time he's saying this in front of his own people. he said a tribunal should be set
10:46 am
up where alleged evidence could be presented. of course it outraged many americans here last week with this kind of talk suggesting that lots of people believe that 9/11 was an inside job which we all know there is plenty of evidence to prove that was not the case. president obama called the comments offensive and hateful. bill: he's gone. martha: he's not here any more. bill: he blew through here like a tornado. everywhere he went on every day he had to say something to tick somebody off. martha: that means to be his mission in life. bill: up close and personal with the gray wolves of yellow stone. >> no hierarchy goes untested in wolf country, eventually he can pleading and captured on film. the black wolf draws blood but the alpha fights back. he's not giving up his place in the family if he doesn't have to. bill: that is have a brand-new
10:47 am
documentary. wolfer has made it to our studio. martha: look at that, a sweetie. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today. ♪ [ female announcer ] mousse temptations by jell-o. decadently delicious. 60 calories.
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it's finally me o'clock. time for jell-o. try new chocolate mint sensation.
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10:51 am
of biting 1500 pounds per square inch. twice the pressure of a german sheppard strike. martha: it's hosted by casey anderson after the national geographic channel. the wolves already almost completely wiped out. the premiere of expedition wild kicks off tonight telling the incredible story casey is here on set with a special guest. how are you. >> i'm fine. martha: i hope you don't let wolfer put 1500 pounds of pressure on my arm. >> it's amazing, they have every tool it takes to take down some of the biggest animals in yellow stone. martha: how old is she? >> she's two years old. she is an average-sized wolf. people are afraid of these animals. i think it's funny, every dog
10:52 am
out there is a direct descend and the of the wolf. martha: she looked so much like a german sheppard. but you say they are more powerful. >> they are designed to take down elk and byson, use the teeth and take them down using teamwork. that's what makes them amazing. martha: they were almost extinct. they were killed, exterminated right. >> in 1927 due to livestock conflict. martha: they were eating too much livestock was the conflict. >> they were, all the prey species had gone away and they were looking to survive. even today there is a lot of conflict with the cattle ranchers in yellow stone. we have to respect that too. this is a coexistence. part of sharing the earth eris taking care of these guys, but also the people that live around there. in order to be living together peacefully we have to
10:53 am
compromise. martha: you know, what made her go for your arm there? did you have something in there that she wanted to eat? >> in the show that was actually a trained wolf that was trained to strike like that. i like to put things in perspective. i thought i'd give it a shot. and even her she is very strong. the wolf bit my arm, tugged on it like they would tug on an elk to bring it down. it was amazing, it almost knocked me off my feet. martha: what does she eat? >> 100% carnavour. martha: can i pet her. >> absolutely. martha: it's square reto be in the studio with all the lights on you. >> we've all heard of a hen in the hen house but a wolf in the fox house? martha: what does she like to do
10:54 am
for fun. >> run, they love to run and hang out with their pack, interact with their pack. they are very social creatures. martha: she likes you. >> i'm part of her pack today. martha: what are you going to see in the special. >> we are going to see the wolves, their pack dynamics all the way down to the political issues that surround the wolf. i really touch on what we can do as people to adapt, to live with these animals. martha: and you live with them all the time. >> i do, i love it i like it that way. martha: she is so beautiful. thank you so much for coming to see us. you are actually gorgeous, beautiful brown eyes. bill: casey has been waiting to drop that line, hasn't he. martha: a wolf in the fox house. bill: nicely done. we'll look forward to it tonight. beautiful animal. new developments including a cyber super weapon a digital worm that can destroy a physical par get. who is behind it and what does
10:55 am
it have to do with a nuclear plant in iran, that's on "happening now." meet cat tin dan luck who is doing something very special in the war in afghanistan.
10:56 am
10:57 am
>> bill: new reaction from a georgia bishop accused of sexually assaulting young male churchgoers. eddie long says he's going to fight the allegations he's now facing. >> there have been allegations
10:58 am
and attacks made on me. i have never in my life portrayed myself as a perfect man but i am not the man that is being portrayed on the television. [applause] bill: he is accused of sexually assaulting several teenage boys over a period of many months. martha: all of our troops of course are heroes but dan luck has returned to the battle field and is truly a remarkable story. just two years after an attack in iraq cost him one of his legs and part of a foot he is back in action, serving on the front lines in afghanistan. he's just one of about 40
10:59 am
american am pew tees who are -- amputees who are serving to combat zones and right before he left he was promoted to captain. very good promotion for him and well done. bill: a new world record. james fields, bungee jumping. he loves this stuff, he owns the record for the most jumps in one hour. 42 times off of a crane over a parking lot it looks like. smashed the old record martha. the old record was 19. he's has done it 42. martha: can you imagine the impact on your body if you do that over and over and over again in one hour. bill: i think you're taller than when you began. nicely done. have a great day everybody, hope your weekend was well. martha: we'll see you tomorrow, "happening now" is right now.


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