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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  September 28, 2010 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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stewart "the daily show". we'll give you the details. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> it's always -- good morning, gretch. good morning, brian. it's helpful when you have a second set of eyes to adjust your necktie. >> this is why people go for co-anchors. you need one adjusting you while the one is talking. that's what's happening. >> will you adjust me? >> very interesting comment. >> right. it's in prompter. >> let's get right to the news. they're stepping up drone attacks in afghanistan. it's part of an attempt to cripple those making attacks in afghanistan. the most ever in a single month and more than twice the average. imagine fighting a massive wildfire in 113 degree heat. that's what firefighters are doing in thousand oaks, california, from the air and the ground, trying to get a handle you now on a 50 acre wildfire
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burning northwest from l.a. the unbearable heat causing power outages. yesterday was the hottest day in los angeles since 1877. drug gangs in mexico stoned the mayor of a small mexican town and one of his aides. their bodies found in a pickup truck. gastavo sanchez is the fifth mexican leader to be killed since mid august. u.f.o. stories straight from the x-files are being told not by science fiction writers but senior air force officers. >> a white pulsating light in the sky, dark metallic in appearance with strange markings. >> the airmen say u.f.o.'s have been deactivating american nuclear missiles and making them malfunction. they say this has been going on for decades and the government has been covering it all up. the officers released classified, declassified documents which they say back up their claims and those your
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headlines. >> oh, man. doesn't mean little green men. could mean who knows? russians? >> could be. i want to talk to those officers. hopefully we can do that this week. you cannot tell me this is good news for the white house. >> absolutely not. >> it's not good news. >> what we're talking about is the fact that according to lynne sweet in "the chicago sun times" on friday, rahm emanuel is going to say i'm leaving the white house as chief of staff. the former belly dancer will devote all his attention to running for mayor of chicago and suddenly there's a vacuum of who is running the show behind the scenes. and that's one of the problems. >> i think it actually could be good news for the obama administration. >> really? >> timing. >> everybody knows that rahm emanuel wasn't the easiest person to get along with specifically if you're a republican. rumors starting to swirl, maybe if this is going to happen, the president should pick somebody who may have to deal with a republican house. a republican-controlled house now because of the midterm elections, somebody like leon
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panetta who runs the c.i.a., some people are saying he maybe would be able to reach across the aisle more than rahm emanuel did. in a way, i see if the president wants to make a turn this would be a good time to too it. >> i would think after the midterms. remember president bush made a change of secretary of defense after the midterms. they say temporarily it would be peter rouse will take over and he'll be the intern if he leaves at the end of the week. the president indicated yesterday he has to make a decision and he's got to do it real soon. remember, it seems according to jonathan alter's book and according to bob woodward's book, rahm emanuel is not for the war and not for increasing troops and he's not necessarily for jamming health care down everybody's throats as would happen over the last year and a half. there would be ramifications. i think in that case, he was right. you know what made sense from leon panetta, why are you in the c.i.a. and he was a republican for a while and he transferred
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over. a lot of republicans had nice things to say to him. >> politico says "the only names seriously considered to replace rahm are three guys in the white house. one of them is the former chief of staff when he worked with obama, pete rous. bob beckle said on the air that's the guy he heard was going to get it and an aide to joe biden and the outsiders include panetta and tom daschle and john podesta. >> i wouldn't rule out that rahm is not going to run for mayor of chicago. keep in mind that he moved his entire family just recently to washington, d.c., just the start of this school year so then he would have to return everyone to chicago unless they stay in d.c. and he does this again. >> i bet he runs. >> maybe. i think he has aspirations for other secretary posts within the administration. i don't know. we'll have to see what happens on friday. >> we know what's happening today. the president of the united states is going to start the day in albuquerque.
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he's going to meet with the family. he's going to be talking about jobs and the economy. he's going to wienld up in des moines, iowa, to do a d.n.c. fundraiser and right there in the middle of the day, he'll be going to the university of wisconsin. this is kind of going to be those heady days at the end of the obama campaign when he had thousands and thousands of people who showed up. this is one of those campus appearances at the university. last time he was there was 17,000 screaming kids. but now, his clout is diminished and there's been a call as late as last night. hey, we need people to show up! come on, people! we need a big crowd. >> well, he saw shades of that when he was here in new york city last week for the united nations get together because apparently, those tickets went on fire sale from 500 bucks as low as 100 bucks. will he see the same effect when he goes and tries to rally the troops and the young base? here's the thing, the kids may have been motivated and mobilized to go out and vote for obama when he was running for
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president but will they be mobilized to go out and vote when he's not on the ballot and it's midterm elections. >> he was on a conference call yesterday with different journalists from the college newspapers and i imagine much of that is on line. here's how it sounded. >> point is you can't sit it out. you can't suddenly just check in once every 10 years or so on an exciting presidential election and then not pay attention during big midterm elections where we've got a real big choice between democrats and republicans. and so even though this may not be as exciting as a presidential election, it's going to make a huge difference in terms of whether we're going to be able to move our agenda forward over the next couple of years. >> almost look a sting audio, doesn't it? >> it sounds like charlie's angels had better audio in the 1970's with farrah fawcett sitting there waiting for her instructions. >> the agenda, each a lot of
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college kids don't like that agenda anymore. we've had plenty of them on the show that say i have to get a job now and the job doesn't look too hot for me. there's a new poll out that says amongst likely voters, only 38% of americans think mr. obama deserves re-election. could some of those be college students? probably. >> the thing is, too, about over 45% in most polls like him personally but it was the job performance. >> so what? you need to get him on the hook for the other thing to be re-elected. >> they can like all of us pretty well, too. >> you debated me. i give. you're right. but he is saying i'm losing men. i've lost independence by a wide margin. i'm going for the college audience and i'm starting in wisconsin, a place where he beat john mccain by 10 points and they had tables set up after the wisconsin badger game which they won. afterwards, no one was stopping by the table and they were trying to get people roused up for the president's visit today. it wasn't happening. >> they're referring to today's appearance at the university of
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wisconsin as a great experiment and it's just -- it will be interesting to see the turnout because there are all those college kids who need jobs and what's the number one thing on everybody's mind? j-o-b-s. >> to tell you the truth, i don't care if it's -- what president, how could you as a college kid with the president of the united states coming to campus not fill up that place? that's unbelievable. i don't care who the president is. you know, popular or unpopular. >> they'll have a big crowd. >> let's talk about something else that's been controversial over the last couple of weeks. that's that mosque at ground zero. could there be a breakthrough now? amazingly, the lawyer for one of the developers is saying, oh, yeah, we realized there is another mosque in the same neighborhood that's already in use that's close and maybe people who want to go to a mosque in that area could utilize the one that's already there. now, keep in mind two very important points. there are already 100 mosques in new york city, number one. number two, this is just donning
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on them now? that there's a mosque right around the corner? this sounds like a uh-oh we're not going to build this mosque anymore. >> we heard so many different things, somebody said it was a strip club and inefficient. that's what prompted the head of soho properties, and this imam, as we know, rauf but the real man with the money, he is on long island. he's from rosalynn, new york, and he was resisting sitting down with charles leaf of fox 5 here in new york. he finally did sit down with him. dare we say a breakthrough. listen. >> is this project still very much open -- open ended? >> i would say so because as he indicated to you, whatever you brought to his attention, those were proposals, ideas, but
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there's a long road to travel before you come to the ultimate end. >> that's the lawyer. >> exactly right. also we should point out that he was not very happy with the valentine that "60 minutes" did on the development of the mosque on sunday night because in that, he appeared to be the guy who was running things but in fact, it was another who owns the building and he didn't like the fact that there's a power grab or headline grab and the imam as well is single minded. we got to build it right there. here's the ultimate thing, if it comes down to money, he has been offered up to $18 million for the same property. so if suddenly he's going you know what? that place over there to the east of ground zero by about a mile, that's fine and i'm going to take $18 million, connect the dots. suddenly it lo as like a good deal for him. >> right.
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last night was bill o'reilly's appearance on "the daily show." as you remember, jon stewart came to this side last week. it was bill's turn last night and here's a little clip from that. >> ♪ oh he's sharp as a tack he's number one the best of the best he's bill o'reilly ♪ >> come and join us! come and join us! >> very well done. >> wow. sweet. quite an entrance. >> very, very nice. at one point, mr. stewart did ask mr. o'reilly to show up at the big rally that stewart and colbert are planning for the end of october and o'reilly said i'm not going to show up. you'll got a big crowd and wouldn't get any credit for it. o'reilly did mention colbert, by the way, in this little snippet and look out for a pinhead.
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>> the drone program is not illeg illegal sympathizers, absolutely legal but i do want -- colbert is a drone on the way. >> no. >> yep. don't even joke about it. that's terrible. >> they're waiting for him to be alone. >> that's not even -- no. you know what that was? that was a pinhead remark. >> was it? is he your buddy? >> glenn beck did wish colbert and stewart a lot of success and it sounded very sincere. >> we'll see how many people turn out for that one. you're not concerned for taxes going up for the rich? our next guest says you should be afraid no matter how much money you make. >> and then the busted landing gear, a shock to the passengers but maybe not the airline. did delta know about this problem with this airplane for months? that's straight ahead. you want some fiber one honeclusters? yeah.
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whoa! won't believe your eyes. [ male announcer ] aquos quattron 3d from sharp. [ engineer laughs ] you have to see it, to see it. >> we're not trying to push financial reform because we begrudge success that's fairly earned. i mean, i do think at a certain point, you've made enough money. >> they want to borrow another $700 billion and use it to give tax cuts to millionaires and billionaires. on average, that's a tax cut of
6:16 am
about $100,000 for millionaires. i did not run for office to be helping out a bunch of, you know, fat cat bankers on wall street. >> and author of future of and he wrote the book samuel adams of life. adam stole says if you should be. why should we care if the rich are happy? >> partly it's a moral issue. if you're on a playground and there's a bully picking on someone, even if you're not the one getting picked on, it's not right if the person hasn't done anything wrong. the other thing is we need more jobs in this country and the way we create jobs is people create companies that are successful. >> we read your column on sunday and some of the people that you interviewed in the column say wait a second, why are you taking targets at me? i used to earn $5 a week and now let's say i become rich and successful, don't begrudge me that. i went the distance. i've hit pay dirt.
6:17 am
don't get mad at me. >> that's right. the president talks about millionaires and billionaires but a lot of these millionaires and billionaires didn't used to be millionaires or billionaires. one comment on my future of capitalism web site wrote that for two years, she ate dollar a box macaroni and cheese and shared it with her neighbor so people have worked 20 or 30 years to create these companies that they finally sell and get a one-year pay day or finally succeed and then that's just when president obama wants to take away the money that they worked so hard to earn. >> as you make those companies, you hire more people, gain more success and give them benefits. they network and grow and think they possibly have their own jobs. that's the way we grew up. something else you brought up in the article and in your column in your web site is that sometimes you have good years and sometimes you have bad years. sometimes you go over $250,000 and the next year you don't. >> that's right. and just to use myself as an example, i mean, under the
6:18 am
president's definition of rich, i had a year where i made more than $250,000 but the next year, i lost my job. i had a severance in that year where i made $250,000 and the next year i made a lot less. >> with the bush tax cuts sun setting, how important is it for those people who are successful to know where they're going right now? >> there's a lot of uncertainty out there and people is saying the president is anti-business. they're saying they're not going to make decisions about how to save or invest their money until they know what the rules are going to be. >> wow. future of has more of the stories of the so-called rich who more than likely have outworked their competition and should be very proud of what they accomplished. instead, it seems as though they're being punished. great column on sunday. great perspective as we continue to debate this. thanks so much. coming up straight ahead, the united states is in so much debt, we wouldn't qualify to join the european union.
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>> glad you're up. hope you have a great day. meanwhile this, arrest after that shooting at seton hall university, that university house party. they have the alleged gunman. he's in custody. they're searching for a second suspect. they believe he gave the gun to welch.
6:23 am
a student was killed and four others were hurt. overnight, north korean leader kim jong-il made his son a four star general. it's confirmation that kim wants his son to succeed him. do you think? he is reportedly in deteriorating health. not sure what that is. >> brian, thank you very much. president obama signing off on the small business bill yesterday. but many are calling it just another $30 billion bailout. something a lot of businesses claim they don't want. so is this really the answer? >> let's ask the author of a new book "liberty rising a treaty on the restoration of our constitutional republic." and he says less government involvement is really the answer. bob, when you see this bailout number, whatever it is what's the reaction that you have? >> the reaction that i have is it's just more of the same. the stimulus bill was an $872 billion failure. the policies of this administration have created a climate of uncertainty across the business community. >> sure.
6:24 am
>> we're seeing capital on strike in america. >> in fact, bob, you write in this great new book which is kind of a modern day common sense, if you will. you write about how our liberty in america has become diminished over the last 100 years and one of the things -- you've got some solutions. one of the things we can do is we can reduce the size and the scope of the federal government. >> that's correct. >> you suggest that's a step in the right direction. >> absolutely. we take a look at where we are today, the cost of sustaining where government is going with these increasing programs has put us in a position now where our unfunded liabilities are $36 trillion more than the combined wealth of every major u.s. corporation, small business and american family. we have a negative net worth. >> no kidding. >> calculators don't go that high and you argue that the total national debt has increased $2.8 trillion in just 21 months under the president. so you say look, number two is we got to cut spending. this seems to be like a broken record, though, and this is why you got involved with the whole
6:25 am
tea party movement, was it not? >> absolutely. you have to take a look at it from another angle, too, our growing debt and the way it's being funded is a national security problem. in 1988, 13% of our debt was funded by foreign governments. by the end of this year, our debt is almost three times the size of the debt of 1988 will be funded by 33% by a foreign government. now, think about it. what happens when our global national interests are in direct conflict with the global interest of our debtors? >> good point. also you say that allow all the bush tax cuts to continue. brian just had a great guest talking about just that. next one, repeal the monsterous health care bill. well, you know, the republicans had a chance to do something about health care for years. they didn't. the democrats did and now you want to throw it out the window? >> both parties were wrong. what the american people needed and what the american people wanted was commonsense health care insurance reform. somehow, i can't see how the
6:26 am
calculus works. 150 new bureaucracies will lower costs and improve access. someone will have to convince me of that. >> people's premiums are going to go up and up and up. number five, you say stop class warfare, punishing success. is this from your own personal success? or you're just speaking about every american who wants to continue to live the american dream? >> i'm speaking about every american. our nation has reached a dangerous divide today. on one side stands the america that we were all handed and on the other side of that divide stands a downward spiral of the tyranny and lost liberty that, perhaps, will last for generations to come. >> do you like the idea of what the tea party stands for and what they're doing? >> i like the energy of the party and the idea of what it stands for. the tea party is a true grassroots movement. people that are concerned about individual liberty and they're concerned about where this government is going and this out of control spending policies that are threatening it.
6:27 am
>> thank you for sharing your points with us this morning. >> thank you very much for having me. >> all right, straight ahead on "fox & friends" for this tuesday, bill clinton mocking female candidates? is that true? >> so far, they've gathered up about everybody for this tea party but the mad hatter and alice and wonderland. >> ok, what listeners across the country are saying in a radio rumble with gretchen coming up next. >> then startling evidence that viagra doesn't do a thing for 50% of the men who take it? all right. i guess we'll investigate that, too. >> indeed. first, happy birthday to hillary duff, the actress and singer and all around cute gal turns 23 today. robin ] my name is robin. and i was a pack-a-day smoker for 25 years. i do remember sitting down with my boys, and i'm like, "oh, promise mommy you'll never ever pick up a cigarette." and brian looked at me at eight years old and said, "promise me you'll quit."
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math and science teachers. how about teaching math to that economic team of his? why don't you start right there? have you seen? >> that's another jay leno dig. i'll tell you. remember when they said the president wasn't funny. nothing funny to laugh about, couldn't write any jokes. >> you know, he's talking about the education problem in this country and there's a great movie that has opened this week called "waiting for superman" and i saw it yesterday. i think every person on a school board in america should see that movie. anyway, we have the producer here that will be joining us just about -- in this half-hour. very shortly. we've got a whole bunch of questions for her and the main point of the movie is that there are great schools in america but they can pay teachers for doing a good job. and they can fire the bad ones and because the teachers union, it's almost impossible to fire the bad ones. >> because they hear one problem that doesn't require more money. nobody is saying we need more money. >> no, but that's the argument
6:32 am
of the democrats when he's talking about education. brian and i will see the movie today and as far as school board members, probably all parents should see this movie, too. probably everyone should see it. >> absolutely should but it comes down to what to do about the teachers and there are so many great ones out there. reward them for doing a good job. >> come the holidays, fred claus. i thoroughly recommend it. i'm just saying it. >> now on d.v.d. something we have going on at fox, the fox news college challenge. all right, so we got to get you energized to answer this thing. it's for juniors and seniors majoring in journalism or communications, look at this. you can win $10,000, a scholarship for you and a $10,000 grant for your school. all you got to do is sign up right there. you put together a very short video, two to three minutes and you could win 10 grand. >> there was ea time it was touh and now you can edit on your own
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lap top at home. >> you can edit on your phone? >> absolutely. >> last year it was ball state. who's it going to be this year? could be you. sign up today. >> couple of quick headlines. top chef from new jersey featured on gordon ramsey's fox show "kitchen nightmares" has apparently committed suicide. the 39-year-old was reportedly found dead in the hudson river here in new york. he's believed to have jumped from the george washington bridge. he visited his struggling restaurant back in 2007. he was deep in debt at times. he is survived by a wife and three kids. a contestant on another ramsey show committed suicide in 2006. not a great track record there. >> i'll tell you what, i have been to joe's restaurant many, many times and it was fantastic. it's too bad. new questions being raised how -- over the mechanical failure of the delta flight forced to make an emergency landing at
6:34 am
j.f.k.'s airport here in new york. reports say that type of plane was the subject of an f.a.a. air worthiness directive. the july directive looked to correct a landing gear retraction problem made by the canadian manufacturer. delta says it's working with the f.a.a. to correct the problem. hurry! >> a brand new poll in connecticut says the race for that state senate race is now too close to call. >> wow! >> republican nominee linda mcmahan now in a dead heat with the democratic nominee richard blumenthal. past polls had her behind by six points. blumenthal has spent far less money in his campaign coffers and being backed by president barack obama. linda mcmahan is basically self-financed. >> special night tonight in nashville as the grand ole opry house reopens its doors four months after the devastating floods left more than four feet of water in the building. the slate of performers are set
6:35 am
to open that refurbished building tonight including dierks bentley and he joined us yesterday. >> they know how important the opry is, not only to country music fans but nashville in general. so many people travel here to come watch -- catch a show at the grand ole opry. important to get this building up and running. >> brad paisley, keith urban, trace adkins and many others will be taking the stage tonight. >> very nice. >> all right. meanwhile, let's take a look at what's going on in the weather and we've got another soaker, as you can see, throughout the northeast down through the mid atlantic. really heavy. you can see moving through portions of ohio this morning, right up through the great lake states. balance of the country is nice and dry. and it's going to be another hot one. look at that. l.a. already is at 74. but here in new york city, we've already got 71 degrees. a lot of 50's and 60's across the balance of the map. today in l.a., though, it's only going to be 84. yesterday, it was the hottest
6:36 am
day on record in los angeles for any day of the calendar year which is incredible. meanwhile, in raleigh, it's going to be 80, 81 in memphis. the temperatures in the 70's and 80's across dixie land and across texas. northern plains, temperatures in the 60's. today, it's going to be 66 in chicago. home of da bears, brian. >> undefeated bears, i might add. monday night football ended a short while ago. two teams meet who don't like each other and play great football. chicago against the packers of green bay. early on, it was all pack. aaron rodgers, remember he replaced bret favre. he hits greg jennings from seven yards out. packers went up 7-0. green bay up by three. that is only hester returns this punt for the score. bears go up 13-10. later in the quarter, tie game. four seconds left and you'll see it, robby gould hits the chip
6:37 am
shot. chicago wins 20-17. they're 3-0 and play the giants next week. they don't have a shot. the philadelphia phillies are heading back to the playoffs again after clinching their fourth straight nl east title with their win over the nationals of washington. holliday allows two hits for his 21st win of the season. the phillies have the league's best record and are assured home field advantage throughout the post-season but are they really happy? a new attempt to get tours to come to australia is causing an a uproar to some. the australian horse racing club will race bikini clad women down the race course as part of a new sporting even. people are very upset by this. they said they had the most risque sport. up to 150 women will compete for a prize of $5,000. evidently there's not much of clothing issued. it was copied from the race course where in the u.s. they hold a similar event annually. best of luck.
6:38 am
another entrepreneur, she does a lot of crunches. coming up on "fox & friends" between 9 clock lock and noon, the great gretchen carlson will be live in the studio according to reports. eric shawn will be talking about his class with ahmadinejad. they didn't get along too long and the democratic perspective from here on in. first thing is first. let's talk radio rumble. >> all right, brian. thanks very much. president obama's long-time right hand man may be calling it quits. reportedly chief of staff rahm emanuel could announce his exit from the white house by the end of this week. so what does this mean for the president? let's ask radio talk show host neil abury, charles ellison and howie carr. neil, i like your point on this. you say, hey, not so fast. maybe rahm emanuel really not go back to chicago because he's not necessarily a shoo-in to become mayor there. >> absolutely. i think right now in the polls he's number three or four actually. i mean, this is the first time in chicago in a long, long time
6:39 am
that we actually have an open race and every ethnic group seems to be putting out a candidate. the hispanic community, the caucasians, the african-americans so i think rahm right now is number 3 or 4. he's barely pulling in double digits. the chicago way doesn't work in washington and it will be very fascinating to see if rahm's connection with obama will either help or hurt him and then you have mark kirk who is leading in the -- to take obama's seat -- ex-senate seat of a republican. this would be a tetonic shift. rahm is not a shoo-in. if he does not win, this could spell a catastrophe for obama in his home city. >> who do you think the president will replace him with if he decides to give this a go? >> i'm not sure. all i know is emanuel expressed his own desire to have valerie jarrett in that seat so there's been a little bit of controversy
6:40 am
within the white house about whether or not jarrett should come in as chief of staff as rahm emanuel's replacement. >> why? >> you have folks like axelrod and gibbs who have this sensitivity about the racial optics of having two black people run the federal government and so that's causing a little bit of controversy within the white house. i think jarrett is more than qualified. emanuel thinks jarrett is more than qualified. why is it such a problem bringing jarrett in? jarrett, if she's gotten this far, she should be ready and prepared for the job. >> yeah, taking race and being female out of the equation, howie, some people are saying if rahm leaves, maybe the president should pick somebody that might be able to get along with republicans a little bit more. they may in fact control the house and maybe the senate. >> well, i'm not sure that's good for barack obama if the republicans do take over the house, worked that pretty well having a republican congress for bill clinton and even back in the 1940's for harry truman. i think it's interesting about rahm emanuel, as soon as he
6:41 am
began expressing an interest and as soon as richard daley said he wasn't going to run for re-election, all of a sudden, this scandal breaks on jesse jackson jr. and blows him up. that looks to me the real chicago way. he has this blond acquaintance and it's interesting the timing of the scandal. >> all right. well, we hadn't heard that one. thanks for bringing that out. let's move on to bill clinton. he's doing a lot of stumping now for the democrats before the midterms and apparently after last week seeming to embrace the tea party. now he's hitting them? let's listen. >> of course be they got the wrestling federation lady in connecticut and the witchcraft lady in delaware. and i'll tell you, so far, they've -- they've gathered up about everybody for this tea party but the mad hatter and alice in wonderland, i think. >> howie, i know that you've said -- questioned whether or not the president should be saying anything about women. >> i know it's just a campaign rhetoric and he has to say
6:42 am
something. he was in portland where the democratic candidate is running 18 points behind a tea party guy, paula page. but still, i mean, in connecticut, the wrestling lady, she's running neck in neck as you just heard with dick blumenthal. this is a guy, bill clinton, who lost his law license for perjury and he's talking about a guy richard blumenthal who lied for decades about his war record. and as far as the lady with the witchcraft, does anyone remember the seances in the white house when hillary was the first lady, not the secretary of state. she was communicating with eleanor roosevelt? i don't believe christine o'donnell has claimed she communicated with the dead. >> charles, you think democrats should be careful including former president bill clinton, be careful about saying things like this? >> absolutely. i think the prominent democrats that are out on the campaign trails should be somewhat careful of being somewhat dismisssive of tea party candidates. you know, i think this kind of leaves them wide open for republicans to attack the former president has being somewhat
6:43 am
elitist and somewhat chauvinistic. how could he be? he was very supportive of his wife. don't take these tea party candidates for granted. >> neil, you agree? >> first of all, i find bill clinton mocking anybody is absolutely bizarre. i mean, after all, if we want to talk about alice in wonderland, it's the american people that has fallen down a rabbit hole, not alice. this is where up is down and down is up. we use play money like it's real money. where jobs disappear and we can't find them. where the end of recessions are pure fantasy. where we parade comedians as if they're experts. it's america in wonder land and we better find our way out. >> neil, charles and howie, appreciate it. we showed you the video, union workers at a chrysler plant smoking and drinking.
6:44 am
now they've fired. will the union try to bail them out of trouble? stuart varney is investigating. then it's a documentary every parent should see. "waiting for superman" and lays out exactly why our education system stinks and the producer is here live. [ rumbling ]
6:45 am
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and we want to make sure you have exactly what you need - from the right checking account, to a mortgage, to loans for just about anything. those are for the kids, mike. so if you're ready for a bank that can give your family the financial freedom you want, switch to regions. >> first the quote of the day. who said this? i'm a body wash guy, it freaks me out to use soap. e-mail me with the right answer. no, it's not me. we'll give you something from fox news. meanwhile, the i.r. s. will not be sending out tax forms in the mail next year. the agency says the move will save you about $10 million. good. the little blue pill may not be all that it's cracked up to be. a new british study finds viagra doesn't work in half the men who take it because they have low testosterone levels. yeah. we'll be studying this. >> meanwhile, we showed you these pictures last week and
6:48 am
chrysler has fired 13 of its workers caught on tape by a fox affiliate in detroit smoking pot and drinking during their lunch breaks. two were suspended but will the union bail them out and what happens to their union pensions? we query stuart varney. good morning. >> good morning. we don't yet know what will happen to their pensions. the united automobiles workers union has not yet issued a statement on these firings which took place yesterday afternoon. so we don't know that yet. >> right. >> i think chrysler had to act because you had this on videotape and keeping in mind that they received a huge bailout from taxpayers. >> yes, that was the source of the outrage as we've discussed before. these workers pay their pensions paid by the taxpayer, their medical bills made by the taxpayer, outrage immediately. but you can't get over this. a black eye has been delivered to chrysler, the united automobile workers union, bailouts in general, the president who visited that plan to just, what, nine, 10 weeks ago and there's still this overriding question. will the union support these
6:49 am
fired workers, push them into rehab, declare them to be alcoholics and under the americans with disabilities act, they must get their job back because they're disabled. this is entirely possible. we don't know what's going to happen yet. >> sounds just right. you have a big show today on "varney & company." >> it's always a big show. we have ken burns, the documentary. we'll talk money. >> he has a documentary on baseball called "the 10th inning" great interview. thank you for coming by. >> you look wonderful. >> speaking of documentaries if we wait for superman to save our schools, it will be too late for our kids. the producer of the new documentary "waiting for superman" here next live. to explain. >> then don't say you weren't warned, the health care overhaul that wasn't supposed to cost you more raising out-of-pocket expenses by at least 12%. that's next. i was driving in northern california. my son was asleep.
6:50 am
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>> 60,000 people have gone to this school for four years. >> your children are on the bridge of the titanic and everybody is going to drown. >> so many so-called dropout factories in this country. that's a clip from a new documentary called "waiting for superman." the film is getting critical acclaim for shining a giant spotlight on our education system and it's a very harsh light. in fact, it looks like the system is failing. but why? leslie chilcott is a producer of "waiting for superman." she joins us live. the movie is fantastic. they should go to the cineplex and see it. >> i agree with you. >> i bet you do. you make it very clear that the schools are broke and one of the problems is great schools. there are some great schools out there. they pay teachers akorpgd to how well they're doing but bad
6:54 am
schools cannot fire teachers simply because of tenure and the teachers union. >> not quite that simple. i think all teachers are underpaid here in america. and i think that if we start valuing teachers more culturally and placing them as a top priority, then we can change that a little bit. >> good luck, though. because you got the very, very powerful teachers union which has traditionally backed the democratic party and in a very large way and they're standing there saying hold it, we're doing this for the kids. >> i think that to ask really important questions about the unions such as we need to look at tenure and we need to look at how we reward the teachers that are knocking it out of the park. this teacher over here is knocking it out of the park. this teacher is underperforming and right now, we don't have a good way it different shiate between the two. this evaluation and rewarding of good performance is key. we talk about children are our future. we need to put the best possible teacher in front of them and it's a profession. it's not community service. >> absolutely. in the film, you detail how
6:55 am
michelle rhee, the chancellor of the d.c. schools has the proposal for the teachers union there. she says i'm going to pay you really good teachers six figures. something likes $130,000 or something like that but you'll have to forgo tenure. the teachers union would not even bring it up for a vote. >> that is true. but here's how much excitement is around this issue right now. a year later, there is a new contract in d.c. it does propose -- it isn't the numbers that she was talking about. but it does propose a pay increase. it does have a way to evaluate teachers and merit pay for those that are amazing. exciting time right now. >> do you think something is going to happen? >> i have to believe after spending 2 1/2 years on this movie. everybody is talking about this issue. and with the unions, denver has an amazing new contract where they do evaluate teachers properly so there are these examples of how to do it and i think we need to look at that and try to do that everywhere
6:56 am
else. >> when i saw the film yesterday, there were a number of teachers in the audience. we have a statement from the president of the american federation of teachers, randy weingarten and says the film casts several outliars, bad teachers and charter schools as heroes ready to save the day. what do you think about that? >> i think the adults have been the problem over the last few years and the adults fight about these adult issues and don't put the interest of kids first. so i think we call out a number of people in the film. including teachers unions but i think that i'm in a union. i've been in a union for a long time. no one wants to eliminate the union. >> this is the future of the country. we've got to get this thing out of the ditch. >> and that's why we have to really take a look at these issues and we need to reform. >> all right. very good. listen, check out the movie. it is fantastic called "waiting for superman". it's going to be nationwide very shortly. great movie. straight ahead, democrats say
6:57 am
tax cuts have to wait but now republicans are fighting back. they want to fight and they want it now. can they get it? latest from washington at the top of the hour. answer to the quote of the day. kenny chesney said that. jen knew that from north providence, rhode island. and had your shoes shined. well, i made you a reservation at the sushi plce around the corner. well, in that case, i better get bk to these invoices... whh i'll do right after making your favorite pancakes. you know what? i'm going to tidy up your side of the office. i can't hear you because i'm also making you a smoothie. [ male announcer ] marriott hotels & resorts knows it's better for xerox to automate their global invoice process so they can focus on serving their customers. with xerox, you're ready for real business. [ tires screech ] [ enne rving ] [ drums playing ] [ male announcer ] 306 horsepower. race-inspired paddle shifters and f sport-tuned suspension.
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7:00 am
and better ways to protect us and medicare from fraud. see what else is new. i think you're gonna like it. ♪ >> good morning, everyone. it's tuesday, september 28, 2010. thank you for sharing your time with us today. the vote to extend tax cuts may not be dead yet? what? republicans trying to force a vote now before the break and keep democrats from "turning their backs on the american people." so can they pull it off? >> good question. health care overhaul was supposed to drive down costs. remember that? new information that your out-of-pocket expenses could rise 12% next year. we run the numbers. >> i don't like that! i'm unhappy. from unhappy to happy. happy meals, mcdonald's happy meals may be getting grumpy. one big town waging a war on the
7:01 am
toys in happy meals because the toys are making kids fat. yeah, especially that one. >> huh? >> you will say. "fox & friends" hour two for tuesday starts right now. >> hi, i'm clay walker and you're watching "fox & friends." i'm one of em. >> he's one of us? >> clay is one of our guys. he was from our -- the central progressive concert series every friday. >> that was a lot of fun. now we've moved into the fall, right? >> you can tell it weatherwise. >> it's chilly out. it's actually humid out there. it's raining. >> very humid. there's a change afoot and the leaves are falling. >> it does that every year. >> check out the headlines. there are these reports this morning that rahm emanuel will make a decision about leaving the white house as early as this friday. this according to sources close to him. if emanuel does leave, the president is expected to name an interim chief of staff immediately. senior advisor and long time obama friend valerie jarrett
7:02 am
said to be among the president's short list of candidates. the c.i.a. dramatically stepping up drone attacks in the mountains of pakistan. the strikes are part of an effort to try to cripple the taliban stronghold being used to plan attacks against our troops in afghanistan. the c.i.a. launched 20 attacks in september. the most ever during a single month and more than twice the average. wyclef jean is recovering at home after being admitted to a new jersey hospital. jean was suffered from stress and exhaustion after a grueling presidential campaign in haiti. he recently withdrew his campaign after a court ruled he didn't meet the residency requirements. it's been difficult enough for firefighters to control a massive wildfire in thousand oaks, california. to make matters worse, can you believe this, they had to do it in 113 degree heat. it's still burning 30 miles west of l.a. it was the hottest day in l.a. since 1877, the unbearable heat
7:03 am
caused power outages across southern cal. 30,000 homes lost power. >> those are the headlines for a tuesday morning. >> can you believe it? 113 degrees. >> it's unbelievable. we got conflicting signals. we didn't know if the bush tax cuts were going to get voted on or be approved or extended and if so, which ones were going to be approved or extended. the speaker of the house said i think we're going to vote on it before we leave. steny hoyer said we're not going to do that. the republicans are not giving up and say it's totally irresponsible to go away on break and not give people a sense of certainty to let people know how much money they'll have in their account and let companies know how much they're taking out. >> there's too much uncertainty. john boehner, the minority leader in the house is calling on nancy pelosi. hey, madam speaker, please let us vote on this before we adjourn. they might adjourn, as brian said, at the end of this week so they can go out and run for office. >> yeah, exactly right.
7:04 am
so what boehner is doing, it's interesting. he's saying forget about the simple majority. we're not looking for just 50 plus one votes. we will make it a 2/3 majority. he's asking under special house rules. so what would she be afraid of with that? well, maybe the fact that 30 democrats have already signed on to the idea that they should extend the tax cuts for everybody and the speaker realizing she'd wind up not with just a little egg on her face before an election but a whole omelet. >> they may not have the votes in the senate because senator dick durbin on the sunday shows admitted that and said hey, this comes down to math. we don't have the votes. here's what john boehner said about democrats and the tax votes. >> if democratic leaders leave town without stopping the tax hikes, they are turning the backs on the american people and adjourning the congress at the end of this week without a vote will be a vote to raise taxes on the american people and destroy jobs. so this is really a he said/she said right now, guys. the democrats are saying exactly the opposite. they're saying the republicans
7:05 am
are the ones holding up this whole thing and really, that's not completely true because as steve just points out, 37 democrats are align themselves with the republicans. >> they're saying let's have a vote right now. she's going no, see you later. bye-bye. >> it's embarrassing. a lot of people who study this on a daily basis, what's the strategy of the democratic party? they're calling out the republicans in an area where the republicans have traditionally been strong. that's tax policy. and who gets taxed and who doesn't. republicans generally weigh out stronger on taxes. they point back to when bill clinton was president and he used buzz words and didn't expand what he would do on it. he told the democrats go out and say those words and let's make some progress. we know how well he did as he won re-election. >> i think the strategy here for democrats has been, i'm not sure it worked but it was to align the republican party with saving the rich. try to make it seem as if
7:06 am
everyone may be for the middle class tax cuts but only republicans want to bail out the millionaires and billionaires. only problem with that argument is two fold. those are the people who are creating the jobs and more importantly, people earning or businesses earning over $250,000 a year are not millionaires. >> exactly. >> they're not millionaires and billionaires. you have this whole group of people that found themselves in there. they're saying wait a minute, that's me even though i'm not a millionaire. maybe it didn't work. >> forget about nancy pelosi. forget about john boehner. what about you? do you want the vote before the election? before the midterms? e-mail us right now at friends at there are many people running for congress who have kind of backed away from the fact that they voted for this health care reform bill. because as we heard from the speaker, we'll pass this thing to find out what's in it and we heard others say once they get to know what's in it, they'll love it. well, here we've got a little
7:07 am
information and that's not something you're going to love and that is the fact that out of pocket expenses will be rising more than 12% for next year. and that -- for many people as soon as they hear it, they'll go wait a minute, we thought the prices were going to go down and they're going up 12%. that's not right. >> how much does that mean that a business is going to have to pay for one employee. these are startling stats. at least it got my attention this morning. $10,000 per employee to provide health care coverage. keep in mind, that employee will have to pay more this year than they ever have before so some of that burden is going to be moved on down to the employee. but this is why businesses are saying wow, maybe we're not going to hire more people because we can't afford it. 10 grand a person. however, though, this article says that it's not necessarily because of obama care. it's because of medical technology and the increasing use of medical services by an aging population. that's the reason the prices are going up. >> true, gretchen.
7:08 am
a lot of people confused about what's in obama care. 50% of the country say they don't know what's in it six months after it and guess what? approval of this plan which is a big mystery to many people has gone down. in fact, 42% say great but 45% no, i'm not for it. but here's something republicans can keep in mind. only 26% of the country says just flat out repeal it and here's the problem. many people say if you want to know what's happening with health care, look at massachusetts. look at massachusetts. it is a -- it is a colossal mess. what they've done now is say ok, a lot of people are dropping their insurance. now they said to the insurers, you can't drop people. you have to add your kids and everything like that up until 26 years old. and then they put price caps on the insurers. >> right. >> now the insurance companies can't make a profit. and little by little they're going to start imploding or they're going to start raising their premiums. if they can, they'll offer less and less services.
7:09 am
you want that mammogram? it's not going to happen. if you want that c.a.t. scan, can't happen. we don't have the finances to do it. >> under the government-run program, those things have to happen. will that filter more people into government-run program? >> yeah. >> when is it going to happen? because so many people are so confused about the health care and like brian said, 53% are confused about it. a bad number for democrats is the fact that, apparently, 45% of -- 45% of independents are against it. take a look. we'll put the -- a full screen of the poll up there, it's 51% of the people over 65 are confused or rather 61%, under 65, 51%. but you couple that with the fact that you're gonna have a 12% out-the-pocket and gretch was talking about how much the companies are going to have to pay for each employee. when it comes out of our pocket and if it's 12% out of our pocket, people are gonna go wait a machine kninute, i'm on shaky
7:10 am
with my job. now i have to pay 12% more. >> that's for 2011. wait until 2014 when the whole health care reform kicks in. here's what sarah palin thought about it. >> it's one thing after another, greta, that we were promised under the speculation about what obama care contained, it's such a stark contrast to what the reality is within obama care but again, more and more people are reading it and understanding what's in it and they're saying we don't like it. it needs to be repealed. >> there you go. sarah palin weighing in. i think there's maybe five people, i don't know if i'm exaggerating. five people in the country knows what's in the entire health care coverage. >> all that's read it. >> it reads like something a lawyer would be getting through. it's almost like a legal document. meanwhile, let's talk about something we led with yesterday. one of the top stories we led with. that's from 1960's to the 1980's, retired air force officers have been keeping a secret. >> yeah, they have. and what they say is that through the years, they have been told by the air force here
7:11 am
in this country and great britain as well, don't tell anybody about that u.f.o. you saw over the minuteman missile site and stuff like that. yesterday, you had a number of retired air force guys, they're at the national press club. finally spilling the beans about what they saw back in the day. here's a couple. >> i went to wake my commander who is taking a rest break, started to tell him about the phone call and just as i told him, our missiles began going to what's called a no go condition or unlaunchable. essentially they were disabled. while the object was still hovering over our site. half way through the investigation, the air force sent a message that said stop the investigation and do not repeat, do not send this report. >> so they're saying that specifically was it, you know, outer space, aliens that were
7:12 am
specifically targeting nuclear sites in the united states? not sure but they said there was funny business going on and told not to talk about it. but now they are. >> look, these guys are decorated military officers. they've had experience. some of them have seen action in vietnam and they're telling a story, a very similar story and many of which didn't know each other. books have been written about it. as a people, should we agree that we can handle knowing if there were u.f.o.'s out there. everybody is scared about make the general population crazy. can we at least in the studio say if you have a secret, we can imagined it. at least the grown-ups. >> you think if the government knew there were people from other planets or -- >> if we agree not to panic as a people, could you please tell us what's going on? >> brian, you -- >> i'll agree not to panic. >> you panic when there's no skim milk for your latte. >> i'm of the opinion there's a lot of government secrets and i don't know if i need to know any of them. >> i saw the movie "the national
7:13 am
treasure" and i know there's a great big book of secrets. >> right now, you see anything over my head. that was a quiz. again, you're not giving me the benefit of the doubt. i'm an adult and i can handle a u.f.o. please tell me! >> can you handle this? he's not worried about losing his seat because he's not running for re-election. we're asking the tough questions to democrats brian baird next. he's speaking out against the machine without fear of consequences. great! >> a new technology is great if it works. volvo's new car that's supposed to detect pedestrians in its path and stop. maybe not every time. >> look ought for that statue.
7:14 am
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7:16 am
>> coming november elections could bring a group of fresh new faces to congress and america is waiting to see what they'll do differently, if anything, one congressman who is on his way out has some suggestions. washington democrat brian baird is retiring at the end of his new term -- of this term and he's got a new book and look at this, cpr, character, politics and responsibility is his parting gift to his fellow lawmakers and joins us live from the bureau. good morning to you, congressman. >> great to be with you. >> if you have all these great ideas now, why are you getting out?
7:17 am
>> you know, i think sometimes you can have more impact outside than inside. the filters inside are run through special interest groups, pollsters, etc., and i set out to write a book set aside any partisan interest, any special interest group, what would i say if it was telling the 100% truth to what the country would do to solve the problems. >> it's like congress with a lie detector on it. i have a question for you -- how should lawmakers fix a broken tax system. you say eliminate the i.r. s. and institute a progressive sales tax, right? >> indeed. the i.r.s. goes 20,000 plus pages, nobody understands it. it distorts our economy and a pain for all of us every year. we ought to have a progressive national sales tax so the more the item costs, the more you pay in sales tax but tonight have to file income tax reforms combined with a reform state tax that allows families to keep their farms and businesses and tariffs on selected things like petroleum. very simple tax code. easy to understand and by law, it ought to generate enough revenue to keep the budget in
7:18 am
balance. >> there are a lot of republicans i bet watching right now going yeah, where's he been all of our lives? why didn't he come up with that before. also when it comes to national control of illegal immigration you said we need national i.d. cards. >> we do. easiest way to control immigration, first of all, is national i.d.'s, you should be able as an employer swipe an i.d., have a biometric i.d. and regardless of any concerns of ethnicity, you should say should this people be here or not? if you don't have the i.d., you don't get a job. >> congressman, how do we reduce entitlement spending? eliminate the concept of entitlements all together and needs test all benefits. >> indeed. if you look at the long-term value of our current entitlements it's $52 trillion and it exceeds the entire wealth of the american people. we cannot get the budget in balance without reforming entitlements. i think we ought to have a needs system. the i in the real title of social security, the i doesn't stand for entitlement. it stands for insurance. we ought to point out that if
7:19 am
you don't need this insurance, you don't take it. now, people will say wait a minute, i paid into that. by golly, i get that back. fine thing to say. you're getting it back at the expense of your children and grandchildren and they had nothing to do with making the promises we won't be able to keep. >> are you sure you're a democrat? you sound like a republican. >> i'm an american first of all and i'm a democrat as well. there are a number of democratic ideas to improve the education system, etc. 130 million new people will live in this country in the next 40 years. substantial numbers of that driven by immigration. now, we've got to absolutely oppose any racial reference to this but we've got to say we can't handle 130 million more people in this country. we didn't plan for that. >> great new book available everywhere. congressman brian baird, democrat from wisconsin. the book is called "character, politics and responsibility." cpr. thank you, sir. get the paddles. meanwhile, straight ahead, your
7:20 am
pension is still on the way. government employees collecting checks beyond the grave. how much is this costing us? you'll find out. slamming the union in one breath and then depending on their votes at the next breath. can the president have it both ways? that straight ahead. jennifer hudson here. before weight watchers my world was c't. but now. lose weight. can. live. can. stand here and not suck in a thing... i can. and you can too. and you can join for free.
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7:23 am
>> time for your news by the numbers. hence the animation. first, 14. that's the number of people who cash new york city pension checks made out to dead people. officials say the checks cost the city almost a half million dollars. next, 45,000 bucks. that's how many jobs toys r us is adding for the holiday shopping season. that's 30% higher than previous years. and finally, $0.81 to the dollar. that's what female managers in the u.s. are paid for every
7:24 am
dollar male managers make. the $0.19 wage gap marks only a slight narrowing from seven years ago. gretch? >> president obama for teachers unions but against bad teachers. >> i'm a strong supporter of the notion that a union can protect its members and help be part of the solution as opposed to part of the problem. but you can't -- you can't defend a status quo in which a third of our kids are dropping out. you can't defend the status quo when you've got 2,000 schools across the country that are dropout factories and they really are, where more than half of the kids are dropping out. we have to be able to identify teachers who are doing well, teachers who are not doing well, we have to give them the support and the training to do well and ultimately, if some teachers aren't doing a good job, they have to go. >> how can the president have it both ways? if the unions are the ones who make it impossible to fire the bad teachers. i'm joined now by kyle olson, vice president of the education
7:25 am
action group and mo ellefy, senior campaign advisor for washington, d.c. mayor elect, not mayor elect, won the democratic primary, right? >> that's right. that's right. >> not mayor-elect yet. >> thank you very much for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> let me start with you, kyle. the president yesterday was asked about the unions and schools because of this new documentary that has come out and shed light on fact that maybe it's the unions that are holding our kids back. your response to the fact that the president seems to want to have it both ways, protect the unions and make sure the kids get a good education. >> first of all, if there's anyone that's seen bad schools, it's a community organizer from the south side of chicago and i mean that sincerely but what we need to look at is the fact that the american federation of teachers and the national education association protect bad teachers. randy weingarten, the president of the a.f.t. has been accused of actually wanting to protect dead bodies in the classroom. and that is because of tenure,
7:26 am
because of seniority, and those types of issues so what we need to do is we need to set the adult interest aside. put the interest of students first and that's how we're going to fix the system. >> mo, you are the campaign advisor, as i mentioned, for vincent gray. he was able to unseat adrian fenti who is responsible for hiring the new school chancellor in washington, d.c. she did something that wasn't very popular. she fired teachers. she apparently was getting rid of the ones that she didn't think were benefitting the kids in the school district. meantime, the teachers union supported your candidate with a million dollars to defeat fenti and now, michelle rhee may lose her job. how do you respond to the fact that the union may be responsible now for the kids not getting a good education? >> i'm going to reject that premise pretty strongly. look, i mean, vincent gray campaigned actually in support of the education reforms. he's the guy that on the city
7:27 am
council got the -- got them passed and he actually came out very, very strongly even before the campaign began in support of getting rid of teachers that weren't doing a good job. >> how will he do that against the union? >> you just do it. you know, the union and michelle rhee entered into an innovative new contract that actually calls for standards to would remove teachers that aren't good in the classroom. vince gray supported that. so -- so it can be done. i think the notion that you can't -- that this is a zero sum game and you can't bring unions and parents and teachers and education reformers together is a false notion. i think there is room for everyone at that table. >> kyle, maybe because this movie is out now and people are going to be outraged about the kind of public education that our kids are receiving and they're concerned about their futures. >> it certainly is a start. i mean, we have talked to
7:28 am
students that have graduated from detroit public schools who literally cannot read. and this type of system has got to change. it's setting us back in the world competitively, globally. and it's got to change. and this notion that we need to collaborate and we all need to work together, we've been talking about this for 40 years and how much longer do parents need to wait in detroit public schools, in d.c., in new york, all these cities around the country, how long do they need to wait to have a good public education system that's effective and can prepare them for life. >> yet, we keep spending more and more on education for our kids. kyle and mo, thanks for being with me. >> thank you. >> the tables are turned and bill o'reilly is called a pinhead. >> you know what that was? that was a pinhead remark. >> was it? >> that was not appropriate. >> straight ahead. plus the fashion police said this teen's dress was too skimpy
7:29 am
for the school dance and turned her and dozens of others away at the door. wait until you see what outfits were actually allowed in. and volvo's new car that's supposed to detect pedestrians in its path and stop, watch this. watch this. oopsy daisy, not so much. @k@kk ♪ proud to stand on our own, proud to be homegrown ♪ ♪ a familiar face and a name you know ♪ ♪ ( come on ) we know you, we know your needs ♪
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that we'd ever competed with. the bmw m5. and the mercedes-benz e63. for it was their amazing abilities that pushed us to refine, improve and, ultimately, develop the worls fastest production sedan. [ engine revving ] the cts-v, from cadillac. the new standard of the world. >> president obama has been talking about education all day and this morning on "the today show" obama today supports having a longer school year. in response, sasha and melia now say they support sarah palin. >> hilarious! >> they are saying one month more of school. do we need that to keep up? that's going to hurt, number one, lifeguards. a lot of those kids are lifeguar
7:33 am
lifeguards. i don't know any kid that will be for that, do you? >> the summer, there could be a lot fewer lemonade stands. coast to coast. >> that's a good point. >> maybe we should start with making sure they got good teachers. that might be a good way to start with it. >> they got good teachers but according to the movie you're going to see today, they have to get rid of the bad teachers. that's the problem. >> that's what i meant. bill o'reilly was on "the daily news" last night and it was sort of the second part of jon stewart coming on "the o'reilly factor" last week. when he came out as the announced guest, wouldn't you like to get this kind of royal treatment? watch this. >> ♪ he's sharp as a tack he's number one the best of the best he's bill o'reilly ♪ >> yeah! >> come and join us! come and join us! >> that's cozy. >> that was a home and home game. they both have books out right now and they're sharing the number one and number two spot,
7:34 am
i believe, on the top 10 "new york times" list. >> how much do you think that's bothering whoever is in second place? i'm sure they're trading between the two of them. >> it's just how you play. it's not whether you win or lose. >> o'reilly also had a shot for steven colbert. listen to this. >> the drone program is not illegal, you sympathizer, all right? absolutely legal. but i just want to, according to colbert, there's a drone on the way. >> don't joke about that. that's terrible. >> waiting for him to be alone. >> don't even -- that's not even -- no. you know what that was? that was a pinhead remark, bill. >> was it? >> that was not a tasty remark. >> you live by the sword and die by the sword. jon stewart and steven colbert are a little bit nervous about what kind of turnout they'll have in washington at the mall. >> because people are drawing comparisons to the glenn beck rally back about a month or so ago. i heard somebody saying i
7:35 am
believe on the radio that they only had a permit for 25,000 people. >> all right. >> how many -- >> it is a risk. it is a risk when you -- >> large number. i think glenn beck said on this air over half a million. >> well. >> so -- >> stand by, find out how many show up. >> all right. in the meantime, let me tell you what's happening in the world when steve and gretchen can take over with less important stories. drug gangs in mexico stoned the mayor of a small mexican town and they did it until he died. they did the same to one of his aides. this is the fifth mexican city leader to be killed since mid august. gustavo sanchez was the mayor a town in western mexico where police and federal troops were ramping up drug cartel raids. >> the midwest is still dealing with all those devastating floods. today, emergency workers will inspect a partially breached levee in portage, wisconsin that turned part of the town into an island. >> oh, boy. >> down the road, there's so many homes that are just crashed. i mean, they are really bad.
7:36 am
>> in minnesota, some people are being let back into their homes even though many areas are still underwater. look at those devastating picture. >> did delta airlines know about the problem before coming in for an emergency landing at j.f.k. airport? it is possible. the f.a.a. issued what's called an airworthiness directive about that same plane last july. the directive was issued to correct the problem with the landing gear. now, why are the sparks flying? because the landing gear didn't come down. >> get down! >> a new safety feature in volvos under scrutiny after a demonstration goes embarrassingly wrong. watch what happens when volvo tried to show off its pedestrian detection system which is supposed to make cars stop when people step in front of them. >> oh, my god! >> what the heck? >> instead, the car plowed right over the dummy as you saw. volvo says the system might have been confused by a truck parked nearby but even after the truck
7:37 am
was moved, the car kept mowing down the dummy. >> this is an event put on by volvo? >> yeah. >> don't want that leaked out. hey, p.r. department, how smart is that? are we sure this is going to work? >> that's why you have things called a test run several times. >> right. >> all right. and i guess they're going to have to fix it. brian, tell us what's going on in sports. >> before i buy it. let me tell you the nfl are mourning this morning after the passing of one of its greatest players. hall of fame quarterback and kicker george blanda entertained all of us through our youth in the afternoon every sunday because his raiders always came back and seemed to always win. he died at his california home at the age of 83 and it happened yesterday morning. he played until he was 48 years old. 26 seasons with the bears, colts, oilers and raiders. let's listen. let's watch that part. >> the quarterback. he throws back! touchdown, raiders! >> by the way, why would cliff
7:38 am
branch open for 14 years. could anyone cover that guy? george blanda, 83 years old. let's talk about last night. blanda's former team the bears taking on the packers at the new soldier field last night. early on, it was all pack because they're from green bay. aaron rodgers was really good, you'll see him in a second. maybe not. there's the fireworks i told you about or i forgot to tell you about. here's aaron rodgers and he hooks up from seven yards away. green bay was up three until darren hester says wait a second, i'm going to run through this very quickly. he scores. leaps into the crowd to celebrate. in your face to green bay with the lambeau leap. tie game. that's where it looks like we're looking at overtime until the chip shot made it 20-17. bears undefeated. but they will lose next week to the giants. i had a vision. let's talk soccer kind of. david beckham likes to take his shirt off. he did after the game, after his los angeles galaxy, i believe, lost at home to the red bulls of new jersey.
7:39 am
and look what happened as he walked through the tunnel. caught on camera, usually calm soccer star takes on a fan who is taunting him in a second over a tabloid story claiming he had an affair with a high priced call girl. watch this. >> he did get a yellow card in the game, too, and yellow in the day before. he's coming off an injury and he's currently suing "in touch" magazine for libel because they claim that he had this affair with this prostitute. he's married to victoria beckham. she was in, yeah, posh, she was a spice girl for years and you know what? it's unbelievable how cowardly. it's easy to yell from afar. you get confronted with the guy,
7:40 am
clearly the same voice and he gets confronted, say what did you say to the guy? i didn't say anything. we caught him on his own camera saying something and released it to news of the world. >> oh, well. >> you know that expression -- everything is bigger in texas. >> yes. >> well, apparently everything is bigger in texas except the dresses that the girls wore to the homecoming dance because apparently, they've got pretty conservative dress code down in that high school in texas and they told the girls before the dance, they said, look, if your dress is too short, we're going to send you home and in fact, if you think it's too short, bring it in on friday and we'll take a look. >> well, apparently, 50 girls who were going to go to this dance were not allowed in because their dresses were deemed to be too short. so here's the first part of the reaction and then we'll fill you in on the rest. >> thought it would be ok because it doesn't show my butt. >> from what i understand, there were no specifics that were given in terms of that
7:41 am
specific. it was just -- it was based on the judgment of the female administrators. >> here's the thing. apparently, other girls were not allowed into the dance -- or were allowed into the dance who had on dresses that were maybe to the eye shorter than the ones who were not allowed to go in. so when you're leaving it up to one person, i mean, we all know it's subjective, i guess, as to whether or not it should be allowed in or not. >> should be closest to the knee. make it down to the knee. make it hard and fast. >> what dress is down to the knee? >> when is the last time you were in high school, brian sf>> it's been a while. i was saying or you could -- what i'm trying to say that girl's dress did not look too short and it was just above the knee. >> yeah. >> so why don't you just make it a certain distance. >> what do you think? there's a picture of her right there. >> is that too short? friends at by the way, earlier we asked you when we were talking about taxes and how the republicans would like to see a vote on taxes before the election, according to the e-mail machine, overwhelmingly, you think that they -- we should vote on it. the congress should before the
7:42 am
midterms. >> thank you. >> thank you for your input on that. coming up on our show, there could be a big change on those plans for the mosque near ground zero. the reporter who broke that story and the changes is next. >> then new information on that robber that would ban toys in kids' happy meals. lawmakers explains why she voted yes which would make her happy. [ lisa ] my nams lisa, and i smoked for 29 years. the one thing about smoking -- is it dominates your life, and it dominated mine. i honestly loved smoking, and i honestly didn't think i would ever quit. ♪ it was very interesting that you could smoke on the first week. [ male announcer ] chantix is a non-nicotine pill that stays with you all day to help you quit. in studies, 44% of chantix users were quit during weeks 9 to 12 of treatment, compared to 18% on sugar pill.
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7:45 am
>> new developments for the proposed mosque near ground zero. the project's biggest investor is considering whether another mosque already active in lower manhattan may be enough to satisfy the muslim community. a mosque he did not know about. here's his attorney talking about the existing mosque. >> seems well attended, all sorts of people come in here.
7:46 am
white americans, black americans, people from the middle east and so forth and so it's -- it's very active, i would say. >> ok. could this option provide grounds to scrap the project? here with us right now is the fox affiliate reporter with wnyw doing great work on this recollec this, what changed? >> he and his attorney, he met with him yesterday, they have discovered this new active mosque in lower manhattan. and that's important because what he told me when i talked to him last week was that his whole motivation here was simply to just provide a proper place to pray for muslims in lower manhattan. he felt as though there was no such place. there was no place. now he's discovered there is such a place and so this potentially changes the entire debate. >> is it possible they did not
7:47 am
know about this place? we heard about another mosque in the basement of a strip club not sufficient. but is it truly possible. did he rn about this? >> no, he didn't. i'll tell you why, he said again, the day that he went to look at the building near the world trade center site that he was going to develop into a mosque, it was friday afternoon. it came time for prayers. and he realized the only place was in the basement of a bar or strip club. that's where he got this epiphany. it turns out that place has moved. there a they are no longer praying in the basement of a bar. they've established a place in a good building, i was in the building, i went to see it. muslims are praying there right now and this essentially was the place that he was put off by but it's the same group of people praying. they just moved it. >> you know he was the guy saying look, give me money. i need my money back and i'll be out of here and keeps changing
7:48 am
his tone. you sense there might be a schism between sharif el-gamal and the investor. he was once a waiter. >> el-gamal is said to be the owner of the project. the other says he's taking ownership back. i'm the majority owner in this building and i'm calling the shots here. el-gamal is simply managing the project as the president of soho properties. so there's definitely a divide between the two of them. >> that might be behind, in my humble opinion, the sudden discovery of the mosque that's sufficient near ground zero that's already in existence. now, how disappointed were you in the "60 minutes" story which was a valentine to this whole project? >> well, it really -- it was inaccurate, number one, because again, "60 minutes" declared sharif el-gamal to be the owner of the project. that's simply not true. >> bad reporting. >> el-zanadi has the majority
7:49 am
share in this. they've spoken with imam rauf who basically says it's up to him. he's going to see this thing through. he's going to make sure that it succeeds. it's not up to him. it's not up to el-gamal. it's el-zanadi. >> i can't wait to see the next turn of this story, charles leaf, wnyw reporter, thank you for joining us. actually a reporter on "the new york post" but thanks so much, charles, we look forward to the next chapter. coming up straight ahead, one big city waging war on the toys in happy meals because they're making their kids fat. there was a meeting last night. we have new developments from someone who was there next. but first on this day in 2004, the number one song was "days go by" by keith urban. everyone has someone to go heart healthy for. who's your someone? campbell's healthy request can help.
7:50 am
low cholesterol, zero grams trans fat, and a healthy level of sodium. it's amazing what soup can do. the universe is changing captain too bad these cheap props aren't but la quinta is! la quinta inns and suites? yeah, buddy changing? lets take a gander captain they are changing! they have thousands of new rooms! and lots of neato new lobbies! they're even better than before book rooms at hey, who's captain here? (laughing) wake up on the bright side at la quinta inns and suites la quinta!
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7:53 am
>> kids have been mcloving them since 1979. but city officials in san francisco want to get rid of toys in kids meals saying it's making kids fat. not kidding. at a public hearing last night, residents spoke out about it. >> the youth in my community are getting diseases like diabetes and hypertension at younger and younger ages. >> but is getting rid of all the toys the best way to fix childhood obesity? karen wells is vice president of nutrition and menu strategy for mcdonald's u.s.a. she attended yesterday's hearing in san francisco. good morning to you, karen. >> good morning. >> i know you have a lot to say about this subject. but number one, most important thing is that you believe that if a city can tell people, mcdonald's that you can't put toys in kids happy meals, what could possibly be next?
7:54 am
right? >> you know, we strongly believe that the ordinance in san francisco is well intended. this issue of childhood obesity and children's well being is certainly one here in the united states and at mcdonald's, we remain committed to be part of the solution. however, the legislation in san francisco is misguided in its approach. one, the choice for what children eat is the sole responsibility of parents. i'm a parent of two school aged children and it remains my responsibility to decide what our children will eat and secondly, we are not clear on the foundation by which they're making their legislation including both a fruit and vegetable at one meal. there's no evidence that supports that's how children eat. >> sure. and who says -- so essentially they're saying that happy meals make kids fat. i've got three kids who grew up on happy meals and kids don't order happy meals for the toys. they order them for the french fries. just like the rest of us. what happened at the meeting
7:55 am
last night? >> well, at the meeting last night, i commend the local city officials. they did make some adjustments and they're still making adjustments in listening to the different arguments related to this legislation. but clearly, the legislation still stands and as it stands, we do not support it mandating how parents should make decisions. i have two small children, too, they've grown up with happy meals. a toy is a part of the experience and there is really no link between having a toy in a meal and eliminating children's well being or childhood obesity. >> karen, even if there were a link. let's just face it. my son does want to go to mcdonald's to get the toy. it's still a parent's responsibility to get the apple slices instead, right? >> absolutely. and mcdonald's offers several selections for parents to make a choice. number one, our 100% white meat, our all white meat nuggets are something that's an option for parents.
7:56 am
apple dippers, a full serving of fruit that's available for parents to make that option and we also have other options like side salads. the great thing about mcdonald's, little known fact, anything you order, you can special order. if you want your hamburger with no cheese or want apple dippers instead of fries, that remains the choice of the parent. >> right. not many kids go mom, can we go to mcdonald's? i heard they have apples, unfortunately. but that was the debate that's going on right now and karen, only thing i say, please, i am avoiding girl toys. the worst is leaving mcdonald's when you have girls in the toy and you get the boy toys. >> the boy toys. >> yeah. >> you know, let us know, we are committed obviously to make sure your order is right. >> indeed. have it your way. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> who suddenly is hungry for an egg mcmuffin? >> i think so. >> i'm good. >> as well as this, the crack in the president's inner circle as he tries to rally his troops for november.
7:57 am
is rahm emanuel ready to call it quits? >> putting parents in the driver's seat. how local newspapers are helping. [ male announcer ] have something you love doing? cheers could be your ticket to do it. big time. yocould win a once in a lifetime chance to le your passion by choosing from ten never-dreamed-possible prizes. from a customized v.i.p. vacation, to a hollywood red carpet experience, to cooking with a celebrity chef, and more find details on specially marked boxes of cheerios. why cheerios? because whatever you love doing, you'll need a healthy heart to do it. ♪
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7:59 am
8:00 am
>> gretchen: good morning, everyone. it's tuesday, september 28, 2010. thanks for sharing your time with us. a big development, rahm emanuel will reportedly call it quits. it could come friday. is he doing it to run for mayor of chicago, or is there another motive? >> steve: bill clinton mocking female candidates? what? >> so far they've gathered up about everybody for this tea party but the mad hatter and alice in wonderland. >> steve: okay. just over the line or just mighty fine? we'll talk about that. >> brian: we showed you the video, union workers at a chrysler plant smoking pot, drinking beer, and other stuff. all of them fired, but will the union try to bail out those
8:01 am
bozos once and for all? "fox & friends" starts right now. >> you're watching "fox & friends." that's the great way to begin your day. >> steve: welcome aboard. live from studio e where it's another rainy day. thank you for joining us for "fox & friends." >> gretchen: breaking news to tell you about because neck in neck, a brand-new poll says the race for connecticut's state senate seat now too close to call. republican nominee linda mcmahon in a dead heat with democrat nominee richard blumenthal. he was at one point 25 points ahead. past polls recently had her behind by six points. the state attorney general spent far less on his campaign, but has the backing of president obama. he also lied about serving in vietnam. the c.i.a. stepping up drone attacks in the mountains of pakistan. the strikes part of an effort to cripple the taliban's stronghold being used to plan attacks against our troops in
8:02 am
afghanistan. the c.i.a. launched 20 attacks in september. the most ever during a single month and more than twice the average. imagine trying to fight a wild fire and doing it in 113-degree heat. that was the challenge for firefighters in thousand oak, california. this blaze you're seeing, burning 30 miles northwest of l.a yesterday was the hottest day there since 1877. the unbearable heat caused a bunch of power outages across southern cal. 30,000 homes lost power. a jilted woman looking to prevent her e boyfriend from getting married calls in a bomb on his plane. the unidentified woman forced the pakistan international airline flight out of canada to be divert to do sweden after claiming her ex had a bomb on board with him. a swat team seized the man as they evacuated the plane who was later released. police are looking for the woman behind the hoax. wouldn't be that tough if you know who the ex-girlfriend is. president obama waking up in
8:03 am
albuquerque, new mexico. he tries to get young democrats motivated to vote in november. kelly wright has more on that. >> good morning. you guys know that the president is trying to do all that he can to keep the democrats in the majority, but he realizes it will be no slam dunk. i refer to basketball, the game the president dearly loves to play. he realizes that the republicans have pulled out a full court press on the democrats by showing up big at the primaries. if that trend continues, then the republicans could possibly win the house and possibly even the senate. having said that, the president realizes that it could come down to the final buzzer or major upset. because the president is hoping to ignite a key part of his base, the youth vote. will begin in albuquerque, making three backyard meetings with voters there. then off to the university of wisconsin where he hopes to
8:04 am
speak to a huge and spirited group of college students. the event will be simulcast to more than 200 other colleges nationwide. the president wants to energize the youth to vote during the midterms. historically as many of you know, many young people pay little attention to the midterms. the president hopes to change all that. the president himself hosted a conference call for students on monday ahead of his planned trip and made it clear, their voting counts. >> the point is, though, you can't sit it out. you can't suddenly check in once every ten years or so on an exciting presidential election. >> here is the problem with all of this. the white house, as we understand on monday, was finding it difficult to find enough students who were going to even attend the rally. they are, however, expecting a large rally today. thousands to show up there. even vice president joe biden is getting into the act. he's going to be talking to an energized group at the university of pennsylvania today
8:05 am
and, of course, as that continues, the president has one goal in mind. that's to make sure that the democrats win and win the majority. back to you. >> steve: all right. kelly wright, thank you very much. also in our nation's capitol is laura ingraham. good morning to you. >> hey. now, i'm trying to decide between an ultimate frisbee tournament and going to hear obama drone on about the economy. i'm going with the fraternity party and the ultimate tournament any day. >> steve: i think today's is thirsty tuesday. >> gretchen: apparently they are maybe going to have is a tough time selling out the event, at least in wisconsin. >> haven't you seen the cardboard cutouts of the students? they're putting -- the place savers that they have at the oscars. >> brian: it's the rocky 6 technology. >> gretchen: let's talk about rahm emanuel. it looks like he may be leaving friday, or making the announcement, and try to become the mayor there.
8:06 am
first of all, do you believe that? do you think that that's exactly what he's going to do or up to something else? >> i'm not positive about that. i think your antenna are going up for a good reason. i think he talked about it before. one thing that's interesting is that he really was, in many ways, the voice of pragmatism, believe it or not, at this white house. he was the guy who urged obama to pick sonia sotomayor over the inexperienced at the time and pal, elena kagan for the supreme court. he said no, no, you got to do sonia so the. so you can do kagan later. obama reluctantly went along with rahm emanuel on that. on other issue, you talk to reporters here, fox people have been all over this, he's been kind of the voice of reason in this white house. that's a big loss. i think he's really worn out by what's happened over the past 18 months and i believe him when he says he wants to actually spend
8:07 am
a little more time with his family. i think he looks really tired. >> brian: i just don't think this is good timing. people say it is. i think maybe after the midterms is better timing. i think with the president going out, tax cuts, there is a lot going on right now. this is not a great time for a transition. but who would take it if he moves on this week? >> i think petaras, a long-time friend of obama, worked with him in the senate and a long-time political operatives and knows how washington and politic works. i would be surprised if he didn't get rahm emanuel's job. i think he's the inside one. >> steve: daschle, leon panetta, donnelen? >> maybe. donnelen? maybe. he's someone who has been an old hand in washington. here is the problem, the ideas that these guys continue to put forward, regardless of who is
8:08 am
the inside baseball favorite to be chief of staff, the ideas don't work. so you can have the best political strategist out there, but these ideas are not growing jobs in the united states. all this horse trading and horse whispering about who will be in and out, i don't think adds up to much unless they'll really change their ideas. >> gretchen: yesterday to me, one of the biggest headlines was that the san francisco chronicle was not going to endorse a candidate in the senate race out there this year. you're talking about barbara boxer, the long-time democratic incumbent running against republican carly fiorina. here is what they did say. they said, quote, about boxer, 18 years of uninspired representation. come on, san francisco chronicle is very liberal newspaper. they are not going to put out an endorsement of any of those candidates? what does that say to you? >> gretchen, it's mind blowing. i was reading that yesterday screaming laughing, okay, in the middle of the night when i couldn't sleep. so the san francisco chronicle is obviously upset that she
8:09 am
hasn't gone far enough to the left on issues like immigration. they cited that issue. so that's why they're annoyed. but they clearly see what a lot of other people see, which is that when you talk about galvanizing a new electate, boxer really is seen as another establishment liberal. not an innovator, not a policy visionary. >> brian: the thing is, carly fiorina has done a lot in business. probably one of the top five female executives in the country. now she trails in the polls. it was a virtual dead heat. now it's 51 to 43 that she trails. evidently boxer is running an ad that seems to be effective where fiorina is being labeled as somebody who exports jobs. that's a hot button. >> that's critical. i think what happened with fiorina, she hit a lull. she hasn't been able to land a real body blow against boxer and again, it's a hard state because you have a very conservative interior of the state,
8:10 am
incredibly liberal metropolitan areas in the state. but fiorina has to punch through and so far, it's been a bit of a flat line campaign for her. got to do better, especially against someone as savvy as boxer. she's savvy as a politician. she knows the state and how to run. >> steve: who is a better politician than bill clinton? we're going to play a sound bite for you. is he kind of tweaking women in the tea party? >> oh, tweaking. >> steve: listen to this. >> of course, they got wrestling federation lady and the other witchcraft lady in delaware. so far they've gathered up about everybody for this tea party but the mad hatter. and alice in wonderland will give it to them. >> steve: so he's got talking points down. what do you think? >> i think it was a funny line. come on, this is politic, midterm election. things are looking really bad
8:11 am
for the democrats. i'm not opposed to having a couple of good one liners. anyone who brings in alice in wonderland, that's bill clinton. i think, though, you have been touching on the fact that he is really becoming the campaign charmer. he knows the middle of the country, grew up in arkansas, and unlike obama who just did a little landing in chicago, he really knows -- >> gretchen: to me, that's the bigger part of the story is that once again you have bill clinton front and center and barak obama not drawing the crowds. >> right. they're doing the cardboard cutouts for obama and clinton snapped his finger and he gets thousands of people. >> brian: i think everybody is missing it. you are witnessing a former president popular, but he won't follow anybody's script. this current president went out of his way not to insult the tea party last weekend. remember how bill clinton did his own thing and hurt hillary clinton when he tried to cover up for her in the sniper fire story, his comments after south carolina. they have unleashed bill clinton, but they're no -- he's not going to go by anyone's
8:12 am
teleprompter. >> no, no. he's reveling in this moment. he sees this as his operation legacy rescue moment and he's riding it and he -- again, he knows politics. first two - time democratic president in how many decades for a reason. >> steve: indeed. laura, we have you on for a reason. not only are you a fox news contributor, but also she is the author of the big "new york times" number one best seller "the obama diaryies." we have laura and her book on our web site. >> brian: stuff she doesn't want you to know. we've got to tease it out. >> steve: thank you. >> gretchen: you want to pay attention to this next story. union workers at chrysler fired for drinking and smoking pot on the job. our next guest who was in the union says she has seen way worst. >> steve: hope she brought video. history shows republicans come out on top on the issue of taxes. why in the world are the democrats raising the tax issue right before the midterms? >> brian: former speaker newt gingrich with an insider's
8:13 am
perspective ahead. how did he do in the recent poll ing about recent presidential candidates.
8:14 am
8:15 am
>> gretchen: getting stoned and throwing back beer, then heading to the factory to build your car. we showed you this video last week of workers getting loaded on their lunch break. this next guest says this isn't out of the norm and she saw it
8:16 am
all happen at gm. >> beth: she's the founder of regular folks united and former gm supervisor. you're not surprised. what are some of the other things that you have seen in your work? >> no, i'm not surprised, although many americans were probably shocked. i think most people in the auto industry would recognize that as a lunch break. >> brian: do you have more examples? >> yes, we do. when i was there as a supervisor, i had a situation where i had union workers that brought in a prostitute in a motor home during lunch. she came out and danced for the guys and then she took them into her motor home one after the other and because the union work rules are just so crazy, when i tried to write the guys up, i was told one, they hadn't broken any union work rules and two, since they were on their lunch, the only thing that i could do was escort the prostitute and the unauthorized vehicle off the yard. that was it. the guys didn't get in any trouble, no one got written up. that's just an example of how crazy the work rules are and how
8:17 am
the union defends very bad behavior. >> gretchen: it's amaze to go hear that story. you were a supervising rail loading dock. you have another example of where one of the employees would clock in but you couldn't find him anywhere until you called him at the bar. >> that happened a lot. guys would clock in or have a friend clock in for them, but couldn't find them on the job. this particular fellow, his work area was 5 by 5, not hard to see he wasn't on the job. but you had to go through all kinds of stuff to prove he's not in the 5 by 5-foot area. after hours of getting the witnesses and doing all the documentation, i got tired of it. i knew where he was, i paged him at the corner bar. he came to the phone. i wrote him up and gave him a disciplinary layoff, unpaid, but after 30 day disciplinary layoff, he came back and mocked me and he said, thanks for the paid vacation. i really enjoyed the fishing. and i said, wait a minute. that was an unpaid disciplinary layoff and he said no, but the
8:18 am
union negotiated with upper management and i got all my back pay. so you can see how difficult it was for supervisors to get any productivity. work rules, weak management and too strong union is recipe for disasser and it's why this foreign car companies outperform. >> brian: people at home say it's a few bad apples, but do you in your estimation and talking to other people, do you believe that plays into the entire scenario where the american car companies really have struggled over the last decade? >> i don't mean to imply that all the workers are bad employees. i come from a four generation union family myself, so i would never do that. but i would say that ridiculous union work rules and weak management created an overall culture that discourages productivity, makes it hard to be competitive, and really protects very bad employees and really doesn't do much of anything for the good employees.
8:19 am
>> gretchen: unfortunately during the structured bankruptcy of gm and chrysler, the union hardly made that many concessions at all. so that was the one time that maybe they could have really made some concessions and wouldn't have seen some of this behavior. >> brian: they end up owning the company. >> gretchen: here is the statement, it should be clear chrysler will not tolerate behavior and continue to evaluate its protocols to make sure this doesn't happen again. it's unfortunate the actions of a few people caused this to look bad for others. always great to talk to you. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> brian: coming up, next, making sure every parent knows about the bad apples teaching their kids, we're talking to a school board member who came up with an idea to give grades to teachers. >> gretchen: and it's been called a magic pill. but now there is some bad news about viagra. it doesn't work for 50% of the men who take it.
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8:23 am
>> brian: fox news alert. israeli military says it has taken control of a boat carrying nine jewish activists to the gaza strip. you're looking at a live picture of the ship. the report says the activists did not resist and their sailboat is being escorted to shore. israel warned they would stop any group trying to pen trade the naval blockade. >> steve: a new vote by the california board of education not only makes teacher evaluations public, but grades educators on how well their students perform. activists say the change gives parents the power to reform their children's education, a move that has teachers and their unions in an uproar.
8:24 am
ben austin is the executive director of parent revolution and member of the california school board and it was his idea for this value added analysis so that we know exactly how the teachers are doing. he joins us live. good morning to you. >> thanks for having me. >> steve: how is this going to work? >> it's actually pretty simple and it's using data that we've had for over a decade now. the fact that we haven't used the data to evaluate teachers and tell parents what's going on is a reflection of the fact our system isn't designed to serve parents or teachers. it's designed to serve special interests. it's simple, it looks how well a kid is doing in a couple of years before they have a particular teacher. if that teacher increases the trajectory of their learning, they're a good teacher. if decreasing, probably a bad teacher and need help. if they're keeping them steady, they're a mediocre teacher. >> steve: couple of months ago we were talking how the l.a. times actually printed a great big expose about how in the same school, one teacher might be doing a great job and according
8:25 am
to the data, the guy right next to the good teacher is stinking up the place. parents were given a choice of knowing who the bad teachers are, but it's hard to weed them out. >> it is hard, and i mean, the bigger picture is that parents all across los angeles and all across california and america are waking up to a simple but frightening fact that our schools are failing 'cause they're not designed to succeed. they don't actually serve our children 'cause they're designed to serve special interests and bureaucrats and grownups. >> steve: sure. >> so i think the only way we're really going to change this, people like me can introduce a board resolution to the state board of education, but the only way we're really going to change things is if parents have a revolution. >> steve: absolutely. but at this time right now, ben, there is a new movie that has just opened up called "waiting for superman," we had the producer on the program earlier and she said one of the real problems is there are some good schools out there and they can
8:26 am
pay teachers well, but they can't fire the bad ones because of tenure. >> i think that to ask really important questions about the unions such as we need to look at tenure and we need to look at how we reward the teachers that are knocking it out of the park. this teacher here is knocking it out of the park, this teacher is underperforming. right now we don't have a good way to differentiate between the two. i think this evaluation and this rewarding of good performance is key. >> steve: okay. so now, ben, in california schools, if there is a teach who are is not performing or the whole school isn't performing, now under this resolution that is passed by one vote, you can fire the whole school? >> there are two separate issues. one is the resolution that we're talking about, about value added analysis, the other is a brand-new law. i think it speaks to the "waiting for superman" issue, which is what do we do now? the "waiting for superman" lays out a really clear story of how badly performing these schools are and how they're captured by special interest and bureaucrats at the expense of us all.
8:27 am
>> steve: unions? >> union, but there are some good union, but there are a loft bad unions in the teachers unions. but there are some trying to do the right thing. the bottom line is, this has nothing to do with kids. the law that you're talking about that passed by one vote is the parent trigger. it means for every single parent in the entire state of california, they will is a brand-new right that's never existed before that's a right to transform their schools just through community organizing, that if half the parents at any failing school in california sign a petition, they can turn their school into a high performing charter school or keep it in a district who will bring in all new staff. that's a real power to parents. >> steve: and if you look at that information and you see that your kid is in a room being taught by a teacher who is a lemon, you will do anything to turn that around. ben austin from california state board of education, thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> steve: what do you think about this idea?
8:28 am
e-mail us. sounds like california is onto something. straight ahead, why are republicans now taking the lead? jen kerry says it's only because voters are uninformed. we'll see what newt gingrich thinks about that after the break. this wasn't supposed to be part of the show. mariah carey's slipup on stage. down goes mariah.
8:29 am
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8:31 am
>> president obama said if we just give these policies time, more job also come. you know what? in two years there is going to be an opening at the white house. [ laughter ] >> brian: and lopez will have a new lead in shortly. mr. conan o'brien. >> steve: and the band leader won't be with him. >> brian: he's not going to go? >> gretchen: you're so on top of things. >> steve: it was in the paper. some other headlines for you and we're starting with korea.
8:32 am
new video shows members of a workers party being bussed to the country's first party meeting in 30 years. don't worry, folks, on the bus, they're not going to be busted. north koreans celebrated the occasion by dancing in the streets. >> brian: look at that. it looks so natural. >> steve: it's not -- >> brian: take it from me, it's hard to master the dance. >> steve: you would know. before the meeting kim jung-il promoted his youngest son to a four star general. experts say the move guarantees that his son will succeed his dad. >> gretchen: sad story now, a top chef from new jersey who was featured on gordon ramsey's show, kitchen nightmare, apparently has committed suicide. 39-year-old joseph sirniglia found in the hudson river. believed he jumped. he was deep in debt, he survived by his wife and three children.
8:33 am
a contestant on another show committed suicide in 2006. >> brian: did delta airlines know about the problem before a plane with its right wheel got jammed up? it came in for a landing at jfk. it's very possible the faa issued what's called on air worthiness directive about the same kind of plane last july. the directive was to correct a problem with the landing gear. by the way, any other planes like that out there? could we pull them down, please? >> gretchen: the problem is i'm taking that exact flight home. >> brian: they better pull the aircraft out. >> gretchen: not sure. mariah carey with a on stage wipeout. she took a tumble and landed on her backside. she is rumored to be pregnant, but this much we do know, she is fine. she took off her shoes and kept performing. >> brian: she's a pro. >> steve: took a licking and kept on ticking. let's take a look. >> brian: you're talking about
8:34 am
the watch. >> steve: sure. widely scattered showers and thunderstorms all the way from the great lakes up through new england and down through the mid atlantic. also widely scattered stuff across much of florida at this hour. southern california, yesterday the hottest day in the history of los angeles since they've been keeping records. today a little rain just south of the city of angels. meanwhile, look at this. temperatures in the 40s and 50s in the northern plains, but here in new york city, it is muggy and it's 72 degrees outside right now. we've got 70s along the gulf coast, a lot of 50s currently in texas. later on today, it's going to climb into the 60s around the gulf coast -- rather the great lakes and northern plains. it will be 104 in phoenix, but look at that. 20 degrees cooler than that in los angeles. that's good news. 76 the daytime high here in new york city. it will be 78 in atlanta,
8:35 am
georgia. >> gretchen: joining us now former speaker of the house newt gingrich, the author of the book "to save america, stopping obama's secularist machine." he and his wife are the host of a new documentary, america at risk, the war with no name, available at www.american america at or link up to "fox & friends" and we'll show you the way to that web site. good morning to you, mr. speaker. >> good morning, how are you? >> gretchen: just great. so let's talk a little about the tax situation going on on capitol hill. are you surprised that congress may adjourn without passing any kind of a tax bill? >> well, it's devastating to the economy. i'm not surprised that the democrats who have been killing jobs for the last four years since they took over continue to kill jobs. they're rapidly becoming the party of food stamps versus a republican party of paychecks. but you go out and talk to business people, i'm talking to you from san antonio. i was in colorado springs yesterday, been around the country to lots of places. everywhere i go, business people
8:36 am
who would like to create jobs tell me the level of uncertainty -- think about this. it's going to be october 1 and if you're a business person, you won't know what your tax rate is on january 1. how can you make any decision to hire new people in this level of uncertainty? by the way, it's why ben bernanke, the chairman of the federal reserve, is fundamentally wrong in talking about more quantitative easing. the problem is not lack of money in the system. the problem is lack of confidence in the white house and the congress and if this congress leads, if they vote for adjournment, i hope every single person is held account for the next four weeks for having abandoned their job while millions of americans are out of work. >> brian: the problem is, newt, is that they don't have the votes. they know about 30 plus democrats want all the tax cuts extended and they know at least five democratic senators want the tax cuts continued, so therefore, they don't have their way, which is middle class only
8:37 am
tax cuts. >> so what you're telling us is, i don't -- is that speaker pelosi, majority leader reid, and president obama are basically saying, since there may actually be a bipartisan majority to stop all tax increases, let's go home and not take any action because the american people might actually get yet a better economy? i think if the country thinks that's true, they are going to vote against every person who votes to adjourn because they're basically abandoning their job and then running home and saying, please reelect me so i can continue to kill jobs and put you on food stamps. >> steve: mr. speaker, you've held nancy pelosi's gavel, a gavel like hers in your hand. >> no, i held the people's gavel. not nancy pelosi. >> steve: you know what i mean. both speakers. but why is she doing it? because politically, this is a risky roll of the dice, isn't it? >> she's doing it for the same reason that john kerry explained
8:38 am
that the american people are too dumb to know what they believe. if you're a genuine san francisco liberal, if you're a genuine chicago radical like the president, if you're a genuine las vegas union and trial lawyer liberal like harry reid, you actually believe in big government, bigger taxes, more bureaucracy, left wing ideas, and you don't care if the american people disagree with you. the american people are against obamacare, if they elect scott brown in massachusetts to replace teddy kennedy, you run over them. this is chicago machine politics. so they've decided they're going to leave the american people unemployed, the highest level of food stamps in american history is under obama, and i think literally the democrats are becoming the food stamp party and the republicans ought to be the paycheck party and the republicans ought to challenge democrats, if every democrat who claims they're for stopping tax increase also vote no on adjournment, nancy pelosi will not be able to adjourn the house and harry reid will not be able to adjourn the senate.
8:39 am
>> gretchen: it will be interesting to see if that happens because this is tuesday and they have a few days to figure this out. you allude to do senator john kerry and what you claim is an insult against voters. here is what he had to say. >> we have an lectorate that doesn't always pay that much attention to what's going on. so people are influenced by a simple slogan rather than by the facts and the truth, what's happening. >> gretchen: is that really true, because it would seem to me that since the sea party movement, maybe even before, that the american electrate is more engaged than what's going on? >> we have liberal intelligence, john kerry is a perfect example. they believe in a fantasy world of giant government, giant taxes, washington controlling everything, and if you disagree with them, it's a sign you're dumb. that is the opposite of the american model. the american model is we're all equal. we all have a chance to study the issues. maybe senator kerry and frankly president obama might ask the question, what if the american
8:40 am
people are right? what if these policies are wrong? the american way would be to have an actual dialogue, but if you're an elitist liberal and you know that you've already done everything right and after all, somehow magically you know the truth, it really bothers you to have all those rowdy people out there elect somebody like scott brown who clearly didn't know the right things. >> brian: newt, i know you're going out of your way to endorse a candidate who has come out of nowhere in new york. that is carl paladino who has been on this very couch. what makes you think he's got a shot against andrew cuomo, the cuomo machine? >> gretchen: and for governor. >> look, i think there was a statewide poll last week that showed cuomo 49 and paladino 43. i think this is a year where many, many democrats are going to stay home because they're disgusted. i think cuomo's support for the mosque at ground zero has cost him a lot of votes and i think paladino's battle cry against
8:41 am
albany -- albany drained all of upstate new york. it killed jobs across all of upstate new york. i think paladino gets it as a businessman. i think that he's had the guts. he reminds me a lot of chris christie in new jersey. i think he'll bring the same level of courage to albany. and i'm very excited by his candidacy. >> steve: mr. speaker, there you are endorsing him. at the top of this appearance you talked about how you're going all across the country. kind of sounds like you might actually be running for something. >> for right now, i'm running for every possible republican vote this november to elect every possible candidate everywhere in the country. then i suspect i'll come back on the couch and sometime early next year we'll chat about other opportunities. >> brian: the couch is always open. >> gretchen: i hope you come to the couch first. >> brian: can i ask you the one thing that -- obviously your wife has to give you the green light. what is the one thing you'll be looking at? a poll, a person l it be a city?
8:42 am
>> no, i think we've got to stop in february and march, take a deep breath, really think about what america needs and what our duty is to the country as citizens and then make basically a gut decision. is this something we feel we have to do? if so, we have to prepare to do it basically for a long, long time, full all out with nothing else distracting us. >> steve: good enough. mr. speaker, it's always a pleasure. thank you for joining us today from the beautiful city of san antonio, texas. home of the riverwalk. thank you. >> gretchen: coming up on our show, republicans pledge to repeal president obama's health care law, but what will it take to make that happen? peter johnson, jr. explains next. >> brian: bill o'reilly cutting across town to go head to head with one of his most outspoken critics, jon stewart and he gets called a pinhead. >> steve: what, are you kidding me?
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>> steve: here is some news, the irs will not be sending out tax forms in the mail next year. the agency says the move will save about $10 million a year. that's good. meanwhile, the little blue pill might not be all it's cracked up to be. a new british study finds viagra doesn't work in half the guys who take it because they have low testosterone levels. that's a quick look at news. >> brian: bill o'reilly did a home in home with jon stewart. they both have best selling books out and jon stewart was here in the studio last week and then bill o'reilly promised to come on monday and he did. he showed up on the daily show last night. evidently it was a long interview. one of the topics brought up was that jon stewart tried to get on glenn beck's show and glenn beck turned him down and bill o'reilly had a great retort.
8:47 am
he said because he doesn't know who you are. >> gretchen: interesting. would you think that bill o'reilly would get the royal treatment as he's about to be introduced as a guest with jon stewart? >> brian: no way. >> gretchen: 'cause they don't like each other. right? see what you think. ♪ he's sharp as a tack, he's number one. ♪ the best of the best. ♪ he's bill o'reilly ♪ [ applause ] >> come and join us. come and join us! >> steve: i've got a feeling that tonight on his show, because bill o'reilly clearly would love that kind of introduction as anybody would. could you see bill o'reilly having a piano guy over in the corner? the bump music and stuff like that. >> brian: at the very least, at his next live appearance 'cause you remember who was here. mel tillis was here and wrote a song for him and that made the
8:48 am
air. this might be a little better than the tillis thing. >> steve: if i was bill o'reilly, i'd open the show with that every night. >> gretchen: that would be a good way to do it. new theory of having music to open the show. but here is the thing, who would dare to call bill o'reilly a pinhead? he does it every single night. but who would dare to do it to him? watch. >> drone program is not illegal, you aclu sympathizers. absolutely legal. but colbert, there is a drone on the way. >> no. >> yeah. >> don't even joke about that. that's terrible. >> they're just waiting for him to be alone. >> that's not even -- no. >> you know what that was? that was a pinhead remark. >> was it? >> that was not a patriot remark. >> gretchen: i thought bill o'reilly was going to call colbert a pinhead for testifying about immigration. he kind of hit on the show on the show. >> steve: jon stewart absolutely helped him promote his book because the book is pinheads and
8:49 am
patriots and it was a nice plug for that. >> brian: it's number one in the country right now. coming up straight ahead, finally he gets a break. the call is for health care bill to be repealed. will a republican win in november be enough to make that happen? peter johnson, jr. talks about the prescription for truth.
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>> brian: house republicans vowed to repeal president obama's health care overhaul in their pledge to america. but how possible is it it to actually make that happen and is it likely? fox news legal analyst peter johnson, jr. is here with a prescription for truth. prescription for this. >> sure, it can happen. if americans are awake and alert and conscious of logic and economic theory and the need not
8:53 am
to redistribute wealth or justice in this country at this point, then it will happen. it takes a majority vote in the house and senate. if it's vetoed by the president, then it takes a two-thirds vote. under the circumstances now, the democratic controlled presidency, democratic controlled congress, it cannot happen. if circumstances change in 2010 or 2012, it can happen. and i think a lot of americans need to take to heart what senator kerry is saying, basically that they're ignorant, what president obama is saying is people need to be involved not only every ten years in the presidential election, but on the continuing basis. if they are involved, they will see that this is the most massive redistribution, nome of wealth, but of government in this country. >> brian: rasmussen did a poll and asked that question. they said, are you in favor of repealing the health care law? 61% said yes. let's repeal it. 33% oppose the repeal.
8:54 am
but here is the thing, we don't even know what's going to be in this thing still and most of it doesn't kick in until 2014. this is a slow boil. >> but we know this in terms of the slow boil. you talked about it this morning, 12% increase now, out of pocket costs for americans in terms of health care. we do know that there is 159 bureaucracies. we do know that there is 16,000 new irs agents. we do know there is 600 billion in new taxes as a result of obamacare. we do know according to the republicans that maybe 80 million people are going to lose the insurance that they have as a result of obamacare. so we do know all these things and we do know that quality, that innovation, that excessive ability are going to be affected. >> brian: tort reform is not part of it. >> no, it's part of the new republican package with regard to health care in this country. but tort reform or not tort reform, what we're looking at is a mandate by government that you
8:55 am
buy a product, that you purchase a service, and that you need to do so as the price of being an american citizen. people are getting sick of it. people are disgusted by it and i see the same wave that we saw a year ago. people are now waking up again and saying, yes, we can complain about the president in this country, we can complain about the democratic-controlled congress, but the greatest legacy of this president and this democratic controlled congress is obamacare and if people really want to make a change, then they're going to go to the polls and vote their conscience. >> brian: here is the thing, the republicans either have to do it piece by piece, section by section, fight by fight or just a massive -- >> it can be repealed sections that you want to be repealed. there are good things about it in terms of insuring the kids have health care. but it can be defunded at the
8:56 am
ballot box. >> brian: good to see you. thank you very much. when we come back, something very special in two minutes.
8:57 am
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>> president obama says he plans on training 10,000 new math and science teachers. hey, how about teaching math to that economic team of his? why don't you start right there? [ applause ] >> steve: speaking of the education system, right here at fox, we do our best to educate you about what's going on in the news. we know there are a lot of families with kids in college and if you got a junior or senior in journalism or communications, hey, hop on board the fox news channel college challenge. you could win $10,000 scholarship for yourself, $10,000 grant for your school. last year it was ball state. could be your school this year. sign up at our web site and you might wind up on the curvy couch with all of us. >> gretchen: coming up tomorrow, people who will be on the curvy couch, governor tim pawlenty from


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