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tv   Glenn Beck  FOX News  September 29, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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i think we already are. so, tonight on fox busiss, my next action plan. you don't get fox business? >> demand it. >> neil: it will soon be >> neil: it will soon be national policy. captioned by closed captioning services, inc a reason. i am not going to teach the class today. you will understand in a second. the president pledges to spend billions in foreign aid and we are near disaster at home. why not spend the money here? common sense, right? why is the president capping our wells in the gulf of mexico but loaning mexico billions of dollars to drill for oil in the gulf of mexico? the seem place where it is too dangerous. that doesn't make any sense. until you can explain the most veation behind the president's moves, until you can explain why enacting policies harmful to
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america is good, seemingly for the president or the administration, people continue to have individual stories and say, no big deal and they will ask this question, they say why are they collapsing the system? what is the nottive? what would his motive be? how do they possibly gain? what a great question! by the end of tonight's program, i believe you will have that answer. and you will have the answer on why those actions of this administration don't make sense. you're looking at them through the wrong glasses. we seem to have a problem differentiating between fact and opinion. you won't in 60 minutes. let's go! ♪ ♪
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>> glenn: ahh, hello, america. i am, i have to tell you, my assistant said to me today, "glenn, you just don't want to change into a suit. you could give it any reason you want." yeah, i was lazy today. but i'm also not going to -- i'm going to play student today. you will understand in a second. after last night's show i want to start here. last night's show, i go back to the house and i'm reading what people are saying again. because last night, i laid out all the facts. again, not in any other way but using last night, not just their own words, and their own images and their own videos, but their own websites. the blogs were complaining -- and i love this. "glenn beck can find a shadowy socialist conspiracy in everything."
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well, that might actually be true, but it wasn't last night. i guess if you attend the secret rally that is going on, the secret socialists will be hiding under your bed. no. huh-uh. huh-uh. one of the first keys to be able to critique this show with an ounce of intelligence is to actually watch the show. and unless they are completely dishonest, i'm assuming they didn't actually watch it. because what i showed you last night was not shadowy, it's not a secret. it's a fact. there is no star chamber. there doesn't need to be a star chamber. they are out. the problem is america doesn't want to look at it. it's clear as day. once you begin to see things, you wonder how is everybody missing this? how did i miss it for so long? i want to explain this. because it goes to a
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fundamental principle on this program. it goes to a fundamental principle of something that we have lost i think. we're having a lot of problems with the concept of fact. it's actually these. problems. we are still arguing what the problems are. there is no arguing. we're spending too much money. at some point debt becomes really bad and we're past that point. that is a problem. but we're still arguing over well, that's not really a problem. yes, it is! problem, social security is broke. it's -- we're not going to be able to pay for social security, let alone medicaid, medicare and everything else in ten years. that is a problem. but we're arguing over that. so we're arguing over the problems. and the opinions. this is what we've always argued over. the opinions or conclusions or theories. how do you solve the problem? but now we are arguing over not only the opinion, but the
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problem and the facts. let me show you how webster defines "fact." it's really quite easy. it is, "the quality of being actual. actuality. something that has actual existence. an actual occurrence." whoa! pretty hard to figure that one out. an example of a fact would be socialists and communists, revolutionaries are lining up to support the one nation working together rally. all right. look at their website. four days to go. we start to see all of the people that are sponsoring. and here you see on the site, on the website, communist party usa. it's not a shadowy conspiracy. it's on their website! it's also on the communist party usa website.
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show that to me. communist party. there it is. one nation. okay. it's so hidden it's in plain view. this isn't just one bad apple that has crashed the squeaky clean list of sponsors. this whole site is riddled with socialist, revolutionary nasty -- i told you last night. people that would be in any other presidency, they would be on an f.b.i. watch list. one socialist group after another. there they are. these are just some of them. riddled with it. all right. if this is supposed to be some sort of shadowy secret that these guys are the worst secret keepers of all time. whatever you do, please, mr. president, if this is a secret, don't give these secret keepers the nuke codes, because they'll end up naming their organization like 1243718 alpha, bravo,
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zero. this is not, again, an opinion. this is a fact. the problem is we're bankrupting our country. the facts are, the president is surrounded by communists and marxists. my opinion is something else. now apparently we need to get back to the basics and explain the difference between fact and opinion. this used to be called critical thinking. we need to go over critical thinking? look at the facts and the problems. critical thinking. now, some will go out of their way to point out that people like me or let's use bill o'reilly, i mean can't we make him a target once in a while? please? please? bill o'reilly blends facts and opinion all the time. i hate him for that! they say that's dangerous. i'm with you. you should pardon him for a
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while. the president said in "rolling stone" magazine that fox, people like bill o'reilly, me, people that blend fact and opinion together is, "destructive" to our country. wow! let me ask you this. what is the difference between me and the newspapers, or the networks, or the "new york times"? besides we still have ratings or people that watch, or pay attention. the difference is this: i tell you that this is an opinion show. i tell you, and i expect you to understand the difference between fact and opinion. i expect you. they do not, not only do they not expect you to know the difference, they are counting on it. i believe they think that you are too stupid to figure it out. i'll treat you like an adult. fox treats you like an adult.
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bill o'reilly treats you like an adult. treat you like boys and girls. is it coincidence that fox news came out as highest marks, 42% of trusting fox news? that is, you know, i would hope it would be higher than that. look at msnbc. 12%. that is why broadcast news and yes, they tell me, i haven't seen it, they tell me broadcast news on what at 5:00 or 6:00 in the afternoon, they're still doing it. who knew? it's why newspapers are dying. why? because they deny that they have an opinion when they blatantly do. you see the journalists have gotten so good at blending fact and opinion together that they can no longer separate the difference between the two. and people can see that. you want to know what the facts are. then you want to hear somebody say well, here is why it is this way. here is what i think is
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happening. that's what you want. you want to know what the truth is on the facts and then you want somebody you trust to tell you i think this is what is happening. you engage with them in some critical thinking. instead, the newspapers will just take their opinion and blend it in, as part of the story. you know, the tea parties are dangerous, radical hate mongers. you don't have to discredit them. nobody has to take them on. they're discrediting themselves. and now what they're trying to do and they're only going to discredit themselves more, they try to discredit me because -- look, not only am i competition and this network is competition, but they believe in the things this government is doing right now. so they have to discredit. well, they tried everything they can. i mean, the "new york times" on sunday is running a -- a guy took what was it? three months to research me and dig into all my laundry. three months.
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it's like an 8,000-page expose on me in the "new york times" magazine this weekend. i didn't lose a wink of sleep. didn't lose a wink of sleep. it's out now. you can find it online, i hear. it's fine with me. i have nothing to hide. you know who i am. they've tried to discredit me by telling you all kind of horrible stories or whatever. that didn't work. well, now, you have to instead of discrediting me, because you can't, you now have to discredit the theori theories, but really you have to attack the facts. so what is the best way to do it? you tie the theory, the opinion, the conclusion in to the facts. you make them one and the same. for instance, the march, the one nation thing, they say it's a conspiracy. because they know that doesn't play with people. people don't want to get into conspiracies. it's not the fact. here is the opinion from last
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night. not that he's surrounded by all of these marxists or not that he's surrounded by all of these dangerous groups. here is the theory, my opinion on it. the president has aligned himself with the radical socialists. fact. they're radical marxist, militant communists. fact. many of them have called for the overthrow of the american government. fact. the people who have supported cop-killers, ran a cop-killer as a candidate for the president of the united states. he had a hard time winning because he was in prison. fact. those are facts. opinion, i said he's either lying to you or he's lying to them. here is what is going to happen. if the president is lying to people like that, he's in danger. because if they feel like they've been lied to or
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duped, we know what they are capable of. the other part of that opinion is he may be lying to you. he's in trouble if he is lying to them. you're in trouble if he's lying to us. but here is the deal. you cannot be both. you cannot be with the -- the fact is, you cannot be with radical socialist, communists and be also, you know, mom and chevrolet and apple pie and baseball. you can't. it's one or the other. that's the fact. my opinion is i know which one he is. but that's for you to decide. you look at the facts. then you decide. you just have to rationally explain it to yourself. too many americans are not looking at things. because they don't want to
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look at it. it's hard to think we've never been in this position before i think. well, maybe with nixon in a way, where he was just a criminal. we were like no, i don't want to look at my president that way. look, the facts are the facts. if they tell you something, well, then, you have to address that. you have to openly contemplate where the facts take you. if you don't like it, well, life stinks sometimes. you can't be a fact denier, can you? that's what ahmadinejad is. he's a holocaust denier. here are the ovens. here are the gas chambers. "well, it didn't happen." what? the facts. you have to look at the facts. you have can't look at all the socialist groups on the site of the one nation rally and say socialists? he's a socialist, that's crazy! really? i believe that is called denial. and eventually, as an alcoholic, i know, eventually
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denial leads to death. we've come to this wall where we can't see our politicians or our presidents doing certain things. it doesn't make sense to me. here is the thing. we can't accept that maybe they have a fundamental disconnect with the values and the principles of the united states. but here is what doesn't make sense. do you remember gary condit? this guy was cleared of killing the intern, right? but we all, everybody -- i mean everybody looked at him and went oh, yeah. he killed her. he killed her. remember? but some reason, there is an electrified fence around the idea that the president of the united states isn't being honest about his beliefs on the american system. now let me ask you a question, america. which should be a harder leap to make? a guy we elected had an affair, then he murdered the intern to cover it up? that's a pretty -- he killed somebody?
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that's a pretty big leap. or this one. the president just disagrees with you on the fundamental structure of this country and is transforming it and he's telling you he's transforming it and he's also hanging out with communists and revolutionaries? which one should be harder to make the leap to? he disagrees with you, or he's a killer? this one should be an easier one, but for some reason we can't go there. we can't go there because we can't answer the question well, how does it benefit him? that is what we're going to address tonight. every bizarre action this president does, you can't just trust that the president believes in the american free market system, as much as you do. one piece of diversity we don't consider anymore is that someone even the president may not actually like the american system. he may want to fundamentally transform it. progressives have taken that trust. i shouldn't say that. everybody has taken your
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trust. that's why i tell you please don't give me your blind trust. don't believe anything that i say. check it out for yourself. take it and look at it. explore it. investigate. you be the master of your own destiny. you really believe something inside or out or reject it. based on the fact. progressives have taken that trust, and so distorted it, and now they're using it against us, because they know there are certain things you don't want to believe. and they use it as a defense. even in the face of indisputable facts. because they'll take a theory, that is unpopular. that you don't want to look at. and they'll discredit the facts with that theory. because you don't want to think about it. the facts are that this administration has done a lot of things that make no sense. he insulted our british friends when he returned the bust of winston churchill. how do you explain that?
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lockerbie letter. he sent a secret letter to scotland saying america would not mind if the lockerbie bomber was released if he was kept in scotland. why? afghanistan, obama called everything under the sun an emergency, including healthcare, but took sweet time making a decision in afghanistan where the boys are under fire. iran, the nuclear summit focussed on america and russia reducing nuclear arsenals but iran north korea weren't there. the white house said they didn't matter. what? u.s. energy consumption. obama wants to reduce our consumption, cap our oil wells, yet he has no interest in getting china to reduce their consumption. america is actively loaning money to other countries to expand their oil exploration. that doesn't make sense. the facts are this president has surrounded himself with anti-free market marxist who don't like the american system and they want to change it. but to say that isn't exactly right. some people and i said this,
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too, what? a year-and-a-half ago. that it's race based. that wasn't true either. searching for answers. the question is why would he do that? how could it benefit the president to collapse the system or somehow or another make us a third world nation? tonight, i am going to present an opinion. a conclusion. a theory. based on facts that will answer the problem. you've got questions. the facts are indisputable. it will allow you to understand the president a little bit more. at the same time, see that the president, i don't think, actually sees himself as being nefarious. when he said to joe the plumber i don't want to hurt you, i just believe in redistribution of wealth is good for everybody. his theory allows him to believe and you be able to believe him and take him at face value that he doesn't think he's doing the wrong thing.
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he's doing what he believes is good for the greater good. collective salvation. the different between fact and fiction, the difference between fact and opinion. there is a different between both of them. we're going to give you the facts and present a theory. then you are going to have to draw your own conclusions. see what makes sense. the teacher is about to arrive. back in a second.
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>> glenn: i get very, very nervous when someone says to me don't read certain books. when i was in college, i took one class. the professor said to me, mr. beck, what book are you reading? it's going to screw you up.
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he said this one, don't read that. read this. i read that book and i went back and questions him. i read everything i can. i read books where people disagree with each other and then i will decide. no one decides for me. if a book is based in facts we can look at the theories and disagree on that. here is a book that the president does not want you to read. the white house has come out swinging hard. the left, the media has come out and smeared dinesh desouza. i don't know dinesh very well. i will tell you he is a man of great credibility, certainly not a racist and not an rah-rah america just to be rah-rah america because he was born here, because he wasn't. he's a guy trying to figure things out. i imagine that you believe things you didn't want to believe when you first started this journey, true? >> that's true. >> the name of the book
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"roots of obama's rage." dinesh is the president of king's college in new york city, so he is not just some yahoo. i wanted to bring him in and i want you to -- i'm going to push back on him on the facts. because i want to make sure that the facts are right. and separate facts from opinion. because you may end up with a different opinion, but to get the facts right, is an absolute must. start with the problems and facts and get to the opinion and theory. >> it's good to get to the facts, because my goal here is to understand and explain obama. i would like to begin with his story. i'll begin with obama's father, this man, barack obama senior. barack obama senior was born in kenya. he came of age in kenya's great struggle of independence against the british, called
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anti-colonialism. to push the british out of kenya. he came to america in the late 1960s as a student, to study at the university of hawaii. this is where he met obama's mother. this woman right here. stanley ann dunham. they were married. actually, he didn't tell her at the time he was already married. he had married a woman in kenya. they had two children. ultimately he married four different women and had eight children. he was quite a character. he was also a chronic drunk driver. he was involved in multiple accidents. he lost both of his legs in one of the accidents. >> glenn: hang on a second. i want to make this really clear. because my mother was an alcoholic. died a tragic death. yada, yada. you're not insinuating anything on that he was, you
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know, a drunk or anything else. >> no, no, no. >> glenn: it's fact. >> it's fact and i'm getting to it because it creates a tremendous trauma in obama. obama idolized his father because his father's image was built in his mind by his mother. his mother said your father is a great man of africa. when obama discovered hey my father killed a man in an accident, he was running around with two iron legs and railing against the west for denying him his ambitions and his anti-colonial dreams. horrible discovery for obama and he had to go to africa to figure that man, obama. >> glenn: so you know, america, my mother died alcoholic, everything else. and it screwed me up for many, many years. so i understand why you are bringing that up. >> obama's father ideologically was an african socialist. not a pro-soviet socialist, but an african socialist. and he wrote in 1965 an important article in the east africa journal. i have the article right here. in fact, it's available on
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the web. the article is called "problems facing our socialism." he is talking about what the countries do to overcome colonialism. and achieve impendence. and he said basically what we have to do is bring down the guys at the top. because they've been looting us. and secondly, he says we have to tax them, and we've got to take their money away. the state has to confiscate wealth. i picked out two quotations that are worth noting. i want to start with the bottom one here. it says we also need to eliminate power structures that have been built through excessive accumulations, so that not only a few individuals shall control vast magnitude of resources, as is the case now. >> glenn: which is -- i mean barack obama and many of the people in u.s. labor, unions are saying many things like that. >> we hear a lot of echoes of this today. >> glenn: all the time. >> then he talks about what should the top tax rate be,
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and what should people at the top pay? then he has this remarkable statement. he says there should be no upper limit. he says theoretically, there is nothing that can stop the government from taxing 100% of income. so long as people get benefit from the government commensurate with income that is taxed. >> glenn: these are both facts, right? >> right. >> glenn: you can find them not only in your book but find them online? >> find them online. this is available online. written by his father. there has been very little coverage of this, even though it does tie in closely with what the president is doing. >> glenn: back in just a second.   
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i'm patti ann browne. dramatic firefight at a hospital in omaha left two police officers wounded and the suspect fighting for his life. the suspect was shot after opening fire. police released few details on the shooting including the suspect identity. the two officers sustained minor wounds. in portugal today, workers protested plans for new spending cut to remove the massive debt load. portugal debt crisis brought fears the country may require an international bail-out like the one in greece in may. wall street took a breather from a month-long rally today. the dow ending the day down 23 points. for more on these stories visit glenn beck returns in a moment but first, bret previews "special report." hi, bret. >> bret: hi. coming up, we have a political round-up from coast
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to coast. congress gets ready to leave town without voting to prevent a tax increase at the end of the year. terror plots unravelled. join me in 27 minutes for "special report." now, back to glenn beck. ♪ ♪ >> glenn: america, i want to introduce you to a book you must read. available, came out yesterday. dinesh d'souza is the author of "the roots of obama's rage." he is the president of the king's college in new york city. you may disagree with the conclusions in this book, i do not. the white house has been trying to smear it for a while saying anti-colonialism is nonsense, it's racism. you will understand in a year's worth of research and we're going to try to jam it in here in the next 28 minutes. dinesh is here. all we're talking first is
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the fact. give me the facts. we talked about his father. his father said almost the same kind of stuff when he was in africa. >> the interesting thing about his father. this is a picture of obama and his father. obama is ten years old in this picture. it's the only time his father came to visit when obama was back in hawaii. it's interesting because obama really didn't directly know his father. but it says in this book "dreams from my father" that he undertook a life long quest, not only to learn about his father, but to make his own values and personality and image this his father. >> glenn: you know you said something that's so interesting to me. the name of this book is not "dreams of my father." it is "dreams from my father." >> right. obama is not writing about his dad's dreams. he is writing about the dreams he got from his dad. >> glenn: from his father. >> let me read a quote if i may. talking about his father and he says, "it was into my father's image, the black
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man, son of africa that i picked all the attributes i sought in myself." what he is saying is i took my personality, my values, my identity from this man. >> glenn: okay. >> look at obama. this is -- look how he is holding his father. one reason obama learned so much about his father was from mismother. >> glenn: but the father married -- >> she divorced him but she married another anti-colonial guy, indonesian who family was burned by the dutch and saw him as a romantic substitute for the man who left her. she and obama moved to indonesia where obama lived for four years. >> glenn: people can't understand why obama went to hawaii. how did -- why did mom say that barack should go away?
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how did it happen? >> this is an incredible story. when they got to indonesia, lola who was believed by ann to be an anti-colonialist, anti-western guy, turned out to be more pro-western and more anti-communist than she thought. he went to work for the suharto government fighting communists in indonesia. he took a job at an oil company. they moved into an affluent neighborhood. and obama's mom by obama's account became embitter and began to accuse her husband lolo of being a sell-out. >> glenn: this is not conjecture. >> this is not. >> glenn: this is fact and it comes from obama. what did obama write himself about lolo? >> obama said he would overhear loud disputes between the mother and the stepfather in which the stepfather would say why are you yelling at me? i'm among your people, meaning white people.
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she would say they are not my people. she said to obama do not listen to this man, lolo, listen to this man. in other words, form your personality, not through your stepfather, but through your father. he should be your role model. >> glenn: so when he says that, you know, the argument is made well, he's both black and white, how can he have a problem with race? you would -- this is the opinion part. you would contend that mom said these are not my people. white people are not my people. >> right. >> glenn: might? >> ideologically, she rejected them. in fact, she packed up obama and sent him away. back to hawaii to live with his grandparents who we're about to meet. the reason she did that, i believe, is to keep obama away from this man who was too pro-western. >> glenn: this is not written by him or anybody else, this is your conjecture. >> this is my interpretation why she packed obama off and
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sent him home. >> glenn: when he got to stanleydom -- >> this is her father. stanley dunham. >> glenn: grandpa is a regular grandpa according to everyone else. >> right. >> glenn: he put obama in touch with his now mentor. right? frank marshall davis. tell me about this relationship. >> so the dunhams, stanley dunham and his wife madeline raised obama. he said he was raised by his mom but that's in the true. when he was sent to hawaii, his mother stayed in indonesia and did anthropological field work. he was raised from 10 to 17 by the grandparents. the grandfather believed he needed a role model, black role model and they found a black role model in the former communist frank marshall davis. poet, radical. he lived in hawaii at the time. and his writings are available. he has -- there is a book, collected writings of frank marshall davis. so obama saw him as a kind of surrogate father. in fact, we know that,
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because obama writes about him at some length about the influences of frank marshall davis. obama doesn't say he was a communist. but talks about the influence. >> glenn: had an f.b.i. file this thick. >> right. >> glenn: so then grandma says, or then we go from, we go from grandpa and frank marshall davis. we're about to meet the other influences in his life. but more importantly we're about to come to a place where the white house says is racist. and it's anti-colonialism. you understand anti-colonialism, because you were born in india. and you remember your grandfather talking about anti-colonialism. he was an about colonialist? >> yes, as was my dad. i came to age in post-british india. >> glenn: just because your parents are anti-colonialist, it doesn't make you anti-colonialist, but you have to have a turning point.
5:41 pm
i'll explain what that is, dinesh will finish this and then we will talk about anti-colonialism and see if we tie together the things that haven't made sense and see if they make sense when we return.
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>> glenn: all right. we're with dinesh d'souza, the author of "the roots of obama's rage," president of king's college in new york city. we have met the family of barack obama. and seen the influences there. but as barack obama, acco according to dinesh gets older, he finds four mentors. the first one you know, william ayers, weather underground bomber. jeremiah wright is where he finds jesus and religious underpinnings. it never heard of said and unger. who are they? >> they're anti-colonialist more than race guys. the reason that ayers in the book "fugitive days" he talks about the war in vietnam was a colonial war. the french used to occupy vietnam and then when america came, he said i was fighting against the french. that's why i was fighting against colonialism, that's why i did the bombing. edward said, scholar, palestinian, taught at columbia where obama got his
5:46 pm
undergraduate degree. a very anti-israel guy. was at one time was a representative for the p.l.o., palestinian liberation organization. >> glenn: big influence on obama? >> a big influence on obama. >> glenn: dock meanted in the book -- documented in the book? >> yes. obama went to fundraisers he had later in chicago. unger, brazilian ant anti-colonial legal scholar. >> glenn: so you contend with all of this and this, you now take me back to grandma who said what? in august of 2008, here is what grandma said about barack obama. >> so barack obama didn't have his father. he had to get his father's, the anti-colonial ideology through substitute, surrogate, surrogate dads if you will. but here is from someone who knows obama very well. this is his grandny sarah obama. not his real granny. one from the other wife.
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but obama calls her granny and she says i look at him and i see all the same things. he has taken everything from his father. he has made himself in his father's image. this is obama's psychological and intellectual background. >> glenn: you can say he has taken everything from his father and what we know about his father, he was a muslim, he had many wives, he was an alcoholic, that he lost his legs, killed a man in a car accident, et cetera, et cetera. but you are not contending he took any of those things? >> no, no. there is a great scene where obama goes to his father's grave. he throws himself on the ground, he rubs his hand in the earth and he says through the earth, i try to in a sense get my father's spirit. but, of course, he didn't have his father. he couldn't get his father's body, but he says i'll take the next best thing. i'll take my father's dreams. i'll take his vision. i'll take his ideology. and the ideology is this. anti-colonial, african socialism. >> glenn: this is where, america, you have to
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understand, this is where the white house has gone crazy. they say anti-colonialism is racist. i want you to stick around for what do we have next? 13 minutes here. because dinesh is going to explain anti-colonialism real quick and then we're going to come back from the break and i'll show you a different example. we have one minute. can you say this real quickly? >> absolutely. very simple. anti-colonialism is the idea that the world is divided into two. there are the colonizer, europeans. white west. and everybody else. so the idea is these exploiters, they invade, occupy, loot wealth and land of the poor. >> glenn: so when we say there is a global redistribution of wealth, yes, from the coloniazers. to colianzed.
5:49 pm
this is what the weather underground talked about with bill ayers. >> yes. the point here is in obama's father day it used to be europe. they were the leading power. but today it's america. so america is viewed as the new colonial power. >> glenn: this is what you get -- you are hearing this stuff even from al-qaeda. >> absolutely. this is -- well, so here is america. we are the rogue elephant in the anti-colonial view stampeding around the world, invading other countries, occupying them. >> glenn: and taking their wealth. i want to explain this. i want to show you this in a non-racist, non-you know, just in their own words. in their own words. it will all come together for you next. ñ÷
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>> glenn: a live event tonight at 7:00 on don't miss it. you must get this book. "roots of obama's rage." dinesh d'souza. it's out as of yesterday. we're going to run out of time and so i invited dinesh back tomorrow. we only covered the facts tonight and not how it all ties together. it's laid out in book. anti-colonialism is where we
5:54 pm
stopped. white house says it's theory on your part and it's not. >> we've shown the influences, his own words. anti-colonialism again, is -- >> so the military part of it is the evil white west formally europe, now america, invading, occupying and conquering other countries. then there is neo colonialism, meaning new. this is the economic wing. within the colonizers, banks, insurance -- >> glenn: the structure. >> drug companies. the rich elite. these are the ruling class that exploit the poor people here, and the poor people here. so, there is a political side and an economic side. and this is the full picture of anti-colonialism. >> glenn: okay. now the white house will try to make you believe that this is somehow or other race-based. dinesh knows it, because he grew up in india, and his father was anti-colonial and his grand father was anti-colonialist. it doesn't have to be race-based.
5:55 pm
it's just oppressor and victim. i want to show you where you have -- where your children have seen this theory before. of anti-colonialism. it's done not by the president. but by one of his strong allies, the tides foundation. here it is in the story of stuff being explained to your children. classrooms across america. >> if everyone consumed at u.s. rates we would need three to five planets. you know what? we only have one. my country's response to this limitation is to go take somebody else's. this is the third world. some would say is another word for our stuff that somehow got on somebody else's land. what does that look like? the same thing. trashing the place. >> glenn: you see? that's anti-colonialism. that is we believe that is our stuff, so we go and we just take it. and trash everything. it's unsustainable. tomorrow, dinesh will be back to finish this, because now
5:56 pm
we go into the energy and money, nuclear weapons, afghanistan, lockerbie and the bust of churchill. how does that make any sense? it will. don't miss tomorrow's episode. >> tonight, we gave you the facts. tomorrow, we expose what this means for the future of america. what will your life look like under obama's vision? will you recognize your own country? find out tomorrow at 5:00 p.m.    
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>> glenn: in booksto


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