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tv   Geraldo at Large  FOX News  October 11, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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sick of the nanny state. we are out of time. appreciate you being with us. greta has a great show. i don't take it away. >> live and at large at least it wasn't a duke lacrosse player. >> i think i wrote a thing they are still massaging like a lacrosse player did this. oh the lacrosse players they are horrible people. >> tonight the latest from the not horrible author of the nation's most googled senior paper. >> i spoke to can she -- she does not feel badly about having had sex with them. i think she has changed the stereotype of what women want. plenty of women want just what men want which is to have fun. >> as a world recognized partner of fun she has t shows the sex
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scandal. >> speaking of sports. >> surrounded by distractions what is a board aging hall of fame married quarterback with a blackberry and a couple hours to kill to do? tonight a preview of monday night football. >> these choicing are going to mean something. you have to ask yourselves what direction do i want this country to go in. >> the kids help them get elected but will they show up in november. >> you would expect a falloff with younger voters. dem kratsz know they need these voters. >> tonight who is voting and who is not? plus, the problem isn't prowess. it's taladina. >> you told poll lit co you
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claimed you knew of three of the four women who andrew cuomo allegedly had an affair with and you turn around and tell the buffalo news last night you have no proof. which is it, sir? oo what evidence do you have? >> we will at the appropriate time say whatever we have in our box at the appropriate time. >> continuing his unsubstantiated charges of alleged adultery the candidate for new york governor remind me of a long ago senator. >> let us not assassinate in lands further. you have done enough. have you left no sense of decency. >> memo, have you had no sense of decency? up front tonight. >> it is good to be back in
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pennsylvania. good to be back in fillcally. >> there is some risk in having barack obama out there talking about why people have to vote. there are going to be independent swing voters reminding this election is about obama. >> you might not cam out like you did in 2008 they say you might not care as much. obama's name is not on the ballot maybe they are not going to turnout. i think the pundits are wrong. >> are the pundits wrong? trying to bridge the enthusiasm gap republicans 51 percent are far more motivated to vote in the midterm elections than democrats at 28 or democrats at -- independents 32 percent. campaigner in chief today. voining vice president joe biden at a rally in philadelphia with the latest poll showing democrat joe sestak trailing tomb me by 6
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and a half points in a closely watched race in the senate. i am geraldo riverivera. more important than the president even in the key pennsylvania senate race is the changing -- he must change the national mood of doom and bloom that has energized his opponents while debatie -- deflating his supporters. >> geraldo, 23 days before election day president obama came to northwest philadelphia hoping to recapture some of his 2008 election ragic president and vice president joe biden participated in the democratic rally here. their message is even if they are frustrated with the economy and jobs in the country there is no excuse for sitting out the midterm election. much has been said about the enthusiasm gap many are getting out to vote. city official says the turnout was 18,500 but a police officer says the maximum capacity for
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the park is 11,000. still the president tried to inject enthusiasm into that traditionally democratic crowd. >> on november 2nd i need you fired up as 2008 and in philadelphia i think the pundits are wrong. i think they are wrong and i think we are going to winl. you have to prove them wrong. >> control of the house and senate are at stake and the president recognizes getting his president through will be difficult if the republicans get to the house the senate or both. >> you couldn't get two more qualified commentators to weigh in on the importance of swing states pennsylvania in the national scheme of things. they are governor ed rendell on your left and former senate republican rick san toshg o -- san tore rim. were you watching the eagles at
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half time? with young people it's the flavor of the month isn't it? aren't you afraid that it was all about obama in 08 now they are on to something else. now they are on to verizon taking over eye phones or something. >> first of all we have got the eagles and phillies on tv right now. i am not sure anybody in philadelphia is watching. young people i think the two have a tendency to lose attention but i think they are coming back a little bit. i think what barack obama was doing in philadelphia yesterday was trying to reenergize the african american vote which is important in statewide elections. it didn't turnout in the primary it has to turn o to turn out ane a chance. >> the you are worried the black and brown vote will sit on their hands historically they have voted at a lower rate than the rest of the population.
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>> historically, yes. i think an important message that the president delivered today was republicans trying to make the election about me people who care about me have to get out and not wait until 2012 get out now. i think that message is starting to resinate. i said it's a swinging moment dumb whether it will get there fast enough to change the results i don't know. >> senator santorum you have a situation here where a lot of the anti obama vote is motivated anger, anger is one of those emotions that is difficult to sustain the governor mentions some of these surveys have shown a kind of easing off of the anti obama wave. do you afear it will not be sustained three more weeks to election day? >> let me say it's obvious rendell are on the ballot because neither of us would be caught on the budget.
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>> if you go back in 06 and 08 the motivating factor for independents to vote democrats and democrats in high numbers george bush and anger in 2008. that happens to be in 2008. the most consequential of the emotions when you see the unemployment numbers you saw friday the continuing malaise we see in this country with respect to the economy and the present policy isn't working and in fact being counter pro duct tifr. we see him not out campaigning. maybe he mentions healthcare. he wasn't talking about the healthcare plan he had to save the healthcare plan. i don't know any democrat running on the healthcare issue. he has a lot of unpopular programs. the programs put in place are not working. that's not a good formula for democrats going into that election.
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>> do you see this as a race where the republican vote is pretty constant and the democrats zip? what do you think there will be a big surge on the right and the president's party will be crushed as a result? >> well i think that this will be a huge surge among republicans in this election. >> there is no question they are going to ask a lot of folks never involved in politics. can't tell you the number of people who came up and said i have never been involved in politics. there's a huj number of people coming out the first time it will be a big difference. >> these swing voters in these elections are overwhelmingly moving the republican wait. i think predominantly because of the explosion of the deficit explosion of government and the poor economy. those factors alone moved them into the republican column. democrats if you look at them they are fighting among
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themselves. you have some off the far left you don't think they have gone far enough some are moderate saying he has gone too far and are running away from him. i don't see that being a formula for a big turnout. >> governor watching president obama defeat then senator hillary clinton was so interesting in pennsylvania because it really did seem a micro kwaus i am of what was happening nationally the way he squeaked by and brought in joe biden from nearby delaware. it was so fascinating to watch. do you believe as goes pennsylvania now so goes the nation? >> well i think we are typical of what is happening in this election. i will say rick's analysis was probably good three weeks ago. i think there has been a definite shift in momentum used to be down 12, 13 points. there is a shift in momentum.
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there's a double edged sword for republicans motivates people who never voted rick is absolutely correct about that. it is also starting to get democrats welcome their jobs: it is happening with the republican party. >> i wonder. >> a shift in the polls -- >> typically suchin attention for midterm obviously the press helped to bring attention to what is going on in november. i don't know. we have a big rock to push uphill. let me take a quick break and i will come back to both of you guys. if you don't mind please stand by. i am going to ask both of our great guests about a possible ching in the republican electrical arm more accidental candidates acting crazy. also coming up dennis rodman is here weighing in on recent scandals involving viking quarterback brett favre. duke student sexy senior thesis.
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a survey showing race relations deteriorating under president obama. fox business charlie gasporino is also here democrats in bed with wall street.
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>> you got one of the citations this was the legal arm of the communist party and the length of time that he belonged. >> back in the 1950s wisconsin senator joe mccarthy was so reckless in his wild and unsubstantiated allegations that this or that official celebrity was a come me and a new word was going mccarthyism. a new race for the state house isn'ted that mccarthyism what he is doing to democrat andrew cuomo with his repeated unsubstantiated charges of
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infidelity. i think senator rick santorum and governor ed rendell that his craziness, pal dino's craziness along with the witchcraft in delaware and the rest of it will blunt the overall enthusiasm for the tea party activists who might not otherwise be engaged in politics certainly in those two states and maybe others. what do you think? >> it certainly love an impact on the candidates doing the crazy talking. i don't understand what he is trying to accomplish through this. it has no place in this campaign. he should talk about the issues that people care about. there's enough to talk about with andrew cuomo and his record to convince the people in new york not to vote for him as governor. i would stick to that record if i were him. i am not too sure people in illinois are going to care about some candidate who happened to win a primary no one thought was going to be a competitive race anyway in new york.
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this is the media hype with a dan cat who obviously is having message problems i don't think is going to any seepage in another state. >> i think he has a character problem not a message problem. let me ask you about history in pennsylvania. in 2007 i think you were 7 term congressman you won easily your term in the senate you got narrowly de peted in 2007. was 2007 a precurse other or the obama sweep and democratic sweep in 2008 the way 2010 is a precursor for 2012? >> it was 2006 and i wish i was narrowly defeated. it was not anywhere close to being narrow. >> you were swept away>> in the beginning of a tsunami as parallel to concern dan. >> we will wait and see. t comment about getting closer
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is legitimate. i would argue the good reason for it is money. democrats have done a much better job democratic republi n reincumbents have done a much better job. they have done a better job and that money is being deployed. it's tightening up the races. having said that if you go back in 2006 some degree in 2008 you saw a similar narrowing because the money advantage was clear it's not the republicans. you saw narrowing there. in the se ends a lot of these l deciding voters went the republican way. if you look at 06 and 08 if you were a republican and you were 60 percenth poems you were going to lose. you are not going to pick up any undecided votes. it is not whether the races are getting closer are they getting to 50. if they are not getting to 50 i don't care how close the races are they are not going to win.
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>> barack obama is lucky if he is at 45 right now. does that spell doom for the democrats despite your glimmer of hope? >> number one i think you are right. i think this craziness coming from a lot of the tea party candidates is making a difference. it does influence the mood almog the democrats. it creates a mood there is craziness on the other side. i don't like the way things are going but i have to get out here to make sure people are nuts out there are not inflew entsing the congress of the united states. so i think it is helping in our mode yaw to get a lot of christine o'donnell in delaware and that's driving a lot of democrats to decide if they ar going to get out. this may turn out to be more like 94 of course they remember in 94 republicans wipe the floor with democrats. in the 6 bill c clinton won
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overwhelmi overwhelmingly. >> we will be back after this. ç@
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he>> there was a kid sending a inappropriate text message during your years there. would you care to respond to those allegations? >> no. i am not getting into that. i got my hands full with the jets and trying to get some timing down with our guys. that's all i am going to discuss. >> >> asking for a couple hour hookup there. football combined violence sport
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with side line sex appeal. suspect it critical a company looking in all of the wrong places. that is my opinion. what does basketball super star dennis rodman think about it? i am delayeded to women come rebound leader hall of famer. you weren't exactly wilt chamberlain. he did 10,000 i believe. you were pretty busy in your career. >> i was pretty busy. i have done my share of women. >> they didn't have texting? >> didn't have texting and tmz. a lot of these guys got to be careful. >> do you blame the media then or the scrutiny or lack of discipline in the married guys? >> i don't blame them you get attacked by the media and publicity and stuff like that. as a former athlete you have a
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life, too. most guys go out and have a good time. i do a lot. we have a good time. i wouldn't be surprised if things come out about me dennis rodman had sex with this girl. >> madonna was talking about you. carmen electra was talking about you. >> i am good about that. people around the world know me as a party animal and dennis rodman likes to have a good time. if you say it about dennis rodman say it right. yes, that's right. >> take a shot. we have a situation. we have a situation where you have the next can reporter with the tight jeans in the locker room and you have two more massage therapists coming forward blaming brett favre or
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saying he came on to them as well as the side line reporter here. are they filing on the viking quarterback? >> i wouldn't be surprised you see more and more people taking benefit of most of these athletes. you can go anywhere in the world they don't text something like that if you did it and say yes i did it. it was a couple years ago maybe it was a bad night for me. great. now i have to go home and talk to my wife and see if it's okay. >> can you protect yourself from girls take advantage first i am not saying he's being taken advantage of but -- >> is he? >> there are women there are predators out there. there are women looking at an athlete you see dollar signs. after tiger woods all bets are
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off. 10 million to say i slept with him i am giving him my phone number. this is money involved. >> any takers? >> in the robert redford movie it was just a million. >> forget that. >> it's bumped up. do you think there's a possible parallel between brett favre and tiger woods? >> absolutely. now there's opportunity being the girl that comes forward. i am sure this has been going on for a long time. we are just finding out about it. now there's a record e-mails and texting. i am not going to say dennis rodmñ÷@
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dow 11006. this is a fox news alert. we have an important follow up on the story we did last night on the missing jet skier david heartily. authorities in mexico are searching for a pair of brothers they suspect in the reported border lake shooting of the missing american. now they have identified who men t they believe responsible of the death of david hartley who was killed as you know as the young couple were taking photos of a sunken church from their jet skis. i want to say tiffany heartily any suspicion i or others may have had in this story we apologize to you. our condolences to the family.
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we will follow closely as the mexican officials track down the two brothers who are part of a gang apparently and have committed similar violent acts before. now onto the program. craig down in philadelphia on the issue of whether or not race relations in our country have deteriorated in the administration of bara barack o. here is billy. >> really, i think we have a long way to go. i care for him because he got out out of the hole we were already in. honestly speaking he can't do it in one term. it will take two terms to get us out of the hole we are already in. >> that woman's opinion aside inaugurated as he were with promise of healing our historic racial divide rash relations have deteriorated under president obama 36 percent of the voters saying relations
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between blacks and whites are getting better that's down a whopping do the matt 62 percent it was last july. it is almost half. at the height of the controversy that was 62 percent to make it even more stark that was during the controversy harvard professor and the white cambridge cop settled by the beer fest is that a true reflection of the sorry satur sf things or another indication of president obama's current unpopularity before the next star studded panel debate. here's the scene from the obama rally in philadelphia. >> as moving america forward rally in philadelphia, pennsylvania one of the things that president obama is trying to mover people forward from is a growing sense of pessimism especially when it comes to race relations since the president has taken office.
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>> i am pessimistic. >> why? >> i think it has gotten worse since president obama has been in office. i don't think it's anything that ever went away but i think people are being more free in expressing now. >> according to the rasmussen poll by voters last week racial issues especially among african americans have fallen dramatically after surging to historic highs. >> i think a lot of people are afraid to change. >> we have a long way to go in our country. we have to look at we have to look at extreme wealth a lot of that cut along race lines. >> 27 percent of whites feel the same way. >> a lot of whites in the country haven't seen the kinds of change they are looking for but i have. >> reports about the whole focus on several prominent democrats
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like former president carter suggesting president president's healthcare was opposed to racism. >> a lot of people are opposed to anything the president does because they are racist. >> according to the polls while they have fallen they are still more optimistic while the relations between white or black or hispanics. >> the fact that president obama was african american brought to the surface racial september amounts lying underneath i think it brought it to the surface. >> do you think it's the immigration law in arizona? is that one of the reasons for anti hispanic sent am increasing? >> i believe that's part of it, sure. >> i agree. i think the media is exploiting all of this, exploiting maybe
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there are racial tensions between blacks and whites and ethnics. >> despite the falling sentiment the polls ended on an optimistic note. >> 97 percent still say the united states is fair and decent. >> we have our problems but i would say it's still a ran land freedom. >> thank gods for that. who is more optimistic white people or black people about race relations? >> 59 percent of african americans believe the country is moving in the right direction. that's shared by the 27 percent of whites. twice as many believe we are moving in the right direction. what about those along party lines. >> those not affiliated with major party are more optimistic and men are more optimistic than women.
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>> men are more optimistic. the poll is 95 percent confidence rating in the rasmussen poll. >> reverend al sharpton our pal national network. charl pain fox business contributor and hanging with us even though the eagles senator rick santorum. >> get me in trouble. >> sorry i am ratting you out here. >> reverend you first. >> race relations deteriorated when he was elected when barack obama was elected for old radicals myself that was the culmination of the 1960s dream the civil rights activist dream, we have a minority in the right house highest office in the world. what happened? >> i think what happens is most
5:38 am
americans feel then and now it was an achievement. i think he has to have some of the people interviews dig us out of a whole where a lot of people get into a situation where the rubber meets the road raw feelings come out. but i think most of us feel they are a lot different than it used to be. i think the difference is how to move forward. there was a race gap in even 08. most blacks voted for obama and latinos. he still didn't get the majority of the white votes. this is not a difference. it may be a shift because we are in the middle of times where we have this drum beat going from elements from the right wing. i don't think we ought to paint a false picture where we were in 08. >> although i agree with you that race can define the political parties to a certain extent still there is a pessimism that is different than that allegiance.
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a pessimism i think practically speaking will translate to voter enthusiasm. if people are down on the prospect of american race relations a minority person might choose to opt out of the franchise. >> it shows that minorities are not more pessimistic. they are hospital mystic. this disqualifies the thing that they won't come out to vote. edge they will come out to vote. i think you are seeing them tighten um they were talking about in the last segment. people are beginning to get it and understand that there is a lot. as someone who heads the civil rights organization you mention gates we haven't had since president obama and then a major race case since he has been president. this is all braced on filling a propaganda. you haven't had this like we had with president bush's or new
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orleans. there's nothing you can say the president has done. this is all politics on the grournd. you can't point with the president. he has done ob sit. he has newt gingrich and i together on education. he has done his part to bring it together. >> i would have loved to be at the bar with you two. charles what do you think? are race l relations showering? -- sdsh souring? >> i think he had the opportunity to bring the races together. he had the main date to do it. every time the president speaks there's a bill in it. first it's wall street then doctors and republicans. there's always been a thing within the black community there are good white people and bad white people. there's the implication republicans are bad white people. here's the irony. liberals didn't put the president in office it was the bad team in iowa who put him in office. these myths or beliefs have never really -- he hasn't done anything to dismiss them or make
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people feel differently. he had a great mandate to solidify bring this country together. even people who did not vote for them by the time the inauguration came around were willing to try something different. >> that honeymoon period didn't last very long. do you believe there's a growing gap or do you think it's politics and a reflection of the president's current unpopularity? >> you said the honeymoon didn't last long. there's a reason the honeymoon didn't last long. the president pushed forward almost a trillion dollar spending bill that blew the doors on the deficit and people in this country were generally concerned about. then he followed up with another series of policies that the american people didn't want. very vocally didn't want. the president plowed forward. the thing that is disturbing. >> it was in a racial component. what do you think that's not true? >> i think what people are doing, some, obviously not all.
5:42 am
what some people are doing on the left is trying to say because people disproportionnally who happen to be white disagree with the president's proposal th disproportionnally that's a racial issue. it is not. bottom line is just because i am against a mosque being built in new york doesn't mean i am a big got in islam. that's what mainstream media would have me believe. if you go down the list with other things whether you are against illegal immigration then you are anti hispanic. those are not fair characterizations they get away from substance. they very much poison the dialogue and they lead to the kind of polls that you are looking at which is people beginning to think race relations are all of the way down. >> i do think geraldo you have heard two very long answers that are hal louisiana to -- hal lieutena hal louisiana tui
5:43 am
-- hallucination tory. he has us working with conservatives. name me when anybody said that the president or members of the administration says you are an tie hispanic if you are against immigration. they make up their own quotes and argue against themselves. no one ever spends that. the president never said that. he got in trouble with some black leaders for not dealing with a lot of race issues. they create these strong men and divide the country. i tell you name me one quote the president ever said about white folks. >> they would say charles what are you smoking. >> t >> in the black community throws always been this perception that there are good white people and bad white people and he has perpetuated the bad white people. >> how? >> listen. the name -- let me tell you one thing.
5:44 am
first of all that is something that probably -- >> 5 seconds. >> he should have stopped them from throwing the tea party racist. racist. >> we will be right back.÷÷xxxxú
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♪w reic xx÷÷÷÷xñ racist. >> we will be right back.÷÷xxxxú ♪w reic xx÷÷÷÷xñ
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>> this is good reading triple x term paper there. talking about another publication bought and paid for totally different pop ti topic. two years after the wall street crash that brought the nation and the world to the brink of a full-blown depression the obama administration fellow democrats have been unsparing in condemnation of growed de bankers and financial fat cats. this new book bought and paid for by charles gasporino it's
5:48 am
really democrats and liberals in bed with wall street. you want to stop by. you want to name names off the bat? >> bob rubin. >> city group. >> if there if there is one gu pet miezs the connection of the republican party and big government. that's what we are talking about. unsparing george bush in here and his expansion of big government. this has been going on for a long time. there's information about rudy giuliani turning to wall street to keep new york city creating a bond deal that was some sort of a fake deal that cut budget deficit. unsparing on republicans and democrats. big government and wall street do very well. if there's one guy that epitomizes it's bob rubin. he allowed wall street to prosper. that all
5:49 am
>> he allowed the banks -- >> separated the banks. allowed him to get rid of it so the deposits among the risk takers. flourished until it built up. here's the guy that calls wall street a fat cat. when they were neck and neck they were falling in love with him. hour that love affair started i trace it to the end now. also the little blblowups. if you look at the wall street guys they don't like to be called pat cats. >> they are starting to donate big money to the republicans. >> they are hedging their bet. >> geraldo, i know all of the guys at the top of these girls jamie diamond jp morgan.
5:50 am
>> they are not going to support. >> they are not going to support a republican party that is run by agented viss. >> dow is at 11,000 how high is it going to go? >> i don't know. i would be worried about it in this market. >> we will be right back with dennis rodman after this.4n
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>> the woman involved in the sex thesis scandal. duke university gone by role she had already graduated when news broke she compiled this paper education beyond the classroom excelling in the realm of horizontal academics at the
5:54 am
seemingly private university. i have to show dennis rodman here. not only does she have the pictures. >> there's the pictures. >> she has pictures then she has the different guys. she talks about what they did pros, cons, she talks about size, lasting power, very, very well equipped knew how to use his hardware. >> where do you rank on there? >> home me don't play that game any more. >> i already got my degree in frolicking. >> you have the wrong guy. you asked the wrong guy. >> there are probably lots of thesis about him. >> it's moving so fast and people are trying for the fast easy dollar. >> this was not supposed to be public. this was truly for the girls it
5:55 am
seems to me. >> just like pama anderson i don't know how that tape got out there. >> i never saw a sex tape with me. >> so you think it's all fake? >> i think it's fa that's all f. >> they slipped that to the public on somebody's hands. >> i am not that cynical. i think this got out there by accident. >> i don't know about accident. >> i think somebody did it to intentionally hurt her. >> here's the real story. >> score for a perverse view of feminism. >> here's the real store reel. -- the real story is she describes having sex in the back of cabs and in libraries. >> duke university library. in the midst of a blackout on some guy she was not turned on by. of course something she wrote got put out there. she is highly impulsive. this isn't about her not
5:56 am
understanding internet. >> not very big and unfortunately is not a grower. >> why wouldn't you say that in thes you are -- you are not trying to embarrass the guy, the fact that why would you even write that? >> this is a new feminism right there. >> women are having sex like men. i think it's bad that it got out but i think it's empowered in some way i am having s sex like man here's my proof here's my little black book. >> how do you get past the slut factor? >> tell me how you really feel. >> this was -- if this were a guy would you say -- >> hold on geraldo. >> you don't know what the goals are. >> couldn't possibly be. >> you don't know what her goals are. she is not necessarily going to run for office now. >> what do you think other goals are. that's an excellent question i
5:57 am
should have asked. >> i think she is not somebody who thinks about the consequences of her actions. hopefully her goals will be doing something impulsive with her loif like parachute jumping it has nothing to do that will keep anybody in jeopardy. >> off the topic. show the picture of chris anderson of the denver nuggets. you got a shot of him? put it up. put it up. dennis as you can see -- are you getting it? >> look at dennis. his whole body. look at his fingernails. i love the -- what color is that? aqua marine. >> i don't know if we are going to get dennis. >> okay. >> quick. theres is. >> it's all tied up. >> is he trying to be you? >> don't forget before, i did it first. >> he's got to win something. >> that's right, brother. >> you are raising money for what is that home you went --
5:58 am
>> st. francis home. >> that's in miami. >> fort lauderdale. >> fort lauderdale. giving away a house for i got an egg [pop] i got gum i got a hair net a kazoo a candy necklace an orange a band-aid for forty cents, i got one of these [pop] i got a really great hat i got half a song extra mayonnaise a stamp helium some bling some fries balloon dog fabric softener this much of a shirley temple i got a mustache an apple sprinkles fifteen minutes of parking and a ticket [pop] lipstick two pills a day is what it takes to stay alive if you're hiv positive. those pills cost about forty cents a day.
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lunch bag [pop] >> good morning, everybody. it's monday, october 11th. i'm juliet huddy in for gretchen. president obama is accusing the g.o.p. of stealing the election. is this new tactic to make americans forget about real issues? >> good question, juliet. meanwhile, students getting an extra day off next year to honor muslim holidays. is the school going too far or just being fair? we're going to report, you're gonna decide. >> tossing to each other on the cold open, this is true. we sohowed you a picture of the mustache man. now we know who he is and he's popping up everywhere. "fox & friends" starts now.


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