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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  October 15, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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>>neil: google stock is the stock has doubled in the middle of a financial meltdown two years ago. and more than $200 from the lows, when just the last year. don't own it? watch it. because google is widely considered to be a big market
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bell weather and maybe an economic one, too. the online advertising is up and that means the economy could be up, too. so, gig el, google, go lady. go ahead. go ahead. yes, yes, yes, we are only this much in the hole. only in watching. a $1.3 trillion hole is a cause for celebration. i had you going, didn't i? happy friday. i am neil cavuto, and now, b.p. is digging in. celebrating. celebrating, celebrating again. a deficit number that is $125 billion below what it was last year. that is like change under the couch because here is what they do not mention: government
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spending soared 16 percent in that time. did your salaries go up 16 percent during that time? now to a new plan that could dig us out, people in san diego county vote on whether to ban contracts for unions. if it passes there, business groups will push to get it everywhere. my next guess will take this national, and now from the associated builders and contractors. what is this about, scott? >>guest: thank you for having me on. i appreciate it. yes, this is a fair and hop competition ordinance and it outlaws project labor agreements and guarantees an open process when we are talking about taxpayer funding construction projects. >>neil: you do not want the built in preference for unionñi workers that have gone to stimulus pending and state and local spending, and this was
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written write in there, you don't want it written in, right? >>guest:çó right, we areñr fighting for taxpayers, we are fighting for fair and open competition and project labor agreements as you know, they are discriminatory union agreements that usually between a government body and a labor union, they cut out 85 percent of the workforce, they are not fair and they are not good for taxpayers. they increase costs by up to 20 percent in some cases. >>neil: have you been pulled off of big jobs as a result? >>guest: many of our members in san diego and across the country have been excluded. we are talking about the workers here that are in nonunionxdñiçó training programs that work for nonunion contractors are the ones that really feel the pain when project labor agreement is implemented upon a project because what they say is that union agreements, they say all workers have to be run through a union hiring hall or come from
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the union hiring hall so that is discriminating against 85 percent of the workforce right now especially here in san diego. >>neil: just to be clear on what you want, this does not exclude unions but it would be like open to everyone,ñçó righti >>guest: correct. the fair and open competition campaign is about letting everyone bid. when i talk to the general public about this, i say when you buy a new car or a new appliance you shop around and go to two or three different stores and find the boast quality product. that is what we want for your public construction dollars. >>neil: speaking of construction dollars, i want to pick your brain, the presdínt in an interview early this week saying there were no shovel readyñrñi jobs, but as you knowe stimulus was sold on the notion there would be shovel ready
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jobs. do you feel like you were taken advantage of? >>guest: what the president needed to do to stimulate construction, take care of small businesses. they are the backbone of abc and a lot of other business groups. what he needs to do is get the job going by stimulating small business. and this notion that the stimulus and more government spending and giving kickbacks to labor unions is not the way to go and not helping anyone. >>neil: this is fascinating. the whole nation is watching. thank you. and now, pushing for a big pay out for seniors and president obama is calling for $13 billion package for the social security agency announcing they are freezing payments for the second straightçó year. nancy pelosi says the house will vote but probably in the lame duck session and the democrat
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governor is very happy. governor, how are we going to pay for it? >>guest: iñi don't have a position on it. i am focused on what we can deal with here in delaware and in the states and i very much hope that chris coons our fix u.s. senator will be in place to deal with that. >>neil: how do you feel about it. i understand, governor, but you support what the president wants to do, right? >>guest: honestly on that issue i don't have a position. we have to keep putting people back to work. that is what we are doing in delaware, with we have reopened shuttered manufactured facilities, a refinery, a car plant, i was at the white house early there week to focus on infrastructure, and, in fact, here in delaware we have had lots of people put back to work on road projects, water projects. >>neil: i understand. >>guest:çóñiçó weç($aá- to cone putting people back to work.
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>>neil: the talk was fully behind the $250 checks and you are sayinobç that is not the cai and never wasçó the case, is tht right? >>guest: i have taken no position on that. what we focus on --. >>neil: i understand, governor. what do you thing of your colleagues who are, and nancy least, who is? many yourñr residents need socil security, what do you think? >>guest: obviously, seniors are struggling and the most important thing we can do across the country is focused on putting people back to work whether small business lending, whether as we have done in delaware focused on imroorching schools, focus on thinking the way that people who create jobs in the first place do. good schools, reasonable taxes, gre(5u of government. >>neil: but that is not happening, right? >>guest: it is happening right
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here in delaware. you ask c.e.o.'s including a refinery that closed down, hundreds went to work to prepare for re-opening in the spring. and the general motors facilities shutçó down and it wl re-open with a new plug in hybrid operator. and sale many -- and sallie mae moving their headquarters. and another company is hiring 150 people because of the government's leadership on green energy. >>neil: you head the government's governor's association and areçó you concerned after the election you guys would be gathering in a phone booth? >>guest: it is a challenging cycle but we believe we can end up with more americans having democratic governors than before. we have a great pickup opportunity. >>neil: what map are you looking at? >>guest: in california.
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>>neil: nationally? >>guest: those are two huge states right there, those are flips from republican governors to democraticñi governors. i was in ohio this week as i mentioned, and i have been in wisconsin and going to florida, going up to connecticut, rhode island, and maybe vermont. so, lots of states working with a lot of democratic governors working with the private sectori to create job.ñi >>neil: have you worried a lot ofñrçó folks areñr taking the incumbent party out-of-control who happens to be dome and they are more focused on those would want to do things differently or stop the spending or the waste, and associate that with democrats and are bigger admirers on a national base but you are not too far away colleague chris christie is doing in new jersey. how do you respond to that? >>guest: the last president that had a balanced budget was bill clinton and this president, of course, inherited a huge
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deficit in a country that wasñi absolutely on the brink. >>neil: but he dug us in a deep are hole. >>guest: if the foundation of your house is crumbling, it makes sense to borrow to get it right again. >>neil: but it is not right again. the numbers are not looking great. >>guest: it is lot better than it would have been. >>neil: how do you know? >>guest: across the country every economist looked at there and said there was a huge hole that had been created in the economy. this is not a referendum on a party or a referendum onñi a president. this is añiçóñi choice. >>neil: it is a referendum. >>guest: this is a choice between candidates. >>neil: you could be right to say spending is working if delaware but i am telling you, it is a reverend dull on spending, whether good or bad, and whether you like it or not
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the vastñi majorityçó of amersii so far, seem toçó think itçó ist working. >>guest: that is notñr how theñi elections get framed when voters go intoñrzát voting booth. it is a choice between candidates. in delaware it is a close between chris coons, añi democr, with a strong track record, and someoneçóçó further to theçó riñ >>neil: but across the country, governor, what i am seeing across the country is the opposite. you could have the individualnú@ races, but there is a repudiationñrñiñi against theçó establishment and we have seen it in your state with the established republican candidate. i am saying people areç?$u pissed off. very. >>guest: they are. and because ofñi that,ñi repudiation, and because of the fact they elected, nominated someone so far to the right it created unbelievable opening in
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our state for a good, middle of the road democrat who will work across party lines, to get things done. sometimes he will be with the president. and sometimes not. but he will do what makes sense for the people of delaware and we will see the same thing in many states across the country. it is a difficult cycle. we get that. >>neil: okay.ñiçóñiñi you speak well for your party. governor, thank you very much. >>guest: good to talkñi toñi yoó >>neil: we will talk toñi]/> the governor's republican counterpart on election day and we have an all star likeup, donald trump, home depot cofounder, and the u.s. senateñi candidate in florida, and former governor of virginia, governor wilder and so many other big names that if i told you now about our guests, but i will not
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tip you off. >> we know change is possible, mr. president, we are changing things up every day on our website, with the hottest storiesñi and we are asking do you agree with the president's public for $250ñr check for seniors and social security? the president is ripping the chamber of commerce, failing to mention what is going on.çóñiçó and democratic congressman is and democratic congressman is here.
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most people like blue dog position. they are comfortable with the moderate position of blue
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dogs. at time we have had impact on legislation in a positive way. >> neil: thank you very much. the campaign ad and you can look closely. do you think mother teresa? we'll explain. [ male announcer ] opportunity is a powerful force. set it in motion... and it goes out into the world like fuel for the economy. one opportunity leading to another... and another. we all have a hand in it. because opportunity can start anywhere, and go everywhere. let's keep it moving. ♪
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>> neil: well, candidates cranking off the ads and cooking the books. some democrats claiming they voted with republican leader john boehner 60% of the time or more. but using the math, they are, consider this: even nancy pelosi voted with john boehner 52% of the time. something tells me mother teresa might not be impressed. john is here to explain.
4:25 pm
john, i started to look at this in your brilliant column and i put two and two together. it's not what it appears. explain. >> mark twain said there is lies, damn lies and then there is statistics. both parties are misusing the percentage of time a member might vote for a leader. if a republican says the democratic congressman voted 92% with nancy pelosi, it doesn't tell us so much, just as if you a democrat who is worried about losing the republicans say i'm with you guys, i voted with john boehner 65% of the time. the bottom line is most of the votes in congress are about completely meaningless things. naming post offices, giving mother teresa a gold medal. >> neil: did anyone vote against the mother teresa thing? >> yes, one person. >> neil: really? >> ron paul. >> neil: that is interesting. >> ron paul said it cost too much because it was going to be a gold medal. >> neil: the point is they do a lot of nonsensical stuff that looks good, tribute to
4:26 pm
moms. if you vote against that, your open mom will whack you across the head. but there is a lot of that, where they skew the percentage. >> sure. if 90% of the vote in congress are on national motherhood week it's meaningless if you vote with nancy pelosi 90% of the time or john boehner 60% of the time. what is important is the big ticket item. obama care, cap-and-trade or cap and tax to many people. stimulus bill. those are important issues. members of congress knew they were important and that the constituents knew they didn't like those. if they vote for it, it's a legitimate issue. >> neil: i don't know if you were around to see my last guest. i got something interest out of him. blue dog democrat, saying that, you know, we blue doggers might have a very different way of thinking if we come back. >> the survivors, you mean. >> right. if you're nancy pelosi or
4:27 pm
steny hoyer, i'm thinking don't get too cocky, right? >> too forces working there. most of the democrats are going to lose are the blue dogs or members in the moderate districts so they will be fewer moderate or conservative democrats in the house. that means the liberal caucus will be stronger so nancy pelosi being a liberal will have support for them. so she actually could have fewer democrats but more liberals in her caucus as a percentage. >> neil: what if it's the opposite, though, john? ones that survive are not the voters and didn't do the voting with the nancy pelosi. and you have a -- they hold their rank? >> well, here is the thing. obviously, even liberals don't like to lose elections because they lose the chairmanship and the power. even they would be mad at nancy pelosi because she would have to take the blame for this. members of congress are very
4:28 pm
wi win-oriented. if nancy pelosi loses them 40 or 50 seats you could walk through the deepest confidence as nancy pelosi and not get your ankles wet. >> neil: man, i love that guy! thank you, john. have a great weekend. >> thank you. >> neil: very good writer, by the way. meanwhile, lawmakers addicted to spending unaware of step one in alcoholics anonymous. don imus knows what it is. he's been there and now he is here. then the president scrapping the idea of bringing a business guy to the economics team. it has charlie gasporino asking if ceo is just not in his d.n.a. [ manager ] you know...
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better than a leading upright vacuum, or your money back. ♪ she blinded me with science >> i really have no room for complaint. >> neil: what is the big thing you are angry about? >> just, you know, my family and i have brought our business from the ground up for the last 14 years and you know, we're just now getting to where we are at a comfort zone and now the government is coming in and basically going to start to tax us
4:33 pm
more. and, you know, take away things we worked harder for. my family hasn't been on a vacation for 14 years. and now they want more of my tax dollars and it's completely wrong. >> neil: so you run a single pizza shop, series of them? what? >> just one family run shop. >> neil: and how many employees? >> we have eight. there is three of my children that actually work there. >> neil: how does anything the government is doing affect you? >> you know, when we look at things across the board, you know, first off, one of the big things that we have a problem with is that overreaching government, the overregulation, cap-and-trade. i mean these are all things that me as a business owner prior to these things happening, i was looking at expanding and actually franchising my company. but myself, like other businesses across this great land, were shut down. we're not going to do anything until we know what cards are on the table with everything that the government is doing. >> neil: do you or your business pay at the top rate?
4:34 pm
>> no, it does not. >> neil: so when you hear other small businessmen, different ones say taxes are going up next year, it's going to kill us, are they right? >> you know, i think so. look at they're talking about payroll taxes going up to do some offsets. you know, it's -- we want continue to spend all the money without having some form of a tax increase. that is the reason why we added 16,000 i.r.s. agents to the new tax bill. >> neil: this is fascinating, pizza guy, going to congress. we'll watch you. thank you. >> anybody out there, bobby is the website. grassroots organization. give us hand. >> neil: there you go. they have the site. thank you, sir. if you are looking for a business guy like bobby to fill the top economic post of the white house, don't hold your breath.
4:35 pm
according to the white house, the search for a ceo has gone but d.o.a. the research for ceo is falling apart. former xerox chief, the latest to turn and offer to -- turn down an offer to replace larry summers. by the way, this is not too surprising, because charlie gasparino was on this before anyone. he's hawking the best seller "bought and paid for." tremendous book. what do you think of this? no, no no, no. >> how are you doing, neil? they were looking for a business person to fill larry summers job as the chief economist. i'm of two minds of this. i think the economist should get the job. i don't think ann mulcageh is qualified to be the chief economist of the united states. that said, think about why the white house and you know, we were first to report on fox business why they wanted a business person, because they know that the business
4:36 pm
community is at odds with what they do and they want to instill confidence from what they do as a business standpoint. nobody, major business person wants that job. >> neil: i can see why, there is a little different with larry summers and the stature. he is not the treasury secretary now. he holds no cabinet position. certainly something most people holding the cabinet rank. if you are a ceo or former ceo you are not going to leave for a top position. you want a capital position. >> ann would have been good for the job because she is not running xerox right now. she is doing something else. dick parsons name was floated and i don't think he's good for the job for a lot of reasons. he is chairman of citigroup. doesn't do a good job there. jeffrey immelt was leaked early on. >> neil: the last two are
4:37 pm
republicans that you mentioned. >> or liberal republicans and they both side up. and g.e. feasted off the government set-aside from the obama administration. they all brought baggage. what we first reportered when summers resigned is we found out that nobody wanted the job. that says a lot. like i said, i'm not crazy about a business person taking a chief economist job. we should have an economist. think about it, not one single major business person they leaked wanted any part of this administration. >> neil: what about sandy diamond? his name always comes up and he practically has a pass to the white house. they don't even have to check him when he comes in. what about him? >> as i point out in "bought and paid for" and we try to say his name in the book -- >> neil: the good ones get it out right away. >> as i point out in the book, jamie, you know, he had a falling out with the guys. and, you know -- >> weren't they tired of being vilified? >> tired of being called a
4:38 pm
fat cat. especially jamie is not that fat. he's a cat but not that fat. what they are doing with the business to vilify them every day, you know me? i beat up on business all the time. we need some of them to create jobs. right? >> neil: yeah. charlie, good stuff as always. "bought and paid for." i say this a lot on the show. i have to read the financial books. i have to read them. man oh, man, the best of the bunch. bought and paid for. but it's behind the scenes look at what was going on here and that the perception that the contempt between the white house and business might just be a facade, but good stuff. good reading. all right. meantime, democrats push for another $14 billion in spending, don imus said they need a.a. don should know. he's been there. done that. now here. [ male announcer ] the financial headlines can be unsettling. but what if therwere a different sry?
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this is the first year since 19 -- >> neil: you'd do nothing? you would leave social security alone? >> what i would do is make sure that the seniors have the benefits that they earn and deserve. it's their money. if they want their cost of living adjustment, they should get it. >> neil: fine. but i'm just telling you, sir. you are tapping a bank that is going broke. what we're asking you -- >> there is going to be a $4.2 trillion surplus in 15 years. >> neil: i hate to disagree with you, congressman. i'm going to be mike stallone in one year. ain't happening. that was from fox business network. if you don't get it -- >> demand it! >> neil: indeed. no matter how hard we tried with the democratic congressman to realize the fiscal nightmare he's facing, we kept going that there was no nightmare.
4:43 pm
that got me thinking is this like alcoholics anonymous before alcoholics anonymous? if you don't know what that is, don imus does and he will join us shortly. charlie gasparino is still with us. what the heck? if you don't acknowledge there is a problem when there is a problem, that's a problem, isn't it? >> very bizarre. great interview, by the way. i think that congressman just basically reflects the sort of mind set in washington right now. they don't think social security is a problem. i have keep hearing this. it's biggest surplus in 15 years. do they really think the money is there? haven't they raided that fund? >> neil: we should explain. i'm glad you brought that up. when we hear the trust fund or the lock box there is no available fund per se, or a lock box, right? >> what is a lock box? i know what it is from a purely technical stand point because i cover intricacies of municipal bonds.
4:44 pm
everything is spongeable. there is no such thing as a law that says nothing can be taken in there. that is why there is a problem with that and why he is living in a dream world. i hate to say it. he is a nice guy, at least he came on the show, right? >> neil: he didn't answer the question but he did come on the show. charlie -- >> hate to look stupid. >> neil: don imus joining us. we had hook-up problem. isn't that part of a problem, not recognizing the problem? >> are you talking to me? >> neil: yeah. i'm neil, don. how are you? >> i know if you are but i wonder how many first mortgage and gold commercials do we have before you get to me? i'm endangering my life. talk on a cell phone riding 90 -- >> neil: stop. you're not in the front seat. you're in the backseat. >> that is irrelevant! [ laughter ] >> neil: "that's irrelevant."
4:45 pm
so as someone who has been through alcoholic anonymous, going there you have to admit you have a problem. >> that's great. i have a good idea. the cowboy has cancer, bring up the fact he is a drunk, too! >> neil: no, no, no. a former drunk. >> no, you're always a drunk. >> neil: well -- >> you're always a drunk and always a drug addict, i happen to be both of them. as well as are you and gasparino. >> i'm not a drug addict! >> neil: there you go. now two italians on you now. >> but you're a dope. >> thank you. >> takes one to know one. >> neil: exactly. >> anyway -- >> neil: don, my argument with this congressman we had on last night, nice guy. lovely guy as you would say. if he doesn't see it as an issue to address and i wonder if we don't see a lot of the big issues to address from former addict perspective, isn't that the problem? >> the country is done and i'll be as brief as i can,
4:46 pm
the country has done and we're all part of it. they've done what i did. 25 years ago, somebody said to me, you know you drink too much? i said no, but i'll go to alcoholics anonymous meeting anyway. so i went and i admitted i was a drunk. and then i went to the meetings for four years and i didn't drink like i used to drink, i tried to control it. then i went on a nine-day drunk and got so out of control i had to go to rehab and come to terms that i had a problem. but until, but even admitting i had a problem. i still tried to drink for four or five years, which is the way people, which is the way we've done with the financial system. the way people do it with their budgets or home incomes. and those things. i saw sign at an a.a. meeting one time that said would i let anybody do to me what i've done to myself? the country, and we in the
4:47 pm
country, ought to ask that. >> neil: we haven't even gotten to the national stage you did. go to a meeting and took a while to get serious and the history is good sense. but we're not even at that initial stage. that's what i'm saying. that's what worries me. >> no, everybody in the world knows that particularly guys like you to be serious, gasparino and others know the way to balance a budget in this country is the way you balance it at your house. stop spending so much money. i know you guys are all hysterical, maybe you're not but they're all hysterical about getting the republicans and the tea party in and what we're doing is exchanging one set of crook for another. because they'll get there and they'll discover wait a minute, i got to run again. then somebody will knock on the door and a lobbyist for the money, and we'll never stop spending. until we stop spending, you can't balance the budget. it works that way at your
4:48 pm
house. >> neil: right. don, pleasure. enjoy the backseat of the limo on the way to your mansion. a thrill. >> it was not a pleasure. don't call me anymore. lose the number. >> i love don. >> neil: i don't. more after this. [ male announcer ] how can rice production in india affect wheat output in the u.s., the shipping industry in norway, and the rubber industry in south america? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex global economy. it's just one reason over 75% of our mutual funds beat their 10-year lipper average. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. request a prospectus or summary prospectus with investment objectives, risks, fees, expenses, and other information to read and consider carefully before investing.
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>> neil: now that's the ticket! you know, that sums up my announcement at fbn superstar. elizabeth mcdonald joining the presidential ticket. the only problem, what do you call the ticket? mike in oregon writes --
4:52 pm
>> neil: how about in your face, ellen? by the way, it's president dumb and vice president dumber. anyway, augustine in nevada -- >> neil: these then random musings of the tickets, itself --
4:53 pm
>> neil: well, because we can. gary in huntington beach california is tired of this whole thing -- ditto, from dion who e-mailed -- >> neil: well, i have no plans to do that, dian. debra in washington -- >> neil: oh, yeah, sam. watch me. in the meantime, i'll put you
4:54 pm
down as undecided. another sam, this one in michigan pounds the same legal theme -- why don't the two of you just jump off the bridge and save us all the stupid choice?" well, why don't you? two things i noticed reading some of these angry e-mails. for those of you writing them, one, you're angry. two, you're humorless. allow me to address both issues right now. yes, i can run for president and be anchor at the same time. my boss rupert murdock says it's okay. further, assuming i do become president, that is a safe assumption, they want me to continue doing my show from oval office on this channel and fox business network,
4:55 pm
which if you do not get -- >> demand it! >> neil: in the radio addresses i'll say just that, so they will continue as such while i'm president. ditto for lizzy. that issue is done, settled. now to what we will do when we get there. nothing. you heard me right. nothing. which alone will be something. here is why. nothing means no. no earmarks, no pork, no bridges to nowhere, no highways, never completed anywhere. no boondoggles to buddies, no special favors to special interest. nothing means no water parks with water everywhere and no more buildings named after egotistical congressman doling out cash anywhere. that's what nothing means. none of that. no new taxes either. not paying more for getting bad. but maybe for once paying less for getting something
4:56 pm
better. nothing means something in an age politicians want to give us everything and control everything. when they enter every facet of their lives so the point of ruining our way of life. nothing means saying no more to that. to democrats, who say stimulus will work, just trust us. republicans who say they're going to stop the spending and offer no specifics to it. nothing means saying no more business as usual. starting something unusual. a government accountable to the people, paying the bills, and not the bureaucrats creating the bill. go ahead, laugh all you want at a notion of a ticket of financial anchors. what about lizzy and me? at least we know finance. outside of that, we know how to read a prompter. so take that, and let's just see who laughs last. folks promising something for nothing, or the italian president and the irish vice president, promising nothing. and vowing that will be
4:57 pm
and vowing that will be something. captioned by closed captioning services, inc blank >> neil: i didn't know what i said but profound. have a good night. here is glenn. boss: and now i'lr to the gecko. gecko: ah, thank you, sir. as we all know, geico has been saving people money on rv, camper and trailer insurance... well as motorcycle insurance... gecko: oh...sorry, technical difficulties. boss: uh...what about this? gecko: what's this one do? gecko: um...maybe that one. ♪ dance music boss: ok, let's keep rolling. we're on motorcycle insurance. vo: take fifteen minutes to see how much you can save
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