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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 15, 2010 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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it and walk away. . >> glenn: that is how you defend yourself. look for the traps. look for the traps. good night, america. captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> shannon: the white house reveals the 2010 federal deficit. you will need a big calculator. if the democrats hold on to the house, will nancy pelosi hold to her job? and the comandant of the marine corp says don't change "don't ask, don't tell." live from washington, this is "special report." i'm shannon bream in for bret baier. we begin with the economy and eye-popping numbers on the federal deficit. i turns out the government had to borrow 37 cents for every dollar spent in the last fiscal year. white house correspondent wendell goler reports that added up in a hurry. >> reporter: the president's aides announced a $1.29 trillion budget deficit for fiscal 2010, second only to the $1.4 trillion deficit that
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covered most of his first year in office. but it was better than the congressional budget office that the white house predicted thanks to less than expected spending on tarp and mortgage giant fannie. they say the fed is ready to buy treasury bonds to pump up the economy but he wasn't optimistic about jobs. >> growth next year seems unlikely to be above the long-term trend. if so, net job creation may not exceed by much increase in the size of the labor force. >> bernanke says officials are more worried about prices falling than inflation, and seniors are the losers. social security is not paying cost of living allowance for the second year in a row, though the white house is pushing congress for a $250 a person payment. meanwhile, treasury secretary geithner announced the u.s. will put off a decision on punishing chifa for currency manipulation, until after talks of a trade meeting next month. geithner cited recent improvement in currency ev
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evaluatieva eval -- valuation, but economist disagrees. >> they are appeasing the china, kowtowing to beijing again. >> reporter: the value of the china currency makes export cheaper and import from the u.s. more expensive. the worry is that sanctions would launch a trade war, but morisi says china is part of the reason for the budget deficit. >> it makes the deficit worse because the u.s. economy doesn't grow. >> reporter: on the campaign trail, the president called on voters to elect chris coons, to vice president biden's old senate seat and republicans used deficit report to fuel their own fire. texas senator john cornyn called it, "more evidence that the fiscal policies of the tax-and-spend liberal president are not working." but mr. obama said things are now headed in the right direction. >> the economy is not growing again. the private sector we have seen job growth in the private sector nine months in a row now. >> reporter: the problem for democrats in next month's elections is the job growth
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hasn't been fast enough. fed chair bernanke prediction of the slow growth next year comes true, it could be a problem for the president in 2012. shannon? >> shannon: wendell goler live at the white house. thank you. core inflation was flat outside the food and energy sector for the second straight month. retail sales rose .6 of a point. business inventory were up .6 of a point. stocks were mixed, the dow lost 31-3/4. the s&p 500 added 2-1/3. bank of america said today it expects review of 100,000 foreclosure affidavits will delay around 30,000 foreclosure sales. the political battle over the foreclosure issue is intensifying. chief washington correspondent jim angle tells us why. >> something odd happened this week. democratic leaders pushed for action that could daniel obama's chance for re-election. freeze on foreclosures which
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shocked even some democrats. >> they could get a short-term political benefit on freeze on foreclosure they're willing to put the economy at risk and the president economic and political fortunes at risk to try to win votes. >> why would leading democrats push a freeze in spite of consequences? with an election coming, they're desperate. >> long ball, hail mary pass in the time three weeks of a mid-term election campaign that is looking increasingly bleak. >> some critics tried to make it look like bad paperwork invalidates all foreclosures and analysts and officials dispute that. they say the paperwork problems must be fixed. but that most of the foreclosures are in fact justified, even overdue. >> the concerns justifiable but i think we need to keep a sense of proportion. >> ed demarko oversees half the mortgages in the country owned by fannie mae and
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freddie mac and sent them letters to tell them to review all paperwork. once they determine foreclosure is warranted, he advised, proceed without delay. he thinks most have been warranted. >> basically, we do not have evidence that there are people being foreclosed upon who are otherwise paying their mortgage or having, you know, made proper steps toward mediation of delinquency. >> reporter: in fact, the average length of foreclosure nationally is 19 -- 17 months. >> virtually all were legitimate foreclosures because the people defaulted and the banks gave them months to rectify the problem. >> reporter: some major lenders, jp mortgage chase, allied, gmac and bank of america suspended foreclosures but only temporarily. >> we haven't found problems and we are trying to clear the air to say we'll check the work one more time. >> no one minimizes the paperwork problems but that doesn't change fundamental fact.
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foreclosures are justified the people don't pay their mortgage and necessary to help the economy going and fair to those who are paying. >> shannon: thank you. if the democratic party should defy odds and remain control of the house, there is some evidence tonight nancy pelosi might face trouble retaining her post as speaker. james rosen tracks the footprint of a new species, anti-pelosi democrat. >> pelosi was never my choice for speaker. >> reporter: in fact, jim marshal voted for nancy pelosi to be speaker but so conservative is georgia's eighth district, that marshall is touting his opposition to her. >> marshall doesn't support nancy pelosi. jim marshal worked and voted against pelosi's trillion dollar healthcare bill. >> reporter: marshal told fox news he's not running against pelosi per se but seeking to neutralize the issue republicans raise tying all democratic candidates to the house speaker.
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marshall hedged when asked if he thinks pelosi has been a good speaker. >> it is a real channel for someone who comes from a district that is as liberal as miss pelosi's district to govern from the middle where we need people to be governing. >> i heard my constituents and they don't with a liberal running the house. they want a conservative. >> reporter: vulnerable first-termer is also penaling to oust pelosi as speaker. it's a survivalist tactic and potential cycle whose atmospheric strongly favor the g.o.p. but the sudden growth of weeds in pelosi's open garden is also a measure of the unfavorable view of her across the country. which stands in three national polls at 56% or higher. >> i think a lot of members want to improve their independence from leadership. i think there are a lot of voters right now looking for that. they don't want a rubber stamp. >> state senator gunning for seat in tennessee told fox
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news his jump aboard the obama-pelosi bandwagon evoked response from party leaders. >> it was reported i would not support pelosi or boehner for speaker. it was announced that some of the tv ads they thought would not go forward. if that is the price of being independent, it's a price i'm prepared to pay. >> host analysts a -- most am lists i agree nancy pelosi is one of the most effective speakers of modern times. from there it depends on the point of view whether you see her high disapproval rating as an anomaly or result of her efforts. >> shannon: whether or not she will disapprove of the members now breaking free. >> yes. >> shannon: thank you. well, the commandant of the marines says "don't ask, don't tell" should stay. country rich in oil and natural gas is going nuclear. next. d worth 2 in the bush? appraiser: well you rarely see them in this good of shape. appraiser: for example the fingers are perfect.
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wait, why are you taking... oh, i see...solitary. just a man and his thoughts. and a smartphone... with an e-trade app. ♪ nobody knows... [ male announcer ] e-trade. investing unleashed. >> shannon: taking a look another international news.
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acropolis reopened in greece. thursday, cultural ministry employees blocked access to the most famous monument and clashed with riot police. ministry workers say they are owed up to two years of back pay and face dismissals at the end of the month. dutch prosecutors are asking judges to equip politician of charges that he incited hate red against muslims. saying most of the remarks targeted islam. they declined to press charms but they were ordered to by an appeals court. mahmoud ahmadinejad's two-day trip ended with a parting gift. he was presented with israeli assault rifle captured in the war with israel in 2006. iran is a major supporter of hezbollah sharing a western back coalition. it isn't a gift, but venezuela is getting something valuable from russia. amy kel can log tells us what it is and why it has people
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concerned. >> russia sign ed deal with venezuela to build the first power plant. >> it's no friend to the united states. he can dot the americans in the eye. >> the flamboyant leader knows they'll be suspicious of the deal but insists vepz is not after nuclear bomb. >> the united states will be watching. >> venezuela and russia have international obligations and we expect them to meet the obligations. >> russia says extensive preliminary studies will be carried out before the project gets underway. >> we consider this project interesting and positive. >> this isn't the first nuclear energy deal for russia. it provided iran first nuclear reactor, which is set to go online in the coming months. it also siped nuclear energy agreements with china and turkey.
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he is worried they may tell the equipment in centrifuges to create proliferation risk. there are concerns that russia won't demand that venezuela sign protocol agreement which opens the country to rigorous inspections. kremlin has sold venezuela billions of dollars worth of weapons. this comes against a backdrop of russia exerting the influence and the united states latin american backyard, as caracas cozies up to moscow and continues to assail washington, so it takes on a serious political tone. but actually russia says it just wants venezuela to have access to the full range of energy possibilities. in london, amy kellogg, fox news. >> shannon: back at home, the head of the marine corps says the pentagon should not get rid of the don't ask, don't tell policy. he had plenty of things to say in an exclusive interview with
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jennifer griffin. >> reporter: as the justice departments is moving to overturn ban on serving in the military, the outgoing commandant of the marine corps in exclusive interview with fox says not only does he think gays should not be allowed to openly serve in military and most of his marines feel the same way. >> they are concerned that it will cause problem with good order and discipline. the current system is functional and proit vides better unit cohesion and less difficulty when it comes to disciplinary issues. especially at a time at war. >> he said informal polls he had done supports the view. >> what percentage are you talking about? >> 95% of the marines. >> president obama assure voters at don't ask, don't tell will be overturned. >> this policy will end. it will end on my watch.
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>> conway added there is confusion among commanders how to deal with the cases from the board. >> i think initially there is going to be an element of uncertainty on the part of the commander in terms of okay, how do i handle cases if they exist on the docket? >> he is only the second comandant to complete the full term. he is often outspoken and often butted heads over the surge with general petraeus. >> petraeus and i disagreed with it on this. so we have said the surge reinforced success we are already having in anbar. >> con canway disagrees with the assessment that the current push to reconcile with the taliban will end the war in afghanistan. >> i don't think there is an awakening event in afghanistan, because the
6:17 pm
tribal structure is different. in iraq, you had what we call a single belly button, a leading sheikh that influenced thousands or tens of thousands of people. the afghan tribal fabric is much more disparate than that. >> he does not think that the july 2011 deadline that the president announced when he sent 30,000 more troops to afghanistan was helpful. nor does he think it will apply to his marine. >> there is an expectation in some regards it is precipitous event. it will be hardly noticeable in the south. >> he said pakistan is a trend and a threat. >> pakistan is a nuclear armed country. if you are concerned about the nexus of nuclear weapons pakistan represents the closest danger in the context. >> shannon, one day after we reported that the u.s. government had obtained intelligence suggesting that there was a threat to the
6:18 pm
u.s. homeland, we've now learned that the f.b.i. is filing charges against informant they say lied to them and was the source of the intelligence. shannon? >> jennifer griffin at the pentagon. thank you. >> shannon: coming up with the panel we'll have more analysis of general conway interview with jennifer today. a soldier who recorded last year's fort hood massacre on his cell phone said today he was ordered by an officer to delete the video. he testified in a hearing to determine if there is evidence to try the accused shooter. another soldier testified via a video link that she saw a man shout "god is great" in arabic and started shooting. chaotic scene unfolded sunday in sao paolo. police fired five shots at the car and eventually pulled out the suspect.
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>> shannon: the first rasmussen report poll since debate started in delaware has coons expand the lead over christine o'donnell. it's two points better than three weeks ago when castle was still considering a run as a write-in candidate. candidates for illinois governor traded insults if a debate thursday night. incumbent pat quinn called bill brady heartless for proposed budget guts. brady says quinn made a shady deal to help his campaign. brady leads by 2-1/2 points in the real clear politics
6:23 pm
average. senate race in snefz too close to call and earth voting there is about to -- early voting there is about to begin. bret baier reports on the first and only debate of the election season. >> prior to the biggest senate debate of the 2010 cycle, they never met. republican tea party favorite sharron angle was a credible and feisty aggressor against senate majority leader harry reid. >> i live in a neighborhood and reid lives in the ritz carlton. you came to the senate with very little and now you're one of the richest men in the u.s. senate. on behalf of the nevada taxpayers i'd like to know, we'd like to know how did you become so wealthy on a government payroll? >> that is a low blow. i think most everyone knows i was a successful lawyer. so her suggestion that i made money being a senator is simply false. >> with the race a dead heat in the polls reid cast angle
6:24 pm
as a far right radical who would dismantle government. >> she wants to privatize veterans administration. think about that. she is against mammograms, colonosco colonoscopies. >> angle opposed stimulus, bail-out and healthcare reform. she would downsize government, slash entitlements and back private accounts to reform social security if elected. >> this is a new extreme idea and it's not good and it will destroy social security. >> angle said the 70-year-old is unwilling or unable after 35 years in washington to tackle tough challenges. >> man up, harry reid. you need to understand that we have a problem with social security. >> she ripped reid for backing the lawsuit against arizona immigration law and letting other countries be party to the suit. >> senator reid, you have allowed 11 foreign countries to dictate our immigration law. that is just nuts. >> in this state, with the
6:25 pm
nation's worst unemployment and highest foreclosure and bankruptcy rates, this pretty much summed it up. >> with voting for over 300 tax increases, senator, we can't trust you. >> angle kept reid on defense for most of the debate. when it comes to fundraising, she is on offense. in the last quarter, she raised $14 million. seven times the $2 million the majority leader raised. huge momentum for the last 18 days. early voting starts tomorrow. they expect half the votes will be cast before election day. >> shannon: stunning numbers. carl cameron on the trail in las vegas. thank you. another endangered incumbent is senator patty murray of washington. she campaigned in 1992 as a mom in tennis shoes. thursday she spent time volleying back and forth with dino rossi. correspondent dan springer takes a look. >> patty murray changed.
6:26 pm
maybe we need a change, too. rossi wants them to play roulette with government money. >> after weeks of hard-hitting attacks on theer a waves, murray and rossi got to go after each other face to face. a topic, healthcare. >> tens of thousands of jobs could be lost or not created because of the vote on the legislation. >> mr. rossi wants to repeal healthcare reform. tell that to the woman who just told me a few weeks ago for the first time she can sleep at night because her daughter with christic fibrosis won't be denied coverage for healthcare. >> rossi tried to blast murray for the $13 trillion national debt and her party spending. unlike some democrats, murray is not distancing herself from the party leadership. 18-year incumbent, the fourth most powerful democrat in the senate. but the senator is also making the election as local as possible.
6:27 pm
>> i work to make sure the main street businesses have credit they need. >> modest taxation, let them chase the american dream. when they are successful, you don't punish them for success like senator murray wants to with high tax rates. >> they both appealed to their base. analysts called it a draw. >> i don't think a knock-out blow that either candidate had. you look was there a major gaffe, major gotcha moment, a revelation that came out? i didn't see that. >> murray and rossi will square off in the second and time debate on sunday in seattle. and then murray brings in the really bring guns. sen-day period -- seven-day period, washingtonians receiving the ballot she brings in to campaign alongside her vice president biden, former president clinton, first lady and president obama, who won the state two years ago by 17
6:28 pm
points. shannon? >> shannon: dan springer in washington. thank you. speaking of names, an illinois candidate is really mad about how his is misspelled on the ballot. we will tell you why in the grapevine. is the tea party getting dumped on by the media?
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6:32 pm
in ucla the media played up racism at tea party rally. the "washington post" reports analysis of signs at last month 9-12 taxpayer watch on washington reflected concerns over government spending and debt. just siped photographs had any messages on the president face or ethnicity, a quarter of the media coverage was devoted to the sipe. the tea party group that promoted the event said they didn't tell protests to limit signs to fiscal slogans but tossed out demonstrators who showed signs with obama and adolf hitler. they are challenging the claim that republicans would cut education spending 20% if they take control of congress. a.p. fact check notes the g.o.p. pledge to america doesn't mention education. the white house says the president's claim is based on analysis by budget priorities that looked at the plan intent to return federal spending to 2008 levels. the house g.o.p. leadership
6:33 pm
says numbers are faulty because the plan does not specify where cuts will come from. finally, illinois green party gubernatorial candidate rich whitney is seeing red over how his name is spelled on electronic voting ballots. it's spelled whitey, so it reads "rich whitey." the chicago board of elections say it won't be corrected by election day but plans to show it spelled correctly but he says i don't want to be identified as "whitey" if this is happening in african-american wards that's a bigger concern. the chicago board of election says 90% of voters will use the paper ballot where his name is spelled correctly. bret baier is on the road for special political coverage and he checked in a little while ago. >> hi, shannon. i'm en route into sioux falls,
6:34 pm
south daco to interview john thume. he is a possible republican candidate. series of reports leading up to an hour dock whentary. while the senator is on the ballot this year in south dakota, he is unopposed. more on the senator in a bit. there is only one house race in south dakota, only one house seat. at large seat. the democratic is stephanie sandlin who is trailing in the latest poll to christive gnome. the latest survey has noem with a 47%. it is close. sandlin is a bluedog democrat and voted against the president healthcare bill that became law. she's a very conservative democrat. but in this year, the republican noem is gaining traction. republicans are putting money in this race.
6:35 pm
they think they can take the seat and pick up a seat from the democrats in south dakota. in a very detailed piece by stephen hayes, a fox news contributor and often on the panel as you know, the cover piece about senator thune and his presidential possibilities goes through that, but senator thune talking publicly hasn't really talked out what he will do in 2012. >> it's a decision, but i haven't made decisions about that. the reason i'm going places you mentioned is because there are important important races there. everyone's focus should be on the mid-term election so we change the direction of the country. the way we do it now is elect more republicans to the house and senate. >> i will talk to him and head to the hometown and go fe sant hunting -- fezsant hunting i'm told. >> shannon: can't wait to see the all right ro. head of the marine corps
6:36 pm
speaks out to fox news about "don't ask, don't tell" and the afghanistan timeline. we get reaction from the fox all-stars when we return. [ male announcer ] it's ram truck season. and the 60-day handshake lives on, that five-finger bond that communicates trust, honor, follow-through, and follow-up. it's a promise that says go ahead and buy a ram 1500 or a heavy duty without a payment for 60 days. and if it doesn't do everything you ask it to do...
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i think that the current system is functional. it provides for better unit cohesion, and less difficulty when it comes to disciplinary issues. especially at a time we're at war. so there may be times to make these kind of changes. start with the fact that now is probably not the time. >> shannon: now is not the time, says general con way. the commandant of the marine corps in interview with jennifer griffin today. talk about it with the panel. stephen hayes, senior writer for "weekly standard." mia malika henderson. "washington post." and charles krauthammer, sindcated columnist. steve, start out with the issue of timing. is now not the time to do it
6:40 pm
as the general said? >> as someone sympathetic to overturn the policy eventually and support what the president wants to do, i'm sympathetic with general conway's comments. we in the middle of a war. this is not an time to tinker. when you have unit in the field at war fighting on a daily basis. this is something that can be gotten over. it's time to let gays and lesbians who want to serve, serve and serve openly. there are surveys done by the military times and other folks that indicate even inside the military that view is still not majority view but the people who oppose the policy are minimal, or decreasing. >> shannon: we know that there is a split within the military brass about this particular issue. what do you think? the president made bold promises about getting it thrown out. how much pressure is there to deliver and sway those who
6:41 pm
aren't in agreement? >> there is pressure from gay rights activists and they have been disappointed so far in the president who talks boldly and on one hand not do much to push agenda along in congress. his administration has come out and said they would like a stay for this recent decision, and the pentagon hasn't yet but they have to acknowledge that this decision, and i think steve is right. there is the -- the general society seems to this this is a good idea to have it repealed. the polls are something like 80% that say this should be lifted. at this point, just a matter of time. >> shannon: charles, we saw in jennifer's piece that he said 95% of marines don't want it repealed. there is a decision coming december 1. many urge and say wait and let it be done through congress,
6:42 pm
legislative body, versus the court. what is your thinking op that? >> process is important. conway who wants to retain the policy and the president who opposes it agree on the process. as you say, the federal judge ruled that the policy is unconstitutional has to be overturned and should no longer be enforced. the federal government went to try to get a stay of that ruling and to overturn it on that, that you don't make major changes in the morey of country through judges and not through the legislatures. the real thing we learned through that was abortion. courts acted unilaterally and pre-empted the process. ginsberg said short-kir cutted the normal legislative process which would have and was amending the abortion law, in
6:43 pm
many states, by short circuiting it, the court prolonged civil stripe and prevented a stable settlement of the issue. you don't want it to happen with gay marriage or "don't ask, don't tell." it should be done in congress. look, there is a generational shift here. in time it will be abolished and it ought to be done the right way so it becomes a staple settlement. not a source of friction, protest, and an argument that remains unsettled. and can't be settled inside legislative process. >> shannon: we will see where it continues to wind through whether it's the court or congress. another topic that was touched on with the general is withdrawal from afghanistan. here is a bit of what he said to say. >> if you accept it as conditions base and acknowledge and glance at the map will show you regard to
6:44 pm
intensity of effort. and it's kandahar and helmand province in the south. if you accept conditions will affect the draw down, not logical we draw down first. >> shannon: other military leaders said the same. general petraeus talked about we're not going to disappear from afghanistan in 2011, but that has been the goal. what do you make of the comments? >> that has been the goal. one thing you have seen in the meantime is the taliban stepping in there. with prop gan the and say -- propaganda. it goes to the problem with the deadline, but as the president said and general said here it's not likely the u.s. in 2011 will shut out lights and leave afghanistan. >> shannon: so much of this is dependent on how the police force there, the security forces are trained, how the government comes together. we know there has been chaos in some of those factions
6:45 pm
this. do you see it coming together? >> general conway said that the most important moment in this counterinsurgency will come if and when the taliban and people we will fighting recognize they will never win the war. he's right. absolutely right. the problem is they right now think they can win the war in august 2011. if you talk to people on the ground as i do regularly, they say the policy is devastating. it's great that general conway is speaking out. he said it gives the enemy s sustenance. but it doesn't matter until obama says the policy is operative. >> shannon: is the president fully invested in winning in afghanistan? >> when you hear him and when you read in the woodward book it appears as if the main objective is some exit, any exit, he doesn't want to go against the democratic party. i think he is not invested. i think it's the signal that
6:46 pm
the allies are getting in the region. you get generals, conway, petraeus, and others saying it will depend on the conditions. secretary of defense says in the end people on the ground, meaning the peasant in kandahar who has to decide which side he throws his lot is not going to judge it on the basis of some stuff, emanating on a talk show if washington or interview he reads. because he doesn't, he just hears what the president says. i'm with steve on. this unless the president makes very clear that we are saying and that that deadline is not the beginning of inevitable reversal withdrawal, it will hurt us and hurt the morarale, and hurt the conduct of the war. >> shannon: you mention the woodward book. interesting that the general talked with jennifer about that and unhappy some of ways he was portrayed and the information there. said 10% of it was accurate. much more from jennifer's interview. you voted on the home payment at for your favorite topic in
6:47 pm
friday lightning round. the winner up next. [ engine revving ] [ male annouer ] the u.s. gornment may soon require brake override technogy on all new cs and trucks. at nissan, wehink this is a good idea. so we did it... ...six years ago. [ wind howling ] nissan. innovation for safety. innovation for all.
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>> shannon: every week on the page, voters -- excuse me, voters, you are voters, but viewers, viewers vote on the topic to discuss in the lightning round. charles' wild card pick won by a landsli and will tell us what that topic is. >> i'm humbled by the victory. >> shannon: gracious in victory. >> i'm not easily humbled. wild card question this week is worth looking into the elections. in the u.s. in lebanon there was a visit by the president of iran and the question i have, whether it's an important event in the
6:51 pm
region or theater? this is an extremely important event. the correct answer is extremely important event for two reasons. what it does, it shows the bankruptcy of two important obama policy. the idea that isolated iran is mocked here. a guy that we sit on the screen in a triumph touring a country that is allegedly prowestern country, lebanon. hoping to detach alliance with iran is a complete disaster. syria controls lebanon and is an ally of iran. we saw it there. the policy has hit a dead end. >> shannon: quite a welcome there. what is the message for israel or the u.s.? >> with the obama administration we saw a perfect example of how they treat iran.
6:52 pm
they dismiss of the ahmadinejad vis as provocation and he issued threat of a new holocaust. state department said provocation. didn't condemn it. no harsh words. just provocation, acknowledge the obvious. when it comes to israel granti granting tendor for new housing unit, administration expressed disappointment. why the difference? >> shannon: good point. last night, harry reid hoping to hold on the a seat and sharron angle squared off in vegas. a bit of their debate. >> this is an extreme idea and not good and will destroy social security. >> you need to understand that we have a problem with social security. >> shannon: who came out on top? >> angle needed to sound credible and reid needed to
6:53 pm
sound confident and strong. he didn't sound like those things. he sounded like a creature of washington. he referred to the c.b.o. and action ware and hyde amendment, washington speak. angle came across credible and personable. that line when she says to harry reid man up, that was a winner to her. i don't think debates turn the tide on elections but this could. >> shannon: it's so tight. a lot of pundits said it was up to her to present she was at least a viable option to harry reid, a lot of nevadaens are not happy with him anymore. and sinkers about him being at the ritz carlton in washington. how did she do? >> she zinged on that but the main objective is counter the weeks of reid advertising portraying her as extremist. she just had to be normal and regular and personally. that is what happened to reagan in 1980. he was attacked and shows up
6:54 pm
in the debate with carter as reasonable man. completely undid that theme. i think she did that in the debate and i think it will help her a lot in this election. >> shannon: all right. someone else not worried about their seat but more the leadership position. house speaker nancy pelosi. there are some dems out there campaigning in the political fight of their life. they're breaking with her a bit. here is a couple of those ads. >> georgia is a long way from san francisco. jim marshal is a long way from nancy pelosi. jim marshall doesn't support nancy pelosi. >> i heard my constituents and they don't want a liberal running the house. they want a conservative. i'm going to vote for the one that allows me to represent my constituents. >> shannon: they laid it out there. pelosi is running the show for now. >> they sound like republicans. it's true across the country. nancy pelosi's popularity in districts like her own district, but very few others.
6:55 pm
if you look at midwest and south, she is not popular. this is one of the only ways they can save their seat. >> shannon: somehow the house remains in democrat control, how much trouble are the guys in with her? >> pelosi looks at this and says every man for himselves. do what you have to do to win. she has a thick skin. he may represent liberals in san francisco but learned about politics in baltimore. it doubt there would be real retribution. >> i'm a skeptic this will work. i may be hyper rationale or logical but if you make an advertisement saying i don't want a liberal running the house, doesn't it suggest if you are a voter you should elect a republican? isn't that the way to do it? if you are a democrat doing it, i'm not sure it works if your favor. if the voter stops to think about the implication. >> shannon: tough to tell. a lot of the ads, who is what
6:56 pm
party? we'll know when they see the name on the ballot. that's it for the panel. stay tuned. 'tis the season for the outrageous political ads. you don't want to miss the latest ad and find out who is behind it next. [ manager ] you know...
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