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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  October 15, 2010 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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>> shannon: bret will be back on monday. i'm shannon bream. have a great night from washington. >> shepard: the controversy surrounding don't ask don't tell policy in the military took a turn with a warning from the pentagon. jennifer griffin reports live. also tonight: >> tens of millions of americans have just found out they are not getting a raise for the second year in a row the feds say social security will not increase. tonight, what it means for everybody who relies on those monthly checks. a new plan for a possible one-time payout. as the first chilean miners go home to their families, we're learning new details about their ordeal. from the reaction when the drill first reached them to the fist fight and talk of can can can
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ballism. what really happened underground. >> just escaped from prison you dual anything to get away from police. we will show you more of this wild police chase and the gunfire in the street. >> for the second year in a row, retired and disabled americans will see no increase in their social security benefits. the federal government says inflation is too low to trigger an automatic osu -- cost of living increase in 2011. an increase seniors have seen every year since 1975. every year that is until this one. when it's all said abdingdon, the monthly federal payment will have been at $674 for three years that row. rich edison from the fox business network live in d.c. tonight. rich, 58 million people get these monthly checks and they might get extra money next year anyway, right. >> they might.
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congressional leaders and the president are pushing lawmakers to approve 250 one time payment for seniors. similar proposal failed in the senate earlier this year. congressional leaders say they will try to push that payment through congress after the election. congress has a busy agenda and these checks could cost the government about $13 billion, shep. >> shepard: it couldn't come at a worse time for folks who rely on this economy. >> tough economy. home values gone down. health care costs have gone up. millions of seniors are on a fixed income. the government says 64% of seniors count social security as their primary source of income. it's difficult to stretch those checks out to pay for food, housing, medicine, shep. >> shepard: the good news through all of this has been that inflation is low. we just got a new report today that says it's remaining low. >> that's mostly why the government has denied a cost of living increase for social security recipients. government measures show the prices americans pay are increasing very slowly. the consumer price index measures that. it increased a tenth of a
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percent in september. that number is low, in part, because retailers are cutting prices to get more shoppers into their stores. it worked for some. we just saw better than expected, though not spectacular retail sales numbers. they rose .6% last month. >> shepard: to chile and the miners who we now know joked about canal blism and joked about fist fights. the guard onnewspaper is reporting right after the collapse in august that trapped the miners the shift foreman luis are a arzua. they couldn't see and they crashed the truck. after that it was time to figure out the food. rations were smaller than we knew before the drill reached them. miners only had milk that was
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expired. their water they say tasted like motor oil. and their daily tune i can't ration was about half the size of a soda bottle cap. >> every moment was difficult. when we were trapped, i thought we were going to die. do you know what that is like? >> shepard: northern miner richard told the guardian that everybody managed to avoid talking about canabolism until the drill reached them. the miners abandoned all their protocols, rushed forward to hug that machine. as for the eventually ride up. the miners told relatives it was as smooth as a skyscraper elevator. they abandoned plans to keep in touch with them on the way. technician says the miners want would be fine and they wanted out already. now that they have had a couple days to recover. don't expect too many more details about what happened in that mine because the men now tell us they have made an agreement to keep things quiet until they can figure out how to
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make sure everybody cashes in equally. adam housley live on scene yet again tonight at the hospital in cope yap -- copiapo. they hired an accountant? >> 316 the 33 miners have gone home to their families. two men are still here. they will be transferred to different locations. one has major problems with dental work. the other one has vertigo. but other than that, 31 of the 33 have gone home. the way they went home really caused a stir here. as the medical director was talking about how they had been basically snuck out or taken out away from the media because they were concerned about the media crush, as they were saying that all of a sudden a convoy passed behind the media with the miners and you can bet there was a rush of cameras and of locals trying to get a glimpse as that convoy drove off and those 31 men went home or actually i should say 28 men went home because three went home yesterday. now, as they enter their homes, we're starting to get more details about some of those
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offers. we heard about the games, the soccer games in europe. we heard about the trips possibly to other locations in europe. now we're also hearing that a local reporter pretty well respected here went up to one of the miner's homes. he answered the door and said he wouldn't talk. and that they had made a blood pack, $20,000 per interview and the money would go into a special pool and an accountant would eventually equally distribute it amongst the miners again that's per interview. we have learned more detail about those 16 and a half to 17 days when no one knew they were alive. we have been told there were fist fights down below. they were split up into three groups. app. at one time they let off explosives trying to let people above the ground know they were there. even lit fires hoping the smoke would somehow seep through the ground. none of that work. it was the drill ghat finally broke through that let the people above the ground know the 17 miners were alive and enduring a harrowing experience. shepard? >> shepard: adam housley live in copiapo again tonight. thanks a lot. that rescue capsule that brought the guys to the surface is a
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celebrity in its own right. complete with upcoming world tour. 13-foot phoenix capsule as they call it a little beat up now. let's check out the photos from before and after it went into that mine. but nasa scientists and chilean engineers didn't build it just to look good. they built it to do a job. those scrapes and missing paint a testament to how well the phoenix performed faring men from underground prison over and over again. interior minister says he has been asked to take the capsule on a world tour as part of an exhibition on the rescue. no word on exactly when that might happen. well, now the debate in this country over don't ask, don't tell. president obama is now prom missing -- promising it will end on his watch. still in legal limbo as fox reports tonight. the judge has ordered the military to stop enforcing the law. that happened this week. president obama's justice department revealing that ruling, even that contradicts with what the president is
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saying. well now the pentagon is warning gay service members not to come out of the closet just yet. jennifer griffin live at the pentagon tonight. jennifer, a top general saying they should stay there for good. >> well, general james conway sat down for an exit interview. it was the last interview he is going to do before he retires next week. he has long said and he was consistent today in saying that he does not think that gays should be allowed to openly serve in the military. and today he also said that most marines fill the same way. >> they say that they are concerned that it will cause potential problems with regard to good order and discipline. i think that the current system is functional. that it from vidz for better unit provides for better unit cohesion. and especially so at a time when we are at war. >> what percentage are we talking about? what are the polls that you have done. >> 90, 95% of the marines. >> these are informal polls that he was referring to done at town
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hall meetings with a show of hands, shep. >> shepard: jen, how are the different messages going over with military brass. >> general conway said today that there is a lot of confusion among commanders and it's their job now to get the message out to the field about what to do. they really aren't quite sure what they should tell people. here is what he said. >> i think initially there is going to be an element of uncertainty on the part of the commander in terms of okay, how do i handle cases in they exist on his docket. >> what percentage of the marine corps do you think is serving quietly who are homosexual? >> i wouldn't hazard a guess. it's in the very low single digits. i'm satisfied that there are some. >> now, he thinks that the current policy works but he says if the policy changes. if the law changes marines lime himself will salute smartly. confusion by the different
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messages from the justice department and the white house and the pentagon is leaving some commanders confused. >> shepard: jen griffin live at the pentagon tonight. thanks. good weekend. major trouble for some of the largest pharmacy chains in this region after the company unintentionally helped out some drug dealers. coming up, how the feds say meth heads exploited c.v.s. and the price the chain has to pay now. and sentencing day for the teenager who says he felt like the tv serial killer dexter after he murdered his 10-year-old brother. judgment day. from the journalists of fox news coming up on "the fox report." [ advisor 1 ] what do you see yourself doing one week, one month, five years after you do retire? ♪ client comes in and they have a box.
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>> shepard: one of the nation's largest pharmacy chains made huge mistake how it sells drugs. today c.v.s. is paying the price. $75 million price. that's the amount of the fine that the company now has agreed to pay after allowing repeated purchases of pseudoephedrine. that's a drug found in a lot of cold remedies like sudafed. service sold so much of it that it led to a spike in southern california drug trafficking. claudia cowan with the news live in our san francisco bureau this afternoon. claudia? >> yeah, shepard. over the past few years, c.v.s. became the drugstore of choice for so-called smurfers. could get their hands on
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over-the-counter cold remedies with pseudoephedrine. they are required to monitor the sale to keep people from buying too much. tom has explained the federal limitations earlier today on "studio b." >> a couple of the provisions are, one, you have to keep it behind the counter in a secured place. you don't need a prescription. you shouldn't just be able to pull it off the shelf. you have got to keep identifications as to who buys it. there is a limit as to how much one individual can purchase on any given day. >> federal prosecutors say the drugstore chain throughouted those provisions in as many as 24 states and washington, d.c. they say smurfs failed scooping up as much as they wanted especially in southern california and nevada where they would go store to store and clear off entire shelves. buying a bottle of cold medicine for 10 bucks and turning it around and selling it to the meth makers for 25. c.v.s. admits it was wrong. has fixed the problem and
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remains, quote, unwavering in its support of the measures taken by the federal government and the states to prevent drug abuse. c.v.s. has beefed up compliance likely to hurt those smurfer's and fine likely to send a strong mess stooge other pharmacies. >> shepard: claudia cowan live in san francisco. thanks. voters in that state will soon decide whether to legalize marijuana in california. no matter what happens on election day, the nation's top prosecutor is now reminding folks that pot will still be illegal under federal law. the attorney general eric holder warns the u.s. government will continue to enforce the law even if voters in california pass prop 19. the supreme court has ruled the feds do have a right to enforce their drug ban, regardless of what the state does. new word tonight of a setback in the mystery at falcon lake. coming up, what's just happened in the case of the wife who says mexican pirates shot her husband in the head. plus, the michigan woman who admitted to taunting a dying little girl is under arrest.
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>> shepard: an indiana teenager who said he wanted to like a serial killer and murder his brother is going to prison for the rest of his life. andrew conley there on the left was 17 years old when he strangled his 10-year-old brother with a wrestling chokehold. conley's ex-girlfriend says weeks before the murder he talked with her about the serial killer dexter on the show time tv series. at one point conley showed investigators exactly how he wrapped his hands around his brother's neck until the little
7:20 pm
boy died. >> looks like you are scweefsing pretty hard there. is that a fair description. >> yeah. >> you squeezed pretty hard. >> yes. >> how long do you think you had your hands on your procedure? >> i would say 20 minutes. >> shepard: 20 minutes. the teenager told police he felt unable to let go even as his brother begged for mercy. defense lawyers say conley has serious mental problems. and they are promising to appeal the sentence. >> well, in mexico, they are suspending the search for the body of an american man reportedly killed along the border. this comes just days after somebody decapitated the lead mexican investigator on the case and left his head in a suitcase for authorities to find. of course, tiffany hartley claims mexican drug pirates killed her husband david on september 30th as they were jet skiing on the mexican side of falcon lake along the texas, mexico border. she says the pirates shot her husband right in the head during an interview on another network,
7:21 pm
tiffany hartley says she is worried that nobody is going to take over for dead investigator. trace gallagher is live from our news hub. do we know why they are canceling the search. >> mexican authorities say they're calling off the search temporarily so they can regroup to get a better strategy for searching for david hartley. they also came out and said that had this been a mexican citizen, this search would have been over in three days. the timing here is very interesting. two days ago, after the lead investigator was found murdered. mexican shorts came out and said they would continue searching for hartley. when the global company came out with assessment saying if police in mexico continue to search that cartel members would kill more police, well, suddenly today they called off the search. shep? >> shepard: there are reports that tiffany hartley met with mexican authorities today. what do we know. >> we got off the phone with the
7:22 pm
sheriff in texas. he has been the go-to guy on this side of the border. he confirmed with us that tiffany hartley has been meeting all day long with both the fbi and officials from the attorney general's office in mexico. now the sheriff did not know specifics about that meeting. but we do know that tiffany hartley met with the lead investigator in this case row alan rolanda floor he see days before he was merd. there is no question why today's meeting was under such a cloak of secrecy, shep. >> shepard: trace gallagher live in los angeles. thank you. an american fugitive is now under arrest in israel. he is accused of murdering his parents in new york. police say they found arthur and marion belushi stabbed to death in their staten island new york home this week. that's when the cops began looking for their son eric. he apparently hopped a flight from jfk airport to tel aviv. and today authorities in israel took him into custody at an
7:23 pm
airport there reportedly after he tried to buy a plane ticket to china. according to the nypd. he lived with his parents and suffers from skits friend i can't. he is now awaiting extradition back to the united states. the president of venezuela has repeatedly criticized the u.s. and leaders and now hugo chavez is going nuclear. so why would a nation rich in oil and gas venture into atomic energy? so much for teenagers always talking on the phone these days. it's all about the texting. you can guess how many texts the average teenager sends per hour? somehow they have developed a statistic on that. we will share it with you directly. [ male announcer ] let's throw down some style.
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because it contains both an anti-inflammatory and a long-acting bronchodilator, working together to help you breathe better. advair won't replace fast-acting inhalers for sudden symptoms and should not be used more than twice a day. people with copd taking advair may have a higher chance of pneumonia. advair may increase your risk of osteoporosis and some eye problems. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking advair. i had fun today, grandpa. you and me both. if copd is still making it hard to breathe, ask your doctor if including advair will help improve your lung function for better breathing. get your first full prescription free and save on refills. >> shepard: a grand jury in buffalo new york last night indicted a well known sports doctor whom the feds accused of smuggling banned human growth hormones in the united
7:27 pm
as that case moves to trial. they don't write. they don't call but they do text. pretty much all the time it seems american teenagers send or receive an average of more than 3,000 texts per month. or about six per waking hour. so reports a nielsen study of more than 60,000 cell phone users. we're told girls sent the most texts, more than 4,000 a month. compared to 2500 for the guys. nielsen reports that the teen texting is up 8% from the previous year. the number of actual voice calls dropped 14%. more news bytes now and a new travel web site allowing folks to check whether a flight has wireless access to the internet before they buy a ticket.
7:28 pm
the site is cause has contribute. they can report whether a recent flight was wi-fi capable. the maker of the new application for iphones claims it can map happiness. once people sign up for the app. it beeps them once in a while and asks hey, how are you feeling in the software matches answers with other data to determine when and where those people tend to be the happiest. whatever. i'm shepard smith. this is the fox report. it's it's almost the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. the u.s. government spent almost $1.3 trillion more than it raised in the financial year that just ended. that's according to the obama administration's estimate of the federal deficit which shows the feds had to borrow 37 cents of every dollar they spent. the deficit is actually down slightly from last year when it hit a record high. but as you can see here, it's the second straight year in which the budget has been more than a trillion dollars in the red. our white house correspondent wendell goler live on the north lawn tonight.
7:29 pm
these deficits have to weigh on the president's agenda, wendell. >> well, you are right. the red ink making it hard for the president to get support for infrastructure rebuilding program intended to mainly help the construction and manufacturing sector where the unemployment rates nearly twice the national average. also the deficits boosting republican prospects for next month's congressional election. john cornyn saying quote. mr. obama himself could only say that things are at least headed in the right direction. >> the economy is now growing again. the private sector we have seen job growth in the private sector nine months in a row now. president speaking at a rally in delaware trying to keep vice president biden's old senate seat in democratic hands, shepard? >> shepard: meanwhile, wendell, the federal reserve giving a clear signal yet that the central bank is prepared to take more steps to try to revitalize
7:30 pm
the economy but what kind of steps? >> the feds is going to buy treasury bonds. somewhere between 100 and $500 billion worth to try and spur a little inflation, odd as that sounds because chairman ben bernanke is more worried about prices falling now. >> there would appear, all else being equal, to be a case tore further action. >> here is how it works. the fed buys government bonds which lowers interest rates and that means companies can borrow money cheaper and use it to hire but only if they want to hire. and bernanke doesn't really expect the economy will grow fast enough to cut the unemployment rate next year. is he trying to keep things from getting worse, shepard. >> shepard: wendell goler live tonight at the white house. thanks. the co-founder and two former executives of country wide financial corporation today agreed to pay tens of millions of dollars in fines and penalties to avoid a trial on civil charges of fraud and insider trading. remember country wide was once a
7:31 pm
player in risky subprime mortgages which helped sink the housing market and drag the whole economy into recession. today the co-founder anglo that zillow agreed to fork over $67.5 million. as you may recall, bank of america bought country wide back in 2008. b of a has already agreed to pay $600 million to settle a class action lawsuit by former country wide shareholders. the man who called president bush el diablo at the united nations also soon have his first nuclear power plant. hugo chavez cutting a deal with russia to ghald factory. the question is could it be interested in more than just nuclear energy. "the fox report's" chief correspondent jonathan hunt is with us. he has plenty of oil and gas. >> huge amounts of oil and gas. a study this year by the u.s. geological survey suggests that vens may sit on oil reserves double the size of saudi arabia which leads some to question why on earth hugo chavez would want nuclear energy or, indeed, need
7:32 pm
it. but u.s. officials for now at least are weighing their words very carefully. listen. >> we recognize the countries will pursue nuclear energy. it is within their right to do that but how they do that, you know, does matter to make sure that we don't see, you know, already significant danger of proliferation expanding further. >> p.j. crowley referring there to the obvious fear that venezuela might use nuclear energy as a cover for developing nuclear weapons. just that, shep, iran is accused of doing. >> shepard: what pretail does russia get out of all of. this influence. the russians believe that they can create this coalition if you like. some experts think of, anti-american nations. such as iran and venezuela. and they can do it while we are distracted by other issues. listen now fox news national security interests k.t. mcfarland. listen. >> russia is taking advantage of
7:33 pm
our preoccupation in the middle east. the same way we took advantage of them when they were preoccupied with afghanistan in the 19 0s. they realize we have got afghanistan. we have got iraq. we have our own domestic economic problems. we are in this sort of endless election cycle. they are going to take advantage of that. >> certainly the russian president seemed to enjoy the signing ceremony with the venezuelan president today. when the russian president said that other nations, some of them, might quote shutter at the sight of this treaty being signed a clear message to the united states one would think, shep. >> shepard: medvedev got some banana jam out of deal. >> he scored banana jam out of the president. few bars of chocolate. gifts from the president which he believe are a small price to pay in return for the gift of nuclear power, shep. >> shepard: i suppose. jonathan hunt, thanks. survivors of the fort hood massacre apparently staring down the accused gunman in court
7:34 pm
today. military judge debating whether major middle hasan should stand trial for the deadliest shooting ever at a u.s. military facility. is he charged with killing 13 people in a rampage at that texas post last november. today, witnesses described watching their fellow soldiers die right before their eyes. no cameras in the court. but on "studio b" this afternoon, the sketch artist told me about the stare downs between the survivors and hasan. >> the one that was most out standing, i think, was our first witness. an army soldier who had been bought probably five to six times. and he glared -- he basically glared at hasan as if looks could kill. he wouldn't be here. >> shepard: other times hasan seems to be checked out like is he not really there all 32 survivors is expected to testify at this hearing. the top democrat in the u.s. senate goes head to head with his tea party challenger. a game changer? we'll report. you decide. plus, for most people, the
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>> shepard: more than two weeks to mid terms. senate democrats facing off against republicans who appear to have them on the ropes. the senate majority leader harry reid and washington state's patty murray debating their challengers for the very first time. so how did it go? let's check in with our correspondents. team fox coverage tonight dan springer in spokane washington. first to the chief political correspondent carl cameron in vegas. this was the only debate for these two. >> the only debate, shep. they never actually met each other before it was the first
7:39 pm
time for them to sort of personally interact. it didn't go so civilly. they were trading barbs from the very opening gam nut from all of this. lots of accusations back and forth. they couldn't be farther apart on policy. sharron angle from opening statement went after harry reid saying she is have from a suburban reno he lives in the ritz carlton in washington, d.c. >> you came from search fight to the senate with very little. now you are one of the richest men in the u.s. senate. on behalf of nevada taxpayers, i would like to know, we would like to know how did you become so wealthy on a government payroll? >> that's really kind of a lo blow. i think most everyone knows i was a very successful lawyer. did i have a very good job of investing. i have been on faxd income since i went to washington. i have lived off what i made in the private sector. i but the my five kids through 100 semesters of school. i paid for every penny of it her
7:40 pm
suggestion that i made money being a senator is simply false. >> they went at it hammer and tongue. there has been some criticism of reid for not having been aggressive enough. he was on defense most of the night which was exactly what sharon angle was trying to prove in addition to other credibility being more gaffe prone last weeks of the campaign. >> shepard: was this a game changener any way. >> listen, the polls were tied going into this. early voting actually begins tomorrow in nevada. they expect that undecides are essentially vanished. everybody knows about these two candidates and frankly the polls suggest that everybody are unsatisfied by their choices. the momentum at this point seems to have been on angle's side but there is more money and more battling in this than any other race in the country because there is so much at stake republicans would clearly love to knock off the senate majority leader. >> shepard: i read she got a lot of money today, karl. >> listen, in the last quarter, harry reid raised $2 million. for the senate majority leader that's pretty small particularly
7:41 pm
in contrast to sharron angle who raised $14 million. cash on hand for the last 18 days is about even $4 million a apiece. today hear reid actually took a clip from the debate and put it into one of his ads. he sees some degree of advantage there last night angle could not think off the top of her head anything that insurance should be mandated to cover. reid thinks that's advantage. she thinks his ramming through of health care reform is the biggest disadvantage. >> shepard: carl cameron live on the vegas strip. enjoy. patty murray the number four democrat in the senate is fighting for her fourth term. dan springer live in spokane. how did the first debate go, dan. >> yeah, shep it was contentious but no knock out punches were thrown. both candidates sticking to the. economy, joblessness and 18 years? sentencing. she is a big part of the problem. and patty murray saying that her
7:42 pm
18 years gives her a chance to be the most effective leader back here in the state of washington. rossy would take us back to the bush era. they also sparred over health care. >> tens of thousands of jobs in the state of washington could be lost or not created because of senator murray's 60th and deciding vote on this piece of legislation. >> mr. rossi wants to repeal health care reform. tell that to the woman to ho just told me for the few weeks ago for the first time she could sleep at night because her daughter with cystic fibrosis won't be denied coverage for her health care. >> so you can see the strategy there. rossi wants to make this a national race, a national referendum on congress and the direction of the country. murray wants to keep it local. shep? >> shepard: all the politicos know this is a very big race on a national level that night. and some big democrats are headed your way. >> the biggest names out there. you have got president obama coming. in you have got his wife. you have got president clinton and also vice president biden for his second trip. in fact, obama won this state by
7:43 pm
17 points two years ago. murray obviously believes that he can energize that base so he has got all the big wigs coming out next week, shep. >> shepard: dan springer live this afternoon in spokane. good to see you. thank you. police in california have arrested a man for snatching a woman's purse then taking her on a wild ride as she held on to his suv. did i mention the culprit is the mayor in california. police say the 34-year-old mayor stole a woman's purse at 1:00 in the morning and then sped off at 20 miles per hour over the speed limit while the woman stood on the running board of his vehicle. the woman is okay. police charged the mayor with felony assault, felony robbery, and misdemeanor battery. a man who had just passed his driver's test getting into a wreck while dropping off his license examiner. top story on a fox trip across america. pennsylvania. the 34-year-old was taking his
7:44 pm
driving instructor to the dmv building in bridgeville when he plowed right into the place and kept going. officials say he thought the car was in park. four people with minor injuries. california. san diego police say somebody drove a yellow corvette on to the beach and abandoned it after it got stuck. witnesses claim they saw the car doing doughnuts and spinouts before it got stranded. police say the car was a rental. new jersey. authorities say a man tossed rolls of toilet paper from a small plane on to school property in west wood. they claim the guy was doing a test run and planned to drop streamers at an upcoming football game. one witness calling it a bad idea. >> why would anybody even as a prank be circling a plane around a school and a ball field when 100 kids are out there on the field. >> police arrested the man. tennessee, a quick-thinking 6-year-old credited with saving his grandmother's life in nashville. the boy says she was supposed to take him to school but couldn't
7:45 pm
get out of bed. >> my granny woke me up and i couldn't get my momma so i called 911. >> the 911 operator stayed on the phone with the kid until help arrived. the grandmother said to be in stable condition. and that's a fox watch across america. >> well, somebody should have probably seen this one coming. cops say a woman attending an anger management class got angry and stabbed a classmate. happened in belleview community college in washington state. we're told two women were arguing about a video presentation on how to control angry outbursts when one of them pulled a knife. >> at first i just thought she was lunging to punch or to hit me. and then after the second time she came forward, i had felt the knife go in. >> shepard: wow. police have charged the other woman with second degree assault. >> well, a woman says her 11-year-old son hanged himself because classmates constantly teased him. now she is making a plea to the president of the united states. to help in her campaign against
7:46 pm
bullies. plus -- >> the work of 2500 people who moved some 27 million tons of rock leading to a record-breaking moment. the details right after this.
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7:49 pm
>> the woman who 'fessed up to bullying her dying 7-year-old neighbor could soon face charges but not in that case. cops say she tried to run over another neighbor with her car. jennifer petcov first made news when she posted disturbing
7:50 pm
images on facebook showing kathleen edward who has huntington's disease with a skull and cross bones. people responded by raising money for the little girl so that she could go to the shopping spree of her life, complete with a red carpet welcome. and as many toys as she wanted. meanwhile a heart broken mother in georgia is making a desperate plea to president obama to strengthen the nation's bullying laws. she says she went on the crusade after her own 11-year-old son hanged himself because of nonstop school yard bullying she says. one of the many such tragedies we have seen lately and on "studio b" today, we asked the mom if she had any advice to share with other parents? >> just look at your child how he -- how you know him to be or her and then all of a sudden they don't want to go to school. they don't want to -- they don't want to eat. they don't want to do the things they always used to do before. you know, just watch out for that sign. >> shepard: making matters worse for their family.
7:51 pm
she says bullies tormenting their daughter and making fun of the girl's dead brother. antiwrinkle drug botox helps people look good and also make them feel better. the feds have just approved botox to treat my grain hax. the food and drug administration has approved botox for people who get my grains 15 days a month. dull the pain of headaches. people is have already been using the muscle paralyzing drug for more than wrinkles, neck spasms, eye muscle disorders and excessive sweating. some of the deadliest drugs around are actually completely legal according to federal health officials who say more and more americans are abusing prescription drugs. everything from powerful pain killers to diet pills. that's why starting next year dozens of u.s. states will start combining data bases to keep an eye on what kind of drugs people are taking. could become a nationwide program allowing police and pharmacies and doctors to check
7:52 pm
suspicious prescription patterns. critics say that violates patient privacy and could discourage those who legitimately need pain killers. after ten years of drilling a giant step forward now for the construction of what will be the world's longest tunnel. our top story as we go around the world in 80 section. -- seconds. switzerland, engineers breaking through the last section of rock deep underneath the alps: [cheers and applause] >> they say the plan is to shift some of the tens of thousands of tons of freight that cross the mountains each day from trucks to trains. the break through broadcast live on swiss television when it is finished in seven years, that tunnel will span more than 35 miles. greece. striking workers end ago two day blockade of the acropulac in athens. back pay. many still at the entrance where
7:53 pm
police were standing guard. israel. [gunfire] palestinianian protesters clashing with israeli police in east jerusalem. israeli authorities have announced the approval of construction for hundreds of new homes in the disputed part of the city. no word on anyone hurt. spain. they're calling it the nation's first fiesta competition. folks in a shopping mall fighting the sounds of babies crying and piped in music to grab a snooze. each person gets 20 minutes to lie down. judges then time how long they actually caught z's. we're told the goal is to detect spain's traditional nap from today's fast paced lifestyle. that's a wrap on this 80 seconds around the world. one very real bear in new york didn't get the message. bear alert coming up. plus, crazy car chase in brazil. an escaped convict using his car
7:54 pm
as a weapon and ending, you have got to see. and log on to for the latest on the stories here and abroad. check out the most read tab to see what's hot. that's cook with campbell's. with touches like a splash of fresh cream or sauterne wine. our soups help you put smiles on the faces of the ones you love. campbell's.® it's amazing what soup can do.™ affect wheat output in the u.s., the shipping industry in norway, and the rubber industry in south america? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex global economy. it's just one reason over 75% of our mutual funds
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beat their 10-year lipper average. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. request a prospectus or summary prospectus with investment objectives, risks, fees, expenses, and other information to read and consider carefully before investing. my professor at berkeley asked me if i wanted to change the world. i said "sure." "well, let's grow some algae." and that's what started it. exxonmobil and synthetic genomi have built a new facility to identify the most productive strains of algae. algae a amazing little critters.
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they secrete oil, which we could turn into biofuels. they also absorb co2. we're hoping to supplement the fuels that we use in our vehicles, and to do this at a large enough scale to someday help meet the wor's energy demands.
7:57 pm
>> shepard: wow, what an ending to a car chase in brazil. the whole thing aired live on television there. here is some of it the suspect escaped convict ending up on a busy highway blowing out buses and other vehicles. look at this. when the traffic proved too much to handle. he just backed into police officers. look at this. right over the police officers. right into some motorcycle cops. as you can see that's about when the bullets started flying. people in the vehicles. the suspect hit jumping out of their cars to get out of there. but the convict wasn't if it please partnership issue inned yet. back he goes ramming two suvs. the officers warmed and the end came quickly when he got there stuck between those two vehicles. they originally pulled him over
7:58 pm
for a minor traffic violation. three people hurt, including the suspect who is back in custody and having a bad night. >> bear alert. the rochester institute of technology upstate new york the home of the tigers. so school officials obviously would not stand for a bear on campus. here's the culprit. after three tranquilizer darts students spotted the thing near campus dorm so the new york state department of conservation came in and trapped. the bear is too young for college anyway it should be playing on trampolines. oh, goodness. updating some of fox top stories tonight. for the second year in a row, the federal government will not be paying a cost of living increase to social security recipients. the common can't of the united states marine corps today told fox news that openly gay people should not be serving in the military. general james conway went on to
7:59 pm
say that 95%, in his estimation, of marines feel the same way. one of the first of the rescued chilean miners to leave the hospital says he hopes their ordeal leads to changes in the mining industry. and on this day back in 1951, lucy and desi lit up the screen i love lewisy. television was still a new edition to most american homes at the time. it had caught on pretty quickly. ground breaking shows like i love lucy certainly helped. it was one of tv's big sitcoms. there was lucy always up to something ridiculous. which her husband ricky had to set strait. neighbors fred and ethel were usually along for the ride. the show's appeal went far beyond comedy. they could relate to paying the rent, raising the kids and sometimes cooking dinner. still considered one of tv's all time classics. loofsy had some splaining to do 59 years ago today.


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