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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  October 18, 2010 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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pinstripes 33 years ago today. and maybe a repeat tonight by someone, like beginning in 7 minutes? hope you have a great night. mr. bill o'reilly is next. i will see you back here tomorrow. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> i said to bill o'reilly these were muslim terrorists and however you want to say it, he apologized. on this show we always speak about standing up to bigotry so i stood up. >> to me, you need to be distinct when you say things like this because this is a volatile time. >> bill: the ladies of "the view" continue the do dialogue about muslims killing us on 9/11. with the whole world watching, we will advance this troubling but important story. >> i was going to cuss him out. >> it is up to you to tell them we do not want what they are selling. we have been there before and we are not going back.
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>> president obama stepping it up on the campaign trail trying to keep his power base in congress. >> the empire is striking back. >> no! >> bill: brit hume will tell us if it is working. >> bill: snooky going to be the new secretary of interior. did you know that? >> bink go. will. >> bill: many viewers missed dennis miller because of the miners story. we will reprise miller tonight. >> bill: caution, you where to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the muslim dilemma, that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. in case you just got back from easter island, i, your humble correspondent, am causing trouble once again. today on "the view," the ladies addressed the shootout i had with them last thursday when i said that building a mosque near
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ground zero is inappropriate because muslims killed us there. that caused whoopi goldberg and joy behar to walk off the set. of course, what i said is absolutely true. but is insensitive to some. in a perfect world you always say muslim terrorists killed us but at this point i thought that was common knowledge. i guess i was wrong. anyway, the heated controversy continues and goes far beyond me and "the view" ladies. it has entered the fabric of america. barbara walters said something interesting today. she said that the nation is very angry, therefore, commentators must watch the rhetoric. okay. but my question to ms. walters is this. why is america so angry? there are a number of answers to that question. one of them is that folks are fed up with politically correct nonsense. there is no question there is a muslim problem in the world if theview ladies will not acknowledge that that's their problem.
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most americans well understand the danger coming out of the muslim world. ms. walters went on to say that my statement about the japanese attacking the u.s.a. in world war ii is not a valid comparison. >> i think that what bill o'reilly said was totally wrong. i also feel that on his program when he compared it to germany and japan, which he did, and said well, you wouldn't have been -- countries, they were not religion. >> bill: with all due respect to barbara walters who has handled herself with dignity in this controversy, she is misguided. american forces had to remove the taliban government in afghanistan because it supported the al qaeda killers. the u.s. and many other countries are now desperately trying to prevent iran from building a nuclear bomb because most everyone understands some crazy jihadists may use that bomb to ignite a holocaust. right now the countries of russia, china, the philippines, many nations in africa and thailand are all fighting muslim
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insurrections. the muslim threat to the world is not isolated. it's huge! it involves nations and millions of people. yet, the left in america will not face that fact. president obama has given a pass. because he needs to get nations like pakistan to cooperate with us. the president can't afford tough rhetoric like the kind i'm giving you tonight. that is perfectly understandable. in germany, however, chancellor angela merkel is getting tough. she said the attempts to build cultural have utterly failed. she has enormous problem 5 million muslims not asimulating into german society. in france the parliament there has outlawed burkas after that country endured writing in muslim areas that the police could not control. here in the u.s.a. we are lucky. the vast majority of american muslims are good citizens and deplore the extreme actions in the muslim world.
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but they know there is is a clash of civilizations in play. despite all that, ms. goldberg was deeply offended by my statement about 9/11 here is what she said this morning. >> when you say muslims are responsible for 9/11. does that mean mohammed ali? because mohammed al solid a muslim. does that mean kareem abdul jabbar? to me, you need to be distinct when you say things like this because this is a volatile time. you can't k. not just throw stuff around like that in my opinion. >> bill: that statement is worth addressing. no sane individual thinks mohammed ali or kareem abdul jabbar is responsible for 9/11. but the reality is that most americans are uneasy with the muslim world in general because moderate muslims have not stepped up in a visible way to help combat the jihadists. look at all the problems we're having with pakistan. we have sent that country billions of dollars hoping to
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motivate them to fight the taliban and al qaeda. if whoopi goldberg doesn't think there is a muslim problem, she ought to ask president obama about it. the cold truth is that in the world today jihad, aided and abetted by some muslim nations, is the biggest threat on the planet. if iran gets a nuclear weapon, israel and other countries are in grave danger. so i have had enough of the political correct nonsense and i condemn the far left fanatics who label people with whom they disagree bigots. that's what joy behar did again today, which is simply stunning because as laura ingraham pointed out last friday ms. behar's anti-christian analysis has been off the charts. and then there is roast o'donnell who used to host "the view." here is what she said. >> bill o'reilly, you know, what does he
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>> bill: now, ms. o'donnell's analysis reminded me of this. >> radical christianity is just as threatening as radical islam in a country like america where we have a separation of church and state. where we're a democracy. >> bill: interesting. nobody walked off the set of "the view" when rosie o'donnell said that. did they? talking points said on friday there is a reason behind the madness. many in the muslim world despise the united states because we are israel's biggest supporter. ' of the liberal precincts believe our support for israel is wrong and we have ignited muslim anger it is our fault that some muslims hate us. i don't think the ladies on "the
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view" see it that way. but certainly the far left has held that opinion for quite some time. finally, wherever i went this weekend, people were high fiving me. it was amazing. people yelling out windows o'reilly, keep going. that kind of stuff. are all these people bigots? do they all hate kareem abdul jabbar? that's just nuts. this has nothing to do with theology. and everything to do with politics. americans are simply fed one politicians and media people denying the obvious. there is a dangerous problem in the muslim world and once again i call for all peace-loving muslims to join the united states and other conscientious nations to fight the jihadists to defeat radical islam. that's the memo. in a moment, juan and mary katharine will tell me where i'm going wrong on all of this. later, how is the o'reillyview muslim controversy playing on talk radio? right back with those reports. [ male announcer ] you can dream of delivering leading edge i.t. solutions
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>> bill: continuing now with lead story danger from the muslim world joining us now mary katharine ham and juan williams. juan, i have got to tell everybody, own up to this, that talking points memo was really written by al lamb alan colmes. where am i going wrong, there juan. >> i hate to say this to you because i don't want to get your ego going. i think you are right. look, political correctness can lead to some kind of paralysis where you don't address reality. i mean, look, bill, i'm not a bigot. you know the kind of books i have written about the civil rights movement in this country. when i get on the plane, i have got to tell you if i see people who are in muslim garb and i think they are identifying themselves first and foremost as muslims i get worried. i get nervous. now, i remember also that when the times square bomber was at court i think this was just last week. he said the war with muslims, america's war is just beginning.
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first drop of blood. i don't think there is any way to get away from these facts. but i think there are people who want to somehow remind us all as president bush did after 9/11 it's not a war against islam. president bush went to a mosque -- >> bill: not involved in this at all from my perspective, juan. you live in the liberal precincts. you actually work for n.w.r. >> -- n.p.r. it's about politics as i said. my analysis is liberal thing and feel that the somehow guilty in the world of exploitation and backing the wrong side. and it makes it easier for them to come up with this kind of crazy stuff that, well, you can't really the muslims attacked us on 9/11. >> no, what barbara walters said to you. >> norwegians? come on. >> wait a minute. if you said timothy mcveigh the atlanta bomber, these people protesting against homosexuality at military funerals, very obnoxious you don't say first
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and foremost we have a problem with christians. that's crazy. >> bill: it's not at that level. it doesn't rise near to that level. >> and when you said in the talking points memo a moment ago that there are good muslims, i think that's a point, you know. >> bill: everybody knows that, juan. are we in 3rd grade here or what. >> but you have got to be careful. this is what barbara walters. >> bill: you just said it i have got to be careful. i have got to qualify everything 50 times. you know what, juan? i'm not doing it anymore. >> so be yourself. take responsibility. >> bill: i'm not going to say oh it's only a few. it's a tiny bit. it's not, juan. it's whole nations. iran, afghanistan, pakistan. whole nations. go ahead, mary katharine. you want to get in here. governmental first of all the left only think was you should be careful with rhetoric in dangerous times a right winger using the rhetoric. when it deals with other issues, they don't care. so there is a double standard there second of all, there is a distinction worth making between moderate and islam as you have
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made that point in the talking points because frankly, as a conservative, if anybody who believes in the mission in iraq where you are building up a society of moderate muslims to push back on extremists you have to believe in that distinction. so i think that is important to make. but, this whole getting up and running off set because you don't use the distinction in every single sentence you say, i think, was ridiculous and immature and they stopped the conversation, not you. it was them freaking out about a conservative position and leaving the stage to stop the conversation. >> bill: here is the deal. angela merkel, all right, in the politically correct nation of germany, germany has gone from being a military his stick society to a politically correct society in a generation. okay? angela merkel comes out today and says, you know what? this is out of control in our country. we can't control it anymore. so, if it's only a few, and a couple and just in the mountains of pakistan, that's all, why is angela merkel having such a hard time? why are the french banning burqas? come on.
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>> because they have a problem because people have stopped emphasizing and she went on to say, this integration assimilation. >> bill: why, juan? >> live side by side. that was wrong-headed because she sees it as a threat. i think she pointed out that two of every three or so children under the age of 5 in germany is muslim. >> bill: who is the problem in germany? is it the muslims who have come there or the germans? >> no, no, wait. see, you did it again. it's extremists. >> bill: it's not extremists. >> it's a german society. they are the ones causing that problem. >> bill: according to merkel, it's not extremists. it is most of the 5 million muslims who have come there aren't asimulating. that's the problem. >> also what happens, bill, bill, also what happens is that when moderate muslims want to assimilate or want to stand up, they run the risk of being blown up by their co-religionist who are extreme. that is a threat that moderate christians and jews don't. >> bill: that doesn't happen in america where most muslim
8:16 pm
americans have assimilated. >> because our society demands that people assimilate. that's what we demand and that's why it works here. >> bill, here is a caution point. the other day in new york, some guy cuts a muslim cabby's neck and says he is attacking him or you think about the protest at the mosque near ground zero. >> that guy works at a liberal. >> he was a crackpot. >> bill: look, americans are smart enough to know,juan. >> but i don't think -- the point is the rhetoric was not pushing him to do that. >> i don't know what is in that guy's head. we are saying we don't want in america people to have their rights violated to be attacked on the street because they heard from bill o'reilly and they act crazy. we have got to say to people as saying the other night that guy is a nut. >> he is a nut. i said that about the guy in florida -- who wanted to burn the koran. i came town on him like crazy. >> there you go. >> bill: if there was going to be a backlash against muslims it would happened after 9/11. it didn't happen in this country. we are smart enough to understand who the good muslims
8:17 pm
are and who the bad muslims are but to diminish the whole thing as the left wants to do, very dangerous. i have got to go, guys, as always. >> that would be hypocrisy. >> bill: thank you very much. directly ahead, president obama on the campaign trail. can he stop the bleeding in the democratic party? brit hume on that. moments away.
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>> bill: in the hume zone segment tonight, president obama doing everything he can to stop the bleeding of the democratic party. taking to the road his energy level is back. >> the journey we started in 2008 was not about putting a president in the white house. it was never just about getting to election night. it was about every day after that. and building a movement for change that endures. >> i hope you don't mine, i'm losing my voice because i'm
8:21 pm
still fired up. [cheers] but i got some campaigning to do over the next couple weeks here. right now, the same special interests that would profit from the other side's agenda, they are fighting back. the empire is striking back. >> bill: joining us now from washington, fox news chief political analyst brit hume. before we get to that i would be interested to know what you think of this whole muslim controversy on the overall arch. because i do think that there is a big, big problem in the muslim world and, you know, i think it's diminished by the left. >> bill, i would simply say. this when you said and i heard -- i didn't see it live but i later saw the clip of the whole little episode there, when you said, you know, muslims attacked us on 9/11, that is unmistakably correct. i didn't take to you mean that all muslims attacked us on 9/11 or that all muslims were terrorists or anything of the
8:22 pm
kind. i saw that as a simple statement of fact and you used that to support the proposition that perhaps it was therefore inappropriate to build that mosque there i don't think that rises -- whoopi goldberg was saying today that she heard herself after you said that accuse you of bigotry and she knew then that she had to get up and leave the set which is unusually. usually people react to what other people say. reacted to what she said. be that as it may, i don't think most americans would look at and this think you were making a bigoted statement. factual statement. if you want to be sensitive to the feeling of every possible person in the world we would say muslim, at least muslim terrorists attacked us on 9/11. you are right, everybody knows that. >> bill: but the political battle over defining the problems in the world it always comes back to the left vs. the rest of us. now, as far as president obama is concerned, the was muffin poll today has his approval rating up pretty substantially from friday.
8:23 pm
50% disprove, 49% approve of the president. it looks to me like him getting out and giving the old rousing speeches that he gave in the campaign is helping him. >> i don't really think so, bill. i think this is mostly statistical variations in the polling. rasmussen, daily polls, if you look at it over a period of time, the relationship between people who are strongly favoring him and people who strongly do not is the same as it was a week ago and the same as it was a week before that so i don't attribute much of this to his being out on the stump. i don't think it's done him any harm. remember, this bill, is he out trying to make a sale to the public about his party in this election. he went out for the better part of a year trying to make a sale to the public on his health care plan. he gave dozens of speeches on the subject. ed in the end, he couldn't sell it is he a very inspiring speaker in many ways and inspirational figure in many ways, but he has proved not to be particularly persuasive in an argument. i don't think is he going to be persuasive this time around.
8:24 pm
i just don't see any evidence of it. >> bill: all he has to do though, according to the polls, the republican side is much more motivated to vote than the democratic side. so, all the president has to do is motivate some democrats who are kind of, i may or may not go out to go out. that's why i think he is doing that he just. >> i think that's true, bill. >> bill: stoke up the base, try to get as many democrats out as he can that's what the polls say the republican are going to go out and the democrats are going to stay home. >> brit: no doubt that's true. the problem is for him that there aren't as many self-identified democrats now as there were a couple of years ago. the numbers of people who have gone into the independent ranks has grown and the number of people who have grown into the republican ranks has grown. so he is speaking nowadays to a shrunken base. now, obviously if they all turned out, 100%. he would be able to save a bunch of seats. but that would be quite remarkable in a midterm election in which his party and his causes are demoralized. >> bill: but the democratic ground machine in states like
8:25 pm
nevada, washington state, california u is substantial. >> brit: it is. >> bill: that's what he needs to get reid reeffect elected, bar are a boxer reelected, patty murray reelected. is he targeting those places. ohio is a lost cause. i think ohio is going to go republican big time because the president's approval rating in that state is 3%. now, here is my question. will the president's approval rating in the state, the individual state correspond to what happens in the senatorial and gubernatorial races? >> brit: there is a lot of history of that and i think that will probably be the case. remember this about the turnout efforts that you mentioned, speaking of, say, labor unions that do a good job of turning out voters, the problem is those labor people can't guarantee how those people are going to vote. back in the reagan years they would turn out voters and a lot of them would vote for reagan. i think this is a year in which so people are so disappointed
8:26 pm
and disillusioned among a lot of labor union members, you turn them all out to the polls and not all of them are going to go your way. so, turn out efforts don't always work the way you hope. >> bill: looks like karl rove was right, that there are certain tea party-backed candidates like karl pal deep know in new york and perhaps christine o'donnell although that race has tightened a little bit, according to the latest poll out there, that simply aren't ready for prime time and that the democrats will take those seats, even though voter anger in those states is high. >> it's awfully hard to imagine how carl paladino, having made the number of gaffes that he has made would possibly be elected to be dogcatcher. he has been a very unfortunate candidate. christine o'donnell has done a little better. she has a tremendous hill to climb in delaware. it would be -- listen, if we are sitting here on election night, bill, we see that she has won, look out. we are talking beyond avalanche. we are talking massacre. >> bill: was muffin, 11 down
8:27 pm
now. she has made up ground. halloween is coming. >> there you go. >> bill: we can mobilize the -- >> the wicken vote? >> bill: you said it, not me humo. i led you right into that trap. i'm not saying anything like that. >> yes, you did. i asked it as a question. >> bill: because of the miner coverage last week, many viewers did not get to see dennis miller. we will rectify that situation. and then, how is the muslims killed us on 9/11 deal being happened on talk radio? we'll find out about that and we hope you stay tuned to those reports. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] every day thousands of people are switching from tylenol® to advil.
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>> bill: in the miller time segment tonight, last week the miner coverage cut into the factor on a few nights so some of did you not see dennis miller who was in rare form and also here in new york city. here now is dennis miller. >> billy, you have got this town wired. o'reilly and i go into the restaurant the other night. the cat runs up and billy says to him i need the asparagus thing. next thing i have got six asparagus in front of me the size of a club out put on the steering wheel of a car. >> bill: they take good care of me via italian. was it god. >> great food. i had the veal. change the back drop, the globe, did you notice the globe over his shoulder was so old that south america and africa had yet to separate as a continent. that's how old that was. >> bill: down in texas they
8:31 pm
don't move they were thinking of taking them down there to speak and thinking of taking them out of there before he came. kids are much brighter but not wiser. kids are never wise. when he gets together with the kids it's always uncomfortable because the kids have kid questions. they step up to the mike. i remember the one where the kid steps up, president obama i work at mcdonald's. i don't want to work at mcdonald's anymore. come get me out of mcdonald's. is he like richard gear after officer and a gentleman mcy d's carries them out while joe cocker is singing you go girl. come on, it's kids. that's all he has left at this point.
8:32 pm
>> bill: what is -- you know, i don't know what he is going to accomplish. i guess mobilizing the kid vote. he wants anybody over 1 to go out and vote for him. he goes on mtv. i guess that's what the strategy is there. >> i don't think you can cheer lead kids into voting into a midterm. i will be honest might be there in 2012. do you think you will get kids to get up in the morning and say harry reid took us? come on, he is the -- >> bill: he is my point, because president obama isn't on the ballot they will turn out for the town hall meeting. reference the chilean mine escape. >> yeah. >> bill: you were watching last night as the guys got pulled out. what do you think. >> it's a sweet story. i was watching unbelievable scene yesterday. i think it bespeaks to how soft the world has gotten and how touchy feely we have gotten. a good man named dr. keith ablow. a smart guy. nice, well-intentioned guy. he was talking about the guys being back on the surface. he was hoping that there was counseling for them there because they are going to go through a lot of stress. what happened to the good old days like how green was my
8:33 pm
valley where the mine caves in and they get you out and you go home and you get blasted for a couple days before you start worrying about how bummed out you are that you have been saved. it just seems like we over think these things. i notice when the elevator got up to the top. i don't know if you saw it there was a guy there working triage who would not open the damn door. people stuck in this cigar tube. he is like counseling them you might have -- you can open the door? you might be -- open the door. [ laughter ] >> bill: don't be upset now. you might have a little rage. >> let me out of here. >> touchy feely. i have been in the bowels of the earth. >> bill: maybe these guys want to go to the beach a few days before they go to the shrink. >> yeah. >> bill: bristol palin, daughter of governor palin is on dancing with the stars. let's roll it ♪ don't let the rain pour over you. ♪ one another
8:34 pm
♪ under my umbrella. >> bill: did she get -- i don't watch that show. did she get high marks? was she successful? >> i know this is going to break your heart. i was watching the bachelor chile as they got the kids out of the mind. i don't watch dancing with the stars anymore because i'm like trying to weaken -- wean myself off reality tv. too representative of the living world now. undeserving people are winning. i watched survivor for 10 years. i can't watch any more a bunch of kids winning drumming out all the old people and dancing with the stars, as sweet as it is. and i find it sweet when a girl like bristol palin gets out there and, you know, must be exciting for them to be in show biz a little. i don't find this odd at all. she is just having a gas at it. i find that a couple people who have won lately who aren't the best dancers. i want the best to win. i think it almost represents the united states of america. it's all about feeling and who do you want to win and who do you feel suld win aa aa
8:35 pm
opposed to competency. >> bill: these aren't reality shows. they are dopey shows. jo say that in a pejorative way. reality is frightening right now. >> i will tell you about the palins, he is still in there five or six weeks in. she is like her mom. they hang around. they have a sticktuitiveness. >> bill: she may be still in there because she is bristol palin not because she can do the rum banks the day i'm on that show would be like adam west season three of bat man you think is he distended around the belly area. >> bill: robin going, you know, bat man, weight watcher clinic right over there. >> joker wants to give you a san that belt. >> bill: especially when you going to get that kid situation concave belly. he got voted off last night. silhouette of him at the
8:36 pm
beginning. hitchcock -- >> bill: that's the guy on the jersey show. >> i will tell you what barack at that mvv thing he better have his back on snooky. if he fakes it. snooky is a saint to these kids. >> bill: break this tomorrow, snooky going to be the new secretary of interior. did you know that? >> bingo. only in america. >> bill: jersey vote. >> secretary of interior be in charge of outside. >> bill: leave the jersey vote and apparently snooky knows all about the interior. >> bill: when we come right back "the view" muslim controversial on talk radio. how is it playing there? we will find out. then, mrs. cleaver rest in peace. we had one of the last interviews with her. we will play some of it for you coming up. ñ÷
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c'mon, stop living in the shadows. you've got a life to live. [ male announcer ] so don't blame it on aging. talk to your doctor and go to to find out more. >> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly in the impact segment tonight. as we told you at the top of the program, the whole nation is engaged and this o'reillyview muslim debate which is a good thing. how is it playing on talk radio? joining us now from washington, mark lavine, liberal radio talk show host on wpfw and from los angeles are tammy bruce who hosts an internet chat show. tammy, what are you hearing and reading from people you deal with? >> well, the first reaction was when they left the set, suddenly "the view" became watchable when it was just you and barbara and other gal. the second reaction was they all should have left leaving it just for you so it would have been the factor in the afternoon
8:40 pm
making it perfectly watchable. people were thrilled. they were thrilled. it clearly was -- it seemed like a stunt to people. but they loved how you handled it. it clearly addressed the issue of political correctness, which is ridiculous. as you have mentioned, throughout the show, perfectly well, kind of a ridiculous complaint. i think there -- it's kind of like a car wreck that show. it's like you slow down to watch it and you were like the ambulance that came and people kind of had a sigh of relief that somebody is going throb to save them. they went on with it again today. they know even you, the ghost of you, gives them bigger ratings. everyone was amused. >> bill: that show is fairly successful on its own. >> bill: what about you, mr. lavigne, from the liberal precincts? >> my liberal listeners were thrilled as well for exactly opposite reasons. they thought joy and whoopi were absolutely right to walk out. they felt the walk out forced your apology and glad to hear your apology. >> bill: did they understand my apology was not about what i said. it was about if, look, if somebody took it the wrong way,
8:41 pm
i certainly was not my intention. but i will stand by what i said all day long. muslims killed us on 9/11 and there is a huge muslim problem in the world. do your listeners refute there is a huge muslim problem in the world? >> bill, there are all kinds of huge problems in the world. we understand there is a huge intramuslim battle. the worst thing possible is to throw all of them together. and, let's face it on the air christians committed the holocaust. >> bill: would they have said the same thing then about the japanese? look, tojo and those guys they hijacked that government and they basically did what they wanted. but, most of the japanese people didn't want that. i mean. >> that's true of iran today. i think you will find the most pro american people in the middle east are the iranian people even though they are led by a bunch of dangerous whack jobs that might blow up israel. >> bill: that aren't true there
8:42 pm
are enough irans that support the crazy mullahs for them to maintain power. >> the vast majority don't, bill. you know that. >> bill: no, no. >> they protest in the streets. >> bill: at the shaw they -- shah. they would be overthrown. liberal mind set you give example after example after example and it's still only a few people. tammy used to be a liberal. do you understand the mind set? >> well, it's this -- the first element is that america is always wrong and that's, of course, incorrect, of course, but the second dynamic is this is where the failure is, is that by us not addressing it specifically as a muslim problem, it kind of takes the emphasis off of the issue needing to be dealt with within the muslim community, which is why this thing continues on. but the liberal mind set is this refusal to acknowledge that something might not be our fault and that there something -- look, we can't solve this issue. muslims have to solve the issue and the only way to do that is to make sure that everybody knows really who is at issue
8:43 pm
here. and it certainly isn't us. >> bill: is there an israel component in this, mr. lavigne? >> no. >> bill: yes, no? >> no. there is a liberal on the panel here, i would like to give the liberal mind set. we want to stop terrorists from killing us. we know that an overreaction to hate all muslims caused more muslims to hate us. >> bill: who hates all muslims? does that? >> set number of terrorists out there. >> bill: who hates all muslims. >> we condemn all muslims, we are going to get more terrorists out there. >> bill: that's a nice speech. >> it's true. >> bill: i don't know anybody outside of that nut in florida who we just hammered on this program who wanted to burn the koran. who hates all muslims? who? do i hate all muslims? that's insane. >> i don't think you hate all muslims, bill. but, look, what you said is true and they only in a technical sense, right? i wouldn't say christians bomb abortion clinics even though the people who bomb abortion clinics profess christianity and do it in christianity because it's --
8:44 pm
>> bill: would you say if a nation harbored abortion bombers, an entire nation harbored them, that you would be accurate to say that? afghanistan, under the taliban, a theocracy, harbored al qaeda. an entire nation run by muslims. >> run by muslim dictators called the taliban. >> bill: yeah. >> if you want to attack the taliban or afghanistan or al qaeda, i'm fine with it if you want to attack the nazis, i'm fine with it. we didn't say -- we talked about this months ago, mr. o'reilly. we day didn't say the germans, we said the nazis. >> bill: no. we said the germans and there were terrible slang words for germans. >> there were. that was wrong, too. you shouldn't tar all germans for the nazis. >> bill: nobody is doing that. go ahead, tammy. >> we have had -- we have tried the liberal way for two years. just today there is a recognition that we are at a terror threat now that is similar to pre-9/11.
8:45 pm
so bowing to muslim nations and saying it's all that fault. >> who is bowing. >> that guy called barack obama. >> tammy, george w. bush respected the difference. >> excuse me. the terror threat has gone up and europe knows it and we know it that's what it has gotten us. >> even george bush recognized that distinction between muslims and terrorists. >> bill: there is a huge gulf. i think this debate shows it between the liberal mind set on this threat and the conservative or traditional mind set. thanks very much. reality check on deck tonight starring mrs. cleaver. manage began mccain and christine o'donnell. right back with check. here, kitty. here, kitty. oh! just come snuggle with mama. [ male announcer ] missing something? like 2 pairsf glasses for $99.99 at sears optical,
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight, reality check, lots to talk about. so let's get right to it check one, last july white house spokesman robert gibbs said
8:49 pm
this. >> i think there is no doubt that there are a lot of seats that will be up, a lot of contested seats. i think people are going to have a choice to make in the fall. but, i think there is no doubt there are enough seats in play that could cause republicans to gain control. there is no doubt about that. >> bill: some democrats were not happy with that statement. so, yesterday, there was this from mr. gibbs. >> i think our candidates have done a remarkably good job in a tough political environment. and i think that come election night, we'll retain control of both the house and the senate. >> bill: now to be fair the landscape does change and mr. gibbs may simply have changed his mind. check 2. meghan mccain becoming quite the commentator on abc she was asked about christine o'donnell. >> well, i speak as a 26-year-old woman and my problem is that no matter what christine o'donnell is making a mockery of running for public office. she has no real history, no real success in any kind of business and what that sends to my
8:50 pm
generation is one day you can just wake up and run for senate no matter how lack of experience you have. >> bill: well, the latest rasmussen poll has ms. o'donnell down by 11 points as i mentioned to chris coons so she has closed the gap a bit in delaware pardon the ton, delaware, water, gap: howard kurtz often comments about what happens here on the factor. on sunday he praised barbara walters for how she handled the muslim deal with me. >> good for her. o'reilly apologized if anyone felt he was doing all muslims which he insists he was. whoopi goldberg and behar came back. this was an argument worth having but walking off in a huff doesn't really solve anything, does it. >> bill: no, but it does garner massive publicity. check four, love leave it to beaver as a kid. eddie has kill was my man. i know you are surprised. i didn't pay much attention to june cleaver, beaver's mom. i did have the pleasure to interview barbara billingsly who
8:51 pm
died last week at age 94 ♪ leave it to beaver. starring barbara billingsly. >> when you were shooting that show did you know it was going to become this american icon classic. >> no way. beaver still has to get washed. >> why doesn't he wash before he gets dressed? >> well, he says if he waits until he is dressed there is less to wash. >> bill: there were three programs in the 50s that really dominated father knows best, ozzy and harriett and leave it to beaver. what they all had was this americana. this norman rockwell feeling about it. did you realize that was going on? >> i'll say. >> i just wish that we could have more families like those. family is so important. i just don't think we have enough people staying home with their babies and their children. ask. >> bill: do you think that's why the show that you did is so endearing to people even now because that's the way people would like it to be. >> i think so.
8:52 pm
>> sit in your room and read a book. >> gee, dad, why are you punishing us? we haven't done anything wrong. >> bill: watching this show when you were a little kid you go dad, i wish my mom. you were the best dressed mom on the face of the earth ms. billingsly. you were always gloriously turned out. >> some of those clothes came from penny's. they weren't expensive clothes. >> bill: i loved that wherever they were the jacket -- as i write in pinheads and patriots were great for kids like me. presented a place funny and normal. millions of us baby boomers have great memories that time in our lives sitting there watching ozzy and harriett and leave it to beaver ms. billingsly was a patriot. that is a reality check. tonight starring jimmy kimmel and the odd rodriguez factory. right back with it. ♪ for he's a jolly good fellow ♪ the meeting's tomorro in dals ♪
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>> bill: pinheads and patriots in a moment. first, the big surge in premium members continues. christmas closing in, get big discounts. we have the no-spin news analysis stories we don't get to. john stossel holding court this week. buy a copy on you get a free tote bag. that i head -- that i head for gift giving. i'll write whatever you want and sign it for you. all proceeds go to charity. now to the mail: signed copy on the way to you.
8:56 pm
joe: >> bill: i'm going to blow this out of the water again joe, listen to me. the afghan government, a muslim theocracy, aided and abetted the 9/11 attack. the iranian government, a muslim theocracy is threatening people all over the world. colin: andrew: mary: kim: >> bill: appreciate that the folks get it, the pinheads
8:57 pm
don't. vince: >> bill: mr. vaughn refering to the gay line in the trailer for his upcoming movie. beverly: >> bill: you helped target which was unfairly targeted by loons and you help me, so you are a patriot, no question. karen: >> bill: i'm glad you enjoyed that. thanks for reading my book. finally pinheads and patriots tv edition. on the jimmy kimmel late night program there's a character named guermo whose last name
8:58 pm
may be rodriguez. he launched the o'rodriguez factory. in response to fox news latino. >> tonight on the o'rodriguez factory, filled with candy, who is filling with pea and -- pinatas with candy? mexicans. who gets to eat this candy? stupid white kids. pinatas, made me so mad i want to hit them with a stick. but i don't, because all the candy will fall out. [ laughing ] >> when we come back, i'm going to punch somebody in the face. this is the o'rodriguez factory. >> bill: does that satire rise to patriot or pinhead status? you make the call. please vote on friday we showed you this:
8:59 pm
>> sarah, you ready? >> oh gosh! weather somewhere people dream about. family comes first it's got to be that way. no boys go upstairs. this is flipping fun. how come we can't ever be satisfied with tranquility? i would rather be doing this than be in some stuffy political office. >> bill: 84% thought it was patriotic. just 16% thought it was pinheaded. that is it for us check out bill o'reilly website. if you came in late i think you might want to see that. you can download it as well. you might want to have that for your liberal read -- friends. read it to them. spout off on the factor at


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