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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  October 24, 2010 12:00pm-2:00pm EDT

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along a shadowy figure in this. but the concern of the u.s. military about iran is underlined in the documents that have been released. the "new york times" said it worked with the pentagon on what would be redacted. >> eric: the pentagon not happy. liz, thank you so much. see you next sunday. >> jamie: that will do it for us. i'm jamie colby with eric, have a great day. glad you were here. news continue from washington. news continue from washington. bye-bye. captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> shannon: nine days to decide and it will be a long line days for the president who finds himself campaigning in some races that should have been a cakewalk for democrats. west virginia is an example many thought he would coast into robert byrd's vacant seat. he now finds himself on "fox news sunday" talking about the toss-up race. washington state, dino rossi is putting up a fight with incumbent patty murray,
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despite high-profile campaign visits. we talk to him coming up. in alaska, controversy descends on a senate race with joe miller against the write-in candidate lisa murkowski. and the democratic candidate as well. i'm shannon bream live from the nation's capitol. the end game of the election season, america's news headquarters starts right now. nine days and counting. the chances of a republican takeover in the house are greater than the senate. all 435 house seats are up for grabs. right now, 256 democrats and 179 republicans fill the seats. this morning leading the democrat and republican national committees make cases why they'll be in control in january. steve centanni is following this. >> the two party leaders seem to be looking in a different crystal ball. win sees democratic election where the democratic losses will be kept to a minimum and
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other predicts republican will make a clean sweep. sarah palin was on the campaign trail yesterday trying to keep the momentum going for republicans. now the political fortunes swing to the opposition party in mid-term elections often, but this time republican chairman michael steele sees even more excitement and predicts takeover of the house and possibly the senate. >> i have seen consistent ground swell of excitement and energy toward the election and i think you will see an unprecedented wave of election day that will surprise people. >> the president obama just back from a four-day campaign swing from the race coast to nevada and midwest and then he goes out next weekend to do it again and fire up the base for a showdown will keep the democratic congress for the next two years. tim kaine saying early voting showing encouraging trends in
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the final days of the race. >> shannon: almost all the polls have been moving for us. we have work to do. what democrats specialize in is the groundout. the turn-out. we see trends in presidential and early voting. >> do you think if house remains democratic nancy pelosi will remain the speaker? >> i do. >> a slight move toward democrats but whether it's enough to prevent a republican takeover of the house is anybody's guess. shannon? >> shannon: steve centanni, thank you very much. two key races that could tip the balance of power take center stage on "fox news sunday" today. chris wallace has interviews with the key candidates in pennsylvania and west virginia. pat toomey is locked in a tight race with joe sestak in the keystone state. the latest real clear politics average has toomey leading by just two points. that is down from a much larger lead a few weeks ago. toomey told chris he is confident the g.o.p. would in fact take back the senate. though it's not going to be
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easy. >> the republicans have to run the table on virtually all the competitive races to take control. i'm not as close to the other races as obviously i am to my own. i think we've got a great shot here. this is close. this is tough. but i think we are going to pull it out. i think we are going to be in the majority. >> shannon: also on "fox news sunday" today, west virginia governor joe manchin chided his opponent republican businessman john raese. characterizing him as an absentee candidate. someone who is only around during campaign season. the latest real clear politicsarm in west virginia shows extremely close race there as well. mansion leading raese by -- manchin leading raese 45.8 to 43.4%. the senate candidates finished their fifth debate in florida. marco rubio, democrat kendrick meek and independent charlie crist battled it out at the university of south florida. julie kirtz has the headlines and highlights on that. >> hi, shannon.
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fireworks this morning, in a three-way florida senate debate. independent governor charlie crist pushed marco rubio to disclose his financial records involving a g.o.p. credit card. and rubio pushed back, calling crist a heckler. here is part of it. >> the bottom line is if people want to focus on the issues, they're wrong on the important issue. this country has $13.5 trillion debt. >> he doesn't believe in transparency. i created the office of open government in the governor's office for the first time in history -- >> i never had heckler in the studio. i had them in the audience. >> that is the way it is. >> welcome to the n.f.l.! >> reporter: democrat kendrick meek sitting there in the middle did get a word in the live debate. mostly taking on crist who tried to win over democratic voters since he left the g.o.p. here is meek. >> the reason why the governor's argument doesn't really penetrate florida voters is that he has been all over the board. first, republican, then he
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became an independent. went down and nominated himself to sit here at this table at this very point. >> reporter: the polls show a senate race that looks like it's rubio's to lose at this point. he is up 12 points in the latest real clear politics average. this morning, rubio was endorsed by the miami herald" but they praise the republican leadership skills calling the former state house speaker someone who can "grow to a con sus- -- consensus builder in the senate." >> shannon: thank you. in 2008, president obama easily won washington state by 17 points but now the evergreen state is looking a little less blue. incumbent senator patty murray is in a tight race to keep her seat. the latest shows she and her republican challenger in a dead heat. her challenger dino rossi joins us now. mr. rossi, thank you for your time. >> thank you for having me.
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>> shannon: what is the make-or-break in the last nine days with a tight poll? >> well, it's all about turn-out. our state, we don't have polling places anymore. it's all mail-in. and so, most people receive their ballots on the 15th of october. so what we need to do is have everybody put a stamp on the envelope and mail them back in. get your family and friend and neighbors. we're going to rallies all over the state. luckily the fire marshal hasn't shown up because they've been out the door and people want to help, volunteer and make phone calls to get the ballots out. every day is election day in washington state, it's all mail-in. >> shannon: i have to ask about something that is going op. illegal aliens are canvassing for votes to get people to send in the ballot. they can't vote so they want to make sure others can. they're doing it openly. do you see any issues with that? >> yeah, they're campaigning for my opponent. and it really is, it's troubling. what is happening. well, you got an 18-year incumbent that is willing to
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do and say anything to get re-elected. she is desperate to do that. what we're going to do is get the votes in. that is what we are going to do. >> shannon: respond to the criticism of you. she says you are a friend of wall street, you will repeal the latest legislation passed on the hill not long ago to rein in excesses on wall street. how do you respond? >> well, it's clear that it's half the story. i said we need wall street reform, but there is wall street reform that senator murray supported will kill more jobs in the state. 92% of the economists said the small regional banks will have less money to lend to small businesses. small businesses are the key to get out of the problem we're in with the unemployment rate. >> shannon: talk about the bush tax cuts. also, you are for extending all of them. she does not want to see them extended for the top wage earners out there. you know a lot of democrats will argue there won't be enough money to make up a shortfall that will be caused by extending all the tax cuts. do you take issue with that? if that is the case where do you recommend we make up the
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money? >> well, i tell you, senator murray voted to readjourn before the tax cut. now we stare down the barrel of biggest tax increase in history. one reason that the small businesses are not growing or creating jobs, they don't know what the government will do next week. going around the state, i'm a small businessman and i understand these things. we have to reauthorize all the taxes. there are 47 moderate house members who want to reauthorize the tax cuts. i'll work with them when i get there. we have to make reductions further in the budget than just the tax cuts. you know, my state, i was the head budget writer who balanced the bigger deficit in history, without raising taxes and still protect the vulnerable. it can be done. you have to not worry about getting re-elected. that was the key to the success in the state senator. that's how i'll operate as a
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senator. >> shannon: the new ad that is out is women can't trust you. we know getting out the vote is important for republicans. how do you answer that ad? >> well, it's more desperation on my opponent's part. i mean, she has the same polling we have. if she was really doing well, do you think the vice president would be here twice, the president twice, the first lady and the former president? no. actually because she can't stand on the issues. you know, she voted for the bail-out and stimulus and government-controlled healthcare. even in the debate she said she helped write the government healthcare that needs to be repealed and replaced for something that works. the issues don't work for her so she will distract people with other things. what we need to do is make sure people understand if you like the way things are going, if you like the high unemployment rate, vote for senator murray, guaranteed to give you more years of the same. if you want to go a different direction and let entrepreneurs get back to work, come with me. i am going with a different direction. >> shannon: we want to let the
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viewers know we reached out numerous times to senator murray's office to invite her to also take part today. we never got a response. we're glad that you could join us, we know this is a tough race and interesting one that we'll be watching heading to november 2. thank you. >> thank you. >> shannon: well, president obama is taking a day to recharge his batteries before heading back out on the campaign trail. the president will travel to rhode island tomorrow and spend the final weekend before the election making stops in pennsylvania, connecticut, illinois and ohio. while stumping in minnesota yesterday, the president told voters not to give up hope. >> don't let them tell you that change isn't possible. it's just hard, that's all. that's okay. we have to earn it. we're just in the first quarter. we have a lot more quarters to play. >> shannon: the latest real clear politics poll reports that less than half of those polled, 46.5% approve of the job that president obama is doing. while 48.1% disapprove. well, perhaps the result of
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the numbers, many democrats eager to capture some of the presidential star power turn to a different president. president bill clinton. the former president is campaigning for democrats at pace few can match. this year he stumped for more than 65 candidates at 100 events. recent gallop poll found voters are more likely to be swayed by clinton endorsement than by president obama's. when asked if a campaign appearance by obama or clinton would make them more likely to vote for candidate, republicans, 9% played by clinton. democrats, 53%. this afternoon in michigan, dingal is running 17 points ahead of the republican channeler rob steele according to the real clear politics average. how will the presidents on the campaign trail hurt or help vulnerable democrats this year? joining us to talk about is john ward, senior white house and politics reporter for the
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daily caller. great to see you. >> thank you for having me. >> shannon: look at the pew polls that come out to tell us how people feel overall about the democrats and republicans. interesting to note when you look at men and women together, both genders prefer g.o.p. candidates 52 to 49% f. how do you expect that to change? >> fascinating poll. the split among registered voters is actually smaller than likely voters. when you look at the likely voter, you have a ten-point lead for republican candidates. as far as the president's impact, you saw him out there. he was limited to states where he has traditional support, democratic and liberal. also went to some places in more red states but they went to large universities. that's been his game plan. >> shannon: tell us how the former president clinton and current president obama are different as campaigners? what different strengths they bring to the candidate? >> there is a geographic
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difference. president clinton has been in the south and has appeal to red state voters and he's also not the guy in the white house making decisions that people are upset about. everybody knows that president clinton is classic politicians. really good at getting on the stump and making people feel like he connects to them. that's always been a big problem for president obama. feeling like people can connect with him, that he understands where they're coming from. the polls have shown that. that is a big reason why president clinton is more effective. >> shannon: it's interesting, some of the states i've been to visit and the different races you can see how different presidents are preferred in those. i spent time in arkansas where obviously bill clinton -- i found people on both side of the aisle love him. he's very well loved. president obama not making appearances there. not seen as an asset. >> no. it's ironic, because remember in the '90s how acrimonious the politics of clinton and the impeachment was. you know, when you talk about the south, when you talk about geographically, a big thing that stands out in the pew poll, and we have a piece up
12:15 pm
on it now at the daily caller, in the midwest, geographic the democrats lost a lot. midwest for example in 2006 the democrats had 11-point edge. and right now, republicans are up 53-37, i believe. a huge swing there. among other core key constituencies. >> shannon: so we know that president clinton is out there, the first lady, vice president and president. if you are a democratic candidate and you have to choose one, who do you want on the campaign trail? >> i have to say you probably want bill clinton. it depends where you are. if you are in california or washington, president obama is pretty good asset. those are core and key democratic states. i think the president's appearance will help those candidates. >> shannon: i want to ask about the issue of gender. women are increasingly the bread-winners in their family and they benefit from the white house policies financially. they are a key group in the vote.
12:16 pm
is the timing suspect or coincidental? >> there is obviously an element of politics there. the white house put out a study on the recession of women. there is a political component to that. at the same time, washington and california are two key senate races. the democrats must keep those seats. if they lose them, it's probably going to mean that the republicans get control of the senate. >> shannon: key races. great to see you. thank you for coming in. >> thank you for having me. >> shannon: all right. when tom timcrato announced to be the governor of colorado, critics said he didn't have a chance. now he's five points behind the democratic candidate. tancredo joins us next. fresh off the firing from npr, juan williams appears live on "fox news sunday" talking about his dismissal. coming up you'll hear his reaction. my doctor said most calcium supplements... aren't absorbed properly unless taken with food. he recommended citracal. it's different --
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>> shannon: with just over a week to go, every race will be a critical win or loss for republicans or democrats in the senate, where the precarious balance of power could swing either way on election day. the current make-up stands at 57 democrats, we've got 41 republicans and a couple of independents as well. so with that mix in mind, analysts now classify eight seats in play this fall as toss-up races which could fall to either party. one of those toss-ups getting attention is the pennsylvania senate race, where republican pat toomey, himself a former congressman is now in a tight race with congressman joe sestak. the current real clear politicsarm has toomey leading sestak by just two points. well within the margin of error. in recent history, pennsylvania has been a blue state. long-term republican and
12:21 pm
current senator arlen specter left the g.o.p. last year, becoming a democrat. a lot of folks think that was avoiding a g.o.p. primary challenge from toomey. that he wound up losing the democratic primary to sestak. pat toomey is chris wallace's exclusive guest today on "fox news sunday," where he dismissed his opponent's attempt to compare him to congressional republican candidate christine o'donnell in neighboring delaware. >> i don't think people fall for that. this is silly. joe sestak is so worried about his own record, he is trying to run against somebody i never met and don't agree with. who is extreme here? joe sestak is to the left of nancy pelosi. that is no exaggeration. >> shannon: toomey held on to the lead for much of the campaign season but sestak has been making a comeback in recent weeks. this makes it anyone's game going to november 2. earlier i sat down with chris. you had republican and
12:22 pm
democrat on the show today. start with pat toomey out of pennsylvania. what did you make of his explanation that the polls have changed? >> he was leading by 8-1/2 points labor day and now he is leading by less than two points. he says it's a natural tightening. another factor, christine o'donnell, the controversial republican senate candidate in neighboring delaware advertises on philadelphia television, because it covers part of the state. the opponent to toomey, joe sestak is saying that toomey is extremist, like o'donnell, tea party. there is some evidence that the linkage to her is hurting toomey, though he went to some pains on "fox news sunday" to say never met the woman don't agree with her on a lot of things. he feels confident in the end he will win but the race has tightened up dramatically. democrats have a big registration advantage in
12:23 pm
pennsylvania. >> shannon: they do. you asked about an issue that a lot of candidates have to answer for and the bush tax cut and how to make up the debt. what did he say? >> toomey, anti-tax group for washington for four years gave better answer than other candidates. went through variety of spending issues, entitlement and said he believes that cutting the taxes will boost the economy and boost revenues but yes, we still have too big a government. he had particular areas, one of them for instance, banning earmarks he says leads to all kind of appropriations well beyond earmarks. also, he talked about privatizing social security, not for anybody close to or in retirement, but 20-year-old, 30-year-olds. you can agree or disaghee but he had more specific answers.
12:24 pm
>> shannon: and joe manchin was on the show. months ago it looked like he had an easy path to the seat in the senate. he polled favorably with west virginians but he is in a neck in neck race there. >> this is the strangest race in the country. 68% approval as governor. as senate candidate he's endorsed by the u.s. chamber of commerce and national rifle association. in a flat-footed tie with john raese. it's about obama. they like him as governor, and want him to stay as governor but obama has 33% approval rating in west virginia and raese is making the argument when manchin goes to washington, he will be washington joe and another vote for the obama agenda. that is hurting joe manchin. >> shannon: was he able to demonstrate a break with the president when it comes to policy issues? >> yeah. he now says he is against cap-and-trade and very much against a lot of healthcare reform. the problem is that he has been all over the map on the
12:25 pm
issues. take healthcare reform. in march when the bill was up in the house, he was asked by a reporter would you vote for this bill as it now stands? the senate bill. he said yes, he would. now he says that he was against the mandate and against a lot of the elements in it. i said well, why were you for it in march? he said i didn't know what was in it. not necessarily the best answer for a guy who wants to come to the senate and vote on big bills. >> shannon: all right. you spotlighted two interesting races today. nine days to go. thank you, chris. >> you bet. >> shannon: you can see chris' full exclusive interview with pat toomey and governor joe manchin on "fox news sunday" at 2:00 and 6:00 p.m. eastern on fox. one new hampshire newspaper is making headlines, itself, for refusing to print a marriage notice. you'll find out what that is about next. new controversy for alaska senate candidate joe miller this weekend. part of his life may become open record because of a judge's ruling. what we could find out about the alaska senate candidate.
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and your free hoveround collapsible grabber. call the number on your screen. >> shannon: real clear politics has republican florida senate candidate marco rubio up by 12 points. but the other two candidates in the race faced off in a debate with rubio and tried to change that. julie kirtz has the top of the news. >> that's right. the three-way debate turned into a war of words between rubio and republican turned independent governor charlie crist. the two argued about spending, tax cuts and party loyalty, along with democrat kendrick
12:31 pm
meek. debated on cnn show "state of the union. "gay marriage may be legal in new hampshire but the state's largest newspaper is refusing to publish gay marriage announcements. two men married yesterday wanted the notice in the paper and the union leader declined. the publisher says the paper isn't anti-gay but believes marriage is between a man and woman. aid workers in haiti feel outbreak of cholera north of port-au-prince is spreading to the capital. they are working to contain the disease. more than 200 people died so far. nearly 2700 are infected. celine dion and her husband welcome twin boys to the family. the boys are premature but healthy. due to deliver next month and the babies weighed over five pounds each. the couple already has a 9-year-old son. congratulations to them. those are the top stories. >> shannon: all the best to the little babies. julie, thank you very much. nine days to go until
12:32 pm
mid-term election and the race for colorado governor is heating up. according to the latest fox news opinion dynamic poll with 40% the american constitution party candidate tom tancredo was five points behind the democratic nominee denver mayor john hickenlooper. the republican candidate is running a distant three, maes has 10% of the vote. fresh from friday night's debate, congressman tom tancredo joins us from colorado. great to see you. >> thank you. pleasure to be here. >> shannon: i want to start with the issue that's made about the fact that your camp or the dan maes camp approached each other. reports that they're trying to convince him to drop out of the race. what is the latest? >> that is a moot point at this point in time. here we are, eight, nine days away from the race. i mean from the election. really won't matter. there was a discussion certainly, we had folks from his camp come over to our office and ask us about the possibility of discussing it
12:33 pm
with him. and we would have been happy to talk to him about it, about any of the things we could do to get him out of the race, accolades or give him a medal but he didn't go for it. >> shannon: i'm guessing he wasn't. there is an issue if a major party drops below 10% point in the gubernatorial race they lose the primary party status. do you think that will keep him in the race, that issue alone? >> no. it's not that at all. there are issues that he has. i think he is a very, very angry guy. he is just going to be here for his own personal reasons. nothing to do with anything else. even the head of the republican party here in the state said that is really a non-issue. it will be changed immediately upon when the legislature reconvenes. when the republican says -- the head of the republican party also said that mr. maes was the worst candidate in the history of colorado. a vote for him would be
12:34 pm
essentially a wasted vote. that is the head of the republican party here. talking about his republican party candidate. so, the situation is peculiar one for sure. >> shannon: i want to about things that came from the heated debate friday night. the issue of dan maes stepping down came up and he said, "i'm the only conservative on the stage." do you take issue with that? >> say again. >> shannon: do you have an issue with him saying, "i am the only conservative on the stage," maes referring to himself. >> you can say anything, especially when you have no background no, record voting for a single issue. of course, i do. i have been around a while and i have 97.2 rating from the american conservative union, over a lifetime of vote in legislature and the congress. there was one conservative on the stage that night but it wasn't dan maes. >> shannon: he has criticism
12:35 pm
of you, your vote on tarp and issue of legalizing pot. >> shannon: what do you want me to address first? >> start with tarp. >> yes, i did vote for tarp. it was one of the toughest votes i had to make but at the end of the day, it was the right thing to do. we had a situation developing that was potentially catastrophic. a lot of the money has been repaid. we did stabilize the situation. it was a tough vote. believe me, one i wrestled with for a long time. i came down on the side, you know, if everybody's house is on fire around here, you better do something about it and better try to call the fire department because the embers are going to spread every place. that's what we were doing, try and keep the fire, you know, stabilize -- put out in time that didn't catch the rest of the world. and the rest of this country in a situation that was incredibly. i mean, as i say, potentially
12:36 pm
catastrophic economic situation. okay. legalizing -- i have no plans, no agenda to legalize marijuana. i was asked about whether or not i thought it should be. i said listen, what we're doing now is not working. show me a better way to do it and i'm willing to hear what you have to say. but what we are doing now, i am positive is not working. if we can make severe penalty for selling it to minors, and while the same time legalizing it for adults, we reduce the risk that people are going to be pushing it to minors because there is no reward for that. the risk you're taking. it's simply similar situation, of course, to prohibition. but we have extra added dimension here. the cartels, the corruption that is endemic in mexico and moving to this side of the border, it's affecting everything. it's affecting many -- in
12:37 pm
fact, even some local governments in and around los angeles. yeah, there is just incredible amount of corruption. something has to be done. let's debate the issue. >> shannon: all right, congressman. former congressman, possibly future governor of colorado. tom tancredo. thank you for your time. >> you bet. thank you. >> shannon: we want to let folks know we reached out to democratic mayor john hickenlooper who is running ahead in the polls. he was busy on a bus tour today and could not join us. all right. moving on to another hot race, alaska senate candidate joe miller using work computer or work time for political purposes? voters in alaska will soon find out. judge ordered release of the republican employment records from his time as a part-time attorney at the fairbacks north star bureau. joe miller be a guest in the next hour to talk about the ruling and his controversial advisor as well. stick around. we have a new member of the fox familiy to welcome today. meteorologist maria molina
12:38 pm
joins us with the forecast and hurricane richard. welcome. great to see you. >> thank you, shannon. great to be with you. yes, you're right. we have hurricane richard just been upgraded in the past couple of actually hour-and-a-half around that time. it is currently a category one hurricane. sustained winds at 85 miles per hour. so a powerful hurricane. we can see it here right off the coast of belize. that will continue to move on shore. it's really got its act together in the past couple of hours. that area that you do see in red is really where the heaviest of the rain is, concentrated around the storm system. further intensification is expected with the storm system and it will be a category two hurricane this evening as it makes landfall with sustained winds at 100 miles per hour. flash flooding, mudslides and storm surge is a concern. just aside from the damaging winds. as it does continue to move on shore, we will weaken and be torn apart by the time it does
12:39 pm
enter in southwest portion of gulf of mexico. >> thank you. welcome aboard. >> thank you. >> shannon: with halloween around the corner, stores are gearing up for the holidayp shooing, but this year, many shoppers could be trading in parking lot and crowded malls for their laptop and online retailers are taking note. brenda buttner joins to us talk about online shopping. a few years ago i made the transition, and i haven't looked back. so convenient. >> it's hard! i know. boy it's hard. you want to stay in your pajamas all the time. why wait online for hours in a store when you can buy online at your computer in seconds? two-third of retailers expect their companies' online sales to jump 15% or more compared to last year's holiday season. when less than half of them had such high expectations. that means online sellers are already in december holiday
12:40 pm
mode. well ahead of halloween. four out of ten expect to begin marketing for the holidays by the end of october. another 40% the week after that. but even if online sales are expected to be a bright spot in the holiday season, they are still trying to reel in us shoppers. some of the incentives that will stay in place, free shipping. that is the biggie! four out of five online retailers will offer free shipping. almost one-third expect that will begin earlier than a year ago. many retailers say their budget for free shipping is bigger than before. onliners are trying to leverage their sales by using the social networking. many with facebook pages and twitter campaign. many holiday shoppers say they will head to the internet for the purchases this year. third of online buyers expect to make more of the holiday buys on the web this year. why? convenience is the main reason. the ability to make price comparisons, and this is no surprise, the unwillingness to
12:41 pm
fight the crowds in the mall. but, of course, some prefer the old fashioned way. they don't like any shipping charges. they want to see and touch a gift before buying it. and wait for delivery. another hurdle for those who don't want to try online buying. but get ready. halloween candy will barely be given out before the online stores look to bring you in. sh shannon? >> shannon: absolutely. we know we will talk to you in the next hour because we want to hear from the viewers. in the next hour, brenda will come back and talk about the holiday shopping. here is what we want to know, do you plan to spend more or less money on holiday shopping this year? also, do you plan to do most of your holiday shopping online? or in stores? e-mail us, we want to hear from you. or leave a message on america's news headquarters facebook wall. we look forward to hearing from you. the airlines posting record profits but the angry complaints are soaring as well.
12:42 pm
casey stegall has more on the sky-high outrage. >> reporter: hi, shannon. it's the first time the airlines recorded a profit since 2007. so what does it mean for members of the flying public? live report from lax coming your way next here on america's news headquarters. ;7
12:43 pm
12:44 pm
12:45 pm
there are so many good things in the healthcare bill, we haven't talked about it. we've been afraid. we've let everyone push us around. time to start telling the voters. >> shannon: that's ed rendell's response to calling wusses for not standing up for healthcare reform. he said that yesterday. but that's not all. read his comments about what democrats need to do and the blogs from the producer and the reporters in the field covering the mid-term election at
12:46 pm
all right, the holiday season is getting closer which mean means a lot of us will fly home to see family and friends, but some are getting upset with what the airlines are not doing well. casey stegall is joining us live from los angeles international airport with more on how people are dealing with the flying frustration. it never seems to be a peaceful experience anymore, casey. >> reporter: it is never easy, shannon. times have changed. remember the days when flying on an airplane was a treat. you didn't have to pay to check the baggage. sometimes booze was free and you got a hot meal. well, sorry to disappoint but those days are long gone. according to the analysts, they're probably not going to come back. the airline industry started to hemorrhage money after september 11. major carrier forced to start charging fees to record a profit. in turn, passenger
12:47 pm
satisfaction is way down. the number of complains are up 35%. >> the profits came for the nickel and tidime fee. $25 to bring a bag on the plane to check it. i don't think it's good for the baggage fees. when the fuel prices went up is when they started the baggage fees. >> reporter: however the airlines are making money again. just this past week, the three major domestic carriers reporting strong earnings. the first time they've been making money and out of the red since 2007. statistics about the unhappy
12:48 pm
passengers could be deceptive. >> one of the things which has led to increase in complaints is the department of transportation to their credit has put together a very good online system for filing a complaint. so it makes it easier than the old days when you had to write a letter or call the 800-number. >> reporter: quickly, here is context and perspective for you. delta airlines, the world's largest airline posted a profit of $363 million in the third quarter. compare it to apple. the company, apple posted a profit of about $15 bil in its third quarter. so it is all relative and not exactly like the airlines are rolling in the dough here. shannon? >> shannon: all right, casey. pack a lot of patience. the best advice. >> exactly. >> shannon: thank you. well, there is a huge science expo going on right here in washington, d.c. president obama is promoting the topic. we'll tell you how right after the break. you know, fresh green beans lose half their vitamin c in a week.
12:49 pm
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12:52 pm
>> shannon: there are crowds at the science and engineering festival on the national mall. 1500 exhibits line pennsylvania avenue. kids can learn about physics of movies and nascar and the chemistry behind thanksgiving dinner. it's the culmination of a week of activities. earlier, president obama announced he will appear on the episode of the popular series "myth busters." today one of the stars from the series will be on the national mall as part of the festival. she is actually stopping by to us. thank you for coming in. >> you're welcome. glad to be here. >> all right. before we get to this interesting contraption that you have, talk about, you
12:53 pm
know, the fair and why it's important to get kids excited about engineering a science. >> the science literacy is very important, because we need to continue that pipeline of science, technology, eng nearing and mathematic -- engineering and mathematics to create the future. cancer won't be cured unless we have home grown scientists. >> shannon: people of all ages are involved in this. you do such unique and entertaining experiments. i know president obama is going to be appearing on an episode about the ark -- archemides death ray. what is this about? >> i want to say that myth busters wasn't starting out to be a science show. it's just a bunch of non-scientists having fun using science. you don't have to be a scientist to like science. it fosters a natural curiosity. that myth buster is a
12:54 pm
juggernaut for science education is a side effect. we started to bring the hands-on experiments to do with your kids. you know, like the tornado in a bottle. >> shannon: show us what you have. this is a great example of something people can do at home. >> you don't need fancy explosives and stuff to get the kids interested in science. we have two-liter bottles and colored water and duct tape. now what i have them do is look how slowly the water ism coming out of the bottle. time how long it takes. do it again but add a swirl to it. it creates a whirlpool, vortex. so the air can come in the bottle as quickly as the water flows out of it. you'll see how fast it builds up now. so simple science. i mean, science is everywhere. if you can involve your kids can, it will get them excited. because you are the first line role models that they'll see. >> shannon: on your show, where we learn more, you mention explosives. you get to blow a lot of stuff
12:55 pm
up, which is awesome. what has been your favorite or one of your favorite episodes you've done? >> my goodness. one of my favorite episode didn't involve explosives, though i love explosives. my perm favorite episode had to do with duct tape. is there anything you can't do with duct tape? >> shannon: you can make outfits out of it. >> i got to destroy a car using whatever i could, torches and i had jaws of life, the fire department came to help me. destroyed a car. then handed my co-host a role of duct tape and said fix it! >> shannon: were they able to do it? >> yeah. then they told me i was driving it. might have done -- >> shannon: the pay off. >> might have done not such a good job on the car if i knew i was driving it. >> shannon: thank you for bringing us a quick experiment to try at home and for the work you're doing on the national mall to encourage and excite people as well. taking your lunch break to come talk to us. >> no problem. >> shannon: great to meet you. thank you for coming. >> thank you. >> shannon: she may not hold office or be running herself,
12:56 pm
but sarah palin is campaigning hard. we look at what tea party candidates are benefitting from her hellos and find out what the other big republican names are doing in the field as well. plus, there is a close senate race brewing in washington. we talk to the man giving incumbent patty murray a run for her money. en i brush, i liko a really mediocre job. i love running my tongue across my teeth and feeling all the stuff i missed. [ male announcer ] no one really wants plaque left on their teeth. done. [ male announcer ] but ordinary manual brushes can leave up to 50% of plaque behind. oral-b power brushes are inspired by the tools professionals use, to clean away plaque in ways a manual brush can't. for that dentist-smooth, clean feeling every day. fight plaque with real power. oral-b power. get 50% off oral-b power brushes for a limited time. visit for details. ♪ ♪
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>> shannon: the republican nominee who detlaled candidate. we ask about that. live. i'm shannon bream, the second hour of the america's news headquarters live from the nation's capital starts rights now.
1:00 pm
there is an article. i didn't write it. there was an article that said the day he switched parties, he picked up the phone and called the pollster who told him you have better chance to
1:01 pm
act as an independent. >> two jobs at the university -- [ overtalking ] >> steering billions of dollars to the category -- >> $165,000! people at home make $165 -- i don't and i'm the governor of florida! >> fiery debate. democrat kendrick meek sat in the middle did eventually get a word in, mostly taking on crist and his party switch. >> the reason why the governor's argument doesn't really penetrate florida voters is that he has been all over the board. first, the republican. then he became an independent. went down and nominated himself to sit here at the table. at this very point. >> the latest polls show a senate race that looks like it's rubio's to lose. he is up 12 points in the latest real clear politics poll average. this morning rubio was endorsed by the "miami herald." the endorsement called marco rubio a driving force and potential consensus seeker if he wins the senate seat.
1:02 pm
>> shannon: julie, thank you very much. not surprisingly, the head of the democratic and the republican national committees are making differing predictions as to which party will emerge with control of the house after the mid-term. who made the better case? steve centanni has details. you can decide for yourself. steve? >> reporter: the final vote drawing near, the two party chiefs are predicting the mid-term election will swing their way. now the president turned to the campaigner in chief for democrat. he just finished a four-day swing across the country. he hits the road next weekend. he's trying to rekindle some of the missing enthusiasm among democrats. while the party chairman, tim kaine, says the democratic get-out-the-vote efforts will make all the difference. he says there are strong trends that favor democrats in these time days of the race. democrats in these final days of the race. >> the races are close but from this point forward it is about turnout and ground game and we are seeing good early voting trends an and we have work to o and we think we can do it.
1:03 pm
almost all the polls have been moving for us. >> there is no lack of enthusiasm on the republican side inspired by tea party icon sarah palin and partly by the slumping economy and voter anger. the gop party chairman is predicting what he calls an unprecedented wave of republican turnout that will lead to major gains in congress come november 2. i absolutely believe in the house the balance of power will shift. we are 38 seats and need to get to 39 to get control but i think we are more than thy. >> you say the house will go to the republicans. what about the senate? >> that is a little sufficienter. we will be there. >> reporter: steele also disputed claims that the gop refused to work with the president. he says republican ideas have been rejected and the gop leaders "couldn't even get a meeting with the president." shannon? >> shannon: thank you very
1:04 pm
much. president obama is taking a day to recharge his batteries before heading out on the campaign trail again. he is making stops in pennsylvania, connecticut, illinois and ohio. he wrapped up a west coast tour on saturday. the battleground state of ohio is considered crucial for democrats. president obama has visited it more than any other state. as carl cameron reports from eastern ohio many of the president's democratic colleagues are shifting positions in order to survive. >> reporter: if it is true that as goes ohio so goes the nation, democrats have reason to worry. coffee campaigning with a rightward tilt. democratic incumbent governor ted strickland trails republican rival and former congressman john kasek in the polls. strickland has the nra endorsement and an a plus rating. >> we are second amendment democrats. >> reporter: president obama's
1:05 pm
unpopularity is a factor across this premier bellwether swing state where unemployment is 12%. strickland campaigned with zach space, a blah dog who opposed healthcare reform and emphasizes rural values. >> it is all about principle and what you stand for. >> space is on defense against republican state senator bob gibbs who cast him as just another liberal. in lisbon, strickland hooked up with democratic congressman charlie wilson, another so-called fiscal leister democrat. >> i feel good about it. we had our polls actually last night and i'm cautiously optimistic. >> wilson has been hurt by ugly stories about a messy divorce years ago and johnson is gaining momentum. ten of ohio's 18 congressional districts are currently democrat but polls suggest five could turn gop.
1:06 pm
democratic john bocciari has been haunted by his vote for healthcare reform and lags in the polls behind jim rinasi. mary jo kill roy all but written off and in ohio, freshman democratic incumbent now trails former republican congressman who lost to him just two years ago. polls suggest voters are content to a leave the senate seat in republican hands. rob portman as a commanding and comfortable lead over democratic incumbent lee fisher. >> shannon: republicans and democrats are turning out in almost evening numbers. ' cording to the nevada secretary of state on the republican74 voters turned out, 16.7% of the active registered republicans. for the democrats the number was 68,449 voters for a turnout
1:07 pm
or 14.5%. turnout could be the key to victory in the race for the state's u.s. senate seat. harry reid is tied in the polls with tea party backed sharon angle. joining us now is the strategist panel, former senior advisor to mitt romney phil musser and former campaign advisor to john kerry, marry ann marsh. what do democrats have to do to close strong with just sunshine days left? >> turnout. turnout. turnout. that is the whole ballgame. element recently republicans will walk across hot coals to get to the voting booth. you will feel like you are standing on hot coals for the next two years if you don't get out there to vote. it is all about turnout. >> shannon: do you think there will be surprises for the republicans on november 2? >> listening to mary ann she is
1:08 pm
right, the democrats have to get the base out. we see that for public polling and enthusiasm on the ground. there is a lot of enthusiasm and energy but we shouldn't count your chickens before they are hatched. we have a week to go. there has been a significant number of the base on the left has i think come home and there are four or five states where polling closed a lot this week. republicans need to stay focused like a laser and are on executing the ground game and turning out voters and making the closing arguments without making mistakes. i think in the broader context people are feeling optimistic about the fundmentals set for the election. >> shannon: let's talk about the fact that the democrats did an excellent job in 2008 of having an organized get out the early vote campaign. that framework has stayed in place for 21st century. we -- for 2010. the president and first lady and vice president are out your honoring people to get the
1:09 pm
ballots in early. how much of a success factor will that be aside from just getting people out on november 2, the actual day. >> a good ground game is worth 3 to 5 points and i think that organization is key in holding the senate especially in washington. you had dino rossi in earlier on your program and every day is election in day. get the people to get the ballots in make the big difference. that is the firewall when you look at barbara boxers a improving condition. that could be the difference between holding the senate and losing it for democrats. >> shannon: a number of democrats especially in the tight races had a difficult decision of distancing themselves from not only the president but also house speaker nancy pelosi. youngsters do you think that is going to work for them? >> the ones that distanced themselves from pelosi did it because of political necessity. she is one of the most polarizing political figures in the country. in the midwest and the south a
1:10 pm
lot of incumbent and challenger democrats who had to disaassociate because of a wise political strategy of linking unpopular votes to her legacy and image in a lot of cases. in 2006 and 2008, republicans lost a lot of swing seats that i think they are poised to get back. one of the key questions going forward is if the democrats lose the majority in the house they will have punched the moderate members of the caucus. the liberal positions in the conference which is what i see most republicans see nancy pelosi embodying. >> shannon: on what do you think are some of the key races that could leave democrats in a better position than some think they will be? some races that you ultimately think will tip to the democrat side? >> connecticuts have gotten lucky -- democrats have gotten lucky in connecticut and delaware. the two states close at 8:00.
1:11 pm
maybe pennsylvania a tough race between sestack and toomey. go to illinois, that is a tough battle as well. democrats are going to have a tougher time in the midwest and south and then move to nevada. if harry reid could ever pull out, nevada, which is a tough, tough thing to see right now that would be a big difference. as you go athe country the firewall is out and you have to look at boxer and murray to hold the senate for the democrats. >> have to watch, west virginia, too. >> shannon: and i will be there on election night watching it first hand myself and letting folks know how it will go. >> lucky you. >> thatle be fun. >> shannon: one of the more interesting races and there are plenty out there. we ask you to stick around. more political debating about red and blue states and what is going to turn purple and happen this time around. >> shannon: iraq's supreme court ordered parliament back to work after a seven month long impass that blocked the formation of a new government.
1:12 pm
the fallout happened when elections failed to give any party a ruling majority. the high court ordered the par lament back to court declaring the impass as unconstitutional. wiki leaks dropped another bomb and another may be on the way. the founder of the controversial website released another 400,000 classified u.s. military documents this week outlining torture claims and a growing number of civilian deaths in iraq. how dangerous is this document? joining us to weigh in is fox news analyst major general bob scales. great to see you, general. >> good to see you. what is going on? >> 400,000 new documents. one of the key sticking points that supporters of wiked i leaks say it is important to get the information out there because they are covering torture and abuse claims. is that a valid point in any way? >> it is not. the u.s. command is worried about this for several reasons. sure, sources and methods are
1:13 pm
important, shannon, because they are worried about certain iraqi sources, particularly inside baghdad being attacked by al-qaeda. but the real worry is really more about the chilling eel text in is going to have -- effect this is going to have on intelligence gathering. one of the big -- the ability to use the intelligence quickly. and there is a fear that that may be impacted. secondly is the ability to gather intelligence. you can get that afghans are watching the news and they are going to have to wonder about giving up secrets to the americans if that is going to endanger their families and the third thing is the idea of the narrative. the chilling effect that the images particularly in the greater middle east and europe are having based on selective presentation of some of these facts in the media and i know that the u.s. command is particularly worried particularly at this sensitive time about the negative images
1:14 pm
of the american effort amplified in the global media. >> shannon: asking you to play armchair psychologist, what do you think is motivating him and why is he doing this? >> he said himself this is not about finding the truth. it is a political objective pure and simple. he has been quoted assaying i want to end these two wars and the view the documents as a way to end the wars not necessarily to find the truth. he has been an antiwar activist most of his life and using the wiki leaks as a way to pressure countries like europe and the middle east to put pressure on the united states to end both wars. it is not a pentagon papers moment. it is really purely driven by politics. >> he by all accounts sort of lives on the run. lives on people's coaches, borrows money, darts from place to place. will he be brought to justice do you think? >> i don't think so. two things are in place.
1:15 pm
one is the internet. the ability to within seconds leak classified documents and to have a source of that leak happening anywhere in the world. and secondly, he is hiding out in places that are generally inaccessible to the u.s. justice system and so i'm afraid that he is going to be around a long time and the daneer is that copy cats may come along, young men and women following a self-imposed goal may start leaking information that could really harm our soldier in harm's way. that is really the great fear. >> thank you so much. >> thank you, shannon. >> shannon: somali pirates have hijacked a gas tanker from singapore off the coast of east africa. that comes from antipiracy task force officials. the ship was carrying 17 crew members when it was seized. yet another twist in the race for alaska's senate seat. what a court is forcing republican candidate joe miller to reveal about his past. ñ÷ [ male announcer ] this is steven, a busy man.
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>> shannon: following big wins in what h had long been considered republican territory in recent years is support for democrats receding back to regions that were considered republican strongholds. we are back with our panel. welcome back to you both. >> thanks. >> shannon: the map changed a little bit in 2008 when it came to red and blindfolded blue a. are we going back to 2004 and 2006 patterns or do you think 2008 will continue forward? >> the map will look a lot different in 21st century than it -- in 2010 than it did in 2008. there will be a map that looks more similar with respect to
1:20 pm
2004. pay special attention to the role of republican governors. republican governors particularly are claimed to do very well through i think the midwestern states. reclaim some territory in the south and even poach into the southwest and potentially pick up areas where democrats have laid claim for a long time. in new england opportunity up there as well where maryian is currently sitting. a great gubernatorial race. next tuesday night you could have a different looking map that could have a significant expansion of the base of political power for republicans around this country which would portend well for the future. >> shannon: and what areas do you see in flux? >> i late to agree with phil. but is right on this one. flooding the zone in a 50 state strategy to flooding the needle in 21s 2010. look at the fact that president obama played hard and was
1:21 pm
successful in north carolina, louisiana, georgia in 2008. that is not where he is appearing this year the exception to help heath shuler in north carolina. the implication there is and phil is right there is threats in massachusetts and the northeast and elsewhere. i think what you have to look at is what does this mean for 2012? in terms of redistricting makes it difficult if democrats are not successful to gain some seats in 2012 because the lines will by different and more governors will draw the lines. affect president obama's electoral strategy because you wedge on electoral votes and you will have fewer democrats who get elected to help obama and other democrats win office in 2012. the implications of november 2 have far-reaching effect into the elections of 2012 for everybody. >> shannon: does some of this come down to a shifting changing definition of what it
1:22 pm
means to be a democrat? i think about where i grew up in the south and democrats there, many of them consider themselves to be socially conservative and they feel like sort of the party has changed and they are not willing to go with it. >> look at the erosion to the perspective of who is left for the president that supported him in 2008, it is white men and women across the economic scale from middle income. the truth is that you need a solid backbone to get elected in the south. you see candidates in the south like john spratt in south carolina and gene taylor in mississippi and others down in the deep south who typically cruise to reelection in the exact mod that will you outline facing challenges because of elevated anger amongst the class groups towards the president's aagain da. it is no question a challenge.
1:23 pm
the environment is difficult for democrats now. i have some measure of sympathy. i ran a party committee in 2006 so i sat on the other side of the table. turnout is important and if we continue to see the intinessity in the base of our party it should be a great election night next week. >> shannon: interesting to see agreement on both of the panels today. thanks to you both. >> shannon: a washington state man scored what appears to be a presidential first. sylvester cann was hoping to get the president's autograph. he didn't have a pen and paper but did have his apple ipad. he got mr. obama's signature. >> i said you just use your finger and he grabbed is and signed it and handed it back to me. i said thanks, buddy. he thought it was fun. i could tell after he did it that he thought it was a creative idea. he looked over his shoulder a
1:24 pm
little bit and was, you know, that is not a bad idea. first time we have seen that. >> shannon: technology. he says he backed up the saw the after autograph on a flash drive and two different computers to make sure he has it for safe keeping. the three-way race for alaska senate has taken another turn. joe miller must release his employment records according to a brand new ruling from a judge. joe miller will join us live, with his reaction, next. and one william juan willis live on "fox news sunday" talking about his firing. we will share some comments from you at home.
1:25 pm
1:26 pm
1:27 pm
1:28 pm
1:29 pm
>> shannon: in the race for florida's u.s. senate seat it looks like marco rubio is on the verge of a political knockout. up an average of 12 points and just picked up a big endorsement and debated his two opponents this morning. julie kirtz has that and the other top stories. >> there were fireworks in the fifth debate between rubio and charlie crist and democrat kendrick meek appearing on cnn state of the union. crist pushed rubio to disclose his financial records. and the president taking a day off at the white house but tomorrow back on the campaign trail. mr. obama stumped again in rhode island where he will tour a factory and help raise more money for house democrats. the head of the republican national committee is
1:30 pm
predicting voter dissatisfaction will lead to a wave of gop victories in the mid term elections. michael steele says republicans will win control of the house. tim kaine says he thinks high voter turnout will keep control of congress in democratic hands. and delaware senate candidate christine o'donnell said president obama's healthcare reform will put a greater burden on to doctors. the republican will speak at a press conference announcing the launch of doctors for o'donnell. she is running against chris coons whose latest ads target her as being from the twilight zone. that is the latest. back to you, shannon. >> shannon: another twist in the race for alaska's senate seat. a ruling that employment records for joe miller must be released. with the race between miller and democrat scott mcadams and current senator lisa murkowski co every vote will ct
1:31 pm
come november 2. joe miller is joining us live. welcome. >> how are you? >> shannon: i want to ask you about the ruling from the judge. is it appropriate that your employment records be released and will you appeal the ruling? >> the attorney is looking at the decision and reviewing what was ordered. the full file has not been ordered released. it is important to realize that the file itself was already leaked and that is why there was a discussion about it. from our perspective we knew that give -- at the beginning of the race there would be every effort to make sure that the issues before alaskan voters got clouded with other things such as what joe miller has done throughout his lifetime and we aren't terribly surprised by this turn of events and there will not be any sur police to come out of that file anyway. >> shannon: there have been
1:32 pm
accusations you used your time inappropriately on political activities. >> what what they are trying to get at is about a situation that arose where during my lunch hour i voted in a poll, it was a political poll, private poll and it violated the computer use policy. >> shannon: some say you didn't have a lunch hour because you were a part-time policy. >> the documents that will come out will clarify all of that. >> shannon: you have a tight race going with the current senator lisa murkowski who lost to youngsters u i you in the g. what does your camp need to do to succeed the next nine days? >> this issue is one of the things that both opponents are trying to do to make sure that alaskans don't recognize the issues before them. a government going bankrupt at the federal level and yet the state of alaska is dependent on
1:33 pm
the federal government for its economic success. a new unemployment here in alaska and we are up 1% in unemployment from where we were awhile ago. we are already feeling pressures anded we will face more as the federal dollars shrink. alaskans understand that hard times are coming and see no solution from either of the other two candidates. >> shannon: and joe miller i want to ask you she referring to senator murkowski at this point she says that they are continued fight for the seat and the writein candidacy is about the people of alaska. is it more about the people or about her? >> i think her campaign is about a smear campaign. she cannot run on the issues because she has absolutely no solution. she keeps on trying to tell the alaskan people we have to continue the way it has been in the past even though the past is a dead end. she is clearly trying to buy the votes of alaskans. we are try are to earn the votes of alaskan.
1:34 pm
>> shannon: your take on mcadams running in third here, does he make any last minute push? >> i don't know whether he does or not. he is out there and talking to people. he was at a debate yesterday or the day before yesterday with me here in fairbanks. frankly, you know, he is making the push that he always made and it is not resonating much with people either. ultimately we will see how the votes turn out. we have a very unusual campaign. a writein on murkowski's side. a traditional democrat and then somebody in the state saying wake up, we better look at what we have in the state, our natural resources create jobs because the federal government may be pulling the plug here soon. >> joe miller, candidate for alaska's u.s. senate seat. thank you for your time today. >> thank you for having me. >> senator murkowski and scott mcadams, of course, always welcome here on america's election head quarters. there has been a firestorm regarding juan williams' firing from npr. today he talked about it on
1:35 pm
"fox news sunday." >> i think they don't like the eye de leymarie that i a-- idea that i epeer on fox news. somehow in their own state of mind i'm somehow legitimatizing fox news by appearing on shows rather than being willing to engage in debate or discussion. >> shannon: we want to know what you think about these situations. many already shared your thoughts online. here is what some of you were saying. ron writes npr and schiller owe mr. williams an apollgy. and baldwin writes i don't always agree with his view points but his firing was wrong. hope he seeks actions against npr. become a fan of america's news headquarters page on facebook. and log on to fox news .com for juan's full reaction in his own words. >> shannon: if you think american politics are dicey get a load of things in russia.
1:36 pm
med da serve is currently the president but a lot of people think that vladimir putin is actually the one pulling the strings. >> reporter: some say russia is run by two men. conventional wisdom has been that former president putin is still top gun. for his birthday, a group of moscow journalism students actually dedicated a fawning calendar to him. ms. march says you put out the forest fires but i am still burning. but many say medvedev is coming into his own. journalist says that while putin enjoys the support, big businesses meed dvedev. >> a very intelligent man. a more modern man than putin. sewell read.
1:37 pm
pretty sure of himself. >> some believe they are two sides of the same coin but pundits say when it comes to relations with the united states they are quite different. >> while putin is said to look more to the east medvedev is said to want a real partnership with america. he recently hosted california governor arnold schwarzenegger to discuss a role for california entrepreneurs in russia's planned silicon valley. he vowed to crack down on corruption to help facilitate foreign investment but so far has not. >> the country is totally corrupt. there is a great russian saying about the fact that a fish rots from the head. >> repex of dissent is also an ongoing theme in russia and a second group of students made a calendar on that scene. opposition rallies are regularly put down with strong arm tactics. analysts say russian leaders justify this in the name of stablizing the country. >> i mean they -- we had
1:38 pm
democracy in the '90s and we nearly collapsed. so now we will freeze the country and we shall see when the country is ready for democracy. >> in a break from the recent past the new team is seen as more tough but also nor straight laced. which will steer russian policy in the next decade remains a secret holed up in the corridors of the kremlin and how different they are really remains to be seen. amy kellogg, fox news. >> shannon: today we are welcoming a new member of the fox family. marina molina with a fox forecast and a big weekend. a busy one. a hurricane. >> a hurricane, slight risk for severe weather and the first major winter storm impacting parts of the pacific northwest. definitely a busy weekend. we will head on and take a look at richard. has been upgraded to a category
1:39 pm
one hurricane, sustained wind at 85 miles per hour and warm water and calm winds winds will allow it to continue to strengthen and by late this evening when it does impact belize it will be a category 2 hurricane or is expected to be so with sustained winds at about 00 miles an hour. that is definitely a concern and we will keep you updated. meanwhile the first major snowstorm of the season that i did mention is impacting parts of the pacific northwest. the heaviest of the rain concentrated across parts of northern california, rainfall rates of about half an inch per hour are falling out there. and also looking at rainfall across parts of the great lakes extending into new england. otherwise, later today as we do continue to see a bit of a warm-up we will get a slight risk of some severe weather, already storms firing up across eastern parts of arkansas and throughout the day we will see that threat for large hail, strong winds and isolated tornadoes extending from northeastern portions of texas up into illinois and extending
1:40 pm
as east as alabama. i will keep you updated. otherwise, back to you, shannon. >> shannon: thank you very much, maria. hard to believe but the molly henneberg days are just around -- hard to believe but the holidays are just around the corner. will you be hitting the mall to comb through holiday deals or hitting online shopping this year? brenda buttner has your answers on that topic, right after this break.
1:41 pm
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1:43 pm
>> shannon: chris wallace has exclusive interviews on "fox news sunday" with key candidates in tight senate races. former congressman pat toomey. the latest real clear politics average has toomey leading sestack by a slim margin 46.5 to 44.5. when asked if the gop would be able to take back the senate toomey expressed confidence while acknowledging it is not going to be an easy task.
1:44 pm
>> the republicans have to run the table on virtually call all of the competitive races to take control. i'm not as close to the other races as obviously i am to my moan. i think we have a great shot here. this is close. this is tough. i think we will pull it out and be in the majority. also on "fox news sunday," west virginia governor hided his opponent as an absentee candidate who is only around during campaign season. >> we being involved in the frontline of west virginia and solving problems and bringing people together. we have a proven record. we have only seen john during the campaign and every time he has run. that is the difference. >> shannon: the latest average in west virginia shows an extremely tight race. 45.8 to 44.3%. democrats are sending big names out to stump for candidates.
1:45 pm
washington state went solidly for president obama but now the incumbent senator is fighting to keep her seat. bill clinton, president obama and vice president biden all campaigned for patty murray this week. she faces republican dino rossi. our producers put together a blog. log on to find out what rossi thinks of his opponent's high profile support. we have been asking you to e-mail us with your holiday budget. do you plan to spend more or less? and are you going to do more online shopping or do you like getting out and fighting the crowds at the mall? brenda buttner with your responses. >> plenty of opinions on this one. mix shopping and spending money in a year when both are in short supply and viewers have things to say like beth in genoa hopes to add the true christmas spirit to the holiday but wants nothing to do with
1:46 pm
malls. she writes i plan to spend less and spend more time with family rather than money. plus the shopping i do will be online. why waste time, gas and create frustration for myself. brent shares with many viewers a basic eye tee. idea. he is not making more bucks so he can't spend more. he writes he has no more money this year than last to devote to gift giving. the spending budget is the same as last year. the economy hasn't improved and we have to be careful with our disposable income. and from our facebook page teresa says less must be more this holiday shopping season. definitely spend less. we will look for deals in stores and blames a lot of this on what is going on in washington namely gridlock due to the uncertainty on taxes and the deficit. inflation of the dollar is next. we will save money and conserve. thanks to the viewers who shared their opinions. we love to hear from you. that's all part of getting right to the source. thanks again and back to you,
1:47 pm
shannon. >> shannon: thank you very much. tune in every saturday at 10:00 a.m. as brenda buttner arckers bulls and bears, part of -- anchors bulls and bears. right here on fox. up next, one woman has made it her mission to help orphan children in haiti. how her efforts are changing lives. that story, right after the break. n't seen him... my other can is nging. progresso. hey can you tell my wife to relax and enjoy the vi? (announcer) resso. you gotta taste this soup. [ commearlier, she hady vonn! an all-over achy cold... what's her advantage? it's speedy alka-seltzer! [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus rushes relief for all-over achy colds. the official cold medicine of the u.s. ski team. alka-seltzer plus. stay twice... earn a free night! two separate stays at comfort inn
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>> shannon: here are some of the top stories we are following this hour on america's news headquarters. president obama is taking a quick break after wrapping up his campaign tour of the west coast and midwest. he made his last stop yesterday in minnesota. the president will travel to rhode island and then spend the final weekend before the election with stops in pennsylvania, connecticut, illinois and ohio. on the other side of the aisle
1:51 pm
sarah palin says the gop has a lot of momentum but is warning republicans not to become overly confident before election day. palin said now is the time to dig deep. palin was joined by marco rubio and rnc chairman michael steele. the celebrations may soon be going on in san francisco after the giants nlcs victory. juan uribe hit a tie breaking homerun to make the score 3-2. the first time the giants have reached the world series since 2002. they will go head to head against the tex rangers for game one of the world series. those are the top stories for now. the massive earthquake that struck haiti in january dominated headlines earlier this year. now, we are hearing less about the recovery although the need for aid in haiti is still overwhelming. joining us is a woman who has made it her life's mission to care for orphans in haiti. the founder of danita's children.
1:52 pm
i know that the or pannage and the work that you do was established long before the earthquake. you went there and started this. what prompted you to abandon your life in the states to care for those kids. january i will be celebrating my 12th year. at the end of 1998 i went with a group of doctors simply as an interpreter and we spent the first week in the dominican republic but the last day we crossed over the border into haiti and when i saw the orphans in the streets and saw the street churc children my ht started beating out of my chest. i went home and packed my bags and two months later moved to haiti. >> shannon: you started with 14 children and the number has grown and following the earthquake you took on dozens of new children. tell us about that. >> after the earthquake i spent three weeks in port-au-prince
1:53 pm
going to hospitals and received e-mails from other orphanages that collapsed so i met with them and took in their children to help them until they would be able to get back on their feet again. we brought in over 73 people from the earthquake. homes were full so we took our church and made that another place for the children, dormitories for the children to be in. >> shannon: this is an amazing picture that i saw. a church sanctuary filled with bunk beds everywhere. not being used with pews and services but you are saving these children's lives by giving them a place to live. you have a school and all kinds of things. >> we started the orphanage with 14 children and i notice that the children with line on the gate, the fence and stare into the o orphanage wishing tt they had what the orphans had. they were being dressed and educated. i decided i can't bring in hundreds of children into my home but i can start a school
1:54 pm
and give them uniforms and buy them books. we started with 50 children and every year added 50 children, paying for their education and getting their uni forms. they are so proud to wear them. it gives them their dignity back. it is a big deal to wear the uniforms. sometimes it is the best stuff that they have and that is what they wear to church and special events because they are so proud of it. now, we have grown and have almost 500 in the school now. >> shannon: i know one of your big concerns and something you are working on is making sure that they have adequate medical care there. efforts.bout the evangelicals >> we are building a medical clinic and next year we will start breaking ground for the hospital. two years ago i had a situation for the first time i lost my girl, she was one of the girls that was in the home and it absolutely broke my heart and it happened even taking her to the best hospital i could take her to, crossed over into the
1:55 pm
dominican republic. four days later i had an experience where i almost lost another child and through this heartbreak and watching all the children suffering through simple things like diarrhea, hiv, typhoid fever, we made the decision to have a clinic and have a hospital where parents can go in the middle of the night if they don't have the finances to be able to go to a hospital there is a place that they can come and we would be able to save thousands of childrens lives because so many children die before their fifth birthday in haiti. >> shannon: if people want to find out more where should they go? >> >> shannon: thank you so much for the self-less work that you are doing and for sharing your store iry too. >> shannon: the death toll from cholera is mounting in haiti. health officials say more than 250 people died from the
1:56 pm
disease and more than 3,000 are now sick. we are getting word the epidemic may be stablizing. officials worried the disease could spread to thousands of hatians living in camps in the capital. wkeep it locked right here on america's news headquarters. [ male announcer ] it's simple physics...
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>> shannon: poland is hoping that jesus will bring tourists to a small town literally. in a week the world's largest statue of jesus christ will rise in poe lan and stand nearly 115 feet topping the famous -- i'm going to mess that up. it is in bolivia. they have ordered a 700-ton machine to lift jesus heads and arms. nancy pelosi has chocolate coming her way and has the the


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