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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  November 11, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> bret: it's the short ones that work best, i think. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special "spl report," fair, balanced, and unafraid. "special report" online starts right now. now. it's o'reilly time. >> bill: o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> does sharia law say we can behead dana milbank? that was a joke for you media matters people out there. >> bill: predictably fox news hater dana milbank a columnist for the "the washington post" writes that i want him dead. is this desperation? we'll show you what happened. >> those who want to build must not feed gowned to terrorists to who seek to destroy. dennis miller has been following president obama's trip to the middle east and also has thoughts on president bush's
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media blitz. >> anybody ever say you look like george w. bush? [ laughter ] >> bill: also tonight a new tv ad by american atheists. >> put to death men and women children and infants. >> caution, you where to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now. ♪ >> bill: hi, i'm bill owe o'rei. thanks for watching us tonight. desperation on the far left. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. after last week's election results some in the obama administration and liberal media are furious and now desperation is setting up. first, fox owe phobia, that is the irrational fear of the fox news channel which for the first time in history beat every other news agency on election night. a stunning turn of events. that kind of power is frightening the far left. last week we telling you about
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"the washington post" columnist dana milbank left wing hater. mr. milbank writing quote to be fair and balanced, fox brought in a a nominal democrat pollster doug shone this is a complete repudiation of the democratic party, he proclaimed. milbank intentionally mislead his readers. fox news channel had seven analysts on the drag democratic side and they did not marginalize their party. megyn kelly and i discussed the milbank situation and then went on to analyze the sharia law proposition in oklahoma. >> if sharia law says if you can rape your wife because you are married. >> bill: does sharia law say we can behead dana milbank? that was a joke for you media matters people out there. because you know o'reilly says we want to behead dana. >> why do you pay any attention to them. who cares about them? >> bill: here is why. because i attack corruption at all levels. >> bill: all right. i'm an oracle. milbank now telling his readers i want him dead.
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quote: bill o'reilly wants my head. literally. on thursday night the fox news host asked as part of a show that would be seen by 5.5 million people does sharia law say we can behead dana milbank. he then added that was a joke hilarious. decapitation jokes just slay me. trying to convince his readers that somehow i would like violence to befall him. not true. i would like honesty to befall mr. milbank. but far more serious is what the justice department is now doing to governor chris christie of new jersey. listen to this. this is the second example of desperation on the left. as you may know, christie is emerging a fierce advocate of smaller government and budget-cutting. now attorney general eric holder is putting out that christie did not properly follow hotel guidelines while he was a federal prosecutor for six years. the amount in question about $2,000. now, you don't have to be dana
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milbank to know this is bogus. the justice department isn't accusing governor christie. it's just pointing out his accounting was a bit lax. but why? doesn't holder have anything more important to do? this is a desperate attempt to denigrate governor christie, is it not? what other explanation is there for this? the governor should just write hold ear check for 2 grand and send it to him. preposterous. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight, reaction. joining us from austin, texas fox news analyst karl rove partly responsible for fox owe phobia. you know it is your fault, mr. rove. >> i thought it was all your fault. i'm willing to accept part of the blame. isn't that amazing snarky dana milbank who writes a column several days a week that is bitter and brittle and nasty to people on the center right of politics he has to call doug shone a nominal democrat. was joe trippi who ran howard
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dean's campaign, you know, not enough of a democrat for mr. milbank, kirsten powers who writes columns advocating the democrat line and disagreeing with republican line, is she not enough of a democrat because she generally keeps her columns focused on the issues and not on the snarky little personal sniping that dana milbank has made specialty of at "the washington post"? i mean, you know, i love this. here is my injunction. this is worthy of a white board. dana milbank, he should stop taking yourself so seriously or be consistent. if you are upset with people making a joke, then why don't you go out there and be serious about all the people who say ugly things about republicans who are not making a them a joke as you quickly pointed out the other night it was a joke. it may not be a particularly funny joke but you know what? a joke. dana milbank who goes around all the time saying the ugliest and meanest things about people suddenly turns out to be a thin skin about a silly millimeter
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thick. and gets up in a high drudge. >> bill: i think epitomizes a more important issue and that is desperation. >> sure. >> bill: look, you were here on election night. geraldine ferraro was here as you pointed out, trippy, powers, on and on. we tried to balance the panels out so that everybody would get a perspective. the american people responded. look, to have the fox news channel, which son channel 87 some places, 64, 36, whatever it may be beat channels 2, 4, and 7, which is what the network news are usually on, okay, is almost unheard of. it is unheard of. go ahead. >> yeah. not only that but his column took issue with the fact that it was a defeat for democrats. his column was like the quotes that he took from the commentators, each of the democratic commentators he took issue with the fact that it was an historic whooping of the democrats. the republicans won this many seats in the house of representatives. the last time they did that,
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1938. there are fewer democrats in the united states house of representatives today than at any time since 1946. and milbank's entire column is like oh the fox news channel was wrong to call this a defeat for democrats. what alternative universe is he living in? >> bill: but it's more than that, karl. fox news now is dominating the television press. and that is very fearful. but then you go over to a guy like chris christy. you were in the white house and you tell me if i'm wrong. 2,000 buck beef and all it is is that he stayed in hotels above that costs above what the feds usually have. six years. that's less than $350 a year. >> why would the attorney general of the united states have his guys put that out now? it doesn't mean anything. >> well, remember, bill. bill, this was raised during the campaign by the democrat opponent of governor christie. and governor christie, who is
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running for office at that point, said, look, i stayed in the cheapest hotels we could find whenever i could do so. and if we weren't staying in the cheapest hotel at the government rate it's because we couldn't get a room at the government rate. this has already embedded and handled in his campaign. here is the point. >> bill: it's stupid. >> what is the attorney general of the united states picking up on a discarded and discredited political attack launched during the campaign and bringing it up now? look, there is a very interesting piece in the latest issue of the american spectator by quinn hillyer on the politicization of the justice department under holder. it's well worth reading. look, we already know they as it dawesed out the black panther case. completely political. we know we have two career people inside the civil rights division. decrying the new attitude from the political suite at the department of justice down through the career saying this is the kind of cases we are going to take and these are the kind of cases we aren't. look we know they mishandled. we had the whole issue of former
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democrat governor of alabama saying i was railroaded by the republican white house. and the office of professional responsibility and justice has spent two years looking into this and we know near sealingman or the principle democrat who made these charges have been willing to talk to the committee. yet, the justice department is still sitting on their report. this is a very political justice department which is really -- >> bill: here is again the big picture. he has to figure out where to try khalid sheikh mohammed. this is important. chasing christie for a beef that nobody -- that's just insane. this troubles me because the justice department is very powerful, like the irs. shouldn't be used for political reasons. shouldn't be used -- >> -- absolutely. >> bill: that's what's happening. >> invite quinn hillyer on your program. he has a point-by-point attack what holder is doing with his department. >> bill: thank you. karl's best selling book courage and consequence out in paper book just in time for the holiday season. dick morris on president obama's latest poll numbers. they are all over the place.
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miller has thoughts on president obama's trip overseas and nancy pelosi's latest political move. miller, upcoming.
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>> bill: gallup poll taken a few days after the election show president obama's rating up a few points. a new poll just released today says the president has lost
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three of those points. 44% of americans now approve of the president on the job. 48% disapprove. purveyor of dick mr. morris. this chris christie thing bothers me. because you have got the justice department, very powerful. when you were in the white house, did you ever see the clinton administration use the justice department to go after somebody for political reasons? >> well, the whole clinton presidency happened pause of just that. clinton was losing ground to bush as the '92 election came out. and the special prosecutor walsh, lawrence walsh, announced five days before election that he was going to indict cap wineberger, the defense secretary in the bush white house, bush administration over iraq. and they never did. he was pardoned. but that announcement five days before election day is the reason bill clinton won the presidency. >> bill: that was iran. you said iraq. >> iraq.
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>> bill: what did he do in iraq. >> weapons to iraq. it was not over iran. >> bill: so the indictment -- so, that was an attempt by whom though? >> by the special prosecutor, lawrence walsh. >> bill: who was appointed by? >> by -- well, by the justice department. in this case actually by bush. >> bill: okay. so bush appointed the guy and then the guy came back and hit bush? >> that's right. >> bill: that's really not what i'm talking about here. >> i'm sorry. you -- >> bill: i'm not making accusations against president obama here because i don't have the data. >> appointed under reagan to investigate iran contra. >> bill: right, okay. did you see clinton, president clinton use the justice department to punish political people? >> the closest we ever came is when they released linda tripp's personnel file from the pentagon in an effort to embarrass her. >> bill: somebody ordered the pentagon to embarrass mrs. tripp because she was exposing the
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president's problems. this is such a low level beef i can't believe. >> it's ridiculous. coincides with the finding in the latest zogby poll that christie is the most popular republican candidate against obama. >> bill: so you think it is a political play? >> absolutely. comes at the same time that number come out. >> bill: we are going to follow this story ladies and gentlemen, something wrong with this. the poll numbers for the president. you say that the president actually in the last six days of the campaign helped himself. >> he did. >> bill: how? >> the latest zogby poll came out with data and i spent two or three days going through it with john zogby. among voters who decided in the last six days of this election, democrats won by 10 points. among those who decided before the last six days, republicans won by 10 points. now, fortunately for us, 92% of the electorate decided before the last six days. >> bill: all right. so the president's campaigning you put forth. >> worked.
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>> bill: was effective? >> he was 20% of the voters under 30 decided in the last six days. and they went for obama by two to one. 15% of the unmarried voters decided then. large percentage of the black and latino voters. all of those obama groups increased their turn out dramatically by making decisions to vote in the last six days. one of the reasons that i think i was wrong in predicting that the republicans would take the senate is that i don't think any of us were on top of the changes that took place really in the last 24 to 48 hours. you can't do it. 3% of the voters made up their minds in the polling place. you can't poll that they broke heavily democrat. >> bill: why? >> well, there are two reasons, historically they usually do because the less educated you are, the lower income you are, the less you pay attention, the more likely you are to be a democrat and the more likely you are to decide late because you
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are not focusing. the other is that obama really went out of his way with the work with the naacp, with his appearances at colleges, with his daily show appearance. he really worked at bringing his base out at the end. and it worked. >> bill: is he still a formidable force? >> very. now, of course, his base is limited. you have only 10% of the vote was black. 8% was latino. only 11% was people under the age of 30. 23% was people over 65. >> bill: 2012 it's going to be up. >> next time it could swell. he was able to produce his base at the end. this would have been 100 seats and the senate if he hadn't done that in the last week. >> bill: final question, he lost three of the four points that he got right away. why did he loose -- lose it. >> people aren't focused on the politics. come out of the hole to vote and go back in. they don't answer the polls in the middle of the week or the middle of the year. >> bill: okay, so his base that rallied him wasn't available for
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the updated gallup poll? >> exactly. >> bill: dick morris, everybody. there he is sarah palin says the government sudden stay out of the bad food business. then, body language annualized how president obama reacted to jon stewart's dude comment. those reports after these
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>> bill: culture warrior segment tonight, speaking yesterday sarah palin said this. >> i had to kind of shake it up a little bit. i had heard there is a debate going on in pennsylvania over whether public schools are going to ban -- >> one of these kids to bring home the idea to their parents for discussion who should be making the decisions what you eat in school choice? should it be government or should it be the parents? it should be the parents.
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>> bill: in pennsylvania school authorities want to restrict sugar items but in san francisco the board of supervisors tried to ban fast food restaurants from giving away toys if the food involved is high fat. young us now from washington alicia menendez who works for ndn. she is in for gretchen carlson this evening and here in new york margaret hoover. same old story overreaching government try obligor protect the kids against irresponsible parents because as we although millions of parents don't care what their kids eat and the school, you know, a lot of their cafeterias have all kinds of sugar stuff and the kids go for that pennsylvania is trying to restrict it? >> i don't know. i hate to be a spoiler here. but what actually happened is the pittsburgh tribune review reported a story that the state of pennsylvania was going to ban sweets in the classroom. and then they ended up retracting it. >> bill: they retracted it? >> it was sarah palin that took sarah palin on -- if you want to make a larger nanny state play. there is are plenty of place does that. example in san francisco is good and new york is good.
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mayor bloomberg has banned transfat in every restaurant in new york city. private sector. big government regulating private sector. that i do not support. >> bill: you don't? so you say that the government should say forget it if you want to have a toy and give the toya loaded up can caloric thing thas fine. if you want to have transfats, that's fine. >> i believe in educating people and giving them information so they can make choices for themselves. >> bill: not banning. >> individualism pa that people make the best choices for themselves. >> bill: kids can't make choices like that. >> that's why i have the problem with the nanny state in the public schools because you have public fund going to to all sorts of kids and kids need guidance. that's why sarah palin's argument broke down a little. >> bill: what about you alicia, do you want the government to say to public schools no sweets or restrict them or whatever? >> well, i think when you are talking about public money, our taxpayer dollars going to give kids food, yeah, i want that food to be healthy and i want it to be nutritious. i think schools are also a good
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place to set a good example say listen if you want to bring in a cake for your kid's birthday go ahead. we will suggest you bring in something a little bit healthier. i don't have a problem with that i think that's fine. this other example about san francisco is, i agree, completely different in that i don't actually want corporations to be able to sell kids crap. and that's what this is you take a meal that's loaded with sugar and fat and nonsense and you market it to kids because it has a toy. that just doesn't seem very responsible. >> bill: you want the government to tell restaurants like mcdonald's and wendy's that you can't sell crap or we will put you in prison? is that you want. >> you can sell crap. it's just about the way in which you way it. the way it's marketed. >> bill: tell them you can sell the crap. >> yes, sell the crap. >> bill: you can't give them a toy soldier to encourage them to buy the crap? >> yeah. it's the same way with cigarettes that we don't like. >> bill: it's a different deal with cigarettes. different deal with cigarettes. >> somehow it different? sugar is as addictive.
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>> bill: cigarettes proven to cause lung cancer. also second hand smoke like this that can give health problems to people emphysema. somebody eating a big mac next to me i'm not going to get leprosy. >> aren't your insurance premiums going to go up? >> bill: public school i'm with you. public money going. in the government has a right to say, look, we don't want you to buy cocoa puffs with the public money. buy some celery, make as it palatable as you can i'm okay with that. but telling restaurants, you know, defining what you can and can't how you market it, i'm not okay with that. am i right or wrong? wait, lisa, let margaret jump in. >> i think you are exactly right. i totally agree with alicia it should not be okay for corporations to sell -- >> bill: sexting not section continuing, -- sexting.
5:26 am
kids that text all day long are more inclined to take drugs and have sexre a you buying. this any time you're kid is hyper doing anything. hyper texting or hyper networking. they are hyper active. you have got a problem. the texting isn't the problem. what's happening is you have got this generation of kids, they are grown up from 1980 and beyond. >> 83. >> they have so much access with the internet. what they are doing is basically experiencing life in a virtual reality. >> bill: we have gone over that. but i think they are exposed to more. if you are texting all the time, you can get in touch with bad people who can offer you stuff. i think that's what this is all about alicia, what do you think. >> i don't. as one of these so-called my ledgials from 1938 to 2001, this comes down to good parenting whether you are instant messaging or texting, you have a parent who is over your shoulder. the corollary isn't just between people who text and kids who drink and have sex. it's about kids who are supervised and as margaret said
5:27 am
are allowed to be hyper anything. >> bill: that's a good point. if you are not supervising your kid and the kid is on the internet all day long or are the little machines and all the kid is doing and you nor not supervising. the kid is going to get into other stuff because you are just not supervising and that's the bottom line. ladies, thanks very much. we appreciate it plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. body language on president obama being called dude by jon stewart. and nancy pelosi saying she has no regrets. also dennis miller on president bush's media blitz. that should be interesting. and we hope you stay tuned to thoseç@
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>> bill: body language segment tonight, three hot topics beginning with president obama's posture in his conversation with jon stewart: >> in fairness, larry summers did a heck of a job trying to figure out. [ laughter ] >> you don't want to use that phrase, dude. [ laughter ] >> pun intended. >> bill: okay. here now body language maven
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tonya reiman. what i'm interested in is the happened. beginning of the conversation one finger. i do that a lot that's why i'm interested. then the hand changes. >> when he starts pointing down? >> bill: yeah. >> that is at this point lay dominant position when you pound your hand down on a table you are demonstrating how strongly you feel about it he loses that power though because he doesn't hold eye contact. in order for the power to be there, you have to pound at the same time you make eye contact. >> bill: what about -- look, see the hand there? that's after stewart hits him with the you don't want to say that, dude. then the hand opens up. what does that mean? >> well, he completely got taken over by that and he lost all control of his self-awareness, so to speak. the finger is open. he became nervous, the extended eye closure here. the non-eye gaze. everything did he here afterwards was lost because -- >> bill: that's why he said pun intended it wasn't a pun. >> he lost a complete --
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>> bill: discombobulated by stewart's line. very interesting. nancy pelosi, obviously being a bit defiant in the face of the election. here is what she said to diane sawyer. >> we expressed pride and work that we had done sadness over the loss of the members who would not be returning, no regrets. >> no regrets because we believe we did the right thing and we worked very hard in our campaigns to convey that to the american people. >> bill: is that a lot of body language there except for her head. >> watch when you do the slow motion as i want you to watch the first fifth of a second and watch her ice get really big. the eyes get really big. right there. the eyes get big there is a difference between the eyes getting big and that eyebrow movement that she just did. eyes getting big is an signal of inat the bus stop tense emotion which most people wouldn't notice because you are not looking at it the difference between that she felt that intense emotion right there and the rest of it that brow that occasionally rises on her.
5:33 am
when she first began to answer she did feel really emotional. the interesting thing about this with her she doesn't give that information away other than -- >> bill: that is with all due respect to the speaker she has botox going on. i'm not saying that with any denigration going on. it makes it harder to read somebody's face when the face does not register like my face now i don't know but, tonya, my face registers everything because i don't have any -- this is it. >> here, how is this? what you are looking for is the -- >> bill: it doesn't register. just the eyes do because you can't botox your eyes. >> but she does get some eyebrow lifts. so it's there. >> bill: you can lift your eyebrows but usually. >> there is no brow line. >> bill: usually when you lift the eyebrows your skin wrinkles above them but not in this alien universe anymore. we don't have that. >> intense emotional and after that she lifted the brows a few times. there wasn't that information here.
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>> bill: new speaker of the house soon to be speaker of the house john boehner. roll the tape. >> i spent my whole life chasing the american dream -- [ applause ] i put my -- myself through school -- working every rotten job there was. >> i love you, john. >> and every night shift i could find. and i poured my heart and soul into running a small business. [ applause ] [coughing] >> bill: okay. so obviously he knows he is the new speaker, big position overwhelmed, would you say? >> you know, those written tense emotions the reason can you tell that is, number one, you can hear his voice, the larynx tightens and the voice gets ruptured. once you are hear that, then you see the downward mouth and the quivering chin. then you sees a he tries to make
5:35 am
a fist. when someone does that what they are trying to do is regain their control. of course his eyebrows drooped down and like i said earlier the mouth also dropped. these are real indications of someone who is genuinely sobbing. >> bill: when you get emotional like that is there any way that you know of because you are the body language maven to really get it whack under control. >> he actually tried to could that the way you would do it automatically take a nice deep breath in. >> bill: deep breathing? >> what he did was went -- and usually that will help you regain your breathing and once do you that you can control the emotions. >> bill: all right. tonya reiman everybody. there she is. when we come right back, it will be miller time. president obama's trip overseas and president bush's media blitz. the d-man moments away.
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. >> bill: back of the book segment tonight. did you see that? and we begin with a tv ad paid for by the american humanist association. >> a woman should learn in quietness and sole submission.
5:49 am
die not permit a woman to teach or have authority over a man. she must be silent. >> the rights of men and women should be equal and sacred. marriage should be a perfect partnership. >> bill: all right. joining us now to analyze juliet huddy. looks like they are taking an old testament timothy is that old testament or new testament, right? taking a line and then they are saying no, no, that's outdated and if you become a humanist atheist like us, you have a much better life. >> basically humanist believe there is no good and they believe it's wrong for people who do believe in god to look at humanism as a moral. conversely. >> bill: who does that? does anybody -- well, i get fundamentalists do that. >> exactly. conversely you could be wrong. >> bill: most americans of faith look at atheists as immoral. i don't. >> you don't? >> bill: it's a belief system. and we in america can choose
5:50 am
what we want to believe or not. >> that's true. but i think that there definitely is a group within those who are religious who are judgment mental about other people if they don't subscribe to their feelings. >> bill: in a roman catholic faith you are taught that faith is a gift. a gift given to you you are not supposed to denigrate other people. >> gift to humanists. >> bill: jesus was hanging with the atheists and the tax collector. he was hanging with them. >> yeah. >> see this campaign ad everywhere. billboards. bus signs. >> bill: everywhere. be a humanist. >> be a humanist or go home. >> bill: to counter that in orlando, florida there is a theme park the holy land experience. roll the tape. >> experience love. experience peace. experience joy. experience jesus at tbn's holy land experience.
5:51 am
experience life with jesus through a series of powerful reenactments. his teaching. >> be broken and spilled out for my people. >> his love. his healing. his suffering. his death. and resurrection. >> bill: okay. so. >> heaven for crirgses. >> bill: anybody can go down there and -- >> -- it's in orlando. it's basically, you know, near the disney theme parks and so forth. you can go down there. what you saw the images there that you saw were actual images taken from some of the things that are done at the park where they actually take a bloodied battered jesus through the park. i believe it's twice a day. give you the experience of what he was going through when he was taken to the cross. don't want to bring your humanists to this fun park, i don't think. this isn't the place for them. but it is something that, you know, it's an interactive thing. let's do you karaoke but with religious themed music.
5:52 am
being denigrated by those who like to mock christians. >> bill: why denigrated? you want to do that do this. they have pageants all throughout history depicting religious scenes. >> it's that sort of arrogant nonbeliever group that's going to look at this and go you know what? they are force feeding christianity to our children and going over to disney. how dare they? >> bill: an easy target. make a lot of cheap jokes. >> it would be fun. let's go. >> bill: my point is if you want to be a humanist, be one. if you want to go to the holy land experience. >> you don't think humanists are immoral people? >> bill: no, i don't. i don't think that human beings should be making judgment on that level on anybody. we are all sinners and take care of our own. >> we will talk later. >> bill: we will send huddy down to the holy land experience. >> i need it. >> bill: kanye west and president bush, right back.
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pinheads and patriots coming up. but first, factor factoids. love the alliteration. friday evening at 7:00 p.m. i'm signing "pinhead and patriots" at barnes & nobles at palm beach gardens. hope to see you there. tomorrow night, we'll be with president bush in ohio on
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veterans' day. i received my new "pinhead and patriots" shirt and it's a winner. great colors. check them out on billo' along the with hats and signed books. giving away stuff, tote backs and we say merry christmas bumper sticker with every purchase. great sticker. that's very nice. now mail from california -- >> i disagree. my interruption showed my wanting a response to the facts. that's all we do here. and paul from illinois --
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>> i see it as patriotic, barbara. i asked the congresswoman whether her top priority was getting president obama out of office or working with him? simple and straight forward question. everett sandborn -- >> excellent, rachel! there you go! and from carmel, california -- >> it's only propaganda if you're a pinhead, tom.
5:57 am
[ reading ] i know the book is hard to get in afghanistan, brad. so i am sending you a signed copy. be careful. stay safe over there. "pinhead and patriots" tv edition. president bush is angry that wrapper kenye west called him a racist after hurricane katrina. now mr. west seems contrite. >> i would tell george bush in my moment of frustration, i didn't have the grounds to call him a racist. but i believe in a situation of high emotion like that, we as human beings, don't always choose the right words. >> took him a long time to admit that. but is kenye west a patriot for finally say what he said or does he remain a pinhead? vote on last night, we told you about arnold schwarzenegger saying it is no big deal to smoke pot. 77% say the governator is a pinhead for that opinion.
5:58 am
just 23% believe he is a patriot. that's interesting. that is it for us tonight. check out the fox news factor website, which is different from talking point this evening was on the far left desperation and we gave you two examples. if you came in late, you might want to access that point because it's important. this is starting to get more and more and more and more. starting to see because of the election the attacks. and believe me, foxophobia growing. it's good for us in a way. brings more attention the news channel, but it's scary in another way. some people are really, really crazy about fox news. we'd also like for you to spout out about the factor from anywhere in the world. if you wish to opine. the word of the day. do not be cherlish when writing to us. i love that word.
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churlish. thank you for watching us tonight. i'm bill o'reilly. remember the spin stops right here, because we are definitely looking out for definitely looking out for you. captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> good morning, everyone. i'm thursday, november 11th, veteran's day. i'm alisyn camerota in for gretchen this morning. it's taken more than a yaer for the attorney general to come to this conclusion about holding the 9/11 trial in new york. >> we have been working on it and i think we're -- we're close to a decision. >> wait until you hear why he may have been distracted. >> meanwhile, all eyes on me, please. in denial or just in a daze. nancy pelosi thinks there's plenty of reasons for democrats to celebrate the election. huh? details straight ahead. >> all right, he