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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 12, 2010 12:00am-1:00am EST

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o'reilly at if you wish to opine. word of the dame -- word of the day -- don't be that. again, thanks for watching us tonight. i'm bill the spin stops here. we're looking out for you. >> sean: happy veterans day day and welcome to "hannity." after months of refusing to step up to the negotiating table, president obama may be ready to cave and extend all the bush tax cut. sudden aboutface quoted by senior advisor david axelrod a week and a day removed from the great repudiation of 2010. according to axelrod, the administration may consider extenting the tax cuts for the so-called wealthy americans to cut through the middle class cuts. he told the huffington post, "we have to deal with the world as we find it.
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there are concerns but i don't want to trade away security for the middle class to make that point." after coming from fire from the left, axelrod is walking back the statement. earlier, he reiterated the support for extending middle class tax cuts you but added, "we don't believe we can afford a permanent extension of tax cut for wealthy." with the president's poll numbers diminishing, is the white house determining anything? we turn to beckett of varney and company from the fox business network, stuart varney. >> i'm still looking for truck that ran over my party last week. can't find it. >> sean: we'll help you through it. i'm offering counseling on the radio show for liberals in great need because i'm a compassionate conservative. start with stuart. this is a total complete
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cave. >> yes. >> sean: all right. but, but there is talk that they are setting a trap or attempting to for the new republican house majority. that is they want to say all right, we'll make the middle class tax cuts permanent. but as it results to the wealthy, we will only extend it for a short period of time. should republicans go for this? >> i disagree. >> i know you do. but above all we need a deal. we must not have anybody's taxes go up on january 1. if that is the deal republicans have to do, do that deal. because the alternative, if you have any -- people's taxes go up on january 1. there is no deal. that's really bad for the country. >> sean: the country sent a message. obamaomics failed. why doesn't he have to compromise? by compromising,er this make it temporary for everybody or make it permanent for everybody but let the republicans -- >> i'm not going to take
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president obama's part, but if you made middle class tax cuts permanent and extend it for the rich, two years, you know that in two years' time okay, you'll have the battle over again but the odds are you will roll it over and make it -- you will have a deal. nobody's taxes go up january 1. >> sean: that is a deal for insiders -- >> you're reading more in the election. nobody voted because they wanted to have millionaires have tax extensions. give stuart credit. he broke the story. he broke the story before anybody else did. now he had a good source, that being me. [ laughter ] in any event, he did break the story first. the deal is in, it will be done. it ought to be done. let's remember who is going to vote on this? the current congress. easily put through. by the way, if it was left to the next congress, would they extend it for the millionaires? sure. is it good politics? it stinks. >> it is not clear to me that the deal actually is in
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place. it's not clear to me that president obama is me paired to go this yard or two down the road. i don't think he is. you've had double talk from david axelrod today saying yes, then walking it back. nancy pelosi seems to be tone deaf to what is going on. the message from the people. i don't think this deal from the president is actually in place. tell me one senior democrat who has come out and said we stand for permanent cuts for the middle class, roll over the tax cuts for the rich, three or more years. >> let me put it this way. i'll guarantee beyond awe bet you any money that this will happen this way. it's going to go through. the deal is about done. there may be a few things put in. and that is the way it should be, by the way. >> sean: this is why elections have consequences. so republicans really won. >> of course they won the house. >> won the debate on taxes. >> you said something interesting, no president
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could spend money that the house doesn't vote on. this house and this new house come in and said they will cut $100 billion. not touch entitlement, not touch defense and not raise taxes. put the money where the mouth is and see if they can do it. anybody who believes that is a fool or a liar or both. >> sean: bob, i will say this. this president is in a precarious position and i will tell you if he keeps advancing his liberal agenda the way he has with the pa passion and thinks he can circumvent the house republican leadership, he has another thing coming. leadership knows they're on probation. if they go against the will of the tea party and the american people and peed who repudiated obamaomics they'll pay a price in two years. >> the tea party lost the senate. by the way, jim demint, to borrow a southern phrase is missing a few dogs on his front porch, that boy, if he wants to -- >> i like him.
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he's a friend. >> that's not the point. he doesn't make sense. >> sean: makes a lot of sense. >> there are a lot of expressions, but get it clear. the america is in a financial mess. because of that, our president has no leverage when he goes abroad, lost a trade deal with south korea. lectured to and will come bah to a series of financial crisis. if he holds to the hard left, this president and this country will lose big time. >> stuart i said this on your show. not one time has been raised of taxes under obama and that is a fact. >> the fact is he accumulated more debt. higher deficits than any president in the history of the united states. three times the worst year of george w. bush. >> i love you, brother, but
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you're dreaming. >> facts speak for itself. >> how much of that is interest on the national debt? >> sean: there are 3 trillion for -- >> how much is the interest is on the debt? >> sean: i don't care what the interest is. >> wait, i follow money. let me give you facts. the stimulus package wasted $1 trillion. we had two record-setting budgets and since obama has been inaugurated we added $3 trillion to the national debt. since nancy pelosi took speaker gavel we added $5 trillion to the national debt. those are incontrovertible facts. >> stuart, would you have let the banks go under and car companies go under? >> you and i probably agree on that. it was a good thing. we got our money back. that's the only bail-out i agree with. >> there you go. we'll make money on tarp. [ overtalk ] >> stimulus failed and people are coming back to work.
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>> sean: financial loser for everybody. >> we had an election tuesday, bob. >> sean: we have to run. whoo! plenty more "hannity" ahead as we continue on a busy night. voters complained and the g.o.p. reformed, but what about the democrats. >> ed rendell is here as his party prepares to put nancy pelosi back on top. then black smoke billowed through the sky as the massive control tower began to peel over. a veteran day outrage your tax dollars used to fund a congress where professors blamed the u.s. for the pearl harbor attack. nanny state is on the rise. why is michael bloomberg trying to ruin your lunch? all that, plus bernard mcguirk and the great, great american panel.
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>> sean: now this past year republicans pledged to the american people they would return to their conservative roots to get the country back on track. but as the g.o.p. gets ready to deliver on their campaign promises, it seems that some on the left just still don't get it. now despite a stinging defeat last week, nancy pelosi announced that she will run for house minority leader, but some rank and file democrats are hoping that pelosi might reconsider. democratic pennsylvania congressman jason altmire said, "there is starting to be a sense this may not be as
12:13 am
much a done deal as people might have thought. if enough people voice discomfort with the idea of her continues on maybe she would reconsider." nancy pelosi got them in this mess. what makes her think democrats want to give her another shot? joining me from pennsylvania, is governor ed rendell. welcome back. good to see you. >> always nice to be here. >> sean: she has a 6% approval rating. 6%. when newt gingrich stepped aside they lost five seats. with 6% approval rating, 65 seat loss when all is said and done, don't you think she ought to step aside? >> well, i think it's more about governing. come 2012, the election is not who the democratic leader in the house is. it's about president obama and his opponent. so i think the question is who can govern and who can deliver the type of compromises that the president is going to have to make to move the country forward with the republican
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majority in the house and republicans in the senate? i think nancy can be very effective at doing that, when she goes to the liberal base and says we have to do this to move this country forward -- >> sean: maybe you're right. let me concede the point. maybe with her liberal base and the liberal daily kooks and the extremists on the blogs, maybe you're right. here is the problem. there was an 18-point advantage in the 2006 midterms for the democrats. now there is a 19-point republican advantage. what about all the people in the middle that supported obama in 2008 and the democrats in 2006 that said we want you to out of here? how is she going to appeal to them? >> well, i think what those people are saying more than personally they want this person or out or that they want us to move forward as a country. they want us to cut spending. absolutely. clear message. they also want us to tackle some of the difficult issues we're facing. i think fancy is a very good tactician in the house floor. she can help bring about the
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compromise i think the president needs to strike. >> sean: san francisco liberal nancy pelosi since she became speaker america accumulated $5 trillion in division additional debt. impactful? >> you want me to run the response ad? $3 trillion of that debt came because of policies enacted in the bush administration. so we got to get the record straight. >> sean: no president can spend a dime without approval of congress. let me give you symbolic things that i think show me as a conservative that the republicans are serious. number one, john boehner, not a lot of money, but he said you can keep your government plane, i'm going to fly commercial. the house republicans, as a caucus, they said they're not going to put earmarks in their bills. jim demint is trying to get the senate to do the same. i have don't think it will balance our budget. we know it is not. you have to deal with the entitlements but they are sending a signal to the
12:16 am
american people that things will be different. politically you have to admit that's a smart move, right? >> oh, yeah. it's excellent for spin. but as you said, totally eliminating earmarks saves $8 million. >> i'll take it. >> it's aliit will -- a little shtick. one thing i advocated, sean, national infrastructure bank to spend a lot of that transportation money rather than earmarks, whoever is the most popular and powerful congressman. i they're marks should go. i would like to see the democrats vote for them to go. >> sean: america is headed for, you know, principled showdown, classic conservative, i'm a part of and classic liberalism, bigger government, take over of industry. hillary clinton said something i thought was interesting. she thinks the president will follow the model of bill clinton and move to the center, but she said it in an
12:17 am
interesting way. she said the trick will be to make it look like he is moving to the middle and sticking to his agenda. bill clinton didn't do it after the shellacking he took in '94. era of big government was over and end of welfare as we know it. to look like he is moving to the middle and stick to his agenda, if he does that, he'll be even a bigger massacre in two years. that will tell us he didn't get the message of the american people. >> yeah. i think the message to the american people is they want us to move together and meet challenges that we're facing. the president is the leader. if he can get that done and make progress on energy, if he can make progress on the economic front, job creation. if he can make progress in reducing spending, i think if he can reach out and bring the congress together, i think he will get reelected. if he can't do that, i don't think he will win. >> sean: he can't do that and be a big spending liberal -- he can't advance his liberal socialist redistybution of wealth agenda and accomplish.
12:18 am
he was dragged kicking and screaming -- >> to be fair -- >> sean: -- by the taxpayers in the election to advance in the bush tax cuts. i got to tell you something. that is only a first step. he is a big spending liberal. >> sean, to be fair. budget that was presented last year cut the deficit, it didn't increase the deficit. the budget that they propose this year would cut the -- >> sean: governor, wait. $1.5 trillion and $1.6 trillion. that's two years in office. he accumulated more debt than any president since washington to reagan. >> most of the debt was bail-out started under george bush -- >> sean: he quadrupled it. >> but a lot of that debt was like the auto bail-out. the auto bail-out has been a big success. it saved and created jobs and that money has been paid back. >> sean: oh, boy. >> those are the facts. >> sean: you are going to take robert gibbs' job. >> the facts. >> sean: you'll be the new press secretary. >> governor, we always enjoy having you. one of the few democrats --
12:19 am
give you credit -- that are willing to come on and mix it up. good to see you. >> you always give us a chance to speak. >> sean: all right. good to see you, governor. thank you. coming up, much more on the veterans day edition of "hannity." straight ahead. the army colors. >> the colors are green. >> colors are green. >> show the world. >> show the world. >> that we're a team. >> we're a team. >> the army colors. >> the army colors. >> the colors are gold. >> show the world. >> show the world. >> we're brave and bold. >> we're brave and bold. >> the army colors. >> the army colors. >> the colors are red.
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one such document went after american soldiers saying quote it should be noted that sexual assaults against local women by u.s. military personnel are not random and isolated rather, a direct outcome of the political, economic, military sexual complex that is long enabled and sustained u.s. with the pacific and asian region this,
12:26 am
event held just miles from pearl harbor, made possible thanks to your tax dollars. we've put in several calls about this and waiting to hear back. but not surprisingly, the story is getting a lot of attention, much thanks to my next guest, a professor at rock valley college and attended the conference and wrote a letter to a congressman calling on future work shops to be defunded and the executive director of the american legion headquarters in washington, d.c.. what happened? >> well, it was one of the most agreejis violations of my academic career in terms of conference that's i've attended. this is a traf vasty that never should have been funded by the neh or support bid tax dollars. a sustained attack on our military men and women. our military history, and a revisionist agenda applied to our american history. >> and i want you to go through this. there they were saying and
12:27 am
claiming the u.s. military and vet vet trans are impeeristic and which created a myth of liberation and heroism, that the japanese attack on pearl harbor should be seen from -- seen from the perspective of japan being the victim of western oppression? >> absolutely. these were major themes at the conference taking a couple of them you've mentioned. there were many more. the conference supported the idea that veterans are creating their own mythology and it's up to academics to reign that in through our just passionate view of their histry. also contended there japan needs to be seens a victim at pearl harbor could be well seen as a preemptive attack to prevent further interference on the part of western cultures in asian business. it's also said that same statement in, that same presentation that we're also
12:28 am
responsible, partly for september 11th. >> wow. it's unbelievable to me. peter? your reaction? >> american legion is in full agreement with professor blake. professor blake, the american legion applauds you for bringing this to the attention of media and american public, thank you for providing a voice for world war ii veterans being slandered at this seminar. the american legion finds it absurd. one issue brought up was in the letter we have from professor blake is that present wrerz were saying world war ii veterans recollections of sacrifices were delusional. that is a slap to america's greatest generation. >> sean: it gets worse than this. they're claiming the u.s. repeated by committed rapes and other violent crimes in the past and through present day this, is part of it, that it was a practice of the u.s. military in world war i toi. disrespect the bodies of dead
12:29 am
japanese, and that conservatives and veterans of the u.s. had an undue and corrupt influence on how world war i sismt remembered. >> yes. all presented there n terms of the accusations of rape have you to understand that is said in the context of this is a repeated problem in the military from the beginning to today. and i might add there was no reverence in that discussion to be deliberate and targeted rape by the japanese and the rape of man yila. i confronted one of the presenters after this discussion. and asked about this assertion of the american military being conquerors and rapists. he said he saw little difference between american conquerors and japanese conquerer autos the neh is an operating budget of $161 million looking for in 2011. >> yes. >> $71 million to support conferences like this one.
12:30 am
should this be defunded? do you have congressional support? >> very written a letter to my congressman, he immediately responded and said he had no intention of approving further funding for neh but add he never supported funding for neh. i've not yet heard from senator derbin. >> don't hold your breath. >> yes. i'm not z i'm also asking that funding for future east-west center where this is held in hawaii be suspended for their next proposal so they can have time to revise this to make it more conforming to the guidelines of the neh. >> sean: i appreciate it. thank you for shedding light on this. >> thank you for having me. >> sean: we're going to follow up to make sure this money is not spent this, is an outrage. thank you for being with us. coming up, fawning over the first lady and attacking president bush, just another week in the obama main stream
12:31 am
media bias. that and more coming up straight ahead.
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to find out more. >> sean: harry reid may have defeated sharron angle in thenate race last week but just barely. in the "las vegas sun" angle argued that reid forgot his humble beginnings now. it appears his humble beginnings may try to release him. newly released voter tallies reveal he won his hometown of searchlight by three. searchlight by three. three votes. it's our honeymoon. but we've parted wa with our old airline credit card that promid flights for 25,000 miles. it was always... [ laughing ] that seat's not happening without a big mileupcharge. a miles upcharge wasn't part of the deal. was i supposed to go without my wife? [ elevator bell dings ] [ grunting ] haha, that was awkward. so we upgraded to the venture card from capital one. we've had it with the games. [ male announcer ] don't pay miles upcharges. don't play games get the flight you want
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with the venture card at what's in your wallet?
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>> sean: welcome to media bash where we expose the outrageous example of the obama media liberal bias. to go through this week's material is president of the media research center, brent bozel. welcome back. >> mr. hannity, how are you doing? >> sean: the president is on his book tour. i did notice, look i'm not sure who made up the president's schedule, but he goes on all these, on a number of shows. you have rude, arrogant, condescending, ted baxter type of guys. playing gotcha. no real desire to hear the president story. look at matt lauer for example. >> there is a heated debate right now over whether we
12:36 am
should continue in this country with your tax policies. we have been living under the system for seven years and we've seen slow growth in jobs. why should we -- >> the only president since the civil war that didn't raise taxes to pay for the wars. you left office with a $10.7 trillion deficit. >> no -- >> sean: why, why, why would they put the president -- why go along with the arrogant narcissists? why would they put him on the shows? >> i don't understand it with republicans. whether it's with this kind of an interview or presidential edebate. they seem to always put people on there who have a bias against them and then they complain they were treated unfairly. it will happen. it really wasn't that bad of an interview. goodness, matt lauer is delusional. for him to say we've been living under the system for seven years and seeing slow growth. the tax cut cost recession? the reality is the tax bush
12:37 am
cut gave us 1 million jobs. look at the facts. >> sean: they have no desire to hear his story. they didn't read the book and obviously watch their interview because they don't ask any questions. they want to play gotcha. all about them and how they look. how they deal with the liberal friends. like ted baxter type. >> they are. george bush could come up with a cure for cancer and it wouldn't bother them in the least. they wouldn't care. they don't like the man and they don't like his policies and they will do the obama mantra following him everywhere he goes and blame anything wrong with the word on bush. >> sean: but the media does have michelle obama. crazy michelle obama. scroll the tape. >> it's a charm style offensive that has all of us reaching for the inevitable comparison. india just by this glamorous first lady by the ultimate style icon jackie kennedy almost half a century ago.
12:38 am
from the moment michelle arrived in a gray sheath and pearl buttons he turned the fashion wattage up daily. while her devine predecessor captured her perfection, michelle obama gives the role a modern approachable twist. >> sean: you know, like we have a queen. i don't know what to think of that. >> close your eyes and imagine nancy reagan getting that treatment. laura bush. barbara bush. when it's republican first lady they're ignored or vilified. democrat, put on a special throne. "washington post" when hillary clinton went to africa they called her queen of the world. two years later, laura bush went to europe and headline was first lady takes europe by calm. the allure is wearing off of michelle obama like barack
12:39 am
obama. they've got this mantra about they're reaching out for the poor and feel the pain. then the public is seeing these marie antoinnette vacations and they don't like them. >> sean: g.o.p. election and msnbc suggests the potential of a violent revolution. >> are things in our country so bad it might be time for a revolution? the answer obviously is yes. the only question is how to do it. from the wrongful wars to the corrupt economy to the special interest and the industries that control every politician in this country. in the next guest targets the day-to-day absurdities of washington through the political cartoons in newspapers across the country but now he is tackling something bigger. the need for real change and real action. even through violence or the threat thereof. >> sean: they're unhinged. the anointed one is elected
12:40 am
and anchors up and down their legs and now conservatives win because of a repudiation of obama and the liberal agenda and now a suggestion of a revolution. >> sean, remember, we're the haters. hold that thought for a second. this is what the guests said on the show. he said the got, the corporations and the extreme right are prepared to coalesce to axis of evil. are you going to fight back? will you do whatever it takes including picking up arms? this is man who is guest on the msnbc show and the hypocritical left have that person on there but we have are the haters. i ask this question a million times. would you ask -- if you had that kind of a guest on, your show wouldn't be over before they fired you. >> sean: probably. >> correct? >> sean: there is a double standard. we know this. i's transparent.
12:41 am
>> the double standard is fox doesn't do that. you all would never allow on your show as your guest someone advocating violence in america. msnbc does. >> sean: time to check in with greta van susteren for sneak peek "on the record." i can see the papers? >> greta: i got a list tonight of what we've got. karl rove, tim pawlenty, joe trippi, dick morris, byron new york and jennifer griffin. how about that? >> sean: what a show! >> greta: that is a show. that's why i wrote it down so i'd remember it. >> sean: i will be listening on the radio. i watch every night. greta coming up in 19 minutes. let not your heart be troubled. great, great, great american panel on this veterans day. ♪ proud to be an american ♪ where at least i know i'm free ♪ ♪ and i won't forget the men who died ♪ who gave that right to me ♪ who gave that right to me ♪ ♪ i gladly stand ! " # $ / 0 i
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>> sean: tonight on the great, great american pam. don imus long-time radio producer, one and only bernard mcguirk is here. cardinal o'connor, how are you? >> good to see you. >> sean: journalist at the manhattan institute, judith miller here. and former presidential writer, ned ryun is here. i read the president bush's book cover to cover. went to crawford, texas. monday night we have a studio audience show that i think is phenomenal. but apparently conan o'brien watched part of the interview when i was in crawford and roll the tape. >> president george w. bush did an interview with sean hannity driving him around the texas ranch. i was watching it and i got to tell you. i don't know if this is the best way for president bush to give an interview. take a look. >> the former president hopped behind the wheel of the pick-up truck to give me
12:47 am
a driving tour of the beautiful 1600-acre property and reflect on his years as commander in chief. >> is this your favorite place? >> yeah, we love coming here. here, i want you to see this here, sean. this is my fishing lake. >> this is gibberish. i'm not desperate to shape a legacy. you will not shake the will of this commander-in-chief. to me, when you describe -- [ laughter ] >> that's funny. that priceless. >> have a frightened look on your face. can you look at the road, please? you didn't have your seat belt on either. >> i don't think i did now that you mention it. >> it was great. what came across with your interview unlike the other interviews it was like gotcha type of questions. your interview and oprah's interview, you let "w" be
12:48 am
"w." his intelligence and integrity and love of family and servitude, even if he was wrong, at least he believed in it. believed of what he was doing. >> sean: showed a clip with matt lauer and he wants to fight the president. he has no desire to hear bush's story. there is all the ted baxter arrogant guys in the media. it's all about them. they want to play gotcha. the president make a mistake to do the interview? >> no. they are supposed to ask tough questions. >> sean: they don't want to hear his story. they have no desire. >> i think bush can take care of himself. >> sean: probably right. >> selling a million books. >> 250,000 a day. not bad. >> what has been great, he's now coming out, he has been gracious. he's been attacked by obama constantly for the past two years. >> sean: i gave him every opportunity to take a swing at thatment. >> he has been gracious and
12:49 am
telling his story in a gracious way. >> i have to tell you, if someone is blaming me for your troubles and you've been president for two years. man up, come to the table. take responsibility. his economy, and tax cut and his health plan. his debt and deficit. bernie? >> you're right. but again, a class act he is. it's protocol not to criticize the predecessor. that's why everybody likes him. not taking the cheap shot. >> sean: i don't think it's a cheap shot but tell obama to stop blaming everybody else for his policies. >> wait a minute. he is the president who started the wars and didn't fund them. didn't pay for them. he is the president. he was the president who provided over a huge recession. c'mon! >> sean: i feel so bad for barack obama. george bush caused every problem he had. he hasn't caused any problems on his own. you know what? the american voter doesn't
12:50 am
buy it. one of the greatest repudiation since the 19 3w0s. >> exactly. at some point you have to man up and take responsibility. one reason they haven't seen the american people do the toss is they haven't seen them do what they need to do deal with the economy. do what will bring it out and change economy to bring about the jobs. >> sean: it looks like they cave-in. bernie, the american people through the election ensured that the taxes aren't going to go up. >> if they want to survivor. i sort of disagree with your premise, whatever you call it, that he is transgent radical ide log logg -- idealogue. i think he will go along to get along. drone attacks, he didn't challenge that -- he did challenge the court that said don't "don't ask, don't tell" be repealed. he could have let the decision lay but he did not. he wants to be liked and he
12:51 am
wants to be -- that's my impression. >> sean: history is one of being a rigid radical. >> right radical? >> sean: yeah. bill ayers, jeremiah wright. what has he done? >> he kept most of the people who worked for george bush around him as advisors. this is a man who is very tough on national security. c'mon. >> sean: we're going to fight as soon as i -- we have to take a break and i'll get the football. who is back there? more with the great american panel straight ahead. [ female announcer ] it's endless shrimp at red bster. indulge in endless servings of your favorite shri. including crunchy new parmesan shrimp in a buttery garlic sauce. our best value of the year ends soon. at red lobster.
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>> sean: we continue with the great, great american panel. i have to take issue with these two and you have to help me here. >> all right. >> sean: hang on a second. i'm making the case. i don't think, i don't think obama can follow hillary's advice, which is do with a her husband did and move to the center.
12:56 am
you mentioned, one of you mentioned afghanistan. he only gave them 75% of what they asked for, or they were failures, own commanderers and he waited five months and he did it reluctantly. i think only because he knew he would be, you know, criticized because that's what he had to say when he was running. i don't think it's because he is committed to winning the war. >> no, no, no why all of a sudden do we hear about we're not going to really withdrawal until 2014? why are we hearing that if he doesn't have the stomach to see it through? >> sean: he hasn't shown me he has a commitment to win. >> he doesn't, and that is point. but he nevertheless increased troop strength because he knew it would be politically better for him. he's not rigid -- he would have withdrawn them if he was like let's get them all back. >> sean: we stance was couldn't be in afghanistan -- how can he go back on that? he did keep his campaign
12:57 am
promises on healthcare. >> he didn't insist on the public option. compromise. >> sean: got beat. bribery, cornhusker kickback of louisiana purchase to get through. >> he could have used bully pulpit and more vociferous, which is why the left is angry -- >> sean: you're supposed to be on my side. >> i have a hard time believing he will change course on anything. >> look how he was rejected by the voters in new jersey in 2009. voters reject the democratic agenda. the healthcare thing and the recent election. i don't see them changing course on much of thinking. he has the conversation with friends and he doubles down. i'll be interested to see what happens with the house majority and g.o.p.. >> sean: congress is back in session next week. there are reports that house democrats and the sources now saying that they plan to pass the dream act. that means pelosi will push for a vote. during the lame duck session on a bill to legalize young undocumented immigrants if they attend college or serve in the military.
12:58 am
>> yes. >> if they serve in the military. if they're willing to go to iraq and afghanistan and dodge -- >> sean: you're willing to forget -- >> i'm will -- >> sean: support amnesty. >> compared to most americans who are not willing to serve. look at the small number of people who serve in our military -- >> sean: putting that aside. we just had an election. this congress was thrown out. the american people poll show do not want amnesty. if they cram this down america's throat in the lame duck session, you don't think there are political consequences for that? >> i think there are. i don't see them double down. i don't see the congress doing this because we can see the political good will they foster by forcing healthcare down their throat. >> sean: being against, on the wrong side of the mosque at ground zero, wrong side of the arizona immigration. >> being rejected by the voters a week ago. >> sean: healthcare. >> and my hope is they will pass what they need, keep the government funded go home for the holidays. some of them will have a long holiday, good for us, but i certainly, i don't see them doing it.
12:59 am
we can be surprised. >> happy veterans day to everybody, especially connecticut senator electricy dick blumenthal who lied about his vietnam service. if you crawled out of a hole today, happy veterans day, pal. congratulations, connecticut. good job, voters there. >> sean: anything else you want to add? >> it gets down to washington, i hope senator mccain has a thing or two to say and drag him to the arlington national cemetery. >> sean: good point. how do you explain -- two things. how do you explain that victory and how do you explain nevada where unemployment is 14.4%? >> perhaps it had something to do with the weakness of the republican opponents. my gosh, could anybody not have beaten -- >> sean: do you have a problem with -- >> -- harry reid? >> sean: what is up with that? >> what this guy did, i mean hunter would have been a better senator than this guy. this is a disgrace. elected this guy. he spit on the graves of the war dead. and they