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tv   Glenn Beck  FOX News  November 15, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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cuts. 10% say no. it's an issue i'm going to be taking up one hour from now on fox business network with the louisiana governor bobby jindal. he is with me, only on fbn. the only network he is on. he could appear anywhere else but he is on fox business. why is that? maybe you should ask yourself the same question. you don't have fbn? >> demand it. >> bobby demanded it. he's going to appear on it. in one hour. >> glenn: welcome to the "glenn beck program." i've decided on my new year's resolution over the weekend for 2011. here it is. i ain't looking back. i don't care anymore. people either get it or they don't. oh, well. i'm moving on. seems like people at "saturday night live" are starting to get it. i don't know if you saw this. wait until you see it. we'll show it to you in a second. here is the thing, time to make a choice.
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hard times are coming. with that sentence it sounds pessimistic. don't take it that way. times of historic opportunity are right around the corner as well. but america faces that choice. next. c'mon! ♪ ♪ >> glenn: hello, america. we do have a historic choice. we can look at things or see this as a moment of opportunity, because that's what the people who are against the republic, the people who are quite honestly plotting against our republic, that's what they see it as. historic opportunity. what do you think george soros is like no, this is so freaky. i don't know what to do. he is seeing the conditions and he is going to make the best of it. what are we doing?
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for the last four or five years now, i've been ringing this bell as loud as i can. i was actually going to leave television when i was over at cnn and i decided, no, no, no. fox will actually let me be me and say the things. i wanted to warn that trouble was lying ahead of us. at the beginning of the period before television, i was just on the radio and i lost stations because of it. i was accused that i was only just trying to help out the democrats. what are you doing? you're hurting the g.o.p. what? can you not make this about politics? i made a choice. i'm going to talk about what is important. i'm not going to talk about lindsay lohan's latest arrest or somebody in washington is all upset about. i'll bring you the truth as i see it. because i have responsibility that american citizens and as a dad. no matter what the result was, i was going to tell you.
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people were talking about various congressional races here in the last few weeks i was talking about hyper inflation or bonds or radical progressives. it is so sexy! i know why you watch. i wanted to wake up as many people as possible and show them that the republic is under attack. try to help america learn to think out of the box. it's been an amazing ride. someone told me the glenn beck footprint, all of my various platforms reaches 30 million people a month. you are awake, america. but i may be at the point of diminishing returns here. i have been ringing this ball. at some point paul revere got off the horse. people would have been like okay, i get it, they're coming, they're coming! people don't watch this show
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and not feel it. the people complaining about the show all the time, they don't watch the show. they've never listened to one single monologue. the people at media matters who manufacturer lies for george soros watch it every night and sit and take it out of context. but somehow the people who don't watch the show or listen to a single monologue say i'm crazy, i'm wrong, i'm a liar. you are just a foolish crazy liar for watching me. there is only one problem. the things on this program are now coming about. the things that i told you were going to happen now are. this program and you are closer to reality than anything the media has ever predicted. anything that the experts or the ones washington have been telling you is coming. you have been right. time to point it out to your friends. it's kind of strange to see them -- it's spooky, really. the other day someone said, "my gosh, glenn, one of the
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things you said. you'll be so thrilled." i told them no, that's a bad thing. i don't want to be right on all these things. spooky to see it catch up to you. do you remember the movie "field of dreams"? do you remember the guy who couldn't see the players on the field? he's running around saying you got to sell the farm, man. you're crazy. you're crazy. then he sees all the players at the end. and then he says -- >> do not sell this farm, ray. you've got to keep this farm. >> glenn: oh, i hope our friends eventually get to this point. things that happened this weekend are worth mentioning to your friends just so they can see the water rise. we've told you for years how the debt is unsustainable. when george bush was in office, i was called a fear monger. the comedy shows. my gosh. they mocked me relentless. everybody. everybody. in the page as of the paper
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of record this weekend, the united states is still careening toward bankruptcy. oh, gee, you think so, "new york times"? welcome aboard! the only problem is "new york times" should be smart enough to know countries don't go bankrupt. they don't. they mo -- monetize the money. that leads to us monotizing the debt. we told you on this program that would happen. no, they all said. here i am in 2009. no, no, no! they'll never -- under oath. we will never monotize the debt. yeah. until the government comes out and then they announce they'll monotize the debt. a couple of years ago, there was no way anyone passed the financial section of the papers would even bother covering qe2. i know, because they didn't cover qe1. now, this morning, i got up
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and i saw a qe2 cartoons for dummies. by the way, i'm one of the dummies that should have known this. two years ago i would have needed this cartoon. it's fantastic! it demonstrates how people have a hunger to find out what is really going on. a complex thing. immediate blow-back. monotizing the debt. group of academic, economists, hedge fund managers, publishers and g.o.p. strategists many of whom called me crazy recently or when they weren't monotizing the debt. now signed a letter to chairman ben bernanke urging him to reconsider the fed qe2 policy. the letter is going to be published in papers all across the country. look for it. i have been telling you for years to get out of debt. i told people five or six years ago, don't take out the crazy loans. it's unsustainable.
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protect yourself. first they sid get out of the stock market. it was at 13990. get out! get your 401(k) money. i said to protect yourself from gold for hyperinflation. i buy it as a protection against a clearly unsustainable path that our government is on, because your dollar is going to be worth less. that's when george soros' blog site got upset and complained. george soros. you once called me an angry bitter old man. yes, i did, mr. potter. yes, i did. mainly because you control so much of the news cycle. he and his cronies -- i love that word, don't you? was that popular in the 1890s, mr. soros, when you were a hip cat? they said i was ripping people off. shortly after that, a united states congressman, anthony
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weiner, progressive, picked this issue to fight. total coincidence. then abc news, anothers coincidence happened to do a big report on the controversy and other media, just happened to follow suit! it was weird. they even had a big hearing on it in washington, because they were just looking out for your safety. mm-hmm. hopefully you listen to me and not the weiner in congress. when i start talking about gold, it was $700 an ounce. today, it's only close to $1359 an ounce. but that's it! how is your 401(k) doing? how is your house doing? it's so obvious who is on the right side here and where we're headed. even "saturday night live" had to admit it this weekend. watch. >> we know all about your economic problems. that's why we were so surprised to see you embark on this ten-day vacation to
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asia. it's costing $200 million a day. >> hold on. i done know where you heard that, but this trip is not costing $200 million a day. >> that's not what glenn beck says. [ laughter ] >> again, let me be clear. glenn beck has no idea what he's talking about. >> he was right about buying gold. >> glenn: oopsy. i talked about the road that we're heading down, that it will only lead to inflation. the critics all scoffed, claimed that it was deflation we had to worry about. me, again, 2009. hello. printing money. how is the price of your grocery bill? has it gone up or down in the deflationary period? your food, up or down in this board. school tuition, up or down. i could go on.
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healthcare and everything else. we showed you the projections of where the food prices are heading, way up. critics respond saying it doesn't actually happen. really? check out the price survey done at the nation's largest retailer, wal-mart. the results of a secret survey showed a .6% increase in just the last two months according to mkm partners. anything notable happen in the last two months? that's right! the monotizing of the debt and fed announcing $600 billion which is $900 billion. qe2. the little bears told me about it. on this program, on the first week of my broadcast i talked about how mexico was on the verge of collapse, we had to watch mexico. turn into a full-fledged narco state if we weren't careful. ridiculed on that one. "wall street journal" reported this weekend since felipe calderon launched the
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war on drug cartels under three years ago, more than 7100 people have been killed. one town, juarez, border town, over 2700 people have died since january. the headline, "wall street journal," can mexico be saved? sorry. who is talking collapse? i said the radical communist and the leftist would eventually after deny, deny, deny, would peel off their mask and end this subversive tactic -- i believe those are george soros' words -- and finally reveal who they are and what their agenda is. well, lawrence o'donnell is stepping up, a journalist at the other network, the late latest. he keeps defending the socialism and the far left views. >> i, glenn, unlike you, i am not a progressive. i am not a liberal who is so afraid of the word i have to
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change my name to progressive. >> i'm not either. >> liberals have used me. i'm a socialist. i live to the extreme left. the extreme left of you mere liberals. >> glenn: we've shown you a campaign. just last week where they said hi, i'm a communist and i'm a painter. hey, i like to go for walks on the beach. i'm a communist. it's all happening. i told you how we were seeing, what we were seeing in greece and france. i said greece and france would have unrest. i was called a hate monger. then started to happen. then i said it would eventually come to america because radicals who are in bed with the unions need the unrest here. the radicals, the unions and the communists over there are causing it. it will happen here. it forces the government to take action. oh, glenn beck, a fear monger. really? could you play the tape? this is the communist who has an intelligence of 14-year-old. no offense to 14-year-old. but you should go to the
5:14 pm and watch this. it's not well thought out but she is a communist in america, applauding the violence in france. that's who these people are. you wouldn't know that if you read if "new york times" who recently published this piece on the brecht forum. that's right, a group of communists. remember the bald communist? may i explain? here it is. if communists have a reputation for anything, it's seriousness. if you have seen old photos of karl marx you know he didn't smile much. but at the brecht forum, community center on west street where revolutionaries -- think of this word: "revolutionaries" -- and radicals gathered daily to ponder and pontificate. they also play, smiles abound. they can't right a word about sarah palin or me or
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revolutionaries have their smiles abound. so sweet. to read about the communist and revolutionaries in the "new york times." have they forgotten what communists actually want? we haven't here. they are talking about the brecht forum and this is a guy speaking at the brecht forum we showed you a year ago. we have to help bring the government down and destroy the system and that requires increasing the alieniation that working class and oppressed people feel. the way change will happen in this country is through the destruction of what we call the united states of america. >> got it? did you notice he said, "increasing the alienation." what do you think is happening now? we also told you that the healthcare bill is all about structure. remember? i have to change slightly change my plan after this healthcare kicks in. i have can't get back in. i got to go to the government. isn't that weird?
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almost like building a structure inside to build a government that you don't recognize. president obama confirmed this in a recent interview. listen. >> we created structure and put a framework in place to allow us to continue to make progress. >> glenn: told you about the labor unions and how the labor unions in the united states and communists are teaming up and coming together. now communist party usa is admitting to the party's working relationship with richard trumpka. a guy who is protesting the show. and the afl-cio. not only did the campaigning take place from union hall, et cetera, et cetera, but this time as trumpca told us in chicago they began the nuts and bult of the campaign labor organizations in five key cities around the country. >> glenn: got it? labor union. afl-cio. labor workers, union members,
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afl-cio members. are you a communist? do you believe that the best thing that can happen to this world is the destruction of the united states of america? because that is who your labor union and richard trumka is in bed with. when will you hear that? we on this program predicted death panels would result from government healthcare. we have didn't talk about them as death panels. it was the complete lives system. we talked about it in a completely reasonable and rational way, complete lives system was proposed by white house advisor ezekiel emanuel. we showed you the charts. it shows in a shortage of cash or an emergency who would get treatment and who wouldn't? not the old people, not the very young. we talked about it extensionively on the program. sarah palin coined the phrase "death panel" and did it on facebook. the left said fear mongering, told you not to listen. here is paul krugman this weekend on abc news.
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listen. >> if the commission isn't brave enough to take on the debt panel people, they are doing no good at all. not educating the public and not telling them about the choices that need to be made. some years down the pike, we will get a real solution, combination of death panel and sals taxes. we'll take medicare under control and get additional revenue from a v.a.t.. >> glenn: death panel and higher taxes will decide who lives or dies. meanwhile, they will take your money. death panels. america, you have a choice to make. many of you decide and are taking the first steps. you educated yourself. you have read more books than you have read in your whole life. in the last two years, you learned history you didn't know. you read books like the "5,000 year leap" a book that woke me up and a book that the left attacks over and over and over again. sorry, not the book. they attacked me by criticizing the author. i don't care about the author. i don't care about any of his other books. tell me what is wrong with
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the "5,000 year leap." they can't. this book will reignite your love for history and increase your understanding of the constitution and principles of freedom and liberty. buy it, if you haven't. the "5,000 year leap." it reminds us where our rights come from. god. that is another step that i've asked you to take. the 40 day and 40 night challenge, blueprint for national survival. i've asked you to turn toward god. ask your progressive friends this question. how can we progress past to a higher principle than this one? we hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by the creator, among them life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. how do you progress past this? you cannot. there is nothing higher than the principle. here is your choice, america. stand around and mire all the problems.
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the problems that are coming are problems i talked about for years. they are among your wildest imagination. use the last ten minutes to provide. if you haven't made the decision already, make this choice. i want you to make this choice. once you said yes, i want to be, i believe, i want you to ask do i want to be a problem or part of the solution? being afraid is not the answer. these are the answers to the question what do i do now? i'll get into them next.
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it's my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. >> glenn: you know, that is a fabulous sound bite for 60 years we revered that statement for some reason. i have don't know -- maybe because we thought the new deal was the solution. basically he is saying that barack obama has just said. "we have hard wired, we're hard wired not to think clearly when we're scared. and the country is scared."
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how does either statement help us? they don't! unless you're the person making that statement and you've just said here is the solution and you're not thinking clearly. follow me. that leaves you to being a slave to the government. here is a phrase that i believe actually helps. the only thing we have to fear is being unprepared. why? because you're in for unprepared, you have to look for somebody else for help. anything. when things get tough, help. if you're prepared, you'll be able to survive. you'll help others. how can it possibly be a bad thing to prepare yourself for any eventuality? isn't that the boy scout motto? be prepared. isn't that what we teach in all of our military academies? be prepared. why would anyone question, mock or criticize be prepared? be prepared for the worst, hope for the best.
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wouldn't you question the motive of someone telling you not to prepare? two days before hurricane katrina hit new orleans on august 27, 2005, the national hurricane director max mayfield called mayor nagin to advise him to order mandatory evacuation, get everybody out. what did mayor nagin do instead? he declared a state of emergency and urged residents in low-lying area to evacuate. new orleans is in a bowl. all of it. shouldn't you tell everybody to get out? remember unused buses under water. and category four hurricane katrina made landfall in louisiana. president bush declared state of emergency for louisiana and mississippi. the same day. katrina ripped two holes in the superdome roof and two days later, kathleen blanco requests for national guard
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troops from president bush and ordered total evacuation of the city. the mayor and governor waited to take necessary action to protect their citizens until the event happened. they were unprepared for what happened. 3,000 people never left. they didn't get out in time. instead they wound up on the roofs with signs that said, "save me." 35,000 out the superdome and 25,000 more at the convention center. a little preparation could have saved much of new orleans, and much more importantly the people in it. what if new orleans listened to and acted upon all the advice from the engineers over the years since the 1950s telling them that the levees would not hold? what if they prepared for a disaster by fixing that fundamental problem instead of squandering the money? even i warned about the levees. it warned about the levees almost one year to the day
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before katrina happened. the year before. i warned on my radio program that the city of new orleans was the most dangerous city of any city in the u.s. because of the levees. people ask me all the time, what do i do? what do i do? you asked for a political answer and i spent a year on that. it's in here. "broke". i highlighted one of the answers friday. congress should never make more than our soldiers. federal employees should never make more than the u.s. citizens. that's just the way it is. i also solved the problem of lobbying in washington and how they get out of touch when they become a politician and arrive in washington, d.c. i did it in a way to protect government from terror attacks. it's here if you want the answer, how to fix it politically. what do i do? ask this question. does the solution come from
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washington? if yes, get the book. vote. if no, vote and then to educate yourself and your family on history and current events, you're already doing that. wait until you see what we have coming for you tomorrow. three. find god. 40 day and 40 night challenge. simplify your life and find things of real value. four get out of debt and prepare for the worst and hope for the best. you know what? my gosh, how horrible. glenn beck is fear mongering and telling people what? get out of debt and buy food and supplies? yes. yes i am. things change tonight. i'm getting for my 2011 resolution which is i don't care what anybody says. i don't really care. this will be the winning slogan in 2012. yes, i can. if we are strong individuals working together after
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strengthened ourselves as individuals we can accomplish miracles. americans have and will again. the difference is disaster has not hit us fully. people are still waking up. we have a chance to get prepared. if we're not prepared we will make the wrong decision. next, i am putting my money where my mouth is. an action step i hope you will join me on. don't go anywhere.
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i'm patti ann browne. house pam begun deliberation in ethics trial of charles rangel. the democrat walked out of hearing today after the panel refused request for postponement. authorities in ohio say they want to remain optimistic but they believe it's possible that the mother, brother and family friend of a 13-year-old found alive in a basement yesterday have been killed. today, vice president biden swore in new senators. democrat chris coons and joe manchin taking the seat of late west virginia senator robert byrd. for more on the stories, visit glenn beck returns in a moment but first, bret baier previews "special report." >> bret: g.o.p. unity on banning earmarks. republican members back the tea party first call to action. the 12 in 2012 series
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continues with look at mitt romney. that's at the top of the hour. now back to glenn. ♪ ♪ >> glenn: all right. welcome back to the program. if you just joined us, i mean, hello! it starts at 5:00. i have a choice for you. the choice is you can be one of the two people that were in new orleans. you can be the people that got out on time and didn't want to risk it. you can find a boat and chain saw and then you come back and help the others. you don't blame them. nothing. you just go back and help them. or get sign making material and put it in your attic so it's ready to go when you are standing on your roof waiting for helicopter to come by. the choice is you can be a part of the solution, part of the problem.
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i ain't going to stand on my roof with a help me sign. are you? in practical term what is is the solution? you have done part of it. you have to get control of the political system in washington. you went out and voted. tea parties make a huge difference. political solutions are available here. i want to talk about something different. people tell me, "glenn, i don't have a lot of money. i don't know what to do." let me give you a hint. the average home in america -- this is phenomenal. i can't believe this is true. the average home has $25,000 of stuff they don't need or don't use, lying around. boxes in your basement or little used rooms. you have extra stuff. i don't know if that is right, but that isn't the number for the average millionaire. that's the average american. say that number is -- say the real number is $12,500.
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say the number is $5,000 of stuff you have laying around your house. would it make a difference in your life? think about what you could do with $5,000 to prepare. could you pay down your debt. could you buy extra groceries and add food storage? have an extra cushion in case you lose your job? you must begin to start thinking out of the box. now, if you're doing okay right now, could you sell that stuff and the extra money allow you to be somebody with a lifeboat instead of one holding the sign? here is what gave me the idea. my wife was asking me for help when we were doing, people were coming over and she wanted a tray in the dining room -- we have a hutch and underneath has the trays and stuff i don't even know what half the stuff is. i see it on christmas or maybe thanksgiving. we never use it. it's all falling out. i'm like honey --
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can we downsize some of the crap in our lives? we talked about it and we decided we have too much stuff, too much clutter in our life. we're downsizing. we have a goal to cut our stuff in half. that's a pretty big deal. my wife and i spent saturday tagging things around the home and deciding what to get rid of. a lot of the stuff we really like but we don't use. i's unnecessary. next week -- we're taking pictures of it and i'm going to put it up on i'm going to cut our stuff in half. someone should call the tides foundation and get this on the story of stuff. no, no. what am i going to do with the money? i'm going to do something on december 15 in ohio. i'll give you more information on that, because i'm going to ask you to join me. it will be a mini "it's a wonderful life." i'll give you details soon.
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but tonight, here is what i want you to do. the you can to your wife or your husband about reducing your debt. your stuff foot print. then ask if you will join me on a request, not the thing in ohio, if you want to join in on that later, that's fine. this quest. this quest. what could you do with $5,000? however much you have. $1,000. $500. could you buy extra food? would it put you in a position to be more prepared? please, talk to your family tonight. find out. it's step number one in a question that i'm telling you, i was just nominated for "time man of the year" which i think is total joke. no, i was honored. and i'm counting on it, too. here is what the difference is. forget about the time man of the year. next year we are going to be the people of the decade. talk to your family tonight and have an answer ready
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tomorrow. i'll give you more details tomorrow night. but up next, i have to go back to george soros. oh, my gosh! george soros and sarah palin's new show. wait until i show you the unbelievable connection. >> what is your dream? >> this day is a day that we can start the heart of america again. ♪ ♪ >> it has nothing to do with politics! it has everything to do with god! everything, turning our faith back to the values and the principles that made us great. we have a choice today. we have a choice.
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>> glenn: you're not going to believe this. there is another grass roots boy scott! yes! this time of conservative sarah palin's "alaska." this is a fantastic reality show which looks great. it's on the discovery channel. it started last night. this is virginia. she is not actually -- she is going to help me. come here a second. there she is climbking and she meets bears and everything. discovery is being targeted by environmentalists. it's a grassroot boycott.
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it must be regular americans are outraged at sarah palin. man! well, the group organizing the boycott is cerdo mobile and credo action, part of the larger organization. yeah. credo mobile and credo action. now, the larger organization that they are a part of is credo assets. these groups focus on progressive progressivefy -- philanthropy. here is the first clue. here is their complaint. "i'm appalled that discovery communications, the home of numerous ecoconscious offerings picked up sarah palin's alaska. she hates bear. sarah palin's anti-nature crusade as governor makes her unsuit to believe host your show in the line-up. i urge you to cancel the show before it airs." but the cofounder of credo is just like you, a run of the
5:46 pm
mill guy who in the spare time helped cofound the secretary of state project, which is really kind of, wait a minute, secretary of state project? wait a minute. that's, hey, wait a minute. that's spooky dude again! what are the odds? what a small world it is here. credo funnels -- i mean donates money to various causes. let's look and see what they fund. they fund media matters. george soros. they also do the center for constitutional rights, which is also george soros. the militant group the ruckus society. george soros! they also teamed up with the color for change, which -- or color of change. which is fantastic. run by former van jones. van jones, of course, is
5:47 pm
george soros. and he was formerly with the ella baker center, partially funded by credo. and george soros! yes, he's there, too. isn't funneling, i mean donating money just fun? when you play it like this? by the way, this guy also sits on the board of social policy organizers, forum board. with wayne rafkey and drummond pike. drummond pike? i remember these guys! i remember drummond pike! and wade rathkey. how do i remember them? george soros! that's right. the tides center. it's great. also, andy stern is on the board. do you have the picture of -- yeah. it's the same group of people, so very grassroots.
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there is your grassroots boycott, sarah palin on discovery. so organic, so pure. may i point out that it was on the air yesterday, which means that failed badly. i mean really super, gee, wally, another super depressing failure for george soros and his evil buddies. golly, gee whiz, george. why not donate some money, you know, to maybe like a worthy cause. maybe give it to somebody in need. you know what i'm saying? instead of burning it with these guys. when she finds out she will be mad you're hanging out with spooky evil dudes like these guys. gee, wally. >> inflation hit shelves at wal-marts across the country but don't expect the government to tell you about it. glenn has a solution so you know what is happening on the shelves. moms, listen up. this involves you!
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>> glenn: do we know this man's name? do we know his name? >> i have it here. albin sader.
5:53 pm
he made it -- he's a viewer who is very creative. he dropped this off today. puppet master, theater. george soros. as the emperror. which is very -- it's fantastic, strangely. who can you trust? who can you trust? can you trust the government and the numbers right now? we know about the numbers and the jobs that we reported on friday. they're better than expected. that's good, right? the job numbers earlier this month. payrolls supposedly expanded by over 151,000 jobs. it's great. look at the headlines here. it's fantastic. bad news. they misled you. they misled you. some people say they lied to you, but most will only be --
5:54 pm
people like me. government changed seasonal adjustment. it changed the formula to boost the job numbers. the numbers of jobs created in october, by 100,000 jobs. according to john williams, not the music guy. he works at shadow government statistic. the bureau of labor statistic fiddling with the figures via what he calls the seasonal factor gains. it's actually creating 200,000 phantom jobs just last month. he cites fa naggaling as the prediction of the october decline and rise in jobless rate is wrong. et explains why payrolls were adjusted up by 110,000 in september, including 56,000 in august. there is also the story of a government claiming that
5:55 pm
inflation is going down. but did you see the secret wal-mart survey? inflation is here. it is rising. the survey showed a .6% price increase in the last two months alone. at that rate, prices would be 4% higher a year from now, double what the fed's mandate said. what it means is you could pay $5.50 a gallon at the gas pump a year from now and the government will be telling you that the gas prices are down because they are playing with the numbers. they always do. we want you to know the truth. but how do we get the truth? i talk to a couple of people this weekend. they've been listed as a and to be the watchdog across the country. i want to know what is happening in your area. they'll check prices on the goesry store shelves on
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products you shop for every day. so do your own homework and be part of the solution. if you want to be part of the groups or if you want to help, we can use the help. we'd love eyes and ears in the grocery store and gas pump. you be part of the solution, not part of the problem. check those sites out. back in a minute.
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>> glenn: this week, the