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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  November 16, 2010 3:00pm-4:00pm EST

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>> thank you for watching us and "studio b" begins now with sleep smith. >>shepard: and the bizarre case in the state of home -- ohio of a 13-year-old girl found bound and gagged in a man's basement. the police say these four, two women, two children, vanished last wednesday from a home that was said to be splattered with blood. the cops rescued the 13-year-ol girl on sunday from the basement of a man's home. he is this man, 30-year-old matthew hoffman. the neighbor's describe him as "weird," someone would traps and kills and eats squirrels in the neighborhood. and they believe he may have killed the family dog. yesterday, the sheriff on the case said there is a chance the remaining three could be dead but the father of one of the missing women says he is still hopeful. >> the timeframe has been long
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between when they disappeared but we have hope that we will see our loved ones soon. >> police are searching near the home of the kidnapped suspect. a news conference has just started. well listen in live in ohio the sheriff is speaking. what has happened to the three missing people. let's listen. >> we are not going to try to make up a theory or try to react to a rumor. we are following the investigation. the last thing that i want to do is introduce to you captain schaefer who is the second in command at the sheriff's office. he has been running the operational portion of the investigation, the searchest, those type of things and the reason i want to introduce the captain to you is as this investigation continues there could be a time where i won't be available. >>shepard: the captain is giving us details.
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police have given us little information. today bond is set at $1 million for the suspect. they have searched in a field that is called a park but it is by a lake and they have taken a couple of vehicles out of the lake which they do the no thing are connected but searching for three missing people in this area because the neighbor has said that this is a place where the suspect went, carrying backpacks there and returning without the backpacks. >> the success of the investigation and the speculation issues, so, go ahead. >> is mr. hoffman in any way cooperating or has his attorney told you anything? >> he is represented by the public defender's office so our contact with him is cut off. >> he has not said anything? >> not since he has been represented. >> how is sarah doing? >> everything that we have been told from being in contact with
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her father, she is doing well under the circumstances. i refer her to being brave and i am looking forward to meeting this young woman in person because she has more friends, i think, and more fans than she will realize. so many people are behind her that will help with her emotional recovery and she is receiving those kind of services (inaudible) that is a suicide gown he is wearing. why is he wearing that? >> has he tried to commit suicide? all he has not but as the sheriff of the county who is responsible for the operation of the jill i have to comply with ohio's minimum standards for jails in ohio. one of the standards is that if
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an inmate exhibits any boyfriend or any indication they may harm themselves it is my responsibility to protect that person from doing that and that's why he is in a suicide gown. >> did he threaten suicide? all he gave indications until a mental health professional says otherwise, i, we put him in the suicide gown in compliance with the minimum standards. >> is he under suicide watch? all being in the suicide gown he does, he is. >> can you trillion us about the search and what led you to the areas? >> many searches were concentrated at foundation park and other areas around kenyon college. >> can you say where around
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kenyon? what you are looking for? >> most were in the area of where the truck was recovered around the bicycle path. >>shepard: foundation park is the place where the neighbor saw the suspect going in with a backpacks i mentioned where they pulled the truck out of the water. search searching. >> it has been expanded to any place where between the scene on king beach drive where the truck was recovered and where matthew hoffman was arrested. and any of those areas obviously would be likely places for us to search. >> when the volunteers went there on saturday you had searched that place thursday and friday. what is bringing you back? something specific? a which place? >> the areas where the pickup was found? some of the volunteers went back and you said you and the fire department already went through. is there a reason you have got ban and expanded it? >> more to be more thorough,
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some information that the investigation has yielded as far as potential evidence. our priority is defined as finding stehpanie and kody but evidence that may have been dropped off, may have been left anywhere between king beach drive and kenyon college and matthew hoffman's house. >> there is something you learned that brought you back do this area? for the investigation? >> that and the fact that we need to be thorough. because so much time has gone by, tomorrow is going to be one week since the events occurred. >> they are talking about area where the search happened. they found cars in the water but they found a truck which they believe hoffman could have been in, the suspect, and authorities today say they found duct tape trashed bags on the side of a
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road in knocks county, searchers scouring the trail and roadside and other areas in hoping to find the people missing and don't know if the bags mean anything and all that i just reported i took from the dispatch newspaper which has this story above the fold, a lead story of the day in the columbus, ohio area and our senior correspondent is live from knox county, ohio. what more do we know? >>reporter: they could. before you went to air the news conference started and they rest ensured anyone who saw anything out of the ordinary including trash bags should not touch them and call police and we had a report that they found duct tape trashed bag in foundation park or around foundation park which again is a park that is right across the street from hoffman's house. we were there this morning and it is 125 acres, 86 acres are water. former gravel pits turned into a
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park and ponds and we have seen divers if there and we have seen people in the shallow water looking for evidence but police are not telling us if they found anything in the waters. >>shepard: the reports were about what appeared to be a large amount of blood found in the home, right? >>reporter: right. in hoffman's home. i'm sorry, in the little girl's home, the little girl who was found bound and gagged in hoffman's basement, her home, they said, was filled with a lot of blood evidence and though said empty beer cans. also, they reference the pickup truck. they found the little girl mother's pickup on the campus of concern con -- kenyon college and they saw hoffman sitting in his car just across the street next to a bicycle trial so hoffman is placed at kenyon college where the mother's
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pickup truck was recovered. the mother is still missing along with her friend and her 11-year-old son. so, they placed him there, but they did not go to his home until sunday morning. >>shepard: the suspect is being held, now, set at $1 million bond. the story surrounding the man, trapping cirls and eating thing, and he may have killed family dogs and he frequented a park and the neighbor's story were disquieting. >> they described them as a real weird guy and he would it is on his roof or in trees on his property and listen to their conversations and when he was outside his house, they would tell the kids to go inside because that guy, the neighbor, was outside and they didn't trust him and they were afraid of him. they were concerned about him. but yesterday, the neighbors said show had in idea that this girl was in this man's home or
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she would have done something. he is being held as you heard in jail and wearing what they call a suicide gown, and they did not bring him to the courthouse but home was often video. i spoke to his public defender and he was in the lobby of the sheriff's office, and went back inside to talk to investigators for a second time. there is speculation that, perhaps, his client shared valuable information which he may share with investigators but we do not know. >>shepard: the sheriff said today, a few minutes ago, that they have not gotten any cooperation, no questions answered, since the guy got a public defender. did he give them information prior to that? >>reporter: they did not get information from him. he was uncooperative prior to today's court appearance but it is possible that now that he has a lawyer the lawyer has smoken with him and perhaps, perhaps,
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perhaps the prime suspect here may be opening up as to where the three missing people could be. that is the prime focus of this sheriff's department and the state police and the f.b.i. finding the two missing women and the missing little boy. >>shepard: the news conference is ongoing and it sounded as if we will not get much more today. we are monitoring it at our headquarters and if there is anything we will go back for the breaking details. there is a lot of news today. the governor of louisiana will join us like in the studio selling the story of the gulf oil crisis and we will ask about his time in the governor's office. and you may have heard there will be a wedding across the pond the man who would be king and his girl now engaged. and the man in charge of security at airports across the united states is about to testify to congress. the issue here, the controversial new screening
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>>shepard: the brits are in wedding mode, the man second in line, prince william announced his engagement to his long time girlfriend. they met in college eight years ago but living together for
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months on a remote island where he works as a search-and-rescue pilot with the air force, the royal air force. constitutionally the proposal had to go through the process obviously according to the royal marriages act. the couple cannot get married without the approval of the sovereign, the queen, william's grandmother gave the go ahead. they talked about the timing. for at least a year or longer, just looking for the right time as people say, couples talk about timing and i could not have done this if i was training. association i have that out of way and she is in a good place in terms of work and we both decided now was a good time. >> he gave her his mother's engagement ring and she showed it off for the cameras and he explains why he gave her that. i thought it was nice because she is not to share the excitement but this is my wave of keeping her close.
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>> no details on the wedding but you can bet your bottom dollar, or sterling, and now jonathan hunt with a look at the palace this evening, and any specifics on when this could happen. >>reporter: the bookies like august, and they like at bpd like westminster and the royal household has asked security at the ab billion ey to prepare for a royal wedding next year second weekend of august but the pal has has not made a specific confirmation. these are times of austerity so it may not be as lavish as otherwise, and that could be a good excuse for the two who are known to love a more simple life to have food at home and watch dvd to have a lower keyed
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wedding and some grumble that the royals spend too much but this is also as the prime minister pointed out a time for national celebration and at the end of the day prince william will be head of state and the king of england some day so it will be a lavish wedding and there will be lots of heads of state here and the invitation, the guest list will be long, and finally, tonight we heard from prince harry who said he is delighted and delighted to have a sister. >> we are told he popped the question last month, right? >>reporter: popped the question a few weeks ago at a 55,000 acre game park at the foot of mount kenya. and he gave her the late mother's ring and we have video of princess diana with that ring that cost $28,000 pounds or $46,000 back in 1981 and he is saying she is nervous about looking after it. it a quite valuable and sentimental. we did not find out whether or
3:17 pm
not prince william went down on bended knee. but he was asked and wanted to keep those details private and she said that she was very surprised and that he is a great romantic and africa has great significance for prince william, he does a lot of charity work there and refers to it as his home away from home so people speculate tonight that maybe the honeymoon could be there, as well. >>shepard: the royal watch has begun. thank you. and 8:17 at the pal lases. more on the royal family, or soon-to-be edition, the chief correspondent jonathan hunt, a so-called common are. >>jonathan: she is a commoner but the way they have been intermarrying, with weddings and subsequent divorces, they are probably quite pleased to see a commoner and a change the way these are done.
3:18 pm
she, of course, is the daughter of a couple who both worked for an airline. he is a pilot and she was a flight attendant before they started their our party favors company that made them millionaires and they are not short of a penny but she is a commoner and it is unusual but unusual could be a good thing given the recent royal history. ship he has to follow in the footsteps of princess diana, that is a tall order. than than she was asked about that in the tv interview and the messages of her name seemed to make her feel uncomfortable and lebanese her struggling to find the right words. listen. >> i would love to have met her and she was a special woman to look up to and going forward and things. a wonderful family.
3:19 pm
(inaudible) very inspirational. it is your future. no one is trying to fill my mother's shoes and what she it is fan tass technical it is about future and she will do a good job. >> william stepping in there to help her out, and obviously, the ghost of princess diana will haunt these proceeding and the wedding itself, all the images, the images from 1981 will be replayed again and again but he and her will try to forge their own future and everyone hopes, of course, they will succeed where charles and diana failed. >>shepard: we will look for it around-the-clock. are you excited? >>jonathan: i am thrilled.
3:20 pm
thrilled. >>shepard: you will go to the motherland to cover? >>jonathan: let's go together. >>shepard: get over to the website and join in the conversation with jonathan hunt on "on the hunt," and an update on the situation in the gulf after the oil spill disaster, the louisiana governor is here to talk about that just ahead. ♪
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>>shepard: there was a lot of speculation the louisiana governor jindal has no plans to run for president in 2012. political watchers have talked about if he will run for president or get the republican v.p. nod but in an interview to promote his new book he said his ambition is to run for another term as governor of the great
3:24 pm
state of louisiana and the governor is focusing on the oil spill and response. he writes that he was surprised by the president's reaction to requests for food stamps for fishermen and others who were affected by the spill but the white house has responded and in a lengthy response and called the governor's claim absurd. and now the louisiana governor on a tour, now, leadership and crisis. governor jindal. >> we have work to do in louisiana. >> what about president? >> they have other folks running for president. we have cut taxes, cut spending in louisiana. >>shepard: great to see you. the talk about the louisiana governor bobby jindal for those who livous the southeast corner, but outside of there, i believe it was a november day in 2009 and you gave the response to what amounts to the state of the union address but it was the
3:25 pm
budget's first term and the whole republican world was excited and, frankly, people did not think it went well. how did you feel? >>guest: i take responsibility. the delivery was all of and i cannot read teleprompters and i am better talking to people and you look at speech, forget the delivery, and there is no one to blame but me, and people say it was a speech coach, i delivered the speech, it is on my shoulders and you look at the content, the content i stand by that content. at the time i was worried about the president's stimulus bill and worried about the spending and borrowing and if anything president obama and speaker pelosi proved they were going to do much worse than what i expected back then and was on the verge of $400 billion plus stimulus bill that did not stimulate the economy and obamacare over $1 trillion health care bill. >>shepard: the white house says the stimulus had to happen or things would be worse. and the congressional budget office, the nonpartisan watchers
3:26 pm
of this say the obamacare is actually going to save money, not cost money. there are differing points of view but that is a nonpartisan organization. so the white house is firing back. >>guest: they said unemployment would be below 8 percent and the president admitted that maybe there was not a shovel ready project and admitted they should have done more tax cuts and cbo you look at them, the congressional budget office said it would do more overall harm to the economy when you look at the long term, like a sugar high, giving your kids chocolate for dinner, you feel better short-term but in the long run it is not good for you. the problem with the stimulus, not only did it not fix the long term problems it added to the growing give, $14 trillion and climbing. and obamacare, and cbo, they will tell you it does not bend the cost curve down as he predicted but it spends $1 trillion and raises taxes $500 billion and cuts medicare $500 billion and the woirt thick it add the 60 million to medicare
3:27 pm
withoutry form. same old government run program and leadership in crisis offers specific ideas using conservative market based solutions and refundable tax credits and real tort reform but the biggest thing --. >>shepard: i want to mention, you mentioned same old politics. politicians have a tremendous problem now, politicians, because we need to cut. and to do that you have to cut entitlements and look at social security and medicare and defense spending and if you don't, everyone involved with this says you cannot do it. what politician from your side of the aisle will step forward, maybe one of the new ones and say this is not popular but we have to cut the following specific things. >>guest: i have a chapter talking about fixing medicare and i believe if we are serious, we have to cut nondefense discretionary spending to $100 billion back to prestimulus, prebailout levels and we have to
3:28 pm
extend the tax cuts but i have a chapter saying if we are serious about balancing the budget and look how we can fix medicare in the 1990's there was a bipartisan mission with senator breaux from the representatives and bill thomas from the republicans with ideas, and the head of cbo said this would result in efficiency and would reduce the spending. it will not be huge savings upfront but that will be billions and billions and makes the program sustainable but we have to act now. the longer we wait the harder it is to make the reforms. >>shepard: the book is "leadership in crisis." and there is a contest happening in louisiana on saturday night, your tigers and my rebels and do you have a prediction? >>guest: i am your guest but we will win, we will beat ol' miss, you have beaten us the last couple of years and last year was a tough loss for lsu
3:29 pm
fans and everyone remembers the famous "it will not happen again," but here is my thoughts on that. >>shepard: we will see, great luck with the book. the news rolls on. stay tuned. let me tell you about a very important phone call i made.
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>>shepard: time for for the top of news. the most powerful democrats on capitol hill waiting to hear the punishment he will face after a panel found him guilty. 11 counts of breaking ethics rule. rangel was not in the room when they announced the verdict and he walked out of the trial yesterday arguing he needs more time to set up a fund to pay for lawyers. he has denied the charges and saying he is "clean as the driven snow." this summer the now 80-year-old congressman took to the house floor and asked the panel to hurry up already, saying they should not keep him swinging in the wind as he put it and he didn't want to tie before the hearing. now it has happened. the full panel will decide the punishment. we have defense attorney and former prosecutor. this has been fascinating to watch. i don't know where you begin
3:33 pm
now. just a wait-and-see. >> it will go to the committee. the committee will recommend punishment and from there it will go to be voted before the house of representatives. the problem is, they will not be able to sanction him to the extent of expelling him from the congress. that is not happened, last time it happened was 2002 with trafficant. if i had to vote i would vote to expel him. he has to go. he has to be expelled. >>shepard: he has around 40 years. and extremely popular in his district. >>guest: that is the issue. he is hugely popular and re-elected i don't know how many times and always wins by a 75 percent or 80 percent majority and has a lot of political clout.
3:34 pm
and now we have a republican tsunami coming in and it put its him in a more precarious position but there are still politicians, still a fellow congressman no matter what side of the aisle there will be some in singt to protect their own particularly an old lion. >>shepard: that is a difficult vote to cast. >>guest: one thing i hope the people will focus on his statements where he came out and said that i just ran out of money, i need more time. he needs to sake responsibility because what he did is spend $2 million on his defense team and comes out and says i need another $1 million and i don't have it but the $2 million he got was from his constituents that donated to his pac and from his campaign contributions. >>shepard: you can donate from the contributions and not the pac. >>guest: and there are limitations on that. here we have a congressman who is making north of $174,000 a
3:35 pm
year with a rent stabilized apartment and a villa in the caribbean he is renting out for $1,000 a day and he cries poverty because he does have a right to an attorney and he does not have right to a $3 million attorney paid by the constituents. >>shepard: the facts everyone laid out pretty well. you know what i am saying, it is all there, it has been proved. >>guest: and the case was uncontested because he got up and walked out, not the most difficult case. >>shepard: but wouldn't it surprise both of you to see his colleagues in the house of representatives remove him from the house of representatives given two he and is all he has done and the power he has? >>guest: it would be shocking and there is something else going on. like i said no whreart what side of the aisle you are on, don't think the congressman
3:36 pm
particularly the new guys coming in forgot what happened in wake of clinton impeachment, the tormenters want down because the other party angry at what they saw as bullish and aggressive prosecution decided to dig in to the other side's dirty laundry and remember bob barr and gingrich. their goal is self preservation so they will make the statement that needs to be made against rangel which is probably going to be reprimand but it will stop way short. >>guest: and that is the problem with our political system. if you cannot be made accountable, it is time to make an example of a man who wrote the laws. but it will not happen here. it should. we need to move in that direction. and hold him accountable. >>shepard: we will see how it goes. thank you both. you heard about "don't touch my
3:37 pm
junk", right? it is tuesday now but it is not over. how the outrage over the screening procedures caught the attention of the u.s. congress, not just about one guy and where hands go when you want to fly. it is bigger than that. about privacy versus security. [ male announcer ] this is steven, a busy man. his day starts with his arthritis pain. that's breakfast with two pills. the morning is over, it's time for two more pills.
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3:41 pm
>>shepard: the video generate add huge response on the web and has led to calls online for a national body scan opt out day. on november 24. he decided not to take the flight and the airline gave him a full refund although he did not have a fully refundable ticket but he now is facing a possible $11,000 fine for refusing to finish the screening procedure, in essence, for leaving the airport. hello? and now from washington, what do we expect to hear from the head of the transportation secure administration? >>reporter: he is head of the transportation security administration and testifying before the senate homeland security committee and will talk
3:42 pm
about home terrorisms are changing their methods and types of explosives and they are trying to get ahead of that. here is what the homeland security secretary said yesterday about why the familiar machines could be outdated. >> those went into place in the 1960's and are 50-year-old technology and it would unwise to say, or irresponsible of us at t.s.a. at homeland security department not to evolve our technology to match the changing threat and environment. >>reporter: there could be adjustments to the screening procedure but overall, if people could not like the screening they don't have to fly. >>shepard: what do we know about the opt out day before thanksgiving? >>reporter: we talking about the full body scanning machines that creteed a detailed image of a nude body. a virginia plan is organizing a national opt out day for next
3:43 pm
wednesday urging travelers to opt out in favor of pat down rather than the body scan. >> i don't think the government has the right to look under the clothes of anyone it wants without reasonable cause. >>guest: the pat downs take it too far, as well. >>shepard: and the t-shirt has showed up online, homeland security "we get to touch your junk." or anyone else but the federal government it would be a crime. we have told you for weeks about the please in the foreclosure business. and it is not just bad news for homeowners but gerri willis
3:44 pm
explains why problems could threaten the entire economic future of this nation.
3:45 pm
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>>shepard: and on wall street, the big board, man, down more than 2 percent at one point, below 11,000 and now we are off 183 for the day. and for a time, it was below 11,000, blamed on concerns over the debt crisis in europe. because there is a weirdness going on with ireland. you request read about that at and it is complicated and not everyone is telling the truth. and china'sest to curb inflation is in the mix here. expects say a low down in asia could hurt recovery efforts
3:48 pm
elsewhere. off 182 for wall street. and new concerns over the mortgage mess. there could be new ones. and released government report warns the trouble over flawed foreclosure paperwork could severely threaten the banks. and even the economic recover of the according to the oversight panel report some of the biggest banks in the country could find themselves with billions of dollars in bad debt and that could hit the housing market and as man say in order for the economy to recover housing has to lead. now the panel is unking action -- is urging action. and now gerri's two cents. i read the headlines early, and here we go again. how real? how big? >> the foreclosure mess is huge. the banks could agree to a
3:49 pm
global settlement that could cost up to $1 billion or play this out in a case by case basis fighting individual homeowners along the case and they will pay considerable costs. remember they have something like $6.4 trillion of mortgages on the books. after we have been through a electric of a recession and banks have had a lot of trouble and now they have to fight this. and that feeds into the entire economy. >> and there was action on the foreclosure crisis? all they just started the hearing and the senate banking committee was getting together with a lot of big players including the iowa attorney general with the lead in this case and we will follow him and representatives of bank of america but they just got started and they were just it is down as i walked out. >>shepard: gerri each day at 5:00 eastern and 4:00 in oxford only on fox business news the fastest growing business news on
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television. if you don't get it, demand it, fox business network. and william and kate are going to do the deed and they are talking, in a video, and did you notice his tie, i am just saying, i don't know, we will get to the royals in a minute and you can check out the developing news. jonathan hunt will entertain you. you. go over. [ k. tyrone ] i'm an engineer. my kids say i speak a different language. but i love math and math and science develop new ideas. we've used hydrogen in our plants for decades. the old hydrogen units were veryarge. recently, we've been able to reduce that. then our scientists said "what if we could make it small enough to produce and use hydrogen right on board a car,
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>>shepard: and there is word that the british government is preparing to, well, compensate a group of former gitmo detainees. according to self reports the government agreed to pay the group millions to settle a major
3:54 pm
lawsuit. the men claim the british government knew they were being tortured but did nothing to stop it. all of men are british citizens or residents of great britain. the head of the spy agency of britain said his agents did not take part in any torture. and now the big stories: britain's prince william announcing his engagement to kate, a commoner who he has dated for better part of a decade. the prince joked about why it took so long. >> i don't remember how many years it has been. i did not realize it or i would have. the timing is right, now, and we are very, very happy. >> and jonathan hunt is equally happy and chatting away with you on than then they are -- >>jonathan: they are all
3:55 pm
interested in him giving kate his mother's engagement ring, it seems cursed but i hope it ends happy. i am not sure that would have been her first chase for a ring if she had her close given he could buy any ring. >>shepard: they have a lot of jewels. >>jonathan: they do. go to the tower of london and pick out what he wants and i am sure he has a few pounds he could spend if he needed. but someone said have you seen that ring, and it is a huge safire surrounded by diamond and cost $28,000 pound, $45,000 in 1981 so it is worth a few pounds now. and someone, a listener said if he is invited he doesn't want to fly because he don't want to have his "junk touched."
3:56 pm
>>shepard: i was impressed by the redskins last night. >>jonathan: a lot of people talking about that. a great moment in redskins history. they will not change until snyder is no longer the owner. fire snyder. >>shepard: michael vick was unstoppable with a record breaking performance. michael vick, you got to give something to someone who picks himself up, and my goodness if you didn't see it we will show it. coming up. funny how nature just knows how to make things that are good for you. new v8 v-fusion + tea. one combined serving of vegetables and fruit with the goodness of green tea and powerful antioxidants. refreshingly good.
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>>shepard: the sleb it couple looking to escape the hollywood star whackers, skip another court appearance, randy quaid and his wife fail to show up for court. police accused the couple of causing $5,000 if damage to a home they once owned and squatting if the home before the cops arrested them in september. they are now seeking asylum in canada. 5-30, nine seconds into the second quarter. and mcnabb signing a huge contract extension hours before the game but mike vick stole the show with one touchdown pass from the first place and it was just getting started running for two more and threw for 300 yards d