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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 18, 2010 12:00am-1:00am EST

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not be craven. it sounds bad and it is bad! . particularly around thanksgiving, don't be craven. i am bill o'reilly remember the spin stops here because we are definitely looking out for are definitely looking out for you. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. >> sean: as we approach the holiday season more and more air travelers are voicing their anger over the screening procedures. we are seeing reports of made dead body scans leaked on the internet and passengers alleging pat-downs went too far. earlier today, an ohio woman traveling with her baby said she was sexually assaulted by a tsa worker during a pat-down. >> she patted my arms, back,
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lower back. then proceeded to go around my waistband with fingers inside my waistband. she did tell me she was going to do that. after that she gave me no further instruction. she proceeded to touch by buttocks on both sides with the palm of her hand, moved to the front, touched the tops and under my breast. again she gave me no instruction she was going to do that. bottom of my legs, inner thighs, touching my private areas. she did not tell me she was going to touch me in any of those places. >> sean: today a man was realized at the indianapolis international airport for allegedly punching a tsa screener. according to police he hit the worker after going through a body scanner and questioning the new procedure. he reportedly suffers from medical conditions. joining us ann coulter, peter johnson, jr.. welcome back to hannity. >> thank you. >> sean: coulter, let's start
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with you. first of all, a lot of people don't like the idea of having pictures of their naked bodies. enhanced pat-down is very aggressive, by all accounts we are getting. here's my problem. i want to get on a plane and know i'm safe. everybody watching this program wants to know their plane is save -- safe, israel has a bigger security threat and they use a different system. they use profiling. >> right. >> sean: apparently that's not a word we can discuss in this country. what do you think we ought to be doing? >> there's a system, i worked up, i like to call it profiling. it's the only advantage we have in this war that the enemy looks exactly like. if the 9/11 terrorist, shoe bomber, diaper bomber, printer card treupbl bomber if they had all come from swedes we
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would be looking for swedes and nobody would -- nobody would make a peep. as for safety, it is a decade since 9/11, yet, we did almost have a plane blown up over detroit. air force security is wasting time on -- that woman you just played, does anyone think she going to be a terrorist? no. nor is the little 3-year-old. nor is 99% of the flying public. they've all been foreign born. if you did nothing more than have a five minute conversation with the one foreign born passenger, per flight, you would be safer on the plane. all turning it into a police state to give people a false feeling of security. by the way, one last thing. these months it is more than being camera shy about being nude on camera. even the government's own john hopkins report says unless the months are set exactly right,
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and the operator knows exactly how to use it, it does pose a radiological danger. >> sean: let me bring pete ter in. rather than fondling, groping nuns that have been in the order for 30 years and toddlers, don't we have a better alternative? >> they are not doing under 12-year-olds and no one is talking about groping nuns and toddlers. as much as i love ann, there's not one cogent reason she has described that we shouldn't go forward with this program in this country. to talk about el al and the israeli model they have 40, 50 flights a day. american airlines has 2400 flights. technology is proven this is constitutionally sound, strong and feasible. with regard to the pat-downs, if people do not want to be scanned they will be pat-down. do these folks need to be doing it better? does tsa need training? absolutely. this is not about muslim
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political correctness. this program was developed during the bush administration initial this is not about protecting muslims. this about protecting americans. i think it is unconscionable to say we are going to opt-out. we are going to decide on thanksgiving to muck up the airports and say we are not going to do it. if that is true, do they want to be ? as you say. -- groped, as you say? do you want to be safe? >> sean: i want to be safe. not any safer. i don't know what you're talking about acting like you haven't seen the nuns, the three-year-olds being patted down. they are. months just bought was a payoff to deepak cho pro -- chopra who owns this company. they do not detect plastic. notice on the examples of what you see on the naked body is a gun or a knife.
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all it is, is like a metal detector except these expose to you radiation. >> it is three minutes in a air is the radiation exposure. >> not according to the reports that the is touting. >> they testified in front of kong tess today. no more than three minutes' exposure. i agree pilots should have to be subject to this, children shouldn't have to be subject. if we don't want to attend a lot of funerals, a tended eight in 2001 in new york city. then the price of our freedom, the price of our security, the price of our safety going through this mode of detection. >> patting down hannity, patting down me is not making this this country any safer. >> what works better? what will make us safer? what can we do today? >> okay i have an answer. but you have to stop talking.
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>> go ahead, tell me. >> it doesn't make us one iota safer, no one thinks it does. >> what is the alternative? >> hey, come on stop it, let me answer this, stop it peter, i'm answering! oh my gosh you're worse than -- umm, what we need to do is look at the foreign born population that is who it has been. two things that americans just throw off, liberals who love a police state. >> i'm not a liberal. >> stop it! it is what liberals have done with crime. their idea is what we have to do is take all the guns away. it doesn't work to take all the guns away. [ talking over each other ] >> we have a solution, -- >> sean, please. >> sean: we're -- you want to get a final thought in. >> i'm trying to make a simple point. it is exactly what liberals
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have done with gun control to try to take everyone's gun away. including the law abiding. >> ann you have no solution to this problem. i wait for the solution. i'll come back when you have a solution if sean invites i'm into the coming back with you. you keep talking over me >> ann, i thought you liked me, what happened? >> don't you have a cut button sean, this is a joke? >> sean: we have a story about a pilot suing the tsa. plenty more hannity, straight ahead. outrage continues to grow over new airport screening rules. one pilot says enough is enough and sue us the tsa. >> i'm proud to be part of -- >> sean: back despite historic losses and complete repudiation of her agenda. democrats reelect princess pelosi.
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obamacare -- employers lining up to escape the burdensome up to escape the burdensome health care la
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how about a coastal soup and grilled shrimp salad combination? or maybe skewers of wood-grilled shrimp. seafood lunches starting at just $6.99 at red lobster. >> sean: despite the growing protests tsa and homeland security continue to stand by invasive scanners and pat-downs
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at airports. earlier today tsa administrator was on capitol hill defending these new procedures. >> i must admit, i get the impression you are expressing your understanding. i'm thinking nothing is gonna change. >> well, if your question is, do i understand the sensitivity to people? yes. if you are asking am i going to change the policy? no. because i think that is what being informed by the latest intelligence, latest efforts by terrorists that kill our people in the air, no i'm not going to change those policies. >> sean: a growing number of pilots are just as upset some are not going to stand for it any more. joining me michael roberts one of two commercial airline pilots suing department of homeland security and tsa claiming the new procedures violate their constitution rights. his lawyer is also here. welcome aboard. john tell us about the lawsuit. >> well, it is a 4th amendment
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lawsuit. under our constitution, the 4th amendment protects us against unreasonable searches and seizures. in this country we have never allowed government agents, police or people that work for the government to conduct full body strip searches which is what the body scanners do, or pat-downs unless there's some kind suspicion of criminal activity. none of that is available here. that's what is happening. the question is, does our constitution protect us or does it not? >> sean: michael you and another pilot refused to submit to either full body scan or the enhanced pat-down. tell us what happened? >> well, it is a simple, i was commuting to work in houston where i'm based. i was stop add:the way by federal agent. -- i was stopped along the way by a federal agent. they wanted to see my penis, i told them that was not okay --
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>> sean: hong on, they wanted to see what? >> you heard me. as john put it wanted to see my john. that's not okay guys. >> sean: wait a minute, wait a minute, they wanted to see it? >> that's what those months do. it is a virtual strip search they can see whether a man is circumcised or a woman is men straighting, they can see everything. -- menstruating. they can see everything. >> sean: you have not flown since mid october? >> that's right the 15th. >> sean: do you still have the option to comply? >> well, yeah, i suppose i do. >> sean: as far as you are saying you will not submit to this in any way? >> no. if i don't show it to them, they insist on touching it. if i don't let them do either one, my only option is to go home that's where i am, home.
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>> sean: john, let's examine your legal remedies and what you think your chances in court. >> i think the chances are good if the rule of law upholds. the current law is that you can't strip search or do full body frisks. what michael is talking about the frisks are invasive, the slide method they go up touch the genitalia, breasts of women. we've got 10 hundreds of e-mails from women who are outraged, men as well. if the constitution is in operation we should win under the 4th amendment. if we don't stop this at airports, in my opinion, you are going to see months on streets, in front of buildings. it is going to expand. the real issue with michael roberts and the other pilot is, are we going to allow a police state to be erected? this is the first step folks. we are getting conditioned to accepting a very invasive police state tactics.
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>> sean: i've been saying for a couple of days here michael, i do not think this is the answer. i think israel has created a great model we could follow. i that i is going to include using our intelligence services far more than we are using now that means profiling in part. not going after little old ladies in wheelchairs. i think we've got to use our limited resources better. here's the dilemma we face. we definitely want -- we we get on a plane we want to know we are safe. you see the problem, terrorists want to hijack planes. we saw what happened on 9/11. what do you think the answer is? >> well, first of all we need to understand what is happening in our airports is not safe. we need to protect ourselves and our children from it. as far as the solution, absolutely intelligence-based, best practices proven over time. it needs to be done by the right people.
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by legitimate professionals who have a vested interest in the quality of the work they are doing. not politicians and bureaucrats. but industry professionals. >> sean: we had leann tweeden on last night her husband is a pilot. she had a good line. if they can't trust you, you have the ability to take that plane and crash it. >> that's right. at some point you have to take it on faith. i haven't crashed an plane in the last 4 1/2 years. i've been going through that same checkpoint, walking throughout metal detector. i did the same thing on the 15th, no alarms went off. but they still wants to cop a feel. -- they still wanted to cop a feel. it is not about security it about the over-reaching arm of the state. >> you make a good point. israeli security head said body scanners is a joke.
12:19 am
they did not pick up what is in body cavities where fuel is stored. they do background checks and interviews and they have well trained agents. what i'm seeing in the airports poorly trained tsa agents and they want to shove people through months with high doses of radiation. >> sean: i fly a lot and i've not experienced poorly trained tsa agents. >> wow, really! >> we've got a lot of reports. >> sean: i think wife been wanted more than anybody -- i think i've been wanded more than anybody. they've been extraordinarily professional. they are doing their job. i'm not blaming them i'm blaming homeland security. >> they are professional gropers. >> they are not trained. the point i'm trying to make is the israel lay agents are trained.
12:20 am
-- israeli agents are trained. these people that work in these airports are not trained properly. >> sean: i agree on that part. guys thanks for being with us. plenty more hannity coming up. >> effective leader, we the job done. >> sean: despite a stinging defeat. pelosi is back in power. >> i want answers to my questions. >> sean: republicans grill the medicare chief as he defends obamacare on capitol hill. >> liberals accusing the tea party of working behind the scenes to secure a win for scenes to secure a win for bristol palin on "dancing
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>> sean: despite the great repudiation of 2010 democrats have elected nancy pelosi as house minority leader. tonight i would like to congratulate her for hanging ton her leadership post. i want to be the first to say, nancy welcome back. since taking over in 2007 you have provided this program with mountains of material. tonight we thought we would look at some of your greatest hits. we begin with one of your most outrageous comments. >> it is going to be very exciting. but two pass the bill so you can find out what is in it. >> sean: now we know what's in the bill. maybe you will consider taking back in comment. >> [ inaudible ] sean not only did pelosi false
12:26 am
lay town hall attendees of carrying somewhat tick s, saying drowning out opposing views is unamerican. yard theme with nancy pelosi. remember when she said this about states who crackdown on illegal immigrants. >> sean: i can proudly say i wouldn't want anyone world to be the democrats' leader in the new congress. i mean it. nancy pelosi, welcome back. joining me the author of 18 acres. in full light of what we discussed in the last segment, -- >> someone is in a glass house tonight. >> your book has the first female president whose husband is having an affair with a
12:27 am
reporter. >> sean: nancy pelosi, welcome back, i couldn't be happier. >> this is great news for the gop. the end of the day she and her party receive an "f" on november 2nd. they are willing to put the same leadership back into power. which shows we are going to continue to see infighting. continue to see disagreement and finger-pointing within their party this is saying they are not willing to change and adapt to what people want. >> sean: they even said in the "washington post" they don't want to pivot they still believe they are right in the white house. does that indicate they are that tone-deaf? >> we are happy for nancy, nancy is back! the far left of the democratic party loves her, they are thrilled. i'm sure michael moore is more
12:28 am
satisfied with pelosi than with his president right now. the person that should be weeping in his martini tonight is barack obama. it isot good for the white house to have her over -- you know wielding her power and highlighting the areas where the extreme left is agitated with the white house. i think what the white house really could have done and didn't have the political courage to do, would have been to get behind more centrist democrats. >> sean: there are none left. who? >> wasn't there one that ran against her? >> sean: all right schuler, altmire. four democrats. >> alarming if we would see them take know toys what happened. as a republican it is reassuring. >> sean: 6% of independents support nancy pelosi. she's a rigid ideologue like the president. harry reid not backing off earmarks. mcconnell took a courageous
12:29 am
political decision said i support the moratorium on earmarks. >> polls show only 23% of voters approved of the job she did while she was in her position. sean, at the end of the day, what did she do before in vote? what did she do after? before she was talking about, while i'm pinning this on the republican's fight against me and the money they threw on combating me and high unemployment this is you have to run in the face of that. now she has been elected, now she's saying it is because of the wall street reform. now it is because of health care. now she is going back to the same thing. >> sean: we've got this lame-duck session. bush tax cuts are gonna expire january 1. do they stay with this class warfare battle they've been pushing? >> the democrats have run national campaigns on class warfare on --
12:30 am
>> sean: didn't work this time. >> it failed in every corner of the united states. if this is what the white house and their axis of mainstream policies, they are going to set republicans up in a stronger position for 2012. >> absolutely. that's the feeling we all get today. we go back to the first quote we heard from nancy pelosi. nobody is going to forget that as long as she in power. everybody is going to remember nancy pelosi telling us we've got to pass health care so we know what's it in that is going to be the ringing bell. that is going to continue to hurt obama and everything he tries to do while still there. >> sean: 18 acres the first female president. the first dude is having an affair with a reporter. and you have the right to criticize me because of what a guest said on my program? >> i think he brought it below
12:31 am
the belt tonight. >> sean: have you read your own book? good to see you both. big news about president bush's new memoir. what milestone is it already near? a senate hearing spirals out of control after democrats attempt to shield one of president obama's recess appointments. why won't they let the head of ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] some people just know how to build things well. give you and your loved ones an expertly engineered mercedes-benz... ho ho ho! the winter event going on now. but hurry -- the offer ends soon. like, keep one of these over your head. well, i wasn't "supposed" to need flood insurance,
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>> sean: the secret is out over a million americans have found a way to an individual getting caught up in obamacare. 100 plus employers have obtained waivers which allows workers to opt-out of the new law. what may surprise you, increasing number of unions are taking part in waivermania. after months of avoiding questions the head of medicare went before a senate panel this morning. you may recall in summer he
12:36 am
dodged the confirmation process when he was reassess pointed to his post. since then his vocal support of socialized medicine has been a hot topic. today he appeared before senators for less than 90 minutes and that did not sit well with republicans. >> i want to know, what is going on? i want answers to my questions. this is pathetic. we in a recess period. my gosh we ought to have time to ask the most important man in america on health care, questions that are relevant and important. >> sean: here with more on her investigation into unions opting out of obamacare and reaction to today's hearing is author of culture of corruption, michelle malkin is back with us. i got a list, 111 waivers for -- how many of unions? how do they get away with that, we pass a law but a waiver to
12:37 am
you and you. how come everybody is not going to be subjected to this law? >> that is the question the american people should be asking. dude, where's my obamacare waiver? i would hope everyone would call the white house or e-mail the white house tonight and tomorrow and the next day and ask if it is good enough for the service employees international union, for the ibew, iupat, united federation of teachers, 350,000 of them, now exempt from obamacare mandates, why isn't it good enough for the rest of america? this should be a front page headline story from now through the rest of the lame duck session, sean. i'm glad that fox business colleagues and others have been calling attention to it. everyone can look at the list, i've linked to it on my website. i had a chance to call many of these companies, unions, other organizations on the list. a lot of 'em do not want to
12:38 am
speak in public. they -- >> sean: no. >> shock, i know. we live from an environment where you've got this chief inquisitor, kathleen sebelius at hhs who has wagged her finger and threatened publicly, many companies for speaking out about the increased cost in premiums this is an explicit admission that obamacare is a massive failure. >> sean: the unions that supported the president. the president this is his signature legislation. themmed him get elected. they helped push to get this passed. as soon as theygate opportunity, we don't want to be part of this. first of all, legally, it doesn't seem like that would fly in the courts. what is the reason given for the exemptions for this 111 -- this group of 111? >> if you look at the hhs explain nation, they took into account two -- explanation, they took into account two
12:39 am
factors, one whether premiums were going up. and were abiding by the mandate would force these organizations to drop their coverage? let me repeat. it bears breathing at the top of our lungs. they gave exemptions to all organizations, because abiding by the obamacare mandate would have cut off and limited access to health care. this the opposite of what obama promised? >> sean: i thought we could keep our own care? >> right. >> sean: even the aarp got burned on this. their endorsement helped . pass this in part. they sent an e nile employees saying health care premiums are gonna increase 8 to 13% next year. they say they are changing their co-pays and deductibles to avoid a 40% tax on high cost plans that take effect because of the new obamacare law. are they next on the exemption list? >> well, the thing is the big
12:40 am
labor of course was first on the exemption list, before even these waivers were granted. remember, all of the behind the scenes, closed door negotiations to make sure big labor that huge cadillac tax exempt worth 60, 70 billion dollars. on top of that, waiver for that tax, they get this waiver. the two locals, seiu 20 knife guess where? chicago! another big seiu local guess where? new york! the same local that the white house political director came from, is benefiting as well. there are all sorts of questions about what the politicized process is of who gets a waiver and who doesn't? >> sean: what happened to equal protection under the law? the laws apply equally to everybody is that outdated? >> apparently that's a relic the same think what
12:41 am
typewriters and betamax players are hannity. >> sean: we are laughing, we ought to be crying. the idea that those of us that didn't support obama will be subjected to obamacare if you supported him and choose to apply for this waiver, you may get out of system. >> yeah. i hope that the new house republican majority emphasizes this as well as some of those senate republicans. they missed a huge opportunity at the burwick hearing. they should have been saying what about this? huge proponent of the health care reform. you're cost control now the only way the people are able to retain insurance if they are age to beg hard enough for one of these escape hatch waivers. >> sean: i hope all of america, i hope you are paying attention. >> previously is the ultimate waiver. >> sean: i agree. let not your heart be trucked. our great, great, great american panel, straight ahead. ♪ ♪
12:42 am
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>> sean: tonight on our great american panel. founder of q a learning community that mobilizes young christians as leaders and author of the new book next christians gabe lyons is here. he worked at the "washington post", op-ed columnist, former npr, our guy, juan williams is here. >> i love it, you start from the beginning. >> sean: i also defended you, because it was outrageous what happened. she is former chairwoman of the virginia republican party and current vice president of the young america's foundation kate obenshain is here. did you prefer an enhanced pat-down or do you prefer the full body scan? >> it doesn't matter to me, as long as we're safe.
12:47 am
i think that's paramount as americans we are safe and assured people aren't bringing -- >> sean: you have no problem with somebody grabbing your crotch and groin? >> that's why they have the enhanceed surround scan. that's the way they can tell. >> sean: some guy sitting in a room looking at your naked body. >> the guy that was on with you talking about -- that guy was weird. they don't do that. that's not try. >> these scanners have not been shown to work. they would not have uncovered what the christmas bomber was using. they don't uncover plastics, liquids or gels. israeli experts say they don't even want to use it, because it doesn't work. it is a rip-off. >> at heritage foundation yesterday janet napolitano said was it would have uncovered the christmas day bomber, the kind of gels, explosives in the under wear would have been uncovered and then you don't need the
12:48 am
pat-down. she made the point only 1% of americans are ever going to be subjected to that kind of intimate pat-down. >> they just have to have naked pictures of themselves. >> i think they need to do more testing. radiation for children, breast cancer sur orders there's and hansed increase for them. theygate that kind of radiation. i think there needs to be more research done. the public is reacting in a way that -- >> sean: i think after thanksgiving all bets are off. grabbing somebody's junk. >> obviously, it appears every kind of licentious thought we have -- >> highway about we start going after terrorists? this administration has taken all of our techniques for discovering who the terrorists are. all the enhancement interrogation techniques are off the table. we are not even looking for)rhc% anybody.
12:49 am
>> sean: do you support profiling? >> i don't think we should profile people, but we should be smart and use common sense. >> sean: washington times had a good editorial. better off spending more time looking at a 19-year-old yemen exchange student or 90-year-old grandmother in a wheelchair. >> again, use common sense. >> sean: that's profiling. >> what he's saying is the terrorists aren't dumb. if they figurer out you are not going to look at 90-year-old grandmother in the wheelchair they will use the 90-year-old grandmother in the wheelchair. >> sean: all right, bristol palin, we interviewed her before she started on "dancing with the stars" i think it is courageous, i wouldn't do it. she gets to the finale. works hard. here's what happened last night. >> i can now reveal the couple with the lowest combined total of judges' scores and viewers votes is, brandi and max.
12:50 am
which means kyle and laci will face off against bristol and mark. >> sean: sarah palin is now indicating she may run for president. she also said in this interview with barbara walters if she ran do you think you can beat barack obama? she said yes. i think she can. i believe she a force to reckon with. liberals cannot stand her, why? >> because she is a threat. so so incredibly normal. she so likeable. that's one of the reasons bristol palin is doing so well. people identify with this gutsy, courageous girl.
12:51 am
>> i'm astounded. >> at what part of this? >> you and i have -- >> sean: i would extraordinarily happy. >> you are so happy pelosi has been made leader of the democrats. i would be thrilled to have sarah palin -- let me tell you, there's not one poll that shows the american people, republicans or democrats think she is sufficiently credible to run for president. >> sean: we have to take a break. i have a lot to tell you. as we continue more with our knows how to make things that are good for you. new v8 v-fusion + tea. one combined serving of vegetables and fruit with the goodness of green tea and powerful antioxidants. refreshingly good. of nfl training camp to put our 24-hour frequent heartburn protection to the test for two weeks. [ diehl ] people think that we're indestructible, but if you're out there and you're feeling burning it's gonna affect the way that you play.
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>> sean: we continue with our great american panel. back to governor palin. when asked if she was interested in a 2012 run: if you ran for president
12:56 am
barbara walters asked, could you beat barack obama? i believe so. i believe she can. >> if governor palin is going to runny republican candidate one group they shouldn't overlook is this next generation of christians. this group came in 2004 with president bush in 2008 they voted twice as much for obama as they did for kerry. in this election they are up for grabs. >> sean: you are saying christians voted 2-1 obama over kerry? >> yep. >> sean: why considering all the controversy over jeremiah wright? >> president obama had a can't out reach to the next generation to engage them in issues which they care about which are very different than just abortion and gay marriage. they want to be involved. they don't want to be standing up for a couple of key points that the past religious right has been known for. they are more pro-life than their parents. >> those voters who came out and voted for barack obama are
12:57 am
disillusioned. they thought they were voting for real hope and change. they are standing back wondering what happened. they are looking for an alternative. someone like sarah palin or somebody who is very articulate and compelling and has a positive optimistic message can reach out, i think effectively to this newly engaged younger voter. >> sean: the city going to come down to, i love there is going to be a great vigorous debate and a lot of good candidates for the republicans. it is going to come down to a classic conservative liberal view of the world. barack obama is not going to run on obamacare. he's going to run on his horrible economic record. his appeasement philosophy mentality, apologizing for america. i think when push comes to shove, two more years of him and people will be begging him to build habitat for humanity hopes with jimmy quarter. >> if -- jimmy carter.
12:58 am
>> i don't think he can be beat. look at iraq, things are good. afghanistan, the additional troops that the president has sent in. >> sean: 3/4 of what they asked for. >> if you look at all the republican field now there is not one candidate that would you say a consensus will quickly form around that will allow the republicans to defeat president obama. >> you sound like barack obama and nancy pelosi like you didn't hear the results of the election. they were she lacked! -- they were truly shellacked! . he was on the ballot im >> it was a referendum. picking up on something gabe was talking you are going to get more young people. >> sean: that's assumption on your part. >> juan is right if the republicans don't understand how to outreach to a younger generation they are going to
12:59 am
miss the swing vote. >> sean: i don't doubt barack obama his personality may be groups of people vote for him just because he's barack obama and they never woke from that hypnotic trance of yes we can -- >> let me say something, if you want a republican to defeat president obama, you should not -- >> sean: i want a conservative to win. blblblblblican sean. be a you should not take the wrong lesson from what happened in the election. it is not people fell in love with republicans and said obama is the deficient sill. >> they did. >> sean: look on symbolic things. boehner giving back earmarks, harry reid holding on. democrats stupid enough toe hang on to pelosi. -- enough to hang on to pelosi. >> they have to show why obama care is disastrous for job prospects for the future of freedom in this country.