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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  November 18, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> cut my beard and forced me to eat it. >> bret: cut his beard and forced him to eat it okay. there is no online show tonight. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. reward? this guy. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight. >> do you believe that you are incisive enough to handle the most powerful job in the world? sarah palin now teasing the media about running for president. will she do it? and if she does, what are the odds? dick morris will analyze. >> if do you get into a situation, you may end one a situation. >> i'm not getting myself into another situation. i know how hard it is to be a teen parent. >> bill: governor palin's daughter bristol again promoting abstinence despite being unwed
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mom. >> pause before you play. >> bill: we'll tell you all about this ♪ come fly with me ♪ let's fly ♪ let's fly away. >> bill: also tonight, dennis miller on airport security and glenn beck is selling some of his stuff. why? >> this is a very large eagle. i don't know why i have it. >> bill: cautions, you are about to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now. ♪ >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the presidential race of 2012 new polling. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. already the gallup people are looking ahead and recently did a poll about which republicans are positioned to run against president obama. the top four are mitt romney 19% of republicans and independents believe he is the best choice. sarah palin, mike huckabee are tied at second 16%.
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newt gingrich not far behind at 13%. now, there are a number of other politicians mentioned in the poll but they are all below 10% at this point. there is no question governor romney is going to run. he has set up organizations all over the country and building a massive war chest because it will take about 150 million to defeat barack obama. mr. romney is a moderate conservative who would have to convince americans that is he a business guy that his expertise in the market place could turn the economy around. governor would most likely run as the ceo of america. the downside for romney is that he did pass state run health care in massachusetts and it hasn't turned out all that well. talking points believes the mormon issue isn't going to matter. romney is suspect among many conservative americans. palin is a champion for the many conservatives americans and seems to enjoy take the fight to president obama. america is obsessed with denigrating him. sarah palin would be the bold choice, mitt romney the safe
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choice. huckabee is a pop his who smooth style. despite a lack of money, the former arkansas governor is certainly a contender. newt gingrich is a wild card. a brilliant man but like sarah palin his negatives have very high and his style slash and burn. speaker also might have trouble raising money because he has a lot of baggage. as with governor palin the media would savage him with personal attacks. factor believes another republican will emerge there are a number of governors and senators may want to run. keep that in mind the next nominee might not even be on the radar yet. that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. dick morris believes president obama might get a primary challenge within his own party. let's bring in the purveyor of dick to evaluate the republicans and the democrats. what does the gallup poll tell you. >> well, i agree with you about romney. i think he is going to have a very difficult time getting nominated because of health care reform. that one issue has come to epitomize the republican
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opposition to obama and he passed a bill to do that in massachusetts. individual mandate. i think that sarah palin, i don't know if she is going to run or not. if she runs, the problem she has is that she can go up in favorability without going up in vote share. because there are so many voters that are saying i like her, i think she is great. i think she is wonderful. but the media has denigrated her so much that she has too much baggage and i don't want her to be our standard bearer. that's her problem in the race. huckabee, i don't know if is he going to run. gingrich, you are right about the personal baggage. but i think the key point there as far as i know there is nothing new. and i think that newt is the only one that could absolutely clean the floor with barack obama in a debate because he can handle him intellectually. >> bill: but the money factor is huge. both mike huckabee and newt gingrich are going to have to raise a lot of money and raise it fast. not easy in this economy to do that. whereas romney already has the money. it's already in the till. >> i believe in the republican
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primary money is not going to matter nearly as much as it has in the past. >> bill: time. >> now -- no, you don't. the entire electorate is here watching fox news. 70% of the primary republican vote watches fox news every night or several times a week or more. you are probably going to have each of those presidential contenders and all the understudies. >> bill: sure they will be all over the place. >> they will be all over your shows. why do you need to buy ads adjacent to the o'reilly show when you are on the show. >> bill: governor romney has to convince people if i were advising him i say listen you run on the economics, all he has to say to mitigate. >> ask him tough questions. >> bill: last time he was around we had a very interesting debate. all he has to do in massachusetts say look, i gave it a try. i gave it a try. it didn't really work. that's what we do. and i'm not behind obama care. i would get rid of it. that's all he has to do. >> that won't be enough. the point is that in the past,
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iowa and new hampshire imposed their views on the rest of america. the country didn't get to know the candidates. those two states did. now through fox, all of the candidates are going to be incredibly well known. that national con ken us is will impose its view. >> bill: that's an interesting view. if you had to say a front runner right now you would say? >> well, i think the frontrunner is romney is as the numbers indicated but i think he can't get nominated. >> bill: really? i disagree with that i think he can. i think he will. unless, unless that person, that barack obamaish person, you know, comes up. >> i think the nominee, if gingrich doesn't run, i think the nominee will probably be one of the understudies, one of the 20 people who -- >> bill: i will tell you who the vice presidential candidate is going to be marco rubio. you hear it right here. marco rubio. no matter who gets the top ticket. >> let's talk about obama's problems. >> bill: obama's problems, you say, are that he is going to have a primary challenge.
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i said hillary clinton is going to be the challenginger because she would be the only one to have the money to do it. >> yeah, but not yet. maybe but not yet. i have a column on dick that explores this. hillary can't just run. because there has to be a groundswell of dissatisfaction with obama. >> bill: you haven't seen that yet? >> well, not in the democratic party yet. his approval fell from 7 to 81. but it's still at 81. >> bill: within the democratic party 81% of the voters or likely voters think he is doing okay? >> down from 87 a week ago but still 81. >> bill: all right. >> i think what's going to happen is that a real radical like russ feingold or dennis kucinich and outside chance of jerry brown. >> bill: he won't do it? >> get into the race and stakeout the left alternative. >> bill: why bother. >> as those guys move up in the polls and maybe do well in some of the early primaries like mccarthy did in '68. just as bobby kennedy came in
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after mccarthy showed it could be done that hillary might come in after -- >> bill: sees the president faltering. look, if it were going to be on the left, why wouldn't howard dean do it? he doesn't like obama. >> dean has special issues about running. >> bill: what do you mean special issues. >> he got clobbered when he ran last time. i don't think he wants to run again. is he not that kind of a guy. kucinich is a bomb thrower and russ feingold is out of a job. >> bill: they don't have a chance these guys. >> that's it. they don't have a chance. they start at zero. get a gallup poll monday after month. >> >> they are not going to 30. that's not going to happen. >> do you remember when i cleaned your clock that we bet that mike huckabee would break 10. >> bill: i don't remember that i do remember when you said the republicans would win the senate and you were humiliated. in totality you owe mike me like 18 dinners. don't give me that morris. if you had to bet, if you were a betting man, all right you? would say the odds of hillary
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clinton, because i think she is the only democrat that could challenge him, just like ted kennedy challenged jimmy carter, it's the same thing. hillary could raise the money. moderate democrats would listen to her. okay? the odds of hillary clinton resigning as secretary of state and running against barack obama are, what? >> one in three. >> bill: that's not too bad. so you think she is keeping an eye on it? >> yeah. there was a reason she spent election night in cambodia. [ laughter ] >> if you look at a globe exact opposite of where washington is you have to tunnel through to get there. >> bill: maybe campaigning. cam body i can't. i didn't know she was in cam body i can't. >> yeah. >> bill: do you like follow her around. >> know stay here. she goes to cambodia. >> bill: dick morris, everybody. there he is next on the rundown, nancy pelosi rules, still but why? we will have some analysis on that. later, beck will be here. is he selling off some of his personal stuff. also, miller will appear
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tonight. he has some thoughts on airport security. i'm sure they will be gentle upcoming. ♪ [ male announcer ] it's luxury with fire in its veins. bold. daring. capable of moving your soul. ♪ and that's even before you drop your foot on the pedal. ♪ the new 2011 cts coupe from cadillac. the new standard of the world.
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>> bill: impact segment tonight, as you may know speaker of the house nancy pelosi is leaving her position shortly because the democrats got hammered by the republicans two weeks ago. ms. pelosi is likely to remain the post powerful democrat in
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the house despite controversial posture. with us now james rosen and chief political correspondent carl cameron. big secret meeting today, cameron. what was the stuff stuff about. >> their election. they spent hours actually debating whether or not to even have it today. there were a handful of democrats who said hey, look, we have got to reflect more on the beating we took in the 2010 elections a couple weeks ago and really study where we go in the future there was really a lot of doubt about whether nancy pelosi should be minority leader. she hung tough and made it very clear she wasn't going to back down. but there was a very overt attempt to not only postpone it but opponent against her heath shuler from north carolina who said he was going to run on the campaign trail and did. nancy pelosi even critics acknowledged she knows how to count noses. >> bill: no doubt in anybody's minds she is going to maintain power base. i did a radio commentary today that said the reason that is going to happen is because people are afraid of nancy
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pelosi. there was a song alley-oop a long time ago. she is a mean motor scooter. am i wrong? am i wrong? >> listen, what the democrats will tell you is that there are moderates and centrists and large numbers were defeated. what's been left is a more liberal and smaller democratic conference. and as a consequence those liberals, some of them before prefer to be called progressives like pelosi that she fits better. >> bill: rosen, do you think democrats fear nancy pelosi? >> well, they have some good reasons to fear nancy pelosi because money matters in politics. and nancy pelosi, outside of president obama himself, is the most accomplished fundraiser the democrats have. she has something along the lines of over $200 million in fundraising to her credit. money talks in washington. and if you want to be cut off from that stream, then you will go against nancy pelosi as a democrat. i don't think too many people made that calculation. >> bill: how's come she raises so much money if her approval rating is in the 20's right now in many polls, of americans
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enemas don't like -- in mass don't like her how can she. >> part of that because she is a celebrity. part of that has to do with the makeup of the democratic party right now. there are analysts who tell l. tell you that the democratic party has by and large been hijacked by the most left leaning elements of it such as >> bill: that's where the money is in those precincts, george soros, those guys. >> hollywood types. >> bill: foundation. okay. that makes sense. now, cameron, here is what i can't imagine. cameron, go ahead and jump in. >> when you talk about that part of the democratic party, the very far activist left. >> bill: right. >> they want to give the money. frankly the very thing that moderate and centrists in the democratic party abhor, the vote on cap and trade. pushing for health care reform act, all those things, liberals love nancy pelosi for having fought that. >> bill: another fact that the unions give a lot of money to the democrats and nancy pelosi and the unions are like this.
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all right. so we got it okay. that's good. now, i can't imagine, cameron, boehner and pelosi working together on anything. i mean, you can't get to two opposites in this country. it's crazy. >> well, john boehner on his 61st birthday today got tapped to be the republican leader again. that means when they get sworn in next year he is the speaker of the house. but, listen, nancy pelosi's own people in her own conference, people who have watched her act in the last couple of weeks have been deeply worried that she is almost delusional in the sense that she is showing no signs of contrition. no signs of wow, i got the message and maybe we need to moderate. if anything, pelosi looks like an even more happy liberal warrior. charging ahead saying she is excited to go forward with the progressive agenda and finish the unfinished business of the obama agenda last year most democrats or a lot of the them believe is the wrong way to go. they believe losing the last
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election they need to retool the coaching staff. >> bill: i will put this question to you, james. if you have a very stride dent liberal, nancy pelosi, and a very conservative guy who is going to play to his base all day long, john boehner, it looks to me like nothing is going to get done in the house, ever. >> well, bill, the clash between pelosi and boehner between the democrats and the republicans is predictable. and, therefore, something that offers no surprise. what is really fascinating to watch is the interplay between indianapolis pelosi and the wing of the democratic party that she represents and the obama white house. just n. since election day we have seen a sharp divergence between president obama, david axelrod on one hand and nancy pelosi on the other. it's been playing out in liberal outlets like the huffington post where they have been giving duling intervals, were in, et cetera. a inspect who has to maintain financial base for 2012 and maintain the appearance that he is willing to govern from the
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center for the purposes of 2012 es have yous is nancy pelosi who is essentially elected from life from san francisco-to-who face informs significant challenge to her ability to continue in office. you have seen the president signaling his willingness to compromise, for example, on some extension of the bush tax cuts for the top earners and nancy pelosi signaling no willness to compromise. the democratic party clash is more interesting than the clash between democrats and republicans. >> bill: okay. i think it's a very interesting discussion, gentlemen. we appreciate it directly ahead, glenn beck is worried about everything so is he selling off some of his personal stuff. wait until you see this. and then bristol palin not only "dancing with the stars," she is talking about abstinence with a guy named the situation. i have a suit like that. we'll sort it all out. those reports after these (announcer) energy security. climate protection. challenges as vast as the space race a generation ago. and tal to global security. to reach this destination,
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our engineers are exploring everyossibility. from energy efficiency to climate monitoring. securing our nations clean energyuture is all a question of how. and it is the how that will make all the difference.
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>> bill: in the at your beck and call segment we are doing the beck and call on wednesday because of scheduling issues. beck is selling off some of his personal stuff. in addition, he continues to be all over george soros. okay, so part of your investigation on george soros uncovers something that i find pretty interesting that he is pumping money through the tides foundation through the huffington post run by our mutual friend. >> arianna huffington? >> bill: yeah. >> i didn't know -- >> bill: she likes you. >> hello, darling. she loves fox avenue. the huffington post is getting money from the tide center. they are a project of the tide center. george soros is one of the main funders. >> bill: 5 million a year? >> he has got a lot of money into the tides. the tides center is this inseenous thing that is basically a store front.
5:23 am
if somebody comes to him and says i have an idea. i want to run an investigative report with huffington post. aryana says i have an idea, darling, i want to do some investigative reporting. what the tides center says that is fantastic. you come on in here and we will make sure you have all the irs things done and we will run it like a store front. we will run all of the stuff in the back room. do you your little investigation thing. we will make sure your taxes, we will make sure your attorneys, we will make you're everything is run completely right in exchange for everything that you raise we get .5% back to tides. >> bill: it's a business. >> it is a gigantic business. >> bill: the huffington post has to pay tides 8.5% of their gross. >> 8. a% ever everything that they run for that project. if they go out and they fund raise for this,. >> bill: yes. >> everything that they raise, 8.5% goes back to tides. >> bill: all right.
5:24 am
but i mean that's not big money for them. >> it is when you have hundreds and hundreds of these. >> bill: but the huffington post is an ideological web site. it's a left wing web site. >> yes. >> bill: do you think that soros wants to influence content there? >> are you kidding me? don't you think he already has? >> bill: i don't know that. >> i don't know specifically about the huffington post, but i believe george soros and his money has influenced in almost every network and almost every front. >> bill: all right, now, the other theme that i have noticed picked up on your program is that you are giving away stuff. >> no, i'm not giving it away. i'm a free market guy. i'm selling stuff. i decided we were walking around the house. may i show you? >> bill: sure. >> we were walking around the house and in a box i have no idea why. >> bill: right. >> we had this. now, to me. >> bill: that's lovely. >> it's made out of solid gold. >> bill: that might have been one of your speeches you gave. gave you that for one of your
5:25 am
talks. >> i have no idea why i bought it i have no idea what i thought i would do with it. >> bill: your past life when you were. >> could be this is a very large eagle. i had nothing to too with it i don't know why i have it. >> bill: that's solid real gold? >> sure. [ laughter ] >> bill: bologna. >> no, it's really -- really heavy. >> bill: so you are selling that. >> that's just one the things i'm selling. i brought some of the crap. >> bill: that's not. >> no, that's crap. >> bill: that is? >> yeah. that's for a low low price of god only knows what anybody will pay for it i also am selling. this now, this is original artwork. and, bill, i thought maybe you wanted to buy thun with. this is actually original artwork by me and a friend of mine. >> bill: who is the guy on the bottom? >> here? >> bill: who is that? >> well, seeing that this is truth and this would be deceit. that would be barack obama. >> bill: it's a political play. >> this is an idea that i had when i saw this is gilbert
5:26 am
stewart's painting. i saw it as the holly shroud of -- if it was the reverse of him. >> bill: you could probably get some bucks for that. >> do you want to buy it. >> bill: you have your name here glenn beck who is this guy potato head hawkins. >> paula. it's a woman. that's good. >> bill: i'm serious. there is probably somebody out there pay pretty good money and donate it to charity, right? >> let's be fuzzy on that. let's just be fuzzy on that. i'm not going to let everything -- a man has got to eat. >> bill: do you know ohio think might buy that? george soros. i think you should call him. >> i really like the picture of obama and that other guy. >> bill: why are you selling off your possessions? >> well, i'm going to do a charity thing at christmas and i will announce it on this program. but i think that for me personally, i was walking around, when you see the eagle you are like i have got too much stuff. >> bill: do you. absolutely. that takes up a lot of room. >> my wife and i went through the house and we decided we are going to down size our life.
5:27 am
and figure out what's really important to us. >> bill: it's a big yard sale at the beck house. >> basically what it is, yes. i'm going to take that money and i'm doing something on the show that i'm inviting others to do. >> bill: doing something worthy with it. >> yes. >> bill: this isn't like you think we are going to be invaded by soros and the communists and be able to get out of town fast? it's not that? >> no. [ laughter ] nothing like that. this is absolutely -- like i said i brought some crap, okay? and i brought. this. >> bill: oh, man, what a cheap shot. so you are going to sell this, your copy of pinheads and patriots that i gave you? >> oh my gosh, did you give it to me? >> bill: yeah i gave it to you. you are going to sell that, that precious copy? >> oh my gosh it's even signed. no i would never sell this, bill. >> bill: glenn beck, everyone. i will give you directions to his house tomorrow. [ laughter ]
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>> bill: ungrateful. one footnote beck and i looking forward to seeing everybody on the gulf coast on december 3rd. and then december 4th. two shows. for information tickets are going fast. sarah palin and the situation. bristol palin talking about sexual abstinence. dennis miller has comments on dennis miller has comments on the airport i'm hugh jidette. i'm running for president. if elected promise our 13 trillion dollar debt will double, maybe even triple. i'll continue to ignore our spiraling i'm hugh jidette and i say borrow like there's no tomorrow.
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>> bill: personal story segment tonight, as you may know bristol palin, the 20-year-old daughter of the governor continues to be a player on the program "dancing with the stars." in addition, she has made a public service announcement about abstinence with the jersey guy nicknamed the situation. >> i hope you are as committed to safe sex as you are about that ad. >> i know you are all about that abstinence, come on b. palin, you are not going to hook up like before you are married for
5:32 am
real. >> for real. i know how hard it is to be a teen parent. >> you know what? i totally respect that i totally respect abstinence. i mean -- i'm the situation. i love that. >> very funny. i'm worried about you and you practicing safe sex. >> we have the safe part down pack. magnums. >> i'm glad we agree on one thing. pause before you play. >> pause before you play. that's probably the most important thing. >> bill: that's on youtube. has not been broadcast on any tv yet. joining us from washington to react sandy rios. is that ad good? bad? ugly? what is it? >> i'm not opposing to the ad at all. i'm glad bristol has gone public with her idea that abstinence is good. the ad is funny and amusing. i'm afraid it's a half measure. that's the only problem i have with it. it is the abstinence plus message that is being pushed now in public schools.
5:33 am
strong abstinence movement under president bush that was very effective. teen pregnancy was reducing having articles in the paper why are there less pregnancies never talk about the fact that children were being instructed very effectively to abstain from sex before marriage. the abstinence plus message is a mixed message and the people that push it like the candies foundation just simply believe that if you can reduce teen pregnancy that's the end game. those of us that believe in abstinence believe that that's a half measure. it's not -- >> bill: i gotcha. the candies foundation is something that bristol palin has been involved with what exactly is the candies foundation? >> well, my understanding is that they say that they want to change the way teenagers and young people think. and they want to promote -- they want to reduce teen pregnancy. that is the end game for them. which is what, you know, the comprehensive sex education in public schools, that's what drives that my point is this,
5:34 am
bill. it's not just not having babies that we want our teenagers to -- that's to be the end game. there is a lot more at stake here is their heart. >> bill: there is and there isn't. some people look we want to teach the children morals and we don't believe in sex outside of marriage and this, that, and the other thing. but in the policy crew, they, you know, the separation of church and state all of that rejects that entirely. i'm trying to figure out whether, look, these are two very high profile people, bristol palin is particularly after the dancing show, and michaeler is ren -- michael serentino the situation on the jersey show. they watch them. they will get the message. the message from bristol palin is look, i made a mistake, now i know how hard it is to be a 20-year-old single mother. i'm not going to do it again. i'm going to remain abstinent until marriage then you have seritino saying i totally respect that you have to have
5:35 am
totalfully there to reach the kids. i'm not going to do that i'm going to have condoms and then he flashes them. seems that both sides are covered here. is there anything wrong with that? >> the problem, bill, is not -- you can make the case for abstinence instruction without -- you know allowing condoms. >> bill: you didn't have to have the gratuitous condoms appear. >> no what i'm say something you need to tell teenagers that condoms, let's get practical. condoms do not prevent sexually transmitted diseases. condoms do not prevent broken hearts. do not prevent young teens and teenagers from getting so caught up in sex. >> i'm talking about the deeper meaning. no, you are right. the psa was cute. >> bill: that's what i want to focus in on now. you watching that from the vantage point of your group, a conservative family values group, do you want kids to watch this or not? >> it's better than nothing. but it's only a half measure. it's not enough because you talk
5:36 am
about the situation. what does it mean that he is going to have lots of sex but is he going to be safe. is he going to use condoms. that means is he going to be susceptible to std's less likely to be committed in a marital relationship and eventually enjoy the full beauty of family and children. >> bill: you need to give him a call be, sandy and tell him. >> i will. maybe an appearance on the jerusalemy. >> bill: we appreciate it ms. rios. when we come right back, it will be miller time. airport security, charles rangel, and a new miller special all on tap this evening. miller is next. ñ÷
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number's up. and some of >> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly. in the miller time segment tonight, the d-man has been watching the airport security situation very closely because it a fountain of material for him. i spoke with miller last night.
5:40 am
so, miller, i understand there was a big promotion you try to go through the body scan thing four times. one of the few people who wants to go through. [ laughter ] >> well, billy, i don't know why this guy is whining about don't touch my junk because here's the way i look at it. if it comes down to somebody fluffing up the bald eagle to keep this country strong, then color me patriot i can, damn it. but you better bring in the i max scanner because my tx scanner name is marty python. >> bill: you need a little more space then? are you going to opt for, miller, the scanner or the patdown? are you going to like alternate depending on your mood? >> i'm not going to make any decision until i see napolitano scanned. i have a bar bet hanging on that. once i see that i will probably opt for the scanner unless the guy, you know, unless the guy doing the patdown has got an oven mitt on.
5:41 am
>> bill: all right. so are you among those who believe we should shut up because all of this is to our benefit to protect us? or when you mention knap you mentioning janet napolitano, but our guy judge napolitano screaming about the constitution and this is this and this is that. which camp are you in? >> there has got to be some security but in this country we seem to lunch back and forth between like those guys were making reservations on 9/10 under their own name and they were terrorists and we didn't even look into it. to now we have got to go in and i have got to get a patrol car toe scope procto scope to get on the damn plane. maybe we should piggy back mammograms on to the security checks at the airport. >> bill: have them both done at the same time. >> i'm just saying everybody wins. i have got an idea for factor gear, too, by the way. you haven't had a new item in a while. i'm thinking of the headlined
5:42 am
crotch cozy if i get cut in for half you can run with the idea. >> but, wait, hold everything. >> bill: now the muslim group cair says don't you dare pat down any muslim woman wearing a head veil or they are not going to go throughout machine. i don't know how they are going to get over to riyadh. >> that's what the t.s.a. lives for to cop a feel in a burqa. that's what they live for. listen, i don't even care about cair anymore. they whine about everything. if we did this the right way, we wouldn't have nuns getting patted down and kids getting patted down because we're on the premise of patting down every tenth person no matter who it is. we are not at war with every tenth person. we are at war with radical islam. if somebody sends up a couple flags on radical islam i would pat that cat down and i think we would all be happier. >> bill: charles rangel, congressman from new york convicted in the house ethics
5:43 am
committee of violations and what say you? >> well, whenever i see charlie nowadays, it reminds me of caesar romero's head of the joker grafted on to meredith's body the penguin. >> you are a man after my own heart. >> i'm sorry to see you go. charlie, you are 80. eventually time to get off the teeth. they have got to use the jaws of life to get these guys out. it's charlie's time now. he is going to look over to the dems for help. is he going to see road runner clouds heading off into the distance. it's like that guy in prison in the godfather where tom hagin gets sent in by michael and he says, listen, do the honorable thing here, get into the bathtub and open a vain. that's what they are asking charlie to do now. >> hey, they went home and sat in a hot bath, opened up their vein. >> charlie have a nice run. you are 80. it's time to go rest a little. had you a nice run but the graduate graft
5:44 am
is over. >> the gentleman you are referring to is jacque pant -- >> nobody noe one knows the godfather like you. >> bill: it's business not personal. rangel is not going to leave. they are not going to throw him out. they will slap his hand and tell him not to take a lot of graft and corruption anymore and if you do be smarter about it. >> -- mccar temperature mccart their said old soldiers never die. charlie will make it ugly as he goes out the door. >> bill: is he not going. you have got a big hbo special friday. i guess this is the antidote to bill maher. miller's special is called the big speech. >> guantanamo bay works. i have been down there to perform for the troops. it works like a swiss watch. now, to go down there first off, you have to fly around the island and come in the back
5:45 am
side, castro won't let you fly over the island proper because god forbid we see some of their jet aid secrets. i want to thank the president. president obama for making fancy speech in vogue again. he should go sell sham wows now. >> saying wow every time we use this to towel. >> time to give me speech i will do so friday night on hbo. >> bill: mar is the only real commentator. now they you have on there. fair and balance. that's what we're looking for. >> much appreciative to hbo. >> bill: hbo friday night dennis miller. thanks. in a moment, did you see that? a new survey on what tv shows democrats and republicans watch. no surprise. they are different. right back.
5:46 am
5:47 am
5:48 am
5:49 am
>> bill: back ever the book segment tonight did you see that a new survey says that american republicans and democrats have different tastes in tv programs. g.o.p.-minded people like the glenn beck show. i don't know that show. [ laughter ] the amazing race and "american idol." on the democratic side they like mad men, we are not talking about the guys on msnbc. dexter, and 30 rock. here now to analyze juliet huddy. let's go with the democrats. i don't even know what dexter is. >> it's a show about a serial killer guy. you wouldn't like this show. >> bill: no. >> because this is a show about a troubled person. and democrats, according to the hollywood reporter who took basically a survey by experience -- media research company, they broke this down between party lines. >> bill: why do they like troubled people. >> they like troubled people. >> bill: dexter is a serial killer with a heart of gold with. >> a heart of gold.
5:50 am
>> bill: with a good side. >> sometimes serial killers do have good sides. >> bill: we shouldn't condemn dexter. we try to understand dexter. >> understand just like the guy on mad men. the very handsome john ham who we hopefully have video of. >> bill: another troubled guy. >> troubled guy cheats on his wife. >> bill: there is the guy there. >> went to the university of missouri. we can't really dislike him. >> bill: is he troubled. >> he cheats on his wife. slimy guy. although very good looking as you can see. >> bill: we should understand him. >> excuse me let me stare at him for a second. >> bill: that's great. third one is 30 rock? >> 30 rock. >> baldwin and tina fey. >> also it's part of that whole thursday night comedy blast lineup. >> bill: that nobody watches. >> interestingly though they do watch the office. republicans that's their favorite show in the whole block. >> bill: 30 rock nobody watches that show but a few democrats do. let's go to the democrat side. we know why they watch glenn
5:51 am
beck. >> why is that? >> bill: beck is presenting a scenario that the left is trying to kill the nation. so if you are right, you like that. >> but if you are left you want to watch it because you want to know what is beck finding out about us. >> bill: why do republicans like the amazing race. >> they like feel good things. they like optimism. they like to know that their country. they like to feel good about life and public institutions. historically shows like that do typically do well. >> bill: why is it a feel good show? >> because they have fathers and sons and wives and husbands and ex-husbands. >> bill: aren't they competing. >> you never watched the show? you need to get out more. >> bill: i have seen little bits. i'm not a tv guy. i'm reading and trying to learn. trying to understand. >> sound like a real fun guy. [ laughter ] >> bill: final one is. >> how can you not like "american idol." upstarts kelly clarksons and clay eakins from nowhere land.
5:52 am
>> liberal people do like "american idol" enough knot as much much as republicans. feel good show competition. republicans like feel good competition. >> bill: republicans want to feel good whereas democrats want to understand. >> yes. >> bill: okay. there is a video out there, 8 million people watch it. baby bob marley. 15-month-old baby going crazy in a car seat. go. >> so this demon child as you can see can only be soothed with one thing. ♪ >> this is the power of -- the power of ragae ♪ ♪ [ laughter ] ♪ >> take that ♪ it's the power of bob marley.
5:53 am
this is what we say legalize marijuana. legalize it [bleep] >> bill: what a pinhead. i thought when i first saw in this guy a pinhead. not the baby the guy. i thought that was justin bieber. the little kid. >> that wasn't funny. no, listen. >> bill: it wasn't? he liked it. >> we talked to the dad ravel. he had just seen a documentary on proposition 19. it was in their heads, they were totally joking around. they were. >> bill: sure. juliet huddy, everybody. there she. >> lighten up, o'reilly. >> bill: i'm sorry, justin. that was a bad joke. beyonce banned in england. wait until you see this. pkó@v@ zx7?
5:54 am
5:55 am
. >> bill: pinheads and patriots in a moment tonight starring beyonce being banned in great britain. omg! . we have the best, the best promotion ever if you sign up, check it out. we have the best give away ever. when you buy a copy of pinheads and patriots you get a free tote bag, free cop of lis wiehl's book and the bumper sticker in one package -- two dollars is donated to the wounded warrior foundation all the money i get from the store goes to charity.
5:56 am
now the mail. bill you pointed out president bush did not see the wall street con. how come clinton, obama and you didn't catch it? i was clueless, i lost a lot of money. i had no idea what the con men were doing. neither did my financial advisers. president bush on record 18 times calling for reform of fannie and freddie. >> president bush says he will not speak out against the obama administration. at what expense? we the people are frightened. >> if i had been convicted of what the white house ethics committee said rangel did i would be looking at prison. >> do you see a pattern in this state? no american flags in the school. free health care for noncitizens now interstate college tuition for illegal aliens. what's next?
5:57 am
a.m. necessity. -- amnesty. >> why do you defend sarah palin every time,. >> bill: i love that part too. finally pinheads and patriots. if you travel to great britain you will see stuff on television you won't see here. a commercial by beyonce has been banned before 7:30 over there. ♪ ♪ never know how much i love ya, never know how much i care ♪ ♪ when you put your arms around me, i get the fever
5:58 am
that's so hard to bear, you give me fever ♪ ♪ ♪ you give me fever when you kiss me, fever when you hold me tight ♪ >> bill: i thought that was an ad for a vaccination but it is a perfume ad. >> last night we showed new football player. middle school in texas we asked if the coach was pinhead or patriot for designing that play? that is it for us, please check out the fox news factor website different from we would like to you spout off about the factor. name a town if you wish to opine from anywhere in the world. when writing the factor, do
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not be craven. it sounds bad and it is bad! . particularly around thanksgiving, don't be craven. i am bill o'reilly remember the spin stops here because we are definitely looking >> good thursday morning to you. november 18, 2010. i'm gretchen carlson. thank you for sharing your time. not guilty on all but one count, the man charged with plotting the embassy bombings nearly walks free. so what does this mean for president obama's plan for other civilian terrorist trials. >> don't answer, steve. >> it's not good. meanwhile, you can't touch this. actually, the tsa can't touch that and will. >> if you're asking am i going to change in policies? no. >> oh, really. but while the government is busy getting touchy feely, are the terroristsea